New Great Depression Coming in 2021 – Jim Rickards

By Greg Hunter’s

Five time. best-selling financial author James Rickards contends all this money printing to retard the effects of CV19 is not going to produce inflation—just the opposite.  Rickards explains, “Let’s say I go out to dinner and I tip the waitress.  The waitress takes a taxi home, and she tips the taxi driver.  The taxi driver takes the tip money and puts gas in his car.  In that example, my $1 tip had a velocity of three:  the waitress tip, the taxi tip and the gasoline.  So, my $1 produces a velocity of three.  My $1 produces $3 of goods and services.  That’s velocity, but what if I stay home, don’t go out and don’t spend any money?  In that case, my money has a velocity of zero.  $7 trillion times zero is zero.  If you don’t have velocity, you don’t have an economy.  The $7 trillion is the base money supply, and that could be $8 trillion or $9 trillion . . . and that by itself does not produce inflation.  What you need is turnover, and we are not getting that.”

Rickards says, “Initially, the problem right now is deflation and not inflation, but deflation.  There is too much debt.  Growth is too slow, and the psychology is wrong because people are saving and not spending.”

Rickards new book titled “The New Great Depression” is predicting rough times for the U.S. economy, but not every asset will be a loser.  Rickards says, “In August of 2020, gold hit a new all-time high.  Silver is not at an all-time high, but it has performed very well.  Actually, if you break down asset classes with silver, gold, stocks, bonds, oil, etc., the number one performing asset class was silver, and the number two was gold.  Silver was up about 47%, and gold was up about 25% give or take.  Gold and silver outperformed stocks and all of the other asset classes, but they are going to go a lot higher and they have to. . . . Gold is going to $15,000 per ounce, and by the way, that is my forecast. . . . Silver will be three figures ($100 or more per ounce.)  Deflation is a bigger problem than inflation, and everybody hates inflation, but you need inflation . . . . What you have to do is inflate the debt away.  The debt is $22 trillion . . . we will devalue the dollar by 50%, and that is what you have to do.”

Rickards says this will be a process that will take almost two decades, and the U.S. will need 4% inflation to do it.  This is why Rickards thinks gold and silver will go much higher in the coming years.  Rickards also says the central banks are net buyers of gold and will continue to be.  He says everybody should have gold and silver in their portfolios and points out he does not sell any precious metals.  Rickards also gives advice on surviving “The New Great Depression” in his latest book.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with five time, best-selling author James Rickards.

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After the Interview:

Rickards thinks if Biden does make it into the White House, his policies will make it much harder for the U.S. to recover than if Trump wins another term.  Rickards says, “Biden Administration policies will impose major headwinds on an economy that is already struggling.”

If you want to buy a copy of “The New Great Depression,” click here.  The book will be released next week.

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  1. tim+mcgraw

    “You have to inflate the debt away.” Jim Rickards.
    Well, Jim, I don’t have any debts. So when you inflate someone else’s debt away with new currency you steal my savings. Default on the debt and let the borrowers go to hell.

    • William+Stanley

      IMO, most of us owe it to ourselves to listen to Mr. Rickards again. He’s pretty sharp. I think many of us are misunderstanding at least some of what he said:

      1. A lot of the debt that Mr. Rickards was talking about is U.S. government debt. Unless “we” (at least partially) default on that debt, someone (perhaps including you) will have to pay it back.

      2. However — I think Mr. Rickards is telling us — “we” don’t have the wherewithal to pay it all back. If we try, the economy will tank even worse than it will otherwise. Then, it will be even harder to make payments on that debt. Perhaps we could try to increase our taxes. But that would compound the problem of trying to rehabilitate the economy.

      3. As I understand him, Mr. Rickards’ assessment is that the U.S. government and the Fed are too ignorant to implement policies that actually promote real economic growth. Therefore, (my take on what he is implying) money velocity will continue to decline . . . until (something) causes enough loss of faith in the dollar that people stop trying to hold so much of it. Then money velocity and inflation will explode as people try to lighten up on their holdings of dollars and switch to holding more of their wealth in other forms.

      4. It is borrowers, not lenders who default on debt; defaults hurt lenders more than borrowers.

      5. We should try to protect our real wealth against inflation by holding our savings in real estate and precious metals. Nevertheless, we should hold some cash to maintain “optionality” in a chaotic economy. Moreover, deflation may come before inflation . . . another plus for holding some cash.

      I didn’t hear Mr. Rickards propose a way to avoid, or claw our way out of the coming depression. Maybe I also should take another listen.

      • K. Wayne

        “I didn’t hear Mr. Rickards propose a way to avoid, or claw our way out of the coming depression. Maybe I also should take another listen”….neither did I.
        I have a few exceptions to JR’s commentary:
        1) He states that the FED “Don’t know what they are doing”….with regard the monetary policy/fiscal policy “fix” for the broken economy – vis-a-vis… NO VELOCITY.
        JR suffers either from Cognitive Dissonance / intentional misdirection with respect to his views on the FED Reserve. On the one hand he provides examples of what they are doing (“all wrong”) …vs what they should be doing on the other. All the while blaming their ineptitude on their complete lack of Knowledge/Skillset/Economic Education. JR knows full well exactly what the FED are doing. Some context…..The FED is a Private Enterprise established by … Owned by ….and run for the Benefit of the BANKSTERS.
        JR hasn’t been truthful in his analysis of what the FED is attempting to do with regards – stimulating the Economy/ increasing the Money Supply.
        2) Currency can and does disappear. I refer to the well known account of Weimar Germany (Adam Ferguson) – “When Money Dies”. I referenced this almost a decade ago as the “go to” source of what to expect in HyperInflation.
        In this precise and accurate narrative – we witness how a Debt Burdened Germany inflates away its DEBT to such an extent that it effectively defaults 100% on its debt……whilst concurrently creating the Hyperinflationary scenario. Effectively killing the currency to allow the recreation of an alternate without any debt burden. The path that the FED Reserve is on is not dissimilar to what Weimar Germany experienced. Extrapolation of the future is not too difficult – even (and especially) given the nature of the King Dollar Regime. Instead of one Country …we have the Global Economy.
        3) The next Great Depression is already here and now….no more waiting. Cue the stats – Unemployment, Zero Growth, Negative real rates, Bankruptcies, Business Failures.
        4) “There is no alternative to the Dollar” – tell that to the CB’s of this world. They have been acting on this since before 2008 – about the same time they knew that they would have to keep the patient alive (on life support) through endless money printing. Again I find that JR is misleading with his particular narrative here. He knows full well what they have in store as a replacement (NOT THE SDR).
        Somehow JR has (through pressure from his publisher) constructed a less than Dystopian future. One in which we will have the benefit of being able to protect our wealth/position through GOLD/PM ownership. He has deliberately obfuscated/bypassed the necessary interrogation of the actions of the FED Reserve ….whilst correctly forecasting the plight befalling us all (Great Depression ). In so doing he has intentionally permitted the FED to abscond from their malfeasance… labelling them as incompetent.
        The truth is what is referred to as Theft / Fraud. It is and has been their mantra from their inception.
        Why Rickards didn’t piece together the existing Economic destruction, the Money Printing and the lack of Growth/Stimulation / Velocity …leads me to believe that he has not been sincere in his approach. If the FED can create an additional 4 TLN Dollars and not see any so called “Stimulation”…one has to consider where the money goes…and to what purpose. With the Rhetoric around how the FED can continue to inflate the money supply without consequence (other than debasement)…then one has to contend why would they continue ( refer definition of Insanity)……then look the other way to find what their motive is.
        In summary, IMHO….. JR has elements of being disingenuous with a blend of plausible deniability alongside being astute with respect his projections of harder times and a failing economy. He has perfected the art of misdirection. He does fabulously with his narrative and speaks with great clarity. I wanted to stop him during his dialogue numerous times and pose some serious observations to his many stated points.
        What is not spoken of….is conveniently and importantly disregarded. What is key to all of this is the actions of those who operate from out of the shadows along with those CB’s of the world. They are the ones who are responsible for the ebbs and flows in global economics. They create the Booms and the Busts. They move money in cycles to suit. They have BANRUPTED AMERICA AND THE GLOBE. The suggestion made by JR on “how to create Inflation”….seems to contradict the stated thesis on what Gold’s price represents. This is an argument that may have been useful for a bygone era…where in fact Gold was the anchor to the monetary base. It is not and cannot be part of the Future. What happens when the Dollar dies? What is the conversion. Gold will not be traded or used for settlement under their desired plan. His previous analysis (The Death of Money) explains fully why this cannot and will not function.

        • JC

          Good stuff, K. Wayne, thanks.
          I’ve noticed that no one has called you a moron, or idiot for quite some time.
          It seems that you are finally earning respect!

          • Greg Hunter

            No JC just letting it run.

