Greg Hunter’s 2016 Thanksgiving Message

1azBy Greg Hunter’s

Greg Hunter gives a short wrap-up and his thoughts on why he is grateful on this Thanksgiving holiday.  Enjoy:

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  1. Jeff

    It’s not really Trump’s place to indict Hillary. He doesn’t want Obama to give her a blanket pardon. We will see what happens when Obama is put out to pasture and Sessions with fresh eyes takes a look at what the FBI under new leadership has on the Clinton crime couple and their foundation. It will be up to Sessions to indict. Trump should be hands off. He may have said some nicey nice things about the later day Bonnie and Clyde only two throw off Obama. Trump will be hands off and let the legal system take it’s course. Trump knows this country cannot allow these criminals to get away with their crimes. The FBI knows this. Sessions knows this. The whole country that have their heads screwed knows this.

    • Russ

      Exactly right. I have faith that the Clinton saga will all be worked out and that their brand will never again see power in DC.

      Happy Thanksgiving to all, we’re not out of the woods yet, but there is a clear path forward.

      • This sceptred Isle

        Chelsea? The Empire Strikes Back…

        • Galaxy 500

          Going to be hard to strike anything from a prison cell

    • Macray

      First H T-giving Day!
      I completely agree with Jeff’s assessment. I still would not be surprised if Obama issues a blanket pardon to Hilary and Family for all crimes committed prior to a pardon anyway. There is absolute precedence for this. In my opinion, Obama and HC are tied to the hip and if and when Hillary goes down, so does Mr. O. While not everyone agrees, I believe Dr. Roberts assertions as stated in this 2014 post,

      “Osama bin Laden died in December 2001 of renal failure and other health problems, having denied in his last recorded video any responsibility for 9/11, instead directing Americans to look inside their own government. The FBI itself has stated that there is no evidence that Osama bin Laden is responsible for 9/11. Bin Laden’s obituary appeared in numerous foreign and Arabic press, and also on Fox News. No one can survive renal failure for a decade, and no dialysis machine was found in the alleged Abbottabad compound of bin Laden, who allegedly was murdered by SEALs a decade after his obituary notices”.

      Now if these assertions are correct, then this why I believe everyone in the room are tied to the hip.

      • Macray

        Now assuming for one moment that Dr. Roberts assertions are correct and after observing our current Pres. for the last 8 years, do you think Greg or fellow watchdogs, that he will issue a blanket pardon to HC and Family before he departs office?

        Have a wonderful Turkey day everyone and get out for at least a short walk before feasting! I just returned from the daily dog walk and traffic on the trail was approaching this horrific scene.

        • Paul ...

          Now if Hillary (according to Obama) is such a nice lady who has done many good deeds for America and should be respected for her contributions to women and all Americans … how can he then stand and face the American people and state to the contrary “that every thing I’ve told you about Hillary is a lie” … “that she is really an evil crooked pervert traitor” and therefore as my last and final act in office to bring our country down in the eyes of the world … “I’m going to pardon Hillary of all her evil crimes”???

          • Bob Lamb

            He will just say she made a “mistake”.

        • Galaxy 500

          I don’t assume anything PCR asserts, but hypothetical, maybe.
          I don’t see 0bama pardoning Hillary. First Hillary has to petition to be pardoned. She won’t as this is an admission of guilt. That is the normal process and I can not help but think that IF Hillary wanted one, she would have to ask. Which is tantamount to am admission of guilt.

      • Macray

        Nice points of view on this subject from al and Jack below. Thank You.
        I was hoping Gina would express her thoughts on whether or not Pres. O will issue a blanket pardon to Hillary and Family before he leaves office irregardless of what THE DON says in public before 1-20-17.
        Personally, I am leaning toward the view that the Pres. O will issue a full Pardon to the Clinton’s for any and all crimes committed(charged or not charged), assuming of course that THE DON is sworn on 1-20-17 as planned. If Pres. O does, one can complain all they want, all Clinton investigations will end at that point.

      • Frederick

        Macray the whole Osama story was a psychop frpm day one obviously I would look at the owner of the trade center Larry Silverstein and the neocons surronding George the dumber in DC for culpability but obviously most of the sheeple are still asleep or in a deep denial

    • Louis Wheeler

      We have time. Any time next year will be a good time to indict her. Trump needs to get Senator Sessions confirmed. He is appointing his cabinet at break neck speed.
      We don’t know what the future will bring. Urgent issues may continue through the inauguration. The riots will continue as long as George Soros is willing to pay for them.
      Trump will never drain the swamp if he does not go after Bill and Hillary. That and Build the Wall.

      • Frederick

        I think Hillary is craving a nice Podesta pizza served up by Huma Wiener but its just a hunch

        • Greg Hunter

          Now that’s funny, and thank you for keeping it clean.


    Lets hope its a head fake on Trumps part. Maybe, this is it

    • repsort

      If rule of law is not reinstated, he can be 100% perfect on every other issue and he’ll still be a failure. It all starts with the rule of law. If we’re going to save this republic, it must be done.

      The only stable state is the one in which all men are equal before the law.-Aristotle

      • Charles H

        Clear. Precise. Correct. Agreed.

      • Jc davis

        Repsort. You got it. Trump, and the country should consider your words. A Republic has never been formed without bloodshed, and anarchy. To consider the troubles caused by fighting for a Republic is to ignore the troubles caused by not fighting for it.

      • Frederick

        Thats very true repsort and we need to begin with the 911 treason in that case I believe

        • sk

          Yes, Frederick! The WHOLE MESS started with 9/11.

      • Bob Lamb

        Laws need to be equitable and they need to be just.

