Fed Triggered Stock Sell-Off – Dollar Next – John Williams

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

In his latest report, economist John Williams asks the question, “Did the Fed trigger the stock sell-off?” Williams answer, “It sure looks that way.  With all the heave selling, the bond yields were rising and investors didn’t like that.  Risings bond yields means someone is selling bonds.  The Fed was not selling bonds, they were not rolling over the bonds they normally wood. . . . There was a big drop in the amount of bonds the Fed was holding in the last week by about $10 billion.  That was the biggest weekly decline since August of 2012. . . . It was enough to put some upside pressure on the interest rates . . . and that was a trigger (for the stock market sell-off).  Normally, you don’t crash from an all-time high, not that it crashed, but you did have pretty heavy selling.  You didn’t see much movement in the dollar.  You didn’t see much movement in gold, and when this market really goes, I think you are going to see the dollar selling off very rapidly and gold being a flight to safe haven.”

Williams goes on to say, “The Fed caused this latest round of selling because they are reducing their balance sheet. I would say the Fed is in a real awkward position here because the economy is not doing what they are advertising, at least what you are seeing in the headline data.  I think you are going to see a rapid slowdown in the next couple of months.  Then you are going to see the markets say what’s the Fed doing here?  The Fed will have to go back to quantitative easing (QE or money printing).  When you see that again, that should be a heavy sell signal for the dollar.  It will be a flight from the dollar that will spike oil prices and give us an inflation problem.  This will tend to spike gold prices.  As foreign investors flee from the dollar, they will also be fleeing from the stock market and the U.S. bond market.  You will see stock selling and bond selling and then higher yields, and the Fed will be coming in and start buying the bonds again.  I think that is where we are heading.”

So, are the Trump tax cuts going to help the economy or hurt it?   The answer is both.  Williams explains, “The tax cuts are generally positive.  Anytime you cut taxes, that is generally a plus for the economy.  The problem is the average guy is still not making ends meet.  Anything that increases disposable income is a plus.  This does not necessarily go to the guys at the lower end of the income scale, but generally there should be a little economic pick up here from it.  The problem is what happens to the budget deficit.  We just went through the government shutdown and a package that lays things out for the next two years, but it widens the deficit.  The deficit is beyond control.  We have $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities.  That means you need $100 trillion in hand right now to cover the federal obligations going forward. . . . Printing money to meet obligations is what happened in the Weimar Republic in Germany.  This happened in Zimbabwe.  This kind of thing eventually gives you a hyperinflation. . . . Ongoing budget deficit and debasing of the dollar will give you global selling pressures in the currency markets. . . . We haven’t seen much selling in the dollar, but that is going to change.  You are going to see flight from the dollar and flight from the markets as well.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with economist John Williams, founder of ShadowStats.com.

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After the Interview:

There is some free information on the home page of ShadowStats.com. There is much more detailed information and special reports when you subscribe.  Click here to subscribe to ShadowStats.com.


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  1. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg. John telling it like it is, KABOOM!

    Apologies Greg, I’ll have to miss this months donation, a little tight on funds.

  2. Gary

    I’ve been reading shadowstats.com now for a couplle of years. Williams’ alternate data pages are very interesting. They show how much we are, and have been for a long time, being lied to about the state of the economy. I have spread knowledge of his site as much as possible in online discussions. To most people reading his site just seems to overwhelm them. It’s sort of like trying educate people about Q and the ongoing war against pedophilia and corruption. They just can’t imagine that their government is that corrupt. It’s really hard for the leftists as they see government as their savior, their protector, and what shadowstats.com and Q expose is so far out of their range of thought they reject it out of hand because it just overwhelms their senses and ideology.

    Thanks for interviewing him, Greg, as I, for whatever that is worth, consider him a light shining in a dark place.

    I would also like to renew my request that you interview G. Edward Griffen, the author of The Creature of Jekyll Island. I would really like to hear his take on things, as his knowledge of the banking system and the Fed is very deep.

  3. FC

    Jim Rickards mentioned back in 2013 that QE 4 will probably be in a form of Fed-assisted tax cuts so not to alarm the Public to the previous failures.

