Mueller Sour Grapes Report, Border Collapsing, Economic Confusion

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 380 4.19.19)

The redacted report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller was released Thursday, and you might as well call it the “Sour Grapes We Didn’t Get Trump” report. There was no collusion and no obstruction but a lot of dirt throwing and whining by the partisan prosecutors who wrote the report. Trump is attacked in this report because he had the audacity to defend himself from false charges. Now, it’s team Trump’s turn to prosecute the perpetrators of this seditious treasonous fraud. People are going to jail over the real collusion to destroy a duly elected President.

According to former DEA Chief Karen Tandy, the border is collapsing under the weight of mass illegal immigration. The Border Patrol is simply releasing many illegals into America as they have no place to hold them.

The economic signals are all over the map. Unemployment is near record lows and, yet, retail stores are closing at a record pace in 2019. The stock market is nearing record highs again, but consumers have a record amount of consumer debt at $4 trillion. Judging the economy as good or bad depends on your vantage point.

Join Greg Hunter from as he gives his take on the week’s top stories in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Interview: 

Chris Powell of GATA will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release and will talk about all the manipulation going on in the precious metals markets.


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  1. MAL

    Hi Greg,
    The quest for the truth should begin with calling GPS Fusion out on the carpet. They took money they were paid by the Clinton Campaign/DNC through their law firm and paid a foreign agent to prepare a smear campaign that was then used to interfere in a U.S. election and attempt to overturn it. FBI officials lied to federal judges about the nature of that “document” so they could spy on the Trump campaign. GPS Fusion met with the Russian lawyer who INVITED Trump Jr. to the meeting both before and after the meeting which Trump Jr. walked out on after ten minutes. Mueller dragged people through the mud, destroyed reputations and threated families of people just for talking to a Russian. There was collusion all over the place. Mueller, the man who hand delivered uranium to the Russians and his deplorable team of Hillary donors, had the job of covering it up.

  2. Derek Sinclair

    For anyone who thinks Greg’s take on things and the likelihood of arrests is a bit “out there” should consider the fact that Victor Davis Hanson is on record in the last couple of days effectively saying exactly the same thing (

    • Freebrezer

      DS – I follow VDH and like Greg, Victor says there have to be arrest (!!!!) … Simple put – if arrest do not happen, the rule of law in America has been vanquished and America is toast! Plus England and Australian high up officials that were also involved need to be held accountable to trying to subvert an American President! Heads need to role (i.e. these scum need to be shamed in front of the public and prosecuted and put in prison!

      • Neo

        The rule of law died decades ago with the JFK assassination and 911

        • Ray

          Correct Neo…..correct.
          There is no rule of law…..only the rule of the jungle.
          Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

  3. MAL

    Mueller went to bed every night praying to his gods that Trump would fire him so he would be off the hook.

  4. Mark James

    Happy Easter Greg! Great WNW!

    So under Obama, they spied on Trump because of fear of Russian influence… but didn’t bother to warn Trump or get the “smoking gun” evidence of the DNC servers. Now the Russia 2.0 message is “Trump, Barr, Mueller are all part of a massive cover-up… all Putin’s Puppets…” Right… So an outsider like Trump was able to take over all the areas of the government with Russia while Obama was still President? To what avail?
    And this is the NEW narrative on CNN, MSNBC, etc… yet Alex Jones got banned?

    What have the Democrats accomplished since Trump was elected? Nothing!

    So the question I have is this… HOW MANY MORE GREAT THINGS *COULD* Trump have accomplished if not for 2 years of this constant attacks on him (and his appointees), and how much longer will this MADNESS continue?

    Thanks Greg! Happy Easter!!

  5. Mark James

    One more thing… You cannot prove a negative which is why Mueller could not fully “exonerate” Trump. This would be like trying to prove you NEVER STOLE A PACK OF BUBBLE GUM IN YOU ENTIRE LIFE. Even if you have 24/7/365 CCTV footage going back following your every movement, you never can really prove it… can you? Someone will say, the tape is altered. What about that missing footage when you were sleeping that night 17 years ago?

    But after all this investigation by people clearly out to destroy our elected President, they have no charges.

    Trey Gowdy was 100% right. This should have never been released. The people are just going to read into it what they want to read. And the redacted materials will be the constant reminder of “this is the stuff that Barr is hiding the implicates Trump” … even though NONE OF IT was brought to trial.