            • JC


      • MrJenkins

        One claws their way back through the use of one’s greatest asset which is their own individual unique god given talents. The creativity and resourcefulness of the human mind and the invisible hand of necessity to enhance one’s quality of life and those around them is how each and everyone of us claws our way back. This never ceases in good or bad times. It is a constant. It may change it’s form in how this is accomplished, muscles in one’s youth and mind in one’s age. Value does not come from currency, value comes from the perception of utility in the form of what makes our lives better. Currency is nothing more than an opinion of this value at any given moment of time in an attempt to represent the value of me, you and everyone else. It doesn’t matter if an economy is booming or busting, be useful in your own unique way. At that point one is currency.

      • Marie+Joy

        Have a way to pay your taxes in a hyperinflationary world.

    • MrJenkins

      This is why one does not consolidate the majority of one’s “savings” in currency. Currency’s primary function is the use as a medium of exchange rather than a store of wealth. One can argue how this is unfair, unjust and flat out theft, I do not disagree, but we must recognize this for what it is an adjust accordingly. There are always options and choices to make everyday to avoid the pitfalls of reality. Be grateful you have had the opportunity and blessing to have “savings” to begin with. Many never get that chance

  2. Marie+Joy

    1/6/2021, Buckle up

  3. Mike R

    Gold broke above the 2011 high again this week. From here its gonna go well above $2100, and then slingshot a lot higher before summer. Silver though is what’s going to make anyone who has at least 2000 ounces, or more, super rich. Silver is going to at least $1000 an ounce, because it will be needed more than ever, as oil runs out, and solar PV will be mandated by folks like Biden, Harris, and cheer-leaded by whack jobs like AOC.

    The ERA of cheap oil is WAY over, and fracking drained some really expensive stuff, but made it seem ‘cheap’ since they used Fed money, and tons of debt that someone else will have to ‘eat.’ The oil majors have done no new oil exploration for the past 10 years, at least, probably longer, since they have been doing nothing but share buybacks. They are gonna wait until the Saudis finally run out, and when oil gets back over $100 again, and probably will need to be $150, before they consider any E&P. The time lag between finding enough, and the price going to $300/barrel will be so long, we will see a depression that lasts at least 20 years. Probably 30 years though, given the length of this fed crack induced bubble since the year 2000. Rickards is being very conservative in his precious metals forecasts.

    By the way, he is easily the sharpest and most intelligent guest you’ve ever had on. The guy has the macro stuff down cold, and with the details he has both the breadth and depth to dig into every little nuance, which makes most economists seem like high school drop outs by comparison. He’s not a theory guy, but a pragmatic, ‘this is how the world works’ guy. So fluffy arrogant stuff or high fallutin ego either. Good guy. A real patriot too.

  4. Warren

    The velocity of money = V = 1/T where T is the term of the loan that created money.
    V –> 0 as T goes infinite. Rickards explanation is useless.

    • William+Stanley


  5. William+Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Great interview!

  6. Beej

    So the Silver/Gold ratio is going to 150:1 ?

    • Greg Hunter

      If you actually listen to the interview, Rickards said silver would be three figures and also mentioned the $100 per ounce figure as an example. Three figures could be up to $999 per ounce. Try actually watching the interviews before you comment.

      • Beej

        I did watch it – in full…

        I watch all your interviews.

        Yes, Jim gave the example of $100 for silver , but I didn’t get the feeling from him that he thinks it would do as well as gold.

        Sorry if my initial question came off as snarky – that wasn’t the intention

        • Greg Hunter

          Rickards also said three figures. That is a lot of territory.

      • andyb

        The reality of silver is that it is disappearing from the planet. Not even 20 years ago, a silver discovery through drilling was considered just so-so at 5 ounces per TON actually mined. Now you have a winner at 5 GRAMs/ton. If we add in $300 oil, then the breakeven mining cost will be enormous multiples of the existing price. Further, most silver is found through the mining of base metals (COPPER, LEAD, ZINC ETC) which, due to Covid, are currently not in operation. The dramatic shortage of this most critical metal to industry will be seen within, I imagine, a few years when the price will rise at least $50-$100 per day and the gold/silver ratio will be at least at par.

  7. JC

    After listening to Mr. Rickards, are you sure that shorting gold is still a good idea?

    • Stan

      JC: Absolutely, I shorted more Gold today.

      • JC

        Good timing, Stan.

  8. David


  9. Paul ...

    We all realize that the M2 money supply is not a constant … so lets look at the Debt Clock … … based upon the current amount of M2 dollars the Fed has already created an ounce of Gold is equivalent to $33,742 dollars and one ounce of Silver is equivalent to $4685 dollars … now let’s assume like Rickards does that there will be a 40% backing of the dollar with gold … that would mean ($33,742 x .40) or $13,496.80 dollars for the projected price of one ounce of Gold … now what about Silver? … historically we can reasonably assume that the Gold/Silver ratio can get down to at least 40 … so let’s plug in the numbers ($13,496.80 / X = 40) and what we get is $337.42 dollars for the projected price of Silver (which is only about 7.2% of the Debt Clock price) … so from now on when we track the Debt Clock numbers we should multiply the Debt Clock Gold price by 0.40 to get the projected price of Gold … and multiply the Debt Clock Silver price by 0.072 to get the projected price of Silver … now we know the Fed is printing continuously … if we assume the Fed prints and doubles the M2 money supply (under a Trump Administration) Gold should then be projected to go to $26,993.60 and Silver $674.84 … however … under Bribe’n Administration the Fed could triple the M2 money supply … in that case … we can project a $40,490.40 price for Gold … and a $1012.26 dollar per ounce price for Silver (more in line with what Jim Sinclair is projecting)!!

  10. Ranlar

    If you didn’t notice Jim Rickards vindicated what Greg has been recommending for years, pay off debt. Paying off debt increases your balance sheet. I am in what people call the “fixed income class”; however, that could easily change if I left retirement and went back to work. I increased my monthly income by paying off two major purchases, and no I didn’t touch any long-term investments (precious metals), I increased my dollar cost average on these by raising my income by retiring debt. I owe nothing other than living expenses. Of course, you have to have savings to do this, and I would never recommend deleting all your savings. A very close friend who is on a fixed income stated her monthly income was stagnant. She had a lot of savings, so I had her create a two-column spreadsheet. The first column contained her current income and expenses, which included monthly payment debt, taxes, living expenses, and etc. In the second column, she erased debt, and nothing else. Her monthly income shot up by $829.00. She now puts some of that money in savings, but she also buys 10 ounces of silver per month on a dollar-cost average. What Greg is giving is rational sound advice.

  11. George Mubarek

    Nice interview Greg. Very Professional!

  12. Paul ...

    Oh My Georgia … Sweet Georgia … I have inflation on my mind … … now with Demon-rats in control both chambers of Congress (and possibly the White House) … lets hear that old sweet song …

  13. Paul ...

    If banksters are searching “for a match” that will ignite money velocity … that match is simply their constant printing of trillions and trillions of more and more dollars … which will have the effect of scaring people into losing confidence in the infinite mountain of dollars being produced … and they will begin to buy gold … buying gold (as the public is doing now) “will ignite the money velocity match” (and hence the inflation that then drives the price of silver upward)!!

  14. Jerry

    Check out this executive order.

    Pandemic scam? How about the whole thing is one great big scam.
    Anyone who thinks the pandemic was an accident, either doesn’t know how to read, or is an idiot. The globalist and their puppet masters have known for years that the petrodollar is on life support and that a new system had to be created. You can’t even calculate the amount of unsustainable debt that’s been created in the last ten years. Numerous times I have posted the federal reserve banks money velocity chart, showing a 90 degree inversion? Their solution ? The “ great reset “ and a new world order. The only question was how to get us there? Enter the pandemic. At the center of their plan, you will find the term “ governance “. Lockstep – led to mask, social distancing, and testing. Operation dark winter – will lead to lockdowns, and vaccinations. Once that is complete, and the mRNA is in your system, governance will have been achieved. How? The (m)stands for messaging. You figure it out. Think of the NWO as the motherboard issuing programs. And you being a chip receiving them. At that point, money will no longer matter. Only your credit scoring will. Sounds crazy? About as crazy as a piece of paper with a note on it, or a shiny rock that’s been washed. In lucifers world he makes the rules. Not you. Speaking of crazy, it only took twelve months to get people to accept wearing a mask and breathing in their own carbon dioxide. It took me longer to train my German shepherd how to sit. Pray for the lords return, and get ready.

    • JC

      NYS Assembly Bill 416 authorizes your removal and detainment if you are endangering the health of others with a communicable disease.

      ‘NY Governor Can Lock You Up & Your Contacts if he Thinks You Might be Infected’

      • Glenn

        Martin Armstrong is a little late in reporting this. That bill has been in the making for five years with no progress.

      • Paul ...

        JC … Does this NY Bill mean we can now “remove Cuomo” for endangering the lives of the old people when he sent Corona infected patients to Nursing Homes??

        • JC

          I guess so.
          Mental illness could be considered a communicable disease… couldn’t it?

