McCarthy Fails Big, Bioweapon/Vax Awakening, Gold Shining in 2023

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 563 1.6.23) (Updated)

Minority House Leader in the GOP, Kevin McCarthy, finally was elected to Speaker of the House on the 15th vote.  Looks like the back-room deals, threats and pleas did work for RINO McCarthy.  According to one poll, McCarthy has less than half of GOP voters in his corner.  The 20 Representatives who were a firm “NO” vote, were whittled down to just a few, and they voted “present.”  The swamp won this round, but there are many more fights in the future.  Don’t be discouraged.  McCarthy gave up a lot to get in, and he will have to give in much more than he expected to get any legislation passed in the 118th Congress. 

My prediction for 2023 was people would finally wake up to the CV19 bioweapon/vax that did not save a single life.  It was only meant to hurt and kill the people who fell for the CV19 psyop.  Now, there is a new poll out that says approximately 73 million Americans know someone who was killed by the CV19 bioweapon/vax.  If this is the case, what will the awakening be like come April, May or the end of 2023?  When will the arrests and lawsuits be starting?  That is the only question now.

The Fed keeps fighting inflation, and that means it’s going to keep raising interest rates and hold them higher for longer than anyone has been forecasting.  At some point, the Fed will pivot, but lots of damage will be done between now and then.  What is the one thing central banks all over the world are buying now?  It’s gold.  They are getting ready for the so-called Fed pivot for lower rates and the return of easy money sometime between now and the end of 2023.  When it happens, experts say get ready for another big inflation spike.  It has long been said in financial circles that gold does well in the extremes.  Meaning, it will be a good investment in both times of deflation and inflation.  Looks like we are going to be seeing both pretty strong in 2023 and beyond.  Oh, almost forgot, Goldman Sach is loving gold for a 2023 investment.

There is much more in the 47-minute newscast.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 1.6.23.

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After the Interview: 

Fed expert and corporate watchdog John Titus will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  He will tell us what he thinks of the U.S. dollar, central bank digital currency (CBDC), the Fed and the economic prospects for 2023.  (John Titus on YouTube click here)

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  1. Rodster

    Greg, correct me if i’m wrong but I thought I read that Trump was pushing for McCarthy. Any truth to that?

    • Greg Hunter

      Trump is on record endorsing McCarthy.

      • Edmunde Burke

        In chess, it is sometimes necessary to push a pawn forward and sacrifice it to allow a stronger piece space to move into, to better control the board.

        Politics and life are very like playing chess, not everything is obvious until it is often too late. Nobody ever wins the game and retains all starting pieces.

        If your life depended on it, who would you rather play chess against.
        Biden or Trump ?
        Biden or Putin ?
        Zelensky or Putin ?

        This is unfortunately the situation the Western world finds itself in. Very very poor batch of WEF controlled leaders, NONE who inspire any confidence.
        (Exception may be Orban in Hungary)

        • Diana Brown

          Nice summary. Thanks.

      • Dan Lusky

        We are in a vaccine CULT right now. No matter how hard you try to wake people up do not get frustrated. God will wake up who he chooses.

        • Diana Brown

          We are Gods tool on this earth. Do not judge who is awake and who remains asleep or why. Our action in behavior is the only message relavent. It is our redemption. Trust. Act.

          • missparis

            in order to seek redemption one must first admit fault. how can you on one hand legitimately earn forgiveness and then redeem yourself if you arent willing to recognize your misdeeds ,be judged for them,and then ultimately pay penance which hopefully leads to redemption. but is not guaranteed.

        • Marie

          The spike protein goes past the brain/blood barrier and changes their personality so that they are INCAPABLE of understanding how bad the shots are. You are just wasting your time trying to convince them.

      • Jane

        It is Believed that there is a strategy behind the push.

        • Carolyn

          A great political behind the scenes maneuvers. The masses don’t always understand the maneuvers, shutting down Congress for awhile is the best chess play. They can’t spend money to Ukraine, the can’t pass more perversion of the people, they can’t pass anything that benefits others than WE the People. They being blocked from carrying out the UN Agenda 2030 Depopulation. Brilliant move on whomever is running this SHOW.

          • Phil

            Something very sinful is coming and we need to begin addressing the important issues that Jesus (and Moses before) him were trying to address and make us aware of – today still there is a group of people in our world with the “tainted seed” from the Fallen Demons – and they must be recognized for who they are and opposed – those who have some time – take a listen to this long Biblical account of what is really going on and how an evil worldwide Cabal is trying to bring back “cloned Nephilim” (Demons) to rule over us!!! –

            • J. Kimble Allen

              Phil, demons will NEVER rule over me. If … the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY allows, the most they can do is kill the physical body in which I reside … then … I go to heaven!

      • Tod Mills

        McCarthy is a WEF Klaus Schwab man.

        What does that say about Trump? If nothing else, he seems to have a strong history of supporting the wrong people. Brings to mind CAF’s recent statement about him being either evil or incompetent, neither of which is supportable.

        • Laura Ann

          Tod and other readers: Since politicians take orders from the globalists via UN, WHO or WEF thru a chain of command on down to state/local gov. it really doesn’t matter if there was a monkey appointed to speaker of the H. Nothing will be accomplished anyway as the economy slides down hill and the threat of war.

          • Tod Mills

            Yep, you’ve got it. Politics is show business. It’s like the old toy steering wheels on child car seats to let the kid imagine they are driving.

            • PersonaNonGrata

              Hi Tod,
              Nice analogy!

      • Justsayin

        Between pushing the Jab and endorsing McConnell and then Macarthy, I think the Trump brand has taken a beating.

        • Kay

          I think the DeSantis brand is taking a beating too. We in Florida saw a grinning Jeb Bush sitting behind DeSantis at his swearing-in ceremony. God help us in 2024.

        • J. Kimble Allen

          Justsayin … enough of that logical, reasonable, intelligent thinking.

        • Phil

          Trump is either a very dumb man or a very smart Deep State operative!!

          • Greg Hunter

            But nothing bad to say about the cheat who has been in office for TWO YEARS!!! Got it.

      • J. Kimble Allen

        Hi Greg, thanks for all you do!

        Why do you believe Trump has endorsed RINO McCarthy?

        • Earth Angel

          Because he said so in a news clip I saw on tv. He endorsed putting Mc Carthy in as Speaker of the House. Unless it was faked somehow- I did see it on mainstream news. I don’t trust much I see there.

      • David Bagley

        Trump is a deception.. please connect the dots.. Satan is an expert at deception. Most people miss out because of deception..

        • Greg Hunter

          So what is Biden?

          • Tod Mills

            I don’t know what David’s reply would be, but here’s mine:
            Biden is basically a vegetable being propped up, probably with heavy medication. He is/was evil to the core, but at this point is it fair to describe a vegetable as evil? (unless, of course, it is a Brussels Sprout).

            “I’ll paraphrase the phrase of my old neighborhood: The rest of the countries, the world is not a patch on our jeans, if we do what we wanna do, we need to do.” ~ President Mush-for-Brains


            I’m more concerned about what it says about us, the people, that we allow ourselves to be ruled by these villains (I’m speaking about all of the politicians). How will we answer when God asks us why we allowed such evil in our name?

          • Phil

            Biden is Satan himself (running around in a human body)!!

      • shirley

        Is Trump a proxy for the speaker of the house.

    • Rodster

      I was just checking Zerohedge and McCarthy feels confident he now has the votes to become Speaker of the House. It has become a Uni-Party and the cartoon picture Greg used as an illustration shows that. All of these politicians on both sides are protecting the center of the core. McCain was on the side of Hitlery. Many Republicans are basically Democrats.

      It’s three card Monty at its finest.

      • Rodster

        And Mitt Romney is the worse of the bunch.

    • Linda

      I am wondering if President Trump gave that endorsement for a presidential nomination by the Republican Party.

  2. Anthony Australia

    The credibility of the MSM is shot and they need to be held accountable, one day they will be.

    John Titus on USAW = brilliant!

    Roger Stone Breaks Down The House Speaker Vote And Why McCarthy Should Never Be Speaker

    • Ed Mustafo

      IMPORTANT to remember. Actions Speak Louder than Words. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes that we don’t know so stop getting hung up on what’s being said and watch what’s being done. The truth continues to unfold little by little exactly as planned. We are in an information war so forget about your personal expectations and watch it all play out. This is the way it had to be to take down the Deep State and everything it is connected to once and for all. Have Faith……

  3. Anthony Australia

    I remember this series from Governor Ventura vividly.