    While I agree it makes the Democrats / MSM look like buffoons — I would sooner have them working on fixing immigration, Social Security, the Wall, DACA, Sanctuary Cities, etc! Politics is broken. When this happens, nothing ever good comes from it.

  6. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    Good job! Actually, great job.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you William for all your support!!

  7. Robert

    Greg, been hearing for months how people are going to jail over this coup against President Trump, but still the phony narrative of collusion and obstruction are the face of this mess, even after the release of the Mueller report. The republicans are very meek in their defense of Trump compared to the attack dogs on the left. Rush L has laid out the case against the corrupt FBI, CIA officials involved in the phony dossier and the abusive FISA court, but it doesn’t seem to take off. The leftist media controls the narrative and now its all about obstruction. Its appearing the Republican hierarchy are deliberately being weak in their defense of Trump. When are the investigations into this failed coup going to become as in your face as the phony case against Trump is?

    • Justn Observer

      Easier said than done for sure…but gardens and trees left too long take a bit of weeding and pruning… JFK and Trump takedown have similar reflections now that the ‘collusion’ part is over…but…the ‘obstruction’ political part has apparently been launched… Where would Trump be if his full team were allowed to be confirmed and in place, if this ‘hoax’ had not sucked up so much time and effort, and if the ‘impatient’ people had not voted away the House he needed to pass what he needed to re-industrialize the U.S.?
      Mirror Mirror on the wall…what is really behind it all? Odd co-incidences?
      This pithy little piece by Headlines with a Voice clues us in to the multi-generational family relationships that comprise the American Deep State and how they relate both to the ongoing political assassination of Donald Trump and to the assassination of John F Kennedy.
      Robert Mueller is married to Ann Cabell Standish, whose grandfather was Charles Cabell, second-in-command at the CIA when JFK was elected and while Robert Mueller’s granduncle, Richard Bissell was also there.
      JFK fired Charles Cabell and Richard Bissell, along with Allen Dulles, in his bid to “smash the CIA into a thousand pieces”.
      Charles Cabell’s brother, Earl Cabell was the mayor of Dallas at the time of JFK’s assassination. Recently-declassified documents reveal that Earl Cabell was an asset of the CIA.
      Allen Dulles, of course sat on the Warren Commission which investigated the assassination. He managed to keep the CIA out of the investigation.
      In any event, Robert Mueller’s mother was named Alice Truesdale.
      •Her Father was Melville Douglas Truesdale.
      •His Sister was Marie Truesdale. (Aunt of Alice.)
      •Marie Truesdale married Richard M. Bissell Sr.. (Uncle of Alice)
      •Their son was Richard M. Bissell Jr. (First Cousin of Alice)
      Robert Mueller, son of Alice, is therefore the second cousin of the Richard Bissell Jr., the man who planned the JFK Assassination. ???????
      So might consider watching =

      People need to think deeper of the swamp…who, when, how the DS took control of government? Why was JFK taken out? Why/What was the ‘fear’ of POTUS Trump getting elected? exposure? of what? What did Trump run on? returning control to the people? fixing the FED? Shutting down the drug/opiate problem? Getting control over the EB-5 visa program? Who is ‘selling’ out U.S. and its Uranium? Who and where are all the dead bodies washing up? Piketon? (missing centrifuges etc) young women on Long Island? Immigration attorneys on beaches near Wasserman-Schultz area? Club K shipping container weapons systems positioned where in the world and in U.S.? Police and Federal agencies being up armored and weaponized while pushing for residents to be disarmed? Just odd coincidences? Being told for decade it’s global warming but now find it is global cooling and food shortages likely?
      People might spend a tad more…and keep brick and mortar open and their warehouses full ””locally”” rather than rely on internet ordering and delivers that my never get there in times of strife? Closures more already this year more than all last year?

      • Robert


  8. dlc

    “The Lost City”

    Story of the takeover of Cuba by Castro following the Batista regime. Batista reminds me of Obama — a vain, useless and ruthless peacock. Sometimes you can make a point about the Marxism we’re heading toward in a film as opposed to talking until you’re blue in the face.

    I thought of Merkel, Macron and the former prez of Romania (whose name I can never say or spell), powerful and powerfully inept, leaving their country in ruins. We got a breather with Trump. Hate to think what is next with the likes of AOC, O’Rourke, Kamala and Mayor Pete, green new deal husslers all.

