Guidestones Blown Up, Vax Deaths Blow Up, Economy Blows Up

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 537, 7.8.22) 

I was praying to God for a win or a sign we are headed in the right direction in our fight with the satanic God-hating, Deep State globalists.  The next day, the infamous and evil Georgia Guidestones were blown up and torn down by sunset.  Inscribed on the huge 30,000 pound stones were the evil goals of the globalists such as “maintaining humanity under 500 million people.”  Of course, the creepy globalists survive, and almost everyone else has to die for their dark, Godless world without Jesus Christ.  Boy, did the globalists have a hot cup of coffee thrown in their faces.  My question is:  Did they get so freaked out they just tore down the Guidestones because they want to go back under the radar of “We the People” and lower their evil profile?  Too late!!

Every week, there are more vax deaths and injuries, and nobody ever asks, “Were they vaxed?” What caused the death or injury?   It’s always “unexpected” or a “mystery,” or “no cause of death revealed.”  Actor James Caan is yet another Hollywood icon that has “mysteriously” died.  No cancer, no foul play, no drugs.  Caan just died—poof.  Oh well.  They say things like “He was a great guy” and “He will be missed.”  This is how these “mysterious, unexpected” deaths are reported.  How much longer can this go on before people see this “mysterious” trend is linked to the CV19 bioweapons they passed off as lifesaving “vaccines”?  It’s not going to get better—only worse.  Brace yourselves, and be kind to the vaxed.

The economy is tanking by any metric you would like to use.  Mortgage applications have plunged.  8 million people are behind paying their rent, and vehicle delinquencies are spiking.    Gas prices are still in record territory as is inflation.  Staff is quitting the Biden/Obama Administration in droves, and it’s going to get much worse if we keep pushing for war against Russia.  There is no peace in sight, and no one will even mention the word PEACE.  The words they like are “war” and “more weapons” concerning Ukraine.  Maybe this is why, according to a new poll, 88% of Americans think the country is headed in the wrong direction—Ya think?

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 7.8.22.

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Dr. Perrie Kory, Founder of Front Line Covid Critical Care Aliance, who is also a top lung doctor, Covid and CV19 vaccine injury expert, will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  There are dark powers in the medical community who want to shut him and other brave doctors up.  Dr. Kory is fighting back big-time.  He will tell you what is going on to silence the truth about the deadly CV19 bioweapons.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Canada are in ‘Koo Koo’ Land.

    ‘We will never be fully vaccinated against COVID’: Canadians may be required to get booster shot every 9 months.

    Silver is Money.

    Gold has been manipulated for years.

    Australia is in Deep ‘Doo Doo’.

    • David Gordon Dunne

      I never thought of Canadians as sheep Anthony but after seeing their pathetic resistance stand against Justin Castro, they are as pathetic as so many Americans. Talking of sheep, I am an American and live in Thailand and they still double masks up here, are scared of their shadows and the kicker is very few people have died here of this fake pandemic. Those that did die were all very old and sick with other things as the Bangkok Post would put the stats out. The world needs to get some back bone now. I enjoy and learn from your comments Anthony.

      • Anthony Australia

        As do I from you David and all that participate in this wonderful community. At times USAW keeps me going, we have nothing here that comes remotely close.

        I spent years in Thailand and South East Asia, not surprised really as I always found Thai people paranoid and superstitious.

        Enjoy the wonderful weather there kind Sir.

      • mike

        don’t alot of people wear masks in TH because of pollution/crop burnoff?
        But yes TH people are quite superstitious. Once you get out of BK area doesn’t it open up more? (less restrictions)
        Also how tight is the enforcement Police/Health officials?
        I keep getting offers from Ex-Pats living over there to move.
        Better cheaper healthcare and more freedoms overall?

      • Jerry Curl

        Well, Canadians are the off spring of the French and the French are very liberal and love homosexuality.. Look at both of their national leaders.. Very submissive bottoms.

        • Brian Dougan

          Jerry: “Canadians are the offspring of the French.” You’re off by seventy-five percent. Only the French (Quebecois) Canadians are descendants of the historical group that left France a few centuries ago. Quebec is only one province in Canada–There are nine others. With some miniscule exceptions; the people comprising the other NINE are descended from the UK/Scandinavia/Germany/Netherlands/etc. In other words; majority European. I repeat: French Quebec; One province out of ten; constitutes one-quarter of the entire Canadian population. One can count the number of French speaking people outside of that province on one hand. Bilingual New Brunswick is an exception; but they are an outlier.

          If I had said something similar….”Americans are the offspring of the Hispanics,” and therefore “love homosexuality;” I’d get a quick come-uppance. The part you got right was your allusion to the effeminate Justeen Trudeau’s latent homosexuality.

          By the way…according to Statistics Canada; up until the early 1970’s the Canadian population was ninety-eight percent White. (Euro-Canadian.) That began to change with Trudeau Seniors forced multicult. He unilaterally opened the floodgates to Third World immigration–At the expense of traditional source countries–The Anglosphere. (The West.) Pierre Trudeau’s heinous; vile; lover of all-things-perverse (alleged) son has turbocharged “immigration.” Both Trudeau’s were/are napalm to Canada. There’s not much left to destroy.

      • Artful Dodger

        People with families had their bank accounts frozen.
        Threats of removing children from parents permanently.
        Parking fines, fines for litter, police attacking with “laws.”
        Apparently UN troops were used to disperse Ottawa. There were many veterans in Ottawa. There were officials that refused unjust orders.
        Some other traitors / fools followed the illegal orders of Justin instead.
        The USA had a Convoy that was not nearly as big, population wise.
        Sheesh “Occupy WallStreet” went poof!

    • Anthony Australia

      NWO in motion!

      I am absolutely stumped.

      Anthony Albanese flags giving New Zealanders in Australia voting rights.

    • Jim Umble

      Ain’t it Greg God let you know you’re herd around the world. Praise God. Yahoo.

    • Mike

      Thank you Jesus. You deserve great news Greg. And the smashing of the satanic monument is frosting on the cake. It is past time to defend our Country from the perverted political leaders and the cowards in DC. Not one will confront the killer shot evil in their boring stupid waste of time investigative sessions. Also, locally, they are killing us with property taxes. The state governments are breaking our backs. Conn. Is one of the worst. They even tax your cars as property. I believe God has taken His Hand off of the evil in USA 👿. Love your show.
      But, if you are a freeloader, oil and food and everything else is free. Sick of it all.

    • Ray steele

      Hmmm , another great post Gregg . We are in worrying times . We know Global Warming is a Scam . The real deal is summed up in this sentence which a good friend of mine has shared with me . When you realise that YOU are the carbon they want to remove then everything makes sense .

      • Greg Hunter

        Ray, global warming is a scam, but geoengineering is not. This is what is causing all the wild weather and damage and nobody ever talks about it and certainly not on the Weather Channer or the MSM!

  2. Anthony Australia

    We love you Ray Mate!

    • Ray

      The feeling’s mutual my brother from over there in beautiful Western Australia 😉
      Have a good weekend mate.
      Ray, Canberra, LDN

      • Paul in oz

        Celebrating the path to which you have returned brother!

        • Ray

          Glad & Humbled to be on it with you Paul.
          Take care mate.
          Ray, Canberra, LDN

      • Anthony Australia

        Over there is now South of you in Dictator Dan territory 😔

  3. Susan D

    I’m so thankful for you Greg!!! Just wanted you to know that. You are definitely my go to!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Susan!!

      • David Gordon Dunne

        Greg, You have done such a service to so many of us. God Bless you and your family and God Bless all who read your inof and all your guests too. Makes my year.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks DGD!!!

      • Janet Pickel

        Blessings are flowing! Thank you Greg. Your faithfulness to the Lord has reaped blessed rewards. I know I am blessed listening to your broadcasts. The Lord God and His Son are firmly in control. I feel compassion toward the vaxed as they have been grievously tricked,harmed and killed. I keep hearing of people dying suddenly without a good explanation also. Keep fighting the good fight and thank you. Janet Pickel

      • Tom C

        Greg, I read a report that Stage 4 cancers are popping up like never before. The Lockdowns and restrictions are to blame for so many deaths.
        As always, thanks for all you do.

        God bless us all.

        • Earth Angel

          My friend’s mother recently passed away from stage 4 colon cancer. She was 89. She was fine and healthy, going places with her friends for lunches, shopping, etc. Despite my friend’s warning against taking the covid jab, she was talked into jabs 1 & 2 last year. Roughly 6 mos. later she was diagnosed- stage 4 cancer. No history whatsoever of any colon cancer in their family. She decided not to take any life prolonging treatments and blesssedly, she suffered no pain or real discomfort until the last 2 weeks of her life. She was a wonderful faithful God fearing woman. We take comfort in knowing she went directly into the arms of Jesus, her family, and the hosts of angels. My friend fully believes her cancer and death the result of the evil shots.

      • Jack

        I think you’re right about the Guide Stones.Why destroy them if your dream is being realised ? A crime was committed so why destroy the evidence ? There is also a time capsule below these stones.

        • gregg

          Greg i would like to know what was written on all those stones. I cant find that info. Its all demonic, keep up the great work brother. I appreciate the guest you have. Keep awaking the people.
          Gregg from Fairbanks, AK

  4. Anthony Australia

    Greg, you are more than heading in the right direction!

    You inspire us to continue to spread love and hope.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks AA!!

  5. James Voytilla

    That’s awesome about the Australian. You will probably meet lots more people like him in heaven. Like the song. Nothing better

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks James. I hope so!!

      • Old Sailor

        How about Framing Bureau of Insurrection?

        • Greg Hunter

          Also, good. Look how far the FBI has fallen. Sad.

  6. bill b

    Late Breaking news: Shinzo Abe was murdered tonight……

    • Anthony Australia

      Taken out by another ‘Lone Nut’ I suspect.

    • IIG

      Japan’s former Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe (Globalist puppet and President of Japan’s Liberal Demon-ratic Party (LDP) from 2006 to 2007 and again from 2012 to 2020) was shot dead today! – and England’s Globalist puppet has also been removed – now all we need to see is the Globalist puppets in the Netherlands, Canada, Australia and New Zealand removed – “only by depopulating our world of 99% of the Globalist’s puppets” can we make our planet habitable again!!

      • Pete+only

        Thanks for sharing this information with us IIG. Cliff Hyde predicted several months ago now that these types of people would start to meet their early end. Not that it is a tragedy or anything, but it does represent definite hope, as does the destruction of the Georgia Guide Stones. My take is that the globalists might even sacrifice Justin (Fidel) Trudeau to try to make him a martyr for their very own misguided liberal cause. No great loss…Greg, this was one of your own personal best broadcasts…

        • IIG

          Pete – From the following Military and Aircraft report – – Russia and China are moving troops and missiles into Central America as Biden increases US troop levels in Europe up over 300,000 and has now begun to move military assets (like fighter aircraft) near to the Polish border – the Globalists in control of the US are moving Biden and the Demon-rats (who are under their complete control) to ratchet up “their plans for regime change in both Russia and China” (as those two nations “won’t go along” with the Evil Eugenicists plans “to exterminate humanity” and have flatly stated to their people: “Have many children” – infuriating the Eugenicists who are now moving very rapidly to World War III – the full force of the US Military (which is now under complete Globalist control) will be used to destroy and annihilate every Nation that opposes or challenges the Globalist’s New World “Liberal” Order – who’s evil and immoral goal is to – “jab” and “starve” all those on Earth (that they consider to be useless eaters) “to death” – top US “Brag-adier” General (Bill Gates) in charge of the worldwide “jab” and “famine” extermination operations for the Globalists – has already purchased (and put out of production) 270,000 acres of very rich farmland and released the next virus (Monkey Pox) upon us!! – Russia and China know these evil Globalists “need to be surgically taken out” (Japan, London, etc.) to avoid the massive civilian casualties that an “all out war” will bring!!