  4. bob

    I’m hearing that the fed ran a surplus in jan for taxes according to the monthly treasury statement During January, the Treasury collected approximately $361,038,000,000 in total tax revenues and spent a total of approximately $311,802,000,000 to run a surplus of approximately $49,236,000,000.
    although, the article says,,Despite the monthly surplus of $49,236,000,000, the federal government is still running a deficit of approximately $175,718,000,000 for fiscal year 2018. That is because the government entered the month with a deficit of approximately $224,955,000,000.

  5. Jerry

    The real reason why Timothy Geithner and the Working Group just turned J.P. Morgan Chase bank over to the Chinese.

    • Jerry

      And the winner is ?

      Greg I love reading the straw man arguments your readers offer on some of my post. Here’s one. China won’t collapse our economy because they need us to buy their stuff. Answer: I totally agree. But it won’t be in dollars.

      Here’s another. China has more debt than the United States. Answer: Once again I totally agree, but their debt is invested in
      gold. Ours is in paper. Rock. Paper. Scissors.

      Here’s my favorite. The United States is the worlds leading oil producer so the petroyuan launch in March means nothing. Answer: Check your facts. The worlds largest producer and consumer of oil is China. In addition China is in talks with Saudi Arabia to purchase ARAMCO. If that happens they will virtually control the oil industry.

      • JMiller


        I think you meant to say that China is in talks with Saudi Arabia to purchase a 5% share of Aramco.


        • marcus

          Aramco has been way overvalued…Suidi is holding face and China is helping them save face with a 5% buy price and thats to much my sources say…..could it be way they are fighting to expand their dry holes…

      • Linda L.

        In many instances you contribute very good info., but as more of an observer of this comment section, it seems like you generally worry too much about what other people think about your comments/input. Mr. Hunter has a many guests with a variety of viewpoints, but I don’t see him all bent out of shape/burned up because they don’t agree with him. I suggest that you try to relax a bit, continue to contribute what you see as important, and for those who get it (great) and for others that have different viewpoints, just let it be. In the end, we’ll all see who’s right.

        • Jerry

          I agree with you. The best part about life or death is in the end you get to find out how really smart you are. What I find most amusing on Greg’s site is how deep people are In the normalcy bias. Numders and facts don’t seem to matter. I have no book to sell or website to peddle. I post what I post as a service to Greg and his site. The day Greg says amen. Enough. I’m gone. He’s the one that puts the work in here. Not me.

        • JMiller

          Good comment Linda. I hope Jerry takes your advice.

        • Jerry

          Here is what I’m talking about . Look at the dollars trajectory on market watch.

          Should it be a concern that the dollar is cratering at about the same tihe China is preparing to corner the oil markets? Realty says yes. Delusion says who cares? I spend 90% of each day working with people in the welfare system who are victims of bad choices. You have two choices. Ignore reality. Or live with the consequences of ignoring reality. America has chosen the former and will be forced to endure the latter. Unfornately I am sad. Sad for my grandchildren and children who will be asked to carry the burden of our bad choices. I pray for them and all of us daily. At this point it will take DeVine intervention to straighten this mess out. Thank you for caring.

    • Hugh Rosemont

      No wonder Mika, the Slavic/Viking ice queen, hates the Donalds guts!

    • .Nada Brunswick

      Jerry 02/14/2018 •
      The real reason why Timothy Geithner and the Working Group just turned J.P. Morgan Chase bank over to the Chinese.
      Hugh you mean her dad was Zbigniew Brzezinski?

      He never had a clue of what the founders of this country brought to our shores.

      2 Corinthians 3:17 (Amplified Bible)
      Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty (emancipation from bondage, freedom).
      2 Corinthians 3:17 (Amplified Bible)

    • Occasnltrvlr

      China’s debt is invested in gold?
      China is the world’s largest oil producer?
      China is preparing to corner the oil market?

      That’s almost good enough to take on the road!

  6. Jerry

    And then there’s this.

    Is Donald Trump a wolf in sheeps clothing? A wolf in wolfs clothing? Or a sacrificial lamb? In either case you must admit whether he was picked by God or not, he has good taste in women. Happy Valentines Day!

  7. vincent_g

    You brought out the interbank lending chart but not a word was said on why it fell so sharp in Jan.

    This is because your analysts are behind the times.
    The Crypto markets cannot be ignored any longer.

