Fed Defending Dollar No Matter What Crashes – Catherine Austin Fitts

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Saturday Night Post)

Catherine Austin Fitts (CAF), Publisher of The Solari Report and former Assistant Secretary of Housing (Bush 41 Admin.), says what is coming for the economy is pain–and lots of it.  CAF explains, “We are either in a major correction or we are going to go into a bear (market), and a lot of it depends on many different politics.  If you look at the money being pumped out . . . on climate change, on green energy, environment and all these different new sort of scams, it depends on how they inject money.  It’s either a major correction or it could turn into a bear (market).  There is no way to tell because it is purely political.”

Various Fed presidents are repeatedly saying the central bank is going to continue raising interest rates.  Why?  CAF says, “I think they are going to keep raising interest rates.  If you are Federal Reserve, you are playing a global game, and what you have to do is protect the reserve currency status.  It looks like to me they have decided that all the BIS (Bank of International Settlements) members need to be in the dollar channel.  They are doing everything they can to collapse the market share of the euro and then move that into the dollar syndicate.  I think they have to keep driving the dollar up.  The U.S dollar index is up to 113, and at one point, it was at 114.  One analyst said it was going to 120.  They have the entire frontier market and the emerging markets in a bear trap, and that is very significant power.  If you are going to go into the woods and shoot the bear, you can’t wound the bear, you have to kill the bear.  So, I think the Fed is going to keep doing this for some time now.  They don’t mind, as you learned from the pandemic, collapsing the small business side of the economy or collapsing the middle-class. . . . They are implementing the ‘Going Direct Reset.’  They are doing a currency reset.  What you are looking at is a fundamental reengineering of the governance system on planet Earth.  Most of the benefits in the dollar system come from the benefits of having the reserve currency and being able to swap money you print out of thin air for real labor and real commodities worldwide.  That’s an enormous benefit, and they are going to protect that benefit.  If they don’t protect that benefit, they run the risk of everybody moving out of the channel.  This is what the Chinese and Russians are trying to do.  They are trying to move out of the dollar channel and trying to create economic resiliency and trade outside the channel.  What the Fed is trying to do and the dollar syndicate is trying to do is protect that channel. . . . It’s global government reengineering.  It’s 100% power politics, and it’s a war.”

In short, the Fed will defend the dollar and the world reserve currency status no matter how hard the stock market crashes, no matter how much the economy crashes, no matter how much the bond market crashes and no matter how much the housing market crashes.

In closing, CAF says, “Stop helping them. . . . Don’t bank at the big banks. . . use cash whenever you can, and pray. . . . This is first and foremost a spiritual war, and prayer is the best navigation tool possible.  With this level of uncertainty and change, there is no way there is enough experts to help you and enough time to listen to them all.  You have to focus on what is important.  You have to decide, are you here to be free or are you here to be a slave?  There is no more middle of the road.  There are two sides, one leads to freedom and one leads to slavery.  You have to choose.”

There is much more in the 58-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One-on-One with the Publisher of The Solari Report, Catherine Austin Fitts. (10.15.22)

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After the Interview:

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Yep it certainly everyone for themselves. All else will fail and the last one standing before the total global reset will be the USD.
    I wish they would stop cloud seeding and causing all of this rain. Dane Wigington is switched on, we are being manipulated with climate hoax agenda.

    • Mike D.

      There’s nothing unusual about the amount of rain.

      • Ginny Silcox

        Hi Mike, That depends on where you are. Just yesterday, I saw multiple reports on the Mississippi River being so low that it’s beginning to restrict barge traffic. If you look at the levels of Lake Mead and Lake Powell, you’ll see the result of what they are calling a 1200 year drought. I live just to the east of the Continental Divide in Colorado…we are 3.5 inches above normal for this year. Geoengineering is a combination of atmospheric aerosol injection and electromagnetic manipulation. Weather modification got started in the 1800’s in the USA, but even before that, people tried to make it rain by setting fires. There’s a company online called “weathermodification.com”…they list hundreds of weather-mod programs they’ve conducted around the globe. Texas has a state department of weather modification (https://www.tdlr.texas.gov/weather/weathermod.htm) and on record, they seeded the beginnings of Hurricane Harvey 3 times before it hit the coast…flooding Houston.

        • NightProwler

          Exactly. Do not forget HAARP!

          • s lang

            HAARP is of course real and was at times reported on in an Anchorage paper because of all the people moving through going there where there were massive gas deposits that couldn’t be moved to market so they were being used to fuel the HAARP operation. Their first experiments were so successful at projecting power into the ionosphere they scaled back b/c they were afraid of a global chain reaction. See Angels Don’t Play on This HAARP by Jeanne Manning and Dr. Nick Begich, EarthPulse Press, Anchorage, 1995. The patents on the technology based on Tesla’s power transmission experiments have been moved through numerous shell companies to disguise ownership.

        • Kentest

          Why so?

      • Earth Angel

        Yes Mike, We are being droughted out badly here in the central north Georgia area this year. Last year plenty of rain keeping the water table up all year. This year a very different story. Though they have been pumping alot of moisture up from the Gulf and the southern Carribbean, spawning these recent hurricanes lately, its just been spinning all around us. Very little water falling here. Ponds are drying up, ours included. Despite desperately pumping from a dwindling creek and even some from our well, we are down 8-10 FEET and our little pond is now but a mudhole. We’ve been rescuing fish and relocating them as best we can but to no avail. Everything is drying up. We’re praying the weather terrorists will send several days (or a couple of weeks) of decent steady rain because that’s what it’s gonna take to replace the water table here.. Dane Wigington has got it right- WE MUST END GEOENGINEERING NOW!!

        • Jeffrobbins

          I have a pond and have been trying to fill it using my well. We keep the garden hose going most days on at around 50%. I have measured it around 3 gallons a minute. No problems with the well. It adds up.

      • JayJay

        Watch who doesn’t fall in with the global reset and notice weather anomalies.

      • Paul in Oz

        There is in oz!

        • Justawhoaman

          They are being FLOODED in Oz. I speak to a friend from Sydney at least once a month- they are being attacked by sending all the moisture to the south.

    • Russ

      You know – “I’m not so sure” the US dollar will be the last fiat paper currency standing upon the reset (more likely it will be a gold and commodity backed currency like the Ruble) – the only benefit the US dollar has “is it being the world reserve currency” – but this is more of a liability then a strength because it enables our crooked politicians and the criminals running the Fed “to constantly multiply (exponentially) their monopoly money out of thin air and fraudulently trade it for real labor and real commodities worldwide – as more and more people awaken this owning a US dollar is going to be more of a liability then a benefit – and it will likely result in “a massive flight from the US Dollar into Rubles or Yen (when China backs their fiat with gold or commodities) – the US dollar supply is being rapidly doubled and doubled and doubled (to keep all the crooks from having to declare bankrupt) – the fiat US dollar will without a doubt in my mind succumb “before” other nations “with asset backed fiat” – unless the US bites the bullet and backs its fiat with something real “like land for instance” – because all our gold the US was most probably “leased out” from Fort Knox by the crooks who were supposed to safeguard our wealth “for a measly 3% interest” – and now “it is not going to be returned by the people who leased it” like Russia for instance (who we are now stupidly at war with bombing their bridges and gas pipelines) and China who we will very soon be at war with – all the people in the world we lent our Fort Knox gold out to will more then likely “not return the metal” but simply pay back their debt to us with worthless US dollars!!

      • Kentest

        Why so? 🐒

        • Cry me a Ruble

          Why so do you keep asking why so?

    • Ranger

      In my meke humble opinion, it’s over. The Bankers have now bought everyone and everything of importance.
      They OWN every Politician regardless of R or D.
      Notice that not one Politician despite Party never asks for the abolishment of The Federal Reserve Act.
      There no longer exists any avenue to change any of this..
      No Law doesn’t exist that can be used against them.
      The Courts are OWNED by them.
      The entire Judicial System is OWNED by them.
      Josiah Stamp told us what we need to do, but it’s too late.
      America is quickly decaying to a dirt pile.

      • Gene

        Have faith!

      • Beverly

        We cannot give up hope. This is the ONE thing that Catherine Austin Fitts reiterates. She’s saying over and over, USE CASH. Don’t support the world banks. It’s not too late to make a difference. We just have to GET TO IT!! We have to get some enthusiasm to support certain leaders who know what the heck this is all about. Catherine IS one of those people and she has many great contacts. So, let’s DO what she suggests! It’s not all over. It’s not over unless we give it over to the devil. We have to FiGHT for God’s ways to be implemented. Let’s work together!

        • Ross Rain

          Dear Beverly, Please Consider. A1 event Melbourne @ VoF.com. Also. Riccardo Bosi. David Martin @ Rumble We are Not Alone. Our best to you and all Warriors for Truth. Thankyou.

      • July Hunter

        @Ranger….Ron Paul has been calling for an end to the Fed for decades. So, there IS at least the ONE !!! He has been calling for a return to “sound money” for quite some time. And I’ll bet he never signed the PLEDGE that ex-Sen. Cynthia McKinney told us about. The PLEDGE to always support ISRAHELL no matter what !!! Or they will finance an opponent that will end your stay in Congress, like they did to EX-Sen McKinney. You see, we send at least $3 BILLION to them every year, and they use that money to buy our politicians. It is very true when one brave soul (Trafficant) says “They have used the USA like a WHORE” !!! (Now let’s see if I get censored) taking pics now !!!

    • Whut

      The stockmarket is a loan to a business via stocks not bonds that never gets paid off …a.k.a. extortion legalized.

  2. Anthony Australia

    An article for all Aussies to read and please look at sequence of dates when these politicians spewed lies.
    To the journalist who cracked this on a MSM platform, Bravo!


  3. peter hart

    Greg, I want to listen to KAF, but it says “encoding”. I have never seen this.
    8:10pm 10/15/2022

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s ready now.

      • Rodrigo

        Hello Greg, been listening to you for years, nice to know you have stock with it for so long, I would love to see people like you eventually be vindicated on mainstream if this world ever comes to it’s sences.

        Question, at minute 10:04 you mention a Sergey Bacty (?) I tried to find this person but I know I’m spelling it wrong, I have no idea who they are and I know most of them… please let me know, I’d appreciate it, thanks~

        • Rodrigo

          Never mind, I found it and know who he is, did not know his name, thanks, I saw you responded to someone with the same question earlier.

          Good luck brother, the world is full of cowards, you and the rest fighting this battle are not!

        • Greg Hunter

          Sucharit Bhakdi

      • Ladtka

        The largest water reduction to our water aquifers, which are supposed to over fill supplying creeks and rivers, are botting companies, data centers and industrial drilling and mining.
        Trillions and trillions of gallons daily every day used up out of our water aquifers. Its not climate differences.


      Catherine Austin Fitts is a very courageous woman.

    • Francine

      Greg can you spell out the name of that Dr she said was the best to listen to for Covid info. I can’t catch it from the verbal. Thank you Francine

      • Greg Hunter

        Professor Doctor Sucharit Bhakdi is a German virologist and professor of microbiology.

        • Beverly

          If you click on the blue link after the synopsis, to hear what else she has to say about central control and power, The Rebellion show(with Polly) plays a clip from a conference in Europe with a Richard Warner, who she says is the best educated economist in the whole of Europe. He is part of an interview with her and talks about how he was shown the way they will chip everyone. These are very important links to watch. Be sure to watch them everyone.

          • Russ

            The Globalists want to chip everyone so that if anyone rebels against them – they can “turn off the chip” and they would be screwed (it is that simple)!!

  4. Pete

    Greg you can check your batch here:

    • Greg Hunter

      This is only for immediate problems. It’s totally useless and how can you know it’s accurate? Total Bs if people think there are only a few bad shots. It was depopulation according to Dr. Yeadon https://nexusnewsfeed.com/article/human-rights/dr-michael-yeadon-the-most-important-message-i-ve-ever-written/

      • Tim K

        Hi Greg,

        I agree with you about the covid shots (as opposed to CAF) . I will make it clear that I wish all the covid shots were saline, but we know that is not the case.
        1. First of all I do not believe that there are many or any saline shots (except for the high ranking officials)
        2. Even if there were saline shots, what are the chances that someone who had three shots received all saline shots?
        3. I do believe that the shots have different times that they will kill you.
        4. CAF does not supply any data to substantiate her claim that a lot of the shots were saline . I realize that Ed Dowd also does not have a medical background, but he backs up his claims with concrete data ( i.e insurance data).

        Thanks Greg

        • Cheri Rodriguez

          In terms of high-ranking officials, nobody in the US Congress had to take the shot. Which was my argument at my job over not taking it: if my Congressman isn’t required then I shouldn’t be required. And think about it. If the shots were really that good, Congress would’ve been first in line.

          Beyond that, my main worry is with the blood supply. Okay, so you dodged the clot shot. But if you ever need blood, it’s pretty much a certainty that you’re getting tainted blood.

          • Tim K

            Hi Cheri,

            You are 100% correct.


          • JayJay

            Cheri—if there was ever a real danger of a pandemic killing folks, Congressmen would have been first in line.

          • Mark

            Correct Cheri… even the Red Cross is not to be trusted any longer. That organization does not separate vaxxed blood versus unvaxxed blood from donors, which the RC readily admits.

            “[T]he American Red Cross accepts and uses donations from vaccinated people,” a spokesperson for the American Red Cross told us in an email. “Blood donations from individuals who have received a COVID-19 vaccine are not ‘contaminated’ and are safe for blood transfusion. The COVID-19 vaccine is designed to generate an immune response to help protect an individual from illness, but vaccine components themselves are not found within the bloodstream.”


            As I told an unvaccinated friend of mine who was preparing to undergo surgery recently, have your OWN blood drawn before surgery. She did and her daughter also contributed. She’s fine post surgery.

          • Warren B.

            History does repeat. What we will see is exactly what took place during the 80’s- 90’s with the tainted blood supplies….passing HIV and other viruses to millions worldwide.
            This time will be same process different recipe.

        • July Hunter

          @Tim & anyone else interested…
          Many people believe that 30 to 50 percent of the first round of JABS was the placebo sterile saline JABS. That was to instill trust in most people. It was also to create a bunch of unsuspecting JUDAS GOATES who would go around bleating to everyone, “Look at me, I got my shot and I feel just fine. Do go and get yours”. And some of the GOATES even went and said…”what are you afraid of. We will put you in a FEMA camp if you don’t comply”. I remember all sorts of bleats coming from the Saline Goats like that. Some of them went and got a second JAB and dropped dead shortly after.
          The point is, it is like playing Russian Roulette because you never know what you are going to get.

          • July Hunter

            Just like a bar code at the grocery store, I believe there is a code embedded in the serial numbers of each batch. Only those high up the ladder would be privey to those codes, snd the only way to find out would be to do some enhanced interrogation overseas some where that allows such stuff. Considering the lives at risk, I think we should make exceptions to our laws to allow manicures and water boarding, maybe even some “mild” electric shock to their genitals. And REAL SOON !!!!!

      • Mary Curran

        Hi Greg,

        I totally agree that if there are saline injections, it was only for the so-called “elite”. Any saline injection in anyone else was a manufacturing/storage problem and not an intentional placebo. IMHO nearly all of these people who took even 1 shot are doomed. Dr. McCullough stated that one is out of the woods 1 year after the shots. This is mere speculation. As you have stated, the Foos Fighter drummer dies after 1 year. Now we see Doug Brignole, body builder, fitness coach, former Mr. America is dead. I don’t know when he received the last shot. The first was April 2021. https://stevekirsch.substack.com/p/doug-brignole-1960-2022-rip?utm_source=email
        BTW Dr. Yeadon is now in “there is no respiratory virus” camp. I am a retired board certified anesthesiologist ( I have a lot of time to study) and I was stunned to come to this conclusion. Drs. Cowan, Kaufman, Lanka and others have laid out the evidence. No virus has ever been isolated going back to 1954 John Enders paper on measles isolation–which was not isolated if one reads the paper.

