Hillary in Deep Trouble, Iran Nuke Side Deal, Economic Warnings

4_jpgBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

(WNW 204 8.21.15) 

Hillary Clinton’s email troubles keep getting worse. It is reported that national security laws were broken by Clinton and at least two of her staff. More that 300 of her emails have now been deemed classified and allegedly mishandled.   Clinton turned over her server to the FBI and says she doesn’t know who wiped it clean. It is also reported that two of Clinton’s top aides have disregarded a federal judge’s order to make sworn statements that all government documents in their possession have been turned over. Every day, this email scandal is getting worse. As I said months ago, Hillary Clinton will not be President, and it will not be the Republicans that pull the plug on Hill’s Presidential run, it will be the Democrats. Democrats have to be worried because this is looking like it is turning into a full blown crime and cover-up. At some point, the Dems will replace her, and they are not going to wait until a few months before the election. I think Hillary will be out before the first debate.

We know what was in part of the so-called side deal in the deal to curtail Iran’s nuclear program. It is reported that Iran will be responsible for inspecting its own military nuclear facilities. The Obama Administration has said this deal is not going to be about trust, but verification. How in the world can the verification be left up to Iran? Remember I told you that Secretary of State John Kerry said he did not “have access” to the side deal? I said he is either a buffoon or a liar or both? Now, we know it’s both. How can a key point in this deal, namely verification, be a “side deal”? Isn’t verification the key point in this deal? Of course it is, and John Kerry sat in front of Congress and said he doesn’t have access to the deal he brokered. Outrageous and imbecilic. Kerry should be embarrassed, and he should resign. This is why it is going to be very easy for top Democrats like Senator Robert Menendez to vote no. Senator Menendez just came out this week and gave this deal a big thumbs down. It is looking more and more like Congress will be able to override President Obama’s upcoming veto on nixing the Iran deal.

Federal Reserve VP Stephen Williamson says that QE (money printing) did not help the real economy but did help the stock market. The QE did expand the Feds balance sheet from under $1 trillion, when all this started more than 6 years ago, to more than $4.5 trillion today. There have been all sorts of warnings coming out about how bad the economy is including from the Fed itself.   The warnings are also coming from past Fed Chiefs like Alan Greenspan.  Greenspan is warning about a bond market bubble, and you know what happens to bubbles. They pop. Greenspan says interest rates could shoot higher and said the bond market was in an “extraordinary unstable position.” How many times have I said there is not recovery for Main Street? They have crammed the “recovery” story down our throats, and now even the MSM and the Fed know that is one big lie. There is no recovery. This fall is going to be turbulent. My friend Gregory Mannarino of TradersChoice.net says the Fed will not raise rates in September. He says the market may bounce, but as he predicted in May, the highs are in and the overarching trend is down.

California and the West continue to be starved for rain. They say the weather pattern will change with the coming El Nino, but who knows. What I do know is California is ground zero in the drought picture. So far, nearly 21,000 jobs have been lost mostly in agriculture, and nearly $3 billion has been lost to the drought. I do not know what Governor Jerry Brown is planning on doing, but betting on hope and El Nino looks like a very long shot.  In March, NASA estimated that California had only one year’s worth of water left. The drought map looks like it is getting worse and not better.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Frank

    Regarding the drought monitor, we always hear about atmospheric changes, el-nino’s, or lack thereof, chem-trails, etc. etc.; but what consideration is given to the impact on surface dryness from building pressure and friction from tectonic plates below. The extremeness of drought over the length of the San Andreas appears correlated and less than coincidental at the moment. Perhaps an interview with a superb geologist could shed some light on any relationship.

    • brian

      you may find this interesting Frank:


      I personally believe that the amount of water on this planet fluctuates dramatically over time. The strength of our magnetic field is directly related to the planets ability to hold water and atmosphere on its surface; when the field gets weak, or becomes absent, then gases blow off the earth like they would a comet in the solar wind, vapor pressure is reduced and more water goes into a gas state and is stripped away. Conversely, water is added to the planet in due course as we orbit around the galaxy and into and out of the various clouds of galactic debris, much of which is comprised of ice.

    • paul

      The relationship you speak of will not be found by a geologist … mankind must repair the broken covenant (beryth) with God and work to stop transgressing his moral laws as written in the Torah.

      • paul

        It seems “the world is going whole hog in the direction of evil” … and this is why it is incumbent upon us to “change for the better” … we must learn to trust each other … crystallize our thoughts and actions “tempered with a loving consciousness” that represents God’s divine design for humanity … http://www.krystleyez.com/the-seed-of-life/

        • Charles H.

          Thank you, paul. You are entirely correct – in the sense that we teach by example and not by words. That we should show forth God’s divine design – to honor God and help others. Trust, though, is conditional upon being earned on the human plane. In the Apostasy, that we are in or entering, evil will increase – so the overall basis to sustain trust will decrease.
          In juxtaposition: trust in the matter of Faith must be unconditional because the Object of our faith is perfect and Sovereign. Each Believer fulfills the General Will of God in Salvation; and goes on uniquely to fulfill the Specific Will of God, in whatever part, or position, in the Body of Christ God chooses. The Word of God, the Holy Bible, gives light and direction that we should neither fail to realize, or go beyond it’s meaning. Judging Righteous Judgment requires a faith with open eyes: to avoid the traps and pitfalls.
          I must, myself, make a difference between trusting God, and trusting man.

        • paul

          From the “seed” a flower comes into being … acknowledged as something sacred by almost all major religions … http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/geometria_sagrada/esp_geometria_sagrada_6.htm

  2. Smaulgld

    Re Hillary its amazing that she is still polling as the Democrat and overall fromt runner
    Her lying and WHAT she is lying about are far worse than watergate. Just having that private server should disqualify her.

    re interest rates. Seems the market and dollar is cratering because by the Fed intimating that they are not yet ready to raise rates indicates something is very wrong with the economy
    Couple that with the Stlouis fed saying QE didnt work, greenspan warning of a bond bubble and the markets are catching on that the higher stock prices were based on very little other than QE ZIRP stock and buybacks.
    The markets are now falling because the fed is NOT raising rates. If it collpases further what are they going to do? Raise rates?
    The absurdity of what the Fed has done (6 yrs of printing $4.5 trillion to buy crap MBSs and T bonds) and its results seem to finally be sinking in with the market.
    The Fed has no good options. They destroyed their options long ago.

    This however takes the cake from Reuters yesterday
    Home sales near eight-and-a-half-year high, brighten economic outlook
    “fresh signs of steady economic growth that likely keeps the Federal Reserve on track to raise interest rates this year.”
    ” the trend remained consistent with strong labor market momentum.” “Strengthening labor market” “strong job gains”


    • Chip

      Yes SG the Reuters propaganda is a joke. About like the headline on MW yesterday that read “two indicators that are telling you to buy stocks” at the same time the dow was down -275!!! …. Chip

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


      We all need to get away from this type of narrative. And I mean all of us! And that includes us on WD as well! All of us are guilty of talking horse shite when it comes to the FED and what they are supposed to be doing.

      To quote from your post;
      “The absurdity of what the Fed has done (6 yrs of printing $4.5 trillion to buy crap MBSs and T bonds) and its results seem to finally be sinking in with the market.”

      Even GC as outspoken as he is won’t say it.
      What won’t he say? Well here is some stuff just for starters:

      ➢ The Fed is owned by banksters. It doesn’t work for America it works for it’s elite network of owners
      ➢ They very last thing on the FED’s agenda is protecting the well being of the US economy and main street America. In fact the only explanation for its astonishing mismanagement of every thing it touches is that their agenda now is to destroy the US economy and society and reduce it to chaos so that they can finish of the process of wealth transfer into the hands of their owners. I think the phrase “to stupid to be stupid was actually coined on WD. Well believe me the FED’s actions fall squarely in this category
      ➢ The FED’s narrative is all contrived to disguise the fact that they don’t work for America. Why on earth would we take anything they say seriously.
      ➢ Given the ownership model of the FED, it is impossible to believe that any of their senior staff are sincere. How could they possibly believe that they are working for the good of the US economy and not their Oligopoly owners. What is even more farcical is that after retiring they are regularly quoted by media and also paid huge speaking fees. This to me is quite extraordinary.

      For God’s sake when are we going to start talking about what the Fed really is?



  3. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    Lets reverse the Iran deal. Iran pressed the UN to put blockade on USA, and now they want inspect the US nuclear and military sites. Sounds outrageous?! Sure it is.
    And before you came up with argument about how Iran is marked as supporter of the terrorism by the US state department. You should realize we are talking about the same government which: allowed slavery from the time of its foundation (and even some white immigrants were slaves); initiated the genocide of the native Americans (and this process is still running by other means); dropped nuclear weapons on civilians (Hiroshima and Nagasaki) ; initiated several coups and color revolutions; initiated assassinations and treats his own citizens as slaves (the US tax system and IRS practices) and treats them as domestic terrorists/enemy (TSA and NSA practices). (Yes the US gov is the biggest terrorist organization of the world, and posing as grant of the freedom and democracy. Which is hypocrisy.)

