Global Hyperinflation Coming-Nick Barisheff

Nick Barisheff (2)By Greg Hunter’s 

Gold expert Nick Barisheff says the plunge in the gold price is sparking demand.  Barisheff contends, “Usually when there is a big drop in price of paper, there is also a drop in demand on physical gold.  This is the first time I can remember that it has gone the opposite way.  People are perceiving the drop in price as a gigantic buying opportunity.  It’s on sale at a lower price.”  The dollar is going to dramatically lose value.  Barisheff predicts, “What’s different than the other 65 hyperinflations is, this time, we are going to have global hyperinflation.”  Barisheff says nothing has changed to justify gold’s dramatic price drop.  Barisheff says, “When I listened to the debt ceiling debate in 2011, it became crystal clear the debt situation wasn’t going to get resolved.  So, it is accelerating, and the relationship between the U.S. debt and gold is almost a perfect correlation.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Nick Barisheff, President and CEO of Bullion Management Group, and author of the new book “$10,000 Gold.”    

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  1. justin king

    Here in Australia, I have an account at the Perth mint, which will give you allocated, pool allocated, and unallocated accounts. Minimum deposit for foreign account holders is 50K. The website is very thorough and transactions are courteous and efficient, and I have experienced no negative aspects in any way. Considering Perth is the most remote city on earth, it seems a good choice for anyone.

    • Tad

      Good on ya mate!

    • Kenny the K

      The Perth Mint certificate program is nothing more than a paper bullion scheme and According to James Turk, doing business with Perth Mint means you are a general creditor of Gold Corporation.”
      It’s doubtful you’ll ever own the physical stuff

      • therooster

        That’s hearsay, only. Nobody wants to hang themselves at this point.

    • Hueofman

      Veblen goods of a still yet functioning civilization/society…

  2. Janice

    Another great clarifying informative interview with Nick Barisheff.

  3. Mitch Bupp

    HA HA HA would you trade paper for real gold? I know the banksters do!

    Thank Nick and Greg, while I am not that bullish on gold. I do believe it will rise until the big “reset” hits the world then who really knows.

  4. AndyB

    Greg: waiting for the economic implosion. waiting…..waiting. Actually, I am amazed at how long TPTB have kept the scheme going since 2008. The PM price suppression has been a key factor in the extended criminality, of course, but there are other schemes afoot that must be accomplished before the plug is pulled; namely some sort of national gun registration and the biometric ID control hidden in the proposed new immigration act. And finally, the massive anti-privacy, intrusive facility under construction in Utah is at least 2 years away from completion. We still have time, but not much.

  5. Anne Elliott

    Another great interview, Greg! Hyperinflation of all fiat currencies… Hmmmmm… Yes, sadly it appears that it is coming. And what will it usher in??? Can you say “one world government”? How about “new world order”? Another way to think about it – “U.N. control over all nations to reallocate and redistribute the world’s resources and wealth in order to preserve and protect the human species”, and, therefore by default “mandatory gun confiscation” in the U.S. When that happens, we will also be looking at a second American Civil War.

    • Greg

      Thank you Anne!

    • Brandon

      Not far off the mark there at all. Gold might go up in dollars but not value. What I mean is do not expect to get rich. There is going to be a collapse no doubt with war and the whole nine. Remember Revelation talks about inflation right at the end. A days wage for a loaf of bread which was a days rations for a family. We are in for rough times.

      • Allen Ols

        Very wise brandon; I have mentioned this b 4

    • Chip

      You have some valid points Anne. Question is timing. This is like watching a slow motion train wreck… Great interview Greg, I like the guests you choose…

      • Greg

        Thank you Chip.

  6. George

    I have been buying Silver (can’t afford gold) for a few years now. I have several friends and acquaintances that think I’m crazy for doing it. But, of course they all have 401(k) and IRA accounts, and some Mutual Funds and swear they are smart investors and savers.
    When I mention that they are playing in a “paper” game they call me a Conspiracy Theorist.
    Even when I point out ABN Amro notifying clients they can no longer take delivery in gold, they can only settle in dollars, they just tell me ” you can spend money, you can’t spend gold”.
    I only know 3 other people who are buying metals, and the rest believe that everything is wonderful, that there is nothing wrong today, and we are better off today than 10 years ago. Talk about head in the sand, and living in denial, the public are going to be in big trouble when things hit the fan.
    Thanks for another great show. Actually just listened to Nick on another show (won’t mention it here) last night.

