EU Imploding, Pro-Biden Psyop Continues, CV19 Killer Clots

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 546 9.9.22)

You are not seeing this in the reporting, but Europe is imploding in every way possible.  The only thing that will stop this unfolding crash is to stop the Ukraine war–and stop it now.  There are no signs this is going to happen.  There are plenty of signs that Europe’s coming monstrous crash will drag the globe into the Greatest Depression in history.  Inflation is skyrocketing, and the European Central Bank is coming to the rescue by raising interest rates .75%!!!  Talk about throwing a drowning man a boat anchor, that’s what raising interest rates is.

The pro-Biden psyop is in full swing, and it needs to be because the real numbers of his approval rating are around 12%.  I said the real numbers, not the fake polling that shows Biden surging as inflation continues to roar.  It makes no sense that Biden’s official approval rating, according to the propaganda media, was 42% last month, and now, he’s beating Trump in a 2024 matchup by 6 points.  48% for Biden and only 42% for Trump.  August 21, 2022, NBC News slipped up and showed a poll where 74% of Americans said the “country was on the wrong track.”  Fake news and fake polls abound in the pro-Biden psyop.  The real approval number, according to Martin Armstrong, is 12%.  Let that sink in, and that will explain a lot.

We are just getting started with the deadly and debilitating effects of the CV19 bioweapon injections.  We have children getting heart disease and people dropping dead because of the experimental shots.  Now, more and more people are experience long blood clots being pulled from their veins.  An Ohio junior in high school was the latest victim to have a 6-foot blood clot pulled from his leg.  His football career is over, but will his life be cut short too?  Doctors say they are “baffled,” but are they just covering up to keep their jobs?  This is too stupid to be stupid.  When are doctors going to stand up and say stop the shots.  It’s killing and maiming people in very large numbers.  It’s going to get much worse, and that is the science and not the political science or the science fiction surrounding the Big LIE of the CV19 “vaccines.”

There is much more in the 50-min. newscast.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 9.9.22.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Biblical time analyst Bo Polny of will be the guest for the Saturday Evening Post.  He has new information about big events coming in September and beyond.  You can expect in the not-so-distant future a “Biden Crash” that will be affecting everyone in America.  Polny goes into deep detail on Saturday.

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  1. Rodster

    Martin Armstrong asked a similar question with regards to Europe. “Is the US Sacrificing Europe to Maintain Global Dominance?”

    • Shirl

      Hello Rodster,

      Greg is spot on here and the Fake News is hiding on the Global Energy predicament that always has been completely avoidable & still is… before a tipping point of Nuke War WW3 is pushed by the SAME freaks frauds and fools in “leadership” positions.

      Reminder: Glo-BULL Warming is a SCAM!

      Also, Greg had mentioned here about the Germans who laughed at President Trump when he warned them that they were all too vulnerable and reliant on the Russian Energy Pipeline several years ago… as well as Not paying up to their NATO contributions where he was forcing them to wake up and to pay up. Indeed they have gone silent now….wonder why?

      President Trump has been Proved RIGHT so many times on nearly everything it is mind blowing.

      If NOT for President Trump NONE of the SWAMP DEEP STATE CORRUPTION would have been exposed, Thank God Almighty for his hand is in on this. You can’t make this stuff up!!!

      Stand Up Speak Out & Take Action peacefully for Freedom isn’t Free.

      • Hillbilly from Arkansas

        Q – says Trump is omnipresent.

        real raw news states Trump has had every member of congress that opposes him as well as world leaders that oppose him have already been executed at Gitmo.

        Most of congress and world leaders are just body doubles and Trump is in control of all of them. He controls the world.

        Enjoy the show – Trust the plan

        Best always Hillbilly from Arkansas

        • Paul

          Not enough evidence to believe that plan, good way to seduce and create unresponsive action to us. They create false opposition as well and it’s to late to wake believers from that dream.
          False hope, heard Q plan, last election all in control.

          I served in all commissioned ranks from second lieutenant to Major General. And during that period I spent most of my time being a high-class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and for the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer for capitalism. I suspected I was just part of the racket all the time. Now I am sure of it.”
          Smedley Butler
          We could use someone like that in the military now.

          Paul from arkansas

          The bod

          • Juice man

            There’s an old saying, money talks bullshiite walks.. Just ask OJ!

        • Ray

          H from A……
          Fair Dinkum mate!!!
          Please……PUT YOUR BONG AWAY.
          Ray, Canberra, Australia

        • Jerry

          It’s been awhile since I’ve heard someone drinking the Q aide. Body doubles? Gitmo?
          I’m not feeling it. What I am feeling is a plan that’s being followed called agenda 2030. So far from what I tell the globalist are firmly in control. Name someone that’s been arrested? Hilary? Pass. Obama? Pass. Biden? Pass. No one. Not one single deep state creature from the swamp has faced justice. But I know plenty of people who came to Washington on 01/06 who are now in facing the justice system. The forgotten patriots got thrown under the bus.

      • Titus Nelson

        Keep up the excellent work Greg

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Titus.

          • Russ McMeans

            Hi Greg; everyone should listen to John B Wells every evening at 8 pm pacific time! Am talk radio. He’s really good. Like a USA Watchdog at night via radio.

      • Mind Peaker

        Q archives or whatever. You can search all posts ever made by “Q.”
        Try the key word “Fukushima.” N/A.
        There is nothing. There is no plan. It’s a lie.

    • Coal Burner

      Rodster, the article is right. Not sure Klouse is the only one who wants one world domination from the EU but sure our FED, Jerome and Jamie Diamond et al. have decided it would take their power and riches to let WEF take over and they plan to stop it which is also good for us. There are a lot of competing interests crawling out of the weeds right now competing for thier share of the power structure. The Middle Classes are just fodder in their views. We have almost no one actually on our side. The FED just happens to be somewhat aligned with the average Americans interest. I suggest the Warrior Families of this country just hold their cards tight and see who has the best offer. When I say warrior class, I mean the people who become soldiers, air pilots and the inventors and tech brain power unmatched in the world that builds and make our toys of war. Many , many are all the same families. Gundogs, Engineers , Physicists, and Doctors that are all in the same family clans make up the real defense in the DOD. Not BS faggot politicians like Milley, a lot of the useless officers, they all know who is who and not braindead Senile idiots and political Commies like the President and the ignorant “Squat” who all know who they are. The Warrior Familys do not have to pick tyrants too work for, they can just stay home and grow their own food.