    • Ray

      6.45pm here on Friday night in Canberra, Australia.
      Mainstream media have not said that Abe is dead……they are saying he is “critical”.
      Can anyone confirm that he has died?
      Politicians around the world must be sh*tting themselves around about now.
      I don’t like political assassinations…..but when politicians continually lie, cheat, steal……and then blatantly cheer for the culling of their fellow humans with death shots……well… it really any wonder that a “death shot” comes their way?
      May God forgive me for my sinful thoughts.
      I’d like to think that Love is the way out of this mess……this ENTIRE global mess.
      Sometimes I am not so sure though, and my mind crosses to the opposite, I ashamedly admit before all here.
      Ray, Canberra, LDN

      • Major Payne

        He’s dead.

        • Ray

          Yes MP…..he’s definitely “Brown Bread”.

  7. Marie Joy

    James Caan is dead. No cause of death is given. Even though he was 82 yo, I would still like to know the cause of death. I assume he was up to date on his shots.

    • Robert says no

      Can was in poor health and in a wheelchair. Maybe the shot exacerbated his condition. Or maybe it was his time. There’s plenty of other local people in their 30s, 40s, 50, and early 60s dying. Check out the specific funeral homes in your area and go back 40 funerals and count those that died 60 or younger. For just one funeral home last week in my area, there was 19 out of 40 people under 60 years of age that died. Other smaller funeral homes had less percent but I suspect that changes from month to month.

  8. AJ

    www dot
    half minute…always good to remind ourselves that the fight is until the end of this outrage

    • Mike tamburro

      God bless you and all who live and die for Christ.

  9. Glenn A Whittington

    Guidestones down, BoJo kicked out, Abe assassinated in Japan, ICBM test launch in CA blows up…….

    • IIG

      Could it be Jesus has arrived???

      • Jan, from Budapest

        Don’t think so. The sign of His coming would be visible globally without TV. But, I do believe God is at work, taking down the enemy and his subordinates one by one. Roe v Wade, The guide stones, the changing governments around and about. The atmosphare is changing.

        • eddiemd


          Hogy vagy Budapesten?

          I lived in Debrecen for 8 months in 2017 and taught at the medical university. I was in Budapest briefly. I studied Hungarian in 83/84 in the US Army in Monterey California.
          Someday maybe I will visit again.

        • wanda

          I like to believe, that after all that has happened, cv jabs mandates fear of going hungry and losing their means of providing for their family, now words like Nuclear Bombs being said all over, that many all across this world has turned from their ways, and sought God, and he has heard the prayers now of so many, that he is showing us signs and the promise of more good for us. Should ppl remember his name, remember this close call with evil and keep him in their hearts and pray for deliverance every day, not just in times of trouble, he will answer our prayers.

          2 Chronicles 7 if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

      • David Gordon Dunne

        The Anti Christ comes first and we are at the 5th Seal/Vile/Trump now. The AC comes with the 6th as his 666 number signifies. The AC will come peacefully and prosperously and will deceive and trick so many as after his 5 months here will be followed by the 7th opening and that ushers in Jesus return. All will be turned into their spiritual bodies in an instant and go to paradise awaiting the reading of the Book of life. Christ will be here for a 1,000 years and his elect will teach all others who have followed Satan/AC. Satan will have been thrown into the Lake of Fire during this Millennium time of 1,000 years. Satan will be released a short while then and sadly will still fool and deceive many as this is their second and last chance. If they follow Satan then, all will go up in smoke as if they never existed. Heaven then will be on Earth as God will reign forever then.

        • Don Wohlers

          You are right on David with all we see every day of all the deaths, shortage of food, and waring against each other, the seals are open and satan is coming to make the seven year peace treaty.
          Blessings to you and all the readers of Gregs.

      • tim mcgraw

        IIG: Jesus first arrived in a manger in a barn. How do you think Jesus will arrive the second time? Revelation mentions all kinds of things that seem a bit grandiose to me, but what do I know?
        If you have Jesus in your heart. He has arrived.

        • IIG

          Your right Tim – 2000 years ago three wise men followed “a ball of light in the sky” (to find the savior of our world) – so why not use a ball of light again today – to show the way to saving our world!!

      • Nancy Flymn

        Dear IIG
        I keep reading about people I’m not familiar with in this comment section. I know they’re important because several comments have mentioned them and they all have names beginning with capital letters like God and Jesus. I don’t know which countries they come from and which political parties they belong to but they sound like very important people. I’m only ten years old so there is a lot we haven’t learned in school yet but I keep reading about these two men. I’m just guessing that they are men so please don’t be angry if they are women. I would like some more informatioon about these people and what they do.

        respectfully, Nancy Flymn

        • IIG

          Nancy – Look up at the beautiful deep blue sky, the magnificent white clouds, the beautiful bright yellow sun, the lush green trees, the rich brown earth, etc., etc. and ask yourself – was the Creator of all this magnificent beauty here on this special Planet called Earth “a racist” who wanted to exterminate the entire Human Race “except for the Nazi’s” (like the evil Globalists)?? – The Creator of this Most Grand, Imposing, Beautiful, Impressive, Stately, Rich, Regal, Elegant and Exalted World “for all of us to live our lives upon” goes by the name “God the Father” – and he had a son named “Jesus” (who also loved this World so much “he gave his life to save it for us” – unlike our current Demon-rat and Rino politicians who are trying to start a Nuclear World War and incinerate everything so our world will become a burning Hell where starving diseased people are raping and eating children like yourself – a world where you will own nothing and be happy to be cannibal that gets to eats bugs for dessert!!

      • Stan

        IIG: No, Jesus has not arrived, but the US Dollar is exploding higher, like I have predicted.

        • Greg Hunter

          Other guests have predicted this too. Martin Armstrong is one of many. Are you vaxed and boosted?

          • Stan

            Greg: No, I did not get vaxed. I’m not afraid to catch the sniffles

        • IIG

          Stan – Wake-up – the US fiat Dollar only looks strong because it is basically being compared to the Euro – where the dithering leaders of the European Central Bank have taken moronic actions to crush the Euro) – what you are seeing Stan is a US Dollar that only looks strong because it is being compared to an almost completely worthless Euro and a completely worthless Yen – although the monetary events you see taking place today are incredibly unusual and totally unique – the bottom line is – these events are neither sustainable nor can they go on much longer without the entire monetary system of the world falling apart – and Gold rising from the ashes (like a Phoenix) to take its rightful place as the “only” true money!!

        • Randy Best

          Jim Willie has said the US dollar will continue to go higher, like a hot air balloon, rising higher and higher, until it disappears.

          • Greg Hunter

            Kirby said on USAW a few years back it would go “super nova.” I always had a hard time grasping that, but it is easier today.

            • Charles H

              The rising of the Dollar is likened also to a rocket – goes up fast: then explodes.

              • Greg Hunter

                I agree Charles. The dollar and cash will work great for a while. The big question is how long?

  10. eddiemd


    I am sure that there are many others who have heard your messages and have encountered the Holy Spirit.,OJB,RVR1960

    Heaven rejoiced over Ray. That is powerful. The host in heaven understand how great an event that is. It is a wonder. His name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.;OJB;OJB

    • Ray

      Thank you Ed for your very kind words sir.
      I sent that crucifix (I have one just the same) and letter to Greg, never ever thinking he would bring it up here at his site. Maybe a thank you note…….but never did I imagine he would make mention of it as he has today.
      I left work this afternoon, and as I did, I connected my phone to the audio of my car, and brought up USAWATCHDOG for my 30 min drive home, looking forward to Greg’s Friday News Wrap on what has been such a huge news week.
      I can’t tell you of the tears (of real joy…..of real joy) that came to my eyes as Greg delivered his report. I am SO GLAD that Greg received my note when he did, and when he called upon Jesus…..well……the next day, Jesus did the rest.
      Jesus literally DELIVERED 🙂
      Mate…..I recall a number of years ago, you and I crossed our swords here over something.
      We put that aside, in the time since, you have brought me along, taught me, in many ways. I look out for, read and value your comments, for you too Ed, along with may others here at this fantastic place “have led me back to Christ”, and for that, my eternal thanks remain.
      I hope to share a frosty beer with you some day…….if not in this life, then hopefully in that Special Place that our Father has prepared for us in the next.
      That would be really nice.
      Thanks again for your lovely words which mean a great deal to me.
      Ray, Canberra, Australia.

      • eddiemd

        Hello Ray,

        As you all say in Oz, good on you.

        You know that I lived in Alice for a few months in 2008 working for the Remote Aboriginal Healthcare. I was out on cattle stations and remote camps for most of the time. Everyone was polite and interesting. I used to go to Woolies (Woolworth) and Cousin Vinnies (Saint Vincent de Paul thrift) as they were called. That was before I was reconciled back to the Lord.

        Our lives are considered vapors. We were on slippery places dangling upon an eternity of torment but the Almighty God drew us unto Himself. We were dead, filthy, condemned, vile, and unworthy.

        We will meet at the supper table of the Lord Jesus Christ and dine in His presence. We have the peace of salvation because we know the Prince of Peace, the shalom shalom. perfect peace.

        I do recall that I crossed swords years ago with someone from Oz, I cross swords with many.

  11. Scott

    Remember it was Azar, former head of Eli Lilly, pushed Trump to sign the Warp Speed executive order in late September 2019. There is evidence our people at Fort Detrich suspected there was an issue at the Wuhan lab in early September. Right after that the wheels in HHS, CDC & NIH go into turbo speed. They knew what was going happen and they were preparing to cover their collective asses.

    On the vaxx death count, a good friend who wasv Vaxed last year passed from Gliobalstoma less than 3 months after diagnosis. His physicians had done genetic analysis and found his tumor was the least aggressive type and expected survival for at least a year. They were all surprised when he experienced catastrophic rapid growth in a matter of 4 weeks. Another vaxxed colleague survived a Saddle embolism that required a life flight trip to a major hospital to save his life. Less that 10% of patients with saddle embolism survive so he is counting his very lucky stars.

    • Lori

      Greg, in 2Corinthians, Paul said Satan is the ruler of this world . Why does he say that? It’s pretty obvious with what is going on in every aspect. Please explain.

      • Greg Hunter

        On Mattthew 28:18 (KJV) :”Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.”
        Why would you not listen to the direct words of Jesus? Do you think Matthew got that wrong? There is no other explanation needed. The words mean what they mean. Please note, this was the only time Jesus said this and it was AFTER the Resurrection.

        • Charles H


          So do you believe Apostle Paul; or do you believe Apostle John? There are NO contradictions in the Bible. If one is read into interpretation: then one of the interpretations is wrong.

          What does the next verse to your special verse say, which you do not include? “Go ye THEREFORE and teach…” (Matt.28:19) So the previous verse you center upon is a reassurance for the purpose of evangelizing, or teaching all nations…
          Jesus Christ IS God: of course He has all power in heaven and on earth: but this cannot conflict with Satan being the god of this world, and the ruler.
          Do you really think Sin slipped-up on God; and weaseled into Creation without Him wanting or unplanned? Lucifer, as a ‘covering Cherubim’ is THE highest rank of all created beings. Both he and mankind fell in Sin: but he is still a higher, spiritual being; and has dominion in this world in regards to his higher order in Creation. That dominion is more like a lease, because of time-limitation: but it is dominion.
          My point is this: Apostle Paul establishes that Satan in the god of this world, a ruler, and prince of the power of the air – big titles, all. Apostle John states an obvious but important issue – but neither of the two can negate the other: that would be a contradiction. For the Holy Bible to be the Word of God: there can be contradiction. So Jesus Christ being God and having all power in heaven and earth cannot take away from Satan his titles or dominion. Besides – to suggest that ‘Matthew got it wrong’ can be turned around to suggest to think that Paul got it wrong too. In fact they are both right. Jesus Christ being God and having all power in heaven and in earth is NOT to the exclusion of Satan being the god of this world.