        Thanks for all the great interviews.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Mary.

        • Tim K

          Hi Dr. Curran,

          Thanks for the information.


        • Warren B.

          Yes indeed.
          No Isolation from an infected human – implies no Virus/Disease that was capable of being transmitted. The SCAM of COVID was to permit testing (data gathering of specific genomic sequences to allow further nefarious work to be done) as well as to surreptitiously inject toxic substances into the body to suppress the immune system and cause multiple inflamatory responses (cytokine storms)….in addition to the maiming and deaths that were anticipated. Did they want to intentionally break the Health system …by overwhelming it with sick/dying Patients riddled with numerous ailments driven by the shots? Can we say that those health workers who left under duress /of their own volition have also exacerbated/compound the problem?
          What I discovered is that the Pharmaceuticals (all of them) do not have ownership of the COVID Vaccines. They were in FACT contracted to produce a given product using a specific ingredients list by the DOD. It is well documented that these “Vaccines” do not perform as Vaccines should perform…and therefore are designed as a Biological Agent. All the discussion around the Liability of BIG PHARMA with regard the side-effects …is a misdirection….the focus should in fact be directed at the DOD/MIC/Federal Government. Warp Speed was in FACT a Military Exercise as POTUS Trump stated many times.

        • J. Loughran

          Dr. Curran, if you haven’t already done so, take a look at Gigaohmbiological.com and a listen to the recent interview of John Beaudoin, Sr. Beyond John’s conclusions regarding the increase in All-Cause Mortality Stats, he has much to say about the integrity of medicine in his home state of Massachusetts.
          Thank You.

      • Richard Longacre

        Yes Greg, is is about depopulating but also like Ed Dowd stated, “This is also about disabling workers and destroying our workforce” which will add to even more deaths and shortages as time goes on. And like CAF stated, that big pharma and the AMA will be the biggest benefactors of all of this money flow from all of the VAXX injuries. Total fraud from top to bottom.

        Great interview with CAF. I took about two pages of notes and will send a link of this interview to all my contacts. Thank you for being the watchman on the wall for all of us. God bless you and CAF.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Richard for all your Blessings & support.

        • John

          It would be great if you would post your notes somewhere for us to see.

          • Richard Longacre

            John, My two pages of notes have already become 8 pages and I’m only halfway done. Probably way too much for most people to ever read. Greg did a good job of catching all the main points in his initial post for the interview. I expand way out on each topic and send it to my contacts via email later.
            Bottom lines are: Buy physical silver, stay out of debt, use cash whenever possible, stay out of the markets, use small local banks, never take any kind of jab ever again because they all are now tainted with trans-human DNA altering MRNA with self assembling nanoparticles and graphene oxide, and most importantly trust in God and don’t accept the Mark of the Beast or you are doomed. I consider the Jab that changes our God-given DNA to something other than human (that will soon become mandatory) combined with the total life control economic CBDC system that is coming and will be made mandatory or else, to be the MOTB.

            And of course, keep following Greg Hunter and support him financially if you can.

            • Greg Hunter

              Thank you Richard for your comments & all your support of the site!

      • Norman Davis

        Agree, It was a somewhat subtle plot to kill as many people over time in such a way as to have plausible deniability. If the shots killed everyone right away it would be too obvious so they have devised a system to delay death or cause death by a hundred different ways. I imagine the saline shots were another layer in the deceit. The overall objective is to kill us all but not get caught with a significant amount of people agreeing to their own demise.

        • Russ

          It should be clear to everyone that our Government helps Big Pharma to make money “by promoting their jab” (even if it kills us physically) – our Government helps the Military Industrial Corporations to make money “by promoting their wars” (even if it kills us physically) and our Government helps the Big Banks to make make money “by promoting their fiat” (even if it kills us financially) – when our Government’s “real job” is to Defend the PEOPLE from all threats to our lives and economic security from external and internal threats – instead we have DemonRats in our Government mandating our demise (before 65) either by a bio-weapon or a thermo-nuclear weapon attack – and deviously trying to bring about societal collapse by every type of devious means (from famine to Armageddon)!! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAfwpfUBw1M&feature=emb_rel_end

        • Russ

          [Greg – can you replace my comment with this corrected one, thanks!]
          It should be clear to everyone now that our Government spokesmen help Big Pharma to make money “by promoting their Jab” (even if it kills us physically) – our Government spokesmen help the Big Military Industrial Corporations to make money “by promoting their Wars” (even if it kills us physically) and our Government spokesmen help the Big Banks to make make money “by promoting their Fiat paper and Electronic currencies” (even if it kills or enslaves us financially) – when our Government’s “real job” is to Defend the AMERICAN PEOPLE from “all Threats” to our Lives and Economic Security from both External and Internal threats – instead – we have DemonRats in our Government mandating our demise (before 65) either by a Bio-weapon or a Thermo-nuclear weapon attack – and deviously trying to bring about our Societal Collapse by every type of devious means (from Famine to Plague to Armageddon)!! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAfwpfUBw1M&feature=emb_rel_end

        • Russ

          ALSO – we do not know what kind of monsters the DNA manipulation of the “jabbed” by Big Pharma will turn people into!! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_Urtk_lLdA&feature=emb_logo – all I can say is – going camping in a National Park can be very dangerous (as DemonRat Hillary taught these CIA created monsters witchcraft – and then worked feverishly to take away our Constitutional Right to carry guns to defend ourselves)!!

  5. JRowden

    I think the first jab may have been perhaps 75% placebo, mainly because no one knew how many people would die and how soon. If a lot of people dropped dead, it would have alerted everyone to the dangers of the vax, and people would not have taken the second shot or booster; Big Pharma would lose a lot of money. So they may have increased the potency of the jab with each increasing dose. The boosters are probably really deadly.

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t think so JR. Allex Newman’s dad and mom got one shot each and both got sick. His dad died a painful death a year after his shot. No way 75% were placebo. Depopulation was their goal.

      • Anthony Australia

        Fact! Agree 100%

      • Bruce

        I agree Greg

      • Bill

        Under EUA, the drug companies are allowed, actually encouraged, to experiment with various parameters, including dosages in the shots. Early deaths correlated with dosages of the mRNA payload, which may explain why some batches had higher early death rates associated. However, according to multiple studies, all of the shots cause a degradation of the immune system over time, until it reaches VAIDS levels (something I remember you talking about with a guest). Bottom Line: One way or another, these shots will get you.

      • Dan Goebel

        We are seeing major differences in the effects of Pfizer EUA Experimental Injections on the VEARS reporting system relative to the Lot numbers. Doctor Michael Yeadon used this fact as the basis of his augment concluding that the Pfizer Shots are not the same, yet the Company deliberately deceived nearly everyone to think that the Shots were the same. Part of the Oligarchs evil plan is to create Division among the people, and they do this by creating so many variables within the EUA Injections that only by knowing the Lot Number can you know what you are getting, and this information is all kept confidential by the Manufactures.
        There is know way for you to be able to say what a given EUA Shot will do to someone without knowing the Lot Number.
        Yes, there are Lot Numbers that Kill, and others that cause major illness, but there are other Lot Numbers that do nothing. This is how the Oligarch can control many useful idiots, including Politicians, to help with their evil plan. I hear it all the time from people that got one of the Shots that they had no problem with it, yet I hear from others that they had major “Side Effects”. All I can say to the people that did not have an adverse reaction is that they should feel lucky.
        Based on my crude analysis of the VEARS Data with over a million reported Adverse Reactions, and the Harvard Study concluding that less than 1% of Adverse Reactions were actually Reported, I get upwards of 100 million people being adversely effected by the EUA Shots. If roughly 500 million people were injected, then about 20% are having adverse reactions. It is advantageous for the evil planners to have useful idiots to claim that they have gotten the EUA Shots and have not gotten sick, yet these useful idiots do not even know that they are being used.
        To quote a line from the Bible accredited to Jesus Christ as he was being put to death, he spoke to God saying ” Please forgive them, for they know not what they do”, and yes, this is true of many people that push these EUA Injections. They do not know what they do. Thus, KAF is correct to say that we cannot condemn all who have pushed the EUA shots. Indeed these people have sinned against humanity, yet most can come to see the light, someday, we hope.

        • Greg Hunter

          “. . .there are other Lot Numbers that do nothing.”–YET If you received mRNA shots, you received Lipid Nanoparticles (LNP)–period. World renowned microbiologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi says, “Even without the mRNA, these (LNP) injections shortened your life.” You are dreaming that there were mass placebos based on the “batch” data which only show immediate bad reactions not illnesses that come on much later such as Cancer heart attacks, autoimmune disease and death long after the injection. The drummer for the Foo Fighters died more than a year after his last shot of a heart attack. The “Batch” data is worthless. What is actually in the shots is NOT being disclosed. We do know there is LNP in all the mRNA shots. If you been injected take Ivermectin regularly to remove the spike proteins constantly being made in your body. I love Jesus too, by the way!

      • Laura Ann

        Now they are pushing flu shots and say this is a bad year for flu (another fear mongering agenda.) Zinc, C & D daily , fr and veggies daily.

        • Richard Longacre

          Laura, This year’s flu shot contains 10 strands of DNA altering mRNA nanoparticles. The COVID jab only contained one strand (or so we are told). Do not take the flu shot this year or any other year. It is not “just like the other flu shots you may have taken”. We can’t trust big pharma and we can no longer trust the AMA medicine (ruling by consensus) any more after this massive COVID fraud and depopulation agenda.

      • Mesquite

        My question is if they are taking us to war, why would they knowingly promote a shot that would kill multitudes of the age group that would be drafted for a world war?
        Yes, I do believe they knew the dangers.

        • Warren B.

          Understand who is beating the WAR drums and who they are targetting …you will see the true picture of the Ukraine FAKE WAR. World Hegemony is at stake…end of story. Who controls Europe controls the World.

        • Beverly

          They want to make this country weak because they want to take over America. America has lots and lots of natural resources. It’s very wealthy and Russia and China would like to take over this land. If the people of America can hold on to their land, in order to farm, then they can’t control us so much. They are trying to control whether people hang on to their farmland, with droughts. They want the farmers to sell their farmland. The people must fight the Deep State when it comes to weather control. People have to contact their representatives and talk to them about weather control. Our representatives must get pressure from the people to quit giving in to the Deep State banking cabal that also controls the weather.

      • NightProwler

        You have it very wrong Greg because you do not know. Operation Warpspeed was not in any way about creating shots that had been patented in 2015 and already manufactured. It was about Military replacing many many vials with Saline! There were 3 general categories of shots – very bad/deadly, bad but not deadly, and placebo (saline or flu shot). They could not have everyone drop dead within days of injection, too obvious. Our Special Forces under the direction of Prez. Trump swapped them out. Add to that, later shots becoming useless because proper storage (cold temps) and mixing (complicated instructions) were not maintained. They became inert for the deadly spike proteins. We know a large number of the ingredients. I have been keeping a list for 20+ months.

    • Shirl

      For those wondering now if placebos or saline Clot-Shots were used…I’ve got a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.

      They want us dead.

      Need proof of their murderous intentions outside of The Clot-Shot campaign besides the purposeful HALT of Abundant Energy Production under President Trump to near nothing now with the DemonRats, or once Abundant Food Supplies dwindling now along with Supply Chain interruptions,the list goes on and on..worst yet is the murderous desire to enter ARMAGEDDON :


      • Warren B.

        You are on target there Shirl.
        2 of the most common techniques employed to depopulate are Wars and Famine. To add toxins into the human system through vaccines / food and water system is icing on the cake. A Disease riddled starving populace without abundant energy is a recipe for disaster. Add weather modification into the mix and hey presto…..we have a catastrophic worldwide event in the making.

        • NightProwler

          It is all a show. This year ends the war. Truth coming out in weeks. No one is starving to death here.

    • Shiloh1

      I think allowed some of the vial batches/lots / shipment get too warm or old/expire was a feature/not bug, in that it added confounding randomness (duds) to the actual deadly batches.

      Oh, by the way, the nasal test swabs were ‘sterilized’ with ethylene oxide (EtO), a known carcinogen at parts-per-billion concentrations.

      • Greg Hunter

        You still got lipid nanoparticles (LNP) which is poison. That did not degrade.

  6. Prospector

    Glad to hear CAF talk about the subliminal / neuro – programming by various means.
    Huxley wrote about it decades ago ( strobeonic – injection ) , but a serious effort was put in place to dismiss it as …conspiracy theory.

    Suggest everyone look up ” Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars “

    • Anthony Australia

      Fritz Springmeier

      Undetectable Trauma Based Mind Control

    • R. Patrick

      Bill Holter reports that JS Mindset is over and the circumstances are not good! Hang in there Greg!

      • Greg Hunter

        I’ll have to get Bill on soon. He’s a favorite here on USAW!!!

        • Tim K

          Hi Gerg,

          CAF is also wrong about the satanist targeting the poor. A lot of rich celebrities (i.e actors and athletes) have died fronnthe shots. Also a democratic politician 17 year old daughter just died from the clot shots. So I conclude that the satanist are trying to kill everyone.


      • PersonaNonGrata

        Bill Holter’s explanation, 10-12-22:

        P.S. One of my daughters set up her own business website with the aid of a web administrator. She later fell out with the administrator but found out that she could not transfer ‘her site’ to a new administrator because she never owned it – the administrator did! It appears the same thing happened to the very business savvy Jim Sinclair and Bill Holter. Be careful out there . . .

        • Warren B.

          As BH has stated …the Admin has since posted all of the Subscriber only information on the original site without charge. This was and still remains the IP of BH/JS. You cannot help but think that this is designed to destroy the credentials of the messenger.

        • Anthony Australia

          Happened to Jordan Maxwell too and he got fleeced real bad.

  7. tim mcgraw

    20:00 Yes, psychopaths and sociopaths run the state, both in politics and the bureaucracy. But I can see why people still thought big business was just run by greedy people and not psychopaths. Psychopaths and sociopaths fail in business.
    But not this time. So, it is a first in a way. The rot starts at the head.
    And now even the churches and hospitals are rotten. The schools, too.
    All of the institutions of our society are failing.
    Change is coming.

    • Agent P

      Your last 3-4 sentences tell the tale of the tape, McGraw. All true.

      I had a thought many years ago that those whom we thought were faithful to the end would be washed away, and those who we had little hope for would turn out valiant warriors. I’m sticking to that thought. Many eye-opening truths coming our way soon.

      • tim mcgraw

        Agent P: I hope you are right in your predictions.

    • Edward Ulysses Cate

      Tim McGraw: You’re absolutely right! Not only has the Peter Principle re-emerged, but they’re sociopaths, too. The 1% have lied, cheated, stole, and killed to get to the top, and the biggest problem is that the 99% decent folks of every organization won’t get together and clean their own house. The quote (“Tis the times’ plague, when madmen lead the blind.” William Shakespeare, King Lear) needs to be updated.
      Tis the times’ plague, when sociopaths lead the ignorant.

      • tim mcgraw

        Edward Ulysses Cate: I like the King Lear quote. Well played!

    • JayJay

      Not so; the psychopaths are winning. Their objective lines up with the global reset guidelines.

