Trump CV19 Vax Contract Violated by Pfizer – Karen Kingston

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Karen Kingston is a biotech analyst and former Pfizer employee who understands complicated medical and biological contracts.  Kingston has been doing a deep dive into the contract President Trump signed with Pfizer for their version of the CV19 vax.  The contract proves Trump required Pfizer to follow the law to produce a safe and effective vaccine.  The Pfizer vax was not safe or effective and violated the contract.  On top of that, the Pfizer vax turned out to be a bioweapon.   Pfizer says it produced 63% of the 13 billion injections worldwide.  Kingston explains, “Unlike any other contract I have ever read before, the contract says right up front the President said they had to produce a safe and effective vaccine, and they would have to promise it would protect against SARS-Cov-2 infections and all its variants.  Oh, and by the way, all those Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) laws that give you immunity under Obama and Bush, Jr., you are going to forfeit those. . . .  Trump said he wanted it by October 31, and the vaccine must be safe and effective.  This was not safe and effective under the emergency use vaccine even though it was going to be EUA authorized.  They cite the FDA laws under initial new drug applications that it must adhere to.  In fact, Pfizer had to adhere to initial new drug application laws that were separate from EUA laws.   On top of that, it had to be guaranteed to be safe and effective. . . . The contract that Trump had Pfizer sign made them guarantee this was safe and effective.  So, they broke the contract, and Pfizer is not protected under the EUA law. . . . The way the contract is written, it looks to me, Trump said if we need a vaccine to reopen the country, you have to make sure it was safe and effective. . . . The phrase is in there over a dozen times.  There is no gray area that the product (Pfizer CV19 vax) had to be safe and effective.”

The bioweapon/vax is research that has been under development for a couple of decades.  Kingston contends, “Even Bobby Kennedy said the last 20 years of Fauci (NIH) and Ralph Baric (UNC) research was bioweapon research.  Bioweapon research is based in mRNA technology.  So, anyone working on mRNA technology under the guise of vaccines and gene therapy was really working on a bioweapon.  This is exactly what Lt. General Kirillov, who heads up Russia’s bioweapon program, stated that this is what mRNA technology is.  He said they are artificial viruses . . .  pathogens based in mRNA technology.  Basically, they are technology pathogens.  They are meant to cause disease, disabilities and death in humans.  They have developed this under the guise of vaccines. . .”

Kingston has been trying to get the leaders around the country and in Congress to stop ignoring the extreme death and disabilities caused by the CV19 bioweapon/vax.  The evidence is now overwhelming, and, yet, this huge ongoing bioweapon attack is being ignored.  Kingston says, “The NIH, CDC and FDA were co-conspirators, that’s what they are.  They were complicit in developing mRNA bioweapons and deploying them, not just in the United States, but deploying them globally.  By ignoring the crime, you become complicit in the crime.  My concern is also for President Trump.  These are clearly defined as bioweapons . . . that do not prevent infection, or transmission, does not prevent hospitalization and was done under criminal and fraudulent experimentation, that is the definition of a bioweapon, especially when it causes harm. . . .This is my warning to America and Congress.  We cannot ignore that a bioweapon was developed by American companies and unleashed on the global population.  If you continue to ignore this, then you are complicit in a crime. . . . You don’t want a foreign power to come in and take care of this.  The way Russia takes care of many criminals is they execute them or assassinate them.  This is not something that America wants another global military power to take care of.”

In closing, Kingston says, “We must stop mRNA technology because it will be used to destroy humanity.”

There is much more in the 1-hour and 16-minute in-depth interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with biotech analyst Karen Kingston as she gives an update on the bioweapon mRNA injections and why they need to be stopped for 3.17.23.

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After the Interview:

To look at some of the data and documents on the Trump Pfizer CV19 vax contract or proof the CV19 vax is a bioweapon and a psyop released on an unsuspecting public, go to the [email protected].

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  1. Anthony Australia

    God you can trust, no one else.
    Have a great Sunday USAW!

    • Anthony Australia

      New Clif High: Trump Arrest Imminent! The End Game – The Last Round & Rafi Farber

      • Jack

        It is reported that Trump did not take the jab for Covid but was treated by Dr Zelenko with Ivermectin. Why then did Trump promote the jab via operation warp speed and still to this day promotes this toxic jab ? Trump is either a fool or part of the Deep State.

        • Greg Hunter

          Who reported this? I heard Trump say he took the Pfizer jab on stage with Bill O’Rielly.

          • Cathy Palmer

            In this video clip, Bill O’Reilly is with Trump and say they got vaccinated and boosted.

            • Deborah

              So with Bill O’Reilly he did not make it clear what he took. He just said he got a booster but in the minds of Americans it was what millions of people were taking. The JAB! So he wants us to read between the lines. Sorry I can’t read minds!

              • Bobby

                Despite Trump regularly insisting that he doesn’t get enough credit for the corona virus vaccines – Trump claimed during an interview with Sean Hannity “that school-age children should not be inoculated against the deadly virus” – Trump stated: “Now we have to get back (to work) and the schools have to get open – and frankly, we’re lucky we have the vaccine. But the vaccine on very young people is something that you gotta really stop” – so Trump in a contorted sort of way is turning against the “jab” at least for kids – saying: “You have to get back to running your country—I mean, I don’t see reasons—and I am a big believer in what we did with the vaccine. It’s incredible what we did. You see the results. But to have every school child, where it’s 99.99%, they just don’t (get infected) you know, they’re just not affected or affected badly. – did you get that – Trump said: “Having to receive a vaccine I think is something that you should start thinking about, because I think it’s unnecessary.” – Trump Thinks The Jab Is Unnecessary!!!!

            • David Gordon Dunne

              Both Bill and The Donald are showing they are ignorant. I have been following Rod Stewart for many months. His 11 year son collaspes in a Soccer game, his brother “Died Suddenly” RIGHT, and now he is sick. His best friend Jeff Beck is dead. I am sure they were/are ignorant like arrogant Bill O and Trump. The one thing that really gets me so upset is I got knowledgeable real fast watching Judy Mikovitz, Dr. Francis Boyle, and Dr. Zilenko then followed Mercola, Tennpenny, McCulloh, Martin, Fleming Cory and others. and to have so many I love and know to totally dismiss what my data said is Fuc-ing SHOCKING. AND HURTS ME DEEPLY . All that have known me a life time says this about me, “Dave Dunne is as honest as the day is long.” I thought Dr. Zilenko gave Trump HCQ too but that was after he came down with the China V but he got well in two days.

          • Linda

            Trump did take the vaxx, but I think Zelenko may have treated Trump. I heard that somewhere, but he also took HCQ etc. Didn’t Trump say that he did take HCQ?

          • Kym Smith


            Dr Anna, mentioned by Karen Kingston shared some very important information regarding shedding.
            Very informative and fascinating interview. I believe she is very enlightened as to what is going on, and her insights are correct and helpful.

      • I Dig Au

        Thank you for the informative link.

    • BrianMac

      Never thought Trump was in on the genocide – new he got duped. He just wont admit it – therefore condoning it and complacent in my opinion. Sadly he took a gamble with trusting them not to throw the contract in the trash – so to speak. But if you think about it – no vaccine in history has been determined to be safe and effective in a matter of a weeks after being made and distributed. How could he think that would be accomplished?? Egotistical?? And now he still won’t admit he got scammed or say anything about the genocide. Pride heads the procession of the 7 deadly sins!!

      • Dee Underwood

        Yes, and you sir would have been able to do better, right?!

    • Anthony Australia

      Trump’s impending arrest is all over the MSM Propaganda Network here.

      • Dee Underwood

        “Look over here, look over there, just don’t look at what we don’t want you to see”!

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Anthony,
      Thanks for keeping us all posted on ‘life down under’.

      From a distance, Australian authorities appeared to have gone full Nazi – with the population appearing to rollover?! Right now, I sense a fight-back. Australian doctor Melissa McCann gave a brilliant speech at a recent conference entitled ‘Covid Vaccines & Effects Tour – Sydney, Australia 2023’. Doctor Peter McCullough and Dr Pierre Kory were speakers at the same event. Great stuff!

    • Anthony Australia

      You are a beauty PNG! Thanks for the link last time around, gone viral here.

    • Anthony Australia

      One for the Aussies

      Pathetic ASIC Can’t Explain Its Failures

    • Dietrich Reiner

      Greg, here’d be a great guest. Finally, a discussion of HOW the lipid nanoparticles cause severe clotting!!!

      BioTech Expert Christie Grace on How Lipid Nanoparticles May Be Causing Large Blood Clots

      “They found that a negatively charged lipid which is also present in the vaccine solution was binding with fibrin…but not only that, it was accelerating the clotting process by thousands fold.”

    • Palemoon

      God of the AKJV is the only one I do trust! PERIOD!!!!

  2. Lacy

    Oh my goodness…y’all are really trying to rewrite history to make President Warpspeed look better…

    • Greg Hunter

      Are you stupid? Do you not understand what a contract is? Or, are you just AI or a paid troll?

    • Wadsworth Binghamton

      ‘SHOW US HUNTER STORY’ Fakey Racy! S.tefanik has VICTORY laugh after Garland’s witness admits ‘censor’ deal / Gülsüm’ün Elişleri 3 hours ago

    • Shirl

      I’ve heard of your illogical cries of nonsense many times over…there was a highly animated neighbor down the street here, for example, who actually had some 20-25 Homemade Yard Signs that denounced President Trump for daring to offer alternatives instead of the vaccines…Praised Dr Fauci just because….etc etc etc…the mailbox was covered with equally straight from the TeeVee talking head statements on this as well….really “Jim Jones cult ” kool-aid drinker stuff all the way.