    • JC

      ‘NYC issues urgent warning to people 75 and older: Avoid all activities outside of home…’

      Yes, stay home, watch TV, get severe depression and drink a lot of alcohol as a result, but don’t go outside! Don’t open your front door, for death is lurking out there!

    • JC

      “New York State Assembly Bill A416 has been dredged up by leftist lawmakers and its contents are rather horrifying. To summarize, A416 allows the NY governor dictatorial powers to detain and imprison any citizen determined to be a “threat to public health safety” during ANY viral outbreak. This power could be interpreted very broadly, perhaps even to include people who refuse to take the covid vaccine. The bill also allows for people to be imprisoned in “medical facilities” or other facilities; in other words, quarantine camps.”

      • Rodster

        Once Biden is officially in Office, expect this totalitarian response to go nationwide.

        • Greg Hunter

          It’s not over Rodster.

          • Rodster

            Greg, let’s hope and pray you are right and I am wrong. It’s not looking good but the encouraging sign is people are starting to get fed up.

            As Gerald Celente likes to say: “when people lose everything and have nothing else to lose, they lose it”. We are starting to see pushback.

            • Greg Hunter

              I heard General michael Flynn say Yesterday that he is “100% sure President Trump stays in office.” Let that sink in. Lt Gen Flynn was the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in the Obama Administration.

          • JC

            I’m not the only one thinking it’s surreal.

            By Doug “Uncola” Lynn via

            What is occurring in America now may seem surreal but it is, indeed, actually happening.

            In early December, President Trump, by his own admission, gave what may have been the most important speech of his lifetime, and it was not given one iota of coverage on my local nightly news. Instead, we were informed on “President-Elect” Joe Biden’s virtual round-table of small business owners who were impacted by the Covid pandemic as well as the number of new Covid cases in the country that day.

            Furthermore, if you go to YouTube and query “Trump’s most important speech december 2, 2020” this is what appears: “Fact-check” videos on Trump’s “baseless voter fraud claims” and “speech riddled with falsehoods”.


        • Jerry

          I totally agree. Operation Dark Winter will be coming after the inauguration. I would advise everyone to make final preps now.

          • Greg Hunter

            No it won’t.

            • Jerry

              How do you know that? The Chinese evidently own 3/4 of congress the courts and the banks. How does Donald Trump drain the swamp without tearing this country apart? If he invokes the insurrection act, they will call him a dictator and call on the United Nations to intervene. This my friend is a checkmate position. He walked right into the trap, and the globalist have him where they want him.

              • Greg Hunter

                The commie option is not going to happen. Please get it in your head we had a coup attempt by foreign powers helped my treasonous American partners.

                • wayne hardin

                  You had a typo i think you meant by and not my .

                  • Greg Hunter

                    Where? I will fix it.

                • wayne hardin

                  You said \\helped my treasonous American partners.
                  I dont think you are their partner .

                  • Greg Hunter

                    Yes, I meant to say by and not my.

  15. andyb

    Rickards has an excellent grasp of the current economic situation. Even though he is an Establishment (globalist ) advisor to the CIA and Pentagon, his analyses are sound. He is, however, somewhat disingenuous on current inflation. Both John Williams and the Chapwood Index peg inflation at 7-10% (compounded) for each year of the last decade. Otherwise one of your best interviews, Greg.

  16. Russ

    Thanks Greg, listening to Jim Rickards is always an educational event.

    Bummed out about the results from Georgia. Two guys who are probably not qualified for the GA legislature are now on their way to the US Senate — sad.

  17. Michael J Rados

    You have a great channel, with great information. I value Jim’s advice; but he does not know Bitcoin. He does not understand halfing and other elements incorporated by design in Bitcoin. I know many people selling : precious metals, cars and other items in exchange for Bitcoin.

    • Paul ...

      People who will sell a bucket of gold for a bucket (with the word “Bitcoin” written on the side) that is half filled with sand … need to get real … they simply don’t understand “intrinsic worth” … the fact that the bucket can only hold “a finite amount of sand” Does Not Make The Sand Valuable …wake up Bitcoin lovers … just because the Bitcoin computer program “bucket” was designed to hold just a certain amount of electronic bits (does not make the electronic bits worth $35,000 dollars each) … actually … grains of sand in a bucket are intrinsically more valuable then a bucket (or computer) filled with electrons because that are infinite in nature … and gold is intrinsically more valuable then sand (or the US dollar) precisely because it is not infinite in nature!!!

    • Randy+Best

      Bitcoin is fool’s gold. How can one man with a white paper create so much mania?

  18. ConcAmDad

    Greg, Forgive me if I’m wrong but wasn’t his number for Gold way higher than 15,000 a few years back? Like 30-50 is ringing a bell.

    Anyhow, I don’t think those at the Fed are a bunch of bumbling fools, I think they know exactly what they are doing. Remember the overnight repo irregularities around Sept of last year-that no one seems to mention. John Titus lays out some good analysis using the Fed’s own doc’s. Here’s one he put out at the beginning of this crisis:

  19. Patriot

    PTL, thank you Jesus. You have come through for our nation.

    • Paul ...

      Seems …. getting rid of Bitch McConnell “was more important to Georgia voters” … because it was “China loving McConnell” who denied them the $2000 dollar check Trump wanted Americans to have (to make up somewhat for the China shutdown of our economy … in collusion with the evil globalists Gates and Fauci)!!

    • Bill

      And Schumer is a better choice? Let me know when Ted Cruz is the majority leader and I’ll start to breath a little easier but I doubt the Republicans will ever win another election from here on out.

  20. A+Jones

    I think Rickards and many others have the wrong perspective on the economic issue. I think most people are looking down the wrong end of the rifle barrel. I estimate a majority, or at least a critical number of people, do not have any income. They have rent or a mortgage payment, they have to eat, they have to have medical care and they have to be able to move around. In my opinion, the national and global economy do not amount to a rat’s butt. When you have a family to care for what difference does the price of gold matter? Instead of worrying about the price of gold and silver or macro economics we had better start worrying about personal security. My parents and grandparents lived through the depression. I remember my grandfather telling me about staying up at night to keep people from stealing coal out of his shed. I live in a rural community with a low crime rate. The last two weeks someone called us and said just up the road, twice in that period, someone was trying to break into houses. The irony of all this in my view is that the people that vote democrat are the very people that will suffer the most. I am sure that if the price of gold goes to $15,000 per ounce all of those people in the big cities and surrounding subdivisions will not be rejoicing. The biggest hoax ever perpetrated is the promise of social and economic equality. If everyone had a million dollars what would they do with it? There would be nothing to spend it on and money would be worthless. Who would make the stuff? Who is going to pick up the garbage? Inequality is the fuel that drives the economic engine. I predict that when or if the democrats control the government it is just a matter of time before the system locks down. Someone told me once that the best way to kill a monkey is to give him a piece of rope and let him out of his cage. Pretty soon you will find him hanging from a tree.

    • Ulee Dumple

      A Jones,
      “Someone told me once that the best way to kill a monkey is to give him a piece of rope and let him out of his cage. Pretty soon you will find him hanging from a tree.”
      The operation Mockingbird media has given uncle Joe that same rope, ah dope!

    • Bill

      This is exactly what I was thinking reading through the comments section just now. If there is no one producing goods and services, if all we’re going to be doing is scratching for what’s left on the shelves at the grocery and Lowe’s and the only alternative is trying to haggle with people who have warehoused the few commodities left will a pocket full of PMs really do much of anything other than make you a target? JR is right about the zero money velocity and it will eventually result in Mad Max here or, at best, Soviet style administration here in America. I’ve preached low/no debt to my family for forever and we usually hover around the zero debt range but without the regular income to keep fresh supplies coming into our fridge and cabinets a box car load of MREs won’t change people’s thought patterns when everyone’s stomach is growling. It will take a generation to learn how to live like that while doing all you can to avoid the long arm of an acquisitive government that wants everything from you.

  21. Country Codger

    Great interview, Greg.
    Lo Iyrah!

  22. Jonesy

    President live in D.C.

  23. Charles+H


    Does anyone believe the Georgia Senate races were fair? Or if they tripled down on the fraud? No election can be trusted under the current terms: a new system must be made to replace the corrupted old one.

  24. James+sulliva

    Hi Greg;
    Mr RicKards was especially succint this interview. His thoughts on using gold to promote inflation are stunning ( ie.. why didn’t i think of that!). Great session.

    • James+sulliva

      It is especially significant in that we know the debt is never going to be paid back … how can the gov safely devalue the debt to manageable levels?
      Answer: raise the price of gold.

      • Tin foil hat

        The banksters had done that once already with oil.
        When the decision was made to use Saudi’s oil to back the dollar (petrol dollar), the price of oil was too low to back the dollar debt (IOU). They created the oil crisis as a reason for the quick raise in price.
        I always find it strange that the Saudi hated us so that they punished us with the oil embargo and then did a 180 and back our dollar with their oil.
        I concur it could happen again with gold but that might not happen if the banksters had complete control of all trade settlements via Central Bank Digital Dollar.