    Alex Jones Warned Jesse Ventura The Government Would Use Vaccines As A Soft Kill Platform

    • Anthony Australia

      Leo Zagami – The Globalists Are Trying to Usher in the Antichrist Through Mind Control & Manipulation

      • David Gordon Dunne

        Anthony, You hit the nail on the head again.

      • Rodster

        I just came across a story that the Globalists want to inject mNRA vaccines into the food supply, targeting those that don’t want to take them.

        • Richard Longacre

          Kind of like they are “considering” to inject heavy metals and chemical ice nucleation materials from aircraft to save the world from global warming. They have been tainting the air we breath, the food we eat and the water we drink for a long time.

          We all have some of these “biohybrid nano-robots” (Hydrogel) and graphene oxide in our bodies already but the most efficient method of deliver is still direct injection. Expect mandatory injections very soon.

          My local funeral home director (embalmer) was talking to my son (in City government) and told him that our little town of 3,000 people are seeing a 400% increase of deaths since 2019. The bodies are piling up everywhere and are being stored in hallways. It has become nearly impossible to even schedule a funeral. Every one of these dead people have the synthetic clots that are not blood clots. My son was straight up with him and directed him to the “Died Suddenly” video. He is afraid to say anything but he knows it is all from the injections.

          Take your Ivermectin and supplements to strengthen your immune system and remove the bioweapon.

    • Jan

      Praying McCarthy will step down. But we need a Speeker. Time is of the Essence.
      Who would you recommend? Bryan Donald’s? Jim Jordan doesn’t want it.

      • Earth Angel

        I like Marjorie Taylor Greene for Speaker. She has my vote for a Truth telling, outspoken, Conservative Speaker of the House of the American PEOPLE! Pulls no punches and takes no bullsh*t. Just what the doctor orders for getting America off of life support right now.

  4. Gary B

    He needs to go. It is not 20 against 200 , it is 200 against 80,000,000 million people that don’t want him as speaker . Check the polls . Interesting how politicians love polls until they don’t favor them . This guy was so arrogant that he moved into speaker office before there was a vote.

    He is a fraud that can’t be trusted. I would take Jordan or any of the 20 that had the guts to fight the swamp establishment .

    • Gary B

      The Republican Party is having a Civil war for now and this will continue until end of 2024.

      • Rodster

        The reality is that it really is no longer a two party political system. It has become a “Uni-Party” where both sides protect its own ruling class.

        • Phil

          Whether its a Rhino, Elephant or Donkey they all have horns sticking out of their heads like Satan!!

    • Phil

      Not only arrogance with respect to moving into the speakers office (before being elected) but arrogantly wearing a Ukrainian flag on his lapel (indicating he was a supporter of the psycho Demon rats war in Ukraine) and likely would have done nothing to uncover the dirty dealings of Biden and his son!!

    • carra

      Sen. Rand Paul

  5. Maria Das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter for an analysis of stories we should be aware of.
    Russia seems to have an inordinate number of “accidents” on their infrastructure which the British Forces are crowing about as they’re going “walk about” in Russia and the Ukraine.
    Still no peace seekers but our economy here in the UK is truly awful and poverty is rife and our political class are celebrating this very thing. The WEF are gleefully welcoming our demise.

    • Marie Joy

      Putin is not a man to be trifled with. Sooner, or later, there will be serious repercussions.

    • Phil

      You know – Klaus Schwab (the un-elected human/monkey hybrid) who recently declared himself “Dictator of the World” – most likely has dreams of becoming “Dictator of the Universe” – however – this eugenicist psychopath still doesn’t comprehend – that to achieve his goal of overtaking alien worlds – he is going to need a “higher world population” – he obviously is not going to do it with a small robot/Borg army of just 500,000 – the Aliens are probably happy and jumping for joy after reading his population goals inscribed on the Georgia Guidestones!!

      • Earth Angel

        The Georgia Guidestones have been knocked down and are gone. Not quite sure what went on with that- but I haven’t heard anything more of it and don’t think there are any plans to rebuild it. Good riddance to foul rubbish, I say. Very glad to have that evil blight on the beautiful State of Georgia gone. Perhaps a good omen for the future.

  6. David Gordon Dunne

    The Globalists are not finished with Bioweapons. China has an awful disease now that
    gives people White Lung. All of a sudden after insane travel restrictions and still wearing masks all over from fear, Thais are irate that the country just now has bowed to China and has opened up travel for all Chinese. No restrictions as of now. I live in Thailand. I have not been home to FL/TX/KY for over 3 years now. Since America is the only country in the world that won’t allow foreigners flying in to come unless they have many Frankenshots and boosters, we have not gone but all of a sudden, the Thai Govt. has put all kinds of travel restrictions on all NON Chinese to come in. On another point, Col. McGregor says Russia has amassed a huge Army ready to roll over Ukraine and now the ground is frozen, it will happen anytime now. I hope they blow up all Bioweapon Labs there, kill all the Nazis and end this before an all out Nuke War ends humanity. No one will escape an all out nuke war. Dr. Francis Boyle was on Alex Jones a few days back and has submitted a Brief to Congress to halt this take over of all medicine in every country with the WHO essentially our masters. There was no press on this meeting held in Egypt and Biden secretly went to it. If he signs it, it will totally circumvent our Constitution and then we are all toast. Greg, you da man. It is an honor to get to watch you every week and also to read all the info from so many smart, patriotic people who stand up for Liberty.

  7. tim mcgraw

    How many people on this site really care if Congress goes back into session or not?
    I don’t. We are better off if Congress just goes home and that includes the Senate. What are those Senators up to?
    How much time does Biden have left? An assassination would be a good excuse for the people in charge to declare an emergency and martial law. Perhaps even cancel elections and send Congress home.
    How much time does Biden have left?
    He’s outliving his usefulness.

    • Jeffrobbins

      Tim- It might be interesting to look into wasteful spending and air conditioning used in the federal buildings. As i recall congress didn’t really meet in the summer months prior to AC. They should be home talking with the people they represent more than ‘in session’.

  8. StaciaS

    “All people are like grass,
        and all their glory is like the flowers of the field;
    the grass withers and the flowers fall,
        but the word of the Lord endures forever.”
    1 Peter 1:24-25

  9. Todd

    The United States is controlled by the Globalists. The only reason the Canadian Communist tyranny is NOT here in full force and effect is that a few states still have GUN RIGHTS.

    In Canada. Australia, New Zealand and England THE SATANISTS took the guns from the people and the people are now fu*ked.

    I don’t trust Kevin McCarthy, the GOP or the United States government as far as I can throw it…and Trump is either in on it or STUPID.

    The Government has declared war on the citizens of the United States and there’s no fixing this…ever.

    I don’t give a sh*t who runs the government I don’t trust it, believe in it and I want it dead.

    AOC..? a Fu*king “cocktail waitress” is a fu*king congressman..!?!

    The WEF endorses Kevin McCarthy?

    Fu*k him. That’s like getting an endorsement from Satan as far as I’m concerned.

    We need a fu*king asteroid to hit the planet and wipe us out. Increasingly I believe that there is NO hope…and I pray to God ever day for salvation.

    • Vic L

      The absolute truth!!! Sadly, I agree you 100%.

    • stanley skrzypek

      Todd THANK YOU for REPORTING the TRUTH…….lets see if the Moderators agree with me…….only them and I will know if they dont agree with You!

    • Alex

      You’re absolutely right Todd, and I felt hopeless for some time too, but the whole scamdemic and having more time to read the Bible I realised that it’s always been this way, it’s just that there are cycles in times when the Satanist are hidden in the shadows, and then there are times when their pride, arrogance and greed brings them out into the light for those of us who have eyes to see, so don’t despair, we need to always remember that God is ultimately is in control, there is no end to his kingdom, and Jesus said on the cross IT IS FINISHED. There is more people becoming aware of their deceptions each day, the Satanist have went all in with their bioweapon and censorship, but they’re maiming and killing their most loyal deceived believers, and what is being left over are people who can see them clearly

      • David Gordon Dunne

        Alex, You express my feelings exactly. I agree with a lot of Todd’s comments also. 666 is not far away now.

