Elites Know Global Economy Tanking, Hill in Much Deeper Email Trouble, Bizarre US Middle East Policy

b3By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com  (WNW 223 1.22.16)

It appears the declining economy is so obvious that even the elite are admitting the global economy is tanking. At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where the richest people in business and government gather annually, the mood couldn’t be gloomier. Even the headline at USA Today reported this week “CEO’s Pessimism Over Global Economy Rises.” Actually, if you read their story, they soft-pedaled how bad it really is. Only 27% of 1,400 CEOs surveyed think economic growth will improve in 2016. Only 16% of North America CEOs were optimistic things would get better. The quote of the year goes to George Soros when he said, “Yellen may have mistimed liftoff.” Ya think?

Hillary Clinton’s email problems have gone from bad to ‘you are under arrest Mr. Clinton.’ I am joking here. Clinton has not been arrested, but she will be charged for this email/private server fiasco. Why am I doubling down on this prediction? New information was reported this week by the Inspector General for the Intelligence Community that what Mrs. Clinton had on her* private server was “beyond Top Secret.” Inspector General I. Charles McCullough III told the Senate in testimony on Capitol Hill that what was on Clinton’s server was information and messages classified as “special access programs,” or SAP.  It’s reported by multiple intelligence sources that people could die if information was hacked. There is no way Clinton avoids being charged. As I said more than a year ago, Clinton cannot win even if she is not charged. Stick a fork in her she is done. By the way, USA Today did not report the story that came out of Senate hearings—outrageous.

U.S. Middle East policy is so bizarre it defies logic. Five American hostages were traded for seven Iranian prisoners. Good news, right. The AP reported “US-Iran Ties Warming Over Nuclear Deal.” The very next day, the “U.S. Levels New Sanctions on Iran.” USA Today reports this as if it’s another day at the office, not that it’s whack-a-doodle and crazy foreign policy. Secretary of State John Kerry also admitted that part of the $150 billion Iran is going to get, in this deal that is not really a deal because nobody signed it, is going to go to terrorists. Hezbollah, Hamas and who know who else will be getting some badly needed cash to commit terror. Way to go, John Kerry.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. red

    The only thing thats’ happening in Davos.Is a bunch of greedy people trying to work out how to change their imaginary “financialized” wealth into real money (metal) before their greedy compadres’ and chisel it out of the peons’

    • Greg Hunter

      Bingo!! The winning comment of the night.

      • Edwin Knouse

        Hillary is a privileged elite, definition of privileged is to be under another law,above the common law. if they allow her to prosecuted they are not a privileged class right?
        As for the wages in USA they have been driving them down for 50 yrs. So any shortage of taxes is a orchestrated problem right? They know the economy is workers spending , so if you reduce the pool of wages you reduce the economy. Our economy is right were the 1 percent wants it to be never doubt that.

    • lastmanstanding

      …while drinking the finest wines and eating the highest quality food prepared by same.

      Switzerland has always be sheltered from war and problems that plague the rest of the world.

    • Lake M

      Problem is… there are few consequences when the elite suffer a reset of asset values.
      If I’m a billionaire, and I suffer a 50% loss, I’m still living pretty damn good with $500 million large. If baby boom retirement and savings accounts (what little there is) suffer a similar loss, it means cat food and ramen noodles. The lower ones net worth, the greater the suffering.

      • red

        the disconnect between prattish remarks like “eating cat food” as a lot of people already do and “let us keep our stuff or you all starve” is beyond evil. The reality is that all the micro communities’ that these parasites’ destroy with their wealth (middle east, detroit) would actually come alive again if free markets were truly allowed to work . Your intellectually bankrupt asside of a remark is actually rubbish , the only thing that would happen is some people whom have never worked a day in their lives, would have to work.

    • JimRC

      The global elite are looting the entire worlds treasures before the bottom falls out.

  2. DLC


    I watched this after listening to your wrap-up and I thought it dovetailed nicely. I also liked the visuals that went with it.

  3. Cry Me a Ruble

    I hate to agree with George Soros about anything. He is one evil dude. Still yeah, Duh? The Fed raising interest rates was a mistake but then not raising them could have had the same effect as well by losing market confidence. By the way since when has Soros cried about anyone other than himself when it came to money? If he wasn’t so ugly I suspect he would be falling in love with himself as well by staring at his reflection in that fountain i.e. Narcissus.

  4. Trude

    As he faced death, David Bowie understood the role of God
    Melanie Mcdonagh |Friday 15 January 2016|

    David Bowie called his last single Lazarus, and even the dimmest of us could see the connection between life, death and lyrics in: “Look up here, I’m in heaven.” But the title gave the game away too: Lazarus, the friend Christ raised from the dead. It wasn’t exactly a declaration of faith but as it was sung by a bandaged man from a hospital bed it was suggestive, for Bowie belonged to a generation that knew the gospel stories.


    New Living Translation
    Then Jesus shouted, “Lazarus, come out!”
    ◄ John 11:43 ►

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      Is Melanie McDonagh aware that Bowie was a Gnostic and long time occultist? I’m not knocking him for it because I don’t think that any one group has all the answers. However, MSM Christians shouldn’t claim him for their side. Bowie’s “Blackstar” video even has a shot of 3 men tied to crosses and a line of lyrics “someone took his place” — there are Gnostic tales that Jesus wasn’t crucified because someone took his place on the cross.

      • Galaxy 500

        I don’t know for a fact what Bowie did in the end but I do know that redemption is always on the menu until you pass

        • Diana Dee Jarvis

          I regard the state of David Bowie’s soul as something that’s between God and David Bowie. I merely point out that the man’s own statements do not support what Melanie McDonagh is trying to claim support for.

          • Diana Dee Jarvis

            I wish I could edit. I regard the state of David Bowie’s soul as something that’s between God and David Bowie. I merely point out that the man’s own statements do not support the stream of spirituality that McDonagh is claiming support for.

          • John A

            Fair enough

        • John A

          Nothing to be redeemed. His legacy and positive influence speaks for itself. That means more than any lip service to a given belief.

  5. RTW

    This “deal” that Kerry and Obama have cooked up with Iran is like watching a skit from SNL, in that it is farcical, while being not one bit funny.

    • rahrog

      The iran “deal” has nothing to do with what you are seeing/being told; it’s all about the oil market and moving to a new “global” currency. USA must destroy the russian economy to pull this off. Thus, flood the oil market, crash the global economy, and the gangster/banksters of NYC will be running the new currency.

    • blt

      Exactly right and also pretty much how i view some of the educational systems in this country. Not too bright these kids are…

  6. Faith

    Clinton needs to be indicted. When I was active duty I held TS, NATO, Cosmic, and Atomal clearances just to enter secure areas to service equipment. If I had mishandled information in the same way that Clinton has I would have been court-martialed and done at least 10 years at the US military prison in Leavenworth, Kansas.

    Each day that passes and Clinton is not indicted shows that there is a two-tiered system of justice in the US. One for political elites and oligarchs and another system for the little people.

    As far as Iran, I agree with your analysis. The US does appear schizophrenic with regard to policy decisions.

    I recently heard one of the most incredible interviews of my entire life. Episode 452 with Jeff Nyquist last week on http://www.caravantomidnight.com

    After listening to Jeff Nyquist everything made sense and was horrific all at the same time. Jeff Nyquist’s new book is “The New Tactics of Global War.” I do think that war is on the horizon. This new war will make previous wars pale in comparison. I no longer advise young people to join the military. I love my country and fellow citizens and come from a family that has served in the US military since the first revolution. It his heartbreaking for someone like me to observe the decline and fall of the United States.

    • dbcooper

      Faith, was the Signal Corps stationed at Fort Worden ? DB.

      • Faith

        DB: Fort Gordon, Georgia

    • Jerry

      The elites take care of their own.
      The American sheeple are nothing more than a bunch of cash cows to a global network of bankster thugs. There is no rule of law. The only thing separating you and I from camp FEMA and the seizure of our personal property and liberty is a gun barrel. The banksters haven’t gone up against an armed citizenry before, so this is new ground for them. Our founding fathers where wise men.

      • Mohammad


        The most armed citizenry on earth is YEMEN.

        And from what am seeing they got a very good experience with that.


        • blt

          There aint no texans in yemen good sir

      • wd

        What would he do there? Just say stupid things and make them laugh?

      • Faith

        Jerry, nailed it!

    • AL

      Faith, When I think of all the hours I spent in mandatory, annual, information-security refresher training where it was made very clear that you do NOT put any classified information on anything other than an approved government computer of the correct classification level, it makes me livid that one of these “untouchables” can do something like this and, apparently, get away with it. As you know, more than one person has lost an entire career because of mishandling of classified data, and once the breach was discovered, the corrective action was usually taken fairly swiftly. As much of a danger as mishandling of data is to our country, it’s an even greater danger that there are persons who are so important that they can do things like this and not face the consequences…..and swiftly.

      • Faith

        Al, I agree! It is a slap in the face to the hard working men and women in the US military that do their jobs and do them with integrity and as professionals. When there are two sets of standards it demoralizes the troops. Who in the hell wants to serve under a President that people do not respect and which they view as having acted with extreme negligence? If Clinton is not indicted this will set a very bad precedent.

        • Faith

          I apologize for using the “H” word. No offense was meant to the readers and commenters.

  7. Bob Hill

    I say give the richest 62 people all the rest of the money left in the world and we 7 billion that remain will figure out another way to barter. At that point the 7 billion should refuse to deal in anyway for anything with the 62 and let them choke on their fiat paper .

    • Grafique

      I’ve never had a problem with people who rose to the top.
      That’s the dream, right?

      • Beligarant

        @Grafique : Say what you want but when 62 people have more money than the bottom 3,500,000,000 this is a statistic you would of expected during the Dark Age. No one has a problem with a person that rose to the top and became wealthy but that’s not this discussion. It’s one thing to be smart, work hard and come up with a good idea and make $20 or $50 million. It’s entirely another to pay off politicans, rig tax codes, gut cities and ship jobs overseas, get government bailouts on the taxpayer shoulders to become a multi-billionaire while the average person on the street struggles to pay their bills and keep employed. Who is the person that received the most financial benefit from QE1, QE2 and QE3? According to an article I read it’s none other than Warren Buffett. What a scam and what a shame!

  8. Ray


    How can you agree with John Kerry, saying “don’t argue…..this is official from John Kerry and the State Dept……Iran is the # global terror nation”…….then, not even 1 minute later in your report say “I don’t believe a word Kerry is saying”.
    Seems you are contradicting yourself old mate!
    Myself……I agree with most of the rest of the world: when it comes to Global Terror, the USA must shoulder the overwhelming majority of the blame….sad but true.

    Best Regards for 2016


    • Grafique

      While the US has made mistakes (as every other nation has), please don’t forget the blood we’ve spilled so other nations could be free.
      Every time there’s a problem somewhere, the rest of the wirld cries out for the US to do something.

      • Stu

        Since WW2 we spilled much blood and lost much treasure mainly because of economic, geo-political and industrial military interests.
        Our intervention in Iraq was ill conceived and Ahghanistan was the same Taliban are regaining lost ground in many places.
        Some of our so-called allies like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan aid and abet Sunni terrorist groups in the Middle East and elsewhere.
        We have allowed Shia Iran to extend its interests in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.
        We are okay for the Kurds to fight ISIS but don’t want to arm them directly because we don’t want annoy Turkey and Baghdad.
        We spend billions to train and support Iraqi forces only to see them drop their weapons and flee.
        We drew a “red line” in Syria only to backout and let Assad off the hook, and let Russia strengthen its position.
        We stood by and allowed Iran’s proxy Hezbollah and other pro Assad Shiite terrorists to flourish.
        We supported the Arab Spring, deposed Gadaffi and turned Libya into a land of waring militia groups.
        In Egypt we supported the military takeover when we didn’t want the Muslim Brotherhood to govern.
        We encouraged Ukrainian independence only to give the Russians more excuses to take-over Crimea and other areas.
        We certainly haven’t spilled blood “so that other nations can be free.” The last time we did that was WW2.

        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

          Agree except for;
          “We encouraged Ukrainian independence only to give the Russians more excuses to take-over Crimea and other areas.”

