All Trump All the Time, Bad Economy Sold as Good, Lucifer is In Style-NOT

b4By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 224 1.29.16)

Trump talks, he makes news. Trump doesn’t talk, he makes news. Trump tweets, he makes news. Trump offends, he makes news. Trump makes sense, he makes news. You may think what is going on with Donald Trump is all about Trump, it is really about the changing landscape of media and the old mainstream media (MSM) losing its relevance. Look at what just happened with Trump and this debate fiasco with FOX. FOX thinks it’s still running the media show, and Trump is showing them they are not. When you hear about Trump tweeting, switch out the word ‘tweet’ with ‘broadcast’ and there you have it. Trump, via the new media such as Facebook and Twitter, doesn’t need a network of TV stations or a cable outlet. The mainstream media is so freaked out they cover each and every tweet of Trump’s so as to not miss out and retain some relevance. No front-runner would have ever turned down a TV appearance until now. Why did he turn it down–he doesn’t need it. The MSM needs him. Times are changing, and the MSM is losing its grip in media and thus its relevance. Of that there is no doubt.

The USA Today finally stopped saying we are in a recovery. You know why? Because we are not in a recovery, at least not for Main Street, but that doesn’t stop them from pushing what I think is a false narrative. For example, this week in the money section, they come out with a title that says “3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Worry About the Stock Market in 2016.” Never mind the stock market has plunged and is off to the worst start—ever. Never mind there is a Plunge Protection Team. Never mind there have been banks convicted of massive hundreds of trillions of dollars of fraud with commodities, interest rates and currencies. This article basically says buy good stocks and don’t worry and “don’t care.” I say “Run Forrest Run.” And so does David Stockman, who is a best-selling author and a former White House Budget Director. He will be on Sunday for the “Early Release.”

The standoff in Oregon is winding down, but not before one of the protesters was shot dead by the FBI. Details are sketchy, and the Feds are not saying why one protester was shot at a road block. At its core, this is about the question: who owns public land? Is it “We the People” or the federal government that can use the land as it wants, even if it hands out goodies to their donors and cronies. This is not the last time you will hear about this issue.

FOX is giving Lucifer a makeover. What??? The Devil is evil, yet, with FOX, and this new series, not so much. The Devil is a liar and a deceiver and everything he touches turns to rust or manure. Shame on FOX. For as the Bible says, “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

Join Greg Hunter as he analyzes these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. DLC

    I did watch the simultaneous broadcast of the debate and Trump’s veteran-supporting alternative. I had watched no debates until this evening. I’m enjoying Trump turning the media’s dinner table over.

    Huckabee and Santorium, both who won the Iowa Caucuses, turned out for Trump. Ben Carson seems genuine. I hope they can forge something together down the road to counter the press elephant.

    Trump and Savage are allies and I appreciate that neither give one inch to political correctness. One day Savage was being psychoanalyzed by a female caller to which he replied: “Shut your big yap, I’m not your brother-in-law who avoids you.” Women do not call with a chip, he just puts them through a verbal wood chipper.

    (?Leann McAdoo) was gorgeous and gracious this evening. Now there is a professional, lovely inside and out and a brainiac too. It was refreshing to watch Alex, Jakari, and LeAnn talk amongst themselves as they informed their audience. They have good chemistry and it was a total PC-free zone.

    Now, I do not think Trump will win. The wells are poisoned, the opposition is out for blood. He is besting the media and the competition at every turn. No matter. We can see how corrupt the whole process is, and since there is nothing to pretend about, I expect an all out onslaught. It will make the Gingrich/Romney dust-up look like an anniversary dinner.

    I’m just curious which comes first, the demise of Trump or the demise of the entire country as we live it this day.

    • C romana

      Thanks Greg, please have Catherine Austin Fitts on soon! She has a great overview.

      • Faith

        I dislike Fitts. I have seen her in speak in public and was not impressed although she laughs quite a lot and sticks to her script. Fitts never explains anything in a direct or coherent manner. She uses her own language. What does her private language mean? I have no idea.

      • Occasnltrlvr

        I agree!

        Catherine Austin Fitts is on my “short list” of people whose opinions I pay very close attention to.

        Her CV is impeccable, her real-world experiences unassailable, and her insights brilliant!

    • RichM

      I had a scary thought the other day that the black swan they all want, in order for Obama to declare martial law or whatever, could be them pulling a JFK on Trump. I sure hope I am wrong and pray Trump will be protected and have faith in a higher power that it is possible he will be.

  2. DLC

    After we witnessed how O and Sharpton tried so hard to create a race war and burn various cities down, looting all the way, they shoot this cowboy type with 11 children, a monstrous threat to the population.

    Meanwhile, O is shipping in as many counter-American crazies as possible. Today was the report of a woman being raped literally to death by such, who just kept raping away even after she died. No real outrage, little coverage.

    Shoot all them evil cowpokes.

    • Galaxy 500

      0bama hates real men. So does the Feminazis that support people like 0bama. 0bama is what is charitably called a wussy.

    • anni

      If we think Obama is bad with a phone and a pen, and wide open war powers. Just think what Trump will do with the same powers. You think he has the best for America at heart? We thought the same about Obama with “Hope and Change”. True Trump has tapped into the anger and frustration of the Nation, as Obama did after Bush. Everyone says he is so smart. Watch what he does when Congress doesn’t do what he wants. You don’t think he will ride right over the top of them. When the American people turn against him as they will, you think he won’t ride right over the top of us? Watch and See.

      • dbcooper

        anni, I do not know what Trump will do but he says the right things and do not ever assume that I supported Barry for one minute ever. DB.

      • Silence is Golden

        Blind Freddy can see that “Trumpet” has thumb prints all over him.

      • Galaxy 500

        Watch and see what Trump does as President. I pray to God I get the chance to.

    • matt

      And the Government employees KNOWINGLY continue to make it happen. Because their salary requires them too.

  3. Dan

    Trump is a financial success, no doubt. Also of no doubt is his sophomoric personality. Skipping the debate was akin to the loser who takes his ball and goes home. This is not the type of “leader” this country needs, now or ever!

    • Brian

      Your sound like a troll who relies on the msm to make decisions for him…good sir. Fox is your little baby? It was mine too until i realised just like trump did THEY ARE BOUGHT AND PAID FOR.

      • Dan

        Calling someone a troll who doesn’t agree with you – WEAK!!!

    • Chip

      you could not be more wrong dan. this country needs some shaking up. we can’t continue on the path that we’re on.

      great wrap up greg. it seemed very heart felt. Chip

      • Dan

        I agree that the country needs shaking up & think that Hillary would be the worst choice of all. I just think we also need someone with tact & that will face challenges head-on rather than avoid them!

    • Galaxy 500

      I disagree. If you were told you had to parachute into a mine field, would you do it to be in a debate?
      Not the kind of leader we need? Oh contrare, we need a leader that knows when to tell people to go to hell, especially the media.

      • don

        If Trump can’t stand toe to toe with a woman commentator how will stand up to Putin? Call him a jack ass and storm off? The man is a petulant child. It’s amazing how people totally ignore his support for amnesty, supports the government taking people’s property, spoke out against the draw Mohammed contest, supported Hillary/Bill, supports Single Payer Government run health care, etc. His support seems to be based on him insulting the media…not the basis for a future presidency.

      • Dan

        You’re right – telling people to go to hell is a wonderful diplomatic solution!

        • Galaxy 500

          Funny, it worked for Reagan with Russia. And on a side note, they literally went to hell via a dissolution of the Soviet Union

      • Mimi Dick

        True—Trump got wind of the sabotage that FOX had planned for him—so therefore he out foxed them by doing his own thing—FOR VETERANS no less–a group Obozo has stalled, demeaned and lied about and who’s veteran hospitals are a disgrace but has done NOTHING about them!
        Trump I think at this stage of the game is the only one who can really do for this country what he says he’ll do–BUILD A WALL/FENCE–DEPORT ILLEGAL ALIENS–TEAR UP THE STUPID IRAN DEAL AND GET RID OF OBOZOCARE! Sometimes he doesn’t come off the way he intended and some think he’s not serious but I don’t think that! ANY OF THE GOP CANDIDATES (EXCEPT BUSH) WOULD BE BETTER THEN KILLARY OR BURNIE THE COMMIE!
        We must remember Bernie is a socialist and Killary is a progressive but
        that they BOTH MEAN COMMUNISTS–BOTH SOCIALIST AND PROGRESSIVE MEANS COMMUNISTS and do we really want to live in Cuba or North Korea—I don’t think so! Why are the RINOs of the GOP so AGAINST Trump–ans; he will upset their applecart BIG TIME and they don’t want to be found out of just exactly what they have been doing (meaning doing for Obozo) or we will run them out of town if not worse! NOTHING has changed since the GOP has had both houses–has it? Well if Trump doesn’t get in things will stay the same or get much much worse!

    • dbcooper

      Dan, What he took away was a whole bunch of the audience and it was perhaps brilliant. DB.

    • jim c.

      Trump is going to be a great president, and in ten months you will see. He is the only choice, how could you ever be for the(democrate) give away party .

    • Silence is Golden

      Trump is a success. People associate success with WINNING. WINNERS invariably WIN.

      • Anni

        Dear Greg please keep a copy of this and replay it after Trump has been in office his 100 days, so we can cheer, laugh, cry, or say “I told you so”. We still think government is going to solve our problems.

        • Galaxy 500

          I don’t think government will solve anything which I why I am voting Trump.

    • Scott Miller

      Trump took his ball and played in a higher league. Why waste time waiting to speak when you can have as much as he wants, and much more than he would have had he shared the stage with people who will be dropping out of the race? Trump was smart to control the game and not play ball with little people who do not matter. Trump got coverage. Trump is going to sweep Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.

    • ruth

      Heard some businessmen say, who know Trump, that he not really a financial genius, just a good developer. And, anyone with a good compass can get the right people on his team. I like Trump, but don’t know which way his compass points.

  4. Ren

    Down here in DFW Texas I’ve seen bumper stickers that read, “I don’t believe the Liberal Media” or “I don’t get my news from the MSM”. I think Trump connects with these people.
    Also, Trump is labeled “The Angry Candidate”, well again that resonates with most conservative and/or traditional Americans, who are quite angry with the MSM and the Washington establishment that is clueless on the pulse of this great Nation! Thank you Greg for being part of the solution.

    • Mimi Dick

      You know how Killary has ALWAYS included her maiden name all this time–she is Hillary *Rodham* Clinton—-right!
      I want a bumper sticker that SCRAP THE BOTTOM WITH RODHAM!!! 🙂 🙂

      • Joni Carleton

        You mean ‘scrape’ the bottom with Rodham, don’t you? LOL Because she’s truly the bottom of the barrel when it comes to being qualified enough to perform the duties of a President of the United States.
        Best regards,

  5. Dan

    Dear Greg,

    A very pertinent GUEST RECOMMENDATION: Andrew Maguire – the world’s single most knowledgeable authority on the silver markets (and former whisleblower of the LBMA) – even more so than David Morgan.

    I’m sure 95%+ of your guest here know about him.

    At this point in our turbulent market time, he would by far be the most relevant person you could have on given current happenings; here are some reasons why:

    1) It appears that silver is beginning to be slammed (just like gold has in the past years); see the following ZeroHedge articles from today:

    – Precious Metals Pummeled (After Silver’s Overnight Flash-Crash)
    – Silver Market In Disarray After Benchmark Price Fix Manipulation

    Moreover, since the COMEX and LBMA are near the low of their gold reserves, I think the Fed, PPT, and ESF (Exchange Stabilization Fund) of the Treasury are starting to see the “writing on the wall” in that the gold reserves are almost emptied and very much eager to switch and employ their very same strategy (of using naked shorts to monkey-hammer silver on COMEX/LBMA) – especially given the fact that this is the metal that the average American can actually afford and are wanting to turn to in the current crisis.

    Hence, I see many more years of “silver slamming” this is one of the few cards they have next to play and most likely will – something that would be absolutely catastrophic to the majority of your guests.

    2) Andrew Maguire also has a seat on the upcoming SGE (Shanghai Gold Exchange) fix. Thus, he has inside knowledge of the inner workings, machinations, and corruption going on by the parties involved.

    MUST ASK QUESTIONS FOR a Maguire interview:

    1) Several months ago there were 8 foreign banks operating in China that wanted to be on the fix but with recent threats by China to “curb” their operations if they didn’t participate in the fix the “way the Chinese wanted them to” – now there are only 3 foreign banks remaining that would be on the “fix” board. What happened? What is likely to happen? (will the foreign banks just all walk away and this fix will become dead in the water?)

    2) The SGE International Gold fix was supposed to launch in April of 2015 and is now scheduled to be launched April of this year. Ask him: WHY the delay? Is it related to the current Yuan-devaluation debacle? And does he think it will actually launch in April or will the Chinese delay again (I’m sure your regular Jerry really wants to know as he’s been prophecyzing that “everything will change this April” !). Any insight he can give us (as he has an INSIDE perspective of this group/fix) would be very helpful for most of your viewers (who hold gold and silver), as these markets are tied at the hip.

    I (and likely many of your viewers – pls reply this message if you feel the same) sincerely hope you can make an effort to get him on for an interview. He often interviews on KWN and maybe you got some contacts to reach him (or try to reach out to him directly – I’m pretty sure he would love to be a guest on your show). There would be no other guest in the world that would be better than him at this juncture of the crumbling markets and economy.

    Thanks for your consideration!

    • your fan in Japan

      Dan, I’lll second your idea.

      • Beligarant

        Dan, I’ll second the motion plus add another question to the list:

        1. Was China given reserve currency status with any agreements or strings attached about significantly delaying or not launching the Shanghai Physical Only Gold Exchange? Wouldn’t this explain the delay(s) and basically outline a scenario where China has secretly agreed to continue and play ball by allowing the COMEX and London Gold Fix to remain the primary pricing mechanism of these metals? Basically you (China) agree to significantly delay the SGE for several more until the worldwide economies start improving and we’ll give you reserve currency status.

        • Dan

          Great question!

    • Jerry

      I’m no prophet, or economic pundit. I have no book to sell, or web site to promote. I’m just a small town business owner who sees the obvious. The Chinese and the BRIC nations are preparing to break away from the rotten, progressive driven, Ponzi scheme created by the Federal Reserve Bank and their handler’s the ESF.
      – AIIB
      – CIPS
      – Super Computer
      – Gold Benchmark (IN APRIL) ………..all say so.
      Dan, if your economic house was on fire, what would you do? That’s right, get out before you lose everything. Do you really think the BRICS are going to kick the can down the road a few months, when they see Japan imploding itself with negative interest rates?

      • Dan

        Haha Jerry, you know I was just teasing you! You’re my favorite Watchdogger and I do really hope things will pan out as you anticipate. I just try to give my perspective having lived here in China for so long. With the achievements you listed (AIIB, etc.) plus many more such as the “One belt, One road” (i.e., reviving the silk roads) you would HAVE to think that all this planning will reap rewards even despite the slowing global economy. With the exception of weakening currencies, Southeast Asian (and those Near Asian ones along the silk road and bordering Russia) are in much better shape and will surely benefit from a new financial paradigm being set up by the Chinese and the BRICS. Europe and North America are in their final demise…

    • Macray

      “Andrew Maguire also has a seat on the upcoming SGE (Shanghai Gold Exchange) fix”
      Sorry Dan, I think you have your facts wrong. Let me rephrase that, you have your facts wrong. But JUSTINCASE, Care to prove it????

