Elite Closing Down Truth Tellers – Paul Craig Roberts

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Economic expert and journalist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says the ideas of the elite are awful, and they want to suppress free speech to get their policies instituted. Dr. Roberts explains, “The agendas of the elite are hidden. They are not something the American people would support. The elite are fearful that their cover stories are so thin that if truth can be shown on their agendas, they will be discredited. They will lose their abilities to impose their agendas. So, they are closing down truth tellers in order to maintain control over explanations. Alex Jones is a threat to the elites’ control over the explanations. . . . They are sending the message that says get onboard with the official explanations or we terminate you.”

Dr. Roberts goes on to ask, “Why is this possible? It is possible because the antitrust laws of the United States have not been enforced. These are all monopolies. Monopoly is against the law. It’s against the Sherman Antitrust Act, but they don’t enforce it because they’re so powerful. They just prevent the law being enforced. Plus, they have the neo-liberal economists saying that today you have to be a monopoly to compete globally. . . . It’s a lie, but it’s a cover for having just a few people controlling information.”

Dr. Roberts says big tech companies are too big to function fairly. Dr. Roberts explains, “They should be broken up, or they should be nationalized or actually they should be arrested. . . . They are part of a plot. They are engaged in high treason against the government of the United States. If I was the Attorney General, I would have all of them arrested and put in solitary confinement awaiting trial. That’s where they belong. That’s where Google belongs along with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Spotify, The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC and NPR. They are all involved in a plot to overthrow the President. So, they would all be arrested and put in jail. . . . Why aren’t they? Well, Trump just doesn’t have the power. They are stronger than he is. . . . There is not an ounce of integrity in the media.”

Why is the mainstream media (MSM) and the Deep State fighting so hard against Trump? Dr. Roberts contends, “All this started during the Presidential campaign when Trump started normalizing relations with Russia. It would be good for both of us, both countries. That’s when they cooked this up (Russian collusion with Trump campaign). They said, oh my gosh, we can’t have that. All the money we wallow in, the excuse for it, will be gone. That’s the main factor here, and it’s a huge sum of money. So, they are going to fight to the death over it.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with former Assistant Treasury Secretary and Wall Street Journal editor, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

(This post talks about the attempt to remove Donald Trump from office, the corrupt MSM, and the huge money behind the treason.)

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After the Interview: 

Dr. Roberts is a prolific writer on his website PaulCraigRoberts.org. It’s totally free, but you can help support Dr. Roberts by clicking here. If you want to buy one of his 13 books, click here. His latest book and the one he mentioned “The Neoconservative Threat to World Order” click here.


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  1. Gina M Mancarella

    Paul Craig Roberts says, ” Google belongs along with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Spotify, The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC and NPR () are all involved in a plot to overthrow the President. So, they would all be arrested and put in jail.”

    REALLY Greg ???????????????????????????

    Threatening all news outlets with jailtime I assume for all te employees of these fine American insitutions ????

    Now I have seen it all.

    Now I have seen it all !

    So sad. So very very sad what a travesty your site has become. A bastion of hate and contempt for goodness and the rule of law !

    • Greg Hunter

      I worked at two networks and I can tell you that the news media is functioning like a propaganda machine. They will not cover huge stories such as the FBI and DOJ using phony research paid for by the DNC and Hillary Clinton to fraudulently apply for FISA warrants to start a phony counter terrorism frame job on Trump. They had to make it up!!!! This is a fact and the MSM will not report it. This makes Watergate look like a squirt gun fight. Missing a story this big is “too stupid to be stupid.” I think that Dr. PCR has good reason to say what he is saying. This is NOT hate it is a premise and facts you do not agree with.

      • Donald

        “I worked at two networks and I can tell you that the news media is functioning like a propaganda machine.”

        This is worse than a propaganda machine. Joseph Goebbels the great master of propaganda would blush at what is going on. The propaganda is so bad its past embarrassing. Its into the realm of bizarre, surreal, psychopathic, totally disconnected from reality and so on.

      • Walter Baumgarten


        Another great interview as usual, thank you. It is sometimes easy to forget that Al Capone had far more friends than Elliot Ness and likewise the mainstream propaganda outlets have many who work for or otherwise profit from them as well. It is not too hard to accept and deal with this reality but what IS difficult to handle, at least for me, is dealing with so many people whose intelligence levels are so low that they are actually fooled by a smiling face and gentle words on the magic Tube of Boob. That is sad, so very sad and it makes it so hard to follow the example of our Savior, doesn’t it? There is no cure for stupid, is there? How people cannot understand that everything that is printed or broadcast in media is scripted and edited and that Big Money always buys it’s way is beyond me. Only the small and independents like yourself can put out ideas, concepts and facts that we out here can sort out for ourselves. Of course the low intellect types do not have such abilities and that will always be the reason that they will search out some happy face to tell them what to think. It is desperately sad, but simply the way it is.

      • JG

        the various false news institutions are great Americans and your site is a bastion of hate. This woman is no doubt a troll for the Marxist Left.

      • Bobbie

        Great work, Greg. Please keep it up.

    • Chip2

      Gina, you worry too much! Just because a bunch of treasonous criminals would go to solitary for a few months doesn’t mean your life would come to and end, too.

      With some retraining, you could equip yourself for a brand new career in dog grooming, or something equally demanding, but without the pitfalls inherent in communication. It would get you up early and help set patterns of behavior where you could finally tackle personal hygiene and other elusive challenges. We all want you to succeed here and become a productive member of our great nation. There is a place for you. Don’t underestimate your potential, Gina! We know you can persevere and come out on top. Keep believing in yourself.

      • Frederick

        Chip You give Gina WAY too much credit Dog grooming Not sure she has the aptitude for that

      • jay logo

        Greg it Right. I have a relative working as a reporter for NBC and I am told similar things Greg said. I was told many times her stories are so heavily edited to achieve government requirements that they dont resemble what she wrote. She does not like the dishonest reporting but it is a job. So yes many employees become complicit in the FRAUD.

    • Frederick

      “Fine American zinstitutions” Looks like Gina’s been partaking of legal marijuana lately

    • Jallen

      Greg and Dr Roberts and Watchdogs + Gina,
      A gold backed Petro Yuan will kill the Petro Dollar and that in turn will destroy the Fiat dollar!
      Wake up America and World, The Federal Reserve is totally illegal as its charter has expired.
      It is the Cancer that destroys your wealth through inflation.
      Americans wake up; Russia, China and other countries are onto the Feds game and are accumulating gold and are grouping together to replace the FIAT DOLLAR WITH the GOLD backed Petro Yuan.
      Greg and Watchdogs; what will you do if you wake up one morning and the dollar is all but worthless? How honest is the Stock Market, how about the Bond Market and the Gold Market etc???
      How about the interest the bank pays you for deposits? What will you do if your credit card doesn’t work??? THE WHOLE SYSTEM IS CORRUPT!!!!
      This whole house of cards all but came down in 2008! With Tax and Spend Democrats and let’s go to WAR NEOCONS the currency is all but history.
      If you don’t believe me answer this; What did a 2000 sq ft house cost in 1997 (Around $160,000) and what is it worth today 2018 ( Around $360,000).
      Think about this; you are paying for the $360,000 house in cash, you know, fives, tens, fifties and hundreds, maybe then you will realize what the Federal Reserve has done to our currency!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Wake up, Gina you don’t have a clue and it is sad, so sad!!!
      Keep voting Democrat until they get all your money……
      Oh yea Gina, make sure you donate your money to the Clinton foundation!

