Election Panic Coming in 2022 – Martin Armstrong

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Saturday Night Post)

According to a recent poll, 51% of Americans think Joe Biden cheated to get into the White House.  The breakdown is 74% Republicans and an astounding 30% Democrats think cheating played at least a part of the 2020 Election outcome.  In Arizona, the 2020 Election ballots are finally being audited as court battles to stop it continue.  Legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong is predicting an election “panic in 2022.”  Armstrong explains, “It means extremely high volatility.  Despite whatever they want to say, there is a large proportion of the population that do not believe the election.  Polls are saying it’s at 51%, but it’s probably close to 60% or 70%.  You are also seeing that 60% of Americans want a third party, and you are talking about Democrats and Republicans. . . . I think because we have such a high number of people who do not trust the election results, I don’t think they are going to be able to get away with rigging the elections again.  It’s going to turn into violence.  There is no question about that.”

Armstrong also sees Biden Administration tax plans on things like capital gains causing problems in the not-too-distant future.  Armstrong says, “If they eliminate capital gains, I don’t care if you are Republican or Democrat, you are going to have to sell.  Your accountant is going to say if you don’t sell, you going to pay twice or three times as much in taxes next year.  So, they can create a serious, serious collapse in the world economy.  This is in addition to all this Covid nonsense that they have created.”

Armstrong has been saying for months that deflation would be the overarching theme in the economy.  Is that going to continue or has there been a change?  Armstrong says, “Deflation is now over.  People have to understand.  It has nothing to do with the supply of money. . . . If you don’t see a bright rosy future, what do you do?  You save your money. . . . One of the number one selling objects in Europe is a safe.  People are storing cash.  Biden was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  People are now seeing that things are going to cost more in the future than they do today.  They have also created shortages because of these lockdowns.  The inflation is just beginning to start now.  It’s based on shortages, and it will continue going into about 2024.”

The bottom line on the cause of inflation, according to Armstrong, is “a loss of confidence in government.”

Armstrong also predicts, “We are looking at the prospect of a serious war between 2025 and 2027.  All this is completely because of this great reset nonsense.  They have been using the Corona Virus as an excuse to try and shut down the economy.  If you look at rents in New York City, they are in a freefall.  Real estate is going crazy outside of the urban centers.  In Florida, what was a $500,000 house last year is now more than $1 million.”

On Trump, Armstrong says, “I don’t see him returning to office before 2024.” But, if massive ballot fraud is proven with the Arizona audit going on right now, Armstrong predicts, “The state legislature can recall a Senator” who won by election rigging.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One-on-One in this in-depth interview (60 mins. in length) with Martin Armstrong of ArmstrongEconomics.com.  (What is written above is a very small sample of the actual interview.)

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After the Interview:

Martin Armstrong also told me there are a number of events that could cause the stock market to sell-off quickly and plunge deeply.  So, stay on guard, and stay hedged and protected for unforeseen developments.

There is some free information, analysis and articles on ArmstrongEconomics.com.

To get a copy of Armstrong’s latest book “The Cycle of War and the Coronavirus,” click here.

There is also a PDF version of “The Cycle of War and the Coronavirus” you can get by clicking here.

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  1. Rod Brumley

    Armstrong is definitely a must watch. I wouldn’t touch stocks or BitShit. Greg Hunter our Ultimate Patriot!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Armstrong talks about Bitcoin in his interview. He’s not fond of it.

      • Rod Brumley

        He definitely is a smart guy. I enjoyed listening to him

        • Daniel B

          Hi Martin

      • Neville

        Devaluing Currencies a RACE TO THE BOTTOM.
        In broad stroke analysis we drill down to see whatever it is we are “Invested” in
        Take bitcoin for instance ,here have a look at the list of currencies and ask yourselves
        from which ones can you make up a basket that is worth $50000……THEY ARE ALL
        FIAT ,WHAT’S MORE ALL ON THE GAME STARTED BY AAcrime to create currencies
        recklessly out of this air ……Q E they call it there,
        bitcoin started in 2009 and what the first investors were getting was A WORTHLESS
        basket of currencies CHEAPLY……….NOW!!! THEY ARE GETTING A VALUELESS
        basket of currencies EXPENSIVELY…….
        Thanks Greg for the opportunity of expressing my opinion

        • GenEarly

          “Plan B” beans, bullets, and bullion.”

      • Stone

        Simple question with regard to Bitcoin vs. PM’s.

        If government says that cryptos aren’t money, but gold is a tier 1 asset, why would they confiscate Btc (worthless according to government) but not confiscate gold, a tier 1 asset that they can use to support their currency?

        Also of note, JPM today announced that they are starting an actively traded Btc ETF.

      • Fee 1776

        There is no Constitutional Article that deals with removing a POTUS or redo an election if fraud is discovered afterwards. Only option is Impeachment. Not going to happen unless the GOP retakes the House and controls 60 Senate seats after 2022 or Dems in the Senate will cross over and vote for Impeachment of Biden and Harris. Not going to happen. Only good thing is states can recall their Senator and Reps if they won by election fraud. That is assuming the state legislatures are controlled by the GOP. Best thing before 2022 is the GOP controlled state like AZ and GA can recall their Senators depriving the Dems the ability to pass laws. The other thing is the RNC can sue the DNC at the county/state/national level depending on the evidence showing who and at what level is involved. Trump can also sue. This audit has major national and international implication for the US.

        • Greg Hunter

          We are in chartered waters “1776.” No way a Senate seat stays in the hands of Dems if massive fraud is proven. Fraud is has a much different set of laws surrounding it. You don’t know what is going to happen so forget the “not going to happen” crap.

    • barry nicholson

      When one posts their stupidity about the Digital revolution that is already here ie Bitsit it validates why the USA is in the situation it is…. Financial freefall.
      A lesson for dummies……everything is already in digital form…once China backs their digital currency with Gold and Bitcoin….how many pennies you had will be dismissed. So keep that braindead outlook Rod and keep thinking that people are elected and not installed by the ones that own Bitcoin and Gold.

      • Robert Feco

        Keep thinking btc is gonna be a savior lmao

        when its the plan lol

    • greg sabourin

      When I talk with people about BC they don’t understand what is meant by a store of value. BC has no other use than as method of trade. Toilet paper is more of a store of value than BC.
      I had a discussion where the person said that it was dumb to buy movies because you can stream them now. I said that if the internet went down I could still watch my movie if I owned it. BC would end up the same as streaming movies, bye bye.
      I don’t buy that BC is secure either. Watch “The Imitation Game” about breaking the unbreakable Enigma code that was done with 1940’s technology. This is probably why it is allowed to exist.

      • Robert Feco

        Exactly, been saying this, sure one can make a profit off anything through speculation, which is simply what btc is

        it was never intended to be the replacement, that would have had to come through the FED not some random psuedo on internet. Maybe the plan is to use something like btc for the central banks..but not btc itself.

        This would make the most sense. Why would they spend all this time attacking btc? Perhaps that is only to pretend they dont support digital crypto solutions but at same time devaluing all currencies to the point where a reset replacement was inetivitable.

        all this is pretty much following along with the plan I heard well over 20 years ago…which was to purposely create a crash to bring about a cashless new world order…this was known well, since the late 80s…prob even earlier

        I expect all this stuff is happening in between to help take people off the old system while creatind deman for a new system…falling right into their hands.

      • david

        VERY GOOD im buying all the great lourael and hardy…abbot and costello…even the three stooges i remember when elgores wife wanted to make the three stogoes illegal…

    • Alex

      Whenever Mr. Hunter or Mr. Armstrong speaks. wise people listen and listen attentively!

  2. kyle blackburn

    So happy to be listening to usa watchdog again. Youtube can shove it!

    • regaleagle

      The Good Lord looks after His own and moves in mysterious ways, LOL. I love it……go get em Greg!!! You are definitely being blessed from Above.

      • DD

        I would rather see humans be used as guinea pigs than animals. So I don’t care if humans get sick or die from the any vaccine etc.
        Animals are NOT here to be used in the manner they are the world over then discarded like trash. They are to be loved.
        Animals are God’s creatures too.

        I know too Greg it is highly doubtful you will post my comment. I’d like to be proved wrong.

  3. Christian

    Can’t wait. I know it will be good.

    Gotta put the kids to bed first..

  4. tim+mcgraw

    Hi Greg, Thanks for having Martin Armstrong back on your show. He’s great. At about 34:00 he remarks that Republics are the worst form of government because they can be bribed. Well, Communism and Fascism are much worse imo, but he has a point.
    As an anarcho-capitalist I don’t believe in governments, period. Governments are mythical institutions. They don’t exist. What does exist is a group of thieves and extortionists who prey on us all.

    • tom price

      Well said. Bravo

    • Clare+Doll

      Wow! That about puts the nail on the head.

    • Cullen Dorn

      ” … As an anarcho-capitalist I don’t believe in governments, period. Governments are mythical institutions. They don’t exist. What does exist is a group of thieves and extortionists who prey on us all … ”

      A resounding Amen … someone who SEES without having to claim clairvoyance. That is so insightful, clear, and concise … Thanks, Tim McGraw …

    • Bobm

      “anarcho-capitalist” I’m curious how that works… I mean, without the rule of law and private property rights how can you have any kind of stability? Without government, who enforces those property rights? Who is the arbiter of disputes?

      Dont get me wrong. I’m no fan of big and/or intrusive government, but some form of government seems to me to be a prerequisite to any free enterprise system. The shape, scope and power of that government can certainly be debated, but that there must be a government seems beyond any serious question, no?

  5. Carol A Bolt

    Greg I love your shows. I never miss one! Martin Armstrong is always down to earth and clear. I happen to agree with everything he is saying here. The Democrats have destroyed everything and now they will have to lay in the mess they have created. Praying that the Arizona Audit goes ahead and people there finally get to know and trust their election results. At our house a while ago we started to get rid of debt and have things well in handy today. We even have some cash on hand just in case. We are prepared the best we can be right now. Thank for all the lovely news you bring to us. God Bless You and Yours.

  6. iwitness02

    All I want for Christmas is Love and Peace with security.
    Ain’t that a laugh!
    That’s asking for way to much.
    How about war and poverty?
    Okay! now you’re talking.
    Says our benevolent and wise government.

  7. Srg

    Trump warned us and he was right along

  8. Kurt

    33:29 “Republics are the worst form of government possible.” Actually GOVERNMENT is the worst form of government possible. Do you get where I’m coming from? All modern governments are some form of collectivism. That doesn’t exist. Individuals exist. The only form of government that can work is individual contracts in a truly free market. Companies would mind their Ps and Qs, they’d HAVE to else some company more honest would eat their lunch quick.

    • AndrewB

      Hi Kurt,
      Perhaps that’s what MA is referring to when he ‘predicts’ a worldwide revolution in 2030-35. Humanity may at last be waking up to the fact that ‘rulers’ are an anachronism – be they royalty, aristocratic, communistic, or capitalistic. The few dictating to the many. Individuals are sovereign.

      • Robert Feco

        Indeed, but I still disagree.

        Consitutional Republic is and will always be the best form of govt since our rights are God given….that concept is what lasted for so long, the longest lasting constitution in history because of that…

        Its more about having the teachings, we dont need the laws, the laws are rather a manual that we are supposed to hold our leaders to…not something we keep adding endless laws to like we see today where its laws ontop of laws ontop of more laws..and everything is taxed twice or three times by same govt,

        None of that was intended, nor did the founders miss the boat on warning us, they actually warned us of allthese things.

        We simply ignored it, and we allowed years of prosperity go to our heads, we didnt listen to the enemy telling us inthe open what its plans were, and we are now paying for that.

        • Alex

          With respect, I don’t think it will take that long for average people to finally say they’ve had enough!

