Rising Rates Forecast Insolvency – Michael Pento

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Money manager Michael Pento says recently rising interest rates are signaling big trouble for the economy. Pento contends, “There are so many things that can go wrong with rising interest rates.  First of all, you have to understand that the permabulls that you hear on CNBC will tell you there is nothing wrong with rising interest rates.  It is a symbol of growth.  If you look at industrial production and retail sales for January, they were negative.  So, rising rates are occurring, not because of growth, they are caused by insolvency concerns.  That is the key metric here, and they are credit risks and insolvency concerns.”

Who is insolvent? Pento says, “Europe is insolvent.  The United States is insolvent. . . . We have $21 trillion in debt.  That’s seven times our revenue.  So, we are technically insolvent.  You haven’t seen anything yet because as interest rates rise, debt service expenses rise. . . . Certainly, beyond a shadow of doubt, the Bank of Japan is insolvent.”

Pento says 10-year Treasury rates could easily go to “7%,” which is a massive move from a little less than 3% today. This would not be some wild swing, but a “return to long term averages.”  What are central bankers going to do then?  Pento says, “I think the end game is central bankers are going to come back in and buy everything.  They are going to buy every fixed income sovereign debt instrument that they can find because interest rates are going to spiral out of control. . . . You are going to have a panic out of Treasuries, a panic out of high yield, a panic out of leveraged loans and a panic out of bond funds.”

Pento also predicts, “For the first time in 40 years, you are going to have bond prices and equity prices in free-fall. That happened in the 1970’s, but it’s going to be worse because in the 1970’s, you didn’t have an insolvency concern. . . The chaos coming to markets is here.  It’s not going away, and it’s not going to be brushed under the rug.  It’s not going to stay on the sidelines for another few years.  The years from 2007 to 2017 were the years central banks were buying everything.  There was no volatility, and stocks just went up.  Those days have ended, and the volatility is only going to become much more profound.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial expert Michael Pento, founder of Pento Portfolio Strategies.

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After the Interview: 

Michael Pento also says, “Beware, some banks and brokerages will go under in the next crash. Faith in central banks and fiat currency will be wiped out when the biggest bubble of all pops.”

Pento also predicts “new all-time highs will be reached in precious metals sometime in 2019.”

You can find free information, analysis and regular podcasts on Michael Pento’s site called PentoPort.com.

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  1. Scott

    The shi# is about to hit the fan. Gold and silver anyone?

    • John

      Do you re-post this every year? I guess you’ll be right at some point.

    • Frederick

      Yes please

  2. Jak

    So if faith in fiat money will be lost, the bond market collapses, I can see turning to precious metals, but wouldn’t stocks in good companies be a good place to be, especially near tangible stocks like mining companies, energy producers, railroads etc… Companies like that aren’t going away.

    • Frederick

      No not in a debt collapse it wouldn’t

      • This sceptred Isle

        yep, no one to sell to.

    • Agnostic

      In a currency crisis those owning tangible assets will preserve their capital. The traditional tangible wealth-preserving assets are gold & silver, land, and art. Stocks are quasi tangible assets as they can be claim on tangible things. Burlington Northern might be a better bet than Snapchat. However any stocks held through a brokerage in street name at the DTCC are at risk if the brokerage goes bankrupt. Unless you have direct registration of stocks, you may have only an unsecured claim on a bankrupt brokerage house. Good luck on getting direct registration. TD Ameritrade wouldn’t do it for me. If you hold the stock certificates you own them.

  3. Anthony Australia

    Pento Perfecto.
    You’re not too shabby yourself Greg 😊
    Love your work.

  4. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


    What an outstanding interview.
    Pento is one of my all-time favourite commentators…he deals in facts rather than fairy stories, uncomfortable as they may be.

    My take-home message…all of the main western economic ‘powerhouses’ are technically insolvent…all of the king’s horses and all the king’s men ain’t going to be able to put this together again…period.

    My view…the CB’s will try to paper over this one as well but the maths tells us that the outcome is both inevitable and disastrous. Endgame = total systemic breakdown of global financial markets.


    • John

      Nations may be insolvent but there is no proof that it is causing rates to rise. Rates were artificially suppressed for years. It’s time for them to rise.

    • Al Unfrankin

      Hey Colin,
      Did the Cyclone/Hurricane up here, get ya?
      Mudslides block only road to New Zealand town after storm
      Nick Perry, Associated Press Updated 5:33 am, Wednesday, February 21, 2018
      Thought bad up here in Michigan, been raining two days, at least not snow.

      • Al Unfrankin

        Forgot t in there, O0ops!