    Andy Garcia did a good portrayal of a man being whipsawed by a regime. At least the Cubans had somewhere to flee. We’ll not have options.

    Film is not as loud as I would have liked (but tolerable), so I used the captions function throughout so I would not miss any dialogue. Gorgeous cinema though.

    Happy Easter to all.

  9. Anthony Australia

    CNN is still deluded and dragging his name through mud. The news there today is relentless.

    As Greg would say, “fear not, Christ is with us”; I say “Buddha is with us too”.

    • Anthony Australia

      Happy Easter 2019

  10. H. Craig Bradley

    Mission Accomplished

  11. David Strohl

    Thanks Greg for all you do. I came across this while listening to an interview by Chris Waltzek of Dr Douglas Vogt on Starts about the 7 minute mark. (

    Fascinating stuff you might be interested in. Here is from the Diehold website.

  12. Da Yooper

    Great wrap up Greg

    ” How are they going to win on this”

    one word Greg …..Fraud …….massive voter fraud ……..IF Trump dont do something about voter fraud in Michigan ( & in other states ) he will not win Michigan in 2020 ……the midterm election was a dry run for 2020 & look what happened.

  13. Joe Lalonde


    In Canada, our Prime Minister Trudeau is currently under at least 4 different judicial inquiries into his corrupt activities while in office.
    He giving away billions of dollars to groups and companies including the media and has decimated our economy in such a short period of time.
    He bought the oil pipeline company at a highly inflated price and currently is sitting on much needed projects to get oil to market.
    Never had a politician do so much economic damage than what Trudeau is doing.

    • Greg Hunter

      Tru-dope = criminal and traitor to Canada!

  14. vincent_g

    The two things the socialist want to do is as follows:
    Health care for all.
    If this takes place people will no longer get health care paid by their employer.
    They will have to pay for it directly!
    And the tax will be much higher than what the cost was prior to the change.
    Workers will want a higher salary to cover the cost of this new tax.
    This will raise the cost of everything as this will be passed down.
    How does a 5 buck slice of pizza sound?

    Now we get to free schools and lower standards!
    Bernie wants all higher ed schools to be free.
    But really there is more to it than just that.
    Listen to AOC who wants more schools like Brooklyn Tech.
    Really what this becomes is lower standards!!!
    Think this out
    Will not stop with NYC
    More MITs
    If this idea spreads and with Bernie I think he has same ideas.
    This will wreck the school system in the USA
    You will have smart people leaving to go to countries that still have higher level schools.
    I was a victim of just such mentality.
    I was skipped to 3 grade where in two months the school system decided that this is wrong and I was put back to the second grade.
    I was very upset about this.
    It’s like winning a prize and then have it taken away.
    Worse is the second grade teacher was sick most of the year and the sub teacher did nothing but listen to music. I learned nothing that whole year.
    I know first hand how these ideas from the socialists hurt school systems
    AOC wants more schools like Brooklyn tech.
    This is doing the same thing as leaving back those that are smart.
    Forcing a lower standard in all schools where AOC wants to push those that can’t learn into schools that they couldn’t go to because they couldn’t pass the test.
    I know I was not happy having to be forced to slower pace.
    Making ten Brooklyn Tech schools will not produce more students that will go on to better universities.
    It will kill the reputation of the school and will make it meaningless.
    Seems this idea of communism is that all people should be the same.
    This is no different in their idea of school systems.
    Not that there should be more schools like brooklyn tech.
    That all schools should be same and all students should be same.

    At 15 years old I built a stereo tube amplifier from scratch.
    The type of school system these people are talking about would require those like myself to learn outside the system.

  15. paul ...

    This whole Mueller investigation is bull shit … it’s simply the pot calling the kettle black … we have two political parties with only one thing on their minds (war) … the “Elephant Party gave us Iraq and Afghanistan … the “Donkey Party” gave us Libya and Syria … the American people do not want what these two Party’s keep giving us (war) … so we elected Trump … and what is he now giving us?? … Yemen and Venezuela … and to top things off Trump has recently declared a part of the Iranian military to be a “foreign terrorist organization” and therefore subject to attack by US forces at any time … so it seems clear that even under Trump … war is what the American people will get (whether they like it or not) … how do we make it clear to these warmongering politicians that the American people don’t want what these neocons keep giving us (unending and unceasing wars)??? …

    • paul ...

      Seems our only solution is to give a political “Third Party” a chance in 2020 … to change our Nation’s focus “away from continual war”!!