          The US did not encourage independence in Russia. Quite the contrary. By Nuland’s own admission a US financed coup was staged in Ukraine to depose the elected leader and to install their own puppet “Yats”, a rabid neocon bankster with neo-nazi policies.

          When Crimea saw the terrifying and incompetent regime that the US installed in Ukraine, the country begged to be taken under Russia’s wing and ran a referendum to succeed. The population voted overwhelmingly for succession, something in the order of 90% or more, if memory serves me correctly.
          The western media then predictably proceeded to spin this as a “Russian annexation of Crimea”. In my book, this turn of events did not remotely fit the definition of an “annexation”.


      • Occasnltrlvr

        So, please do tell us, how are the 1950’s?

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Ray, Greg
      So let me get this straight….

      90% of us on WD agree that the narrative of the state department is so ridiculous in its statements on the middle east that if the situation wasn’t such a tragic chaotic mess then it would be laughable. Well not too many of us around the world are laughing I can assure you and Europe is already part way down the precipice of total economic and social degeneration.

      However when the state dept officially declares Iran to be “the number one state sponsor of terrorism in the world” then we are all of a sudden expected to swallow this hook line and sinker……WTF!

      Kerry as SOS acts more like a drunken sailor than a person in high office so I can only imagine how tedious he is to deal with in these endless charade-like meetings he has from one end of the globe to the other. Nuland is a rabid neocon and a compulsive liar and yet she holds in effect the second most important portfolio in the whole Dept of State.

      State Dept. spokespersons Kirby, Earnest, Harf and Psaki would be some of the most dodgy and unpleasant individuals you could ever care to witness when they respond to questions from the press [notice I didn’t use the word ”answer”].
      IMO these people are nothing more than very highly paid liars.

      The Anglo-American Alliance along with its puppet army Nato and its pathetic European vassal states have deliberately laid waste to huge swaths of the middle east and North Africa and instigated the most tragic refugee crises in the history of mankind. Iran is a mere minnow as a state sponsor of terror when you compare it to the likes of USA, Britain and France, regardless of what the DOS would have you believe.

      This is just one small opinion from the south seas, but a glaring contradiction like this on a high-quality site like WD reads very badly to me and seriously undermines credibility.

      • Greg Hunter

        “#1 State Sponsor of Terror” is an official designation at the State Department. That is a fact. We are told there is a deal and there is no signed deal.

        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


          An official designation of the DOS is an opinion and a farcical one at best…. not a fact.

          Re a deal with these two parties….
          Verbal deal, signed deal….what difference does it make….
          [sh&%t….. I sounded a bit like Hitlary then]
          ….at the first opportunity to break it, at least one party will do just that. Look at the list of deals that the US has honoured over the years….it is a very short list indeed. In fact, they have reneged on every deal they have ever made as soon as it happens to suit their hegemonic agenda.

          To make meaningful deals both parties need to have genuine intent, absence of cynicism, and honour…. I am afraid at least one of these parties has none of the above.

          The fact that Iran has undergone massive destructive hegemonic meddling by the US for some 3 generations is not a good basis or history, to move into any serious deal making.

          • Greg Hunter

            It is an official US Gov designation. You saying it is “fascicle” is opinion. I don’t totally disagree. I try not to state opinion as proven fact. The Internet is full of that. When I say this is my analysis or opinion it is not fact. By the way, there is no signed deal according to the Kerry State Department. That is not an opinion but proven fact. Thank you for adding your perspective.

        • Occasnltrlvr

          The veracity of the designator is in question.

          • Greg Hunter


            I try to deal in facts and I really try not to state my views of anyone’s views as proven fact. Iran is the #1 “State Sponsor of Terror” at the US State Department. If you want to say that’s like the pot calling the kettle black, then so be it, but that is analysis and not fact.


            • Occasnltrvlr

              Mr. Hunter,
              I always take pronouncements from U.S. government agencies, and any financial institutions, with countless grains of salt. And, of course, you are right; often, antitheses of their respective pronouncements are not provable fact.
              Thank you for your work, and your site.

      • frederick

        Hey Colin you really must have good drinking water down there because you sure seem a lot more awake than 99% of Americans and Europeans are maybe you could start exporting some to the states maybe call it kiwiwater or something

        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

          Funny you should say that.
          On my farm, we get an average rainfall of more than 2 metres per annum. Sadly most of this ends up in the Pacific ocean. We are very blessed to have such a wonderful natural asset and try not to take it for granted.

  9. Mary Casey

    ‘you are under arrest Mr. Clinton.’ (Don’t we wish!)

    Good morning, Greg. Just being picky, but since it’s 3:05 a.m. early Friday morning, it might save a bunch of comments from other “pickies” like me if the change was made to “Mrs.”

    Donation for Oct, Nov, Dec in the mail……sorry for delay….and you deserve more!

  10. Arnold.Jagt

    This will help make sense of what is going on Greg. http://geopolitics.co/2016/01/20/captured-us-navy-boats-were-carrying-top-isis-leader/

    • andyb

      Great catch, Arnold: everyone should read this; it connects a lot of dots. Isn’t it amazing that the US Administration will submit to blackmail to prevent the sheeple from realizing that ISIS is created, funded, and nourished by the CIA/Mossad along with the Sunni gulf states. The Patriot Act is predicated on maintaining the sheeple fear of a terrorist enemy, when in truth, such an enemy doesn’t exist except in specific state sponsored false flag events.

    • Galaxy 500

      So they are going to move an ISIS leader by swift boat instead of air? And do it right by enemy territory?
      Seem reasonable? Not even close

      • frederick

        Moving an ISIS leader by fast boat? haha And you still believe the nonsense that they tell us about that group?

      • blt

        “Isis” has not fired a single bullet that you and i have not paid for…they are using m-16s not ak47s …unless of course you believe everything you see “on tv”…please tell me you have seen the movie “wag the dog?”

    • Mary Casey

      Great info, Arnold! This would help explain the “prisoner/detainee” releases and swaps…and all the conflicting stories of why the boats were “adrift”…..mechanical issues, GPS issues, (both boats?), as well as, the passports and the quick and humble apology….and maybe the Iranian missile shots over the USS Harry Truman if you support the Iranian timeline.

  11. CAK

    Don’t rule out that BO might yet pardon HRC, when she is charged or very nearly before, as strange and obtuse as that sounds. I understand that BO and HRC don’t like each other, but the problem is, each has the goods on each other, so if HRC goes, she’ll take BO with her … and he knows that too. Unfortunately, our Constitution gives the President complete leeway with pardons, and neither Congress nor the Supreme Court may overrule a pardon. One thing is for certain, if BO would pardon Clinton, the media would draw complete parallels to Ford’s pardon of Nixon, and label any conservative as a hypocrite for decrying it. Yes, dozens if not hundreds of patriotic FBI and military would resign or leave as a protest to the pardon, but then BO would say, good riddance. BO has been systematically getting rid of patriotic military personnel and other government employees since he began his term in 2009. If they resign on their own accord, all the easier. I doubt there would be “riots” in the streets over a pardon of HRC. Riots will happen when the economy collapses, there are food shortages, and people are suffering personally … most Americans simply don’t care whether or not HRC is charged and/or pardoned. Yes, I know it is hypocrisy at its best, and yes, I once have a government security clearance, and remember the fear conveyed by the Department’s security as to what would happen if you mishandle classified information. There was never talk of forgiveness; it was, if you mishandle, you will be fined, you will go to jail, end of story.

    Remember, these are the Clintons who asked their fellow Americans to define the meaning of the word “is.” And BC abused his pardoning power well enough to know what is possible, and what is forgotten shortly thereafter.

    • mesquite

      My bet is that he has the pardon paperwork and affiliated speech already drawn up and ready to go.

  12. RGT

    Hi Greg.
    I’ve been listening to your interviews and wrap-ups for years now and I applaud you for all that you do. Unfortunately most of the western world doesn’t have a clue whats coming due to the idiot main stream press. These fools don’t realize that they and their families will go down too when the S.H.T.F.
    Listen to Micheal Hudson’s interview.

    • Mike R

      RGT – so basically, Hudson says:
      1. IMF is run by the Pentagon.
      2. The Pentagon wants to nuke 90% of the planet before Russia gets any stronger.
      3. US has no plans to pay off any of its debt.
      So from that perspective, what do us Americans have to worry about ?
      There isn’t going to be any WWIII. Not with the threat that the US holds over every other country. I realize this is hard to believe, but the US is at the top of the dung heap right now, here early in the 21st century. We all keep thinking something bad is going to happen to us, which in reality the elite want people to keep thinking here, to keep everyone under control, and thinking from the standpoint of fear. They want you all to believe that the following are massive threats: ISIS, China, Russia, the Saudi’s, the Afghanastins, the Pakistans, the North Korea’s, the Iranians, and so on. Isn’t that interesting ? How could so many other country’s represent such threats ? Well if you are the big bully on the block, then everyone fears you. So ironic. In conclusion, the best way to keep WWIII from happening is to keep everyone on the planet, including those here in our own country, scared witless. That is why we hear so much about all these outside ‘threats’, and why we have so many US government agencies in the first place, who are spying, harassing, controlling, killing, taxing, repressing, and otherwise making world civilization virtually inhabitable. The demise we are seeing of so many other countries, is created by our government. Its intentional. So if they can’t cripple other countries economically, then they will seek to overthrow the governments in those countries, labeling them evil regimes. Thus if you keep wondering why gold keeps getting batted down, silver batted down, the dollar remaining strong, oil getting batted down, all world commodities getting batted down, and so many other countries do so poorly economically, and their stock markets doing worse than ours, its simply because the Pentagon, who controls the IMF, and also controls most of the worlds banking system, via use of the dollar and SWIFT, is keeping the entire world under its control. Should we be thankful we live in this country, and are literally at the top of the dung heap ??? I don’t know, but somehow I’d still rather be here if and when the SHTF, than in any other country.

  13. JC Davis

    WOW what a wrap up. So much happening right now I must question what the na sayers must be thinking. Some have said the guest on this site are mostly wrong. Looks like there right this time.

    • J C Davis

      They are. The garage corrected me again.

    • Tin foil hat

      “I’d still rather be here if and when the SHTF, than in any other country.”
      Me too but it all depends on who is the POTUS. If Obama or Hillary were still the president, I want to be somewhere else. If Sanders or Trump were the president, I’d wait and see. If Rand Paul or ted Cruz were the president, I’d tighten my belt and start working.
      The higher you are, the harder you fall. It’s just a matter of time, we are the one with no pants.

      • JC Davis

        T F H. That is so funny.

  14. Jim Benoit

    I believe you may be wrong Greg. Mrs Clinton, and just because she is Mrs Clinton, will never be charged. The elites don’t treat each other that way, only we pious could be charged for such actions. There is about as much chance of her being charged as there is the mainstream media actually reporting the truth. I don’t recommend you hold your breath while waiting.

    • Greg Hunter

      Then we live in a totally lawless country and there is no hope.

      • frederick

        greg going by my experiences over the last 10 years we do and there isn’t any but that’s just me

      • Jeff L

        “Then we live in a totally lawless country and there is no hope.” …… Exactly. I will go one step further and say that Hill will be “eliminated”. Since no crisis is to be wasted perhaps in a false flag or gun control use.

      • Ray

        Correct Greg……CORRECT.

  15. Tommy

    One gallon of gasoline, .47; No place to drive to , priceless.

    • Galaxy 500

      More like gas $0.47 a gallon and all I have is a penny

  16. Jerry

    Bill Holter was right when he said. “THE COLLPASE IS HERE”. The main underlying driver behind the panic on Wall Street concerning oil prices, is the fact that they know defaults are coming.

    With the BRICS dumping dollars back into the market to buy Gold and Panda Bonds, there’s no way the Fed can continue to mop up U.S. Treasury’s and then take on Bank defaults from oil companies at the same time. The Fed might put a temporary patch in place to stall off defaults for awhile, but in my estimation there’s no way it can last with prices south of $30. a barrel. This is it folks. Make final preps now.

    • Silence is Golden

      Already here Jerry.
      42 Companies in the Energy sector went bankrupt last year.
      Only escalates from here…along with the derivatives attached to the debt. Default is such a dirty word but it will become common vernacular in 2016.

      • Jerry

        Great find. I don’t know how they can keep covering this up without it bursting through the economic seams at some point?