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Hi Al
        All good where I live in the far north thanks.
        We are a very small country with very diverse climate patterns and terrain…in latitude we range from sub-tropical to sub-antarctic. Extreme weather events are commonplace and I don’t believe they have changed very much in the 50 years that I can remember.
        Cheers and best regards

  5. Paul ...

    Pento has things figured out … unlike those who buy Bitcoin (with its block-chain “single point encryption”) … rather then a system that allows intrusion detection, firewalls, etc. to prevent the irreversible theft of your money (if your email is hacked and your password stolen) … Bitcoin is no better then owning cash … so why pay for the privilege of putting your money at risk? … Bitcoin is “more insecure” then an ordinary credit card … and people are flocking to put their money at risk? … at least when a credit card is hacked the bank can get your money back for you “as fraud was involved” … not so with Bitcoin … you take the entire loss … and this is the reason Bitcoin will eventually go to zero!

    • Paul ...

      Why would someone want to own Bitcoin (that is no better then owning fiat cash “in digital form”) when they know the value “of the fiat notes the Fed prints” is being made more and more worthless? … when they can choose to own physical gold and silver (that will rise in terms of the flood of “Zimbabwe paper money” the Fed must print and print to extricate itself out of the chaos that is coming to the Treasury, Bond and Stock markets)!!

      • Paul ...

        Unlike “superior” worms in our gardens … that have a genetic code twice as large (40,000 genes) as humans (20,000 genes) … these more intelligent worms don’t fight wars with their neighboring worms in the yard next door … they don’t build huge worm military armies and station them in bases all around the neighborhood … unlike humans they invest their time and energy to make a fertile garden right at home (rather then stealing compost piles from yards next door) … God the Father must do “a massive genetic manipulation” on the human specie to make us better … simply doing “one manipulation” (creating Jesus Christ) to “tell us” to act better has not done the job … humans are still simply “greedy lust loving murderers” … God the Father needs to do a genetic manipulation of our genetic code “on a massive scale” by creating “many new people just like Jesus Christ’s around the world” … for how many cities can God “nuke” (like Sodom and Gomorrah) to get rid of evil? … how many times does he have to flood the world?? … create more people “just like Jesus Christ” and he can avoid having to drain the swamp so many times!!

        • Paul ...

          By God modifying our genetic code … he will take a big burden “off our Christian shoulders” (to send “all the greedy lust loving murderers” to Heaven for his Final Judgement) … obviously it is “not fair to us Christians” who believe in Christ’s words to be burdened with carrying a gun and doing God’s work (of eliminating evil) … and so all the people who want to eliminate our right to own a gun “must be patient” and wait for God to “change the human genome for the better” … but until then … there will always be a need for the 2nd Amendment!!

  6. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: Thanks for bringing us Mr. Pento and his unassailable logic: The question now is whether we go straight to hyperinflation, which is then followed by an economic and financial collapse; or whether we first have an economic and financial collapse, which is then followed by a hyper-inflationary economic catastrophe encompassing the destruction of the dollar and dollar-denominated paper.
    Given the politics of the situation, I would guess the latter . . . which, hopefully, is not followed by government confiscation of precious metals and the companies that mine them. My guess on that score, is that the elites will be holding a lot of silver, which they will not let the government confiscate, since they will be using that as their lifeboat to ride out the storm.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Thanks for the Sweden info, cashless societies her we come. In the “blog” it stated its bad for tax cheats but also bad for the poor. Look, around here in the heartland the poor have had to make cash the old fashion way; hard work. Cash has kept the working poor from becoming the working dead. Its coming here too in droves, millions I submit will starve to death without old fashion cash in hand. Predicted in Revelation, can you say Got End Times?

  7. Justn Observer

    Greg, lol, Real reason for the elites obsession to ‘dis-arm’ U.S. POPULATION? The Bond Crisis cometh? Unmatched energy , Michael Pento is great ! Thanks for having him back !