      • Frederick

        I get your point but there are lots of great older homes available in the 100 to 200 thousand range Just need alittle elbow grease When I bought my first house it was a tear down in a good location Two years later it was a gem I bought it for 55k in 1980 and sold it for 175k in 1982

      • jimha

        A $160,000 house now worth $360,000. LOL. Try looking up Vancouver house price increases.

        • Frederick

          I couldn’t care less about Vancouver house prices as I’m NOT interested in living in Canada WHATESOEVER

      • jimha

        Here is the insanity.


      • Beau

        No the Federal reserve is not the greatest con job ever…the Vatican is…!

      • JG

        If the videos that show Robert David Steele haven’t been removed yet, you will find he has Factual info regarding President Trump, the Federal Reserve, his contact with what’s coming, and the dollar. I agree with you. Think. He intends to reset it equal to the yuan as a gold-backed dollar. He is working with China and Russia concerning the Silk Road, and equality for all people of the globe. I want to see everyone mislabeled as an elite to be jailed and jailed and jailed. We the American people have been suppressed for far too long.

    • Tad

      (1) What have you been smoking?
      (2) You might need a CAT (cat) scan.

      • JG

        aha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa good reply to the Marxist Leftie named Gina.

    • Prophet

      Really Gina ????????????????????????????????????? Fine institutions???????. These media outlets you speak of so honorably are nothing more than propaganda machines for the leftist democrats…..They report NOTHING positive of this president , even though he himself by the way of a pen has turned this country around economically…There is no goodness in these media outlets you speak of, they spew nothing but hate and contempt..Furthermore if you cant see that their goal is to overthrow this president, you are truly blind or just unhappy hillary couldnt weasel her way into power….WHY ARE YOU HERE ?

    • Paul Anthony

      Yeah really! They’d throw you or me In jail for a lot less

    • Donald

      “A bastion of hate and contempt for goodness and the rule of law !”

      Gina – Its almost stunning how anyone could be so dumb. You would be a perfect candidate for psychologists to analyze to learn how people like you come to the conclusions you do. I am sure CNN is gospel to you. I also assume you must be a psychopath?? As they say, birds of a feather flock together. I have seen this time and again on forums – the exact same form of argument only used by narcissistic psychopaths – and they always band together to reinforce their narcissistic cravings….

      • Frederick

        Sometimes I think Gina is just a bit sent here to create controversy and confuse the narrative We really need to pity and/or ignore that

        • Frederick

          Should be “ bot” not “ bit “ above

    • al

      Way overblown Gina, take a chill pill. No one is going to jail, although they are in contempt of liberty and should hang in my opinion but they will just be ignored away until they whither and die.
      As it is no one I know cares what the fake news has to say.

    • Ken Lee

      These media PCR calls out won’t define what ‘hate’ is. They will only name those guilty of it and penalize them. No one is fooled by this approach. We all grew up with the ‘what’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine’ meme.

      Sure, these media are American institutions. So are MS-13 and the mafia.

    • Rodster

      Funny Gina, as I recall and Greg could probably find your comments. You threatened us all with jail time once Hitlery was voted into power.

    • The Ogs

      Gina – I know; it’s the inconvenient truth vs. the comfortable lies. Can be a bit of a shock to the system!
      But EVERYTHING Dr. PCR says is true.
      Can you find fault with any little tiny thing (anything) he explains?
      Greg and I cannot…

    • Silver bullet

      Gina M Mancarella, i am sure your name is an anagram for all things bad.
      You are an obvious stooge of the wrong side of things and should also be included in the list of traitors !!!

    • Marc Usted

      “Fine American institutions”!!! What planet do you live on? The American MSM has been shown to be completely corrupt and unacceptable. Badly needs reform.

    • Millis

      “for all “te” (the) employees of these fine American institutions….”

      Your response speaks volume about your deeply uninformed mind. If you believe Facebook, YouTube, WA Post,(etc.etc.) are all “fine American institutions” then you’ve been inhabiting a cave for far too long.
      ALL of these systems, including NPR, are all in the hands of private capital. And American capitalists have two primary purposes: it’s called $$$ profit AND political power.
      It would be highly recommended that you listen to the honest economist, Dr. Michael Hudson, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and when RT’s Max Keiser, (another economist) reveals how these “fine American institutions” are destroying America.
      You might also expand your knowledge in studying *how* the American people have turned into mentally deficit, and academically-challenged folks; people unable to compose even ONE well-composed paragraph, OR even one sentence that doesn’t sound like a teenager might have composed.

    • soimhere

      Gina, others think that you are serious. But I know you are just sarcastic.

    • Tin foil hat

      Gina M Mancarella,
      I don’t know why you are pretending civility, goodness and rule of law still exist in this once great nation.
      You and I both know what will happen the moment the checks stop coming. We will not be working together to get over the next economic crisis. The line has been drawn, we will be killing each other. The only difference between us is that I’ll walk into it with my eyes wild open while you sleep walk into it in your pajama.

    • jack

      you are an idiot

    • e

      Gina— People in Florida ADMIT to being involved in attempt to assassinate Venezuela’s President…
      .and MSM narrative is that it was FAKED? You live in an illusion and suffer Trump derangement syndrome – both can be cured and so keep listening Gina…and consider it an intervention….! Does Trump – protestant backed Christian meeting with Putin – a Greek orthodox Christian nation concern you? Likely it does the pedophiles and satanic bend radicals of the ‘establish’ and the godless Marxists. Am sure they also are salivating on the thought of the mountain of gold Russia has been buying over the years. Let’s hope Trump is true to his word and can keep us OUT OF WAR with not only Russia, but Venezuela, and can pull us out of the M.E. bring our sons and daughters home…and let the globalist banker warmongers to fight it out themselves.
      As for the pedophile problem… the statement is here is about right — Hillary and Bill have the darnedest luck…every time a new one pops up on the radar…they just happen to be her friends…imagine that ! lol
      1 https://youtu.be/oyYzz-emxuc
      2 https://youtu.be/Zakx-ef2OeY
      Sadly….Gina….you have not seen it all …not nearly as the indictments and resignations and asset forfeitures proceed over the next few months as Wayne Jett concurs with what Dr. Janda offered and as Potus Trump’s moves forward with the re-dress of decades of corruption and the mis-dealing of the shareholders of the Fed. Reserve Bank. along with their conmplicity in child, drug, and organ trafficking!
      1 https://youtu.be/cH-iHWuJJow
      2 https://youtu.be/PAM1J6uDc6c
      3 https://youtu.be/brcGcAD4z6M
      As for ‘taking a knee’ … MANY SHOULD…AND ASK FOR FORGIVENESS!