      • paul ...

        Even if Bernie steals the “no more wars issue” away from Trump … let’s not be fooled by these warmongers from both party’s who will wrap themselves in our flag “and pretend” to be supporters of the Constitution … they will tell us what we want to hear … and then go right ahead and declare a new war for our children to fight and die in so they can killing other peoples children (many are completely unaware that Trump “just effectively declared war on Iran” (illegal under our Constitution) by subjecting Iran’s elite military to attacks by US forces at any time) … we need do like Italy did and vote in some third Party in 2020 who will refocus our National priorities … and finally stop these incessant continual wars that only benefit the Military/Industrial/ Deep State/Fake News/Bankster Cabal!!! …

    • Neo

      Well said. Two political parties, but both in cahoots, so one big charade. Divide and conquer, bread and circus. Keep the sheep distracted while the MIC , oligarchy, corps, pols finish off the USA and line their pockets. Eventually it will lead to one if not more of the following default, hyperinflation, crashes, reserve currency loss. The little people will pay with loss of purchasing power, pensions, social security. I like Trump, but he is also part of the big show its elites vs everyone else .01% vs 99.99%

  16. Ross Herman

    Hello Greg,
    I’d like to put you on the spot a little bit and ask you to set a date after which we can say with certainty that no criminals will be charged with a crime, or even be stopped from continuing the fraud and corruption, a date after which we can be sure that we have been played by the same old political theater of the fake Right-Left paradim, or that any real attempt by the right to stem the fraud and genocide programs has just failed. Will we ever see an end to any of the genocide programs, or even be allowed to talk about them? 5G, geoengineering, vaccines, fluoride, pesticides, Fukashima radiation and all the other internationally leaking nuclear plants. I love how all the bankrupt cities in America are in a panic to get 5G on-line, like we can’t already download enough data in one minute to keep us reading for 10 years, but we need faster download speeds more than any practical city function, oh and something for the illegals.

  17. jon

    Hi Greg, Thank you for your persistence on follow through with the leftest, neocon, deep state attack on our country. For all that I agree with you on and find accurate. I really believe your views on the Yemen and Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel understanding on the evolution of hostilities in that region; represent a view that does not reflect a balanced truthful research. It is very neocon in viewpoint and not trustworthy for honesty. This is a very complicated subject that your views impress a viewpoint exactly like the Liberals, PC, Progressive, Man Made Global Warming, Pro Vaccine fanatics display with their inability to analyze a topic opposite to their ingrained mindset. I appreciate your integrity on our National Situation, but you are negating credibility with suspect views on the middle east. God bless and take care. With respect to you.

    • Greg Hunter

      We will have to agree to disagree and do not attack my credibility because my views don’t match yours. That’s what the “Leftist neocons” do to people they disagree with. You are not more moral than me.

    • Russ

      You aren’t being very specific Jon. I found little to disagree with Greg’s statements regarding the Bab-el-Mandeb — It has been a high traffic choke point for decades. Since the first time I visited Djibouti in the late 1970’s until now nothing has changed except for the increased presence of Iran in Yemen. If your goal is to increase the price of gas at the pump, allowing Iran to have greater influence on sea traffic through Bab-el-Mandeb would be a good start.

      Great wrap-up Greg. Now we can sit back and wait for the arrests to start. Without some big names being indicted and arrested, rule-of-law will be shown as toothless for the ruling class. We need to see perp-walks.

      Happy Easter (Resurrection Day).

  18. foggygoggles

    FOX has ALWAYS been controlled opposition–KILL your television. Judge Napolitano nailed it in, “What if Elections Don’t Matter?” . I could watch this clip on a daily basis. Steve Keen had interesting take on the positive aspects of losing reserve currency status. Check it out at Macrovoices,

  19. Ken Lee

    Continue to take the fight to them, Greg!

  20. kevin Osborne

    Since when does the US have the right to support the slaughter of millions of people half way around the globe to support our interests? The Saudis are the most repressive regime on earth. They don’t have a problem killing anyone who crosses their political or religious boundaries. We MUST stop taking sides in the world and work for peace or we deserve the same as the Yemenis. And we’ll get it.

    • Greg Hunter

      So you are for Iran. Ok. I explained my position.