    • J C Davis

      Jerry, and SIG I just finished listening to a interview with Rob Kirby. He explained the ESF Exchange Stabilization Fund. They who ever they are may be the heart of the oligarchy that has been controlling our world currency for the last 82 years. The tables have turned. When someone like me can find out what is going on you have to know the gig is up. This dark life form ESF is running from the light to the closet. I am always a day late and a trillion dollars short. JC

    • Silence is Golden

      Again I say why isn’t this making the front page of the NY Times ??

      • Jerry

        They won’t report it until its up in their own financial grill, and then it will be to late. Greg has stated multiple times that they know. They just won’t report it because of fear of losing their jobs like he did. The banker corporations own the news media. Glen Beck said it was like having a bag of hammers dropped on him when he reported about George Soros when he was at Fox.

        • Silence is Golden

          My point is not so much about the logic behind the non reporting…its more about keeping the charade going. Nothing to see here….move right along. Yes we know “They” know. Greater America is no longer in the dark about this BS economy and crony capitalism. Its affecting everyone from the Banks to the employees at Walmart.

      • J C Davis

        SIG. Dimon said the energy portfolio makes up just a small portion of JPMorgan’s balance sheet and many of the loans are backed by physical assets. That means banks can sell off assets to recover money if a company defaults on its loans.
        Perhaps the big banks are looking forward to smaller oil funding to go under. Dog eat dog.

        • Silence is Golden

          Debt is one thing….but what about the collateral value ??
          Then as an added extra what about the derivatives (CDS)attached to the Debt ????
          Dimon is a freaking liar. Other Banks (Wells Fargo and Citi have said their provisions for impairment “may be adjusted upwards if the price of Oil stays below $30/barrel”). We aren’t Einstein but we sure can smell a rat.

  17. Chip

    Great WNW Greg. I stole this comment from ZH but it is too good not to share with you and your readers…

    Politicians like Clinton could not function in society in normal jobs, so they become politicians, who impose their flawed, half-baked ideas on the public, and then have the audacity to proclaim to the public that they know this is what you want, what you need, and according to them, this is the way you need to live.
    In America, the politicians give away the jobs to H1B workers, and enact poor tax policies and onerous regulations which drive-up costs which result in the loss of the manufacturing base to off-shore locations. They claim that the public doesn’t want those jobs anyway, or are too good for them.
    When the policies are now irreversible and they realize the true destruction that they have caused, they empower a central planning group of criminals to print trillions of dollars to prop-up the stock and real estate markets in an attempt to disguise the true state of the economy, in addition to, distorting the economic data (CPI, PPI, employment, GDP, …) to lie to the public.


  18. Linda L.

    With an unprotected email server, back up system and the HIGHEST
    levels of top security information that most likely have been hacked, Hillary doesn’t have to be POTUS to be blackmailed. I would imagine that ANY office that she holds now (especially in view of the public eye) could put America’s security at a huge risk. It’s truly baffling why this Administration hasn’t rounded up and secured one of the most dangerous people on the streets, because at any moment Hillary could be blackmailed, spill the beans, providing to her blackmailers information that could kill under cover agents and leak out the highest levels of government secrets. This whole thing is astounding how corrupt things have become.

    • Greg Hunter

      Hill is toast and will never be president.

  19. Jerry

    As I have said before, the Gold Benchmark Reset in April, will be instrumental in determining what our economic fate will be. This was supposed to have taken place before the end of 2015, but the Chinese were still testing their CIPS system that they plan to use in place of the SWIFT system.

    Once Gold is reset making Shanghai the central hub, you will see China peg the Yuan to Gold and then break from the dollar with the BRIC Alliance. Do you really think the Elites meeting in Switzerland are making plans to save the current floundering Bretton Woods System? I don’t. I think they’re getting their seats on the Shanghai Express before the U.S. Titanic goes down.

    • Faith

      Jerry, I agree. The US is disposable. As to how this affects US citizens, we are collateral damage. Harsh, I know. There isn’t anything left to sell in the US. With 100 million US citizens either unemployed or out of work or on some type of government assistance the consumer market in the US is shrinking. That is not the case in China. The consumer market in China has barely started. Selling goods and services to one billion Chinese is the new market.

    • lastmanstanding

      Rob Kirby interviewed today over a sgtreport.com. Worth a listen.

      I set goals to reach every few months…once reached, I make another and so forth. No one or thing stands in my way.

      Watchdoggers, please be aware and always vigilant. I ran into a complete and udder lib/prog/commie moron yesterday that I was aware of. All that I am willing to say about the encounter is that satan is out there and he is dressed just like you and I.

      I know what to look for, you had better know as well.

      • Jeff L

        Your comment needs to be addressed more often….. This is all about good and evil and those you describe are beyond moron status. They may think they are man’s answer to the world’s problems but they are godless, evil people. Living in darkness and they know it not.

      • Faith

        Lastman: thanks for the heads up. I have more than one neighbor that already have put “Sanders 2016” stickers on their new cars. It makes me sick. The thing is that if I dare to plant a “Trump” or a “Cruz” sign in my yard hey will pitch a fit to the HOA and demand that my signs be removed. I am guessing the first phonecalls would happen within 1 hour of my planting a single yard sign.

        • Jeff L

          My idiot next door neighbor named his dog Obama. There really is no better word to describe him.

    • Occasnltrlvr

      It’s a long, slow, and precarious transition to a multi-polar monetary system. The “Shanghai Express” and “U.S. Titanic” both belong to the same transportation company.

      See you in May.

  20. Jedward

    Why did the Fed raise interest rates? Well to help their bosses in the ‘to corrupt to survive banks’ of course, like they always do. The banks have ridden the market up for the last few years and now the ‘dumb’ money has started to flow back into the market, so the ‘smart’ money is not only getting out but it is also shorting the market (soros et al). They will now make money as the market falls……so the Fed raises rates knowing it will crash a very shaky market. The DUMB money gets plundered again because the Banks and Wall Street control both sides of this corrupt system. That’s my theory as to why rates would be increased in this environment.

    • Silence is Golden

      In fairness they (The FED) did give plenty of warning. Those who were foolish enough not to act before the FACT only have themselves to blame. Those still in the market still have the wrong mentality. Its not rocket science….apparently it is for some.

  21. Mohammad


    Something snapped in oil market.
    it is 2007 -2008 Lehman’s moment.

    feds are using the oil ETN patch and obscure.


    The tail cannot wag the dog, too heavy to.


  22. Blake Mann

    The so called deal with Iran is so bizarre I just can’t believe what I hear and read about it! If it’s true John Kerry should be arrested and tried for treason. Another great choice for Secretary of State for the Obama administration.

  23. lastmanstanding

    I have been watching fox biz since first of year to watch what msm is reporting regarding the markets and such. ALL fingers on ALL shows are pointing at China ALL the time. The Davos stuff has been comical. No one there has to live in the world that the rest of us live in.

    Snow in NC this morn. lol! I realize there is little snow removal equipment. My brother is in Mooresville. He and my wife FB and his post this morn is maybe 2″. It also included a picture of the bare shelves at the grocery store. I told her to post back that the same bare shelf scenario all the time maybe closer than you think.

  24. notyourpatsy

    For the Patriotic amongst us, which appears to me to be the majority of the readership here; is my list of favorite movies.
    Red Dawn the original 1984 with Patrick Swayze
    The Patriot, Mel Gibson
    Shooter , and Four Brothers by/ starring Mark Wahlberg

    These are for mature adults who can grasp the reality that is presented in these movies.

    It’s uncanny how all of the populace can see the crimes being commited against us, and Our nation, yet none of the players involved ever get the sentences they deserve. When the majority of politicians are lawyers, there’s your problem right there! NEVER vote for any politician that has a lawyer background, ie Gov Christie; who’s publicly stated, “I’ll stay here in NH while the MOST SEVERE STORM SINCE SUPERSTORM SANDY HITS NJ, because the Lt Gov is there and she’s doing a fine job while I’m out campaigning.” Essentially, Gov Christie is telling the people of NJ, “Let them eat cake”. Actually Lt Gov Kim Guardano IS a great public servant and she does have the best interests of the people of the State of NJ in mind. She physically toured all of the worst areas of NJ after Sandy, I know I met her firsthand. She is a very decent person, and one I would elect to be the Gov of NJ!

  25. Willard Ferch

    K. Willie & J. Brodderick were on Hannity & told their stories, especially Hillary’s part in going after the women to shut them up, and their aim is to educate the younger generation. Hillary has said “she just has to run something”, and those types strive for power, but are incompetent stumble-bums. But from 77 years of observing life and liberals, Bill is still a hero & they’d vote for Hitler, Stalin & Mao, if they ran as Democrats. Fiddlin

  26. Charles Turner

    This week the UK parliament had a THREE hour debate on whether Donald Trump should be banned from entering Britain. As far as I am aware Donald Trump has never murdered anyone and never threatened the UK although he has invested and created jobs here. It appears that free speech in a our new form of democracy is only free speech if it fits the concensus view, otherwhise it is dangerous extremism.

    Here is the full debate from the British Parliament:

    • Greg Hunter

      The UK is in the process of being taken over by Muslims. Don’t they have many Sharia courts there? Arguing over Trump is like arguing what color you are going to paint your barn when it is on fire. Thank you for bringing this up.

      • J C Davis

        Is pealing a new color ? Good one.

  27. notyourpatsy

    Also, I noticed that Mr Jim Sinclair & Mr Bill Holter, regardless of their postings don’t think ‘the end is near’ any time soon, as they are scheduling ‘conferences’ as far out as february and beyond at this time. If things were going to go upsidedown as in ‘shtf’ chaos, then how on Earth would they expect people to be able to safely travel to any of their scheduled conferences in major cities? Just a passing thought for those who may be grinding their teeth in dispare, there’s apparently still enough time for folks to get supplies put away for hard times that ARE coming in the future.

  28. Galaxy 500

    Good news folks, everything a moslem blows himself up, they defile themselves according to Allah’s [Satan] lore.
    by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News
    Ted Nugent just brought to light one important detail that I guarantee none of these Islamic terrorists have even considered.
    In the Islamic religion, pork and pork products are forbidden because the pig is considered an impure animal. In a Facebook post Ted writes…
    Chimps & pigs, a match made in hell. ES&D voodooallahpukes.
    Percy the pig makes for an extremely interesting read. I never knew pigs were in most products!!
    Every Muslim who has ever handled TNT, Nitro, Bullets, High Explosive Bombs, Rocket Launchers or been treated for cuts injury requiring stitches, or taken antibiotics, or Vitamin Capsules, has been contaminated with Pig Products.
    The ironical part is that when a Suicide Bomber blows himself up his body parts are impregnated with Gelatine and Glycerine from the explosive. Both Gelatine and Glycerine are manufactured from Pigs worldwide.. Ergo, they will never be accepted by Allah.
    Some makers of cigarettes use haemoglobin from pig’s blood in their filters. Apparently this element works as a sort of ‘artificial lung’ in the cigarette so, they claim, ‘harmful reactions take place before the chemicals reach the user’, (enter the Pig.)
    Pig bone gelatine is used to help transport gunpowder or cordite into the bullet. Insulin, the blood-thinning drug heparin and pig heart valves all vital. The complex workings of the global food and processing industry have ensured that it is impossible to avoid pig altogether.
    There is no legal obligation for manufacturers to specify whether the gelatine they use is from a pig or another animal. When it is specified, it is often confusingly referred to as Suilline gelatine.
    So to all prospective Suicide Bombers, ISIS and innocent, good Muslims, I say, “Have a Nice Day” from “Percy” the wonderful Pig.
    Looks like these Muslim terrorists are in for a rude awakening when they reach the afterlife! Thanks for the good news Ted!!
    Aloha Snackbar!

    • J C Davis

      g 5

      aaahhhhhhaaaaahhhh that is absolutely hysterical , good one al ols

      • Galaxy 500

        Thanks JC. You know I am all about the bacon

    • Kezia

      This probably also means no 72 virgins for them.

    • Jeff L

      Ted Nugent is one great American…… Problem is he’s pro-gun and loves the Constitution/Bill of Rights….. That’s 2 big strikes against him. Now he’s “anti-Muslim”. I worry about him and would watch my back (and head). The MSM would have a hay day explaining how he “deserved it”…….That’s where we are in this country now and going down fast.