      President Trump. Had. An. Iron. Clad. Contract. As. An. Experienced. Businessman. (Relisten to this excellent interview that details these facts)

      Many didn’t need to read a contract for many reasons and avoided the unneeded Bio-Weapon Series of Clot-Shots & “Boostas” (as Dr Fraudci pronounced them) altogether where even if you were to get the Kong-Flu to begin with there was still a 99.98% survival rate without it. They understood the situation like my family and took the advice of alternative therapeutics, did research on this, followed common sense logic, and are doing fine today…imagine that!?!?

      Now, there is sill that unhinged WOKE phenomena of ongoing attack upon President Trump who is still being hounded by insane Marxists and satanists who want to arrest him to prevent him from running again…should he announce caution AGAIN about the “vaccines” for those that need to be told what to do with them and their God given free choices? If you think he does, again, you haven’t been paying attention…

      • Shirl

        Should add this for those interested from Bob Moriarty as an update from a few days ago on the funny money banks and how “everything the government has told us is a lie from Covid to the financial system.” (paraphrased quote):

    • Luke

      Lacy, Leftism is a horrible mental condition.

    • Dee Underwood

      Look folks, Lacy knows it all and would have made an amazing president?

  3. Jen Taylor

    I live in MD, on the PA line, and I can tell you, in my supposedly little red area, no one is aware or awake. Please post what rural areas of the country would be good to live in.

  4. Jen

    I live in MD, on the PA line, and I can tell you, in my supposedly little red area, no one is aware or awake. Please post what rural areas of the country would be good to live in.

    • Michael

      Jen, my experience in rural ND is that those who are devout Christians are awake; by devout I mean those who regularly pray. These are the Catholics who give the rosary daily and travel to participate in the Latin Mass when they can or the Protestants who spend time daily in prayer – not the folks who go to church weekly but don’t spend significant time in prayer on their own or with their families. The people in the rural areas of the Northern Plains are generally conservative but it is the people who are devout who almost universally refused the Covid shots even at the threat of their livelihoods and it is these people who understand what is happening in the world. It has been a beautiful example of how God gives wisdom and discernment to those who pray. As such, I think the answer is to seek a rural area and people who pray.

      • judy

        AMEN, Michael!

      • Bobby

        Beware men who want to use Guillotines on all those who believe in Jesus:
        “Then I saw thrones, and they sat on them, and judgment was given to them. And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony of Jesus and because of the word of God, and those who had not worshiped the beast or his image, and had not received the mark on their forehead and on their hand; and they came to life and reigned with Christ for a thousand years” (Revelation 20:4 ).

  5. John Pick

    Another mind-boggling interview!

    Thank you Greg and Karen for your bravery and courage.

  6. Dylan

    Maybe Trump knew, maybe he didn’t. He definitely must know the vax is a bioweapon by now, and yet he has never owned up to it.
    From “Warp Speed” to “Quantum Leap”–looking fishy.

    • Greg Hunter

      The contracts prove he did NOT know, and the contracts alos prove Trump did NOT want a bioweapon/vax. I agree, he knows now and must step forward.

      • alysia

        this is my conclusion too; that he simply did not know the ingredients but now he does. Trump thought like all the other proud vaxed, they were safe. what will happen if 500 million suddenly die? or die after 10 yrs? they will blame it on Trump as big pharma won’t take responsibility for genocide.

  7. George Brooks

    Thank-you Greg Hunter and Karen Kingston. With the economy / banks failing and Trump possibly being arrested on Tuesday, here is a link to a 3-minute, fast-beat music-video to lift our spirits, called “Trump Won, and you know it”:

  8. Prospector

    What court or courts would have jurisdiction over this contract ?
    Could they be relied on ? With D.O.D. likely involved how does the all covering excuse of ” National Security ” come into play ?
    Evidence came out where they said ; ” WHEN DO WE RELEASE THE NEXT VARIANT ? ”
    Then almost right away – Bank Failures …… and its still going ! Big distraction from vaxxine crimes.

  9. Prospector

    Meant to add this :
    The Kobeissi Letter
    Yesterday, WSJ said that 186 banks are facing the same risks as Silicon Valley Bank.

    Today, a coalition of 110 banks are asking for FDIC insurance on all deposits for 2 years.

    Every hour counts right now as hundreds of banks face the same issue.

    Panic is spreading quickly. Mar 18

    • Wayne

      Doubtful the FDIC would do that. Guaranteeing all the uninsured deposits of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank was very bad. Here is my take on how the failure of these two banks should have been handled after the FDIC took control of those banks. The FDIC would create a “bridge bank” and place the assets and liabilities of the failed bank into it, which the FDIC did do. Of course, they then would ascertain what the true market value of the assets were and what the total amount was owed to the creditors of the bank which would mostly be depositors. I am going to be conservative and guess that the value of the assets would have been at least enough to pay out 75% of what was owed to the depositors. The FDIC then could allow the depositors to have access to their bank accounts up to 75% of their account balance. This would give the depositors the ability to conduct business and pay their bills. The FDIC then can start to sell most of the assets of the bank to raise cash so that it can be paid out to the depositors in 3 or 6 months when the FDIC decides to liquidate the bank. Depositors may only get 80% or 90% of their deposits but that is all they deserve. The do not deserve to get the full amount unless the proceeds from the sale of the assets of the bank comes to an amount that would allow it. I welcome any thoughts about my resolution of these two failed banks.

      • Wayne

        Looks like the FDIC found a buyer for Signature Bank.

        The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) entered into a purchase and assumption agreement for substantially all deposits and certain loan portfolios of Signature Bridge Bank, National Association, by Flagstar Bank, National Association, Hicksville, New York, a wholly owned subsidiary of New York Community Bancorp, Inc., Westbury, New York.

        The FDIC estimates the cost of the failure of Signature Bank to its Deposit Insurance Fund to be approximately $2.5 billion.

      • Dylan C.

        Depositors are in fact unsecured creditors; banksters and their government buddies would rather enact bail-ins than allow people to get their money. We need to understand their agenda here: as Bill Holter said, they either can save the dollar or save the financial system, but either way, our standard of living decreases. The little guy will be stepped on to raise the banksters up. Why should he expect to get “his” money (which he really just gave to the bank) back?

      • Tommy

        Wayne er Dorothy from the Wizard Of Oz, keep clicking your heels ;

        • Wayne

          Do not know what that link has to do specifically with what I posted above. Insured depositors got their money like always and it looks like even uninsured depositors got theirs even though they should not have got it all.

          • Tommy

            Astonishingly you WONDER WHY you “do not know” when your only source is the FDIC itself even with their own meeting frankly pointing out details of a preferred Friday occurrence to spring the collapse upon the caught unawares public… and you haven’t cross referenced the meaning of their own description of this failure to any other available information across the entire planet, which all signal the collapsing interconnected PONZI. Further, you will never “know” what is happening today by wilfully ignoring the fate of every fiat currency ever created or of today’s default world fiat currency that happens to be the not Federal no Reserve dollar “insured” by the FDIC…talk about willful ignorance on a global scale, sigh.

            The problems manifesting world wide are, in fact, interconnected that the previous post illuminates from King World News that you haven’t read.

            For those interested, from Banned dot Video, infowars below posted on The Phaser dot com released over a week ago:


            • Bobby

              I don’t get it – if the Globalists want people to take their money out of the little banks and put it into the six(6) “to big to fail banks” (so their CBDC can be more easily imposed upon the public – then why did Biden tell all of us our money will be safe and protected wherever it is banked?? – didn’t he just shoot the Globalists in the foot???

              • Tommy

                Good Q.
                I’d think they have consolidation as a goal in wiping out small banks, credit unions etc so that with a digital dollar rollout they’ll have even tighter reigns for control too. Picture back during the scamdemic that shut down mom&pop stores by decree and allowed Wally World, Target etc of THE BIGS to remain open. It makes sense if you wanted to consolidate shopping options as it did where many small mom&pops disappeared, poof and done…
                I’m only seeing what had happened just recently to the marketplace upset and the result end and then by extending the logic to a similar situation to the banks that could happen with their claimed too big to fail banks as decreed by Janet Yellen and then with the already declared bye bye to the smalls in the banking arena. BTW, with an impending hyperinflation scenario being engineered, the remaining mom&pops will be forced to close their doors making the circle of horrific control complete.

                • Greg Hunter

                  You might be right, but they may wipe out some big banks in the process.

            • Wayne

              Still you are bringing up other issues that do not specifically address what I said in my original post about how the failure Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank should have been handled. So how would you handle those two bank failures Tommy?

              • Tommy

                Wayne, the issues are not separate…they are related because the FDIC should have only covered the amount up to 250,000 Dollars per account holder in total as was supposed to have been the limit…now, it appears that the sky is the limit that just puts all the other banks in the nation under FDIC coverage at risk of contagion and assures higher inflation for everyone as the money printer goes buurrrrrrrrrr. Its a bit complicated but, money doesn’t just disappear at bank failure. In Negative effect the banks are now free to risk everything at private profit taking in gambling on woke “investments” while they now know they can take even greater unsound risks that the public will pay for if they go south…privately they enjoy gains while the risks of loss are all now public losses….to top it off, Janet Yellen will discriminate which banks get all the bells and whistles of coverage and which will not.
                It appears we have now officially entered The Twilight Zone of banking casino territory. …Dooo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo…

                • Wayne

                  Ok, so you do agree with me that the FDIC should have only covered up to the insured amounts. Of course, you should also then agree with me that the non-insured creditors of the bank such as the uninsured depositor should get whatever is available from the sale of the assets of those failed banks much and nothing more.

  10. Sheryl

    As john Moore would probably say. This is a woman with her brain on fire

  11. Country Codger

    Okay, please take this in the spirit that it is written, Greg, Ms. Kingston, I hate listening to her interviews because there is so much information and she makes me feel so stupid it is unbelievable and it doesn’t take but 10 or 15 minutes.

    Ms. Kingston, you are a wonderful and dynamic guest and you take us to school every time you appear.
    Keep up the great work, Greg!
    Lo Iyrah!