      • Dan

        Thanks for your reply Macray. As for proof, I had heard him on a KWN interview in the early months of last year (2015) specifically say he had a seat (or advisory board position) there on the SGE. You could probably go to the website ( and see if they still have former audio interviews (not sure); it’s too time consuming for me to locate the specific interview. As a former whistleblower to the London metals schemers, I don’t perceive him as the lying type. As for concrete proof, there’s one thing you first need to understand about Chinese organizations – it is that they are highly secretive and don’t publish a lot of information about their operations/holdings/figures/etc. as they regard them as state secrets and use them to their advantage in the markets. So as for concrete 100% proof, I am not a Reuters reporter but merely a Watchdog blogger here trying to share what I do know.

        • Macray

          I appreciate your reply. I also listened to Andrew audio interviews at KWN in early 2015. He did not state that he had a seat (or advisory board position) on the SGE. So I am not implying that Andrew is not telling the truth. All his audio interviews for 2015 are still available to the public.
          “there’s one thing you first need to understand about Chinese organizations – it is that they are highly secretive and don’t publish a lot of information about their operations/holdings/figures/etc. ……” WE AGREE HERE

    • Macray

      You see several more years of silver slamming???
      You could be correct, but I don’t share your opinion. If I can steal a line from the The Wealth Watchman video link below….. Not a snowballs chance in Miami Brother! I love that line!!! My opinion is it ends this year.
      By the way, I do enjoy listening to Andrew Maguire.

      The ‘registered’ for delivery silver bullion at the Comex licensed facilities dropped by 7,792,110 troy ounces yesterday, 1-28-2016. This takes the total from 36,322,409 to 28,530,299. This is a one day decline of 21.5%.

      Now a short video back on 1-8-2016 when the registered silver bullion had dropped down into the 36 million numbers.
      2016 Starts off With a Cliff Dive in Comex Silver Ounces!
      Maybe start at the 4:25 Mark!
      Back in 2011 the registered silver category dropped to 26.6 million. Then ………

      • Dan


        Thanks again for sharing and providing info. I’m not entirely convinced that the numbers of “registered” or “allocated’ or whatever category the metals are in really matters. Just look at what is being done with gold (even though there supposedly isn’t much left).

        The VAST MAJORITY of the people holding these contracts are puppets from the PPT/ESF/Fed/and their puppet bullion banks. In other words – THEY WON’T ASK FOR DELIVERY!!! Anyone who can’t see that is blind! Yeah maybe so many ounces get shifted out. So let’s all stop fantasizing that their physical inventories are gonna be emptied soon.

        Let’s be realistic folks, as long as these crooks can counterfeit dollars and use them to buy naked short paper contracts, IT WILL NEVER STOP or BUST! I challenge Holter, Morgan, Kirby, or any other to prove me otherwise – and if they do so let’s go with what you like – FACTS . In other words, tell me/us HOW this can stop if they are permitted even by the SEC/CFTC/Justice Dept. do carry on these illegal activities. I don’t see it stopping until either the Chinese et al. state their gold reserves and/or the dollar tanks at least 30-40%.

        Don’t get me wrong guys, I want it to blow up. The majority of my investments are in gold and silver. After 4-5 years of this ponzi pussyfooting always being the same, I just don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. (but I’m still holding on to my PMs!)


        • Jeff L

          ” I don’t see it stopping until either the Chinese et al. state their gold reserves and/or the dollar tanks at least 30-40%. ”
          Exactly what I’ve been saying for a VERY long time. I suggest they will occur simultaneously.

        • Silence is Golden

          Best outcome…Debt Jubilee and transition to a new system.
          Don’t bet on China being the saving grace. They remain under the control of the same entity that controls the USofA.

    • Mohammad


      China is not communist, keep in mind that it is thousands years of wisdom. It was the dominating force of silk road. At its borders many forces broke, Romans, Persians, Muslims, …..every force known on earth so far has broken on its borders, even Japan did not make ways into main land despite their despicable atrocities.

      When the wave was communists in Asia their wisdom had that wave ridden and won.
      When the wave is globalism they sure are riding it to win.
      The Yuan devaluation is INTENTIONAL. and that is the sure way to let it surge into world reserve currency by China’s adversaries trying to short it but at the same time spreading allover the world which is the exact bate China had thrown to them.

      SILK ROAD…..!
      Who controls it controls the world, and so far i see China slapping Iran and Saudi Arabia on the ass and controlling the SILK ROAD.

      Do not underestimate China, after all it OWNS US .
      Our land here and People are the collateral to our debt that we enjoyed taking foolishly.

      TPTB WILL NOT HAVE SHOOTING NUKES, rest assured of that and i will remind you years to come with this info. NO NUKES ALLOWED so no one from the west can do any thing but to watch the slow burn and the wealth moving east.

      China is the hub of the Rothschild until they get to their final destination. so the FIX is a green go.


  6. Dwain

    Hammond’s did their time in jail and lo and behold the judge orders them back in for 5 years. What are the charges? A common rancher practice of setting fire to unwanted vegetation so grass can grow. The fire accidentally spread to government land which the Hammond’s put out. They were indicted under anti-terrorism law. This is all about Feds wanting Hammond’s ranch.

    The Bundy’s protested on behalf of Hammond’s unjust treatment by occupying the wildlife and fisheries office. They hoped by doing so grievances would be addressed. They were not. MSM did everything possible to redirect attention, obfuscate facts and paint protestors as criminals. It was successful.

    The true criminals are those occupying the eccles building, white house and capital. Nearly every single politician has broken his or her sworn oath to uphold the constitution. It would take a book to explain the disastrous consequences against humanity. On top of this, Feds start illegal wars abroad, murdering and displacing the lives of innocent millions.

    You can’t get a better example of calling good evil and evil good. The federal government takes it to another level. They kill what’s good and keep alive what’s evil.

    • C romana

      Dwain, finally some facts. Thanks. And you sum up the twisted news very well. The sign of the beast is that he will manipulate people with lies. It is critical that we see through the deception. Greg is doing his part.

  7. DLC

    Huffpo Policy: “Trump must be called a liar, racist, sexist bully in every post.”

    2016: R.I.P., bully PC.

  8. Oxfarmer

    Good for you, Greg! for daring to say publicly “Woe to those who call evil good…” To me this is the main characteristic of our time, pretending evil is good, trying to brainwash us into thinking that black is really white. Out of this lie come many others from the stock market to “legislating evil by statute “, and no one seems to think the process is immoral. Do we wonder why the America some of us grew up in is unrecognizable? We are experiencing the woe and don’t even get it.

    Unfortunately, there has been a good bit of success among those raised by public school and Hollywood media, making stands like yours all the more needful.

    I don’t know if Trump would make a good president, but it sure is fun watching him make the MSM and hoary political process irrelevant.

    • diane s.

      The late Dr. David Hawkins called this the LUCIFERIC INVERSION
      Turning good into evil and evil into good
      Trouble with Academia. …MARXISM
      Good column today Greg.

    • David Engstrom

      Amen! Could not agree more with both of you!

    • dbcooper

      oxfarmer, Do really farm with oxen?? Just curious, DB.

      • notyourpatsy

        DB, I grew up in a farming family in CT. Just down the road are some of THE BEST Oxen Breeders in America! When they would show at ag fairs in New England they always had me run a team for them. I grew up using draft horses on the farm, and had mules at one point also. Mules are smarter than horses IMHO. But they can be dangerous like any larger livestock around the working farm. I found oxen to be the least cantankerous of the three. If you need knowledge in this area contact me and I’ll do what I can to assist you.

        • dbcooper

          NYP, Thank you for your reply, We have bred and raised Brabant Belgians here for years and nothing compares to driving a team. I am in agreement as to mules … smarter ain’t always the best thing!! My first team were shires ; they are a hot breed and I ended up having a terrible wreck … as my friend Bill Anderson said to me “If you mess with horses long enough you will get hurt” Truer words were never spoken but I figure if something goes south chances are it was my fault . I am thinking you are in NJ, I lived there in the early 70’s and the farm land there was beautiful. I will probably never go back though. Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

        • dbcooper

          PS, NYP, do you remember that scene in Braveheart with the Highland oxen Impressive horns!! DB.

          • notyourpatsy

            DB, On 60 acres in flemington nj. I knew we were on the same page from reading into your posts here. Horses tend to be more ‘flighty’ then mules, even more so than oxen. But if a mule team gets away from you I’d literally jump off! They’ll pull themselves up in due time, usually w/o injuring themselves or anyone else (you hope).
            I have a team of clydesdales and a pair of Scottish Highlands! Hercules and Goliath are 10 yrs old now, but are the best working horses I’ve had in 45 yrs! Like I said, we need to connect! I dropped my email into a post a few columns back look for it and get in touch so I can send pictures!

            I think the GOP is not going to win the battle with Mr Trump. I just wished he would align himself with another candidate to strengthen his following for a broader base.

  9. Cindy

    There’s a whole lot of worry in your eyes tonight, Greg. Never heard so many ‘fear nots’ as I did in your closing. It is good you are looking into the Word for understanding. We need to remember Paul’s words in Philippians 4:6-8.
    “Don’t worry about anything: instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus. And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.”
    Thanks for manning your post on the wall so faithfully! Cindy

    • The Other Chip

      It’s good to be reminded of that, Cindy! Thank you. It’s really a challenge for me to not allow the negativity to take hold, as we are living through a time of mass demoralization, where men’s hearts are becoming cold (and failing them). The goal is to have charity up to the last day.

    • Chip

      i sensed that as well cindy… chip

  10. Bob

    Greg you were Magnificent , the last time I was here, I said somethings and they’re all coming true and do hate to say that, I wish I could tell more but I can’t right now ! God Bless you Greg keep up the great work.

  11. Faith

    Mr. Hunter, you rock! The MSM is freaking out. Good! The only people I know that have cable TV are people over the age of 50! I don’t know how much longer I will continue to pay outrageous amounts for cable TV. I used to like FOX news. Now? Not really. I view FOX news as nothing more than the right-hand version of Pravda. I am tired of all of the graphics and the sound effects and the dramatic music and the women that do not wear jackets and do not dress in professional business attire (other than Greta).

    I like your program because it is simple. You can have a conversation that lasts more than 3 minutes without a commercial break. The MSM has the attention span of a gnat. Maybe less.

    I am glad to hear you are having Mr. Stockman on your show on Sunday. I read this article, earlier today, on Zerohedge:

    This article makes it sound like most of China is nothing but a Potemkin village, an illusion, a complete fraud. I don’t know how much gold China owns but this article basically said that China could devolve into a civil war. As if that article wasn’t bad enough there was another article on how the silver market went into a tizzy, here is the article:

    Apparently the LBMA (the London Bullion Market Association) had the daily price higher than the futures price which went negative. A glitch! Apparently this was just a glitch! When does a glitch turn into an avalanche? I expect one to happen any day.

    About the new show on FOX, “Lucifer.” I didn’t watch it. Another freaky show from Hollywood that may be funny, or cute, or entertaining if you live in LA or NY but for the rest of the country, no, it is not what we consider entertainment. I find it offensive. Does my opinion matter? Apparently not.

    • notyourpatsy

      faith, I don’t know if your area of the Country can view other Countries’ news casts. I watch DW/ German news, NHK/Japanese news/ POL/ Polish News, when the regularly scheduled ‘brainwashing’ is on here in NJ 6-7pm est. I find out more things that most people will never hear about from the (political) MSM brodcasts during these shows. Sometimes the stories are’nt in English, but hey I can get the gist of most any language having travelled the World for 30 years.

      I also listen every day/night to shortwave radio and enjoy it as much if not more than tv ‘programming’. Look for older radios (used) that were made in the 1960’s and 1970’s in the Phillipines for a good quality shortwave radio. They do not crap out like the Made in China stuff! Yard sales have them cheap!! I bought mine for $10 15 years ago and it’s never been in the shop (knock wood!)

      • dbcooper

        NYP, We live in a very isolated area and years ago we had a dish TV gizmo and it got to the point that it was all just MSM crap so we threw that out and got a shortwave … never looked back and as soon as they take down the internet we will be back to the good old shortwave!!
        Yours, DB.

        • notyourpatsy

          DB, I also used shortwave on my boat(s), and ham radio. It’s the ultimate ‘phone system’ for backcountry folks IMO/E. CB used to be ok in the ’60’s & ’70’s, then the sets became crap and lower powered and useless except for local use. My single sideband in the 70’s used to ‘throw’ a heck of a distance at night. Enjoy radio more than TV ! Hope some folks reading this pick up on this.

  12. southernpatriot

    Hello Greg, You have not only become a mentor to this family with your insights, but telling us to “Fear Not” has a calming effect after listening to the calamity surrounding our world. “I thank you for that”!
    So I guess I’m just one of those suckers out there who tried to play by the rules,was fair in all of his personal and businesses contacts,tried his best to be a good neighbor,stayed married to his high school sweetheart -38 years,raised a family and put a roof over his families head and food on the table. Lost 2 of our three boys at an early age after receiving vaccines loaded with to much Mercury. Like everyone in the audience we had bills to pay, for that leaking water pipes,flat tires on the kids bikes. a baseball thru the front window. Braces and glasses for the kids, brakes and tires for the car. I would come home from working in the construction field jumped into the shower got dressed,said hello to the wife,give her a kiss and the kids, patted the dog and off to college at nite or I worked a 2nd. or 3rd. part time job to make ends meet. As the song states “We were just living life”. Having sick children was priority #1 for our family. Trip after trip to the hospital with Jason and Jamie, both fighting to” Live .
    I’m not telling you any of this for any special reason except, we have all played by the rules, you have played by the rules, your audience has played by the rules and now you tell me that life as it was taught to me by my Mom & Dad and the preacher at church,my teachers and neighbors & old saying like “a penny saved is a penny earned”,Ask not what your country can do for you” Ask what you can do for your country” and 58,000 of my generation & many of my class mates went and died in some dam rice paddies in Viet Nam based on a lie, is almost gone,almost over! That’s just plain BS! No one asked me if we could change the rules. Because why,tell me again,please help me to understand why we can elected (some will say he stole the election) one guy to the WH and this one person can destroy this Republic, this land of Liberty, this shinning city on a hill. I don’t know about you, but I like my Holiday just the way they are!
    Surely, you can not tell me the John & Jane Does of this Nation are going to stand by and allow the Tyranny that is running across our land from the WH to the Hall’s of Congress and now to the doors of the Supreme court, to WIN by default. Please tell me that Freedom and Liberty means so much that we will not allow it to be burned at the stake and her ashes thrown on the trash heaps of our time.
    I was just watching an old tv show, The Andy Griffith show. It’s the one where sheriff and his girl friend Helen are trapped in the mine and Barney had to set up a operation to rescue “Andy and Helen” from inside the mine. Barney was speaking over a bull horn and he said the following. ” Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of your country”. That’s right,it is time!
    The cancer that is running unchecked needs a full court press from the Citizens of this Republic. Don’t you want your family and grandchild to live in a free country. Don’t you want them to be able to breath free and clear air and water. To the politicians and bankers and anyone else who is throwing a wrench into our Constitution and Bill of Rights, STAND DOWN!
    To those elected officials who swore an oath of alliance to The United States of America and to Protect and Defend this Nation from all enemies both domestic and foreign, history shall judge you as “Traitors to the Republic”. Non dare call it treason! But, I will! There’s a special place in purgatory for you. Hope you like the heat?
    America prepare to defend yourselves and your Freedoms. Freedom guaranteed by the Constitution Of the United States of America! The right to be born, live,work, and dream in a Free Country called America. And yes to die as a Free man or women or child .
    Remember all the things you did when you where young,remember..remember! Playing in the streets until dark,riding your bikes until the training wheels fell off or the tires went flat. The smell of the last day of school,tomorrow was the 1st. day of summer. You would go camping ,fishing and swimming there was picnics and the 4th of July and fire works. And Kevin Arnold and Winnie Cooper from the show “Wonder Years” held hands and had there first kiss in the park. Do nothing and all of that will be lost! Forever and a day it will be lost.
    If we sit on our butts and doing nothing against the darkness that is engulfing this last bashton of Freedom and Liberty, your children and grandchildren will read about a great country that once had everything going for it and then committed suicide! This time it was not painless! I can not say it any plainer then that.
    “As for me, I know not what course others will take, but as for me” Give me liberty or give me death” was spoken when our Nation was fighting a Real King,King George. I think, it can be used today against a want to be king! It’s 1 minute till midnight,what say you? SP

    • FC

      Unfortunately SouthernPatriot, there will only be a few of us who will die for freedom, the remainder will be texting to each other, not knowing they are living in FEMA camps.

