Dems Turning Marxist, Corporations Punish Trump Voters, Fed Sounds Huge Warning

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 324 3.2.18)

A liberal newspaper in San Francisco is calling one of the most notable Democrat in Congress the “most right wing candidate.” says this just another sign that the Democrat Party continues a “rapid tilt toward Marxism.” It appears Democrats have given up trying to improve the lives of ordinary American citizens. They don’t offer a single idea to make things better for Americans. The Dems are in a full court press to bring in illegal immigrants and make them legal to gain votes for 2018.Now, some companies in America are siding with anti-Second Amendment forces to punish the NRA by cutting ties with them. The real meaning of this is they are trying to punish Trump voters who are sick of communism and the New World Order being pushed down their throats. It appears to be backfiring as companies who are punishing the NRA are seeing their support falling as much as 18% in a new poll.

The new Head of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, sounded a warning in Congress this week by saying the “U.S. is not on a sustainable fiscal path.” Everybody knows the markets cannot be propped up with easy money forever, but this sort of truth bomb coming out of the mouth of a new Fed Head may be too much truth for the sky high stock market to process. Legendary trader Paul Tudor Jones says, “The Fed is about to lose control,” and “U.S. inflation is set to accelerate sharply.”

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Gregory Mannarino of is the guest for the “Early Sunday Release.”
Can the markets be propped up for much longer and how will central banks try to pull this off? Mannarino will give his take on these questions and more.

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  1. David H

    Brother Greg,
    Do you still believe Trump will prevail? I am sure keeping him in my prayers. I pray that God continue to bless you as well. You certainly bless your listeners.

    David H

    • Greg Hunter

      Brother David H,
      Brother Greg

      • Neil

        Bit concerned for you this week Greg with no mid week post forthcoming…
        Will you consider leaving a message here if you aren’t keeping usual timetable just so we know nothing is off.
        Might be prudent to make some contingency plans in event YouTube decides to take down another truth teller although they really don’t have good reason because you steer clear of the most controversial stuff.
        Seems like we now find ourselves in interesting times in a number of ways after anticipating troubles for so long and not a lot transpiring….
        Keep up the great reporting.

      • andyb

        Unfortunately, Greg, the jury is still out. Where are the indictments against the Clinton Cabal and the traitors in the State Department; how come the burying of the DWS/Awan scandal (high treason); why is obvious criminality still unchecked and ignored?

        I would like to believe that Trump is playing 10D chess and I just have to be patient, but US history, since the JFK assassination, shows that I just may be deluding myself. The incremental march to full blown Marxist (and Satanic) totalitarian control has not been checked in 55 years. Even if Trump is “real”, the forces aligned against the American people are just too great for meaningful change. Very sad and disheartening.

      • manufactured2012

        Where is this opposition to Christian conservatives and Christian teachings coming from? >

        “Combating intolerance, negative stereotyping and
        stigmatization of, and discrimination, incitement to violence
        and violence against, persons based on religion or belief”

        Who was the secretary fo state and the president responsible for its implementation in the United States?

        Report of the United States on the First Meeting of Experts to Promote Implementation of United Nations Human Rights Council Resolution 16/18

        The history of the development of UN res 16/18 is very revealing, especially when you take note of the religious entities involved in it >