  12. john lance

    I was on the same page as Karen Kinston untill her last paragraph where she said we don’t want some some foreign power to come in and execute these criminals like Fauci and Pfizer management . These people need to be executed for all the people they have killed world wide . If we could borrow Putin and the Wagner Group for a few weeks I think they could do a great job . I have always wanted to see a bull fight and a firing squad before the grim reaper gets me .

    • Shiloh1

      It would be the greatest pay-per-view ever!

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      Call me crazy but nothing is going to happen to Pfizer or Fauci. If the architects of the Vietnam War, Gulf War, etc., were never executed (or even brought to trial!), what makes anyone think there are going to be hangings or firing squads here?

      • Greg Hunter

        Spoken like a true quitter. Evil is so proud and happy with you. Me I am going to keep pissing evil off. and I will never quit.

      • Bobby

        When there is a crisis – Americans are noted for always standing up to solve it – so Big Pharma (and the rest of the evil Globalists trying to kill us) – Should be Scared – and these evil men now bringing on a nuclear World War with Russia “will only hasten their demise”!!

    • Justn Observer


      • judy mcpherson

        Malone is not part of this….he is fighting the monsters!

  13. Robert Coleman

    Prosecute them All Nuremberg 2.0 – No Exceptions
    They all knew exactly what they were doing. Not just following orders.
    Watch this Italian Doctor from May 2020 who warned the World about the Covid Death Shot.
    The Gates of Hell shall Not Prevail.

  14. Jane Hill

    Absolutely Excellent.
    Thank U Karen.
    Thank U Greg.

  15. Thomas Fiust

    Karen Kingston is a mama bear protecting her kids.
    Go girl!

  16. Holly Leapin

    so what she is saying is Trump knows about this contract. And obviously, just like everyone else, Trump has seen people dropping dead from the vax for over two years. But Trump continues to push the vax and never calls out Pfizer.

    • Greg Hunter

      He will have to do it.

      • kevin blue

        being unvaccinated with most of my children. Living in a 55+ community. I see the repercussions of many who took the shot. They came into our park in Florida in March 2021 to give everyone that sigh up to get the first shot over 70 percent sign up of a 500-home community. Many people in our park now have gone downhill with sudden illness Dementia, tremors, cancer, stokes and blood clots loss of bowl moments. Many with stomach issues to those who got vaxed Then most all in our park that were vaxed personally that I know did catch covid eight months later in fall 0f 2021. I caught covid from a vax neighbor friend in Feb 22. She was sicker than me. Most all the ones I know that are my friends seem to be always catching some bug. Many I see have a constant. What I call a covid vax cough. They cough all the time.

      • BrianMac

        If Trump does go to jail the he will need something to read. I suggest someone drop these off for him.
        1. The Pfizer Documents (50 Reports – 500 pages) by the Daily Clout and the War Room. And recently another 14 Reports added at The Daily Clout – especially Report #54 on Infants and Children!!!
        2. Edward Dowd’s book “Cause Unknown” The Epidemic Of Sudden Deaths”
        3. All Evidence Gathered And Lawsuits By Thomas Renz, Dr. David Martin, Reiner Fuellmich.
        4. All Evidence gatherd by Karen Kingston on patents showing deadly jabs were being planned by DOD and made by them – not by Pfizer or Moderna in “Warp Speed”!
        5. Statistics gathered by alot of people on all deaths and injuries relate to the “unsafe and deadly effective” jabs – especially all the BABIES!!!!!!!!!!
        6. Alot of Epoch Times articles in their health section and their Insight Magazine – on Dr. Mercola and Peter McCullough reoprting on the deadly jabs for 2 and half years.
        And how about a video to watch – “Died Suddenly” by Stew Peters.

        • Greg Hunter

          I have long said Trump would have to do a 180 on the CV19 bioweapon/vax. His advisors are not doing him any good. I would stand on him to do this now.

          • J. Kimble Allen

            Greg, I am sure you will not allow this comment to be published, but whatever!

            When are you going to accept the fact that Donald J. Trump is an intelligent adult, capable of researching, and utilizing said research to ascertain the truth about the experimental Bioweapon injections that have killed, are killing, and maiming millions of people, yet he is still encouraging people to subject themselves to said bioweapon injections, and … he … only … is responsible for his decisions?

            Stop blaming his “advisors!”

            Donald Trump is responsible for his personal decisions, just as any other adult is responsible for their own decisions.

            You often refer to people as being “stupid.”

            Well, in my opinion … it is just stupid … for you to continue to blame Trump’s alleged advisors, for his decisions.

            How many times does Trump have to lie to you, and millions of others, before you cop a clue. The man is a notorious, selfish, egotistical, liar!

            I am sorry I voted for him … twice!

            • Luke

              J. Kimble Allen, listen to the interview without screeching to the skies in denial.

              Screeching to the skies is no way to go through life as an alleged “adult” or as a Responsible Credible American Citizen.


            • Jones

              I agree with your comment J Kimble. Trump knows exactly the damage that is being done by the vax. If he didn’t then he really would be an idiot.

            • alysia

              J.Kimble Allen, have you never been taken in by a bait and switch con game? well it happens to those in prominent places too.

  17. Glen

    You’re right Greg, there are many smart people who are stepping up and telling the truth. At the same time there are many smart people who are shivering, hiding in the bushes or running for cover who would rather preserve their cash flow than exercise a little intestinal fortitude and/or ethics.

  18. Mark W

    I think it’s really important to understand and acknowledge that this is not the first time the pharmaceutical industry has created the disease and also provided “the cure”. It is in fact their business model and has been for decades! Just like Wall Street, the way to get rich is to play both sides of the trade. The entire vaccine schedule, which is now an insane 70+ vaccines for kids, is known to cause all kinds of issues including learning disabilities, cancers, autism, and allergies, just to name a few. Vaccines and virology are a sham, and the truth is coming out.

  19. James

    Wow – In a way the Russians are our friends with this – WOW!
    2nd thought that kept popping up to this video is the ole saying “Its easier to fool someone than to convince them they have been fooled”!

  20. Coal Burner

    When the Scam and Murder plot is big enough it is the same as too big to fail banks. Until they all come down! So many people are injured that they cannot admit it is true.

  21. Tag Geren

    Just another attempt to blame Trump for their obvious attempts to destroy the American people. And how many years have they tried…and failed? These snakes won’t quit no matter how much truth proves they are full of it. Scared much?

  22. Vince Wagner

    Serious question: if there’s this massive die off, what are they doing with the bodies? Service Corporation reported crappy earnings.

    “Total comparable funeral revenue decreased by $29.9 million, or 5.0%, in the fourth quarter of 2022 compared to the same period of 2021, primarily driven by a significant decline in core funeral revenue of $29.2 million.
    The decrease in core funeral revenue of $29.2 million, or 5.8%, was primarily the result of a 6.6% decrease in core funeral services performed as the prior year was more heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. This decrease was slightly offset by a 0.9% increase in the core average revenue per service. The comparable core cremation rate increased an expected 150 basis points to 55.3%.”

    • Richard Longacre

      Vince,. I have no idea where you pulled your information from but where I live funerals have increased by over 400% and the funeral home is stacking up the bodies in the hallway or shipping them off to other places.
      The life insurance company reports refute what you are saying as well. All cause deaths are up at least 40% nationwide.

      • Vince Wagner

        These were earnings released a few weeks ago by Service Corporation, the largest funeral home company in the US. They do not support the theory of a massive die off.

        • Richard Longacre

          Thanks for providing the source. I live in Cherokee nation where the Indians are forced to take the jab and all of the boosters if they want their free money, free housing, and free healthcare. Perhaps that is the difference. Depends on where you live and how injected up the local population is.

    • anon

      Where are the bodies? Can’t let a good body go to waste when it could be liquefacted and put in the water supply.

  23. Ed Mustafo

    WATCH OUT for this move too. KRISTIN PECK, a former Pfizer employee is the the current CEO of Zoetis, a Pfizer spinoff and the largest animal “vax” manufacturer in the world. She sits on the Blackrock board ( surprise) and is lobbying the Biden regime to vaccinate every U.S. chicken against bird flu. Just another way to try to poison us.

    • Shiloh1

      Another Wine Mom sociopath.

    • Bobby

      Poison us “and also make the chickens sterile” (so the few eggs we do get will cost $10,000 dollars each)!!!

  24. John Duffy

    The Western media was filled with reports declaring Putin is a War criminal and stating that foreign leaders should shun him. Curious thing about indictments — they are allegations of criminal conduct and must be proven in court. But most in the West are not waiting for that judicial process to run its course, they already have decided that Putin is guilty as charged.

    Russia’s incredible Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, called out the staggering hypocrisy of the West in leveling such charges:

    The experiments of the “enlightened West” on sex change in children, the persecution of doctors who believe that there are only two sexes, the perverted interpretation of juvenile law, the destruction of the institution of the family, the replacement of “mom” and “dad” with degenerate terms “parent A” and “parent B”, the propaganda of perversions among minors – all these are not annoying accidents, but a large-scale policy in NATO-centric countries. And those states that, like Hungary, are trying to resist within the Alliance, are being subjected to real persecution.

    Sanctions and harassment against Leonid Roshal (Noted pediatritian, Chairman of International Charity Fund to Help Children in Disasters and Wars) and Maria Lvova-Belova (Presidential Commissioner for Children’s Rights in Russia) are signs of the dehumanization of liberal dictatorships.
    Russian attempts to save children from the ravages of war is being viciously attacked while most Western governments and media outlets remain mum on the murder of Ukrainian children during the last 9 years by the Government of Ukraine in its relentless shelling of civilians in the Donbas.