          ALL scripture is given by inspiration of God… 2Tim.3:16: therefore ALL scripture is True. There is a HARMONY to Scripture, which the correct interpretation fits. The problem is coming to the correct, and harmonious interpretation. No contradictions. (Just saying?)

          • DanielSong39

            False dichotomy

            Please read the book of Job to get a better understanding of how this works

            • Charles H


              To be sure I looked-up the dictionary meaning of dichotomy.
              Bifurcation? Schism; split; classification by DIVISION into two mutually exclusive groups? The whole point I make is complete INCLUSION. Your response makes no sense to me.

          • Steve Bice

            “Do you really think Sin slipped-up on God; and weaseled into Creation without Him wanting or unplanned? Lucifer, as a ‘covering Cherubim’ is THE highest rank of all created beings. ”

            I believe you should read the statement above again. I debated whether I should answer this, but decided it is better to address it, in the hopes you will receive it in the spirit intended.

            On one of my posts, you made a similar comment (about man overriding God’s will), when I had said or implied no such thing. I did not reply because I did not want to argue. But it stung to have my words twisted.

            Another on this forum did something similar (setting up a straw man) and never apologized.

            In his case, since he will remain nameless, I believe it was written out of pride…to try show how much he knew…regardless of whether it applied to my comments.

            There is always a way to answer these issues with grace…that does not shame or belittle others.

            These verses are easily reconciled and you have the knowledge and understanding to do so…with grace.

            Greg said or implied no such thing as suggested in the above quote. He and we may not fully understand how to reconcile these verses, but he is not wrong in his “umbrella” statement that all power was given unto Jesus. What happens under that umbrella is open to discussion.

            He has done much for all of us…and speaks boldly of the gospel of Jesus Christ in an era where the secular media will not utter the name above all names.

            He deserves better…

            • Greg Hunter

              “What happens under that umbrella is open to discussion.” Matt 28:18 is clear and there is no discussion needed. Satan will be allowed to do what Jesus wants — nothing more and nothing less. You saw what happened to Job? God told Satan there were boundaries and that satan could not kill Job. Now, Jesus has this power–period, the end.

              • Steve Bice

                I think you misunderstood my comment. We agree. Jesus sets the boundaries…and Satan is given latitude…for awhile. This is the discussion I was referring to… and we are having it. Hence the god of this world references. You and DanielSong both mentioned Job…which parallels the seeming conflict perfectly in my view.

          • Greg Hunter

            Matthew 28:18 could not be any clearer and it comes from the mouth of Jesus and not anyone else. Please note the word “ALL” power in Heaven and on earth has been give to me.” That include any power satan had–period the end. again “ALL”!!! Just saying.

  12. Carl

    The vid of the guidestones shows the light get brighter as they were struck by lightning (God did it!)

    The vid shows NO ONE PLANTED ANY BOMB!
    It was “ball lightning “

    • BJ

      I’m from GA and that’s what we heard also – lightening strike. No powder burns anywhere from explosives. Thank you Lord.

      • Earth Angel

        I’m from GA too- and so happy to hear this evil satanist/globalist monstrosity has been removed. It’s been a blight upon our lovely state. This has been a long time coming. Even better if it was taken out by the hand of God.. Good riddance & Cheers! Dare we hope things actually take a turn for the better?!

        • Earth Angel

          Of course it IS possible that it could have been taken out by a DEW; we cannot rule that out as yet.. I’m just happy its gone. ; )

    • Robert Wood

      Georgia GRAVEstones should be their new name.

  13. John Blatner

    My favorite news site


    Greg brother , There are some things
    that you fail to include in your speech .Russia could not have won WW3 without the US sending them trucks & equipment to fight the nazi s.So now they are getting their asses kicked to the point of losing Eastern Ukraine .And the hyper sonic missiles don’t exist .They talk about them but upon doing research from video footage ,the math isn’t there .Using frames per second mathematics ,cameras run at 30 frames per second . If it was a hyper sonic (5x the speed of sound ,in 4 seconds of filming ,a rocket would cross the horizon from east to west .But you don’t see that .)
    It was calculated that the speed of travel was approximately 800 mph.This mach 1
    .2 not 3500 mph.And even if they had hyper sonic missiles , and launched them , they would accelerate to 3500 mph within 2 minutes.And 10 minutes into flight they would be over the Black Sea or farther down range . So please Greg ,in the future try to remember that math doesn’t lie .
    Now there are other things in history which must be brought to light .
    Go watch Amazing Discoveries with Walter Vieth .The secret behind secret societies ”
    He shoes the hidden truth about exactly who pulls the stringes in the world .
    You are
    my brother in Christ .Jesus is coming back again but the anti christ must rise up first .So the Pope is the one .
    All roads lead to Rome .And the Roman empire will exert its power yet again .What we are seeing is the re shuffling of economies, political alignments to bring back total domination and submission to the Vatican .You just are not allowed to see it ,but the bible tells us of exactly what will happen my friend .Watch the video please .


      Sorry Greg .I made atypo in my last comment. I ment WW2 ,not ww3 .Russia was powerlees Militarialy against the German army until the US supplied them with equipment to fight the war .Now there is hisstory that is hidden from us .Amazing Discoveries video with professor Walter Veith explains that history in his lecture called “He secrets behind secret societies ” .This is a 10 year old video.

  15. John Forgione

    Will they push a monkey pox vaccine? I understand there is an old one. Will ‘they’ bring in a new one that is a bio weapon? Here in Australia they’re pushing 4 vaxes down to the age of 30.

  16. William T

    Correct! The Georgia Guidestones are on private property owned by….the county supervisors. The stones were political and controversial. They have been there since the 1980’s. The evil is that the supervisors got the county to pay for the stones that were put on private property.

    Thanks for all your great work, Greg!

    • IIG

      Sounds like good news – this means any insurance money for this “Act of God” goes to the County and “does not have to be used” to Build (the Demonic Structure) Back Better!!

  17. IIG

    The War between Good and Evil is heating up – with Good “beginning to make a turnaround” with the fall of the Georgia Guidestones and the fall of Globalist leaders in both London and Japan – and it looks like the evil red line in the following chart – – is also due for a direction change to the upside – looks like it is time to get positioned to take advantage of a coming up move!!

  18. Angie

    It is suggested that the Guild Stones were truck by lightning.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for posting this, Angie. It’s pretty convincing evidence and analysis.

    • Roger...


      That is a great video.

      I guess the media does not want to report that it was an act of God (lightning) that struck down their altar.

      Until Jesus returns we all have two task:

      1. Save souls to Jesus Christ.
      2. Kick the devil in the head.

      • IIG

        If “Ball Lightening” destroyed the Georgia Guidestones it can be classified as an “Act of God” by the Globalists “for insurance purposes” – and thus they can make an insurance claim to “re-construct the Damn Satanic Monument” – if this “Act by God” (doesn’t work to knock some sense into the Globalists noggins) Mankind better be prepared “to act in the image of God” and follow through (just as he showed the way) and take down (with bazookas) the Evil Damnation (every time it is “rebuilt-back-better” by the Evil Satanic Globalist Eugenicists)!!

    • Tin foil hat

      The issue is the other pillars were left standing. Lightning looks for the path of least resistance and releases its energy all at once. That’s how you can have a single tower destroyed and the rest left standing.

      Lightning doesn’t have kinetic energy. It wants to get grounded.

      Explosives are the opposite. Tremendous kinetic energy and will leave a chemical signature that’s easy to sample.

      By the end of the week, we should hear if they analyzed and identified what explosives were used or not.

  19. Nancy Kelly

    There is a guy around 40 in my neighborhood who had 3 strokes right after he was jabbed with the covid 19 “vax.” He is still in the hospital and has a go fund me charity set up since he cannot work. Not one doctor is investigating or even saying it was because of the jab.

    • Greg Hunter

      Many doctors are complicit in this evil genocide.

    • IIG

      Sue all the evil Doctors who did not warn their patients that the “jab” they were giving was an experimental m-RNA concoction that didn’t even have its ingredients listed by the Big Pharma manufacturers – and that the “jab” actually infected your cells “to produce the killer virus within your body” – and that the “jab” they were giving “could not kill nor protect you against the virus” and therefore “was not a vaccine” – if enough people sue (each with multi-million dollar lawsuits) we can put these evil immoral murders (wearing white coats and stethoscopes around their necks) out of business!!

  20. David Bagley

    Trump knew

    • Jamey

      Bagley knew

    • Lloyd


      The fact that Trump is still filling stadiums and is the front runner for the 2024 GOP nomination proves how brain dead his still-loyal supporters are.

  21. Peter James

    Hi Greg, some are saying the guide stones were struck by lightning, hence the quick demolition, if so, praise the Lord.

  22. Graham Leadbeatter

    If the republicans take the house and senate in November (and they will if the election is honest…ha) the heads of the relevant departments shouldn’t just be fired. They should be arrested, indicted, tried, convicted and executed for treason.

  23. tim mcgraw

    Greg: I looked up the Georgia Guidestones. I know Wikipedia isn’t the best source, but it’s probably at least 1/2 right on this one. A man named Robert Christian paid the local granite headstone company triple price to build the monument. Christian said he was representing patriots and maybe with his fake name; it was fake; pretending to be Christian. Who knows? But after a year or so Christian transferred the land to Ebert County so the county tore down what was left of the guidestones.
    Who blew up the guidestones? Probably one of Alex Jones’ followers.
    Who built the guidestones? I doubt if we’ll ever know.

  24. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    ‘At 22:00, you reveal that the ‘mystery’ doctor is a she. Wow! I’m now 99.99% certain you are talking about interviewing my ‘Covid-19’ number one medical hero. Hope you manage to get her on. She is so smart, personable, and eloquent – no wonder TPTB are pulling every stunt to discredit her. Shame on them! Hope you succeed in getting the interview. Personally speaking, I can’t wait!!

  25. tim mcgraw

    “Be nice to the vaxxed.” Hmmmmm. I’ll be nice to the ones like my brother who had to get vaxxed to visit our parents in the nursing home; to take care of them. I’ll be nice to those who had to get vaxxed to keep their jobs to support their families. But I will NOT be nice to those who said, “Get vaxxed or else.” No. NO. NO!
    The vaccine mandates pushers can go to HELL!

  26. Tony

    Thank you from Switzerland Greg. I’ve been a fan for many years.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Tony.

  27. Loop Garoo

    I heard it was funded by Ted Turner. When will polite Christians stand up to their enemies? Probably never.

    • 👌 Sheryl

      Wow Greg I truly believe that gift was a sign and you will treasure it forever.

  28. Sean

    Love and blessings to you and your family Greg. All I can say is that you may have saved thousands of people both from the kill shot and in the form of their spirit .
    One thing I want to point out Re Georgia monument to bale. If explosives were used , don’t you think the FBI would have locked the site down with a hoard of agents and forensic investigators ?
    Sighn from God indeed, the footage of the event shows NO flash of fire or light, no smoke from explosives. It was like the stone its self just burst apart.

