Dollar Debasement Makes Gold and Silver Shine – Craig Hemke

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Financial writer, market analyst and precious metals expert Craig Hemke predicted last year (about this time) that silver was headed way up.  It was up more than 45% for 2020 and was one of the best performing assets of the year.  Now, Hemke is predicting “another 45% rise for silver” and a nice ride up for gold, too.  Hemke explains, “Look at all of the commodities here.  Lumber is up five times.  Iron ore is at new all-time highs.  Soybeans are at new multi-decade highs.  Corn, which goes into everything . . . and all these commodities are taking off, which is, in large part, a dollar debasement story. . . . The idea that ‘inflation is transitory’ is bogus. . . . We just got news that McDonald’s and Amazon are raising their minimum wage to attract workers.  That’s just more dollars being pushed out.  You have more dollars pushed out chasing a finite or decreasing amount of goods because of the supply chain problems around the world.  This is a double edged sword and why inflation is not ‘transitory.’  This is why rates are going to stay higher, and that’s why these negative real rates are going to get even deeper.  The markets are going to figure this out, and the prices of precious metals are going to surge in the back half of the year–again.”

Hemke says the Fed is stuck and is fearful of rising rates with massive U.S. debt.  Hemke contends, “The Fed cannot allow the bond market to sell off because that would translate to higher interest rates.  We are already at $30 trillion in a federal budget deficit . . . and they are averaging 1.5%.  So, they are paying $450 billion in interest alone.  If that goes to 3%, they are paying $900 billion.  If that goes to 4.5%, they are paying $1.3 trillion.  The whole budget deficit has already exploded, and there is no turning back. . . .  You saw the CPI at 4.25 %.  Who in their right mind is going to buy a Treasury note at 1.65%?  They will guarantee themselves a loss of purchasing power of 2.5%. . . . The Fed is promising that the inflation rate is going to come down, and it will be ‘transitory.’  I say it’s not ‘transitory.’  We have $3 trillion in deficit spending this year already, and it’s only going to get worse.  We are on the path of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT), and the Treasury issues the bonds and the Fed just buys the bonds. . . . This creates a very favorable environment for owning physical gold and physical silver even with the phony baloney pricing scheme of futures contracts.”

Above all, owning physical anything is protection from inflation that is already here.  Hemke says, “We talk about owning physical precious metals for protection against all this madness. . . .They are constantly debasing the dollar, and I don’t want to save in dollars anymore.  I’d rather save in an actual physical asset. . . . Even if it does nothing, this still beats an asset that is being inflated . . . . All these pieces are coming together again, and it’s pretty clear we’re going to have a heck of a summer and a heck of a rest of the year.  I said silver is going to $36 or $38 per ounce this year, and from $26.50 is going to be 50 some odd percent.  We are going to get there.”

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  1. Bill the Cat Guy

    Real inflation according to is 12%.

    I think gold and silver will rise much higher than he predicts. I know he likes to understate his predictions because you can only predict the end of the world once and be right.
    Somebody who writes for has predicted $9000 gold and $300 silver by the end of June of this year. That’s the biggest prediction I’ve seen so far.

    • Paul ...

      You know … when people say you can get $9000 in cash for an ounce of gold and $300 in cash for an ounce of silver … “getting cash is the wrong goal” … as you are constantly being warned that all cash “will be eliminated” … so if you sell your precious metal “for cash” all you will eventually be left with “is nothing but an electronic entry in your financial account” (which is not money) … and you will be in the same boat as those who buy Bitcoin … owning an electronic entry in your financial account (which is not money) … what I’m trying to explain is … your goal should be to simply hold your real money and not exchange it for cash or Bitcoin … what you do exchange your real money (precious metals) for are “real things of value” (i.e. like farm land, food, a tractor, a home, a truck, etc., etc.) … you don’t simply want to make your goal the selling of your real money for fake “fiat paper” IOU’s or some imaginary “fiat electronic digits” inside a computer … real wealth is meant “to be held onto” as a store of value that transcends governments efforts to debase their fiat … and transcends computers that can crash when the grid goes down (and in a mad max situation technical skills to reactivate the grid are lost) … what you want is your physical metal in your hands … that is the goal!!

      • Paul ...

        And the fact that the banksters need to push the price silver to say only $12 or $17 or $50 dollars “in cash” (to protect their fiat Ponzi scheme) … it should be used to your advantage “to accumulate [and Hold] some real money” (using your fake Fed dollar IOU’s) … remember … your goal is not to buy “real money” with fake money … simply “to turn it back into fake money” (to hold under your mattress when that fake money has become “even more devalued”) … you only sell off “some” of your “real money” (silver) when the banksters allow it to gain “an extremely high fake fiat value” (for what ever Ponzi scheme reason they deem it necessary to do so) … and get something “valuable” with a little of that “real money” (like for instance paying down your credit card debts or your home mortgage debt or your car loan debt) and thus “remove yourself even further” from the banksters fake Ponzi monetary system!!

        • Tim

          Excellent advice

      • Bill the Cat Guy

        I wouldn’t sell gold and silver just to sell it. I would have something in mind to buy. In past hyperinflationary events around the world you could buy a house for an ounce of gold. I expect to see a real estate crash at the same time as $50,000 gold. Maybe in America you’ll be able to buy a really nice home for 5 oz of gold. I don’t know.

      • Tim

        Very well explained and right on the money (pun intended).

        Thank you

    • Mike R

      I trust ShawdowStats inflation numbers WAY MORE than the garbage and manipulated “CPI”. Look, everything has been inflating for years in terms of the stuff that you need to live. Cars have been going up in price uncontrolled for years, and ‘hedonics’ dont ake them any cheaper. So now, we have TRUE and very real HYPERINFLATION. Used car prices have shot up 43% in mere months at the wholesale auto auctions. Thats insane, and unheard of.
      This inflation is latent, and been building up over a LONG LONG time, as the fed has been debasing the dollar for a LONG LONG time, and now its going to go parabolic, as it absolutely impossible for the Fed to raise rates.

      There is TOO MUCH DEBT now for them to raise rates. So now the hyperinflation is just going to run and run and run, until it flames out like an exploding star, that then turns into a black hole. There is no turning this inflation back, or putting the inflation “genie back into its bottle.” This isn’t the early 80’s where a Volker can come along and tamp it out.

      All raw materials being mined now are just infinitely more expensive to pull out of the ground, and will become even moreso since the easy stuff has all been mined, and the cost of a barrel of oil, will soon shoot over $100/bbl then $200/bbl in no time.

      See people are not understanding where or how these ‘shortages’ developed. They’ve developed over a long long period of time, where so called ‘free and cheap money’ (debt) pulled all of this stuff out of the ground at cheap debt rates. Its all been FINANCED using stupid cheap debt. Unnaturally cheap. So the world is now looking at Quadrillions in global debt, and also derivatives attached to that all, which presents an unrepayable black hole. You cannot get out of black holes. They keep sucking you in. So that is the same with the debt. The Fed needs to keep creating more and more debt (QE) while keeping rates near zero, and do so at an ever accelerating rate of debt expansion. So its not just a basic linear increase of debt (money printing) but an EXPONENTIAL increase that is happening.

      We will continue to see hyperinflation get worse and worse and worse, until the dollar literally just collapses. As will ALL currencies, because all other fiat currencies are tied to the dollar.

      Its not as if you will get ‘rich’ on gold or silver, but you might be able to preserve some of your asset wealth if you have some to get to the ‘other side’. Bill gates buying farmland KNOWS this to be the case, and knows his billions are worthless now, so he is converting as much of his wealth into hard assets, whether it be farmland, or other assets that will always be worth something. Few people have the means to buy enough and also carry the burden of the cost of that land to make it through any dollar collapse.

      Good luck everyone !

    • Corpdelia

      I bought some frozen salmon yesterday at the grocery and it was just about 12% higher than it was three weeks ago. B I G jump. Buying groceries rattles me, not to mention Trader Joe’s recently announced mask vax non mandate. I might have to learn how to fish from the Potomac from a bridge during the cover of darkness — learn to like radiation, sewage infested Rockfish.

      • Jim

        When you can smell fried chicken through the mask don’t get the idea it protects you. You need an electron microscope to see the virus. A tremendous tool just coming on line during my time at a land grant university in the 70’s.

    • JC

      Forget about inflation for a moment, look at this! There are huge implications!

      Must Watch – New Jan 6 Video Shows Capitol Police Cooperating
      With And Encouraging Protestors To Enter Capitol Building – See For Yourself

      How long will it be on YouTube?

  2. Justin King

    Everything that Craig said was correct about the fact that “transitory inflation” is Bogus.
    If anyone says otherwise, they are simply hiding behind the sweaty LIES of the Fed & Treasury.
    It is now time to buy into both precious metals & Bitcoin – NOT Ethereum or other Centralised Altcoins.
    Max Keiser has been talking Bitcoin to Craig for years now, and I can’t figure out why a smart guy like Craig can’t Get It !! — JK

    • Steve Carter


    • andyb

      Bitcoin requires oodles of electric power to mine it. What is it about the recent energy disaster in Texas or the hack of the Colonial Pipeline that you don’t understand. There will be more of these crises, whether real or false flag. Future plentiful electricity on demand is not a given. That’s why the statement by the idiotic Trans Secretary that if you owned an electric car, you wouldn’t have to worry about the Colonial shutdown is assinine. Tell me Madam Secretary, how will you recharge your EV without the electricity supplied by the very fuels you’re eliminating? Better have a solar farm and windmills surrounding your house. and even that will not suffice on many days (or nights).

    • Freebrezer

      J – when power cost go through the roof, and people are hurting, do you think they are going to respect (give a sh$t) about the bitcoin minors – Answer no – stop their power consumption because I need to heat my house! When that time comes, bitcoin is SOL! Plus if the grid goes down, a bunch of numbers on your hard drive are worth crap. A few people became wealthy selling tulips, and on the other side a whole lot more got taken to the poor house … “The more intense the craze, the higher order of intellect that succumbs to it … greed always turns to gravity and there is not stopping the drop … 100% of money schemes have always failed”. I wish I knew who said this, but it is my take on it!

    • Freebrezer

      J – Another take on bitcoin is when the big boys are talking the story, are they setting up the little guy to take it in the shorts. They would never talk the talk of buying it, unless they already had bought! Thus, it smells like a rouse to get the little guys to buy in and they get to sell theirs for an incredible profit. The big boys usually only talk the story line when they are looking to off load their positions and get out! Buyer Beware! Plus there is NO entity backing this … Noda. And the big boys know one thing … a fool and his money will always part ways. The big boys say the hate gold and silver … Hmmm?

    • Justin King

      Correction: I mistook Craig for Michael Pento, as they both go on Max Keiser and have similar appearances. Craig DOES understand Bitcoin, whereas Michael still can’t seem to cross over that thin line of realization of the discovery of the new invention of Bitcoin. __ JK

  3. Craig

    Gold and silver will never see the spectacular rise that everybody wishes. The derivative will always determine the value of the physical PM’s. For gold or silver to rise to lofty expectations this would mean the government has lost control of its monetary system and the Governments worldwide will do everything possible, “ Dictate the derivative via JP Morgan and the Bullion Banks to prevent this from happening”. The game is rigged in the Government’s favor.