      • NightProwler

        Nonsense. The war has already been won by White Hats. You are watching a movie to wake you up!

  8. Ed

    Ms.Fitts has always been my favorite guest on your show.Logical, sensible,and Godly. Thank you Mr.Hunter.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Ed!! I agree!!

    • tim mcgraw

      I agree Ed.

    • Nick

      I agree but Ms Fitts sounded like she was saying she was a cabal misfit.

  9. tim mcgraw

    PS: Who would think a company, even a bad company like Pfizer of somewhat questionable morality, would kill its own customers?

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Tim,
      I realise you may be employing sarcasm but, on it’s face, your comment neglects that far more people are severely injured by the shots than are killed outright. This creates masses of new – and perpetual – customers for big pharma . . .

      • tim mcgraw

        PersonaNonGrata: I see your point, but people aren’t THAT dumb are they? Eventually they do figure out that someone is not giving them an enema. It is something else.
        But maybe you are right.
        Maybe McDonald’s and the other fast food companies should go into the heart medicine business.

    • rwmctrofholz

      A fair question. One I’ve posited as it relates to why the NFL and NASCAR would engage in behaviors that cost them millions by divorcing themselves from their core customers.

      My theory: These companies know that there is a war going on between Communism and freedom. Even in Communism, some companies will remain standing and profitable. My guess is that these companies, Pfizer, NFL, NASCAR, Starbucks, etc., have made their bets that Communism will win and want to show that they have been on the “right side” of matters to gain favor.

  10. bonefinderguz

    I recently talked to a friend I’ve had for over 40 years now. He lives in Seattle, grew up in Brooklyn/Manhattan. He, his wife ( who is a nurse practitioner) and his daughter ( a P.A.in an emergency room in Florida) are all Orthodox Jews. My friend has an MBA and is a CPA, now retired.
    I have to do a “dance”to talk with him about COVID, the jab, etc. The entire family has bought into the dogma. He has had four shots to date and was anticipating getting the FIFTH one. Usually, we can’t even talk about this subject because he considers me a nut job. ( I’ve been an RN for 50 years and I’ve seen ALOT after many years of working in critical care, detox, you name it)
    HE HAS NEVER HEARD ABOUT IVERMECTIN!!!!! He is completely ignorant to this medication as well as any of the side effects of the jab. How can this be? Where are we going so wrong that so many people are this much out of the loop on information? This scares me that somebody of his caliber has never even HEARD of ivermectin.
    He is in impeccable health, an exercise buff, holistic diet his whole life yet now, he confided to me that he is having word finding issues and brain fog. I politely implored him to NOT get the fifth jab. I hope he heard me.

    • Cheryl

      I had a similar experience just earlier today. My neighbor commented that three brothers she knows (in their late 50’s early 60’s) in Montana “all died in 2022 of heart problems.” She says to me, “doesn’t that seem odd to you?” Me: yes, definitely, it’s clearly a statistical anomaly. Then I mentioned that all cause mortality is off the charts — just to test the water and see if she showed any curiosity. She didn’t. She remained attached to her murkiness. But then again, she still believes her mother died from covid in a nursing home in late 2020. NOT. Her mother was already in hospice with about a week to live. The facility tested her for covid and found “positive” results AFTER she died. (So, her mother died “with” covid, not from it, assuming the diagnostic test was accurate.) I questioned my neighbor and found out that her mother had no symptoms and was never examined by a doctor who might have provided a proper diagnosis. At that time I explained to my neighbor that Medicare would reimburse significantly higher for a covid death recored on the certificate compared with non-covid cause and so it was in their best interest to code her mother’s death as cause = covid. She looked at me as if I had just confessed to pedophilia. It almost came to blows as she is so smart and I’m a kook, implying how dare I try and take away the glory of having a mother die of covid in a nursing home. How cliche. I see many people in my ‘hood that are looking empty and greyed out and admit to being unable to focus and process information. They are entirely perplexed about the root cause of their angst, lethargy and zombie state. Me, I’m beginning to lose my patience with all of them, but they’re surrounding me at the moment so I throw out clues to test their curiosity and otherwise don’t press.

      • Nanc

        I understand where your coming from. A bit of sage advice, keep your vax status very close to the vest. As it’s the unvaxed they are going to come after, once they truly understand they’ve been duped.
        Things are going to get real ugly and very soon.

      • Chris

        These zombies, as you rightfully refer to them as, can shed the stuff on others – jabbed or not jabbed. I believe that is only likely to take place in pretty close contact situations, in relatively closed spaces. But who really knows. I am glad I no longer have to work in an office with these morons (that may sound harsh, but given all the adverse info now out there, anyone who still wants to get this poison is truly beyond help). Your neighbor sounds like many similar people I know who I used to respect as intelligent and perceptive, but now see as just unthinking pawns, easily manipulated by media fear porn and propaganda and a total subservience to authoritarianism (white coat worship especially). At least I have no more illusions about what’s possible in the future if nothing intervenes in this darkness. Most people will become slaves and many will become monsters over night.

    • Nanc

      Hi Bone,
      I can totally relate! I’m taking care of my deceased parents long time childhood friends who are both in their 80’s. When this alleged virus came out, I told them to beef up the vitamin D3wK2, Vitamin C, Zinc and Quercetin. They looked at me like I had an extra head, lol 😝. I begged them to steer clear of the kill shots and wait. But, nooo they were first in line at their harmacy. Four shots later, they both have blood clots, heart damage, and exploding cancers. I mentioned that the shots are to blame, as they were pretty healthy before them. Yikes! They didn’t talk to me for a year! Told me I was crazy and a conspiracy theorist, lol 😆. They just recently called me because they need help. Which I’m happy to do, but, conversations are extremely hard as I’m forbidden to mention these kill shots or what may truly help them.
      I have to “Ivermectin up” before visiting and wear a Shield Aer to offset the shedding.
      What kills my soul is they believe this all all from old age! After 8 hours of nonstop faux news I’m ready for the nut farm when I get home, lol 😝. (No TV here).
      I offered them Ivermectin, and was told it was poison, lol 😝. Unfortunately, there are some folks you will never reach, and I deal with them too, so you are not alone.
      All we can do I love them and pray for them at this point. It’s in God’s hands now.

      • Russ

        Closed minds are all to common as the world now enters the biggest economic and political storm in its history – few investors are prepared for “The Total Annihilation Of Their Wealth” – and when they see a chart like this – https://goldswitzerland.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/egon-6.png – which reflects the staggering 54 times increase in US money supply debt in just about 54 years – they don’t want to look or believe it – but – as the Fed continues to raise interest rates – the Dow will go down just like in 1932 – gold rising back to its 1932 value will make a move like Bitcoin (from it’s current $1600 dollar level to a staggering sixty-five thousand dollar per ounce level very quickly) – as for the price of silver (even at a Gold to Silver Ratio of 100) silver will be selling for $650 dollars per ounce!!

        • Laura Ann

          For readers: I think retirees (incl. me and hubby) are safest in gov. T-bonds (401k), personal inv: I bonds and tax free muni’s. The 401k is switched to T- bonds just before retirement from the stock mkt. Everyone needs a money mkt savings for emergencies like home repairs, medical co -pays and drugs. I never heard investment people mention this in interviews.

        • Paul

          If it is to be extrapolated by Ms. Fitts reference of the three pedals of coercion, medical, social and economic
          The level of fraud and the implementation of the remaining two of economic and social pressure could pale the the first -medical affront to societies.

          Stand our ground and screw them.

    • Solzhenitsyn

      I did not take the clotshot but did get sick back in 2020. Since then mind fog and word recall and slurring of words has happened. NAC and Berberine has helped. It needs to be detoxed. I think covid was not completely fake, there was something affecting people. Just cant 100 percent attribute it to a cold, for all I know it was i troduced some other form. Food? My family all got sick the same week, food or water or contaminated something.. other than that maybe some form of tech?? Not sure but leg pain, brain fog and word recall.

  11. Prospector

    At 12:30 into the interview, she suggests a ‘ guess ‘ that the bad Vaxx batches are a form of population control quota system. Greg you seemed stunned by this so please consider the following :

    In 1975 , Henry Kissinger and Al Haig created the National Security Councils ad-hoc Group On Population Policy. The State Department runs the ” Office Of Population Affairs “. In short , 3rd world countries must meet population reduction goals or they would get zero US AID , and the likely outcome of induced civil war to get the job done.

    These maniacs are 100 % obsessed the Dr. Paul Erlichs book ” The Population Bomb ” and a vast amount of public policy is centered around his projections.
    Ms. Fitts is on the mark. This is open source information anyone can fact check.

    Source : Behold A Pale Horse by William Cooper ( former Naval Intelligence Ret. )
    Chapter – Anatomy Of An Alliance

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Prospector,
      If we need to understand ‘population quotas’, perhaps we need look no further than the Deagle Report for population/s 2025. What is the basis for these population predictions? Upon what demographic trends is the Deagle Report based? Then again, perhaps Deagle is simply publishing the population quotas handed down by TPTB. For some inexplicable reason ‘they’ have a compulsion to tell us what they are going to do to us. The torturer explaining the use of his instruments – to induce terror? Psychopaths and sadists one and all . . .

    • Robert K

      Thus the push for war and nuclear Armageddon. between Russia/Ukraine/USA, etc…. Nobody is interested in peace.

      If the shots didn’t work, they’ll fulfill their agenda by other means for depopulation.

      • Prospectors

        PNG + RK

        Putin may just have bought the world some time by destroying / disrupting the Ukraine bio-weapons labs.

        Globalists have stated that there is a real ‘ need ‘ to dismantle Russia into smaller bits to ensure success of their crazy NWO plans. Putin knows this.

        • Johnny Cool

          “We have reached the height of insanity when an astrophysicist can get on global television and claim that there is very little radiation in today’s nuclear weapons.”


        • Russ

          Putin has also set up Military Tribunals (just like Nuremberg trials) to bring to justice all those who have committed crimes against humanity – when the Russians are through hanging all the criminal Nazi’s in Ukraine who committed crimes against humanity they will begin to put on trial people like Gates, Soros, etc., etc., etc. and find them guilty of crimes against humanity “in absentia” and Russia will have the legal right “to go anywhere in the world to arrest and bring these criminals back to Russia for sentencing – is it any wonder the criminals in the West committing crimes against humanity want to drop thermo-nuclear weapons on Russia!!

    • Shiloh1

      Hadn’t heard Al Hair’s name mentioned in years. He was a real jackass.

  12. Heli Copter moolaa

    Are We on the Verge of a Major Transformation of the Global Economy? / Jacques Sapir

  13. MacGuy

    Hi Greg,
    Will Bo Pony be coming on this week? I heard you mention the other day that his 421 chart is showing a Market Plunge on October 24, 2022. Also have you heard of Attorney Todd Calendar? This past week he was interviewed and he states the drug companies have a patient on these injections and people who have taken them could now possibly be considered a new life form species called Homo-borg-genesis, not only that but the drug companies may actually be able to say they “own” these people. I agree with you and CAF that we need Jesus to return to save us. Any chance to interview Attorney Calendar?

  14. Chris Hagan

    Two days after my shot I had visible clotting in the veins of my left hand. I have had clots in my lungs and damage to my heart. My wife died two days after her shot. I miss her so much.

    • Nanc

      Oh Chris, I’m so sorry for your loss. Do take care build up your immune system and do not take any shots of any kind from here on out! God bless you.

    • James Kolb

      Hang in there, Chris! Stay close to Jesus and you’ll be fine and see your wife in Heavan.

    • Dave

      Sorry for your loss!

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Chris,
      Genuinely sorry about your wife. Seriously, WHY did you take the shots?

    • Roxanne

      I am so very sorry to hear that! I can not imagine. So sorry for your loss. May God be with you and heal you.

    • Felicia Music

      Chris, I can only offer my heart felt condolences on your great loss. And that I’m praying for you Know that our Lord loves you and is with you, now and always. In Him, Felicia

    • Russ

      Sadly your trust in evil politicians and greedy corporations totally destroyed your happy life – but even us (those who refused the Kill Shot) are going to be totally destroyed by these same evil politicians and corporations – as they now bring thermonuclear Armageddon down upon our heads!!!

  15. Larry Serflaten

    I have to disagree with your opinion that the corrupt power mongers do not believe in God. Even Satan believes in God and he is the worst of the bunch. I would say we have a large section of humanity that are rebellious against God. They know of God, (eg. believe he exists) but they have turned their backs on him.

    You see it in those behind the genocide, who justify in their own eyes the mass murder of who knows how many after all is said and done. You see it in compromised and/or corrupt politicians who look every which way for a bribe or kickback, and have no qualms telling lies to the people. You see it in the gender dyslexic who argue against God saying, ‘No, God was wrong, I am not this gender, I am the other one.’ And you see it in every gay pride parade where they flaunt their rebellion in open public.

    On that same ticket is the selfishness that people adhere to. EX: “I am going to abort MY pregnancy” when the true statement would be “I am going to kill this new child of God”.

    They way I see it, many of these people know God exists, it is just that they do not believe in what we know to be true. And, as you have stated, God has said, if they turn away from him, he will send them strong delusion and let them believe their lies. (2 Thess. 2:11)

    As CAF was saying, we have the cocktail reality, and the risk assessment reality. I would suggest a nation of unbelievers might be the cocktail reality, however a nation where selfish and rebellious idiots are allowed to roam free and infect society is closer to the truth.

  16. Poochiwoo

    Catherine is spectacular as usual. Unfortunately, history shows the controllers always get their ways. Humans have been slaves for thousands of years. They control everything and own just about everything. When the new full spectrum dominance digital system comes, 98% will submit. But, it is worth making a stand while we still can.

  17. tim mcgraw

    Thanks for the interview. Very informative and well done.
    Do not support the bad guys. Good advice. Here in Cali, I’ve had myself taken off of the voter rolls, and jury duty rolls. Voting here is pointless. Same with the legal system. I’d leave California if I were young and healthy. Thousands are doing this.
    Voting with one’s feet, assets, and soul, is what counts.
    Are we good husbandmen of the Lord’s vineyard? Luke Chapter 20.

    As for protecting family wealth… Hard to do with children who are brainwashed by the government’s schools, media, and social media. To educate one’s children on risk management a parent has to start from scratch.

    • Richard Longacre

      Tim, Always enjoy your comments. There is still hope in CA. Look into the New California State movement. Not as crazy as it sounds. Also you should check out “New Patriot” on Brighteon to hear from another Christian Californian exposing the lies.

      My son homeschools his three children in central CA. Teach children how to think and reason and how to do their own risk management and they will be much better prepared for real life than the woke craziness being push in public schools. Some of our local schools in Oklahoma have put litter boxes in the bathrooms for those confused students that identify as a cat. Not kidding. Who is running this crazy train?

      • tim mcgraw

        Richard Longacre: If I could go back in time, my ex and I would have home-schooled our kids. As for California… Newsom won his recall election 2:1. 84% of the people in our small town of Healdsburg (12k pop.) support the Democrats/crazies.
        All politics are local. Hopefully, the Central Valley can get some autonomy from the Coastal Elites.

    • Patagonia

      Tim Do you are talking about Cali, Colombia or another location? If so how is it there?
      I once there on a tourist trip and liked it.
      You are right in many G7 nations things are deeply rotten (USA, Germany, Canada, UK for instance). Good reason to look for an escape somewhere else away from the grid. It could be worth to investigate one day for Greg where it might be senseful to hide at lower cost including medical treatments. He has not made so far any interviews in that direction for example with Simon Black or the numbeo.com inventors.