    Side note: Harmon Wilfred and his wife Carolyn Dare Wilfred were interviewed again last night by Jason Goodman: https://youtu.be/wHPav5PmZD0
    The story of the suppression of their Christian beliefs and retaliation for his whistleblowing on Clinton involvement in illegal banking pratices now over 20 years is apaulling ! That President Trump and V.P. Michael Pence have done nothing for these people indicates that they are insincere in their desire to clean the swamp , with the information Harmon Wilfred, but also their lack of caring of the suppression of their Christian Beliefs and that belief being used by government as a ‘tool’ of coercion not only by government but family members to gain financial advantage over her rightful claim to her fortune as a heiress to the Dare Corporation. I hope that Christians and Patriots take the time to listen and act to help bring relief to this injustice…to send letters to their representatives and the White House…. This can not be how we treat whistleblowers and certainly is not acceptable as to how you treat Christians…or anyone over their ‘religious’ beliefs… That their religious belief was even cited by a judge as a issue to keep them from his children for all these years…should be horrifying to Christians…well …other than say Joy Behar who also mocked V.P. Pence for the same reason…!
    Clinton’s pressure to silence the Wilfreds and the anti- Christian beliefs shared by much of the Democratic Party start rising it’s ugly head several elections ago in 2012 when they hoped to get Jesus out of the Democratic Platform if people remember…
    Is it not Time President Trump and VP Pence step up and do the right thing !
    and might one at least send a email to Dare Corp. to do the right thing and stop ‘legally oppressing’ his wife to divorce her husband to regain access to fortune as well …?
    email them : https://tellusaboutus.com/comments/commentform/darefoods.aspx?languageid=1&country=us
    or simply maybe a boycott might be a helpful way to get their ‘financial’ attention off the Wilfred’s religious beliefs!
    And that might go for the nations of New Zealand and Canada as well…
    Seems a good time to take a stand not only for Christian Beliefs but swamp draining as well.
    or voice some encouragement at their twitter?

    • Justn Observer

      Seems I remember Mr. Pento having a thought about a hall full of bond holders and a narrow door at the far end… Is it only a few slithering off and tip toeing towards the door time….or the door further away then I’m thinking …and many sprinting there? Crunch time being when lots of sellers and no buyers?

  8. Freddy Verg

    Rule of Law, or Rule of Shock and Awe

    The conduct of government and it’s officers is subject to particular scrutiny in the context of executive compensation and other affiliated party transactions, business combinations (whether friendly or hostile), when the government is charged with illegal conduct, and when the government is insolvent or in the zone of insolvency. The high profile stories of how much the government is paying its officeholders and chief executive officeholders, corporate scandals, bankruptcies and related developments have focused attention on how directors and officers discharge their duties, and have caused much reexamination of how government is run and how it relates to its citizens and creditors. Where the government intervenes (by investment or otherwise) or threatens to do so, the scrutiny intensifies, but the courts appear to resolve the controversies by application of traditional principles while recognizing the 800-pound gorilla in the room. Not anymore!

    Today in the USA nobody see’s the gorilla. See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil. So evil abounds, as King Kong makes his rounds!

  9. Jerry

    You asked me to keep an eye on AIIB. Here is the latest.

    Here you have the Islamic World Bank ( which essentially underwrites the petrodollar ) joining AIIB ( which essentially underwrites the Yuan and the BRICS Bank ). Of course it has nothing to do with the launch of the petroyuan on March 26th. Yea right ?

    In street terms let me draw you a picture. The Saudis are giving us the middle finger as they are leaving the U.S. Titanic on the Yuan lifeboat. Do you think maybe they know something, or is this just business ?

  10. Jerry

    This ones for Stan.

    This shreds Shedlocks theory about the petroyuan . But I get it. Let’s all pretend that nothings wrong. In my book avoidance is a sign of a coward.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Hi Jerry! There’s a difference between polite disagreement and cowardice. Please, let’s not get personal. Best always. PM

      • Jodyp

        Paul,it’s not cowardice jumping a little weasel like Stan who offers nothing but childish harrassment. It is personal.

    • Jerry

      Here is your ringside seat for the launch of the Petro Yuan.

      No one seems to interested in this news right now…….but they will once it starts to take a bite out of the already declining petrodollar. Those of you that have been paying attention the past few years, might want strap yourselves in, because this just might be the pin prick that pops the U.S, debt bubble. The petrodollar was created for exclusive trade in dollars and was never meant to be used for international competition with the likes of a Russian/ Chinese coalition. When was the last time that the United States outbid China on anything?

    • JMiller

      Well contrary to the article, a gold-backed yuan oil contract is not going to happen next month. Now may be a yuan denominated oil futures contract is going to happening next month but it is not gold-backed or convertible to gold. Fiat currency however is convertible to gold. I recently did that. Oil futures contracts, stock futures contracts, wheat futures contacts etc… are not convertible to gold. Only gold futures contacts are convertible to gold, that is if the exchanges have enough gold.

      • Paul from Indiana

        JM– convertible to bar gold or gold futures? I understood it as oil futures convertible on demand to gold futures, not physical gold. You are far more informed than I, and I appreciate your contributions, but consider: If it were convertible to bar gold, I could see a literal stampede to buy yuan-based oil futures and convert immediately to physical gold. I would think the exchange would go broke. Please advise. Best always. PM

        • JMiller

          Paul from Indiana,

          Supposedly these yuan denominated oil futures contracts are convertible to gold futures contracts. You are correct, if it these yuan denominated oil futures contracts were actually convertible to physical gold, the exchanges would not have enough physical gold for delivery to cover all those contracts.