    • dbcooper

      SP, Thank you from the bottom of my Patriotic Heart for your powerful words. God Bless, Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

      • notyourpatsy

        I’ve been standing guard since the day I was born! Ready and able to stand for America, My Country, Born a Patriot. I’m already on their short list so they can KMA! Like I say, “cowards run and hide, the Genuine Stand and fight!”

      • southernpatriot

        Thank you and please watch you 6’s. Those in power must be disillusion in there beliefs that they can “Lick the People”! It’s early in the 7th inning and we’re looking like a defeated people. It’s not to late,”Ask not what your country can do for you”, Ask what you can do for your country” spoken by our 35th President John F. Kennedy at his inaguration. Far to many Patriots have given the ultimate sacrifice for there Nation. They died for you and me and the future of this Republic and Freedom and Liberty. Be prepared to defend yourselves,your country and your Freedoms. The perfect storm is here. God bless you and your families.

    • Faith

      Southernpatriot: ready to go! Well said. Thank you for reminding us about what makes Amercia great. The people.

      • southernpatriot

        Indeed you are right, it’s the people that makes this Nation great. As I was growing up,there where people of good moral character around me. I learned from them about how to live life and what a great country America was. To this day I thank them for that!
        Your right, it’s the John & Jane Does of this nation that makes our country work. The work ethic’s that I learned as a toddler run’s thru my veins today. Working in my dad’s restaurant I always heard the stories of the Doe’s. Those folks that I encountered growing up, inspire me to do my best!
        As I see it, the country is in a mess and it will take “We the People”to straighten it out. As well as with blessing from God almighty. We pledge our lives,our fortunes and our sacred honor that this Republic, this land of Liberty, shall not parish and go quietly into the night. Thank you for your kind feedback and God bless you and yours. SP

        • Trude B.


          Your right, it’s the John & Jane Does of this nation that makes our country work. The work ethic’s that I learned as a toddler run’s thru my veins today. Working in my dad’s restaurant I always heard the stories of the Doe’s. Those folks that I encountered growing up, inspired me to do my best!

          Their still out there SP, you just got to find am!

          There you are Roger Ailes the people, try and lick that!

          • southernpatriot

            One of my favorite movies next to it’s a Wonderful life. I went back to the site you provided and started to watch it all over again. What an amazing movie! I too will stand with my fellow Patriots and defend the Republic. In 1776 our forefather’s pledge “Our Lives, Our fortunes, and Our Sacred Honor, that the Republic would net fail. So help me God! Blessing to you and yours.SP

    • C romana

      Very impassioned, strong and clear, and reminded me of a better time. I will fight in my own way, against many evils, such as gmo, morphine killing, and more. Blessings

      • southernpatriot

        Thank you for your kind words. Indeed,darkness is sweeping around the world and thru-out these here United States! Tyranny defined our revolution against King George of England. Today we have a want-to-be King who wants to be King.We must stand our ground & defend our right ‘s,our Freedoms, our holiday’s and our relationship with God Almighty. Put down the beer can when you finish your drink, put down your television control when the game is over and remember what this country means to the future of freedoms for mankind. Make a difference and prepare to defend your selves. Blessings. SP

  13. Constance

    DLC 01/29/2016 • I’m just curious which comes first, the demise of Trump or the demise of the entire country as we live it this day.

    Has Donald Slain The Dreaded Neo-Con, Main Stream Media Super Pack, Or Met His Demise? No, Not Yet, It’s Only Just Begun, We Will All Live Or Die This Debacle. . . Welcome To Sherwood!

    “Take a respite, adventure ahead, enjoy”

  14. Allen Starr

    I’ve been able to access your site since my Monday night here in Siberia which is a new record for my new ISP. I hope it continues as I look forward to future posts coming up as we slide into this coming catastrophe. It’s impossible to predict just exactly what will happen as this is forced upon us. I’ve prepared for this best as I could and think I’ve done the right things but who really knows. I’m not a religious person but I do hope the big guy is looking out for us as we will need his help to get through this.

    • dbcooper

      AS, I would speak to you of weeds!! Used to be that our worst noxious weed was knapweed … story goes that during WW2 the Dukabors up north did not want to buy American wheat so they bought Russian wheat and that’s how we got the dreaded knapweed which poisons the soil and kills off all the grass and wild flowers. Then they released a bio agent the knapweed beetle and it was extremely effective … we got our grass and wildflowers back … the state fish and game dept. (read that another ABC agency) released wild turkeys (which are not indigenous here) and the turkeys can go through a field of knapweed like a veritable vacuum cleaner and eat 95% of the beetles. The one saving grace to knapweed is that is a miraculous healing tea for open wounds … I have seen this first hand . Yours in agriculture, DB.

      • dbcooper

        PS, My wife wonders if you make any wodka with all them taters!! DB.

        • Allen Starr

          We only need about 20% of our potato crop for ourselves for eating and for next years seed potatoes. We have buyers for the rest of them. We also sell most of our carrots as we don’t need much. The wife gets into the Cognac once in awhile with her girlfriends but I developed an allergy to alcohol about 20 years ago and can’t drink anymore. The allergy was probably a gift. We definitely have enough potatoes to make a nice big batch of Vodka. The best part of the Dacha is the fresh tomatoes and cucumbers we get from the greenhouse each summer. When the first freeze hits in September/October, we get a lot of green tomatoes which will ripen over the next couple of months. Tomato plants don’t survive the first freeze so we have to pull up the plants and burn them. All our crops are organic and the taste is excellent. We’ve had a terrible time growing corn here but we’re going to try it again this year and see what happens with Japanese seeds. It was -31C yesterday but today is in the mid 20’s with a warming trend ahead. Dec. and Jan. are the two coldest months here. Not much you can do on the Dacha until May.

          • notyourpatsy

            AS, look into the Earthbox growing system. I have grown corn in mine very successfully, amongst other vegetables. Elevate your ‘coldframe boxes’ off the ground, or build them over 2 x 6’s or 2 x 8’s. They’ll grow longer. Looking out my office window right now 7 wild turkeys just strolled into the side yard.

    • JC Davis

      Welcome Allen Starr. Take your shoes off and sit a spell.
      If you have never read the new testament of Jesus, it is the best thing in life you could do for yourself.

  15. Andrew de Berry (Rev)

    Brilliant summary Greg of what’s happening to MSM.
    Whatever one’s take on Donald Trump, and who for all his obvious shortcomings does seem to make Gerald Celente’s comparison between him and Hillary as making a choice between Hitler and Hitlery a mite excessive). Surely Trump does seem more like a case of ‘cometh the hour, cometh the man’?

    As for Hillary she sounds ready to implode whether of not the FBI catch up with her first. In the event of being elected President she said that she likes the idea of appointing Obama to her cabinet and/or of his sitting on the Supreme Court. ‘Alongside his being brilliant’, she says, ‘he’s a law professor and got all the right credentials’. ………Outright lies say those in the know legally.
    Given what you repeatedly tell us Greg of the mutual loathing between Obama and the Clintons, ‘just what the hell is going on (to adopt Trump’s expression)’?

    The expression ‘those whom the gods would destroy they first send mad’ is attributed to Hamlet’s Euripedes. Or put another way I believe Almighty God sends demons to wreak the same havoc amongst our corrupt leaders, before their eventual destruction. Arguably if not before, Clinton’s demise will come through trying to protect her serial rapist husband. Of the various women making allegations against Bill, and who have had threats made against them in the event of speaking out, his former mistress Sally Miller and one time Miss Arkansas has recently blogged ‘If I die by committing suicide, don’t believe it.’ Given that Ms Miller could bring down the Clintons as a pair she has openly declared her sense of terror that the Clintons’ goon protectors might silence her for good.
    Yet as you repeatedly tell us Greg, in the final scheme of things we have nothing to fear. At the human level these are terrifying times, and there will undoubtedly be great turmoil ahead. But as the Psalmist tells us in the end we can laugh all our enemies to scorn.

    • Matty Waltzing

      Yup Rev. Andy, we mustn’t, “Fret Because of Evildoers.”
      …12The wicked plots against the righteous And gnashes at him with his teeth. 13The Lord laughs at him, For He sees his day is coming. 14The wicked have drawn the sword and bent their bow To cast down the afflicted and the needy, To slay those who are upright in conduct.….. ◄ Psalm 37:12-14 ►

  16. your fan in Japan

    Greg, today, Jan 29, the Bank of Japan has introduced negative interest rates. Private banks will now be charged for some of the funds that they keep with the central bank. The charge, a “handling fee” is 0.1 percent. Here we go. (I got the news from Yahoo Japan’s top page -that headline referencing a report from the Sankei Newspaper). (I posted this on the Celente thread when I first saw the story. I repost here so that those looking at this WNW’s comments will see it. ) Didn’t negative interest rates start in Europe, now they are starting in Japan, how long before this hits the US?

    • diane s.

      A lof of money is coming in to US equities right now.
      Interesting question if US goes negative rates….probably end game?
      Where is the money going to go?
      World economy headed for crash. Greg knows it, he’s worried and is trying to keep us calm.
      Least we can do, Greg. No fear.

  17. Arnold.Jagt

    The MSM losing their grip is the best news I have heard and been looking for for 35 years.

  18. your fan in Japan

    Greg, Run Forrest Run. Yeah, good quote. But I like this one-
    Let’s do it to them before they do it to us. (HSBlues)
    Further on, anyone looking for a good read, I recommend Rose Wilder Lane’s The Discovery of Freedom. It will make you think. (The author is Laura Ingall’s LHOP fame- daughter)

  19. george eddleston

    Old Chinese Proverb, “may you live in interesting times”. Thanks
    Greg for sharing with us.

  20. Charles Turner

    The world is changing at such a pace that when we look back in history the 2008 to 2018 decade will have a distinctive place in history for two financial crashes, economic mismanagement, political change and world changing mistakes in foreign policy. We have two years to go.

  21. Stanley McKristal

    You are on fire this week! One of your best WNWs. My only regret is the WNW is once a week!

  22. James Hastings

    Good rap up. Tasted good with coffee.

  23. ED1

    Awesome WNW, Greg. You definitely deserve an “Atta-Boy” for this one! I agree with you 100% especially on the MSM and the propaganda they spread on an on-going basis. We can only hope and pray they are indeed becoming less mind controlling to the masses of sheeple.

    In fact, I was just over on the Fox News web site checking on the stock market. I couldn’t help from notice an article with the headline of “Weak 4Q GDP Will Fuel Recession Fears”. Near the top of the article it states “Economists are expecting a fairly weak GDP report on Friday. If the data, which show the first reading on the 4-Quarter economic growth, come in as forecast, it will only fuel confusion over the true state of the U.S. economy and likely add concerns the U.S. MAY BE STUMBLING TOWARD A RECESSION”. Hummm………….”may be” stumbling toward a recession! And it will only fuel “CONFUSION” over the true state of the U.S. economy!

    But not to worry, a spokesperson at J.P. Morgan said “There could be a silver lining to it anyway”. Now who would have ever thunk it that one of the TBTF banks would say something like that? That’s as much of that propaganda I could stand reading.

    Also I noticed the BOJ stated it will be going negative on certain things…..don’t recall what it was. Still having my morning cup of ambition.

    Again, thank you Greg for all you do to get the true word out.

  24. vincent_g

    Great weekend wrap up.
    Mainstream Media is folding and technology has played a big role in this.
    Just as the print business was changed when Desktop Publishing on a PC became a reality Skype has made it easy to do interviews with people anywhere in the world.

    So the big changes are becoming evident that the old King makers are loosing their power.
    This will cause many changes down the road.
    Take away the whip from the those that have sway with king makers and party control becomes harder.

    This is why the two parties are on a downward spiral.
    If the two parties are to survive they will have to change the way they do things.
    Frankly I don’t see it happening.

    Again Trump can jump parties even after he becomes President.
    Based on what I see of Trump I don’t see him jumping from one failed party to another.

    Why is Trump winning?
    There are many reasons and some are very subtle.
    For instance he is not afraid of the people.
    He gets up close to those that attend his events.
    You look at Hillary with a police line almost a barricade around her which is what the norm was at big events for many politicians.
    He is not afraid to do town hall type up close events.
    He conveys a sense that he’s likes all the people and wants to protect them.
    The people see this and feel very comfortable with him.
    His stance on the military is strong.

    I for one thought it was an outrage that Leon Panetta has demanded that the Military leave their guns outside.

    This is not something you will see with Trump.

    So what does this mean.
    He super rich but he doesn’t think of himself as above others.

    On the recent shooting the video shows that the man was shot down for no reason.
    He clearly was not carrying a gun, had his hands up, and either was shot and lowered them and was shot right after lowering them.
    Since it’s an aerial view it’s hard to tell when the shot was fired.
    Either case he was not a threat and should not have been shot.

    I see what the problem is.
    These agents don’t try to make contact.
    They war room the problem instead.

    It’s quite a different thing to kill someone you know from up close contact.
    In a war room it’s treated as not a person so killing is of no consequence.

    Maybe a war room approach works for terrorists but for irate citizens I think it should be a last resort.

    • Faith

      Vincent G: great observations. I agree.

  25. Rodster

    I’d say the only thing missing from these debates is to have Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacreast hosting these debates. These presidential debates have turned into American Idol and it applies to both sides.

    As far as Hitlery goes, regardless of what she’s done whether legal or ILLEGAL (allegedly) she’ll be the next POTUS. I’m just basing it on the last 3-4 Presidents this Country has elected. She’ll fit in quite nicely.

  26. Paul

    Greg, excellent recap as usual! With todays BOJ announcement of NIRP policy the currency war beat goes on! Reaction to the announcement 10yr US treasury below 2.0; Equity markets around the world rising and precious metals slumping (desired effect!)Everything but the kitchen sink is being thrown at the system. Jim Willie has mentioned the US$ will continue to go UP, UP,UP until it vanishes is starting to make sense. I agree with reader DAN’s request for Andrew Maguire to guest appear given his inside knowledge of the metals market but also throw in the name of Jim Willie of Golden Jackass. I know you have had him on before but his predictions have errily taken shape and besides he seems to tackle the complex issues with canny accuracy. Trump has stolen the show or rather HE is the SHOW. Good for him. The MSM and Political establishment can’t figure him out and are pulling their hair out trying to pull his out with utter failure. We are witnessing a political revolution in America. It will be interesting to watch. Lastly, and on a serious note, I applaud you for taking a stance on |Lucifer. Jesus ( who is God) called him the Great Deceiver and Liar . The Bible tells us that the name Lucifer stands for Morning Light and he was created by God as a shining star but he wanted to be equal to God . Jesus mentioned he saw him thrown from Heaven to Earth along with 1/3rd of the Angels. He is the Prince of the Air and sets out to spread his evil intent disguised as good intentions. Fox has taken the bait and spreading his good intentions! God Bless Greg for pointing out his deception! Keep up the great work!