    • Greg Hunter

      You don’t know what you are talking about.

      • Justin King

        Hi Greg, you’re correct with Craig’s misinformed view.
        Just today Alasdair Macleod : (The End of the LBMA is Nigh) has this article on telling us how the new Basel 3 meeting will slow down the naked shorting of gold on the LBMA & COMEX exchanges.
        Precious metals are set to rock and Soon ! –JK

      • Justin King

        Greg, another article that ALL people should now read is the new sensation on the Net
        : “Fiat, Fascism, and Communism” by Aleks Svetski, an Australian guy who has figured out the entire worldwide political & economic Scam that is descending upon us. — JK

      • Jack

        No Greg, the guy has a point, they have been successful rigging gold now for 50years or so , and it might go on for awhile still as they keep adding more paper shorts . until a sovereign stands for delivery the can keep rigging for awhile longer. notice that gold and silver have not rocketed up like other “off the radar commodities” like lumber, copper etc. , that is direct result of naked paper shorting in the PM paper market , the big gains in G&S won’t be realized until the very end and at that point who knows what the real price will be in “dollars” more likely priced in a new global currency led by China . but worry not, gold is MONEY itself at all times, anywhere in the world , so why worry about the dollar price, just keep track of OUNCES.

        • Greg Hunter

          You better with it than without it. You simply cannot rig an asset to infinity. It’s like you want to control the price of shoes but you have no shoes. That ends at some point.

          • Jack

            yes, for some time , but it might be many years, the #1 priority of the FED is now to cap G&S by any means necessary.

            • Greg Hunter

              They have done an awful job and how do you know this?

              • john mc dermott

                Hey Greg!I first bought silver in the fall of 1979 at $24 an ounce.I’ve read all the players and some of the regulators.We had hope when Gary Gensler and Bart Chilton[CFTC] looked into the market rigging but they did nothing.Now Gary Gensler heads the SEC.Same players different date.Whatever move we make they just change the rules or move the dates.Yes!Still HOLD more than two donkeys can carry.Please don’t tell my wife.

                • Greg Hunter

                  So you did not buy it when it was $3, $4, $5, $10 and ounce? You were not investing, you made a trade. A bad one.

      • Justin King

        One more time -Found it =>fiat-fascism-communism
        — JK

        • Greg Hunter

          404 man.

          • Justin King

            Craig, you are delusional, as I have been trying to change Greg’s views for years now, and he doesn’t budge an inch.
            I guess that’s a back-handed compliment for Greg, but essentially true. — JK

            • Greg Hunter

              Truth does not change JK. This is why Jesus is a constant. I am a sinner and I would like to change that.

              • Justin King

                Greg, you know very well that I’m talking about your Trumpism and you are playing your Jesus card.
                How about the Separation of Church and State being used as a constant from now on? –JK

                • Greg Hunter

                  You don’t know what separation of Church and State really is do you? The King of England was the head of the state and the head of the church. The founding fathers did not want that and thus the “Separation of Church and State.” It was never meat to take God out of our lives or government. That is a woke-tard definition so they can hang on to the black hole of nothingness and try to make everyone else do it too. That ain’t going to work here. If you do not like it, you are free to leave the free site I provide, because like the truth, I am NOT going to change.

                  • Justin King

                    I’ve donated $ several times to your site over the years, so it’s not “free” to me.
                    Being a “sinner” and “fearing God” is a horrible life compared to LOVING God. — JK

                  • Greg Hunter

                    Don’t be a wimp JK. Whaaaaaa, don’t be a baby. Thanks for your donations–again. A donation is not a fee from USAW, so the site is still free.

        • Josie

          You have to go to Google to look up it’s been disabled on the other site. I have some metals and bitcoin, bitcoin is awesome but the government will find a way to shut it down. They want their own version they can control. I think metals are safer in the long run. I believe if you don’t hold it you don’t own it.

      • Craig

        Greg you got banned from YouTube because of you opinions, the moderators did not like your take on the news. So you are doing to me what YouTube did to you, devalue my beliefs. Greg you are running your site and lack of free flowing comments which are heavily censored by you, as you are the only one to make the rules. Greg you brag all the time about how you always presented two sides of thoughts when you were “ a reporter” Now you are no better than the networks you despise. Greg you have changed a lot in your personality since the elections, you come across as very hateful and seem to have a very short fuse.

        • Greg Hunter

          No I am not Craig. You got your say and I got mine. You are wrong. YouTube never came on and said I was wrong in the comment section, they just took my channel down with 250,000 subscribers and nearly 100 million video views. Don’t be a big woke-tard. I don’t provide a safe space here.

        • david

          gees dude you dont get your way and you go for the hart i bet you kick your dog.APOLOGIZE TO GREG

        • Jack

          I agree , Hunter has become more emotional , less tolerant and angry, he also hogs up too much time when he is interviewing these “experts” , nobody cares what you think Greg , we would like to hear the guest speak more and you less , also you have a nasty habit of repeating yourself over and over , and use too many words to try and make your point

          • Charles H

            The Old adage applies – If you don’t like the program: change the channel. It is one thing to contribute with comments on content: but another to criticize the producer for the style the program is conveyed. If you know better than Greg Hunter: go and do it yourself and leave off with the criticisms somewhere else. I’ll tell you WHY you won’t – one is you couldn’t stand a does of your own medicine; and it is easier to bouy-up a sense of self-righteousness by playing the part of a ‘know-it-all’.

    • Bill the Cat Guy

      It won’t work forever. The dollar will be too weak or it will die altogether.
      Or China and Russia will announce how much gold they have and announced the new price.

    • Jack

      because Bitcoin is a massive fraud , created by the elites to divert funds from PM’s

    • D P

      You are wrong the real price is premium over “spot” and that is only going to increase, DRAMATICALLY!
      I don’t know why that is so hard to understand stop paying attention to the CRIMEX “PRICE” It is a proven FRAUD and ILLEGITIMATE!

    • Tim

      I agree with you Craig, it seems the US government through it’s proxies JP Morgan and other powerful banks control the derivative markets on behalf of the central governments. Every time the PM’s get started on a roll it magically gets beat down overnight.

    • Jake

      When serious inflation happens ,nothing will hold back the tide. Central Bankers own our Govts and they hold lots of gold for a very good reason. 10 yrs ago there was one crypto currency, now there are over 8000. Gold and silver have been money for over 5000 yrs.

    • david

      tell that to ROME….

    • Mike Mc

      You are simply incorrect . To put a silver eagle in your hand today requires $10-12 over the “derivative” spot price. That is the market price. If you want a large quantity of physical gold in your possession you will pay a significant figure above the “derivative” spot price. That is the market price.

      The COMEX has been buying time with Exchange for Physical games and cash settlements. COMEX will ultimately fail and become irrelevant. Its very design guarantees it.

      Respectfully, you are making declaratory conclusive statements about a market you don’t understand.

    • Edward shumaker

      That guy is on point, the PM’s are the most heavily manipulated market And can only be done with the blessings of the Federal reserve or Treasury Dept. all other commodities are left to open market sunshine. It always seems when PM’s get a foothold and start rising in price they get knocked downed overnight. There is only one way this can happen over the last 30 years,,,,US involvement.

    • DixieDude

      If Palladium can go to the Moon is such short time, when it’s ONLY use is in Catalytic converters (for combustible engines!), then surely G & S can do similarly.

      If the multutude of Cryptos can go to the Moon…

    • Paul ...

      Craig … Look at the following chart … … never say never … back in 1934 Gold rose to 100% of the monetary base … 50 years later in 1984 Gold again rose to 100% of the monetary base … fifty years from 1984 is 2034 (and if gold rises once again to 100% of the monetary base by then … it should be at $22,000 per ounce) … not long ago in 2008 the Gold price reached a 30% backing of the monetary base … if just that 30% backing were to occur again today … the Gold price would need to be $6,700 … and at a Gold/Silver Ratio of just 40 … would put the Silver price at $167 dollars per ounce!!
      Note: With Gold at $22,000 (and the Gold to Silver Ratio at only 40) puts the Silver price at $550 dollars per ounce!!!
      [Don’t have any money to invest in Silver? … say you pay the minimum on your credit card this month … and put the rest into Silver … I bet you can likely pay off a lot more credit card debt … with Silver at $550]

  4. Jeff Robbins

    Always like this guy. Greg, I’d be interested in knowing about wheat and especially dry land wheat. It could be a big driver in grain and food prices going forward, as it’s very dry here in the west- I’m in eastern Washington. Maybe that’s a big story. Thanks for your site and service.

  5. Cheri Rodriguez

    Owning physical is a must but do be careful. They say there’s no counter party risk but that’s a lie. The counter party is the guy / gang who comes to your house, sticks a gun in your face and robs you (with a gun to your kid’s head you’ll give up the combination to the safe). Then there are the forgeries. Tungsten filled Gold bars. Silver bars drilled and filled with lead. Knockoff Morgan Dollars and American Eagles. And it’ll only get worse once Gold hits $5,000 and Silver passes $100.

    • Bill the Cat Guy

      Nobody should know that you have gold or silver. What if I have a safe but only keep a portion of my metals there?

      • Paul ...

        Bill … What people need to do is buy some gold electroplating solution and coat about 100 copper one ounce coins to make them look like one ounce gold coins and put “them” into your safe … when a crooks arrives … you intelligently don’t reveal the safe combination to quickly … let them beat you up a bit (or take off a pinky) before giving them the combination … 100 real gold coins would have a market value of $184,000 dollars (which should satisfy most thieves) … your cost (loss) would be about $500 dollars (pretty cheap insurance) … you should also bury some of these fake gold coins all around your yard for the thieves to find with their metal detectors (make sure they have to dig deep for them like you were really trying to protect it (and put some old soda cans and nuts and bolts down in the hole with the fake coin so it will look like you were trying to throw them off track) … you can also bury a silent alarm to the police station in with the fake gold coin (that will be set off by digging up the coins) … while you keep “the real stuff” say inside the natural gas pipeline leading into your home for the cooking stove (be careful not to block the gas flow), etc., etc. … be creative … make finding your coins “take hours” … time is something thieves can’t afford!!

        • Paul ...

          You know … it’s really phenomenal how much pleasure you can get “just finding unique spots to hide your gold” (and making up treasure maps to leave your children) … who will also get great pleasure going on “vacation hunts” to find Grand-dads buried treasure … don’t make it easy on them … direct them to a spot where a second map can be found … that directs them to a third map that points the way to the treasure box … you can make the entire world your hiding place … from National Forests to Rocky Mountains to Underwater Caves or Uninhabited Islands … you can bury treasure every time you go on vacation … however never carry a cell phone while out on a burying expedition (as you don’t want the Deep State to be able to track your location)!!

    • Jack

      no security problem if you live in Montana , as for the fakes , China makes good 1oz. fakes for about $75 , buy monster boxes of American eagles from a reputable dealer direct from the US mint , and never break the seal on the box

    • Patti Fisk

      I keep thinking about the burglar who has purchased several new cars from the haul he/they got from my collection of over 60 years. Mothers’day weekend brunch out is really lucrative times for burglars. 2 years ago now, but my life changed forever, my home is no longer my sanctuary. Being 75 now, there’s no way to ever recoup that loss. They had time to empty every drawer.