    • sk


    • andyb

      So instead of getting 13 virgins, they get Hillary?

  29. Galaxy 500

    Great Wrap up. Hillary is going down. 0bama isn’t going to pardon her.

    • lastmanstanding

      Maybe he’ll surprise us and hang her.

  30. dbcooper

    Hi Greg, Good WNW … Listened to Rick Wiles Wednesday (TRUNEWS) and in the first hour he interviewed Terry Sacka and the talked about the Stop Lose that will be instituted on Feb. 18 … I think PCR or Ron Paul has also said watch Feb. 19 … I suggest that you try to interview Rick Wiles and also James Wesley Rawles and I will suggest to Rick that he have you on his program. Thanks for what you do and it is To Stupid To Be Stupid!!
    Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

    • dbcooper

      Also Greg, you mentioned that the Baltic Dry Index is raw materials… it is also container ships and any ship carrying goods which means the store shelves could dry up in short order, DB.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you DB.

    • Shadow of Doubt

      Terry Sacka’s assertion that our so-called free markets will soon have a Stop-Loss Door instituted by Feb. 18th is mind boggling. This mechanism will allow Americans (much like their Chinese counterparts) to now helplessly watch their investments possibly plummet to zero, with no opportunity what-so-ever for a timely market exit–done all in the name of market stability. Ranchers and farmers have long asked, “Why do they bury politicians and bankers twenty feet down instead of the standard six?” The answer, “Because deep down they’re all really good people.”

  31. Tad

    On BB yesterday, John Kerry said Iran would received about $ 75 to 100 billion back–some exception made for some of those funds tied up in loans.

    Not sure what that means. Perhaps he was avoiding any reference to hypothecation–perhaps a hypothecation a few times over of Iran’s gold held in New York. Who knows?

    If I’m Iran, I’d be spending those funds as quickly as possible-for any number of reasons.
    While Iran may own little of US Treasuries, the world is trying to dump them and spend the proceeds with haste. You couldn’t blame Iran for joining a global party, could you?

    While Iran may purchase gold ( not an illegal endeavor the last I heard) one wonders of attempts by sovereigns to purchase mining companies.

    As been mentioned before by analysts, the dollars will come home to roost and spread inflation on an unimaginable level.

  32. wd

    Thanks for the wrap up Greg,

    Would it be possible to refer to USA TODAY as USA TOAD?


  33. brian

    Yeah well, in regard to all this hand wringing over Iran and the apparently immense and looming threat it is to some folks, one thing can be said; At least Iran has a seemingly functioning government, which is much more than can be said about the nation once known as the United States.

    Safe to say the experiment is over, when a nation of 350 million so called thinking adults allows itself to be lorded over by such a parade of lying shits and buffoons for as long as it has been, I’d have to say that we as a people have demonstrated ourselves to be fully incapable of shouldering the burden of the gifts of life, liberty and dignity that our Maker soberly sought for us to bear.

    Now, as the choking, nidorous effluence of our collective inability to maintain control of the government that we laughingly consented to be governed by, pinches off our breath and assails our senses all that is left to do is throw ourselves into the dirt and pay out a gnashed-toothed and bitter-teared repentance to the very God that we have not only failed to the near point of betrayal, but quite frankly, have come to stand as a complete mockery of.

    Nobody in their right thinking mind can come up with any excuse for the sorry-ass state of affairs our nation is in right now, except by willful denial of their own culpability.

    • Greg Hunter

      This comment “At least Iran has a seemingly functioning government” shows you to a bit dense about what a “functioning government” is. Iran is a totalitarian theocracy with and un-elected ayatollah in charge. Did you see how well the “functioning government” reacted in 2009 when there were anti government protests? They shot people in the streets. Give me a break.

      • brian

        HAHA yeah Greg, I must be “a bit” dense.

        Iran has a seemingly functional government, more seemingly so than our so called United States. Lets all cry about Iran to what end? Lets all cry about Iran while our own government shows itself with the passing of every day to be many orders of magnitude worse.

        I ask, what can we do about Iran at this point? What credibility do we have? What authority? What do we do Greg, what do we tell Iran, what ultimatum do we give them at this point? The only thing we can force Iran into is a war, let that one sink in buddy, because that is the sum total of the situation all this internal criminal crap has brought us to over the decades.

        We do not have a government and you know it.

        • Greg Hunter

          Well, so far we have not resorted to mass shootings in the street. You do realize you are on a site called USAWatchdog.com. Please try to open up a site IN IRAN called IranWatchdog.com. Please level some criticism at the government and it’s ayatollah leader. Put a clock on how long you stay out of jail. I’d say less than 24 hours and you would never see daylight again. America has problems but it is well worth saving. Please just stay out of the way. Don’t bother to respond I am getting the last word.

          • notyourpatsy

            AMERICA will ALWAYS be worth saving, if not for all of those who fought so valiantly to defend the core of the Declaration of Independence and uphold the Constitution; but because WE STILL BELIEVE IT TO BE SO!
            Ditto DB, JWR has been a friend of mine for over 30 years.

            • red

              “America will always be worth saving”
              Yes. Absolutely yes.

          • brian

            I don’t speak Farsi, so me opening a site called IRANWatchdog probably won’t work out to well.

            Good luck with saving America man, I’ll do my best to stay outta the way of guys like you, Lord knows you gotta TON of work ahead of you.

            • Greg Hunter

              You got my point. So, why don’t you go somewhere else to be critical of USA since you don’t care about the country. Really, go somewhere else, and while you are at it, you should learn how to read and write in Farsi.

              • brian

                okay fair enough Greg.

              • RTW

                With all due respect, I don’t think you got brians point. He isn’t against the United States, it’s that he’s not overly thrilled with it’s leaders or it’s government. More than a few of your readers have also expressed this feeling. It is possible to separate the two
                and you don’t have to change your citizenship to do it.

                • Greg Hunter

                  Why do you think I am doing this site? I agree but I also get to have my say.

    • Jerry

      I understand your frustration. America is about to be brought to its knees. Many people will die because of their ignorance and idolatry. But know this. The elites may be finished with this country , but the lord God almighty is NOT. Good men will rise up and restore our Constitution and America will once again shine its light of freedom forth to the nations of the world pointing the way out of this economic darkness.

      Hope is a good thing. Probably the best of things. For without it there is really no reason to live. It is my hope, that on the morning of the first day that this country is reborn, that I will be able to shake your hand (and Greg’s to) and say “thank you for not losing faith, and giving up”.

      P.S. As far as NATO and FEMA camps etc. ? They don’t have the stomach to get involved in our mess. We’ve always had to carry the bucket of crap for them. The Russians and Chinese? They’ll be dealing with their own mess. We’re on our own folks. Buckle up.

      The Progressives that are in power in BOTH parties of our Congress? They will die along with their bankster friends and the socialist who have

      • Jerry

        Addendum to my last.
        Like Mike Tyson said. “Everybody has a plan, until they get face busted”.

      • Jeff L

        Jerry says…”but the lord God almighty is NOT (finished)”…… I agree He is not finished but you assumption is 180 degrees off.
        There will be NO turnaround as God is going to judge this great country for turning it’s back. There are hundreds of prophecies regarding this countries future by MANY of God’s servants today (if you say you believe in God). If that doesn’t convince you read Rev Chapter 18 and tell me that isn’t a description of America being destroyed (in one hour).
        Most people can’t except that this once proud, God fearing nation could be punished. 95% of “Christians” are blind to it. These “Christians” have been distracted by the world while God is being systematically removed. Turning our backs on Israel and promoting same sex marriage was the final nail in this great country.
        So don’t be surprised if things don’t turn out like you planned.
        Sorry for the sermon.

        • Jerry

          Repentance requires humbling. I have no doubt that this nation will pay the price for its wickedness. But with a change of heart comes new birth. That is what I’m referring to. A rebirth of what God intended this country to be. After all he was the one that created it for his purpose. Does anyone really believe that a rag tag bunch of farmers could have defeated the greatest army in the world (at that time) by accident?

  34. Diane D.

    U.S. Middle East policy is the Crown Jewel of evil Neocons. It continues to amaze me how they used fear to turn Christians into their useful idiots. ME policy is all about perpetual war and has been since we won the Cold War and peace. Remember peace?

    • frederick

      I totally agree Diane and the bankers have total control over our socalled government

  35. Tom Cunningham

    Hi Greg,

    Another great week of guests and a fantastic WNW. Not only is the Baltic Dry Index at all time lows, looking at the weekly and monthly rail traffic from http://www.aar.org, it is at levels not seen since 2008. All of these indicators point to the fact that we are in a recession. So who is peddling fiction? The figures don’t lie, but liars sure do figure.

    The company I work for imports most of our goods from overseas and in the past couple of months I have seen about a 40-50% reduction in the ocean freight that we pay per container imported. If things were going good, this would not be happening. This directly points to a huge oversupply of vessel space. I did not even see ocean rates this low in 2008!

    Much ado has been made about the gigafactory that Tesla is building here in Northern Nevada. In talking with local contractors, I have found out that it is not all what it’s cracked up to be. Not only is the project about 18 months behind schedule, Tesla is claiming that since they cannot find “qualified” workers for the manufacturing end, they will be bringing in foreign workers on H-1B visas. That is not what we need. This project was supposed to be a boon to the Reno/Sparks economy and at this point all it looks like is that it will be a way to bring in more high-tech workers from overseas. And, lest we forget, Governor Sandoval got our legislature to approve over $1 Billion in tax breaks and incentives to lure Tesla here.

    However, now Southern Nevada is getting into the act as another $1 Billion plus in tax incentives was approved just recently to bring Faraday Future to an industrial park outside of Las Vegas. This company has not produced anything to date, but Nevada just rolled over and gave them $1 Billion plus to come here. And we wonder why we are in trouble….

    We are definitely headed for something akin to what happened in 2008 if not worse. I am looking forward to your early Sunday release with Michael Pento. Have a nice weekend,


    • Oracle

      I agree Tom,
      Tesla is not even a profitable company. It’s stock price went
      up an anticipation of future earnings. As for these company’s
      getting these huge tax incentives for building plants and office’s,
      you are spot on regarding HB-1 visas being handed out to fill
      the positions. Just read the T.P.P. and the you get the picture,
      W I D E S C R E E N !

  36. Dan S.

    Economy has picked up steam? Yeah and it’s vaporized into thin air. Have a nice weekend.


    Greg —-Anything out of Mexico …will they have to reverse their hike too?
    They are closing in on a Puerto Rico situation now are they not?

  38. Diana Dee Jarvis

    Greg, thank you for stating that not all Muslims are bad. I’ve worked with some over the years who were decent people. Many Americans forget that most victims of radical Muslim terrorists are actually other Muslims. As for Hillary, I don’t think Bill is a millstone around her neck at all. As I recall, the man was like Teflon. No matter what accusations were levelled at him, a large section of the public remained utterly charmed by him. If anything she was a millstone around his neck.

    • Greg Hunter

      President Clinton is a sexual predator in my opinion. I think history and facts support that opinion. Yes , all Muslims are not bad but few stand up to a known problem in their religion and community of violent radical Islam. It is a know identified problem with the FBI and is not Islamophobia. All Muslims should stand up and denounce this kind of violence being taught in some mosques and in their religion, but they are not. That, both saddens and sickens me.

      • Diana Dee Jarvis

        Greg, I don’t disagree with you on Bill Clinton’s character. However, for some reason a large sector of the public doesn’t seem to mind or care, and that is equally disturbing. What does that say about society? As for Muslims denouncing violence, an Arab activist who is strongly anti-ISIS and pro-democracy was recently wrongly identified in news media as being pro-ISIS. Twitter briefly suspended his account. I suggest that Muslim denunciations of violence are largely ignored by MSM because it doesn’t fit their spin to keep the public terrified. http://www.albawaba.com/loop/case-mistaken-identity-no-iyad-el-baghdadi-not-leader-daesh-787300

        • Greg Hunter

          You said, “a large sector of the public doesn’t seem to mind or care.” How large? I guess if the MSM ignores a story and people don’t know about it that’s mission accomplished. If the MSM covered the Bill Clinton Sex story like Bill Cosby many more would care. Muslims condemning violence in the name of Islam are in a very small minority. So what, you cherry picked one case of mistaken identity. Oh yeah you are propelling “Muslims are victims” idea. They are NOT. It’s the people being killed and wounded by violent extremism that are the real victims. You know like that Police officer in Philadelphia shot three times by a self described ISIS loyalist. That was violence being done in the name of ISLAM according to the man who tried to murder a cop. Don’t come here and try to lay a Muslim guilt trip on me. It’s not going to work and I soundly reject this line of lefty thinking.