  25. Dianthus

    Two decades LMAO. They all live in the old system and the old thinking way and they will be of with two decades. Speculation is done after this year and there will be no markets like it is now. Get your old thinking to the new old-thinking-people bc the New Time is 100% the other way around but very few will get it at this time. Masses are waking up= game over for the old-thinking-corrupt-system and that is a fact! Good luck if you think trading & speculation will make you richer…

  26. Stan

    Well, well, well, look at the crash in Gold today. The old safe haven is having a stroke! Ha ha ha. I see $1200 Gold by year end and that is a best case scenario. Paul, all your charts are no match for my timing model.

    • Paul ...

      Stan … Wake up from your dream state … and look up into the night sky … see all the millions of billions of stars up there … well “not one of them” can make or produce “even one ounce” of Gold … it takes “a collision between two neutron stars for Gold to be produced” … that is “how rare Gold is in our universe” (and likely why it was used as money by the alien Annunaki who came to Earth to mine it according to the Bible) … you still don’t even realize how lucky you are (that your bankster buddies are manipulating and holding the price of gold down) giving you a chance to buy this very rare and precious metal (for a few pieces of fiat paper IOU’s they manufacture out of thin air) … why haven’t your bankster buddies who are keeping Gold “so cheap” clued you in? … what kind of friends are they? … if they are allowing you to miss out on a lifetime opportunity to buy a very “universally rare” ounce of God’s money (that can only be produced by a collision between two neutron stars) for a lot less worthless fiat paper then people today are paying to own one electron bit(coin) inside a computer (that is more common then a grain of sand) while they accumulate rare Gold as a tier one asset???

    • Ray

      Last August you wanted to bet me $80k that gold would be at a similar price by end of 2020.
      I should have taken your piffling $80k there and then.
      Now you are pushing your price out another 12 months.
      You’re a goat mate, Fair Dinkum!
      Happy New Year to you anyway Stan.
      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

  27. JC

    It doesn’t matter, nothing matters anymore, their is nothing left but insanity!

    Denmark launches children’s TV show about man with giant penis…

    ‘John Dillermand has an extraordinary penis. So extraordinary, in fact, that it can perform rescue operations, etch murals, hoist a flag and even steal ice-cream from children.’

    • Stan

      Paul: Just because something is rare doesn’t make it valuable

      • Self+Exiled

        Your right Stan, I’m rare [people have told me that]; I know only one person Who values me.

        • William+Stanley

          Are you willing to expand on that? (For example, the word “rare” has a number of meanings and connotations, some of which are regionalisms and some of which have, I expect, become archaic even within regions that recently used the term in the way I suspect you mean).

          My sense is that you are valued and respected here. And that is true even if you are not widely understood in all of your subtleties.

  28. Max Meister

    Jim Rickards has some valid points as always, but if the Gold price would have risen according to the many words he makes for many years now on why it will rise, it would be a multiple of todays price already, so obviously those things are not predictable despite of all the logic and rational argumentation.

  29. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Rickards will be buying the book.

  30. Paul ...

    BREAKING NEWS: American Patriots “who obviously don’t want a commie crook to steal the US Presidency” … are now breaking down the doors of all the buildings in the Capital … likely seeking to make “citizens arrests of the traitors” working for China!!

    • JC


      G.A. STEWART:
      In less-than three-weeks, a large part of my Nostradamus Narrative will be proven right or wrong. If there is a peaceful transition into Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ world of rainbows and unicorns, I would be very pleased to retire this Website and take up where I left off on my long unattended Metaphysics Website. I would much prefer working out the science and the math to the so-called Navy UFO Patents. This is technology that could turn the Earth and human civilization into a paradise.

      Unfortunately, it may be awhile until that happens, because there are more indicators that my timeline using Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce’s prophecies is correct.

    • Paul ...

      The one reality we can count on (and that will never change) … is that evil demon politicians will always double down on their failed policies … and will silence Patriots “who dare to question” the official line … with deadly force!!

  31. Paul ...

    China has assembled the “most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics” … and it seems American Patriots are now going to take the enemy down!!

  32. Jerry

    This is the canary in the coal mine making his last tweet.

    If Donald Trump doesn’t implement the insurrection act now, then we will know he has sold us out along with McConnell , Pence and the bought and paid for Supreme Court. Make no mistake the globalist are marking their list of enemies, and if Trump doesn’t get ahold of this now, they will be coming after them, as well as us. This is it. It’s now or never.

    • Rodster

      Both parties are one and the same, two sides of the same coin. Does it need to get anymore obvious? Republicans are NO different than Democrats. Did anyone expect a different outcome when Trump was filling his Cabinet with Swamp creatures?

    • Jerry

      Tic Tock Greg,
      It’s now or never.

      If Donald Trump doesn’t activate the insurrection act now …it….is….over! …..period!
      There is no doubt that once the globalist and the deep state get Donald Trump out of the way, they will be coming after anyone they view as a potential threat. The 25th amendment will essentially strip him of any remaining power, putting all of us in harms way. If you have any inside information to contradict what I’m saying, I’d really like to hear it? With what I’ve seen in the last 24 hours, the Republican Party is finished. They’ve turned their back on us as well as Donald Trump, and if he fails to act now, he will have essentially thrown all of us under the globalist bus and will most likely go down in history as the worlds biggest coward. He picked this fight, and now he needs to finish it.

      • Charles+H


        Looks like the wheels gonna squash us flat.

  33. Paul ...

    Two more criminals spotted … trying to hide behind masks … … but we can still identify the “commie” stooges!!

  34. John McClane

    Pray, repent, & batten down the hatches. Evil is real and we are watching it play out right in front of us with ANOTHER STOLEN ELECTION in Georgia. Greg, we need the Lord to come through more than ever. Fellow Christians and US patriots, prepare for civil war…The left has destroyed this country, Constitution, our freedoms, our right to vote, a legal and moral election, etc.

    Enough is enough, they want to steal US elections, stage a coup on a sitting USA President, then we need to take our country back by force if necessary.

    Yippie Ki Yay motherfuckers! lock and load

    • Paul ...

      Well John … Seems we have no choice in the matter … the New World Commie Order will dramatically expand surveillance and real-time tracking of us … force us to get digital certificates in order to travel … and will even use brain scans and nano-technology implanted by vaccine into our bodies to monitor us … and “predict” what we will do … so they can take necessary and appropiate measures to prevent “our future behavior” … we either “submit” and have our Second Amendment and other rights violated … or “we say no” to the commie government bureaucrats who will dictatorially determine whether an individual “is going to commit a crime in the future” and therefore needs to be locked up now!!

  35. Bushkin

    Ted Cruz ERUPTS From Senate Floor Over Claims of Voter Fraud All of America Needs To See
    176,490 views•Jan 6, 2021

    China must not get away with ‘protecting themselves’ on the origins of COVID-19
    7,034 views•Jan 6, 2021 Sky News Australia Video;

    Sky News contributor Daisy Cousens says China must not get away with protecting themselves and the narrative regarding the origins of COVID-19.
    It comes after Beijing delayed the arrival of a team of 10 international scientists for several months, inundating them with a number of logistical demands and rules.

    In a rare criticism of the Asian power, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Gebhreyesus told reporters China’s officials were yet to finalise necessary visa clearances for the team’s arrival to the mainland.
    “None of this should be surprising, of course China is again trying to protect the narrative,” Ms Cousens told Sky News host Chris Smith.
    “They must not get away with it though, this must be investigated thoroughly with great courage and perseverance because it is extremely important.”

    China’s ‘real work’ aims to ‘win’ leading Australians: Monk
    7,703 views•Jan 6, 2021 Sky News Australia

    Former defence head of China analysis Paul Monk says the “real work” which China is trying to carry out in Australia is not simply trying to get ethnic Chinese into positions of influence, but rather winning leading Australians.
    “Much of our Chinese community came here from the PRC – or for that matter elsewhere in Asia – because they wanted what this country had to offer,” Mr Monk told Sky News host Cory Bernardi.
    “What the Communist Party has been doing is not so much using any significant proportion of that community for its nefarious purposes, but rather seeking to intimidate it, to infiltrate it, to take over its independent media, and that’s something we want to protect.”
    Mr Monk said the “real work” which China was trying to carry out in Australia is “winning – to their point of view – leading Australians, and they’ve had remarkable success in doing that”

  36. Marie+Joy

    In our President Trumps’s speech today, in DC, he sounded like a defeated man.
    His words had hope but his demeanor said otherwise.

  37. Wilhelm Barres

    Public Data Shows 432,000 Trump Votes Removed in Pennsylvania Election: Data Scientists 67,472 views•Premiered 21 hours ago
    American Thought Leaders – The Epoch Times

    The Data Integrity Group, a group of data scientists, has been dissecting publicly available data on the presidential election in multiple states. Most recently, in Pennsylvania, they found over 432,000 votes were removed from President Donald Trump in at least 15 counties.
    Time-series election data shows Trump’s votes decreasing in various counties at many time points, instead of increasing. In an election, as you count votes, you typically only see vote increments, not decrements—unless some error occurred that needs to be assessed.
    The group also testified before the Georgia Senate that more than 30,000 votes were removed from President Trump in Georgia.