    So when you say A, you should say also B. And bottom line: my country is one of the European vassal of the US.

    My cents
    Oracle 911

    • Paul from Indiana

      Oracle–guess we should have just let ol’ Kaiser Bill, Hitler, and Hirohito have at it, right? Enjoy your trip with Farmer Colin. My 2 cents, wie man sagt /a ce qu’on dit… PM

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Oh thats right we all just forgot for a little while that the US of A “singlehandedly won WW2:”
        In fact did any other allies even take part!
        What a very sad and selfish perspective you have.
        Tell me are there many caves in Indiana these days?

    • Galaxy 500

      Where do these insane assumed “moral equivalents” come from? When you see America as the moral equivalent of Iran, its time to check yourself into a good hospital. You are likely to be suffering from a major stroke

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        By the way, when was the last time you your good self had a ‘checkup from the neckup.’

        Just my 2 cents worth:
        For you and many of your countrymen it will probably take years for you to grasp the fact that a huge and rapidly growing proportion of humanity is now much more afraid of Washington and its psychopathic leaders than the bad elements of all other countries of the world combined.

        It seems that many of you agree that your leaders are either psychopaths or morons, and often both, and yet you cling to this pathetic belief that Washington should still be overseeing and controlling the world.
        To me in the antipodes this a totally self-absorbed, astonishing and naive assumption.


        • Gerty

          No Stone Left Unturned! Colin remember the movie Objective Burma!? The Kiwi’s walked out of the movie realizing Errol Flynn was getting all the credit for liberating Burma! They couldn’t go along with Hollywierd’s version of History because they were the real hero’s in Burma. But unfortunately Hollyweird is all a lot of folks have to go on. Just don’t worry, the man upstairs knows whats going on. . .http://www.openbible.info/topics/no_stone_left_unturned

  4. A R M A G E D D O N ?

    Obama is torpedoing Hillary Clinton

    The president craves a successor who will preserve his legacy

    Mrs. Clinton is careening toward possible criminal charges involving her alleged mishandling of classified material on her personal email server while she was secretary of State. And President Obama is driving the bus. She and her team have, of course, reverted to form, blaming everyone but themselves: a “right-wing conspiracy,” The New York Times, overzealous investigators. What they are missing, however, is the one figure who wants her taken out politically, and who has the power to do it. END OF THE NEO-CONS NEO-CONWOMAN? READ ALL ABOUT IT;


  5. FC

    They are most likely creating this drought in California, to rid the people of the State, so they can mine Helium 3, that’s apparently leaking from a fault line near LA………cheaper than trying to mine it on the moon…………it’s a crazy world we live in, anything is possible with TPTB.

  6. Liarson

    Dow Plunges Below 17,000 Amid Latest Global Crisis! What’s Next?

    I’ve never held a tenge coin or bill in my hand. I doubt you have either, unless your travel plans or work responsibilities have sent you to Kazakhstan.
    But overnight, the Central Asian nation that does a lot of trade with Russia and China delivered another emerging market shock. It abandoned its currency peg, and in the blink of an eye, the tenge plunged 23% to an exchange rate of 257.2 per U.S. dollar. That means every one of its citizens just lost almost a quarter of their purchasing power — in an instant.
    move came within hours of news from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) regarding the Chinese yuan. The IMF said the yuan wouldn’t be added to its basket of reserve currencies for at least a year, and maybe longer. That move is another kick in the teeth for China’s markets and China’s currency, and it clearly opens the door to more depreciation.
    These developments set off yet another round of carnage across world markets. South Africa’s rand currency dropped to its weakest level since 2001. Turkey’s lira plunged to an all-time low. And Malaysia’s ringgit sank to yet another 17-year low.
    Getting that tenge feeling all over.
    That, in turn, helped push the U.S.-traded iShares MSCI South Africa ETF (EZA) to an 18-month low. The iShares MSCI Turkey ETF (TUR) and the iShares MSCI Malaysia ETF (EWM) both sank to their lowest levels in more than six years.
    The bulls on CNBC say you don’t have to pay attention to this stuff. They claim it doesn’t matter. But obviously these events are starting to weigh on investor sentiment and capital market pricing. The S&P 500 fell sharply today, and it is banging away at downside technical support with more vigor. At the same time, more and more sectors are continuing to wilt.
    Some will argue the worst is behind us, and it’s time to go bargain hunting. But despite today’s sharp decline, I’m still seeing few signs of outright panic. Yes, people are starting to come around to the cautious, negative view I started adopting months ago and raising cash. But they aren’t selling very aggressively yet. The major averages are down just a handful of percentage points from their recent peaks.

    Heck, volatility as measured by the VIX fell to near multi-year lows just a couple of weeks ago. And in the 17-18 area, it’s still far, far below several panicky peaks seen in previous crises both big and small.
    “It’s NOT too late to sell down some exposure.”
    So I do NOT believe it’s too late to sell down some exposure, and take protective steps. That’s what I’m doing, and once again, I think it’s a smart move for you too.

    What about your thoughts? Ever held a tenge in your hand, much less heard of it? Do you think we should just ignore what’s happening in far-flung parts of the world like Kazakhstan? Or is the cumulative pressure of all these falling dominoes going to prove too much for U.S. stocks? What about the economy here? Is it going to get hit by these developments in Asia and elsewhere? These are critical questions.

    The economy, stock market, oil prices and Big Pharma – those were just a few of the topics TPTB were discussing online in the past 24 hours.

    Billy offered this view on the big picture: “As we have said before, we are seeing worldwide deflation take the upper hand despite more than $15 trillion of fiat-based, paper-based money, debt and derivative printing. Canaries are all over this coal mine. It could be the worst set up for a deflationary crash in decades. It’s THAT bad.”

    Mike S. said he knows where he’d put the blame for the current mess, noting some historical parallels. His take: “The concentration of too much money in too few hands has occurred twice in the past 100 years. First in the run up to 1929, and second in the run up to November 2007. Getting shorter between run-ups. Get it? Get shorter, shorter the market!

    “Interestingly, BOTH where periods of Republican domination and high speculation because of the absence of laws prohibiting that kind of trading. There was a really good law enacted in 1933 that forbid that kind of trading. It was called the Glass-Steagall Act.
    Bill Clintons Wall street buddies no liked.

    “It was brought by a Democrat majority in 1933 and it worked really well to stop a re-occurrence of 1929. Unfortunately, it was removed by Bill and a Republican majority in 1999.” So now were going to have a re-occurrence of the flood of Noah’s day, except this time by fire and it’s called Armageddon!

    Meanwhile, on a different health-care topic, Tommr said: “Don’t we all ‘love’ the way Big Pharma invents ‘disorders’ and then comes up with a pill to treat them? What a huge SCAM!”

    And on the strength in housing, Bob S. said: “I see a lot of remodeling being done, both by home owners and those who buy, renovate, and rent or resell. With loan rates for those activities low but predicted to rise, I suspect many are doing those projects now before they rise.”

    Finally, in response to a couple comments about oil, Jim said: “We seem to be stuck in a cycle where heavily indebted oil companies keep producing more oil to try and maintain cash flow to service debt. At the moment it looks like we may have a long way to the bottom. I’m not sure it’s an investable trend, however.”

    1. The market looks sick. Much sicker than a few months ago. That’s why Greg has been urging such caution for a few so many months now.

    2. The repeal of Glass-Steagall proved to be a big mistake. Then during the housing and credit market bubbles, we had an utter lack of oversight and regulation by bought-and-paid-for government officials. They were looking forward to cushy jobs in the private sector after putting in their time in government, and their inexcusable behavior helped exacerbate the last crisis. We the people should give them one last job fighting ISIS, without the protective leather strap around their necks! That’s a Leatherneck joke.

    3. Oil and oil stocks offer tremendous value – the most I’ve seen since the mid-1980s. But global economic weakness and the Saudi refusal to push a production cutback through OPEC to destroy Russia and our oil industry,”a two bagger,” is obviously weighing heavily on prices anyway.

    I bagged some nice profits in the energy run up between December-January and the spring. Since then, I’ve been taking active steps to hedge energy risk and cut exposure. But I’m still holding on to some longer-term names that should ultimately prosper hugely if anybody from Wall street survives the carnage on Main Street. . . Hopefully that makes my thoughts on energy crystal clear?

    Other Developments of the Day
    Real estate values in New York have been surging, prompting yet another round of fast-money flipping in commercial property. Previous buyers are cashing out to lock in windfalls much earlier than expected, while new buyers are paying ridiculous prices to snap up buildings that are yielding near-record lows. Move to the country!

    Bloomberg reports that a whopping $29.4 billion in deals were closed in the first six months of 2015 alone on the island of Manhattan. I’m sure this will end even better (cough, cough) than the mid-2000s frenzy fueled by too much easy money. Aren’t you? Don’t bet ur wife on it!