    • Eric Thorp

      Politicians in Europe and America initially “believed” that by getting involved in Ukraine and placing sanctions on Russia they would weaken Russia economically and militarily. This would lead to the removal or the assassination of Putin, and the collapse of the Russian state. I’ve been telling people from the outset, it’s a ruse, a stratagem by the cabal to bring down the Anglo-American world power, to make way for their one World Government.

      The compliant politicians in both Europe and America, no doubt very bright individuals, are willingly participating in their own demise and seem to be completely oblivious to it. The delusion, the stupidity, the blind ignorance of these politicians is mind-blowing! All Western governments are on board with the globalists one World Government. Agenda 21. Sustainable Development. What they fail to recognize is that the goal is to eviscerate the middle-class and depopulate the world by 95% in the process. Totalitarianism is accompanied with the violation of human rights, . . and mass-murder. This is exactly what we’re going to see.

  2. Roger Stamper

    tks greg

  3. Warren B.

    Covid Vaccines…..I think not.
    Let’s all call this what it truly is….DEMOCIDE….
    Democide is a term to describe “the intentional killing of an unarmed or disarmed person by government agents acting in their authoritative capacity and pursuant to government policy or high command.” 
    I think that fits the description of the current agenda quite accurately.

  4. Marie Joy

    Someone, else, said 100 people are causing all the problems in the world.

    • Coal Burner

      You are probably right, They all meet at Davos. We should offer Putin amnesty if he takes care of them and then stays on good side.

      • Janet

        Well Russia has just made Belarus “a nuclear nation” (a major threat to the EU and the WEF) but no one is getting upset about it the way Israel is so upset about Iran becoming a nuclear nation? – so – could there “be more about Iran” then what we are being told? – as most already know the US went to war with Iraq “to get Nimrod’s body” (now in Colorado) – could it be the US is supporting an Israeli war against Iran “to get the Nephilim Giants the Iranians seem to have discovered in glass chambers “in a state of stasis”?? – could it be the US fears the secret technology the Iranians can get from these “Giants” (like cloaking technology for their missiles or DNA technology to modify humans into even more advanced hybrids)?? – Biden just approved another Billion dollars for Israel to purchase re-fueling planes “to make strikes deep into Iran possible” – is it to destroy stupid nuclear weapons every nation has or is it to destroy the Nephilim bodies in stasis Iran has “if we can’t have them”??? – this is very very interesting conjecture to say the least!! –

  5. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Looking forward to WNW546 – video not up as I write.
    So, Queen Elizabeth has, after a long delay, finally been announced dead – and so the U.K. is stuck with a ‘Green’ agenda, Rothschild puppet, egotist – King Charles – what could be nicer? Ugh!! Here in the U.K., the establishment has ordered ten days of mourning. Shouldn’t this be spontaneous? The nation spontaneously mourned the death (murder) of Princess Diana – and that was AGAINST the establishment’s wishes. Did you know that to this day, no official statue of Diana has been erected ANYWHERE in the U.K.? Her burial plot, on an island, in a lake, in the private grounds of the Althorp estate makes it impossible for the public to visit – unlike almost any Royal in history. Not that I was, or am, a fan of Diana – or any person born into privileged royalty – I simply point out the fate of Diana to illustrate the ruthless nature of the British Royal Institution.

    Soon, world ‘leaders’ will gather at QE2’s funeral and the worldwide MSM will propagandise we plebs by describing them in glowing and reverential terms. What a sh*t show! Why was Elizabeth’s death delayed to this point in time, September 2022? Many events appear to be coalescing – we live in ‘interesting’ times . . .

    • Warren B.

      Yes they wanted her out of the way….so they arranged for her to make a swift exit. No statue or memorial for Diana ….not required. She got a new passport and identity. These Royals…and Aristocrats have been doing this for centuries.

    • Johnny Cool

      G.A. STEWART: They are preparing people for big news.

      We can be fairly sure that Ukraine has kept some of the nuclear warheads that they were supposed to have given back to Russia in 1991.

      Does that mean we will soon see a false-flag nuclear terrorist act? All the signs are lining up with my book. The Queen’s death will introduce one of the Nostradamus characters I have been dreading, The Macedonian.

    • Justin Thyme

      Info on Dian’s death:

      • Johnny Cool

        The Queen’s funeral date is September 19th.



  6. Linda Majors


    While waiting for your wrap-up video, I decided to share the link to the Lawrence Fox interview. He stars in the movie, My Son Hunter, about the Laptop from Hell, which the FBI has possession and refuses to investigate. A total coverup. Only those of us who get our news from alternative news sources knew the contents. During the interview, Lawrence stated: “It seems like the Biden family has sold America’s entire future to the Chinese.” (We all knew that Biden’s policies were too stupid to be stupid.)
    (Ref. link.)


  7. Linda Majors


    I’ve got another excellent interview to share while waiting for your video.
    Apparently, King Charles III is the originator of the Great Reset. (Ref. link.) Now that Queen Elizabeth has passed whom I really admired and respected, Charles will have a great deal of influence in the push for the Great Reset/One World Government now that his mother has died. (I never did think he was very bright.)

    The Truth about Energy, Global Warming, and Climate Change.
    There is a new book out by Dr. Jerome Corsi: The Truth about Energy, Global Warming, and Climate Change. Exposing Climate Lies in an Age of Disinformation.
    The book is not an easy read. More like reading a text book. However, it is excellent.

    Those Green Party fools have already caused the depletion of CO2 to the extent that plants and trees are dying off. The Green Party Freaks are too stupid to know that plants and trees require CO2 to live. They in turn create oxygen, which humans need to survive. Dealing with those ignorant fools in positions of power, and bent on destroying us make me crazy. I hope Bo Polny will have some encouraging news in his upcoming interview.

    • john beasley

      Linda Majors, maybe lizards don’t like CO2. Since the turn of the 20th century people have noted that the people in political power and industrial leadership have had a strong desire to kill trees.

    • Jon

      How have they reduced co2? I am seeing weird things in garden and trees on property on Long Island. Tomatoes did not grow right. They are slow growing and are like green stones. Weird.

      • Matthew

        Look on mike Adam’s site natural news. He did a story on a massive carbon sequestration (carbon gathering) plant in the Midwest.
        They want too bottle up the carbon dioxide and then bury it in the ground!!!

    • Timothy featured this information last night with a few snippet videos of Charles using the ‘Great Reset’ meme before it was gossip.

    • Brooklyn

      Ah, Linda,

      It was Henry Kissinger who took an unknown-psychopath-in-training, Klaus Schwab, to start the World Economic Forum in the early 1990’s….