  3. Paul ...

    Trump is intelligent … he knows how to maneuver to get a good deal … so what does it benefit Trump to effectively say … Hillary has a “free pass” from criminal prosecution … what it does is … remove the obligation from Obama “to pardon Hillary of all her evil crimes” … so Trump just has to “act nice to Hillary” until Jan 20, 2017 … then … once Obama is gone … the full force of American Justice can come down hard upon Hillary for her flagrant abuse of power, corruption and unbridled evil … if she has any sense (besides fiat) she would book a fight to Antarctica and keep herself on ice in order to avoid judgement by man … she will definitely need “lots of Antarctica cool” when facing her final Judgement … before God!

    • Paul ...

      So all USAWatchdoger’s enjoy your Thanksgiving … if Trumps plan works … Hillary will have “no pardon” on Jan 20, 2017 … setting her up for prosecution and jail time … or creating so much fear in her “she leaves America and seeks asylum elsewhere” … in either case … she is finally “out of our hair” … until her final Judgement and incarceration in God’s “loony bin asylum” called Hell !!!

  4. ED1

    Greg, I agree with your comment that you do not like the fact that Trump stated he will not push for a special prosecutor for Hillary Clinton, but you understand it. I am not happy with Trump going back on some of his other campaign promises as well. However, this may be something he has to do at this time, considering all the backlash from so many that are against him. It certainly is not wise to expose everything prior to being inaugurated. So perhaps Trump has plans to change or modify his stance later on? One thing is for sure, if he continues to renege on his campaign promises he will lose many of his supporters. Especially when our economic system implodes, which I believe is in the very near future. For now, I am giving the Donald the benefit of the doubt, considering he has not even been inaugurated yet and I encourage everyone to do the same. Heck, things are so volatile at this time I feel anything could or may happen to prevent him from taking office. I continue to pray for Trump and this country. Regardless of what Trump may do, it would be much better than having Clinton in office.

    Considering this is Thanksgiving weekend I am going to try my best to put most of the current events in the back of my mind. I think it may behoove everyone to do the same.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all the USA watchdog crowed.

  5. J Marty

    I am really worried about our future. If Trump does not prosecute the Clintons, and we have a total financial collapse (which we all know will happen), I think our country will see a real Socialist Revolution. A true financial collapse will focus the Nation on the criminality of both political parties. This will create an opening for Bernie Sanders or someone like him to gain power and destroy both the Democrats and Republicans. Unfortunately, it will also eviscerate our Constitution and Bill of Rights. The Democratic party has already done much damage to our Nation by splintering the population. Just as the main stream media did not foresee a Trump victory, I think most Americans do not see this as a real possibility. I am thankful for you and your website.

  6. Randy Rhce


  7. This sceptred isle

    What is Thanksgiving and what does it mean to Americans?

    • This Happy Breed of Men, This England

      Good food, good meat.
      Good God, let’s eat!

      Good food, good wine.
      Good God, let’s dine!

      OR just make up one of your own.

  8. Kim

    Happy Thanksgiving Watchdogers! God bless!!

  9. Diane

    Happy Thanksgiving Greg,
    Thank you for keeping us deplorables brave.
    You threw a PIE IN THE FACE at all the mainstream propaganda press.
    You threw a PIE in the FACE at the corrupt politicians.
    You threw a PIE IN THE FACE at the Clinton Foundation Fraud.
    Bravo! !!!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Diane and Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Tad

    Regarding a Hillary indictment, Mr. Trump may be of the opinion to “never say never.”

    Wasn’t it nice of the Clinton campaign to loan Jill Stein a few million to contest the vote counts in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Ms. Stein ran a very distant third or fourth in every state she was registered.

    If Mr. Trump asked for recounts in six other disputed states, God help us if this election will undergo a redo.

    It’s almost as if Hillary can’t afford not to be president.

  11. Robert Lykens

    Happy Thanksgiving Greg.
    I’m thankful for the presence of the Holy Spirit of Christ in my heart. It’s by his presence that we are sealed in salvation.

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Brother Robert. Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!!!

      • Charles H

        Thanks, and the same – to all. CH

    • R B

      Praise the Lord , I’m thankful to know the Grace of God,who has pardoned my sins and adopted me into His family.

    • JC Davis

      With you brother Robert. Live is worth the living because He lives.

  12. Independent

    Hillary Exposed – Australia Withdraws Donation for Hillary’s Pay-to-Play Scheme

    Posted Nov 24, 2016 by Martin Armstrong

    For all the fools who supported Hillary claiming her Foundation was not illegal and doing good, Now Australia, who donated $75 million to the Clintons tax free has joined Norway cutting their donations. All government will withdraw their support for Hillary’s foundation because it was just corruption – pay to play. Hillary even had the audacity to say her foundation would continue when she was President and would not be shut down.

    When the Clintons thought they had won, Bill jumped for joy like a school kid. They were probably singing to themselves ” Were in the money” song from the Great Depression.

    Meanwhile. 99% of the press who endorsed Hillary will continue to attack Trump for everything they can. This will be their way of saying – see we were right. The press will keep this up and as the US share market rallies, they will blame Trump reporting he is just making his rich buddies richer.

    Welcome to the new reality TV show. The meltdown on the country fueled by the socialist media who will prefer to destroy the country than admit they backed the poster-child of corruption. The Democrats should be ashamed at their party putting Hillary up.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Hillary exposed? I thought she was going to have a Cersei moment for a second there.

    • Shadow of Doubt

      War on Cash Alert
      The “war on cash” has now moved from India to– Uruguay and Spain. Globalist realize their causes can not be furthered thru the ballot box. Therefore, you will see an increase in violence, propaganda (fake news), and dissension to create doubt and fear in the masses. Destabilize a country is a tried and true method to strong-arm the people into accepting ill-advised modifications to their way of life. Be careful in what you are willing to give up, as reacquiring it may not be in your foreseeable future.