    The guests interviewed here have warned about an increasing amount of bond market turmoil that’s come to fruition in recent weeks, and they said it was a key warning sign for stocks. Now, there’s another troubling signal we were warned about coming from fixed income: Future inflation expectations are tumbling.

    So-called TIPS spreads that measure the difference between yields on nominal Treasuries and yields on Treasury Inflation Protected Securities are plummeting. That’s a sign bond investors are worried about future growth, falling commodities, and potential recessions in many parts of the world. As a matter of fact, the 10-year TIPS spread is within a basis point or two of five-year lows.

    Should we be even more worried about the future, given the plunge in future inflation expectations? What about the frenzy in New York real estate? Isn’t that a troubling sign!

    Until, that time, until that time. . .

    • Paul from Indiana

      Rampant asset-flipping is a sure sign of a top in whatever category. Best always. PM

    • paul

      The Great Financial Crisis we are in today was caused by offshoring our jobs … manufacturers “focused on lowering costs” did not see what would result by putting US workers out of a job … by destroying US workers ability to buy the products these manufactures produce overseas “at a cheaper cost” has now resulted in shrinking demand … the result is they created lower priced goods that can’t be bought (and currency devaluations are being implemented worldwide to increase demand) … faced with such overproduction problems they must close down factories putting more people out of work, reducing demand even more and eventually resulting in bankruptcy … so their greed and lust “for more money” has resulted in them now making “less money” … appropriate punishment don’t you think … for their lack of moral principles!

      • paul

        Instead of devaluing peoples currency (resulting in consumers buying less) they should take a lesson from Henry Ford … who “increased the wages of his workers” so that they could afford to buy the cars he was manufacturing!

    • Galaxy 500

      Liar, son,
      Glad you bagged some profits trading.
      You wrote, “Turkey’s lira plunged to an all-time low.” Perhaps you meant the NEW Turkish Lira. The “old” Turkish Lira was around 1.8 million to the dollar before they issued a new currency

  7. F. Hayek

    Perhaps the ulterior motive of a side deal, is to dilute Israel’s power and hope for a two state solution.

    Right! We can’t have that, because Netty doesn’t want it.

    • Galaxy 500

      Right, we can’t have the two state solution Arafat turned down. Perhaps we would take them seriously if they would stop robbing the aid money to fund terror. And maybe if they didn’t massacre the political opposition in the street calling them collaborators.
      When Hamas takes the destruction of Israel out of its charter, I will begin to believe that they want peace with Israel

  8. Russ

    Thanks Greg, that sums it up. Hillary is toast; she”ll be out before December imo. Meanwhile, the Fed is trapped and they’ve set us up to continue the bear market that was interupted back in 2008 — not good.

    Interesting times…

  9. Mark

    In regard to California, you do realize that the government has the ability to control the weather through HAARP… don’t you? The drought is manipulated and the rainfall has been diverted. I have never heard about the Soviet equivalent of HAARP. But I would assume that since HAARP came out in the 60s and was weaponized, someone else has a version. The question is …Why would they want California to suffer? Who benefits?

    • dbcooper

      Mark, Every road into and out of my county is closed due to forest fire as I write this. We are under weather wars/fire wars/ soon food wars. The communists in this country are waging war and their bankster handlers are laughing all the way to where ever they belong. Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

    • brian

      If this technology exists, and it may, the apparatus needed to perform such a feat is not the humble little array near Gakona, Alaska. Even acknowledging that the idea is to use existing ionospheric instabilities as a way to greatly leverage up the affect of relatively minor directed energy inputs, a vast amount of power is still needed.

      I mean we are talking about moving and redirecting huge volumes of atmosphere against the titanic convective forces emanating from the suns heating of the planet; Should such a HUGE amount of directed power be applied, the ionospheric distortions that would result could very well also result in stress being applied to the lithosphere which would manifest itself as earthquakes and increased volcanic activity.

  10. Kip

    I believe Hillary and her elitists friends know when this all comes down she won’t answer to a thing, but she’s making a fatal error by not considering the real Supreme Court justice.

    • Maggie

      California produces a high percentage of the nation’s food. Who benefits? Anyone in power who wants to create mass starvation and destroy the economy.

      • Maggie

        Sorry Kip. The previous reply was supposed to go to Mark above.

    • Charles H.

      I always though that the USA was an impediment to the NWO; but now begin to think it will be the catalyst. East/West worldwide division is immanent – so how does it unify from there? Does someone kick the table over, in order to rearrange the chairs?

  11. art barnes

    Greg, California has lost more jobs that you reported due to the drought. Many new homes & construction projects are on hold, not to mention lawn service(s) small businesses closing daily. Also, the boating and recreational industry is laying off, docks are on dry land, small boat dealership are closing; its starting to become massive. Further, people are selling out and leaving the state now. I personally know several who are going east or have already gone. Jerry’s plan was to cut 20 percent to 80 percent water use; I like your word: imbecilic. And you know what? They knew 5 years ago it was starting and did nothing until this spring! Water rates are getting as high as phone bills with almost every city or private water company raising them or about to, and they were expensive before, which will only support the water companies and suck more disposable income from the workers of the state, adding weight to an already downward train without breaks. What I’m trying to highlight is that one cannot understatement this drought and its impact economically. In effect, the state is literally dying, my brother took down 4 trees which were 40 years old and healthy 5 years ago in his back yard, its changing the landscape, the forests are dying as well. In Sacramento, the Moonbeam as he is called, ducks any questions about what, if anything, should be done. Hard choices have to be made and are not, its going to take more than asking restaurants not to serve water unless ask!

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Art, the government only gives the illusion of policy and direction; their real function is self-perpetuation, so expecting/hoping government will “solve” something is delusional. Dirty little secret: No government will make the hard choices necessary, and no voting public will vote for the hard choices. Prepare for the Okie re-migration. As I say, plenty of water back here, and your vote will count (at least to some degree) in Red State land! Keep up the first-hand accounts. We are pulling for you and those who admit and face the truth. Best always. PM

    • Southern Girl

      art barnes,

      Read your piece and I thought about the people moving, but didn’t think about all the other jobs that would be affected. About 3 months ago I saw water on our shelves in Arkansas at good old Wally World saying the water was coming from California. They have been shipping your water and selling it all over the USA. Hope you can get out before your home value goes to zero. I think people will be migrating out in larger numbers as time goes by. Best of luck!

    • paul

      Art your brother should get out of the State now … because the water situation will never stabilize unless “a massive desalination program” is initiated (and all the Governor is doing about it is to remove drinking water from restaurant tables) … the main stream media won’t tell the public that the primary cause of the California drought has nothing to do with El Nino, or a persistent high pressure ridge but everything to do with “man’s immoral treatment of life in general” … red, green and black tide is now beginning to kill off sea life from the smallest fish to whales … and it all began when atmospheric nuclear bomb tests were initiated in the 1950’s (which began the process of “climate change” we are witnessing today) … the radiation released by nuclear atmospheric testing and now exasperated by the Fukushima disaster is killing off “the plankton” in the oceans … plankton produces the oxygen we breathe … and as plankton die (half are already dead) ocean temperatures rise because the plankton is not around in sufficient quantities to suck up carbon dioxide (and produce oxygen we need) … only live plankton absorb sunlight for photosynthesis whereas dead plankton don’t … thus resulting in more sunlight warming ocean waters … as plankton die-off increased amounts of carbon dioxide dissolves in sea water acidifying it (and small changes in pH has a very detrimental effect on the surviving plankton) … in other words … humanity has reached a tipping point as the world’s ocean plankton is now in a negative feed-back loop and their now more disappearance is resulting in mass extinctions of many different life forms!

    • Jerry

      Its not my plan. My plan would have been put to Arnold back in office and have him kick the **** out of Jerry Brown.

  12. Matt Jaymes

    I’m going to throw out what I think is a fairly legitimate question; maybe somebody can shed some light on it for me:

    Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has argued quite vociferously, that Iran doesn’t have a nuclear arms program and never did, that they in fact abandoned the idea 10 plus years ago. He states that the NRC and UN inspectors have reported no uranium enrichment vis-à-vis weapons grade material and that under the nuclear arms proliferation treaty (of which Iran is a signatory) that they (Iran) are entitled to pursue nuclear power goals.

    With the above in mind, might I ask: Is Dr. Roberts clueless?
    If he is correct, then what is all the wheeling and dealing (or non-dealing) really about?

    Inquiring minds want to know…….


    • Charles H.


      The Nuclear Arms industry has always, in historical context, been the daughter of Nuclear Power – where the one is not separate from the other. Government has been the predominant source and promoter of Nuclear Power, and government almost ALWAYS weaponizes it’s technology. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts may simply be taking a persona stand which compliments an anti-war footing. Does anyone outside of Tehran know what they are doing? The overall ramifications are too high-stakes to be operating in the blind.

    • Brian Stemmerman


      “I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America …

    • Winston Churchill

      The Petrodollar, what else ?

    • susan

      Matt, Dr. Roberts is very intelligent and wise in economics, but he is very anti-Israel in every way.