      • Cheri Rodriguez

        I know a lady who got hit for over $1 million. This included expensive paintings. The burglars waited until a power outage to break in. Cameras and alarms are nice but after 3 days with no power even those fail (she was away at her second home which did have power). Best strategy: always have someone home with a 10mm Glock or .357 Magnum. If it’s a wake / funeral, get someone to house sit—with a 10mm Glock or .357 Magnum.

        • Jim

          An off duty detective was at our house during my mom’s funeral in 1974. Likely even more prudent now in many areas.

        • Steve Bice

          No less a luminary than Clint Smith from Thunder Ranch would likely suggest otherwise:

          “A handgun is for fighting your way to your rifle…”

          Many can’t shoot a handgun accurately under pressure (and these are typically handgun calibers with a few notable exceptions). If you know they’re coming and don’t have to conceal the weapon, the long gun…or shotgun…are better options. There are some excellent choices in pistol-caliber carbines out there that are awesome for home defense. Be safe…

  6. Brian

    Great interview. Craig is awesome. After last year’s call I’ve been watching and listening to him. My small group of silver-buying friends have already started picking up 100 oz lots or more to add to the stack. Everyone reading this should buy at least a 100 oz, regardless of what you currently have.

    Again, great interview. Craig is a smart, practical, easy to understand analyst.

    • Paul Atriedes

      What do you mean by “small group of silver buying friends”? Maybe you meant your small group of future burglars of friends of burglars! Please be more careful with your future!
      Peace be in Jesus Christ!

  7. Jack

    well not quite. In this last round , before total collapse of the currency and the US, the elites want to make sure to cover their own butts. the final play will be just like 1929, 1987, 2000, 2008 except much bigger , so they WILL raise nominal interest rates for a short time to cause a flood of asset DEFLATION , everything will tank including gold and silver , defaults will be everywhere , homelessness everywhere , then for a short time the dollar will be king , THAT is the time to go all in , as these crooks know when they will unleash the final blast of new fiat , in the interim they come in and buy everything that is a hard asset on the cheap , THEN they make trillions , while everybody else loses in the deflationary period , so If you own PM’s hang on , but also stack as much cash as you can for the fire sale that is coming. get out of all paper assets , especially paper gold and silver, and stocks and bonds, make sure that your real estate is not heavily leveraged , otherwise you may lose it during the deflationary period . of course nobody is gonna send you the memo on when to go all in , but they do this EVERY TIME and have for centuries , it’s the same greedy bankers , this is how the game is played . they still need to fleece the lower part of the top 1% , who have done well so far in this interim inflation , the .001% want it all , and that is how they get it . right now I’d be 1/3 PM’s, 1/3 residential real estate IN A RED STATE ONLY, and 1/3 cash (not bonds) for the fire sale that is coming . as a side note hyperinflation might e somewhat muted since the 99% won’t have any purchasing power , so demand will drop off and company profits will shrink, in the end we end up like Venezuela , and who knows what type of a political system will emerge , probably a fascist police state, so the most important thing is get to a RED state now, Montana, Wyoming, and maybe parts of Idaho are best, so you don’t get crushed under the boot of the communists …….. well then since most of the ignorant folks that took vaccines live in cites , they are going to stop dropping like flies in 6 months , and so sure as hell don’t want to be anywhere near a major blue city ( most all of them are blue) when the “shedding” from the virus + violence from BLM and other Soros and Gates backed diversions , blood will run in the streets and it will be living hell for those who stay in the major cities . putting all your eggs in the “inflation ” basket is a fools game right now, ask Craig if he can cite any example in the last 300 years where the power brokers didn’t play a little deflation decoy before the BIG hyperinflation . for those of us who don’t get the “memo” you need to hedge as I suggest.

    • Greg Hunter

      We just had a little deflation. Armstrong says deflation is over. I am going to go with what he says.

    • Matties

      I am afraid for that scenario. But it is consistent with the past. They will sink silver and gold. But soon after it will raise to new levels. So hang on to it. And it will make sense to have a food supply for a couple of months. Just having bags of rice can be a huge difference.

      • Jack

        I have that and a lot more , have been prepping for 30 years and now I’ve in NW Montana. we have a new problem though and that is drones . that’s why a new military full of trannies, overweight twinkie eaters, and women, are being recruited by the military . google can flag you as an anti-vaxxer, Trump supporter etc. then run a drone bomb and take out your house from hundreds of miles away. Being an ex Navy SEAL with all my training I have had to rethink defense strategy , see my buddy Matt Bracken’s videos on Sundays, with Fernando Aquirre on , with these guys have written several useful books , Matt an ex Navy SEAL, and Fernando a guy who had to flee Argentina in the hyperinflation there have a lot of good things to say. these guys ( and I ) have been there , done that , but drones are a whole different ball game . this is REAL information that you can use now, not a bunch of conjecture about the economy isolated as most of the guests on Greg’s show talk about. I learned in MA schools… the fight will never be what you expect, and it will never be fair , but getting to a tough times mind set is a good start. try to “do without” for a few weeks to toughen up yourself and your family

    • Warren B.

      You left out 2020 – which was NOT an interest rate driven crash/deflationary event.
      The PLANDEMIC still had the desired effect nonetheless (achieving the great wealth shifting and destruction of the Middle Class).
      My take is that the interest rate play may blow up the whole system irreparably if they attempted it again, therefore the likely strategy will be another false flag event (perhaps linked to the Virus/New Variant/ Deaths/ Lockdowns).
      Nonetheless I feel you are more correct than not.

  8. Robert

    Great information, great interview!

  9. Bill

    If I enter the code Hunter does the big guy get 10%? 🙂

    But I do think silver is moving on up…

    • Greg Hunter

      No Bill. I get nothing. You get a discount.

      • Bill

        I know you get nothing.

        I meant if I enter code Hunter (Biden) does the Big Guy (Joe Biden) get 10%?

        Failed attempt at humor.

        Remember Uncle Joe got 10% of Hunter’s kick backs from the Chi Comms.

        • Bill

          And for all we know, Hunter may still be getting kick backs with Uncle Joe getting 10%. But I’d image since now he’s Prez the percent went up.

        • Corpdelia

          Totally hilarious. My twisted mind understood your initial comment. Good one.

        • Jim

          I thought it was funny haha.

  10. eddiemd


    They will come looking for food first. The counter parties are no prepared to starve. They won’t be looking for silver or gold in the cities. Food and water. The local wokesters will really be surprised.

    They will burn people down as needed.

    Here in Maricopa County the hot summer is here already. When the power grid goes down, then no water or AC. Big time troubles ahead.

    You thought colonial pipeline was a big deal.

    Good luck with using the iPhone. Buy a Bible while you still can.

  11. eddiemd

    “have targeted houses of worship”

    Are they telling us their targets for false flags?

    Read carefully between the lines.

  12. Country Codger

    Craig, Greg, fantastic. Top notch report.
    Lo Iyrah!

  13. eddiemd

    As in the days of Noah…the most popular people in social media.

    The roadmap to success…see Romans chapter One for details.

    • JC


      What a chart! All artificially created entities, no real people.
      Insanity rules, doom is coming.

      • JC


        I recently saw a “special moments” commercial for Pandora jewelry on TV. The sequence of couples was interesting. First, an interracial couple, then two white lesbians, followed by a normal black man/woman couple. There was no white man/woman couple in the commercial.

      • eddiemd

        Lovers of the world rather than lovers of God.

        Delusions and deception. It is no surprise so many “critical thinkers” are lined up to take the experimental injections. (see my post above on DHS bulletin)

        These people are the social leaders of the world. The princes and princesses of the darkness.

  14. Jerry5

    It’s great to dream about the value of gold and silver when the dollar implodes, but the bigger question is will any of us be around to cash in on it?

    The globalist are going for broke. In 2020 they unleashed a bioweapon on us in the form of event 201, and now they’re priming the pump for cyber polygon which will no doubt be the placemat for the “great reset”. New world order, with new rules. Digitization linked with biological functions. They used to say he who has the gold makes the rules, but I’ve come to realize that those that make the rules
    make the rules, whether it’s a shiny rock, a piece of paper, or a cyber chip. And guess what, that also includes what people are worth as well.

    A lot of people I once knew are no longer around thanks to event 201. I pray everyday for the lords return. It’s just a matter of time. Like I said, Lucifer is making his move, and eventually he will take a dump in his own mess kit. He always does. Just make sure you are spiritually ready.

        • JC

          Put on your mask! I don’t want to get sick and die!

          “I Don’t Care If You’re Vaccinated, You Dink!” – Wisconsin Teacher Put On Leave After Verbally-Abusing Maskless Student…

          • Jerry5

            I used to teach school before I got into the corporate world. That teacher can plan on going to the unemployment line, the first time the school board sees that video. Teachers like her, and the fact I couldn’t support my family on a teachers salary, are the main reason I left the teaching profession. Total ignorance!

        • Jerry5

          Thanks Eddie,
          That video is pretty informative. Here’s a major reason that the globalist are going to warp speed to complete operation lockstep.

          They can’t afford to be bogged down with class action lawsuits. The very first time, I am blackmailed to get vaccinated, I plan to file a discrimination lawsuit, using the Nuremberg case as a foundation.
          Big pharma may be exempt, but employers who force this issue are not.

          • Steve Bice

            On the CBS Evening News tonight, Dr. Fauci actually said the following:

            “When you become vaccinated, you become a dead end to the virus.”

            I’m not sure I would have used those words…

            • Greg Hunter

              Both CBS and Dr. “Mengele” Fauci are liars and pure evil propaganda.

            • Paul ...

              Just wondering … when Fauci and others violate the Nuremberg Code … who is responsible for carrying out the death penalty? … can “any Nation” assert authority worldwide and into any country to hang those who break international laws?? … or can Fauci for instance stay within the US (under Demon-rat protection) and effectively obtain sanctuary from international law and justice???

              • Paul from Indiana

                Brother Paul, let me give you the short answer: “Yes”. Best always. PM

              • Paul ...

                There should be a world international enforcement agency set up … to do what the Mossad did years ago (bring justice to Criminal Nazi’s hiding out in sanctuary countries) … this international police force should have the power to “enforce” the Nuremberg Code … otherwise … Big Pharma and people like Gates and Fauci will continue to flaunt” well recognized international law” … and simply continue to create deadly “gain of function” virus’s to kill millions of humans (in violation of the Nuremberg Code) in their insane quest to make a few trillion worthless “fiat IOU” bucks!!

          • eddiemd

            Slowly the information is getting out.

            This “gain of function” wording is cover for bioweapon warfare. Genocide. Mengele Fauci is a central figure in the development of the coronavirus bioweapon.

            Back in 1996 when I was in the Lima Peru DOD virology bioweapon lab, the UTMB facility was working with the DOD in the development of bioweapons.



            This was the bossman of the virology lab. The smartest man in the room when it comes to viruses.