    • Tim McGraw

      How many question marks do you need, Gina?
      I have “seen it all”, as you say. I saw JFK, MLK Jr. , and RFK get their heads blown off for doing what Trump is trying to do. The elites who run this country will do anything to keep us all down.
      And, Gina, I haven’t see the “rule of law” in the USA for a long long time.

    • Season341

      Gina, your response is an excellent example of “projection”, i.e., pointing a scornful finger of blame at someone, or an institution, with three pointing back at yourself in an effort to deflect attention from those who are actually committing the very deed(s) against which you rage in an attempt to cover for those whom you wish to promote or protect. Projection may work on those who are unaware of being manipulated by this defense mechanism, but it won’t work for those who are aware because it is being so overworked these days by the left. Collude with Russia (Uranium 1 & HRC’s dossier purchase) then accuse your opposition of colluding with Russia! Commit election fraud (encouraging illegal aliens to vote) then accuse your opposition of election fraud! Broadcast fake news then, when exposed for doing so, feign that the exposure of such reporting is fake news! The list grows daily with those on the left becoming quite adept at using projection, along with those of denial and rationalization, to the point of their becoming humorous. Neither Greg or PCR are being “hateful” or contemptuous when defining treasonous and seditious behaviors of those they cite. Did you actually listen to the report? If not, begin at minute 13 to understand “why” these people/institutions must be held accountable. Very serious laws have been broken.

    • Michael

      Gina you are twisted. There was no threat made. He simply said IF I was… I would…
      That is not a threat. It is simply stating where he lines up on the issue. But go right ahead, and do the leftist thing and twist his words to meet your own narrative. That is ridiculous double speak. You equate these lying scum with “goodness and rule of law” you are not only twisted, but pathetic.

    • Millis

      “Gina” can’t really be as naive as she expresses.
      You’d have to be someone living in the wild forests of Borneo, or living up in the Northern Climes of Canada to actually view these tech criminals as anything less than thieves and criminals against the American people.

      What planet has she been living on, anyway?

    • remotezen

      How do you define hate and contempt?

  2. Anthony Australia

    Awesome interview. Thanks Greg! PCR you rock.

    Midterms are looking good for the Republicans or should I say the independent Trump 🙂


    • Mickey

      I will add that I personally know someone who was with WSJ years ago and had advanced up the chain there until he was told what to write-not the subject but what was in the article.

      He left at the prime of his career.

      • Anthony Australia

        He sounds like a real man of integrity.

        People who become something generally suck up and sell their soul for the positions and money. Morals mean nothing anymore, I mean look at the TV from the 50’s and now, utterly disgraceful and no I’m not old at all, just awake.

        Our biggest sell out here was once a voice for reason.

  3. Alexander Petrov

    I think there is more to it than Russia.

    These people have many crimes that need the Bush/Clinton/Obama collusion to keep buried.

    With Trump in power they are vulnerable. He is not omnipotent. The way I see it is there are three possible forces keeping him contained:

    1) Impeachment potential – until enough scumbags can be elected or embarrassed out of Congress, Trump cannot move huge. Many of them, including Republicans, are compromised, blackmailed by the true power behind the throne, and will be drained themselves at some point. If Trump pulls the swamp plug too soon they will attack him in self defense. The midterm election may change the balance of power, or we may have to wait until his second term, for the following Presidential Election or the subsequent midterms there.

    2) The true powers that run the U.S. military world may simply have told him not to touch certain things or they’ll just vaporize Trump Tower like they did with the the World Trade Center. “You be a good little President and nobody will get hurt”.

    3) He may simply be doing things the slow and methodical way. Firing Meuller or Sessions would cause such an uproar he’s just going to wait for their efforts to die, fruitless, on the vine.

    • Frederick

      Alexander We here on USA Watchdog have known since the very beginning that this Russia thing is a great big Nothing burger the DNC are using to try to deflect reality

    • William Stanley

      Alexander: Hi!
      You’ve made some interesting points. No matter how this all started, Russia is only part of this now. Now many more of us know the false-flag-nature of 9/11 attack. Now we have experienced a series of disastrous and immoral wars. Now we have the de-cloaking of the security state and its wholly-owned MSM media. Now we have evidence of widespread pedophilia in high places as a blackmail tool of the Deep State. Now we have much larger national debt and unfunded liabilities. Now we have the hollowing out of US manufacturing (which was partly done despite knowledge of its consequences for American society). Etc. Etc.
      The Russia narrative is now more of a defensive ploy of the Deep State than a foreign policy designed to serve certain economic interests and the interests of a certain foreign powers that have massive political influence in the US. Now we know of widespread treason and sedition. Now we have the Great Awakening and a much more intensive fight to control the narrative.
      This has now has morphed into low-intensity civil wars in many countries, including the US (with international involvement here and everywhere). It’s the fascist New World Order against the peoples of the world. It has life and death consequences for all sides. Indeed, its consequences are civilizational. Russia is far more than an important diversion in all of this; however, the focus (in America, at least) should now be on the sedition and treason against America by Americans.

      • This Sceptred Isle

        The genocide in Indonesia claimed 400, 000 – 3,000 000 victims. Communists and potential sympathisers were targeted by the globalists resulting in Suharto’s authoritarian rule. If communism = globalism why did this happen? I think the truth is more complex than this and that globalists will use whatever tools are available to promote their agenda.

        • Greg Hunter

          Hey TSI,
          The globalists are the communists/Marxists.

      • Greg Hunter

        Why don’t you spend some time criticizing the UK. There is plenty there. The America bashing gets a little tired from a guy living in a country with corrupt royalty and a corrupt parliament.

    • Rodster

      The military industrial complex needs a boogeyman to justify their $1 trillion dollar budget. So Putin as PCR has said many times is an easy target because they do have an actual army with advanced weapons systems.

      • Frederick

        Attacking Russia is insanity pure and simple Even without nuclear weapons in the equation did these idiots that call themselves neocons ie Bolton, MCCain, Bolt not learn from history You cannot win a war with Russia Nuclear or conventional Move Along deep state Get a hobby or something

  4. Oracle 911

    For closing down the truth tellers the neocons/elites will pay dearly, and whoever gave them this “great” idea is an evil genius and the neocons and their goons are the idiots.

    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

    • Oracle 911

      And as addition a pro tip:
      Prepare a backup video service where you upload your videos, and perhaps a backup site will be also handy.

  5. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr Roberts,whilst fascinating it is also somewhat sobering to see the evil of war being laid out before us all,so that a few wealthy may hide their money and think they can survive a nuclear attack.We “deplorables”are mere cannon fodder and fertiliser for the elite.