      • Charles H

        S o D,

        You are staying ahead of the curve, here. The Founding Fathers would have liked you.

        • Shadow of Doubt

          The older I get Charles, the more truth I find in the quote, “Only the tiniest fraction of mankind want freedom. All the rest want someone to tell them they are free”. Best regards, SOD.

  13. Tin foil hat

    My pick on the Grey’s poll is “No but I understand why he’s not.”
    If Hillary were indicted, she will rat out not only Obama but also McCain, Romney, W. Bush – perhaps even H. Bush. I suspect Obama probably told Trump the implications and ramifications of him going after Hillary during that 1.25 hours meet in the White House.
    Hillary is holding the nation and Trump hostage with the threats to expose the real motive of America’s repeated interferences in Mid-East.
    If I were Trump, I would continue to gather evidences against her and the rest of the NeoCons. If they tried to sabotage the reformation of the monetary system, I would use those evidences as a leverage against them if I must.
    Wishing every watchdog and their family a blessed Thanksgiving.

    • Bill

      tin foil hat; Permit me to disagree. I believe Pres Trump holding the threat of an investigation over hillarys head will keep her under the radar for a while

  14. flattop

    GREG: Your cartoon cracked me up. In spite of all our sins and troubles, we should still be grateful and thankful. The poorest person in America is far better off than 90% of the people in the rest of the world. We have been greatly blessed by our Creator.

  15. todd

    Thanks Greg for your integrity! Thanks for getting the truth out there. Your’e truly an inspiration in a world that seems to ignore the truth. I love how you always mention God. I’m thankful to God for His Son and for the Holy Ghost to guide each of us back to our eternal home where love abounds. God is our only hope!

  16. Ranger67

    Greg – Happy Thanksgiving and a big “thank you” for all you do.

  17. eddiemd

    Can Obama pardon himself?

    An investigation will involve the Clintons and the Obama administration.

    Hillary is in hiding because of her health problems. That incident where she collapsed in New York was a strong indicator that she has something wrong with her.

    Two more weeks until the government funding runs out. Still nothing being said about this.

    Interesting that Jill Stein is calling for the recount. She was out there prior to the election claiming Hillary would start WW III.

  18. francis m reps

    Dear Mr. Hunter, Always keep in mind this truth ; ” He who forgives easily….Invites Offense “. I am quite sure that our new president elect ; Mr. Trump…..A man who was in Military school at a tender age { All you boarding school graduates know exactly what I mean } will put the bad ones on notice with quite a few examples of the bromide ; ” Crime does not pay”. We should all wait a couple of months before passing judgement on what Mr. Trump…..will do…or will not do. Pray for his safety and relax.

  19. Jerry

    As the bond selloff continues, it might be worthy to take a look at who holds the most U.S. debt.

    Somehow in our conceded minds, we actually think that other nations like China will continue to debase their own currency while holding our debt, just to prop up the dollar. Why? Because they need us to buy their goods? While that may have been the case in the past, it longer is true for a country that churns out a paltry GDP of less than 1% after eight years of zero percent interest rates and round after round of QE. The fact is our dying economy is pulling down the Chinese economy and along with it most of the emerging nations of the world. The fact is, in the past ten years, instead of buying more U.S. treasuries to sustain our economy, China has been buying gold with one purpose in mind. Separation. Just like an abused wife, China has set up a separate account to transfer its wealth into, before the dear john letter is delivered. All we have left at this point is time, and a President that has stated that he is looking for a replacement.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good timing Jerry. Maybe “Scott” can read this.

      • Jerry

        I am 100% convinced that the central banks are closing the exits to prevent capital fight after reading this article.

        During the seventies I worked as a draftsman for a company that had a government contract to put lightening rod equipment on buildings over two stories. The owner of this company prided himself on the fact that his family made their wealth by smuggling gold into the U.S. from Canada during the depression. Anytime the central banks want to seize control, the first thing they do is cut off access to physical metals. That’s a historical fact.

        Scott can believe whatever he wants to. Anyone who thinks that this manipulated market is real is not living in reality. Whenever I see banks cutting off access to gold, and going cashless, its a clear warning sign that they are beginning to lose control, and are moving into self preservation mode. For those of us old enough to remember, we have seen this play before, as history repeats itself.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Jerry.

          Watch the 10-year Treasury. It is not backing off: This is signaling big trouble for a bond market with $13 trillion in Negative paying debt in the EU.

          • Jerry

            Thank you Greg.
            Check this out. The PBOC has just put out a statement that they will be “cracking down on capital flight”.

            That’s a pretty sobering thought to think that the largest bank in the world, is worrying about (for the lack of a better word) ” a bank run”.

            • Greg Hunter

              And bank runs and capital controls don’t happen in good times either. Yet another warning sign you have brought us. Thank you.

  20. eddiemd

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

  21. Scott Miller

    The stock market is at an all time high.

    Read it and weep hunter prognosticators! So much for the impending economic disaster…


    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Scott go back to sleep. The bond market is tanking as interest rates rise. What could go wrong?

      • Scott Miller

        Nothing has gone wrong despite all the fools you keep interviewing throughout the Obama administration. keep telling your audience the same message you kept delivering while the entire thing was supposed to crash according to your guests.

        Keep asking for dates and deadlines from your prophets for the end of it all.

        Oh, thanks for posting my comment. I thought you blackballed me for challenging your opinions. Makes for a more interesting site when others who resist your message.


        • Greg Hunter

          OK Scott, “nothing has gone wrong”??? We have fake statistics, fake markets, fake accounting, fake MSM news, and fake DOJ and FBI and you think “”nothing has gone wrong”??? Go back to sleep and go away and live in your fake world. Please start your own site and let it rip. It’s easy.