      • frederick

        @Susan yes he is because he is a man of truth and honor and integrity not a sellout like 95% of our socalled politicians in DC today god bless him and watch over him Cheers

    • Grafique

      I’m just Joe Ordinary, I have no inside information at all, but I believe that Iran is seeking nuclear weapons with all their might.
      – Iran hates Israel, who has nukes, and must acquire them in order to fight a war with Israel (or the US).
      – Iran (ancient Persia) wants more than anything to regain its ancient glory as a world power, but it can’t do it without nukes.

      PCR is a smart man who was once highly placed in the government. But, like Gerald Celente (who once said in a USAWatchdog interview that the CIA was behind Chernobyl), he can be prone to making wild, opinionated “conspiracy-theorist style” statements which he can’t back up.
      Let PCR offer solid evidence that Iran abandoned its quest for nukes and I’ll humbly apologize.

  13. Southern Girl


    As always love your WNW. You are one of the only ones to tell it like it is. Your right about Hitlary and what she said about her server, “Oh!, Wiped it clean with a cloth.” TO STUPID TO BE STUPID. The problem is this has always worked in the past so she cannot figure out why this BS is not still working.

    Our Rep.’s in Congress from Arkansas are not going to vote for the Iran deal. I really believe this was maybe a way for Obama to let Iran bomb Israel. Israel has two things up their sleeve..one being a EMP and don’t know what the other is but they seem to be weighing their options.

    Now all the Fed’s village idiots are all coming out to cry wolf so they can say, “See, we tried to warn you that there was something unsustainable about our economy.”

    I think the people in California are stuck in normalcy bias and just can’t believe that they will have no water and will have to move. They just keep thinking that it has never happened in my lifetime therefore it just CAN’T happen to me. My sister in Diamond Bar is just in denial. Maybe they should change the name of the state to Denial. People are not going to be able to sell their homes and will suffer great loses. Who wants to buy a house where there is no water? Because California, Oregon and Washington have severe drought it means no crops, which means higher prices for the produce they cannot grow. I know Oregon grows a lot of different veggies, but they depend on water. There are some really dry places there if it wasn’t for irrigation.

    On a side note the damn raccoons ate all my corn some weeks ago….took it down to the ground in one night. My purple hall peas are just now making. Terrible year for gardening here. May try potatoes, peas, and beans for fall. Have a good weekend..your just one state up from me and we are finally having cooler weather. I even have my windows open in the mornings.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Southern, the deer got all my green beans, but everything else has been good. Despite the heat, I’ve still had brussels sprouts throughout. Potatoes (reds) were especially good. Moles have been very prevalent here this year. Must be lots of beetle larvae (grubs) in the ground. Keep the faith and best always. PM

    • Calgirl

      I don’t know what to think about California’s problems. All kinds of reasons come to mind such as maybe California is to become the land of the elite by running out all the “little people” and making land and housing dirt cheap. Then more rich folks can buy and build right alongside Barbra Streisand’s mansion. All they have to do is wait until most are gone and turn the rain back on via HAARP.

      It is simply a beautiful state especially along the coastline. Anyone who has driven Hwy 1 (and didn’t go off the cliff sightseeing while driving) surely knows just how utterly beautiful the earth can be when tectonic plates do their magic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7EUoCOsC97M https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVsPUv4uEaQ

      I want to cry when I watch the videos above as where I live now is FLAT.

      As far as the small business owners go, I am sure they are truly suffering great losses, however, as in the landscaping arena, most of the workers and many of the owners are illegals and don’t pay much, if any, in taxes. My guess is that many illegals have migrated either south back into Mexico, or west deeper into the U.S. Much of the non-skilled labor is foreign and many are illegal in one way or another.

      Big agriculture is surely licking their lips as the new lands they can acquire to manufacture their GMO AND MSG products. The Joaquin Valley, a huge agriculture area east and south of SF will be up for grabs as all of those small farms will soon be gone, if not already gone.

      I lived in the SF Bay Area for 25 years and finally left 12 or so years ago. I miss California very much…all the international type shopping and eating, but it became impossible to manage with the utterly horrible conditions. If it wasn’t gay men dressed as nuns in the annual gay pride parades https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1USxHOEX1U , the inability to understand what many were saying due to the heavy accents from all over the world, or the Democrat way of managing the cities and state. There were regulations which make it impossible to manage a business unless you know someone. And believe it or not, one can tire quickly of non-stop sunshine with hardly ever a drop of rain. When it did rain, it came down in gallons all at once. All the water is either shipped in via aqueducts or run-off from the mountains. I used to go metal detecting on the lake bottom of Vasona Lake (a retention lake) when it dried up every other year or so. Then they took the main highways and stole a lane for commuters making it impossible to get around the bay area. Commuter traffic would be stopped in three lanes and the “Commuter Lane” would be utterly empty except for the occasional police vehicle or the driver with his blow-up dummy as passenger.

      I live on the southern East coast now. There is plenty of rain, almost daily, which is wonderful. But there is no mountain beauty to drive through on the weekends. No waves even 1/20th the size of the beautiful waves braking on the beaches and bluffs of Ca.’s coast. It’s hard to find any restaurants which serve anything other than steak and potatoes much less stores that sell the makings for a Chinese, Japanese, Indian, etc dinner. There is an isle in the local Publix Grocery store that has an international section about 10 feet long where I can buy a few of the most common on ingredients.

      I’d go back “home” in a heartbeat if just a few big changes were made.

    • Jerry

      Hilary is nothing more than a lying carpetbagger with a fake southern accent. Did I also mention she’s also married to the biggest pervert to ever hold office ? Be sure and check out the Clinton Library if you’re ever in Little Rock. It looks like a gigantic trailer . So fitting. A trailer, symbolic of trailer park trash.

      • Southern Girl


        Been there done that. It has such a tacky look it is embarrassing. They have planted a lot of trees, so as they grow you cannot see the damn thing from the interstate.

    • Brad27

      Hey there Southern Girl,
      I had terrible problems with raccoons eating all my apricots and cherries. They would come in a single night and strip them bare, breaking the limbs in the process. I finally found the solution. I strung five wires about 4 or 5 inches apart through one inch PVC pipe stakes in the ground and hooked it up to a fence charger. No more problems. Good luck.

      • Southern Girl

        Brad 27,

        I too have had problems with other kremlins in my garden. I live in a new community with houses all around. To date I have caught 42 raccoons, 2 opossums, and one big fat rat. I just call the animal control people and identify myself as the raccoon lady and they know my address by heart.

        If you could draw me a diagram we could be having baked raccoon soon. Just kidding. On top of that some critter took off with my sunflowers night before last. Should have put red pepper on them to give who ever ate them indigestion.

  14. Doug C.

    I think your comments on John Kerry are bang on, except I also believe that they do not have a choice any more. I believe (and there is lots of conformation around the net, Zerohedge.com for one), that the USA does not have any power, anymore, in these types of negociations. So far they are given a stage to look important to keep the charade going, but the US is completely bankrupt and the rest of the world no longer wants to play their game. Since the IMF (US run) never allowed China into the SDR, they have debased their Yuan/RMB as a “back at ya”, which raises import costs and trade imbalances for the US. China, Russia, India are buying almost all the Gold in the World right now and the U.S., from most accounts, only has “Deep Storage” Gold (unmined) which means nothing. As you keep mentioning, this fall could be a bad time financially for the World and especially the U.S.. Unfortunately, my own country Canada has gone along with a lot of the U.S. policy (be it War or Financial), so we are in terrible shape as well when it all unravels. We in the West I believe have got to start realizing we NO LONGER are going to be the onces making the rules in the World and it is going to be an enormous shock to people that have not been informing themselves through web sites like your own. Thanks again for what you do to help protect people.

  15. andyb

    re hillary: if we still had the Rule of Law, especially for the 1%, Hillary would already have been indicted, passport taken and $50million bail.

    re Iran: Obama has probably been told by AIPAC and Bibi that Israel will attack Iran; although I appreciate the fact that the “deal”, flawed as it is, may have been meant to forestall war, I think the principal reason was the opening up of Iran as a market for the corporate oligarchs and the banksters.

    re the market: perhaps a dead cat bounce going forward, but the major trend is down, down. All the accounting manipulations that can be done have been; the stock buybacks to boost EPS are over (no more free money). We could be looking at DOW 10,000 by year end.

    General note: went to Sam’s club this morning. I generally refurbish my pantry with the same items on a regular basis. I Compared prices 6 months apart on Folger’s 2 lb coffee, 80/20 hamburger, 2 ltr extra virgin olive oil, 64 oz Ocean Spray cranberry 100% juice. I think you will agree that these are basic items.

    • Mary Casey

      There is a food shortage. Our food is being rationed.

      The business model is no longer, “Super-Size Bag, Super-Size Profits”. The food shortage has forced a new business model, “stretch the low inventory as much as possible, so we’ll continue to have something to sell”.