        • Marie+Joy

          Pinball Preparedness, on YouTube, says OSHA says Employers, who mandate the jab, may be held liable for “any adverse reaction”.
          The tide is turning.

    • Jerry5

      Adolf and the boys would be so proud of the brainwashing that’s gone on.

      • JC

        Yes Jerry, and it’s been quite effective.

        I have a friend that has a restaurant, he recently had a conversation with a good customer, when the subject of vaccination came up, she said, “I don’t care what’s in it, they can stick it in my ass, I want to travel!”

        • Paul ...

          JC … One good thing about the jab … is that it will result in raising the collective IQ of the people who refuse to take it … while all the dumb asses suicide themselves!!

        • Jerry5

          Eric Clapton now has a new version of “ I shot the sheriff “.

          It’s funny, when a bunch of nobody’s get sick or die no one seems to care. But when a somebody gets sick, it’s front page news.

          • Paul ...

            J5 … Clapton is a brainless idiot … he suffers a very bad reaction from taking the first jab … then after he recovers … he takes the second “booster jab” … and now he is complaining that he is suffering further “disastrous reactions” six weeks later?? … where do these dumb bells come from???

      • Lois Petersen

        Speaking of Fauci, not much changes after 30 years except the name of the disease. He is still a weasel. This doctor died trying to tell people that.

        • Paul ...

          Demon Rat (DR) Fauci “is a criminal doctor” who will kill other human beings for worthless fiat IOU’s created out of thin air “by other criminal rats” (at the Fed)!! … and “this immoral DR (Demon Rat) is chosen to be put in charge of our Nation’s health by Commie Criminal Politicians (CCP) who are supposed working “for the American people” … not the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)!!

  15. Collin

    Why the NWO Loves Bitcoin “Bitcoin IS the global digital currency (reset) we’ve been hearing about. It is the FedCoin / digital dollar. That’s why it was dropped anonymously. Why the hell do you think all of these FED member Banks & Wall Street are integrating it into every area of their systems/framework? You thought BTC was Banker Kryptonite?? Why do you think the big tech companies are now moving their excess “cash” positions into it?” You Bitcoin people need to pull your head out ! Bitcoin is worse than paper money in all ways! You cant touch it you cant hide it you cant use it without a computer Ect .Ect. It’s the bankers wet dream – The mark of the beast cashless society. The answer is gold and silver coins marked in purity and weight with no face value circulating as money And it would be just as covenant as paper money is today. You will have a debt card just like today. The only gold in the bank is what you choose to store there ! Paper and electronic currency doesn’t solve the problem ! It leaves the door wide open for the banks to create all the out of thin air debt as they like ! Just like what we have today ! So wake up ! It’s time to shake the bitcoin allusion Its a get rich quick scheme and the bankers dream. We only trade in gold and Silver coin with only a purity and weight ! This way the coins don’t disappear from circulation when they devalue there bank notes ! Or better yet outlaw paper notes. That’s why we don’t put a dollar amount on the coins ! They ALWAYS print print print! Then we will go back to the days when a Silver Dime will buy a double scoop ice cream and a Silver Quarter will buy a gallon of Gas or MORE ! And the prices would stabilize A Silver 1964 Quarter Today buys over $5.00 and a Silver 1964 Dime buys over $2.00
    Wake up Bitcoin is ALREADY fractionalized as time goes on it will be in the TRILLIONS just like the Dollar ! You will be trading FRACTIONS into Infinity !! Do you get it Now ? This is the latest BANKSTER’S Scam the mark of the BEAST Cashless society ! The Bankers WET Dream !

    • Robert Olin

      But what if you are wrong? And don’t tell me that you are never wrong.

      • Paul ...

        He is not wrong about “fraudulent crypto” Robert … simply by the fact that “purely evil” Goldman Sachs is getting involved in it!!

        • Warren B.

          I made a note back at the end of 2017 when BTC Futures were launched.
          I knew then that the “BOYZ” were going to screw around with it – force it higher, create the hype …then offload it (after drawing in the suckers). 0
          Whenever there are Futures involved, you know the price is a fabrication and has no connection with reality or fundamentals.
          As it panned out, they shorted the crap out of it and December was the HIGH. Almost 1 year after that time (Dec 2018) we saw the LOW set. By Dec 2019 it had doubled from the LOW. Dec 2020 it had achieved more than 300% increase from the prior Dec. Thereafter we have seen a near 100% increase up to April 2021. Hmmm…the BOYZ are back in town …in fact they never left – they just changed the tune.

    • Justin King

      Collin, I’ve rarely heard a rant so ridiculously 180 degrees WRONG.
      —- Pure nonsense, as Bitcoin is De-Centralized and was created to Fight the Banksters at every turn. Bitcoin will make them a relic of the past, as will the Fed, as they will also go around the Bankers and give Direct $ to people. This will make banks simply repositories at best.
      The world has changed, and you are leaving yourself behind.
      Trouble is, willful Ignorance seems to be going around these days.
      Watch the Keiser Report and turn your life around. It’s never too late. — JK

      • Paul ...

        JK … As you clearly explain “Bitcoin has no future” … because Bitcoin was created to Fight the Banksters at every turn … Bitcoin was designed to make the Banksters a relic of the past (as well as the Fed) … so Bitcoin is doomed precisely because it represents “a mortal threat” to the Banksters, the Fed and the US dollar … unlike gold … which the banksters “own” and will keep in their vaults as a tier one asset!! … in this investment game … the last thing you want to do … is make yourself a target!!!

        • Warren B.

          I do believe Elon Musk (TESLA) has seen the “light” – with regard BTC.

  16. Carla hayes

    I enjoyed the show! Thank you both! I always learn something when I watch!

    • Robert Olin

      But what if you are wrong? And don’t tell me that you are never wrong.

  17. eddiemd

    Amazing Polly

    Have not seen her in months since she was censored off U-tube.

    • AndrewB

      Hi Eddiemd,
      Thanks for the link to Amazing Polly – she is truly amazing!!!

    • Paul ...

      Amazing Polly is “one very intelligent woman” who knows how to use her God given brain … all you Bitcoin promoters better realize “that you are working to destroy humanity” … the blockchain you rave about is ultimately meant to “chain humanity” into an internet of bodies … for the true goal of the globalists is not to simply digitize money … but to digitize “you” as a biological entity … and eventually “merge you” digitally with computers as a cyborg robot … and the tried and true way they always get compliance with their evil Demonic goals … is by offering unlimited wealth (the way Satan offered unlimited wealth to Jesus in the Garden) pushing up “the fiat price” of Bitcoin in term of worthless fiat they create out of thin air … just take a listen to “amazing” Polly … as she clearly explains … the unbelievably evil Demonic psychopathic agenda of the globalist eugenicists and their compliant government stooges !!

  18. Robert Olin

    I like that he doesn’t just hype his book and bash crypto. But I could see the Dark Side of the Force that installed their puppet president, making a law against bitcoin if it’s hurting their idea of destroying the current system so they can Build Back Better. Hope for the best but plan for the worst.

  19. Malcolm Naylor

    I love Craig Hemke! God bless, Australia 🙂

  20. Jim

    Greg when are you going to bring back Bo Phony, I always get a kick out of his predictions. Have you head the latest one? He pushed back his comments he made on your show to July now since they went to $#@! last month

  21. JC

    When The Apocalypse kicks in, all bets are off, gold, silver, Bitcoin etc.

    Nostradamus is giving his readers the fine details from the Book of Revelation, and even those scriptures left out of The Holy Bible, like The Book of Enoch, also called I Enoch.

    Just about every religion on Earth has its version of The End Times. On the first day that every human being on Earth hears about the use of a nuclear weapon, every one will be looking for answers in the prophecies of their respective religions. I have gone through many of them, and included those in Nostradamus and The Age of Desolation and Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Complete Prophecies of World War III.

    Right now we await the one event that sets off the powder-keg and blows up a fragile world.

  22. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Hemke a fascinating analysis of the money printing and borrowing.

  23. Greg Smith

    Nice to see that people are realizing the dangers of all these crypto’s and Bitcoins promoting a Cashless Society , that only entraps your money and you . The Deep State, Big Tech and Very rich also use these crypto’s to hide their human trafficking , Drug money and to evade taxes ect. , it’s considered the ( Black Market ) of the internet.

    • Paul ...

      GS … When Bitcoiner’s see China endorsing Bitcoin (it is to destroy the US dollar) … so you better know the Banksters will surely begin to take “drastic counter-measures against Bitcoin” (to fight back against China) … the only reason China is endorsing Bitcoin right now is to help destroy the US dollar in the eyes of the world as it brings in its “gold backed” Yuan onto the world stage (as the New World Reserve Currency) … and Nations will flock to a reserve currency “backed by gold” (gold that is also rising in value)!! … and China is now currently pushing up its purchases of gold … to keep gold in a rising mode … as it makes “its grab” at the World Reserve Currency Prize!!

  24. dlc

    Bitcoin Billionaire

    • Greg

      I’m sure some people made a lot of money during the Tulip Mania too. Doesn’t mean it’s a good thing.
      Mike Maloney said that the transaction costs and time to process would be BC’s downfall and also the large amounts of energy it uses.
      Watch the “Imitation Game” to see 1940’s technology break an unbreakable code so don’t think BC is secure.
      Finally there is the fact that toilet paper has more intrinsic value than BC which has none so it is not a store of value.

  25. Linda Worsham

    Thanks Greg,
    Top notch work, as always!

  26. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg!

    Time for John Adams from Australia to be on your great show.

  27. DOUG

    What most people do not realize, Communism is not a political system. It is a Economic Philosophy. So with that said . Does anyone understand why they are deliberately trying to destroy the dollar? NO you say? 21 million unemployed because the shut down the economy. while covid is a disease , it is not the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE . But it was a great fear tactic. And it worked. This country now is closer to the edge then at anytime Ive seen in my 70 years. Communise the worlds money, GUESS WHAT YOU GOT?

  28. al

    Transitory is a typical lie from crooks and murderers (Fed Reserve).

    If Greg is right and keeping Interests Rates below 2% as the last tool in their toolbox, then it will be over soon because inflation IS NOT TRANSITORY.
    Yes, they abuse the word, the “managed expectation” approach is not working, people are not buying the BS, much like biden the buffoon is president… poppycock! IT’S A BAD PRACTICAL JOKE ! NO ONE IS LAUGHING ! Actually, there’s a lot of buyers remorse for buffoon biden voters.

    Turd Furgason (aka: Craig Hemke) makes too much sense in an illogical World.
    Thank you Greg for getting him back on.


    Greg and Craig – when the quantam financial system comes into play, how will this impact the current financial situation? Will it be backed by precious metals? What will our bank accounts look like after the conversion?

  30. al

    PS: Silver Contracts are more like a rubber chicken than a plastic banana.

    • Paul ...

      Al … Those contracts would likely smell more like “roasted” Bentley (when silver gets to $34)!!

  31. Ronald Dalton

    That was an excellent report Craig, thanks for everything that you do a wonderful job God bless you and your family!