    • Twox2

      If China is committed to protecting its gold reserves, any gold backing for the yuan will necessarily come from the wholesale market. As such, China will benefit from continued Comex suppression of gold prices. China has essentially created a scenario where the U.S. policy and practice of gold suppression acts as a catalyst for the yuan’s development as an alternative to the dollar. China gets gold at sub-equilibrium prices to increase acceptance of the yuan, while the U.S. acts as an unwitting partner in its own demise by speeding replacement of the dollar for international settlements.

      These developments move us ever closer to the collapse of the Comex…the dollar…and ultimately, the financial system that has prevailed since the 1970’s. Gold will ultimately rise…and China stands ready to reap a double benefit. The financial doomsday clock just moved several minutes closer to midnight…

  11. Helen Verge

    Ratings for Late Night Liberals are Imploding!

    Pierse Morgan on,
    Tucker Carlson Tonight 2/20/18 | Fox News Today | February 20, 2018

    Did SERCO Patents Crash SARATOV AIRLINES Flight 6W703? #Rosatom #Qanon #UraniumOne

    BREAKING: Mueller Colludes w/Russia to Get Indictments

    Roger Stone: Trump MUST Clean House at FBI & DOJ

    Interesting side note. With Russia, Russia, Russia. Slavs,The largest ethnic European [white] tribe can understand each other somewhat, but they still don’t equal the Anglo American world super power of The UK., US. Canada, Australia New Zealand. What about South Africa? Their part of the BRICS and most of them seem to have immigrated to the other English speaking. Well the Slav’s don’t even seem to come close to the might and population of the Anglo’s as were so affectionately called by the Latins. Except the Slav’s are not broke blokes, like us yok’els, or not much compared too! But don’t forget the real Chinese elephant in the world [room]!
    Similarities Between Serbian Croatian and Russian
    How mutually intelligible is Polish and Serbian? Polish Serbian Conversation

    Now could you imagine a group of English speaking countries represented, having such a hard time understanding each other. Except at a wedding with alcohol. There’d probably be a brawl. Especially if John Wayne were there, or Lee Marvin who seemed to have a problem with limy’s! Heaven forbid if they were Aussie sailors, not Brits! Cruise anyone?

    • Helen Verge

      Remember when Russian and American relations were much better?
      Especially amongst pilots!

    • Lee Michaels

      The same chinese exchange that handles the oil futures contract already has a deliverable yuan based gold physical backed futures contract. Same exchange, just move your yuan from one account to the other in that exchange and take delivery of your gold. Done.

  12. Cliven Bondi

    News network is now stalking private citizens!
    Paul Joseph Watson | Infowars.com – FEBRUARY 21, 2018
    Trouble in the camp? Were past uncivil war.
    The second great American revolution is heating up!
    Go get um, Grand Ma!

  13. Rob

    I will say it again!

    They have been planning on replacing your fiat with a crypto for 30 years:


    It can not be a coincidence that the whole system is more leveraged than at any other top in 100 years. Hyperinflation is the plan that will indeed cause the burning cash under the phoenix that should begin in earnest this year right on schedule. This is complete collusion on the part of most central banks coming down from the BIS who is loaded with satanists hanging out between there and CERN.

    The masses already have a physical mark in their retina or hand/finger prints. All that’s required to keep them from buying or selling is to phase out cash and replace it with a crypto currency riding on the back of block chain riding on the back of the internet. Then do away with passwords thus requiring them to burn their retina or hand/finger prints to access their iPhone to access the internet to do any future purchasing. It does not matter how decentralized the crypto currency is if the gate keepers of the internet refuse to allow them to access the internet with their iPhone if they do not comply with the beast:

    Revelation 13:16-17 And he causeth all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free and the bond, that there be given them a mark on their right hand, or upon their forehead; (17) and that no man should be able to buy or to sell, save he that hath the mark, even the name of the beast or the number of his name.

    This is all part of the tribulation coming that the church will experience to the end:


    • Paul ...

      So much for replacing your fiat cash (with safe and secure crypto to keep it out of the prying eyes of government) … instead the mom’s and pop’s in Japan made their money available to “other crooks” (who just stole the equivalent of the “US Nation Debt” from them) … that is a pretty big piece of change to lose (without any legal recourse of ever getting their money back) … those who made greed overcome the “fair warnings given” … are now destined to see their Bitcoin accounts “drop to zero” … the crypto pumpers and dumpers will now begin to “find it hard” to counteract this latest fatal blow to the integrity of crypto currencies that just took place in Japan … promises of wealth beyond ones wildest dreams was also offered to Christ in the Garden … Christ was not fooled … greed has limits … especially when people begin to see their hard earned money begin to “evaporate right before their very eyes”! …

      • Paul ...