    • Phil

      With the evil Demonrats and Rhino weasels destroying the very foundation of our Constitutional Republic it is hard to know what the world is going to look like in a decade – but one thing is for sure – Donald Trump will still be threatening to run for President even without MAGA supports backing him!!

  10. tim mcgraw

    32:00 “The damage has already been done.” by the Fed raising rates. The damage was done by Congress spending so much money! The Fed had to print a trillion bucks or was it three trillion? in 9 months to cover the spending of Congress.
    CAF is right. The bankers will protect themselves. The bankers have to protect the dollar because the replacement for the dollar is not here. Kinda like windmills and solar panels replacing oil and natural gas for energy.
    Doesn’t work.
    Rates are going up and up and up. This is good for savers and retirees.
    The bankers will use the “Samson” option. They’ll burn down the place to save themselves or take us with them when they die.

    • Phil

      Looking at the US dollar – it just keeps getting stronger and stronger and stronger (digging itself further, further and deeper into the ground like a powerful Talpidae (mole) – – by using the latest m-RNA technology the US dollar could probably eventually be bio-engineered “to self-incinerate” – but the banksters immediate goal is to make the “now worthless US dollar” DIGITAL and simply impose “an expiration date for its use” (the Fed will tell us Americans to either use their digital currency by a certain date “or lose it”) – the evil Banksters probably figure if people are not allowed to save money (by making it expire after a certain date) – they won’t ever have the problem of people actually seeing their money decline in purchasing power – look at the above chart again “it seems the Fed’s long term goal has already been achieved “to make all paper money worthless after a certain date” – that date” HAS NOW ARRIVED!! –
      Note: When the Fed calls in all their worthless paper dollars at least they will be able to burn it “to heat their buildings” (while the American people are left to freeze and starve “as Biden’s latest brain child is to turn off all the American peoples natural gas pipelines “he does not want the American people to have gas stoves or gas heaters any longer” – !!

  11. Justn Observer

    Greg, more documents surface as to DoD involved with jabs op as far back as Obama timeline? = @30:10
    Also same revelations now breaking out elsewhere around the world/? =
    @33:20 and @39:00
    Breaking! New documents show the cover-up is even WORSE than we thought =

    Might want to share this with Karen Kingston to compare these and timeline with what she has?

  12. Einstein

    McCarthy is one of the leading Republicans who have done absolutely nothing for President Trump so far.
President Trump is quite stupid and naive at times. He didn’t realize until the 2020 election that the FBI, William Barr and top judges he personally hoisted into office were working against him. The entire 2020 election fraud was aided and abetted by countless people in Trump’s entourage. McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, Liz Cheney and other leading Republicans acted against Trump. Trump has lowered unemployment, boosted the economy, and ended many wars. But he has allowed the creation of the Deep State, which has now turned the U.S. into a dictatorship. In hindsight, it probably would have been better for democracy in America if Clinton or Ted Cruz had won the 2016 election. Presumably, cult leader Klaus Schwab and his followers would never have existed.
Instead, the Deep State has now tasted blood because it has realized that it has the power to enslave the world’s population.
Trump’s inability to recognize and eliminate his enemies has brought the world to the brink. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and the Members of the House Freedom Caucus collaborated to block inquiries into the crypto exchange (FTX). McCarthy has had links to Ukraine, boosting his political campaign through the 2022 midterms. With millions of dollars from FTX, McCarthy beat Republican candidates and smear campaigns to become Speaker of the House.
    It’s the underhanded criminals like McCarthy who are stabbing Trump in the back and working with Democrats. And Donald Trump is still so naive and stupid supporting his worst enemies.

    • Phil

      It doesn’t take an Einstein to realize that Trump is Deep State (by their fruits you will know them)!!

  13. Nancy York

    Another beloved of mine died 4 months after CV19 Booster shot. Presented same symptoms 6 months after as my late mother’s after her Booster shot. I am emotionally devastated due to the death of my good friend, a proud retired USAF pilot. Fly high, my friend…we shall meet again…

    • Cathy Palmer

      I am so sorry for your loss, Nancy… this are very difficult times. May God comfort you, I pray.

    • Diana Brown

      My sympathy on the loss of your beloved friend, and mother Nancy York. It is that these damaged bodies, with precious souls that never die, have significant motivation to assist all of us yet on this earth. It is with that understanding I feel mounting support. In all my memories, in all my love in loss, I have that abiding comfort.

  14. Thomsen

    Made in China, McCarthy is.

  15. William Mitchell

    Expect Hunter Biden’s father to copy FDR and confiscate people’s gold.

    • Tony

      Get it out of the country.

  16. Roger Stamper

    tks greg

  17. jomer

    Instead of using the Kitco price for a gold Eagle I checked to see what Melody Cedarstrom has them for but all I see is a “call to get the latest price”

    Back in the early 2000’s I used to listen to Melody on the Worldwide Christian (shortwave)Radio Network. She had some pretty good weekly specials which I took advantage of. She is no longer on shortwave, but I do see she has a podcast show. She is also a regular on the old Derry Brownfield Common Sense shortwave show which is now hosted by Bethann. It airs on shortwave 12.160 from 11am-12noon EST M-F. which is then followed by Infowars.

    Hopefully when I get my income tax return, I will be giving Melody a call and will be sure to mention Greg/USAWatchddog.

  18. Julian Assange

    BY MARY HARRINGTON Thursday, 5 January 2023
    Dark Web: Why are the intel’s turning themselves into girls?
    The rise of ‘transmaxxing’ is a sign of things to come.
    Have you ever tried on your sister’s nylons? YOUR GUILTY!

  19. Buford Soundstone

    Matthew Crawford: Gratitude in a time of apocalypse
    The predominant mood in the West at the moment seems to be apocalypse — a sense of a metaphysical and anthropological ending. It’s hard to be grateful at such a moment. Motorcycle mechanic turned globally renowned philosopher Matthew B Crawford, author of The Case for Working with your Hands, The World beyond your Head, and Why we Drive, [Greg recently rebuilt a 472 Cubic Inch Small Block Chevy] presents new thinking on how we might remind ourselves that the cosmos is fundamentally on our side, ‘ers….
    Stay for drinks and conversation.
    Doors and bar open from 18:30, event starts promptly at 19:00.
    Monday 9th January 2023
    UnHerd, 6 Old Queen Street, Westminster, SWIH 9HP

  20. Marie Joy

    The intent of communism is worldwide genocide. IF they get what they want, there will be no humans left on the planet. As near as I can tell, the only way to escape this reality is to go very deep underground in the mountains in a way to escape fire and flood as nukes will supply both.
    God helps those who help themselves so get off your ass.

    • Glen

      We do have our part to do, but God helps those who trust in Him.
      Ps 118:8 – It’s better to trust in God, than it is to trust in man. (found in the very center of the bible – interesting placement)

      Trust in the Lord, with ALL your heart, and He will make your paths straight.
      For what it’s worth, “God helps those who help themselves” is not found in the bible”

      • Rebecca


  21. al

    Happy Prosperous New Year Greg.

    WHERE ARE THE DOMINION MACHINES IN THE HOUSE? HOW IS IT THEY DIDN’T CHEAT TRAITORS LIKE MCCARTHY IN? HOW?… oh I get it, it’s single votes by paper ballots, no ballot harvesting here.

    I have so much to say but I leave you with this. I’ve been YELLING ON THE ROOFTOPS FOR YEARS THAT FOX IN THE HEN HOUSE NEWS IS THE CONTROLLED OPPOSITION !!!
    Sorry Tucker, find another job, I’m sure OAN will give you a try.
    Hannity? Go join your buddies at the WEF and the Dumbocrats. You’re a back stabbing RINO! But I’m not surprised… because it’s
    FOX IN THE HEN HOUSE NEWS !!!!!!!!!!

  22. Dgmdpa

    Depleted uranium is nothing new. A-10s have being using it in their 30 mm Vulcans for decades. They don’t “burn”. They vaporize armor on tanks and the like.

  23. Robert

    Keep your eye on Poland, especially in the late spring early summer, as Russian forces advance further into western Ukraine as part of their major offensive. If they are successful, the KM will be desperate and need to force NATO into the “war”.