  32. Jane Reynolds

    Craig is well worth listening to. 1 kilo is 32.151 Troy ounces for those wishing to do the calculation. I sold a property in 2017 and bought 50% gold and 50% silver with the proceeds. Felt some pain, but now am in profit. Dollar cost average was $16. I would not keep the money in the bank who has been found guilty of laundering money for drug cartels and treats their customers is if THEY are the crooks! Bye bye banksters. Thanks Greg. Love your channel.

  33. Donnie W. Clyma

    The naysayers who listen to these calls of gold and silver prices, NEVER reaching predicted levels, need only to look at the gold and silver per ounce price in Venezuela bolivar’s. And, while I understand their rational, when it comes to a currency crisis, and hyperinflation, history has proven all doubters wrong. Weimar Germany, recorded a 87 trillion German mark price before it ended, at the end of the hyperinflation from 1910 to 1924. If I were to suggest to your listeners, that hyperinflation in the world reserve currency has been in the cards since 1944, with the Bretton Woods Agreement was entered, few, if any would believe me. But, hyperinflation history in various currencies has taught the world monetary powers, that unbacked currency, always ends up going to zero in value, its just the poor and public are poor students of monetary history. Which of you, were ever taught about monetary history or financial markets in high school? Which of you were ever taught in college about the history of fiat money or currency, and why government embarks on its use? In all likelihood, known can claim their education prepared them for what a good deal of the world is now beginning to face. Lebanon, Argentina, Zimbabwean, Turkey, and so many more, who are now in such a currency crisis? If I told you, America, already is in hyperinflation, and its currency has failed to hyperinflate as others, all because, global central banks have been making more dollars loans in foreign markets, which creates a false demand on the dollar, which hides true inflation of the dollar from the world, would you believe me? The dollar has lost over 10% of its global share of market in the last two years, and when it hits a level of a lack of faith, in those markets, and a sell off takes hold, there are more dollar abroad than at home. Imagine, what would happen, if in one year, all dollars abroad were sold off, and came home. Which will happen at one point. The dollar, would collapse to nothing in value in one year. There is about 60 percent of all dollars created, in foreign hands, not counting US treasury notes held by foreign entities. At what price would gold have to be to balance our nations books, if reset by gold to restore confidence. My guess, at least, 250000 an ounce and maybe much higher. Already, the in country currency supply, has reached a point where 175000 gold price may be needed to balance the books of our central bank. George Gammon, does a simple calculation of the numbers and comes up with 100000 per ounce gold. We are living at the end of a monetary ponzi scheme, created by central banks, to steel global wealth from the masses of the world, and I pity the poor soul who doesn’t recognize the threat, and protect his family, as much as he can. Gold and silver are God’s provision to store our labors in, and its the ignorance of the public, as planned by the elite, not taught in schools or colleges that keeps the public knowledge of their doings, secret. Protect yourself dear friend.

  34. helot

    Robert Wenzel at his Economic Policy Journal website seems to support Craig’s take on where things are going and writes a bit about the, how. I just wish I had some extra money to save and that oil pressure treated pine fence posts weren’t so darned expensive.

    SUNDAY, MAY 16, 2021
    Why Aren’t Interest Rates And Gold Going Up?

    Mr. Wenzel would make for a really interesting interview, perhaps you might be ok with having him on UWD?

  35. helot

    Hmm, to be clear, I meant that Mr. Wenzel’s take on this supports Craig Hemke’s view, and not the commentator above named Craig.

  36. Greg

    GH said at minute 35 that when people lose confidence in the currency this is when you get to the wheelbarrow stage.
    I don’t see the connection. When people start losing confidence in currency they will switch to an alternative which some are starting to do now. How would this create hyper-inflation?
    What makes the most sense to me is that hyper-inflation is caused by a dramatic increase of the money supply like what is happening now in the US. The reason that the US is getting away with this is that the US dollar is the reserve currency and many dollars are spread all around the world.

    • helot

      Martin Armstrong said it’s when goobermints confiscate assets and such that sets off the hyperinflation. It’s a combo action, perhaps? A mega increase in the money supply, plus confiscation.
      It’s a recent M. A. comment, I couldn’t find the link, quickly.

      The key phrase to focus on might be, “when people lose confidence”?

      Fiat money – it’s a confidence game – eh?

  37. Stan

    If silver goes to $34 I’ll set my Bentley on fire in Times Square

    • Greg Hunter

      Where is the title?

    • Bill the Cat Guy

      It already costs $40 for an American Silver Eagle. I’ll get the fire ready. You bring the car.

      • Stan

        Bill the Cat Guy: The Comex price is the real price – not some pie in the sky eBay price.

        • Greg Hunter

          Tell that to APMEX Stan. Hey, how’s that Au short doing now that gold is at $1,853???

      • Charles H

        Stan hasn’t come through with anything he has said. Just yanking chains.

        • Self Exiled

          I know but whoever he is: he has a soul. Besides I like this weird personality he has created for our amusement and the old Bentley are really cool. Remember notyourpatsy tried to meet him and he didn’t show.

    • Self Exiled

      There you again Stan making those outlandish bets again, at least your not threatening/using your own life as betting collateral. The Bentley is not yours to destroy. Remember you lost it in your first jump off the bridge bet and I called dibs on it. And you never answered my question about: if you had traded the old Bentley in for the new one and supposedly made so much money in your last silver short sell. Also at least your probably safe at 34 dollars. Oh Stan what about your soul, lets not forget to be on the right side of that bet.

      • Stan

        Self Exiled: I explained numerous times what happened in the past. I’m not going to revisit that. For now, all you need to know that is that silver doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of reaching $34.

        • Greg Hunter

          You sure about that. You have been shorting gold since $1,200.

        • Self Exiled

          I agreed with you on the silver issue, at least for awhile;unless world events escalate faster than they are able to control the price. Remember Stan there is more to you than gold, silver and Bentleys. ”For in You, O LORD, I hope; You will answer, O Lord my God.” Psalm 38:15

    • Paul ...

      Stan Stan Stan … if you simply listened to the good advice being offered to you here … there would be no need for you to be cruel to animals by burning your horse in Times Square (or threaten to jump off the George Washington Bridge) … you would have made so much money “buying call options on gold” you could have already retired to the Bahamas with a blond by your side (like Bentley did)!!

  38. Robert Keenan

    Crypto is NOT going away Greg. It is a dollar alternative and any dollar alternative is good!!!!

    • Charles H

      The Military Industrial Complex designed and implimented the Internet and allowed GPS. They like Agent Smith in the Matrix holds all the doors and has all the keys. To think there is any anonymity either personal or financial is just naive Tax forms this year have a check-box on them, if you have any dealings with crypt-currencies. Do you really think they don’t know?!? It is just to get a lie on the record. When they want – they will pull the plug on all but what their team says will pass.

    • Paul ...

      Robert … I don’t know if it’s so good … to get on the wrong side of the Banksters … who can “get you” seven ways to Sunday!!

  39. Stan

    And I’m sick of hearing all the rubbish reports about inflation. If you can’t pay a few more cents for a bag of peanuts then maybe you should get a better paying job.

    • Greg Hunter

      Wise words from a man who has been shorting gold since $1,200 per ounce. It’s now at $1,843.90.

      • Jack

        geeez Greg , lighten up , anybody who questions you , you pound into the dirt. certainly you have changed , have become more one sided and cock sure of your own opinions , just like the rest of the country , dangerous …….

        • Charles H

          Cock-sure of your opinions?!?!!? With your above comment where you’ve solved all the prepper problems of the world: you are the classic case of the pot calling the kettle black.

        • Jerry5

          Yes Jack,
          It’s all about our feelings isn’t it? I’ll put the chairs in a circle and you warm up the coffee. If you wish you can bring your frustration ball to squeeze. Grow a pair.

    • Self Exiled

      I like peanuts too, another thing we have in common. Wish Rachel was here, she usually liked to get involved with the Stan comments.

  40. Chuck

    A bit off subject but do you know why Pelosi is forcing every member of the House of Representatives to wear a mask even if they have been vaccinated? LOL, that’s because she recognizes the dangers of the vaccine and she’s NOT vaccinated.

  41. Chuck

    Man, does Craig look like a younger and much smarter Robert Deniro or what.

    • Chuck

      Hummm—There must be two chucks on this board, I think I’ll change my name to Upchuck.

    • Bill Wilson

      I saw that Robert Deniro was getting was getting divorce, so I guess he will lose $250 Million of his $5oo Million Dollar fortune. Ouch!

  42. Kevin Osborne

    There are a lot people out there trying to keep the spirits up of those who own PM’s and are getting frustrated. Craig, for me, is easily the best at providing solid reasoning for buying and holding metals. Maybe because he doesn’t sell them? At any rate thank you for having him on, Greg, this was a great Sunday morning pickup.

  43. Rod Brumley

    Craig is one of my top five USA Watchdog guest in my opinion. Silver is still the most undervalued asset on the planet 🌎

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Rod!

  44. Mark Heuer

    Why do you worry about what trolls may say?
    I don’t, and I think I speak for most stackers. There is a reason why they are called trolls and all of us can immediately spot one. So speak what you truly believe, good people won’t come against you but the trolls ALWAYS will no matter what you say.

  45. Daniel

    You should interview Juan O Savin who has an interesting theory on inflation entering the crypto currencies, for now, with the ultimate plan to eventually dump cryptocurrencies and flood the US market with USD’s to kill the dollar.

  46. tim+mcgraw

    Fun interview. Lively and interesting guest. So the mint is redesigning the liberty dollar. Cool. I bet they make it ugly. Martin Armstrong says the currency loses its value when the people lose confidence in the government. I think we are about there with the election fraud, huge deficits, Covid lies, war lies, all lies and theft even murder, torture, and imprisonment from the illicit governments. The judicial system is also corrupt.
    15 years to lose reserve currency status? We all know it won’t be that long.

    • Charles H

      Somebody will need to assay the new coins.

      • tim+mcgraw

        I don’t think the US Mint will cut back the silver content like the Romans did, but you never know. The design will no longer have Lady Liberty on it, imo, but some hero of the BLM.

  47. Jennifer

    Hi Greg,
    I agree with CH that the Fed is jawboning to prevent the bond market from selling off and that this is a “The Big Short” moment for both gold and silver, however, I disagree with his explanation and definition of inflation. You asked, “Is inflation transitory as Jerome Powell has stated? Craig then gave you “the 2” reasons for inflation, Cost-Push and Demand-Pull inflation, both of which are now occurring at the same time, he said. Thus, inflation will go up and up, real rates will move even more negatively and gold and silver will let loose and spring to the upside.

    The primary definition of inflation is the expansion of the money supply. The secondary definition of inflation is an increase in the general level of prices due to an expansion of the money supply. Most people confuse the cause and effect that is taking place here. Now, because Jerome Powell has announced to the world that he is buying up everything that “needs” to be purchased to support both the stock and bond markets… ETFs, bonds (treasury, high-yield, junk, corporate), as well as the Feds $120 billion per month bond buying spree…in order to pull off this feat, the Fed must EXPAND the money supply. So, by definition THIS IS inflationary. Now remember, J. Powell has told us multiple time, that the Fed ” Isn’t even thinking about thinking about cutting back” on their expansionary programs! So how in God’s name can it be transitory. Yes, Jerome Powell is lying. It is not transitory and he knows it. And the world knows that the U.S. debt is now too large to be serviced with high interest rates. So, if interest rates were to rise too much, it would become obvious to all that the debt cannot be serviced without further massive inflationary measures. So, these Federal Reserve expansionary programs cannot be transitory, ie, they cannot roll them back and take this money back out of the system.