        For those that don’t know how much the US National Debt is … it’s $20 Trillion Dollars (I didn’t realize that so much Bitcoin was bought by people) … this is a staggering amount of money … for ordinary people to lose!!

        • Paul ...

          It wouldn’t surprise me a “bit” … if that trader trying to cash in the $20 Trillion dollars worth of Bitcoin … was the US Plunge Protection Team … as a “debt free” US would then have the funds necessary to start many “new wars” … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-02-21/exchange-glitch-allows-traders-buy-20-trillion-bitcoin-free

          • Paul ...

            You know … those people buying one(1) Bitcoin today (for $10,980 dollars) could instead be buying 8.286 one ounce gold coins … which at $50,000 each is worth $414,340 dollars … so a Bitcoin would have to go to over $400,000 dollars each (just to break even with owning gold when it goes to its right price)!!

      • Rob

        Bitcoin is a beta test to iron out glitches in the underlying block chain until it is ready to go mainstream. Follow Blythe Masters if you want some clues :o)

  14. Cliven Bondi

    Talk about collusion, or just a bunch of [con]fusion, delusion!
    Liberal anti-Trump networks offered [heavy coverage] of Russian-organized anti-Trump rally
    NewsBusters.org – FEBRUARY 20, 2018 44 Comments

  15. CareWeMust

    IMO, President Barack Obama IGNORED these multiple warnings from the Intelligence Community because: They were traitors and didn’t want to warn another traitor?


    1. He felt that Hillary Clinton was going to win, no matter what the Russians did on the cyberspace front.
    2. Obama feared that attempting to stop the Russian Interference, would end up exposing how Hillary/Fusion/FBI were working with Russia to develop a FAKE dossier to hurt candidate Donald Trump…and to subsequently use that FAKE dossier to obtain a FISA warrant to SPY on President Trump and his campaign. Even if Hillary had won, the Republican majority in Congress would have Impeached her…and then come after him (Obama) for those crimes.

    In Summary, President Obama was acutely aware of Russians “meddling” in our election process, but had too much to lose, if an investigation was launched. It most likely would have exposed the crimes of Hillary/Lynch/Comey/Rice/Powers, et al., as well.

    The fact that his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, gave 20% of the U.S.’s uranium supply to Russia, in return for Russia putting $145 million into the Clinton Foundation bank account, could have been uncovered as well.

    So President Obama stayed quiet, and hoped for the best, while his hair grayed noticably. Unfortunately, his worst fears are about to be realized, as various Congressional and Dept of Justice investigations continue gather evidence of wrong-doings and colluding with Russia, by his administration.


    • Gary Cooper

      Diane! Great one.
      Desperate Mulebrain! If it wasn’t so funny, these scoundrels getting caught red handed, hands in the cookie jar, wed all be crying. Not for the country but for them! Their all gonna get the gauntlet. You can mark Mueller’s own words!
      They’ve been set up to be sent up, by an entity outside this matrix, that thee’ll never figure out in a million years!

  16. andyb

    Yes: the crash is inevitable. The question is what will be the trigger. Take your pick among:
    The most financially probable:
    ***A major state pension bankruptcy ( Illinois, Conncticut, New Jersey?)
    ***A significant failure to deliver physical in the PM market (already occurring in London)
    ***A huge spike in oil prices to an average $4/gallon for gas
    The most politically probable:
    ***A Dow crash just prior to midterms to swing the House and Senate to enable Trump’s impeachment.
    *** A Dow crash just prior to the 2020 elections to derail a 2nd term for Trump

    • freebrezer

      Andyb *** or how about an international food crisis brought on by wild swings in the weather that devastate large swaths of crop around the world? Hungry mobs can cause a lot of turmoil/chaos (including revolutions). this one just seems to be forgotton … most people believe there is always going to be stocked grocery shelves, this because that is all everyone has known since after WWII.

  17. Harold Wasserman

    I have a question nobody seems to be asking I would like to ask Michael Pento: What happens if the Federal Reserve RETIRES the bonds on its books. In other words – does not try to resell them into the market and retrieve the cash. These bonds will not have to be absorbed driving interest rates higher. The cash is already out there since its already been printed. Essentially it would be the final step in monetizing the debt.

  18. Matt Jaymes

    Mr. Pento is an extremely astute analyst/commentator, and in the top 3 favorite regular guests on “The Dawg.”