      • tim mcgraw

        Patagonia: I did use “Cali”, which is short for “California”, but then used “California” later on in my comment. Sorry for the confusion.
        I spent 6 months in Belem, Brazil in 1990 working on a film. You couldn’t pay me to go back to South America.
        Doug Casey is the one to look up on moving overseas to a tax haven.

    • Cassie

      Tim, check out New California State. They have a website. NEWPATRIOT.

      • tim mcgraw

        Cassie: I checked out the New California State website and the map of the counties signed on to the NCS movement.
        It’s all fun and games until the taxes quit flowing to Sacramento.
        My guess is that the NCS counties get more money from Sacramento than they pay in.
        But that’s just a guess. Almost all of the California tax money comes from the rich coastal elites. So they call the shots.

  18. Jeffrobbins

    Fascinating interview. May have to watch it a second time. Another point is that in a true crash- dollars can be created and given to banks and friends while the ‘others’ will lose some assets or political independence. This is a dangerous game being played. 2; Everyone should check out the NOAA satellite imagery of the Pacific and see the moisture flows- the normal looking jet stream and another from the south that is pushing like a wall that moisture up to canada- looks very unusual. Here in the Northwest we should have a few rains by now this fall – none so far. 3; also i think we can see the beginning of a new societal movement, while not really being called out, people are desiring to go back to some semi rural living standard. Not sure about income opportunities, but with the internet and modern shipping and growing your own food, being out of town a ways is looking better all the time. This could last for decades- a reversal of urbanization. We feel more free in the county with a gravel road and chickens than in town with fast food.

    • Bill Bradshaw

      Jeff robbins
      What is going on at present is just the beginning. There is going to be a continual attack on us until they achieve their goals. Get JESUS, get some seeds to put in the ground, get a source for water, and PRAY PRAY PRAY

  19. Jeffrobbins

    Also, when the government and corporations are in bed together is called Fascism.

  20. Rich Roz

    Hi Greg I sent this to you last week but you did not post it. Yes they know if you have been vaxxed with just one drop of your blood. Here is the report.


  21. George spathies

    CAF is incredible. Everything she says is with great insight. She knows that no one can actually say how this is gonna play out. Only God knows and he will have his way. This is the time to trust in Jesus than ever before because this is not our home there’s another country waiting for us. Greg Hunter you did a great interview thanks for bringing out the best in CAF

    • Tom Grier

      Will there still be humans on Earth during the Age of Aquarius? Not if Piscean “spawn til you die” extinction meme prevails!

  22. John Nordstrom

    Here is the Deagel data that lists population reduction targets by country –
    Original data was published in 2017. Data has been scrubbed but can be found on the wayback machine

    • Russ

      They knew the “jab” would do away with 1/3 of all Americans and 1/2 of the Jews in Israel – Chile might be a good place to go and buy a farm (as no population reduction is forecast)!!

    • Steve Bice

      From the original Deagel report you referenced (and you got the spelling right! Heh.)….

      United States of America (2017 population and GDP)
      326,620,000 $19,360,000 ($19.4 t)

      United States of America (2025 Population and GDP)
      99,553,100 $2,445,124 ($2.45t)

      From a Zerohedge article today: “Some 226 million people have received their primary vaccination series, CDC data shows.”

      Let’s do the arithmetic:
      326,620,000 population in 2017 minus 226,000,000 people who received the vaccination series equals…wait for it…100,620,000 people left if all died.

      Deagel’s 2025 forecast: 99,553,100.
      Scary close prediction based on the vaccine data…and to my knowledge, Deagel offered no explanation for the dramatic population declines predicted.

      Coincidence or foreknowledge? If it was coincidence, why scrub the data? Too close for comfort…

      • John Nordstrom

        My belief is Deagel scrubbed the data once people like us started making the general public aware of what the Globalists are up to. For some perverse reason, TPTSB feel the need to tell us what they are going to do before they do it. I am guessing they think we’re too stupid to see what is right in front of us. Busy – yes, stupid – no. They keep us on the rat treadmill so we can’t catch our breath. But, fortunately, thanks to Greg Hunter’s USAWatchDog site and patriots like us, the word is getting out. Spread the word.

  23. alfy

    how many of us did they aim to kill off – 90%. and they wanted to killing to be done in a slow and dehumanizing way. yes buts won’t cut it for any who were either orchestrating or going along to keep getting a paycheck. that the large majority of those who lined up to get jabs from certain personality types, basically those of us who are likely to wind up being useful idiots when psychopaths (demon possessed) are leaders. such personality types who lined in in large numbers for jabs, many of them were twisted into being fearful obnoxious “activists”. if they were to have spent their lifetime living in a society where evil bastards weren’t running the show, those same obnoxious activists would be the meek, child like in their innocence and caring for others. the evil bastards hate the meek most of all. they get much sick pleasure in twisting those innocent ones into something rotten. I cry on the inside when I see what has been done to the most naturally innocent among us. a reset isn’t coming. what’s appears to be coming is a wrath of god world wide reckoning. yes, I agree with you. those who for a paycheck chose to side with evil, they are stupid.

    • Maria Das Santos

      Like George Clooney and his fragrant wife.

  24. Louis Lutz

    Plato and the Greeks came up with the idea that all souls are immortal. That idea is not in scripture but has come down through tradition. Only God gives immortality and that is to believers in Jesus. See: Edward Fudge, The Fire that Consumes.

  25. Mary Lou Longworth

    I love that both Catherine Austin Fitts and Greg Hunter are Christians. I will meet them in heaven. Yeah!

  26. Mike

    Don’t you think that degraded batches of vaccines that have been mishandled or stored improperly rendering them nearly inert with mostly dead spike proteins makes more sense than saline shots. Add to that Pfizer lowered the standard for public batches to 50% live spike proteins while the test batches were 80% or better. The rush to market may have helped many people dodge a bullet.

    • Greg Hunter

      They all got LNP, but I hope you are right.

  27. Maria Das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr Austin Fitts
    “A forced de-population” by orders of of unknown UN murderers. Why do we fund this deadly mob never mind their mouthpieces at the WEF?
    At last CAF has told us ,particularly those of us outside the USA, that the US Dollars lives well after our money outside the USA are dead and useless.
    Important read and download from Martin Armstrong.
    Meanwhile the psychopathy is on full display with “St Tulsi Gabbard”
    So last year and the year before and more there was no problems with her former party ?
    We here in the UK have the same psychopathy in our elite who presume to destroy our currency for political gain and we plebs will just say yes! Over in Europe the people are either stunned or just not bothered at the robbing aided by the political parties of every hue,the very Euro they are being paid in is about to collapse and the cheering is so loud you can hear it from here in London. Irony really does not cut the mustard here and our politicians are so eager for us in the UK to rejoin that sinking ship whilst our own sinking ship is quietly trying to find the hole and block it.
    Still our economy is dreadful and the newish oligarchs in town,Americans, are now targets for thieves. American accents are the money on the streets now.Nice place to buy a house that will be repeatedly broken into.

  28. Steve T

    Thank you for another great interview. I was hoping CAF would say something about which banks were trustworthy.
    Also, I think Tulsi Gabbard is the real deal, and her words can be trusted. I hope you will be able to give her your support in time.

  29. healdog

    Don’t be fooled, Trump was very much a part of this.

  30. Johnny Cool

    Get Brent Johnson, CEO of Santiago Capital on to explain his Dollar Milkshake Theory.

  31. Dave

    Hi Greg,

    I’m amazed there has not been more curiosity about the ingredients in the injections.
    The shots and clots have been analyzed using dark field macroscopy and mass spectometric analysis, and other tests. Without separating the two, the shots and clots were found to contain: chromium, caesium, uranium, strontium, manganese, nickel, copper, arsenic, titanium, barium, cadmium, aluminium, iron and zinc.
    Oh, forgot selenium and zinc.
    The clots that cause heart problems and strokes are of high tensile strength, and of a rubbery inorganic structure. The clots are not blood clots, but selfassembling chemical structures that selfassemble in the blood.
    Also contain graphene. These suspended metallic elements will probably also be affected by wifi waves, 5G, and it has been reported that airport staff can tell if you have been injected, and I guess that would be easy given the metallic elements.
    Not much therapeutic in the jabs!!

  32. Nick

    If you carry cash, you are more likely and able to help a beggar or busker that you pass in the street. I don’t know what happens to them in an all digital world. Transferring digital into their smart phone isn’t going to work, but I don’t see an end to poverty. That could be done now if their aim was to end poverty.

  33. Johnny Cool

    “Social collapse, like war and revolution, will reflect the material relations of the age because those reflect the resources of society. Revolution in the 18th century was peasants with pitchforks, because that is how you can revolt in an agrarian society operating under feudal rules. In the 19th century revolution was workers hurling homemade bombs and shooting at the authorities, because that is how you can stage a revolt in an industrial urban society.”

    “This is the information age, so revolution will reflect the weapons we choose to use in this age, which will be money and knowledge. Money in all of its forms is a type of information that says things about the general state of affairs. In completely financialized societies like the West, money is the big weapon. It is also other information, like the government hiring clowns and carnies to nudge people in the “right direction” during the Covid panic.”


  34. Andrew

    Again an outstanding interview from one of the best journalists in the world, interviewing one of the best analysts in the world. Truly!
    Please let me make following comment: One can look at things from many angles, point out specific developments, discuss various themes, like wars, carbon measures, energy crises, left vs right, legislature, currency woes, corruption, demise of education, confusion of minds, the lying media and on and on and on.
    But there is one central core subject that is hardly ever mentioned or discussed. It’s the elephant in the room that hardly anybody is willing to touch. It is sensitive, because the world has learned to not touch that elephant. And that elephant, responsible for the biggest scam ever perpetrated on humanity, has constructed the Central Banking system/scam, enslaving the people of this planet since 250 years. With fractional reserve banking and compound interest, one dynasty and their accomplices have managed to use the world as their farm, sucking all wealth into their grip. It is an inter-generational cabal/clique/club/cartel, who calls ALL the shots and who subsequently owns the world (Vanguard/Blackrock et alt.). It is the vampire squid, people like Matt Taibbi and G. Edward Griffin try diplomatically to explain. But what even they cannot openly talk about is, what makes one into a pariah, where one gets censored, canceled, cornered. Some aspects of research or discussion might even land you in jail in many Western countries. You know you are over target, when you get flak.
    And for this cartel, above mentioned themes are mere TOOLS to further their agenda, war being the most lucrative. The themes keep the herd between struggle and vain entertainment. It is the “S. of Satan”.
    I wish you could interview Carroll Quigley or Dr John Coleman.
    Best regards from the prison colony New Zealand, where 30 million sheep live…and 4 million think they are human.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Andrew,
      You nailed it! The ‘giant vampire squid, aka, the Central Banking Cabal, aka, ‘Babylonian Money Magik’ – fully explained by G. Edward Griffin in his paradigm altering best seller, ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’. A must read for all Watchdoggers.

      • Warren B.

        “The Screts of the Federal Reserve” – Eustace Mullins (commissioned by Ezra Pound- Poet) is compulsory reading for those truly seeking enlightenment about the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM.

  35. Colleen

    I remember hearing some time ago, Judy Mikovits say that the inoculation vials that she was able to obtain and test showed a 50/50 inoculation/saline percentage.
    I believe, however, that the odds of getting 3 saline injections in a row is near impossible.

    I have tried with great effort to inform my family and friends NOT to get vaxxed. They did it anyway. It’s almost like they have a cloud over their reasoning powers. I’m beginning too wonder if it is some form of diabolical disorientation. I no longer try to inform people of the truth about getting the vax , I just pray daily that God will give them Light to see the TRUTH.

  36. Really Awake

    She’s right about “the psychopaths will kill each other”. I say get out and stay out of their way.

    Frankly, King Dollar is Satan’s money. Throughout history Satan has always owned the empire’s reserve money supply – even when the the reserve curreny was silver with the image of caesar stamped on it.

    What? You thought that only paper/digital money is bad? Hardly so.

    I have a silver denarius with the portrait of Julius Caesar – and other coins with other inscriptions of caesars. I own Greek silver money with an owl on it. I own other coins, too, gold, silver, copper, all of which are Satan’s coins. The history of money has Satan’s fingerprints all over it. Study monatary history and know your enemy, Satan the Devil. I know who the ruler of this world is and how he operates and how he uses the love of money to rule over people.

    John 12:31 “The time for judging this world has come, when Satan, the ruler of this world, will be cast out.”

    Jesus calls Satan “the ruler of this world”. And that’s how I know who is really running things. If Jesus calls him the ruler of this wicked world, then that’s good enough for me.

    Time and space don’t allow for a deep discussion on the truth. The truth about the ruler of this world. The truth about the Roman Empire and it’s modern day counterpart the American Empire. But suffice to say that it’s not going to be us who put an end to Satan’s rule. For example, we can’t vote Satan out. That’s why voting doesn’t work. It never has and never will. The best you can do is vote for the lesser of two evils. But it is still evil that you vote for.

    Satan is out of power as ruler when God puts him out. That day and hour is Almighty God’s time. It’s His choice. He is the Decider. And the reasons why are complicated. That discussion isn’t for baby Christians, but for fully grown Christian men. Regarding secular men: secular men, no matter how erudite, will never understand the truth.. They are blinded. They only understand where, when and how to run money, make money and preserve money;however, they don’t understand what they cannot see. And they cannot see with their mind’s eye the invisible forces running the system. It’s basically a waste of time to even bring up the subject with such men.

    Concerning the time when Satan’s rule ends the clues can be found in the Bible. And that’s why it’s important to read the Bible daily; to grow strong from its truths; to become men. It’s also important to our very survival to learn how to be living under Satan’s rule, yet seperate ourselves from it. This is very difficult to do. Again, the answers are found in the Bible. Jesus gives the wise instructions. It takes time and effort to learn; and prayer. Lots of prayer.

  37. SocialFabric

    At 33:20. Monetary policy – high rates, plus fiscal policy – Inflation Reduction Act, means they give free money to the “in crowd”, or elite, and let everyone else hang out to dry in a continuously high rate environment. The middle class is being murdered but don’t know it.

    • Prospector

      Best summary in a nutshell by far.

  38. Joe Wong

    To Catherine Austin Fitts

    Great Video, and oh yes – It’s called BIBLE PROHPESY !!! Rich and Poor, Free and Bond cannot buy or sell unless they receive this mark on their left hand or forehead, which is the 666 or MARK OF THE BEAST !!!!

    Also newborn babies, and pet cats and dogs are also receiving this chip as well, as to who owns the cats or dogs, before they are poached to and end-up at your local cat meat shop. Also if you receive this mark, you are getting a one way ticket to HELL !!!

    This is leading to a CASHLESS Society that the WEF’s Klaus Schwab, and their elites wanted all along as well, my dear friends.

  39. Naomi

    Greg, another great interview with Cathrine Austin Fitts. I am glad she is back in the USA. Here in Israel, we are having an election on the first of November. I was deliberating who to vote for, for the first time in my life in Israel. Luckily, there is a new party called “Ometz” (which means courage in Hebrew). The most important issue that interests them is finding out what is written in the contract between Israel and Pfizer. The man leading the party says that other issues will be dealt with as they arise. I hope this party manages to be allected to our Parliament (the Knesset). And we finally get answers to what has happened here in Israel regarding the shots.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Naomi for your street reporting from Israel.

  40. Marie Joy

    The old “Fight or Flight” seems to have changed to “Fight or Die”.

    Which countries are NOT giving the jab?

    Which states have the highest percentage of All Cause Mortality?

    Holy Crap!

    Can having the test kill you?