    Now as for Cost-Push and Demand-Pull inflation, Austrian economists have debunked this alleged dichotomy a long time ago. A “cost” and a “price” are the same thing. A “price” is simply the terms of exchange, the ratio of the quantities of the two goods being traded. On one side of the trade is the “Buyer” (demand) and on the other side of the trade is the “Seller” (supply). When you have a general EXPANSION of the money supply chasing the same constant amount of goods, it is axiomatic that prices (costs) will rise for BOTH the Buyers and the Sellers at the same time. They are 2 sides of the same coin.

    • Charles H

      Those who control the money supply will eventually buy-up everything – with something that is conjured from nothing. High price for abandoning the Constitutional provisions.

      • Warren B.

        Exactly Charles !!

      • J

        The question is…when the counterfeiters, through their creation of fake money, are able to acquire virtually all the REAL money and REAL assets through their fraudulent and coercive means, by entering the market to buy up these resources from legitimate owners who produced value to acquire them, will the rightful owners who have been defrauded at some point simply seize all that has been taken from them by the counterfeiters? Will they take back what was stolen from them through fraud? Fiat currency is a big fraudulent scheme to transfer real wealth to the counterfeiters. What would happen to you if you became a counterfeiter? So why should the outcome be any different for them?

        • J

          You should YouTube a documentary called “Molon Labe: How The Second Amendment Guarantees America’s Freedom. You can also go to and purchase it for $22. so that you can share it will your neighbors, friends and family.
          Catherine Austin Fitts has posted this on her site, which is where I discovered it. It is a must see movie for ALL Americans! If everyone sees this, Americans will know how to unite for their common good. You will learn many things, including how NO laws can undo the Constitution as it precedes all Amendments as IT IS the LAW OF THE LAND!!! The First and Second Amendments CANNOT be infringed. Thus, any “laws” that attempt to undo the Constitution or the First and Second Amendments are UNCONSTITUIONAL laws and are, therefore, null and void at their CREATION! And you will learn a lot about the Militia, what it really is and its role in our society. You will learn that WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE MILITIA! That we are meant to be called upon to defend our country and to suppress insurrections! That we, as a well regulated Militia, are to be supported and funded by government to assist us in organizing. It is their constitutional responsibility to do so. Also, it is the Militia…We The People, that are constitutionally called upon to fulfill the role of Home Land Security, NOT the Federal Government and you will learn so much more…including if Tyrants come after your guns, then WE THE PEOPLE are obligated to raise our guns and declare “MOLON LABE”, (i.e., “Come And Get Them”), in order to defend our Country and ourselves. This film will give you the intellectual ammunition, a strong foundation and the confidence to stand up for and defend your rights as well as to use it as a tool to help you in organizing your communities, for your own welfare and safety as well as for theirs.
          Ron Paul, G. Edward Griffin and many experts and scholars are interviewed in this film. You owe it to yourself to learn what this movie has to offer and to teach you. I hope you watch it.

      • J

        …Realize that THE CONSTITUTION is NOT DEAD! If you believe that you are law abiding, then you MUST ACT on the Constitution as IT IS THE LAW OF THE LAND! Only The Constitution IS the LAW of the land!!!

        The Constitution is NOT a relic and never can be as it is a CONSTANT for the United States! It is our Country’s FIRST LAW and it is its only law! And it cannot be undone. What is dying is not The Constitution, but rather its citizens’ understanding of it and of its significance. And it is this which must be restored.

        Remember…ignorance of the law is not an excuse for not being held accountable to it. So, it IS your responsibility to KNOW THE CONSTITUTION!! The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution are short; 20 or so pages, depending on the publisher. Every American should read it and master it. It is their responsibility to do so! And they should carry it with them to call upon it when they need it. As more and more Americans do this and expect it from others, our knowledge will grow and our communities will become stronger and safe for it.

  48. AndrewB

    Craig Hemke’s positive outlook for PMs for the remainder of 2021 coincides with a recent report by Alasdair Macleod of GoldMoney (founded by James Turk).

    Caveat: There have been many predictions based on the so-called ‘Basel III’ banking regulations issued by the BIS (Bank of International Settlements – Switzerland). Not all have come to fruition – probably because TPTB can bend the rules as it pleases them. Even so, since the grand plan appears to be the destruction of the US$, central bank gold holdings have the potential to restore their balance sheets in the event gold undergoes a massive revaluation. Seen in this light, Basel III could be very positive . . .

  49. Matthew

    Metals will not save you, if it got just a 32nd as bad as you claim no money of any kind will be used!
    You thought last year was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet!
    Everything would be looted within an half an hour, no one will be working so no more supplies, there will be nothing to buy and no one to buy it from!

    The hippie idea that you can take your metals to a farmer for food is frankly dumb!

    The farmer is not killing a 2,000 lb cow so a couple of dorks with shinny metal can buy 10-20 bucks of beef, thats not how farming works!

    Consider without diesel and or affordable diesel the farmer will not be able to produce even a quarter of what they do now!

    Oh they’ll be farming, just for the likes of any of you!
    They’ll be farming by hand for themselves!

    And no they dont owe you a sale!

    A major part of farming is raising food for the live stock, plus food for yourself, they will not have the excess to sell you!!

    You must also consider it’s less than 00000.01% of the population that has, nor cares about metals thus it’s useless as money!

    Oh and it’s not a hedge nor an investment its currentcy thats all it is!

    So in conclusion, if things go down there’s not much you can do but hunt and gather or farm for yourself!

    We’re all walking into that world with what we have, I’m afraid most of it will be useless!

    The nutty concept you can have a fat sack of metals and continuing to buy your way through as the world burns around you is crazy economics for city people!

    Also there’s not enough to go around, i mean your employers are not going to pay in metals, it’s unrealistic grow up and face it, when what we have is gone there’s no going back!

    One more thing:::
    You used crap fake money to buy the metals!
    Last time i checked you can’t get something for nothing!

    As a farmer type i can say knowing that i won’t be selling you anything farm fresh for metal you bought with crap money, its worthless by association!

    You must also consider this year fact all of these brokers like to sell you precious metals are literally going again their own manifesto about how it’s the future and over the very near future!

    Via the sheer fact that they’re taking your crap dollars in exchange for what they’re telling you supposed to be worth something!
    They’re basically betting against the golden silver by taking the crap dollars in other words you have to question why are they selling this crap that is supposed to be the future to the likes of any of you in exchange for what they’ve already told you is currently crap but is going to become even more crap in the future that being the dollar???

    To me the whole buy gold and silver concept harkens back Y2K panic buying!
    The whole concept of why 2K back in the late 90s was simply that the power was going to go out, yeah every retailer ran Y2K sales and morons on mass went out and bought freezers some had sense enough to get a generator but did not think of the ramifications of running the generator!

    The ramifications of running a generator is extremely important and there are so extremely simple, such as generators make noise that’s right the chatter of that engine the wrong people could hear that they know that you have something to protect so the simple noise of that engine running actually could get you killed!

    But no one thought about that they just kept buying generators freezers and more people bought freezers than they did generators to even be half-ass prepared to run those freezers!

    You have to think about this crap logically and it’s literally that if gold and silver are truly the future then why are you even able to buy it in the quantities that you can buy it why is it it’s even remotely legal for you to hold it and who’s to say is that they wouldn’t come kicking your front door open looking for it to begin with!

    And there again I must go back to my first segment which is simply that there’s not going to be anything to buy nor will there be anyone to buy it from I mean there again a lot of you think that last year was pretty bad with empty shelves yeah go to those empty shelves wave your stupid money around and see how much crap magically appears cuz that’s not going to happen when we’re out of it we’re out of it that’s just the way it works!

    Furthermore current retail already has a huge theft problem people just walk in and steal whatever they want they walk right back out with little to no repercussions the system is already breaking people already do not really care about money people are already basically looting as much thievery that goes on!

    And all of this is occurring when you still have lots of normalcy…

    Of course my very very last point to make is simply that no matter the money system no matter the currency matter if you’re bartering and trading that takes bouts of normalcy that takes lots of cooperation via the public!

    Everybody’s had this idea for 10 years that okay so we would end up in some sort of crash chaos situation and then after that situation is when you could break out the cold and start using it….

    I disagree because aftermath is technically a misnomer of a term, given that the problems that led up to the explosion of the situation are still there that entire situation still exists the aftermath or what people refer to as the aftermath is directly linked to that it has not gone away….

    Pick up a history book and read it because the minute that Rome collapsed you walked right into the dark ages and that lasted for thousand years and they considered that the aftermath of the fall of Rome!

    The supposed aftermath was not exactly a calm cool collected time it was not a fun time to exist in fact some of humanities most nastiest unpleasant times was during the dark ages!!

    Oh and by the way when the Roman system collapsed so did their money even to collectors today there’s very little of it that’s actually worth anything from a collector’s standpoint you can walk the old trade roads of Europe and fine all kinds of Roman coins but 99% of what you find is completely worthless!

    Basically after the fall of Rome and humanity entered the dark ages essentially what you did was you farmed during the spring and Summer you harvested and then you literally said on your ass and looked at the same four walls all winter it was a very bleak and boring life on the other hand to a guy like me it sure as hell beats the hustle bustle of today!

    So I believe that you’re looking at more so a dark ages scenario which is why I say that virtually no money will be used because it was only really the crown heads of Europe who actually had the gold and or their favorite nobleman who had access to the currency of the day which was largely metal everyone else basically just purely lived off the land and in most cases was just told what to do and they might have been awarded food for their efforts whatever they didn’t raise they pretty much had to work for they work for food honestly that is a common staple throughout the Bible is the sheer fact that if you don’t work you don’t eat because most people particularly workers were paid directly with their meals not gold or silver to go buy them!!

    • Greg Hunter

      You need it all not just one thing and most of us know this.

    • helot

      RE: “The hippie idea that you can take your metals to a farmer for food is frankly dumb!”

      Uh, no. It’s not.

      P.M.’s did just that for those who had them when the Soviet Union fell, or when Zimbabwea hyperinflated and confiscated farms. And I, surely, will have some extra onions available if a hungry person shows some silver, all day long. If they are nice and polite, that is.

      Imho, you need to forget what the history books – told you – to think, and do some research on your own. When you mentioned The Dark Ages I was reminded of an article about how they weren’t dark at all.
      Here’s a couple of articles which are close that maybe you’d like to know about:

    • tim+mcgraw

      Matthew, You are a farmer. What would you take in exchange for your surplus crop(s)? If not precious metals, what?
      I’m reading “Why Vietnam” by Michael Swanson about the lead up to the Vietnam War. He spends a lot of time on Laos. 90% of Laotians were illiterate farmers. They used barter to survive. There were no large kip currency notes. Laotians are still famous for their lack of initiative. Work enough for beer money and quit for the day.
      So, Matthew, what is your option(s) for avoiding living in Laos?