    Tossing out a ping for Michael Snyder, a Trump supporting potential congressmen. I think he would be a wonderful contributor to USAWatchdog. Also, Trump needs all the help he can get……

    Great job!

  19. al

    Thanks again Greg
    Pento gets right to the point and is highly technical but brought out very nicely.
    Basically as long as these people keep doing what they’re doing it’s status quo.
    Pento makes sense, the system has to blow up in order for his scenario to play out.

  20. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    I always enjoy Michael. I don’t always know what he is talking about but I like the way he thinks.
    Folks, buy more gold and more silver. I believe these are almost “Fire Sale” prices. Pay off all bills, do away with credit cards. Keep fuel on hand to “Get Out of Dodge”. Like Greg said, buy tires, brakes, a new battery if it is 4 years old or more (conventional lead-acid types). Be prepared in season and out.

    • John

      Good advice CC!

  21. Flattop

    GREG: Billy Graham passing.
    There have been several prophetic words concerning his death, words of rapid changes to come in our nation.

    • Greg Hunter

      Rev. Graham will be missed–sad day.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Blessed are they that believe and have not seen. Best always. PM

        • Greg Hunter

          That was one of the many very big quotes from Jesus. Only the Son of God could think that way. Here we are more than 2,000 years later. There is a God!!!!

    • H. Craig Bradley


      Yes indeed, we have been warned many times by many prominent voices over the years, yet we failed to heed the warnings. So, now we stand with NO Excuse. We deserve whatever may happen to us all. We are not so exceptional in the end, as things turn-out.

      The White Man in Western Democracies is going to be reduced and stamped-out globally. Its already happening in South Africa, where White Farmers are being murdered and their lands taken for redistribution by the country’s leadership, like Mugabe did in Zimbabwe. One by one, countries are stamping-out the Anglo majorities and stripping them of their influence and wealth.


  22. Jerry

    The unhackable Chinese currency exchange system is now on line and ready to go live.

    • Mike R

      I can come up with a hundred ways to sunday to defeat that Quantum BS. Its all based on electricity, and ‘pulling the plug’ can be done many many different ways. All software is hackable, and anything designed by any human is hackable. Satellites are weak objects, super costly, and land based signal transmission is even worse.
      And the very problem with ALL encryption is every technique that is supposedly ‘better’ than the latest, ALWAYS exponentially grows in its power use. Power use is key here, and our societies are creating a deep power sink hole, that will require elimination of 95% of the people on the planet, just to support the power needs of those remaining, if we continue on our current trajectory of data transmission, every increasing so called ‘needs for security’, and what we now call ‘encryption.’ Bitcoin has the exact same flaw. Its too power hungry and always will be to ever be mass adopted for use in anything. Same thing with all this blockchain brew ha ha.

      Interesting science experiment at that link, but I’d bet all my money, you don’t even know what their reference is to “Quantum” actually, nor how bogus what they are talking about it all truly is. Its a total misuse of words, and elevating something that sounds grandiose and ‘complex’ that actually won’t amount to much of anything due to all its core flaws.

      Little tip- You ought to at least try to develop a more discerning eye Jerry if you are going to continue to search all this stuff out, and should really stop referencing so much from the ‘internet’. 95% of it is truly garbage. The other 5% is ALWAYS questionable. Otherwise if you don’t, you’ll only end up driving yourself crazy with delusions of debilitating grand paranoia.

  23. Jodyp

    While a bit technical for me, I did understand we’re on the snowball, rollin’ down hill. Always enjoy Michael Pento though.

  24. James Brown

    Greg, “Downtown” James Brown here. I love Michael Pento, great interview!!!
    Hey! Did I hear you speaking “french” in this interview?!?! Hey kid, keep it PG – 13. Just kidding. That is a great point – off camera the network people agree with Michael. Thank you for pointing that out.

  25. Paul ...

    Trump outlawing “bump stocks” on a gun (that makes it more like a machine gun) … is simply lowing “law abiding citizens” the ability “to respond in kind” to terrorists with machine guns … sort of like ordering the removal of power steering from all citizens trucks to supposedly make it harder for terrorists to steer trucks into pedestrians (but is in fact simply a way of nibbling away our right to drive at all)!!

    • Paul ...

      Yet Trump is preparing to give US troops in Syria “the right to fire their fully automatic machine guns” on the people (Russians) who are eliminating the evil terrorists over there??

    • John


      It has been against the law for some time now to own a fully automatic gun unless registered with the ATF – I have no issues doing away with bump stocks. I support Trump on this as well as raising the age at which long guns can be acquired. I am also for waiting periods.

  26. John

    No fresh thoughts in this interview. Pento said “nobody is talking about this (rising rate) event”. Huh? For years I’ve heard many “experts” call for certain disaster if rates rise.