  29. Scottish Girl

    Hi Greg,

    Thanks for all you do!
    Great news about the so called “guidestones”. You should try to get Sheila Holm for an interview. She’s so knowledgeable about the bad guys running the show and especially the guidestones. She connects everything together with the globalists and the links to Ukraine. See her website – She’s written many books.
    This is her latest comment about the guidestones demolition via Flyover Conservatives.

  30. James Rhodes

    Biden ‘crime family’ profits from oil while Americans suffer from gas prices: Energy expert /Opinion by Fox News Staff – 3h ago 19 Comments
    Power the Future founder Daniel Turner scorned the Biden “crime family” for profiting from selling oil barrels while Americans suffer Thursday on “The Ingraham Angle.”

    DANIEL TURNER: This is disturbing on multiple levels. To start with, the president told us he was releasing these reserves to lower the price of gas nationally. And then you find out that he, through Secretary Granholm of the Department of Energy, is selling them around on the world market and selling them to the communist Chinese. So, “A,” we’re selling our strategic raw materials, our strategic reserves to the communist country [that’s] our adversary. And then you find out one of the companies that was brokering this deal — one of [its] top investors is, of course, Hunter Biden.


    So… the president’s reprobate crackhead son is invested in a company that is buying our strategic reserves, while we’re paying more than $5 a gallon at the pump. We had an impeachment hearing about a phone call with Donald Trump and President Zelenskyy. If this doesn’t cause Jerry Nadler and it doesn’t cause Adam Schiff to ask some questions and for Congress to do its job and wonder how this Biden crime family is profiting while the American people are suffering, I don’t understand if there is a… offense that is more worthy of investigating for impeachment, let’s put it that way.

  31. Nathan Dunning

    Great video Greg, I loved the intro about your prayer and the necklace and the Win Jesus showed you with the tearing down the Georgia Guide stones. I see Boris Johnson falling like the Liberal World Order. Let’s hope Biden falls too. I am already paying $10 a gallon for Diesel here in Tasmania Australia. I hope there is No World War but I also hope the Great Reset and the Globalist’s are defeated. Russia are very kind to Civilians they Liberate so maybe it won’t be the worst way out of the Liberal World Order’s Beast System. I have been writing a lot of letters to Politicians here in Australia to End the vaccine mandate for Visitors to Prison’s. I have a son in Prison sadly & I can’t see him in person until they repeal these mandates. Any prayers would be greatly appreciated. Take care Greg & God Bless, I look forward to next week’s update.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Nathan for sharing.

    • Anthony Australia

      Hang in there Nath. I don’t get these mandates, family of friends are currently in lockdown at Nursing homes and how ever much time they have left is being sucked up bureaucratic BS!

  32. al

    Greg, RE: Marxist Guidestones
    That’s EXACTLY what thought about the Marxist guidestones. Yes they were erected around 1980/79, no doubt a day like 9/11 or 3/3 or some other satanic number of meaning.

    WE THE PEOPLE SENT A MESSAGE and I felt them quake and quiver.
    I don’t think they did this, they are filled with hubris and laugh at the puny little people they think they are residing over.
    That bomb was suppose to implode the structure in full, and the job was finished off in haste, with a back hoe. No Greg, It would make more sense to me that We The People sent a message right around THE WEEK OF THE 4TH OF JULY ! INDEPENDENCE DAY !!! THAT IS A HUGE MESSAGE.

    They can’t hide and destroying their own demonic symbols will not hide them but have the opposite effect by bringing more light to the matter. Case in point:

    My Wife’s Brother stayed with us for a spell. He’s a Fox “news” watcher and very conservative. He had NO CLUE what the guidestones were. He never heard of them. My Wife knew because I’ve talked about them several times.
    His jaw dropped when I told him about the guidestones.

    The guidestones were considered an oddity, much like the bafamet statue in the Denver Airport. Something to be ignored by the Sheeple. Now the narrative has switched to >> SATANIC MARXIST GLOBALIST VIEWS, which spark the “vaccine” agenda.

    Get use to it. It’s time for us to rejoice.

    Greg, you are not only doing the right thing but you are a trend-setter. I see it all over my circles. Your guests, your thoughts, your words reverberate within our movement and are getting stronger.

    Please keep yourself healthy and safe
    God Bless you

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Al.

  33. Andrew Cox

    Greg – Keep up the fight against EVIL.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Andrew, working on it.

  34. Joshua Porter

    The coronavirus “vaccination” is really a bio weapon. I couldn’t comment this truth on other platforms. Thanks, Greg.



    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Doug and please know we love you!!

      • DUGTRUX


  36. Charlene Bliss-Beyer

    Resistance to Tyranny is OBEDIENCE to GOD!
    Watch the HBO SERIES JOHN ADAMS, 9 hours very accurate historically. You will be shocked how similar things are.

    Citizenship is a verb…An action verb….NOT a STATE of BEING!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Charlene for posting this!

  37. Wim

    Hi Greg,
    Love your work Greg.
    What Holland is becoming is amazing , while state russian style TV is hypnotizing the majority still in an ignorant sleep. It’s getting a sort of dictatorship. A tiny political party pinpointing it, gets ridiculed, demonized and accused of paid by Putin.

    Jesus has arrived. In 2003 I woke up to it. In 2004 I noticed the world watching me. As from 2015 White lights in the sky around me, following me everywhere I go. From 2015 the communication with the spirit world revved up……..the program to come, became clear. Evil will be removed from this one world……by just vanishing in thin air. That process will take a decade, as People on the edge could survive by changing their way.

    A lot of the extreme weather is our doing. The two preachers on YouTube show a lot of strange extreme weather…..stating…..’open your eyes, it’s biblical’. Writings on the wall…… at the same time pressing this one world to move into stopping to pollute it….. wrecking it.

    A lot of the Bible is made up by man. A lot of what the bible tells about Jesus was an existing legend. The Sun legend. The sun dies on December the 21st…lowest point…..dead there for 3 days… rise or resurrect on December the 25th….Jesus his birthday….X-mas. Dying for sins of mankind is the Devil saying don’t alter your evil or wrongful ways. You don’t need to believe in us…… live love and honesty and the world is a better place, more efficiënt etc etc. There are many Gods, as that path is open for every soul. This one world is the most devlish one of all. The majority of souls in this one world linger in their ways…… not the first world we gave them they demolish.

    There are many Gods……Jesus the leader of the pack. 2028 is the estimation the intervention of the heavens start. Peace and justice will rule this one world from that day on. The Devil is no party to us… battle…..they are the ant against an huge elephant.

    I know you see the Bible as the word from God… I appreciate you allow me to post from time to time. Greetings from Holland.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Wim.

  38. Juli B.

    Wow, Greg! Asked and answered, and in a big way. You know, this is gonna sound woo-woo, but since the pillars of evil are gone from the ley lines on which they sat, I feel more hopeful. Life has been financially challenging since moving from the middle of nowhere craphole NM to the Gulf Coast of Florida (my industry punishes me if I don’t echo all their sentiments, as if I could or would), but I somehow know that God won’t let me down. Also, if any of your fans need editorial help–from letter writing to manuscript editing to proofreading, I will happily donate 10% of whatever I earn, on any size project. I will also give a nice discount on standard publishing rates. I’m a 40+-year professional in the trade.

  39. Breck

    Greg, thank you for being a voice to and for We the People.

  40. Wim

    I could ad a lot. Our view on abortion would amaze you. Reincarnation exists. After abortion the spirit gets rebooked to an awaiting environment.
    The antichrist will not be. The Devil has no power in a spiritual sense……. creative powers come with the love light in the soul.
    TV will be the tool of Jesus explaining the intervention of the heavens. There are many who say to be Jesus……… so I am just the next one.
    This decade you will be remembered of my posts.
    Till that day I love to follow your program….. as truth is a rare thing in this one world. Love you for that Greg.
    Praise love… it…… adore it …. and your world brightens up.

  41. Roger Stamper

    tks for post greg!!

  42. Juan Sánchez-Villalobos Ramírez

    Well done Greg, another great RANT! lol… I agree with everything except maybe the amount of “stoopid people” I think it’s looking like (to me) (in my experience and from what I see and hear, MY WHOLE LIFE!!) that 85% of the worlds population are STOOPID!

    • Juan Sánchez-Villalobos Ramírez

      and btw, I’m a cycling guide here on the paradise island of Mallorca, and yesterday I had a sweet New York couple out & around and they have NO CLUE of what’s going on…. and this is the case with 100% of my clients!!! ALL vax’d and boosted!! I’ve yet to have any clients who are pure blood and AWAKE!! and I get all nationalities from allover the world!! My wife has a skincare business and all her clients are very rich Germans.. and ALL are vax’d and boosted… and ALOT are either dead, or very sick!! and still they have no idea!! It’s all very sad to see! I actually wonder how some of these people made so much money in their life’s! (most likely left from parents etc!) Has anyone noticed that their Vax’d friends are loosing their minds? I have a client/friend who runs a £500 Million company in UK, and he asked me the same question (and I gave the same answer) 8 times last night!!! and he does this with many things.. really weird!!
      May God Have Mercy on them all……….

      • Sally&Bob

        I would love to be a client (not a rich one, sorry). I would love to cycle Mallorca, and enjoy the wine and cuisine, try some tapas, and meet the people. You would like me and husband, we are 100% AWAKE, didn’t beleive narrative from the Start, due to the suspicious actions of the politicians and captive press (fear narrative, “cases” counter on the TV screen, mandated lockdowns & closures, people (inexplicably, to me) lined up for miles to get “tested” out of fear, almost nobody dieing except the very old who normally die at ages like 86, etc).
        Now that travel is easier for us, to Europe, I will look you up, or, if possible, provide your company name on this forum.

  43. Peter S.

    We Love You Greg. You are tireless. committed and correct. Bless your soul and your message.
    Thank You Sir..

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Peter for all your Blessings & support!

  44. David

    Georgia Guidestones. Looking at the live-feed video, it may have been lightening. How about that for divine intervention?

  45. richard g. mooney

    Thank you Greg. You were on a role telling the truth. Unfortunately almost no one can understand, much less accept the truth. This nation is trapped in a reality avoidence syndrome and denial. Even though there seems to be little evidence of Americans blinded eyes being opened. Yet, God is in control and when these spiritual dead people come before God on judgment day, they will have no excuses. Jesus, our judge, will refer these eternally lost souls to all the times He sent people like you Greg, to warn them. Yet, they rejected the love of the truth so they might be saved! So, So, So Sad!

  46. eddiemd

    More delusional nonsense in the military.

    I lived in barracks for 5 years of my life in the US Army. A couple of years in WW II open bay style while in Special Forces training at Bragg.

    This nonsense is certainly destroying morale. We would have handled it ourselves in our own way.

  47. A+Jones

    I heard something interesting regarding the CDC that is a new twist. My son-in-law’s father died a year ago March. Perfectly healthy but took ill weeks after the jab. They could find nothing wrong with him after weeks in the hospital, he just died. A month later his aunt died for no apparent reason shortly after the jab. His uncle contacted the CDC and reported what had happened. The CDC advised him that no other members of his family take any further jabs!!! This would seem to infer certain people are more vulnerable because of their genetic makeup. Sounds like a game of Russian roulette. Maybe this explains why some people die and others survive.

  48. andrea

    I would NOT be surprised the guy who first shot the explosives at the stone s , if his name was Joshua!

  49. Peter

    I’ve been watching your vids and interviews for at least 5+ years now, keep up the good work!
    FGS, stop with the random shouting, Greg! I know you are passionate about what you do and I also understand your anger, but shouting won’t help. As much as I love Gerald Celente as well and understand his anger as well, I can’t stand it when someone is shouting for the sake of shouting.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s free, Peter, and I am what I am and I am not going to change at this stage in my career.