  38. Randy+Best

    Do we even have that long? Holter/Sinclair expect that gold will be the last man standing at 2025, $50,000/oz minimum.

  39. Kurt Gherkins

    [RINO] Republicans [Brittle Hume] have ‘deserted the President’ en masse
    5,085 views•Jan 6, 2021 Sky News Australia /Video;

    Fox News Senior Political Analyst Brit Hume says President Donald Trump’s post-election conduct has not only “led us to this point” of rioters storming the Capitol, but has also split the Republican Party.
    “There is a sea change now in the Republican Party as a result of this,” he said.

    President Trump held a rally in Washington on Wednesday (local time) reiterating claims the election was stolen.
    Some of the president’s rally-goers then took to the Capitol building as Congress was certifying the election result.
    The mob breached the building and continued rioting, whilst one Trump supporter was shot and later killed in the violence.
    Mr Hume said President Trump’s claims were “utter nonsense” but he and his large force of supporters believed it.
    “He[Trump] got them to believe it and believing that, they did what they did today”.
    He said the president’s actions after his election lost has “split him off” from more than half of his voting base.
    “His voting base has two elements; the hard-core Trump supporters who will do whatever he wants, believe whatever he says, never desert him no matter what,” Mr Hume said.
    “The rest of them are everyday Republicans who sort of signed up to trump because they liked what he was doing.
    “They may not have liked what he said all the time, they may have been put off by his manner by his vulgarity, but they were with him and they voted for him.
    “Those people, now, have almost certainly deserted him. If the election were held tonight, he’d lose by far more than he lost the last time.”

  40. Pete+M

    Great interview Greg. I agree with much of of what Jim is saying, but the plandemic was designed to put small business owners out of business. Witness Costco, Walmart, Amazon and the like making out like bandits during the Plandemic, when small business owners (who pay local property taxes), are being brought to their knees.

    The deep state want the China system of digital currency repression, where you lose your economic and mobility freedoms when your measured social scores are lower (linked from comments of what you tweet for example). Your debit card won’t work more than a few miles from where you call home if you are deemed by deep state to be any form of threat to them.

    It is all about total control. The young today are going to be in for a big surprise.

    • Paul ...

      And notice how Walmart and the other bandits …will “only allow bandits with masks on to shop in their stores” … if you are not a crook in America … you can’t shop or become President … its a big club … and if you are mask-less … you are not in it!!!!

  41. Coalburner

    The money will flow. We should try to get in front of some of it! I dont see any use to think about voting in the future. We are going to be down for a long time.

  42. Mohammad

    Trump is cut off from twitter and now this:


    • Freebrezer

      M – I have been contemplating this. Why (???) – if he is out in 2 weeks, why the bug fuss? All I can imagine is that they worry he will declassify stuff that will show America the depth of the Deepstate depravity. Otherwise why the big fuss?

  43. Coalburner

    Greg, is he saying to borrow money to buy real estate? I know a younger person Refiing for 2.5% right now. I mean home and small property.

    • Greg Hunter


      I don’t think that is what he is saying. He is saying inflation and tax adjusted, real interest rates will need to go lower.


  44. Jim G

    If by now you all don’t realize the US is coming to an end you never will. This has been perfectly planned out by the elitist who have all the power and you are nothing but expendable pawns on their chessboard.

    Bit by bit, piece by piece they have destroyed the very fabric of this nation to where you are now but one tattered shred of what you once were. Civil war, total economic and financial ruin is what you can now look forward to. There is no surviving what is coming – plain and simple.

    So while some of you will continue to pray and hope for a miracle, alas that will all be done in vain. The American dream has now become the American nightmare.

    Over and out.

    • Greg Hunter

      Jim G,
      America is not ending.

    • Tin foil hat

      I concur with your sentiment; 2020 will be the year which I casted my last vote.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Yes, in an election for any national office going forward, with the current system, the outcome is pre-determined. President Trump is the last independent national office-holder. President Trump’s supposed major legacy is the Supreme Court, and look how they have performed. I will continue to consider voting in local and state races, if we can get to that point. We had 30 years to get a handle on this, and we did nothing. Best always. PM

  45. Jeffersonian

    For what it’s worth. Richards is indeed very sharp and slick but ingenuous.
    He finds a new angle to sell his books and this time it’s covid. You really believe inflation per Richards is around 2 percent —yeah right go by groceries.
    Are people saving or just trying to get by till next month. I say just till next month screw your velocity of money because here on main street I’m just trying to survive.
    He doesn’t mention massive bailouts for large corporations and too big to fail banks leveraging the little guy—21 percent interest if you don’t pay off your credit card etc.
    Or feds buying toxic bonds and inflating equity markets to infinity so rich get richer.
    Result wealth gap between the one percent and the
    Other 99.
    Yes he speaks and thinks fast but it doesn’t mean he is genuine.
    I dont trust him and he’s as deep as the deep state. Bring him into my world and let’s see how long he survives — as we say down here on the farm talk is cheap. He’d be a great used car salesman. But he is a better salesman for his books and the status quo.
    Sorry I ain’t buying his spiel or his book.
    Caveat emptor.

    • William+Stanley

      Re: “I say just till next month screw your velocity of money because here on main street I’m just trying to survive.”

      I enjoyed your comment. That’s partly because I’m interested in what people here think, and partly because it raises interesting questions.
      Here are some of my thoughts.

      The “velocity of money” is a very gross statistic. IMO, however, if used in conjunction with other statistics, it can help raise useful questions for further inquiry into what is happening in the economy.

      For example, I think it useful to ponder why the velocity of money has been falling so dramatically and for so long. I think it is useful to realize that the velocity of money reveals a lot about AVERAGE money balances (including bank account) relative to the output of the economy.

      AVERAGE money balances (including checking and savings deposits at banks) have been going up, which seems incongruous with the strained finances of the AVERAGE person. Upon investigation, we find that the AVERAGES hide huge disparities among individuals, which reflects, among other things, growing income disparities.

      We are then led to ponder why so much money (held by so few) is sitting around in bank accounts (some of that as excess reserves of banks which is held in their accounts at the Fed, where it earns interest) and is not being put to work greasing the wheels of commerce and enhancing the gross output of the economy.

      Has the Fed instituted policies that promote these large cash balances relative to the size of the economy? It has. Who benefits from that? The banks.

      I also find it interesting that so many financial experts conceptualize the economy as a big machine that takes in money and then produces economic output as money circulates in it. As they conceptualize it, faster circulation of money (money velocity) equals more output and/or more inflation and THAT is the fundamental issue. They tend to see stocks and flows of money and financial instruments rather than a living, breathing economy where people produce goods and services that other people need and can afford to buy.

      The bottom line is that finance experts tend to focus on money and finance and not “the real” economy which, though it encompasses money and finance, is a much more complex beast. As a result, financial experts sometimes don’t focus on the relevant questions about what spurs or retards economic activity by real people performing real work producing goods and services that real people buy and use.

      • K. Wayne

        You have just expanded on the very point that JR made (several times).
        What’s the solution.
        The CB’s of this world …have a scheme…it involves NIRP…..forcing those who have bank savings …to spend …otherwise they will be penalized (via interest charges) for depositing money in a Bank. It just adds another dimension to understanding the psyche of the consumer.

        • William+Stanley

          All in good time.
          Step #1 is defeating the globalists.

  46. Constance Ford

    Tension Erupt (Jan 7): Philippines Attack China in a Brutal Clashes with its Maritime Militia in SCS
    85,812 views•Jan 5, 2021
    US Defense Line
    The Philippines’ navy chief Giovanni Carlo Bacordo announced the country would be sending hundreds of militiamen to contested waters in the South China Sea to keep control over their territory. But experts have warned the new plan will increase the risk of encounters between non-military forces in the already fractious waters. The Philippines, among other Indo-Pacific nations, have recently reaffirmed their claims to the waters, with the US and India challenging China over their “bullying” claims of “sovereignty”

  47. Anthony Australia

    Nice interview Greg, I just nodded along like you did 😀
    He makes so much sense and delivers it rather quickly, without hesitation.
    I’m afraid for some that they are already in amongst the greatest recession.
    Although the ‘official’ government statistics will say otherwise, try telling that to the person on the street.

  48. Laura C

    *Silver cast in the streets
    Gold shall be removed
    Bc it’s an idol & stumblingblock & blockchain sounds like a stumblingblock.
    You can’t put blockchain or btc in a collection plate. God says you have robbed me of your tithes & offerings.