    I’d like to see proof regarding his premise that “insolvency concerns” are causing interest rate growth. Maybe taking rates to 0% was the reason it is now going back to where it should be.

  27. Polargold

    The one thing Michael stated with regards to debt and hyperinflation that struck me was that debt in a hyper inflationary environment is good – I beg to differ. In the book When Money Dies the German banks went back and revalued all debts prior to the event – the scary part was that they went 5 years back prior to the period and you were saddled with that debt again even if you had paid of your debts off prior to the event. NO debt and hard currency is where everyone wants/needs to be.

  28. H. Craig Bradley


    Good financial commentary from Mike Pinto. I think we are all screwed and better find a log cabin retreat in some isolated rural area and grow a garden. Our major cities will become real shitholes once double digit inflation and a recession hit the general population and welfare recipients see their “allowance” (EBT) cut by the State. State and Federal Budgets will be a mess once interest rates get to normal levels ( 7% on a 10-year Treasury). In addition, public Employee Pension funds might become insolvent and have to cut retiree benefits by – 50%. Try that when you are a 65 year- old and retired, unable to work any longer after having put-up with a lower wage for 30 years in-exchange for a pension (promise) much later-on in retirement .

    Our growing underclass might just not take it so well and want to vent their collective anger on whomever they happen to see as deserving scapegoats of the moment ( Mob Rule). Not unlike the French Revolution and the Third Estate. Liberté, égalité, fraternité
    Potentially a very brutal set of adverse circumstances, all avoidable if we were to act and vote responsibly, which we have proven not to be. So Sad.

  29. marcus

    Greg The war heats up, Russia accused again for killing children, sound familiar, UN will have to act and tell American forces to get out, cheekmate.
    Tom Wales case is to be reopened.
    Benjamin & Trump Have the deep-state on the run. “Staying alive is the main game for these 2.”
    Rosenstein to reopen assassination case of Tom to expose Naval magazine Indian Island missing “Nano-Thermite ammunition used in 911, supporting the 3000 architects,demolition of world Trade Buildings.
    Trump is passionate about building, he will not back away from this crime on American soil.
    This war we are witnessing has many turns and twists a very complicated game of chess, It is has us all wondering who is on our side, the divide and conquer methods are eroding on the war front as meny now see the deep-state American military as evil.
    Greg I think your are very correct in your analyses that , Trump will fold on USD , and Jerry is correct with the new and improved Chinese Trade reforms, that will be transparent in all world trades.
    Following all the news today is a full time position , and thank you, all your followers that open up massive amounts of knowledge.
    Greg your site is a window that should be main street news.
    Freedom is all we seek.

  30. Bill

    GREG; I would ask this question.
    So many of your guests, and yourself recommend the holding of precious metals. But what denominations would you recommend. For example, silver, do we hold rounds, bars, or eagles? The same question for gold.

    • Greg Hunter

      I wrote this years ago and it still applies today: https://usawatchdog.com/how-to-buy-gold-and-silver/
      Your answer lies in the middle of this piece.

    • DerStan

      21 trillion is just the tip of the iceberg. Add in promised Social security, medicaid, medicare, etc. and it quickly balloons to north of 200 trillion. Get really depressed when you start adding trillions more for increased military spending and infrastructure….

  31. John

    31:33 into the interview – lol – Greg you are OK! – I really like that last exchange with Pento.

  32. Tad


    Article makes the case the US used biological or germ warfare on North Korea.

  33. coalburner

    Did you hear Glen Beck say they now have proof of Christian Children being used .ion Syria for organ harvest. And yes they take them all. No one comes out alive.

    PS I found Jerry’s comment ” World Islamic Bank” scary enough to open up a few new lines of thought. Mickey Mouse news must be to afraid to mention this stuff. So they make themselves busy sowing discord and scaring the Libtards out of their screaming minds.

  34. Diane

    Armstrong posted this comment on banking crisis coming.

     “United States is looking at a new radical bank rescue policy where the government is proposing to revise a central pillar of the idea of bailing out banks creating new financial regulation with a new Chapter 14 bankruptcy procedure. They are looking at eliminating the risk of taxpayers’ costs to bail out banks. They are investigating the means for an orderly resolution so that the taxpayers do not have to bail out the banks. This development is causing some concern among the high-flying Wall Street banks, for if that is the case, then another crisis as 2007-2009 will result in even Goldman Sachs closing. The proposal looks to shift the burden to the shareholders and creditors of that bank. “

  35. Diane

    Does this mean we won’t be able to get our money out of all banks or just the “too big to fail” big ones.
    Here is the entire article

    • JMiller


      Martin Armstrong is talking about bank bail-ins. In the U.S, only shareholders, bondholders and may be uninsured depositors of systemically important banks (t00-big-too-fail) may lose money in a bail-in. Insured depositors are not part of any bail-ins. Of course shareholders, bondholders and uninsured depositors have lost money before when a bank has failed in the past so this is not something that is new. The main risk for most people who have money in a bank or credit union is not bail-ins. It is dollar devaluation, hyperinflation, or things that would prevent you from accessing your money such as the power grid going down or a cyber attack on your bank or may be capital controls being put in place because of bank runs.