  6. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Wow! What a brilliant interview with Dr Paul Craig Roberts. His ability to marshal the relevant facts and succinctly present a case is unrivalled. Thank you so much for disseminating PCR’s truth AND his very sober warning about the risks of raising tensions between the U.S. and Russia. For all of President Trump’s perceived failings, one can only hope (and pray if you are so inclined – my wife prays for him every day) that he can and will defeat the elitist forces of evil corrupting this beautiful planet.

  7. Jason

    I think that Trump might use the Russia interference narrative to fix the decades old election fraud problem in time for the midterms.

    • eddiemd

      Paper ballots only.

      I was working in Miami in 2000/2001 when they had the “hanging chad” problems which led to Bush winning Florida and the election over Gore. I beleive that this was a key event that led to the push for computerized voting. The PTB and democrats did not want this to occur again.

      It is the counter of the votes who decides the elections now. No paper trails to worry about.

      No small wonder that Trump won. He was up against tremendous forces and yet here we are. Certainly an argument for Divine intervention.

      I beleive we have a window of repentance at the moment. The wrath of God will be revealed against all unrightousness.

      We can see the end time players lining up. Turkey, Russia, Iran under crippling sanctions; three countries in the scenario of the end time. The army of 200.000.000 from the east known as China.

      Repentance and Baptism in the Holy Ghost. The solutions. Your head will be required at some point. Be prepared to face this reality.

      • eddiemd

        One other point.

        The use of Wikipedia. This website is utilized by Google search engines and always appears in the top 5-10 results. A large majority of junior and high school students use Wiki as their go to primary information source. Wiki is used as a thought shaping/disinformation site manipulated by intelligence agencies and other bad actors.

        It is no small wonder that younger people raised on the Web are dumbed down and misinformed. Add in teachers with a social and political agenda and we can see the results.

        • Frederick

          I can’t use Wikipedia as it is banned where I live Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise

  8. Madi

    Wow Greg, as always great interview with intelligent inform guest .
    Orwell 1984: “Thé miniteryof truth was both the propaganda arm and the intel agency that tortured people”.
    War is peace
    Ignorance is strength
    Evil is God
    Freedom is slavery
    Legal Immigration is racist
    So we continue to have endless war, phony investigation, fake news. Alex Jones should be able to speak his mind…but the rule for radical is apply to protect those who are involved in crime against children and their family . Alex Jones is loud and against pedophilia. Recently he had :#Walkaway guest : Ex Democrat , Gay hairstylist .

  9. Roger D

    Awesome interview. Thank you Greg and Dr. Roberts.

    For those who like numbers, here is some math. Remember when FedGov broke up the massive Bell System? Ma Bell had reached $150 billion. Google is already at $3/4 trillion, 5X larger than the Bell System.

    I agree with Dr. Roberts except on one point. I oppose any ‘nationalization’. Break them up, just like they did with the Bell System.

  10. Dr. Don

    Does Dr. Roberts see a War against commodities by the US Treasury using HFT & no Uptick Rule? Thank you.

  11. Jerry

    The deep state is fighting back against the independent media by passing new legislation to shut them down.

    The mistake Alex Jones made was announcing the deep states intention to implement Rex87. The very same day I documented troop movements inside the United States my email account was hacked and my phone was tapped. How much of this crap are we supposed to take Greg? This is NOT the country my family fought for. I feel like Joseph Stalin is running our government. If Donald Trump doesn’t begin the prosecutions soon, there may not be a country left to save. Q is either a government insider or a deep state operative being used to flush out patriots for a Rex87 roundup. Let’s pray it’s the former.

  12. Jerry

    This is not going to end well for the petrodollar.

    Petroyuan contracts are spiking every month. At some point it has to cut the bottom out from underneath the petrodollar.

  13. Robert Dziok

    Here are a couple of brief points not brought out in the discussion that have developed/evolved over the past few years:
    With regard to the Trump Administration there are currently over 45,000 sealed indictments since October 2017. Some are starting to be opened as mentioned by Greg’s guests as well as others such as X22 Report/Spotlight ‘s recent interview with Dr. Jim Willie. California ( not surprisingly ) far exceeds and is number one in number of sealed indictments. Trump’s 12/21/17 Executive Order targets human ( particularly child ) trafficking AND corruption. It states this is a national emergency and allows for use of US military worldwide. It also allows for seizure of assets of such individuals identified/targeted under it. The US Treasury has compiled an 1100 page document with 3 columns per page of individuals , etc. subject to seizure. In March 2018 Trump had executive order allowing military tribunals . In June 2018 DOJ added over 300 additional prosecutors. Still think Trump is under someone’s thumb? As “Q” often points out “Trust the Plan”. This is the plan actually going on behind the scene by Trump, Trump Administration, Sessions, DOJ, etc. while giving the “Deep State” the false sense of control on their part as to what is going on now. “Q” also points out we have all the servers (meaning ones not thought to be had ). Dave at X22 report often pulls together and makes meaningful Q Twitter “statements”. Sean Hannity on his show will at times say emphatically TicToc Tic Toc then say something BIG is coming that will blow everything out of the water when a guest, for example, is upset on something such as the scope/legality of the Mueller “Investigation”. All this makes known a lot is going on in reality behind the scenes by Trump, etc. to set the stage legally with ample evidence and prepare Americans for the revelations to come which will be hard for many to accept. The “Deep State” becomes more Desperate/Panicked by the day as evidenced by their recent efforts to shut down the TRUTH by the REAL journalistic mediums such as INFOWARS by using their MSM puppets Google, Twitter. Facebook, YouTube, etc. to unjustly/illegally simultaneously ban from their platforms.
    The second point has to do with the end of the Reign of “King Dollar”. The US Dollar is on the way out as world “Reserve Currency”. US use of “sanctions” will become meaningless along with it. We see this already with the EU passing laws to bypass current US sanctions on Iran. The “Reset” has already begun as Dr. Jim Willie (GoldenJackass.com) often now points out in some of his interviews he gives with various hosts. How can this Reset already have started you ask? Over the past few years the world ( East in particular ) has set up trade/payment platforms/systems outside use of the US dollar (e.g. BRICS, AIIB, SCO, CIPS, BRI). China is the lead in setting up the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) that involves some 6 to 8 TRILLION in trade/construction that will NOT use the US dollar and the US is not even a part of. This trade route will extend from China to Europe. China, Russia, India, etc. accumulate massive amounts of gold/silver while dumping US Treasuries via various means ( e,g, construction of Russia/China oil pipeline). China built win/win trade relationships with nations while the US built win/lose trade relationships with nations via “gun boat” diplomacy. The “petrodollar” was set up in 1971 after the US reneged (defaulted) on payment in gold for US dollars as promised after being made World Reserve Currency after WWII. The US promised Saudi Arabia protection provided they require oil payment in US Dollars. The Iraq war and it’s destruction by the US/West was because Iraq wanted oil payment in euros. Libya was destroyed by Obama/Clinton because Libya wanted a gold backed Dinar for all of Africa. Obama/Clinton created ISIS via the CIA as a proxy army in Syria to gain control of their oil/gas reserves and routing to/for Western Europe. Yemen’s oil reserves were also wanted. The Neocon US/West intent was to gain control of all the Middle East along with Iran. That has all failed and the US/West are now on the way out as such. “Gun Boat” diplomacy resulted in failure and millions of lives lost and displaced from the region. The World became SICK of US/West wars to prop up and force use of King Dollar ( Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen,Ukraine, Afghanistan, etc.). The result was the East ( some 60 percent of world GDP ) developing their own trade/payment systems outside the West’s (e.g. SWIFT). Russia/China oil trade is in their own currencies and not the US Dollar. China has an oil futures platform payable in Yuan. Iran no longer uses the dollar. Russia is phasing out use of the dollar. Venezuela no longer uses the dollar. Countries in the East are setting up barter trade not using the dollar. The Big players buy hard assets like gold/silver while the people are told/convinced/conned to chase soon to be useless fiat/paper assets like stocks/bonds. Things are so bad at the “FED” they have been “printing” US dollars at almost zero percent interest to buy US Debt (US Treasuries) via various schemes since few nations really want them. They’re so desperate now they just started allowing US citizens to buy them as a last ditch effort to prop them up. Best to buy hard assets like gold/silver to weather the financial storm that will sooner rather than later be upon us it seems.