    Crashes tend to happen in the fall/autumn.

    Get in better shape for what’s coming.

    Use cash.

    Tulsi is a red herring.

    God helps those who help themselves.

  41. Randall

    CAF had been a big supporter of gold, sounds like she thinks the dollar is now king of the mountain…

    • Greg Hunter

      Not true. CAF still likes gold as a core investment.

  42. stanley skrzypek

    Who knows where the FOO Fighters Drummer got the kill shot?…….was it in a Poor Neighborhood or a Wealthy One……Katherine gave you the answer….I think she is Right……..

  43. Robert Clayton

    Greg,we need information and witness testimony from the manufacturing plants and the supply chains for the vaccines and the testing products that were produced.The ingredients were sourced from somewhere,the people who mixed these death shots know what different substances were included and there has to be records.We need to get to the very heart of this matter on the production side,we need full disclosure of what people knew and what happened.Surely all this information has to be kept by law and these legal requirements have to be researchable.


    The little guys can bring down the system.
    What would happen if every social security recipient bought one or two ounces of silver of
    every month? Meaning take your dollars and stuff it where the sun dont shine.
    Just that alone. And then buy every thing you need cash. No credit except for emergency’s.
    That alone would would reek havoc.

  45. NH Watcher

    Amazing interview. I second so many comments already posted. I really valued hearing CAF say at the end that prayer was critical. Prayer really is the only way for you, in your own personal circumstance, to know what God is asking of you … you, not necessarily your neighbor or your entire community, but you.

    If we are to go through the Tribulation, then we as Christians will all be killed eventually. That is clear from Scripture. You accept the mark of the Beast or you die. But death is not the end! We do return in glory with our Lord Jesus Christ.

    I do agree that ivermectin is the chief antidote to vaccine injuries which those of us who took the vaccine now confront in our lives. However, the FLCCC protocols do list natural supplements too, such as Black Cumin Seed Oil, which is what I have been primarily taking for myself, along with Elderberry. Again, prayer is the only way to determine for yourself what is best in your particular circumstance.

    And hold tight to God. Anger and fear are only growing, as the Antichrist’s brief reign approaches. Family disunity was prophesied by Christ for the latter days prior to His return. I have experienced that in my own family. The time is soon coming, if not here already, when parents will even regret having children, as this was prophesied by Christ as well. All these prophecies must be fulfilled, but then we have our eternal promise in Revelation 21:3-4 that finally the “former things have passed away.”

  46. Roger Stamper

    tks for post caf greg

  47. Russ M.

    I’m praying for our nation and my healing after major back surgery. It’s been a brutal 3 years now. 2 were pre operation. I got boosted with a 3rd Moderna. Due to terrible pneumonia when I was very young. Zero issues so far. ( October 2020). If it shortened my life then fine. I’m suffering a brutal recovery at age 61 now and I’m just not long for this world. Nerve pain is the worst pain.

  48. ACP45

    I enjoy reading and listening to CAF. I am a bit puzzled though on her comment on the Fed Policy of keeping the dollar strong vs. other currencies, and why this policy would continue to reinforce the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. If rising rates destroys small business, and harms virtually all the other world currencies, would that not hasten the demise of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency? Wouldn’t that increase the call for a basket of currencies to replace the dollar? Is the thinking that the Global Elite (WEF’ers) will use the dollar as a means of instigating a global financial collapse and bring about a one world Digital Currency before the world can transition out of the dollar?

  49. Laramie

    She likes to disagree a lot doesn’t she? As if you are always wrong thus she knows better.

    • Tarey

      Interesting point, Laramie. I remember CAF being surprisingly unfamiliar with the efficacy of ivermectin per Dr. Kory on one of Greg’s shows last year, though most of us in the loop knew about it. I had similar thoughts about the numbers of those injected with saline vs the poison. In summer 2021, while spending time with vaxxed family members and friends, I left having strong covid symptoms from others’ shedding (spike protein), yet til today, nobody’s been ill or has died (thank God). As a result, I think the illnesses of many are delayed and are manifesting slowly into various diseases so not to alarm the populace. Saline was used only for select groups. NB: I ‘m unvaxxed and took ivermectin once I arrived back home which stopped my symptoms almost immediately.

  50. Chance the Gardener

    Fun facts. In Adelaide, Australia they want people to get their 5th “jab”. My daughter was in the city and venues refused to take cash. The proprietor was abusive and ordered her group out of his restaurant for expecting to pay in cash.
    I have previously commented that the “vaxed”. behave differently. If a filling can pick up a radio station, why can’t a person vaxed with a nano particle not be a receiver of a trecherous broadcast. I refer to them as “Borg” like the transhuman beings in the Star Trek collective society. When you get the jab you have joined the collective.
    What happened to Aides. Some people evolved full blown Aides, then discovered they never had it. It was the treatment. Sound familiar? I believe vaccination is equally fraudulent. Big Pharma comes up with the vaccine after the disease runs its course. The problems with vaccinations is legion. I believe their purpose is to dumb you down and make you sicker for the rest your life.
    I said 30 years ago they would do this. Time more people pay attention.

  51. william mitchell

    visit https://expose-news.com/author/the-expose/ to learn which injections are deadly and
    which are not

  52. Joshua Porter

    Thank you for the awesome interview, Greg. I was especially impressed with the talk about God.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Joshua for all your support.

  53. Astraea

    Did I hear Catherine endorse Tulsi Gabbard? Tulsi Gabbard is a member of the WEF and a Schwab baby! And she talks nonsense about Putin who she is trying to make out to be a weak man! That seems to me to be a most dangerous mistake.
    Watch The Duran and Christoferou on Youtube or Rumble and Bitchute, Rokfin. and all the others.
    They give daily reports and they are sane and sensible people.

  54. oneno

    CAF says looking in the mirror and saying “I am the patsy”.

    Mark Twain: “It’s easier to fool someone that tell them they’ve been fooled”.

    And more than both being a patsy and being fooled, is one’s own mistake of not evaluating everything critically so that the very foundation of faith already led to a falsification of Jmmanuel’s teaching.

  55. jomer

    Using cash really does helps to curb spending. That is why casinos use chips. There is a mental break from losing chips compared to losing dollar bills.

    • andrew


  56. Craig E Zumbroegel

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I knew the SECOND they rolled out this plandemic that it was a scam to cheat Trump out of office and that it was all a hoax! Before the last word came out of the initial announcement, I was angry about it and saw EXACTLY what was going on!!

    • Rebecca

      When i woke up that morning & the whole world had stopped, i knew it was a set-up.

  57. Dave Scrimshaw

    Big disagreement w/ her “equity markets” comment. History shows this world operated w/o them for millennia. Money is a trap of the enemy. It can be used for good, but satan has most deceived. See Ezekiel 28:14-16.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Dave,
      Does anyone actually own the stocks / equities that appear in their investment portfolio annual statements? As I have come to understand it, ALL publicly listed equities are beneficially owned by Cede & Company.

      And, think about this . . . In the 1970s, I bought equities via my bank’s nominee account. If I wanted to acquire shares in any listed company, I contacted my bank and instructed them to buy. The bank could not confirm the transaction UNTIL they had contacted their stockbroker to ascertain if the quantity of shares I wished to purchase were available – from a willing seller – and at what price. The bank then relayed price and quantity back to me so that I could confirm, or cancel, my buy order. Fast forward to today’s on-line trading. You can purchase ANY equity you desire in ANY size you like and simply click the ‘CONFIRM’ button to make your purchase, and instantly debit your cash account. How come? How is it possible that ALL the shares you want are instantly available? Even small, seldom traded shares are available, including when they have been touted in the press! Why would there be willing sellers of stocks touted to rise? Me thinks, this is because you are never buying the underlying shares – you are only buying a derivative of the share. A bet that the price will rise or fall. Me thinks, this is how the derivatives markets have EXPLODED over the last two decades. EVERY derivative carries an interest element (source – Rob Kirby, RIP) because the bet has to be carried over month after month until such time as the ‘investor’ sells what he believes to be his share of the company he believes he is invested in. My guess is that the interest element is at a rate fixed at the time the bet is made. Now we have massively increasing interest rates and the two quadrillion dollar ($2,000,000,000,000) derivatives market is buckling under the strain. The difference between the interest income on holding over the derivatives bets and the increasing cost of money. IMHO, this is a significant causative factor in the massive liquidity crisis that’s evident in the repo market.
      In conclusion. While I agree with CAF that there are many well run, honest companies, I cannot agree that the current financial system / equity markets – run by criminals – are a safe place to ‘invest’. Put more bluntly – if my thesis is correct – this is no time to be placing derivative bets with the Mafia owned casino . . .

      • Kathryn A

        You mean $2,000,000,000,000,000 [3 extra zeros) two quadrilion, not $2T (which has 12 trailing zeros rather than 15). It’s a frigging lot either way. It’s usually possible to hold shares directly by taking the stock certificates or have the transfer agent hold then, rather than leaving them in the street name. Having stock certificates in your hand is analogous to having cash in your hand rather than in a bank that could “bail in” what-you-think-is-YOUR money.

        • PersonaNonGrata

          Thanks K, I anticipated I would get that very large number wrong.

          Very few individuals go to the extent of demanding the actual stock certificates. Most hold stocks at ‘arms length’ via investment / pension funds, etc. My personal opinion, based on the instant availability for purchase of all stocks, is that the equity market is run on the same lines as Fractional Reserve Banking. Both rely on the premise that not everyone will demand their money / stocks at the same time. IMHO, money in the bank AND stocks are rehypothecated over and over. The true extent of this malfeasance will only be revealed when the merry-go-round stops!

  58. Michele

    Hi Greg,
    I respect Catherines intelligence. HOWEVER, she is riding the middle line regarding the deadly intent of the poison jabs. Excusing the medical professionals that could not wrap their heads around the fact that this was a terrible experiment is inexcusable. It has in fact occurred before ie, the Nazi extermination of millions of people, not just folks of Jewish persuasion.
    My own physician has promoted this deadly practice . And I no longer have a doctor because of the choice this physician made. I have lost 3 friends from this poison injection. And I do not have a large circle of friends.
    This must be seen for what it is… EXTERMINATION WRIT LARGE. Or we will be continually subjected to a multitude of attempts to wipe out the dwindling brain trust in the world. And I don’t mean th0se filthy wealthy that include degenerates like the Biden family et al.
    Praying will not stop it, action is the only way.
    How individuals choose to act will be studied for centuries.
    There are enough individuals that refuse to be a footnote in history.
    I am only one.

    • Ernie

      On February 29, 1944 the British Ministry of Information sent the following note to the higher British clergy and to the BBC:

      Sir, I am directed by the Ministry to send you the following circular letter: It is often the duty of the good citizens and of the pious Christians to turn a blind eye on the peculiarities of those associated with us.
      But the time comes when such peculiarities, while still denied in public, must be taken into account when action by us is called for. We know the methods of rule employed by the Bolshevik dictator in Russia itself from, for example, the writing and speeches of the Prime Minister himself during the last twenty years. We know how the Red Army behaved in Poland in 1920 and in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Galicia, and Bessarabia only recently.
      We must, therefore, take into account how the Red Army will certainly behave when it overruns Central Europe. Unless precautions are taken, the obviously inevitable horrors which will result will throw an undue strain on public opinion in this country.
      We cannot reform the Bolsheviks but we can do our best to save them -and ourselves-from the consequences of their acts. The disclosures of the past quarter of a century will render mere denials unconvincing. The only alternative to denial is to distract public attention from the whole subject.
      Experience has shown that the best distraction is atrocity propaganda directed against the enemy. Unfortunately the public is no longer so susceptible as in the days of the “Corpse Factory,” the “Mutilated Belgian Babies,” and the “Crucified Canadians.”
      Your cooperation is therefore earnestly sought to distract public attention from the doings of the Red Army by your wholehearted support of various charges against the Germans and Japanese which have been and will be put into circulation by the Ministry.
      Your expression of belief in such may convince others. I am, Sir, Your obedient servant,

      The Ministry can enter into no correspondence of any kind with regard to this communication which should only be disclosed to responsible persons.

      Allied Wartime Diplomacy, E. J. Rozek, 1958, p. 209-210

      The rest is Hollywood history sold by fraudsters and swallowed unquestioningly by well-meaning people.

    • Madi

      When you have time research “sham peer review”.
      The American Medical Association is made of lawyers-lobbyist making hospital CEO to get good doctors out of the systems if they stand up against this medical tyranny.

    • Kathryn A

      I’m a Solari subscriber so I can reassure you that Catherine is NOT “riding the middle line regarding the deadly intent of the poison jabs.” One of her reports early on was entitled “The Injection Fraud.” She is careful, however, to not vilify everyone that got tricked and caught up in the fraud. Many doctors as well as jab recipients thought they were doing the right thing. Once a person crosses the line, however, it’s so much more difficult to face that they not only did the wrong thing for themselves but they aided and abetted the fraud and harm perpetuated on others. CAF believes that’s why Desmitt has come out with his book to explain away their culpability by saying they were ‘victims’ of a mass formation psychosis. I don’t know how rank-and-file doctors, especially, can live with themselves if they face the truth which is probably why most can’t face reality.

  59. Tommy Kapsimalis

    Thank you, Mr. Hunter for all you do to get the truth out to us. You are one of few that epitomize true journalism. God bless you and yours. Cheers. Respectfully, Tommy.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Tommy K for all your Blessings & support, much appreciated.

  60. Moscow Maidan

    ⚡Russian blitz on Ukraine | Crimea bridge explosion | Latest on the conflict | Scott Ritter Show /Streamed live on Oct 13, 2022
    John The Accountant 2 days ago
    This was a really good conversation.
    As a UK citizen, this Russian is spot on with the history to the build up of what has happened with Russia vs Ukraine.
    The American government with the EU, UK governments and their policies is basically responsible for the deaths and injuries of Ukrainian and Russian citizens in this conflict.
    If only westerners could be told this before things escalate.

    Something BIG is happening Europe, and the WEF is winning | Redacted with Clayton Morris 407,344 views Oct 15, 2022
    The Dutch farmers are losing their battle against the globalist WEF and these draconian environmental policies. Over 17,000 farmers in the Netherlands are being effected. The story doesn’t end there because it’s crushing farmers from Germany to New Zealand. Academic Researcher Ralph Schoellhammer joins us to dissect the latest developments.

  61. Catherine Darlene Ford

    Thank you Greg, Awesome work as always. Catherine is a hero of mine, we use to chat on twitter a bit before we both lost our accounts. IMPORTANT QUESTION. I tried to warn my family about the jab but sadly my daughter fell for the scam. The lockdowns were harsh here as I live on an Island. (I live on Prince Edward Island, Canada – you showed a picture of our tall corn on one of your videos) I didn’t see her for almost 2 years even though she only live 2 hours away. It was crazy 🙁 I want to buy ivermectin for her but none of the websites will ship to Canada; when you go to the shipping link Canada is not an option. Does any of your well informed audience know how I can get some. I worry everyday about her future, she is my only child. Thanks Greg

    Also I wish someone would look into all the Doctors dropping dead in Ontario, Canada. Most healthy, young and very fit, just dropping dead. I believe it’s close to 50 now. ;(

    • Greg Hunter

      Try one of many compounding pharmacies: https://covid19criticalcare.com/pharmacies/
      Scroll down and there are many phone numbers to get a compounded version of Ivermectin. (Compounded with zinc or some other vitamin with Ivermectin.)

      • Catherine Darlene Ford

        Nope, Sadly they do not ship to Canada either. I think I have to move. Maybe Mexico. ;(

        • Greg Hunter

          How many did you call? There are dozens. I found 2 that would ship to Canada on page #2.