  8. Johnny Cool

    Demented females running amok in Europe.
    Liz Truss, Christine Lagarde, Ursula von der Leyen.

    We need a level headed woman like Hazel to run things in a financially sound way.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Johnny,
      Who was it said, ‘If women ruled the world, there would be no more wars’? Doh!!!

    • Mark Heuer

      Ah, Brooklyn, what do you think that there is just one psychopath? And the psychopaths that are front and center are not the true ones pulling the strings.

      • Janet

        Judge them all (both Republi-can’ts and Demon-rats) by the fruit they produce – “and the fruitcakes they surround themselves with” – 99 % of Demon-rats “are all rotten apples – to the core” – a few Republi-can’ts are “not rotten down to the core” but like Trump still have some very bad rotten parts “that need to be cut out” (like “the jab” – and all the “rotten fruitcakes” Trump always seems to surround himself with (like Bolton, Fauci, Barr, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.) some “really rotten bad fruit” that he keeps close and never seems to want to discard – which just “contaminates his entire” administration!!!

      • Robert F

        What the heck are yoi trying to say and why are you ignoring the FACTS?
        Do you not realize who Kissinger is?

        • Mark Heuer

          I agree!

        • Mark Heuer

          Yes Kissinger is one of these evil cabal luciferians like Rothschild, Rockefeller and the like, but the true evil that controls the ones that we see are hidden in the woodwork, just like cockroaches. On a side note, Trump met with Henry Kissinger for an entire day in late 2015 before Trump announced he was running for president, hmmm.

  9. James Breckinridge

    Great newscast Greg. Thanks. You have commandeered the slogan “All the news that is fit to print” from the Old Grey (comatose) Lady.

  10. R. Patrick

    Anything is plausible at this point in time! Prepare accordingly if you please!

  11. Robert Coleman

    Now that Queen Elizabeth 2 has passed away – Charles ( her son ) the Globalist will cause the destruction of the UK and the Commonwealth pushing the Globalist Agenda – sad but so true – pressure on all of western society will escalate. God Help us All.

  12. Frederick T Bannon

    There’s no doubt that the Federal Reserve will lie, cheat, steal, even kill to keep its power.

    • Janet

      Fed monetary policy alone will fail to bring about price stability and moderate inflation if Biden’s “commie” government continues to massively increase demand for new currency printing by the Fed (through reckless borrowing and spending for a Ukrainian War – plus a war with Russia – and a war with China and Iran – but – “for the Fed to keep its power” it must promote fiat and digital currency and trash real gold and silver money – the Fed is not doing so well against gold – but it has done an excellent job against silver (as can be seen in the following chart –×274.jpg – (where silver is the only metal priced below its 1980 high) – which makes silver “a screaming buy in my book right now” (silver begging to be bought and accumulated – for a rise way north of $100 dollars per ounce)!!

      • Janet

        You know – history shows that German hyper-inflation led to the rise of Hitler and his Nazi party and ultimately to World War II – Americans and European Bankers appear ignorant about how hyper-inflating their fiat money today (as the Germans did in the 1920’s and 1930’s) could make our world vulnerable to similar economic and wartime strife (as was experienced by Nazi Germany in the 1940’s) – these Banksters (by printing fiat at exponential rates) are bringing our world toward WWIII (which will likely be a more serious “Nuclear” war)!! – (notice how after almost every recession the value of the US dollar “falls even more” – and the Fed is raising rates right now to once again create yet another recession)!! – so turning your ever falling fiat dollars into something that historically holds value would be a good strategy!!!

        • Janet

          For the gold and silver bugs among us – we should be taking advantage of the recent low precious metals prices “to mop up remaining supplies of silver” which out of all the metals has not yet exceeded its 1980 high – with silver’s latest drop “it looks ridiculously cheap” – and the following chart gives grounds to believe that last week “silver may have hit bottom” – if it turns up from here – “we may never see such low prices again in our lifetime”!!

  13. Tommy

    Don’t worry, smart leaders are in charge. For instance, effective 1/1/23 Illinois will eliminate cash bail, even on felonies such as arson, kidnapping, and 2nd degree murder.
    Also, the G7 countries have proposed price caps on Russian gas. Sounds like a plan. Karine Jean-Pierre responds to Peter Doocy saying no one just walks across the border.
    The main stream news ignores the absolutely stunning shooting that occurred in Memphis 2 days ago. Biden and his puppeteers tell us that ultra maga, fascist Republicans are enemies of the state as the press ignores that fact that a Democrat politician has just been charged with the murder of a journalist that exposed his corruption. And another child suffers a devastating health issue – a high school football player as you mentioned (I immediately recalled your interview a short while ago that talked about these fibrous strands.) And more notable healthy middle aged people just die and it’s explained as natural causes.
    Oh and don’t forget what White House COVID-19 Response Coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha said this week; “I really believe this is why God gave us two arms, one for the flu shot and the other one for the COVID shot.”
    Oh, and Jean-Pierre claimed that Biden created ten thousand million new jobs. I swear Biden is contagious.

    Thanks Greg for you diligent work. I don’t know how many times I will tell someone something that I head here and then later it comes out and people will say, “how did you know that 3 months ago?” Answer – USA Watchdog.

  14. Mike G

    Remembering Nixon’s wage and price controls.

    • Chip

      What does that have to do with anything? Chip

      • Mike G

        uhhh the EU is attempting to set price caps on Russian fuels. Price controls don’t work

  15. jomer

    Greg, I see your $50 trillion Zimbabwe note is now selling for $129 on Apmex. Now they will buy several hundred sticks of gum. I gave away over 50 of then since 2011.

    Since 2001’ish when talking about inflation I have been saying to people “when hype-inflation hits don’t be surprised when here in the USA you can be a millionaire and still be living in poverty”. This normal got a lot of eye rolls and smirks. After getting a bundle of these notes I then would show them a $50T Zim note. Some people I just couldn’t reach, but if noted a sparked interest in what I was saying I give them the note in hopes that they would take it home and show their family and friends and hopefully keep spread the message. The note really did help to reach a lot more people.

  16. Connie O

    Giving thanks for you and the work you do.

  17. James

    GREAT short clip from a young G. Edward Griffith –×360/PeXNBLhAyoLB4Ka_.mp4?tag=12

  18. Randy

    This is all planned, this is leading up to the global transition from debt based financial system to a asset based financial system. USD global reserve status is in the process of being revoked. All fiat currencies will end with USD being the last to go as the world enters into a Greater Depression. Once USD goes, the entire world will be bankrupt which will usher in CBDCs and their required digital IDs for Universal Basic Income (goodbye social security). Once that is done, expect PMs and major Cryptos to be set free to set new new all time highs. Smart thing to do is buy silver (including junk 40% silver quarters and dimes) and BTC.