          • Diana Dee Jarvis

            I’m not into laying guilt trips on people. It’s a lazy tactic that doesn’t work. Also people who know me would raise their eyebrows or laugh at me having “lefty thinking.” You said, “If the MSM covered the Bill Clinton Sex story like Bill Cosby many more would care.” That could be said of many, many topics, my dear sir. At any rate, I do enjoy your show and hope you will continue for quite awhile.

            • Greg Hunter

              Thank you for your support.

        • Tin foil hat

          Muslim drops truth about Islam.

      • Mohammad


        You wish to see the ISLAM poof …vanish….disappear.
        I know that for a fact, every thing you say screams that.
        But let me tell you the good news.
        Because who created me and you and the universe chose it to be the last hope for humanity on earth.
        Now if satanic powers tries to hit it with the radicals they fund, train , mobilize….then they are attempting the impossible.
        It is to stay Greg and it is by all means THE FASTEST SPREADING RELIGION ON EARTH…..and THAT IS A FACT.
        Muslims denounce including me the crimes committed by those fanatics trained by Mossad and CIA to highjack islam. but you do not like to hear it falls on a deaf ear.
        Fine , it is your right to do whatever you think fit for your agenda, but at the end of the day am telling you FACTS.
        Islam withstood 1500 years IS TO STAY UNTIL THE END OF TIME.
        And above all IT IS PEACE.


        • Greg Hunter

          Please do not out your words in my mouth when I have NEVER said that. Your religion says my Christ is a “liar” and will come back to kill Christians and Jews if we don’t convert. You religion says if I believe in Christ I will “burn in hell.” Islam is not about peace, it is about “submission” according Imams in your religion: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2015/01/08/fireworks_hannity_vs_british_imam_anjem_choudary_islam_does_not_mean_peace_it_means_submission.html Christianity has Islam beat by 600 years. I hope we both live to see who is correct. I am sticking with Christ, Son of the Living God, thank you very much.

          • Mohammad


            Would you allow me in one post each interview, to put a scientific facts from Quran to get you to know where we are coming from.
            Not preaching, no imposing issues.
            Facts, scientific quotes that could never be known by the prophet peace be upon him nor by any one around that time and only modern science is confirming it.
            So would you allow me to explain, including the financial facts in quran that are cures to todays sickness by factual intellectual discussion?

            What say you?


            • Greg Hunter

              In a word, NO. I am not spreading the Quran on this site. I am a Christian and believe in Christ as the Son of God.

              • Mohammad

                Some thing you fear to know Greg?
                I have sold scientific intellectual arguments supported by modern science, what do you fear?
                If you still choose know i do respect your wish. But tells me your ground is shaky.


                • Mohammad

                  “I have solid ”
                  Sorry for typo.

                • Greg Hunter

                  No Mohammad,
                  I am not promoting a religion that says I should burn in hell for believing in Christ. You know this is true. You also know Islam is submission and not peace. I will NEVER submit and I will NEVER force you to submit to Christ, but then again, this is why, at the core, our religions are very different. Start you own site, and post all the pro Islam things you like on it. I have no hard feelings toward you.

                  • Mohammad

                    I respect your wish, but remember you do not even want to hear facts.


                  • Greg Hunter

                    I know the “facts” I believe in and don’t need to hear yours. Thank you.

                  • Mohammad

                    In that case Greg it will be nice of you to ask some commenters to be polite and be civilized when they insult my religion, it is like tying my hand and letting them hit my belief with the most low, vulgar words on this very site.
                    A word from you to them to have the freedom of speech but to be polite is worthy instead of patting them on the back which tells me you like what they say.


                  • Greg Hunter

                    You should see what I don’t put up. My hope is for everyone to be polite.

                  • Faith

                    Mr. Hunter, you are beyond tolerant!

                    Mohammad has refused to comment with regard to the link I posted to a NY times video which showed a woman being killed by a mob, run over, stoned, and finally burned. Link to this graphic video: http://youtu.be/uZnElkJpv0Q

                    That was simply an abberation according to Mo.

                    I disagree. This was not an exception this is considered acceptable public behavior by moslem males around the world.

                    I have read articles and comments, recently, about how European women ought to wear the veil and a burka in order to avoid being harassed by moslem men. Apparently being fully veiled in Saudi Arabia is inadequate protection and the young men there feel entitled enough to still harass young women. http://www.breitbart.com/video/2016/01/22/watch-saudi-young-men-harass-schoolgirls-in-burqas/

                    There are also people like Mohammad, macqamas.

                    No matter what you say or how you say it their single goal is to promote Islam and to make you appear as a fool. http://gatesofvienna.net/2016/01/an-encounter-with-a-maqama-troll/#comment-435920

                    What did GOV do to their Maqama troll? Banned.

              • notyourpatsy

                I’m standing right beside you on this Mr Hunter. As a devout Christian myself, I have found people like ‘mohammad’ NEVER stop trying to influence, convert, or verbally attack Christians every chance they get.

                Mohammad said it best himself “THE FASTEST SPREADING RELIGION ON EARTH…” which makes them either a drug resitant virus or cockroaches. NEVER SUBMIT TO A MUSLUM OR ALLOW THEM TO DISGRACE THE ‘WORD OF GOD’ BY PREACHING THEIR QURAN!

                • Mohammad

                  Here is another polite comment Greg….LOL.
                  So much love in it that i feel choking.
                  i mentioned a fact, and he is exploiting the dictionary of insults.
                  I will remain respectful to Christianity and Judaism because Allah told me in Quran to do just so.


                • Jim

                  I question the love aspects of muslim followers. Where are the charitable organizations the muslim service clubs and fundraisers for worthy humanitarian projects? Where are the muslim childrens hospitals and womens clinics. Certainly seems our own brand of religion and ethics has propelled us to be the greatest nation the earth has ever seen in a histrically short period of time. Brokaw is right in his book about the greatest generation and it was in the USA under our constitution! even with the problems we have I’ll stay here.

              • diane s.

                Good on you, Greg.
                Armstrong had a good column today. His last line is great.

            • Tin foil hat

              I want to know what is your stance on apostasy and blasphemy.
              I know that you know Islam means submission not peace. Most here are not your average ignorance liberal fools who would buy that BS propaganda.
              The only good Muslims are the ones who reject sharia. Do you support sharia law? What does sharia has to do with scientific facts?

          • J C Davis

            Christianity has Islam beat by 600 years, Well said Greg. What about the foretelling of Jesus The years can not be counted. Mohomadd you need to realize God has no mercy on those who bare false witness. Change your mind . . . I say it is better to change when we can. Jesus is lord.

            • Mohammad


              For a second revisit your belief.
              I did.
              I questioned mine then i reached my conclusion.
              Do you think that a god who created this vast universe, created you and me has a son like you and me?
              if so do you believe that he is inferior to you?
              I bet if someone lays a hand on your son you will swiftly act. How do you believe that god will let you kill and torture his son while he is watching you enjoying it and not to do anything about it.
              Revisit your belief it has a major flaw in it.

              Again am told in my Quran to respect what you believe in.

              One day we will find out the truth.

              I will take your advice.

              I hope you take mine.


              • J C Davis

                Mohammad. Jesus crucified, and resurrection is something you are blinded too. God has blinded your understanding to protect me from you.

              • Linda Louin

                “Again am told in my Quran to respect what you believe in.”??
                Respect of other religions/ideas is NOT part of the teachings of the Quran/hadith, nor is it encouraged. It’s quite clear that you aren’t studying the Quran in an in-depth manner. If you dare, please pull up information on a very interesting fellow by the name of WALID SHOEBAT, who was in the Muslim Brotherhood and a devout Muslim himself. Mr. Shoebat left Islam because he discovered that the dangerous, destructive teachings of the Quran/Hadith were/are misleading Muslims.
                Walid Shoebat’s website: shoebat.com

              • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


                You have a right to some answers here.
                You have some legitimate questions about God and His son. These are good questions. You are a thinking man. Your instinct is right: God is not like us. His holiness is so great that we cannot come near to Him. You agree that he is our all perfect, all good, all sovereign Creator, I think. And yet we greatly suffer in our imperfect state, a state which God did not create us in, but which Adam and Eve chose in their sin, and we continue to live in. This is why our world cries “peace, peace” but there is no peace, because of sin. God does have a son, who existed at Creation, (John 1:1.) God identifies Him as his son, in fact, verbally in Matthew 17:5 when he says “This is my beloved son, with whom I am pleased, listen to him”. Moreover, the reason is stated clearly both in Old Testament prophecy and in Hebrews 2:17: “For this reason he had to be like them (children of God), fully human in every way, in order that he might become a merciful and faithful high priest in service to God, and that he might make atonement for the sins of the people” The point being that Christ had to be both fully man and fully God in order to be a sinless sacrifice on our behalf. He died for you, Mohammad. He is offering you the gift of glorious eternal freedom with him in heaven. Do you own a Bible, as well as a Quran?

          • Shadow of Doubt

            A few miles from the latest terrorist incident in California, my son witnessed a small group of Arab men marching down a street. A little old gray hair lady went out and asked them what they were doing. They told her they were claiming the neighborhood for Allah. She told them she didn’t agree with their religion and they told her she will either be with them or dead. Does this sound like the Religion of Peace? A incident very similar to this was recounted on Jan Markel’s radio program (Olive Tree Views) this morning.

        • Linda L.

          Most “moderate” Muslims say that Islam teaches “PEACE”. However I believe that this is occurring because “moderate” Muslims are NOT completely studying their Quran and Hadith. These books teach (in present tense format) that ALL non believers are to be ultimately eliminated/dealt with in anyway other than a peaceful fashion. My Professional work of preparing missionaries for trips abroad has exposed me to first hand information via return of these missionaries from the Middle East, to what all these self-proclaimed “Muslim” terrorists are doing to non-believers (including babies/children). Its absolutely horrifying what humans to do one another. Peaceful religion you say? I don’t think so….

          • Linda L.

            In passing, I should also add that according to substantiated information, in most areas of the Middle East, if one converts from Islam to Christianity, this is an automatic death sentence, and at the very least, hard jail time until its decided whether or not to chop off your head. This doesn’t sound like a religion of “peace” to me. The last thing the world needs is Sharia Law.

          • Tin foil hat

            Linda L.
            Moderate Muslims are the ones who read the first half of the Koran. The ones who finished reading the Koran are the radical Muslims.

            • Linda L.

              Tin foil hat
              It is clear, based on continuous
              proclamations by Muslims that Islam is a religion of “peace”, that Muslims are NOT reading their own Qur’an/Hadith in entirety, OR they understand that the violence is called for (as it ‘s clearly written) and they just don’t care because they want Islam to spread/dominate the world at any cost. Many believe the latter. Sadly, political correctness is going to kill many more (including Muslims) if folks don’t wake up.

          • Doug Krause

            Hello Mohammad
            No need to revisit our belief,no major flaw…God could not intercede at the crucifixion because prophecy had to be filled and blood shed for remission of sin,what better blood than the Lord himself.
            Jesus seated beside the Father to make intersession for the saints…sweet.
            Maybe you need to revisit your beliefs, satan wins if God stopped the crucifixion.
            Cheers Doug

        • Galaxy 500

          I do wish radical Islam would go poof. As long as y’all aren’t preaching hate and that moslems can kill me for being alive and being a follower of Jesus Christ, I really don’t care what moslems do. I am not pushing salvation on anyone. I might let you know about it but I wouldn’t force it on you or keep bringing it up.

          • Mohammad


            Here is one thing i agree with you on . I hope radical Islam goes poof so TPTB will be deprived of their weapon that kills Muslims and then you will see how fast Islam will spread, multiples of current speed.


            • Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

              God help us if that happens… the most intolerant of the major world religions.