      • John Mahoney

        good, i personally, wouldn’t want u to Greg, thank for being real.

  50. MacGuy

    Hi Greg,

    I just read an article from Tucker Carlson, there is a rumor going around about how the Georgia Guide Stones were destroyed. ENJOY!!!

  51. GERRY

    Well, Canada may well be a communist country now, thanks to the liberal party, the new democratic party, but, the real reason is that people here, I am from Ontario, have voted for their masters. So long as money is handed out like candy people will vote for more. It’s the old Roman bread and circuses reworked as “modern social theory” that impels people to vote. I will not hold us up as any model to follow, however; one thing we do have is voter I.d. Before we vote, we receive a note in the mail with our I.d., name, and address on it and the place where we are to vote. Then at the Polling station our info. Is checked. Exactly how difficult is it for America to do likewise? If we can do it, why can’t you guys?

    • Brad Tarletan

      Because Gerry, the powers that be want what you folks got, here too. It’s the old tricks of lying, stealing and murder! What our founding rebel Englishman and Scotsman, founding fathers set up here. And was the closest government based on the laws and biblical teaching of any government in mankind’s history. They even went further than ancient Israel!
      But in these last days, unless these evil days are cut short. No flesh would be saved. So apparently some flesh will survive and God’s Kingdom will come and things will be done on earth as in heaven. For the rest of the world the Statue of Liberty, freedom, was a beacon to a world still in slavery. Satan feels the world deserves to be put back in that bottle of slavery to sin and death.
      Will freedom survive to that glorious day of the LORD?
      You have his word on it.

      Sorry, I didn’t mention our lord and saviors name. Jesus did say he came to preach to the sick. As for the self righteous, there on they’re own, selfish selfishness selves.

  52. Lee

    Dear Greg
    I praise God for you and your work. Do you realize what just happened, you pray and then God works. Your weekly news wrapup is the proof.
    Your wrap-up number is 537

    The number 5 in God’s word represents grace we are in the age of God’s amazing grace .

    The number 3 in God’s word represents the trinity the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit that you referrer to in all your wrap-ups.

    The number 7 represents in Gods word God’s perfect holiness praise God !!

    USA watchdog doggers keep on praying!!

    Thanks Lee

  53. Bill Albano

    BRAVO! A well executed ‘Grab ’em by the nose and kick ’em in the ass” General George S. Patton strategy. “As a matter of fact”…I’m sure the blowing back to hell of the Georgia Guide-stones whence they came has been entertained by many including myself. A courageous lone patriot or/and group have ( Standing Ovation) carried it out. It’s interesting that the heavy equipment was on the scene with a significantly quick and coordinated flow. A military operation the likes of which are more to come. The lid has been loosed on the boiling lies, manipulations, and degenerate perversions of the psychopathic NWO pot.

  54. Jeff Kindley

    I heard the Guidestone was intentionally blown up so they could build a new Dollar General in its place.

  55. farmacist


    No one in Elbert county liked the quidestones. In 1979 , so far away from the obvious satanic takeover of our society, RC Christian convinced one of the (then) many granite cutters to carve, engrave , and erect the monument. Now, there are few manufacturers of granite monuments left in elberton and I doubt anyone will erect that monument again. If monument was “blown up” by human hands I doubt a jury in Elbert Co. would convict the accused.
    But what if the explosion was an act of GOD? The GBI knows if explosive residue was present and what type. In that case the media would fail to report that aspect of the incident. But, there are a lot of bible believing people in the area who would take such an incident as direction to finish the job and quickly. As far as Private property rights go a safety hazard would allow the county government to take things into their own hands. It would be interesting to know who rented the excavator.
    Personally, I hope they find a 300 foot deep quarry full of water and dump the remainders of that abomination out of sight forever!

  56. Shirley Thompson

    Yes, SCOTUS decision affirming state legislatures as arbiters of election processes/conduct was a win. However, that decision applies to future elections and has no impact on previous elections. And, that ruling has force and effect as long as the legislatures represent the people and are willing to enforce free and fair elections – a vast majority of state legislatures across our nation are as corrupt as their colleagues in Washington and will not uphold election integrity. Even though AZ, WI, GA Republican committees reject election results, the certified vote still stands on 2020. Nothing will be changed on that certification or outcome. The Republicans continue to stand down against a corrupt and criminal bunch of RINOs and Progressive Democrats who will do anything to achieve their goal even if that means totally selling America out. I want the rule of order to prevail however every day it gets more bleak. Mike Lindell’s efforts to demonstrate Dominion’s role has been all but smeared into obscurity. 2000 Mules presents irrefutable proof of ballot stuffing based on security videos and geo-fencing. The Hoft bros recent analysis of election stats proves once the ballots were stuffed creating a baseline win for biden, fractionalized votes guaranteed the win. Greg, we’ve looked at this from multiple perspectives, each proving the fraud. Until the propaganda is stopped, the occupiers of the WH are contained w/o power, the coup plotters rounded up and the courts willing to take their prosecutions, NOTHING will change.

  57. cheryl

    omg i been asking the Lord for a win too. julie green on rumble (utube killed her channel) is given the news b4 its news from the Lord. On May 23 she was given the word a monument will be destroyed, and it is so my people know i am God and to keep the faith. He is working on destroying our enemies because it is not time for evil to rise with their wicked system. we will have a little time more to prepare.

  58. James Barrett

    I saw a video where a man gave what he called evidence that it was knocked down by a bolt of lightning.

  59. TJZ

    Good morning Greg,

    Well stated!


  60. Marcus

    Can you have Bo Pony on any time soon, I enjoy his breakdown of the religious ideas and thoughts

  61. John

    Trump is STILL pushing the KillShot…

    • Greg Hunter

      Repent is all I can say to Trump.

  62. Marita Adams

    Yes I was watching the 2020 election with you. We saw it together that they stole it right in front of everyone’s eyes and the media is going down for their part in this. God always wins!

  63. Tom Deplorable


    Now I’m glad I didn’t mention the Georgia guidestones in my book “The Master Code” at Amazon. I almost mentioned these satanic guidestones in the novel where I discuss how the globalists in the future (really the present) are trying to eliminate most of humanity. LOL. They’ve been erased from history like most everything else in the future.

    T.A. Hunter

  64. Nika

    Will imcompetent Joe Biden empty our Strategic Oil Reserves at the same time that Russia declares War upon the USA for a False Flag Attack. Then, we couldn’t defend ourselves in the ensuing War. Nah, I don’t think so, Joe Biden’s handelers can’t be that Diabolically Evil!

    • Heidi

      Are you serious, they are demons from the pit of hell…all of them. Yes, they are ‘that diabolically evil!’ js =)

  65. Fred Engel

    If Hussien wants a King we have one for him Jesus.
    Have a great weekend Greg!

  66. foggygoggles

    Shades of 9/11–haul away any evidence of who perpetrated the deed. Dr. Farrell suggested an interesting take–perhaps the bomb was placed there from the beginning.
    Just one psyop after another…

    • IIG

      Yeah – Remember how Rudy Giuliani had the steel beams from the WTC shipped off to be made into a battleship “to hide the evidence of who really took it down” – lets take the Georgia Guidestones – crush them up – and use the stone powder to make cement anchors (for the Globalist elites) and toss them into the ocean deep (so as to hide the evidence of who really took it down) – and this way – anyone who tries to say it was not an “Act of God” – can be called a conspiracy theorist!!

  67. foggygoggles

    I did not post this before: of 9/11–haul away any evidence of who perpetrated the deed. Dr. Farrell suggested an interesting take–perhaps the bomb was placed there from the beginning. Just one psyop after another…

    • foggygoggles

      My comment was cut off. I said this was shades of 9/11.

    • foggygoggles

      Sorry for the number of posts. Your site is hinky this am.

      • Greg Hunter

        Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 20 sec. This will clear the codes.

  68. Doug W

    Actor Jame Caan 82 years old. maybe he dead of old age ????? Maybe being vax sheaved of a few years maybe…….?????

    • Mike tamburro

      tony sirico passed as well

      • Nika

        I read in another article, somewhere, that Pauli Walnuts was a real life Gangster for a while. So, he had some real life experience.

  69. Rick

    Ted Turner has been alleged to have paid for the erection of the monument. Is it not a coincident Ted Turner died on July 3, 2022?

    • Nika

      Wow- Ted Turner did pass?? Sounds like Poetic Justice!

    • IIG

      Notice how they waited 3 days (until July 6 to take the Guidestones down) – just to be sure that Ted Turner (who thought he was a God – with the power of life and death over the Human Race) did not rise from his evil grave!!

  70. KC

    They cheat like never before, and get away with it. Only a full on REVOLUTION with many politicians, globalists, elites, Billionaires, celebs being killed will we ever take this country back. FACT!

  71. Stephen Woenker

    They don’t want to leave the evidence to what they are doing! For all the wold to see !

  72. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter again inspiring and honest so missing from all our media.
    Here in the UK our economy is an utter disaster all guided by acolytes of the W.E.F. our currency will be lucky to survive. Meanwhile we plebs are struggling to feed our families,and provide light and power at a cost we can afford. Also to somewhat alleviate the sheer frustration at our elite recipes for “eat the rich” are making the rounds , perhaps not real satire.
    Surprisingly Mr Larry Fink of BlackRock and Mr Mortimer Buckley of Vanguard, who are American financiers and guardians of American’s savings are avid supporters of the E.S.G. agenda and many other D.A.V.O.S. inspired superiority complexes. So let’s just get this in perspective ,American plebs work ordinary jobs and desperately save for their retirement ,hoping against hope that their health will carry them through. Whilst the illustrious former Ivy Leaguers use the plebs’ savings against them during and after their working lives. The Maverick of Wall Street had quite an assessment of these spawn of joy today,
    It is incomprehensible that these companies and the banks that support this as well are even standing and financed.
    Here in the UK our government are still sending what would have been spent on our military for our defence to the Ukraine whose leader,Mr Zelensky ,is such a democrat that he had his opposition imprisoned and used Azof goons against his former media friends and according to has squirrelled away $1.2Billions from his acting career and his poverty stricken time in government. The Harvard Business School must be itching to have this amazing bound in wealth researched and documented as a technique for future students! Dr Roberts has also documented how Mr Zelensky could barely eek out $100M this year whilst in a war government. Just a rank amateur .
    Liz Truss,Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs of the United Kingdom,quite a mouthful, on February 2022,called for the nuking of Russia way before hostilities were enacted,followed by Kamala Harris,the Vice President of the United States of America,who double downed and called for the nuking of Russia. The next day Russia invaded Ukraine, exactly why are we surprised ?

  73. Susan R

    Perhaps as you say Greg, the Georgia Guidestones coming down IS a sign of the times. As I listened to you the message was the future is now on a different course. The world was unified by Covid and the result will not be what was planned and our sign is the stones.

  74. JayJay

    I’m about to have my 72nd birthday and I wonder if this age group feels like me lately??
    I get up every morning now and say,” well, God, what ya gonna show us today??”

  75. John Gazak

    Words cannot describe all the good you do for the Kingdom of God!

    God Bless you and all your family.

  76. For His Glory

    Greg, did you hear about this story?

    Esteban Chavez had worked at UPS for four years. His family says he had dreams of moving up in the company, perhaps getting into management. But sadly, at the age of 24, he died suddenly while on the job. One day after celebrating his 24th birthday, Chavez collapsed on a driveway in Pasadena while delivering packages on June 25.

    Gloria Chavez is Esteban’s aunt. She says the family believes her nephew may have died from heatstroke, saying that delivery drivers have little to no ventilation in their trucks.

    The ole heat exhaustion cause of death. This is so evil.