      • Ross Herman

        I think a comparison between wars/conflicts known to be started by the US government, with those known to be started by the Iranian Regime, it would be very enlightening. And how can we believe any US corporate propaganda regarding Iran? These days if I hear one thing by a corporate NEWS I can be almost certain that the opposite is true.
        Thanks Greg!

      • Ray

        Respectfully mate……Kevin Osborne has raised a very fair and pertinent point here.
        “So you are for Iran”, for me, is not the response of a person who is seeking peace in the world. It is more the response of someone who is committed to the destruction of another.
        If we weigh up an HONEST ASSESSMENT of which country is the more peaceful…..Iran or America… is Iran. To say otherwise is to point to the sky and say that the sky isn’t actually blue, it is red with purple polka dots.
        Kevin Osborne’s question……..”Since when does the US have the right to support the slaughter of millions of people half way around the globe to support our interests?”……..stands here in your FREE internet forum like a Colossus……and there is utter silence in the room, because he is bang on correct.
        The last two sentences in his post are just as grand.
        Well said Kevin.
        Happy Easter to you Greg, and all those who post here, our debates and our disagreements are part of the grace of life given to us by our Creator.
        Peace to all…….friend, foreigner and foe.
        Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

        • Greg Hunter

          I am not a peace maker but I also do not advocate war. I am basically a reporter. I try to tell the whole story and I am sorry you only like the parts of the story that fit your perspective. Happy Easter to you and yours. Christ has risen!

          • Ray

            Beautiful reply to my comments my friend…….thank you.
            You could have been a lot more savage, and you chose not to be that way.
            Regarding you telling “the whole story”…….I cannot agree, but……it is “your perspective” that you do.
            “Perspective” is perhaps THE constant tussle that exists within the human mind.
            As I said…….yours is a FREE site, and you allow comments and lines of argument that you do not necessarily agree with.
            That’s true freedom……I stand in your debt for that, and I am aware that sites like yours are becoming rarer by the day.
            Whilst we cross our swords here and there, my best wishes are with you and yours.
            I think that, in the end, we are both searching and hoping for the exact same thing……truth, liberty and happiness.
            At the given moment, you will be able to rely on me.
            Happy Easter again.

    • Neo

      Kevin, I agree. The MIC has a job and they do it well. Not saying Iran is an angel, but comon.

      Greg please post this graphic (This is Greg Hunter I am Not posting propaganda graphic “Neo” Iran has plenty of sin and you ignore it.)


  21. iwitness02

    Pretty meaty wrap-up. When you finished talking, I just sat here for awhile letting it all soak in. The part about Trump saying “I’m ‘F’ ed!” was explained somewhere that Trump was talking about being screwed politically. NOT screwed because of any crimes that he committed. The context of his statement was intentionally left out, in order to mislead everyone. A lie by omission. There is so much going on here, and in the rest of the world, that I can’t see how anyone could feel like this is all normal. I firmly believe the ‘end game’ is afoot. In my mind, we are either going to be delivered from this evil, and have our land healed, or we are going into slavery, and a poverty that we have never experienced before. I don’t know if we will be delivered through open warfare, or enslaved through open warfare. Or perhaps be saved by an outright Divine intervention. No matter how it goes down, I am extremely interested to see this play out. Most intriguing of all, I may get to witness the whole thing. Come what may.
    Thank you Greg for being here for us, to help us understand the size and scope of our situation.

    • iwitness02

      If we should all end up enslaved to the old world order, then I will take my place among all the men and women who have stood on the street corner with their sign, declaring the end is near. I will join the ranks of all them who got the timing wrong. I just hope that their will be a new generation with a few believers to keep hope alive. As ROB pointed out; the earth is running out of time too. We shall see.

      • iwitness02

        I say old world order, because Satan has owned this world since the day he and a third of the angels were cast down to this earth, after loosing a war in heaven. Now Satan is a big fish in a small pond. Has been, for six thousand years. I think his time is about up.

        • iwitness02

          Talk about a six day war!

    • Tin foil hat

      “The part about Trump saying “I’m ‘F’ ed!” was explained somewhere that Trump was talking about being screwed politically. NOT screwed because of any crimes that he committed.”
      You expressed perfectly something which I know al along but just can’t spit it out of my mouth; Trump didn’t attempt to obstruct a lawful governmental administration, he attempted to obstruct an illegal political witch hunt.

      All Trump has to do to make this Obstruction nonsense goes away is to arrest the ones who are responsible for the illegal witch hunt.