    • Greg

      You friends are totally ignorant of the fact the Fed is propping up the market with at least $85 billion a month of bond buying. If they listen to nothing else, get them to watch the David Stockman interview on the site. When the money printing stops, or if it doesn’t stop, either way it is going to be a disaster. I bet you will not be able to save them so just save yourself.

      • Tad

        Stagnation, Stagflation or so called Recovery. The worst of the three is the last, because it will unleash all those dollars out of the wood work and hyper threading inflation will begin in earnest. A shopping cart full of yer days wage fer a loaf of cheap (mostly air) wonder bread!! ARMA GETTIN OUT HERE! EXIT STAGE UP?

    • susan

      I can’t believe so many people know so few people who have silver and/or gold. I live in a town of 2000 and I know lots of people who have metals. ?????????

  7. Troy

    Although a dollar bill will still get you 100 pennies … $1 dollar with 416 grains (27g) of pure silver will get you 3300, this whilst the economy is in recovery and doing great! 😉

    Precious Metals – Preserve Your Buying Power. The best paper investment is T.P. but it makes little sense to value Money in skid marks!

    • Allen Ols

      Great annology; haa. Skid marks; I will. Steal this. Tks

  8. Jerry

    Great interview Greg. I was wondering if you thought Mr. Barisheff was implying by his interview that the drop in Gold prices this past month was a precursor to the collapse of the dollar ? He didn’t come out and say that, but he seemed to imply it. I have read by some economic forecasters that metal prices would tank just before the dollar collapses. Some view that as a signal that the collapse is beginning. Your thoughts?

    • Greg

      If there is war, that trend could temporarily reverse and the dollar could rise in value. There is so much manipulation going on the only thing you can do is hold on to as much real stuff as you can.

  9. JR Anderson

    $10,000 an ounce gold loses some of its dramatic impact when you consider that it may cost $10.00 for a can of coke.
    Typically what happens to stocks during a hyper inflationary event?
    How about an educated guess as to where the dow will be if gold is at $10,000 ?

    • Greg

      At some point it will be a one to one ratio.

  10. JRMFL

    Curious None of the GOLD Advisors failed to mention the USD$ has broken an 11 year P&F downtrend.

    We will see, the claims appear to be good drama, $10,000 – $12,000 & $50,000…

    The rest of the globe is running redeeming their savings in UST Bills, Notes and Bonds.

    Direct exchange Banks are being setup, the Aussie’s & Brits have already thrown us under the bus with Yuan exchange banks.

    BRIIIC Nations are quickly banking on GOLD as well.

    The pen is can mightier than the GOLD Bull for short periods.

  11. Ugly

    A quart of barley for a days wage. But save the oil and wine….


  12. M.Smith

    More great data from your efforts! What happen to Bloomberg? Did they get exposed for giving out private info? Brother things are getting very bad when the dogs are eating each other as greed consumes them all! I hope it does not keep on like it is, the sooner the last brick falls, the sooner we may pick ourselves up & rid this Republic of those who should be in jail!

    Greg, economics & monetary policy effects more than most think, the nuclear complex has had the worse 3 years in its life & it’s only getting worse, please folks keep up with, you will be glad you did, the amount non reported news about how bad it is as far as nuke plants safety & nuke waste sites in dire straights like Hamford WA is scary!
    Peace Greg & GOD Bless your work!

    • Greg

      M Smith,
      Love this quote from you “. . . things are getting very bad when the dogs are eating each other as greed consumes them all!” That’s a good one!!

  13. Fraser

    Hi Greg

    Jim Willie (maybe not as crazy as seems) wrote this in Dec-2011 and I just received (my own) confirmation of these events today…

    “We had a COMEX system failure in November. COMEX was ready to default on gold and silver. But rather than honor delivery demands – JP Morgan simply stole the money in the accounts that were going to stand for delivery. They had their pockets picked while they were standing in line at the delivery window. Notices of delivery were replaced at stolen accounts!

    JP Morgan averted both a COMEX default and a European sovereign debt implosion, and notice that JP Morgan increased the amount of silver in their registered vaults by precisely the amount that was supposed to be delivered!

    This is just another financial 9/11, and THERE WILL BE MORE. If JP Morgan can steal 140,000 futures accounts, what’s to stop 250,000 MUTUAL FUND ACCOUNTS FROM BEING STOLEN!?! Pension funds, mutual funds – they’re all at risk, and people I talk to HAVE NO CLUE. Put your money in GOLD AND SILVER!

    We are at the verge of a very widespread, colossal theft of private accounts. It’s getting really, really dangerous.”

    • Greg

      Pithy, accurate analysis! Bravo mate!