  19. Don Wohlers

    Thank you so very much Greg for telling ALL your readers again and I would even say, tell it again and again about the killing off of Americans with the shots. I just lost my oldest son to that as well as an old Marine Buddy. They need to be stopped and I really appreciate you telling us all again.
    Blessings to you and all your staff

    • (Rev) Andrew de Berry

      Don desperately sorry for your recent losses. Unimaginable grief. Andrew

  20. CJ

    I fear nothing going to be fixed. Is anyone going to be punished for lying to us about covid, or the jabs. Why is no one being punished for the civil rights violations of shutting down and destroying small business while Wal-mart was allowed to stay open- equal protection under the law, keeping children from the taxpayer funded education, no free speech, no freedom of movement, no assembly? Is anyone going to jail for the stolen election in 2020, the fiat banking scheme, or the theft of generational wealth. I fear the Republic is lost….who is John Galt?

    • LS

      Martin Armstrong agrees with you. I am so sad about the current state of affairs. From Armstrong Economics…
      “The time of separation is approaching, for that is the only way freedom to pursue your own happiness and live your life the way you want to instead of how someone else tells you you must comply with their ideas. Freedom will never be possible again. It pains me to be around on this planet when it is time to write the eulogy on the American Dream.”

      • CJ

        LS, I went and read that article. It is sad, but I believe true. Thanks for the info on Mr. Armstrong’s article.

  21. John

    Great info Greg. I’m from England and the general feeling of uncertainty is spreading quick . People are slowly but surely waking up to the energy crisis knowing that goods and supplies could dry up after Oct 1st due to energy price caps. The party is over, all because our pathetic government wants to fund a Nazi called Zelensky and put Ukraine first , not the British people. Yes war is ugly and I feel for the Ukraine people but this could have been avoided. As for the Queen the emotions are mixed, only the awaken have reserved feelings. Well , when you know that Chalrles is the mastermind for the Great Reset along with Klaus you don’t show much respect for the passing. My feelings are for the public who will freeze and starve this winter knowing the king will be feasting on steak or infant.

  22. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter absolutely enlightening and full of truth. By the end I think my screens were smoking.
    You really are an exceptional journalist who only wants the truth of an issue. God Bless you and your family and team.

  23. FreeBirdJohnny

    Green New Deal = Depopulation Death Cult

  24. Barbara

    Thanks Greg for another great weekly wrap up. I agree that we are in the end times – sure feels like the Tribulation to me.
    I don’t believe the Dems will ever let Republicans take over anything. They have assumed power. Then end.
    On a brighter note, Dr. Simone Gold is getting released early from prison today.

  25. un-civil'drival Civilian WAR

    Ukraine’s Top General Hints At “Limited” Nuclear War
    Posted an hour ago
    Remember, this war could’ve been ended back in May, but Boris Johnson & other western leaders wanted to keep it going
    How will a nuclear war benefit the Great Reset? You be the judge. . . .

  26. Richard Myers

    Please do more research on solar panels. They will not and can not keep your refrigerator running. If you would like to ask me some questions about solar please email me.
    Thank you for all you do to get to the truth.

    • Ed

      Richard, my refrigerator runs fine with 4-300 watt panels and 16 cart does everything else in the house. Solar during the day and battery at night

      • Chip

        You are not running everything in your house with 4 panels and 16 x 6 volt batteries! BS! I’ve built several solar systems. Current is 24volt with sixteen 12volt batteries and 16 solar panels. It runs a single mini split AC unit, my lights, a small beer frig, and a chest freezer. All in a 24′ x 24′ mancave attached to my 24′ x 24′ garage. And if we get more than two days of no sunshine, it fails and my 6000 watt inverter starts to pull grid power to charge the batteries. Utter hogwash what you are spinning… Chip

        • Russ McMeans

          I’m putting an additional solar panel on my rv trailer roof next to the factory one. So 2 -190 watt panels. That’s only 19.5 amps. The 12 volt refrigerator requires 13 watts. Then the water pump is 7.5 amps. Now this is integrated to a solar controller and 2-12 volt deep cycle batteries. A lot of expensive stuff for not much power. Now if you take a little portable generator that weighs 40 lbs.. it generates 3200 watts. The moral of the story: fossil fuel technology will always run circles around renewables. Ditto for nuclear power.

          • Warren B.

            The cheapest source of Electrical Energy is produced by Magnets. They dont tell you about it because its free. Unlimited Electricity forever.
            Look it up….plenty of videos available.

    • Robert Messina

      It all depends on the size of the panels and the Size of the inverter and batteries . . . . People power their entire house including refrigerator and air conditioners and freezers and fans and so forth . . . The panels that he was holding up were only for charging phones

  27. john beasley

    I have a question, I have heard that the Russians and the Ukrainians had a deal to stop the war, and the British talked the Ukrainians out of ending the war. I have read that the British provide security guards for Zelensky. Who are they protecting him from? The Ukrainian generals? other government officials? Why are the Nazi’s so loyal to Zelensky?
    More importantly, why is the British and American government to intent on starting a war with Russia? The Pentagon has admitted that they arranged the sinking of the Russian ship the Moskova. That is an act of war. Sending weapons to Ukraine is an act of war. Putting NATO/British/French/US military assistance in Ukraine is an act of war. Why is the UK and the US openly provoking Russia to defend itself and thereby start a war? The UK did the same thing to Germany in the 1930’s. WHY?
    I ce

    • Free Slave

      Maybe Russia presented evidence proving they already know, evidence that may soon become public. The Americans could be trying to save face by getting ahead of the situation.

    • Russ McMeans

      John; because they’re idiots! ” thinking they are wise they became fools” It’s in the Bible New Testament.

      • Greg Hunter

        Romans 1:21-22

  28. Martin Coombs

    18 th funeral ( devided by 3) ? If thes people cannot see by now , I really just don’t know what anyone can say, oh we will FREEZE the rising prices & HELP you by giving you (6) payments of €66 ? It is so ridiculous how our lost leaders are blood bought ( well their soul is owned) I’m getting so frustrated with all, & cannot get my family or friends to SEE ANYTHING ! It is written of course , praise the Lord in Jesus name & come to the knowledge of the truth before the ac is here( one of the ( 10) kings has just stood up ) trust in the blood & not in truss , accept his gift time is short 🙏🕊❤️ the one on the way will (deceive ) false peace ) but will ( kill,steel,destroy) & take your soul . Wake up sheeple, hear HIS voice , repent , 🕊🙏

  29. Joseph Boudreau

    Where would we be without real journalists such as yourself, Greg. You know, since we’re on the subject, James O’Keefe would make a great guest! You have been warning people of the deep state corruption and the covid scam from day one. Thank you!!!