      • Robert Feco

        Not the consititions fault, but rather the fault of the people to hold ALL sides to the same constitutions…instead we let bias and media control pervert our thinking into allowing increasing pervasions against the consitution in the name of going against the other side…

      • Attila727

        individual contracts in a truly free market.” Who would enforce those contracts, if not some form of gubmint arbiter??

  9. Jerry5

    Greg & friends,
    It’s much worse than I even imagined. According to this new information, even the test swabs are loaded with hydrogel.

    Forget about the chips. This technology is well beyond that. Haven’t you ever wondered why they didn’t just swab your mouth to do the test with instead of poking that stick to the base of your brain cavity?
    I know I did. Now it makes perfect sense. One can only imagine what life will be like once they link these people to the cloud using 5G?

    Catherine Austin Fitts is right. The vaccinations are creating the bankers new slave system. Pardon me Greg , but Armstrong needs to wake up and smell the mRNA about the reset. Go the the World Economic Forum website and see for yourself the thousands of corporations and governments aligned with them. Everything is rigged. The banks. The markets. The election. All of it.

      • allen ols

        greg, jerry5, YOUR THOUGHTS;


        On Saturday Trump ally Roger Stone and radio personality Matthew Erich “Mancow” Muller said in posted video that a massive explosion at a Broward County petroleum warehouse was actually a drone strike meant to take Stone out. Stone, whose office is less than 250ft from the epicenter of the Oakland Park blast, said he didn’t know whether he, specifically, was a target, but questioned the proximity of the explosion in relation to his business.

        Mainstream publications like Newsweek have dismissed the drone strike as a baseless conspiracy theory, but a confidential source involved in Trump’s mission to invalidate the 2020 election told RRN that Deep State operatives are retaliating against Trump’s allies in response to mass arrests of people such as Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, Huma Abedin, and James Comey.

        “It’s tit for tat right now. You take our people, we’ll take yours. That’s the mentality. Stone has had a broad target on his back for a long time. There are still some military, a minority, loyal to Biden, and they have an impressive arsenal at their disposal. What they may or may not no(sic) is that Trump almost immediately launched an investigation into the explosion, and that his forensic people got evidence proving military hardware caused the blast,” our source said.

        Trump, our source added, dispatched a battle damage assessment team to the area hours after he learned the explosion had nearly levelled Stone’s office. His team struck paydirt early in the investigation, finding in the rubble what appeared to be a mangled control fin from an air-to-ground missile. The surface of the fin had residual traces of propellant used in the AGM-114 Hellfire air-to-ground missile, which is common weaponry affixed to the MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 Reaper UAV drones,,,,,,,,,,,,continued..

        • allen ols

          also….On Saturday Trump ally Roger Stone and radio personality Matthew Erich “Mancow” Muller said in posted video that a massive explosion at a Broward County petroleum warehouse was actually a drone strike meant to take Stone out. Stone, whose office is less than 250ft from the epicenter of the Oakland Park blast, said he didn’t know whether he, specifically, was a target, but questioned the proximity of the explosion in relation to his business.

          Mainstream publications like Newsweek have dismissed the drone strike as a baseless conspiracy theory, but a confidential source involved in Trump’s mission to invalidate the 2020 election told RRN that Deep State operatives are retaliating against Trump’s allies in response to mass arrests of people such as Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, Huma Abedin, and James Comey.

          “It’s tit for tat right now. You take our people, we’ll take yours. That’s the mentality. Stone has had a broad target on his back for a long time. There are still some military, a minority, loyal to Biden, and they have an impressive arsenal at their disposal. What they may or may not no(sic) is that Trump almost immediately launched an investigation into the explosion, and that his forensic people got evidence proving military hardware caused the blast,” our source said.

          Trump, our source added, dispatched a battle damage assessment team to the area hours after he learned the explosion had nearly levelled Stone’s office. His team struck paydirt early in the investigation, finding in the rubble what appeared to be a mangled control fin from an air-to-ground missile. The surface of the fin had residual traces of propellant used in the AGM-114 Hellfire air-to-ground missile, which is common weaponry affixed to the MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 Reaper UAV drones.

        • Jerry5

          I no longer trust Donald Trump. As much as I refused to believe it, he has sold us out.

          This government is finished. The battles will now be fought on the state and local levels. If you a conservative and live in a blue state, get out now. You’ve been warned.

      • allen ols

        greg,jerry,eddiemd; At this point, even some of the top faith leaders in the entire nation are acknowledging that we have entered a very ominous time. For example, just consider a statement that James Dobson just made…

        “Though I am not a prophet, it appears to me that divine judgment has befallen our nation. The evil one, Satan (who always has only been able to operate within parameters permitted by the Lord, e.g., Job 1:7, 12), appears to be unleashing his assault on our culture with even greater ferocity. He is creating chaos in our cities and schools, and is stalking the halls of government. It is as though, because we have replaced the truth with a lie, God has given us over to a reprobate mind. (Romans 1:25, 28),” Dobson explained.

        “Why do I draw such a conclusion? It is because our nation is divided into warring camps, with violence and pestilence plaguing the land. Sixty-two million babies have been murdered in cold blood, and hundreds of millions of additional federal dollars have been allocated to expand the unborn holocaust. And the institutions of marriage and the family are under siege. Our birthrate is falling, and our children are being taught hate and sexual perversion in our government schools. How can a holy God look upon such debauchery and stay His righteous hand? He cannot.”

        • Charles H


          Dobson makes a good point. I tend to agree. The eyes of faith are colored by expectation. Rather than interjecting anything into the Divine councils – I find the Lord’s own prayer serves me best: ‘not my will, but thine be done’.

    • regaleagle

      Jerry5……..Thanks for all your Intel. Looks like it is very dangerous to be a FFP2 mask-wearer and that we should ALL have at least some stockpile of Ivermectin for the here and now and the future. I have never worn but a simple paper mask……and ONLY when required to enter some public place. I no longer wear a mask ANYWHERE for ANY reason…….PERIOD!! I tell them to do their research……the science is easy to find on the internet. Mask-wearing is unhealthy and now it has become very dangerous!! And just forget about anyone trying to stick something up my nose or test me in any other way!!!

      • Freebrezer

        R – I guess you won’t be going to china anytime soon to get the anal swab?

        • Jerry5

          Since the pandemic I feel like I’ve had my backside bored, honed, polished, and sleeved by the globalist. I don’t think there’s much left to be swabbed.

      • Jerry5

        regal eagle,
        Everything is under control.

        Pavlov’s dog on steroids.

  10. R J Wolf jr

    Even though you have had Mr. Martin Armstrong on
    many times in the past and they have all been very well
    done and informative interviews, I really feel this one particular
    interview is by far the best to date. You and Martin hits
    this one out of the park. Very, very well done! THANK YOU!
    There is no question there is a lot of anger and frustration stewing below the surface of the American
    Voter for obvious reasons. I really feel if the Biden puppet masters ( Obama/Rice) continue on their course, the 2022 elections are going to be a blood bath for the
    Democrats and a wale up call for the Republicans. We are really living in historic times right now. Let’s hope as a society we’re on the right side of history. Seventy-five to eighty million people or more
    can’t all be wrong. Thanks again Greg!!!!

    • Marti

      R J Woff,
      I agree with you that the Demoncrats need to thrown out. If there is any good that came out of the election being stolen it is that the Republicrats were buck naked exposed for the lying, lillly-livered, spineless, back stabbing, two faced cowards that they are (Did I use enough adjectives here?) I woud say maybe 2% represent we the people. I also blame them more than I do the Demons for Trump policies that didn’t get passed during his 4 years. The man had to fight with his own party to get things done more so than with the Demons. It was like trying to herd a pack of rabid cats. Had the Republican party stood up and carried out the will of the people that President Trump represented, they would have shut down the Demons long ago to the point of them being flattened like a pancake. It is past time to clean house in Washington and that includes the Do Nothing RINOs. They are past being able to be awakened and need to go home.

      • Charles H

        My wife thinks a one-way/do-not-return-under-penalty-of-death tickets to the Third-world country of their choice would be better.

    • Charles

      BO Rice aren’t calling the shots. The Davos crowd is running the show.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Yes, Amen, yes 1000 times! And while we’re on the subject, can we admit that there may have been wholesale cheating in the election, but Biden didn’t do it. I think he believes he is legitimate, and that makes him a pitiful, tragic figure. Now, looming Kamala is another story entirely. And the clock is ticking. Best always. PM

        • Charles H

          The woman who won only 2% of her party’s vote, and dropped out.

    • Bobby B

      Yes I guess his political observations are better that his financial predictions.

  11. tim+mcgraw

    I agree with Martin, it’s all about confidence in the people who rule over us. No confidence in them and all hell breaks loose. That means it’s everyone for themselves. The Emperor has no clothes.

    • Warren B.

      IMO the correct term might be “Belief” in those that rule over us.
      They have constructed a system that conveys an automatic acceptance that the Unelected Rulers will always act in the best interests of the masses.
      If History is the teacher we know that the very same Rulers have been selfish and greedy and have always had a disdain for the proletariat. It is this belief system that keeps them empowered. To achieve same, they have always pre-determined the narrative to suit and support their actions. Moreover giving the populace the false impression that they have the ability to influence Politics/ Economics / Industry and Banking outcomes, through democratic processes.
      If the belief system were fractured then the whole charade will come to a close. Losing faith in those that have made countless errors of judgement, have stolen, have lied, have killed (at the expense of the majority) – will be relatively straight forward. What manifests from there is anyone’s guess.
      I suspect that the Aristocrats of the world along with their minions, will be considering colonization of Mars as a possible solution to a world in revolt. The actions/agendas of Virgin Galactic / Musk’s SpaceX are signals that they are envisioning the need to move off planet. I do not believe that the motive for this is ensuring the survival of the Human Race – no, it is the continuance of the so called “superior race”. They are destroying this planet and will move to the next and begin the process again.

  12. Bob

    Greg: Martin Armstrong is, without question, a brilliant individual. Thank you very much for inviting him on your show once again. I was hanging on every word. I was disappointed, however, that you didn’t follow-up on your question on real estate. He didn’t quite provide the answer I was looking for. While he did address the reasons for the unprecedented “upward” explosion in housing this year, (ie.,people wanting to get rid of cash for more valuable assets), he didn’t address what would happen if/when the stock market eventually collapses. I just don’t see how many people can afford a massive mortgage payment when they lose their jobs because their employers’ businesses are failing and they are being laid off or actually fired. Do you agree with my assessment of what’s probably to come in the near future?

    • Diane

      “Armstrong also sees Biden
      Administration tax plans on things like capital gains causing problems in the not-too-distant future. Armstrong says, “If they eliminate capital gains, I don’t care if you are Republican or Democrat, you are going to have to sell. Your accountant is going to say if you don’t sell, you going to pay twice or three times as much in taxes next year. So, they can create a serious, serious collapse in the world economy. This is in addition to all this Covid nonsense that they have”

      What do you think of this?

    • Dave

      Housing is not what it was in terms of leverage compared to the Great Recession. I live in the Bay Area which consists of nine counties reaching from the Wine Country in the north to Silicon Valley in the south, with San Francisco and Oakland as urban cousins on opposite sides of the Bay. That’s a stretch of 160 miles. The region has some of the nation’s highest property costs but that is the inner part of the Bay Area. Many who remain in the Bay Area are moving to its edge. For instance a nice home in Santa Rosa (in the Wine County) can still be had for 800k. We have friends who have sold in SF and on the Peninsula for 2.5 million and bought for a million in the Santa Rosa area with the new homes having small mortgages. Keep in mind mortgage rates are at historic lows. These people will have a smaller debt service on their homes. This is common in most urban areas.