  14. DAVE

    Hi Greg
    I’ve been collecting PM’s for some time and contrary to some that say there is no shortage,i know there is.The brands i have bought in the past(Johnson Matthey,Sunshine etc.) are gone or rare so i continue to keep changing.Delivery dates are being pushed further out(30 days). Also premiums are rising(up 30%),that never have before.That and much research.So with no doubt, the shortage is real.In conclusion the greatest fear to govt. would be a run on the fractional banks.With that in mind many PM exchanges are also fractional as well.IMO it’s only a matter of time when this all comes to light and there will be a run on the metals which in turn will lead to a loss in confidence and the domino effect begins.I’m waiting for China’s next announcement on their current gold holdings to spark such a run

    Great reporting Greg and Thanks

    • Greg

      Thank you Dave for adding this important reporting from the real world!

  15. Allen Ols


    Pls get jim willie back, and. Go for egon von greyertz wow!!!!

    • Greg

      Soon for Dr. Willie.

  16. Walter Gould

    Here is what I do not understand. If you bought U.S real-estate, stocks and treasuries in 2009 you would have done a lot better than gold.

    If Gold is such a great investment why are such companies , like Sprott down 60% in three years and have lost over 600 million dollars based upon their gold and silver thesis?

    I would not touch gold as it is now in a long term bear market. What matters is to be in assets that are profitable. Were is the hyper-inflation that was to happen this May?

    • Greg

      Walter Gould,
      You are thinking like this is a trade when it is protection. Trading is not protection. You will not simply be able to buy it back when things get dicey. Good luck.

      • Wakter Gould

        But Gold (insurance) is falling like Gold brick at a time of massive global uncertainty. It appears that many do not share this thesis that Gold is insurance.

        Safe havens are safe. Safe havens are stable; gold is not safe and certainly it is not stable.

        In other words, it is not a stable place to store your wealth. The horrific sell-off of the last months is clear evidence of this.

        Who in their right mind would invest in gold when it can be easily taken down in one day…how is that safe?

        It would be better to buy real-estate in Detroit at distress levels than buying gold at these prices.

        I would not touch gold as the bull market is over….gold is now a speculative buy.

        • Greg

          You simply cannot apply normal metrics to a situation that has never happened before in recorded history. It is not gold that is unstable, it is fiat currency. This issue is not about price it is about possession of an asset held under your direct control outside the banking system. If you do not grasp the enormous change that is coming, you will be lost and robbed using the metrics of the past. You are approaching this with a trading mentality and you should be thinking insurance and protection. Good luck no matter what you do. Thank you for your comment.

          • Wakter Gould

            I also wish you the best of luck holding gold.

            Thanks again

  17. George

    Great interview. Looks like Argentina will go before US

    • Monnie Matthews

      Walter, what Greg is describing is a paradigm shift. PMs are insurance and wealth protection. Gold is the ultimate money—it’s been valued for over 4,000 years, while fiat currencies have failed every single time.

  18. Jim H

    Hi Greg and fellow watchdogs.
    How many years now have we (me included for part of this time) been saying we know gold and silver will explode in value any minute. Well, many minutes have gone by and what has really happened? Maybe as this Nick states rules have changed and money in whatever form doesn’t work by the rules we’ve been taught. Have you ever heard the word compartmentalization? This is where it only takes a few people in the know to cause events unknown to the people involved who think they are supporting a nobel cause. One example could be:
    Bad as I hate to say it but looking to the direction we have come since this video and before, this makes more sense than what I’ve been told. I certainly believe Aaron is right about what will happen with money. Your guest Nick said as much in the beginning of the video. What I heard him say was “I have never seen this before. Of course this is also in line with your weekend wrap up Greg. Do the words total control ring true with anyone else?

    • Wakter Gould

      Remember the book Dow 38,000…me thinks this book will be inline with the same over the top predictions. To be fair the book is very well written but the assumptions are not in anyway realistic.

  19. Agent P

    The rally and consequent ‘recovery’ action going on right now is likely to be one of, if not the Greatest ‘Sucker’ rally in history. It is being sold as a real, organic recovery by many analysts – and they have the ‘charts’ to prove it. Many of these analysts – highly respected ones, were calling for a new secular bull market in stocks – Last Year, and so their credibility is that much more enhanced and followed while this ‘recovery’ inches higher in Dow/Spx terms, month after month. That is why this will prove to be the largest sucker rally in history, because it will be so believable to most. As high as it climbs however, so will be the plunge and associated dislocations when the reality of the underlying situation surfaces again, unable to be pushed back down.