  27. Jeff Warren

    I have written to you a couple of times and really enjoy your program, and thank you for your guest and information. I am getting to the point the older that I get, not to trust anyone anymore. It is so crazy out there I am to the point to where I just stay home and prepare for the worst. I am writing a thesis called “Capitalism versus Socialism versus Reality” because of the conversations that I have with people and a lot of them are stilled very confused and mixed about what is the best way to run the country when it comes to economic and social problems. Would one of your guest be able to explain if there is a better method or combination of Capitalism and Socialism or something else that would keep us from repeating history over and over again. If there is a better way, please let me know. I am more worried about my grandchildren than myself, and what their future holds.
    Thank you,
    Jeff Warren, Former Marine

  28. Tommy

    Trump made a fool out of Fox and the MSM in general. He sucked all the oxygen out of the campaigns of the other candidates this week and was all the news media was talking about. To those who think that Trump was afraid of Megyn Kelly…you make me laugh. Fox got out maneuvered by Trump. On Wednesday night Bill O’Reilly was begging Trump to reconsider and attend the debate. Fox’s biggest gun was begging Trump. And Trump didn’t flinch. Fox should have never picked Kelly to be on the panel for this debate. She was on the first one and Fox has a stable of leggy beauties that they could have used. But they didn’t. And they backed themselves into a corner. Trump showed us what most politicians don’t get…no deal is better than a bad deal. But the media still doesn’t get it. They are completely perplexed at Trump’s success. They just can’t understand why the “religious right” would support him. I’m sure that they are just as confused about why union members, minorities, and non religious people support him. He is the only one running who will say that the emperor has no clothes, that the country is in terrible trouble and the same old same old ain’t going to fix it. Maybe Trump won’t be the answer, but at this point he appears to be the best choice.
    On another note, I heard some of the talking heads on the business channels trying to find the positive in the economy. One filtered through all the negative numbers but said, the new unemployment claims fell this month. Another said, in advance of the Fed’s rate decision, that they may have to raise rates because the unemployment may fall to far. Oh my.
    And finally the global warmists are at it again by “adjusting” historical temperature records from 1998 to 1012 to show that the past 15 years has actually been more than twice the warming than previously reported. Of course NOAA won’t release the data and over 300 scientists have petitioned Congress to get the data released.
    And so it goes.

  29. Jerry

    The charts you showed are so breathtaking, I don’t know how people cannot see the obvious. At some point market principles of supply and demand will override market manipulation. As Rob Kirby, Bill Holter and many others have stated, that time will come when the Gold orders cannot be filled. Based on what I’m seeing at the COMEX that time is fast approaching.

    As a side note for you and your readers, I ask these nagging questions. Why do you think China and the BRIC nations have been buying massive amounts of Gold over the past seven years? Because they like Gold? Why would the PBOC issue a statement to the Central Banks that if they did not go along with the Gold Benchmark in April they would be “curbed”? Pretty bold statement for someone who’s supposedly bluffing wouldn’t you say?

    • Macray

      Bingo!!! The nagging question that many gold analysts like to avoid like the plague.
      Why do you think China and the BRIC nations have been buying massive amounts of Gold over the past seven years?
      Could you ever see Fox News asking any of the Presidential candidates that question? Not a snowballs chance in Miami Brother! Sorry everyone, couldn’t help myself : )

  30. Linda L.

    Yes, fearful mainstream is on a 24 hour attack of Trump, but with his list of shortcomings that we’re so frequently reminded of, Trump seems to be sailing through the MUCK like a swan. GO TRUMP GO! Greg, thank you for your reporting. Take care…

  31. Galaxy 500

    I didn’t watch the debates but I followed on a site that streamed both Trump and the double undercard debate on Fox. Fox and Megatron Kelly’s did their best to abuse Cruz and push gang of eight Rubio. From what little i saw, Rubio was on CRYSTAL meth and he answered the questions so fast, it appeared he knew what the questions were in advance. Fox “fair and balanced” is shown for the lie that it is. Megatron and crew poked Mr. Trump in the eye and let him know that they had prepared a minefield and a series of bear traps. Much to Fox’s chagrin, Trump told Fox he didn’t need them. Only when it became apparent that Trump wasn’t going to show did Fox become contrite. I heard Trump says that he thought ad costs would go from 750K/ 30 sec down to 150K/ 30 sec. Even if it is only cut in half, it was a big financial hit to Fox.
    There are shows on TV that show angels as bad and demons as Good. You have “Supernatural ” which started out ok but about mid run , God was MIA and the angels in Heaven were fighting and hated man. Then you have Dominion where the angels are trying to wipe out man, and these aren’t Satan’s followers.
    There is a constant assault on God and Christians by Hollywood.
    Great wrap up, Greg. By the way, I am boycotting certain programs as I always have. If I am offended or think the shows intent are evil, I don’t watch them. If an actor is throwing out his leftist propaganda and his money, I don’t see his movies. Same for the directors. Some people think I am not thinking about this right but I refuse to give the enemies of God and country my money.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you 500!!

    • JC Davis

      G 500 another friend said the same thing today in a garage meeting. Rubio was on CRYSTAL meth.

      • Galaxy 500

        I have seen people on amphetamines in college and I was seeing those same signs with Rubio.

    • Constance

      GALAXY 500 01/29/2016 •

      Rubio was on CRYSTAL meth and he answered the questions so fast, it appeared he knew what the questions were in advance. Fox “fair and balanced” is shown for the lie that it is.

      Dont forget G500, Marc O. is being groomed by Fox, he is their Neo-Con warmonger baby. You gots to give him credit, where credit is due, he
      got out all those pre programmed answers out like a machine gun! Nobody else on that stage came close to getting so much attention and questions plus 19 tweets that nobody came close too. Fox thinks we the [American people] are pretty stupid. If the old man knew what was going on he’d fire Ailes flat out. His kids are stupider than he ever was.They aint fair dinkum fer sure, never were!

      Monica Crowely seems to have gotten away from the wanting WWIII crowd at Fo.

      There was a little bit of a dust up between Chris Wallace and Ted Cruz early on when Wallace refused to give Cruz the ability to respond to a point made against him by Rubio. The rules allowed for response by candidates who were named by other candidates, but Wallace didn’t adhere to that. After the dust up, the time given to Cruz seemed to dry up.

    • Agent P

      “There is a constant assault on God and Christians by Hollywood.”

      Excellent points Mr. 500, as was Greg’s initial highlight of the issue itself; A twisting of right & wrong, by way of the most classic, time-tested, tried & true method of divide & conquer – planting seeds of doubt in the minds of the ‘flock’, and then picking them off, one-by-one…

      These are very ‘clever’ people – and I mean that in the most classic, Old Testament vernacular. What they do, they do knowingly, with intent.

  32. Jerry

    My tribute to Paul Kantner. The man was truly ahead of his time. Whenever I hear the line “when the truth is found to be lies, and all that lives within you dies” from the song Find Somebody to Love, how can you not think about the times we’re living in? Enjoy!

  33. Galaxy 500

    And Megatron Kelly had an illegal alien and a pro Bernie, anti Trump moslem as inquisitors at the debate. I thought this was supposed to be a Republican debate. From the transcripts I have read, they didn’t ask a lot of policy questions.

  34. Angelo


    This is high time that MSM is called on the kind of shows they put on to indoctrinate our kids and those who may not be looking at the big picture. I say everything is coming to pass just as the Bible said it would. Particularly Isaiah 5:20 just like what Greg so accurately spoke about. Ultimately the bigger picture is that this is still the battle versus good and evil.

    Thanks Greg for everything that you do.

  35. Jallen

    Riveting weekly wrapup.
    We have gone the way of the Roman Empire. We root for ‘THE DONALD’ because he has humbled the Liberal and Neo Con media. In my opinion, there is no TRUTH in Liberals or Neo Cons. Their agenda is destroying our Country! You can describe the Liberal Media as follows, ‘THERE IS NO TRUTH IN THEM’ and they are ‘SMEAR EXPERTS’ to anyone who disagrees with them!!! The NEO CONS have caused how many deaths around the world and wasted how much American treasure, only to provide the Banksters with untold wealth. Liberal accompishments: Poison our schools, Destroy truth in the media, destroy Justice through the Supreme Court etc, and most of all DESTROY THE US DOLLAR VIA THE LIBERAL / NEO CON AGENDA FUNDED BY THE MISNAMED Federal Reserve. Liberals want GOD removed from our society and replaced with the LIBERAL COMMUNIST AGENDA and control your life!!! I.E. Did not the former Mayor of New York try to pass a law as to what what size soda you could drink. How about Mrs. Obummer deciding what our children should eat for school lunches. The Politically Correct nonsense is a Liberal Power Mind Control Weapon. Prediction; the world is on the verge of a financial calamity which will lead to world war!!!
    Woe unto the Liberals, Neo Cons and Banksters.

  36. Felicia

    Here’s the video of the FBI shooting the Oregon standoff spoke person. Instead of supporting the FBI, it appears to me it was an execution. Vinicum swerves to avoid hitting the roadblock…more an evading tactic knowing he will get stuck in snow. Which he does. Getting out of his truck it his hands are raised and he stumbles in the snow appearing to use his hand for balance and maybe to make sure the alledged gun doesn’t go off. But it would be helpful to see the swat truck cameras bfore making complete judgement…

    • Felicia

      And…IMO….Vinicum, in previous interviews, appeared to be an articulate, thinking man. Thinking men dont do Bonnie & Clyde. They do that which allows them to “fight another day…”

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        This is a tragic and completely unnecessary waste of the life of brave articulate, and caring man of the land, who was not afraid to challenge the legitimacy of the Federal Govt’s actions. My heart goes out to his family, friends and supporters in his cause.

    • JMiller


      Sorry but I do not agree. Too many people in the ALT media are calling it an execution which is nonsense. He was someone who was considered armed and dangerous and tried to flee police at high speed. He swerves when he comes to the road block and accidentally hits a law enforcement officer. After getting out of the truck with his hands raised he then puts both hands down and appears to be reaching for something AND IT DOES LOOK VERY MUCH LIKE HE HAD A GUN IN HIS RIGHT HAND. Why did he not obey the police? If he did like the others did he would not be dead right now. The shooting appears to be justified.

      • JMiller

        The gun or what most certainly appears to be a gun is seen in his right hand at the 7 sec. mark in the video below.

        • Greg Hunter

          I see no gun what-so-ever. I see a highly questionable shooting.

          • JMiller


            I was mistaken. The object Vinicum might have had in his hand was not a gun because if it was the authorities would have said he pulled a gun which would have given them more justification in shooting him. All they said was that he was reaching for something in his pocket or waistband. No mention of him actually pulling a gun out. I also agree that it might be a highly questionable shooting depending on the facts, some of which may have not come out yet.

            • dbcooper

              JM, My understanding from a post on Steve Quayle ‘Q’ Alert is that they first tazed him (on the left side) and that was what he was reaching for and then the y murdered him. I do not know for sure but I trust out government not at all. Yours, DB.

      • JMiller


        I want to correct myself concerning my previous reply to your post. The object Vinicum might have had in his hand was not a gun, as I thought it might be, because if it was the authorities would have said he pulled a gun which would have given them more justification in shooting him. All they said was that he was reaching for something in his pocket or waistband. No mention of him actually pulling a gun out.

        As far as people calling it an execution right after it happened I think it was a little premature to label it that, not that it could not have been that but I doubt it. I am not sure if he was first shot while he had his hands in the air or if he was first shot when he appeared to stumble and ended up suddenly dropping his arms and placing his hands in an area where he might have a gun such as a pocket or his waistband. The shooting may be unjustified (murder) or justified depending on all the facts, which there is still some debate. I do not believe that they had planned to execute him no matter what as some theorize. I have no doubt if he would have just laid face down with his hands visible after getting out of the truck he would be alive today.

        • Greg Hunter

          You have to ask yourself.

          Why was that officer in that area in the first place? The office apparently was in the woods away from the road block. Why?? I don’t know but this looks like a bad shooting. That said the driver of the SUV with the protesters in it tried to go around the road block. That contributed to the tension more than if they just stopped on the road and gave themselves up. So sorry someone was killed. Who owns public land?–Is the question. Is this land that our Fed Rulers can dole out to their cronies?? Or, does the land and all the minerals belong to “WE the People” ? I am going with “We the People.”

          • JMiller


            It is not really surprising that they might have an officer there and may be on the other side of the road too since the Finicum vehicle is not going any further. They would want to have all their bases covered in case people fled in that direction. However it is strange that the agent in he woods comes out like that in the open the way he did. And it looks like after Finicum goes down the agent holsters a weapon in his right hand. I asked myself could the agent in the woods have had a taser in his left hand? People on other sites also say that is what it appears to be. Also some of the people in the two cars that were stopped that morning that contained Bundy and Finicum are telling conflicting stories.

            • Greg Hunter

              JMiller and still the most important question is “Who owns public lands?”

    • dave


      the Oregon standoff is about big money and enough uranium beneath the Hammond ranch and adjacent land to run an open pit mine. Why else would the Hammonds go to prison for setting a backfire against an approaching wildfire that threatened their herds winter grazing? The Hammonds notified authorities of their intentions prior to taking action. The fire crossed the property line onto public land which gave the Feds all they needed to twist the screws on the Hammonds. It turns out The Clinton Foundation made a deal with Uranium One, previously a Canadian company, which has quietly been bought by Rosatom, a Russian uranium company in exchange for a sizeable donation. There is much more at this link:

      • Felicia

        Dave, JMiller and Greg, thanks for all the interesting dialogue on this. I still believe this to be an execution in order to shut Mr. Finicum up and do a bait-n-switch on this our very American public right to strongly question the legitimacy of the goverment’s actions re: public lands. I hope these groups of “We the people” come back even stronger. From my discussions with folks at my window and at least in my area of Colorado, there seems to be a quiet, mindful seething going on in people over what has happened to our country. Not unlike what Mr. Vinicum projected.

  37. Cathy

    Ever so AWESOME again, thank you!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you!

  38. art barnes

    Greg, did anyone else who saw the debate think that the moderators are actually debating themselves. It dawned on me that the FOX moderators are arguing their own policies, basically debating with the debaters. It was a joke, shame on FOX news, you are history for this viewer.

  39. Iv

    Greg, you hit a nerve. After nearly seven decades of life in America it’s real hard not to step back and see how this has all unfolded. It seems when secularism, moral relevance, whatever you want to call it is taken to it’s ultimate conclusion the result is not fair and balanced, it’s not moral equilibrium. There is no question something’s missing big time. The masses are craving something, and it sure as hell isn’t a television show called “Lucifer.”

  40. Jerry

    The Baltic Dry Index doing the limbo

    • Mohammad


      The baltic index is down by design, it was man made not because of slow economy, zero hedge reported slow traffic by the west ports long time ago:

      This is the reason for the low index because some bastards want it to go down by delaying evacuating those cargo ships on purpose including oil cargo…..hmmmm….can we say another reason for the oil plunge?….!!!!!!


      • frederick

        Mohammed does the Baltic “Dry” index include crude oil shipments Wouldn’t that negate the “dry” part? Just wondering

        • dbcooper

          Fredrick I scroll through Mohammad’s posts as I consider him to be irrelevant, DB.

      • Jeff L

        Right on Mohammad . EVERYTHING is now manipulated including oil.

  41. woody188

    I keep seeing ads for Lucifer. Told my wife there is no way I could watch that show. Seems like a bad idea to idolize the devil on television, but I believe in a literal heaven and hell.

    Ever notice there is a stairway to heaven and a highway to hell?

    Kind of says something about the expected volume doesn’t it?

    • Galaxy 500

      It is rebranding evil. The Demoncrats are always trying to rebrand evil as good. How else do you think we got homosexuality mainstreamed and gay marriage approved. Homosexuals are a small part of the population but they were given a special carve out. My Bible says homosexuality is a sin but God’s word doesn’t instruct me to murder them. I don’t hate them. But I will never accept that lifestyle as “normal.”
      Now the mainstream media and Demoncrats are working on making incest and pedophilia “normal.”
      The more perverted, the more the Demons like it

      • notyourpatsy

        I agree G500 with your whole post. Wait until the mohammad types get to the liberal gay rights crowd….they have no idea of the danger they have put themselves into with that lifestyle!