          • Tin foil hat

            GALAXY 500,
            You should watch the documentary movie “The Act of Killing”.
            There is no moderate Muslims in Indonesia. The only moderate Muslims are in the Alevi sect. The Sunni are the worst, they are the ones who blow themselves up like a meat firecracker. Shiit are radical too but they don’t defile their own bodies like the Sunni.

        • Jerry

          The Luciferian elites have always maintained their control through war. They like nothing better than to see Moslems Christians, or Jews, at each others throats. It does not serve either of our interest to oblige them. We should educate both our people about their agenda and go after them.

    • Linda L.

      “Most victims of radical Muslim terrorists are actually other Muslims”??
      Have you forgotten the recently outrageous multitude of Christians killed by Muslim terrorists in the Middle East/around the world? Not all Muslims are bad as you say, but the majority of terror events happening around the world are being perpetrated by Muslims, who are hell
      bent on destroying ALL non believers of the Muslim faith.

      • Diana Dee Jarvis

        Linda, no, I have not “forgotten the recently outrageous multitude of Christians killed by Muslim terrorists”. Perhaps you’re not aware of quite a few massacres of Muslims who didn’t share the radicalism of their Muslim extremist killers.

        • Jeff L

          You will know them by their fruits……. Seems pretty clear to me…..I believe in an earlier post I spoke that all of this is a battle between good and evil. God and Satan…… Again, you will know them by their fruits.

        • Tin foil hat

          The few massacres of Muslims are radical Sunni Muslims killing radical Shia Muslims.
          Muslims in Turkey are somewhat moderate since sharia law is illegal in Turkey.
          Syrian Muslims are pretty moderate too since the ruling class is neither Sunni nor Shia.

        • Linda Louin

          Yes, I’m aware that Muslims are killed by Muslims because they don’t follow the program. However, I’m also aware that except for a minority, the “Moderate” Muslims are NOT speaking out for reform in the significant numbers necessary to bring about public awareness of the situation (massive killings of Christians/innocents in the Middle East/other regions of the world included). I would imagine that many of the killings have occurred as a result of all the proxy wars that are going on, however this realization doesn’t excuse the “moderate” Muslim from speaking out against all the atrocities that are being committed in the name of their ALLAH. It isn’t hard for me to understand why so many folks despise Muslims for this very reason.


    Concerning your CONCERN about Iran funding terrorism….although I agree with yours…may be Kerry’s LACK OF CONCERN might be best explained if this story proves true ? U.S. might be seen as hypocritical concerning Iran if so -eh? Worse- some at the higher levels engaged in treason? Creating an enemy is not what I’d see as ‘in the wheel house’ of one’s Constitutional oath to one’s National Security…and defending the nation AGAINST all enemies foreign and domestic !

    What do they call it when those spreading propaganda so often and convincingly that they start to believe it themselves? Is this what they call the ‘new’ normal? Suffice to say…their propaganda has become a belief of which those that do not accept or are not willing participants are but a ‘heretic’ ! Must we continue to create war…to kill part of ourselves in an attempt to save us ?

    Will someone please lean over and turn off the ignition…me thinks d governor is stuck wide open — and the last sign said … DEAD END !

    Lastly- I wonder if one could only ask for a small token of honestY and at least, when printing the money….that they might use…RED INK !

    • Greg Hunter

      This story you are posting as fact and it is not and has not been verified. You do realize that countries put out false stories for propaganda?

  40. Mohammad

    It is getting dicy in Syria.
    On Al-Arabiya news Ashton Carter makes a bleak warning to Russia and China on Assad.
    Seems the American boots on the ground is official now in Syria:


    The video is in english.



    Greg, Yes point taken…but I did use ,” might be best explained if this story proves true ? ”
    only as a comment to post by Arnold.Jagt (see above )…. and other actions taken to arm factions in the Middle East since the Regan/Jimmy Carter/ Congressmen Wilson days!
    The story I do not believe has been written as to the ‘missing’ arms of Libya and the older shoulder fired rockets…as well.

    Per the ‘color of money’ -Red would be a daily reminder – well for those that use money. Maybe with a disclaimer required on it like a drug expressing the potential side effect ? That it IS a debt instrument and not actually of itself any thing of value …but can be lawful used to a ‘discharge’ an obligation would lead people to USE it to buy and hold ‘things of worth’ that are less inclined to rise and fall at the whim of others… Much of the problem is …how far removed so many are from the actual labor required at the resource conversion level! Far removed from the early rising during lambing and shearing, the cold days pulling chokers, laying iron to the doggies, the leaning into the hammer drills below… The A team players are getting $1/2 M a year to play ball….and the night flight para-rescue in the storms less than a fifth of that!
    Talk about disparity in the real price of silver…time there is some reality returned to just what it takes to make a buck ! And then when you do it isn’t even a real one! lol

  42. dee garmon

    Hillary, as PCR observes, can lead in one thing only: Corruption.
    George Soros is just as genuine as Clintons and that is why the so-called
    alternative media outlets paid for and bought by him like that of Amy
    Goodman’s Democracy Now or NY Book Review shy away from
    criticizing Clintons.

  43. DLC


    Never get off the boat.

    This will be the mental state of the population about 6 months from now.

    Farrakhan is splitting the difference with Alex. National Review and Jane Fonda on the same side against Trump. Rich Lowry of National Review hiding under the desk from Laura Ingraham. Meanwhile, Phyllis Schlaffley and Pat Buchanan answering the call to defend The Donald. The smarmy right trying to punch the frontrunner unconscious. If nothing else, we’re getting to see how things truly operate.

    I remember 49 cent gasoline in the late 1970s and sitting there wondering what the world was coming to. I was used the steady 18 to 19 cents for so many years.

    It all makes you rave inside — like the saucier who just wanted to cook in this life.

    • Mohammad


      I agree with Trump. Immigration should freeze, that will be safer to muslims and others in this great country.
      am tired from being insulted on this site.
      My words fall on deaf ears.
      i will do my best to not post here again.
      I will make a lot of people here happy i guess.
      I thanked you DLC for your kind words in the other post.


      • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


        Do not leave, please. We need your perspective, even when we do not agree. There is nothing more tedious than a bunch of old white guys trying to outdo one another and that is what will happen without you. I for one like your contributions and I think you are here for a reason that transcends other peoples’ pot-shot ego-building excercises. Hang in there, stick around. The things that are about to occur in our world may stretch the beliefs of everyone here, no?

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        If my memory serves me correctly Trumpet wanted to ban all Muslims from entering the US….”until we can figure out what the hell is going on”.

        Donald, what a pathetic and moronic statement!
        “What the hell is going on” can be explained without even needing a paragraph, and not a sentence either, but merely in one word;

        Apart from Paul, the entire Republican presidential race are seemingly incapable of grasping this simple concept. To me they are made up of a grovelling bunch of neocons that jostle, argue and backstab their path to the big house. They can’t wait to arrive at the door so they continue to indulge their delusion of exceptionalism and grandeur, and to expand an already obscene military machine. And yes this is the military with a budget already grotesquely bloated, and larger than the next 8-10 military budgets in the world combined. Go figure!

        And while I’m at it I will explain to you why I do not embrace any religion. I have nothing against any belief per se. However I most certainly do take issue with the fact that TPTB has turned religions against one another deliberately and to such a degree that it has become the joker in their already loaded hand. This card is “terrorism” and it delivers the perfect perpetual enemy, one that must be fought on a global stage. This card even outranks their previous reliable stalwart, the cold war, when it comes to aiding them with their agenda!

        I view all religion in the same light in that they all have common denominators and failings and that each and every one is nothing more than folklore or just flat out fairy tales that fit with man’s childlike aversion to accepting the inevitabilty of human mortality .

        Just as I don’t have anything against a child having a teddy for comfort and love, I am not critical of grown men and women having the ‘teddy’ that is a religious belief which they embrace for their entire lives. If this gives them pleasure, helps them through their existence, and encourages them to treat their fellow man well, then this is most definitely a positive thing to do.

        Just me, but I would have thought that maturity, common sense and decency long with a respect for one’s fellow man could perhaps accomplish the same end result and avoid the other pitfalls that virtually all religions I know of suffer from. These include hypocracy, bigotry and the common tendency to resort to violence and murder simply because they insist on imposing their beliefs on others.

        What I also find extremely tedious is that many adults spend much of their energy arguing about who has the best teddy and that their teddy is the only one that is right about everything. Their teddy is so good in fact that everyone, whether they like it or not, should have one that is exactly the same. The attitude is….these other poor ignorant souls don’t know it but MINE IS THE BEST TEDDY….THE ONLY LEGITIMATE ONE!

        The squabbling is never ending, in fact it increases exponentially because TPTB have realised that it is their star asset to cultivate and to add to an already monumental arsenal. Meanwhile humanity hurtles towards war and chaotic hell…..in a hand cart.

        Cheers and very best wishes to you Mohammad and I very much hope that you stay on board with WD. I believe that it has become a very effective thinktank that thrives on diversity and differences of opinion. As Greg always says…. “Good men can disagree”

        The people that insult you show their true colours and their hypocracy for all to see. No doubt I will suffer the same fate after airing my above revelation . I can just imagine their outpouring of sympathy and revulsion owing to the fact that I am so ignorant as to not embrace THEIR beliefs/teddies.
        It don’t worry me…I will just scroll….scroll….scroll!

        • Greg Hunter

          Hillary is not a neocon??? You did see what she did in Libya and Syria before she left the State Department?

          • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

            Absolutely she is a neocon! In fact she would be their dream come true in the big old house. Except I go along with you…I fully expect her to be viewing the election from behind bars.

            My rant was about the GOP neocon candidates in response to a comment on Trunpet by Mohammad…I never even got started on Hitlary!


      • Tin foil hat


        Don’t stop posting here unless you are really a radical deep in your heart. I can get along with Muslims. I just cannot get along with Muslims who support sharia.
        As the matter of fact, I believe if the west don’t criminalize sharia like Turkey do soon, there will eventually be a civil war or the west will be Islamified.
        Now, before you stop posing, why don’t you tell us whether you support sharia or not?

      • sk

        Mohammad! Many people here are narrow-minded. They are not representative of America. I have come to the conclusion that whatever a child was taught by important people in the child’s life, such as parents, teachers, aunts, uncles, will, for MOST PEOPLE, remain cast in stone until the day they die. Any challenge to the views is felt as a challenge to their very existence. They will fight back tooth and nail. A few will be able to harbor and evaluate new thoughts and new concepts. On them evolution depends. So….don’t be insulted and angry…that would be like being insulted and angry by hazel eyes or blue eyes, or curly hair or a tiptilted nose. It’s just a fact of life. Sadly.

        • Greg Hunter

          I beg your pardon. This is insulting and totally untrue!!! You said, “Many people here are narrow-minded.” Why, because we don’t believe what you do, in the progressive/communist political left??? You are commenting here aren’t you??? How narrow minded can I be?? You paint a false picture, but that is what the left/communist does. The real truth just does not sell your crap, so you got to make it up. You simply cannot tell the truth. Here’s the truth, and it has nothing to do with eye color or the shape of your nose. The Quran says that Christ is NOT the Son of God. If anyone believes in Christ as the Son of God, they should be damned to hell. It also teaches in the Quran that when Christ (the Son of God) returns, he will say he “lied” and did not die on the cross and a converted to Islam. It also says in the Quran, that at that point Christ (the Quran says Christ is only a prophet and again not the Son of the Living God) will then kill all Jews and Christians that will not convert to the religion of submission. (Top Muslim cleric’s say it is a religion of submission, and not a religion of peace. I have posted the links where you can see and hear them say this) The Muslim religion harbors and teaches violence that comes from the Quran. Many Muslims do not agree with this, but (as I have said many times here) fail to stand up to condemn it. Many Muslims believe that Sharia Law should be the Law of the land. When this is the main goal, this qualifies Islam as a political movement and not just a peaceful belief in God. So this is the truth ans how dare I and anyone else NOT SUBMIT to Islam. As you say “It’s just a fact of life. Sadly.”
          You are a condescending twit, that cannot even man-up an use a real name verifiable name when you are on my Internet property trashing me and my guests. Do Not bother returning to comment with out a verifiable name. Oh, and please don’t talk about censorship or the First Amendment. The “1st” only applies to the government censoring someones Free Speech. You are welcome to use your own money and start you own site. There, you can tell all the unchallenged lies you want to sell your crappy ideas and views. Kiss off.