      Smaller packaging stretches the food. The “super-size bags”, “king-size packages” and “family packs” have been parsed into “mini-size bags”, “mini-size boxes”, “individual size” and smaller cans, bottles and jars.

      When you see this smaller packaging, think “food rationing”.

      And it is permanent, it’s an extensive investment to retool for smaller cans, bottles, boxes, bags and jars; retool for new labels, new packaging, new shipment boxes; and the purging of the old inventory. (They will not put the new smaller cans on the shelf next to the old bigger cans.…so great sales on the old bigger sizes; they also wholesale them off to the “dollar” stores at a great price…stock up if you can still find any!)

      Selling less food in smaller packages, at the same price as the old bigger packages, may simply recover the inflationary price increase of their raw materials. Repackaging the extra 3 ounces of Chunky Campbell’s soup skimmed off the 18 oz can requires another can, label, shipping boxes, inventory control and labor. Hardly a way to increase profits as successfully as “Super-Size Bag, Super-Size Profits”. With a food shortage, manufactures must parse out their product to have product to sell and remain in business.

      “It’s just a trick to cloak inflation” is a false narrative……they would like us to think that. Or that it’s the obesity problem and they only care about your health; or that people just don’t eat at home as much anymore and no need to waste uneaten food. They are in the business of selling food; they don’t care what you do with it or even if it’s healthy for you. There’s no profit in that reasoning.

      And unless they intend to retool every 6 months to mask inflation, that trick only works until the 4lb bag of sugar doesn’t fill the 5lb canister…or the new 15 oz. soup can is dwarfed on your pantry shelf by the old 18 oz can….or Grandma’s recipe, which calls for “a large box of vanilla wafers”, turns runny. Then the public smugly proclaims, “I know this is inflation, you can’t trick me!” Unfortunately, they have been tricked, sidetracked, but food riots have been avoided for now.

      What is causing the food shortage? Real or fabricated, an increase demand for food is being generated from “somewhere” or for “something”.

      Have we simply reached ‘peak food’ where population growth now outpaces growth in food production?

      The drought certainly complicates issues, but warnings of a food shortage were rumored years before the 2013 California drought began.

      To enter the realm of conspiracy, the food shortage could be from one, none or all of the following: government(s) stock-piling; the elites stock-piling; preppers stock-piling; Obama’s private army stock-piling; or China stock-piling. It could just be a case of the food going to the highest bidder. It could just be to put more budget pressure on the vanishing middle-class. And, in anticipation of food shortages, Michele Obama’s starvation “school lunch program” may be to teach our children to expect less, eat less and be happy with it.

      The following is a copy of an actual email from Augason Farms Emergency Food Storage:

      Dear Customer

      We would like to let you know that your order is in queue and we will provide a
      status update as soon as possible. We’ve had an extremely high unexpected
      increase in demand and are striving to process orders as quickly as possible. We
      appreciate your business and your patience.

      Jessica Montoya – Customer Service Manager

      Not just an increase in demand, but an “extremely….high…..unexpected…..increase” in demand. So much so, that they ran out of shipping boxes. If you follow this market, they all experienced an extremely high demand. When the item was out-of-stock, shortages were veiled by simply removing the item from the website. Other sites did note items as out-of-stock and the list was extensive.

      When enough people wake up and realize they only have cold porridge for breakfast, then we will learn just how much ammo the government has really stockpiled.

  16. Willard Ferch

    Hillary, many years ago, established a reputation as: Liar, unethical, dishonest, self-serving, vindictive, arrogant, secretive, a small person. Other than that, she’s a pretty good egg. Kerry is a bubble-headed, egotistical blowhard, which makes one wonder why Obama chose certain people as his flunkies, but you hear little of the real brains behind him. PLEASE look up Dr. David Dilley, “Is global cooling dangerous?” on youtube. The drought in the west, excessive rain & snow here & there, growing sea ice, etc., is all completely normal, considering what is going on. This is extremely important, for it portends real danger in the years ahead!!! Fiddlin

  17. Andrew de Berry (Rev)

    A chipmunk stuffing its face with cookies and then pretending its stolen nothing – great metaphor for ridiculing Clinton et al!

  18. Praxis

    Not gonna lie. Greg, Iran and Israel doesn’t matter when we need to get our own house in order. If anyone is going to nuke anyone it will be because the party receiving asked for it with extreme prejudice. No more. If Israel wants total war, let them have it. “They can handle themselves” and provocateur the further radiological decimation of the northern hemisphere.
    I don’t see anyone winning any way it spins unless peace is made in earnest multilaterally on manifold fronts. I highly HIGHLY doubt Iran will fire anything ever. It’s all done by proxy now. Everyone knows that. But it still boils down to ‘Que bono’. Not the people of any sect or geographical area.

    Nevertheless, if MAD must be, so be it. That’s deterrent enough if psychopaths try to get out of hand. I don’t want to eradicate anyone unless they want to eradicate us. Is no good reason. For all intents and purposes, Iran is only angry with Israel because they have re-ignited a centuries old rivalry. What do we really have to do with that? If anyone is crazy enough to poison their own air, then let them try. Go for it and soak some iodine. Anyone who dares would join the ranks of moronic in my opinion. Again, everyone knows this.

    What if oil suddenly wasn’t worth anything at all. Would that change anything? I think not. Definitely not for us across the Atlantic.
    Show less

    • Praxis

      I mean really. If tribalism is going to continue to create conflict, let them have at it? I don’t want to be a part of it at all. If they conquer, great. Who is they? I don’t care. I only care if they stifle my existence and I truly think that Iran will not be that flag. Persia has been imperial in the past but with technology, honestly, why bother?

      At this point, humanity needs to help its forlorn, not it’s natives, but those who wish to become part of … for lack of a better word, the Borg.

      Comfortably curious, is it not?

  19. diogenese

    Hillary .
    Every server has a IP. a dress , subpoena the NSA for their records from this server , YA CANT WIPE THE NSA

  20. Marcelo Ruiz

    There is no drought in California for Nestle according to ZeroHedge:


  21. Chip

    GREAT wrap up Greg. Have a good weekend. BTW, is that your farm in MO? I was stationed at Fort Leonard Wood twice. Love the Ozarks… Chip

  22. brian

    You know, I am starting to think that a best case scenario here with this totally inept and corrupt government we got is that they will in fact get us on the brink of some major war and at that point all the guys running the military who have been watching this circus in silence, praying to God they can just bide their time and get that pension, will be forced to act and refuse to prosecute the war; effectively removing these numbskulls who got us into this mess from power.

    Call it a de facto coup if you want, and something that would certainly lead to no small measure of chaos, but I would take that over the full fledged chaos of a war with the combined powers of Russia and China, with Pakistan, Israel, North Korea and Iran jumping in whenever and however suits them.

  23. Jerry

    I’m going to give people one last warning to get their money out of the Banks before November. Do you remember this headline from the G20 meeting is 2014?

    In February I posted a letter that was sent to the G20 by the Financial Security Board for the meeting scheduled in 11/15/15 titled “Post Crisis Agenda- Moving Forward”.
    When you connect the information from the past G20 meeting in 2014 with the upcoming HG20 meeting in November 2015, it becomes apparent that we are in the early stages of a controlled global economic collapse that will climax sometime before

    I can’t help but think that the Chinese currency devaluation last week is part and parcel of a plan to install a new exchange system globally. Least we forget that China purchased the J.P. Morgan Chase Bank Building in New York and owns a vast majority of the Federal Reserve Bank holdings, and is a key member of the G20.

    • Southern Girl


      I have tried to warn people about their bank accounts and all I get is a blank stare back. I have made several runs to pull mine out and if nothing happens to put some back in. I only keep what is necessary in the bank to pay bills. I would never have a savings account in a bank at this stage of the game.

      Tried to tell my family about the coming crash of the stock market and I get the deer in the headlights look. They just don’t think it can happen to them. I am really worried about my relatives who are in their 70’s and 80’s. They don’t have any wiggle room.

      Thanks for the warning again.

  24. Joni Carleton

    Greg, All of them are guilty of the old saying, “Oh, what a web we weave when we try to deceive”. The spiders are now definitely getting caught in their own webs!

    • sk

      “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”.

  25. HTC

    I don’t know if anyone has seen this or not but it’s off topic a bit. Do a Google search for “stratovarius visions” and check out the album cover art that was released back in April of 1997. Some heavy metal band from Finland I think? Anyway I thought it looked pretty interesting and delving into demonic imagery and visions of things to come as the album title would imply. To me it looks like they were shown 2015 lol. Star of Bethlehem on June 30th, blood moon which we are 3/4 of the way through this tetrad, a rainbow covering the earth which indicated the scotus ruling June 26th and the lgbt agenda being embraced worldwide, followed by what looks like an asteroid hitting earth. For anyone who has been following the “conspiratorial” side of things it sure seems kind of odd to me. Anyway, appreciate your work Greg I can’t help but feel we are on the very edge of the abyss. Looking forward to next month with all the predictions that have been made it’s gonna be interesting to see how it plays out. God bless.