        St. Matthew/Ch 6/vs 9-15, Amen!

        • Mohammad

          I am describing and observing not prescribing.
          US has written and sealed its fate when the supreme court legalized gay marriage.

          In the history i have not seen any good ending to any nation went that route including the bible’s telling that you are quoting from.


    • Linda L.

      Notice the abundance of movies that incorporate witchcraft/wicca, wizardry (Potter series), vampires galore, werewolves, ghosts (Reign), demons, excessive violence, blood/guts into their plots right now? And now we have Fox’s Satan, the Devil himself. No wonder our society (kids) are in such (orchestrated) trouble….so desensitized. I canceled my TV service, ordered Netflix, where I can pick/choose, refusing to buy into anything related to this evil stuff, and I pray for my kids.

  42. john duffy

    Good commentary today Greg:
    The bible says that in the last days vice will be virtue and virtue will be vice and men will be like women and women like men. Sure sounds like today!

  43. Brewmaster

    Greg, I agree with Dan, and think your next topic should be about the Fix being Fixed. I have long argued against the whole manipulation theory believing that it was mostly just sour grapes as so many have been flat out wrong about the price direction of the metals over the last 4 years. Watching The Big Short opened my eyes somewhat to the fact of manipulations going on, as these people that shorted the housing market saw the value of their positions going against them even as the housing market was imploding. Maybe we are nearing the end and about to turn this market around. I did comment a few weeks ago on your site that I entered long gold positions based upon the reversal pattern set up in terms of Japanese candlesticks(monthly doji in December), so I certainly do believe that technical analysis is a useful tool to time purchases, unlike many people that do no believe in it.

  44. Don

    Greg, I’ve been laying low for a while, and find myself busy making final preparations for children and family provision. It remains to be seen, if Mr. Trump will be able to overthrow the forces of CFR to obtain the crown. I check every candidates connection to this organization since there the think tank for the NWO and Banking and multination oligarchy and the fascist government we have. It wasn’t that long ago, I posted a comment, about the Mosque being used as a spearhead for the Muslim brotherhood and social jihad carried out in our society, if you remember, I spoke of the meeting of over 300 Templeton and Phoenix law enforcement personnel met at a educational seminar, to make each aware of the dangers of Muslim organizations who use are laws to do social jihad. Lately, Bill Holter, gave warning of a derivative margin call, in the markets with 10s of trillions of dollars in losses. He also said when we here of any individual big banks by name, on the media, know that an unraveling is near. Its this warning that prompted me to do final preparations. Any of your people can listen to this warning on youtube under Bill Holter. You continue doing the public a service by your guest and commentary. I feel like nothing shy of revolution at this point, would stand a chance of taking back our country. However, if Mr. Trump were to win, and spearhead a move back to constitutional government, then civil disobedience may not be needed, but at this point, I’m not convinced the main issues would be solved, but peaceful solutions are always better, but this thing in Oregon may escalate. Good job, and the Lord be with you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for sharing.

  45. Henri Thibodeau

    Thanks Greg, keep it up – incisive and clear-headed as always 🙂

  46. Dave

    Greg – Thanks for mentioning the Oregon ordeal…media is not reporting the WHY it is occurring honestly…which is not about ‘arson’- terrorism- or gun carrying bible believers gone rogue ! It is about corruption…land seizures for the resources under them – uranium- water- and to get those pesty ranchers off property their property so the ‘environmentalist can include them in the ‘conservation’ AGENDA 21 PLANS!
    I can not nor will not speak for their motives so hope this helps your readers understand WHAT is going on…and the excessive amount of effort they have exercised to seek legal redress of grievances…which…one of … show .by what authority and action did the ‘federal’ government take ‘ownership’ of State lands ! If that is unconstitutional…then the actions of ‘federal’ agencys…is illegal…as is their possession of firearms and force…and collection of fees and permits which if they can not SHOW their constitutional ‘taking’ of property was so…is nothing but extortion! If it is legal…than what is so hard for those agencies—FEDERAL FOREST SERVICE, BLM etc . to just send out an attorney – sit down at a table – show the titles and chain of transfer …and how the ranchers 100 year old ‘grandfathered in’ at statehood…and passed down contractually in land deeds…was/is now ineffectual without a legal ‘taking’ of federal purposes as set out in the Constitution?
    So herein is the now ‘dead man’s’ apparent last statement of grievances:
    THE LAST TESTAMENT OF (Robert) LaVoy Finicum:

    and a Constitutional Attorney’s opinion as to the validity of such claims:
    CARAVAN TO MIDNIGHT – Constitutional Attorney Kris Ann Hall: On State Sovereignty, Land Rights and Federal Overreach on Illegal Federal Authority within State Lands!
    What is really going on in Oregon- Taking back the Narrative! Constitutional Attorney KrisAnn Hall:

    AND — equally as important – Start At ….1:15 minutes… on Illegal Federal Authority within State Lands!

    Of course this is all within the wider scope of the FED BANK..NWO…AGENDA 21 and the progressive march towards universal control over people and natural resources called TECHNOCRACY as shown by Patrick Wood and Antony Suttons work-equally as eye opening….as they ‘engineer’ a banking situation toward the need of acceptance of a banking system….with SDR’S in becoming the BIS form used to divvy the world currency wealth(debt) among nations ! My take is …once they decide the debt load…and they know they can not ‘confiscate’ the wealth of one nation and give to another without public outcry….they see it is simply easier moving people from one nation to another evening out the ‘debt’ load by ‘population distribution! That along with TPP… it makes the wealthier nations ‘consumers’ while the ’emerging’ nations manufacturing one….which will ‘shift’ the wealth as well… Unfortunately the people in the U.S. will discover the ‘supply side’ will control the price no matter what their demand ! And in less than a generation…their ‘wealth’ will have been undermine! And the ‘fundamental transformation’ will have taken place — from capitalism to a fascist controlled lordship over a ‘collectivist’ worker class…dictated to by the priests of science and of technocracy…all served up with the ‘happy face’ of the ‘internet of things’ that will be the ‘survelliance net’ they embraced not seeing it for the economic enslavement that comes with it !
    A peek into the Technocracy headed our way:
    Caravan To Midnight – Episode 250 Patrick Wood: Technocracy Rising

    As always your posts are so insightful Greg…! I wish more found their way to them in these days of media deceit and economic misdirection !

  47. R. Hill

    Today Japan announced they are going to negative interest rates combined with more quantitative easing. How long before more and more countries follow this trend in an effort to get everyone fully invested in stock markets that are failing. Thanks to the alternative media I pulled out out of he markets months ago based on warnings when the Dow was still at the 18,000 range. I avoided losses I would have taken by just going to cash. As you reported today, the media keeps encouraging us to stay in the markets. Currently the markets are making lower highs and higher lows as it continues on its bearish trend. Why would I want to invest in a downward slide. Moving to negative interest rates are a way to force people into declining markets – it’s very scary times. Cash or gold / silver holding would seem to be the safest bet in this unstable times. It would seem the strategy for the Main Street person is now just to try to keep a little of what we have worked our lifetime to build. I was in the market in 2008 and that hurt badly. It feels as though the pain of another 2008 is upon us, only worse. I am grateful for all that is reported in the alternative media because if forced to watch only the hype from mainstream media I fear I would have slowly been drained , bit by bit, by their advice to continue to stay invested in these markets. I particularly like and appreciate your USA Watchdog reports because you bring on such a side variety of thought and opinion from some very knowledgable people. When I listen to mainstream media and balance it against th alternative media I believe I am able to make much more informed decisions about my life. So far it it has helped not to lose which sometimes is just as good as gambling on gaining and losing big time !
    Keep up the great work you do Greg – it is vitally important to the individual who struggles to cut through all the lies, hype and promotion that seems to be rampant in mainstream media ! The more mainstream media seem to discount the thoughts of the same guests you have on your shows – it would seem over time the views that are scoffed at by mainstream media seem to actually be coming true as we move forward in time.

  48. brian

    Not that what is on television is worth much more than a comment or two, but perhaps what makes a silly show like the devil being portrayed as some happy go lucky, awe-gee-schucks type of tourist sting so much like a hard slap across the ear is the fact that it scratches the surface of a far more chaffing truth that all of us here routinely and continuously allow pure villainous and reprobate scum just take our wealth and use it to pursue whatever debased, vile and ruinous immoral endeavors their black rotten hearts desire.

    We should all pray to God our Maker for the strength to stick a huge iron fist into the ass of this great evil shitting all over us and using our collective faces to wipe itself clean.

  49. dbcooper

    Faith, about your Wednesday comment in regard to failing agriculture in California; some years ago I happened across a book called How the West Was Lost written by William C. Hayward (Bud to his friends) all about the usurpation of the states rights of the western eleven states. It is a very good primer to start to understand what is going on out west and points to the fact that the federal government does not own these lands and as Greg pointed out the feds can legally own only very limited bits of land. But, through devastating legislation e.g.: Clean Water Act etc. and multiple ABC agencies the government runs rough-shod over any and all they care to.
    We live in a forest of millions of acres of dead and dying timber and this is due to the mismanagement of the USFS (enviro-mental/progressive radicals); we used to have a railroad in our county that transported goods and shortly after the last saw mill announced it’s closing the rails were ripped out so fast it made my head spin … no accident here and we will NEVER see a railroad here again … oh but we do have a wonderful trail!! It all makes me sick. Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

    • Faith

      Dbcooper: thanks for the book title! I am not familiar with that book but I keep a running list so that title was just added. I just got a book I ordered about ten days ago from the UK, “Enemy of the State” by Tommy Robinson. Unlike Finicum, Robinson lived to tell his story.

      As Mr. Hunter stated in the weekly wrap up this issue of who controls public lands is not going away.

      • dbcooper

        Faith, Last time I talked with ‘Bud’ he told me that he has a couple boxes of his books in the garage … perhaps we can find you a copy … his book also led me to learn more about Andy Jackson who may have been our last Great President … he kicked out the bankers and paid off the national debt!! DB.

  50. Diane D.

    Greg, excellent WNW. Thank you.

    I am not a Trump supporter. That said, one has to love how he is marginalizing the MSM, especially the phony ‘conservative straw man’ Fox News. I guess it is the old, ‘An enemy of my enemy is my friend’. Of course we Watchdogs do NOT need FOX or any of the MSM for squat.

    I am a patriot in the liberty movement. The Feds have no jurisdiction over the vast Western lands that they claim they own other than such ownership granted and enumeration in Article I, Section 8, Clause 17. The Western lands are owned by the States. One war has been waged against the Federal government over States’ rights. It is not over. This will be decided by real American patriots, not by disarmed, impotent American’ts who think we are terrorists in silly cowboy hats.

    Amen to your Bible quote. The Devil may be on a roll but we were forewarned.

    • Galaxy 500

      Enemy of my enemy is my friend…not in the real world. Enemy of my enemy may be my enemy. He may be a friend my but who he hates and who he opposes isn’t an indication of where his is with me.

  51. Vince Shook

    I wanted to share with everyone that last week, a friend of mine had a call from his local Edward Jones broker, telling him they had moved all his stocks into cash. They stated they were doing this for most/all of their larger clients. My friend’s account totals several million dollars. The reason given by the broker was volatility, and that they just wanted to keep their clients out of the market until things settled down oil price wise, etc. and a clear trend upward established. However, IMO, a brokerage firm moving this aggressively out of the market (for ANY of its clients) is a very bold move/statement. I would say, one not done without the fear of a very negative event or trend on the horizon.

  52. Don

    Greg, wanted to bring up one more thing. Karen Hudes claims the act of 1871 actually incorporated our government and gave a 10 acre track of land were our government seat is located the legal name of Dist. of Columbia. My own research has verified this, along with a change of the constitutions wording, so that in fact the government is seen as the sovereign and not the people. She says, a second constitution was brought into force, that removes the intent of the writers, and created powerful corporate government. She, as you know, claims a good deal of the worlds wealth was placed into a trust for the extent of the Bretton woods system, and was to be returned to the people at the end. At first her claims seem to be farfetched, but I can’t deny what her claims, even though this she claims to exist, is pretty hard to get info on. Thanks, just wanted to share, so your visitors can do there own research.

    • Macray

      “She, as you know, claims a good deal of the worlds wealth was placed into a trust for the extent of the Bretton woods system, and was to be returned to the people at the end”.
      I believe she has claimed that there is at least 1.715 million tons of Gold placed in this trust and this asset makes up most of the claimed worlds wealth. She has also claimed that all the assets in this Trust are insured for theft. I am speculating that the annual insurance premium for her claimed Trust must be a whopper of an amount! What do you think Don?
      A few good links for those people that are waiting for their wealth to be returned.
      Of course their are many more. Good Luck on acquiring more info on her worlds wealth claim!
      Don (Borrowed from Jerry), a nagging question for you.
      With all this Wealth (mostly in Gold) in a Trust for the people of the World, why do you think China and the BRIC nations have been buying massive amounts of Gold over the past seven years?

  53. freebreezer

    Greg – You nailed it with why the MSM can not bring down Trump – They are losing their relevancy! In addition, Personally I think his move to boycott the fox debate is brilliant … Most of the college educated kids (most still are kids because of the coddling at college) and liberals have bought/brainwashed in to the notion that fox news is ‘bad, evil, the bogyman etc.’ … thus, Trump is now endearing himself to tens and tens of millions that have been brainwashed to hate fox. Again – brilliant, he has now crossed party lines to gain more voters, put it in the face of Fox news (and MSM – they are Dinosaurs) and all this without any compromise … you nailed it again.

  54. Jan

    Personally, Mr. Trump is not my #1 candidate, and I don’t care who broadcasts the debate since I watch in online. I found the debate had several great moments, and I was especially gratified by how they went after Hillary. Sen. Paul was asked a question that allowed him to point out the hypocrisy of Hillary Clinton on women’t rights. Sen. Rubio warned that “she cannot be president” because she would use her executive power to pardon herself. Gov. Christie, in fact, promised to use his experience as a federal prosecutor to prosecute her! He noted that she admitted using a personal server for her “convenience” and he then drove home the point that our national security and the people who defend it were put in jeopardy for her “convenience”. But it was Ms. Fiorina who delivered the sharpest attack, shown in the most memorable clip from the early debate:

    It’s also gratifying to hear (Former?) U.N. Ambassador John Bolton assert that Hillary Clinton won’t get away with her crime. He said, “There’s a lot of political commentary on the airwaves today for and against Hillary Clinton. It is all irrelevant. There is only one group of people in America that matter at this point, and they are the special agents of the FBI, systematically going through the material they have seen that we have not … Very clear, I speak as an alumnus of the Justice Department … [after General Petraeus’ slap on the wrist] the next famous person who walked in, showing disdain for national security … [would not get away with it]. I think Hillary Clinton is right in their sights at this point … Inside the FBI and inside the Justice Department, this is moving in a very bad direction for her.”

    Love your quote today from the Bible, Greg! We must not confuse light with darkness. FYI: Several of the candidates, even Gov. Kasich, made positive references to their Christian faith, and Sen. Rubio reminded us that our light must shine. Shine one, Greg, shine on!

  55. Jackie

    Greg,, You Always teach me something new. Thank You for all your hard work!

  56. Mohammad

    Trumpet is Hillary’s trojan horse.
    When did men change hearts only just 2 years before elections.
    When do you get wise enough to see.


    • Galaxy 500

      I disagree but what is new?

    • brian

      I agree Mr Mohammad. Trump does not pass the smell test if you ask me. I think Trump is just as much a part of what we need to see go as Hillary is.