  30. Bill Bradshaw

    Found this in the Bible
    Ecclesiastes 10; 2
    The heart of a wise man inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left

  31. James PTY

    Where I live in Central America price controls work like this: A deemed necessity like a cut of meat has it price pegged X% less, and a non essential premium cut inflates X%. Inflation at 4.2% is absurd: the Isthmus is now one of the three most expensive places in Latin America to live, wealthy foreigners fleeing Europe and South America are enjoying tax sparing initiatives, credit is running rampant, Chinese manufactured cars are flying off the lots, but productive work of which there was little even in 2019 is scarce. The cost of many imported products particularly foods have in some cases doubled, and even local agricultural produce are recently up 30% like meat I feed my dogs having been $0.50 now costing $0.75`. Limiting the cost of gasoline to $3.25 is expected to cost the government over $200 million, will not be recuperated from offset taxation, and is all but guaranteeing default/bankruptcy.

  32. Marie Joy

    King Charles is extremely pro Depopulation, pro Muslim, and pro climate change. It is possible everything will pick up speed in a very bad way now that there is a new King of England.

    • Thomas Malthaus

      It makes you wonder how the Queen died.

    • Robert Messina

      Yes, I firmly believe King CHARLES is antichrist the man (there is also AntiChrist the entity that has a mouth [the man] as described in Rev13) . . Refer “AntiChrist and a cup of tea” by Tim Cohen published about 20 years ago . . . He is also on YouTube
      Also Refer first seal opening described in Rev6:2. :
      “And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a CROWN was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.”
      Also refer to “WHEN FIRST SEAL OPENS ”
      About 5 or 6 signs that must happen before the last 7 years

  33. Bob

    I just switched to a new computer with Windows 10 on it, and the webpage shows up, but without the videos.

    Any suggestions?

    • Warren B.

      Clear your browser.
      Even better stop using Google Chrome /Firefox/Explorer and go to the Brave browser.

      • Chip

        Go Linux. All problems disappear and you can get tons of free open source software… Chip

        • Roger

          For sure Linux is the way to go. I ditched Windows 3 years ago for Linux and would never go back to the Windoze.
          I have two sons, one has his bachelor’s degree in computer science and the other his masters in statistics. Both use Linux.

  34. john beasley

    I just read this, that part of Obama care bill in 2016 included universal vaccination of Americans. So, Amanda Grace said, the first four pages of the Obama Care was to require ALL Americans to get vaccinated. Her insight was that the lockdown of 2020 was planned all along, and had nothing to do with the Pentagon funded Flu.

  35. James Hall

    I started an on line eBay auto parts store with international shipping through eBay Global shipping and the import taxes my buyers are paying are through the roof. A few examples 68 dollars for some window washer parts in a 8 x 6 x 4 box weight 1.2 pound, 10 dollars internal shipping to global shipping center with a total shipping of 64 dollars 98 dollars import tax to Brazil. A set of 6 engine pistons to Germany, Total shipping 175.00 with a 200 dollar import tax. A small electric motor of about 5 pounds, selling price $900., 165 shipping and a 268 import tax. Something that is a serious drain on the wallet. Proof government are broke.

  36. Future Boy

    Don’t worry EU and all USA unemployable persons on entitlements, Resident Confusion will send trillions in aid while his own working American taxpayers starve and freeze.

    Last week Resident Confusion had a cabinet meeting where he pressed them on submitting new mega spending plans.
    Like I’ve said before, each and every year from now on America must out spend the previous year or the GDP falls.
    So I expect a new $2 to $3 trillion dollar spending plan to rescue a kitty cat in a tree in the entitlement ghettos of our once great American cities.

    A dollar unearned is a dollar stolen. Destroy the D.C. ATM machine where everyone gets free stuff except the working taxpayer.

    It is not yours unless you went out and earned it. Pay your own bills, pay your own loans. I’m sick and tired of paying for 150 million unemployable freeloaders. Can we get a conservative that has ‘deeze nuts’?

  37. Bryce DeBorde

    Thank you Greg for standing your ground, under intense persecution and fire. Representing the truth, without prejudice. God is watching and you will be rewarded and those whom attacked you and the truth will be judged accordingly.

  38. Loren

    You should try to find someone in the funeral home business to do some interviews with. You can show the idiots the damage the vax is committed. I was reading somewhere they are pulling blood clots out like crazy.

    What happen to Kevin Shipp?? I have asked you several times but no reply why?

  39. william lesieur

    “Lies are expensive, the truth sells itself”. Who are these polls trying to convince ? Beats me.

  40. Scott

    Of course old people were first. CMS saved lots of money knocking them off. Many in DC have come to realize that if they can take 5 years off the average life expectancy Medicare and Social Security will survive. All of you retiring Boomers better understand the Government will not take care of you!. You are nothing more than an unfunded mandate. The easiest way to address unfunded mandates is to CANCEL THEM!

  41. Susan R

    My only credential is as a US citizen and I believe we have seen nothing yet, that can not be revealed. Hollywood probably could not go there. Life pretends now on every level, at this point why not. If you are getting prepared, allow that to comfort yourself and continue on. Belief in God is huge and without that I don’t know how anyone could sleep.

  42. jon

    Hi Greg, If we analyze in WW2 the Battles of Moscow and Stalingrad. The Russians destroyed the Germans because of two main reasons. The harsh winter and supply chain disruption. Ukraine at this stage, produces nothing internally anymore and is totally dependent on outside resources to carry on. Both the US and EU provide for free the needed resources. It is obvious that the EU will implode this winter and will have little for itself let alone give to Ukraine for free. The US albeit better off, will also be short of everything this winter. A reasonable expectation is that the EU and Ukraine will crash, the US will have too many internal problems and the Ukraine situation by default will end.

  43. Gary Allison

    I just can’t imagine any greater Evil than what was done to all these folks. Most alarming part is how cooperative our medical institutions were and still are! Instead of referring to them as hospitals, I now refer to them as Merchants of Death. Stay healthy. Needing a hospital should be resisted as long as possible.

