Trump Will Defeat Massive Voter Fraud and Win – Gerald Celente

By Greg Hunter’s 

President Trump announced in a Labor Day speech that 80 million mail-in ballots have already been sent out for the November election.  Mail-in voting of this magnitude has never been tried in America.  Mail-in voting is a long proven fraud.  Gerald Celente, a top trends researcher and Publisher of The Trends Journal, says the massive cheating campaign by Democrats will not work.  Celente explains, “Will the mail-in voting work for Democrats?  It may.  Will Trump accept it?  No. . . . You hit these other guys, and they go down.  Trump doesn’t go down.  People don’t understand that. . . . Trump is a fighter.  He’s not going to go down, and he will use the power of the Presidency to extend this thing as much as he can proving fraud and not leaving because of that. . . .”

So, the real votes will defeat the fraud votes?  Celente says, “Exactly.  I believe he will win the swing states.  The big one is going to be the debates. . . . The debates, to me, are going to be the turning point because Trump is going to dump on this guy bigtime hard. . . . We were the first magazine to call Trump a winner in May 2016.  Our top trend for 2020 that came out in December (2019) was Trump 2020 by default.  It’s the fault of the Democrats that can’t put anybody good enough to run against him.”

According to Celente, no matter who is elected this November, they are going to have to deal with the greatest economic depression of all time.  Celente predicts, “What we are talking about is dumping in all this digital money, digital trash backed by nothing and printed on nothing and it is worldwide.  They are dumping as much as they can in to artificially boost the markets and give people enough money to keep them off the streets.  When people lose everything and have nothing else to lose, they lose it, and you are seeing them lose it.  This big bubble that they keep feeding and feeding is about to burst. . . . This is one big scam. . . . So, this thing is going to come down big.  We are in the Greatest Depression.”

On gold and silver, Celente says don’t expect a top anytime soon.  Celente explains, “We are forecasting that the percentages in silver are going to be faster and higher than gold.  You could look at silver breaking way past the $40 to $50 mark.  As gold moves to the $3,000 to $4,000 per ounce, you could see silver moving past the $100 per ounce mark. . . . It’s important for everyone to understand what is going on.  Name the country and they are going deeper into debt, and they are doing everything they can to print as much money as they can to dump into the economy to keep it from crashing.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Gerald Celente, Publisher of The Trends Journal.

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  1. Marie Joy

    and bring like minded voters, with you.

  2. JC

    Crazy times coming soon…

    The Democrats are approaching the military to remove Trump as long as the major press declares Biden the winner. They also have the intelligence agencies in their back pocket. Based upon our computer projections for Panic Cycles starting in November and running into February, yet predominantly in December and February, I do not see the Democrats accepting a loss should Trump win. They will turn the nation into a street fight rather than a court battle. They will assume they will lose in the Supreme Court, so they are actually trying to stage a coup d’etat and blame a Trump victory on another Russian interference. If Biden loses, the plan is to blame Russia and as the military to remove Trump.

  3. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    You gotta love the guy!
    Thanks for getting him on.

    • Beverly

      Amen! Gerald Celente has been one of my favorites since Ron Paul ran for President! He is SO right on when he says we better get up and fight NOW or else we will be living in a hell. People are procrastinating. They are pretending that life will go on as usual. They don’t want to face the truth. And, churches are going along with it all!! People have got to start organizing community militias and community gardens and shelters. I don’t know how to wake people up except for write a letter and distribute it to all my neighbors and then watch myself become hated by some. It makes me think that people won’t see until it’s over and we wake up with no electricity on a nationwide basis. Columbus Day is a Banking holiday. It’s on a Monday. Watch that one carefully and have gas for your generators on hand.

  4. Marie Joy

    Possible food and seed shortages coming.

  5. JC

    In closing, Celente says, “they sucked the joy and beauty, love and freedom right out of life.”

    No doubt about it.

    • Angiemn3

      I highly disagree. The military officers are a conservative group – very conservative and they are not dumb. Keep in mind that we have 4 different and distinctive branches. Remember when it was rumored that Obama wanted to do away with the Marines? Why do you suppose that was? I will tell you why; because he could not control them! The Airfare seems to have more than it share of trouble but the Marines and Army are deep in the corner for the US Constitution and Trump. If one branch starts to side with the left then the others will have to decide who to side they are on and there is no way the are going abasing the people – nope, not happening. I say this with all due respect.

      • Angiemn3

        Air Force that is…

    • William Stanley

      I agree that this is as serious it gets.
      Amazing Polly had an informative show on this today. Some high-ranking Army and Marine officers are highly suspect, as is DOD Secretary Esper. See, especially, the embedded analysis by a retired Judge Advocate General’s office Colonel at about 21:00 minutes.