      IMO it’s a good time to pick up rental properties on the periphery of many metro areas. One can get great cash flow still and, in case of an economic crisis, one can lower the rents and still have positive flow. Prices have leaped the most this past year in Phoenix, San Diego and Seattle but still they are up “only” 10% to 14%. With Phoenix and San Diego in particular the cost of a home, despite recent gains, remains far lower than in the Bay Area or NYC.

      • Robert Feco

        Agreed, starting to see things more clearly in this regard. Basic economic laws are unfolding in terms of food, lumber, and commodities, and the disparity between commerical real estate and rural/residential has been totally exposed by covid lockdowns and civil unrest.

        If you can deal with the terrible renters, people who dont pay, and trash your property, then sure,

        Now I know why Trump didnt let certain demographics rent from him…

      • Robert Feco

        But that too will cycle back to crap…since most of the people fleeing to these outer metro areas are the people who caused the problems in the first place…so give it a few years and you will see the same issues again unfold into these areas.

        No place is safe, id say buy a farm, plant some crops, buy some cows, chickens, learn craftsman trades, learn to fix machines, and get the hell out of anywhere near the cities.

        Otherwise, sure you can buy property outskirts of the city, but again you risk the same issues again unfolding into those areas.

        i guess it depends on the state, the city near you, the taxes etc.

        Many suburban areas in democrat states/cities are unfolding into the same toxic culture…

        I wouldnt expect the residential/rural real estate boom to last forever…it will cycle back down in a few years for sure…

        And if you didnt buy land a,ready, you are gonna be paying a premium soon, and again depending on the state, your property taxes are due to spike…biden said so

  13. Dave S.

    “Washington is it’s own animal? You mean, BEAST!”

  14. TyroneB

    Here is their digital currency. Can track it and control it (disable it).
    Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVmKN4DSu3g&t=1450s

  15. Justin King

    Armstrong says “recent poll, 51%” was Rassmussen !
    These people are well known partisan poll hacks for the Right.
    I didn’t even bother reading the rest.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am surprised they published anything at all. 51% is the best they can make it look? That’s a huge number and on top of that 30% of democrats think Biden cheated to get in. I think that 30% represents the number of Dems that voted for Trump.

  16. Coalburner

    Greg: This is one of the best interviews for the listener that I have heard. That book is expensive but I may buy it! And a big Thank You to Martin Armstrong from the gallery out here! Loved the little story’s from Florida. Sat and talked to my wife about the difference. I live in New Mexico, if I had to do what the Governor says I would be in Florida months ago. If you are forty miles from Santa Fe and just don’t make a scene all you have to do is put on a mask when you go into a store,…. oh and forget restaurants. I stay outside and away from everyone but family and I believe everyone is following the same recipe. Still going to many outdoor activities just staying away from close groups and no one cares. Not giving any more information in case the Dim-gestapo is listening.
    My daughter wouldn’t let the kids go back to school for the one last month. At first I disagreed but after watching, they still get to be involved in many of their fun activities, and they have a pretty healthy environment at home where they can get outside with the animals and limit the circle of friends and contamination threat. Fences galore and armed parents on guard for the trash being shipped north by the Cartels and Biden. Daughter was right! Finish the holes in the Border WAll!

  17. Carla hayes

    I really enjoy listening to Martin,and mostly I agree with him,but I really think that if we wait till 2024 to get Biden and Harris out of office ,things might just get too far out of hand in the USA. I’m not sure if we will be able to pull things back even if we get a third party going. I pray I’m wrong for the countries sake and all of us. We’ve sacrificed so much for our freedom,Im concerned weather people will have enuff strength and fortitude to fight to keep our freedoms. Let’s pray for our country and Americans!

  18. Mark Brewer

    It’s all coming out in the wash. Crunch Time for Humanity – VAXX, Mask, Voter Fraud
    From the Georgia Report: Public pdf file, Pg.13 Summary and Conclusion
    The total projected number, not accounting for any illegal ballots in Tranches 4, 5, and 6, is 12,547. This exceeds the margin of victory in the 2020 General Election in Georgia, which was 11,779.Thus, we conclude beyond a reasonable doubt that the deserved winner of the state of Georgia’s presidential electoral votes in the 2020 General Election is unknowable.


  19. JC

    So the the pharmaceutical corporations, if their product harms you, they have zero liability. Armstrong makes a good analogy, imagine buying a new car from GM Corporation, you start it and it blows up. Sorry, it’s on you.

    • Warren B.

      Even Blind Freddy can see how corrupted the system is and that all participants in the designing, planning, implementing, manufacturing – are controlled.
      There is ZERO independence/accountability/protection.
      Every single one of them is culpable.
      Lets see now….

  20. JC

    Wow, this is an outstanding interview.

    So, to sum it up, should I assume “the good old days” are gone, and they ain’t coming back?

  21. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Great interview with MA – thanks!

    In particular, very rare to have a high profile guy come right out and say he knows two people who died from the ‘vaccine’. Perhaps coincidentally – or perhaps not – the interview froze at the exact moment MA said his attorney had developed a blood clot in his leg after taking the first shot and had to undergo surgery to have it removed. I needed to purge cookies in order to relaunch the interview.

  22. Mike Buchan

    I left the US in 1995, for better employment opportunities. I never really returned. In 1999 I moved to Russia for a grand job. I believe moving here and retiring too were the best moves I ever made in my 74 years on this planet.
    No shortages, great public transportation, free medical everything and very low cost medicines, clean environment, GMO is illegal and strictly enforced, very good harmony between races/religions, etcetera AND the police do not carry guns or tasers.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good boy, stay in line and never talk badly about the state–because you can’t. I guess that good life you are talking about is why 30% of Russians are alcoholics?

      • Dondusit

        And in the land of the FREE, you can say whatever you like as long as you don’t offend big Tech, …people in glass houses

      • WD

        * We have no freedom of speech or pursuit of happiness anymore. If I post the wrong thing they will dox me and even close my bank account, loose my job etc… am I really that free here? How many posts have you been banned from?
        * As a veteran of the US Amry ; the military is now seeing us patriots as the enemy…extremists, terrorists. Our military is embracing an LGBTQ agenda and dare a soldier who disagrees. I can promise you Russia is not doing this.
        * As a white Christian male I am considered a threat now to the US and the world. Based on this new agenda of waging a war on Christians. Putin has embraced Christianity for Russia and Russia reconsecrated to Christ,,,,havent seen US do that.
        * We have teachers and professors teaching so many of our children that the US and white people are bad etc etc,,,,Putin talks about Russian pride. Not here.
        * We have a tax rate that hits us at high 29-36 %….in Russia its 12%.
        * Our govt, media, and Hollywood want to cancel this culture…b/c its so “evil” Russian culture is promoted with pride and honor.
        * The fake media is anti Russian! That says a lot…They hate them like they hate us patriots. Isnt the enemy of my enemy my friend.
        *We have let the worst of the worst in our nation with no checks….cultures that are failures and moochers. While our vets are treated like shit. In Russia they take pride in who they are and they make sure there culture is maintained with strong borders.
        *As far as alcoholics are concerned, how many US citizens are dependent on pharmaceutical drugs, alcohol, weed and other recreational drugs? AT least 30%.
        * The US is over, Just let it balkanize like USSR….like we should have in 1850s…if not there will be millions of us killed or put in camps….Dont think so?
        * So really the US left me I didnt leave it……
        * When I was a child and complained about my situation my mother would say “if you dont like it go live in Russia”. Since the world economy is turning eastward the Russians have made that change as well and will greatly benefit from their wisdom. We havent and we will pay that price. What Putin has done with that nation in 25 years is miraculous…… I am starting to think my mother was wrong

    • Self Exiled

      Please; why do you think these societal descriptions you are describing exist. Does the back ground of oppressive conditions prior to the collapse and/or the Orthodox Religion contribute. I read a Masters Theses of a man who’s parents left Russia when he was thirteen therefore his Russian was without accent. Within days of the Russia collapse he went back to observe and record and stayed several years. His family and friends thought he was nuts. I was a preper and read all the papers I could find on societal upheaval/ destruction/disruption . It was extremely interesting, well written with keen observations. Please respond.

  23. AndrewB

    Yet another brave doctor speaks out . . .
    Watchdoggers – please be patient, bitchute videos can take a few moments to load.

    • Freebrezer

      A – thanks; Another well educated doctor that takes his oath to heart … “do No Harm”! Takeaway – do not take the vaccines until the largest experiment EVER conducted is examined … 2 to 3 years from now, and TAKE your vitamin D, along with zinc.

  24. Carl & Donna O'Shea

    World Conditions That Affect Your Life

    In what situation do we now find ourselves? (2 Timothy 3:1)

    Admittedly, world conditions are worsening. In the big cities, poverty and crime are on the increase. Wherever you live, you are paying more for your bread, more for your meat, and the cost of just keeping alive is spiraling. In many places, lawlessness walks the streets. Greater violence and even war seem liable to erupt at any time. It is as though mankind is making its final plunge down the road to destruction.

    Who is behind all the trouble, and what is his goal? (2 Corinthians 4:4)

    What is the force behind all of this? It is a wicked spirit person, “the great dragon . . . , the original serpent, the one called Devil and Satan, who is misleading the entire inhabited earth.” He pulls the strings behind the nations’ diplomacy. However, God’s time has now arrived to replace Satan’s authority by a harmonious, loving rule of mankind through Christ’s heavenly kingdom. It is His time to bring those who love life right back to the highway to enjoy eternal life in happiness. But Satan refuses to vacate. Hence, today, it is “woe for the earth . . . because the Devil has come down to you, having great anger, knowing he has a short period of time.” (Revelation 12:9, 12) His goal is to plunge humankind into destruction.

    What is God’s purpose for this present space and time continuum? (Psalm 37:9-11)

    There is no question about it! Wherever you look on earth today, there is evidence that “the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one,” Satan. (1 John 5:19) But God will not permit Satan to succeed in his evil intention! True, destruction of this world society is imminent. But God purposes to save lives. In the prophecies written in the Bible, he shows just how he will do this, USAWatchdog.com’ers.

  25. Robert Olin

    China just announced that bitcoin was an alternative asset and that’s after years fighting it. It’s like a cockroach that they can’t get rid of. Sure they can outlaw it. That didn’t work in China where they can throw you in jail for j-walking. Armstrong thinks they will swap it for their coming digital currency. That would be like Roosevelt grabbing the gold and then raising the price of it. But Martin doesn’t know everything or he would have told us to buy it at one dollar like Max Kaiser did, and sell it at 60k. Hope for the best and plan for the worst has always been sound advise I guess.

  26. Howie

    Greg, I agree with Martin Armstrong 99%, but he is wrong about President Trump not coming back before 2024. I am sure he will be back by July. Didn’t Bo Polny also say he would be back soon?

    • Greg Hunter

      Hope you are right Howie. I think the Senate will flip to GOP and that is why, all of a sudden, Pelosi is talking about D.C. Statehood.

      • Self Exiled

        Why DC statehood. What is their diabolical purpose?

  27. Bob

    In a nutshell right there.

  28. Neville

    The tribes of the ancient Aztecs sacrificed their leaders to the gods in case of famine or pandemic. I am not hinting at anything, just a beautiful custom !!

    • Paul ...

      Neville … The tribes of the ancient Aztecs knew what they were doing (sacrificing their leaders to the gods) … in our society … the way our leaders (i.e Big Pharma, MIC, etc., etc.) keep the books … their profits are reckoned in worthless fiat dollars … and their only losses “are our precious lives” (i.e. through vaccination, war, etc., etc.)!!