    • Twox2

      The shot heard “round” the world would be an indictment of Robert Mueller. Is there any scuttlebut about him being caught up in the coming sweep?

      • Robert Dziok

        Mueller is involved with Uranium One so I tend to think he would have to be involved in the coming sweep. However, deals are often cut to get testimony to get higher ups such as Rothschilds/Rockefellers. Clintons, Obama, Soros etc. are mid level lackeys to the top Globalists and to rid the world of such travesties as Human/Child trafficking requires getting those at the top or else it will only come back. Also, if they don’t get those at the top now they will likely come back at them as well as their families with a vengeance.

    • Frederick

      Good points but WAY too long Nobody will take the time to read it brother

      • Robert Dziok

        Too long? Try doing the work to dig into the background of these issues! If someone is not interested in reading it because of it’s “length” then I wonder if they have ever read a novel to completion or followed an analytical train of thought. What is REALLY going on is not summed up in a few sentences and there are even a few sentences more I forgot to include in it.

        • Frederick

          Whatever Bobby It’s still too FREAKING long

          • This Sceptred Isle

            Frederick. To the point as usual!

            • Robert Dziok

              “To the point as usual”? Did you bother to read and comprehend my 8/10/18 reply to eddiemd on paragraphs since your post is 8/11/18? Seems to me the issue of layout was not “length” but paragraph use due to an oversight in spacing so Frederick missed the point and eddiemd did not!

      • Dan

        I DID – Excellent Robert!

    • AndrewB

      Great summary of recent events proving the ‘reset’ and ‘great awakening’ are in progress. Well said!

    • eddiemd

      Use paragraphs. Otherwise it won’t be read.

      • Robert Dziok

        I meant to indent for a second paragraph where I start on my second point/issue. It was about 3:00 AM in the morning when I did this and I was a bit tired but wanted to get it submitted as soon as possible so most could see the related issues. I proof read for spelling before submitting but did not catch that spacing error until I submitted. The content is the main thing though and I hope the layout of it is not too bad. I intended two longer paragraphs with one for each or the two points/issues. Aside from that I did not give additional thought to layout and felt that would suffice as my priority was content and I forgot a couple of minor things as it was.

  14. G Man

    It is unfortunate how we allowed and assisted with the tech growth, twitter, facebook, snapchat, google, amazon, microsoft, apple..and so on. These companies have too much power! They have unlimited resources to lobby the government to get laws passed or removed to suit their needs. The biggest question we should ask is, Who actually controls these companies? Too much power in the hands of too few people! The best way to defeat any enemy is to know what their next move is. Any group or person can be monitored 24 7. These companies and their associates have the power over life or death. Do not underestimate their dark desires. As far as monopolies go, wow have they grown over the years. Just look at Amazon, now they want food distribution, and the funny thing is, our youth is so lazy that they will allow them to take control of that too…Our young folks are headed toward living in a world totally controlled by the greedy, power hungry lerkers behind the scenes. The funny thing is, if they allow it to happen, they deserve it!! Stop using the tech and it dies. Get back to a more simple life…2 cents.

    • Redoubt Guy

      Amen to getting back to a simple life. I moved to rural PNW. No cell phone, all children homeschooled, folks grow or raise your own food, Christ still rules the valley, if you are pulled off to the side of the road in winter every neighbor will stop to see if you need help. Yes, large pockets of real America still exist. They enjoy a good life today while they are preparing for the eventual break-up of this fallen nation.

      Incidentally, we built as much of our homestead with our own hands. Some work (clearing, excavation, gravel, roof etc.) had to be hired out. I can tell you for a fact that folks who understand silver will work for silver.

  15. Forearmed

    When something has become as ubiquitous as the internet for the citizens of the United States, I have continually called for Nationalization through Anti Trust suits against them. At the very least the internet should be thought of as a Public Utility. Why take away the rights of the owners of those Tech companies? Because they can no longer be trusted to serve humanity when those owners are left leaning Ideologues who believe they know best. Community guide lines my rear end. That is just the excuse they use to placate the ignorant. Pulling this just before an important election is criminal, as the tech companies are doing exactly what the DOJ is trying to prove about the Russian Collusion.

  16. K in Maryland

    Excellent interview! I love PCR’s straight forward, simple explanations of these events : The ongoing coups attempt, the drive for war to keep funding/profits, gold price manipulation to make dollar look healthy, international central bank collusion to keep currencies looking normal vs. each other, Fed buying up it’s own debt/bonds when smart countries dump the worthless/printed trash… wow, this is all the equivalent to a GRADUATE DEGREE IN TRUTH in 45 mins! PCR is AWESOME!

  17. DanT

    In reality, I think the fight is not against Trump but the public that elected him. The same as the fight is not against the alternative media but an educated public. Why is there not a massive, visible for all to see fight against this? Because it is all too far gone, there is no fight because the fight is already lost. We will see worse by degrees until the next crisis hits then much larger infractions will be imposed and the public will make not a peep. Impossible? What happened after 9-11? 08? The only hope is that after the complete collapse of the current empire (every empire ends) a new nation is rebuilt with the constitution FIRMLY in place

  18. Frederick

    I agree with Dr Roberts ALL these traitors need to be arrested and tried

  19. dan

    Dr. Robert’s is worth listening to, unlike some of the shysters you keep bringing back to hawk their wares and give their imbecilic forecasts which are proven over time to be worthless.