          • WD


            Just an FYI, there is nearly zero velocity in the markets, its volume less. Grant it I wish I had been in it to jump out but big names are staying out of market and yes I think that is a big deal.

        • Frederick

          Scott youre in denial buddy My advice to you is to hedge alittle just in case youre wrong but thats just a suggestion Happy Thanksgiving and take it easy on Greg His intentions are in the right place as opposed to so many in the media who couldnt care less about you or me

      • ConcernedAmericanDad

        Maybe Scott isn’t young or ignorant but rather tired of being told the fake market is going to collapse in the next two weeks or months for the past several years now. I for one have been totally frustrated for years now being A$$reamed every month on the lack of interest growth on our hard-earned savings. The only saving-grace was at least the nominal growth of inflated asset prices. Missing out on this latest euphoric rally is really frustrating. I was bracing for impact but again it appears months away. Time will tell if Trump’s backpedaling was merely a means to an end. If justice is not served to the Clinton’s and all the corruption we’ll know who’s really in charge.

        The skeptic in me tells me come January 20th there will be some other reason the can is being kicked. It’s hard to have taken the red pill in a room full of blue-pills

        • This sceptred Isle

          Being a contrarian is psychologically tough but the majority are not always right. The best value assets are usually the ones with good fundamentals that nobody else wants, not the ones everybody else is buying.

        • Tin foil hat

          Despite all the euphoria post-election and the recent upticks in inflation and interest rates, I still insist on the red pill and expect a steep global downturn in 2017. Investors are interpreting recent data and market movements as signs that the economy is gaining strength and putting deflation risks in the rearview mirror.
          We have seen it several times in this cycle. Within every cycle there are ebbs and flows. Nothing moves in a straight line. With each inflation and interest rates uptick, we see the consensus gravitate to the view that the economy is emerging from its slumber, inflation is picking up and the 35 year bond bull market has ended. Each time, these calls have proved to be false alarms and this time is no different.
          Trump will be dealing with a serious recession in his first year as Reagan did in his first year, actually first two years. And just as Reagan caught a lot of grief during that recession even though he inherited the bad economy, Trump will be blamed for this downturn even though the seeds were sown prior to his arrival.

        • Tin foil hat

          Plenty of damage already done. This dollar rally is just speeding up the march toward the deflationary cliff. These fragile economies don’t have the ability to absorb it without impact. But until the momentum reverses, investors will ignore the downside risks.
          I am not expecting for gold to drop much further from here. I am looking for a rally to $1500 when the dollar rally looses its steam, then the drop to $800 – $950 during a global bust next year.

        • Tin foil hat

          This global deflationary bust will send gold along with most assets into a steep sell-off with gold bottoming down near $600 – $800 by the end of 2017. The next cyclical bull market in gold will begin from there and could take gold to $10,000 in 5-7 years.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Scott Miller
      So did Zimbabwe’s (in nominal terms) in 2008 just as their hyperinflation was hitting its peak.

    • Frederick

      Scott must be young or ignorant The stock market being high is not necessarily indicitive of a good economy Things are NOT what they appear

      • Scott Miller

        Yo Frederick! Stop assuming. I’m older and wiser, and have been awake much longer than you. Stop drinking the koolaid.


        • Frederick

          Older and dumber obviously

    • Charles H

      Fresh, hot of the CNBC Press:

      “This 5 percent eruption is meaningless. It’s some robo machine trying to tag new highs,” Stockman said Tuesday on CNBC’s ” Fast Money ,” in a dismissal of the S&P 500 rally.

      “I see a recession coming down the pike in 2017. The stock market is going to go down and it’s going to stay down long and hard because, for the first time in 25 years, there’s nothing to bail it out.”
      “My call stands. Sell the stocks, sell the bonds, get out of the casino,” Stockman explained to CNBC in an off-camera interview. “Bonds have already cratered by nearly $2 trillion worldwide and have miles to go. This isn’t a rotation into stocks, either. It’s the greatest sucker’s rally ever.”

      So – Scott – we all know you know better than an expert and presidential cabinet member; which the MSM themselves recognize? Yea, right.

    • 8Ball

      Harvey Organ, 2014:

      David Morgan, 2014:

      Moving on to 2015-2016: Many alt-media wags were predicting a “collapse”…

      Now it is being pushed back to 2017. Wake up, these people do not know what is going to happen, NO ONE does. Go live your lives and quit being obsessed with nonsense.

      • Greg Hunter

        Nonsense? Really? You think it’s good advice telling people that nothing is wrong and don’t worry be happy–NOT. Why don’t you do that and let us all now how it works out for you.

        • 8Ball

          I did not say that there is nothing wrong… there are plenty of problems. All I said is that all of these “experts” that make a living telling people that the sky is going to fall (real soon now) are just guessing about what will happen and to not be overly concerned about what they say.

          Old Yiddish Proverb: Men make plans… God laughs.

          • Greg Hunter

            OK 8 Ball,
            “Men make plans… God laughs.” I am smiling and I thank you.

      • Galaxy 500

        We as a nation are bankrupt. We have a national debt of 20+Trillion and UN-funded [as in no fraking money] liabilities of 100-130 Trillion. Think about that for a second before you skip on down the road.
        Sure, as I have said before, all of these dates are bovine skat. But that being said, the underlying reasoning that people are picking dates is sound. We allowed all the national wealth building jobs [manufacturing] to be exported so CEOS and upper management could ekk out a few extra pennies of EPS a year and write themselves big bonuses, all the while sacking the American people

    • Paul ...

      Hey Scott … consider where the stock market will be when this happens …

      • Paul ...

