Election PR Battle, Supreme Court MIA, Economic Update

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 462 12.18.2020)

The election battle is as much about public relations (PR) as it is about actual evidence.  Massive amounts of evidence have come out about things like voting machines flipping votes, huge drops of ballots in the middle of the night and reports of outright fraud in multiple states.  Still, not even the Supreme Court will give these claims a fair hearing.  So, the PR and education from the Trump side continues to gain steam ahead of the all-important vote in Congress to make official the Presidential Election. Congress has the last word in who actually won the election.  Did Donald J. Trump win in November with a record amount of votes for a sitting President?  Or, is Congress going to certify Biden after campaigning out of his basement?

The Supreme Court has not heard a single case concerning what President Trump calls “massive voter fraud” in battleground states.  The Supreme Court is missing in action (MIA) for the most important election case in history.  Now, it has finally accepted a case but will not hear it until after January 14th at the earliest.  Is there enough time for the High Court to rule before the inauguration of Biden to keep Trump in office?

It was another week of awful unemployment numbers.  A fresh 885,000 people filed for new unemployment claims.  Meanwhile, the U.S. dollar is crashing to 6 year lows, and Bitcoin is vaulting well past $22,000 per unit.  What’s going on?

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Financial expert and Publisher of The Solari Report will be the guest for the Saturday Post.  She will talk reset, vaccines, the dollar, the possibility of martial law and a whole lot more.




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  1. Rodster

    Greg, it basically comes down to the Deep State vs Trump. They wanted him out at all costs and they will stop at nothing until they achieve victory. The Deep State even has the Supreme Court in its back pocket. The same Justices who Trump fought hard to elect have turned on him. As Paul Craig Roberts has said that Trump does not understand the Washington machine.

    They are all in on the same goal and that is, to see to it that Donald Trump is not re-elected for a 2nd term.

    • Greg Hunter

      And then God weighs in.

      • Rodster

        It’s going to take a miracle from God to overturn this. On that we can both agree!

      • Brian

        God had already weighed in Greg. Biden won.

        • Greg Hunter

          God does not have to use massive fraud and would not do that to send a message. He’s God and does not need fraud and lies.

          • Renae Simcik

            That’s true. God can use anyone and anything to make His point. God wins in the end. Satan wants to distract us keep us under control. It was a plandemic used to depopulate the world. The drugs are used as well. Deep state is all about fear and control. Remind you of Hitler?

        • Brooklyn


          Are you with CNN?

          • regaleagle

            He’s not with God making a statement like that…….obviously. Those who are not with God…..are against God. No patriotic, God-fearing believer would ever think or write such words.

    • Diana the Huntress

      Nonsense. Yes, there are senators and House members who have become multimillionaires during their terms, both Republican and Democratic. Yes, they are probably corrupt, taking bribes from corporate lobbyists and military-industrial complex robber barons on the sly. But your average government worker? Not ‘Deep State’. Only corrupt legislators, on both sides.
      It basically comes down to Trump versus America, Rodster. if Americans could understand the simple fact that he works for Putin, not for you, then it all makes sense. He is an unwitting agent of Vlad Putin, who can work him like a skilled horseman works a horse. Putin was formerly KGB, a Russian intelligence officer. He has the means to offer Trump both a carrot lots of money,loans for new projects, a Moscow Trump Tower, etc) and a stick (the golden showers videos of Trump in a Moscow hotel, maney laundering evidence, evidence of fraus, sexual assault information/verification) or even clear means of assassination, anywhere and anytime. No wonder Trump has been such a wussy around his boss.


      Yeah trump is no communist fer sure. Instead of using federal marshalls to protect businesses and churches from being shut down and prevent healthy people from locked down, he wants even more bailout money. Hahaha. Orange man red.

  2. K. Wayne

    Thanks as always Greg Hunter.
    A special thank you as well for putting CAF on so soon. Many requests including myself have been answered. I shall wait patiently for Saturday night’s late night post. It does indeed promise to be nothing short of enlightening ( esp. re “VACCINES”).

    • Greg Hunter

      K W,
      It will be up early on Saturday. It’s important and I am going to get it out early.

      • Rodster

        Greg, Martin Armstrong says his computer is predicting mass violence with the potential of a civil war. He also says it’s possible we could be looking at States such as Texas breaking away from the Union. Can you bring up secession and if its a possibilty?

      • Wayne Nason

        Hi Greg, I have watched you for many years and thank God men like you are spreading the truth. This ministry/watch you give us weekly is truly refreshing to watch in this dark and lying world we live in today. I am a conservative, believer and trust in his word…the truth. I truly believe we all are living in the last hours of grace but God is in full control. We believers have a tuff road ahead of us, most likely persecutions are to come but we must trust in Him. I will patently wait for the CAF interview.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Wayne! Merry Christ mas!!!


      • Brooklyn


        I too am reading between the lines, especially when all the White House staff was asked to clean out the personal belongings and to get out of the DC area. We can only guess when, but something HUGE is about to go down. Some are saying that, “ Trump is about to make the biggest decision of his presidency.”. Pray, Plan and Prepare – FL

  3. Mr+David+B+Morris

    Ivermectin has the potential to be to virus’s
    What Penicillin is to bacterial infection
    This all could be over worldwide by Easter

    • Paul ...

      The Big Pharma “Mafia Bosses” will send out their hired goons with baseball bats “to make sure no doctor (who wants to walk normal) prescribes it” (as it will cut into their profits)!!

    • Freebrezer

      M-D. Ivermectin is (!) and not potential to stopping the Chinese virus … at least out side of most western countries. In India, a person can get it or Hydrochloriquine over the counter in a pack with Vit-D, zinc and Azithromycin. Our Government Medical Farces (The Fauch and others!) killed/murdered 100,000 old folks by withholding these two drugs. They purposefully wanted dead people, this to shut down the USA and commit their voter fraud. Note – Either drug has to be used with the onset of symptoms, identical to Tamaflu. Caught early, these two drugs virtual halt the Chinese plague. Side effects essentially zero! When there is evil intent, Chaos ensues … And man-o-man did the Chinese play the American public!.

  4. Secret agent WD-40

    Thanks for the great news and the great interviews. I believe we need to keep praying. It is not over. President Trump can invoke his executive order from September 2018 to have the military count the ballots and police the election. Big things are coming ! Jesus Christ, God the Father and the Holy Spirit are firmly in charge.

    • Paul ...

      But after God “comes through for us” and gives us the names of all the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members who have infiltrated our Government, Corporations and Universities … it is “Up to Us” to round up all the traitors within … and either send them back to China or lock them up in FEMA Camps … but one way or another these CCP “commie cells” must be cleansed out of our Nation to restore our Republic!!

  5. AndrewB

    Hi Greg and thanks for WNW462.
    I must sincerely hope your belief in the ultimate outcome of the Nov3 elections turns out to be correct. I placed a lot of faith in the Executive Order of Sept 2018 however, in light of events since then, I wonder if there are sufficient honest prosecutors and judges – even military – to put its terms into effect. In the meantime, the NWO juggernaut rolls inexorably forward:

    • Paul ...

      People running to Bitcoin “for the safety of block-chain” … will be like deer in a headlight … when the cyber attacks are released to shut down the electrical grid, all the ATM’s, the banks, the stock market, etc., etc. to bring in World Government … anyone who stupidly “opted out of paper bank and stock statements” proving what you own … will likely own nothing … except the few physical gold and silver coins they may have grudgingly bought in a moment of weakness listening to some gold-bug!!

  6. JC

    The Q PSYOP keeps reminding people that according to The Holy Bible, the Good Guys win in the end. I remind readers that it is a long and winding rough road to that happy ending. And We have only just begun.

    How can the courts ignore the video evidence and sworn testimonies of voter fraud? Well, I wondered the same thing about the powers of the court when I was going through my recent divorce. Lawyers and judges have it wrapped up folks. What is my mantra about rights? Americans’ civil rights cost an average of $300.00 per hour. And that is at the bottom end of the scale.


  7. JC

    Greg, at 28:42 you said,
    “I just think something is going to happen.”

    I couldn’t agree more.
    As Bo Polny said, “This is a war of God vs. the gods.”

    1947 was a critical year, there was the alleged Roswell extraterrestrial spaceship crash, along with the discovery of The Nag Hammadi Library in Egypt, the formation of the CIA, and the nation of Israel was just about to be reborn.