  29. Self Exiled

    According to Armstrong’s analogy I’m an above average idiot. I would have picked the silver bar. I admit the chocolate bar would be tempting. I have been trying to spend my last dollar 20 minutes before I die, I think my timing might be off. Stan did you trade in the old Bentley for the new one.

    • JC

      Self Exiled,

      We haven’t heard from Stan in a while, maybe Covid got him?
      If so, R.I.P. Stan.

      • Greg Hunter

        Or that stupid short trade he keeps bragging about on Gold???

        • Freebrezer

          what one? the one at ~$1250, or the one @ ~ $1380 …. hard to keep track of them all.

      • Stan

        JC: Still here, thanks. Been very busy creating some new derivative products. Also been planning a summer get together in St Maarten for my buddies at JPM, Citi and the NY Fed.

        • Paul ...

          Stan … On May 1, 2021 … we gold and silver bugs will be launching a counter-attack against the Banksters (who have manipulating the prices of precious metals for over 50 years) … you may want to close out your short positions before then!!

      • Self Exiled

        I think I hurt his feelings when I pressed him on answering the call: my fault, was not my intent. I’m sincerely concerned for his spiritual welfare. He keeps making these crazy bets with reference to jumping of bridges/albeit hurting himself and makes no mention of Salvation.. only money,money, money. He is on my prayer list.

  30. regaleagle

    God’s money for us is Gold & Silver……..not real estate or any other investment that can be attached by governments……like taxes and mortgages. In the final analysis, Gold and Silver is more portable, durable, divisible, and interchangable……worldwide!! It’s a unit of account worldwide. It’s also limited in quantity……..scarce……..you can’t just print it up. It requires work(manhours) to produce.

    • JC


      In past interviews, Mr. Armstrong has mentioned that gold is not really portable anymore. Those days are gone.

      • Greg Hunter

        You are better off with it than without it.

        • JC


          I totally agree.
          Armstrong is just pointing out that you can’t hop on a plane anymore with a carry-on bag full of gold coins. Unfortunately it’s not as portable as it once was.

          • Freebrezer

            JC – 10 to 15 “20” gold Francs and “they” would never know … on the scanners it will look like 10 to 15 coins … and at todays price that is ~ 4 grand.

          • Allen+Starr

            At least here in Russia you can walk into Sberbank and buy gold or silver with Dollars or Rubles and walk out of the bank with the metal in your pocket. Don’t know about taking the metal out of Russia but I plan on staying here in Russia and I now have my Permanent Residence Permit. I do know from experience that dealing with Russian Customs is something you should avoid if possible. I also avoid FATCA regulations that the US Govt inflicts on it’s citizens. I don’t own anything here that will be taxable while I’m alive. I was in the bank last week and the people who sell the silver and gold told me that the Russian people are buying much gold but very little silver.

          • Paul from Indiana

            NOTE TO JC: The fact that our government is enforcing capital controls, and that “you can’t get on a plane with a bag of gold coins anymore” is not GOLD’S fault. PM

            • JC

              Ok Paul, don’t yell at me.
              I feel like Elwood Blues at the 3:10 mark.


              • Paul from Indiana

                JC, I meant no disrespect. I merely wished to draw a distinction. The government is the problem, not gold. Best always. PM

                • JC

                  I was kidding, just trying to bring a little humor amidst doom…
                  I love that car chase scene.
                  Elwood: There not gonna catch us. We’re on a mission from God.

  31. Maria+das+Santos

    Thank you so much Mr Hunter for having Mr Armstrong on.With Mr Armstrong a billion questions leap to mind and then are fleetingly answered.
    Would love to know who wrote the Executive Orders and were they elected?
    Strange how we all signed up to the World Health Organisation ,hooray health! Only to find that WHO re-writes its terminology and we plebs in our respective parliaments and elected bodies do NOT revisit this new paperwork resigning us to unelected tyranny .
    Strange how the USA will have its armies and arsenal at the disposal of the United Nations ,so that they can force the Green Agenda down China,Russia and Iran’s collective throats,having done so here in the UK,Europe and now the USA aided by a Washington elite we don’t know who they are.
    Obviously the Government elite loathe us voting plebs whose votes don’t count so their money is now obviously useless. Stealing an election is just the obvious contempt.
    The rage against Sage and the Cheka,formely police, is quite high,ripping academics is the new “bring out your dead”,nuking Oxford,Cambridge and Imperial College London is so much better than football.

  32. nzandy

    great interview Greg

  33. Jerry5

    For those paying attention,
    Mark your calendar. Another event 201 is coming, and we all know what happened the last time a globalist exercise went live don’t we?

    In the world I live in I don’t believe in coincidences anymore than the planets were put in their orbits by accident. Whether you want to believe it or not, everything has a designed plan that is followed. The globalist have theirs, ( a NWO ) and the lord Jesus Christ has his ( the coming millennium ). Which one do you want to live in? Do I think the
    the globalist plan will work? In order to answer that question you have to know who’s planning it. Hint….it’s not Klaus Schwab, but his name does begin with “ S “. Let me just say this, the last time he tried his plan it was a huge disaster and caused a war. Some things never change. Even the desire for power.

    • JC


      It says:
      The World Economic Forum (WEF) will team up with the Russian government and global banks this July to simulate a major supply-chain “cyberpandemic” that could potentially “bring down the entire system.”

      It’s gonna be a rough summer…

      “Hot town, summer in the city, back of my neck getting dirt and gritty.”


      • Freebrezer

        JC – just my opinion but I think Mongo has the better chops … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvUQcnfwUUM … and back then the music was much better!

        • JC


          You are comparing “Summer In The City” to “In The Summertime?”

          • Freebrezer

            No – music back in the 60/70’s to music today … the shear variety back in the 60’s/70’s vs. today, this in of its self shows the dynamic decline. the music artist are out there, but the big wigs in control do not allow new comers in unless the “pedigree” fits stuffing their wallet … Case in point – Mongo

            • JC


              Yes, very true. I remember having the radio on late at night, 1970, and a song came on, with avant-garde piano, and strange fascinating lyrics, I prayed that the DJ would name the band at end and she did, “That was Cat Food, by King Crimson.” Bought the album the next day.


        • eddiemd

          That was funny.

        • Jerry5

          Here’s my favorite.
          I used to car surf to this, back in day.

  34. William Bissell

    Mr. Armstrong is yet again steady as you go… Another Great interview Greg…. Kind of Sick of saying that….. Ha just kidding… I Love to listen to Adults talk about Adult subjects. Thanks Greg… William Bissell

  35. Carl D

    Thank you for continuing to create content
    I’m to poor to donate currency, however you can count on a good word by me to the big guy upstairs on your behalf

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Carl that better than $ any day.

  36. Da

    Scary, Necessary changes – Now or Nevcr…
    Take the Whirl.!

  37. James Quagraine

    Hitler was never elected to anything

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes he was James.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Let’s be charitable, here. Maybe he means Hitler was never elected by a majority, which is true. Due to the parliamentary system of proportionality % of seats (representation) based on % of votes received by PARTY (not candidate), all Hitler ever had to do was have the largest plurality, but he was definitely elected. President von Hindenburg stalled Hitler’s accession to the Chancellorship, but he could not stop it. Best always. PM

  38. Tim

    Have been following his work since the feds had him falsely incarcerated. He’s great on macro but not as good on micro. Maybe you have to pay up for that info? Look at crypto. For me it’s called diversification. Don’t put your eggs in one basket. I’m in on house money now could care less whether it goes to 0$ or a million. In the early 90’s non of us knew what email was or look at the internet who knew what it would become today? It’s gonna be the same with crypto. It has a 2 trillion market cap now. Which includes many high net worth wall streeters. Most of the coins will prob be gone in 10 years but the ones that remain, perhaps the best privacy and utility coins, could astound. As always in life only invest funds you can afford to lose. My 5G network consists of gas, grub, guns, gold and god. Life is short. Don’t what you want when you want as long as it doesn’t adversely affect others.

  39. Tim Delmontagne

    I dont know about the people here but I won’t make it to 2032. We have to get this straightened out soon. The violence and corruption in this country is over the top. I believe revolution will start much sooner. Blacks and whites have never been so divided in my lifetime.

    • Self Exiled

      I don’t think I will either[2032], to bad because I miss the honky jokes. They were insightful to me as a white guy.

  40. al

    Anytime you see the number 51% in a poll… IT’S RIGGED! It’s the 51/49% BS that makes people thing that this Country is divided which it’s not. The whore MARXIST ENEMY MEDIA makes you think so with their lies.


  41. Chris

    I like the way Marty (as people call him) out the money printing in perspective…”The Fed is not printing money because of inflation. The inflation is causing them to print historic levels of dollars1″ Mirrors to a T what Bill Holter said last week, “Thirty six percent of all dollars ever printed have been printed in the last year.”

    That is the definition of a hockey stick!

    Greg, I can’t give you tips and links from Twitter any more. I got perma-banned for Tweeting Biden was a serial groper, which he is. Ah well. Guess I’ll be checking out Mike Lindell’s new platform!

    • AndrewB

      Hi Chris,
      Just set up another Twitter account using a pseudonym. I don’t use social media but my wife does – and she has been censored / blocked so many times, she’s now on Twitter account number six!

  42. Da Yooper

    “What’s the agenda ? ”

    Simple …………..Depopulation

    3 to 6 months from now ( more in the October-ish time frame for the fall FLUE season ) I predict folks will start getting really sick. People will be passing out in the stores & TPTB will blame it on a “new strain of the virus” to cover the fact that people are dying from the vaccine & they will call to lock us down …..again ( next winter ). The vaccine is the virus.

    When will this end?
    In the socialist – communist utopia “they” want it will never end why else would they want to vaccinate us every 6 months? These people are mentally ill – psychopaths. Dont play their game. Resist

    “They ” want DeSantis (sp) to run in 2024 so “they ” can turn over Florida .

    I know this if I walk into my voting precinct in 2022 & see a dominion voting machine there I will turn around & walk out. I Know my vote was not counted in 2020 so why bother in 2022 if nothing has changed. For those who wonder how I know my vote was not counted in 2020. After the election my county announced that for the first time they had no write in’s on the county’s ballots. I had write in’s on my ballot.

    • Da Yooper

      I came across this after listening to Martin Armstrong regarding cryptos & feel it is spot on .

      Why are all cryptos gold color?

      Why do they call it coin? Why does it look like a gold coin? Why do you have to ‘mine’ it to get it? Impersonation is the sincerest form of flattery. If Bitcoin was a real thing then it shouldn’t have to imitate gold.

      It should be able to stand on its own without the sleaze.

  43. Jim Miller

    As Covid lockdowns loosens its grip, the new Administration is pivoting to climate emergency. Tony Heller has been warning for months, a tsunami of climate emergency lies from the usual “expert liars” is about to strike.

    Since the arrival of the Biden – Harris Administration, the historic temperature record is being erased rapidly. Pursuing a well coordinated strategy with the major media, including the NY Times, CNN, National Geographic, Scientific American, expert liars are also ramping up for the climate crisis.
    Be prepared, and spread the truth before this tsunami happens.

    Scientific American and CNN preparing lies to hammer climate crisis.

    The New York Times is altering the climate data. Deleting the past temperature records.

    NASA has become the Ministry of Truth. Erasing the climate temperature record.

    Biden Harris Administration are erasing the historic temperature records at an astonishing rate.

  44. donald mcleod

    The book deal for Amy is the payoff from the Cabal.