        Do you think Noah was reading the MSM news … not on your life … he was listening to alternative news! … Greg Hunter’s prognosticators are giving you a heads up Scott … the time to build your ark and stock it with supplies is growing near … many at the time of Noah did not heed the warnings of the alternative media as the MSM told everyone the sun is shining and the stock market will rise but as the Bible explains something else rose and consumed them all !!

        • Paul ...

          Heed the alternative media warnings Scott … a Tsunami of US bonds are now flooding back into the US (China, Russia, the Saudi’s, etc. can’t get rid of them fast enough) … you will soon be made painfully aware that in the end the Fed’s monetary and stock market magic is “plain nonsense” … all their empty formulas and illusions holding the system up are simply based upon worthless paper promises!!

          • Paul ...

            When your stocks prices rise and rise and rise and go to trillions of worthless dollars per share (like in Zimbabwe) … you will find that you will have to sell 100 trillion dollars worth of your stocks to simply buy just “one half ounce” of silver! … buying a half ounce of silver now will only cost you $8 dollars!!

    • Galaxy 500

      Scotty my boy, it was really high in 1929 right before it crashed.
      Pray tell how a country that is bankrupt is not going to have an economic disaster?

  22. Rick T

    I think it is important that the Clinton Foundation be fully investigated if only for the reason that there is one more Clinton waiting in the wings. Do not discount the a run for office by Chelsea.

  23. Lynn

    God sent us all a message, a stark one, we saw what we faced, we looked at it directly and knew, we are the ones who let it happen, we are the ones who will change ALL of it…Trump is the leader of the orchestra…but we hold the notes, the tune, the instruments, and when we play this time, we must resonate so loud and to perfection, that God looks upon us, and says…it is good. Do not let up, do not stop, evil waits in the wings and never gives up….never, ever, ever, give up and wait for someone else to do our job. Thanksgiving wishes to you and yours Greg, your reporting helped to change history.

    • Paul ...

      Yes … Evil waits in the wings … and good men must step up “to take it down” … we owe a debt of gratitude for our happy thanksgiving to US Navy Admiral Mike Rogers who single handedly aborted a false flag nuclear attack on America by evil neocons who just can’t accept Hillary’s defeat …

      • Paul ...

        Photo of an American Hero … Admiral Mike Rogers …

        • Paul ...

          As the globalist dream world becomes unhinged … Soros is unleashing mercenary armies against the American people … the DNC is trying to bribe the electoral college … the 9-11 gang of neocons is trying to get a nuclear false flag implemented while Ash Carter is “ordering” Trump not to cooperate with Russia and the leader of the globalist’s military bloc (NATO) is warning Trump “going it alone is not an option” … Trump is now marshaling true American patriots to destroy these evil Satanic globalists … what Trump has that the globalists don’t have … is God on his side!!! …

          • Paul ...

            The neocons are not very smart … Soros is pointing us to exactly where they plan their false flag attack … in Chicago … that is where Soros is concentrating his mercenary forces (bringing them in by the bus load) to fan the flames of chaos and confusion after the false flag attack takes place … the neocons want either war or marshal law imposed in America … anything to stop the inauguration of Trump from taking place … but God gave us brains and eyes to see … we will not be deceived by the evil neocons traitorous plans!!

  24. Michele Simpson

    Greg thank you so much for the good work you do and for sharing with all of us.
    Happy Thanksgiving! We do indeed have much to be thankful for.
    God Bless this country.

  25. Justn Observer

    Thanks for the reconsider of the new wrap… Nice one! You never disappoint!
    For others wanting some more to ponder about …The House passed a bill for a ‘no fly zone in Syria- HR 5732 on Nov. 15th….in closed lame duck session—info towards end of this report…
    …if the Senate does same…and Obama does sign it…game on for a potential WW3 Gen. Dunsford warned might lead to it before Trump is sworn in?
    As for the NYT….they might try a new sales offer by giving away free parakeets and parrots?

    Happy Thanksgiving Greg! Enjoy the moment…and a well deserved respite…you deserve it !

  26. Felicia

    Greg, I am thankful for you and all the work you put into this truth platform called USAwatchdog. And for your guests and for the WDers who are seeking truth. And I, like you, am very grateful to our Father and God who is in control of all this and graciously listened to our pleas. There is much to be thankful to Him for on this Thanksgiving day. May God bless you and….remember to keep your eyes on Him.
    Gratefully yours, Felicia

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Felicia for your support and blessings!! Happy Thanksgiving.

  27. Chip

    Happy Thanksgiving Greg to you and yours… Chip

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Chip!!

  28. Mike from the North

    Lots to be thankful for and lots to be cautious about.

    What made America great may not be totally lost.
    I think it would be wonderful to see 2017 write a new chapter in the History of America.

    I would love the chapter to be titled.

    How the Good of America overcame the Tricks of the Globalists.

    Lets face it the World and I mean the entire World is on the doorstep of BANKRUPTCY.

    I also believe that this is a result of design not just stupidity.

    Greed of the banksters and their puppet masters have taken us to the EVE of the next reset.

    I hope that as many as possible here have positioned themselves with life jackets to get them through the Storm of 2017.

    In 2016 I embarked on a mission to build a residual income business with a very honourable company based in the USA. Made much progress in this effort and I can only hope that the interruption the US will face in 2017 does not totally destroy the fabric of the good people of the USA.

  29. Debbie Pillon

    Hi Greg,
    I listen to all your post. Thank You for telling the TRUTH~
    Can you please post on the PizzaGate:

    • Frederick

      Debbie Id love to see those monsters exposed however we want Greg around to spread the truth Exposing that horror could be hazardous to ones health given the high level people we all know are involved in it

  30. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, lock her up for the good of the future of the country, it will show any future criminal crony elite political dynasty class that the America people will not tolerate criminal behavior in our government any longer. So, in short: LOCK HER UP!