    I will point out to you that it was this market that has caused this sharp drop in interbank lending!
    Banks all over the world have recently stopped the use of credit cards to purchase crypto coins.
    The problem maybe worse as we see this headline:
    The Central Bank of Thailand tells all banks in the country to stay away from cryptocurrencies

    What has happened here in Jan to cause all this.

    China has put pressure on neighboring countries to block crypto coins.
    Negative news from S. Korea and India from government officials has caused a sharp drop in the crypto market.
    This followed by China blocking access to all crypto exchanges has caused a 400 billion drop in the crypto market.
    As this was happening banks worldwide started blocking credit card purchases of crypto coins.

    And now we see there may be a serious problem in the banking sector.
    400 billion can’t be large enough to cause a worldwide banking problem.
    Maybe default swaps are in play here which has taken this 400 billion and made it a much larger problem.

    These analysts can no longer ignore this new market as it is creating waves that effect other markets.

    • Paul ...

      People living in countries that don’t want their citizens taking their wealth out of the country are now clamping down on bitcoin … in the old days before bitcoin people simply bought Treasury Bonds (memorized the numbers on the bonds and proceeded to burn them) … they then left the country “without any money” … once outside their country with strict capital controls … they applied with the Dept. of Treasury to have “new bonds issued” to them (as the old ones were “lost”) … actually the old Treasury Bond method was safer “with less volatility” then the new bitcoin method being used to avoid capital controls!

  8. JC Davis

    Thanks Greg.
    The numbers John Williams produce separates the illusion from reality. The real economy has not gotten better, but the illusion has gone off the charts.
    As I look back over the 8 years or so following your site I realize the economic problem is still the same trust in lending, and hope in the future.

    • Paul ...

      To separate illusion from reality Trump needs to have the Fed develop a new Consumer Price Index that includes the price of energy and food in its calculation … this will feed money to the people (instead of the banks) … as Cost of Living Adjustments increase people will be able to pay down debt and begin to purchase goods and services stimulating the economy … lets begin to foil the Elites who are bent on destroying our Nation to create one collectivist global political and economic order under “their control” … they are out to destroy the entire basis of the US Constitution … and their vast propaganda efforts over the past 40 years has instilled the idea that all nations and all peoples of the world are part of “a single Village” … their plan was to destabilize nations, ruin their economies, send millions of manufacturing jobs to places where slave labor would do the work and then export the cheap products back to the nations who lost the jobs (to further undercut domestic manufacturers and force them to close their doors and fire still more employees) … Trump is working to reverse this process … so lets begin to bring back truth to our government economic statistics … lets begin to officially admit the real unemployment rate and the real inflation rate … lets close down the too numerous military bases we have overseas and begin to bring our boys home from that 16 year old war in Afghanistan … lets not instigate any new wars … and we can “finally begin” to reduce the deficit!!

      • JC Davis

        Paul the tentacles of the oligarchy are way to many to come up with a plan to change them. We have not seen a republic in America in our lifetime, nor will we. Sure we the little people are given laws only to control the currency we earn. Those at the top have been committing treason, unconstitutional laws, and high crimes all of my life without repercussion. No person, nor group of people will change them at the top. Just the facts.( I have hope in Jesus alone ). He is allowing the weeds in the garden until harvest time. Reality over false hope

  9. Dingus

    Care to venture the percentage of “derivative” debt the US is on the hook for ? 80/20 rule ? As Ron Paul and others have stated for decades , this phony or derivative debt MUST be liquidated & YES, some financial institutions leveraged with such, will be selling their office furniture. This is why a complete FED AUDIT is necessary, and overdue. Once tangible assets and service valuations are REAL , the Market will correct itself , without the intervention of globalist cronies, most of which are anti-human and eugenicists.

  10. Your Mom

    Here’s the problem with any forecast of a dollar crash: Oil sands.
    We now own the tap, baby. And if you want more or less out there on the market, you talk in federal reserve notes.
    The dollar will not crash so long as America controls the world’s oil market via leading in supply and mandating purchases in dollars.
    The dollar crash will come once autonomous electric vehicles (AV) become the standard, once global oil production, including American oil sands, peaks, and once a viable option to the role the U.S. Treasury market serves becomes available.
    We are not there and won’t be for a few years. Electric AVs are now emergent in China. In a half-decade they’ll be more common. Then we’ll be at the tipping point.
    Until then, the Fed can keep raising and dropping rates to goose the market skywards.
    Now if the Mideast goes full-spectrum-war, we move off that timeline. Same for if we start a big fight with North Korea.