  45. Rick Hayle

    OBAMA’S running the show along with Valerie Jarret & of course behind them , GEORGE SOROS. He is the one that needs to be awakened in his bed by U.S. Marshalls & took straight to the old bailey . All or most of the cabinet members are Obama choices. Merrick Garland for one . It’s all so nauseating ! We have people in charge who want to worship the creature rather than the creator . GOD says in Roman’s that because “although they knew GOD , they did not glorify HIM as GOD, nor were thankful, but became futile in their thoughts , and their foolish hearts were darkened. vs 22; Professing to be wise , they became fools. vs. 28 And even as they did not like to retain GOD in their knowledge , GOD gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting;” One of the synonyms for debased in WEBSTER’S is depraved . Another is pervert. Understand ?

  46. Nelson Ruffin

    Thanks for your hard work. Martin made a reference in the interview that I disagree with vehemently. Said reference, to me, sounded like his disdain for the representative form of government was compared to the Monarchy systems that many countries took down. Our system of government and its foundation is the best ever formulated. Corrupted elected officials/judges/appointees/agencies do not make the system itself the problem. No system that exists or created anew will ever be immune to the corrupt or psychotic infiltration of humans. One of the main tenets I follow comes from your good friend Catherine Fitts along with her like-minded associates. Attacking our system and the inherent corruption is the proverbial dog whistle away from where the focus should be. Central Banks, for us the FED, is the #1 enemy of humanity that must be dismantled by Americans and whatever is #2 in line is not even close to #1. Take care.

    • Paul from Indiana

      NO government works if the people do not discipline it. Americans started phoning their governmental oversight in after the Depression and WWII, and you see the results. Face it: we got careless, lazy, and self-satisfied, and despite having the “best” system, it all turned to you-know-what, because we didn’t want to get our hands dirty. Best always. PM

      • Randy Best

        The USA has been in significant decline since the 1950s.

        • Self Exiled

          So glad you didn’t say 1949; that ‘s when I was born. Well maybe—that’s pretty close; that’s when it started down hill, ya don’t think it’s possible—- there’s any correlation, ahhh never mind.

    • AndrewB

      Hi Nelson,
      Well said, ” . . . the #1 enemy of humanity are the central banks” – and I would add – the whole central banking (enslavement-by-debt) system, and the sociopathic families* who own the system and thereby manipulate world events.

      * ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’ by G Edward Griffin. Best selling financial expose of the central banking system – who created it and who owns it – and IMHO, a ‘must read’ for those wishing to fully understand why the world is as it is.

      • Warren B.

        The Banks are only 1 Head of the 3 Headed Serpent.
        The greater power lies with the Aristocrats or the Royal Families of this World.
        Their Power/ Influence and Control are present since Pre-Historical Egypt (pre 3100BC).

  47. L Leidy

    Amy Coney Barrett’s brain is as empty as the piece of paper she held up; LMAO

  48. Nick Reynolds

    How unaware can this guy be? He gets close, but then he admits he doesn’t understand what’s going on. Here’s what’s going on. Rockefeller, the “Chairman of the board,” wants his New World Order, and that is coming. The federal government of the United States was taken over long ago. Now, to make way for the NWO, the US federal government has to go. That’s what’s happening. Get ready. The US federal government won’t be around much longer. No more Social Security, no VA health care, no federal government pensions. It’s what happened in the old USSR.
    Plus, he’s totally wrong about Bitcoin. He shows no understanding of it because he thinks he knows it all. But he doesn’t. We see only what our assumptions allow us to see. The US federal government is being replaced. From one point of view, that’s a good thing. The federal government is our biggest problem. But the key will be what replaces it.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Mr. Armstrong is constrained in what he can say. Let him who has ears hear. Best always. PM

  49. A+Jones

    I heard two people today mention the “CERTIFICATION” of the 2020 election. Greg being one of the mentioners, they both stated/assumed that the election of 2020 had been certified so it can not be overturned.
    I have a different view. Certified Synonyms: verify, guarantee, attest, validate, ratify, warrant, confirm, corroborate, substantiate, bear witness to the election results etc.
    I was a “CERTIFIED” General Real Estate Appraiser. Here is the way “CERTIFACTION” works: I was certified by the State of Virginia to be a Certified General Appraiser and that means there are certain education requirements and an examination necessary to be an appraiser. I submitted my qualifications, the state verified the qualifications and thus certified that I was in compliance with the law. It took me a week to get all of this information together.
    So, what would happen if the state found out that I cheated on the state exam and had someone take the necessary education classes in my name? Do you think for one minute they would say, “well too late now, he pulled one off on us”! If what was certified is found to have been in error, then the certification is null and void as of that moment. It is simple logic. If something is certified and later proven false, then how can it be certified.
    Can the election of 2020 as fully certified be reversed? The answer is, it apparently has been decertified or can be the moment the error supported by the evidence becomes evident. No court action is necessary. Decertification is automatic and the election is invalidated. The administration is not legally valid and anything they do or did is invalid.
    There is an another element to this. That is honor. I had a friend that was an appraiser for years. When we had to prove our experience to be certified by showing our work product this man could not do it because he did not keep his appraisal files. He had political influence and the state board took his word for it. I lost my respect for him and the state board from that time forth. In my mind they are both frauds. They did not meet the standard. How can you have standards when you refuse to enforce the standards? How can you hold one person to a high standard and another to a lower standard and then certify the standards?

  50. Allen Sachetti

    End Times, we are in the End Times. When evil so blatantly plies it’s trade with impunity from and legal prosecution.

    “They shall try to make good evil and evil good”

    • Self Exiled

      Woe (judgment is coming) to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness;
      Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! Isaiah 5:20

  51. greg sabourin

    I would like to see a debate between Martin Armstrong and Peter Schiff on inflation.
    I think PS has the correct view if you think about it. Why was inflation held in check while the US was on the gold standard and then spiked after 8/1971 when we went completely off the gold standard?
    Chris Martenson has a good video on inflation and while I don’t trust him on things like covid and his love of govt but this seems to be accurate.

    • Greg Hunter

      You really should listen to the interview. Armstrong explains all of this. Inflation is here. No need for debate.

      • greg sabourin

        I did listen to the interview. MA said inflation is caused by a lack of confidence in the govt and that it is not caused by an increase in the money supply.
        PS and CM both say that inflation is caused by an increase of the money supply.
        It would be interesting to hear the arguments on both side.
        Thank you Greg for all you do.

    • JC

      greg sabourin,

      Maybe the Vietnam War and the Arab oil embargo had something to do with it?

    • A+Jones

      Greg: We were in a War in 1972 with 500,000 troops in Vietnam. That was what drove the inflation of which you speak. There were shortages too. The government bought up all of the plywood and other materials. The War probably was the reason we went off the gold standard.

  52. Keith

    These people (experts?) don’t know how economies work, much less science. Or do they? Experts want to rid the globe of CO2, what on earth makes the planet green? CO2! These people are evil and want us gone.

  53. Madi

    Thank you for all quality guests. They are informed and speak with common sense.
    The election 2020 were rigged; why? Real winners don’t cheat.

    Seeing healthy people walking outside with a mask remind me how many times we have been lied too.

    Can not ask questions about 09/2001, Iraq invasion, berdandino California shooting, Boston Bomber, Las Vegas shooting, Epstein suicide, Fauci financing bioweapon lab in wuhan ?
    How can we trust anything?
    Except God.

    Thank you Greg from Maine,
    You are a Gem !

  54. barsoom43

    For what is coming to this country, besides food and PM’s, you’ll need a good supply of lead and the courage to distribute it to those who will desperately want it.
    BTW, farmland might be good but you never really own it-the county owns it.. You just lease it by way of property taxes.. The more land you have, the greater the rent.. Fail to pay and they will “lease” it to someone else.

  55. Felix A Renteria

    americans the same people have ruled this world since its inception,they are satanic powers.Most likely the same lineage of the bankers that CHRIST kicked out of the temple.Rothchild,rockefeller,jp morgan and the newer satanist gates,musk,bezos,polticians,actors all controlled by the synagogue of satan.Gates dad was tied to the rockefellers they are psychopaths that hate humanity,these are the rulers that need to be hung.Like mr.Hunter says don’t live in fear believe in the savior,take off the stupid masks and please do not get their poisonous garbage operating system.PEACE

  56. Joe , The Lone Ranger

    Hello did you ever think about, who elects the candidates, you can later vote for? Candidates always elect themselves, and so should you. I vote for myself many times a day and should I go blind I may get a service dog to lead me ,not a politician

  57. rich

    It rained a lot at Woodstock and nobody got the HKFlu….do you think there was HQC in the L…D? My gosh, not way back then!! We were just getting over who put the Benz…..in Mrs. Murphy’s Ovaltine! Thanks Greg and Martin for a nice slice of reality!

  58. Rich

    The Globalist Plan to Eradicate Poverty and Inequality
    Step 2) Wipe out the Middle Class and all Self Sufficiency
    Step 1) Eradicate the Legacy and Noveau Poor
    Whats so Complicated except the tricky sequence?

  59. john beasley

    No matter how we vote, we don’t win. Trump didn’t change a thing. The Republic ended November 2020.

    • JC

      Biden is the perfect president! Watch the video!

      There is a serious question about Biden’s competency, and that makes him the absolute perfect president to push this Great Reset agenda upon the world. He was never regarded as very intelligent, to begin with. He has been caught using other people’s work many times. This time they did not want a president who would dare to think for himself. They went completely in the opposite direction from Trump, who Washington hated because he thought a president was actually supposed to run the country.


    • Paul from Indiana

      Better late than never to the party. Voting is a dead end. It only reinforces the system. The way to demonstrate the political corruption in this country is by not participating in it. Best always. PM

  60. Dave

    Excellent. Best interview I’ve hear at USA Watchdog. Martin has such a broad prospective and depth of expertise. From crypto to commodities, stocks to real estate and the interaction of economics and politics. All from the perspective of history. My comments:

    The PTB are planning on tying up the Arizona and Georgia recounts in courts for as long as possible – past 3033. With in some cases the help of Republicans as in Georgia where the Secretary of State is trying to block recount efforts in court.

    ACB, Gorsuch and Kavanaugh? All were bad appointments. Two are Deep State Bushies (Kavanaugh and Gorsuch) and both were opposed by many conservatives. ACB is strongly pro-life but is a social justice warrior on immigration, the death penalty and such. All three will and are moving to the left already.

    George W? Not the brightest bulb. He was manipulated by others on the Iraqi fiasco. All those deaths for nothing and the remnant Christian community there (one of the oldest) is now pretty much gone. Conservatives with few exceptions were silent on the destruction of that community. Cheney? Think Haliburton. Remember that Cheney’s biggest boosters were conservatives on radio. With one exception. Dr. Michael Savage was fierce in his criticism of the war and Bush/Cheney. At that point Fox stopped having him on as a guest.

    Doubt Trump runs again in the GOP. DeSantis is Trump but with polish. We’ll see but according to Armstrong and, I believe CAF, the Deep State has complete control and the President is more or less a puppet of them. As Armstrong notes Trump was pretty much hemmed in by the permeant administrative government. The only solution if it is even one is in subsidiarity which is a Christian approach to government.

    I don’t think the cap gains rate goes to 40$ as Biden is proposing. I expect it to return to its historic 28%. A wealth tax – there are ways to avoid that and the well off will do so just as they avoid paying most taxes today. Salesforce paid almost nothing last year in taxes and the same goes for many large corporations.

  61. Ken

    Two podcasts about you MUST watch if you haven’t already
    – Geert Vanden Bossche & Bret Weinstein https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNyAovuUxro – re mRNS vaccines
    – Dr Kory FLCCC on pushing of vaccines https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcLnW_3_r2c&t=42s


    Greg, today is 25APR2021, what was going to happen on 24APR2021 ?
    Did I miss something? Get Bo on the horn!!!