    • Phil

      With millions of Ukrainians fleeing to Poland – the Polish Government is on the brink of economic collapse!!

  24. James Hall

    Look for people missing their lower leg, have seen two in my semi rural town, one of them stated it was the vaccine at the grocery store and is warning people. A lot of people are cropping their pants knowing they took it.

  25. Stephen

    Heart attacks strokes and blood cots I’m pretty easily seen by the public. Let’s not seen her all the appendicitis uterine problems and gallbladder surgeries taken place

  26. Marie Joy

    We’re leaving our future to the lawyers. Think about that.

  27. Tboy

    There will be no pivot. Interest rates will continue up.
    The cali weasel will be elected once the 20 our bribed
    81% have been Faucc a sized. You choose poorly.
    It was the only way the enemies of America could be destroyed
    Heaven is with us
    Purebloods will have to rebuild

  28. Fred Engel

    Great report Greg, what happens when Russia sells oil in gold? Our cost skyrockets, they will push Putin to be more decisive and creative. The sanctions boosted Russia’s economy.

  29. Michele

    Please reach out to Marly Hornik, the founder of New York Citizens Audit.
    The fraud in New York State was incredible and is traced back to the Boards of Election!

  30. Won Witness

    Texas has a state bullion depository already. I seem to recall that Utah and Washington state have gold friendly laws as well.

    A bio-weapon question,
    family member (inlaw) forced to take the bio weapon by his employer and had “turbo” stage 4 pancreatic cancer within 10 months ! He is doing well after whipple procedure. He is a strong christian God answer prayers.
    The Question I am asking is anyone seeing a “Turbo” dementia ?
    Yesterday my brother inlaw (in his 80’s and fully bio-weapon jabbed) died of Dementia After being diagnosed about 2 months ago. That seems too quick to me.
    My wife’s branch of Family had another elderly member develop serious alzheimer’s very quickly, and was also fully jabbed with the bioweapon.
    It looks to me every affliction is going Turbo for the jabbed.

  31. Paul

    Another brilliant wrap up.
    Thanks Greg

    Paul from arkansas

  32. Thomas Malthaus

    “If this is the case, what will the awakening be like come April, May, or the end of 2023? When will the arrests and lawsuits be starting? That is the only question now.”

    I’m not as optimistic as you regarding the lawsuits and arrests. Perhaps the widespread election fraud and its non-resolution are still uppermost among my concerns.

  33. Tod Mills

    The thumbnail is especially apropos….politics (from the Greek. Poli, meaning many, and ticks, meaning blood-sucking parasites) is a lot like professional wrestling, only with horrible consequences.

    “Politics is show business for ugly people” ~ Gerald Celente

  34. Jeffrobbins

    Thanks for the good reporting. We stopped watching most everything on tv also- except for old westerns, McGyver, and such. To add to the vaccine story as a reminder; in 2020 the EUA guidelines stated that an EUA product is to be voluntary. I never understood (and still don’t) how so many employers, including governments got away with pushing mandates. I think that is why we got the other scam layer of Comernity’ fully approved’ which was not available.
    I really believe the main power players are just freaked out about overpopulation. All the dots adds up to that; climate issues, engineered disease, fake vax, homosexual and trans agenda, coming food issues, grinding inflation, and lastly war. The devil is playing them too. Where lies abound, people suffer.
    I’ve spent lots of time contemplating what previous generations have done or would do and I just placed orders for a variety of fruit trees for our personal consumption-16 in all- several varieties. I am getting creative- planting on an easterly facing hill( summer wind from the west?) and using lots of gravel to prevent vole damage and using pond water for a second water source. You guys can too. Get them while they are still available and while we have time.

  35. Paige Barent

    Steve Bannon interviewed Kari Lake a few days ago and she said that there has been at least one person sworn in as governor of Arizona who was removed from office a year later due to a voting miscount.

  36. Fred Daake

    At this point – if I were a Congressman – I would vote for McCarthy.

    Are Jim Jordan, Thomas Massie, Eric Burleson, and Jason Smith Communists? Does the majority of the Conservative Caucus hate America?

    While I thank the brave patriots for the much needed debate and totally support their actions, you have to deal with the hand that you are dealt. Otherwise, you lose. Congress got rid of John Boehner a few years ago and elected Paul Ryan who was worse. Those “rebels” a few years ago had no electable alternative when they dumped Boehner. Likewise, today, there is no electable choice between an unnamed fantasy candidate and McCarthy. McCarthy has now essentially agreed to allow the Conservative Caucus call the shots over all the RINO’s – much more power than the Conservative Caucus ever had. This is the deal – I would take it at this point – unless something better emerges.

  37. Glen

    In regards to the depleted uranium munitions: Our M1A1 (might be an A2 now) Abrams tank fires a depleted uranium round at about 300 yards per second. It is not an explosive round. Depleted uranium is the most dense metal known to man. With that kind of velocity and density of metal, the round will cut through any other metal like a hot knife through butter. It was designed for use against the soviet T72 (that uses explosive rounds) When this uranium round hits the T72 it punches a small hole in one side and out the other in the blink of an eye. Because of the velocity of the round it creates an enormous vacuum, and literally everything inside the tank tries to be pulled through that small hole. EVERYTHING.- the explosive rounds, the soldiers, etc. My friend shared this information with me. He was a tank driver with the Big Red one during the gulf wars. He remembers walking through terrain after a battle and finding little pieces of thumbs and other body parts. For this reason and many others, I’d like to see the plug pulled on the military industrial complex. There has to be a better way to settle our differences.

  38. Robert Coleman

    Greg, as I was Born in St. Louis and have lived in the Guangzhou China area for the past 20 years, my Chinese Wife and two daughters came down with Covid and finally I came down with it most likely after kissing my wife god night – have not been sick for the past 5 years and usually never stays around too long. Had My Z-Stack from Dr. Zalenko, My Ivermectin and HCQ and within 4 days was back to normal. Wife and children also back to normal as well.

    As far as this Ukraine situation – USA, France and Germany are All Sending Armored Vehicles to Ukraine.
    The real question is who is manning these vehicles ? Ukrainians ? French, German or US Military Servicemen. WW3 is just a stones throw away. These are idiots in power, hell bent on causing total destruction.

    Keep up the great work.

  39. Jerry

    Concerning the teacher who was called a racist and a homophobe, it is not a crime to be either one of these. We should remember that in our discourse around these events.

  40. Brian

    In regards to the guy with the MAGA hat…schools need to remember the Bakery vs Oberlin College 36 Million Dollar settlement.

    • Diana Brown

      Perfect Brian. The memories of many seems to be in need of adjustment.

  41. ron martin

    As usual Greg you are correct on most everything. I read this morning that one of the GOP 20 holdouts expected McCarthy to finally win. The voting again shows us that the democrats are united behind their black ruler Jeffries to avoid being labeled racist. I would not be surprised if a few republicans joined them to elect a democrat speaker of a GOP majority house. The recent past has taught us to expect the unexpected.

  42. Really Awake

    I wonder why Rasmussen wasn’t suppressed from revealing the truth- or were they? I don’t trust any mainstream polling; however, I’m thinking that a super majority now know of someone killed by the Covid Bioweapon. I think that Rasmussen actually under reported the number of people who are now realizing that the vax-bioweapon is more dangerous than the lab created Covid Bioweapon Virus.

    I can offer overwhelming anecdotal evidence that many hard-core Leftys now suddenly realize they were given a total snow job on the Vax… For example, one of my son’s friends actually called me a murderer for not getting vaxxed…. Now that very same friend refuses to get boosted, because she “won’t get suckered a third time”…. And this person isn’t the only one.

    My wife does business with some serious die-hard Liberals (including Marxist Politicians) and she lives in a VERY Marxist Capitol city in an exclusive Super Rich Lefty neighborhood. She is absolutely surrounded by my enemies. Yet, the people my wife has had business dealings with have mostly done a 180…. Most don’t believe the vax lies anymore.