          Oh and one more thing, just to back up what I say here are 109 quotes about violence straight out of the Quran. Enjoy: http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/pages/quran/violence.aspx

          • Faith

            Mr. Hunter, bravo! I am sick to death of the communists that have infiltrated every aspect of western civilization. Well said! Thank you for fighting the good fight.

        • Tin foil hat

          If you are not narrow minded, you should watch this video.

          • JC Davis

            Thank you Tin Foil Hat for the video.

  44. fi

    Greg, How are you less cheesy than the other news outlets that you always attack?

    This morning I asked you 2 valid questions:
    1) Why would Iranians not arrest American sailors violating their waters and would we not do the same if Iranian military were violating our waters?
    2) Is not the 150 billion dollar that we are giving the Iranians actually Iranian money that we illegally withheld on the past?

    It is clear to me the reason that you had trouble with Catherine Austin Fitts a while back when pushing your irrational Middle East agenda. I won’t be bothering with your nonsense anymore.

    • Greg Hunter

      You nor I really know what happened or if Iran’s water’s were violated. Part of the $150 billion according to Secretary of State John Kerry will be used to fund terror. So, I think all would agree that is a problem, and people are going to die because of this money being turned over to them. As far as Catherine Austin Fitts and what I said in that interview: I said this deal would speed the Middle East to war. (Check.) I said there would be no deal and that it was a sham. Without signatures from Iran, as revealed by the Kerry State Department, there is NO DEAL, and yes, it is a sham!! (Check again.)

      As far as you “not bothering me with nonsense anymore” I say, good, one less troll to worry about deleting.

      • frederick

        Greg I respect you but you really cannot call everyone who is critical of you a troll. It is beneath you as a journalist and a truthful person. There is certainly a huge anti Iranian bias in America and that much is glaringly obvious. nobody believes they are perfect but our good allies the Saudis seem for some reason to get a pass on plenty of terroristic activities so I have to call it as I see it. lets try to not be hypocrites and give every guilty party the same treatment. Just my opinion of course Warm greetings from SW Turkey Frederick

        • Greg Hunter

          YES I CAN. Start you own site and you can too. Thank you for your comment.

  45. DLC

    Mohammad: No insult intended. People are in a state of fear for a lot of reasons. It does not help to have a prez who fosters division night and day.

    My mom’s parents were Yugoslav immigrants (Croatian). They spoke very poor English. They were greatful to eat regularly and be free to move about. My mother had to translate a lot of the time because I could not quite understand them.

    We did not sic them on our neighbors, try to force anyone to accept the fact that they were “foreign.” My mother mostly spoke English with a Brooklyn accent, and that made her twice as foreign. The neighbors never accepted us, called us gypsies, came to their door with a broom, telling me and my brothers to go home and “play with our own kind.” Our sin. We were just different. Catholic just like them, but outsiders.

    My dad was a mechanical engineer, more educated than the lot of them but he was married to a “hunkie.” Mom was gorgeous, an eye popper, but totally a mom and avid churchgoer. No dice, no cred in the neighborhood. Kids had their birthday parties and outdoor picnics. We were not invited, beaten if we tried to include ourselves. Many is the time I got beat up or snowballed coming from school. Kids are cruel. Parents are cruel and ignorant.

    Dad would be 107 years old today. He had to face “Irish Need Not Apply” when traveling up and down the East coast looking for work during the Great Depression. He finally had to start his own business.

    My point. No one has a monopoly on suffering and rejection. Having said what I just did, I believe there needs to be a moratorium on immigration. There needs to be time for assimilation. People are living check to check and cannot handle being overrun — and both parties using immigration as a stick to jab at the population.

    We had about a 4-decade freeze on immigration until about the late 1960s. We need this again. Nothing personal. We need to be Americans. If Louis Farrakhan can talk the talk, and I’m hoping it is sincere, over time we can either iron out the differences or just learn to coexist. I doubt it, but I remain hopeful.

    • Mohammad

      Warm genuine words get to the heart right away.



    • Tin foil hat

      Don’t be naive, nobody can coexist with Muslims who want sharia.


      • dill mann

        Tin Foil,

        This is Islam…. this is what it is underneath it all! That is all that needs to be said. There are no ( or extremely very few moderate muslims-that is a hoax).

        islam is radical, radical is islam….Notice I refuse to capitalize muslim or is islam ever again…

      • dill mann

        Saying is islam is a religion is like saying Scientology is a religion.

        But Scientologist just want your money islam wants your blood.

  46. Faith

    An excellent article on Zerohedge about who is viewed as radical and who is not:

    “None of this nonsense is true. But the financial establishment tells us so. Big media repeats it over and over again. Eventually hundreds of millions of people believe it.

    And anyone who dares question the sanctity of this system is labeled a radical.

    (This goes for just about everything now. Eerily, governments are now branding people who disagree with the state as radicals.)

    This is total BS.

    You’re not a radical because the federal government’s own balance sheet shows that they are hopelessly insolvent to the tune of negative $17.7 trillion.”

    Indeed. Link to this article here: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-01-22/if-you-dont-conform-crowd-now-youre-radical

    I expect that if the US elects a far-left El Presidente in the next election I will certainly be viewed as “dangerous” and a “radical.”

  47. DLC


    The Cuban influence on the commies. It wasn’t all about missiles. Maybe less gun running and more cha-cha/samba/calypso is the answer.

    Every culture has something to contribute by and large. Today, it has become, “I will kill you over our differences.”

    No I’m not naive, took too many slugs for standing out. At what point do we try to become more of what He had in mind?

  48. john duffy

    A comment about Islam. A Christian martyr is one who is killed because of his religion. A Muslim martyr kills others for his religion.

  49. Bob332

    Two words describe this present “gummint” and the world in general DIABOLICAL DISORIENTATION

  50. Sayonara

    We are truly living in what can only be described as absolute mentally disordered and intellectually perverted times. We are on the threshold of witnessing and experiencing the worst melt down in human history. The ignorance of the masses and the denial of the elite is astonishing. I read the communique blathers coming from the corporate elite at Davos and they “say” that the current economic concerns are nothing more than “short term noise.” Meanwhile, every single economic indicator is flashing Economic Implosion.
    We are now experiencing When.

  51. Silence is Golden

    I read this story on the web. It was posted Bill Murphy – Le Metropole Café who had received a letter from a reader via email. Anonymous sender…
    I have been working in a chemical plant and have been there for 39 years. We have about 400 people working at the site. I can’t talk to anyone about what is going on with the financial system because nobody wants to hear any of this, they either don’t believe it or their eyes glaze over and they change the subject. I gave up trying to tell people what is coming years ago.

    There is one man at the plant that knows what is going on with the worldwide financial system. He is the production superintendent for the plant, reports to only the plant manager, I have two supervisors between him and myself. Last night he called me about 8pm, which was very unusual because we normally stay in touch through email or sometimes, very seldom though, he comes to the unit I work in and we discuss what is going on at that time. His daughter works for Koch Industries in Wichita in marketing. She called him yesterday and told him they had a meeting with one of the Koch brothers giving the meeting. He came out and told his employees that we were about to go into unprecedented times. He said that their company was cash rich and they would be able to ride out the coming storm. One of her coworkers asked if we were going to have a recession or a depression. Mr. Koch answered that no we were going to have an economic collapse with a 40% devaluation of the dollar. I know you know who these Koch brothers are, with the money and inside connections they have wouldn’t you presume they have inside information.

    My superintendent’s daughter told her father that Mr. Koch sounded just like him with the speech he gave, because her father has been telling his 2 daughters for years to get ready for the collapse and they have. My job allows me to read probably 11 hours a night when I work days and on weekend days. I started researching our financial system in 2008 because of what went down back then. It is totally amazing to me now that we have a system that is totally manipulated by TPTB constantly and people don’t have a clue about what is really going on. We really do live in the Matrix”.

    This cuts to the heart and confirms what many of us know and think …and what a few have said. It has to be taken at face value but the actors and insider (Koch) all seem to be genuine with a very believable storyline.

    • Jeff L

      SiC Thanks. Cuts through all the BS when it’s real.

    • Faith

      SiG: Thanks for information. I agree. I know people that don’t want to hear about any of this. The companies that do have cash reserves, like those owned by the Koch brothers, will do fine. Those with high-risk debt are not going to survive. I think a similar fate will befall many individuals, as well.

      I just placed another order for two more big bars of silver. It will be delivered next week.

      • Allen Starr

        Not sure if i could buy silver bars here in Siberia. Would probably need to trust some broker in Moscow which I don’t think is a good idea. We just bought a bunch more seeds last week which adds to our security. Have changed every $ I have into Rubles and invested at 12% per year. Wife just told me tonight that a report on the TV says not to worry about the price of the ruble and put the money in the bank. I came to that conclusion months ago as the ruble exchange rate to a $ has no effect on what the ruble is worth inside Russia. This economy is a lot stronger than the MSM wants you to believe. The Russian economy is totally different from the US economy and these so called experts who make these predictions for the US are stupid idiots because they don’t understand anything about what Russian people do here and don’t have any idea how to measure the differences. The Russian people are living through their recession and look for the ruble to be around 63 and oil to be in the 60’s in the second half of this year.

        • Faith

          Hello again! I am also getting ready to start seeds and a garden. I have no trust in any US banks and keep as little money as possible in one. The Russian people are made of sturdy stock. I am going to start roving and locate local farmers that have chickens, eggs, rabbits, quail and pigeons, goats and goat milk and fresh cheese.

          Silver is simply a store of value. I never thought I would be stuck with resorting to such tactics to protect the small amount of money I have managed to save! Nonetheless I have such items in my possession and it helps me sleep at night. Peace of mind. The good news is that it is still safe to trust the USPS and UPS and FedEx to deliver high value items without fear of theft. They are very reliable and I have not had any problems with deliveries.

          Heck even the US military trusted Fed Ex to ship a single wrench used to install nuclear warheads from base to base!

          Dmitry Orlov has written some interesting articles. I very much enjoy his point of view http://www.cluborlov.com

          Please keep us up to date with your farm and life in Russia!

          • Allen Starr

            As long as I have internet access. I was knocked off again for about a week and finally gained access Monday night my time and still good Wednesday morning. This new ISP is weird.

            You really need to hear this latest. Kirby is the 4th one down and Holter is about 3/4 of the way down. Holter says this is it. Take time to listen to this. The crash has already started.

  52. RM

    Would someone please tell me when the US government was ever honest?

    Go and research all the treaties between the American Indians and the US Government and let me know how many were honored. Let’s see now, the American Indians owned the land and some how the American Indians were forced onto reservations and the US Government some how acquired the land !!! We are talking about 1800’s !!! Also the American Indian was murdered regardless of whether they were a man, woman, or child.

    General Custer got his fair and square, but who got blamed?

    By the way I am German and I hate dishonest people and/or governments. The Bible is clear where such folks go.

  53. Silence is Golden

    Earlier this past week Zero Hedge posted an article on the Italian Banks collapsing.
    The derivatives (CDS) are imploding and the losses will be felt far and wide. Who though…will suffer and take the biggest hit? No one knows…except those who do.

  54. Trude B.

    Silicon Valley braces itself for a fall: ‘There’ll be a lot of blood’

    Wannabe entrepreneurs are still piling in to San Francisco, but there’s a sense that time is running out on the exuberant startup world

    Nellie Bowles in San Francisco
    Friday 22 January 2016

    A sharply dressed French investor is leaning against a doorway, arms folded and his expression slightly bemused. Philippe Suchet is considering the latest raft of hopeful new technology entrepreneurs that have presented at 500 Startups – a major hothouse for up-and-coming Silicon Valley talent.

    There’s no shortage of enthusiasm and ideas in the valley, but Suchet is sceptical.

    “Things have been frothy, and you see a lot of dumb money. The music’s going to stop and not a lot of people will have a chair,” said 48-year-old Suchet, a 500 Startups mentor who says he’s been seeing companies now with $10m valuations and no product. “There will be a lot of dead bodies. A lot of dead bodies. There’ll be a lot of blood.”