  63. Ken Hinnenkamp

    I disagree with Martin on Bitcoin. Trust in government currencies is not long in the tooth. If TPTB force their digital currency on us, who would want it based on their track record? Especially now that DigiByte exists that is decentralized, more secure, faster, and the cheapest of all transactions.
    To focus the conversation solely on Bitcoin ignores the development that’s going on in the needed tokens with smart contracts and peer to peer settlement. If I want to trade a silver eagle for cigars, who is going to stop me? If someone will accept DigiByte for a trade good, like Overstock.com will for retail goods, is the government with the current level of trust it has going to stop them?

    • Robert Feco

      Hmm maybe because they can and will lol who is gonna stop them?

  64. Donna O'Shea

    The Way to Survive for Eternal Life
    How would you apply 1 John 2:15-17 in your daily life? (Mark 12:28-31)
    And will you be among the survivors? That depends on whether you turn off the broad road that plunges on toward destruction. It depends on your obeying the road signs along the way that leads to life. If you really want to live, it is not too hard. It means learning to love God and neighbor. As 1 John 5:3 states, “This is what the love of God means, that we observe his commandments.” Some of the things that he requires of us are stated earlier in this letter of John’s (1Jo 2:15-17):
    “Do not be loving either the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him; because everything in the world​—the desire of the flesh and the desire of the eyes and the showy display of one’s means of life—​does not originate with the Father, but originates with the world. Furthermore, the world is passing away and so is its desire, but he that does the will of God remains forever.”
    In order to remain alive forever, receiving God’s protection and favor clear through the “great tribulation” and on into a restored paradise lost, we must turn away from the things that God hates​—the immorality, the greed, the dishonesty, the lying, the thievery and the conflicts of the world. By doing this we can also make life worth living now.
    What way must we be “no part of the world”? (John 15:17-19) How can you show your support for God’s kingdom? (Matthew 6:33)
    Jesus himself said of his disciples: “They are no part of the world, just as I am no part of the world.” (John 17:16) How would we apply this in our lives? It means we should separate ourselves from the aims and programs of a world that is actually heading for destruction under its god and ruler, Satan the “wicked one.” In our daily lives, we need to be nonparticipants in worldly activities that are in conflict with God’s rule. As Matthew 24:3 and Mt 25:31 show, the sign of “the end of the age, or system of things” is also the sign of Jesus’ “ second coming and presence” in heaven with Kingdom power. Therefore, from the first world war, the prophecy is also fulfilled that “the kingdom of the world did become the kingdom of our Lord [God] and of his Christ, and he will rule as king forever and ever.” (Revelation 11:15) Now is the time to give support to that kingdom! Our future life depends on God’s kingdom. Can we, then, conscientiously support the wars, the revolutions, the political movements or the worldly schemes of our time? These are certain to fail in their objectives. For they are claiming to do what God’s kingdom alone can do. The entire system is doomed. So why share in trying to patch it up? Rather, let us give wholehearted support to the certain remedy​—God’s kingdom!
    What’s your attitude toward rulers today? (Luke 20:25)
    Does this mean we must become anarchists? Far from it! For “God is a God, not of disorder, but of peace.” (1 Corinthians 14:33) So long as existing governments continue, God expects us to obey their laws and respect their rulers. Says Romans 13:1: “Let every soul be in subjection to the superior authorities.” This means giving “Caesar” (the government) his due by paying taxes and keeping all the laws, provided they do not conflict with God’s law.​—Mark 12:17.
    Can you show neighbor love, as this old world crumbles? (1 Corinthians 13:4-7)

    In addition to love for God, we must show love for our neighbor. Where better can we start than in our own families! But how can we do this? The Bible answers simply, at Colossians 3:18-21:
    “You wives, be in subjection to your husbands, as it is becoming in the Lord. You husbands, keep on loving your wives and do not be bitterly angry with them. You children, be obedient to your parents in everything, for this is well-pleasing in the Lord. You fathers, do not be exasperating your children, so that they do not become downhearted.”
    A fine basis, indeed, for building a united family! And not only in the family, but in relations with all others, we can cultivate qualities of “compassion, kindness, lowliness of mind, mildness, and long-suffering.” And what is the principal thing? “Besides all these things, clothe yourselves with love, for it is a perfect bond of union.”​—Colossians 3:12, 14.
    (John 13:34, 35)
    You may ask, Is there any group of people on earth today who really apply in their lives this love of God and neighbor? For the most part, they are just ordinary folk, no different in background from most of their neighbors, and usually they follow the same daily occupations as do others of their community. But their first love is for their God. They look forward to His will being done on earth, and they live their lives accordingly. Hence, they are zealous in studying the Bible, applying its principles in their everyday living and telling its message to their neighbors. They are Christian witnesses. You meet them in your own community. You will find for the most part, that they hold to no ritual, no passing of collection plates, no stiff formalism. Instead, you will find a warmhearted people who are even now getting a great deal of satisfaction out of life, and who are looking forward to everlasting life in perfection and a paradise earth, not lost. But found!
    (Acts 10:34, 35)

    • Craig

      Do or die for Bo Next week? Did he not predict something major in April?

      • Paul from Indiana

        I’m not defending Polny, but you had the Chauvin verdict already in April. The Chauvin verdict let the genie out of the bottle and changed, in the blink of an eye, the paradigm of law enforcement and the entire justice system of this country, the effects of which will become plainly visible over time. It is an incredible event, similar to a river changing course. Maybe that’s not the event you’re looking for? Best always. PM

      • Sally A.

        The quote from Casey Stengel comes to mind. “Never make predictions, especially about the future…” Hopefully Mr. Polny’s timing is just a bit off and the upset soon ahead.
        Tough to abide by the Stengel directive. We all want to know when these corrupted markets are going to rectify. I’m watching June, around the summer solstice, for a real problem for Biden. His horoscope is a train wreck then, and Harris’ star is in the ascendancy….

    • Pho-tog

      Interesting perspective…I use to listen to a man who had his organization in Pasadena, CA. who taught much of what you wrote, I did photography for his main magazine (PT)…much of what he warned us to watch for is now coming to pass.

  65. Rick

    In the name of Jesus by definition the Covid 19 shot is NOT a vaccine, it is gene therapy.

  66. Rick

    The Biden administration knows exactly what they are doing, they just don’t care.

  67. Kenneth Rigby

    Greg, today is April 25th and tomorrow a new paradigm begins according to Daniel’s timeline. Bo Polny has explained this too the masses that a new eta has arrived for Gods people so there is no need to be afraid. As you often say Greg, “fear not”, for the kingdom of God is truly at hand and all these evildoers like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Maxine Waters will be thrown down and cast into the lake of fire. It is a great day to be alive because we are the chosen ones to witness all the things foretold by the prophets that have been promised for thousands of years. The United States will be restored at the head of Gods table to embrace a new eta of time where the old sinful shall fall away and be destroyed and joy will be restored to Gods people. Tomorrow is April 26th and the nightmare soon ends ! Rejoice ! Rejoice unto the Lord ! For iniquity and evil will be destroyed !

  68. James C Rattenborg

    I wonder due to the enormous debt and Canada’s oil and gold reserves which are larger than the US, if it would be a good idea if the US and Canada come together and form one country. We would be stronger and be in a better condition economically on the world scene.

    • Sally A.

      If things get really bad, that’s a possibility. But most Canadians, including myself, are horrified that many of you own multiple guns, sometimes assault weapons and carry guns around in public. How do you ever relax, having turned every environment into one that could turn violent at any moment? And the mass shootings hooking up with the US would bring us aren’t really a very attractive selling point either. We do not currently have the right to free speech, so that would be some consolation, if we lived to take advantage of it.

      • Greg Hunter

        Sally you are woefully misinformed and perfectly obedient to your masters. Freedom can be messy. Being obedient is very clean.

  69. tinfoilhattt

    Looks as if ~7% of the people taking the poll are planning suicide on the installment plan…sort of like smoking on steroids-

  70. Justn Observer

    Greg, Canadian doctors call ‘ BS’ on the COVID data and ‘fear mongering’ ?

    • Justn Observer

      An amazing vid of Ian Trottier and Canadian atty, Michael Swinwood which was pulled off You Tube…but was saved via audio = https://anchor.fm/iantrottier = W.H.O. SUED. Michael Swinwood and I join George Webb on April 25, 2021 =


      One can gain great insight following these works…a good start is this treasure trove here. in Ian Trottier pages =


      The following literature express various research from scholars and others of and for academic publication, that support my claim that the United States Federal Reserve may not represent the best interest of the Republic for which the Constitution stands and therefore, governed by the Federation. A deeper look into the banking mechanics, is suggested.
      Cross-examine and cross-check all and any of the following sources and please report inaccuracies.
      I start with: The Divine Province – Birthing New Earth, McBride and Rychkun, 2013: LINK – because it is the most comprehensive literature that lists numerically and chronologically the build-up of what has brought the stealth invasion and infiltration of communism to our USA shores. Historically it paints this picture on a very simple canvas for reader to understand.

      I follow with literature supporting the above video of Dr. Sutton. My link to Sutton was from Tetraethyl as a listed ingredient in Dibrom. A pesticide used in Miami Beach in 2016 to combat the ZIKA virus. bit.ly/ZIKAMiamiBeach





      Also…please read this page as to what inspired the research above =

  71. jjh

    Big fan of Martin. I like so many read his blog the very first thing in the morning. Armstrong Economics did not become the largest financial consulting and forecasting firm on the planet with offices worldwide if his AI computer models were incorrect in their forecasts without any human intervention. When he did actually manage money for others at one time they controlled the equivalent of 25% of the US GDP. The models are so accurate that both the CIA and Goldman wanted the source codes which he refused. The CIA for their ability to forecast countries on the verge of collapse as they track domestic and international capital flows and then usually governments follow. Goldman for the market reversals, tracking solar cycles which effect commodity crop output and prices, cycle of viruses, capital flows effecting exchange markets, etc. When the “Club” on wall street wanted him to invest $10 billion in the takeover of Russia, place a new puppet in to replace Yeltsin and then rape the country and he refused both entities had the DOJ go after him and after refusing a court order to turn over the source codes was cited for contempt of court spending 7 years in the same institution as Epstein and they tried to murder him and survived. He spend more time in custody than anyone on a simple contempt of court charge until it made its way to the Supreme Court ordering his release, The max allowed was 18 months proving there is no longer any rule of law in the US. It was Ginsberg of all people who wrote the brief and it was scaling against the Judge and DOJ. Yeltsin realizing he was being set up for money laundering as they arranged a $7 billion IMF loan to Russia went to Putin for help and the rest is history.
    The models are forecasting that the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset and Agenda 2030 will fail as all western countries has signed on including the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Scotland, all members of the EU except Hungary and Belarus, Australia, New Zealand, etc. and has given up sovereignty to the UN and one world government and Agenda 2030. The US was the last which was why they had to remove Trump at all costs as they needed the US military and it nukes to bring China, Russia, Iran and all their trading unions to their knees. The models forecast that the WEF will fail in trying to implement a totalitarian marxist form of government but will destroy western culture and its economies with it before being stopped as China becomes the worlds financial center, largest economy in nominal GDP terms and have already pass the US in GDP measured in PPP and also has passed the US as the no.1 destination as foreign direct investment as he said capital is fleeing especially Europe to China buying 3% bonds as the west is toast as they have raped and mismanaged all levels of government and it will get much worse as the WEF starts its massive tax increases in the US and west using it minions as no one actually believes Biden or Harris are running anything. More capital will flee as they start implementing the agenda and the US along with the EU breaks apart around 2032, the US into 4 or 5 regions. Texas is working on leaving and currently thinking they can take on $2 trillion of US debt but SS and medicare paid into the system by Texans must be deducted from that amount. 4 or 5 other states are also working with Texas studying their blueprint in progress. The existing western socialist Keynesian debt based system is collapsing and is no longer sustainable but unfortunately most Americans are unaware and when this all hits it will be devastating for them and their families. Europe is very aware and have been having protests across the EU against the lockdowns, Great Reset, Soros, Gates, Fauci, WEF, UN, etc.