  77. WD


    Maybe you can have Del Bigtree on your show….He knows a lot about vaccines

    Del Bigtree
    Breaking: CANADA STRIVES TO BECOME WORLD’S SICKEST NATION. Everyone now knows the Vx$$een does not stop transmission so there’s no contribution to society. And IMMUNE EXHAUSTION after booster 4 is so well documented Canadians don’t stand a chance.

  78. Geena Gador

    It’s about time someone blew up the Georgia guide stones.

    • Marie Joy

      And around the same time, Shinzo Abe is assassinated. Coincidence? Probably. But people are fed up.

  79. jon

    That Georgia Guide Stones situation is really odd. We have all seen the time stamp at 3:33 and it was on George Bush jr birthday. Any basic research will show an esoteric type knowledge of the significance. Add to that, Abe being assassinated, “Boring” Johnson, Macron, Germany Shultz facing a probably kick out. Weird things going on!

  80. James

    Thanks for another outstanding program, Greg! Great gift from Australia and I concur with the sender.

    Allow me to state for the record that Germany invaded Russia due to the massing of Russian (Communist) forces on the border. If they hadn’t, the Communist/globalist agenda would have rolled out faster and taken in more of Europe openly than it did.

    Since it remains illegal in many “democratic” nations to question the Holocaust narrative, I once again urge people to take a very little time to look into the topic.
    The mainstream media and academia have been lying for a very long time.

    As Churchill said (before financial difficulties put him on a leash): “This movement…is not new. From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, and down to Trotsky (Russia), Bela Kun (Hungary), Rosa Luxembourg (Germany), and Emma Goldman (United States), this world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilisation and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing. It played, as a modern writer, Mrs. Webster, has so ably shown, a definitely recognisable part in the tragedy of the French Revolution. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the Nineteenth Century; and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire.”

  81. Valerie

    I’m praying for PEACE!
    And I’m praying for the vaxxed, that includes my beloved older son!

    • Monica

      I pray for my dad not son everyday because this jab!He lost 40% of his colon 1 year after a J.J. jab.

  82. Eric

    Howdy Greg,
    I saw at least one comment about lightning. Please watch the CCTV footage when the Lord struck the Guidestones down. Find the angle with the light to the left and watch the light intensity increase. It was lightning or at least something that energized ground current to be able to do that. Love you brother

  83. Rob Wyness

    Thank you Greg, and everyone on this site ! You have given us hope that we are not alone in the battle against evil.

  84. Dino Jenkins

    I would like to comment on the Georgia guidestone issue. Many people are using the term “blown up” like someone did it. I have and can show you the camera footage that runs 24/7 at the site and you see no one ever in the picture. What you do see is an electrical surge in the streetlight nearby as the explosion occurs. The explosion is blue in color and there is no smoke or fire from a detonation. This is starting to look like a lightning strike. That in itself might start another conversation like did God do it or something. Have a good weekend.

  85. Judd

    when using the GoDark bag for cell phones turn it completely off ( yes, i know they can remotely listen if they want too, particularly if you cannot remove the battery)

    If you leave it on it will continually try to access the cell network depleting your BATTERY.

  86. Walter P

    Thanks for all you do. Please get Clif High back, soon.
    Walter P

  87. FastEddy

    The Satanic Stones are also 666 miles from UN

    • IIG

      And the 10 Commandments on the Guidestones (speaking of the Extermination of the Human Race) were 10 times 666 miles from the WEF Headquarters in Davos Switzerland!!

  88. Robert Dziok

    The Military has been conducting Military Arrests, Tribunals and Executions for over a year now under authority of the Insurrection Act of 1876 put into effect via President Trump prior to his leaving the White House in January 2021. President Trump remains Commander-In-Chief (e.g. Briefly noted by Clif High in interview with Greg) and not Fake Biden in Fake White House. That is why Putin talks directly to President Trump and not Fake Biden. Boris Johnson even said during in person interview with Fake Biden “Who are you” picking up from their talk Biden is fake. World leaders know all of this and more and things are building up to a tipping point against them. There is no turning back in this war now and their losses cannot be hidden by Corrupt Globalists Controlled MSM, CGI, Deep Fakes, Doubles, etc. much longer now and they know. So those still alive are running for cover now and trying to keep a low profile as evidenced by the blowing up and taking down of the Georgia Guidestones, UK and US resignations of various kinds. RRN ( has been reporting on this for over a year now with no dissent from such as Military Tribunal Prosecutors/Officers or Defense Attorneys.

  89. Paul Kramer

    Prior to COVID most of these deaths would have had an autopsy and a cause of death released to the public. Especially sudden death before the age of 55. Count your coroner as part of the swamp.

  90. Henry L. Koenig

    US/NATO weapons sent to Ukraine are hitting civilian targets in the Donyetsk and Lugansk Republics every day. They are killing and injuring civilians and destroying people’s homes. The other day a 12-year old girl was killed by artillery and her mother saw the aftermath. Yesterday 3 kids were killed. The western so-called leaders are responsible for unspeakable carnage. And yes, they are collaborating with Nazis!

  91. "Banjo Pat" Patterson

    __________________WHY WERE TODAY IN SUCH A MESS
    Blast From The Not To Distant Past!
    In their phone conversation, Nuland and Pyatt discussed who should be in the government after Viktor Yanukovych’s ouster, to include Arseniy Yatsenyuk, and in what ways they might achieve that transition. Specifically, the two spoke about which opposition leaders they would like to see in government, what pitches they would give each opposition leader in subsequent calls to achieve this, and strategies on how they would try to manage the ‘personality problems’ and conflicts between the different opposition leaders with ambitions to become president. Nuland notified Pyatt that after the review of the three opposition candidates for the post of Prime Minister of Ukraine, the US State Department had selected Arseniy Yatsenyuk. She said: “I think Yats is the guy who’s got the economic experience, the governing experience. What he needs is Klitsch and Tyahnybok on the outside. He needs to be talking to them four times a week”. Pyatt asked: “Do you want us to set up a call with him as the next step?” Nuland told Pyatt that the next step should be to set up a telephone conversation between her and the three Ukrainian candidates, with Pyatt also possibly participating. Pyatt agreed: “I think you reaching out directly to him helps with the personality management among the three and it gives you also a chance to move fast on all this stuff and put us behind it”. Yatsenyuk became prime minister of Ukraine on February 27, 2014.

  92. Banjo'Pat __JOHN WAYNE
    Beijing Biden Better Start Treating Our Jewel Much Better NORTH TO ALASKA!
    _______R U S S I A ‘ S__O W N ?

    Putin’s lapdog MPs threaten to take back Alaska from the US
    Yesterday 11:42 AM /Daily Mail
    Vladimir Putin ‘s lapdog parliament has threatened to take back Alaska from the US if seized Russian assets are used to rebuild Ukraine after the war.

    Putin loyalist demands Russia takes back Alaska from US
    Sabrina Johnson – Yesterday 6:13 AM
    The threats are in response to calls for Western nations to sell Russian assets as punishment for the war in Ukraine.
    The US purchased Alaska from Tsar Alexander II in 1867 for $7.2 million, and it became a state in 1959.
    Now, Russia’s most senior parliamentarian Vyacheslav Volodin has warned that nation could claim the territory back.
    ‘Decency is not weakness,’ said the speaker of the State Duma, Russia’s lower house of parliament.

    ‘Let America always remember, there is part of its territory… Alaska.’

    ‘When they start trying to dispose of our resources abroad, let them think before they do so that we also have something to get back.’
    He ordered other MPs to ‘keep an eye on Alaska’.
    We are not interfering in their internal affairs, but they have been saying for decades that everything that is happening with them, the elections of all presidents, all that is because Russia is interfering,’ Mr Volodin added.
    Another MP Pyotr Tolstoy, the great-great-grandson of writer Leo Tolstoy and deputy speaker of the Kremlin-obedient parliament, has proposed holding a referendum on Alaska.
    A similar tactic was carried out in Crimea under the purview of the Russian military, resulting in a majority for joining Russia.
    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24, triggered the most serious crisis in relations between Russia and the West since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.

    With Beijing puppet Biden & Obama and his Jarhead woman Jarret and Rice at the wheel, they’re treatment of Alaska, shutting of f oil fields and pipelines. A majority of Alaskans wouldn’t be blamed for joining Russia again?.

    Biden desperately needs more oil, so why is he canceling leases?
    by Washington Examiner | May 19, 2022 12:01 AM
    When even Democratic members of Congress feel the need to demand disingenuously more production from oil company executives, it is clearly a sign from the heavens to ramp up production. So why does production lag? The answer lies in Biden’s White House.
    Prices, as economists know, are signals. The current record-high prices for gasoline reflect increasing demand and the gradual cutoff of Russian oil from major international markets. Such high prices scream out to producers to find and refine more crude oil. Current conditions, in other words, justify much higher levels of production than at any recent time in U.S. history, not insanely cutting Alaskan production!. This is a historic moment when all the stops ought to be pulled out and record levels of production attained.
    Given the current state of affairs in the U.S. and in Europe, Biden’s conduct is inexcusable. A massive infusion of oil and natural gas is needed. So far, prices are showing that U.S. production is not nearly at the levels required to meet demand.
    Biden, or at least someone in his administration, knows what that means. The fundamental question is whether any partisan Democrat is still capable of acting in the national interest, at a moment when national security conflicts with the party’s extreme climate alarmism.

    China Gives Three Word Warning to Ozzie Albo/ In case ya missed it Yank’s

    BREAKING:::What Putin Has Said About Russia Taking Back Alaska
    Nick Mordowanec – 2h ago NEWSWEEK

  93. John Mahoney

    thank u Greg, i always enjoy, your show, even in this time and age of this world we live in, please dont stop. i think i will buy the water system, its the cheapest ive seen.

  94. Michael Lake

    Greg, I know it may sound “sappy,” but every day we wake up alive is a wonderful day because we have one more day to seek complete repentance and surrender to the will of the Father. The world may be going to hell in a hand-basket, but our job is to pray for those slipping down the devil’s rope. Even the worst is still our brother or sister. There is great serenity in the statement, “God is God, and I’m not.”

    • IIG

      We don’t “seek surrender” to the will of the Father (that’s like being “a mindless controlled Borg” surrendering to the will of Klaus Schwab) – we seek a union with God “that retains our individuality as a unique creation of God” (we “do not” seek a Slave/Master relationship with God the Father)!!

  95. Bailey

    James Caan was 82. He did a lot of unhealthy things in his life (addiction). That said, it’s considered a courtesy to fans to identify the cause — heart disease, cancer, a fall, diabetes complications, etc. Caan’s life choices were publicized, including the time he stayed at the Playboy mansion (“to get over my divorce”). The fact that they say nothing, even “after a long battle with illness”, is a pointer to the vaxx.

  96. Scott Davis

    Greg Hunter, that explosion looked more like lightening or an energy weapon. There was no flash form an explosive, and the light on the perimeter went really bright.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Scott!!

  97. Rustler7

    Lake Mead….cover Lake Mead…..

  98. James

    Here is what the Father revealed to me the meaning of this from His perspective: Look, the guidestone monument was the testimony of Mystery Babylon in stone. It was their “testament” in stone. Remember: Our God wrote His Testament on stone tablets, and gave them to Moses, so the Georgia Guidestones were Mystery Babylon’s counterfeit.

    We get our words testify, and testimony from the same Greek root word. We, also, get our words testes, and testicle from the same Greek root word. So, i.e. the guidestones were the testicles of Babylon.