  6. Eugene Grayson

    Trump holds campaign event in North Carolina
    333,473 views•Streamed live 9 hours ago
    GERALD; Lookin Dapper And TANNED!

    Democrat Operative Admits: We’ve Been Rigging Elections “for 54 Years”

  7. Steve

    Concerning vote fraud (election theft) in the upcoming 2020 election, I believe Celente is wrong. This has been an issue (democrat vote fraud) for decades. And they have perfected their methods. They know exactly what they are doing! And they have no reason to stop (as no one will Truly Investigate, never mind Prosecute them).

    In 2017, Trump was supposed to put an end to all this election fraud, and appointed a “voter fraud commission” to look into the vote fraud across the country. Trump created the commission through an executive order in May 2017. It was expected to investigate instances of alleged voter fraud in the 2016 election. But in early 2018, Trump suddenly dismantled the “voter fraud commission”. Just one of the MANY Trump “investigations” that were little more than hype (ie: Huber, Horowitz, Durham). Typical Trump, start out with a bang, and end in a whimper.

  8. Jerry

    I keep posting information, and very few people are getting it.
    The election is a dog and pony show for the ignorant masses. What we are up against is a global organization run by technocrats that are installing a new world order at “warp speed”. Believe me, what they have planned has nothing to do with politics. Listen at the 4:30 mark.

    If you don’t believe that the coronavirus wasn’t planned, I can’t help you. The biggest question no one is asking is why? The globalist can give you a thousand reasons, and all of them involve top down governance from a centralized global government that will be achieved once your DNA is uploaded to a cloud.

    Can Donald Trump stop it? I’ll play along just for the sake of argument. If he was going to stop it, why would he support GAVI? An international organization that is tasked with finding a vaccine that is partnered with Microsoft. If Donald Trump was going to stop it, why would he support the development of the 5G network? Do you have any idea who makes the components for most of the 5G towers? A Chinese weapons manufacturer. Here’s the big one. If Donald Trump really wanted to restart the economy, why doesn’t he resend the emergency powers act, that has allowed FEMA and the CDC to control every aspect of our life? Like my ancestors used to say. White man speak with forked tongue. God help us all. Get your spiritual house in order. Time is short.

    • JC

      Cognitive dissonance?

    • Jerry

      I did I say we were up against a global organization?

      Covid19 to run through 2025. What a plan?

    • Jerry

      Here’s a reminder of who’s really pulling the strings.

      Oh yes. They were selling covid19 test kits in 2018. So much for the
      “ blame China “ syndrome. Do you ever get the feeling we’re being played? Oh yes. Bored. Honed. Polished. And sleeved.

      • Greg Hunter

        Pray Jerry, Pray. Big prayer meeting in D.C. Sept 26. The Return.

        • Jerry

          I pray everyday during my morning scripture study time for our lords return. We are up against the forces of evil on every level. As for me, I’ve never put my trust in man. Only my lord Jesus Christ. Through his redemption I can be lifted up from my imperfections and weaknesses and find true salvation and happiness. If I were Donald Trump I would put the tough guy act down, and get on my knees along with the rest of the religious leaders that will be praying that day. It’s bigger than he is.

          • Greg Hunter

            Me too Brother Jerry!! The country is in big trouble.
            Brother Greg

    • K. Wayne

      “If Donald Trump really wanted to restart the economy, why doesn’t he resend the emergency powers act, that has allowed FEMA and the CDC to control every aspect of our life?” …… rescind the emergency powers I believe you meant.
      I’m glad you are paying attention Jerry. That was a cracker of a video I linked to …..and it proves beyond any doubt…..POTUS has passed control to FEMA. What is hidden from the Public….. is to give the appearance that he is still in control and that an “Election” is still required.
      I call BS and FAKE on the President for not being honest with the American people. Its a FAKE circus act with a salesman as a front. As a Nation we need to WTFU. These are criminals who want to control every aspect of our lives. They have created a false reality….a parallel world…..where choices are made in a vacuum where it is nigh on impossible to distinguish Fact from Fiction. Play the Game at your own peril.
      For those who missed the link go here
      at the 2.15 and 3.35 mark we see what DJT really thinks about HRC
      Go to 16.50….the President has handed over the POWER to FEMA. POTUS is no longer in charge. The Constitution is suspended. Our Nation is now under the rule of FEMA.
      Go to 19.10……”honored to have been their President “(past tense)
      We know that Trump is not in control anymore….
      Go to 20.05 ……Pompeo says….”we are in a LIVE EXERCISE”…..Trump responds with “you should have LET US KNOW”
      FEMA is in control now…..because of the National Emergency being declared.
      Posted on the Dr PCR interview.