    You don’t use ‘charts’ for this, you use your God-given gut instinct to tell you whether you smell fresh air, or fecal matter…

    • Greg

      Agent P,
      Thank you for adding your analysis. Good stuff.

  20. therooster

    I recall writing piece on “The Wealthy Boomer”, back in 2003 titled. It was on a blog operated by jonathan chevreau of the financial post, with a good mix of investors. My thread was titled, “Are global currencies in a race to the bottom” ? Boy, did that ever get a laugh ! Gold was about $347/oz at that time.


    Hi!, Patrons Of Et Al:

    In my opinion the price of gold should already have hit the same level as QE which is INFINITY. We’re talking here about gold as real money, as defined in Human Action by Leudwig Von Mesis who wrote the book, compared to paper & ink or less valuable cyber sized digits, Paper and ink plus cyber digits are abundant but gold is by natural geographic laws “scarceer” almost than hen’s teeth. The gold scarcity showed up and had its’ beginning August 15, 1971 when President Nixon closed OUR US Gold Window against the claims made on OUR Nations’ gold by foreign creditors which as far as they are concerned was a definite declaration of international bankruptcy by the United States Of America. Sense OUR declaration of bankruptcy on August 15th 1971 by OUR President, Richard Millhouse Nixon, the Federal Reserve has been paper overing our plight regards OUR gold shortage against foreign claims and we call that paper overing of OUR plight “INFATION” don’t we? Of coarse the idea that OUR Nation suffers inflation is being covered up, by government declarations of various means that attempt to convince US that we have no inflation in the United States. Oh ya and time ended marchin onwards too didn’t it? We as a Nation have grown dull in our understanding of OUR plight and that sets the stage in my opinion for #10,000 an oz. gold or higher; depending upon what sets of events move the gold markt over the coming years that lie directly ahead begining now! By now the American people should have a good idea of why, when former Congressman Ron Paul requested an audit of the FED and Fort Knox, the doors were shut in his face but truth is the daughter of time; as all truth shall be finally discovered in the coarse of time.

    RUSS SMITH, CA. (One Of Our Broke Fiat Money States)
    [email protected]

    • therooster

      There was an inevitable need to develop a free floating valuation system for gold. The closing of the gold window and the severing of the FIXED peg in 1971 was an eventuality if gold was ever going to make for a good liquid currency. The debt-free store qualities are of no question but a fixed price for gold requires more and more gold to be mined and finished from the ground. It’s like racing toward a brick wall at some point given that bullion is a rare and finite resource. Keep in mind that gold’s monetary liquidity is the product of (weight x trade value) so gold was actually set free in 1971. The ultimate purpose of the USD within a free floating gold-money paradigm of the 21st century is not that of a currency. It has its currency role in the debt-money paradigm, but still plays a very useful role in the real-time gold-as-money paradigm, not as a currency but as a real-time measure (USD/oz)for measuring gold weight in order to make debt-free settlement for something priced in a fiat currency ….. a bridge from a debt paradigm to an asset paradigm. Spread the news. You cannot pour new wine into old wineskins. The age of information is like a new wineskin.

  22. Burke

    We are in a political economy. The gov’t/Fed can manipulate the money supply and the economy, which is what is happening. But their power to manipulate money is limited by the fact that increases in the money supply will eventually lead to people rejecting their fiat currency as well as the destruction of the economy. When that happens, you want to be both liquid and in hard assets. That means precious metals.

    During the Great Depression, cash was king. Those with cash bought stuff up for next to nothing and were rich when the good times returned.

    Next time, precious metals will be king because cash will be worthless.

    The present downturn in PMs now should be viewed as a buying opportunity.

  23. John Doe

    There is always one thing that is often not answered or if it is answered not a real answer is provided and that is why would TPTB let everything go up in hyperinflational smoke? Why would you keep printing insane amounts of dollars until your society and everything you love have fallen apart?

    Apparently, the whole premise is that the TPTB have no other option left than the printing press till the bitter dollar end. The other side of the debate is a deflationary collapse. Wouldn’t it be interesting to have an interview with people who are in this camp and ask them about the “luck” of the gold bugs too?

    An interesting question for thist interview would have been to ask why a deflationary collapse is not in the cards for the US (and the rest of the credit crunching Western world…).

  24. Tim G

    Some people don’t see the price drop in gold as a positive thing. Especially investors who are panicking trying to sell all their gold asap. In a declining gold market, smart investors hold on to their own gold and buy more of it before the price goes back up.

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