        • JayJay

          Has anyone suggested a poster here getting these for you and sending them to your address??

          I know I would and am sure others here would do this.
          Send the money to the purchaser and they in turn send the tablets to your address upon receipt.

          I don’t have ivermectin…I have Quercetin, vitamin d and vitamin c and zinc. I’m ready.

  62. Susan R

    I am jealous of you Greg for having the blessing of talking with Catherine. Of course, you earned that. Catherine is a warrior who’s experienced many battles and is devoted to revealing who is on humanities’ side. Her comment that each state has a kill quota reveals the extent of this evil. Her inner light is palpable.

  63. evan j trofholz

    I made the same comment to my wife this wee that CAF made at the 22 minute mark regarding the employees at the coffee place. Upon leaving Culver’s, I told my wife that the employees looked dazed, depressed, and disengaged; like zombies.

  64. Moscow Maidan

    ⚡Russian blitz on Ukraine | Crimea bridge explosion | Latest on the conflict | Scott Ritter Show /Streamed live on Oct 13, 2022
    John The Accountant 2 days ago
    This was a really good conversation.
    As a UK citizen, this Russian is spot on with the history to the build up of what has happened with Russia vs Ukraine.
    The American government with the EU, UK governments and their policies is basically responsible for the deaths and injuries of Ukrainian and Russian citizens in this conflict.
    If only westerners could be told this before things escalate.

    Something BIG is happening Europe, and the WEF is winning | Redacted with Clayton Morris 407,344 views Oct 15, 2022
    The Dutch farmers are losing their battle against the globalist WEF and these draconian environmental policies. Over 17,000 farmers in the Netherlands are being effected. The story doesn’t end there because it’s crushing farmers from Germany to New Zealand. Academic Researcher Ralph Schoellhammer
    joins us to dissect the latest developments.

    54,937 views Oct 15, 2022 Black Conservative Patriot

  65. Nick de la Gaume

    you are right greg, they are STUPID!

  66. Madi

    Dear Greg,
    Thank you for always telling the truth.
    I like what Catherine A. Said “Be good to you, family and friends. I surprised myself letting drivers (with Obama sticker on their car) get in the lane in front of me. I opened doors at the store for uninformed people (masked, probably jabbed 4 x). I increased the amount of smile I do in one day………..
    A big portion of peopled (educated and not) watched TV) have been dumbed down. No common sense.
    I became an informed citizen after the invasion of Iraq.
    I believed in God and I believed people like you and Catherine who leaded by example.
    Today interview is awesome.
    Thank you

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Madi.

  67. Murray

    so, who exactly are these “good” bankers and where can we find them?

  68. Russ

    My sister lost her car keys the other day – and blamed it on the Russians!!!

  69. James PTY

    Psychopaths are unaware of their psychopathy…
    To many topics in this interview on which to individually comment.
    The Globalist model: Based on the way Latin America functions, elite, bribes, and those struggling: Conquistadors, the “gift” from Royal Spain.
    Injections: Having designed data dependent mechanical systems for 30 years, I know any system requires human(s) predetermined directives to produce desired outcomes (this includes those derived from Artificial Intelligence). Without knowing specific directives the system is engineered to initiate the outcome(s) the system is designed to produce is impossible to deduce until there is sufficient data from which to correlate one. Global injection results at this point seem to reveal discontinuity, but really it reflects the complexity of the system employed as data continues to be collected. The ultimate goal designed, and slowly being revealed in real time, can still only be fully known by those having designed the system. However, as Gregg points out all outcomes are bad. That a group of those satanically posed are designing systems doing to humanity on an extreme level what financial systems have done to “money” is being brought to Light. The globalist systems deployed are the antithesis of what God has designed: This is all one needs to know. Those with Faith remain undaunted.

  70. Richard Longacre

    Great interview Greg,

    Here is another bad news story about the Army CID and FBI going after Army NG soldiers that received $2,000 for referring a new recruit that did actually join. These soldiers were never arrested, never tried or even allowed to defend themselves and many never even knew there was an investigation done on them yet they all are now tagged as felons charged with larceny, identity theft, and wire fraud. One of the Army NG vets that is a police officer at my son’s work is going to be fired for this when they did nothing wrong. They are considered guilty and must now try to prove their innocence to the Federal Government but are not even allowed to see the evidence against them, because there is none. Total frame job against honest veterans.

    This is just another example of how the Framing Bureau of Insurrection (and this illegitimate regime) are going after every single person/group eventually so we must stand up for all of these injustices now because we will be the next group they go after. Maybe we refuse to take a DNA altering death shot and are therefore labeled insane and needing to be hospitalized for our safety. Just like in NAZI Germany, eventually your group is who they will go after. As CAF stated, “This is an all out war from every possible angle”.

    Here is the article. This is really happening. Call your Congressman.

  71. Linda

    Thank you Greg for your continued truthful reporting. I thank the Lord for you and Catherine Austin Fitts.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Linda, prayers are much needed.

  72. Grammabear

    The difference as I can see, between the poor and the wealthy is FOOD. Poor people may be in neighborhoods so bereft of whole foods, that they are forced to live on foods containing loads of sugar, salt and preservatives. We’ve known all along that those who are obese are more vulnerable. Blacks appear to be more vulnerable. Why? Because they ate more sugar, salt and preservatives. How many wealthy people live on frozen tv dinners with cheetoe’s as dessert? We now know that poor diet opens more ACE2 receptors for Covid to enter the cells. Is it possible that was bio-engineered in? I can’t see why not.

  73. jimmy68

    Greg Mannarino used to talk here.

    He still talks on YouTube. He looks very sick, particularly mentally and spiritually. I’m so sorry for him but wouldn’t listen to him anymore.

  74. Craig J Simonson

    “No one can win, if anyone loses.” There is no way to correct a dualistic system of thought. The only way out is to leave it, the way you leave a desert. As long as you believe you can play in the system, so long will you support and continue the insanity. “The world you see is the delusional system of those made mad by guilt.” Real Hope lies outside the delusion.
    “The world is a maladaptive solution to a non-existent problem.”

  75. Tony

    Cash use is souring because that’s all the illegal Immigrants use and our country has bin flooded with them in the past two years. Cash helps them fly under the radar I know this because I’m a construction worker so I see it every day. The fact that cash use is up shows how many illegals have been injected in our country.recently

  76. alfy

    from what I gather. within the usa, the enemy has been injecting posion into as many people as they could. they targeted for injections those who serve in the military, in law enforcement, and in medical. the enemy has been attacking the ability to produce and transport food. the enemy has been attacking the election process. the enemy has been attacking the education system. the enemy has been attacking the currency. all these areas of attack are designed to weaken a nation. now added to all that, over the past 20 months the enemy has shipped into the usa enough fentanyl to kill each person 100 times over, and the enemy has shipped millions of military trained men from other nations into the usa. those millions of military trained invaders are probably parked in major cities across the usa. most likely when the word is given by “elected” officials in major cities. those millions of invaders will unleash hell and quickly take control over many major cities. and at the same time, I’d expect the enemy will try to sow as much chaos as they can by shutting down communication systems, including debit/credit cards, and attempting to quickly kill off as many people as they can via contaminating many towns and cities not under their control. I’m just a very old person, long retired who spends the day sitting on a comfortable chair on the front porch of home. watching the day go along while taking great joy in feeding small animals and waving to neighbors when they go past. I’ve outlived almost everyone I grew up with. My old bones are telling me, we are going to see a communist/fascists style take over attempt against the usa by the old guard (from the few of them, by chance, I’ve personally met over the years. I say they are a bunch of criminally insane creeps.). I think time is now strongly working against the enemy, so they will have to move sooner than later. This showdown has been coming for a long time. If I’m correct about what I’ve said, there is going to be a hard and ugly fight coming up. not sure why, seems most everyone you have on your show has a difficult time putting all the pieces together and coming to terms with what we are up against. I say the patriots will win.

    • Richard Longacre

      Alfy, I’m right there with you. I finally retired three years ago after 33 years of the war business and defending the Constitution. Just could no longer take or participate in the death and destruction, especially once I figured out that we are the military strong arm for the deep state. My body is busted and my mind is slipping some but I enjoy raising a garden and chickens and feeding the wild birds. I thought I was done with fighting but now it looks like my services may be needed one more time.

      The really sad thing is that this communist takeover is happening in every country at the same time. Trying to even figure out who the enemy is has become very difficult. They will use the coming global economic collapse (and possibly a nuclear war) as the tool to get many people to accept their global total life control CBDC system (known as the Mark of the Beast). The communists always kill off their populations during the takeover and immediately after and this is what we are seeing happen right now with the kill shot and global famine coming soon.

      As you said, “The patriots will win”. As a lifelong patriot to the Constitution, I can tell you that we will either win this war or die trying. For people like me, if we don’t win or don’t die trying, then we will be the first ones killed by the communists after they do take over because we are a threat to their regime. We didn’t ask for this war, but we are all in it. Accept this fact and start fighting back.

  77. Tin foil hat

    Royal guard found dead in barracks after service at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. An 18-year-old member of the Household Cavalry, Burnell-Williams’ cause of death has yet to be revealed. His death was “unexpected,” according to the Metropolitan Police. However, investigators do not suspect foul play.

  78. Jerry

    Economic news from the enemy camp,

    Yes folks. It’s all planned. Like CAF says you don’t have to participate!
    1. Pay off your debt and get free. There’s nothing I like better than telling a banker I don’t need their money and to go pound sand.
    2. Use cash as much as possible. I love giving money away to people who are trying to make ends meet and who are doing their best in this rotten economy. I remember what it was like during jimmy carters rotten 14% interest rate economy in the eighty’s. He was into global warning to.
    3. Yes Pray, Pray, Pray. The X factor before everything is said and done is war with Russia. They want to launch a BRICS currency with China
    so they may very well do something to spark a major false flag event to facilitate what they want since the war in Ukraine is costing them so much.

  79. Agnes


    Thank you for mentioning the “turn off the rain” bribery. It’s real.

    Here’s the 2 minute video of the Canadian provincial prime minister’s speech, for anyone who wants to see it:
    The sudden weird switch comes about 1:30.

    Brian Pallister, Manitoba. He’s one of my heros for this.

    • john duffy

      Why do you consider him a hero, sounds more like a coward.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Agnes,
      That’s a ‘truth bomb’ right there! Thank’s for the link.

  80. Tim Curry

    It would have been helpful if Catherine could have educated us on how to find a good bank.

  81. Jim Miller

    Is your employer making a hidden windfall profit on your death? Only if you die earlier than expected.

    Private documents from American Electric, American Greeting, Proctor & Gamble, and others reveal that numerous companies are taking out Life Insurance on their employees.
    This longstanding policy began to backfire when employees were not dying on time.
    Companies were openly communicating their concerns.

    USA WATCHDOG and Dr Koury and Ed Dowd are quoted directly in building the argument that these life insurance collection windfalls occur with the greatest profit when youngest employees die younger than expected.

    If your employer is asking you to consent to a Life Insurance policy to their benefit, then your employer be one of the many employers raking in billions on your early death.

  82. Jim Miller

    Corrected edition with link.
    Die young. Make your employer a windfall.
    Is your employer making a hidden windfall profit on your early death?

    Private documents from American Electric, American Greeting, Proctor & Gamble, and others reveal that numerous companies are taking out Life Insurance on their employees.
    This long standing policy began to backfire when employees were not dying on time.
    Companies were openly communicating their concerns.

    USA WATCHDOG and Dr Koury and Ed Dowd are quoted directly in building a strong argument that these life insurance collection windfalls occur with the greatest profit when youngest employees die younger than expected.

    If your employer is asking you to consent to a Life Insurance policy to their benefit, then your employer be one of the many employers raking in billions on your early death.


  83. Mark

    Excellent. I think everybody should watch these 4 movies. Wag the dog, a face in the crowd, Idiocracy and eyes wide shut. If you don’t think these are applicable to the truth. Watch the Zapruder film.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Mark,
      I would respectfully like to add the movie ‘Network’ to your list.

  84. Stilled Waters!

    France joins other European nations demanding exit from NATO | Oneindia News Explainer 173,201 views Oct 13, 2022

    France Refuses to Attack Russia for Ukraine | NATO and EU Split in the Middle
    566,750 views Oct 14, 2022

    • Warren B.

      If France sides with Germany and Russia …its all over for the American Imperialism in Europe…DONE AND DUSTED. Ukraine is the line in the sand for the DE-Industrialization of Germany and Stealing of Russia’s wealth and resources.

  85. Jamie Kirk

    You are a polished professional AND a gift from God. You handle a variety of guests with such polish and yet your humanity and sincerity shine through. You always ask the right question right after I think “ask him this”. CAF is so interesting and deep. Thanks!

    • Desmond

      Hi Greg, great interview, as always… What I like the most is that CAF gave us good advice to stay out of this mess, for as long as one can. This could be very helpfull in the short run, but what will help us in the long run? The Elites have a clear goal. What is our goal Greg? What is our vision for humanity? What are the key values that we have to embrace? How is our monetery system organized in this ideal world. We need a reference point, just as the elites have, otherwise they have free play to direct us towards their dystopian world. You could have a big role in this, by bringing all great minds together and to build the alternative for our world. Please, continue with your great work, but maybe we could hear some more vision for our Future.

  86. suzanna grive

    Dr Bacchi? spell, might you provide a link?

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi

  87. Prospector

    WHO are ” They ” – Who is ” Them ” ?
    Their shadow organizations have many , many names.

    Everyone knows of Orwell’s 1984 , but few know he was reportedly a member of ” The Committee Of 300 “. He wrote a book titled ‘ The New World Order ‘ in 1939. And even more chilling he wrote ” THE OPEN CONSPIRACY – PLANS FOR A WORLD REVOLUTION ”
    We see ideas here for the first time of a massive 4 BILLION reduction of ‘ useless eaters ‘. Europeans and North Americans to be reduced in greater numbers first. Leaving the more obideient and regimented Asian cultures to be the serf class of the controllers.
    An end of coins and money , replaced with a controlled debit card , connected to a central database ( mark of the beast ). End of religion. End of family. Children raised as wards of state. He goes on , there is much more.
    Other books mentioned are ” The Techotronic Era ” by Brezinski and ” The Chasm Ahead ” by Aurellio Peccei , founder ” CLUB OF ROME “.

    Source : John Colemans book – CONSPIRATORS HIERARCHY -The Story of the Committee Of 3oo. Page 105.
    While I do not agree with all of this book , it provides a wonderful ‘ big picture ‘ overview. Free online PDF if you seek it out.

    For ‘entertainment’ , see the Mel Gibson film – Conspiracy Theory , several truths contained within.

  88. Patrick Alaggio

    Greg, When you are in a more sane place you need to listen to this interview AGAIN. What you might hear are the constant interruptions of your guest, your constant insertions of “they’re stupid”, and the lack of PROFESSIONALISM on your part during this interview.

    It’s frustrating to me, not because I don’t love and respect you, I absolutely do, but because any strangers I put this interview in front of will tear you up and spit you out as being RIDICULOUS! You need more self-control and less blurting out the same old garbage as if your word makes it so. I would have prefered hearing 20% MORE of Catherine’s input and less of your INTERRUPTIONS and moronic behavior. I know Miss Fitts is too kind to share such harsh words with you but, IMHO, you can do MUCH better with a modicum of self-control.


    Patrick Alaggio

  89. Louis Lutz

    Thanks, Good information.