    • This Sceptred Isle

      The problem is America is deriving a false sense of confidence from this shale oil con. When this scam collapses will it hasten the demise of the petro dollar?

      • Paul ...

        The demise of the almighty petro dollar is proceeding rapidly as we approach the Ides of March (when another almighty leader (Caesar) was stabbed in the back and killed … when the final knife is driven into the dollars back we may have to make our money out of wood rather then paper (but I won’t be taking any wooden nickels … I’m saving all the copper-nickel ones I currently get in my pocket change) … remember the banksters that want to kill the dollar also must remove all cash from circulation so they can begin the transfer all wealth into “digital form” … thus taking total control of our wealth and can lock it all down if they wish with a simple Executive Order … and then issuing their “new money” (which will be a replay of the current monetary Ponzi Scheme that took our dollar from 100 cents to 2 cents today)!!

    • marcus

      I agree with your mom

    • Frederick

      Mom You should stick to baking and leave the economics to John Williams

    • Beverly Kingsford

      Your Mom,

      It is said in the scriptures that Jesus will come as a Thief in the Night. I don’t believe the ownership of oil markets is going to make that much difference. The fact that Trump is uncovering corruption, is big factor in my eyes. These people do not want to be found out and they will destroy this country to hide their sins. And, they can make it happen. We need to be prepared to grow our food, put it in bottles ourselves, store dried food, etc. Otherwise, we may not be living to talk about this. When the economy crashes, production will shut down, transportation will shut down, and everything will change. And, electricity is a big factor in all of this as well. Think of how dependent we are not just on oil, but on electricity.

      • Occasnltrvlr

        Trump hasn’t uncovered any corruption.

        Those who care to know already knew, so nothing was uncovered.
        Those who prefer to not know will never believe, or care.
        And there are NO MEANINGFUL INDICTMENTS.

        Trump hasn’t “uncovered” anything.

    • Bill

      YOUR MOM+
      I migt agree with your assessment, EXCEPT, it takes oil to manufacture the Electric AV. It takes oil to make the plastic, the tires, the steel etc.

      • marcus

        you can make plastic with out oil.

  11. andyb

    Greg: thanx for having JW on again. He makes a point that I have been adamant about for the last decade; namely that the Great Financial Recession never had a recovery. GDP, as promoted, has been total BS if you factor in inflation which has averaged 5-7% (per Shadowstats) or 7-10% (per the Chapwood Index) per annum for each year of the last decade. Once you factor in “true: inflation, the GDP numbers have been consistently negative.
    Re the criminal banks: if truth be told they all have underwater balance sheets, and if mark-to-market asset valuations were still in place, they would be all BK. Many have stated that the only reason the market is at current elevated levels is due to the PPT. Once the plug is pulled, the crash will be enormous. The retail trader should exit now, and 401(k) holders should also leave, even if it means a tax consequence. Those that will be really devastated are those who expect their pensions to be paid in full; especially those who work for state and local governments. The SHTF moment will be triggered, I believe, when certain pension plans are forced to declare BK. I’m looking at you Chicago, Illinois and Connecticut, among too many others.

    • Scott

      ^ Excellent post. Sublime, even…

  12. Hugh


    Its the same thing every time! Its getting very very old hearing the same thing time after time after time. SURE, I guess it will happen one of these days, but a lot of us have been hearing this same crap since 2008. That’s 10 years now.

    Doesn’t any of these guests realize that with these SUPER COMPUTERS that money is being put exactly where it needs to be when. Whether its hitting gold to take it down, move the markets up, help the dollar, whatever. None of us have any idea how much money the governments of the world have printed and will continue to print. The average JOE cannot compete against this.

    I think its time to put CLIF HIGH on again, I need a good laugh. He has been so far off on his predictions. Its February and silver is suppose to be $600! All these news media and politicians that are suppose to be exposed! Now he is the BITCOIN cheerleader! We need it for outer space! LOL!