    As I discovered when I began this project, this Age of Desolation is based on the unfinished business of the gods. Therefore, I do not think that it was coincidental that a leading Israeli scientist just announced that the ancient gods do exist and are a part of some sort of Galactic Federation.


  8. JC

    Something is going to happen.

    As I have written on this Website previously, Follow The Hardware.
    Since this is well-known turf for me, I can find my own way. I started to do my own monitoring of all of the world’s military flights. This is easy to do from a number of Aircraft Flight Monitoring websites.

    Over the course of the last week, I have been mastering the filters of these various websites looking for my own clues on what is Real and what is Fake on the Internet of rumors. The Monkey Werx Overwatch videos are very informative, and I encourage readers to use these tools on a daily basis if you want to verify the rumors of impending Martial Law, civil conflict, or war.

    It does not take a military genius to understand the technology and the tactics.

    For myself, I have actually expanded on this gentleman’s work, and so as he suggested, I started monitoring Special Air Missions. SAM flights come in specific sizes, big jet or small jet.

    What I found interesting as I was learning to use the software, on the date that Israel’s former Space Security Chief, Haim Eshed, admitted that extraterrestrials were real, I noticed a number of SAM Flights leaving NASA’ Shuttle Landing Facility.


  9. JC

    Living under Martial Law will be awful.
    Are we living in the End Times?

    In my book, Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Complete Prophecies of World War III, I predicted Martial Law through a national crisis related to a Middle Eastern war. I believe this is about to unfold very shortly.

    This will set up The Return of Barack Obama, which I have also been continually writing about since 2016. The plot is clear, the Democratic hero, Barack Obama, will overthrow Trump the Dictator, who was voted out of office, would not leave, and who started a war.


  10. Allen B.

    There are some true voices of God out there who are one thousand percent certain that Trump will get a second term. I don’t think they’re crazy. I’m leaning that God intervenes.

    • Paul ...

      You know … God moves in mysterious ways … he did nothing to stop the Demon-rats from destroying “Liberty” by censoring free speech … did nothing to stop the Demons taking away our “Happiness” by imposing a virus on us to shut down the economy and the celebration of Christmas … and did nothing to stop the Demons from destroying “Life” in nursing homes and in abortion clinics … thus allowing the Constitution of the US to effectively become “Null and Void” (which is just what God needed at this critical time) … because a War can only be declared under The Constitution of the United States by the US Congress … but with the Constitution now destroyed by the Demon-rats … the President Trump can declare War on his own … which is exactly what Abraham Lincoln did (the American Civil War was never a “declared war by Congress” ) … President Lincoln used his powers as Commander-In-Chief over all American military forces to wage a War without Congressional approval “that was actually fulfilling his oath of office” … stating “his only duty was to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic” … so the Demon-rats “by destroying our Constitution” have effectively destroyed themselves as it has given Trump the ability to declare War against them (likely to begin after we celebrate Christmas with our families … the Demons-rats are trying to prevent with a lock-down!!

      • Brooklyn


        Your comment is valid, with one exception. I too thought President Trump as a Christian, would wait until after Christmas to invoke his 2018 EO and/or the Insurrection Act, but we might take into consideration Sun Tuz when he warned that “All warfare is based on deception…” to mean there is a good to better chance he will act soon-er… – FL

  11. George Puskin

    For a modern scientist, businessman or even a theologian who does not take the Bible literally, the biggest stumbling block to understanding God’s prophecies is the failure to fully grasp the absolute reality of the true God—the Creator God revealed in the Bible. Just how does God’s power work? How does God rearrange the destinies of nations?

    First of all, the God revealed in the Bible has the ability to exercise total power and total control of nations and individuals. “Behold, the nations are as a drop in a bucket, and are counted as the small dust on the balance; look, He lifts up the isles as a very little thing…. It is He who sits above the circle of the earth, and its inhabitants are like grasshoppers, who stretches out the heavens like a curtain, and spreads them out like a tent to dwell in. He brings the princes to nothing; He makes the judges of the earth useless” (Isaiah 40:15, 22–23). USELES JUDGES? HMMM, WHERE HAVE I RECENTLY SAW SUCH. . ..? WHY YES THE US. ! IS IT STILL UNITED? 🙊🙉🙈
    Do you believe He makes the judges of the earth useless? Or is Isaiah making this up or taking literary liberties in this perspective on divine power?
    King James Bible
    That men may know that thou, whose name alone is JEHOVAH, art the most high over all the earth. ◄ Psalm 83:18 ►

    The prophet Daniel described how Nebuchadnezzar, king of one of the most remarkable empires of antiquity, became insane and was driven out of office “in order that the living may know that the Most High rules in the kingdom of men, gives it to whomever He will, and sets over it the lowest of men” (Daniel 4:17). God determines who will govern in the various nations, placing in office, sometimes, the basest of men. Some, right out the basement!
    Can Americans take comfort in this scripture after a close and contentious Presidential election? Can the British look at American born Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s recent bout with the covid-19 planned pandemic and see God’s hand, or is it Bill Gates and his buddie the farcie doctor’s, dirty hands??
    Italy recently installed its 590th government since World War II, and most all European nations are facing social and political turmoil. Are these nations getting the types of leaders they deserve, rather than the decent and wise leaders that they so desperately need? Or do we need the like’s of Vlad {the Impaler} Putin, waiting in the wings, for the immanent economic collapse of the west and it’s master wannabe China.
    And who is to say what would happen if the current, pope should die this year, or embrace the Russkies? Whom would the cardinals elect to fill the shoes of this very unpopular, communist pope and who’s communist now. East or west??

    The world’s present still somewhat political stability, is no more solid than a will-o’-the-wisp.

    Moses described how God orchestrated and guided the dispersion of nations and peoples in antiquity. “When the Most High divided their inheritance to the nations, when He separated the sons of Adam, He set the boundaries of the peoples according to the number of the children of Israel” (Deuteronomy 32:8). As a chess master, God moves kings, queens, cardinals and pawns at will, according to His purpose. He guides various major nations to the area of the earth where He wants them and blesses or curses them in weather, war and prosperity according to how they yield to His will (cf. Leviticus 26).
    All’s fair in love and war? Except God!
    Later. . . ..

    • eddiemd

      Be consistent. Post under the same name.

      That way we will know who you are. You always post with the name games. Give it a rest.

      • Greg Hunter

        I agree with Eddie MD. You need to do this.

    • eddiemd

      Why always posting under different pseudo names?

      Be consistent. Use the same name.

  12. tim+mcgraw

    Dear Greg, You are upset about the election because your belief system has been destroyed. You believed that our votes count for something. They don’t! The “Big Club” runs this country and you and I aren’t in it, as George Carlin famously said.
    When I was 19 my Catholic Church didn’t come out against the draft lottery or the Vietnam War. The Church that I’d believed in since I was a little kid, told me to go fight some stupid war in the jungles of Southeast Asia because Caesar said so.
    Good-bye Church.
    And now is your moment of truth. You realize that government is evil. There is no changing it. Governments are evil by their nature.
    You will be okay, Greg. Stay true to your inner voice.

    • Greg Hunter

      No Tim,
      I am upset because so many people are in the dark and giving in to pure evil. I am fighting my friend.

      • Tom McLaughlin

        I’m fighting right along side of you Greg and for Trump. Prayers every day, action by writing my elected officials and talking with co-workers & friends.

        Sadly many people have been brain washed by media, It’s a tough slug getting through to people but I am standing firm in knowing that Trump won the election, and helping others come to that conclusion, and not lose faith.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Tom!

        • Steve+Twitchell

          it is amazing. i talked yesterday to a local businessman who honestly had never heard a thing about the biden’s china connections and traitorous acts. i tried to inform him but i could tell it was a lost cause. just amazing.