    What happened on Wednesday night was that the Babylonians took a severe blow below the belt, and were catastrophically wounded in their stones! The next morning, it was determined that the wounding was so severe, that the stones needed to be removed!… In other words, the Babylonians have been castrated. (Hahahahah!) My personal opinion is that the “rod” has been removed, as well! (Hahahahah!)

    Now look!… This has happened openly for all of creation to see! This is an utter mockery of Mystery Babylon, and to their utter shame!… They have been publicly humiliated!… And they know it! They will never live this down! (Hahahahahah!)

    Remember Psalm 2. He Who sits in the Heavens will laugh. The lord shall have them in derision. Hahahahahah!

    • IIG

      Seems only right to castrate the Queer Eugenicists – they have been doing it to our children in every “commie” school in America!!

  99. Robert H Burt

    You just keep hitting these nails on the head. It’s a pleasure to hear, Greg. Doing a great job.

    • IIG

      It is about time we nail them to a cross for thinking they are Gods!!

  100. Paul Kalmen

    Great point you made at the end there, Greg. Jesus said, “All power is given to Me” (Matthew 28:18). He never lies!

  101. Lila

    Dear Greg,
    We all want to believe the Guidestones “take down” is divinely inspired.
    There is however something else to consider.
    This could very well be an “inside job”.

    TPTB are less than thrilled with the global mass awakening.
    Deliberately removing such blatant extinction plans should not be ruled out.

    People unfamiliar with directed energy weapons should really research this.

    Remember what happened to the Deagel website.
    Fortunately, and unlike a physical monuments, digits are forever.

    It is also very curious that the remaining pillars were destroyed so quickly
    (by government)…and why?
    “For safety reasons”.

    Love you Greg and “stay safe”.

    • IIG

      You could be right – remember how Rudy Giuliani quickly got rid of the WTC evidence “to cover up who really did it”!! – Rudy was a Deep State operative (that Trump always seemed to get himself associated with for some crazy reason)??

  102. Tim

    SuspiciousObservers (YT) have reviewed the video of the Monolith’s destruction, and they hypothesize that a lightening strike may have been the cause of the structure’s damage. The passing of the “silver car” in the video was, maybe, just a coincident.

    Comments in the video indeed report that there was lightening overnight, and, indeed there was a frighteningly exciting amount of ground strikes in the region.

    Your prayers may be answered Greg, as The Lord of Hosts reaches out His hand of judgement and salvation. His righteous eminence remains unstoppable. To understand the mechanism of His reach, check out the Catastrophe playlist over at SO. I’ve got to think that the ancient family’s have vouched safe this knowledge down to their progeny, but they have kept it occulted to the common citizen-employees under the porch.

  103. John M.

    I have the Zimbabwe 100 trillion dollar note framed and hanging on the wall of my office, so I guess I’m rich and can buy two packs of gum.
    I’m waiting for the inevitable day that American currency will also be hanging on my wall, as that’s where things are heading — the genocide of our fiat money.
    Will the good guys install a fair and honest new money system, or will we get more fraud and corruption as we have currently with the bad boy club? I think they will keep lying and cheating and we will get a new digital currency that they can continue to keep manipulating and controlling.
    But I’m a pessimist, although the crumbling of the Georgia guide stones is possibly a hopeful sign.

  104. Paul in oz

    Greg, Great show again … I must say .. it is a shame that my experiences makes it prohibitively expensive to ship to Australia, I would love to buy (and support other patriots) many of the items you now advertise. BTW you do a great job in describing the items!
    Thanks for that!

  105. EasyEnergy

    Satellite phone? Oh, please Greg!! Who needs that? Oh, wait. Half of Canada has no cell phone service today, 911 calls aren’t going through, businesses can only accept cash payment…still down as of this writing.

    I do think people are starting to fight back. Shinzo Abe? Look at the farmers in the Netherlands. Of course, they don’t cover that on the lame stream media. Omission or commission…it’s still a lie.
    God Bless.

  106. Dan

    Yes, the electronic fraud of the 2020 Election was the primary means of stealing that Election.

  107. Cry Me a Ruble

    It never ceases to amaze me how if someone or a group is harming your children, destroying your country, traditions, values one would immediately rise up and defend it with everything they have got. Yet when it is the same threat but political we seem to stand by helplessly. The marxist democrats are a parasite feeding off the very host body of the Republic they loathe and despise. They use the freedoms they want to destroy to further their Alinsky agenda.
    In the end we must accept the situation. We are the adults. You don’t negotiate with termites trying to destroy your house.

  108. The Seer

    The Guidestones population statement was not right but some of the other statements were good.
    Please realize that the multi-verse formula is based on continual EXPANSION NOT suppression!
    Earth does have the yin yang formula of opposites that is pervasive. May good survive and those of divine inner light survive.

    • Greg Hunter

      The Seer. You got to be kidding.

  109. Heidi

    So, how do you know that THEY blew up their own monuments… maybe it was ONE OF US! =) IE: We the People! Regardless, to God be the Glory!!

  110. Wayne C. Scott

    Hi Greg, Here is a vid on Bitchute, Jim Crenshaw,
    showing someone running to the Stones,
    and planting a bomb.

  111. Wayne C. Scott

    Greg, thanks,
    Another Guide Stone Laughable:
    Globalist placed a hole in the smaller of the five stones.
    Like David Weiss from “DITR” showed, this hole is
    ‘always’ aimed at Polaris twenty four seven.
    Impossible on a globe, the stars always rotate
    around Polaris, twenty four seven.

  112. Wayne C. Scott

    Another Guide Stone Laughable:
    Globalist placed a hole in the smaller stone.
    Like David Weiss from “DITR” showed, this hole is
    always aimed at Polaris twenty four seven.
    Impossible on a globe, the stars always rotate
    around Polaris, twenty four seven, never moving
    away from that hole.

  113. z

    God Wins

  114. Carol Anne Tucker (Tucker Trucker Patriot)

    Yea!!!!! Thank you Greg for the report about the GA Guidestones getting bulldozed!!!!
    That was exactly what I was praying about the morning I heard about the explosion from one of my other truther channels I view! Yes!!! Yes!!! That is the best thing that could have happened to these EVIL Stones and Ideaology that they stood for!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Carol and I agree!

  115. JenyaKaz

    “I will destroy your graven images and your pillars from your midst, And you will no longer bow down to the work of your hands.” – Micah 5:3

    • Cry Me a Ruble

      Micah 5:13

  116. Self Exiled

    “He covers His hands with the lightning,
    And commands it to strike the mark. Job35:32

    • Cry Me a Ruble

      That is Job 36:32.

  117. jack d mathers

    This is the most must watch video in a long time. ” ” It is from US GRACE FORCE.COM.. Premiered Jul 5, 2022 All of us have at least a small understanding about what has taken place throughout history when it comes to freedom being taken, attacks against humanity and even the brutality of communist and socialist regimes such as the Nazis in Germany.

    However, this is not about the concentration camps or the dictators that have come to power throughout history.

    No, this is the story before the story.

  118. Bible Reader

    I went outside last Saturday morning to water my plants and started coughing uncontrollably and had to go inside and sit down to recover. My eyes, nose and throat were itching. It was like my pollen allergy except it isn’t spring.

    I suspected Chemtrails because I’ve seen some over my area. So I started watching the clouds throughout the day. Chemtrails were sprayed all day long on Saturday and decided to try to do something about it.

    I remember reading about Wilhelm Reich’s Cloudbuster and looked around the internet for info on it. I eventually built a few small Orgonite Cloudbusters and placed them out on Wednesday.

    I saw Chemtrails throughout the day on Wednesday. On Thursday, I didn’t see Chemtrails until the evening.

    Now, on Friday I didn’t see any Chemtrails all day even though the sky was mostly blue and clear in the evening: From Saturday to Wednesday, it looked like there would be Chemtrails in any clear blue patch of sky.

    I don’t know if the Orgonite Cloudbusters worked but the skies were clear this Friday.

    Orgonite Cloudbuster Erases A Chemtrail
    13 years ago


  119. Brian Rightsell

    The problem with history is that it’s written by those who are in power.

    To suggest that the Soviet Union won WW2 and that Germany lost is an example of mass propaganda. Why would Germany “invade” the Soviet Union? Have you ever considered that Operation Barbarossa was a pre-emptive strike Greg?

    Please do some research and go read Victor Suvarov’s “Icebreakers” which chronicles how Stalin had amassed the greatest invasion force of all time (even to this very day), and would have completely taken over Europe and made it communist before possibly doing the same thing to North America.

    It’s because of the courage and bravery of the German people that Stalin and Communism was completely stopped in its tracks. The German military set out to stop a communist takeover – and they succeeded.

    So, please tell me again how Germany lost and the Soviet Union won? Exactly they didn’t…

    • Greg Hunter

      It was called Russia then as it is called now, and Germany lost big-time.

      • Brian Rightsell

        Suvarov contends that it became the Soviet Union after the Bolshevik Revolution, but for the sake of clarity, I’ll refer to it as Russia. Remember, Victor was a military intelligence officer for said country who had access to documents that nobody here in the west still has ever seen. I highly suggest you read his book (which BTW is available for free on pdf), or, if you don’t have the time, there’s a 47 minute or so video on youtube where he speaks at the Naval academy in 09′ because they invited him to do so…

        “Russia’s” goal was to take over continental Europe first, then possibly North America. Germany’s goal was to stop them. Ask yourself which one of those two scenarios played out and you’ll have the answer to: “Which country succeeded?”

  120. George

    My Democratic black friends are unhappy with Joe

  121. Jeffrobbins

    Good and encouraging work Greg, I was reading today that Peter Schiff just had his bank, that supposedly had no debts or loans, basically shut down. I don’t know all the details or the financials, but it smells foul. He would certainly be considered opposition and so would you. Be careful with your flanks, my friend, if you get a big enough voice or following you’ll be on their list too. I’m not a lawyer, but you should have a consultation with one about protecting your assets- i bet Mike Flynn wished he had.

  122. PersonaNonGrata

    New Sweden study shows the mRNA shots alter DNA:

    • Alien 3

      Jeff, and they’re the ones who shy away from genetically modified foods! Yet taking the jab, they too are now genetically modified. What an oxymoron, quite a juxtaposition they’ve got themselves into. Thanks to our Operation Mockingbird directed main stream media talking heads, bought off by the Beijing Brib’em administration. With taxpayer money’s, the talking heads were bought off to not say anything bad about the jab. The jap that is now making them feel as if an alien monstrosity is growing inside of them, to kill them!

  123. Jeffrobbins

    I will check out ‘Dry Element’ for sure. We are still filling our pond as we need both water and electricity to get the water. A pond makes a lot of sense and some water filtration is something I have thought about a lot- really to just have it in a box with parts like some kind of kit. With more and more direct advertisers, you are really creating a great platform / environment. As a note i did order some catfish from a place in Florida, they should be here next week- very small and that makes them easier to ship.

  124. Paul

    Happened yesterday
    Confessions of my one md sisters?
    (4 of 5 sisters are md’s, ama prodigies)

    Passed your place
    With gf swimming in Lexington
    Thinking of ya

    Why the change of attitude, last I heard from you, You called me ignorant and stupid.You can’t change stupid. Was one of my last memories of your words to me
    (Me) (happened 2 years ago)

    I said “I can’t do stupid”
    I’m a doctor, 40 years of practice
    My partners friends intubating people with no place in hospital to admit
    Delivering food to gf Md with two kids short of breath, blue lips waited for ambulance to get her
    Yes your choices prompted a vitriol
    I don’t thing you have ever embraced medicine or my profession:
    Your actions spoke louder than my words
    1 million people dead
    My hospital was Chernobyl
    Ground zero because of flights from metro to china daily
    Time is a factor
    If my reconnecting is not wanted, ok.
    Everyone is wounded in my world from the illness. day care has mommas whose parents died
    I believe in science
    I understand you are hurt
    However I was too immensely.
    I am glad your family is well

    The only person that deserves a special place isn your life is someone that never made you feel like you were an option in theirs.