    All these news articles, reporting, people claiming what is going to happen, nothing matters. People do not care. The dollar should have collapsed years ago. The games continue and as far as I can tell will continue to go on. ONE DAY there will be a major trigger that will set things off, but I am afraid it will not be in my life time.

    I would give anything for reality in this world.

    • Greg Hunter

      If you want top hear something different the story has to take a different direction and it is going to.

    • Jodyp

      You are right Hugh. Most people don’t care, because most people don’t know, because most people keep their heads in the sand. Makes for an easier life…til that time comes.

    • Arthur Barnes

      High, keep printing dollars and going into farther debt and you will experience what we all will, sooner I expect rather than latter, but if not, it will happen as the math just doesn’t add up. I suggest Hugh, for your protection, stockpile some fuel, food stocks, and some cash to get you through the coming bad times, if nothing happens at least you can eat the food and spend the cash, but please Hugh protect yourself with a little insurance; in the meantime to go ahead and bash the ones who believe things are going to go wrong, it won’t hurt our feelings and if they do go wrong know that are stomachs are full, are debts are paid, and we are going to make fortunes from the ashes for our families and generations to come.

    • Beverly Kingsford

      I could tell you some things that have been prophesied and that have come true. But, if I did it on this site, most people wouldn’t believe them. I think it’s good to know the signs for the last days. God gave us some signs in the scriptures. There are other signs though, other than given in the Bible, that people CAN learn about if they have an open mind about religion. I think religion and religious prophesies are really the ONLY prophesies that we can rely on. If we choose to be part of the 5 virgins who didn’t bring any oil, then we won’t be prepared to meet the Bridegroom, and we will have failed to endure to the end. Enduring to the end and being in a constant state of readiness is part of God’s test to see who His faithful followers are. Don’t give up, Hugh. Keep watching. Keep preparing. Keep Praying. You will be rewarded in the end.

    • Scott

      ^ Excellent post. Sublime, even…

    • Scott

      ^ Excellent post. Sublime, even…

      • Scott

        Sorry Greg, the above two replies were me trying reply to AndyB, not hugh. Please feel free to delete these, with my apologies.

  13. Eins

    Is the video cutoff at 12 minutes? it should be longer

    • Greg Hunter

      It played all the way through for me. It’s about 30 mins long. So sorry you are having trouble.

  14. Rob Banks

    Greg thanks for having JW on. He is the only source for true statistics: 10% inflation and 22% unemployment since 2010. He has long predicted hyperinflation of the dollar. Of course the fed will print to oblivion because (1) that’s all they know how to do; (2) their very favorite thing is to print money and give it to their friends; and (3) they must inflate or die, i. e. levitate the bond bubble or implode the system.

    • This Sceptred Isle

      Exactly! This was the point I was trying to make on the other thread. Now according to Bill Holter monetary velocity might be ticking up too.

  15. gregd

    Nobody here can say you don’t listen to your people who comment. LOL

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you GregD. I try to read every comment before posting them.

  16. al

    Greg you hit it out of the park again. OMG!!! It was nice to see John looking good and being right to the point, which is a testament to your professional interviewing skills.
    I saw a picture of Trump holding the head of that “comedian” who had his bloody head in her hand, remember that? Well, on her head it said CNN. I loved it!

    I’m here to tell you Greg, I speak to people throughout the U.S. every day on my job, I see what’s connected to their router, the lame stream is dead.
    Thanks again for an excellent interview.

  17. Andrew

    Back to back great interviews. Thanks Greg! Stockman, Rickards, or Martenson to make it a triple?

  18. mal

    Hi Greg,
    Considering that the official inflation numbers are a joke is the real inflation rate higher than the debt growth? If it is then aren’t we already monetizing the debt?

    • Arthur Barnes

      mal, I don’t know much but this I do know that every time I go to buy something that I have purchased before about 6 months before there has been a price increase. But hell I am just a simpleton out here in the heart land so what do I know? Let me suggest something to you and Mr. Williams as well, inflation is already here, its just not “hyper-inflation” as of yet, but I bet is coming because the U.S. has refused to be on a budget like its own people have had to be on for the last 50 years.