      • Paul Anthony

        I am fighting too greg best i can ! #informationwars

      • tim+mcgraw

        My Dear Friend Greg, Yes, we must fight. It is sad how people give in to evil. They don’t seem to see it. Why not? This puzzles me.
        My cell phone buzzed and rang like a four alarm fire today about Noon. It was the Sonoma County Emergency Channel. A message and a woman’s computer voice told us to “Stay at home! This is a Covid Emergency. Do not travel. Do not meet family or friends. Stay at home!” I figured Godzilla was in town.
        Then on the Noon TV News Governor Newsom announced an immediate 10 day quarantine for anyone coming into California. This was a shock to the folks getting off of airplanes at SFO. The hotels are closed. Where do they go?
        It’s madness and tyranny, Greg, and the people can’t see it. The lack of God and respect for the human soul is destroying all of the cities on the West Coast. Watch the KOMO TV documentary about “Soul of Seattle”, my old home town. Heart Breaking.
        The Catholic Church across the street from us will have outdoor Masses on Xmas Eve and Xmas Day. It will be sunny and about 61F. Not too bad.
        Take care my friend. Evil will be defeated.

    • William+Stanley

      Re: “You are upset about the election because your belief system has been destroyed.”

      You are allowed to speak here only because Mr. Hunter lets you. You’ve abused Mr. Hunter’s hospitality. Disagree with him if you must, but do so without being arrogant and rude. You owe Mr. Hunter an apology. I’m close to believing that you’re not man enough to give it. Please prove me wrong.

      • William+Stanley

        It seems that you didn’t intend offense. Hence no apology is appropriate . . . except mine to you.

  13. tim+mcgraw

    PS: Looking forward to CAF interview. She is right about not wanting martial law. The dogs of war are hard to put back in the kennel.

    • Dave

      Exactly. Her take should be interesting.

    • K. Wayne

      The Hegelian Dialectic – on full display……Problem …Reaction….Solution.
      Martial Law brings about loss of 1st and 2nd Amendment rights. Need I say anything more? It was/is all part of their master plan. The script was known well in advance.
      This OWG objective must destroy AMERICA …first and foremost. We are the beacon of Democracy for the Globe. Communism/Fascism and a quasi Neo Feudalistic State is coming.
      If the Marxists defeat us and divide the Nation, then allow civil chaos after the Economic destruction and eventual removal of the Middle Classs ….. the process to install the Military is easy…we become fodder for them….and gladly welcome their resolution to “bring back” some semblance of “ORDER”. CAF will only confirm what I have already anticipated. The joining of the DOTS …..is not a simple task. You must be able to see through the lies and deceit…be able to recognize that the World we live in…is manufactured. It is a construct of pure evil. There are but a small minority who, through their sickness, their power and influence, devise schemes to wreak havoc on the Human Population. It is a Game for them. They are driven only by their God….The Prince of Darkness.

      • William+Stanley

        “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

        Are you counseling “goodness,” “do nothingness,” or just “nothingness”?

        • K. Wayne

          Surely you are not suggesting that I do not oppose this treacherous scheme?
          As for Good men….Consider if you will those in who we trust to uphold the Law and the Constitution. Tell me honestly who amongst our leaders will be capable of righting all the wrongs and removing this disease from the face of this Earth? Then consider that 1 Man/Woman cannot achieve this without divine intervention …for this force of Evil is Global.
          I am but a MESSENGER. Not unlike many of Mr Hunters guests. You Sir…are misdirecting and downplaying my comment.
          You are informed…and yet still consider yourself a Good Man who has taken a view of Hope and Trust.
          That thematic is so so 2016. You remind me of the Deer standing in the middle of the road blinded by headlights of the oncoming truck. The metaphor….is a global takeover. Neither you…nor I…nor the collective here…can do anything but pray to the Lord for his intervention. If we live long enough…perhaps even that right will be banished.

  14. Derek Sinclair

    The powers that be think they can string this out until it’s “too late”. They don’t understand that the people are having none of it. Biden may become POTUS but he will be POTUS in name only because 10s of millions of Americans will ignore everything that comes out of his lying, crooked, cheating mouth. The people are back and they’re not backing down…ever.

    • Paul ...

      It’s not just one little boy saying: “Look Ma the King is wearing no clothes” … at least 80% of the people in America know Bribe’n “has no clothes on” (and is a naked criminal exhibitionist) just like when the MSM said he showers with little girls)!!

  15. tim+mcgraw

    PPS: I just checked. Betfair and the other bookies who were holding out on paying off the Biden wins election bets will pay off today, Dec. 19th. $300 million in outstanding bets. Of course that is chump change to the billionaires who made $27 billion last year in the Great Wealth Transfer Covid. Pigs and or bullets will fly before Trump wins this “election”. It will take an Act of God to change the outcome of the Presidential election.
    It will take an Act of God.
    And if that doesn’t happen do we redo the War of Secession?

  16. Lock Tite

    The Solar winds are ah blowin
    Breaking Trump News 1AM 12/18/20 [FULL] – Fox Breaking Trump News Dec 18 2020
    18,477 views•Premiered 107 minutes ago

    It is ‘time for action’ against ‘anti-social’ media networks
    2,433 views•Dec 18, 2020
    Sky News Australia Sky News host Cory Bernardi says social media tech giants have a much broader plan than simply enslaving you as a user.
    “They (social media tech giants) have a deliberate plan to influence the information you’re allowed to watch, to hear, and to read,” Mr Bernardi said.
    “By doing that they can shape public opinion, they can influence elections and make or break any business. It’s a heck of a lot of power for a few companies to have.”
    Mr Bernardi spoke of Hunter Biden’s laptop scandal which first emerged shortly before the US election.
    “Facebook and Twitter effectively banned any mention of the scandal that was engulfing the Biden family over the Hunter Biden laptop,” he said.
    “The contents of this laptop implicated the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden – now President-elect – in a slew of corruption allegations.
    “These damning allegations and the evidence to support them … they should have played a prominent role in the election, but many voters – who mostly get their information from social media – weren’t allowed to know of them.”
    Mr Bernardi said the platforms like Facebook and Twitter are “not about empowering you”, but rather “using you to empower them”.
    “It’s time for action to be taken against these anti-social media networks.”

    COVID-19 vaccine ‘might not stop the virus from spreading to others’
    1,680 views•Dec 18, 2020 Sky News Australia
    Founding President of AAHMS Dr Ian Frazer says the vast amount of people testing positive after receiving the COVID vaccine suggests it’s good at protecting people from getting sick but may not be effective in stopping the virus from spreading.

    Hannity breaks down ‘disturbing’ newly revealed Hunter Biden text messages
    289,563 views•Dec 17, 2020 Fox News
    Sean Hannity calls out Democrats’ double standard on the Biden’s and Eric Swalwell’s relationship

    659,517 views•Dec 16, 2020

    Senator Lankford Stands with Americans Right to Verify US Election Results
    222,140 views•Dec 16, 2020 Senator James Lankford
    On Wednesday, December 16, 2020, Senator James Lankford (R-OK) participated in a hearing of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs commitie, “Examining Irregularities in the 2020 Election.” The Committee discussed the several irregularities in the 2020 election and how states can protect against election fraud moving forward.

    Allen West on states forming new ‘Union’ after SCOTUS decision
    111,017 views•Dec 14, 2020 Glenn Beck
    After the Friday SCOTUS decision to dismiss Texas’ lawsuit against Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, Texas GOP chairman Allen West proposed an idea for law-abiding states with nowhere else to turn: banding together to “form a Union of states that will abide by the Constitution.” He says the four states sued by Texas must face consequences for their unconstitutional handling of the presidential election, and with the highest court refusing to hear the case, those law-abiding states must now find a new solution. So, does West believe seceding is the only option left? In this clip, he discusses with Glenn how should certain states should respond to the Supreme Court decision that left many Americans feeling hopeless.

    EXPLOSIVE Election Fraud Senate Hearing: THIS ISN’T OVER | Breakdown | Huckabee
    197,500 views•Dec 17, 2020 Huckabee
    Learn about the explosive hearing on election fraud. Even though it may seem to be over, there may be more to come! Learn about Gov. Mike Huckabee’s insight on voter fraud, the 2020 election, and more! Don’t miss the BREAKDOWN

    Lindsey Graham reacts to ‘damning’ new revelations in Hunter Biden probe
    484,612 views•Dec 17, 2020 Fox News
    N O /R U L E /O F /L A W

    • eddiemd

      Use your same name with each post.

      Always posting under different made up names. Be consistent.

      • 🕵

        I will mr. Ed. When you stop looking a gift horse in the mouth, me. Agreed🐴

        • eddiemd

          Looking forward to your regular posting under the same name.

          You can get credit for all your postings.

          No more pseudo names.