  44. jon

    Hi Greg, As a long time investor in Oil and Gas companies. The companies will do two things if faced with price caps or wind fall profits tax. They have surcharges for services to counter price caps and they will distribute as an expense write off special additional dividends to share holders.

  45. Dwight Branson

    Thanks Greg for keeping us up to date with the TRUTH!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Dwight for all your support!

  46. Dan

    MAGA Republicans “threaten our very democracy”.
    Translation: Patriots are a threat to our communism.
    Yes, indeed.

  47. Dave

    The Democrats have so far been able to make Trump and not Biden the subject of the fall elections. Talk radio hosts like Levin are spending 75% o their shows defending Trump and thus hardly mentioning Biden. Independents will be the key in the fall, and they are trending to the Dems because of Trump. A large segment of independent voters have Trump burnout. It is what it is.

    You are spot on about Ukraine which makes one wonder why so much of Conservative Media Inc is strongly supporting the assistance to Ukraine. Mark Levin says anyone who does not support (unlimited support) Ukraine is a Putanoid or an anti-Semite. He like most of conservatism has no trouble with billions going to Ukraine with much of it being skimmed off by Zelenski and the Ukrainian PTB who support him.

  48. Lynn

    Greg…..A friend of mine, on their Facebook page for their daughter’s high school graduation shows the young girls who have died unexpectedly…NO MENTION OF SHOTS, WHAT?????? Oh yes, they were wonderful young girls, died from unknown causes….WHAT….
    Ok Greg, this is all another PSYOP,,,,,yep, families are angry, upset and learning TOO LATE, but its not oh well, she was a wonderful girl…NOPE NOPE NOPE, they want you to believe everyone is just ok with this…THEY ARE NOT, IT”S TO TRICK YOU INTO THINKING NO ONE ELSE CARES SO WHY SHOULD YOU….WRONNNNNGGGGG. Stand up for your rights, I know the majority of these people are ANGRY and ready to go after those who did this. These people love their children, and they are not just another death that no one cares about. And if the powers that be want population reduction…..WELL THEN LET THEM GO FIRST AND WE CAN TAKE IF FROM THERE…BILL GATES, YOU WANT IT, YOU GET TO

  49. Patagonia

    Never before Europe had so dumb ministers/politicians being the worst the greens in Germany with Baerbock as foreign minister and Harbeck, a former child book writer.
    Curious if Yolanda Sultana, the oldest TV tarotist in Chile, of palestinian/Belem descent is right, as she was already with the Rechazo vote in Chile, an unexpected victory of common sense against comunist apruebo plot. : She says October will be a desaster for Germany which shocks international stock exchanges and recomended chileans to store gasoline in the same month. I am looking forward for increased energy supply problems.

  50. ken

    The Ukraine war is part of the play. Everybody and everything plays its part. Trump, Biden, Putin, Xi, Truss et all,,, all play their parts. There is no way all these crisis could occur at once without the WEF organizing and paying off theses people. Bozo the clown a member of the WEF replaced by Liz Truss a member of the WEF. Schwab, leader of the WEF has bragged of owning governments like Kanada,,, his pet duffus in charge Castroduh leads that traitorous bunch of zero’s.

    Want to stop all this… get rid of the organization and anyone associated with it. Only other choice is to shut up and freeze, die of heatstroke, starve or have no water or just get shot by the blue shirts.

  51. Southern Girl

    I know you are upset about all the deaths and those KNOWINGLY still trying to get people to take the jab, but you just crack me up with your German Nazi accent. TOOOO funny!!
    You always have a great delivery. You say the news like I WANT to hear it on my TV but no one will have any b@lls to say it.

  52. Lars C

    As to the story is that people in Russia is having a better living standard than people in Europe

  53. Free Slave

    The bankers are using inflation to wring the last few drops of wealth from the citizenry before they cut our throats with world war 3.

  54. Jeffrobbins

    I am not so sure the leaders in Europe are morons- more like snakes. I would like to make a wager that the goal is to have the ‘state’ take over the entire electric generation, industrial manufacturing, oil markets, etc. They’ll have to bankrupt them, and have the people protesting in the streets demanding action. It looks like a manufactured crises. They’ll own nothing and the elites will be happy.

    • Janet

      All these snakes “need to be removed” if Europe wants to survive – Europeans can’t build a home for their children on top of a viper den and expect them to survive (and this goes for the USA also)!!!

  55. Louis Gatto

    Telling IT like it IS… As always…Thanks Greg!

  56. Marie Joy

    The purpose of communism is genocide. We have let it go on too long. At this point, it’s guerrilla or kinetic. I see no other way. Come together or bend over.

    • BornInABarn,Fran

      Speaking of cutting off the snake’s head: The root of all this agenda’s psychotic chaos began 62+ yrs. ago with the heretical notion of ‘modernism’.
      To respond more directly, if and when folk do come together to end this corruption or even make it to stage two of Resistance then watch County, state, fed ‘quthorities’ begin to manifest like ‘the Terminator’. Hoorah, let it come.

      • J. Loughran

        If you haven’t already, you may be interested in listening to a short history of Modernism by Prof. Marshner, see link that follows,

        Modernism is difficult to face because it has become the air we breath. God Bless, Jim L.

  57. 'a' simple horseman

    Greg, at the end of your broadcast you make an appeal to folks to “do ‘something”. Myself, I am nearing the end of my 6th year of hosting a Geo engineering awareness booth at my local farmers market. I’ve handed out hundreds maybe thousands of Dane’s flyers and have met some very interesting people. Many have shared what their part in the madness of our world has been. We’ll leave it at that. It is always like they just needed to tell “someone” that might understand. “Nothing” surprises me anymore. I’m pretty sure next weeks market will be the 200th deployment of my booth and handing out information people need to know.
    Thank you for all your news reports. I use them often when I speak to folks.
    Face to the wind my friend I have not met, yet.
    Mike T,
    ‘a’ simple horseman

  58. William Simonton

    Great video today, Greg. I especially enjoyed the sardonic humor with all the facts.

  59. Marius

    Hi Greg, thank you for a great weekly wrap up.

    We see the first signs of spring appearing and the days growing warmer again in Cape Town, South Africa.

    The energy crises is alarming, Eskom, the state owned electricity supplier, has major issues (due to past corrupt deals and massive theft of state resources) and we have national rolling blackouts, experiencing about 2 hours or more of no electricity at a time. This after a proposed price hike of 38%, which is not popular whatsoever. Our electricity is generated by coal, diesel and nuclear (the Koeberg nuclear power station in Cape Town is having maintenance repairs done at present), there are still limited renewable energy projects.