  25. Mike

    I think that really sucks you muted me on Rumble over my honest comments Greg. I am not a troll or AI. . . . (This is Greg Hunter and I have cut off this lefty dishonest commie thought shaping comment. You gaming my audience is what really sucks!!!!! Because this Karen Kinston CV19 Pfizer voiding Trumps contract story is destroying a major attack avenue you and your commie friends were going to use against Trump in 2024!!!!!! Funny You (commie lefty troll) are worried about the CCP bribe taking cheater who forced people to get the bioweapon shots. People like you voted for Biden, and you are not worried about Biden bailing out the CCP with SVB???????????? What you are worried about (you AI troll Commie Democrat) is the guy running 2 years from now. This is the big problem??????? Maybe Biden should come out and say he f’d up for forcing this on everybody including babies!!!!!!! Now go away and stop pretending you are some sort of real conservative person and MAKE SURE you get your booster.)

    • Tim K

      You go Greg!!!


  26. Howie The Manager

    What is sick our local newspaper ran a full page story on our new immigrant family that fled Ukraine, and blaming Putin’s Russia.

    What this fool doesn’t understand is America installed this Nazi Zelensky that is NATO backed for future resource-raping by EU and the west…, and Zelensky ordered the killings of tens of thousands of fellow Ukrainians for many years until Russia stopped it.

    This COWARD in this newspaper story fled his nation of birth instead of trying to dispose of the problem, remove Zelensky and tell the EU banksters to invade and rape some other nations natural resources.

    FREEDOM COMES AT A COST, AND MANY MEN DIE, instead he chose to flee his nation and now is a SYMPATHY WHORE in the United States, eating our free entitlements. Just like the Mexicans that flee their lands, too afraid to fight the cartel and live free again.


    He never owned it, Mate.
    This is whom you’ve got to take, before he takes you. PAPER TIGER.
    Obama & Putin: Face to Face on D-Day

    • Bobby

      Imagine greedy Biden in the Garden of Eden – he would have eaten all the apples – consider what punishment now awaits Biden (from the Bigger Guy) – when the punishment for “taking just one bite” was: Total removal, Banishing and Exiling of the Perper-Traitor!!

  28. James Swiger

    Glad to see someone finally connect Dr. Robert Malone to the development of this bio weapon. George Webb has been trying to wake people up about this for years, long before Covid was even mentioned. He has been working on the dark activities of our military that no one will acknowledge has been going on for decades.

    • Jane Doe

      Personally I had no idea about Dr Malone til now. I thought his “good” tech had been hijacked by evil but now I’m not so sure. Sad. I truly do feel no o e is as they seem and that includes Trump now. Glad to know God never changes!

  29. CJ

    FDA has a conflict of interest. It’s not a great leap to understand that the people deciding what goes in our food allow things that cause disease. Then the same people get to decide what is used to treat those diseases. All of this is funded by the big companies making both the food and the drugs. The FDA needs to be disbanded.

  30. Joe

    I think Karen Kingston pointed out China so as to show that China is helping the US dark players to cause this destruction. China has all the different variants (ingredients) on standby to infect cells. This is what happens in an authoritarian system, the government gets away with criminal acts and collusion with bad players and face zero opposition. China bans mRNA not because it cares for its people but because the government doesn’t need to kill people who are already programmed robots and obey like sheep. China is part of the globalist plan to wipe out billions of people, and they know Chinese people are so brainwashed and obedient that there’s no need to cull them. Also the Chinese government knows if they had chunks of the population dying off then they would also face uprisings and protests.

  31. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Karen Kingston – BRILLIANT!
    You mentioned doctors who have stood up, stood out against the crowd to denounce the scamdemic and you missed Dr Simone Gold. I realise you were speaking unscripted and wracking your brain for names, but she was one of the first, and bravest, and has paid dearly – being unjustly incarcerated for partaking in the so-called J6 ‘insurrection’.
    Thanks again for being one of the first true news broadcasters to bring Karen Kingston to light.

  32. Marie Joy

    This was only the first plandemic. Expect worse. Educate yourself about other possible plandemic diseases and treatments. Knowledge is power.
    Remember when obama brought Ebola to Atlanta, GA, and nurses and other innocents got sick? Know, anything can happen.
    American politicians have given control of America, during a health emergency, to WHO. What could go wrong with that?
    Our “leaders” did nothing for East Palestine, etc, but gave Billion$ to Ukraine. We’re on our own.
    This is our genocide.

    • Pete+only

      Marie, you hit the nail right on the head when you mentioned getting educated about plandemics.
      Around the year 2004, there was an anthrax scare, and apparently, the U.S military had even come up with a so called vaccine for it, and 300 million doses was even produced for this scare, but were never given out.
      What came of it though was legislation that made it easier for the U.S government to future so called vaccines on its own people.
      The other day, Dr. David Martin (a famous lawyer who is very familiar with these types of things), was interviewed by Kim Iversen and he did discuss the anthrax vaccine, as well as many other things such as patents going back over 20 years.
      It is a one hour podcast, but it is well worth watching, as he does put a lot of pieces together, and he uncovers a lot of fraud going on between universities, colleges, and the pharmaceutical industry amounting to billions of dollars.

  33. Neville

    Thank you Karen & Thank you Greg,
    Your rewards await you in Heaven for services rendered to your fellow mankind.
    First and foremost a dire warning to all those that have in any way tampered
    with, deliberately altered anything that our LORD GOD CREATOR put on Earth.
    To do so is to insult GOD our DIVINE MAJESTY .The like of pfiser and their willing
    dog employees will suffer the worst fate imaginable and never be seen on this or
    any other planet ever again.
    As for the likes of that cretinous scumbag called fauci he and all his cohorts will
    suffer the same fate.
    All I can say is that ,the fact that these satanic monsters have not been been executed already is proof positive that JUSTICE does not exist anywhere in AAcrime.
    Best wishes to all THE TRUTH seekers and where better than USA Watchdog to begin with and I certainly will add Karens connection to my blog
    Have yourselves a Good LENTON Season….

  34. Ed Mustafo

    When anyone, including top doctors and scientists speak out about the “ vaccines “ being bad , they are quickly attacked and outnumbered by the corrupt people on the other side. It’s happened over and over again and again so why do people think it would be be any different with President Trump? It wouldn’t. Why is that so difficult understand? Remember what happened when he mentioned Hydroxychloroquine? This whole thing needs to play out over time exposing the lies little by little until it can no longer be countered by the powers that be. It’s happening slowly but surely. This isn’t about Trump. It’s about Truth. I have no doubt he’ll address the issue when the time is right.

    • Diana


    • Paul

      Amen brother.
      Billy boy would just add them to the body count. And LBJ was probably he worst womanizer and suspected of other body counts.

      Paul from arkansas

  35. tim mcgraw

    Trump will be indicted next week in NYC (Manhattan DA) over his payment to Stormy Daniels to keep quiet about their affair.
    Pfizer is NOT being indicted.
    What does that tell us about DC and “justice” in the USA?
    The USA is headed towards another war of secession.

  36. Don

    Greg, Another Great Interview, She explains the Bio Weapon, in a way “only a few people” can! They used to call her a Hummingbird on Speed, I’m laughing Greg, because the people who she has gone up against, must get so frustrated, because she’s so smart, (and good looking} this is their best shot! Lol! God Bless her!

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Don,
      Thanks for reminding me, Karen disclosed her professional nickname – ‘the hummingbird on speed’ 🙂 🙂 🙂 perfect . . .

  37. richard U.K

    i’m still of the opinion that a compromised president yesterday is still a compromised president tomorrow .

    • Greg Hunter

      Read the contract!!! So, you got no problem with the guy who was cheated in and took bribes from China????
      You are worried about the guy running for President two years from now?? Sounds like you are the AI/troll who is “compromised.”

  38. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Another great report from Greg Hunter and Karen Kingston. Karen is an expert, she knows what she is talking about. You don’t have to convince everybody, the vast majority are busy from working and exhausted, another part of the population will keep their head in the sand as genocide occurs in their own community. The thing that is hard for most Americans to grasp is that the United States is a federal corporation that is a foreign power in relation to the fifty Union States. Said United States federal corporation headquartered in Washington DC, District of Columbia are not, repeat are not United under any constitution or bill of rights or any other instrument. The federal corporation is an overlay over the original republic, said United States and its U.S. politicians, bureaucrats, agencies, departments view the Union State Citizen as an enemy to be plundered, pillaged, robbed, tortured under their U.S. president torture policies and programs. Said United States views all forms of live must be extinguished through any and all means. This latest bio-weapon is a product in their public-private fascist Nazi, Socialist, anti-Christ United States. Again the United States is a foreign power that has sent out its unregistered foreign agents into the field in the fifty Union States under the guise of your local municipal city, corporate county, State of Chaos corporation to effect the genocide policy, program. Counting on US politicians, US officials to arrest, charge and carry out executions against themselves will not occur. The best chance of any roundup is a better organized military that has the names of the United States actors in charge of the genocide. Outside the continental United States of America is more enemies of the United States foreign federal corporation of war criminals. The good news is that the evidence is available as to this latest genocide operation by the United States and its corporate business partners. The Department of Defense is the head of the bio-warfare logistics, funding, research with bad actors like phizer and all the producers of vaccines. The Covid-19 trial run was not efficient enough and did not eradicate enough human life, so they are busy in the bio-weapons labs around the world supercharging the next batch. Americans will lucky if a honorable military service arrives to start the process of containment. State Capitols, Governors, Congress will continue to cover up the crimes, don’t look for anything of substance from United States public pretenders, they double, triple and quadruple down on their felonies, murders and fraud. “Officialdom in the US” made huge profits on the testing, the shots, the ventilator tubes were all financial incentives to participate in genocide, the hospitals had no actual protocols to save lives, the administrators made sure of that. The dishonorable criminal group affiliated with Washington DC and State Capitols, they have real problems and it’s not Karen Kingston or Greg Hunter, they have the attention of military services all around the world that is isolating the psychopaths, sociopaths of Washington DC. See the former county courthouses don’t care that you know they are criminals running human trafficking, narcotics trafficking and other crimes, all they care about is that the Union State Citizen can’t do anything about it. For the most part, the American people can’t do much about their corrupt organizations pretending to be courts, hosted by attorneys doing business as judge not really. The real problem the genocide participants have is all the very well funded and capable military services around the world that can do something about those war criminals hiding out in the Statehouses, Courthouses and the District of Columbia a foreign entity in relation to the fifty Union States. We have some well armed Union State militias that can help out and mobilize just about anywhere in the united states of America to help out a countrymen who is under threat by the foreign United States. But the DC genocide gang will have to be rounded up by outside military services that have the correct resources for the mission. Have a great day!