  17. J. Jamea

    I watched the weekly tease just now. It was excellent as usual. Your analysis is spot on, no doubt about that. I also am hopeful that President Trump is given his 2nd term as he has obviously earned.

    The one thing that keeps nagging at me is the conclusion that because God is in control, and because Trump is “God’s general” that these variables (which are both true & correct) equate to Trump being sworn in for his 2nd term.

    As I read the Bible, coupled with prayer, it is apparent that the Kingdom of Jesus Christ can not be set up until the final manmade civilization is completely destroyed. Now, I am not saying that this event will happen now, but what I am saying is that Christians today, by and large, are perhaps not seeing how the events happening now support the establishment of Jesus’ Kingdom. Rather, most Christians talk more about our collective and personal situation than the overall plan of Jesus Christ.

    I guess that is what is nagging at me. I just wanted to put that out there. To me, I only ask God to grant me the strength to make it through times of extreme duress by never losing my faith, and to remain joyous through both the great times and the trying times. If my life on Earth is destroyed by the evil that exists, and if I never lose faith and belief in the Holy Trinity, I don’t see how I could ask for anything more.

    Jesus said, “Do not put the Lord to the test”. It just seems like there is a bit of this going on with everyone saying that God is going to step in and restore our earthly comfort by giving Trump his 2nd term. God may well still do that, but only if it is in accordance with all that must happen so that the Kingdom of Jesus Christ can eventually be established.

    And, in response to Trump being God’s general, and that he was ordained to become President, I agree with this 100%. It is the correct perspective without a doubt. But, with Trump fulfilling prophecy by recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, perhaps he has already accomplished what he was ordained to accomplish. But, again, I look at everything from the perspective of what Trump has done to further God’s plan, as opposed to what he has done in furthering the comfort of us all.

    Also, I do think Bo is correct in saying that Trump is only halfway through his ordained cycle. I listen to Bo carefully and I agree with his analysis. However, to me, it seems like it is possible for Trump to accomplish the last half of his cycle outside of the Presidency.

    I pray that Trump prevails and is sworn in for his 2nd term, but one thing I know is that how this election cycle plays out will be in perfect accordance with the plan that is in motion to establish the Kingdom of Jesus Christ amongst the human race.

    Regarding the rise of bitcoin, institutional investors are now stepping into the market, giving bitcoin its most recent surge and stability. Again, as I see the covid-19 event as one that culminates in digital tracking integrated with digital currency, I see this rise as an attempt by nefarious forces to make digital currency attractive to all. You watch, we will see more in the news about how an economy based on a digital currency is the way to go, and the meteoric rise in bitcoin will be used often to further that claim, making it popular enough in the public’s eye to make it the currency of choice. Biblical prophecy indicates this will be the case. Digital tracking and digital currency is the binding of the tares. However, what will also happen is that once people are chipped bitcoin will be shut down and a different digital currency will be put into use. To me, digital currency is, for lack of a better way to phrase it, Satan’s money; it is anti-Christ money. My best advice is to avoid it no matter what.

    Thanks so much for the work you do. You are an important part of all that is happening now.

    • eddiemd

      Sounds like the JW Kingdom talk to me.

      There is still time for you to get out of the JW cult. Flee while you can.

    • Paul ...

      JJ … I like that … Bitcoin is Satan’s money … Gold is God’s money … and it is up to us to choose what money we want to use … you know people are making a choice … South Carolina is about to become the fourth state to recognize gold and silver as legal tender for buying food, paying bills and taxes (as out Founding Fathers intended) … Utah led the way reestablishing constitutional money in 2011 … Wyoming and Oklahoma have since joined … now with South Carolina and possibly Texas on the way … we can begin to secede from the current “Commie Union” … and become the old United States of America once again!!

      • Paul ...

        Like England is Exiting the EU “Br-Exit” … individual US States should Exit the Commie Union (CU) “Am-Exit”!!

  18. King Creol

    Reports Claim “Anti-Trump” SCOTUS Justice Roberts Afraid To Hear Election Fraud Cases Due To Liberal “Riots” CHICKEN
    by Kelen McBreen December 17th 2020, 5:08 pm

    • Paul ...

      Roberts was worried about tiny little BLM riots?? … what is wrong with his brain … 80 million Americans were disenfranchised by Demon-rat criminals … and are now planning to march on Washington DC on Inauguration Day (isn’t Roberts worried that perhaps the Patriots “he screwed” will burn down the Supreme Court building)???

  19. King Creol

    The Real Pandemic Is An Outbreak Of PCR Testing
    Jon Rappoport | Infowars.com December 17th 2020

  20. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter.
    The Deep State Bolsheviks have Mr Trump and Christians of America firmly in their sights.The destruction of the middle class along with the churches id their first aim and they have done a fine job,next will be the very money your wealth is stored in.However the Dollar fall has been a reprieve for those countries holding $250Trillions of US Dollar denominated debt,some say this is not coordinated the chart would say otherwise.A strong US Dollar would scream from the rooftops a disaster for the USA a weakened US Dollar means imports are going to get expensive,like German cars.Whilst exports like Caterpillar are becoming cheaper internationally.But the biggest export the USA has is “services” and debt that just got incredibly cheaper for those of outside the USA for now.This will not remain,our Bolshevik government are on a drunken binge here in the UK and EUrope and China trying to pay the Dollar denominated debt interest only,printing our currencies using the Euro/Dollar mechanism swapping to Dollars and paying a little interest on the debt but buying assets which are failing, particularly here in the UK and Europe.
    Ms AOC like Ko-Ko ,has assured us she has a little list and will use the full force of the government to imprison Mr Trump when he is out , what a precedent to set and even those who have worked in the Whitehouse must be denied employment afterwards.Ms AOC’s confidence is high.However the dollar should tell her something about that confidence.
    Keep praying everyone particularly for the people of the USA.

  21. Judy

    I’m worried about you, Greg.
    Not sure was news outlet you are looking at, but most outlets (including Fox News) are just about unanimous now, as well as the (Trump’s appointee-filled) Supreme Court, in the opinion that the election was NOT rigged and the winner was Joe Biden. You are being nonsensical at this point. You are sounding looney tunes. Please…..drop it and MOVE ON, for your own sanity’s sake. Please.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are a troll and pushing propaganda and lies. The election was, in fact, rigged and it was mostly concentrated in 6 Dem/commie stronghold counties across America. Then there is the Dominion machines another aspect fraud with errors (68%) and vote switching. Please read some facts: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/wh-adviser-navarro-releases-report-election-fraud-swing-victory-to-trump

      I’ll move on when the actual winner is installed for a second term in the White House. Now you “move on” and don’t come back.


      • Robert


        Don’t pay attention to the trolls on this site and others. They cannot be talked to, educated, or bargained with. They are fed the lies and eat up all the garbage the mainstream media feeds them and what their gods, i.e. fakebook, twitter, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, tell them to believe. Too much gaslighting and denial, and they will do anything to make you feel like you are crazy. Just block their posts, and carry on. Your content is awesome! Keep it coming!

        • Steve+Twitchell

          agreed. keep informing, greg. just wish i knew what to do besides the basic preps. i wonder if there should be a taxpayer revolt.

    • Charles+H


      You are flat-out wrong. Neither the media outlets or the Supreme Court are the arbitors of the election. The States and their legislators are. The presidential election has shown in practically ALL the Democratically controlled States that massive voter fraud was committed. This means the whole thing is either forfeit, or null and void. Biden did not ‘win’. For him to take office is like you taking possession of stolen property. When you are proved to have stolen property: you not only must give it back; but you face charges for accessory after the fact of a crime.

      Thieves are funny: they convince themselves they won’t get caught. Problem is – they are oblivious to the victims. The victims, millions of them – are not letting this stealing go. So enjoy your little bauble of fraud while it lasts. What was stolen must be returned.


    The Loyal Military will simply NOT allow Biden to take office. Not when he is such an obvious threat to your national security.
    Trump will use every legal avenue available to him in pursue of justice , including the Supreme Court. And the people will have their final confirmation that the ‘Rule of Law’ in the USA is nonexistent.
    Pence will not sign off on a Biden win in the Senate, and Trump will be voted President in the House.
    After Trump is the confirmed winner of your 2020 election and he is armed with Ratcliffe’s report, he will be obliged, even pressured (just for the optics), to invoke his September 2018 Executive Order and/or the Insurrection Act.