      Here is a list of systemically important banks.


      And Martin Armstrong is wrong to say that taxpayer bailouts can’t happen now that we have bail-in laws.

  36. Diane

    Does this mean we won’t be able to get our money out of all banks or just the “too big to fail” big ones?

  37. Russ

    Thanks Greg, another great conversation with Michael Pento. Data, facts and no hyperbole. Bottom line for me is keep all options open and be ready for different scenarios to play out. PM’s, cash, food in pantry, a well maintained & paid for truck, minimal debt/no mortgage and a (imo) good attitude. I am not preparing for nuclear war, that’s just stupid and while the folks with the big red buttons on the desks may want you to think they’re crazy, they’re not crazy.

    Since so much of the developed world is beset with the same “too much debt” issue, I’m still thinking some form of reset is in order; unfortunately, that reset may occur after the deflationary collapse or hyperinflationary event has happened. Those events make even the most ardent can kicking politician think about really solving problems. We shall see, standing by.

  38. Mohammad

    It is all summarized in the article of the Economist magazine of 1988.
    Most thought (including me) that the coin on the neck of the Phoenix bird was a gold coin.
    It turned out to be Crypto – Coin.
    The timing is just perfect it was 2018.
    The debt is absolutely burning the cash, so i can say to Mr. Pento rest assured it is inflationary and they will crank up the zeros until the cash is burnt.
    Then comes the solution which already has its foundation in place with the balloon experiment of two countries already which happened to be a two DEVASTATED countries to start the experiment and that is



    can you believe this Greg, Those two out of the whole world to experiment with?

    It is clear as the blue sky on a beautiful summer day, we are moving into digital currency and the cash is burnt by the debt, once that bird COMES fully the nation that will stop in its way will be devastated.

    Sad but true

  39. Jerry

    And so the exodus from the dollar begins.

    Almong with them at least 19 other nations will begin making the switch. Can the move to the petroyuan be far behind?

    It’s one thing to control markets, but quite something else when no one else wants to use your currency for trade. I’m sorry Greg, but I think Donald Trump is outnumbered against the globalist and their agenda. Before this thing is over he will be taking the blame for the economic calamity that is headed our way.

  40. Mohammad


    I hope this will somehow make it to your WNW because of its utmost implication on the fate of the Dollar and PM.

    If you are tuned to the crypto currency updates it is hardly news that Venezuela had issued the first world SOVEREIGN BACKED crypto oil currency and gold currency .

    What could really be NEWS is who is behind the block chin those two currencies are going to be unleashed upon, and who is behind the technology , and what that may mean to the dollar and to the precious metals in the NEAR future.

    I found this article that i wanted to share with you and your audience:


    “Confusion over the Foundation’s involvement was sparked by a tweet from the Venezuelan government that inaccurately cited them as meeting with officials there. Chatter on social media suggests that the exchange in question is ZeusExchange, which is based in Russia.”

    And Greg the name of Russia pops in those lines which makes all the sense since both countries are under heavy sanctions by the west and the DOLLAR and they want to escape that by using the medium of crypto, it has been recently when Russia had sent to the DUMA a legislation to vote on to issue DIGITAL RUBLE and i linked to that on your site early on.

    Then i found this and it linked the dots from non other that the NewYork Times:


    So if this picks up and gains steam what do you think will happen to the PETRO DOLLAR??????

    And was that the reason why Tillerson was visiting Argentina recently in a surprise jump to circumvent this event that threatens the Dollar:


    Link the dots Greg and you can see where this is going, add to it the issuance of Venezuela to the first gold backed crypto coin and you know that gold and silver will soon escape the London fix and Comex paper manipulation since China and Russia are behind it:

    ““Next week I‘m going to launch the petro gold, backed by gold, which is even more powerful, that will strengthen the petro,” Maduro said in a televised speech. ”


  41. rick

    Thanks for the correction Ingolf, but saying the Swiss regulators wanted it to happen doesn”t seem to be a very powerful point. They didn”t want a Swiss bank to go broke even when it was insolvent. Are you saying they were happy to have a few weeks of dodgy accounting because they always knew it would be unwound?

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