    Personally, I won’t do business with a Lefty. I refuse to eat dinner with them. I have never eaten out with my wife when a Lefty was present. Never. And I can’t live together with my wife of 38 years because I rufuse to associate with Leftys. I actually hate the exclusive neighborhood she lives in. Yet, when I do briefly visit my wife I’ve noticed a huge difference in the Lefty attitudes. All of my wife’s friends and neighbors know the kind of guy I am. I walk through the door and I don’t hide a damn thing right down to my lifetime membership in the NRA…. Yet now more than ever those liberals are nice to me instead of calling me a monster for openly opposing the vax…

    So, the times they are changing….. What I’m concerned about is the same people who released the Lab Covid will release another one that’s a real killer and people will not take the appropriate measures to survive a real deadly anthropogenic Biblical plague.

  43. Dennis M

    Greg you are the best truth source on the net and I agree with you 100% of the time. Thank you for all you do. No more concessions. We need a Nancy pelosi on steroids for our speaker. 8 years of a bully beat down for us with no Dem/Rino incarcerations yet a large group held political prisoner in brutal conditions with not even a mention from this criminal group, a bioweapon still being pushed, borders wide open, trafficked children, and a long standing silence on the stolen 2020 election and now 2022 election so destructive to our freedoms. Our only hope is the Brunson case. Give Trump hell and keep up your heroic efforts. God Bless

  44. Susan R

    Greg, your reporting has spearheaded my awakening over the years. I have taken it all into my depths and digested it. Running the scripts through timelines brings me to places difficult to accept at first. Ultimately, I always find peace and love in God. As you said today, these times are like no other, going to the light of God is the antidote.

  45. Steve Bice

    Gold currently at $1864, up $30 today. Our favorite sock puppet was gloating about shorting gold at around the $1,630 mark. Up $234 since then. Notice the silence? He has no investments and only emerges on corrections to try to hurt others. Ignore him. Every time…

  46. John Maskell

    Looking forward to new guests on USA Watchdog. Can’t wait for Saturday night.
    It’s good to hear a variation of opinions . I really love this channel and the work that Mr Hunter puts in. Many thanks from Kent, England .

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you John from England for all your support!

  47. Dave

    Fired – in front of a wall.

  48. Stan

    I don’t often issue a trading alert, but this could be the greatest short of the year – Gold. The dead cat bounce is almost complete. I’m shorting all the Gold I can today with leverage.

    • Jeffrobbins

      Obviously you don’t see the multi-year cup and handle price formation. If you were right, then you should short spy, qqq, dia- something liquid. A pan sell off is the only way for you to be right. Even that is tricky because inflation distorts all the numbers, and that assumes those numbers are not massaged. I am long silver and a couple miners- i think it is only a matter of time before major cooperations will look to contract with various miners and secure their raw materials.

    • Phil

      Stan – We can all see the COT data – – and we know there will likely be a minor pull back to perhaps the $1700 level (after gold tests the $1850 level) – but we also know gold will then head “much much higher” (likely to the $2400 dollar level after the minor correction ends)!!
      Note: With the “strong” US dollar barreling into the dirt at ground zero (becoming more and more worthless in its purchasing power) – – it will obviously take “many more dollars” to buy an ounce of gold as time goes on!!

  49. Elinor Saunders

    Greg, I love your work. Trump should be terminated for “warp speeding” the vaccine and then saying everyone should take it and there is much science behind it. The biggest
    genocide ever on the planet. Please quit sweeping this under the table with a slap on the wrist. Not being critical of you Greg,—I love your work.
    I have too many people in my world whose lives are destroyed.

    • Greg Hunter

      But Biden the man who brought us the forced ,mandated he’s ok? Not a word about this cheater criminal??? I don’t get it.

  50. Glenn

    Walter Veith
    If you listen to or watch Walter’s extensive production on the Bible and its message, much more becomes clear. He knows his stuff and is a brilliant lecturer.
    (Part 1)

    Who , what is “the beast”?
    What are upcoming events in the near future interpreted from the Bible’s message.
    Listen to Walter.

    Walter stitches everything together with perfection.

    Greg. Potential guest?

  51. Fred Daake

    Thanks – Greg – for keeping the vaccine truth in front of your audience. There are several fantastic new health choices being planned. These new products and services will require a much larger market for their products than currently exists. So, the more people who are warned about the dangers of todays lack of viable competition, the better chance everyone will have to survive in the future with the coming alternatives.

  52. Cynthia Wilson

    Trump is NEVER” going to “come clean” on the vax/bioweapon because he KNEW/KNOWS exactly what it is, that it is meant to maim/kill! Please Greg, pray about this! You are delusional about who Trump really is! Research his lineage/background on alt-media and hopefully that will help. How can you be so “with it” on the Truth yet so woefully deficit when it comes to Trump? Someday…SOMEDAY…you will get it, I pray.

    • Diana Brown

      We all have an opinion Cynthia Wilson. Our only stand in this beautiful nation is freedom of speech which extends to the freedom of our own opinion. I respect that of Gregs weekly wrap-ups and special guests. I also respect your right to same. I hope you “get” that message loud and clear without judgement. In that fact, I pray.

  53. Frank

    Trump threw his support behind RINO & WEF-stooge McCarthy.

    Is this more super-sneaky 4D chess?

    Or more ‘bad advice’ from Ivanka?

  54. The True Nolan

    McCarthy has not been elected Speaker yet, but he and the other RINOs are still waiting for all the mail-in ballots to be counted…

    As for the vaxx, yes, Greg is right. Everyone who pushed these jabs and these mandates should be fired. Out of a cannon.

    Current estimates are that in the last ten months Ukraine has received about $120 BILLION in US aid. How much is that? It is almost TWICE the total annual military budget of Russia.

    • Phil

      Why don’t we hold Presidential elections the same way we hold Speaker of the House elections!! – just have the American people keep voting “over and over again” until our man wins!!

  55. Steve Bice

    Another “died suddenly” at 38 years old…

    • Phil

      To all you sports fans out there – a lot of you are keen on statistics – you know your favorite athletes batting average and/or the touchdowns they made, etc., etc., etc – how about looking at this statistic “athletes dying while playing on the field” – in the long history of sports it was a “very very very very rare occurrence” for a young athlete to die while playing in a sporting event – but then “right after the jab” – more than 700 athletes have collapsed on the field during a game and take note that this occurred in “ONE YEAR” (from March 2021 to March 2022) – put that statistic in your books!!

      • Steve Bice

        It is incomprehensible to me that the cover-up is still holding together. Every major news organization went into vaccine apologist mode in the first hour after Hamlin’s collapse.

        Regardless of what cause is reported, the bias was on full display, as no one has clear evidence of what happened (yet). We have our suspicions…and those who demonize us are the personification of hypocrisy…since they do exactly what they criticize. They have no evidence whatsoever that it was not vaccine related.

        I have my doubts that even if vaccine-induced myocarditis was a factor that it will be admitted and reported. As others have suggested, we will have to be stepping over bodies before they admit the now obvious. They have too much to lose financially…and are likely looking at both civil and criminal penalties.

        Baghdad Bob had nothing on the American media. Pathetic…

  56. Glen

    We do have our part to do, but God helps those who trust in Him.
    Ps 118:8 – It’s better to trust in God, than it is to trust in man. (found in the very center of the bible – interesting placement)

    Trust in the Lord, with ALL your heart, and He will make your paths straight.
    For what it’s worth, “God helps those who help themselves” is not found in the bible”

    • Loretta Younger

      Desperate father pleads with his pediatrician ex-wife NOT to chemically castrate their son
      by Daily Mail / January 6th 2023
      When asked if he was a boy, James told his dad in the video: ‘No, I’m a girl.’

    • Farley Gunther

      Here’s another interesting placement found in the center of the King James.
      Psalm 83
      18. That men may know that thou, whose name alone is Jehovah, art the most high over all the earth. (King James Version)

    • Steve Bice

      Thanks, Glen.

      I always cringe when I hear the “God helps them who helps themselves quote”. It became popularized in modern culture largely due to the ancient sacred script of the Poseiden Adventure starring Gene Hackman (1972). Hackman’s character died when he fell into a flaming oil slick. Ouch.

      “For since the beginning of the world
      Men have not heard nor perceived by the ear,
      Nor has the eye seen any God besides You,
      Who acts for the one who waits for Him.”
      Isaiah 64:4

      Re: “We do have our part…”
      Agreed. From Proverbs 16:9: “A man’s heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps.” It would seem to be hard for God to direct our steps if we are standing still…

  57. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    I recall commenting on the ‘Covidian Cult’ back in 2020 and remarking that cultists are usually in a minority – how do you ‘kidnap’ and ‘deprogramme’ a majority? If you cut these cultists off from their LLM ‘Covid gurus’ they would suffer withdrawal symptoms. Sad, very sad . . .