  39. Nicole

    I retweeted your post with this video to Elon Musk, Catturd2, and Tucker Carlson. Karen deserves to be heard by millions of people. I’m a tiny fish in a big Twitter pond, but miracles happen every day.

    Thank you for everything you do!
    May God Bless you and your family, Greg.

  40. NH Watcher

    We are living in the End Times prior to the return of Jesus Christ. We are witnessing the end of the prior world order before our eyes. We cannot expect the legal, political, or social protections of this prior world order to protect us or avenge for our sufferings. This is the preparation for the final battle between good and evil, God (Jesus) and Satan, and the COVID pandemic really was only a precursor to all this, as well as other events going past decades and centuries from Christ’s first physical appearance on Earth.

    I took the vaccine (Pfizer) and two of the subsequent boosters and am following the FLCCC protocols to the best of my time and ability. I am not expecting retribution from Trump, the Supreme Court, or any man for the decision I freely made during the pandemic considering the circumstances of my life, where I live and work, and what I could handle mentally and spiritually. Before each dose and booster, I signed all the forms stating that I knew what I was doing; you didn’t need to be a lawyer or doctor to understand the experimental nature of these vaccines, though the subsequent revelation of their purpose in depopulation and bioweaponry has been sobering and yet further evidence of the End Times in which we are living.

    I prayed before my first dose. I did not get vaccinated flippantly or lightly. My greatest concern was if this indeed was the “mark of the beast.” The Holy Spirit confirmed to me that the vaccine was NOT the “mark,” but that it was the “precursor” to the mark. That is, the vaccines have laid the foundation for when the Antichrist will seek to imprint a permanent spiritual “mark” on our very souls. Only the Antichrist’s mark is irreversible, being the equivalent of Jesus’ words of the one unforgivable sin, i.e., the sin against the Holy Spirit, the sin which denies the eternal truth of who Christ is.

    For anyone on this forum like me, may this post provide some level of comfort. The pandemic was not easy for any of us. I endured and continue to endure social and family conflict as a result. But my fundamental concern always is not my body, but the state of my eternal soul. In the end, we all know what the Apostle Paul wrote, that “every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord” (even those who reject Him). To that end, Greg has always been right to remind us “Fear not,” even while fear(s) continually surround us in this fallen world prior to our Lord’s return.

    • Deborah

      Thank you for you truth telling! Real life situation and until it happens to me is never disclosed!

    • Richard Longacre

      NH Watcher,
      Now that you know the truth, you will be held accountable by God if you ever again agree to have your God-given DNA altered into this Satanic DNA, trans-human, anti-God creatures. No excuses. You are playing with fire and your eternal soul is at stake.

      I personally do believe that there is still forgiveness for taking the injection, for now, but when the total life control CBDC economic system comes out and is forced on us (made mandatory or die) , praying to God before worshiping the Beast (bowing down and submitting to this system or taking this Satanic bioweapon injection) won’t cut it or excuse you. There will be no forgiveness. Undoubtable, their new CBDC Beast system will also be linked to injection status.

      We are told to persevere until Christ returns and continue to hold to the testimony of Christ. We are warned repeatedly not to be deceived and not to take the MOTB. Even if it means starving, losing our jobs, being an outcast, or being killed for not complying. Taking the MOTB means we are an enemy of God.

      The MOTB is one of the reasons we will see a great falling away (apostacy) in the last days (already started). People will try to justify their actions (stealing from neighbors or stores) and for worshiping the Beast (by taking the injection and submitting to the CBDC system) saying, “surely God does not want me or my family to to die or starve” and He will forgive me for taking the MOTB. There will be no forgiveness when we reach these times.

      I’m glad you are working on detoxing and asking God for forgiveness like we all need to be doing because we have all been contaminated to some degree. Do not comply ever again no matter what the cost. Your very eternal soul is at stake.

    • Rupert Jackson

      your are probably correct because when Jesus spoke of the End Times he also warned about there would be false prophets in those days. And right on schedule USAWD was host to the false prophet of Orlando.

  41. Greg (not Hunter)

    It is very scary what is going on in this country. If Trump does not realize what the vaxxxx is he is not as smart as I thought he was. Or he is in on the plan to kill Americans. Hannity Bill ORielly have both promoted the vaxxx.
    If these people including Trump do not want to get on the right side of this issue we must dump them and move to people who do want to do whats right.

  42. Roger Stamper

    tks for post karen greg

  43. Steve Pechak

    Yes Greg, there is a way out for all those who did 2 injections and a booster. Look into the GERSON Institute, and the GERSON Therapy protocols for Cancer Cures. The protocol actually doesn’t cure disease but repairs the immune system so IT can kill pathogens that invade the body. I have read Dr. Max Gerson’s books, and have taken a basic course from the institution for the protocol. And, you can NOT be a sissy about it. It is a tough protocol but if you want to be healed then you suck it up and do the work. These people know as much about how to heal the body as Karen Kingston knows about her world. Trust it, investigate it. Get over the problem and get healed. Oh yea, for those who didn’t vax, Ivermenctin.

  44. Dan

    One of the key optics to watch for are those public personas who turn or will be turning on Trump.

    Know the hidden enemy within, and their tactics.

  45. jon

    Heads up. If the Ilk try to arrest Trump this week. Expect supply chain disruptions and possible Trucker strikes to Big Cities. Also may be used as excuse for False Flag and blame Patriots, Chinese or Russians. Just stock up some extra needed items and fill up the tank of gas.

  46. Michele

    I believe if you took a poll the majority of Americans would not be opposed to the Russian method of dealing w/ the monsters that inflicted this upon humanity.
    God Bless President Trump and the Russian General that stated Russia’s policy for addressing global genocide.
    “This far and no further”

  47. Deborah

    Greg I love you but Trump after he left office and saw the devastation Karen is talking about, Trump KEPT promoting the jab! AND EVEN SAID HE GOT THE BOOSTER. I cannot reconcile that in my mind especially after saying how much he TRUMP fights for us! THERE ARE PEOPLE STILL IN PRISON FOR FIGHTING FOR WHAT HE TOLD US HE BELIEVED! Greg don’t go off the rails!

  48. Russell Holmes

    Another AWESOME show 🙂

    I really liked your call for a “lie” song though I already have one for you and it’s from the 60’s; Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Boxer.” I clipped the video to the “lie la lie” part but if the link doesn’t work it’s about 3:25 in.

  49. Linda

    I really wish Ms. Kingston would slow down. I actually buy the jist of what she says, but her powerpoint is so fast and her speech is so rapid, I have a very difficult time following along. I will try to go back and pause some of it.

  50. Cry Me a Ruble

    There is such a song. The Boxer by Simon and Garfunkel.

    • elle

      so true

  51. Jerry

    It’s all planned.

    It’s not hard to find since they don’t seem to care who knows. Check out who’s filing this patent. Officers of Microsoft.

    • Tin foil hat

      I’m pretty sure this is designed for the US Retail CBDC. I suspect the only difference between the US Retail CBDC and the Chinese digital yuan is that ours will be biometric.

      • Bobby

        The basic premise for this “Nazi like” CBDC bio-metric “Mark” of the beast “wheel barrel money” (whether from China or the US) is so every person on Earth can be accurately identified and kept under “control and surveillance” – so as to prevent “One” from arising who may challenge their authority (like Jesus did 2000 years ago)!!

        • Bobby

          When the CBDC Matrix is built by the Globalists – there will be “One” born having the ability to change and remake their CBDC Matrix (along with other Globalist Matrix’s) – and the “One” will free us all “with the truth” – just like Karen Kingston is now doing with the Pfizer Bio-weapon Matrix (as long as the evil Globalist’s many Matrix’s exist “the human race will never be free”) – Jesus was the first “One” (who had vast superhuman abilities) – look for other “One’s” in our present time who manifest extraordinary powers – they will be the “Ones” who free us all (by teaching us the truth) – and such people (like our own Greg Hunter) will change our world for the better!!

        • Tin foil hat

          I concur the Retail CBDC will be “wheel barrel money” back by the “Mark” or mRNA.

          When that happen, everybody should convert everything they have to the Wholesale CBDC ASAP and hold as little Retail CBDC as possible.

          I suspect the exchange ratio between the two CBDCs will not be fixed and you most likely will need at least 10,000 units of Retail CBDC to convert to one Wholesale CBDC. By doing that, most folks who live paycheck to paycheck will not be able to convert to Wholesale CBDC post reset.

          The Deep State will let the rich and collected like Pelosi to convert their money into Wholesale and let inflation destroy the Retail CBDC.

          While the CCP does use the Chinese digital yuan to control and surveil its people, they have not been injecting mRNA into their citizens and the BRICS CBDC will likely be back by commodities such as oil and gold.

  52. Valerie

    Many thanks Greg and Karen!
    This information is extremely disturbing! God help us! God help all humanity!
    I have been skeptical about vaccines since my younger son almost died of RSV Virus when he was 4 months old, right after he received his 4 month childhood vaccines. I’m convinced that the vaccines LOWERED HIS IMMUNITY! BTW, he received twice as many vaccines as his older brother (they are 18 years apart in age – long story) due to additions to the childhood vaccine schedule. He was CONSTANTLY SICK throughout his infancy and childhood! It’s too complicated to go into now.
    The bottom line is, this experience made me wary of vaccines. Neither of us got the damn bioweapon, so I’m glad something good came of the suffering we went through!!! I advised my older son against getting the Bioweapon, but he succumbed to the propaganda! At least he didn’t get a booster, but I’m still worried about him!
    Bring on NUREMBURG 2.0!!!!!