      • helot

        I read a really cool bit years ago about the Humong(?) hill country people of Vietnam in or around the 1960’s. They created wafer thin sheets of gold and used that as currency.

        Imagine what it must have taken to pound that down and form it. I’m guessing they were mostly farmers and perhaps nomadic hunters or something, it’s been too long since I read about it. I seem to recall those sheets of gold worked out pretty well for them.

        I attempted to find the original story a few times, sad to say, I never found it to share.

  50. Bill

    All this money printing is beyond insane! Besides own gold and silver and try to get squared away with the necessities, what’s a person to do ???

  51. helot

    I wonder if Matthew had in mind something along the lines of what Frank Shostak mentions in his article, ‘You Can’t Create More Savings by Printing More Money’?
    Specifically, Mr. Shostak’s point that, “Savings has nothing to do with money.”

    What a shocking idea that might be to some people, but it’s really quite simple.

    Here’s his easy to understand explanation in layman’s terms:

  52. iwitness02

    Changes. The one constant. The world is changing rapidly.
    So far the changes seem to be detrimental to mankind.
    I would love to see the truth breakout around the world.
    That would be change that we could believe in.

    • Self Exiled

      HE will. [The Living Truth]

      The LORD is near to all who call on Him, To all who call on Him in truth (without guile).
      He will fulfill the desire of those who fear and worship Him [with awe-inspired reverence and obedience]; He also will hear their cry and will save them. The LORD keeps all who love Him, But all the wicked He will destroy. Psalm 145:18-20

    • JC


      Yes, change is constant.
      What’s on the FEAR Channel today?

      Virus fear getting played out? OK, it’s time for terror!

      Terror alert as virus restrictions ease…

  53. Bill Wilson

    The Gangs of Chicago, are practicing their RITES of SPRING. There were 48 shot in Chicago over the past weekend. That included, 5 people that died!

  54. Maynard J. Kreps

    May 16, 2021 5:23PM ET
    Eric Clapton Blames ‘Propaganda’ for ‘Disastrous’ Covid Vaccine Experience

    “My hands and feet were either frozen, numb or burning, and pretty much useless for two weeks,” guitarist writes of reaction to vaccine. “I feared I would never play again”

    • Charles H

      I think it was Maynard “G” Krebs, Legion (Dobie Gillis). But why fact check when you are thought-shaping on a site that’s not yours.

      • Maynard J. Kreps

        My brother wrote the article and Greg runs, not me bongo boy! I’m just a in the background bonger banger. But I try to do my part here at little willow …..

        • Charles H

          Looks to me like you hide under half a dozen anonymous screen-names per interview – Ypsi-dipsy. Anonymous means no respect. To bad… I’ll be in town this year.

  55. JC

    I feel like we are in the beginning of an evil sci-fi or dark dystopian movie.

    We have the mainstream media in tears now, asking, “how will we know who is vaccinated and who isn’t?” Show me your PAPERS! Well if your “Vaccine” actually works who cares?

    Now there are hours of videos out there with people able to stick magnets to their injection site. Some have even carried it further and used stud finders and metal detectors. Also a compass seems to go crazy at the injection site. One problem, I haven’t been able to verify this in NC. But I have friends in other states who have witnessed it with their own eyes. What does this mean?

    • Jerry5

      I say people who’ve been vaccinated should wear yellow stars.

  56. eddiemd

    Russian injections to Bolivia.

    Mineral rich country. And coca.

    I was in Bolivia for 6 months with the US Army. In the top 3 poorest countries in the western hemisphere. (Haiti, Nicaragua, Bolivia)

  57. eddiemd

    Promotion of Nero.

    The WSJ, Times of Lindon, and Guardian all promoting. Perhaps it is a message about what is coming. Persecution of believers. No mention of the details of what this devil did to believers.

    • Jerry5

      The prophecy’s say Rome would rise from the ashes in the last days. We’re living in it right now. Stadiums filled with drunken citizenry, and imitation cutouts. Sex slaves. Aborted babies used to make biological agents. We even use an eagle for our national symbol.
      It’s all there.

  58. eddiemd

    Bailout to illegal immigrant families with anchor babies.

    What a disaster this is. Have a baby, get benefits…a magnet for people from all over the world to get across the border quickly.

  59. eddiemd

    Not sure what to make of this. Magnets sticking to injection sites, etc.

    I would be interested in three studies.

    1. Thin sliced CT scan of the injection site to determine if there are nanoparticles or some other substance that has been injected and is possibly detectable. Or if there is some type of scatter from the x-rays at the site.

    2. Use the magnets to scan the local lymph nodes. Under the armpit or posterior/anterior cervical chains. You never know what may be found.

    3. MRI of the injection sites. Most sensitive study. The MRI should be able to study the soft tissues better than the CT scan.

    • Bible Reader

      Front Chem. 2020; 8: 124.
      Published online 2020 Mar 6. doi: 10.3389/fchem.2020.00124
      PMCID: PMC7068712
      PMID: 32211375
      Recent Advances on Magnetic Sensitive Hydrogels in Tissue Engineering
      Zhongyang Liu,1,2,† Jianheng Liu,1,2,† Xiang Cui,1,2,† Xing Wang,3,* Licheng Zhang,1,2,* and Peifu Tang1,2,*

      Tissue engineering is a promising strategy for the repair and regeneration of damaged tissues or organs. Biomaterials are one of the most important components in tissue engineering. Recently, magnetic hydrogels, which are fabricated using iron oxide-based particles and different types of hydrogel matrices, are becoming more and more attractive in biomedical applications by taking advantage of their biocompatibility, controlled architectures, and smart response to magnetic field remotely. In this literature review, the aim is to summarize the current development of magnetically sensitive smart hydrogels in tissue engineering, which is of great importance but has not yet been comprehensively viewed.

      Keywords: magnetic particle, magnetic hydrogel, magnetic field, tissue engineering, functional recovery

    • Jerry5

      I can only surmise it’s aluminum oxide from all the spraying that has been ingested into our bodies through the food we eat and the water we drink. The human body is basically an electromagnetic field so it attracts and emits electricity as well as metallic particles. Many are saying it’s part of the hydrogel in the mRNA but if you haven’t taken the jab I don’t see how thats possible. Personally I think it’s all about linkage to 5G. Literally. I still use a flip phone, and I was told yesterday by AT&T I would be cut off if I didn’t go to 5G. Why? The other cell towers are still working. It makes no sense?

  60. eddiemd

    Over 12 months ago we were discussing the coronavirus bioweapon targeted to certain populations. The Italians were on to it early on identifying genetic markers that were targeted. I provided the research months ago.

    They had been collecting DNA data for years. Then engineered the coronavirus in China to target the West and specifically to get rid of Trump.

    The CCP is the enemy along with the WEF, Rome, and the deep state satan worshippers.

    “Then came the DNA scare, when Adm. John Richardson, then chief of naval operations, warned military personnel and their families to stop using at-home ancestry DNA test kits. “Be careful who you send your DNA to,” Richardson said, warning that scientific advancements would be able to exploit the information, creating more and more targeted biological weapons in the future. And indeed in 2019, the Pentagon officially advised military personnel to steer clear of popular DNA services. “Exposing sensitive genetic information to outside parties poses personal and operational risks to Service members,” said the memo, first reported by Yahoo news.”

    Read Isaiah Chapter 5 for the wrath upon the unrepentant nations. Coming soon.


    Lev 10:3
    Lev 11:44
    Lev 19:1-2
    Lev 20:26

    • Bible Reader

      Rome. I had my “eyes opened” a long time ago.

      Malachi Martin interview on Third Secret (about last Pope); TERZO SEGRETO: ULTIMO PAPA
      5,789 views•Oct 12, 2019

      C2C Interview to Father Malachi Martin on Third Secret – July 13, 1998

      Art Bell: All right, here we go. Just a couple of things I want to quickly read, one from a friend in Australia, Father who says, “I had a Jesuit priest tell me more of the Third Secret of Fatima years ago, in Perth. He said among other things, the LAST POPE would be under control of SATAN. Pope John fainted, thinking it might be him. We were interrupted before I could hear the rest.” Any comment on that?

      Fr. Martin: Yes. It sounds as if they were reading or being told the text of the Third Secret.

      • JC

        More here regarding Father Malachi Martin…

        Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Complete Prophecies of World War III,
        G. A. Stewart, 2019, Page 412-413

        As I mentioned in Chapter Four, the Vatican has known all along what the course of future events will be. Put Father Malachi Martin’s words below into perspective.

      • eddiemd

        Rome is the Babylonian false religion and the pope is the false prophet.

        Judgement upon Babylon. Coming soon.

        Isaiah 13:6-13

        Wail, for the day of the Lord is at hand!
        It will come as destruction from the Almighty.
        Therefore all hands will be limp,
        Every man’s heart will melt,
        And they will be afraid.
        Pangs and sorrows will take hold of them;
        They will be in pain as a woman in childbirth;
        They will be amazed at one another;
        Their faces will be like flames.

        Behold, the day of the Lord comes,
        Cruel, with both wrath and fierce anger,
        To lay the land desolate;
        And He will destroy its sinners from it.
        For the stars of heaven and their constellations
        Will not give their light;
        The sun will be darkened in its going forth,
        And the moon will not cause its light to shine.
        “I will punish the world for its evil,
        And the wicked for their
        I will halt the arrogance of the proud,
        And will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible.
        I will make a mortal more rare than fine gold,
        A man more than the golden wedge of Ophir.
        Therefore I will shake the heavens,
        And the earth will move out of her place,
        In the wrath of the Lord of hosts
        And in the day of His fierce anger.

        Bitcoin, gold, and silver will be worthless.

        The stages of destruction.

        1. Sexual revolution….check
        2. Homosexual revolution…..check
        3. Trans insanity……check.

        Given over to delusions and deception. We are here. See Romans chapter One.

        Prepare yourself. Get a Bible. Read it. Pray. Repent. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.

    • Bible Reader

      The Eucharist.

      John 6:52-59
      New King James Version
      52 The Jews therefore quarreled among themselves, saying, “How can this Man give us His flesh to eat?”

      53 Then Jesus said to them, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood, you have no life in you. 54 Whoever eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day. 55 For My flesh is food indeed, and My blood is drink indeed. 56 He who eats My flesh and drinks My blood abides in Me, and I in him. 57 As the living Father sent Me, and I live because of the Father, so he who feeds on Me will live because of Me. 58 This is the bread which came down from heaven—not as your fathers ate the manna, and are dead. He who eats this bread will live forever.”

      59 These things He said in the synagogue as He taught in Capernaum.

  61. Larry Paul Johnson

    Nobody has heard of Basel 3?
    Andrew Maguire:
    Paper gold may be dying come the end of June.
    Get informed, folks!

  62. Jim Furr

    Yea! Greg!!!
    I love it, “Melt Grammas’ Candle Sticks” – LOL : )
    -Jim >

  63. Jerry5

    Talk about inflation? How about this little gem.