    Those wonderful 80 million plus patriots that voted for Trump will not accept a stolen election, And they will NOT move on to the next election before the November 3rd fraud is dealt with.
    The masses have finally woken up.
    The military tribunal’s will probably be in play along side Special Council Durham.

    TRUMP DID WIN!!!! ————> TRUMP HAS WON!!!!

    • Paul ...

      Many Demon-rats were “Stunned” today … when the Pentagon abruptly halted the “commie” stooge Briben’s “Highly Sensitive Transition Briefings” (information that could be “sold to the Communist Chinese for $20 to $100 million bucks by Hunter Bribe’n … with 10% going to the Big Guy)!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/political/abrupt-halt-bidens-pentagon-transition-briefings-leaves-officials-stunned

    • Paul ...

      Seems only “Commie Lives Matter” when it comes to the Supreme Court under John Roberts (not doing what is best for “All Americans”) … there is talk that Ghislaine is telling the Feds that the UK has been blackmailing Roberts (since prior to his nomination to SCOTUS by Bush) … and that John Roberts is clearly listed on Epstein’s flight log (and flew with Epstein on at least two occasions from March 22, 2010 and February 10, 2011) … if we have a “compromised” Supreme Court … “other means” must be used to bring justice to the American people who were disenfranchised by criminals in the recent election!!

  23. Rev+Andrew+de+Berry

    Spot on Greg. This evil is so monumental that of course God will prevail. Although things are scary at the human level we have NOTHING to fear!!!

  24. Randy+Hitt

    I’ve had my fingers on the pulse of America for decades.

    There is ZERO chance, NONE… that Trump lets the treason enter the white house. ZERO chance that the 90,000,000 ARMED to the teeth FOR JUST THIS REASON ALONE, citizens of the United States will just let COMMIE CHINA conquer them through election theft.

    All those who aren’t fighting hard for Trump will be swept away and replaced by the people.

    Cocaine Mitch, Carlos Delecto, Brian Kemp…this definitely means you.

    • Frank+D

      Spot on Randy.

  25. Roger Stamper

    tks for post

    • Bobby

      Do not leave out that fat evil frog Republican RINO Richard Shelby of Alabama. He croaked out of his swamp mud the advice for everyone to give it up and concede to the scum Biden. Hey, pig face Richard, you are out of your pea brain if you think even one single true patriotic American will concede one thing. I think I’ll spend some of my hard earned money to hire a private investigator to probe around and see just what you sold out to the Deep State for. You have a local reputation of throwing your weight around to gain any favors you can score for quid pro quo.

  26. al

    Ratcliffe’s conundrum is not surprising. He can hold his breath until he is blue, they are NOT going to give him what he wants relative to China. He has the authority to surmise China’s mingling, hell, he had 45 DAYS to gather the evidence (circumstantial of otherwise).
    Let the Report go to Trump as is with assumptions, then Trump will bring on the Insurrection Act then commandeer the evidence on China by force. There’s your proof!
    If we wait for Deep State actors like some in the Supreme Court and others reporting to Ratcliffe then we’re as dumb as the Dumb-0-cRATS. C’mon Man?

    I recently read several articles suggesting UBI preventing the rise of a Civil War… so they want to pay us to kneel before China/Satan? It mounts to that. I’ll take the money, buy more bullets and wait for my Sheriff to deputize me in to the Militia (It’s in the Constitution), but that will not be necessary because Trump has several avenues to the Victory he already won.

    So Buffoon biden’s admission of selection fraud is akin to him losing his mind but he’s fit to be President? Allow me to use a 70s colloquialism “how does that jive Man?” He’s either competent or lost his mind, you can’t have both Lame Stream Marxist Lying Whore Enemy Media (non fourth estate). C’mon Man?

    Greg… We want to know what happened to Mark Taylor. I found him through USAW and have been following him on other platforms. He sounds a lot like you and Bo and as you said in the past “he has been spot on accurate”.
    I hope it’s not a 501c3 / MegaChurch issue between you and him, he is outspoken on that, and rightfully so. Many of these “pastors/priests” are traitors to the US and God. I read the Bible several times cover to cover and what they say and what is Biblical are diametrically opposed. That goes for the Constitution as well.
    Please have Mark Taylor on again, he’s an inspiration and a great Patriot.
    This information is bigger than any personal difference (if any).

  27. Vernon Tart

    Hey Greg,
    As I read the AMA statement they did NOT rescind the statement, they simply changed it to make pharmacist not fill the scrips.
    Check out this one paragraph from the statement
    “We collectively support state and federal requirements that direct a prescription must be written only for a legitimate medical purpose. Novel off-label use of FDA-approved medications is a matter for the physician’s or other prescriber’s professional judgment. We also strongly support a pharmacist’s professional responsibility to make reasonable inquiries to a prescriber to resolve any questions about a prescription. If a prescription is not for a legitimate medical purpose, it should not be written, and it should not be dispensed.
    See they just told the pharmacist’s not to question the doctor and the reason it was prescribed and if not recommended by the AMA guidelines do not fill the prescription.

    That is how I read this. What do you think?
    Good job,

    • Greg Hunter


      On page 18 of the AMA memo on Oct 30, 2020 it said the AMA reversed their stance on HCQ stating “the potential for good currently may supersede the threat of any potential harmful side effects.” So I disagree.


  28. Thomas Wigand


    I was blessed to be able to attend the Jericho March in D.C. last weekend — it was reassuring to stand in prayer with thousands of others who recognize what is occurring, and the stakes involved. Those stakes, I believe, mean we either are on the cusp of a glorious time, or a time of tribulation (perhaps even THE tribulation).

    As for the former, may I humbly share elements of a prayer I’ve been saying multiple times a day since the election (adopt some or all, if you see fit):

    Please allow the actual election results to be revealed and implemented;

    Please allow the evildoers (coup plotters) ti be exposed, and brought to justice;

    Please allow the resulting revelations cause the scales to fall from tens-of-millions of eyes;

    Please, in turn, let that be the catalyst for a new Great Awakening in this land — please give us another chance — do not let this Divinely-inspired nation fall into the clutches of the Satanic evil of Collectivism.

    Please hear our prayers. Amen.

  29. Country Codger

    Greetings Dear Greg,
    Believe me, if I thought you were misleading me I would not watch you. You put your heart and being into your channel and you do your best to make sure you are shooting straight with your audience.

    Keep up the fantastic work.
    Lo Iyrah!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks CC!!

  30. Jerry

    The first phase of the “ great reset “ is nearing completion with the upload of the biometric mRNA vaccinations. The next phase which is the linkage to the cloud is coming shortly.

    Once the linkage is complete, “ operation dark storm “ which is the takedown of our current grid system, which includes the internet, will take place. Cyber polygon is its replacement and your admission to it will be your certificate of vaccination. (Covid19) Sounds crazy right? About as crazy as wearing a diaper over your face and standing six feet apart. Timing? It all occurs in incremental stages. The only person who knows the exact timing is Klaus Schwab. As far as President Trump getting re-elected? What difference does it make at this point? Unless he declares martial law, there’s nothing he can do to stop it. Time is almost up, because once cyber polygon through star link is turned on, every person who has uploaded their biometric information into the cloud via the vaccine, will be under the globalist control. It’s no accident, that military personnel will be first in line.

    • Hayes Bobby L

      I have my doubts.

    • Jerry

      After event 201 this should send chills up your spine.

      Correction on my last post. I meant to say operation dark winter. Klaus Schwab said in a zoom meeting in November that a grid down scenario would be necessary to build back better under the fourth industrial revolution. After watching events unfold under event 201 I’m taking him at his word. Cyber attacks are already beginning with the pentagon under a lockdown. There is no doubt that more are coming, as I’ve heard from some sources that the banks are prepping for a cyber attack within the next few days. I can’t predict when it will happen, but if I were planning an attack, I would say the holidays would be a prime target. With the election debacle, and congress mired in stimulus talks, America couldn’t be weaker. Keep your head on a swivel. The globalist don’t believe in the holidays unless you believe in Santa Klaus.

    • MCasey

      Jerry, RE: biometric mRNA vaccinations

      Albert Bourla, VETERINARIAN and Pfizer Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, took the reins as Pfizer CEO in January 2019.

      His only degree appears to be in biotechnology of reproduction (“animal breeding”) at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki’s Veterinary School, Greece.