  53. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg. Karen Kingston is a jewel. I have been dilatory in joining but after listening to the interview this morning I upgraded to paid — way more info inside the pay-wall. Her articles are easily understood and are educational; everything she says is backed up.

  54. Mark

    Is there a clearinghouse of doctors of conscience who are willing to prescribe ivermectin? I’ve just moved back to the US and will be looking for one. thanks

  55. Carla

    Dr. Robert Malone is a DoD Deep State plant. He takes credit for the creation of the mRNA vehicle in which to use for vaccines and other ingredients. It is being used NOW for animal vaccines. We don’t know exactly what toxins are being put in our farm animals for food. He acts like he is on the people’s side but he is not. He is being paid millions to keep working with these corrupt health agencies, and the DoD, the most corrupt of all. DoD and Fauci NIH made all the viruses we know-HIV, SARS1, and SARS2, Ebola, seasonal flu virus, and the childhood disease and vaccines (full of toxins causing autism and other injuries). Interview Malone and get the truth if you can. Fauci, FDA NIH, and Big Pharma have patents on all these evil viruses and shots. Financed by Gates, and Rockefeller, JP Morgan and Carnegie, all NWO corporations, to control population and own all the resources on the earth Since 1900 the NWO took over our country using these Big Industrialists, the Federal Reserve, the CIA, IRS, and the illegal Federal Income Tax. They caused the 1921 collapse to take our middle class wealth; caused severeal more esp the 2008 housing bubble and collapse where the Feds bailed them out again. Now the corrupt Rothschild Feds are doing it again. We are very close to losing our country to these NWO communists!

    • regaleagle

      Forget about Trump…….Get Gates and Fauci. They were spearheading this whole outcome over a decade ago…..all documented and admitted. Don’t try to discombobulate(confuse) the main sources of this whole murderous agenda with President Trump……it was all set into motion years before he came onto the scene. He became a very convenient patsy. Blaming Trump is very shallow thinking.

  56. Dr. Daniel Hall, DC


    Hi. Thanks for all you do!

    Please talk with Dave Hodges from the website. According to his sources the “plandemic” is going to be a combination of Ebola (hemorrhagic fever) and smallpox and get Karen Kingston to start digging. Thanks!
    Both uncurable diseases. After some research, it seams a combination of colloidal silver and the preservative BHT would be helpful in fighting both. BHT would be taken at a dose of 250 to 500 mg a day on an empty stomach. The place to get quality large qauntities of colloidal silver where 1-gallon and 5-gallon jugs are available is Not any affiliation with them. It saved my wife’s life when she got a viral pneumonia that almost killed her.

  57. Fred Daake

    So many people on here are quick to blame Trump, as if they are being paid by the deep state to find something, anything, to try to convince Trump supporters that he is the second coming of the devil.

    Trumps original written agreement with Pfizer for the vaccine:
    Must be safe and effective
    Must be delivered before Presidential Election
    Pfizer will forfeit their immunity if the vaccine is not safe and effective

    So how does that written agreement make Trump guilty? You would have to be a slick lawyer, inspired by the devil himself, to find fault with Trump when Karen Kingston spent the entire interview describing how Pfizer breached that agreement.

  58. J. Loughran

    Gigaohm Biological is expelling the pathological lies without killing the patient’s trust…
    Michael Yeadon and Paul Alexander LIVE — Gigaohm Biological on twitch

    Work to Stay Informed and United… Love Your Enemy (take a look in the mirror)

  59. i: a man; travis

    The source of liberty is God; not the constitution

  60. Richard Longacre

    So here is my take on what Karen is saying as well as my inputs:
    1) The COVID Virus always was a bioweapon designed in a bioweapons lab by the DIH (Fauci), DARPA, Big Pharma, CDC, WHO and funded by USAinc.
    2) Same with the bioweapon DNA altering mRNA Gene Therapy Bioweapon Injections containing self-replicating and self-assembling bio-hybrid micro Robots
    3) China is one of the only nations in the world that did not sign a contract with Pfizer and the mRNA bioweapon is banned in China. The rest of the world was forced to be poisoned with this bioweapon to make sure we will die suddenly from this bioweapon with the intent of replacing the dead with non-mRNA vaccinated Chinese nationals.
    4) The vaccine has always been aerosolized from the time they attempted to “vaccinate the bats in the caves of Wuhan”. It was the vaccine that was released into the bats, not a virus. The mRNA gene editing technology has been sprayed on all of us by aircraft and put into our food for years already so we must detox from these parasite micro-robots (Liquid nano-Particles) and the graphene oxide. Doing nothing is not an option.
    5) The 5G system is not a communication system but is in fact a military style genocide weapon. The self-replicating and self-assembling bio-hybrid micro Robots and graphene oxide are activated by the 5G RF signals. They self-assemble to the shape of the inside of our arteries and veins (forming fractal Tree monopole antennas that are both transmit and receive capable). As these antennas grow in size the blood flow is stopped and the person dies suddenly. These antennas begin to disassemble (become smaller) as the 5G transmissions are removed making this the perfect murder weapon. Not enough evidence to convict if an autopsy is ever even done. Prove me wrong!

    • Shiloh1

      I came across a video with these nano- things assembling and moving around like machines with gears, etc. That really freaked me out.

    • anon

      Seems odd that these AI have sprung up everywhere all at once these last couple of months. Odd how those 5G towers all went up during lockdown. What if we – via the “antannaes” within us – are the basis of this AI?

      There’s been talk of everything becoming an “internet of things” or “internet of bodies”… that THEY would get under our skin to see what was in our mind and that this nano smart dust could even get in our brains.

      THEY also said free will was over.

      What if they’re already doing it with these injections? What if that’s why everybody has lost their minds lately. THEY said we’d become transhuman, melding with the machine.

      Either these AI are actually us communicating via 5G or… they’ve got actual brains in jars hooked up somewhere being forced to process data.

  61. Diana

    I’m confused why Karen is concerned for President Trump. He did not order a bioweapon, Birx lied along with Fauci and Collins. The WEF, All alphabet agencies and DC did this. Russia would not hold President Trump responsible for this they know what happened. Only Americans are stupid enough to continue this lie along with the paid off politicians ((on a global scale). President Trump can’t really do anything at this time, but Biden can and won’t. When he can deal with he will. Sorry to say DC never deals with anything, they just talk it to death. Remember they didn’t have to get the shot.

    • Greg Hunter

      Trump knows this is a total fraud and deadly and debilitating. Trump should come out and say he was duped and stop the shots, which are still going on. Instead he is now silent and for the longest time he was saying it save millions of lives. The CV19 bioweapon/vax DID NOT SAVE NOT ONE LIFE. Trump needs to come out ASAP. He certainly was not in on the genocide. The contract proves this, but now has to lead and not ignore this huge problem and murder program mandated by Biden.

      • Charlie

        If what you say is true, Trump is even more despicable than I previously thought.

        Also, Greg, we both know that you and your fellow MAGAtonians are going to continue supporting Trump regardless of what he does or doesn’t do.

        I hope the rumors of his impending arrest is true just so I can watch Trumpers’ heads explode…”Lock Him Up!”


        • regaleagle

          What does Biden stand for…..or should I say Obummer??? And what does Trump stand for? Do we want a socialistic outcome from the Liberal Left or a capitalistic outcome Conservative Right? At this point…..anything is an improvement over where this present Biden Administration has taken this nation. This is the most important question before us……and WE THE PEOPLE must either come into agreement now or forever give up or freedoms and independence as individuals.

  62. kent spears

    Karen/Greg, In this country all advertisements from pharmaceutical companies need to list potential side effects. Why was this not done with Phizer’s ads?
    Thanks, Kent

  63. awkwardlysmooth

    May your spiritual shields constantly remain invigorated, despite constant bombardment.
    You all are doing great work for His kingdom!
    May God bless and protect you and yours both…

  64. Pablo Ricoeur

    NUCLEAR ATTACK now happening.
    First dioxins and now nuclear:

    Missisissppi and Ohio river are pertinent to major US whiskey production. Get your Kentucky bourbon & Tennessee whiskey now. It is luxury trade-good, barter money; and also a psychiatric medicinal to administer 100ml to neighbors so they don’t go into psychotic breakdown when they finally realize what is going on. Also, if you have never been in civil unrest situation, 50ml activates the motivation,

    Schindler’s List – acquiring trade-goods for leverage:

  65. Michelle From Pennsylvaniaa

    On the subject of President Trump and the injection, I think he should hold a press conference on Bannon, Epoch Times, and Fox (if they would carry it) Monday, March 20th. saying he got wrong counsel back in March of 2020 from Fauci, Birx, and others and that he should come clean on what he knows regarding that and what he was told. If he is suppose to have an unjustified indicted on Tuesday (which will cause enough of a fire storm with conservatives and libertarians), he needs to state facts about anything and everything that he is aware of and get out in front of “we the people” with his comments.

  66. Michelle from Pennsylvania

    correction on typo – Indicted = indictment

  67. Henrik N

    traditional Roman Catholic priest exorcises possessed woman:
    (2mins clip)

    Demons do not want you listening to Gregorian Chant:

  68. L.

    Great information with THE Documented, Official paperwork Evidence! Awesome work Karen and awesome reporting, as always, Greg! Your Lies, Lies, Lies, comment brought back a song memory that, with a couple of word changes, would fit this current untruthful Gov. atmosphere. Here >

  69. John

    Greg, Reread all Bible Genesis chapters then interview Ben Davidson of Suspicious Observers. Then connect the dots. John

  70. SkeptiSchism

    It kind of makes you wonder how we went so far astray as a species to allow such a predatory class to rise from within.