    Greg there appears to be two types of people who come to your site. The first type are people who want to be informed and value the the information you give them. The second type come here for entertainment value and do not fully grasp the depth of the topics you cover. For those that fall into the second category, let me be clear. The game playing is about over. In case you’re not getting it, the post above is a sample of what’s coming. The globalist will do to food what they’ve been doing to fuel, and once they’ve drained every last penny out of your pocket, they will collapse the entire economic system using cyber polygon, and with it sites like Greg’s that pose a threat to them. Bitcoin? The Dow Jones? Sucker bait. The biggest pump and dump scheme in history. Once the “great reset” takes place what will be the new investment asset? Let me give you hint. It involves being biologically filtered, tagged, and if you’re not proven to be useful to the NWO bagged. Slavery now has a new home. Pray for deliverance.

  64. Mike R

    Zero COVID deaths in Texas since they went mask less and lockdown free, 2 months ago. Proving, Fauci is a liar and total fraud, and Biden just another foul mouthed dope. Also shows how every governor who locked down should be in prison for manslaughter in causing more COVID deaths by forcing elderly to stay cooped up like sitting ducks.

  65. vie venard

    Surfer killed in shark attack at Australian beach
    By Kenneth GargerMay 18, 2021 | 2:04am | Updated
    Woman records 6-year-old daughter fleeing from shark
    Florida shark attack victim says she was tossed ‘like a fish’
    Surfer allowed to keep tooth of shark that took his leg after 6-year battle
    Here’s what a 9-year-old boy’s shoulder looks like after shark attack
    On the beach? This summer, look before you leap!

    Chinese Military Helicopters Spotted Flying in the Shape of ‘100’
    John Feng 3 hrs ago
    China. You were on the make and O’Biden, Beijing Bribe’en, was on the take. Don’t be the fooled, the snake will crush you. If you try to take Taiwan. BEWARE; The smiling Jim crow, scare crow Joe. He will spit on your graves if, you do.

    • Charles H


  66. Gary A Cox

    Hey Greg,
    listen to you all the time. I have a question for you. If we have all the shortages, then why is the dry Baltic index not down. I would think it would be.

  67. Hugo

    Hi Greg,

    Almost always love your interviews (there are always exemptions, smile). Thanks for what you do.

    The question I would love to hear asked on a way better informed (but only the patriotic people in the US, not the woke crowd) US vs Europe (where I am at). Is the following ”we all know that the US is on a petrol / oil based dollar standard. With the green (crazy) movement there will be wless demand in the rest of the world for Dollars in a while Europe, Russia, the Chinese and so adopted a new gold standard. It being one based on a flexible instead of fixed price of gold. We know that price fixing does not work and that fiat is created once is a loan is created but the interest is not yet created.

    If you dont believe me, see this from the ECB their own site and their balance sheet concluding 2020. . The first line on their asset side is ”gold and gold receivables”. Meaning that the investing public decide how much of a gold backing they like to have their currency. All countries who adopted that model stopped leasing gold into to the market (so they say)

    The Chinese, Russians, Brazil and I can go on adopted this model. In the 1970 era official records from the US history archives, as shown by GATA, the US administration(s?) freaked out that the EU combined has more gold then the US.

    We also know that most of southern Europe has tons of gold. Italy especially stands out. If (and that is a big if) Europe wants that great reset. All you have to do is revalue gold up big time. Since almost not used in any industry and only 0.5% of the population holding it, it is a great way to reset the system.

    Of course, the price of gold, as it was during most of our known history, was crazy high. Now normal people can buy it. I doubt that will last. No, the ”legend” that you can buy a nice toga slippers and the likes vs a nice suit and shoes now is wrong in most of history.

    In most of history this line is more appropriate as I found. Gold is the money of kings, silver the money of nobility and debt the money of slaves. Copper is gone as money so that class we sadly have to eliminate.

    There is a lot of hatred of the BIS crowd and I understand that. But one thing is sure, they stand for the old moneyed families. The old moneyed interests, well, survived centuries with a lot of wealth. New monied interests are a threat to them. Will the use the gold card again? It worked for centuries. Reserve (gold) currency from Portugal to Spain, to France, to Holland and then to the UK, eventually to the US.

    Do not forget that the UK tried silver to be squashed by the US to go back to gold and silver first but silver was the first to be dropped.

    Holy Lord, that was a way longer comment then I intended to write when I started writing it.

    Anyway, concluding thoughts, the central banks on the world seem to have two systems. The non price fixing gold standards so they can deal with exessive debts (not society destroying but big pain for sure) vs the petro(l) dollar when exessive debts will die.

    As a last remark, the USSR (Not the current Russia) was also a reserve currency for the countries they controlled. The life expectancy of their population dropped by 15+ years.

    I really hope you will ask that question I posted at the start of this post. Ideally make it a whole interview but the latter I know be hard since took me well over two decades to get it a little.

    Hope this made sense!


  68. Justn Observer

    Greg, Guess Alex Jones and Jessie Ventura don’t sound as conspiricy theory’ now as they did in 2009 – eh?

    Additional warnings ? Fw: Connecticut Department of Public Health has published the Ingredients list for the Moderna COVID “Vaccine” and that data sheet confirms it contains a chemical “SM-102.” = YES, listed as a deadly poison?
    Connecticut Publishes Moderna COVID Vax Ingredients: DEADLY POISON “SM-102 – Not for Human or Veterinary Use”
    The Connecticut Department of Public Health has published the Ingredients list for the Moderna COVID “Vaccine” and that data sheet confirms it contains a chemical “SM-102.”

    The SM-102 Material Safety Data Sheet describes this chemical as “NOT FOR HUMAN OR VETERINARY USE”

    Here is the information published by the Connecticut Department of Health about the Moderna COVID Vaccine, which lists its INGREDIENTS:

    According to the manufacturer, Cayman Chemical Company in their filing with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), this chemical causes “Acute Toxicity “Fatal in contact with skin.”

    In that same OSHA filing, the manufacturer declares SM-102 “Causes damage to the central nervous system, the kidneys, the liver and the respiratory system through prolonged or repeated exposure.”

    Here is a section from the manufacturer’s OSHA filing:

    This appears to be what they are injecting into YOUR arm when you take the Moderna COVID Vax. You are APPARENTLY being POISONED!

    Perhaps this is why so many people are having “adverse reactions” to the so-called “vaccine?”

    Yet Health departments all over this country are running TV and Radio ads telling the general public this vaccine is “safe.” That seems to be FALSE ADVERTISING.

    The full information release from the Connecticut Department of health, listing the ingredients, can be downloaded directly from the Connecticut State Government web site HERE (Archived HERE)

    The full Material Data Safety Sheet on Chemical “SM-102” can be downloaded from the Cayman Chemical Company web site HERE (Archived HERE)

    Now that this information is out, YOU may wish to carefully re-think whether or not you want someone injecting this into YOU.

    For those who made the decision to get this vaccine, you may want to get in touch with a good personal injury lawyer and present this information to that attorney. (While you’re still alive.)
    Clearly very many of you made the decision to receive this vaccine based on deliberately false claims by politicians, celebrities, public health officials, TV and Radio Stations, the print and electronic NEWS MEDIA (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, CNBS, etc.) and perhaps others, that told YOU these vaccines were “safe.”

    Why were they out there telling people this was “safe” when the ingredients list clearly shows a chemical “not for human … use” that is known to “cause cancer” and “damage to central nervous system . . .”

    Maybe THOSE PEOPLE SHOULD BE SUED for what their false information has done to you. Where was their Due Diligence? Did they even bother to look up the ingredients before they went out and told the public this was “safe?”

    Oh, and how about social media giants (with deep pockets) like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Google/Youtube? They not only pushed false information, but also actively and aggressively BLOCKED truthful information about the bad reactions taking place, and CENSORED or SHUT OFF accounts trying to get facts to the public. What price should they pay for what they’ve done?

    Their CENSORSHIP seems to have been an effort to aid and abet the flow of false safety information which ultimately may have damaged YOU! Maybe the social media companies need to get sued too?

    I can’t help but feel that if the big mouth, holier-than-thou celebrities, actors, left-wing media pundits, and politicians, all find themselves getting sued for what they’ve publicly told people to do, maybe these folks will (finally) shut up . . . or go out of business.

    How about state Governors? Guys like New York’s Andrew Cuomo and my home state of New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, or the wretched woman, Gretchen Whitmer, out in Michigan; out there almost every day for MONTHS telling people “Get vaccinated, it’s safe.” What should happen with folks like that who pushed this toxic and deadly chemical on residents of entire states?

    Those of you who work or attend school at places where the bosses or school administration REQUIRED you to get the vaccine as a condition of continued employment or condition of attending school, maybe THEY SHOULD GET SUED AS WELL.

    OSHA has made clear that when an employer REQUIRES people to take an experimental vaccine, the employer is responsible under Workman’s Compensation Laws for any injuries or deaths caused by their requirement!

    A lot of these people seem to think they’re so much smarter than everyone else, and they somehow needed to tell all us “little people” what was best for us.

    Let them explain how injecting a cancer-causing chemical clearly labelled NOT FOR HUMAN USE, was “good” for us. Let’s see what a jury thinks of that.

    Let their vast personal intellect, that they seem to think makes them so much smarter than the rest of us, hit their pocketbook; maybe they’ll start minding their own business . . . if they have a business left after all these lawsuits!

    Given the information above, it seems to me that people who took the Moderna “jab” are likely to get sicker and sicker until they die. Maybe I’m wrong. Yet the Material Safety Data Sheet clearly states “Causes damage to the central nervous system, the kidneys, the liver and the respiratory system through prolonged or repeated exposure” so to me, that means every time your heart beats and your blood flows, that chemical is REPEATEDLY hitting the cells in your body. To me, that makes it “prolonged and repeated exposure.”

    Those of you who are suffering from “the jab” should ask a lawyer.

    Of course, the lawyer may tell you the vaccine companies were granted immunity as a condition of releasing their experimental vaccine. But the US Supreme Court has held in the past that “fraud vitiates everything” (See “UNITED STATES v. THROCKMORTON” 98 U.S. 61) and if these vaccine companies told the government their vaccine was “safe” when their own ingredients list says otherwise, then it may be that those companies committed fraud . . . and . . . fraud vitiates everything. Thus, maybe a court holds those vaccine companies have NO immunity?
    Of course, proving fraud is a tough legal thing to do. But maybe this will help; Pharmaceutical Companies are required to put an INSERT into their products that list ingredients and all known side effects. But as the images below will show, those inserts boxed with the “vaccines” . . . . ARE BLANK!
    Now, I’m no pharmaceutical expert, so I don’t know why the companies left this insert blank. Someone I know worked for a big pharmaceutical MANUFACTURER, and he told me that these inserts are called “Ancillary labels” and when he worked in the industry, he was instructed by the company that these are an FDA requirement; they could not ship product without them.
    Yet, Moderna (and some others) shipped product with blank inserts. Why?
    Were they worried people would look up the ingredients, find out they’re not for human or veterinary use, and go bonkers? In criminal law, might the decision to use blank inserts be “consciousness of guilt?” I’m not an attorney, so I don’t have the answers.
    Those of you who have NOT taken the vaccine, should maybe think an awful lot longer before you do.

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