  31. al

    the RADICAL lame-stream media wants the Purple Clinton machine running but you bring up an EXCELLENT point Greg. They know too much and losing power. In the Mafia, if you know too much… BANG! (just saying)
    As for Trump’s decision? He deceived the deceivers, he had those suckers meet at Trump Tower and gave them a lashing! I REJOICED AND DANCED FOR HOURS ON THAT ONE!
    What makes you think he’s not deceiving the Washington monsters about Clinton? Obama established the precedent that Washington is full of lies. Here’s a lie for you all… “Clinton will not be prosecuted”. A well placed lie at that!
    Happiest of holidays to you and all your good listeners/viewers.
    Prediction headline: USAWatchDog Network overtakes CNN as the new media takes hold.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Al!!

  32. Jack


    Hillary suffers from stage 3, transitioning to stage 4, Parkinson’s Disease. I know this disease intimately. Even with electronic deep-drain stimulation, odds are Hillary will be functionally dead within 12 to 24 months and dead-dead within four years. So why televise that painful decline while going after her email treason? The indictments need to go after the multitude of people behind and around Hillary, including Soros and his cabal. Putting tremor, frozen, cross-eyed prone Hillary on public criminal display will simply produce popular sympathy for someone who does not deserve it.


  33. Billy Bob Bogus

    Yeah Greg, you’re right.

    A country that fought a civil war and went fought two world wars could never handle the trauma of prosecuting Hillary Clinton.

    Thanks again for reminding us that laws are only for the little people.

    • Charles H

      B B B,

      You are right; and you are right. Unfortunately, those who have the moral integrity – and who could handle the trauma are old and in the minority. Today we have generations who know no moral absolutes, and only distinguish Law as something to serve their unilateral purposes. If holding to Virtue, as in it’s own reward, makes one ‘little: then I will be happy to be little people. The Times, they are a changin’.

  34. Bud Goltry

    To let Hillary Clinton skate shows absolute contempt for the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence and our nation being a Republic.

    The Left has won. How sad is this. Our founders fought and died for nothing. This is the nail in the coffin of the Republic and the rule of law.

    “Everyone is equal under the law but some are more equal than others.”

  35. Bud Goltry

    I am afraid for President Trump’s life. It would seem to me that a very clever approach to the powers that be a form of intense security is necessary. In my view a very pointed speech by President Trump as soon as the presidency is securred would be to announce to this country and the world that if something happens to him that there are certain centers that should be investigated as to the culprit or culprits . . . and list them:
    1. The Clinton Criminal Cabal
    2. The Globalists
    3. The Central Banking System Worldwide but expecially in the US
    4. The Military Industrial Complex
    5. The CIA
    Any or all of the above.

  36. Gina M Mancarella

    Recounts coming in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania !!!!!

    Hillary is the NEXT PRESIDENT !!!!!!

    Electors going over to HILLARY in DROVES !!!!

    Read ’em and weep Republicans !!!!!!!

  37. Gina M Mancarella

    I erased your entire message. This is Greg Hunter. I am not going to allow you to come on and rant and rave and drop f-bombs, use foul language and use the “N” word. This creates work for me. If you want to comment (and get paid as a troll), then be respectful and stop with the foul language and hateful violent tone to your comments. You are making work for me and I am just going to take the path of lease work and delete everything you post if you don’t get it together.

    • Chip

      awe… poor gina… does your #@#$ still hurt from losing the election? Chip

    • Diane

      This is for you Gina…”bless your heart”
      Hitler – Hillary Was Supposed to Win | Armstrong Economics

      Very clever…

    • Gina M Mancarella

      Thats okay Greg.

      You can run but you cant hide. An army is building as we speak. Americans are rising up all over the country. A total recount is on the way and in the streets a huge army is forming. They have their hands in the air ! There are fists in the air. Dont believe me ? And they are headed to Washington. The fight hasnt even started. Civil War is coming ! We are going to see who runs this town! This state ! This nation ! Trump is not our president ! Hillary Clinton is our President !

      Check the video !

      • Greg Hunter

        An army of liars, cheaters and violent weasels? That army?

      • Frederick

        Gina you sound to me like you are creating trouble and encouraging civil unrest and war You should really reconsider your tone and abide by the law Trump won the election and you people need to stop for the good of the nation s a whole

        • Galaxy 500

          Fredrick, the last thing people like Gina care about is the good of the nation

      • Galaxy 500

        You can run? Gina, I bet you can not run. I am guessing a waddle is about the best you can do.
        An army is rising but you need to look around. Those people around you and your ilk are us, and it isn’t a circle of friends, y’all are being surrounded.
        Please, oh, please, oh, please Gina, start the shooting yourself. Waddle out of your Momma’s basement and shoot the next Trumpster you see. Let the war begin. It will be over fairly quickly. You see Gina, we have put up with a lot of skat from you people. You’ve damaged our children with your liberal inculcation and common core. You’ve damaged our military and you’ve damaged our entire nation.
        So please Gina, start the ball rolling. But it will turn out just like this wonderful election. You and the rest of Hillary’s thugs are going to start skat, the media is going to claim you are going to vanquish this army of Deplorables that I am a part of. And when the smoke from all the firearms and fires clear the next day, the media, the moslems and liberal filth such as yourself will have achieved ambient temperature of what ever locale you started in.
        So please Gina, waddle to your computer, call up your thugs, and then come on out to play. We are waiting.

        • Frederick

          Gina and her girls wont venture far from their safe spaces if they know whats good for them Perhaps they could send their pedofile and tranny army out to fight led by John Podesta and Anthony Wiener

  38. G. Berkshire

    BREAKING: K.T. McFarland Named As Trump’s Deputy National Security Adviser
    Posted at 1:15 pm on November 25, 2016 by Susan Wright

    McFarland, who offered to be a “foot soldier” for Trump’s movement, partners with retired Lt. General Michael Flynn, who was reportedly pegged to be Trump’s national security adviser last week.