  19. Flattop

    My wife loves me, my kids love me, my dog loves me(most of the time} and GOD loves me. No stock market/ bond market/ dollar crash will change that. I just try to keep the main things the main things. Got some food, water, PMs and a little cash under the mattress.
    I am fortunate to have access to your site, keeping me informed in whats happening.
    Thank you Greg, for your efforts, and may our Lord richly bless you in your endeavors.

    • Greg Hunter

      I love you too Flattop as a brother and a friend!!!!!

    • Arthur Barnes

      Wow Flattop, with all that love you are the richest man alive, excepting your dog that is! Glad you have all that, you are a lucky man.

    • Anthony Australia

      Love the world and it love you back.

  20. Mohammad


    Powerful words from Paul C Roberts indicating what we are seeing unfolding is a coup de tat:


    Paul Craig Roberts “US Intelligence Is Enacting A Coup On America & Trump Is Powerless.”


  21. Paul ...

    The “real unemployment rate” today is as bad as during the Great Depression … ordinary people are being held in this depressionsary state by not giving them a “true” Cost of Living Adjustment (to compensate for all the inflationary money printing going on to kept the banks solvent) … just printing money to pay the bills cannot go on forever … the US must cut back on its overseas bases (that they continue to build) to reduce the budget deficit … do we need 40 military bases surrounding Iran? … which just prompts Iran to build more and more missiles! … yes, we can tell them to stop building missiles but will they listen if they feel their Nation is being threatened? … so what are we going to do? … go to war to stop the building of missiles? … or simply reduce the number of US bases surrounding them? … and thereby give them an incentive to reduce their missiles (and reduce our budget deficit at the same time) … of course the neocon warmongers will tell us that war will get the economy moving again … but war always brings with it “more money creation and more inflation” … lets begin doing what is economically logical … reduce the number of our overseas US bases (which will likely help bring the building of more and more missiles to a stop) and mitigate the need for a war (to get them to stop defending themselves from our aggressive base building) … do this and it will help to reduce our deficit (and thereby provide some of the money needed to give a “real Cost of Living Adjustment” to the common people … and stop their jobless suffering in the presently “bankster created” depressionary environment!

    • Paul ...

      You know … if a foreign power like Russia or China was building military bases all around America … and we in fear started to build more missiles … do you think we would listen to Russia and China if they told us to stop building the missiles that could hit their military bases surrounding us “or else they will go to war to destroy our missile building capability”?? … Nations have a right (just like we do under the 2nd Amendment to own a gun to defend ourselves) without being told by the Neocon Gestapo they are going to invade our home and take them away from us by force!!

      • Paul ...

        We can save even more money by getting out of Afghanistan … we have been at war there for 16 years … and what has it done for the American people (except to provide more opium for our children to snort or inject into their veins) … don’t we deserve to get this “heroin-continual war” monkey off our backs (and in the process help to lower our deficit)? … just quit Afghanistan cold turkey … let the Taliban take over (and they will destroy all the poppy fields for us) … thus freeing America’s children from the current opium epidemic in America … replace heroin on the streets with “legalized pot” … this action will put all the drug pushers (now killing our children) out of business!!

        • Paul ...

          America is technologically capable of freeing all its citizens of their electric and heating bills (wouldn’t that be a boost for our economy to recover from its current depressionary state … all Trump has to do is begin to break water into hydrogen and oxygen … these gases can be used as a clean “nonpolluting fuel” to run our cars and industry, heat our homes and provide electricity … silver and nickel can be used as catalysts to enhance the production of this ultra clean fuel and the US southwest is ideal for making use of solar energy to split the water molecule into fuel … we won’t have to continue to pollute our ground water by “fracking” or be burdened by drilling for oil or importing oil and gas from anyone … and when “zero point” energy devices become available for every homeowner for heat and electricity … we can then afford to begin releasing the oxygen gas we create into the atmosphere … as oxygen levels rise in the atmosphere we will not only see a decrease in the cancer rate but our protective ozone layer around the Earth “will be restored” negating the need to spray chem-trails in our skies to reduce the ultraviolet rays of the Sun … is giving the people “free energy and a healthier life” too much to ask of the greedy industrialists intent on collecting more and more worthless fiat paper as all life on Earth goes extinct!!