  22. Robert Dziok

    According to Dave at “X22 Report” in his recent report he points out and shows video of an individual on the cathedral scaffolding when workers were not there. There is also indication of a flash/fire or something from what the individual is doing.

    Macron played the EU anthem at his inauguration and not the French anthem. The background of his inaugural speech was Satanic/Globalist (Black pyramid with “all seeing ” eye) Hundreds of Catholic churches have been desecrated according to French police. Macron, like the Globalists, wants to destroy European Culture. Destroying such a major French landmark as the Cathedral in Paris would be a significant step/signal. Macron has no interest in retaining French culture/identity as he is nothing but a Globalist Controlled Hypocritical Lackey for such Satanic Globalists.

  23. Coalburner

    ButtGerble was great! Please, I am going to use that unless you come after me or tell me no, somehow. It is as good a moniker as I have heard especially for that ButtGreiegGerble.
    LOL! Have a laugh Greg, feel good this weekend. We win on Sunday!

  24. RTW

    The Mueller report is out and in the slimy, little hands of the Dems. Are they happy? Hell NO!
    It’s obvious that they plan on keeping this thing alive and riding it into the 2020 election. Someone should ask these geniuses what they plan on doing after Trump wins, that election. Will they continue on for another four years? The answer is as plain as the noses on their faces…of course they will, they have to, because they have no other life, outside of hating Trump. This nonsense has to come to an end now. We’ve been hearing for two years, from reliable sources, about Fusion GPS, Chris Steele, Glen Simpson and the “bought and paid for” dossier. The FBI was complicit from the beginning, with those buffoons putting their plans into e-mails. Barr had better launch an investigation using all of this PROOF and start shaking them up for their acts of treason. These past two years have gone way beyond even “dirty politics”. Someone on the other side needs to go to prison and soon, or this country is toast. The Dems are on the fast track to destroy this country. It won’t be long before our “racist” flag is banned along with all our repressive songs. You know, songs like “God Bless America”. They’ve gotten it their way for too long and they need to be humbled.

    • iwitness02

      So far, all I have learned about mankind, is that we are not capable of ruling ourselves, either as a society or as a nation. This is true everywhere in the world. Always has been true. Things may start out well, then eventually corruption takes over and destroys everything. Over and over. Here we are again. Corruption is about to destroy everything.
      Lexington and Concord seems to be coming upon us. Again. Sure gets aggravating for those of us who want to be left alone in pursuit of our lives. But, NOOOOO! Freedom bad. Slavery good.
      Until power is taken away from the devil, it will never stop. We the people can not remove Satan from his seat of power. But I know someone who can. Until He makes His move, it will only get worse and worse. In my opinion.
      Trump has shook the world with his presidency. But we need a finisher. I believe He will come from above. But when? There are more clocks ticking right now than ever before. I’m surprised we can hear ourselves think. But it means something is getting ready to happen. Just what that is, is where we all go our separate ways. WHAT is going to happen? I think we are fixen to find out. Conditions and events are in motion now, that transcends man’s ability to control, or even stop. We can only choose what side to be on, and just have at it. Come what may.

  25. R.Wolf

    Greg Hunter! Well done. I know those are two words but you do such a fantastic job telling it the way it is. Thank you sir, very much. Also, your listeners make some very good comments. Those comments are like Paul Harvey would say “Now the rest of the story” You have a very good channel, Greg! Keep It Comin!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you “R.” You made my weekend!

  26. petedivine

    I’d love to see Warren Pollock back on. I was listening to some of his older interviews and he was spot on.

  27. Not So Free

    When you talk to Chris Powell, please ask him if he has any info on Texas not being able to get their bullion from the Fed or whoever has it.

  28. paul ...

    Alert: … A Solar Wind is due to hit Earth in three days … the fact that we got warning from the government likely means nothing much will happen … but if this Solar Wind was powerful enough to blow away our atmosphere for an hour … we would likely not be warned and simply left like Monmouth’s to suffocate and die with food in our mouths!! …

  29. Dan

    You are delusional, and obsessed.

    YOUR government is stuffed with hardened criminals of all colors, genders, and political persuasions.

    They are ALL high paid lobbyist whores who do the bidding of the OLIGARCHS who funnel the money thru PACS and SUPER PACS, and who continue the payola for the really good whores once they are out of office.

    You could elect Jesus Christ and if he didn’t “play the game”, they’d crucify him all over again. Come to think of it, if he stood in front of the Vatican and made known ALL of their corruption, they’d be getting the wood ready for him too.