    The South African Government controls the Petrol, LPG, Paraffin prices, but these are inflated and taxed to the hilt, the diesel prices are determined by the vendors.

    Look at history and the Roman Emperors efforts of price fixing in times of inflation, it does not end well.

    With the power outages the City of Cape Town issued a warning that citizens are to boil tap water before drinking it. Your sponsors are selling practical products for when things start to break down and for people to be prepared.

    The Central Banks raising rates by 75 basis points across the board, sounds like they may have had a recent meeting to discuss this and invite BIS officials: – Your guests like Martin Armstrong and Catherine Austin Fitts have great insights to offer in this regard. Looking at this one can gauge the thinking and what steps they are considering to implement, but people can resist or frustrate these plans, if they act together, small actions taken in unison by many can have a huge impact.

    The South African government was very open about controlling the narrative from 2020 already. See all the regulations that were passed from 2020, but in June 2022 it was abandoned for now, since these were met with resistance and some found to be unconstitutional. – (some of these were just crazy and people did not exactly willingly go along with it since there is general awareness of citizens constitutional rights, which must be fought for to safeguard and protect citizens from Government overreach, which does happen all too often).

    In terms of the South African Constitution, being the supreme law of the Republic; law or conduct inconsistent with it is invalid, and the obligations imposed by it must be fulfilled. Needless to say there have been plenty of unconstitutional conduct during the past few years by the South African government officials, and as a result the general trust in and support of the ruling party is waning.

    Thank you for your diligent reporting and God bless you.

  60. John Flores

    Greg I would guess Clif High has The Big Guys approval at 9 % .

  61. Tom from VB

    Really appreciate the analysis regarding Europe. It triggered a memory from those Pastor Lyndsey Williams DVDs a number of years ago. I remember him saying that when Europe collapses financially, the USA has only 3 weeks before it hits us.

    If I’m not mistaken, I found you and USAW by your comments on his website years ago. Thank God I did, you have really helped me get ready for the rough times ahead. PLEASE keep reporting the truth.
    All the Best

  62. James

    “Threat to Democracy”…
    Our nation is a Constitutional Republic BUT there is also a Democracy here in the US!
    Washington DC and Federal land is a Democracy!
    Its controlled by Congress and Congress is majority rule (Democracy)!
    So if the Democrats loose majority in one or both houses of Congress,
    Democrats loose their Democracy!

  63. PotatoChipGurgler

    We share the shame righteous anger, Greg. May God protect His people. Selah!

  64. Patty

    Greg you are my new hero!!! It certainly takes a lot of courage in these evil times to speak the truth, and yet that is exactly what you are doing… The truth will set you free, the Bible says… Your guests are also the best and I do not miss a single of your video posts.
    Your outrage at the genocide or more accurately democide going on is righteous anger.
    It would be very interesting to interview a gynecologist to give us an update on all the horrors going on related to women’s miscarriages, stillborn babies, infertility, etc… a mass baby die-off is going on worldwide, like doctor Naomi Wolfe has recently investigated.
    The gates of hell should not prevail, what a beautiful ending to your videos…Praying for you..

  65. john beasley

    What would happen if people started refusing to sell their real products for paper money and insisted on being paid in gold and silver in exchange for homes, farms, cars, etc?

    • Janet

      We would “Save our Nation” John – which was originally created to operate exactly like that – using “real money”!!

  66. Pete+only

    Greg, you mentioned briefly that the founder of Green Peace has condemned the WEF belief that climate change is an emergency situation.
    Here is the interview with the founder of Green Peace. Please share this with as many people as you can, as these fraudulent agencies want to make us all slaves to save the world from a bogus climate change emergency.
    Not to mention their geo engineering activities to starve as many people possible in the world, and kill as many people through the clot shots.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Pete, for posting this.

  67. john beasley

    Nobody would do what the Western Governments are doing unless they are desperate. My question, what are the “big money” desperate about? What are they frightened shitless about? They see something that we the people don’t see yet? What is it?

  68. Will Robinson

    Movie review: My Son Hunter ★★★★★
    This movie has enough to put the entire Biden crime family behind bars for eternity.

  69. Judith

    I hear ya’ Greg, I stay perpetually p*ssed off.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s how I get when seeing an ongoing genocide. We are funny that way I guess!!

  70. Judith

    Military tribunals. Hang ’em high, don’t waste good ammo.

  71. Tim

    They can’t burn their furniture, it’s all IKEA garbage made of plastic.

  72. lewis mohr

    this oil scam has got to be exposed. for the truth that USA is producing at a level near 90 per cent of the Trump era 2019 [1.90 per gal at the pump] where at 12.9 mbpd we were the #1 producer in the world, the Russia 2 and then SA 3 go to here. [email protected] Taking out strategic reserves is being done by the democommunist to make certain that we are weak at crunch time. For a proof that it only takes about 4 mbpd of crude to supply all of the gasoline needs in USA today go to here:
    we are only burning 5.5 million gallons of gasoline per day. There are 19 gallons of gasoline in a 44 gallon barrel of crude. Now for a scare that should scare the crap out of you, go back to Aug 2003 and notice that the people of this country burned nearly 64 million gallons of gasoline per day. Today this country is economically dead. 130 million people are retired on benefits and attempting to make as small of a carbon footprint as possible. They dont go awywhere, nor do anything, nor do they want to. They do not like what they see when they go places so they just stay home. That is fully a 3rd of the country that is not contributing to economic growth and just want to stay home and not be bothered by anything. Whether they want their neighbors to know that they have dropped out, [there was a study done a few years ago about the effects of “cooping”] which is not politically correct, but, by their actions they are creating stats that tell the true story. NOW DO YOU SEE why the Babylonian AshkeNAZI name stealing Khazarian Kenites want to genocide everyone,,, especially “our most vulnerable citizens who are all on benefits and refuse to die because they have discovered supplements and they aint gonna go anywhere to even think about getting sick. The BAKK bankers know it is easier to double a penny than to double a hundred dollar bill. Hence a RESET and 300 million dead people and a financial crash followed by a new money system are a requirement for restarting the BAKK wealth machine. Jis FYI these illegal critters with no education and mostly no brains are the replacement workers. They are specifically exempt form the not-a-vax kill shot. And, this RESET thing is nothing new. It is done about every 300 years. It is that the people who write the history books are controlled by the BAKK and they do not want you to know about what must be done for maintaining the BAKK wealth machine at maximum production.