    And by the way, I disagree with the way you have titled this interview, “Elite Closing Down Truth TELLERS”, because I don’t believe for a minute that Alex Jones is pure as the driven snow, anymore then I believe YOU are, or for that matter, that I am. Jones is part PT Barnum, and “perhaps”, part Edward R Murrow. But he’s far from perfect.

    The issue is NOT about Alex Jones, as Dr. Roberts said. The issue is about the CRIMINAL OLIGARCHY which operates this country continuing its attack on OUR constitutional rights, including the BILL OF RIGHTS.

    If you think “FREE SPEECH” is important, how about the judicial system in this country ? Or in AUSTRALIA ? https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/international-news/australia-oceania/australia-adopts-presumption-of-guilt-denying-any-presumption-of-innocence-rejecting-all-principles-of-a-free-society/

    You can see very clearly what their plans are for all of us that “get out of line”.

    God help us all.

  20. Tad

    I would have liked him to describe a scenario where most nations stopped trade with the US and watch the dollar fallout. Most countries have other trade options with some exceptions. Their Treasury holdings would be worthless, assuming any market liquidity existed for a time until total collapse.

    As mentioned, the Fed or ESF would step up to purchase the securities. A concerted, international effort would probably let a dead dog be. A nice theory with some potential applications.

    I’m reminded of the Rob Kirby conversations and the elite’s interest for hoarding gold.

    Articles out there describe mining shares at an industry low or waiting to break out.
    With the premiums they must be charging; the long wait list and tight supplies, you wouldn’t think profitability is questioned. Most precious metals producers must be running at full bore to accommodate demand.

  21. andyb

    Greg: PCR is one of my favorites,along with Janda, Holter, and Kirby. Two points on the interview.
    l. In order for the MIC to survive, there must be a declared enemy. When the USSR fell, and the Cold War ended, up popped Al Queda. What a marvelous happenstance! Thus continued the global weapons sales and the money therefrom to ensure all of the 535 retire as millionaires. Now that the creation of AlQ and its various offshoots has been exposed as a CIA/Mossad psyop, Russia-gate fits the bill as the latest boogeyman. When this dies a natural death, I suppose there will be the false flag space alien invasion of creatures hoping to “serve man” (h/t Twilight Zone”).
    2. While it is true that the PM manipulation can go on forever, there are signs that it may be coming to an end. But it will be based on what happens to the supply of silver, rather than connected to gold. There is a definite shortage of available silver. Local coin dealers are out of many items and are not being timely supplied by the various mints. The mining production of silver, especially from base metal mining, has fallen off a cliff. 2/3 of all silver product is from this source. Meanwhile, India and China are absorbing a vast amount of silver production. Soon there should be an announced sizable silver delivery default. This is what will cause silver to rise dramatically, which in turn will push gold prices much higher.

  22. Diane

    Gina M. Mancarella…..
    You’re the best joke I’ve read today.

  23. Sylvia Sterling

    This person named GINA certainly is not a truth seeker. In fact, she doesn’t recognize truth when she hears it.
    Loved the interview. P.C. Roberts is practically an institution. By the way, I didn’t hear one single word of ‘hate and contempt for the rule of law’

  24. Paul Anthony

    Trump is kicking ass and rocking the world. I believe God to be fully involved in what is going on. Fear not!

  25. Diane

    Thank you for telling us the truth Paul and Greg. You guys are KINGS!
    I love this interview today.

  26. Donald

    “they should be arrested. . . . They are part of a plot. They are engaged in high treason against the government of the United States. If I was the Attorney General, I would have all of them arrested and put in solitary confinement awaiting trial. That’s where they belong. That’s where Google belongs along with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Spotify, The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC and NPR. They are all involved in a plot to overthrow the President. So, they would all be arrested and put in jail. . . . Why aren’t they? Well, Trump just doesn’t have the power.”

    Things will be rapidly changing in the probably near future. ALL of these people that are part of this disgusting global cabal to corrupt everything in the world will soon be taken out.

  27. Ken

    Greg, your interview brings home the main point in this whole political mess. Get rid of Trump by any means possible! Both the democrat party and the never Trumpers in the republican party can’t figure out that Trump actually leads a third party. In my opinion all of the Ross Perot, Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul supporters found their man in Trump.
    When Perot dropped out of his campaign and then got back in he killed of any chance of a third party competing for the POTUS for 50 years. I was a founding member of united we stand and still have my card.
    Trump recognized a opportune moment to take over the republican party with the independent voters. When he was on the campaign trail you could hear Perot, Buchanan and Paul in his speeches. Steve Bannon was a master at helping Trump harnessing the independents.

    Just my 2 cents

    • Arthur Barnes

      Ken, your two cents was astute. I too believe the Trump real hardcore supporters are, in fact, a type of independent third party vote, I know I was and am. I also believe the “movement” is growing and this is why the “deep state” is out to get Trump at all cost. Thank you for your comment, it was a good one. a b

  28. Paul Craig Roberts

    I am amazed that Gina does not comprehend that it is only the executives who decided to be part of the plot to overthrow the President who would be arrested and put on trial.

    • Donald

      “I am amazed that Gina does not comprehend”

      You cannot compare this kind of person to those that are normal. This kind of person has zero interest in truth. In fact, this kind of person actually hates truth. They seem to have a “sixth sense”-like ability that automatically gives them a bad feeling when they face truth. This is because their whole existence revolves around deceiving others. There is nothing more they like to do than to get you to believe their lies. Why? because they need to control you – to be a “god” in their mind – a key element of a narcissist. What is amazing is that there are so many people like this out there. And time and again in history, when such ones became too many, disaster always follows.

  29. DerStan

    Yes they are, and it will continue to get worse… The truth is there are not enough people who understand or care about knowing the truth. What can you do to change things? Nothing. Voting is an absolute waste of time and just keeps you disappointed in the outcome. Your best option is to prepare to be as self sufficient as you can, so you can provide for your family. The most important part, RELAX and ENJOY life! Nothing is going to change and it will only get worse from here out no matter who wins office. If you understand Math you know this no matter who is elected or what they promise to do. Turn off the MSM propaganda, avoid political conversations at all cost, and enjoy the people in your life regardless of their politics or beliefs. My college kids are now pure liberal communist, I still love them! They can’t change anything either so who they vote for or what they believe is unimportant and not worth argument or hurt feelings. Yes I have no hope for change so instead I look for happiness today and that is a better way to live….

  30. al

    Anytime a company gets so big it’s automatically part of the Deep State promoting propaganda. Tech firms are the new NAZI, the 4th Reich! Absolutely they should be broken up and made in to utilities.
    The Enemy Media should also be broken up so that a few corporations do not own all the media.
    Absolute control corrupts absolutely!
    Dr. Roberts is 100% correct!

  31. FreeOregon

    The Deep State’s Iron Curtain is falling across America.

  32. paul ...