  26. Diane D

    Here are 7 photos that show just how devastating the drought is in California.

    • Southern Girl

      Diane D,

      A picture says a thousand words. It look just devastating.

    • Mary Casey

      Beyond comprehension. I just keep staring at the photographs. We are becoming shrubs in the desert and shall inhabit the parched places in the wilderness. As Greg states, “Fear not”.

      Jeremiah 17:5-7
      5 Thus says the Lord:
      “Cursed is the man who trusts in man
      And makes flesh his strength,
      Whose heart departs from the Lord.

      6 For he shall be like a shrub in the desert,
      And shall not see when good comes,
      But shall inhabit the parched places in the wilderness,
      In a salt land which is not inhabited.

      7 “Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord,
      And whose hope is the Lord.

    • Kerry

      Yes, I just came back from Calif (Yosemite) and it is DRY, DRY, DRY most of the rivers and all waterfalls have dried up any water in the riverbeds is very sparse it was hot (temps around 100, 100+ everyday) and all the way there and back in southern Calif, everything is brown, no grass, dead, brown and HOT The only place you see any green is where they have irrigated for the orchards and vineyards, all else is brown and dead The orchards and vineyards go on for mile after mile, but how much longer can that irrigation go on? I spoke to a lady from the Bay Area who said she could not even remember the last time it rained.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you for the real world reporting Kerry!

  27. Sayonara

    Great wrap up on the important current event items.
    I thank you and your good friend Greg Mannarino as the DIJ has cratered to 16,683 and I got out at 18,200+. Things are starting unfold like clock work as suggested by you and your great guests.
    With regard to Hilary, this woman is a blatant crook. The only problem is that there will only be the appearance of an investigation and nothing will happen. The Democrat Party and the Obama Administration are completely lawless and understand that the average American is clueless so they can get away with pretty anything. What absolutely sad state of affairs this country has devolved into. And this is only just the beginning.

  28. Jerry

    This is a central part of the Chinese Swift System that will go active in September and why (in my opinion) a display of force by the western banking cabal was used via the rod of god star wars defense system.

  29. OutLookingIn


    Complacency breeds failure.
    Right now the enormous degree of systematic and non-systematic risk embedded in the markets and in our political system, is nothing more than a silent scream.
    But there’s a dull roar of mounting volatility that’s slowly rising in volume. There’s no telling which event ( known or unknown ) will turn the public’s hearing aid up to 10 from zero.
    But when that event hits, everyone including those who can see it coming, will likely be shocked by the unintended consequences which will be unleashed.
    The can will not move. No amount of kicking it will help. The crash is here.

  30. Jerry Frey

    In 1996, the late, great New York Times columnist William Safire published a column, “Blizzard of lies,” in which he laid out a series of falsehoods by Hillary Rodham Clinton and declared “Americans of all political persuasions are coming to the sad realization that our First Lady — a woman of undoubted talents who was a role model for many in her generation — is a congenital liar.”


  31. Diane D

    What words would describe the ‘leaders’ and wannabees in this week’s news: Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Trump, Brown, Menendez, Greenspan, Williamson, Obama.

    Now look at how Watchdogs described Hugo Salinas Price: great, sweet, a joy, wise (7 times!), knowledgeable, thoughtful, smart, caring, kind, scholarly, critical thinker, champion, savior, amazing, and gentleman a whopping 8 times! Honestly, would these words describe one leader in DC today?

    One last question: What words would describe American voters today? Those I believe explain the fall of this once-great nation.

  32. MAL

    Hi Greg,
    It’s amazing that no one ever points out that with the exception of a few weeks at Whitewater Savings and Loan Hillary Clinton NEVER EVEN HAD A JOB until she got elected by New York voters to be their senator when she was 50 years old. She was fired by her life long Democrat boss from her unpaid position on the committee that drew up the articles of impeachment against Nixon. He called her a liar and said that if her briefs had been presented to a federal judge in court she would have been disbarred! She was one of only 3 people who had ever worked for him for whom he refused to provide a reference! It’s amazing that her lack of integrity , inexperience and incompetence came as a surprise to anyone. Now we have John Kerry. I expect him soon to recommend himself for a Nobel Peace Prize.

  33. Lake M

    Regarding the western drought, the fires across this region will present further damage if El Nino rains hard on the region this winter. Mud slides will be massive as a reported 7million acres have burned in the last 6 weeks. It is also reported that in some areas of California depletion of the water table from pumping has caused the land to drop a foot in 12months. Food production is suffering. Serious implications ahead.

    The earth is not a static system but a constantly changing mixture of forces. The reporting of the climate issue by the main stream corporate media outlets is storytelling laced with a big dose of overdone drama.. like its the epic battle of the humans vs the earth and we’re all in peril. Most of the dumbtards believe it is so.

    In California, either they will adapt to the earth changes or a population reduction would be necessary. Greg points out Gov. Brown is no man of action and has not faced the issue properly. Perhaps the experts have told him there’s not much he can to other than decide who gets the remaining water, farmers or urban dwellers. How many communities will run dry? Will residents be forced to relocate? Which farmer will get his water turned off? Choices will be forced on the failing political system. Could a Dust Bowl-like exodus develop? When I lived in Arizona I reminded friends that there
    were 37million people in Cal and how easy it would be to get overun by the hoards if something forced them to leave.

  34. Cryptic LIttle Sister

    How many people remember the Berenstein Bears?

    • Buck

      Mandella effect? King Henry VIII eating a turkey leg? If the parallel universe theory is correct, I’d say we occupy the some lower region in the digestive tract.

    • Old Dog

      Berenstain Bears.

  35. eddielaidler

    I think they will go relatively slow with Hillary. She ran the intelligence community under the bus after Benghazi and she has a golden ticket right now to back out of the race. That won’t last. The NSA has everything! The question is whether she will burn down the party with her as she exits. That’s the only card she has to play. In typical Clinton fashion maybe she will stick till the bitter end and they have to use the smoking gun on her. Hubris is a familiar theme with the Clintons.

  36. Cryptic Little Sister

    I hope that everyone is well.

    I would like to emphasize again: the president will sign a very large increase in military aid to Ukraine in the budget for the 2016 NDAA . Someone recently asked me about this aid, and I repeat here what I told this person: the budget increase will be for lethal aid. The final amount of this aid will be 1.2 billion dollars. This will occur just before a collapse in the stock market, accompanied by a rapid drop in the dollar, by roughly 30 percent. Plans anticipate very high unemployment going into next year. The Euro has been written off. It will be allowed to die.

    You will see various attempts at propping up the American dollar, and they may work for a very brief time, but I want to be clear that I do not see how these attempts can succeed for very long after the crash.

    I and others like me cannot conscionably participate in what is going on now in the media. The news is completely immoral and without a conscience. It is evident now that the media are very actively pushing aside the truth in the past few days in order to lock up the exits.

    Thankyou for this venue. I will attempt to post this information each week in order to keep it in public view.

    The crash is being manufactured.

    With the death of the Euro, a new currency will be unveiled, instituted by France and Germany.

    The word that I have seen concerning next year’s elections is “suspended” not cancelled.

    Watch the currency markets: the dollar is being bumped up to clear out traders. When you see the large NDAA defense budget increase, look for a crash in the stock market accompanied by a single drop of 30 to 35 percent in the dollar.

    Inflation will continue to rise. These events involve no deflation.

    I cannot stress this enough: events have begun to move politically rather than financially. A lot of the pressure is coming not just from China but from within the U.S. at the state level. The U.S. military is not really a single entity any longer. What you are not being told by the media is that governments are fracturing nationally and internationally. The changes that are being planned are primarily political not financial.

    I cannot stress this enough: events are now political, rather than financial. Power is about to begin to shift from the U.S. to Europe and a new European currency, not the yuan. Tension will continue to increase between the U.S. and China and between the states and the feds. You are about to see more exposures of people and groups in high places. Pay attention to the many “retirements” that happen in the coming year. The markets will continue to weaken, and then they will crash around the specific events which I have given you above.

    • brian

      Tell us something we don’t know.

    • susan

      CLS, you are greatly appreciated here. Thank you Greg for giving a format for all of these intelligent people with inside information to speak to us.
      For all of you who have tried to tell your friends and relatives what was going on and what they needed to do, I have this to say. My husband, a minister, told me when I ranted about nobody wanting to here what I had to say. What I am experiencing is exactly what the prophets experienced in days of old (the old testament). Think of poor Jeremiah. He was only a teenager! Likewise, people nowadays do not want to hear the truth. Interesting how throughout all time people never change much.

  37. Michele

    Listen to you everyday. Can’t wait to hear what you have to say about the 530 point loss in the DOW. Nasdaq down 171 points. What a week.
    Thank you Greg Hunter.

    • Greg Hunter

      Gerald Celente is on Sunday for an “Early Release” and you will not want to miss his take on the trend. Hint: It ain’t good.

      • David S

        great that Gerald is on again. i heard him on kingworld news predicting a crash this year. did ye talk about Israel as well? 🙂

      • James C Davis

        Glad to see him back Greg. It has been some time.