  72. Charles Harrison

    The major reason that the price of houses are going up in Florida is that construction costs have tripled in recent time! 2×4’s pressure treated are over $1/ft. Plywood has tripled….

    • Robert Feco

      Yup, its commercial and expensive store front properties in metro hellscape that is collapsing. Rural farms, residential prime locations are gonna spike huge..this was easy to see in hindsight but year ago I was slow to see this developing. Now it makes total sense.

      Gerald celente knew, thats why he was buying property in upper state, and old colonial new york state.

      Doesnt matter, thpugh, as the scum has already prepared their portfolios to diversify…they know whats coming, That is when they will come in and buy up all the declining store fronts on pennies on the dollard…and then build them back up again.

      Rinse and repeat, recycle and reapply the FED cycle…

  73. Mike R

    The world needs to treat the COVID-19 bioweapon, launched intentionally by China, CCP, as an all out declaration of WAR.

    We need to let this sink in, and comprehend what is at stake. The EUA’s for the so called ‘vaccines’ are a response to the fact that this is a bioweapon, and not a normal ‘virus’. It is PURE AND SIMPLE A WEAPON, and one that is EXTREMELY dangerous. Its gain-of-function design, separates it from ALL previously known viruses. It was engineered to spread fast, and be deadly. Even if you get it, you are not immune as people think, and you can get it again and again. It works to compromise your entire immune system. Which is why these governments are attempting the use of the MNRA approach. That has phenomenal risks. They don’t know what they don’t know. But they have made the decision to take the risk of attempting to combat this world wide weapon that has been CRIMINALLY released by China. China will be found guilty of immense war crimes, but the problem is right now, we have ZERO leadership in any country. NADA. ZILCH. They are all ‘politicians’ and ‘politician’s’ are by design, NOT LEADERS. They are manipulators. They are selfish, and focused ONLY on their own self-preservation.

    Please everyone, let this all sink in, that this IS a world war, and its number III, and its been started by China, and in no uncertain terms the entire planet must come to grips with this, and GO ON THE OFFENSIVE !!! We are talking nuclear war, which is the only way to combat China right now. We need to start finding all sorts of ways to avoid things from China, except the consumer has focused on grabbing all kinds of durable goods, most of which come from China. Count on this being a LONG WAR, because first we have to find emergency ways to start producing all the goods we are now getting from China. This means inflation, but the insipient inflation has already begun, and it will be what is needed actually, to start forcing manufacturing to come back to our shores.

    This is of wartime strategic importance. Trump would have been the main proponent of catalyzing a successful resurgence of manufacturing, but we now have lost 4 years, which again CHINA instigated intentionally as part of their WWIII attack on us, giving them a 4 year advantage against us, and avoiding a Trump combatting them, and taking them head on, by installing one of the most stupid and incompetent politician’s known to mankind in the form of Biden.

    Covid19 has had a psychologically devastating effect on our nation as well, and the lockdowns (known by China it would occur, since they ‘led by example’ to persuade our numbskull politicians into mimicking them) have been just as much of a emotional killer, as they have been a physical killer of people (suicides) and business killer. (10’s of thousands of businesses have gone bankrupt due to the lockdowns).

    China is now kicking our butts big time in WWIII, as we still haven’t largely even figured that this is a world war, and nor have we acknowledged this Covid 19 as a true bioweapon. So China has out-psyched us big time, and their use of psychological war-fare in addition to bio-war fare is being extremely potent in knocking down all of our defenses. Again, our military is not even acting against this Covid-19 bioweapon, and China is not even on their radar except for the silliness and pettiness of Taiwan, which again China has used as a ‘distraction’ to take our military’s eye off the ball.

    China has completely compromised the entire demoncratic party, and infiltrated it, with ZERO recognition by our own CIA, FBI, DOJ, And DOD. These agencies are clueless. They have installed the Dems now in power, and the Dems being power hungry have taken all the bait from China they could possibly suck in. DEMS ARE OWNED BY THE CCP. So we no longer have a functional government. Its completely taken over by China, with no realization by anyone this has even occurred.

    We are too naive, too selfish and too caught up in our own arrogance, to recognize that WWIII is well underway, with China kicking our butts all over the place, and we are aiding and abetting them in their a**-kicking of us, and we are totally un-witting.

    Again, you must suspend all your beliefs that this is some sort of ‘innocent’ virus, and that there is some sort of ‘war’ against the ‘virus.’ No folks, this IS a bio-weapon that has been launched against us, and against the entire world.

    Why does China have such low numbers of Covid deaths, and how do they keep functioning and producing the vast majority of the worlds goods ? Because this was ALL PLANNED by China, and timed exactly how THEY PRE-DETERMINED this, designed to rid our nation of Trump, who was the lone force they could not reckon with. China will keep working to prevent Trump from getting back in office. Note also that CHina is NOT using ANY sort of MRNA vaccine. Think about that !!!

    • Kevin Haddock

      It looks more like a false flag to me. The weapon was developed in Fort Dietrich then illegally moved with over $3M of US taxpayer money to Wuhan by Fauci, where it either escaped or was released by the Western Cabal members to make it *look* like China did it (after all, they are the “C” in “BRICS”).

      If China was behind it they would have released it elsewhere so they wouldn’t get the blame.

      Not saying that I’m pro-China and I could definitely see them wanting to out Trump for being the first president in decades to even begin to hold them to an objective standard international trade, IP, etc… wise.

      Also, the “vaccine” is NOT the antidote to the weapon, but a part of it (as anyone who takes it will not only be shedding spike proteins causing those around them to get ill but they themselves will be dropping dead from it here in a few months and their deaths will be getting blamed on the unvaccinated). See interviews with bioweapons doctor Lee Merrit in various places around the web.

    • AndrewB

      Mike, sorry to disagree, but IMHO your comment – like a Rachel Maddow monologue – lies by omission. No mention of the direct involvement of Fauci (Gates) illegal funding of the Wuhan laboratory that worked on gain-of-function. No mention of the proven effectiveness of therapeutics (and therefore, no need of vaccines). No mention of the real enemies of humanity – the owners of the central banking system and their proxies, the WEF (“You will own nothing, and be happy”) et al. TPTB have taken the world to war many times and profited. IMHO we should be on guard against propaganda for war. We the people ALWAYS lose. Look behind the curtain. The real villains* behind the C19 scamdemic live in the shadows. The CCP is merely one of their useful instruments, just like Hitler and Stalin.

      The real problem as I see it, is that much of what you say is true. For example, Biden is completely compromised by his and his son’s nefarious financial dealings with China. Following a hugely fraudulent election, he is now titular head of the US. Your comment would have us ‘join the dots’ and conclude we are effectively at war with China. However, I would entreat that we take a step back and ask, in all seriousness, “Who is it that really pulls the strings?” Is it the psychopathic hit man who pulls the trigger, or the wealthy sociopath who hires him. It’s far easier to hit the hit man but that misses the mark – pun intended!

      * ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’ by G Edward Griffin reveals the REAL villains.

      • sk

        Superb, Andrew B.!!!

  74. Malcolm Naylor

    This guy is smart – and also can explain it well. Cheers, Australia 🙂

  75. Rex Doberman

    I don’t know what is in God’s plan for us or our country. I don’t know why He is allowing the bad people to take us over. But I cheated- I looked at the back of the book. God wins ! Thank you Greg and you too, Martin. God bless you both.

  76. regaleagle

    COVID-19 is NOT a killer like those sick leftist retards want you to think it is……it’s already been scientifically proven to be just another corona virus. Now maybe China does have the agenda mentioned above……and did pull a big shenanigan on the world with the help of the leftists/satanic/occultists/liars that had everything to lose if left to be exposed by the Trump bandwagon for 2021-4. But everything else is a lie……and God hates liars!! Stand still and watch the power and glory of the Lord God Almighty. I think this means not to do the bidding of the liars.

  77. Boyeeeee!!!!!!

    Wow. This guy has no clue about cryptos. They can’t confiscate cryptos. They would have to shut down the internet. If they do that our silver will be king, so do it. They can confiscate everything more easily than Bitcoin and cryptos. Its not my opinion its just a fact. Bitcoin is on hundreds of thousands of computers all around the world. Only one…, I repeat, only one computer in the world needs the blockchain on it and it can be re created.
    Don’t believe me, research it.

  78. Scott

    Excellent, full length interview. Thanks for this, Greg. Outstanding work, as always.

    All the best,


  79. paul anders

    Why would a guy run in 2024 when he got cheated out of a win in 2020?
    What changed?
    This guy isn’t thinking clearly…

  80. Cullen Dorn

    Always good to hear Martin Armstrong speak. A really savvy, trustworthy voice behind the genuine man that he is. But I do disagree with his position on Bitcoin.

  81. Kate Frederickson

    35 years ago i moved to the Tejas Mexican border. Best decision i ever made. I am currently living in Mexico. We have lots of problems here too! But down at the bottom of the pole i still see myself and others living a day like it was only 1970. Yes some people are wearing masks as i do too when required to. But I had the flu, the regular flu or what is known as the evil coronavirus, but i went to the pharmacy and bought medicine. Along with the iverctin or whatever they call it and it cleared up in an evening. Stayed home to make sure I didn’t spread to others for a couple weeks. We can still go to a pharmacist here and talk to them and explain an illness and even got tested for 10.00 and don’t have to go to a doctor. The doctors can still be cut out of your life if you want. I can smoke weed here too and the pharmacy will be selling it sometime next year. I have a car that i registered 11 years ago and guess what? I still own it so I don’t have to keep registering the same car year after year. So many other freedom’s and benefits to living outside the usa. Also forget the 5G crap we only have 4G i think and only in certain places. Mostly its still just dsl service. Apart from what you hear on msnbc and cnn, it’s not so bad to live here. Also we don’t have the kind of crime that happens in chicago or any other major city in the usa. Yes we hear in certain places with certain people the horrible news of heads being cut off. But the random knockout games and all the race baiting and division is not prevalent here. The media does not wield it’s ugly magical stick over the masses as they do in the usa. Oh the little hat people aren’t as well liked too! So that is good thing too! Also helps that Russia and Germany are investing into Mexico too. I just thought I would let people know who have a love of freedom maybe find it somewhere else. With love from Mexico.

  82. John Devereaux

    Great interview with Mr. Armstrong and I am looking forward to his conference near my home since I relocated from Massachusetts for many reasons including the fact that Charlie Brown aka Charlie Baker – spend 15 years of unemployment benefits in only 10 months. We have serious debt consequences coming from this lockdown.

  83. eddiemd

    Coming to America.


    “Mutant” strains that will overwhelm the mRNA poison therapy. Pestilence. Judgment inbound.


    • eddiemd

      This news today from Israel.

      I don’t agree with not allowing the people of Gaza to fish. Withholding their ability to feed themselves is not the way to go. Using food as a weapon. It does not surprise me. This will eventually happen here in the USA to people who refuse to accept the mRNA poison.

      It is coming. How soon…no one can know.

      Things are trending towards to major war in the MENA…don’t forget Ukraine, Taiwan, India/China, Pakistan/India, Turkey/Syria/Israel/Russia/Iran…did I forget to mention anyone?….and the USA


      • eddiemd

        The Lebanon PM went to pay a visit to the false prophet pope in Rome. The pope dope contemplating a visit to Lebanon.

        They call the pope dope “holiness”. There is only one Holy One. Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Holy One of Israel.