    The warmongering elites are “crazy psychopaths” who need nuclear weapons for protection … because they are fearful of “normal people” with guns … fearful of “normal people” who speak the truth … fearful of “normal people” who believe in the law and justice … etc. … etc. … now since the elites are not fearful of “other psychopaths” … we “normal people” (in order to make the world a safer place) should all strive “not to fear not” … but to become more fearful (just like the warmongering psychopaths) … and thus achieve the ideal New World Order (a world where we can all live safely in fear) !!

  33. John Smith

    Talkng about the so called ‘elite”. Those who tolerate the most ignominous racism when it’s directed against white people.

    Here is the email address of the the New York Times new hire, the anti white far left ultra racist Sarah Jeong :

    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    Here is a website that pretend to be her as well: https://sarahjeong.net/

    Don’t hesitate to let her know what the people think about her racist slur.

  34. Bill MOULYN

    Hello Greg
    I am reading 1984. The motto of Big Brother is:
    “War is Peace
    Freedom is slavery
    Ignorance is Strength”

    Thank You

  35. James C Davis

    Greg Get a real job. Dare you to post this.

    • James C Davis

      I listen to the News. Yet I find none… (Not even one) willing to post or seek the truth. We live under oligarchy rule in a cover on Democracy / Republicracy… Same thing. All of this stuff don’t matter if we seek money at the end of the game. At some point we MUST think , and DO what is good for our world. Not just the city/ country/ country/ …. The world. Then and only then will one be worthy on being Media.

    • Greg Hunter

      I have a real job and what you are posting we all agree on.

      • James C Davis

        You ant broke a sweat in 30 years doing real work. oh maybe in the corn field sitting .
        No one wants to work. Just move money around. At 57 I slept 9 hours solid last night. I am still tired from real working.

  36. Deanna Johnston Clark

    More people than ever will listen to Alex now!!!! He made the right enemies and they martyred his show.
    With his rants about banks and such, I figured him a cia controlled thrill for teenagers…sounding like the WWII vets with highballs ranting over it all in my living room 65 years ago.
    Now he’s received the crown of persecution and will get a lot more respect… what does it all mean??? We await the next chapter….
    I’m wondering if the actual first cause of this is China/Apple/google new best friends.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree. This is going to produce a huge backfire!! Amen to that. I like Jones and Infowars.com and they should not be silenced.

      • Anthony Australia

        His grassroots campaign will sure crate noise.

  37. Gloria Evangelista

    I understand more now why they are keeping gold (and silver) suppressed and why they need to keep the dollar as the reserve currency to keep all this going. Thank you for connecting all the dots in this interview!!

  38. dan Fruth

    Hi Greg,

    This is a link to a video exposing what Dave Janda was talking about…Project Hammer…The economic hit against Russia in the 1990s that came due 9-12-01


  39. Tad


    I make no claims, just passing along the article.

  40. john duffy

    Firestorm in Catholic Church!

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      The reason for the sanctuary cities and immigration is nothing so sweet and benign as to increase donations to the poor church.

  41. Marcus

    I hope and prey that the people of America see Russia as a friend, gain the knowledge to dig for the truth, If these two nations could work together we could build a new world to prosperity, the rail linkage of Europe through Russia into Northern America is a huge project to rebuild our economies, unit expanding skills working class that would then have so many contingency starting a domino affect for free energy projects.
    Trump should publicly announce to America not MACA, as this is small minded with a selfish point of view , the people of the world must come together with a new slogan , “Lets Make The World Great Again” . Paul Craig Roberts is the type of men needed to gather the many like minded men in politics….. Men like yourself been the linkage to open our minds, Greg I know we have our differences, but the connections and light you bring to the many is exceptional, hope but most of all is a passion to save this world from evil.
    Excellent interview staying on point, fantastic minds that we all need to hear,
    Thank you for this knowledge that Dr Roberts has an amazing simple way of expressing in a basic format that we all can understand …. love and peace brothers.

  42. flattop

    When Cnn had their run in with Trump and the White House press, there was a loud protest from Shepard Smith, Shawn Hannity, Greg Jarret and others at Fox News, about freedom of the press.
    Alex Jones ( who I do not listen to ) is being removed from the entire internet because of the language police, and I hear nothing from Fox News. If they do not stand for freedom of speech, there will come a day , some day, when they will be silenced also.

    • Greg Hunter

      Very good point!!

    • Arthur Barnes

      Flattop, Fox News is quickly becoming main stream media; Sheppard Smith is out to get Trump now, something sure has changed there. As to Alex Jones, he is out there to be sure, but his voice should not have been put down, free speech is about gone now. You know Flattop not airing the other side of the story is, in fact, just as bad as de facto shutting down a website or actual speech. This is what CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, WSJ, and so many others are doing, criminal conspiracy to withhold the whole story; the Muller witch is a case in point with the MSM. a b

  43. Kunga

    In the Book of Revelations, there is a second beast. Two horns, like a lamb, but the voice of a dragon. Like when Google says,Don’t be Evil. And Google perpetuates that which it appears to speak against. This second beast gets three major powers from the Satanistic world system. One power is to cause all to worship the image, icon of the first beast or be terminated. The media in all its forms, television, movies, etc. is the image of the beast. If you do not worship their propaganda, agenda, lies, you will be terminated. 2000 years ago John saw this clear as a bell.

  44. anthony bona, m.d.

    the criminal fake news media [cnn, ms13nbc, abc, cbs, nbc, ny slime, wash compost, la gang times, publiclavatory broadcasting system] must be made to register as political action commitees or some similar legal entity as arms of the dnc.

  45. Peter

    I’m for the first time agreeing with this guest. Google and Facebook are
    manipulating search results or posts in a way that discriminates against conservative viewpoints. This has been going on for years. They are monopolies that should be broken up anyhow, but they are now part of the deep state in a way.

  46. Friedrich033

    The western coalition comprises countries that are running solely on the flatulence of their leadership (Policy Wonks). In a way it is a fossil fuel; but easier to find and exploit. Parasites confronting the very real practice of eating themselves. A way for the privileged to escape the confines of ordinary people are subjected to.