          • Julie

            Fantastic post .. If only 🇺🇸

            My husband and I are as ready as we can be for whatever comes.
            Thank you

      • Beverly Kingsford


        Exactly!! How many Americans are thinking in these terms? Why should other countries NOT have the right to defend themselves? People in America seem to have this idea that America owns the world, so all those countries out there have to do as we say. But, NOT true. I think this is being done on purpose to make other nations hate us. We have interfered in the business of other nations, all around the world. And, they say the military is defending our freedoms, etc., and they are praised for this. In reality, the military is being used to create a one world government type atmosphere, with the U.S. is in charge for now.
        I’m sure God sees all that is going on, and He does NOT like what the U.S. is doing with her power. God holds the future of the nations in His hands, according to scripture. There is corruption in much of the world and it has to be done away with in order for this world to be a sane place to live again. In the Bible, whole populations were wiped out and God commanded these things to happen. Martha served God by making Him dinner and tending to His physical needs. Mary sat at His feet and listened to Him talk. Martha didn’t like it, but Jesus told her that Mary had chosen the better part. We should remember this and realize that we’ve got to tend to our spiritual needs first in this world, in order to survive the last days. It will be our faith in Christ that saves us.

      • Roger D

        Paul is right, but no one wants to hear the truth. America is committing the greatest crime of international law, the Crime of Aggression. We pick the nations we will protect and those we will bomb. We determine what weapons sovereign nations can and cannot have for their own defense. We determine their rulers. We sit at our keyboards and play as if it is fantasy football. No harm to us, we have no skin in the game.

        Even so-called conservatives are very comfortable with ‘unconstitutional’, ‘deceit’ and yes, even ‘murder (in perpetual ME undeclared wars)’ when it suits their agenda.

        ‘Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.’ Proverbs 16:18

  22. Frederick

    Ten year treasury now 2.912%

    • Elderlearner

      Or put another way that’s appoximately $700 Billion annual interest payment on a $24 trillion debt (simple interest).

    • Silence is Golden

      An ominous sign of things to come.

    • ConcAmDad

      And the Dow reversed up another 500 points to finish positive yet again….go figure

      • Jason

        Concamdad you haven’t taken your life yet?

      • helot

        I feel your pain, ConcAmDad.

        ‘They’ control the vertical, and the horizontal.

        That which we were taught,… yeah, throw that out the window. Free markets, price discovery, bottoms without ‘puts’, that’s, ‘old school’ stuff of a bygone era which may have never existed in the first place, Idk.

        The MATRIX. That’s our reality . Where saving money, means going into more debt.
        Which means, for those of us who have resisted going up to our eyeballs in debt, we have done the wrong thing. Financially speaking. …Or, so it seems, so far.

      • Mike R

        then buy the dip CONCAM.

    • ConcAmDad

      It’s so ridiculous- cnbc can’t even keep their headlines straight- they have something about investors being rattled by much higher than expected inflation, stocks slide ammuf concetns- meanwhile- tha dow finishes up 250 ans futures are uo another 250 this morning

  23. patriot

    It seems like everyone is trying to figure out why the stock market took a dump last week.
    I think that the guys at the very top the guys that are actually running this world sent Trump a very clear message and that message is quit messing with the swamp with these memos or we’ll crash your so called Trump recovery.
    when Trump was giving his speech last week the stock market crashed down 1600 points then came back.
    1600 pennsyvania ave?
    The friday prior the market ended down 666 points.
    are these coincidences or a clear message to the white house to stop messing with the deep state or else.

    • Arthur Barnes

      patriot, interesting food for thought, who knows but I bet if it was a warning Trump is not the type of person who takes threats lightly or runs from them either. Interesting times to be sure. Regards, a b

    • Silence is Golden

      I’m working on the theory that Inflation is out of the bag and the bond market is starting to reflect that through higher yields ….all on the back of QT.
      Next phase is further tightening. …followed by more downside action in stocks….THEN A FLIP IN POLICY…..BECAUSE the recession will be officially recognised….and then interest rates go negative.
      If FREE money wasn’t already an Act of Satan….wait for the pain from NIRP.

    • Paul ...