      Hillary and many others commit the crimes to be sure, but guys like Trump are back there paying for the dirty deeds to be done; Hillary afterall is not running around doing half the crap she does just for her own amusement, she is doing it for money, money that is being paid to her, some of it from off shore interests and some of it from other Americans….its a no-brainer.

      People seem to like Trump because he is sticking it to the media and most of the politicians, but it is all just for show I say.

      • Mohammad


        This Megan Kelly’s fiasco can fool lots of Americans but does not fool me.
        The whole thing is to polish the image of a tough president of Trumpet that started much earlier with the slogan “You are fired”.

        That show was the ONEST OF HIS ELECTION CAMPAIGN SIR.

        FOX is on his side 100% and his latest interview with O’Riley served him big time to the degree of considering it in my book an election campaign by FOX on his behalf.

        The house of Clintons is competing with the house of Bush.
        Trumpet is Hillary’s trojan horse, a winning one that is.

        Not all that glitters is gold.


      • Galaxy 500

        People like Trump because he is standing up to the moslems and illegal immigrants in addition to the political cronies.

  57. matt

    I think it’s going to be a long, hot, dangerous summer.

  58. Lynn

    The sheep have had enough with the false stories, the one sided news..NO MORE. The country is in trouble, we all know it now thank to you Greg and others. There is no smoke and mirrors here, it is all there for everyone to see, and THEY ARE SEEING IT WITH THEIR OWN EYES. We are angry, we know we have been lied to, and WE ARE TIRED OF IT. Our country is no longer free, the constituion is junk science, and everything is a fraud, stock market, bond purchases, money printing (not allowed), we know the truth. And to summarize THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE…we long to be free again and that means free of this deceptive media trying to fool us again. NOT!!!! Keep going, keep after them Greg. The collapse is in your face, look no further, Obamacare is collapsing the nation, you don’t need the stock market collapse, etc. Obamacare and insurance premiums just put the nail in the coffin.

  59. Galaxy 500

    Article about Fox Debate
    For a significant period of the time during the debate last night, it seemed that the moderators were not giving questions to Cruz. After a few initial questions to him, they went for a long period without asking him anything. As the top polling person present on the stage, one would have thought he would have had more questions and more time. In fact, it was Marco Rubio who was given more time. While Cruz came in with second most time, it was mostly front-loaded. There was a little bit of a dust up between Chris Wallace and Ted Cruz early on when Wallace refused to give Cruz the ability to respond to a point made against him by Rubio. The rules allowed for response by candidates who were named by other candidates, but Wallace didn’t adhere to that. After the dust up, the time given to Cruz seemed to dry up.
    This attitude was reflected in the Fox News Twitter account as well. The last tweet with a Cruz response was reflected at 9:22 EST, 22 minutes into the 2 hour debate. From then until the end at there was not one Cruz response tweet. One reason was the long period the moderators went without asking him a question. Fox didn’t even put up Cruz’s closing statement while having the others, except for Christie.
    In counting up the number of tweets from 9:22 to 11:14 on the Fox News account, there were 4 for Kasich (2 with video), 5 for Bush, 6 for Paul(3 with video), 8 for Carson, 8 for Christie (2 with video), and drum roll…16 for Rubio (3 with video). Zero for Cruz in almost an hour and forty minutes of the two hour debate.
    Carson also suffered a time deficit given his standing in the polls, he was given the least amount of time of the candidates, at 6:11.
    At the end of the debate, Fox had on Frank Luntz with a focus group, many of whom said they came away with a more positive view of Marco Rubio than they had had in the past. Well, if he was the one you were seeing and hearing, no doubt you would.

    • Galaxy 500

      This goes to my point about Fox not allocating time to the candidates and giving their favorites extra.

      • dbcooper

        Suffice it to say that it is all a farce and Mr. Trump made a good decision and I would say further that why in this world do these candidates need fox or any other fraudulent venue to have a debate. I think Greg Hunter should produce a Watchdog Debate!! And … Maybe you and I can offer the questions and the boxing gloves!! what do you think ?? DB.

        • Galaxy 500

          Oh, Dude. You got a deal on that one.

          • dbcooper

            G5, … We are on the same page … But … I am not a ‘boil on a Bull’s Butt’ and I wear my hat with the bill in the front!! Yours, DB.

            • Galaxy 500

              I only wear my ball cap backwards when I am looking thru a rifle scope

  60. Lake M

    There are rumors that Hillary has or will offer Obama a slot on the Supremes if he
    directs his Attorney General to not prosecute her for violating secrecy rules. Let’s see how much integrity Ms Lynch(who is beholden to the Clintons for her federal career) and FBI Director Comey (with ties to the Bush Administration, Bridgewater, Lockheed and HSBC) have? Will they go along with a coverup and non-prosecution
    of her apparent serious violations of law?

    It this scenario would become reality, Obama influence could be around for a couple of decades. UGH !

  61. Lake M


    Just in….from AP HE DOESN’T WANT THE JOB.

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Don’t expect Barack Obama to wind up on the Supreme Court — he doesn’t want the job.

    The White House says Obama’s post-presidency plans don’t include becoming a Supreme Court justice.

    When Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was asked in Iowa if she’d nominate Obama if she were elected president, she responded by saying, “What a great idea.”

    But White House spokesman Josh Earnest says Obama would prefer to spend his post-presidency handling a wider range of issues than what the high court typically deals with.

    Obama himself said in 2014 that he doesn’t envision serving on the Supreme Court because the experience would be too “monastic” for him.

    • Tad

      What real qualifications does he possess. A constitutional lawyer who violated processes while occupying the White House.

      When a case comes before the court, he might be forced to listen as other justices criticized his actions as president.

  62. Tommy

    I would think the end is coming for Hillary’s campaign. After today’s report of her email/server problem and liberal women bashing her I believe as I wrote back in an August WNW that Biden will be chosen and Elizabeth Warren will be the running mate. This will be a dream team for the Democrats compared to either Hillary or Bernie. Joe can be “Ol’ Uncle Joe” appealing to the middle of the road Dems and Warren can be the one appealing to the left wing, feminists, students, and wanna be Indians.

  63. Galaxy 500
    Excerpt of above link:
    As the nation rightly focuses on Flint’s ongoing water crisis, other cities in the state of Michigan face even higher levels of lead contamination. The alarming pervasiveness of potentially toxic drinking water extends across the United States.
    The Detroit Newsreports that “Elevated blood-lead levels are seen in a higher percentage of children in parts of Grand Rapids, Jackson, Detroit, Saginaw, Muskegon, Holland and several other cities, proof that the scourge of lead has not been eradicated despite decades of public health campaigns and hundreds of millions of dollars spent to find and eliminate it.”

    • JC Davis

      I bet the home prices have dropped. It may be a good time to buy in that area, and bring a lot of water filters.

      • Galaxy 500

        A bankrupt state, being over run by moslems, lead in the water: sounds like paradise doesn’t it [sarcasm alert]

  64. Steven

    Stellar Commentary!!

  65. Manfred

    Mr. Hunter,

    You hit the nail right on the head always. I’m becoming a regular reader/listener. I’m from the far,far north of Canada. It is amazing how we can have such a similar worldview. Keep up the good work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Manfred and welcome.

  66. Ross

    Defaults in bonds and Harry Dent says buy high quality bonds? So buying Govt debt which they cannot possibly repay is a high quality investment ? Harry goes on to say gold has gone up 6 times in value since 2000 and is in a bubble. Harry ignores the fact that the price of gold has been manipulated for 100 yrs so they can sell us their money their debt money enslavement system.

    I would not any trusting any paper assets at the moment because of this all pervasive manipulation by the banking system.

    • Macray

      Stolen from Jerry!
      A nagging question for HD, Why do you think China and the BRIC nations have been buying massive amounts of Gold over the past seven years?

      • Trude B.

        English Standard Version
        For the protection of wisdom is like the protection of money, and the advantage of knowledge is that wisdom preserves the life of him who has it.◄ Ecclesiastes 7:12 ►

        Macray, gold is money, money is a protection, protect your [money] paper, convert it to real money, gold and silver.

        Preserve your life, acquire wisdom. If you find yourself in the position below, know that you failed to acquire that wisdom, from above, that you could have found here, _at USAWatchdigity dog!

        New Living Translation
        “They will throw their money in the streets, tossing it out like worthless trash. Their silver and gold won’t save them on that day of the LORD’s anger. It will neither satisfy nor feed them, for their greed can only trip them up.◄ Ezekiel 7:19 ►

  67. Paul Mallinson

    Hi Greg,
    I just want to say what a GREAT job you do in rounding up the other side of these stories/events and presenting the real picture. I am sick of hearing ‘fuzzy talk’ like ‘misspoke’ and the others Gerald Celente referred to in his recent interview, and a few you pointed out in this wrap up. I guess the hope is that this sort of language not only side steps but eventually replaces the more common historical meanings such as ‘lied’, ‘theft’, ‘criminal’ etc.
    One of the most notable instances of ‘fuzzy’ logic I recall is when in Canada, Lucien Bouchard’s party, The Block Quebecois, whose primary goal is to achieve separation from Canada became the federal opposition in the Canadian parliament about 25 years or so ago (off the top of my head). When sworn in, by law, he had to swear allegiance to her majesty Queen Elizabeth! How could he do that??!! I didn’t actually hear the swearing in, but, there he was afterwards, leader of the opposition, which lasted a number of years. So work that one out. Its all a matter of ‘Fuzzy Logic’!

  68. Julia


    The charts you showed were very good. Puts all in perspective.
    As for Donald Trump I have come to respect him. He certainly does not have to
    do this and I believe he could be putting himself and his family in danger. It is
    a delight to watch the media fall apart. Fox has been exposed for the fraud that they are.
    I watched the telethon last night and was very impressed by the soldier, John Wayne Wright. I am making sure I thank every soldier. Who knew a simple thank you could
    mean so much.
    As for the election I fear the fix is in for Hillary The State Dept announced they won’t
    Release any more emails till after the primaries. I understand the concerns about Donald
    Trump as I have the same concerns. However when he spoke in South Carolina the other
    night he said we are going to take care of our women. That is the safest I have felt
    in a long time (at least the last 7 hrs).

    Greg thank you for all you do.

  69. Marsh

    Public Lands: “The words ‘public lands’ are habitually used in our legislation to describe such as are subject to sale or other disposal under general laws.” Newhall v. Sanger, 92 U.S. 761; See also Leavenworth, etc., R. Co. v. U. S., Id. 733; Doolan v. Carr, 125 U.S. 618, 8 Sup. Ct. 1228.]

    Federal Lands
    FLPMA (Federal Land Policy Management Act of 1976:
    TITLE I SHORT TITLE, DECLARATION OF POLICY AND DEFINITIONS SHORT TITLE Sec. 101. [43 U.S.C. 1701 note] This Act may be cited as the “Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976”.
    ECLARATION OF POLICY Sec. 102. [43 U.S.C. 1701]
    The Congress declares that it is the policy of the United States that–
    (1) the public lands be retained in Federal own­ership, unless as a result of the land use planning procedure provided for in this Act, it is determined that disposal of a particular parcel will serve the national interest;

    The federal government violated its fiduciary duty to the Western states first by withdrawing lands from the homestead acts into national Forest Reserves in the early 1900s, then by declaring ownership over all public lands in 1976. Wayne Hage (Sagebrush Rebellion) always felt it was to secure them as collateral for the dollar and national debt after we went off the gold standard in 1971.

    • dbcooper

      Marsh, Whew … that was over the top and very germane; we have been pursuing coordination as layed out by Mr. Fred Kelly Grant. In FLIPMA it is stipulated that if/when a government organization such as county commissioners notice the Feds to an existing policy or comprehensive plan the Feds are required by law to ‘coordinate’ with said local government entity. The Feds do not like this and will pull a Bundy/Burns at every turn … push it hard enough and someone will die…
      Mrs. Cooper here … my two cents! I have heard for years that all of the United States Natural Resource Lands have been mortgaged to the hilt, with China being the main holder of the Mortgages… The original Forest Protection Act was written to protect the forests in the Philippines, as it was a territory, so the Act was passed. Then the Act got usurped and forests within the United States were ‘Protected’. Even though the forests being protected in the various western states were part of the territorial areas that were to be given to the states after homesteading/patenting was completed as per the Enabling Act when these western states entered the Union. One of the failings of the states was that the state government needed to request the land to be granted over to the states and this was too often not done, but it is never too late as there is no sunset clause in the Enabling Act. North Dakota was one of these western states and they demanded their lands within state boundaries, which were to be granted to the state by the federal government, be granted to the state. They went to court and low and behold they got the lands from the feds… Other states are exploring this matter and we will see what becomes of it… it takes state and county (where these lands exist) elected official with brass ### to go after this issue.
      Thank you Marsh for your post and bringing this matter to the doggers attention.
      Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, Mr./Mrs. DB!!.

  70. James Hastings

    Great comments. I…….I……..I……..I’m just waiting for the shoe to drop. This is going to be exciting.

    Your doing a fine job Mr. Hunter. You’ll be rounded up when system goes down. Perhaps you can find a credible authority on how the government might dictate command and control, of our society, when it is in collapse. How it might progress methodically. What steps will they use to herd the masses? So many questions…….Can’t you just feel your fate waiting?

  71. Tad

    It’s not law yet, but this appears to be the end game Keynesian experiment.

    Everyone gets a trophy. If this happens, one can only imagine the refugee flows diverted to Switzerland.

    Hope it doesn’t happen.

    • Galaxy 500

      Switzerland has very restricted immigration and they throw people out. They have boarders

  72. Ray

    As always, an insightful report……well done Greg, keep the good stuff coming sir, for people around the planet, including here in Australia, are hearing you in greater numbers every week.
    “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

    Right there…..a PERFECT DESCRIPTION of the US Government and US Foreign Policy….for THEY have wrought MISERY on untold millions of poor, defenseless people across the planet, and for that, God will make them equally as miserable.

    The show’s just gettin started……..

  73. Silence is Golden

    Nice catch….MSM pushing (like a drug dealer) the new “Evil is Good”. Unfortunately it has been the mantra of those who have positioned themselves as the unelected rulers of the world for a very long time (pre-Christ).
    It reminds of the saying “Greed is Good”…..yeah since when……and how has that worked out so far for humanity…hmmmm ??? Nothing more than thought control to sway the masses into believing a false narrative, whilst allowing the rich to enrich themselves exponentially.
    Cannot wait for David Stockman….always very insightful. His input is highly respected.

    • Greg Hunter

      I get him to talk about his experience with mainstream media. He calls what they do “Bubble Vision.” He will explain on Sunday.

  74. Mary Casey

    Greg, As you have noted, Obama will not allow Hillary to become president…he seems to be moving in for the kill.

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration confirmed for the first time Friday that Hillary Clinton’s home server contained closely guarded government secrets, censoring 22 emails that contained material requiring one of the highest levels of classification. The revelation comes three days before Clinton competes in the Iowa presidential caucuses.

  75. Htc

    Greg, just saw that galaxy 500 responded to me about my hillary vote.. just for the record that was sarcasm. I will not be voting, if we make it that far. Not for hillary, not for trump, not for anyone.. the reason… I truly believe it does not matter and as far as I’m concerned the bible says that IT IS GOD who sets the rulers in power. Not we the people, not the powers that be. We get the ruler we so richly deserve based solely upon the perfect wisdom and justice of almighty God. That’s my .02 anyway.

    Now I’m hoping the economy holds on for at least 3 to 4 more weeks, got a big order coming in !! I’d like to get to use it. That is all.

    • Galaxy 500

      Being non voting is a vote for evil and a vote for Hillary. God says render unto God what is God’s and unto Caesar what is Ceasar’s. Voting is your civic duty. No you aren’t forced to do it but don’t stay home and then tell us you didn’t vote for Hillary because thru inaction, you did.