    She’s In Like Flynn!

    • Chip

      smart woman… Chip

    • Diane

      Like this lady.

  39. JC Davis

    I love your site and the commenters. As the times change we must all stay informed of the truth. I can think of no other that tells it as he Truly sees it. The people on this site are not only the most informed, but kind loving and God respecting. Most stand by their faith by posting their actual name. Best site on the internet !

    • Chip

      Ditto… Chip

  40. G. Berkshire

    President Obama Urged Hillary Clinton To Concede On Election Night
    Posted at 7:30 pm on November 25, 2016 by Jay Caruso

    We now have word that it was a phone call from Barack Obama, who convinced Hillary Clinton to place the call to Donald Trump to congratulate him on winning the presidential race;

  41. G. Berkshire

    In Case you Missed It!

    Ten percent of the Syrian population is Christian and “yet less than one-half of 1 percent of Syrian refugees admitted to the United States this year are Christian.”
    President Barack Obama set a goal of resettling 10,000 Syrian refugees in the U.S., and by August that goal had already been exceeded. But of the “nearly 11,000 refugees admitted by mid-September, only 56 were Christian.”

    • Galaxy 500

      Is this Eric from Redstar? I know your traffic is Down because you are an anti Trump guy but really posting your stuff hear to get traffic is incorrigible.

  42. G. Berkshire

    As the mother of a son who’s been incorrectly labeled as autistic by well-meaning (and some not-so-well-meaning) friends, relatives, and acquaintances, I wanted to rant about internet “doctors” diagnosing Barron Trump as autistic the moment I saw a story about it a week ago, but didn’t want to bring more attention to the rumor.
    But now that Rosie O’Donnell is talking about it, claiming that it was out of “care and concern,” here we go.

  43. B. Rensch

    you need to complain to the @WashingtonPost. Denying you the Badge of Honor by leaving you off The List is discrimination and will certainly hurt your business going forward. Just look, what happened to this Lone Blogger after he got promoted by the WaPo.

  44. flattop

    GREG: Jill Stein and the recount. Who is pushing her into this??

    • Greg Hunter

      Hillary and the NWO but they are up against the intel community.

  45. Teeter

    Jerry, thanks for keep us updated, the Currency war is real and nobody is talking about it.

    • Galaxy 500

      Dear Mr Teeter, I really like your chain of Harris Teeter stores. Keep up the good work.

  46. Mike R

    This is from an old article back in early 2015. It speaks to a parabolic rise in the US dollar.

    The important part of the message right now, here at the end of 2016, is that when you can’t really see why the dollar has such sudden strength (people making random excuses like Trump getting elected, which don’t count), it is very likely something else somewhere is really collapsing. The Chinese Yuan is not collapsing or devaluing right now bc of the dollar’s strength. Correlation does not equal cause.

    US Bonds, treasuries being sold off, and the corresponding demand for US dollars is not necessarily the ’cause’ either, but more of a symptom. People selling those instruments need a temporary liquid place to park their very large proceeds, before deciding where that money is going next, unless its being used to pay off other debt.

    Personally, my view is that this latest accelerated rise in the dollar, which is really parabolic by historical measures when you do look at the charts, is really a prelude to a much more severe bond market sell off. So it could shoot up to 120 from today’s levels, and probably when it gets to that point, if not sooner, we’ll become aware of significant derivative implosions that are actually now occurring behind the scenes, but are being hidden from us, and artificially contained. I think Barry’s sobering meeting with Trump in the 90 minutes they were together in the White House, when they met for the first time post-election day, likely included some mention of that knowledge of behind the scenes carnage. Trump wasn’t ‘shocked’ by the ‘job description’ and the news of all the staffers and positions he’d have to fill, as the MSM would have you believe. My read is that he was shocked by something much more troubling to him. It’s affecting his cabinet picks big time. There’s some significant reasons he is hiring ‘big money’ folks like Wilbur Ross (also a distressed debt ‘king’), or even considering Romney, as controversial as that might seem today. Personally, I also think, Obama is only ever too happy to hand things over to Trump, to let things quickly implode on Trump’s watch, and to not have it implode under a democratic led Presidency. Obama is not acting all “Presidential” in telling Hillary to concede or to admonish Jill Stein on the stupid vote re-count, but rather being the narcissist he truly is, wants the ugly stuff to occur on Trump’s watch intentionally. He blamed Bush for 4 years straight, for the ‘mess’ he ‘inherited’, which he should have fixed, but didn’t, and wants to claim this last 4 years as a recovery and we are heading in the right direction (even though the truer story will be the SHTF under Obama’s watch, leading into Trump’s term.) Trump invariably will make some significant changes that will be better in the long run. But this dollar strength and rise, could be foreboding something much more ominous.

  47. R B

    Dear Greg, we as a nation people are going to suffer for the cause of allowing the ongoing of sacraficing our unborn to the gods of convenience.I’m thankful to see Trump winning the election ,but we have a long way to go .If the swamp of political imorality is not drained we still have not accomplished anything, because all that remains behind the scenes, will quickly rise back at the next opportunity. The cries of the many millions of unborn are not going unnoticed,only that God is long suffering toward us. Once His cup of indignation is full ,then there will be no help coming. Even so God have mercy on the innocent unborn.

  48. R B

    As I think of our plight in light of the worldly circumstances a wonderful hymn comes to mind,it is. We have an anchor that keeps the soul ,steadfast and sure while the billows roll, fastened to the Rock which can not move ,grounded firm and deep in our Saviors love.