      • Anne Elliott

        Awesome! I was just hoping he would be on. You’re the best, Greg! 🙂

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Congrats on a great week my friend!
        Can’t wait to hear from Gerald.
        Now here’s a guy that pulls no punches.
        Have a great weekend Greg.

      • Mike from the North

        The first time I listened to Mr. Celente I thought he was a nutbar.

        However, I felt he had a message and began following him closely.

        Although I may not always agree with his delivery style I have come to realize that he is a man of integrity, wisdom and conviction.

        I listen to every word he speaks and believe he should be seen as a man of vision.

        Cannot wake to hear what he has to say tomorrow.

        • frederick

          Gerald Celente is the best He is a true patriotic American of the old school and a man of great integrity and bravery İ also religiously follow him as well as Morris Herman at 108orris108

    • Agent P

      Rise of the ‘new’ Roman Empire I believe is what you might be referring to – and I happen to agree…

  38. James Hastings

    Great Job. How bout them STOCKS. LOL

  39. Don

    Good job my friend. The democrats have had it. The republicans will swell with pride, but I hope the American people remember that the republicans are filled with globalist and CFR approved candidates. Its time for a third party. One that will take us back to a constitutional republic, that will tell the NWO to get loss, and dethrone the big money interest in Washington, and stop the revolving door of CFR and Bilderberg politicians that have pledge our country since the 40’s. It will never happen, but that’s what’s needed. We have a fascist government, under total control of corporate and banking interest, that is full of lying, unrighteous men, of debase minds, who have forsaken the ways of God, and stand in pride against his revealed will. Judgment will surely come on this nation, because of the rebellion in our society.

  40. Anne

    Always look forward to coming to your site. Thanks for all the work you do to keep us informed…Fear Not!

  41. Marcus West

    I just thought a little humor would lighten things up so here you go

  42. art barnes

    Greg, CNBC is broadcasting buy signals on almost all segments of the economy, including financials, claiming this is just a late summer ordinary roll back correction of very little significance. Behind their bull crap you can see fear in their eyes. Sounds to me like the herd is rushing exit stage left!

    • Greg Hunter

      Buffoons, idiots, liars or all three.

  43. art barnes

    Greg, gunman opens fire on french train, probably another blue-eyed blond haired 70 year nun from a Christian convent in Hamburg, Germany responsible for the Christian Jihad. After-all, Obama’s and Bush’s religion of peace couldn’t so such a thing!

  44. art barnes

    Greg, now even Fox News is reporting that the U.S. economy is so much better than the rest of the world, including China, that the Monday’s market is probably going to be a big yawn, no big deal, just go shopping!

  45. Coalburner

    Matt Jaymes: Everyone here knows this or has considered this, one short version answer. It is about the Dollar as Reserve Currency. Iran was early on selling oil for something besides dollars. That cannot be allowed by the USA beause we are broke and would be awash in dollars sent home. That is the problem with Ukraine, Russia, the ME being on fire. It was about Lybia although it also became convenent to steal Lybias golds, then the Ukraines gold. I think the Dutch ended up with the Ukriane gold to keep them shutup becase they knew the Malaysian airliner shotdown was done by dufus plugs we were paying for. Obama is an Islamic Brotherhood supporter and I think that factored into Egypt. Thanks God Egypt had an extra turnover kicking out the Brotherhood Jihidis. I am also suspicious that the TPP, secret trade deal, is secret because it requires the trade to be conducted in dollars. Anyone else may offer a different or more advanced version.

  46. Coalburner

    I believe there is a real estate miniboom now or the boom from big towns is expanding to the places they rarely reach. That probably means it is almost over.

  47. Henry

    Greg, I agree with you on Hilary. Hopefully her downfall will benefit Bernie Sanders.
    The Iran Nuclear Deal is an “agreement reached between the Islamic Republic of Iran and a group of world powers: the P5+1 (the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council–the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, France, and China) plus Germany), plus the European Union.” (Wiki) It’s not a John Kerry/Obama deal. The only opposition to this peace agreement is from Israel and people who share Israel’s position. When peace is available, I tend to choose it rather than war. I think Jesus would agree with that, too.

    • Greg Hunter

      So, even if Iran inspects itself you think this will avoid war? You must be joking.

  48. Gina Mancarella


    There is an old saying. It goes, “When the going gets rough, the tough get going.” I believe that Hillary has not even begun to fight. The truth is that most ordinary Americans like myself need a leader and a champion. We want Hillary to be that Champion because she understands our concerns. She understands our family values. She understands that we are people tring to make it in a complex world. She understands that although we have recovered from the depths of the recession of 2008, most families are still in the process of rebuilding financial security for our families. She is the only candidate that has compassion for the American people. She empathizes with us as concerned citizens and patriots. This is why we can not allow her candidacy to succumb to some half assed witch hunt on some technicality about proper procedures. Were mistakes made ? Probably yes. Were there apparent misjudgements ? Probably. But criminality ? Absolutely not ! She is innocent of any real wrongdoing. She has been a tireless fighter on behalf of the American people and we as citizens need to give her a chance to help us to help our great nation develop and prosper.

    • Greg Hunter

      President Obama is against her. She is toast.

    • Southern Girl


      Hitlary for Prison 2016 Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • brian

      Gina, if I get the chance, I will gladly vote for Hillary…I’ll do it because if there is an election in 2016 it means the world did not end and I will be so G)(*&$#@ happy I am not scrapping the crud out of the bottom of a bean can that I had to kill a mother of three to get that I would vote for anyone, even a soulless amoral homicidal habitual liar like Hillary.

  49. Bill Howland

    “What difference does it make?”
    Knowing Hillary’s former reactions, I don’t think they’ll touch her, the same way the Reublicans never touched Barney Frank after he said he’d spill the beans about all the Republicans visiting with his prostitute boy friend. Same with Hillary….. Anyone going her in a serious way, and Hillary Blabs…. I think she is well too protected since she knows all her husband’s secrets.

    When asked if she wiped her server, Hillary said, “You mean, with a cloth?”

  50. Vince Shook

    Kerry let the cat out of the bag with his comment about the U.S. losing its currency reserve status. We started negotiations with this terrorist nation, Iran, thinking we were in control. Now it appears Iran has turned that around and if they don’t get what they want, they will crash the dollar by accepting any currency but dollars for their oil. The truly sad thing is they will do this anyway at some time in the future – most probably after they attain their nuclear ambitions. Also sad to say is that theses “negotiations” appear to have made war the only answer for the banking cartels, the U.S. and for Israel.

  51. Harvey

    It seems to me that Valerie Jarrett hacked Hillary’s server before Jarrett ever alerted other agencies of its existence. The WH is now playing a mean-spirited, methodical game, watching Hillary squirm. The FBI may recover the wiped emails on Hillary’s server (I think that will be very difficult). However, they may find evidence that the server was compromised (a backdoor), which is just as bad for Hillary. Or, simply watching her lie and condescend whenever she is asked about the server may turn public sentiment so strongly against Hillary that she has to bow out. But Plan B, if necessary, is that the WH will quietly get word to her that “a hacker” has her emails.

    The end game is that Hillary will not run for president and, more importantly, will sign a binding non-disclosure agreement with Obama (burying his evil deeds) in exchange for a full pardon. Obama needs Hillary toothless and powerless.

    I may be naïve, but I have a feeling that Obama wants to turn the whole mess he has created over to the Republicans in 2017 and let the inevitable train wreck happen on their watch. That would be better for Obama than bungling Joe Biden trying to pick up the pieces of his “legacy”.

  52. David S

    Great Report!
    NSA out west has all of Hillary’s Tapes in storage. Politicians have yet called for NSA to release the tapes. Government and both parties are playing childish games!
    Shiite Musloid Obama is helping Shiite Iran to get nuclear weapons followed by nuclear detonations! Democrats & Obama need to be held responsible for nuclear Iran and the coming annihilation of Israel.
    QE is nothing but a give away to the 1% who own most of all the large Bank Stocks and is enabling them to buy up the stock of America Companies. They want to own everything! Both parties are to blame for this cu de tat of Amerika!!
    Alan greenspeak is saying ‘The Greatest Depression the World has ever seen has just stared’ !!!!!!
    Keep up your outstanding Reporting!

  53. Ross Perote

    Larry Kudlow in stock market denial.

    Stocks slammed. But world not coming to end. Take long-term view. China recession? Why don’t candidates have positive, optimistic…

    Larry pleads, don’t sell Monday!

  54. Liarson

    Central Bank ‘Puts’ Torn Up! Watch Out …

    Now THAT was ugly! The Dow plunged a whopping 531 points Friday, after losing 358 Thursday, while the Nasdaq Composite shed 3.2%. That makes last week the worst week for the Dow since 2011. All in all, the Nasdaq 100 Index lost more value in those two days than at any time since March 2008.