      • diane s.

        I agree Galaxy….go vote people.

      • Jeff L

        “God says render unto God what is God’s and unto Caesar what is Ceasar’s.” You got voting from that ?

        • Galaxy 500

          Your civic duty is jury duty and voting. So yes, I get voting out of that. Think about this.
          On the day that the next president is sworn in, Ruth Bader Ginsberg will be 83. Scalia and Kennedy will be 80, and Breyer will be 78.
          Think about that before anyone decides to stay home and let a democrat make appointments.

      • allen ols

        ‘G5 or, “boil on a Bull’s Butt’

        God says render unto God what is God’s and unto Caesar what is Ceasar’s.

        duh? TAXES, Not voting, duddee

        • Occasnltrlvr

          I suppose you’re reading from the “aoV,” wherein it states:

          “Render…unto Caesar only taxes due, but nothing else that falls under the purview of civic responsibility.”

          • allen ols

            Let God have the people, let Ceaser have the tax, as who s picture is on the coin, who s image is on the face of man, it means, what belongs to God, voting is zero here.

  76. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Greg, Wder’s
    Carson demonstrated his woeful knowledge of geopolitics once again in the most recent GOP debate when he made this half-witted comment:
    “Putin is a one-horse country,” ….. “Oil and energy.”

    Perhaps he could educate himself a little before he makes such outlandish statements and tries to jump on the Russiaphobia bandwagon in trying to kickstart a very weak campaign. This recent interview of Ben Aris by Max Keiser which is cram full of facts and insights would be a great place to start.

    This fascinating interview highlights the fact that the west’s completely unjustified Russian sanctions have failed to isolate them. Indeed, in reality, it encouraged them to build stronger relations and trade with EMs and the East and in some instances to avoid contemplating a return to trade with the Euro countries that so naively went along with the US’s hegemonic demands for sanctions.

    So much of the West forgets just how resilient the Russian race is and how many of the fundamentals of their economy are far more robust than most of their western counterparts. Survival and the ability to struggle through hard times is what has shaped their very DNA. The long-term implications of these sanctions will prove to be counterproductive to the West’s attempts to wreck Russia’s economy and to isolate it as a country.

    This was indeed a very cheap-shot Dr Carson and well beneath that of an obviously intelligent man.

    • dbcooper

      Colin, Perhaps we could communicate with each other as we have common interests and pursuits … via Greg if he is willing … I am interested in learning more about your country … we are in the Redoubt and our rain fall was like 15″ per year but with the drought it is less, suffice it to say I envy your amount of moisture. Please write, DB.

  77. Mary Casey


    WASHINGTON — Oct 11, 2015 President Obama on Sunday called Hillary Rodham Clinton’s use of a private email server “a mistake,” but said it had not endangered national security and had been “ginned-up” into a political attack by Republicans eager to keep her from being president.

    Mr. Obama made the comments during an interview on CBS’s “60 Minutes” ….

    • Clare Doll

      I find most of mainstream media content to be a deflection from the real issues; however, that being said. Watch this discourse between Obama and Hillary.
      He says,”Got ya! You are going down!”
      She responds,” Ok, Ok. Let’s make a deal. How about Supreme Court?”
      He says, “not good enough — oh look, 50 more bad emails — what else you got?”
      She says,”OK, Ok, I was going to offer this post to my husband, but if that’s what you want — are we talking UN?”
      He says,” ?”

      Greg, I know you believe this will not happen but just how do you see this MSM conversation playing out?

      • Greg Hunter

        Hill is already Toast. I can smell burning bread with the toaster lever stuck in the down position. There will be no deal. Obama is the President and Hill will be lucky if she avoids jail.

        • dbcooper

          Greg, … I LOVE THAT SMELL !! DB

        • Jerry

          I rarely disagree with you, but nothing will happen to Hilary. In my opinion we will be under martial law before the elections in November. When the BRICS disconnect, it will send this debt riddled, banker controlled, rotten system over the edge. Its one thing to run a Ponzi scheme. Its quite another, who participates in it. No one outside the U.S. controlled IMF is buying it anymore.

          • Silence is Golden

            Not so quick Jerry…they still have more work to do. Ultimately we get to that point…..more suffering to come meantime.

  78. Raymond Browning

    Hey Greg, just wanted to say atta boy, for all your efforts I also love reading the other posts ,just like family folks,until I get to the troll department . Greg thanks for encouraging your followers, in times like these we must look to the One who is still in control , He is not wringing His hands in distress ,all things will be made right …

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Raymond,
      We know how wins in the end, and it’s not Lucifer or the NWO.

  79. Sayonara

    This was your best WNW to date! You hit on critical issues at such a high level that I am suffering lack of oxygen:
    Mainstream Media: Nail on the head! The MSM is so busy trying to push an ideological narrative down the everyone’s throat, meanwhile, what they are pushing is failing left and right. Everyone is now starting to see it and they are flocking to alternative sources of information that is backed in factual information. USAWD (and others) are still in its infancy in popularity and will be exponentially more in a couple of years.

    The Revenant cartoon and the real economic numbers say it all. Wall Street and the economy are IN the process of being mauled period.

    Oregon Situation: You are exactly right – it is all about the people’s land or the crony capitalist’s land. The folks who occupied the BLM facility were wrong in tactic – but right in conviction. As you said this just the beginning of this issue. One my best friends is rancher and he said the battle between the Feds/State of California and the small family rancher will result in the extinction of the small family rancher.

    Lucifer: Anyone who advocates the Devil is an extremely sick and mentally disordered individual – that includes the MSM. That being said, I have now kicked FOX to the curb like I kicked NBC, ABC,CBS, CNBC, MSLSD or is it (NBC) – sorry confused here, to the curb. There are to many alternative sites backed with factual information to be ignored.
    We are living in what will become unbelievable historic times – Everyone, brace yourselves and Fear Not!
    Thank you Greg for such an outstanding WNW and the service that you provide!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the positive feedback and breath my friend!!

  80. Coal Burner

    Cudos Greg:
    You opened my eyes to a new point today. The MSN is becoming unnecessary now. I watched none of it yesterday and none today, no time. When I tuned in, it was to your site. This may be a “corner in history” that we just looked around and you saw it first. Compliments to you! Trunp probably stumbled into this new view of reality. He did the right thing after reading the Watchdoggers. Details were presented on how Cruz was shorted. We all know the Donald was on the top of their smear list and he dodged and some of us never even watched. I bet their tune in numbers were down and they are shaking in their boots. They live on numbers. Is that a reflection of NBC way off in front of them.

  81. Coal Burner

    Concerning the Oregon issue, those guys were not able to get out a good descripion of what the argument was about. They need a strategy change that details the government corruption and more online news outlets distribution. The message should arrive on time or before the demonstration starts. They need to learn from the false hands up fiasco that was bought and paid for. Second do not go to some abandoned government building and set up a camp. Go to uptown and go unarmed and dont stay long. Move to another city then another on and on. You cannot win fighting, you must get people on your side. Right now they need to pick the government corruption deals like stinging Harry Reid and his son for attempting to sell Public Land to Chinese Investors and taking a percentage of the sale as graft.
    The Oregon State Police wanted a kill to tell those unwashed low life “little people” to stay out of Oregon. Since they are no longer peace officers they did not want to be less feared. The FBI gets to both blame the state police and bask in the heroism of killing little people.
    That is not a winning strategy for either but telling about the big government corruption is a winning strategy. Sooner or later! Just ask Trump!

    • Greg Hunter

      Huge question with hundreds of millions of acres controlled by the Federal government is “Who owns Public lands?” I think it is “We the People” and not the Feds who can hand this out to their cronies who bribe and buy them off.

      • Silence is Golden

        The Crown Corporation does.

    • dbcooper

      CB, My understanding .. they were on their way to John Day to a meeting with like 400 people who wanted to know what is going on … Yours, DB.

  82. Sam

    Another great post!!! We just need to work hard, care for our family and neighbors and believe in true America. Most of these these politicians are lawyers, so how much can we trust them ?

    • diane s.

      About as far as you could throw them Sam.

  83. Maggie

    Zero Hedge reporting that the Swiss will begin handing out helicopter money. That and negative interest rates have been predicted by several people including Jim Rickards. I’m looking forward to the David Stockman interview.

  84. Joni Carleton

    OMG! Greg! I just got around to watching your Friday wrap up and it has to be one of your best ever reviews, so much so, that I posted it on my Facebook to wake up some ‘sleepers’ in the crowd. I have occasionally posted some of your guests but this one is stellar in its sincerity!!!!! Donation forthcoming!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Joni. I got it and I appreciate your support!!!!

  85. Trude B.

    Unions Lean Democratic, but Donald Trump Gets Members’ Attention
    The New York Times By NOAM SCHEIBER 21 hours ago

    © Mike Kane for The New York Times & Ryan Leenders, a member of the International Association of Machinists in Washington State, estimated that one-quarter to one-third of his factory’s union workers were supporters of Donald J. Trump. SEE STORY;

    • dbcooper

      TB, I was in two different unions over a thirty-five year period and every election cycle it was ‘You must vote for the current flavor of Socialist/Communist’ .. This makes as much sense as supporting NAFTA and figuring we will maintain an industrial base in this country!! Your, DB

  86. Donna

    I have to say I was disgusted as well @ the L show on Fox.Refuse to watch it.Shame on them.God has a way of bringing people to their knees.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am not their judge but I suspect judgement will be harsh.

  87. Galaxy 500

    Satan is alive and well. As a matter of fact, Satanists are delivering an invocation at the Phoenix City Council meeting.

    And even Sweden is starting to stand against the evil moslems:
    And it’s funny that this media says children when 4 out of 5 of these so called children aren’t. The rules in Sweden are if they look under fourty, don’t question. You see, children get preferred asylum treatment, even if they have grey hair and walk with a cane.

    • frederick

      Galaxy that “Evil Muslims” rhetoric just wont fly with me and Ive traveled the world extensively since 1968 There are evil doers of every faith unfortunately Just look at all the crimes commited by the lovely drug cartels south of and within our borders My wife is of the Muslim faith and I grew up in a Unitarian household. I have never experienced as much generosity and honesty in my life before I came here to live. I think you should tone down the hatred a bit because it is whats causing most of the problems in the world today. In my opinion of course

      • Occasnltrlvr

        He didn’t say Muslims are evil, he said the Swedes were taking a stand against the evil Muslims.

        Is there something wrong with taking a stand against evil? Or, are you implying that no Muslims are evil?

  88. Ted


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Ted.

  89. Henry

    Greg, when you parrot right wing extremist propaganda, such as “Planned Parenthood chopping up and selling baby body parts”, you sacrifice your credibility as a journalist. Fact is, PP has been cleared of all wronging, but the fraudulent, anti-abortion extremist who produced the deceptive videos has been charged with multiple crimes, including a Felony. I don’t think these are the sort of people a reputable reported should be allying himself with.
    The fact of the matter is, the services provided by planned parenthood dramatically reduce abortions. If the right wing extremists get their way, abortions will still be performed, but instead of in a safe place with trained, caring, professionals, they’ll be performed by untrained criminals in dangerous, unsanitary conditions, and the risks and trauma to women will be horrific. And of course, there would be no embryonic stem cells to use for medical research, which benefits all of us. Again,, Planned Parenthood does not profit from the sale of embryonic tissue for medical research. PP performs desperately needed health care services that greatly reduce STDs, unwanted pregnancy, and abortion.
    Another question to ask, is why are so many of the people who oppose abortion supportive of the U.S. government’s illegal, immoral, and unprovoked wars of terror? Thousands of innocent people, including women and children, have been murdered by U.S. government drone strikes alone. If these extremists truly cared about the taking of innocent life, that’s where they wold focus their energy. Seems to me that they’re more interested in getting the government to control peoples’ lives according to their beliefs, than they are the sanctity human life.

    • Greg Hunter

      There is nothing wrong with my credibility, but I certainly question yours based on all the FACTS. I watched the videos and came to this conclusion based on what was said by top Planned Parenthood MD’s in charge. The videos were NOT “heavily edited” as was the charge from the Ms. Richardson who is the Head of Planned Parenthood. That was a bold face LIE as you could see the raw videos in their entirety on the Center for Medical Progress You Tube channel. I checked and watched them. Also, Planned Parenthood DID NOT sue for libel and slander in their filing (which is an end run around the 1st amendment in my opinion.) In other words, in a legal forum, in open court, Planned Parent would not ( and I think could not) dispute the charges of “Planned Parenthood chopping up and selling baby body parts.” Therefore, even Planned Parenthood could not charge defamation. They did sue for things like privacy and fraud issues, but again, not for “chopping up and selling baby body parts” allegations, which the video evidence shows they did to me and many others. What the undercover videos made by the Center for Medical Progress did was expose Planned Parenthood for the monsters they are. Josef Mengele would be proud of them (PP) and you shopuld be ashamed you can callously ignore chopping up babies for body parts.

      • diane s.

        Yippee…Greg you’re getting to them.
        Henry is probably some mainstream media anchor that doesn’t like your blog too bad.

    • Jerry

      There’s nothing warm and fuzzy about “Planned Parenthood”. Greg is right .They’re nothing more than a legalized chop shop pure and simple. People like you would rather abort a million unborn children than to execute one criminal on death row? Welcome to the Progressive NWO way of thinking that your brain has been conditioned to accept as truth.

      • Henry

        The denial of reality by radical extremists seems to have no limits. You are denying easily verified facts. Again, Planned Parenthood was cleared of all wrong doing by a Grand Jury, and the criminals who produced the heavily edited bogus tapes were indicted. To say that Planned Parenthood is “nothing more than a legalized chop shop” is another insane lie. Over 90% of PP’s services are women’s’ health care and birth control. This reduces STDs and abortion. I’m have no idea why radical right wing extremists prefer to see women suffer from STDs and unwanted pregnancies, or why you want to see women denied affordable health care and desperate women forced back into alleys and basements to be butchered by criminals, but fortunately, you and your ilk are a misguided minority. You’re the U.S. version of the Taliban – religious fanatics with a sick need to have government control the private lives of citizens.

    • Galaxy 500

      Naw, baby murderer would not sell the parts.
      I can tell you didn’t look at the raw video. How much do paid trolls make for such a demonstrably false post? Do you get paid by the lie?

    • Occasnltrlvr

      “Fact is, PP has been cleared of all wronging [sic].”

      That’s a knee-slapper, pal.

      Let’s see what the King on the White Throne has to say about it.

  90. dave roselle

    MSM is not losing their grip.If they wanted to hurt Trump,they simply wouldn’t mention him.His #s are where they are because they do mention him so often.He is there to sink they GOP.Hide and watch.The elites run this country.Who is Trump?


    • Greg Hunter

      OH yes they are. Trump wan not at the FOX debate and the audience was cut in half and the advertising revenue (according to Trump) as cut by nearly 80%. They mention his name because they want audience and ratings, which means, revenue from commercials. If they don’t mention the front-runner they are not relevant and they so much want to appear so.

      • dave roselle

        You that you were in MSM must have not learn anything.They are very smart as to what they do. Some times i wonder who’s side your on.You do a lot of good reporting along with the people you have on. Be very wary of Trump because he is not one of us. Also question how many times have you been fooled in the past.


        • Greg Hunter

          Did you work at the networks?

  91. chris

    Hi Greg. Your thoughts on Trumpnado are spot on. Love or hate Trump, he has ushered in a new way of running for political office which the old dinosaur MSM (e.g. CNN, FNC, NBC) don’t know whether to soil their pants or go blind. Future political candidates are going to study how Trump ran for office and start employing it b/c it works—Trumpnado’s numbers are sky-high.

    • Greg Hunter

      A significant % of Dems are going to vote for him, and that puts NY and NJ and PA in total play for 2016–if there is an election.