      Biotechnology (selective breeding) uses artificial methods to modify genetic material (DNA) of living organisms or cells to PRODUCE NOVEL COMPOUNDS OR TO PERFORM NEW FUNCTIONS.

      Biotechnology has become synonymous with the manipulation of organisms’ DNA at the molecular level (read that: “synonymous with the manipulation of human DNA”) since the discovery of the DNA structure in 1953 and the development of tools and methods to manipulate DNA in the 1970s.

      The primary applications of this technology are in medicine (FOR THE PRODUCTION OF VACCINES and antibiotics) and in agriculture (for the genetic modification of crops).

      Bourla joined Pfizer in 1993, first serving as a doctor of veterinary medicine and technical director for the company’s animal health division in Greece. He held multiple executive roles at Zoetis (then known as Animal Health) and other divisions of Pfizer. He served as area president for Animal Health’s Europe, Africa and Middle East division during 2005–2009, followed by the Europe, Africa, and Asia Pacific division during 2009–2010. In the latter role, he managed the merger of Wyeth’s Fort Dodge Animal Health business with Pfizer in these regions.

    • Jerry

      If you have any doubts about what I’m posting, you need to hear it straight from the horses mouth.

      I can’t make this any clearer. The pandemic led to the vaccines. The vaccines will lead to the fusion of a biological digital reality. The great reset is not about resetting the financial structure of the world. It’s about the launch of the technocratic fourth industrial revolution, Draining the swamp is an illusion, because the swamp is an ocean composed of corporations, technocrats, and communist with a common goal. One world government. And guess who’s at the head of the table? Clue : Jesus Christ drove his errand boys out of the temple with a whip. Now you know why you need the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost to survive what’s coming. You can’t kill an immortal being with bullets. It requires Devine intervention. Get your spiritual house in order. Don’t know how? It starts with getting on your knees.

      • Self+Exiled

        And staying there, especially now.

  31. Will+Ferch

    Be still and know that I AM. 7 is the the Lord’s number for “completeness”. Add “God” makes 8 , His number for “new beginnings”.
    They had J. Roberts number from the beginning. Now, to justify to himself to himself, he is suffering from the Stockholm Syndrome, and has himself become the enemy of right. He now calls evil good and good evil.

  32. Billy

    Greg you did not mention Pat Byrne comment on Obama and Hilary and the Bunsen burner metaphor.
    Ed Klein was spot on about the Clintons and Obama’s disliking each other and the attacks on Trump.
    You should get him back on.

  33. andyb

    GREG: I was among the first who kept questioning Barr based upon his numerous “fixes” for the Establishment whether at the CIA or as AG under the NWO Bush 1. His father’s association with Epstein also raised questions. I was proven to be right although there was a lot of skepticism as many felt that Barr/Durham would set things right. Well it is now obvious that the super duo has disappeared down the rabbit hole of obfuscation.
    Yes I was doubtful and rightfully so. But I now have hope. We are seeing every day more and more hard evidence of election and voter fraud such that it has become overwhelming. THE SWING STATE LEGISLATURES are now faced with undeniable proof of wrongdoing and criminality. Trump will be re-elected through vote of the Republican dominated legislatures and subpoenas of certain state official’s (and their families) will be grounds for indictments and prison terms.

    • Self+Exiled

      After senior Bush’s funeral I suggested that Trump may have made a deal with the crime families for the safety of his family and Barr was agreed to be the peacekeeper: we will never know. Barr certainly walked a fine line and he definitely kept the peace: another two years of peace and quiet [nothingness]. The deep state, NWO agenda has gotten farther in the last 4 years than any time in the last 150 years. That is why we must consider this to be a prelude, a getting ready for the last days tribulation. Getting people ready to accept he mark of the beast. If there is a rapture and The Eternal Father’s Holy Spirit is removed from this earth there is nothing to prevent or restrict the forces of evil. It will be interesting to see if the Middle East Peace plan will include any mention of the rebuilding of the Jewish temple as the original site of the temple does not appear to be in the same location as the Islamic temple.

  34. eddiemd

    Special Forces Operations manual.

    If there is going to be an intervention by SOF, teams should already be in isolation for mission planning. Air assets from TF-160 should already have be alerted for missions.


    SF teams prepping for snatch missions in 2019.



    Wonder if the NG SF operators have been activated.


  35. Robert

    The latest Deep State distraction is the current story that Russia hacked sensitive information. Oh, the Russians again! The claim at the time of this writing is made with NO EVIDENCE. Sorry, guys. I don’t buy it. Because if it’s true, you should be ashamed of yourselves. With a 3+ trillion Federal budget, you couldn’t after 30 years of internet experience come up with firewalls and strong encryption that totally prevents this and makes any hack a waste of time? The Deep State confidently knows the US public overwhelmingly are NOT computer geniuses, so most will believe this dumb story. Really sad.

  36. Ange

    Jan 6th is the day that the electors are officially counted and accepted and it is all up to Pence. We all know what COULD happen. I have never trusted Pence and do not have a lot of faith in the VP kicking it down to the legislature for a one state vote BUT… this does give me SOME hope.

    Here is an article from Yahoo — reading between the lines …

    it states Vice President Mike Pence, as president of the Senate, has the awkward responsibility of overseeing President-elect Joe Biden’s final victory — and President Trump’s official defeat — with the formal counting of Electoral College votes at a special Jan. 6 joint session of Congress. “Then he’ll likely skip town,” Politico reports. “According to three U.S. officials familiar with the planning, the vice president is eyeing a foreign trip that would take him overseas for nearly a week, starting on Jan. 6.”

    Pence’s tentative itinerary includes Bahrain, Israel, and Poland, and more stops may be added, Politico reports. The trip, which hasn’t been finalized, is ostensibly designed to underscore the Trump administration’s role in brokering diplomatic deals between Israel and a handful of Arab states, and it will helpfully bolster Pence’s “already-strong credentials with the Christian right, which strongly supports Israel,” Politico notes….

    His itinerary includes Bahrain, Israel, and Poland — does not sound like a vacation to me but official business….. ??????? what say you all

    • Dave

      There are a lot of “distractions”. Who is zooming whom. The claim by Wood about Roberts and Brier is possibly dis-information? To prove it is not Wood needs to issue proof. Otherwise it is hearsay – remember all those who claimed to hear things on the Ukrainian call? Turns out they were spreading diss-information.

      Jay Sekulow is very dubious of Wood and what he is up to. He has, purposely or not, contributed to potential GOP voter suppression in the upcoming special elections. The ACLJ and Sekulow are warning about this. Staci Abrams has done a great job in mobilizing the progressive base. The Dems are far outpacing the GOP in absentee ballot requests. The GOP is having trouble finding poll watchers for the election and Sekulow is pleading with Georgia conservatives to volunteer to be at the polls on election day.

      The Georgia conservative/GOP voter base is in disarray with many saying they won’t vote as they believe it will be a rigged elections as they believe the November election was. This plays in the Democrats hands. The ACLJ is urging Republicans to vote not matter what they feel about the Presidential election but, to show how bad it is, the ACLJ and Jay Sekulow are now being accused of being traitors on social media by some Trump supporters. Sekulow mentioned that on his Thursday podcast. That is crazy for anyone who has followed the work of the ACLJ all these years.

  37. Stan

    Paul: Do you still want to attend my Christmas party? A Gold Bug like you would provide a lot of entertainment for us.

    • Rodster

      I hear he’s holding a Bentley Christmas party at his home. You should go to his place instead.

    • Paul ...

      Thanks for the offer Stan … but I’m going to pass (perhaps next year when gold is significantly higher) and I won’t seem like some “gold-bug clown” for your bankster buddies to have fun with!!

      • Rachel

        That’s a good idea Paul.
        Next year I might go too although Stan might not let me. I don’t have a very good body especially after all those TV snacks I ate over winter during lock-down, but I am blond so that might make up for it.
        What so you say Stan? Are you going to let a few other people go as well?