    Safe-haven investments like Treasuries predictably surged. But most remarkably, the VIX volatility index soared to around 27.6 from 19.1, a shocking one-day gain of 44%. It has now more than doubled just since Monday!

    We were warned that capital markets overseas and here at home were both signaling impending stock market turmoil. And boy were we ever right!

    But if you step back from the short-term action, and look at the big picture, I believe something very, very important is happening – a sea change in market thinking the likes of which we haven’t seen in years. Let me explain …

    The “Greenspan put.” The “Bernanke put.” The “Yellen put.” The “put” from the heads of the ECB, BOJ, PBOC, etc., etc.

    Mainstream pundits and big money Wall Street investors have grown so used to having central bank puts, they don’t know how to function without them. But they better learn fast – because they’re getting torn up now!

    For background, a “put” option is a contract that gives you the right, but not the obligation, to sell an asset. It comes with a specified price and expiration date. You can think of puts as hedges – “insurance policies” that guarantee you won’t lose more than a certain amount of money your underlying investments.

    For 6-1/2 long years, investors have come to believe that central banks will always and forever be there to draw up a new put every time the markets stumble. And they’ve come to accept those puts will always function as intended – or in plain English, work to drive the markets right back up.

    Heck, I can’t blame them. Central bankers have indeed proved time and again they have no spine, can’t handle corrections, and are deathly afraid of their own shadows. So they have stepped in repeatedly – with multiple interest-rate cuts, multiple rounds of quantitative easing (QE), and in the case of Japan, Switzerland, China and others, outright manipulative buying of assets like stocks and ETFs.

    Wall Street made a devil’s bargain and accepted this behavior because it saved their bacon. They front-ran central bank purchase programs because it made them money, even if doing so left a bad taste in their mouths. Frankly, I did as well despite my own misgivings (and in some cases, outright disgust with what the Fed and its foreign counterparts did). If you fought it, you got run over.

    But you know what? It looks like the days of relying on central bank puts are over. And I think China is the reason.

    Look, central bankers and other government policymakers there basically launched an economic war against stock market sellers. They slashed interest rates. They cut bank reserve requirements. They lent hundreds of billions of Chinese yuan to brokers and told them to buy stocks. They froze all initial public offerings to keep new stock supply from hitting the market, and forbade big company officials from selling their shares.
    Yet the stock market plunged anyway. Investors fled. They didn’t buy on news of these massive new puts, they sold. And overnight, the Shanghai Composite Index sank back to its 200-day moving average and the key 3,500 level at which central bankers first started panicking and intervening.

    Meanwhile, ECB President Mario Draghi’s Euro-QE experiment is failing. The entire post-QE rally in inflation expectations that he sparked this spring has now been given back. That mirrors what is happening here in the U.S., where inflation expectations priced into the 10-year Treasury market are back to half-decade lows. Heck, even the Federal Reserve’s own experts admitted this week that QE doesn’t work.

    The St. Louis Fed released an economic paper by VP Stephen Williamson a few days ago, one that contained this damning quote: “There is no work, to my knowledge, that establishes a link from QE to the ultimate goals for the Fed – inflation and real economic activity.”

    The paper went on to say QE, so-called “forward guidance” on policy, and zero interest rates have all failed to boost inflation or wages in the U.S., Switzerland, Japan, or anywhere else where massive QE programs have been launched.

    Long story short, r e a l i t y is intervening into the markets. Confidence in the central bank put is fading – and for good reason. Even the policymakers who wrote the puts are admitting they don’t work!

    Most importantly, rallies based on policy expectations are lasting for a shorter and shorter period of time. Just look at the market bounce on Wednesday after the latest Fed meeting minutes were released. It lasted for all of 15 minutes.

    “Even the Fed’s own experts admitted this week that QE doesn’t work.”
    None of this precludes oversold rallies, or short-term bounces. But it fits entirely with the increasingly cautious market stance we’ve all been laying out all summer, including here, here and here.

    That last one is key, the “Autopilot Market” may be coming to an end. Everything I’ve seen only seems to confirm that a sea change is at hand – that we’re in a new market regime where you can’t just sleepwalk through each day and count on central bank puts to bail you out. So prepare accordingly.

    Arewe right? Wrong? Will the Fed manage to put everyone back to sleep with its next major policy initiative? Or is its bazooka more like a pea-shooter these days? Do you believe a sea change is at hand, or that I’m making too much of recent market action? These are incredibly important questions, so make sure you weigh in after Gerald talks reality!


    Judging by the comments I’m seeing over the web already, it’s clear everybody is getting increasingly worried about the stock market, global deflation and the worldwide currency wars.

    Carla warned of much more damage to come, saying: “I think the nastiest is still ahead. It’s late in the cycle, but take profits, counter balance with selling losses to offset tax liability, and hold tight. To me, it’s a tsunami in process.”

    James C. also sounded an alarming note: “It looks like we are heading for another Great Depression like in 1929, where gold is the last standard of value.”

    Frebon added: “This market and the entire world economy has become central bank dependent. They may have the right idea about re-inflation, but are going about it the wrong way. They need to put money into the hands of those that will actually spend it by buying things … not banks to raise their tier levels … or corporations to buy back stock … or even investors who just want to see their portfolios grow.”

    Fred said, QE was stolen from the future thru the printing press. It made the traders and hording banksters richer beyond their wildest dreams, but their greedy fat arss’s have made the whole world economy to top heavy because of their heavy bottoms and it’s roiling over and fast becoming their wildest nightmare on Main st. as it slowly but surely destroys whats left of the muddle class because nobody will ever be able to payback or cover, not now or any future generation! Case closed!

    And finally, Robert C. said: “These currency devaluations are accelerating. The race to the bottom is accelerating!” Who will win? Only the nose knows and it stinks to low heaven, real low!

    At the same time, not everyone is ready to run for the hills. Bill V. countered that: “A drop of slightly more than 2% in the Dow Jones Industrial Average is hardly worth hyperbole. It is, after all, a marketplace where investor sentiment can oscillate by several percentage points.

    “Right now the stock market is like a herd of restless cattle before a big thunderstorm — ready to bolt at the least provocation. But sooner or later, they settle down and go back to grazing when the perceived threat has disappeared.” Unless it’s the Elephant in the room, or should I say, lone prairie!

    While we could easily see a very short-term bounce given the drubbing we’re seeing here, I still am not seeing signs of true panic – the kind that leads to significant, long-lasting bottoms.

    If anything, I believe many Wall Street pundits and mainstream investors have grown wildly complacent thanks to six long years of easy money, moral hazard, and shrinking volatility. They don’t want to accept that this regime may be over, and that a sea change in thinking could be at hand. But that’s just me.

    Other Developments

    Former tech darling Twitter (TWTR) is continuing its meltdown, with the social media stock dropping below its November 2013 IPO price of $26 this week. All told, its value has been more than cut in half – to $17.6 billion from $41.5 billion.

    The wide-ranging commodities decline claimed another victim today, when Deere & Co. (DE) warned that it wouldn’t make as much as expected this year. The world’s biggest maker of farm equipment warned it would earn only $1.8 billion in 2015, $100 million less than it forecast as recently as May. Equipment sales are now expected to plunge 21% for the year.

    China’s manufacturing sector is falling fast, according to a just-released purchasing managers’ index for August. The gauge of factory activity slumped to 47.1 this month from 47.8 in July. That was worse than economists expected, and the lowest reading since early 2009.

    Everyone’s favorite Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, resigned yesterday and said the country would hold snap elections. The move is designed to fight off a rebellion from hard-liners in his Syriza party, but it’s unclear whether it will strengthen his mandate or result in him losing his job permanently.

    Lastly, former President Jimmy Carter revealed he is suffering from brain cancer, in addition to the liver cancer that he had already been fighting. He will undergo treatment for the melanoma, but at 90 years old, also said he is willing to accept whatever happens.

    So what’s the verdict? Is China falling apart, or just going through a minor downturn? Is the next act in the Greek drama about to play out, with consequences for Europe’s economy? And what do you think about the meltdown at Twitter? Are other social media stocks going to hit a wall next?

    Until that time,

    Bottoms Up!

    • JC Davis

      Liarson you said (But you know what? It looks like the days of relying on central bank puts are over. And I think China is the reason. ) You are right, but when a 102 year old man dies people don’t look at what killed him. The dollar has run a good long course for paper money.

  55. Rock

    With Kerry saying that if the Iran deal does not pass, “it will bring about the destruction of the US dollar”, some now speculate that the Iran deal (from the US perspective) is really about Iranian oil and getting them to sell it in US dollars, as an extension of the petrodollar deal that we had with Saudi Arabia— which appears to be petering out.
    When the petrodollar deal stops, it will be the end of the US dollar as the world reserve currency and will usher in hyper inflation over here since there will be no market for all those fake dollars that have been printed for so long.
    Whatever it is, they are lying to us.

  56. Calgirl

    Devastating assessment by Bill Holter August 22, re: current & near future


  57. MIA

    Outstanding in your field! Thanks Greg, keep it up!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mia. I think Mr. Celente would make anyone look good.

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