    You dont need to post this. I am writing this to you so you can get some guest on who will tell the truth about how the system functions. But, for certain, this crude oil scam must stop. The world is choking on crude oil. The Russians have 4 wells down to 44,000 feet since the early 70s and they have never stop flowing on their own and they never will. The first time they hit one, the pressure blew all of the pipe out of the hole and blew the deck off of the wellhead and flowed for weeks until they sent down a little nuke and welded the hole shut until they could figure out how to handle that kind of pressure. That is why the Russians suggested to BP to nuke their runaway blowout in the Gulf because they had done that about 30 years earlier.

    • Janet

      Reminds me of how Madonna wanted to nuke the White House to shut down the shit (jabs) spewing from there (now we have an overflowing cesspool with Biden that needs to be cauterized immediately)!!

  73. Jeffrobbins

    My father-in-law asked his doctor about the new booster last week and he told him to follow him outside. They walked around the corner 100 feet where no one could hear and the doc. Says don’t get it and that a lot of people that have gotten the second booster have gotten COVID. The amazing part is having to go outside to have a 30 second talk. The medical folks most be talking amongst themselves with these same hushed ways. It takes time for people to come to grips with their world view being up ended.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Jeff, for the street reporting! It’s the best kind!!

  74. Chris Chambers

    There are various news reports of morticians and embalmers finding strange blood clots in people, coincidentally since the start of the Covid-19 vax campaign started. Here is one story; . Here’s another:

    There is another good one in Epoch Times (referend above) but it is behind a pay wall:

    Cheers Greg!!

  75. Bob Stack

    Tucker Carlson: This is terrifying
    335,803 views Premiered 3 hours ago Fox News
    WARNING-Graphic footage: Fox News host Tucker Carlson looks at Hispanic voters moving over to the Republican Party and rising violent crime on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

  76. Dirk Lurch

    Laura Ingraham: The Democrats are cratering
    66,188 views Sep 9, 2022 Fox News
    November isn’t a choice between MAGA or anti-MAGA. It’s a choice between truth or fiction, common sense or woke fantasies.
    If only the Dems would have picked their own cotton. Wouldn’t have this situation…

  77. Greg Zeigler

    Hello there Greg. This is Greg here long time follower and listener. I came across something I would want you to take a look at if possible. It was brought to my attention by Jim Rickards. It’s something called Biden bucks or Biden money. They want to switch everybody over very soon to All digital currency. I mean it sounds incredibly serious surveillance State from hell.

  78. paul anthony

    There’s more people waiting in line to go to the bathroom, at a Trump rally, than has ever been at anything Biden has done.

  79. Steve


    I regularly visit It seems to be offline. Have you had the same experience?

  80. Patricia


  81. Harry mintzer

    I am a retired anesthesiologist who is unvaccinated and my family is unvaccinated. You are 100% right about the medical community and its loss of trust. I believe it came insidiously and progressively over the years but now we were given a choice of our livelihood or our soul.

  82. Steve Bice

    I know it’s Michael Snyder, but if his stats are right…

    • Greg Hunter

      Snyder is solid.

  83. Justn Observer

    Greg, MSM pumps the narative that the ‘new’ king is going to be as benevolent as his Queen mother? but will he take on his father’s policies and wishes? The both seem so GO GREEN at all costs – starvation and freezing the world -NO PROBLEM for submission of ‘their’ subjects to accept ‘their’ multi-national fascist corporations controlled by the central bank ‘stakeholders’ and Klaus Schwab’s GERMAN/SAXON crew of ‘young global leaders’ NWO?
    As for Prince Phillip = he did hope to see a ‘de-population’ by the people by voluntarily elimination? Which happens to be what people ARE DOING by voluntarily taking a ‘experimental jab – right?
    Consider both new King Charles and his father Prince Phillip part of the Bilderberg meeting founded by Prince Bernhard an X? Nazi SS officer and of the Knights of Malta…
    So… leopards CAN change their spots?

  84. Justn Observer

    Greg, a neads up for VISA card users….they now in business of anti-gun information collection… did they go WOK against the U.S. Constitutional rights to 2nd Amendment AND right to privacy…or just another ‘tool’ of the develping surveillance state and ‘social scoring’ matrix?

  85. john killen

    shortly…….that is by easter there will be a lot less democrats due to the fact that over 90 percent took the shots.

    Killing off their voter base is what the demo party did.

  86. Patricia

    i didn’t make myself clear. i agree with you! i can’t imagine they are STILL at 11-12%; they’ve GOT to be lessened, don’t you think??? what i’m wondering is whether your sources are seeing even LOWER levels! 🙂

  87. Roger

    Thank you Greg for a great summary again. Indeed the world has gone stark raving mad as most officials whether in government at all levels (national, federal, state, civic) and especially in the medical industry have lost all common sense either willingly or by design, have conentiently forgotten all of their knowlege regarding viruses and vacinnes as I suspect they accepted a bribe instead of standing up for integrity and standing up against tyranny. This goes to show just how evil many have of these officials have become. Proverbs 29:4 that you showed is so, so appropriate as it perfectly describes these fools.

  88. Richard

    Greg, Great report! Love what you said to all the doctors that sold the “shot” who now can’t figure out what is happening to their patients. Scumbags!!

    Semper Fi

  89. Don

    Greg, I love you, but as a Christian, you should already know that we are living in the biblical last days. I appreciate your sharing the bad news BUT all of your “reporting” isn’t going to change the trajectory of this world’s events. Refresh your memory of Matthew 24. “THESE THINGS MUST HAPPEN” Take care

    • Greg Hunter

      Not trying to change things, I am reporting on them.

  90. Lee M. Peters

    Hey Greg!!

    What happened to Happy Hollow Farms? Would you still recommend them for future Christmas presents?
    Thanking you in advance,

    • Greg Hunter

      Love Happy Hollow Farm and never had a complaint on their high-quality leather products! 615) 647-8238 is the phone number. I think they took a break from advertising to get ready for the 4th quarter. Nice people.

  91. FastEddy

    All Leaders on Earth Unleashed VAXULA on it’s OWN CITIZENS(TAXPAYERS) . The Federal Reserve(Central Banks) funded VAXULA . Putin Destroyed Evidence …THEY Laugh at YOU over a ZOOM Call….Hahaha THEY Say this is Our HUNGER Games for Real…But Then Our LORD/GOD Clapped and Disabled THEIR Wicked Plans/Deeds shall be brought to Light after a bit of DARKNESS

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