        Open your eyes and unplug your ears so that you will be able to discern the deceptions coming fast and furious.

  84. JC

    Clif High: Alright, so… been listening to Martin Armstrong with Greg Hunter, I think it’s on Rumble…

    Clif High – Covid Kill Shot Spongiform Encephalopathy
    Discussion – Start At 32:00 Go To 46:00


  85. wayne hardin

    To whom it may concern .
    If you CHARGE somebody for you investment opinions and they take your payed for
    opinion and invest their money on your so called professional opinion .
    And they lose money on your so called professional opinion .
    The money’s you made are ill gotten gains .
    And you are nothing but a professional money grubber .

    It is pretty sad how all the professional opinion givers make money and they don’t
    even have to be right .
    Most of them could care less when there paid for opinion cost some old person
    everything they have .
    That my rant for the day .


    • wayne hardin

      One more thing people keep on saying silver is really over 100 bucks .
      But when you go to sell it they give you 20 something .
      What is it really ???????????
      The answer is 20 something in reality .
      What should be and what is are to different things.
      But reality is what is not what should be .

  86. Loren

    Bitcoin is a bankers coin that is easy to track you and your spending via your wallet address. This is the coins they push. People in crypto know it’s a lousy coin to use as it costs you far to much to transact with and it’s slow. This was intended to be the trap by the bankers to get everyone using their crap coin to again control the world.

    That being said it should be understood there are several very libertarian crypto developers who have been looking at the issue of freedom using crypto for years. There are some excellent coins that obscure or completely eliminate any possibility of tracking you or your spending habits. The bankers weapon has been turned against them. This is going to be brilliant.

  87. Old Rancher

    If anyone is watching Monkey Werx’s YouTube channel he always has something interesting to say about Biden’s (Flash Bang) schedules and flights. Today he noted that Biden’s flight home to Delaware for the second time in Marine 1 has been shadowed by a Park Police helicopter for some very strange reason. I wonder if the PP ‘copter is actually a medical helo in disguise? We’re getting ever closer to the change over date between Bribem and Khamala.

  88. Andon Shiftless

    The Utter Nonsense of our LGPQRSTUVWXYZ in our face deep creeps;
    These guy’s cant even run themselves, let alone da woild, or even Beijing Biden!

    • Walther Pepekay

      Andon we have a shiftless president, ya thunk?\ /_
      Biden’s first press conference was a ‘whole lot worse’ than most media will tell you. . ..
      1,150,490 views•Mar 26, 2021

  89. wayne hardin

    To the people who are saying God isn’t going to break his covenant they are 100% right .
    They just seem to forget the covenant is two sided God said do what i said and you
    will be blessed do what i told you not to do you will be judged .

    The reality is going to take a lot of people by surprise .
    The lion of the tribe of Judah will judge all unrighteousness beginning at the house of God .
    That is a fact no matter what anybody says .

  90. Andon Shiftless

    Folk’s try to associate with people that have the hope of God’s kingdom and live by it. There is a worldwide unity that has been brought about through living by Bible principles and USAWatchdog.com is a witness to that fact! In our own ranks here we have solved the problems that nations have worked on unsuccessfully for centuries, such as war, racism and nationalism. Because we try to live by the Bible, we are basically free of problems related to violence, crime, dishonesty and immorality among ourselves and loved ones. The Hunter’s are trying daily to keep us all together on this. Are we not plagued by most social ills, isn’t USAW a large part of our lives! Even if one of our number should err seriously as good ole Stanly, I presume? Lol, though this is rare, he is lovingly helped at rehabilitation when and if he ever repents! Knowing that God “made out of one man every nation of men, to dwell upon the entire surface of the earth,” we do not allow our view of each individual human to be influenced by his social standing, his education or lack thereof, his nationality or the color of his skin.​—Acts 17:26.
    That’s Why There Is Much More to Life!
    What future awaits those who love life? (Psalm 72:1-8)
    A glorious future awaits those who love life and who act now to save their lives. Above all prepare spiritually, right on master Greg!
    What will that future be like? It will be nothing like the humdrum life that so many of the human family experience today. “The former things”​—the sorrow, death and pain of this present wicked system—​will “have passed away.” So, what will follow? God himself declares: “Look! I am making all things new.” (Revelation 21:4, 5) In the new world system of things, the heavenly king, Jesus Christ, will rule lovingly as an “Eternal Father” over the entire family of mankind. “To the abundance of [his] princely rule and to peace there will be no end.” Justice and righteousness will be the foundations of that kingdom. (Isaiah 9:6, 7) How satisfying and enjoyable life will be under those conditions! It will have purpose, in doing God’s will on earth with love toward our fellowman. Jesus assures us that even those in the graves “will hear his voice” and come forth to enjoy that new paradise earth.​—John 5:28, 29.
    How may you have your life spared? (Zephaniah 2:2, 3)
    This “present wicked system of things” is about to take its plunge off the broad road into destruction. But you need not take the plunge with it. In association with God’s own people​—those who love life—​you may have your life spared when God comes forth to destroy the bloodguilty nations of earth:
    20 Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast. 21 For, behold, Jehovah cometh forth out of his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity: the earth also shall disclose her blood, and shall no more cover her slain..”​—Isaiah 26:20, 21. “Isaiah 26:20-21 American Standard Version
    What great opportunity now lies before you? (Deuteronomy 30:19, 20)
    By starting to live the real life now, according to Bible standards, you may share with the zealous, forward-looking society of God’s people in passing alive through the “great tribulation,” and never dying off , to the chagrin of the eugenicist! Indeed, it can confidently be said, a “great multitude” now living may never die!

    What is it that works now and in the future? (1 Timothy 6:11, 12) How may you show that you appreciate that there is much more to life? (1 Timothy 6:17-19)

    In the loving society of his throughout the earth, God has produced something that works right now! It can work too, for you! And it will work with God’s Holy spirit outstandingly in a paradise earth, where at last “every breathing thing,” will praise the great Life-Giver through Christ Jesus (Psalm 150:6) Truly USAW friends, there is much much more to life!🌝 Hang in there!
    ◄ Matthew 24:13 ►
    John 16:33

    • Self Exiled

      Thank You for all the good/positive reminders that I needed to hear.

      “For the mountains may be removed and the hills may shake,
      But My loving kindness will not be removed from you,
      Nor will My covenant of peace be shaken,”
      Says the LORD who has compassion on you. Isaiah 54:10

      • Ruby Wood

        Dear Self Exiled,
        In these rough times, it’s so easy to give up and say the hell with it all! But I found near the bottom of the Bible hub link from Adnon;
        [part of the] Pulpit Commentary
        The Christian must not be led astray by false teachers nor offended by the prevalence of scandals, nor let his love be chilled, if he would gain the reward, share in Messiah’s glory, and save his soul.
        Hate to say it but things are bad. Look at how they come at anybody who tries to bring a little cheer into this world today. Truth, Justice and the way are out the door today_ and tomorrow, it’ll be true Christians. Just look at how they try to demonize Trump and supporters. Talk about scandals, it’s coming for us!
        So keep up the fine fight of the faith mate, we love ya and so does the man upstairs! P.S. There’s more on our side then they’re, seen and unseen!

  91. Jerry5

    Since I have a B.S. degree in psychology I will be the first to admit I prefer Gestalt over B.F. Skinner. But after listening to this Freudian slip, one must wonder how deep the subconscious goes.

    Having grown up in a completely technocratic environment I pity the people who put their trust in the philosophy’s of men. Once you breach the doorstep of the spiritual world, you will realize they will do you no good once you cross the veil, or in this case have been euthanized. These are indeed strange times we live in.

  92. Marie+Joy

    It is reported, by my CBS affiliate, Donald Trump’s “close advisors” are asking him to do a PSA asking his followers to take the jab.
    Please, let our president know what you think, of that, at 45office.com
    Thank you

    • Lightning


      If President Trump believes in the mRNA “ vaccines” and actually took one, he’s likely out of the future picture if the “ vaccines” compromise his natural longer term immunity.

      If he didn’t get the “ vaccines” than he’s selling his book and a part of the problem.

      In either case, he’s likely compromised in some fashion.

  93. Tom McLaughlin

    Bo Polny’s predictions, for 24,25 26 as passing into a new era, may have been like a line of demarcation, I did see that chiseling weasel John Kerry was outed for passing along Israel’s military intel to the Iranians, Israel was in battle with Palestine terrorists, but nothing else that meets the eye. Bo have been remarkable accurate, so i’ll keep my eyes and ears open, will keep praying, stand firm and fear not!

  94. C'mon Man

    to me this is ALL about control. Control the population (literally in the words social distancing), control movement (contact tracing, lock downs), control healthcare (vaccines), control economy (lock down small business, promote BIG business), control schools (new agendas, masks, shutdown of social activities)

    CONTROL! We must resist!

  95. John n Marzigliano

    I know one man who died from the vaccine and my daughter was miscarriaged from it.
    She trusted the science more than me.

  96. dlc

    Meantime the judge presiding over the ballot audit in Maricopa just recused himself. Replacement judge a democrat associated with Janet Napolitano and Perkins Coi.

    Can you say audit hijinx?

  97. Homey Comski

    China Backs Russia After Putin Warns West They’ll Regret Crossing ‘Red Line’
    BY JENNI FINK ON 4/27/21 AT 12:34 PM EDT
    The shoes on the other foot? US. Nazi/Communist in our face LGPQRSTUV Deep State, wants Russia?
    Before in the cold war, Communist Russia wanted the US., now that were the Commie’s, we want Russia. What a juxtaposition and in my short lifetime!
    I remember the US fighting communist’s in Korea & Vietnam. Clinton bombing the communist Chinese embassy in Belgrade.
    Who’s in charge here now? 🕛bomber? Have the left wing taken over the party. Is The Party Over My Friend? The Gig Up?
    Where’s Toria’s cookies when we need am! MMMMGood!
    Victoria, There is something ‘sinister in the air’
    Apr 27, 2021 Sky News Australia
    Bolt, next time you see Downer, ask him if he’s happy with Beijing Biden? Considering he Downer, was involved with the coup that tried to stop Trump from ever becoming the 45th president!
    What a Downer, eh!

    Shirley Bassey gets the last word, because; The party’s IS over!
    It’s time to call it a day. They’ve burst your pretty balloon. And taken the moon away. It’s time to wind up the masquerade. Just make your mind up, the piper must be paid! The party is over. The candles flicker and dim. You danced and dreamed through the night.. . ..It Seemed To Be Right, didn’t it?

  98. CREWMAN5

    Trying to stop decentralized crypto currency is like trying to stop the wind and is impossible to confiscate if you hold your own keys. It’s futile. Wait until the states figure out they can create their own crypto currency use use atomic swaps. Bye bye central banking. Game over man.

  99. Christopher Strunk

    NOTICE REGARDING ABOVE TITLE: THE ONGOING AMERICAN MARXIST GENOCIDE BY THE ILLEGITIMATE BIDEN-HARRIS ADMINSTRATION violates the PROXMIRE ACT anti-genocide convention PUB Law 100-606 enacted 4 November 1988 and The NUREMBERG Code of 1947 and is opposed by Christopher-Earl : Strunk , in esse Sui Juris, the sole secured beneficiary of S.E.C. registrant CHRISTOPHER EARL STRUNK d.b.a. Private American Citizen Investment Co. CIK: 0001753713 with P.O.B. 331 Corinth New York 12822.


  100. Gary Jeffrey Grover

    Armstrong asked, “What’s going on here?” “What’s the real agenda?”
    He needs to watch the Alex jones show from 04/30/21, especially the 3rd hour that has Dr. Carrie Madaj (Ma-Day) as his guest. She gives what I consider the best answer to precisely that question.

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