    Prayers for both of you for continuing to fight the battle.

  71. Tin foil hat

    It only takes 3 questions to get the truth out of this AI – Artificial Idiot.

    Block Chain technology will be utilized only on the US Wholesale CBDCs. There won’t be much different between the US Retail CBDCs and the Chinese digital yuan except it would likely be back by mRNA biometric tech and social credits will likely be necessary in that future just like Chinese CBDCs.

    Answers I got from ChatGPT regarding Central Bank Digital Currency:

    #1 What is Central Bank Digital Currency?

    Central bank digital currency (CBDC) is a digital form of a country’s currency that is issued and backed by its central bank. CBDC is different from digital currencies such as Bitcoin, which are not backed by any central authority.

    CBDCs can be used for transactions just like physical currency or traditional digital payment methods. They may also offer additional benefits, such as faster and more efficient payment processing, increased financial inclusion, and improved transparency.

    There are two types of CBDCs: retail CBDCs and wholesale CBDCs. Retail CBDCs are designed for use by the general public and can be used to make purchases and payments. Wholesale CBDCs, on the other hand, are designed for use by financial institutions and can be used for large-value transactions between banks.

    CBDCs are still in the development phase in most countries, but several central banks have already begun testing and implementing them. Some countries are also exploring the potential benefits and risks of CBDCs before deciding whether to introduce them.

    #2 What is the difference between the US CBDC and the one China is using now?

    As of my knowledge cutoff date of September 2021, the United States did not yet have a fully operational CBDC, although the Federal Reserve has been actively researching and exploring the possibility of a digital dollar. However, China has been at the forefront of developing and implementing a CBDC, which it calls the digital yuan or digital renminbi (RMB).

    The main difference between the digital yuan and a potential digital dollar is their underlying technology and design. The digital yuan is built on a centralized architecture, meaning that transactions are processed and verified through a centralized system operated by the People’s Bank of China (PBOC). The digital yuan is also designed to be traceable, meaning that the PBOC can track transactions and potentially monitor user behavior.

    In contrast, proposals for a US CBDC have focused on a decentralized architecture that would be built on a blockchain network, similar to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. This would allow for greater user privacy and security, as well as potentially allowing for more innovation and development in the digital currency space. However, the specific design and features of a potential US CBDC have not yet been finalized.

    It’s also worth noting that the digital yuan is currently only available for use within China and is not yet widely accepted internationally, while a US CBDC would likely be designed for global use.

    #3 Will the US Retail CBDC be built on blockchain network or does it apply only to Wholesale US CBDC?

    As of my knowledge cutoff date of September 2021, there is not yet a definitive answer on whether a potential US retail CBDC would be built on a blockchain network or not. However, many proposals and discussions around a US CBDC have focused on the potential benefits of a blockchain-based design.

    Proponents of a blockchain-based design argue that it would allow for greater security, transparency, and efficiency in payment processing, as well as potentially enabling new use cases and applications for digital currency. However, there are also concerns around the scalability and energy consumption of blockchain networks, which would need to be addressed in order to make a blockchain-based CBDC feasible for widespread use.

    It’s worth noting that the Federal Reserve has not yet made a final decision on whether to proceed with a CBDC, and if so, what its specific design and features would be. The Fed is currently conducting research and consultations with stakeholders to assess the potential benefits and risks of a CBDC and to inform its decision-making process.

  72. Joe Wong

    Great and very informative video Karen kingston.

    The sad part is that the US Government is very CORRUPT and are all on the take by BIG PHARMA which is contributing to their campaign thru campaign contributions (aka bribes).

    Like what Kelly Ann Conway said that from the beginning, the first thing former President Trump should have done was to GET RID OF THE HORRIBLE & TERRIBLE CORRUPTION that is still in Washington DC at the time, and President Trump failed to do.

    So – here we go – Kelly Ann Conway for PRESIDENT in 2024.

  73. Anita

    Thank you both. Glad to see Karen looking so good. WOW what a storehouse of info. And it appeared it takes her a bit of time to warm up & once she does it just flows out. Thank you Greg for going long on this & giving her time to warm up. She probably had another 1-2 hrs. of info she could have rattled off. I have been following her & listening from the get-go & she does not get old or stale on info.

  74. Jack M Stein

    Hi Greg,

    I hope you are well. Any chance of getting Charles Nenner back on?

    Thank you Sir!

  75. caroline

    As always fantastic informative interview with Karen who does a wonderful job explaining all she can to help expose all these criminal murderers so hopefully one day they will go to trial… but GREG, with all due respect, PLEASE STOP INTERRUPTING YOUR INTERVIEWS WITH YOUR PRODUCT COMMERCIAL! It really interferes with the flow of information when trying to focus on what you and Karen are saying. I understand the importance of your product sponsors but the commercial timing is just BAD! Either before or after but during the interview is some what obnoxious in your face and almost says the product is more important than the interview. I have followed you for years and years… please come up with a better timing for the infomercial.

  76. Jeffrobbins

    What happens with the secret service protection if Trump is arrested ?? I can’t believe they(secret service) would allow him to be isolated and possibly suicided, how on earth could he be protected. I just don’t see any way logistically to arrest and hold a former President. Any ideas out there?

    • Bobby

      We now “Officially Qualify” as a Banana Republic – where the leaders of the opposition party is always arrested and sent to jail to keep them from running for office!!

      • Bobby

        Trump trying to be a nice guy did not arrest Hillary – and Bill Clinton was not dragged to jail for “not having sexual relations with that woman”!!!

  77. Jimmy

    I am not buying it. Look how many times the U.S. breaks its own laws, contract, and treaty, no one should trust the big SATAN.

  78. Seymour E. Clearly

    The build back woke and broke gang, the $4.8 Billion Biejing O’Biden crime family and third terd president Obummer’s lgbqrstuv black, white looking woman, have done everything possible to destroy us, we the sheeple, the US., middle class working taxpayers and the Russki. Now they all got egg on they’re can’t save face’s, they can’t save feces’!
    Poor sore ass Soros’s 4 eyed son, sure has screwed his dad’s dream of a new world Nazi disorder. The old man worked under Henie Hitman Hitler. That didn’t work out. Like Adolphus, never give up, on a sinking ship, or paper clip. So lets hope they do the honorable dirty deed and go down with it! R.I.P. and security!

    Col. Macgregor: Ukraine is CRUMBLING Under Putin’s Military Offensive / Stephen Gardner 270,296 views Mar 19, 2023
    Colonel Douglas Macgregor sits down with Stephen Gardner for update on the Ukraine-Russia war. Is the war in Ukraine about to hit a turning point because I am starting to see groups like the Washington post and the New York Times finally tell the truth about the strength and condition of Ukraine’s army and the number of casualties they have suffered? Why do you say that Bakhmut has been like a meat grinder? And is it time for Ukraine to fall back, regroup, give themselves a couple days to build up ammunition, and then dig in and try and hold the line again? Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina says it’s time for the United States to get serious and show Russia who is the boss. He said the US military should start shooting down Russian war planes over international water. Is this a smart move and was following Senator Graham‘s advice and policy into war with Russia? Lloyd Austin says Russia is preparing for massive attacks in the spring when the mud dries out and that the United States and NATO need to rush weapons to Ukraine so that they can keep beating back Putin and the Russian army. What are your thoughts on his comments? Seymour Clearly; ; ; ;

    Russian T-80 tanks hunt down Ukrainian platoons; Big blow to Kyiv’s forces in Donetsk
    Hindustan Times 197,852 views Mar 17, 2023
    After Russia destroyed major Ukrainian units in Donetsk, Kyiv’s forces are taking cover in the forest areas to regroup and retaliate. However, Vladimir Putin’s army, which has amped up use of UAVs, detected the platoon of Ukrainian armed forces in the woods. After Which, BMD-4M armoured group and T-80 tank crew were immediately rushed to the Ukrainian strongholds in the forest area of Donetsk. According to the Russian Defence Ministry, Moscow’s tank troops then hunted down and neutralised the Ukrainians in the woods. Russian paratroopers also took part in the combat action with ‘Typhoon’ multipurpose armoured vehicle raining hell on enemy units. Watch this report for more.

    Russia detonates 92 Ukrainian units hours after Putin’s show of strength in occupied Mariupol
    Hindustan Times 46,105 views Mar 20, 2023
    All hell broke loose in Ukraine after Russia launched a ferocious fusillade following Vladimir Putin’s show of strength in occupied Mariupol. Russia’s armed forces have decimated 92 Ukrainian artillery units at firing positions in 114 areas across the line of contact. Moscow’s troops bombarded Ukrainians and smashed three Grad multiple rocket launchers, three armoured vehicles, four pickup trucks, and one MSTA-B howitzer. Watch this report to learn about the latest developments in the Russia-Ukraine war.
    @heidilitkowitch1604 56 minutes ago
    God this is a nightmare for all concerned. A war that should never have started. I am so sorry for those poor souls who have lost their lives in this dreadful campaign. We all know who is responsible and they will pay maybe not in this lifetime but certainly in the next.

    The US Dollar Will Join the Zimbabwe Dollar in the Graveyard of Dead Fiat Currencies / Peter Schiff 201K views 16 hours ago
    Peter Schiff and Mike Adams discuss the banking failures and what that means for the economy, inflation, and currencies. Recorded 3/17/23 on Brighteon.

    Oh SH*T, Putin and China could DEVASTATE the U.S. and Europe with this move | Morris Invest 287,924 views Mar 19, 2023
    This week we saw the clearest indication yet that U.S. and Europe are in crisis mode, and they are getting desperate. New data shows an explosion of trade between Russia and China while Xi Jinping has been dumping U.S. debt by truckloads. All of this war rhetoric with China comes as more nations push to join BRICS.
    @ratfink3028 8 hours ago
    After fighting the war in the Middle East for the past 3 and a half decades…the U.S. has suffered huge losses. I personally don’t think the U.S. is ready for this magnitude of a show down.