  58. Marty

    The House Speaker Circle Jerk: Trump endorses McCarthy, Gaetz opposes McCarthy, Trump reiterates support for McCarthy, Gaetz nominates Trump. All this distraction drama for a do-nothing, feckless, UN-representative bureaucratic body totally made that way by presidential Executive Orders. This is another R&D Two Ring Circus.

  59. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    You highlight McCarthy failing to win the required majority NO LESS than eleven times! I thought the EU was a joke with their overt policy of holding multiple referenda until ‘they’ got the result they desired. Every time the electorate got the vote ‘wrong’, TPTB would come up with myriad reasons why the public had misunderstood the choice put to them. Funny thing – the instant ‘they’ got the result they wanted, all talk of a retest of public opinion was quashed!!

    The ‘Mother -WEFers’ (Clif High’s derogatory collective noun for the Globalist Cabal) take ‘we the people’ for absolute mugs – and we let them get away with it by our acquiescence! Or, as Paul Craig Roberts would say, ‘insouciance’. Great word but I can’t for the life of me pronounce it.

    • Phil

      I don’t remember Klaus Schwab ever being elected “Dictator of the World” – even once!! – why can’t we call for a vote – and see the infinitely many times the election would have to be held to vote him in!!

  60. Robert K

    With all the kabuki theater surrounding the speaker, What is the status of Brunson? I havent seen anything reported on this.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Any word from Loy Brunson?

  61. Chomping AT TheBit

    Kevin McCarthy’s Business Ties Complicate His Rise to Power
    By Andrew Ross Sorkin, Ravi Mattu, Bernhard Warner, Sarah Kessler, Michael J. de la Merced, Lauren Hirsch and Ephrat Livni / Jan. 5, 2023
    ____________A Doomsday Scenarios

  62. Mark

    God bless you, dear brother Greg!!!!
    Thank you for your continued efforts to discern and report the true state of affairs as the facts present!!!
    It then becomes apparent that with a commitment to report that which is true without compromise, that one can’t deny the active presence of Evil in the world and that is why the exhortation to “hold on to Jesus” is relevant.
    For it is in the context of a world which has been usurped and taken over by Satan’s forces of Evil and presently under the “law of sin and death” that Jesus Christ the Son of God and now Lord of all came as a little babe, born of a virgin named Mary to be the very Word incarnate, the Son of the Blessed and One in Whom the Father of glory finds His delight as the “Seed of Abraham” to Whom the “promise of the Spirit was made” (Gen.12:3,Acts 2:33, Gal.3:8,14,19,22), who then through His greatest work of faith in fulfilling all righteousness by taking upon Himself in His body of flesh the judgment for the sins of the whole world, RECEIVED THE PROMISE OF THE SPIRIT upon His exaltation into glory (Acts.2:33, Rom.3:22,Gal.3:8,14,19,22) TO FOREVERMORE RULE AS A KINGLY HIGH PRIEST ACCORDING TO THE ORDER OF MELCHIZIDEK, (Heb.1:8,13, 5:5-6,9-10, 6:17-20, 8:28, 10:11-14) HAVING BECOME IN RESURRECTION, A LIFE-GIVING SPIRIT (see 1Cor.15:45, 2 Cor.3:17, Jn 7:37-39) so that ANY AND ALL WHO BELIEVE ON HIM FOR THIS RIGHTEOUSNESS WHICH HAS COME INTO BEING THROUGH HIS FAITH, (or His faith-fulness Rom.3:21-22, where “faith of Jesus Christ” is literally “Jesus Christ’s faith” ) RECEIVES HIM AS THE VERY SPIRIT OF “SON-SHIP” INTO THEIR HEARTS WHICH CRIES “ABBA, DADDY” BEING “BORN “FROM ABOVE” OR “BORN ANEW” ( see Jn.3:3-6, Rom.8:15, Gal. 4:6 -implying the Son’s very own relationship in love in the bosom of the Father, i.e., that place of most holy and intimate Divine affection, see Jn.1:18,13:23) SO THAT WE MAY KNOW WITH ONE ANOTHER FOREVERMORE THE JOY OF THAT LOVE IN THAT GLORY WHICH THE SON HIMSELF, THE ONE IN WHOM THE FATHER OF GLORY HAS FOUND AND NOW DELIGHTS, HAS KNOWN IN HIS BOSOM FROM BEFORE THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD (Jn.15:11, 17:22-26, – again that place of most intimate and holy Divine affection) TO BE THE “MANY ABODES” TO COMPRISE THE “FATHER’S HOUSE” AND FOR WHICH CAUSE HE, THE LORD JESUS PROMISED TO “RECEIVE US TO HIMSELF” AFTER HAVING “GONE AWAY” (through death and resurrection) TO “PREPARE A PLACE FOR US ” SO THAT “WHERE HE IS (again, in that place of most holy and intimate Divine affection in the “bosom of the Father) “WE ALSO MAY BE” (John 14:1-3) WHICH IS THE VALUE FOR WHICH JESUS CHRIST THE SON OF GOD AND NOW LORD OF ALL RECEIVED IN EXCHANGE FOR THE PRICE WHICH HE PAID IN HIS BODY OF FLESH ON THE CROSS OF CALVARY AND WITH HIS OWN SPOTLESS AND INCORRUPTIBLE BLOOD SACRIFICE AS THE VERY “JOY SET BEFORE HIM” FOR WHICH HE WAS WILLING TO “ENDURE THE CROSS DESPISING THE SHAME” (Heb.12:1-2) SO THAT HE MAY BECOME THE “FIRSTBORN AMONG MANY BROTHERS OF WHOM HE IS NOT ASHAMED” AND WITH WHOM HE WILL FOREVERMORE SHARE IN THE “OIL OF ANOINTING OF EXULTANT JOY” (which “Oil” He now IS as the very Spirit Who gives LIFE) (Heb.2:8-9) WOW!!!!! TALK ABOUT “BEYOND WHAT WE CAN ASK OR THINK” !!!!!! IT IS LITERALLY “JOY UNSPEAKABLE AND FULL OF GLORY”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So dear brother Greg and all who come here to read and post, don’t hesitate to place your full hope and trust upon Him Who “through death DESTROYED him who has the power of death, that is the devil” (Heb.2:14-18) and has “once for all” through His spotless Blood sacrifice, made “purification of sins” (Heb.9:11-15, 10:24-28) and Who now lives as a Royal High Priest forevermore according to the order of Melchizidek (and not the order of Aaron) to make intercession on our behalf based on the value and perfection of His once-for-all spotless Blood sacrifice, while sympathizing with us in our weaknesses, yet being without sin Himself (Heb.4:14-16), which is why I say in agreement with the Scriptures and with you brother Greg, “FEAR NOT” for, in spite of the weakness of our fleshly corruptible nature, “God has not given to us a spirit of fear ,but of power and of love and of a sober mind”!!!! (2Tim.1:7) and KEEP LOOKING AWAY UNTO HIM, JESUS THE “AUTHOR AND PERFECTER OF FAITH” (Heb 12:1-2) WHO BY HIS SPIRIT EMPOWERS US TO RUN WITH ENDURANCE THE RACE SET BEFORE US”, (like when Peter walked on the water -Matt.14:29) having Him as the most excellent “treasure” in these “earthen vessels” of flesh that the “excellency of the power” may be “of God and not of us”.!!!!!! (2Cor. chapters 4-5). ALL GLORY AND PRAISE AND HONOR BE UNTO GOD AND TO THE LAMB!!!!! WORTHY IS THE LAMB!!!!(Rev.5:8-14)

  63. Thomas A.

    The Seven-Headed Wild Beast of Revelation Chapter 13
    The wild beast with seven heads introduced at Revelation 13:1 represents the worldwide political system.
    It has authority, power, and a throne, which point to its being a political entity.​—Revelation 13:2.
    It rules over “every tribe and people and tongue and nation,” so it is greater than a single national government.​—Revelation 13:7.
    It combines features of the four beasts described in the prophecy at Daniel 7:​2-8, including the appearance of a leopard, the feet of a bear, a lion’s mouth, and ten horns. The beasts in Daniel’s prophecy are identified as specific kings, or political kingdoms, that rule in succession over empires. (Daniel 7:​17, 23) Thus, the wild beast of Revelation chapter 13 represents a composite political organization.
    It ascends “out of the sea,” that is, from the turbulent masses of mankind that are the source of human governments.​—Revelation 13:1; Isaiah 17:12, 13.
    The Bible says that the number, or name, of the beast​—666​—is “a man’s number.” (Revelation 13:17, 18) That expression indicates that the beast of Revelation chapter 13 is a human entity, not a spirit or demon entity.
    Even though nations may agree on few things, they unite in their determination to maintain their authority rather than submit to the rule of God’s Kingdom. (Psalm 2:2) They will also join forces to battle God’s armies commanded by Jesus Christ at Armageddon, but this war will result in the nations being destroyed.​—Revelation 16:14, 16; 19:19, 20.