  49. donna

    Greg ,
    You have such a variety of guest on your shows that really helps to put into perspective what is going on around us and how to survive what may be coming. I am so appreciative of all you and your guest do to help inform us.
    I was hoping that maybe you could get a expert on to talk about the vote rigging with electronic voting machines and how we can get them replaced. why haven’t states been able to get them out of our system? and also on federal judges who overturn the rights of the people in honest elections, such as overturning gay marriage when the people have voted against it as well as states who have voted for term limits for elected officials just to have it overturned by a federal judge. I think these two subjects are so important in returning the power to the people. I have tried to research a lot of this myself but have many questions that I am sure someone who has researched this more in-depth could help me to understand.
    Thank you again for all that you do.

    • Greg Hunter

      Catherine Austin Fitts is up for the “Early Sunday Release.” She always has a smart and unique way of looking at things. You will like her interview.

  50. Bobd

    Save Kenye West

  51. Pete

    Thank U Greg.
    Many Canadians listen to your show for the same reason Americans do ,
    Desperate for truth . We here in Canada are going through our Obama years and I’m hoping and praying that what we just saw take place will shorten the nightmare.
    Can we borrow U for the next three years? Trudeau is fastracing the policies of Obama and we to are being lied to by mainstream media. I hope Trump can do something to trip up the our no good snowboarder of a Primeminister.
    Do any of your good followers know of a Canadian watchdog like Greg? And says Fear not God the father is in gharge.

    • Greg Hunter

      How that air head Trudeau got in I’ll never know but there is deep power propping him up and telling him what to do. I’ll keep plugging away here. Keep praying and never give up.

  52. Billy Bob Bogus

    Mr. Greg Hunter,

    I know you are a bigwig and I am just a nobody so you can take this request for what you think it’s worth, but since it looks like Hillary will get off the hook at the federal level could you please get Charles Ortel or Dinesh D’Souza on your show to see what can be done?

    Ortel mentioned that it might be possible to bring the Clintons to justice at the state level or perhaps in another country since the Clintons have violated state laws and laws of other countries.

    Here’s how D’Souza said the foundation worked:

    The latest revelation has come from Dinesh D’Souza, producer of the documentary Hillary’s America. D’Souza is travelling the country under the auspices of Young Americans for Freedom, speaking at college campuses and offering insights into exactly how that “quid-pro-quo” arrangement worked. First, Bill would get paid an exorbitant sum ($500,000 to $750,000) to give a speech to a party interested in obtaining influence in Washington. That, said D’Souza, was just a “down payment.” Once the change in policy or the award of a contract was completed, that party would complete the deal with a vastly larger contribution to the Clinton Foundation. The three-step process worked well for all parties: the Clinton Foundation received millions, most of it siphoned off to pay for Clinton family expenses including Chelsea’s excessively lavish lifestyle. The deal was largely tax free, and it fell well under the radar, so the implications of impropriety were hidden successfully from public view for years. And the donor received the special treatment requested.”

    • Greg Hunter

      Billy Bob B,
      We are equal here and it looks like you are a smart guy and wide awake. Your request is reasonable. Thank you.

  53. coalburner

    You are turning into a Star! The scorned legions will be gunning for you! Beware my Friend! Beware friend of Patriots and Watchdoggers all!!

  54. coalburner

    I believe Paul is right. We have had devine intervention.
    Trump is playing it smart until he is sworn in. Trying to keep Obama from joining the Soros attack. We have to get to that Presidental point first. Today he said his people would join the fray of recounts to protect the election from being stolen. My words! Hopefully they will look for the dead voters and illegal voters.
    I also think as some of the commentors above that Hillery is deathly ill on on her way to the grave. Why waste time on her. Go after the living criminals including Soros, then track down his money which comtinues to do evil.
    I agree with Bud too! Trumps life is in danger from left wing nutjobs and globalist minions. Most attempts on life are committed in history by left wing nutjobs like Gina when they go their psycotropic meds. The true danger of that is, if something happens to him there will be a slaughter of letfty’s commies, progressives, and whomever happens to be close to them. These lefty democrat nuts are in far more danger than they can comprehend. If we go off the rails, there will be a huge purge before it can be stopped. The loser may have to be vanquished like in all “Fourth Turnings” It is a dangerous time! As long as it holds together we need to be thankful and pray for a safe transition of power. My post is harsh but late because we declared no politics or religion at the Thanksgiving Feast to keep down disagreements. It worked, I kept quiet! Best to you Greg and You do not have to post up my comments!

    • Greg Hunter

      I think your comments are good and I want to post them. Hope that is OK.

    • Galaxy 500

      I understand the no politics but NO Religion? We’re moslems or atheist at the table?
      You wrote,”If we go off the rails, there will be a huge purge before it can be stopped.”
      Why would we want to stop it before we culled all these vile wicked moslems and liberals, especially in education, government agencies, amd politics.
      These people have an agenda to either kill us or subjugate us. Forgive me … Strike that, if they go to war against the Nation of Deplorables, I won’t need forgiveness. God’s law allows for war. And if we let these people live, it will be just like King Saul not listening to God and allowing an Arab to live.

      • Frederick

        I agree with you about Hillary and her minions but youre wrong about Muslims I live on the SW coast of Turkey and the local people in the small villages are honest generous and welcoming to all so Im not just saying that Im living it

  55. Galaxy 500

    IF the 0bamachrist pardons Hildabeast, most people think her and her family’s problems are over. Nothing could be further from the truth. 0bama can only pardon Hillary for FEDERAL Crimes and Military Crimes. The Clintons and their charity fraud also violates state laws in every state they operate in. And every Nation, too. Hell, she and Bill might not make it out of Dubai next visit.

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