  90. Patagonia

    Gregs Summary today is outstanding clear, thank you very much.
    In the past I had dificulties to understand what CAF pretends to say, now it is clear and I can agree with it.

  91. Enrico

    I love Catherine Austin Fitts! She is the greatest! She made me aware of the connections between Secretary James Forestall, Sen, Joseph McCarthy, and President John F. Kennedy. Also between Sen. McCarthy and Sen. Robert F. Kennedy as well! I have learned so much because of Catherine and Dr, Joseph P. Farrell.

  92. Shan Chin

    This one hour interview flew by, it was so good. When I heard CAF say the hardest thing she has had to do was to look in the mirror and say “I’m the patsy”, I remembered that exact same thing has happened to me – it IS so hard to admit. We must allow God to help us move forward, seek forgiveness in our ignorance, and to ask Him to help us discern truth. Thank you, Greg, for having the best guests on your program.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Shan!

  93. Mandrake Sibley

    High excess deaths in Australia
    137,657 views Oct 16, 2022 John Campbell MD.

  94. Nick Reynolds

    Thank you, Greg. The people doing this want as much money as they can grab any way they can, and they want as many of us dead or enslaved any way they can. The “vaccine” was not created for the corona “virus.” The corona “virus” was created for the “vaccine.” The “vaccine” bio-weapon has been, and remains, their goal all along.

  95. Astraea


    It may seem irrelevant – but it is not,

  96. Barb

    Love Catherine!
    Greg you need to talk to Clif High about the Law of War Manuel. Very important, very relevant to what’s going on today.
    This is a Bankster scheme to use another manufactured bankruptcy to destroy our Constitutional Republic once and for all.
    We are currently under Statutory Law which has no procedure and can be skirted by Common Law.
    They’ve been working on Law of War procedure, since 2008 market collapse. If the military is brought in to clean up this CCP infiltration… We will be under Law of War procedure for decades…
    Is all this corruption just a manufacture Bankster distraction to lull the armed masses into accepting our new enslavement? Book of Revelation the great deception?

  97. Tim Wentling

    I would love to know who her honest banker is. I would certainly use them. Currently, I do not know where to put my money since I am afraid of all the banks. Thanks for any help that you can render to me. What a great interview it was she’s a fantastic lady.

  98. Astraea


    Here at this address you can learn about Ukraine.

  99. ken

    It is interesting how most everyone calls this fiasco a depopulation event rather than a mass murder event.

    When a mass shooting event happens and tens are killed it is called murder. But when corporations kill millions,,, possibly billions its notched down to a mere depopulation which sounds more like an accident.

    What we have are the intended victims (us) being afraid to call it murder to keep from offending officials that are furthering this like Florida extending the hospital immunity where they are murdering people with remdesivir and the CDC protocol.

    The virus does not exist. It’s the shot that is the bio-weapon.

    I have been banned from many “alternative media” sites because I call it mass murder.

  100. OUTLANDER1968

    Whoa! What Putin and China are doing will change EVERYTHING

  101. Anti-Atomist

    Jesus said, “Do not worry about your life,” and “love your enemy.”

    I visited Dachau with my dad in 1991. Like John Wayne Gacy’s house of nightmares in Chicago, I didn’t understand why he wanted to take me there. According to Morris Janowitz’s “German Reactions to Nazi Atrocities” (University of Chicago, 1946), Newspapers continually reported ‘the removal of the enemies of the Reich to concentration camps’ like Dauchau, which served as a prototype and model for the other German concentration camps that followed. As early as 1935, a jingle went around: “Lieber Herr Gott, mach mich stumm, Das ich nicht nach Dachau komm'” (“Dear God, make me dumb [silent], That I may not to Dachau come”).

    George F. Kennan, the State Department’s first policy planning chief and intellectual architect of the Marshall Plan , wrote in a declassified, confidential internal memo in 1948, “We have about 50% of the world’s wealth but only 6.3% of its population…Our real task in the coming period is to devise a pattern of relationships which will permit us to maintain this position of disparity without positive detriment to our national security.” In “The Sources of Soviet Conduct,” published under the anonymous byline “X” in the July 1947 issue of Foreign Affairs, the journal of the Council on Foreign Relations, George Kennan writes, “Soviet pressure against the free institutions of the Western world is something that can be contained by the adroit and vigorous application of counterforce,” he wrote. That force, Kennan believed, “should take the form of diplomacy and covert action, not war.” Kennan’s Khazarian Grinch Plan became the covert operations mission of the Central Intelligence Agency….

    Merry X-mas!

  102. Justn Observer

    Greg, Some important info for a Special Ops Officer whistleblower on bio being used on military personnel –

    • BornInABarn,Fran

      J.O.: YES!!! This Jeffrey Prather interview with Dr. Pete Chambers was Beautiful. DrPete is developing small groups to work against this *neural weaponry* At his website, drpetechambers.com, some good direction for: lines of effort, 5G, 5 small stones, weaponization of pubic health, informed consent. Somehow this inspired research that led to:
      – Giordano admits there are nanobots that can take over insects and turn them into “biodrones”.
      – But pretty much same thing can be achieved with people, it’s just a matter of complexity.
      – The brain is a battlefield and the drones for it already exist. Quoting him: “The brain is as hackable as any cheap tablet, if not more, due to lack of protection. The brain is a battlefield we can hack remotely or populate with nanobots” https://ussanews.com/2022/09/30/literally-mindblowing-we-can-aerosolize-nanobots-to-clump-your-blood-or-neuromodulate-masses-darpa-expert-lectures/nanobots”
      or view it all on
      https://silview.media/2022/10/01/literally-mindblowing-we-can-aerosolize-nanobots-to-clump-your-blood-or-neuromodulate-masses-darpa-expert-lectures/ “They can do that non-invasively, even from the satellite, as we’ve warned you the past two years. From MK Ultra to breaking the fabric of society, neurotechnology has now almost unlimited capabilities.”
      Another good documentation link, https://t.me/s/docpete_lfw “U.S. military commanders and physicians, you WILL experience the second and third order effects of your illegal, immoral and unethical practices!”
      Ole Fran here says, Pray for the strength to resist temptation and for God Almighty’s special protection of our minds. Awareness as in simple humble and childlike awareness and awareness of the enemy’s tactics are also necessary.

  103. Coal Burner

    Number one , they are protecting the dollar, win, lose or draw. The BRICS are going too force a dual system for decades if necessary. They will eventually win because they are in a long term fight and they know we won’t sustame a long term fight, meaning for years or whatever it takes. If, when they win they win for the next 300 years. Mr Jerome Powell and Mr. Jamie Diamond are two of the few that understand this fight. So they lose , they lose their power and wealth themselves. They won’t stop fighting till they are dead. China and Russia know that and they are going to make it expensive for us but they do not want war. They want to make us wearie and our government is stupid, not Powell and Diamond but all their minions are.

    Great news on the cash. In New Mexico people like cash. All illegals love cash nationwide! That is one service they are doing. Poorest people don’t have cards and debt. They only use cash.

  104. Coal Burner

    Not sure why it strikes me this way but this could be your greatest interview. Catherine said so many powerful and wise answers that I could not count them all! She is the smartest human being that you interview. That is a big statement to make too because you have a bunch of power minds with great WISDOM that you interview. It will take many repeat views to glean all she is telling us.

  105. Francine

    Greg a prophet has no Honor in their own house.. (as you know). Thank you for your hard work. Francine

  106. Linda Majors

    Thank you for for inviting Catharine on your show! I always look forward to her appearances.

    Russian Club K, Bioweapons and Missile System in Containers at Port of Canaveral, Florida. TROJAN HORSE.

    According to Mary Fanning, The American Report.org, and Col. Tom McInerney, Biden used Climate Change and the Environment as an excuse to shut down America’s energy on the day he was inaugurated. HOWEVER, according to Mary Fanning’s research and info on the Hunter Biden “Laptop from Hell” shutting down our energy (oil and gas) was due to an arrangement that made with Communist China and Russia during the Obama admin. China and Russia were allowed to lease the Port of Canaveral, Florida, Gulftainer, as well as our Delaware port. A Trojan Horse has been set up in one of those containers in Canaveral. Contains the Russian Club K Bioweapons and Missile System. U.S. radar would not be able to detect an attack, because the Club K is on U.S. soil. Ref. links below.

    According to Col. Lawrence Sellin, PhD was a guest on Ark Midnight radio last night. Claims that America has been colonized by the CCP. twitter @lawrencesellin.

    Ref. links below.

    The McInerney Report: Breaking News… New Biden Bombshell! (rumble.com)
    Mary Fanning, Author at The American Report
    Club-K Container Missile System | Military.com

    • Linda :Majors

      Below re the links re Russian Club K Missile and Bioweapons “Trojan Horse” on U.S. soil.

      The McInerney Report: Breaking News… New Biden Bombshell! (rumble.com)
      Mary Fanning, Author at The American Report
      Club-K Container Missile System | Military.com

  107. Linda Majors

    Followup to comments.

    Greg, please check out the links I’ve included in my comments. Very important info. It appears that Russia could take out America at any time. China and Russia were allowed to lease the containers — Gulftainer at the Port of Canaveral, Florida, and Russia’s Club K Missile and Bioweapons System is in one of those containers. Our radar would not detect an attack, because it is on our soil. All this was done during the Obama Admin. The deal was made to give China and Russia control of a the oil and gas supplies, and prevent America from having any energy. Col. Mc Inerney says they (Obama and Joe Biden) committed Treason.


  108. Josie

    Hi Greg! I always loved watching CAF and find her to be a brilliant women, but recently I have started following Tom Luongo (of Gold Goats and Guns), who is equally as brilliant (an economist and geopolitical expert) who has a very compelling theory about the FED and what they are doing. He believes that the FED and the big American commercial banks have split off from and are at war with the globalists and are doing what they are doing with raising rates etc to destroy the eurodollar system and bankrupt the ECB and the Globalists. This is because they face an existential threat (as do we all) if the Globalists get their way with the Great reset. His theory really fits with a lot of the things that have been happening. It would be great if you can get him on your show!

  109. Chris

    So this is WWIII and it is asymmetrical financial and commodity based.
    Nukes wreck this so called climate challenged planet and will likely not be used. Not because man is that smart, but that God hasn’t allowed it.

    Starve the people, scare them, steal everything from them and rule them. All done using food, energy and political power.

    “Learn to see things as they are, not as they seem”. – unknown.

  110. Mike r

    higher interest rates help keep the dollar propped. that it turn keeps imports cheaper. if inflatiom is high, then you want things to get cheaper, and those are the only things the fed can do. raise rates or lower rates. print money and buy bad debt, while creating more debt.
    china is in big trouble here, so the fed is trying to give them the knock out punch, following orders by US government and US big banks. china is going to be forced to default.

    this is all about currency wars.

  111. Francine

    Greg I was looking at an old polL and it stated that Trump permanently banned Dr Penny for her views on the vaccination. Is this still true You mean he banned her from truth social??? OMG… If this still stands I’m not sure he’s getting in for 2024. I think DeSantis could split the party. Which wouldn’t be good… But a lot of us are not going to want to vote for Trump. Unless he’s our only choice.

  112. Tin foil hat

    One has to protect certain thing only when something bad happens unexpectedly. The Deep State engineers this inflation using COVID as an excuse. It doesn’t make much sense the Deep State planned this bomb two years ago only so that they have to do something to protect it now.

    I suspect Catherine is onto their game. The Fed is going to pivot only when everybody is trapped and cry uncle. The surprise would be the Fed will not pivot and flood the world with the dollar, it will be the Deep State/NWO flooding the world with the new kill-switch funny money – CBDC??

  113. Mark

    Here is the website that I believe Catherine was referrering to. It’s called How Bad Is My Batch.

    Batch codes and associated deaths, disabilities and illnesses for Covid 19 Vaccines 

    If the batch number of the vaccine can be determined, use this site to determine the damage the batch might cause.

    • Francine

      Wow…thank you

  114. PersonaNonGrata

    Illuminating interview with Professor Jeffrey Sachs – explains current tensions / wars and talk of wars / between the ‘Anglo-American West’ and Russia / China:

  115. James Kolb

    Any advice to protect yourself when getting a shallow nasal pcr test? The best option I’ve come up with is to line both nostrils with 1.87% horse paste. What do you all think?

    • The Seer

      Using one’s own cotton swab (unadulterated)
      Works fine with the tests. You can buy them packaged at medical supply stores, also.
      Don’t use the ones that come with the kits and that
      Clinical practitioners use as the tips are toxic.

  116. Johnny Cool

    A Covid story…

    Went to a small Mexican restaurant for takeout last Sunday, but it was closed. Went back last night and it was open.

    The vaccinated owner, age 61, said restaurant was closed for a week because she got Covid. One of her cooks, a vaccinated male, age 23, also got Covid, caught it from her. The other cook, an unvaccinated female aged 55, did not get Covid. The vaccinated waitress, age 24,also did not get Covid.

    The owner, whose vaccinated mother, age 83 lives in the same building as her, also got Covid, and she then gave it to her other daughter, vaccinated, age 58.

    The vaccine does not work, but the owner’s stupid sister is so glad she is vaccinated, because otherwise, it would have been so much worse.

  117. Brian Perks

    CAF makes a valid point about transaction fees when using credit cards to pay but if the retailer takes cash then when they deposit that cash into their bank they get charged a fee by the bank. When I questioned this fee I was told “well we have to hire lorries to take the money away”!

  118. Eddie Wavers

    Too much doom and gloom and end of the world stuff.

    Economic activity is cyclical. It is inevitable that economies would be affected by various events in recent years. It is not purely a political play as CAF crudely puts. We will turn around as we have done so in the past.

    Don’t be disillusioned, divisive and angry. Constant negativity impacts one’s physical and mental well being. .

    Instead, be positive, grateful and kind and you will live a longer healthy and satisfying life!

  119. Kevin

    Checking Zerohedge about 5:50 a.m. PT this morning I saw a link to Greg’s interview with CAF, and checking back at 6:20 a.m. PT the link/story is no longer posted on ZH. Find it shocking they wold post and remove, but did anyone else see this?

    • Kevin

      My bad, the CAF interview was posted on ZH on Sunday morning and when I refreshed the page on Monday it of course disappeared as it was an older post. Didn’t realize that until I searched ZH for the article and found it.

    • Greg Hunter

      Kevin, it appears ZeroHedge did put it back up.

  120. Marie Joy

    It takes tremendous courage and tenacity to fight communists.

  121. Laz

    It really is helpful to hear you tell us your family thinks you’re nuts. Mine does too and I don’t have anything near the stellar credentials you have. It’s a good reminder that we’re not the problem. We are just desperately trying to save peoples lives. Through no fault of their own, they have succumbed to full spectrum, sophisticated, 100+ year old military mind kontrol technology. I can’t really explain why it doesn’t seem to work on me, or you, but I see through all the BS, simple as that. Keep up the great work. GOD WINS.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Laz.

  122. Greg's Biggest Fan

    Greg — Thanks for everything you do! After CAF mentioned the Graphene Hydroxide Nano-Razorblades in the “vax”, I looked around found this video on Rumble.

    It contains footage of German Police breaking into German chemist Andreas Noack’s home and killing him.

    Police said he died of a heart attack. Widow says he was assassinated. (Dec. 14, 2021)

    Please help bring this story to light. We’re in a war. This is what modern war looks like.


    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi GBF,
      Thank you so much for finding this video and posting the link. I have posted the original Andreas Noack ‘graphene hydroxide expose’ a few times, but the one you link to includes the Gestapo tactics of the German ‘police’ raid AND the appeal by his widow – and her CALL TO ACTION. Please, everyone, watch to the end. There is a false ‘ending’ (???) but just keep watching until you hear Andreas’ widow make her appeal.