    INSANE! China And Russia JUST SHOCKED The World With Their NEW MEGA Gas Pipeline / 20,153 views Mar 19, 2023
    The energy partnership between China and Russia has been vital for their trade and economic cooperation lately. Their joint efforts in the oil and gas sector have had a significant impact on the global energy market.
    As this collaboration continues to grow, China has become one of the biggest purchasers of Russian oil and gas. And the energy sector has been the top area for cooperation between the two states for a while.
    It’s been beneficial and extensive. The foundation for the cooperation began with the “Russia-China Joint Statement” in 1996. The collaboration began with oil and gas and now includes coal and nuclear power.

    Is the Navy ready? How the U.S. is preparing amid a naval buildup in China | 60 Minutes 269,769 views Mar 19, 2023
    China has spent the last 20 years building the biggest navy in the world. As tensions with that country continue to rise, Norah O’Donnell boarded the USS Nimitz to report on the U.S. Navy’s readiness.

    Putin fumes as NATO nation admits plans to join war if Ukraine gets defeated | Hindustan Times 46,241 views Mar 20, 2023
    NATO Nation makes an explosive statement as Russia corners Ukraine in the battlefield. Poland may end up ‘joining’ the ongoing war if Ukraine fails to protect its ‘independence,’ said the Polish Ambassador to France, Jan Emeryk Rosciszewski. The envoy said that if we don’t join, our principal values, which are the basis of our civilization and our culture, will be in fundamental danger, so we will have no choice. The hawkish statement appears to be Poland’s ‘admission’ that Warsaw is ready to go to war with Russia and is not just merely supporting Ukraine. However, hours after the remarks, the Polish mission in France issued a clarification following a warning from Moscow. Watch this report for more.

    Black Conservative Patriot 64K views 16 hours ago

    Trump Gets EMOTIONAL When Surprise Guest Appears In The Crowd / YOU HAVEN’T SEEN Devin Gibson 2 weeks ago

    Dr. Strangelove (1964) First Time Watching! Movie Reaction!
    Two Filmmakers React! Analysis too! MAJOR MOVIE MAD

    • PersonaNonGrata

      After Poland?
      A former military Czech acquaintance reported that his family have been contacted by authorities in the Czech Republic seeking to know his whereabouts. All ex military in the CR remain on the reservist list until age 65. Is the CR preparing for possible involvement in Ukraine . . . . ?

  79. Glenn

    Are there viruses?
    If not ….. just ask.

    If not – talk about being a little bit fooled. Just ask.

  80. Calvin Budge

    GOP rep has bad news for White House following evidence of Hunter-China correspondence: ‘Just the beginning’
    Story by Fox News Staff • Yesterday 4:00 PM

  81. Mike

    Why doesn’t Karen team up with Robert Kennedy, Jr. for a powerful legal ally?

  82. Prospector

    ” The individual comes face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. ”

    @VigilantFox – Twitter
    Recipients of Bill Gates’ Favorite Vaccine Were Found to Die at 10x the Rate as Unvaccinated Children

    A Danish study looked at thirty years of records. And they found that girls who had received the DTP vaccine were ten times more likely to die than unvaccinated children.

    “And they were dying not of things that anybody had ever associated with a vaccine,” stated
    @RobertKennedyJr ”

    Lawmakers Pretending Not To Know.
    ‘Strange Events’ Unfolded Just Before MP
    Gave His Speech on the Harms of the COVID Shots

    1. Everyone starts leaving — as if on cue.

    2. One MP from the conservative bench taps the shoulder of another — prompting him to get up.

    3. The man who was tapped on the shoulder walks while crouched down all the way over to the liberal bench.

    4. He says something to two women on the liberal bench, and they promptly leave.

    Dr. John Campell: “It’s almost as if the opposition is obeying exactly what the government benches have told it to do.”

    ( One day the pretending will end )

    • Samuel Colter

      THE GREAT EQUALIZER BAD!___________
      Armed Chicago Woman Shoots Man Attempting To Rob Her, Now His Family Is Suing For 10 Million / Colion Noir 2.48M subscribers 5.6M views 3 weeks ago
      What’s a Black Woke, Broke, Busted, Disgusted, Frustrated, young Man! To Do?
      Chortles Tea Jones 4 days ago
      The family of that criminal KNEW he was a bad seed but because someone finally put him in his place, THEY want a payout. THIS is what is wrong with our society.

      Putin faces lifelong arrest warrant as China responds to ICC decision
      TAG24 NEWS 6h ago
      Checkout Putin’s stool pigeon body double, backing up ICC chief prosecutor Karim Khan’s arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

      Trump Latest News | Trump Mocks President Biden & His Son | Trump Vs Biden | USA News LIVE | CNN-News18 3.58M subscribers 4,783 watching now Started streaming 76 minutes ago
      Trump Latest News | Trump Mocks President Biden & His Son | Trump Vs Biden | USA News LIVE | News18
      Trump warns of third world war, saying he’s the only candidate that can prevent it
      “This is the most dangerous time in our country’s history, and Joe Biden is leading us into oblivion,” said Trump as he went on to criticize the 2021 US pullout of Afghanistan that was spearheaded by the Biden administration.
      “And you’re going to have world war three, by the way. We’re going to have world war three if something doesn’t happen fast,” Trump said.
      “I am the only candidate who can make this promise: I will prevent world war three,” he said.————
      The views and opinions expressed in this video are those of the speaker and do not reflect the official policy or standpoint of project Mockingbird brained CIA media.

    • Frank Cooper

      Strange events / Dr. John Campbell

      Vaccination problems, UK Parliament
      Dr. John Campbell
      2.73M subscribers 471K views 2 days ago
      Thanks to Mr Andrew Bridgen, MP
      The original video on Mr. Bridgen’s channel …

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Prospector,
      Not only did this brave member of Parliament (why do you need to be brave to tell the truth!!!) end up speaking to an empty chamber, but I heard that a recording of his speech was removed by YouTube . . .
      Welcome to 1984!

      • Prospector

        FIRST ….. they pretend not to know.

        Next , they will say – ‘ We were just following orders ‘

        Then comes : RECKONING

        ( Just like a crooked bank …. the accounts must be balanced , eventually )

  83. Peter Rock

    prophet Mark Taylor made money with book & movie on Trump’s name, but is not leading these Evangelical pastors to defend Trump.

  84. Prospector


    Another ‘conspiracy theory’ proves 100% correct. I can’t tell you how many people including dentists said , ” no way , its safe , not to worry .”
    But I’m the crazy one ?
    They WANT yo and your children stupid – just as described in BRAVE NEW WORLD

    following a lengthy court battle fought by the Fluoride Action Network (FAN), the conclusive report was finally released on March 15, 2023, and is the culmination of a multi-year systematic review of fluoride’s impact on the developing brain. Resolving that there is no safe exposure to toxic fluoride,

    • Lester Kingtree

      however, if one suffers recessed gum tisssue, no amount of pain killers will stop that kind of pain. Nothing. Not even oxycodone. The only thing that works is flouride toothpaste—it causes a chemical reaction which bonds minerals in saliva to seal the microtubles in the roots of the teeth. Topical flouride is necessary. (Whereas, consuming flouride in water is a toxic).

      • Joe Blow

        I BEG to differ, my unknown friend.
        I was a night club DJ for o try two decades. You can imagine the lifestyle.
        Too many nights I went to bed sans brushing. As a result I developed the aforementioned gum problem. I DID NOT use fluoride at all.
        I brushed with various organic toothpaste s several times s day and night including the middle of the night. I rinsed with various organic mouthwashes as well. Also, I oiled pulled with the purest high-quality coconut oil.
        Problem solved in a little more than two weeks. Pain free and healthy ever since.

  85. Prospector

    Greg , further proof it’s a weapon of mass vaxx-destruction.

    50,000 dead / 5 Million injured , thats just Europe.
    Research shows that, for Europe, C19 “Vaccines” kill 3-4 times more than C19 Disease

  86. Son Of Ethan Allen

    Free Donald Trump, Free Donald Trump, Free Donald Trump. Click my name.

  87. tim mcgraw

    When I hear a President of the USA say, “The mRNA vaccines were a mistake. The lockdowns were a mistake. The social distancing was a joke and masks are useless against a respiratory virus.
    When that happens, if it ever does, I’ll give the USA a chance of surviving.
    Right now this country is divided into so many pieces that it can’t stand.

  88. John D. Umiker

    here in South Dakota HB1193 its to do with UCC but has CBDC language in it

    FedNow launched in midst of banking crisis, is it a precursor to CBDCs, ‘totalitarian’ control?

    • Greg Hunter

      Your pretty governor is a RINO!

  89. elle

    Many comments. My big take away from interview was that even catching any virus is dangerous because they are all manufactured and have nano tech. Did Trump Take a real shot? I do not think he did.

  90. Prospector

    Martin Armstrong guest post on : The Burning Platform .com

    Biden just stole your pensions for his ESG agenda

    Forcing investment in ” Green ” companies , even when they lose money is my read on it.

  91. Rufus Straw

    Just in time for Biden’s Re-steal

    USDA Set to Give [US Taxpayers set to have stolen from them] $2.2B to Minority Farmers by End of Year

    Where is the main stream out rage?

  92. A Lincoln

    What, then, shall we say in response to these things?
    If God is for us, who can be against us?

    Romans 8:31

    “Then give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.”

    Luke 20:25

  93. Paul

    Greg, The link below suggests that the unvaccinated are not safe from the effects of bio-weapons. Are hydrogels as ubiquitous as the video implies? Are they truly harmful? Perhaps Karen Kingston would have some thoughts on this.–dr.-ana-mihalcea-reveals-major-grocery-store-chain-meats-are-full-of-struc.html

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