        • Stan

          Rachel: Maybe in the future I’ll invite more people. Maybe Jerry

          • Rachel

            Sounds like a plan! Merry Christmas

  38. iwitness02

    I’m torn on this whole subject of who is going to be president in 2021.
    On the one hand, I want Trump to win, and execute justice against all the fraud.
    On the other hand, if Joe and Hoe make it into the oval office, I assume they will unleash a time of trouble like the world has never seen before, which would trigger our deliverance from this evil. So I guess it’s a timing thing. For me, the sooner the better. I would like to think we already have a time of trouble like the world has never seen. But, maybe the real trouble is still future. So here we are, as always, we have to wait and see. Justice is still a day away, just as it always is. sigh

    I just read through the paragraph above and I realized that…
    Trump winning the election could just as easily trigger a time of trouble like we have never seen before. So it boils down to Right Now, regardless of who wins. Speaking for myself, I would feel more confident with Trump in the oval office. Either way, it seems as though Armageddon is just around the corner.
    Six thousand years of Satan’s influence on mankind is enough. I’m ready for a change. As I’m fond of saying: Holiness is the next frontier.

    • eddiemd

      Certainly if Biden moves in to the white house, he will only be there briefly before Harris takes over.

      Once Harris takes over, then it will be Obama’s third term.

      Our only hope is in Jesus Christ. He is the Truth. You must be born again. Repent. Believe. Call on the Name of the Lord.

      • JC


        G.A. STEWART:
        Regardless, if it is before or months after January 20th, 2021, I do expect the Democrats to eventually gain control of the U.S. government.

        What follows is a temporary President-Elect Joe Biden, if he makes it into office. If Trump declares Martial Law, the Democrats will go to their graves believing that Trump usurped the Presidency. This is what civil wars are made of and who survives after it starts is anybody’s guess.

        If Biden does get into the Oval Office, Vice President Kamala Harris will become President shortly after, and we can expect another Obama Administration with the same players. I also expect Hillary Clinton to play a major role in the Cabinet, and I still believe that Loretta Lynch will be made a Supreme Court Justice.

        However, I suspect that Barack Obama will get the leading role, he was destined for World Leader as the next Secretary General of the United Nations. How else did you think those United Nations Peace Keeping Forces would be allowed on American soil?


        • eddiemd

          If Biden gets in somehow then you are correct.

          Obama will be the controller. Perhaps he will be elevated to UN secretary. When that happens we will know he is the man of perdition.

          There is no church to be found in the book of Revelation from chapter 6 onwards. Church is missing before the first seal is broken.

  39. eddiemd

    Why do you always post under different pseudo names?

    Be consistent and post under the same name.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am going to spam every post by this person so keep Identifying the different names. I just spammed the last post by “PushkinGeorgie”

  40. Marie+Joy

    “Pentagon Abruptly Halts Biden Transition Briefings, Leaving Officials “Stunned”” on ZeroHedge.com

    Merry Christmas, Patriots.

  41. Marie+Joy

    If Trump prevails, all hell will break lose.


  42. Lightning

    Great summary and commentary as always. You are America’s truth teller.

    When I was a kid, the Feds put away the senior Mafia leaders on RICO charges and their lieutenants took over the crime families while they were in prison. When they got out, the Lieutenants refused to give up leadership and their was a “A” team vs. “B” team gangland war that ensued. The “A” team being the older leadership.

    Analogously, I gotta believe that Trump has gotten substantial support from a cadre of “A” team former intelligence and retired military power brokers that identified and supported him from candidate Trump to Presudent Trump.

    Otherwise, I don’t believe he’d have been able to overcome what he has with the deep state.

    Having said that, the “A” team is still probably still heavily institutionalist. Bill Binney , for example is ex-NSA , and a whistleblower, and I have to believe he is a “good guy”. … but good guys in The beltway are only alive because they have extortionary dirt on the “ bad guys”.

    My point is that Trump will likely be supported by the military and ex-intelligence leaders who will likely push him hard to keep Big Government in place but under the control of the “A” team.

    Trump has to purge the rot, destroy his enemies and show no mercy to clean this up.. and then resist the Strong pull to recreate big government under new management.

    A democratic republic only works when there are true checks on government and citizens are free.
    Any agency or corporation that impedes, limits or constrains those freedoms must be abolished.

    The key to attracting capital, talent and a hard working culture is freedom And a sense of control over our own destiny. Get government smaller, lower taxes and focus on the rule of law. Eliminate many laws that government uses to discretionarily enforce its will . That’s how the USSR ruled .. not America.

    True freedom with respect for God and a return to moral life will turn our economy around with an amazing energy.

    When the government fears its citizens.. there is liberty. When the citizens fear govt… there is tyranny.

  43. Marie+Joy

    I posted the ZeroHedge information too early. It is said the 2 week hiatus was agreed to by the Biden team. I, still, hope there is more to it.

  44. Bushkin

    In 1940, Hitler’s forces had swiftly invaded France and the lowlands. They had cut off 330,000 crack British troops, forcing them to retreat with their backs to the English Channel at the port of Dunkirk. If the British lost this army, they could hardly have hoped to beat back the Nazi hordes ready and determined to conquer Great Britain. Word went out all over England: “Winnie (Churchill) needs boats.”
    Though the English Channel is normally rough and treacherous, hundreds of ships, yachts and small boats—anything that would move while staying afloat—were sent to rescue at least a remnant of the army. But the situation seemed grim. Then, surprisingly, bad weather on the continent grounded most of the German air force. But, instead of being rough and choppy as usual—dangerous for small craft—the channel became almost as calm as a bathtub! Men and women who had lived all their lives on its shore had never seen it so tranquil. Winnie’s motley armada of naval flotsam and jetsam rescued nearly one-third of a million British troops—the backbone of their entire army! Hitler was dumbfounded. The Nazi generals bitterly grumbled under their breath for having lost an easy kill. The British were profoundly thankful and called it “the miracle of the calm seas.”
    Talk to any of that older last generation of survivors, still alive [The Lesson of the Fig Tree]
    …33So also, when you see all these things, you will know that He is near, right at the door. 34Truly I tell you, this generation will not pass away until all these things have happened. 35 Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will never pass away.…◄ Matthew 24:33-35 ►Berean Study Bibleand
    and who were personally familiar with the Dunkirk rescue operation. They still got a certain glint or tear in their eyes when they talk about it. These old timer’s still remember the outpouring of gratitude to God by the British people after this event. Sunday, June 9, 1940, was appointed as a Day of National Thanksgiving for God’s deliverance at Dunkirk, and many English vicars will tell you that their churches were packed on that day and have never been as full since.
    On the day before (June 8), London’s Daily Telegraph ran an article about what it called “the miraculous deliverance” at Dunkirk. A British officer who had himself been rescued from Dunkirk said, “One thing can be certain about tomorrow’s Thanksgiving in our churches. From none will the thanks ascend with greater sincerity or deeper fervor than from the officers and men who have seen the Hand of God, powerful to save, delivering them from the hands of a mighty foe who, humanly speaking, had them utterly at his mercy.”
    Yes Greg, God CONTROLS the destinies of nations—and individuals.

    • eddiemd

      Why are you always posting under the pseudo names? Be consistent with the same name.

      That way we can give some credit for your postings. Right.

  45. KingCreol

    China has become the ‘whipping boy’ for Australia
    8,684 views•Dec 18, 2020 Sky News Australia
    Sky News host Gary Hardgrave says China has now become the “whipping boy” for Australia, and he is worried blaming China for everything is simply Australia “being lazy”.
    It comes amid rising diplomatic trade tensions between Canberra and Beijing, which have seen China impose bans on Australian exporters and slap tariffs on Australian products.
    “Australia is sort blaming China for everything – and maybe there’s a bit to be blamed for – but I’m really worried that blaming China is partly us just being lazy all over again,” Mr Hardgrave said.
    “We are the lucky country, and I actually have a very strong view that we’ve been lucky to get away with not really doing too much at all and yet becoming so wealthy.”

    Mr Hardgrave said Australia has – since Federation – seen opportunities for profit, such as coal and iron ore, “fall in our lap so to speak”.
    “And here we are 120 years later, and we’re just simply relying on exactly the same thing,” he said.
    “The problem I have with Australia … we’ve never really had a big plan.
    “We’ve never had a plan that’s been big enough to guarantee a long-term multi-generational future.”

    The Fight for the Soul of Seattle | A KOMO News Documentary
    463,079 views•Premiered Dec 13, 2020
    “The Fight for the Soul of Seattle” examines the role of Seattle’s City Council in allowing the situation to reach what many experts consider epidemic levels under the guise of a compassionate approach to people who suffer from substance addiction and who commit crimes to feed their

    • eddiemd

      Why all the different pseudo names? We get it. All the same poster just using different names.