    But if you’re wondering what God has called to do, He says, He that overcometh, I will give to eat of the hidden manna, & a white stone with a new name written which no man knoweth saving he that recieveth it. The morning star & power over the nations. Rev 2:17,

    *Ezekiel 7:19 They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed: their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the LORD: they shall not satisfy their souls, neither fill their bowels: because it is the stumblingblock of their iniquity.
    Ezekiel 14:3 Son of man, these men have set up their idols in their heart, and put the stumblingblock of their iniquity before their face: should I be enquired of at all by them?

  49. john hanson

    During the Asian Crisis, the IMF came in to South Korea telling them they should break up their conglomerates (ie: Samsung, Hyundai, Daiwoo, etc.). The IMF said that if they would do so, then smaller companies would come out of them (think breaking up AT&T into baby bells which brought lower prices & more competition) who would then compete with each other bringing price competition in the market thereby bringing down the cost of products for the consumer. Not only this, but by breaking up these conglomerates, these new smaller companies would then have to to hire more employees (my students couldn’t find jobs at the time), accountants, marketers, research teams, etc. This meant that the students who were graduating at that time (when I was there) would be able to get jobs. More jobs, reduced prices on goods, more spending money from new workers in the economy with increased VELOCITY of money — a win, win situation.
    While the IMF was telling them what to do, we here in the USA we were doing the opposite — building bigger companies. Why? Because of SYNERGY — no ANTI-TRUST enforcement. Now we are paying the penalty: fewer workers (due to bigger companies getting rid of the gobbled-up competition and their employees); fewer jobs (also due to out-sourcing); fewer consumers with spending power; only lower paid service jobs (which many can’t afford to use their services now); and I could go on and on.
    James has not mentioned that the FED does know what to do about these things, but it has no power to control or provide legislation to do so. Plus its only interest is in supporting their owners – the banks – and keeping their jobs. Also don’t forget Kathryn Hudes (maybe mispelled?) who talked about the worst bankers who are wanting to crash the system (to set up a new system which is now coming). Please see video on USAWatchdog[ ] with her to hear the real story about what intelligent agency is really at work to put in a new world order with itself (a religious organization) at the head. It will finally gain back the seculular power (power/control over state governments and the people) it lost when Napolean took him captive giving it the deadly wound talked about in the book Revelation. But the deadly wound is healing and soon the whole world will wonder after the beast (Rev. 13) Our founding Fathers all new who was the beast of revelation (Martin Luther – Lutherans, Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, etc. all these church founders wrote about the Man of Sin who persecuted the saints and knew who the beast power was). No one reads their writings anymore to find out truth.

    • William+Stanley

      Interesting comment.

      I appreciate your link to Mr. Hunter’s 2014 interview of Karen Hudes.

      I gather that you once gave one of your less-competent students a “C.” Apparently they didn’t appreciate the feedback.

  50. Marie+Joy

    Rumor has it, our President Trump is in TX to start it up. WE are being asked to step up.
    I was wrong. I thought he had given up. He is asking us to go to war. The tree is about to be refreshed.
    I would have preferred this to happen when I was younger, and stronger, but when called upon, I am ready to serve, however I am needed. LOVE TO ALL PATRIOTS
    IT’S ON
    Having trouble posting.
    Come together, in small groups, now, or act as a lone wolf.

    • William+Stanley

      That would explain why the Globalists have now gone completely berserk.

  51. JC

    Martin Armstrong is right. The majority are subservient fools.

    79% Of Brits Supported Latest Nationwide Lockdown?!

    COMMENT: Marty; like you, I am a programmer. I see the future is very much like the Matrix. I do not understand why people in government feel the need to control everything and everyone. This is not the world I want my daughter to grow up in and she is just three years old.

    ANSWER: These apps that people are so eager to download for a virus that has a 99.5% survivability rate is astonishing. I agree, this is like the Matrix insofar as we seem to be living in a dream that we are somehow free when we are not. Personally, I am so glad my time is nearly up in this nightmare. They know the majority are just subservient fools. Stanley Milgram proved that the average person will even torture another as long as they are told to do so. He called it — “Obedience to Authority.”

  52. All Clives Matter

    Hello Greg.
    Have you seen this breaking news. Whistleblower who actually changed Trump votes to Biden votes testifies in Italian Court.

  53. Paul ...

    Stan … While standing in the sunshine getting my vitimin D And Christians should also wake up from their dream state … the fact that gold is found on Earth means it is much older then 6000 years (God was using a different calendar) … takes millions of Earth years for neutron stars to be produced and millions more for two of them to collide to produce gold …

  54. Don Parker

    I keep asking about the future for palladium prices. Never get an answer. Seems everyone is narrowly focused on gold and silver.

    • Paul ...

      Both Platinum and Palladium “are rarer then Gold” … so they too can be bought … especially when they sell less then Gold!!

  55. Jerry

    All aboard !
    The train is now leaving “lockstep” and heading toward “ agenda 21”.

    Your new conductor is now train master Beijing Biden.
    Enjoy the ride.

    • Charles+H


      Not for very long… Biden will be declared unfit in a matter of months. IT was Harris all along.


    China’s President Xi tells troops to prepare for war, Trump blasts media.
    31,298 views•Jan 6, 2021


    EXCLUSIVE: Man who entered Capitol building tells his story to LifeSiteNews
    238,639 views•Jan 6, 2021 LifeSiteNews
    Leo Kelly was one of the first men to breach the Capitol building and go inside with dozens of others. In this exclusive interview with LifeSiteNews correspondent Jim Hale, Leo talks about his conflicted feelings about what he did, and why he felt it was necessary.

  58. Bob Clayton,Lockdown Manchester,England.

    Hi Greg,would love to know your take on whats going on today after DC storming yesterday.Keep the Faith,the big man upstairs is still in charge and always was,God Bless,Bob.

  59. Tracy Bean

    Trump supporters’ reasons why they stormed the Capitol
    45,131 views•Jan 7, 2021 The Sun Video;

    Hundreds of US President Donald Trump supporters stormed the capitol building and clashed with police on Wednesday.
    The supporters voiced their rejection against the election results what they call “corruption”.
    A pro-Trump man said “We want it to stop the steal, we want a free election. We want Donald Trump in office.”
    “We kept trying to hold the land and go up to the state capitol we want to be heard. That’s all we want to do is be heard. Nobody wants to listen.”
    “I hope they overturn it, at least give us days to find out about the corruption and prove what happened,” he added.
    A Trump supporter woman said the election was fraud saying that “We are not going to stand for it.”
    Another woman said “We know how much cheating took place,” adding “We can’t let them overthrow our country.”
    The Washington Post reported that two buildings at the Capitol complex have been evacuated amid the tension.
    The incident happened minutes after Vice President Mike Pence announced that he rejected Trump’s demand that he interferes in Congress’s counting of Electoral College votes, just minutes before lawmakers were set to convene in a rare joint session.
    During the mass riot at the Capitol building, a woman who has shot apparently in the chest has died.
    Her death was confirmed by D.C. police during a telephone call, but additional details were not immediately available. She was seen being carried out of the federal legislature by medical workers while bleeding profusely.
    Multiple police officers were reportedly injured.
    The grim scenes are an unprecedented stain on the US’s peaceful transfer of power.
    Trump and his political allies have for months falsely alleged that the election he lost to Biden by 7 million votes was rigged, stirring emotions among his supporters with conspiracy theories that have been repeatedly rejected in court. The Justice Department also found no evidence to support his claims of widespread voter fraud.
    Addressing the nation in televised remarks, President-elect Joe Biden said the riot was “an assault on the most sacred of American undertakings.”
    From Brexit breaking news to HD movie trailers, The Sun newspaper brings you the latest news videos and explainers from the UK and around the world.

  60. Alannon

    Time for Mark Taylor.

  61. JC

    The coup is complete. They have defeated their enemy – Trump. They now occupy the Hill. They will now become the ultimate enemy. Pence is now under pressure to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove Trump by tomorrow as President. There is a push to do this tomorrow, claiming urgency. Many people are resigning now rather than just waiting for the 20th. The word is out to invoke the 25th Amendment and then this alone would prevent him from running again which is their real concern.

    • JC

      Is Martin Armstrong correct?
      Did Trump make a fatal mistake?

      The protests surrounding the 2020 US election reached a climax on Wednesday afternoon. Nevertheless, it had been steadily brewing for weeks, and its implications will last for years way beyond Trump. Trump played into this because he made a fatal mistake. He had no idea that his attempt to drain the swamp would backfire in the form of a covert coup. Every person Trump took on was a seasoned politician. Their loyalties would NEVER lie with him – Washington will be there long after his is gone. They would NEVER bite the system that feeds them. The goal from the outset was to control Trump. The more he tried to buck the trend, the more they conspired against him. What he did not realize is that there is no Constitution. That is something people invoke to make a point but they never abide by its fundamental intent – to restrict the power of government. All the Bill of Rights has been flipped by the courts to make people think they have rights, when in fact they are NEGATIVE restrains upon government. Look at any of the Amendments. Take the first!