      Watchdoggers, please forward the link to as many as possible. Andreas spoke out for all of humanity and his message must not die with him . . .

    • Warren B.

      I referenced this back on 1/14/22. What has CAF been doing since (behind the curve)?
      With respect…I would suggest she reads the comments section of GH US Watchdog more often.

  123. RLee

    Just want to say how much I appreciate you Greg and the variety of guests you have on the show, even those like Bo Polny and Cliff High who can get pretty “out there”. But that’s where we each have a responsibility to use “critical thinking” ourselves. The point I want to make, and hope you consider, is this. The injections were “by design” implemented in such a way that we would not see widespread death and carnage. This included a huge spread in what was in the shots, how they were handled (kept cold enough?), possible saline injection, etc. All they needed was maybe a 10% – 15% kill rate to reduce the populations the way they want. Look how many people we all know that deny there is even an issue! In spite of the statistics and number of people that “just died” the injected masses don’t have a clue, many are perfectly healthy and still defend the jab. I have tried, like you, to wake folks up and am utterly dumbfounded at their unwillingness to face the truth! I think the criminals have succeeded by NOT having the death and disease be too widespread and impossible for the masses to ignore. Of course, there will be more death, disabled people and infertility going forward but it is NOT enough of a critical mass to get the attention of the sheeple. I also don’t believe the criminals behind this are stupid people. Unfortunately, they are quite brilliant to pull off a scam of such magnitude and financial windfall. Fools for not believing in God, yes, but not stupid. Hopefully enough people wake up and resist their attempts at control. You and Catherine are a HUGE part of that awakening!

  124. David Dansker

    I would like to address what CAF referred to as the ‘look in the mirror moment,’ and how tough that can be to do. I watched George Bush, President, and Colin Powell, Secretary of State, present their case in testimony with supposedly photographic evidence and, ‘intelligence’ reports that bolstered their rationale for the Iraq War. It all hinged on the existence and impending use of weapons of mass destruction on the American people.

    Even many of my liberal friends, very intelligent and very accomplished, were also persuaded to give them the green light. The Iraq war, that led to Afghanistan by the way, was launched. Billions and billions of dollars, hundreds and then thousands of American servicemen dead, and we waited. Week after week, we waited for discovery and parade of the WMD. There was some disturbed sand over there, a suspicious tire track over here, there was…. Nothing.

    The person I eventually walked to the mirror was intelligent, consciences, conservative in views on social spending and military intervention, and devoted to the sanctity of human life. All human life, everywhere. I had come to the painful realization that I had been fooled. It was painful because every one I should have been able to depend on for the truth, in top positions and access to everything, had, to one degree or another, lied to me.

    What made it easier for me to admit the failure of my assessments and analysis was the length to which the charade had been carried out; the chiefest of actors were employed in an elaborate, devious production brought to us by our policy makers, and our ‘intelligence’ community who possessed all the resources in the world to carry it out.

    I was able to admit that I was not match for them. But I also had to admit ignorance would not get me off the hook again. It’s along the lines of sin and forgiveness; there must be repentance. There must be change.

    So, I did my forensics. How was it accomplished, and why?

    The ‘how’ it was accomplished, which can usually be the most difficult part of crime to figure out, actually became the easiest part to uncover. Looking back to Korea, and then Vietnam and working forward, it was surprisingly easy to discover covert operations, propaganda campaigns, and even false flags used to take us to wars where there were absolutely no American interests at stake.

    It was the ‘why’ that was, although deceivingly simple at first, the one that proved the most difficult to reveal. There were only two reasons plausible, and substantiated by figures, as to why they embroiled us in those military endeavors. The first reason for ‘why’ was the money.

    The more diabolical one to explain is without space to do so in this comment. My larger point here is that it is easier for an honest person to admit intellectual defeat when it is acknowledged to have taken place in face of a far superior, unknowingly hostile, force.

  125. Prospector

    Madness !! They just can’t exterminate fast enough.

    Boston University makes NEW Covid strain with 80 % Kill Rate.

    The Post Millennial . com – Oct 17

    Nobody is asking why the disease is being weaponized and supercharged !

  126. Merry Piper

    Greg: Thank you for having Catherine Austin Fitts on again.”This is not a currency, it’s a control system”. Can’t get shorter and better than that!!!

  127. Pam

    You have to listen to this………Todd Callender talking about where this jab is bringing us. Whether we have had the jab or not. The Zombies are coming in one form or another…..and you are going to know these people. They will be your friends and family members…………Some of what was shot into the body will come alive, so to speak, when 5G is activated. Catherine is right. We don’t know what is in these vials. Placebo? “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Their words not mine.
    With the jab, all participants are patented. Like the monsato seeds that infected other growers crops and then monsato claimed the infested crop was stealing their product. We are in trouble!…………We need to turn off the 5G/6G for starters……..The fema camps are being readied. All jabbed personnel, showing signs of Zombieism, will be marched into the camps and the nazis’ will decide who is useful and who is not. That’s putting it politely.


  128. Robert says no

    Are all lipid nano particles the same in every use? There’s lnp’s in my synthetic Lantus Solostar insulin. The mfr began putting in lnp in 2020. I’ve asked my doctor and they reached out to the mfr and we’re told that the formulation is proprietary and will not answer my question.

    Background- I’ve had COVID in December 2021. I was given a monoclonal drip and was 95% back to normal in 15 hours. My sense of taste and smell isnt fully back yet but it’s much better 10 months later. I’d say those senses have returned to about 70% of what I remember. Some flavors still have odd taste.

    My question is about lipid nano particles and if they’re all the same and have I shortened my life span because of the lnp in the insulin. Plus I have no idea if the monoclonal antibody treatment has lnp.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is a question your doctor and Lantus Solostar insulin MUST answer. Don’t you think it’s creepy they won’t?

      • Robert says no

        I asked the pharmacist at the health center and I know she relayed it to my Doctor too. Both told me the mfr claims the ingredients are proprietary. The pharmacist basically told me they don’t know the ingredients because it’s proprietary. The doctor confirmed. I’ve heard these lnp’s are in everything now including foods we buy at the store. And that article I linked in my second email implied lnp’s are in the air. Was it you who said the food processors are even slipping cricket flour into some of our processed foods? I’ve bought met in the past year I didn’t think was the beef it claimed to be. I think grocery stores are selling us stuff they know may not be what it per ports to be. That’s how insidious and invasive this transition to ze bugs and man made faus meats I think is already in place.

  129. Robert says no

    This paragraph claims most access to lnp’s is through the air.. are we all being exposed to lipid nano particles just by breathing? Is this what all those lines in the sky are for?

    “Nanoparticles may translocate through membranes. There is little evidence for an intact cellular or sub-cellular protection mechanism. For humans, inhalation is the most frequent route of access, and therefore the process of aggregation of the nanoparticles in the inhaled air has to be taken into account’

    Here’s the source of the above paragraph.


  130. Colorado Cowboy

    Hi Greg, Awsome. Circling back on Bill Holter and Jim Sinclair recommending only American coins at risk of confiscation. I saw a video with Andy Schectman discussing the topic. So, he may not have stated as much on your channel but there are videos. As far as Bo Polny fine to give him much credit. I would like to throw my hat into the ring on dates. Recent videos have stated “Collapse or start of on Monday, October 24-25. I am going with the dates of October 27-28 based upon the paper Autumn Panics by Christopher Carolan who studied data going back to 1853. My dates are from his paper. It was recently mentioned by investor Aaron Brickman that the same pattern Uranus/Saturn square with accompanying new/full moons and eclipses that occur within 6 weeks of this pattern. Read it, pdf in online, 8 pages. Aaron Brickman has given recent interviews on Youtube. Cheers!

  131. Colorado Cowboy

    Correction! Bill had stated on other channels in videos to own only American coins! Andy followed up with a similar video. If you want links, I will see what I can send you!

  132. Colorado Cowboy

    Greg, Awesome. Have you seen videos of Bill H. and Andy S. talking about owning American coins and the risk of confiscation of non-US coins? They are on youtube. Bo Polny’s info is great. I would like to suggest the collapse dates of October 27-28 as we are in same pattern as 1929 per investor Aaron Brickman. Find him recently on youtube. He points to a pdf paper done by Wall Street analyst named Christopher Carolan “Autumn Panics”. Based on that data I want guess the above dates while Bo Polny is saying October 24-25. Just for fun!


  133. Abigail the Golden Retriever

    George Gammon today on Youtube mentioned something big regarding the FED bailout of European and World banks. He mentioned the news should be coming out shortly.

  134. Robert Coleman




  135. James Kolb

    For quite some time I’ve had a feeling they’re getting poisonous lipid nan-particle and hydrogel materials into our bodies via chem-trails. I can’t believe no one is testing these trails from a plane and doing highly magnified inspection to see what we’re breathing every day! Even just analyzing the ground level air column and our soils. There has to be residue in both.

  136. William Wilhelm

    Greg, just a quick note. Boston University just created a new deadlier strain of COVID. It is said to have killed eighty percent of lab mice. Their not done yet!

    • Tin foil hat

      With Russia expected to soon carry out large-scale drills of its nuclear forces as Putin threatens to use them, the Deep State responded by showing him some of its biological arsenals.

  137. Mauricio

    This one was awesome Greg, I’m on my third time around listening. Always love listening to C.A.F. information. At 38:25 C.A.F. mentions the lack of testing for viral transmission, the following video is all i have seen as “proof” of admission but, their is no admission here, because the word “immunisation” is used not “transmission”. Please let me know if there is a longer video to prove context and true admission.

  138. Robert Moffett

    Greg, Catherine mentioned she has a favorite bank but I did not get the name. Do you know what bank she’s talking about that she likes?
    By the way, I saw a video last week that had information claiming that infrared light from sunlight may help get rid of Spike protein. It can’t hurt to add some sun exposure to any ivermectin a person is taking to help reduce spike protein. In addition, for the last two and half years I have been taking nasal rinse with baby shampoo after any time indoors with a large amount of people. I’m still okay with no jab..

  139. James PTY

    Watchdog viewers need more schooling on what Risk Management is and how it should be assessed…
    Also, in case this was missed, very relevant to CAF interview, and perhaps a future weekly news wrap-up:
    Vladimir Putin recently gave a speech in which he said:
    “The West is ready to cross every line to preserve the neo-colonial system which allows it to live off the world, to plunder it thanks to the domination of the dollar and technology, to collect an actual tribute from humanity, to extract its primary source of unearned prosperity, the rent paid to the hegemon. The preservation of this annuity is their main, real and absolutely self-serving motivation. This is why total de-sovereignization is in their interest. This explains their aggression towards independent states, traditional values and authentic cultures, their attempts to undermine international and integration processes, new global currencies and technological development centers they cannot control. It is critically important for them to force all countries to surrender their sovereignty to the United States.”
    source https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/doug-casey-likelihood-nuclear-war-russia

  140. Shiloh1

    ACIP committee will likely add the COVID vaccines to the childhood vaccination program on Thursday


  141. Steve Bice

    I can’t prove this but…

    Some of you may have seen the stories about Tom Brady losing his cool and angrily blaming his teammates after the Steelers loss.

    Remember last year, Brady had an extended unknown illness with hoarseness of unknown origin…after taking the vaccines.

    If you look at his pictures, he has aged noticeably in less than a year. He looks five to ten years older…suddenly.

    I believe the vaccines are affecting him both mentally and physically. The press will conveniently blame it on his age…but the deterioration seems to have come on in “acute” fashion.

    Don’t be surprised if the sudden deterioration accelerates beyond what we would expect due to normal aging.


    • Steve Bice

      Or worse…

  142. Lois Douglas

    I work in the medical field. An Allergy & Asthma Pratice in NJ. Every 1 is vaxxed but me.
    I was required to test weekly fora short time. It recently stopped. Every employee has had COVID multiple times. In addition there have been other illnesses causing missed days. Even to the point we have had to close early or stagger our hours due to lack of employees.
    In addition we have not been able to hire new staff. No one responds our stays long.
    I had COVID last September. I treated it with Ivermectin and was well in a week. Since then I have been fine. I take ivermectin weekly due to the level of vaxxed and boosted coworkers surrounding me. It’s totally sad. Daily, patients are coming in with Hives that they cannot figure their origin. What happens? They wind up being put on a Biological medication, taken biweekly or monthly forever.
    I just want out of this entire industry. My husband hasn’t been able to find work for a year.
    There are no decent jobs that pay the exorbitant bills coming our way.
    My in-laws died this year. Both double vaxxed and boosted. Dead in less than a year from the last booster. I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of friends and family I’ve lost in 1 year.
    I just hang on and pray daily.

  143. Greg Austin

    Hey, Greg: might want to investigate links at the Court of Federal Claims. Lots of “Vaccine injury” info, including pathways to sue the U.S. government, possibly awarded with “Constitutional Tender.” https://www.uscfc.uscourts.gov/coronavirus-announcements If so, then appears “vax injuries” could be the premeditated means to reinstitute the gold standard.

  144. Katherine Brannen

    Why so many saline shots? Slots in Vegas say, get them hooked. Say, “Well, I didn’t get hurt. I believe in science. I am proudly a pro-vaxxer. I’ll take another.”

    Schedules of reinforcement toward operant conditioning.

    See: https://www.amazon.com/About-Behaviorism-B-F-Skinner/dp/0394716183

    • Greg Hunter

      58% of Americans have had at least 3 injections and they all not saline. You may be on to something.

  145. z


    please find the depopulation numbers for 2025

    https ://web.archive.org/web/20191230163701/http://www.deagel.com/country/forecast.aspx?pag=1&sort=GDP&ord=DESC

    99,553,100 us pop 2025
    326,620,000 us pop now

    broken down by country

    • z

      nothing is truely erased from the internet

  146. Kristi Fluharty


    Hi Greg, great show! I have a website link where a person can check their experimental jab adverse effects by batch:


    God bless,

  147. Eli

    Wonderful woman and amazing interview, as always! I’ve recently seen some clips of the tribute to Foo Fighter’s Taylor Hawkins, Eddie Van Halen’s son and all these other brilliant people playing music in tribute, wow, it’s really too bad, and the thing is, he’s just one person out of how many …?? A crying shame.

    Thank you, Greg, for your informative interviews. I bank small and I love it. They treat me like a real human being. I also use cash 90% of the time. Went to a rock concert this week (Iron Maiden), and the whole thing, even the vendors within the stadium, was cashless 😫 I never go to concerts anymore and this is really the main reason why. Satan owns the music and sports industries, anyway. I should wean myself off going ever again…! That would be best.

    God Bless!


  148. Bill

    I don’t think the criminals are going to be able to pull off the CBDC plan. I don’t think they know what they are going to do other than kick the can down the road. CBDCs are the best guess plan they have but it will fail.

  149. Alohajim

    Interesting that CAF is sure that the Fed will let everything collapse as their goal is to save the dollar but Alasdair Macleod takes the opposite tack : The Fed will sacrifice the dollar to save markets. I don’t pretend to know. However, if one believe’s that the virus scam is only a prelude to the real event which is a currency reset then destroying currencies is actually their goal. This is similar to the so called ‘pivot’ – many folks are predicting that the Fed will reverse course and begin QE again soon to save markets. I guess a third scenario is that they destroy both – markets and currencies. After all, if these nice folks are out to create maximum pain and poverty for the masses what could be better than that? All your accounts in all markets will tank and the remaining dollars you own won’t buy much if anything.

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