  92. Mohammad

    Your TV , phone, could more than what you bargained for:


  93. Linda L.

    Hi Greg:
    Did you see this “Obama nukes Hillary, admits server contained top US secrets”.
    Since Obama admits that Hillary was using a private server to conduct government business, also transmitting top level security information on this server, you’d think that this would be enough to round her up now:

    • Greg Hunter

      Linda L.
      What have I been saying for months? Hill will be indicted and long before that I said Hill would never be president. Hill can’t will and even if she could Obama would not let her. TOAST I can smell it burning in the toaster now.

      • Linda L.

        I’ve always believed that you’re right about Hillary because in addition to being a criminal (not unusual in Washington) she’s a loose cannon. Apparently they have enough evidence to arrest her now (probably had from the beginning), and so the million dollar question is when. We’ll see..

  94. notyourpatsy

    DB, search for my posts on all the threads. I think you may have missed some. I lived in the Redoubt and had a work transfer East. Know JWR’s work too.

    • dbcooper

      NYP, IMHO … you want to get yourself back to the redoubt ASAP. Your friend, DB.

  95. Jerry

    Here is the latest money velocity chart for the 4th Quarter.
    I’m going to continue saying it until I’m blue in the face. China and the BRIC nations are preparing to deliver a new economic exchange system to the world. They sent out birth announcements two weeks ago with the announcement of the Gold Benchmark in April.

    When you look at the money velocity chart you can see why. We are trending for impact in about two to three months. The Fed can continue to pump up Wall Street, but the BRICS know the real numbers. They will continue to dump dollars and buy Gold, while ESF mops them up to keep the system going. But in the end the BRICS are stepping off. Getting SDR from the IMF was just a credibility show for the other nations. They don’t want them or need them..

    • notyourpatsy

      DB, You have room for both my teams up there? Hercules and Goliath are used to shipping since they have been in parades all over New England. Jake and Jasper, the Scottish Highlands not so much. I’d have to truck them myself. I’m pretty well situated as far as the farm goes here and would have to start from scratch back there. I understand what’s coming, so I’ve tried to make my place a safe haven for fellow Christians. We actually hold outdoor services here for 20 area extended families. We have ‘prayer group’ here every wed’day that at least 30+ people attend. It’s just that we’re living amongst liberal atheists as I mentioned previously. I don’t want to abandon all of my fellow Christians here who’ve ‘sought refuge’ from the artificial reality that is nj. exit tax would cut my finances in half heading that way too. 15 yrs of preps done here, all along hoping it would’nt come to that. If Mr Hunter and his family, or any other Christians here needed to resettle in my area I would assist in any way possible. Knowledge is to be shared! Everyone SHOULD build an inhouse library of wealth!

  96. DLC

    Fast forward the above program to 44:30.

    Terry Gilberg (a local female military vet) just aired a wonderful program with a woman who was born and raised in Philadelphia and was a Democrat most of her life.

    The guest, “Honey” Levin, wrote a book called, “The Friction Within.” In brief, it addressed the breakdown in personal relationships and the Balkanization of America over politics. She explained, far better than I did, as to why people are no longer a united front despite our differences. She at one point walked into the female vs female mine field.

    Terry is a great speaker. She and her guest were a good example of how our dialogue with each other should be — and why it isn’t. Terry gave an example of a married couple she knows who divorced over fighting about Obama. They obviously had other problems, for sure, but the home turned into Gettysburg over political differences.

  97. Galaxy 500

    To everyone that is thinking about not voting against the evil demoncrats. Consider this:
    On the day that the next president is sworn in, Ruth Bader Ginsberg will be 83. Scalia and Kennedy will be 80, and Breyer will be 78.
    Think about that before anyone decides to stay home and let a democrat make appointments.

    Vote for Trump early and often

    • allen ols

      the game is rigged

      • Silence is Golden


  98. DLC

    Andrew de Berry (Rev):

    I have my doubts about Trump but do not see anyone with the money and the bravado who could replace him. Anyone else would have rolled into a ball by now and been gone.

    Growing up with 5 Irish/Croat males and married to a Nam vet/construction worker, no one has to tell me how men converse.

    I do like the way his children turned out. Three marriages with seemingly well-adjusted offspring is no mean fete. His current wife seems demure and, well, happy. Michelle Obama has been a 7-year classless, exhibitionist nightmare experience. I’m ready for a 180 change.

    I remember Jackie Kennedy and her sister trying to sit on an elephant wearing the short shift dresses of that time. She was so graceful and all went without a hitch. She never had to screech like Michelle to get the nation’s attention.

    I miss Jackie’s grip on the nation — see her always in that pink pill box hat standing forlorn, smeared with her husband’s blood.

    I’ll settle for quiet grace this time.

  99. Michael Harvey

    Dear Greg
    Dollar strength
    As we all know there is a correlation between the dollar and the spot price of gold.
    The Federal Reserve is trying its utmost to preserve the dollar standard.
    Is part of their ploy to buy US Dollars every time there is a rise in the price of gold? Last week was a good example when gold rose by $13 on the day the dollar strengthened to offset the rise in the price of gold.
    I would be interested to learn the views of your learned followers?
    Mike Harvey
    Resident in Ireland

  100. DLC

    Ball bat justice.

  101. ED1

    Jerry or anyone else out there. What is the significance of the 2-19-2016 date that so many are speaking of? So much doom and gloom talk but despite my research I’ve yet to find anyone stating why the date of Feb 19th? All I read is that’s supposed to be the big day of the dollar collapse but there must be a reason why so many are prognosticating that specific date?

  102. Don

    Greg, Its Sunday and I noticed on SGT David Morgan had sent him and article on the silver fix so David was ask on his program. David said the silver fix was broken Friday and a spread between the futures spot price and physical of 84 cent was evident. This would mean of coarse that the fix was not reflecting market value. He claimed it was an historic event. The physical market was breaking away from the paper market. I’ve been hearing this for over 3 years and according to David, it was a Kodak moment, so to speak. If so, shouldn’t we expect a major move up in the coming days? I thought your visitors would like to know this. Farewell

  103. RichM

    Great WNW Greg. As a professional newsman/journalist yourself, your take on how the media works (old and new) and what Trump is doing sure holds a lot of weight. I learned from your comments almost like taking a mass media class. haha

    I am a Trump supporter and I have been saying since 2012, the guy is simply brilliant. Like he always talks about the Art of the Deal and negotiating and trade deals and changing the way Washington DC works…. and making America great again…. He will surely stir things up and with some luck, may be able to indeed fix it. If you think about the founding Fathers, they were also verbal and not afraid to express it. I kind of see Trump in the same light.

    The MSM and pun-dents are so out of their league trying to dis-credit this billionaire. Sure he has a HUGE ego, but anyone running for President does/must. I see a patriot who just wants to fix this mess.

    Thanks for the lesson about how the old/new media works Greg. It was very educational and something I never really thought about before.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you RichM!!

    • Silence is Golden

      Rich M,
      The last time a President tried to change the way Washington DC works got himself shot.
      Trumpet is under the thumb of his handlers notwithstanding his wealth. He will do what he is told. Remember BHO….and what the rhetoric was that spewing out of his mouth before he was chosen. How things change and yet they stay the same.

  104. ED1

    SIG, Trump only dances to his own music. I do not see him doing anything someone else wants him to. Case in point………the recent boycott of the Fox debates. Now Fox is all about Cruz instead of Trump. Surely Fox will pay a heavy price for going away from Trump in terms of viewers and advertisers with the latter equating to loss of revenue.

    • Silence is Golden

      That’s laughable……”not see him doing anything someone else wants him to”…
      For all the rhetoric spewing out of the candidates mouths….you actually believe The DON will make a difference ?
      Where were you when Barack Hussein Obama was riding the crest of the wave through this very same moment ? What came out of his mouth …and how much did he promise to change things ? REALLY !!!
      You are on the wrong end of a hiding to nothing ….when you mention Presidents of the United States of America Inc. He has a board of Directors he reports to. He doesn’t answer to the people and he sure doesn’t deviate from their agendas and mandates. Once they are elected and sworn in (hahahaha….pay close attention ) they realise the trap that they find themselves in, its too late. Act and Obey and retire with a fortune, protection, revenue streams, lifetime membership to the Elite Power Structure and Societies…..for selling out the country. The magnet of Power and Control will be overridden with the guilt of the many thousands of lives he will sacrifice for the cause.
      Take off the rose colored glasses my friend and see how the world really works.
      JFK was a smart guy. He let the Power go to his head. He started treading on too many toes and he deviated from the set course. If your directive is to sail the ship in a given direction….then as the captain, you are obligated to complete your task.

      • RichM

        To Golden….. Of course he will do things for his own best interest, legacy, and for his family but he is also doing things that he thinks is best for HIS country. He does not like to be a loser and see’s America losing all the time due to idiots, corruption, and incompetence. So ask yourself this fair question?????? What might you do in the same situation. Another Billionaire, Mark Cuban is inspired by what Trump is doing. So, I am sure you also love what America is supposed to be and was founded upon. So what might you do if you yourself were a billionaire… You lived the American dream and stil have an amazing family as well as immense wealth…. reached the age of nearly 70 and were a true patriot within your heart…. who saw your beloved country being destroyed from within…. yet due to being a billionaire, you certainly know how the game is played. You also know how to make competent trade deals and create jobs…. Would you not also consider stepping up in a one last ditch effort to fix this mess. I think if I were a billionaire, brilliant and with all the connections, I would consider doing just that… I think this is what Trump is about. Certainly to protect the American Ideal, family, grand-children, and the common man even if you were a good man who so happens to be a very fortunate billionaire.
        I mean running for and becoming the President is a major down-grade for a billionaire. Most would just golf all day or further build their personal empire.
        So, the point is, Trump stepped up as a billionaire partially because he does not have to rely on donors or special interests so he can speak freely. A career politician cannot do that, Trump can.
        I’m not saying he’s immune to being bought out as they say everyone has their price, but he is no puppet so far as far as I can tell. The rest of them certainly are or the non-establishments running who are NOT billionaires, will have to take those donations and be bought out. That is the difference here.
        From a faith stand-point, let me ask, many of us have prayed for this country…..for someone… for a deliverer to come perhaps? We all know that Christ will come again, but what about the mean time? What if by chance God is giving us someone…. a most un-likely hero/deliverer…. much like Gideon or Sampson… to offer a chance and answer our prayers to deliver us from things we cannot control. God would answer such prayers as He wants to provide us our free agency.
        Trump could certainly be classified as most un-likely. I am not saying he is like one of the Judges from the Old Testament, but he sure seems like someone who wants to save this country from utter demise and is a most unlikely hero. Due to being a brilliant billionaire, he may have the independence and means to actually do so that few others do or are willing to “down-grade” to provide.

        • Silence is Golden

          Bravo Rich M.
          I sense your reply is genuine and heartfelt. You want change and importantly someone in charge who can steer the ship back on course. Unfortunately the ship is rotten to the core. Not being unpatriotic….just realistic.
          So many others have the same line of thinking in terms of wanting things fixed.
          I have heard some of the speeches from the Pres. candidates and I see a common thread appearing in all of them…..”CHANGE”….”I WILL FIX IT “!!!
          The unfortunate part in all of this is that we have all been lied to….for many, many… years…and whilst the truth is coming out and finding greater awareness…they still pull the strings/levers.
          The Ultimate Power does not rest with the President. There is no true democratic process. Our world is a façade….its created to suit the Cabal. Evil resides in all matter of life.
          Being a Billionaire doesn’t imply he will work for the ordinary man. Did Bush Snr/Jnr ? How wealthy are the Clintons and John Kerry for that matter.
          Did you know how wealthy Putin is ? Is he doing the best he can for his people…..or does he have other motives?
          He is working for the Corporate as well.
          Everything you were taught about the Declaration of Independence is false. The US of A is not a republic…its an entity. An entity controlled by the Crown/City of London. We never did get our freedom. Each one of us is an entity/corporation/trust….. from birth. We are controlled through a law that is not Common law…but maritime/contract law. That is how they control us. Have you ever wondered why Judges in the court system wear Black Robes. Look carefully at the flags in the courts. That tells you something about the process in how people are tried.
          I could go on here…but I will just say that we all feel the frustration that is clearly evident in your comment. The majority of the population will require a proper education (some watchdog’s do get it)….before anything meaningful can /will change.

          • RichM

            Well said Golden… Trust me though, I even think an independent billionaire whom I so happen to think is a patriot cannot get it done. Yet I see him as the ONLY possible chance. Its like in Star Wars…. “Help Us Obi-won…. you are our ONLY hope.” Of course, Christ is our only hope but also, we are all of the seed of Abraham. That makes us a covenant people. So, God made a promise, that he will protect and deliver those who seek Him. So, if enough of us seek out the Lord, he has promised our freedoms will be preserved. I particularly believe that to be the case in this country as I believe the founding principals were of God to allow us to break away from Kings and tyranny, etc. Now it sure seems we have a King again don’t we. Still, I am an optimist. I do not think I am naive. I do believe there is hope, although I fear it is only a fraction of a percent.

            PS…. The point of the billionaire aspect of Trump is nothing other than being that wealthy does allow him (if his heart is good) to be more free if he so chooses to be….. even to the point of standing up against the corrupt system. Like I said, if I was a billionaire, and had not become corrupt, I might try to same thing for the love of freedom, my children, grandchildren, and the good people out their. I fully realize most billionaires are likely corrupt to the core and then some. I do not see Trump as one of them and so I say, give him a shot to stir things up. I hope he lives to be able to do so.

            In other words Golden, I mostly agree with you, its just that I choose to be optimistic for the sake of my 5 daughters, my faith regarding the covenants the Lord promises us, and what this country was founded upon. That’s why I seek someone who will “at least try” to fix this mess. Thanks for the discourse…. I can tell you are a good man as most here on this site are.

            • RichM

              To clarify, seeking Him out is how many become a part of the seed of Abraham and a covenant people. It does not just apply to the house of Judea. Those who do not seek these things, are not necessarily included and therefor that covenant may not apply until they do. It’s quite simple, but complicated. haha

  105. Rostomic

    1. Donald Trump is immune to special interest lobbying because he has accepted no donations or special interest money. No other candidate can make this claim.
    2. Donald Trump knows how to negotiate. No one builds an international business empire the size of Mr. Trump’s without being able to win at the negotiating table.
    3. Donald Trump is an executive. The President of the United States is the Chief Executive Officer of our nation. We don’t need a policy expert or a legislator – we need someone who knows how to run an organization. Mr. Trump is the only candidate who has a proven record as a successful executive on a large scale.
    4. Donald Trump is honest. Mr. Trump is a man who tells the truth. He may not always say it in the most polished way, but our country has had enough suave liars. It is time for some straight forward honesty.
    5. Donald Trump is decisive. We hear about his having business interests that filed for bankruptcy. In each case, he looked at the situation as it was, and then he cut his losses. We need someone who will look at government programs realistically and if they are failures; will end the wasteful Washington spending.
    6. Donald Trump is courageous. Mr. Trump has been viciously attacked by the Washington establishment and the media – and he has not budged one inch. In other words, he is willing to take charge and lead.
    7. Donald Trump listens. At Trump Presidential events, the audience gets to actually speak to him without being screened, and he responds without a teleprompter.
    8. Donald Trump understands that a nation without borders, language and laws is not a nation.
    9. Donald Trump has actually read the Bill of Rights, and is willing to defend its provisions. He is not afraid to speak about Christian persecution, and protecting gun rights.
    10. Donald Trump loves this country – and says so. He wants to make America great again
    11. Donald Trump has a vision, a vision that was so important in building his companies and that will be so important in MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Puppet politicians have no vision other than their pocket.
    12 Donald Trump has shown himself to be charitable and helpful to many people beyond the normal call of duty including the vets. (

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