  47. Douglas Jack

    Thank you Dr. Roberts & Greg Hunter for your excellent dialogue. PUPPET SHOW: Behind Trump, Clinton & the rest are certain powers not revealed. We can follow-the-money in order to find out who was providing 2016 Presidential electoral funds as well as who among the 5 families who controls the US press & supported who. Oligarchs control & fund both parties & both sides of elections. As Dr. Roberts often points out, it comes back to the US Federal-Reserve who print our money, but are leveraged by private oligarch controlling share interests. Leverage requires only significant stock-ownership to be able to impact government, political & economies including the major war-making-a-killing-economy policies. Our real human challenge goes back to our system of metal-coin ‘money’ (Greek ‘mnemosis’ = ‘memory’), which ‘exogenous’ (Latin ‘other-generated’) oligarchs imposed upon conquered ‘indigenous’ (Latin ‘self-generating’) people one after the other over the past 7000 years since Babylon. Originally for 10s of 1000s of years all indigenous humanity used a worldwide system of String-shell (eg. Wampum, Quipu & Cowrie) time-based equivalency accounting-recognition & empowerment for all domestic, industrial & commercial contributions. This system of memory empowered men & women’s work in progressive ownership of their specialized Production-Society-Guilds across one’s lifetime. The primary collective economy was in the ~100 person multihome-dwelling-complex (eg. Longhouse-apartment, Pueblo-townhouse & Kanata-village). 100 people formed an intergenerational, interdisciplinary, female-male, critical-mass, economies-of-scale equivalent today to a corporation earning & spending millions of dollars per year. Today 70% of people live in multihomes, but have no memory about how to animate their huge internal economies. The most profitable businesses today are participatory. Unfortunately our parasitic oligarch-run economy has no ‘memory’. Humanity has operated for 1000s of years under oligarch-imposed amnesia against our knowing about how to reach our full potential, peace & prosperity. https://sites.google.com/site/indigenecommunity/relational-economy/8-economic-democracy

  48. Fredrick Getzschman

    President Trump does not have an Attorney General. The politician Jeff Sessions recused himself from his duties almost as fast as President Trump appointed him as United States Attorney General. The United States Department of Justice and it’s corrupt child the F B I are still trying to unseat President Trump, a duly elected President of the United States. So what that tells us is civil authorities are corrupt and not trustworthy and will remain corrupt and dangerous to the security of the nation. So one option President Trump has is the Military. He needs Military Tribunals to issue the arrest warrants for the treasonous media, treasonous Civil Authorities, treasonous public officials and treasonous public employees. Solitary confinement awaiting trial is warranted for those treasonous actors in the United States.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Yea, J. Sessions has failed to come to work, spineless little squirt that he is, one poor appointment in a vast field of competent appointments. Sessions if you read this, do this Country a vast favor and resign and go to the West Coast and start an acting career, you are a great RHINO actor of the first degree!

    • paul ...

      What Trump should do is study the Persian Justice system as a model for “taking care of” the Traitors to our Nation … if Trump wants to really be like Cyrus the Great … listed in the attachment below are a few of the ways “Persian justice” can be imposed on Hillary and all her Deep State gang members!!… http://listverse.com/2017/06/28/10-ancient-persian-punishments-beyond-your-worst-nightmares/

  49. david

    I believe if this trend continues other countries will soon stand in to provide a service to programs on the internet.

    What happened to the land of free speech

    gone like every other value in USA


  50. Jerry

    Heads up Greg!
    The military is definitely preparing for a large prisoner population at Gitmo.

    For security reasons, I cannot disclose exact locations, but I have first hand information that staging areas for transportation are being prepared.

  51. Hoosier river rat

    Gee whiz Greg even dr. Roberts said that the country we cannot mention manipulates us against Iran ,Syria,Iraq. Interesting.

    • Greg Hunter

      They are not clean either. Do you find their sin “interesting”? The Iranians have 10 military bases in Syria. Is that “interesting to you?

  52. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, PCR is probably my favorite guest on your blog, he is great. Keep’em coming! God Bless, a b

  53. Deanna Johnston Clark

    Check out Honeybee…Melissa Zakaria on youtube…today from New Mexico doing a deconstruct on the horror show that began in GA. The sanctuary counties and cities, the Alabama police, the FBI, and a child’s little body. The trail is not going to go cold on this one.

  54. eddiemd


    I was over at the local high volume precious metals shop. With the recent price dip to $15.30 the owner stated he has been buying large volumes of silver. Most people are selling thinking that the price will continue to go down.
    He sells American Eagles for spot + $3 for any number which is good. Most places sell spot +$3.75 to $4.00.
    He did say that his regular customers are buying. As he put it, “Those in the know”.

    • paul

      You can get American Silver Eagles for $2 over spot from reputable dealers online with free shipping.

  55. Justn Observer

    Greg and Ph’d Paul Craig Roberts….a great interview…well worth the wait…as always.
    Thank you both !

  56. Dawn Garmon

    One and only Paul Craig Roberts, he is a national treasure.

  57. CHX13

    Gold will go up (like REALLY UP) only when London/LBMA cannot deliver bullion in size to the East anylonger and the scarcity of the underlying product becomes obvious and known to a critical mass (which may have already happened as the EAST is preforming a re-run on the London gold pool II, 50 years after De Gaule et al.; but they do it a moderate pace to keep the current system strained but intact, to allow maximum off-take of metal). No earlier, no later than that (bar some black swan event). When that is is anyone’s guess, but rumor has it that the physical is already tight over in London. I expect (at least) a counter rally soon / this fall as the bullion have been buying this dip for many weeks now (data of the gold COT report) bar a black swan event (which is always possible). Time will tell, but we are living strange and dangerous times… much more dangerous than the sheeple could imagine possible.
    Greg, great interview and astute analyses by PCR – keep up the good work, it’s much appreciated.

  58. Lee Craven

    I was unable to play/view the interview with Dr. Roberts today

  59. Dennis Downing

    Thank You Greg, It seems there is so much disinformation out there you don’t know what to believe! PCR has a way of just coming on, lays it all out. He makes sense of what is happening and what you should be looking at. You do the Country a great service ,keep it up!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Dennis!!

  60. Wade

    “There is not an ounce of integrity in the government and there is not an ounce of integrity in the media,” to quote Mr Roberts. So where does this end? Civil War? One side wiping out the other like a Marxist takeover. That’s why its extremely important to pray, because this is a spiritual problem. That’s the root cause, not political. We must have a spiritual awakening in this country. Tomorrow, my pastor will be one of the leaders that leads a prayer walk through Charlottesville, Va that many churches will be participating in. This year they are doing the right thing instead of the madness that occurred last year on August 12.

  61. Christian

    QE and inflation have destroyed the value of the dollar. This is why we have $40,000 a year college education, $15/hour minimum wage, and $700,000 starter homes. This is why we are having a housing crisis. This is what happens when you have the ability to print money and an ignorant populace. Fractional reserve banking is the root of all evil in the world. Inflation is theft. What Goldman did in 2008 destroyed the American middle class.

    • John

      So true – just got an estimate on placing a 900 square foot log cabin on my mountain top land in Virginia – $235,000 – the world has gone crazy! I am seriously considering staying in my home in NC for retirement as to build a new house is more money than what I paid for my current house and it would mean that I would lose almost 1500 square feet of living space.

  62. James Brown

    Greg, I just watched this for the 3rd time. Thanks. PCR (Doctor), is the best. Super Cool Dude. Gold will go down as the dollar gets stronger over the next few months. When people start losing their faith in the government, gold will start to rise (around October of 2019). Owning gold is a good idea, for guys like me, I own silver (fits my budget). Keep up the greta work.

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