    The ruler of this world is never letting go without a knock down drag out fight to the finish.

    It’s just that simple.

    • Greg Hunter

      The ruler of this world is Jesus Christ, check Matthew 28:18 and there will never be another crucifixion of Christ–Just the opposite.

  30. paul ...

    Oh Boy!! … When the Deep State starts to compliment Trump saying: “he has shown a lot of wisdom” … you know right there “we just lost our leader to the Dark Side” … time to re-group … and start looking for a leader who is not a war declaring bag man for the neocons!! …

    • Greg Hunter

      Maybe you can limit your comment to two or three a day. I think you posted 10 this morning. You do realize that Trump hired the CIA chief and put her in this position?

  31. paul ...

    Wow … 90% of the bee population is now dead … you know how people say “God works in mysterious ways” … well ( if we can believe Einstein) all our problems (i.e. perpetual wars, fiat money, the economy, etc.) will finally come to a complete end … just four(4) years after the last of the bees are killed off!! …

    • Ray

      Hi Paul,
      Over here in Canberra, one TV channel has played the movie Soylent Green three times in the last 3 months…….interesting.
      I wonder if that movie is a harbinger of things to come?
      The final scenes depicting Edward G Robinson having his life review as he passes are as compelling today as they were when the movie first came out in 1973.
      I am always left with tears in my eyes…….that scene, with its beautiful classical music, perhaps more than any other, depicts the ABSOLUTE GIFT we have been given in living on such a beautiful planet.
      But then……we always have to have our profits and wars, don’t we?
      Empire and control………
      Perhaps mankind’s’ perpetual battle for control over “everything” will lead to his utter loss of control of every-single-thing.
      Planet wide extinction.
      A perfect circle for the Universe to close out.
      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

      • Tin foil hat

        “Empire and control………
        Perhaps mankind’s’ perpetual battle for control over “everything” will lead to his utter loss of control of every-single-thing.
        Planet wide extinction.
        A perfect circle for the Universe to close out.”

        Perhaps a perfect circle for the beginning of another Game or Universe.
        I love both songs, the second song starts at 57:20

        Perhaps we are all playing an interactive Game designed by God to test our morals or suitability in heaven. If the world in this Game were perfect, there wouldn’t be any test to take or hurdle to pass.

        You seem to be a gamer who wants to destroy the Game because you don’t agree with the stories. If you were born during the French Revolution, you would have likely burnt down the Palace of Versailles after dispatching Louis and his wife Marie-Antoinette to the guillotine.

        • Ray

          Tin…….why so savage?
          I am not a gamer.
          Last video game I played was on an Atari 2600 in 1982.
          Don’t watch Game Of Imbeciles either…..never watched an episode, mainly because I think it teaches people to find the act of “conquest” to be accepted as entertainment.
          Makes it all the more easier to accept the real conquest we see on our news screens each night.
          Tin, Tin, Tin……you think I am violent?
          I am not.
          But……..if a nation thinks it can subjugate the entire world because it thinks itself “indispensable”……well then……

  32. paul ...

    Wait a second … didn’t millions die in WWII to keep Germany from teaming up with Russia (to control the European continent)?? … so why is the US Military shipping nuclear weapons to Germany in violation of the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty??? … all I can figure is: Russia already controls half of NATO’s ground forces (by allying with Turkey) … so perhaps there is a plan is to ally a nuclear capable Germany with Russia (putting even more of NATO under Russian control) and thus creating an Eastern counter force to stop to the Western (Deep State) “unconstitutional” economic sanctions in Europe and elsewhere??? …

    • paul ...

      Wouldn’t it be a twist … if the “peace man” we elected “to stop all the insane wars” … turns out to the be the “war man” that plunges us into a final worldwide nuclear battle (Armageddon) as spoken of in the Holy Bible???

  33. Claude

    It’s going to be very interesting times once the real collusion investigation gets underway. Most people have forgotten that Lisa Page has already flipped and already has probably made some damning testimony against her former bosses.

  34. paul ...

    Interesting idea on how to get out from under the grip of corrupt governments … … however … corrupt governments “will violate the law” to make sure this idea does not take root!!

  35. paul ...