      • Greg Hunter

        Love Armstrong but he is overlooking the God factor!

  62. Hugh Jorgan

    LOL!!! Silver went up 40%. Bitcoin went up 400% and is face ripping to 200-300k this year. Oh, and I’m a silver bug. Crypto will destroy the banks and give us honest money.
    But its not an asset according to this guy and Schiff. Well, boys, the dollar is debt and the stock market is a fraud. Try to hold your certificates and see what happens. If you don’t hold it you don’t own it. That goes for Bitcoin too, you must hold your private keys.

    • Gary C

      From North of the border my condolences on the coup to remove Trump by the Deep State
      Composed of Democrats & Republicans.
      Canada was lost to the New World Order under Trudeau, and now you guys are joining
      us down that road, North America will be a one party state after the Central Banks impose
      digital currencies on the population.

      My respects to the great American Patriots who showed up at the Whitehouse.

      • Hugh Jorgan

        Trump is not the end all. He surrounded himself with deep state players and listened to them. He capitulated to the covid shutdown and allowed the middle class to be destroyed.
        Metals suppression, money printing, and government size at all time highs. I don’t call that progress so, no, Trump isn’t that great imo. I don’t subscribe to supporting the least worst politician.

  63. Paul ...

    What a shame … her blood is on our hands … … instead of this being “the shot heard round the world” … it becomes the final concession of Trump “to the evil demon criminal commies” … how ironic … that it is Ashley Babbit (an Airforce veteran) who is shot dead at Capitol Hill … she spent 14 years fighting for America and the freedoms it represented for other people around the world … only to be shot down in cold blood by her own countrymen … for simply asking for “the same freedoms” in her own country!!

  64. Paul ...

    To Ashli Babbitt … who’s last tweet was that “our Nation was finally moving from darkness to light” … Ashli you were unarmed when you were shot dead … I know even you as a high ranking 14-year military veteran (who served four tours with the US Air Force as a high level security official throughout your time in service “would not shoot to kill an unarmed person” … your courage and sacrifice (protesting the evil commie demon spawn who have taken over our Nation “by fraud”) will be sincerely missed by all true Patriots … may God bless your immortal soul!!

  65. Paul ...

    You know a New World Order is upon us when some test tube grown clone … … can suspended the President of the United States’ right to “free speech” …

  66. Paul ...

    Unarmed Patriots at the door … and the commies inside … … have their guns drawn (ready to kill to protect their voter manipulated steal of our Nation)!!

  67. Doug Williams

    I learned three things, fifth grade math is good, pie in the sky is good, and you can not buy anything with Bitcoin ! You morons that have any profits in Bitcoin, get out now.

  68. Robert K


    Do you envision anything monumental taking place over the next 13 days? I would like to think God wins in the end, and truth and lawn and order will prevail, but it’s clear the fraud will now be covered up and forgotten by the crooked media, politicians, tech, & social media.

    Truly scared to be living in America that has turned into a banana republic.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s not over Robert. This was a well coordinated attack and coup from inside and outside the country.

      • Mike R

        Greg – I agree with you 110%. But short of Trump immediately declaring martial law, and getting the military to arrest all of these treasonous traitors (which would be most of congress on both sides of the aisle), its hard to envision Trump even making it to the 20th, with the rampant and fraudulent daily MSM pundits portraying this so falsely, and social media giants that are corrupt to the bone, censoring all conservative voices, essentially everyone to the right of center, and now censoring and shutting down the voice of the President himself. (also a massive injustice and treason.)

        And Unless he uses the Federal Emergency Broadcast system, he has no way to explain his case now, or to get the true message out, without it being wholesale distorted by nearly every single media outlet. Further I would not rule out elements high up in the NSA, and CIA, working to prevent him from using that communication vehicle.

        What do you think can be done here before its too late, and Biden is illegally ‘installed’ into the whitehouse office ???

        You can’t call Biden President, or even President-elect, without knowing you are committing a lie, with all of the massive amount of evidence that the election was heavily manipulated to give Biden the chance to be ‘installed. ‘

        (On a side note, there are not a more appropriate set of ‘3 stooges’ than Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer, to usher in the next greatest ever depression. Poetic ‘justice’ for sure, and the 3 of them together would be certain to make it far worse than had it been someone else in their seats. oh, and Yellen would be the PERFECT 4 stooge as ‘re-head’ of the Fed, to make it all even worse. With those 4 the Dow easily gets to 5000, with $5000 gold as the 1:1 ratio before the market bottoms. A mere ~ 85% drop in the Dow, and likely all stocks in every index. )

        • Greg Hunter

          It’s coming man. Get ready.: In his address tonight please focus on these two key lines: “My campaign vigorously pursued every legal avenue to contest the election result. My only goal was to ensure the integrity of the vote. In so doing I was fighting to defend American democracy” I think this means the Insurrection Act is the last resort and we are already in a National Emergency declared by Executive Order 13848. We had a coup by foreign and domestic powers. It is that simple.

          • mike r

            Thanks Greg. My gut keeps telling me Trump will do the right thing. I just really hope he has the full support of all of the US military. You have to believe each and every one of them who have been willing to put their life on the line each and every day for our country, absolutely cringed and we’re abhorred by the election fraud, and further disgusted by pelosi and Schumer and even governor Pritzger of Illinois calling for his impeachment. This sends up a red flag that tells me these people (dems) are worried they are going to still get caught. And I mean caught doing something very illegal and very morally wrong. So if they can’t get Trump out right away, then their odds of going to prison for their treason against our nation increase exponentially each day we get closer to the 20th. I hope you are right Greg and I hope Flynn is right.

      • K. Wayne

        You’re correct Greg.
        It ain’t over till the Fat (dietary challenged) Lady Sings. She is warming up her vocal chords …but she hasn’t even arrived at the stadium yet !!!

  69. Jeff Martin

    “If you don’t have a job, you are going to save your stimulus money”? What? If you’re broke and can’t pay your bills, you’re going to save money? How does that work, Jim? I’m broke, I’m hungry, I have no job so I’m going to save my money? For what? You earn no interest on it.

    No inflation? Is that why food prices are going up? Rent prices going up? Property taxes going up? If the Fed creates more money, where is all the money going if there is no velocity? No, people aren’t saving it. The billionaires are becoming trillionaires. That’s were the money is going.

    • Mike R

      Jeff – If you arent ‘spending it’ , you are ‘saving it.’ Very simple. Whats so hard to understand the concept. Paying down debt, is a form of ‘saving’ since you took money from the future, and now are paying it off. If you are putting money into gold, silver, stocks, bonds, and vehicles that are goods or services, then you are saving it. (and possibly putting it at risk, but certainly its not ‘spending.) Those who are broke, or in debt, are spending on something, but also needing to save, but its not something that is being bought with any disposable income.

      Just a tip, but You actually might want to read a few of Mr. Rickard’s books, so you can better understand money, and all of its forms, and what spending or saving actually represents. As much as it would pain your ego, given your misplaced criticisms of Mr. Rickard, you really do need to learn a whole lot more before you comment publicly on something that its apparent you know very little about.

      • Mike R

        Typo – meant to say, things that are NOT goods or services.

    • K. Wayne

      Some people are awake.
      ***KEEP CALM …. and KEEP SAVING***

  70. Mike R

    This is without a doubt the most obscene, corrupt, maniacally evil thing I have ever seen any demoncrat attempt to pull off. Sadly, they will likely get away with it. They have already usurped the illegally gotten ‘power’ of 3 branches, and showing their true colors toward the hatred of ALL Americans. Those who voted for these demons, are only satan’s pawn. I am gobsmacked by how low these scumbags and thugs keep creeping.

    TRUMP DID NOT ‘INCITE’ ANY OF THIS. THE DEMS DID, and THEY SENT IN ANTIFA thugs, BLM thugs, who were the perps of every crime committed yesterday at that Rally. The Dems even got the Whitehouse security to Allow them in. This is rigged beyond belief, and the TRUEST definition of a coup, that you will ever see here in whats left of America. Abuse of power will be the name of their game the next 4 years. They are going to without a doubt persecute all of the right, the conservatives, and anyone that does not bow down to their evil narrative. I cannot believe that Trump has not been able to declare martial law. If there was ever a time to have done so, it would have been long before this, but now if its not done, our government has been totally over-run by tyrants, and will become a worse cesspool of socialism, and even marxism than any other part of the world.

    In a million years, I would have never thought we would see such a travesty occur. The even sadder part is nobody at all is standing up to it, and the Dems are rolling over everything and everybody who gets in their way. This all started under Obama, but its at an entirely new level of destruction now with these communist puppets colluding with China, and being bought and paid for by the elitist liberals, including at a minimum Soros, Gates, Buffet, and abetted further by the Clintons, and many compromised government agents in all government offices. NSA, CIA, FBI, DHS, have all been compromised. Its a total takeover. That is why Trump is unable to act, or tell us what is going on. He’s probably trying to preserve his own life, and not be suicided like Epstein was.