      Be consistent with your name.

  46. Paul ...

    Look at this evil moronic Demon telling us there is “No Inflation” … does he actually think that if he says: “Consumers Are Just Imagining It”… everyone will believe him? … well I’ll tell you one thing you evil Demon scum ball … I didn’t imagine paying $14 dollars for a steak yesterday (that I was only paying $7 dollars for last year) … I actually paid $14 dollars for one steak!!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/ubs-chief-economist-there-no-inflation-consumers-are-just-imagining-there

  47. Kathy

    Another great wrap up Greg. You hit the nail on the head on every count. Thanks for all your hard work. Look forward to CAF tomorrow.

  48. Peter

    Hey Greg. According to Jim Willie, Justice Roberts allegedly spent some time on Epstein Island. Definitely explains Obama care and other questionable decisions. Keep pressing👍🏻😊

  49. AH

    I tracked down the PDF from the AMA regarding HCQ, Here are the relevant passages.

    Here is the link to the document:

    Recommendations to be found starting on pages 16 through 19

    That our American Medical Association rescind its statement calling for physicians to stop prescribing hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine until sufficient evidence becomes available to conclusively illustrate that the harm associated with use outweighs benefit early in the disease course. Implying that such treatment is inappropriate contradicts AMA Policy H-120.988,“Patient access to Treatments Prescribed by Their Physicians,” that addresses off
    label prescriptions as appropriate in the judgement of the prescribing physician (Directive to Take Action); and be it further

    RESOLVED, That our AMA rescind its joint statement with the American Pharmacists Association and American Society of Health System Pharmacists, and update it with a joint statement notifying patients that further studies are ongoing to clarify any potential benefit of hydroxychloroquine and combination therapies for the treatment of COVID-19 (Directive to Take Action); and be it further
    RESOLVED, That our AMA reassure the patients whose physicians are prescribing hydroxychloroquine and combination therapies for their early-stage COVID-19 diagnosis by issuing an updated statement clarifying our support for a physician’s ability to prescribe an FDA-approved medication for off label use, if it is in her/his best clinical judgement, with specific reference to the use of hydroxychloroquine and combination therapies for the treatment of the earliest stage of COVID-19 (Directive to Take Action); and be it further

    That our AMA take the actions necessary to require local pharmacies to fill valid prescriptions that are issued by physicians and consistent with AMA principles articulated in MA Policy H-120.988,
    “Patient Access to Treatments Prescribed by Their Physicians,” including working with the American Pharmacists Association and American Society of Health System Pharmacists.(Directive to Take Action)

    From there is goes on to say further that the DOCTORS CLINICAL JUDGMENT about the use of this drug is SUPPORTED. The document was
    Received: 10/23/20

    • AH

      Info relative to this was found on a Peak Prosperity posing board.

      If you look farther down the page to the last post, it seems that the resolution was floated but not adopted…So I am not sure it went through. It seems that some of their members certainly want it to go through.

      Who says that the AMA is not politically motivated??

  50. vincent_g

    On one side we see many complaints of voter irregularities and on the other side we see a Biden investigation.
    What if Trump makes an offer to Biden that if he concedes the election his legal problems will fade away.
    This maybe what is taking place.

    Just a thought.

  51. Chuck

    Polny is indeed our brother in Christ. Take comfort in his words and advice. I love you Greg.

  52. Secret agent WD-40

    Justice John Roberts claims to be afraid of rioting. He SHOULD be afraid of causing a civil war. And WE should all be calling our U.S.senators and representatives (I have) to demand that they object to the STOLEN election. We on;y need ONE senator and ONE representative to object to the stolen election. Please call you senators and representative TODAY. Do not use foul language but make it clear. Leave a message if you have to. PLEASE DO IT TODAY !

  53. Paul Anthony

    Did Mark Taulor say long time ago something was gonna happen with the Supreme Court. He didn’t know why but sometbing.


  54. mohammad


    It does not add up.
    Trump is not panicking , he seems relaxed.
    There is something up his sleeve that will surprise…


  55. panama

    lets hope GOD steps in and sorts this out because as we can see most Republicans in the goverment have no back bone .i am sure you could bitch slap most of them all day and they would never say stop . Not being a American but really following the election it is easy to see Trump is a head attached to a spineless jelly fish

    • 🕵

      And Panamin, what does that make you. A. Spine attached to a headless horse? Trump has more between his ears than you betwee your mommy. 👧

  56. mohammad


    Seems the military made the first move..!


    • Greg Hunter

      Something big is brewing.

      • Bob+Lamb

        Hope everyone has some food storage!

        “…when we really get into hard times, where food is scarce or there is none at all, and so with clothing and shelter, money may be no good for there may be nothing to buy, and you cannot eat money, you cannot get enough of it together to burn to keep you warm, and you cannot wear it.” J. Rueben Clark Jr.

      • mohammad

        And here it is Greg,

        Was invoked only once in the history of USA, for a different reason but the substance is the same.
        The sitting president of United States of America can a precedent ask the troops to keep him in office ( since he is the rightful winner of 2020 election).


        “Republican NC state senator: Trump should ‘invoke the Insurrection Act’….”



    • JC

      G.A. STEWART:
      Nostradamus Quatrain VI-21
      When those of the arctic pole [NATO] unite assembling,
      In the Orient [China/Russia] great terror and fear:
      Newly elected supporting the great temple,
      Rhodes (Greece), Byzantium (Istanbul, Turkey) stained with Barbarian blood.

      When those of the arctic pole [NATO] unite assembling is what I am showing readers with these screenshots from ADS-B Exchange. Something major is in motion.


  57. Not So Free

    Chief Justice Roberts is said to have said that he would do whatever it takes to see that Trump was not re-elected. Here is a link to an article involving Lin Wood about Justice Roberts.
    It’s worth checking out.

  58. Tee Hassell

    Your comments almost make me cry Thank You I feel the election fraud which has taken place is the worst news this country has ever had . we won WW2 can we win this ? what is next ? getting boiled in oil ? mark of the beast? God in heaven we love you . If the people want Biden and Harris Fine I can deal with it ,but fraud just makes me very very repenting

  59. Matt

    Day by day, it’s a war for your will to bend, break, and give in to evil. For those in tune with their spirituality, it can be felt and is exhausting.
    Thank you Greg for providing inspirational words to not lose faith. I will work on being still. Appreciate you.

  60. Coalburner

    Where is Gina Haspel?

  61. Mimi

    Merry Christmas to all! We love Greg Hunter!!!

    A little off topic but I think the Democrats were working with China on the Wuhan virus—-then China lied about it—then the people who forecast 2.2 million in US would die if we didn’t shut the country LIED—and who would have thought that blue states WOULD NOT reopen—THEN WHY HASN’T *ANY * WELL KNOWN DEMOCRAT
    GOTTEN THE VIRUS????? Nobody makes a bio-weapon WITHOUT a antidote so what have the Rats been taking that not one of them has gotten sick but they sure did infect the Trump Adm. didn’t they?!? The virus would be almost gone by now IF THEY WOULD *STOP* SPREADING IT AROUND WHEN THEY NEED IT TO KEEP PEOPLE LOCKED IN THEIR HOMES!!

    • Ms. Diana

      Why would the Democrats be working with China on the Wuhan virus? That is ridiculous. The reason why not many prominent Democrats have gotten the virus is because THEY WEAR THE DAMN MASKS and keep 3-6 ft away from others while this pandemic continues to rage! Only the stupid folk who refuse to wear masks and keep a proper distance around others, eg, top Republicans, have contracted the virus. It really is that simple, Mimi.

  62. Russ McMeans

    Greg ; great news reporting-again! Sorry I’m so late in communication. I had a botched back surgery so I talk to God while staring at ceiling. Pain brutal. It’s 2:00 am on west coast now. I’m going to get your broadcast out on friends and Facebook Twitter accounts and also Katherine the Great’s interview. She’s like a female Yoda. She just knows things. I might sign up for her digital subscription, maybe the print too for my sister. Katherine Fitts is like industrial grade knowledge. I will post comment on that interview you did and confess my crime I committed and warn everyone what to they probably should avoid. Btw: may Trump serve a 2nd term.

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