    Wait a second … if we take a cell from our body and clone it into a double of ourselves … and then take out the clone’s brain … and replace it with our own brain … did we commit murder to achieve immortality??? … I know murdering neocons would think this procedure to be perfectly moral and OK with them … and I wouldn’t be surprised if Rockefeller already did it and is still alive today (in another body) working to achieve his goal of a One World Government … a legal start has been made by Cuomo to legitimize the killing of “already born fetuses” … so the evil politicians goal seems to be … to make “the killing of already born clones” legal … the goal being … to make sure their corrupt brains can eventually be transferred legally … thus making them immortal!! …

  36. paul ...

    Is there such a thing as a good neocon??? … perhaps not good but logical … Brzezinski warned America … as he understood that … “the risk of an inter-state war between great and middle powers has clearly increased … what we have been observing in many places around the world today is a dramatic increase in brinkmanship … that is … highly risky actions (by neocons) putting us on the edge of an abyss … an abyss leading into (a black hole nuclear world war) from which there is no escape”!! …

  37. Gregory Mannarino

    100% correct Greg and the President was right all along. Sadly it will not matter. The 2 party system here in America today is an abomination, it has been perverted and twisted in such as way as to to keep people divided and distracted. A united people have strength, this will NOT be allowed. Republicans/Democrats are two heads of the same snake with a dark agenda. I hope people can see thru the veil. look behind what is LIES behind the curtain and come together. Happy Easter everyone.

  38. Justn Observer

    Greg, Butina was released for jail and flown out on her way back to Russia? So much for getting to the ‘bottom’ of who was setting up Trump campaign. You’d think it Russia was actually behind it …they would have kept her here? LOL All a cover up at this point…the do what to get to ‘who’ was actual involved and how long the planning was…how Carter Page has be a OCE of FBI for years under the tutelage of the Ohrs etc.
    Actually the whole ‘wikileaks’ was a set up NATO op – presumably run by Nuland and another? And seem no one wants to know who ”’Bradley”’ Chelsa Manning father is and his ties to the globalist deep state? All a part of getting Hillary first into the SofS position by discrediting any other for that job as a set up for her Presidential run… Can only wonder now if JFK jr. ‘accident’ to secure that seat in NY was also part of that?
    More revelations here beyond what is posted above if anyone is interested? One will likely never hear most of this on Fox or anywhere else….likely Trump won’t either being so surrounded….least till its too late.

  39. Stephen

    Mark Levin is correct. The Mueller probe was never about collusion. They knew it didn’t exist before the investigation even started. This entire thing, for two years, was just about digging into Trump and his associates trying to find a crime using the cover of Russian collusion. If they couldn’t find a crime they would bait Trump into perjury or obstruction of justice to set up an impeachment. If they couldn’t find a crime they would manufacturer one. The deep state coup has never ended. Wake UP!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Yep, spot on!!

    • Mohammad

      Mark Levin is self worshipper, he screams and yells at the other opinion and calls them stupid. I lost my respect to him after I listened to how he treats people on his radio show that I was tuned to during Kavanaugh hearing. Actually I was to suggest to Greg to interview him, now , I have no respect whatsoever to this grandiose self serving arrogant.


      • Greg Hunter

        You may not like his style, but Levin is smart, has very good legal credentials, and knows the law.

    • Da Yooper


      “The The Mueller probe was never about collusion.”

      The “The Mueller probe” was all designed to buy time & take the heat off the clinton crime family & to distract the American public from the real traitors to the USA the clintons .

      Time for this fraud on the rule of law to be rectified ………..when will the clintons be indicted for high treason along with their lap dogs the MSM & many US politicians.?

    • Twox2

      Neither are all the democrat party diatribes really about impeachment. They are intended to keep the collusion and obstruction frauds alive to weaken Trump as we approach the 2020 presidential election.

  40. Ivan

    The Rabbi Who Found Messiah The Story of Yitzhak Kaduri

  41. Ivan

    Rabbi’s Hidden Message Decoded Shocks the World! And Jewish History Forever Changed DONALD TRUMP TABLES – GLAZERSON IN BIBLE CODE PINLIGHT
    The Torah Codes – End To Darkness – trailer

  42. Ivan

    Rabbi’s Hidden Message Decoded Shocks the World! And Jewish History Forever


  43. Ivan

    Greg, you hit another homer . Have a happy easter .

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Ivan and Happy Easter!!

  44. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Right on the money Greg. Robert Mueller and others wa wa wa witch hunt failed against President Trump. I consider the whole matter as treason under the United States Constitution. Great report.

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