  64. T. Argyle

    “Ten horns and seven heads”
    Certain numbers are used symbolically in the Bible. For example, ten and seven represent completeness. The key to understanding the specific meaning of the “ten horns and seven heads” of the beast of Revelation chapter 13 is an “image of the wild beast” identified later in Revelation​—a bright-red beast that has seven heads and ten horns. (Revelation 13:​1, 14, 15; 17:3) The Bible says that the seven heads of this red beast mean “seven kings,” or governments.​—Revelation 17:​9, 10.
    Likewise, the seven heads of the beast of Revelation 13:1 represent seven governments: the primary political powers that have dominated through history and have taken the lead in oppressing God’s people​—Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome, and Anglo-America. If we conclude that the ten horns represent all sovereign states, small and large, then the diadem, or crown, on each horn shows that each nation rules concurrently with the primary political power of the time.

  65. Shirl

    The Twelfth Day Of Christmas…The Feast Of The Three Kings…The Epiphany is celebrated today through this evening. Praise Lord God Heavenly King and His Son born on the flesh Baby Jesus forever and ever Amen !!!

  66. Arthur

    I remember how pleasant and simple life seemed to be on September 10 2001. I wasn’t aware of all the evil and rot just beneath the surface in those days. Then the next day, a massive thunderbolt struck at the very center of Babylon. This black swan will imho be eclipsed by something worse I fear. I am not afraid. I am ready! +

  67. Robert

    Real issue: PLENARY POWER of the State Legislature
    The Brunson case was a loser from the beginning.
    The real case is the PLENARY POWER of the State Legislature.
    In Article II of the US Constitution it states that only the state’s legislature has the power to determine the
    timing and manner of any and all elections.
    This means for example in Penn state, that the courts cannot change the manner of the elections as they did by illegally allowing post election ballots to be submitted for counting several days past November 3rd, 2020.

    This issue is the easiest win for us and the best way to show that the 2020 election was fraudulent.

    Remember PLENARY POWER.
    Plenary means:
    Supreme, Not Subject to review,
    capable of unilateral action without oversight.
    That is the power of each state’s legislature.

  68. Helen Ann Rudinsky

    I hope you are right that the populace will wake up to the bioweapon/vax.
    I am surrounded by useful idiots, a woman just miscarried and insists it wasn’t because she got the vax, people walking down the street at 7am wearing a mask, no one around for miles. I hope people wake up…I am tried of being around imbeciles.
    Keep up the good work, I look forward to all your reports!
    Helen in Portland, Oregon

    • PersonaNonGrata

      ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ by Hans Christen Andersen has parallels with the ‘Covid’ scamdemic. In the story, everyone was duped into believing that only people capable of doing their jobs could see the Emperor’s new clothes. Naturally, not wishing to lose their jobs, people claimed to see the new (non-existent) garments. With the ‘Covid’ scamdemic, doubters were labelled as ‘stupid’ and ‘unscientific’ by all means of propaganda. Perhaps that explains why the most easily duped were (are – still firmly in the covidian cult) the professional class. They, like the Emperor’s closest advisors, suffer from hubris. They consider themselves incapable of ‘stupidity’. They are highly educated and have certificates to prove just how intelligent they are!! This class of people will be the last to break free of the Covidian cult.

  69. Cry Me a Ruble

    From what I am listening to this evening McCarthy doesn’t have the votes. The constitutional conservatives are dug in. So in a move that only a scumbag swamp rat would pull off he reportedly met with Jeffries to have enough members of the Democrat members leave the chamber so as to override the opposition in his own party. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the swamp politics of Washington DC for all the world to see. Voters mean nothing. Everything is about Kevin McCarthy. If I ask a woman on a date and she says no that is it. However, if you are Kevin McCarthy, 13 times no is not enough. He thinks that because he is endorsed by the establishment swamp rats he is
    entitled to be speaker therefore damn the voters and damn the American people. What McCarthy doesn’t realize is that he doesn’t represent this country as speaker. That country died in 2020 after the covid scamdemic and the mass Democrat party election fraud.

  70. Helen Ann Rudinsky

    What will it be like in a few years when so many have died? For those of us who live, how will all the deaths effect our car insurance, health insurance, life insurance premiums? They will probably go sky high. Will real estate be cheaper with all these empty houses? Will there be less traffic on the streets? It is hard to imagine what it will be like. But with all the new illegals streaming in, the changes might not even be noticeable….

    • Phil

      Diabolically and intentionally kill off 100 million white Americans with the “jab” – and replace them with 100 million illegals crossing our southern boarder – and it looks like no population change has occurred (but not politically) – the true result is – “zero Republicans and 100 percent Demonrats” – so every Demon-rat continues to push the Clot Shot as safe and effective!!

  71. Ralphie Boy

    Reason why Biden/DEMS are flip-flopping on the boarder issue. (Recall the 1994-2000 when the DEMS were totally against illegal immigration, only later to flip the other way)

    The open boarders thing… Mexican legal immigrants aren’t supporting the DEMS.
    Those here LEGALLY are mad as hell that some 40 million are here illegally, live under the table. So BIDEN says it is time to stop illegal entry at the boarder in hopes for the DEMS to get their (legal immigrant) votes once again. Possible gain for ’24: 10+ million votes that went to REPS in the midterms.

    AND THE GRAND PRIZE FOR ALL Mexicans here illegally, Biden wants them to get full citizenship ASAP so the the DEMS will be the heroes to these 40 million new “American” voters. Possible gain: perhaps as many as 20 million NEW legal citizen votes for the DEMS in ’24.

    Don’t be surprised if the DEM wins in 2024 with 100 to 130 million votes, even running the old glue factory horse and that hippopotamus as the DEM candidates.

    By 2028 don’t be surprised if the DEMS flip yet again to pro illegal immigration. REPEAT infinitum until there are no more people living in central and south america..

    • Nika

      Show Dems, the money and they will committ any Crime you want.

    • The Seer

      Might be the plan to get S and C America up to N America not re votes or job replacements but to lull in so more perish when they
      Drop the bigbombsor make them
      Come this way to eliminate more all at once.
      S hemisphere safer, imo
      I am out of here in a few days finally going south but not s or c America !!

  72. Not So Free

    It has been reported that if enough RINOs switch votes, a democrat could actually be elected speaker.
    So just remember, folks; it can always get worse.
    For the record, I don’t want McCarthy as speaker.

  73. Nellie Cranford

    tonight, this weekend the fate of the Republic hangs in the balance with the Brunson case in the air and sellout Trump pushing satanic globalist in the house.

    but USAWD is not maintaining the comments board. This board should be dynamic and active, but instead it is dead. The salt has lost its flavor and shall be trampled underfoot.

  74. Janice Bechdolt

    You are the best US reporter and am wishing you a long life so we are able to hear the
    truth and necessary news for many years to come. Whatever media reporting awards
    there are out there should be given to you. Thanks so much.


    why vote for any of these clowns anymore… fox reporting McDonalds now has the votes he needs.. some fight! The whole system is a joke; i can barely tell a democrat from a republican. I guess the hold outs got some perks, so they sold out. They could care less about the American people. Worth the missed opportunities and the endorsement of the poison shot, i’m not sure Trump is any better! “It’s a big club and you ain’t in it ” has never been truer!