      The guys at the top actually running America were never voted into office by the American people … look at John Brennon … he is out to retaliate against Putin for messing up his takeover plans in both the Ukraine and Syria (to further the neocon warmonger agenda) … and he is out to get Trump (because Trump wants better relations with Russia) which is not good for the business of selling weapons or promoting war (which is very lucrative) … why does this man (who was never voted into office) have so much power to wage war and lie to Congress?? … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-02-14/john-brennan-mastermind-behind-russiagate

  24. helot

    Dear Jerry,
    You’ve been scaring the bejebers outta me lately with all your posts. I wondered why I even saved money under the mattress. I lost 10 percent just this year. Then, I read these two bits, and felt a certain calmness. I don’t think you’re wrong, just, like me, ten years ago, thinking the housing bubble would pop, ‘any day now’, you’re just a bit too early, or, as one fella said once, ‘confusing the inevitable, with immediate’. …Perhaps? Idk.

    ‘Petro-Yuan Futures Launch in March: Ignore the Hype, It’s a Good Thing’
    By: Mike Shedlock | Fri, Feb 9, 2018

    Can China Really Dethrone the Dollar?
    01/24/2018 By; Daniel Lacalle

    Of course, you might be right, who knows. But, in light of those two articles, I wonder. Anyway, I DO appreciate your effort.

    Also, you all might benefit from reading this if you wanna turn people towards what is true and good, ‘Why Intellectuals Fall for Socialism’ 02/01/2018 Friedrich A. Hayek

  25. Jason

    Another false flag school shooting. Jesus save us all.

  26. Al Unfrankin

    Paul Craig Roberts “US Intelligence Is Enacting A Coup On America & Trump Is Powerless.”
    What Will Happen to America in February 2018 Paul Craig ROBERTS Revelations

  27. Tad


    Hyper-inflationary or cut the economy down in its tracks.
    Yet another case for gold and silver.

  28. al

    No matter how many times Mr Greg Hunter interviews Mr Williams he never asks
    ‘how does the dollar make a big decline against such currency stalwarts (??) as the Euro, the yen, the British pound?’ Is this not a consideration? Are the other currencies not also rotten to the core?

  29. Paul ...

    AS Israel prepares to invade Lebanon … right wing pro-Israeli American Jewish leaders have their doubts … they are not unaware of Hamas, Al-Qaida, the Muslim Brotherhood and other problematic actors … and although consistently defending Israel at every turn they have doubts about this widening of the war in the Gulf … they are working to change US policy and are looking toward a more peaceful resolution of differences with Iran … this is a good thing … we can’t let “unelected” warmongering neocons determine US foreign policy … http://lobelog.com/another-unnecessary-war/

  30. Mohammad


    A big slap to Tillerson’s face by the Libanese president who was supposed to meet, he made him wait next to an empty chair before he got into the meeting:


    US has lost its hegemony…


  31. Mike R

    2 Year Treasury yield, 9 year high.
    10 Year touched 2.94%.

    The market puked last when 10 year first hit 2.85%.

    Whats happening here is the market pretends to adjust to higher yields, seemingly blowing them off after the puke, but markets remain below their highs. As the 10 year goes higher, a new puke point will recur.

    Let’s guess that its 3 percent next. Then the market is going to correct again, set a new lower low, and then bounce, and flutter for awhile, pretending to once again ‘digest’ the higher rates. But the Fed will persist with additional rate hikes, and while people postulate new market highs, the downdraft will continue. This will take some months, but once we have another two quarters of earnings data, and when the 10 year persists to hold above 3%, this topping process will begin to take hold in earnest. Likely by late fall this year.

  32. Jodyp

    John Williams…the ‘E F Hutton’ of USAWatchdog!

  33. Dan Barr

    Just like “Rochester” used to tell “Jack Benny”….


    Good God man….I’ve been listening to this crap since DOW 6600. Last I checked it was +25,000.

    As I have been told repeatedly by a retired financial NL writer……”I learned early in my career to NEVER forecast BOTH TIME AND PRICE. That could be FATAL to one’s career. So I always gave one or the other, but NEVER both together.”.

    Reading and listening to your esteemed guests I am constantly reminded of how stupid I have been paying any attention to these hucksters at all.

    And still the lemmings can’t wait to throw themselves over the cliff.

    I guess that’s what keeps you in business, too ?

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