  55. vincent_g

    Seems to me Gerald Celente was close on one point he maid.
    He was predicting that a third party candidate would win as president.
    He was close.
    What we are seeing is the collapse of both parties.
    If Donald Trump didn’t run the Republican party would have as few people watching as the Democratic Party.
    There is nothing to stop Donald Trump leaving the Republican Party after he wins.
    I would not be surprised if he either joins a third party or creates a new party.

    If the Republicans don’t unite behind him that could well happen.
    Donald is very smart and knows how to out maneuver them.

    Gerald thought it would be a third party that rises and instead an outsider has risen.
    This is one of the most historical moments of this country taking place.

    We see the Democratic Party going up in smoke.
    I don’t think there is anything left of the party.
    The Communists took it over and only candidates like Sanders or those even left of Sanders can draw support from party members.
    This was due to the party appeasing the socialist and communist element over the years.

    The republican party has kowtowed to the big corporations and the military industrial complex which has brought it down.

    Due to Ron Paul that sparked a flame to turn it around the tea party was born.
    Again thanks to Ron Paul this movement was drawn to the Republican Party.
    Without the Tea Party the Republican Party would also be another RIP story.

    The Republican party may survive but I have doubts that the Democratic party will.

  56. Jerry

    Here is the key component to China’s Economic Engine.

    With the CIPS system in place, China will be able to carry out billions of high frequency trades in Yuan throughout the world with this computer system. Add the Gold Benchmark into the mix, and the dollar is toast.

  57. Ross Herman

    Hilary lets everyone know that she will not go down by herself. She has the dirt on everybody in Washington. They will never prosecute her. She could take down Obama and every Senator. I don’t think I ever told you but the entire Obama family is fake. Michel Obama was born Michael Robenson, a man, making the two children adopted for appearances. And Barac Obama is an alias of Barry Soetoro. If Hilary was to say something it might be problematic for the current government. We live in a very creepy world now.

    • dill mann

      They will kill her kid and grandkids…she also has a long list of enemies she wants to get even with…a lot.

  58. Mike from the North

    Greg has it right.

    We have ZIRP because no country can afford to service its debt.

    There is so much debt slept under the rugs all over the world that it is beyond the understanding of nearly everyone.

    Friday we may have seen an uptick in the markets but let us not forget that manipulated markets DO NOT REFLECT the level of confidence.

    Davos Switzerland…Nothing but a scam in my opinion.

    As a Canadian presently on a USA trip I can tell you that currencies are a scam as well.

    • Tin foil hat

      “Currencies are scam as well.”
      It took me a while to figure that one out. I started researching the causes of the financial meltdown in 2009. At first, I thought the Ponzi is the mortgage back securities and small group of out of control bankers, then I lay the blames on the government for the out of control spendings and deficits.
      Now, I finally understand everything that has gone wrong can be traced back to the dollar. The dollar is the ultimate Ponzi and the foundation of the world finance. All other currencies and financial matters revolve around the dollar which is the world greatest scam. It sucks the world, including middle class Americans, dry as the bankers get fatter and fatter.
      I hope Trump will wind down this scam with the cooperation of the Putin and Xi. The banking cartel needs to be disbanded for the good of humanity.

      • Greg Hunter

        Currencies will work really well for a short while. Everyone should have some cash. Not bet the farm but some. Thank you for your comment. Not giving you a hared time just giving another perspective. Thank you for your comment.

  59. Robert

    Greg, thanks for a great wrap up once again! In your closing statements, you mentioned again the ever looming threat of nuclear war. Having been around for awhile, I remember JFK and the Cuban missile crisis. I learned something recently that I never knew or heard of before. You, me and countless other millions are likely here and owe our lives to a single Russian naval officer of that era. Reading the story on WIKI was absolutely riveting. I’m making a place on my wall for a picture of Vasili Alexandrovich Arkhipov for saving my me and my family’s lives during the Cuban missile crisis. Hopefully, we can at least count on the Russian leadership to make another right decision in the near future if another similar situation develops due to over ambitious bad actors.

  60. Mike Gleason

    The FBI can investigate Hillary till they are blue in the face. The MSM will continue to support her and Billy boy. The powers in charge need greedy power seeking criminals to front their operations. Donald Trump will have an “accident” and Hillary will be your new president.

  61. neo con woman

    US nuclear missile damaged in accident
    BBC News 10 hrs ago

    Maintenance errors by three airmen damaged a nuclear-armed missile in its silo in 2014, the US Air Force says.

    It says the incident happened on 17 May that year, but caused no injuries and did not pose any risk to public safety.

    The Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile was removed from the silo which was operated by the 90th Missile Wing in remote area of north-eastern Colorado.

    The air force gave no further details, saying the report was classified.

    In a brief summary, it said the missile “became non-operational” during a diagnostic test on 16 May 2014, according to the Associated Press news agency.

    The next morning a “mishap crew” chief “did not correctly adhere to technical guidance” during troubleshooting efforts, “subsequently damaging the missile”.

    The team chief and two of his airmen – who were not named – were removed from duty after the incident, the summary adds.

    All three later returned to work after being retrained.

    Reminded me of a comment from a friend on those very same missile’s that are very old, “you wouldn’t believe how we have to jury rig those things sometimes to keep them operational!”

    • Faith

      NCW: There was an excellent 60 Minutes episode a few years ago, I think it was in October of 2014, that showed some of the nuclear missile silos. There was one single wrench that was being Fed-Exed from base to base and that was the only wrench of its kind and necessary to install and repair the warheads. There was a test-cheating scandal. 60 Minutes also showed doors being propped open and with maintenance tags. They were still using 5 inch floppy discs in the computers. The comm system was ancient and barely functioned. I don’t know if things have improved or gotten worse since that time. Obama has certainly cut back on military spending and reduced troop levels. I have heard some people say that the silos don’t really matter because the submarines have MIRVs (multiple independent reentry vehicle) which are more effective than silos.

      I do think the government has a legitimate role to play with regarding to defending the borders and defending the citizens. I don’t see that being done at the present time. I think the US military has been intentionally weakened and is vulnerable.

  62. James Hastings

    I have enjoyed my Saturday fix. I’ve watched USA for the third time, watched Gregory Mannarino’s personal video from Friday and his X-22 interview. I’ve watched the Guerrilla Economist and Bill Holter on X-22 also.

    Love the comments too. Mr. Hunter……congratulations….your attracting attention from the fringe…..:) Be careful, they might try and overload your resources…..AKA the Cloward – Piven effect…..:)

    I’m a fundamental christian, and enjoyed reading the the comments. I practice a faith, which allows me to choose…..and G-d will decide my fate. OR…..you can submit to another and man will decide your fate. Dang…….let’s see, shall I trust in G-d…or….a sword wielding fanatic. I should probably drink a beer and think that over….:)

    Great job. Thank you for the sacrifices, we don’t see.

  63. RTW

    Maybe comparing our government to Iran’s was a bit much, but the gist is, our government has been and is, heading in that direction. You can go back to the Kennedy assassination, Oklahoma City, TWA Flight 800 nd 9-11 to see what this country is capable of. The “official” explanations for each of these events are not supported by the physical evidence pertaining to each one. Yet a vast majority of the population buy into it without question, probably because they can’t or don’t want to believe that their government is capable of such things. We are at a juncture where the two party system is merging into one, as evidenced by what has been occuring of late. The GOP has had the power of the purse for 5 yrs now and
    has relinquished it time and time again. Obama should be biding his time on the
    golf course or bike riding with the family, until the end of his term. Instead, he’s
    using his pen and phone to trash the Constitution even further without any
    meaningful objections. This election is probably the most important one in the last 50 yrs and if the right candidate isn’t elected it could be game over for this country. Look at the field of Dems: Hillary is a criminal and a liar, Sanders is a hairline away from being a full blown communist, and the other guy is a non-starter. On the other side we have a front runner who has a foot on both sides of the line. He has been a part of corrupting government officials (his admission) for as long as he’s had money. He’s tapped into the frustration and anger that’s been festering for the last 16 yrs. He’ s saying what people want to hear in a way they want to hear it, but is he capable of delivering on his rhetoric? The one positive thing is that the establishment and the media have tried to derail him and failed. Other than Cruz,
    the rest of the field doesn’t hold much promise or hope. We better get it right this time or we might be comparing our government to Iran’s.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      I listened to the most recent GOP debate and Cruz’s opening hysterical comments on the Iranian response to the US boats straying into their territorial waters. IMO Cruz is a dangerous hegemonic hothead who would be very dangerous if he got anywhere near the white house. As far as I can see the only republican candidate that is not a warhawk and does not suffer from the notion of American exceptionalism is Paul and he is not polling well at all.

      • RTW

        You are absolutely right about Rand Paul in both respects. He, like his father would be the answer, but look what the media did to the elder Paul. Even conservative talk show hosts belittled and dismissed him. He was the closest thing to what they profess to believe in. Now the son is getting the same respect, or lack of it and unfortunately the race, once again, is coming down to the lesser of two evils.

        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

          I agree, it is a tragedy for the US and indeed the entire world that Ron Paul never got to the white house. Sadly his son Rand seems to be even more marginalised and less likely to succeed than his father.

          There seems to me to be a tragic paradox here in the way the system works in the POTUS race. If you are going to run on challenging the size of the countries military machine and Wall Steet’s power, plus abolishing the farcical Fed, then you damn well better do it quietly because if you don’t TPTB will come for you and take you out of the race.

          How do you challenge these institutions quietly….you can’t.
          This means that a candidate, for fear of being hobbled, cannot effectively run on the very issues that Mainstreet America so desperately want to see addressed.

          Bernie Sanders is the nearest thing to the Pauls in challenging the establishment and is direct and vocal in how he goes about it. This will be fascinating to watch as he is already being branded socialist/bordering communist by all and sundry.

          As I see it the neocons simply cannot contemplate seeing Sanders in the big old house, so their tactics will be interesting to watch. I hope Bernie’s security is very thorough indeed, as I am genuinely fearful for his safety.


    • Greg Hunter

      Good video! Thank you for posting it.

    • James Hastings

      Saw no relevance to this video. Greed drives most of these people. Some love the power. A few perceive themselves as “patriots”. The reference to….hating emigrants….???, I don’t think the majority of americans do. Just, get in line, wait your turn, don’t expect a handout, be prepared financially to support yourself and integrate into the culture. You obey our laws and work to support your family. We don’t modify our culture to suit you….This is really simple.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Thanks for posting this.
      Am afraid to say I have to agree with everything Chittum said… apart from the fact that Russia is ‘up to its ears in debt’….they are not….well not yet anyway!
      Please keep up your posting. I very much enjoy your input and your perspective.

    • dill mann


      I read his book in 2006…and it resonated deep within me. More than anything else I have read concerning collapse or finances etc. It sent chills up my spine, still does.

      I think his work is a blueprint/layout for what is going to happen regardless of how we get there.

      Thanks for the post.

  64. diane s.

    Good post RTW
    I agree

  65. Stu

    A call to refrain from ad hominem attacks especially:
    – attacking a person’s integrity and alleging bad motives rather than seriously examining stated views;
    – creating a false impression that one’s views are held in good faith while opposing views are held by people in bad faith;
    – and misrepresent a position, making it easier to attack a person, and creating an illusion that one’s position is the real truth.

    Attacks divide people between those who agree with you who are viewed as good and right and those who disagree with you who are seen as bad and wrong.

    Attacks also hinder serious discussions on finding solutions to difficult problems and on taking hard choices.

    Sincerity in action, truthful character, and civil utterance are much needed.

    “Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.” Ephesians 4:29 KJV

  66. Occasnltrlvr

    With regard to Hillary, my money’s still on what The Chaplain said some years ago, that the Clintons will leave the United States, and Hillary will head the World Bank.

  67. vincent_g

    Glenn Beck seems to always come out as a spoiler.
    He talks a good game but that’s all it is.
    When true changes comes to town Glenn is always on the other side.
    He’s always seems to really be on the side of the status quo.

    So now he comes out for Ted Cruz.
    Was this because Donald Trump snubbed him?

    Trump wouldn’t come on his show but did go on the Alex Jones Show.
    And Alex is someone that Glenn seems to hate.

    Well this time Glenn has taken on a giant killer.
    That is not good for one’s health.

  68. matt

    Bernie will win. WHY? Free

    • JC Davis

      Right Matt the biggest lie wins. History records it.
      How appropriate a crazy old communist to led the country into destruction.

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