  76. Rodster

    Greg, the next time you have Martin Armstrong, Karen Kingston or CAF on your program you might want to ask them about the Globalists wanting to inject mNRA vaccines into the food supply. These are some sick f##king people we are dealing with.

    So how the hell do we stop this? They want to kill us all.

    • Nika

      That’s why Bill Gates is persona non grata in India, his vaccines killed or maimed thousands in India. Bill Gates is on India’s most Wanted List.
      Globalists/Elitists were serious , when they said in the Georgia Guide Stones: They only wanted, 500 Million people to be left on Earth.

  77. James

    Looks like Trump got RINO/WEF-puppet McCarthy into the Speaker’s position…I wonder what excuse Trumpers will use this time…?

  78. Nika

    I saw Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boberic(?) on the News, they said they received a lot of concessions from McCarthy. Good! They should keep on doing it, the Dems are agresssive, to the Republicans all the time! Get rid of all the Wimpy Republicans! These wimpy Republicans should be fighting more for their constituents.

  79. Whata Crock

    Awaiting moderation

    You should let the words fly

    Otherwise your part of the problem

    Civil stupid white people

    No worries I’m winning

    • Greg Hunter

      If you think I am going to allow crazy violent crap on my enterprise, you are mistaken. Write something passionate and smart not violent and stupid.

      • Diana Brown

        I stand with you Greg. Call it. Then we see it more clearly. Keep up the good work. It is necessary and much appreciated.

    • Rodster

      Well I don’t think your idea will happen because like Greg said, he gets lunatics showing up on this forum such as crazy Gina wanting to kill anyone who did not vote for Hitlery.

  80. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg wow we finally have a Speaker… unfortunately it’s Kevin McCarthy. It’s been a long time since the Speaker spot wasn’t decided with a single vote and it will be interesting to see what concessions were made to flip those final votes.

    “Can I point out how amazing it is that we are all watching CSPAN on a Friday night, and so are millions of others?” — CognitiveCarbon on Telegram.
    Yeah, I was one of those who stayed up past my bedtime to watch that 15th vote and apparently the late vote tactic worked out because folks left to go home and fewer votes were required. Whatever, the drama is over and my new popcorn popper hasn’t arrived yet, damn. BTW to save you from looking Lauren Boebert (R- CO) and Matt Gaetz (R-FL) voted “present in the final vote — apparently neither trusts McCarthy to follow through on agreements. We shall see …

    … unless the USSC makes a positive decision in Brunson vs Adams et al. In that case … I don’t have a clue. Who would be President? Trump because he was President before the fraud or do they go for the Speaker who was voted in by a whole bunch of folks who are no longer House members. Putting it that way, pure chaos — love it. McCarthy will still be a member because he isn’t included in the list of Brunson litigants but how can he be Speaker having been voted into the office by folks who committed treason. With so few members surviving would it matter? Time for a new election, paper ballots, no machines.

  81. Karm

    This was already decided before the voting even started. He and Schwab broke bread together. Wonder what they discussed over $500 glasses of wine?

  82. Coal Burner

    NO McCarthy! Never, Not at ALL!

    Greg: Please ask the experts about the mRNA and its use in Flu shots and what other shots they are putting killer poisons into? Personally I would take any shots now ever. I do not trust them at all. I am concerned about kids shots????

    • Greg Hunter

      Unfortunately, McCarthy is in.

  83. Coal Burner

    Ukraine, as I have said before Russia will have to take everything to the river and destroy the bridges. They may make it “a no mans land.” If the NATO keeps this going they will next make Ukraine west to the river no mans land and just keep raising grain between their new Russian border and the River at Kive. If that power plant was east of the river, they would already let Ukraine shut down the reactors. Russia wants a buffer and they plan to get it.

  84. ken

    Give em credit Greg… that was a Hollywierdesq award winning show they put on for the NPC’s. C’mon Man! hahahahahahaha.

    And they wonder why I drink!

  85. Justn Observer

    Greg, well McCarthy made it with some scraps and bruising…by the Freedom Caucus … so, some hope rather than NO hope than if he won with without the concessions forced upon him and ‘the establishment’…all remains to be seen how that will fair …as we wait to hear about the Brunson case…

  86. Ginter

    Hey Greg, I can’t find anything on the Brunson case, have you got any info…?

  87. Enrico

    I don’t know if you read comments after the last broadcast but this is the result of the last few days trying to access
    “Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL which is required for WordPress.”

    It makes you wonder…

  88. WD


    The only way the Chinese and Russians stop a nuclear war from NATO is to finally kill the dollar. That is it.

  89. Prospector

    Spike protein detox guide – very handy to have.

  90. Gerry Can

    this weekend the WEF & Trump slipped their snake McCarthy into the seat. This means more of the WEF initiatives; the death vax and 5G and open borders are just the beginning of what they have planned.

    Greg Hunter should be checking in with Trump-prophet Mark Taylor as a suicide watch.

  91. Mr. Haney

    Once the new COVERT jab for chickens and turkeys comes out
    you may never want to eat poultry ever again.

  92. Cry Me a Ruble

    McCarthy was effectively castrated by the Conservatives in order to become Speaker. However, never understand estimate a career establishment politicians ability to slime his way out of an agreement.

  93. Cry Me a Ruble

    never under estimate. Damn spell check.

  94. Jo

    Dodge is permitted to be a “racist” and a “homophobe” all he wants, PER THE CONSTITUTION. Am I incorrect? Whatever happened to freedom of thought, and freedom of association?

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t think wearing a hat makes you a racist. What is the principal basing this on? This is slander and I think Dodge has a case not, with this ruling.

  95. Tulsa OK.

    Our liar in chief, thief of the peoples vote!

  96. Frank

    Greg, I have followed you since your beginning of Usawatchdog but am having trouble viewing the weekly roundup videos. I see your face at the start of the video then after a couple of seconds the video stops and I am not able to see the rest of the video.Have you considered contacting twitter and ask for a reestatement. Since Trump was reenstated, perhaps Musk will reenstate USAWATCHDOG.
    Looking forward to once again viewing the Weekly News Roundup.

    • Greg Hunter

      Try this: (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. All the above is a way to censor people like

      Let me know if this works. So sorry you are having problems. This is Big Tech censoring I think.


  97. Kevin24

    Atheletes collapsing, I heard on one channel the number is now 1101 with the Bills player, can you imagine if we have another at the Superbowl or even the playoffs?

    I looked at Karen Kingston’s website and all money contributions were made by monthly subscriptions. I am not into a monthly subscription but I would not mind a donation option to help the cause.
    Any chance both you and Karen could add a donation option via email transfer or credit card? I would add PayPal but I dropped them recently for their $2500 censor narrative.
    BTW: I am up to 6 friends / associates jabbed and dead.

    Happy 2023

  98. Huey D.Point

    Russians Landed in Alaska this week! Full Update Here:

  99. Hugh


  100. Bill's Stilled!

    Russian President Vladimir Putin joins President Biden in raising the alarm over the risk of nuclear war — here’s what Warren Buffett says about the ‘greatest danger’ facing the world : Story by Jing Pan • Thursday
    Investors often watch the markets and the economy. But in this day and age, you might also want to pay attention to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine — because the consequences could be dire.

    Russian mercenary boss says he wants Ukraine’s Bakhmut for its ‘underground cities’ \ Story by By Andrew Osborn • 9h ago

    Col. Douglas Macgregor – Not Good Strategy 13 hours ago

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    Black Conservative Patriot Jan 7, 2023

  101. cheryl

    I wish Greg would interview the female member of Team Enigma named Sasha about the shots

  102. Phil

    Here with why you can not trust trump (corporation) fake USA government that is a corporation. Understanding history you see the lies for what they are. You have to stand up as man woman and reform the actual lawful government. There are no white hats, there are no others to save you. Only you can save you!

  103. Joe Wong

    Your site is locked @ Err04 404

    • Greg Hunter

      If you are using an add blocking browser or a browser with an anonymous signature, word-fence will block you. Try this: (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. All the above is a way to censor people like

  104. scott

    Greg, you might want to check out, Sasha Latypova a Ex-pharma/biotech with 25 years of experience in clinical trials, clinical technologies and regulatory approvals. Is revealing very similar story as per Karen Kingston . USA government knew this was a bioweapon.

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