    “Nancy Pelosi has joined Chuck Schumer in calling for 25th Amendment to remove Trump who “incited an armed insurrection against America.”

    “Yesterday the president of the United States incited an armed insurrection against America,” she said adding that “in calling for this seditious act, the president has committed an unspeakable assault on our nation.” (this is all so untrue, so blasphemous, so immoral, and utterly unethical, that Americans who dont do anything at this juncture, are likely to be rounded up if they are conservative, christian, or right leaning and literally thrown into FEMA concentration camps – all of which were built under Obama’s regime. They were so upset they lost that choke-hold on power, losing to Trump and interrupting Obama’s and Dems plan for destruction of American values, morals, and the constitution, that they now intend to further tarnish a true and honest American patriot, fighter for freedom, and likely the last thing standing between freedom and pure tyranny. You are witnessing hades in person in the form of these two charlatans Pelosi and Schumer, and all of their co-conspirator in an atrocious series of massive crimes, and outright treason and sedition.)

    May God Bless everyone who is not one of these thugs, and may God deal a surprising knock out blow to these criminals somehow, someway, very soon.

  71. Jerry

    What do you have to say now?

    He’s conceded the election to Biden. I think that’s about it.

    • Greg Hunter

      Please show me where he conceded. He did not.

  72. The Canuck

    Here are some new financial buzz words for you all.
    Social Impact Bonds and Human Capital markets. The best detailed explanation you’ll get of these phrases will come from Michael Bloomberg if he cares to reveal otherwise Alison McDowell does an excellent job on u-tube. Just when you think you have heard it all !

  73. Judy

    Ummm, groceries? Bus fare? Pay rent or mortgage? Pay insurance? Jim Rickards, much as I love his books, is out of touch with the trials and tribulation of the common man. He’s become too rich to see or acknowledge the plight of the average middle or working class American.

  74. Hugh Jorgan

    This guy is lying out his pie hole. You can get a bit pay card and buy a Ferrari. You can exchange Bitcoin or etherium for GOLD AND SILVER at SD Bullion. You can get dentistry done at my office for any of the top 50 cryptos. The reason idiots like him like currencies and hate Bitcoin is it steals from the average person. He says the dollar is about to be cut in half but keep buying bonds. What a joke. At least he says to buy gold to keep you from being destitute when the bonds he sold you blow up.

  75. steve

    Great interview Greg,

  76. Pawel Wolski

    Greg, this turned out to be a very long reply. It really is something I would like you to read and not necessary post. All this info has been gathered over the years, lots by watching you. I wonder if any of it sits well with you, or am I losing it all and it’s time for tin foil hat and Info War tee shirt?

    There is something going on with JR. I have been reading and watching him for many years. I absolutely agree that he is a very intelligent man, published author and on…..When reading or watching him I would always get this uneasy feeling at times.

    Just few days ago I watched him on Richdad, he was promoting his book and quickly got to the corona connection issue. He simply promoted the official story. For such an intelligent man, who said he did lots of research, in my opinion, it is unforgivable not to raise serious issues with the official story. Ignoring a mounting evidence from real researchers, real doctors, looking at real numbers (or even the official inflated numbers), watching Bill or Fauci and not saying something stinks is again unacceptable.

    As for the financial situation, using simple 5th grade math and just common sense (as recommended by JR) the only solution is to return to Treasury issued, non debt based money backed by gold and silver. For that matter, even bananas would work better than the unconstitutional, private, secret creature we call the FED. This is what, at the core level allowed all this insanity. If anyone still believes in the idea of America, the idea of freedom and the ability for each person to achieve something that is real and of value, you need sound, debt free money not issued by evil private central banks. They have nothing, they produce nothing, they are the cancer of modern world. Humanity is doomed as long as we allow all this. They made sure of it by brainwashing us all, most basic idea of what money is has been lost.

    For 10 years now I have been saving in metals. For these ten years I listen too closely to the metal guys. I was down a lot, now up a bit. During all this time the metals guys did a disservice to me. I will also take the responsibility for some or maybe most of it. The crypto space or simply Bitcoin was an opportunity to change my life, I missed it all (well almost). Totally staying out of crypto was absolutely the wrong move. I truly believe in the reality and honesty of metals, but again it is such a clear case of fraud and manipulation by COMEX, LBMA, JP Morgan and many others. How can anyone again talk about price movements, charts…..of metals in this environment. For an intelligent guy not mentioning the inflation adjusted prior highs is also miss leading. So gold highs, at gov inflation $3000, Shadow Stats $21 000. As for silver $140 and $1000. Great article at BullionStar where you can buy/sell metal in 4 cryptos. Bills numbers seem low for silver. But again we need the manipulation to stop, while a very nice lifestyle is passing us by in crypto. Yes, I am speculating, yes it’s not real, yes……I am getting lot more metal however, it’s a winner if one manages the risk.

    JR said there is no inflation. Shadow Stats says 8.9% last year using 1980 CPI basket. Again another form of fraud, CPI should remain the same and not be allowed to be manipulated. Like Bill Holter says: “It’s all a lie”.

    I will include copy of what I wrote to Robert Kiyosaki in response to his JR interview. We need to remember that all this is so complicated. Solid footing is crytical:

    I am truly really sad after watching this. The intellect of all involved is tremendous, I would want to believe and trust what is being said. With the information available today how could anyone this intelligent, with lifetimes of great, honest, truthful……….published work say that there is a real pandemic?????? Or that it is blind scientists and crooked politicians only doing. This is war on humanity, just like so many times before. Here are some examples: JFK and the magic bullet violating the most basic laws of physics. The three buildings collapsing in their own footprint, at or close to free fall, all due to office fires (jet fuel, sounds so scary, nothing but kerosene), number 7 did not even get the kerosene treatment. Again the most basic laws of physics totally ignored (University of Alaska did real multi year structural study btw). I guess next some pipes as weapons of mass destruction. The big one, UN agenda 21/2030, population reduction. Rockefeller lock step prediction along with the World Economic forum. October 2019, Event 201……simulation of a corona pandemic from Wuhan, participants got a stuffed c19 toy (and did you know that on the day the towers went, our military and FAA were conducting simulation and drills of…….hijacking. Yes for that day only all intercept procedures were suspended, ATC controllers saying on tapes “Is this for real?”, biggest military on planet earth, east coast airspace, DC, the Pentagon and not a single shiny F16 available????? Day before little Cessna would have one of our finest on its wing in no time, DC airspace was already very tightly controlled and guarded. The “airplanes” doing the hits traveling at speeds unattainable by commercial Boeings and disappearing into buildings Road Runner style? I am a professional pilot so have a bit more “insider” knowledge here). WHO changed the definitions of what a pandemic is so they can declare one, herd imminent definition changed. The two official codes for c19 identification, one without lab tests required. WHO’s Tedros linked and investigated for genocide in his native Ethiopia. C19 never isolated and purified, computer modelling and tiny strands of RNA identifying the entire c19. PCR “test”, a laboratory technology really of multiplying genetic material, so you get exponential growth. At about 20 cycles a real genetic material can still be grown at 80% or so success rate. Beyond 30 cycles (ct number) the rate of growth of a real living material drops to zero. PCR “tests” are run at 35-45 or more cycles. Death certificates protocols changed, c19 always on top. Comparisons to average deaths due to flu, cancer, hear disease and now suicide ignored. The “vaccine”, first look at the regular schedule of vaccines that is up to 72 or so shots between birth and 18 years of age. Look at the issues with kids these days, from allergies to peanuts, all kings of behavioural issues to autism. Why are vaccine manufacturers not liable for their products, McDonald’s is for selling hot coffee. Why is it the gov (taxpayer) responsible for paying out the limited damages through the special vaccine courts. How is it possible to develop and test vaccines in 10 months? Why is Bill Gates the expert now. Why are they allowed to use for the first time in human history RNA based technology (rewriting your DNA, yes RNA can modify your DNA, that’s the point), they tried on animals….that did not go so well. We are being locked down, we are being ruined financially, we are being censored at unprecedented speed and levels while other violent groups are being protected and promoted. If only a small amount of what I stated is true (I believe most of it is right on or close to the target) then how is it possible for Jim to say what he did. I wanted to send this to my brother who is so blind to the coming collapse, but I can’t now. Why are you guys doing this, one sentence so full of truth and then WHAT ARE YOU DOING! I know that I am not a very intelligent guy, but because I moved away I got some thought clarity, a fresh perspective on things.I am just sad and disappointed to my core. It might be time to just turn all of this off, I got a girl, got metal, some crypto and live in a 3rd world shit hole that is still semi free and normal.

  77. Ezra

    Video is not available. Can you upload a new one into Rumble?

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s loaded and ready to play now.

      • Ezra

        can’t find… can you give me a link please?

  78. Kerry

    This is the wrong video. Should be Rickards but is Celente instead.

    • Greg Hunter

      Fixed it. So sorry.

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