    You are not listening to me
    I’m sorry you don’t understand
    I wanted to say hi
    I thought that would be ok
    I am glad you are well and family healthy

    I am listening to you.
    If Your phrase I am sorry.
    If that applies to your personal distancing and critique of Opposing view points. Apology is accepted and we can move forward as a family.

    Yes it does
    No talk of politics or science
    I can handle the boundaries
    Very tough times

    Good days ahead for us

    Thank you

    Ps. 5 out of 45 in clan did not get jabbed.
    Three in my family did not, enormous
    Pressure and ostracized.

    Paul from arkansas


    • Self Exiled

      Thank you, Paul for the family insight and sharing some of this dynamic of persona changes on the part of your sister. I personally thought you were a bit hardnosed, but she still came around. Let’s hope more people are as open to reconstruction of relationships as she is. Again, thank you.

    • Sue Lyons

      DEAR PAUL, I’m assuming metro was, is Detroit Metropolitan Airport and Lexington is, Lexinton on Lake Huron. That brought it enough home, for me to indentify with and brought me to tears.
      Paul were in a winnowing, of the sheep and the goats. It’s a separating work. Your loving sister doesn’t sound like a goat to me. Trust that your prayers, through our lord and savior will get to the father who art in the heavens! His will will be done, [In Michigan!] As in heaven.
      Tell your sister for me Paul, she’s right. It started in China. But who sent it to the Wuhan
      Institute of V.irology? We know!
      There’s much more to this onion to peel and the science. I think it was Albert Einstien that said, the more I learn about the universe. The more I realize, I don’t know.
      Keep a stiff upper lip, Paul. Your over the target and you can take the flak. Just be nimble
      And just be quick and don’t forget your candle stick. God’s word is a lamp to our feet.

      • Paul

        Thanks self exiled and Sue,
        Self exiled-
        I was hard nosed after my family was treated like lepers for two years.

        Sue- yes in Michigan, thank God for people like Greg and guest who gave me wisdom and courage
        I felt awkward posting, but inspired by recent changes in people’ lately.

        Paul from srkansas

  125. Winston Steele

    Putin issues one of his most ominous warnings yet, daring the West to fight on the battlefield with Ukraine
    Sophie Mellor – Yesterday 8:14 AM Fortune
    |It has been 134 days since President Vladimir Putin first waged war on Ukraine.
    Since then thousands of civilians have been killed, Europe has seen the largest refugee and humanitarian crisis in decades, and the price of food and energy is at the highest levels in 40 years. And Putin is claiming he is just getting started.
    In his most threatening message yet, Putin said that Russia has not even started his offensive strategy yet and the prospect of negotiations is declining as the conflict continues. Then he dared the West to come and fight on the battlefield itself.
    “Everyone should know that, by and large, we haven’t started anything yet in earnest,” Putin said at a meeting of parliamentary leaders on Thursday. He added “at the same time, we don’t reject peace talks. But those who reject them should know that the further it goes, the harder it will be for them to negotiate with us.”
    Putin made claims the West is fueling hostilities by wanting to fight until the last Ukrainian is standing. “This is a tragedy for the Ukrainian people, but it seems that everything is heading towards this,” he noted.
    “Today we hear that they want to defeat us on the battlefield. What can you say — let them try,” he rallied. MUCH MORE:

  126. Paul

    Follow up on md sister reconciliation.

    She’ still unaware of protocol that created the demise of many. And her opposition to other treatments

    And I still don’t trust her.

    Paul from arkansas

  127. Carl Jackson

    Good morning Greg,
    You don’t necessarily need to post this comment. What I would like you to consider is calling the Georgia Stones by their proper or real intentional name. Their current name is meant to mislead and misinform people giving them a false ‘feel good’ understanding. All words have power that’s why we ‘spell’ them out. True meaning words have real power yet deceitful words have power too. The stones in Georgia ought to be known for what they truly are, The Georgia Death Stones. By using this the truthful intent is revealed, obliterate the original name by tying it to its real name. As time passes the real name will be the preferred usage and the original name will become footnote revealing the globalist’s deception.

    One more thing, I found this guy and he may just be what he states he is. His video, the link is included, touches upon something you spoke about. If what he says is true we are at the beginning of a ‘Clif High’ wave.

    Thank you for everything you do,

  128. Self Exiled

    Centralization seems to be a destructive mechanism whether it be food production, water control, governmental control, medical care, monetary policy, etc. If authority is less centralized and more evenly distributed on a local bases; where the people are given the opportunity to govern their specific area issues, needs of people seem to be meet more fully. Essentially, I think this concept of the localization of; fiancé, foods, law enforcement is Catharine Fitts idea of better governance. Power in the hands of too few is inefficient and is a form authoritarian destruction due to the power addiction of certain atheistic, corrupt, sociopathic, godless, depraved people. An example is evident in this film. I suspect governance in Christs Kingdom on earth {millennium} will be Him distributing governance to those He trusts loves and respects as they have intern loved respected trusted Him and his Divine authority. Only my thoughts. The older I get the more I see Him or the lack of Him in everything.

  129. John Winston Slagger

    Russia Activates Gigantic “Doomsday” Sub With Nuclear Drones Capable of Creating Radioactive Tsunamis : Good thing Joe Blow installed a gaggle full of purple haired butch Marys’ in our Navy ready to nag them to death.

    The young that don’t appreciate their unearned diddly-squat. The fate of the USA lies in millions of brainwashed entitlement adult-children, most of them on the worldwide soapbox, the 30-something females with IQs of 4 and productive and reproductive value of zero, the rest, the so called males, those limp fish yes-cuks ready at their beckon. Soon we’ll have two people working and eight people complaining about their free everything not being enough or good enough.

  130. RICHARD

    was the momument the signal to BEGIN?

  131. Robert K

    Baby killer Cooper at it again… NC should be so proud of their “elected” official…

    • Greg Hunter

      Robert K,
      Yep. He Hates babies.

  132. Carol

    What is in Biden’s Digital currency Executive Order?

    This article has a fabulous chart giving responsible gov’t agencies and dates to comply with various parts of the EO. Definitely seems to be a hidden Central Bank Digital Currency agenda! Crypto getting slaughtered …Hard to imagine the gov’t allowing any competing private sector crypto … ‘nuf said …


    [CBDC means: Central Bank Digital Currency]

    Notably absent from the Executive Order is any reference to regulations implementing the tax information reporting provisions of HR 3684, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, signed into law on November 15, 2021. As discussed in this Gibson Dunn Client Alert [linked], those provisions are one of the few recent legislative measures addressing digital assets and include[s] effective dates that contemplate reporting requirements on a broad range of digital asset transactions beginning in January of 2023. [Limited mention of privacy concerns]

  133. Marie Joy says China bought 3 American companies
    Ben & Jerry’s
    This is serious.

  134. Richard

    It is my understanding that Elbert County Georgia owned the land on which the Georgia Guidestones once sat.

    Semper Fi

  135. Tony

    Even if operatives for the globalist cabal did this as some kind of attempt to remove evidence of their plans, it’s still a a massive win for us freedom fighters.

  136. Marie Joy

    If democrats expect to lose elections, they will create one helluva problem before November with the purpose of canceling elections or making them vote by mail only.

  137. Sheriff Bart

    The number of Americans not in the labor force — non-handicapped, 18 to 62, no job and not looking for one — increased by 510,000 in June, settling at 99,812,000

    So now I have to pay for 500,000 additional goldbrick freeloaders?
    99,812,000 moochers, time to end the entitlements.

  138. Self Exiled


  139. Mike Johnson

    First of all we do have a Sovereign and a King. Jesus Christ!

    Secondly, although this is not confirmed, it appears that the Georgia Guide Stones may actually have been struck by lightning. If that is true the irony is incredible.

  140. iwitness02

    When I was young I believed that as long as I had air, water and freedom, I could obtain everything else that I needed. Now that I’m old I see that air, water and freedom have all been degraded. In fact just about everything in life has been degraded. For me this is just one testimony of how corrupt government is and how dirty DC politics really are. I’m sure it would take a mighty volume to catalog all the injustices dealt out by evil people. At this point in life, I would be happy if we could just obtain truth and justice. Then we could begin to clean up this mess. By the word ‘we’ I mean all us who believe the Constitution is the law of the land. The one wild card in all of this is the return of the Son of God. This is the one hope we can believe in. Seems to me that the due time for His return must be getting close.

  141. BlueCapitalist

    Look what Martin Armstrong just put out:
    Doesn’t this narrative agree with what Cliff High predicted on your site?? WOW!

  142. Sasol Vogel

    Saturday Emergency Broadcast: World on Fire — Sri Lanka Overthrown By Populist Uprising, EU Rocked By Farmers Battling Globalist Takeover
    Posted 3 hours ago
    Meanwhile, the Georgia Guidestones have been destroyed, UK PM Boris Johnson resigns, Japanese leader assassinated, and Putin threatens nuclear war.
    This is the great destabilization promised by Klaus Schwab, and only exposing it can stop the next phase of the total collapse — tune in live for this emergency Saturday show and once it’s archived, share it with everyone you know!

  143. Russ McMeans

    Greg; I watched your Friday news wrap up yesterday. You started off with mentioning that a reader sent you a gift. Then you held up that little cross and continued your story. When you mentioned Ray, or I figured it out, I lost it! I remember him months ago and started really praying for him. In earnest. I’m the one with the major back trouble that just got major surgery with much hardware and fused lumbar vertebrae. So I stare at the ceiling a lot. I don’t know why but certain people I just, my heart goes out to them, thus much praying. God is good. Thanks Ray for listening when the Lord called you. Keep plugging away Greg. You’re effort will never be in vain.

    • Greg Hunter

      Brother Russ,
      You are a good man and prayers work!!

  144. Roger

    Thank you again for a superb summary of what is really happening and for speaking the truth while the fake news have no honour or even an ounce of consciense in reporting the lies and more lies regarding the death jabs, the Ukraine war, the Russia, Russia Russia hoax, the stolen election. The list of lies is endless while the demoncrats have no interest in anything America as ALL are traitors and need to executed for treason. I suppose they love to bow down and worship their puppet masters and their overlords in the CCP.
    Unbelieable as to how debased our governments have become where good is evil and evil is good, where death is glorified and life is dispised, where Satan is exalted and God is mocked. What a mess.

  145. Alexander Harris

    Thank you Greg for your time and effort to expose the new world order lies.

  146. David

    The Globalist blew up the Georgia guidestones themselves.
    To many people are catching on to thier plan.
    If explosives were used, it’s a crime scene and needs to be preserved for the investigation and post blast analysis of size,type and chemical makeup of the explosive.
    No way the crime scene would have been destroyed a few hours later.

    • Greg Hunter

      It looks like it was struck by lightning, and then they took a back how and tor the rest down.

  147. rv

    Hopefully, the Biden’s go down..
    4Chan Dump Reveals Hunter’s Concerning Conversations About Russia and China Connections. 4Chan Dump Reveals Hunter’s Concerning Conversations About Russia and China Connections
    N. Gates supermarket in Netherlands catches fire.
    Sorry for misspelling Greg..
    Greg thank you Awesome Weekly!!!

  148. Old Rancher

    Too many comments to read through now but was there EVER any video of ANYone setting the charges? It appeared that the video feed was constant but only the explosion was captured. Theres somethin’ awfully fishy goin’ on here….

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