      • Jerry

        K Wayne,
        I agree with your assessment. Behind the scenes the military is prepping for con3600.

        • K. Wayne

          A Military Coup is coming to our Nation according to Hugo Salinas Price.

          No more Presidents and only 1 Party with 1 Ruler.
          He refers to the period ahead (for our Nation) as Light after Dark.
          His assessment of a Revolution by way of a Military Coup…..would be the end of our Democratic Republic. Part of this process would be gun control- handing over our firearms to the Military. This”Emergency” measure would become “Permanent”.
          We have been talking about some form of Revolution for some time now.
          HSP’s articulate assessment seems very plausible.
          I would recommend others to read it too. Be prepared as always.
          Peace Brother.

        • Self Exiled

          “all constitutional successors are incapable.”

      • Beverly

        K.. Wayne,
        I agree that it seems Trump is going along with things he shouldn’t be going along with and is not doing things quite right. He signed the United States, Mexico, Canada Agreement(USMCA). Which puts us in a situation where we are ruled by trade agreements. But, at the same time, if he is doing what they want, why are the Democrats and media going after him so badly?

  9. A. E Jones. JR

    Yesterday my wife took a shopping trip to Greensboro, NC., where I believe Greg lives. She said there were more than one homeless person on every street corner and around Hammerics Dept Store the store was surrounded with 4 or more homeless on every corner. The store manager told her it was creating an impossible situation for the store and nobody would do anything about it. She then went to Cracker Barrel for lunch and someone stole her wallet from her pocket book and within one hour had tried to purchase $1,200 from Target then hit four other stores but the card was rejected on all but one. Winston-Salem is about as bad. We went in McDonald’s and there were a number of homeless camped out in the restaurant. My point is-if it is this bad now what is it going to me like when the SHTF? There is a reason this is happening in big cities but I will let you connect the dots. Greg, head back to the farm fast!

  10. Marie Joy

    Politicians, democrats and republicans, are paid to turn this into a cull. Trump is the only thing between us and that cull.

  11. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Celente,no wonder Mr Celente goes ballistic with the corruption.
    Here in the UK corruption amongst the Bolshevik elite is endemic.A former Prime Minister,Mrs Teresa May,has decided to chastise our present Prime Minister,Mr Boris Johnson,for daring to open our economy.Perhaps Mrs May’s husband is not being bribed enough as a banker.The corruption is beyond a joke.The lamp posts in parliament square are humming.Still illegal guns and explosives are flooding our island nation!Still the Chemistry of Batracho Toxin is being easily manipulated with specific gene sequences from Staph aureus.

  12. Paul ...

    You know … before being injected with a DNA changing vaccine (while currently being gassed with toxic chem-trails) by an authoritarian “commie elite” … who want to remake society using censorship, fake science and counter Constitutional policies to destroy our economy (and strengthen their grip on power) … we should be oiling our guns and stacking hollow point ammunition (the way the Marxists within our government are currently doing) … as they “give orders” (rather then taking orders from the people as they should in a Constitutional Republic) … Trump should cancel the current State of Emergency that gives “Presidential power to FEMA” to allow Gates and Fauci to run our Health Care Policies for all Americans the same way Hitler allowed Mengele to do his eugenics experiments on the Jews … this Corona Virus hoax is being used to take away the Presidency from Donald Trump (because all the Marxist’s other “commie schemes” didn’t work)!! … Trump needs to end the State of Emergency (imposed for a virus no more dangerous then the ordinary flu) “right now” … so that when we elect him to office (he will running things … not FEMA)!!!

    • JC

      Paul… don’t worry, your “hero” Q will take care of everything… won’t he?

    • K. Wayne

      “Trump should cancel the current State of Emergency that gives “Presidential power to FEMA” ……
      I’m glad you are paying attention Paul. That was a cracker of a video I linked to …..and it proves beyond any doubt…..POTUS has passed control to FEMA. What is hidden from the Public is to give appearances that he is still in control and that an “Election” is still required. I call BS and FAKE on the President for not being honest with the American people. Its a FAKE circus act with a salesman as a front.

      • Paul ...

        It sure was K. … seems like Trump “impeached himself” by declaring National Emergency!!

      • Paul ...

        Everyone should listen to this “cracker of a video” K. Wayne supplied … it is an eye opener …

      • Paul ...

        It is time for Trump to cancel the current Health Emergency and stop the mask wearing …

        • K. Wayne

          Unfortunately I think we are past the point of no return.
          The way I see it, the “Election Fraud” will be the foundation for scaled up protests ,riots and civil unrest across the Nation…that will usher in Martial Law. The Military will simply not have a choice. The Health Emergency is a Fraud as is the appearance of the President as CIC. Your assessment is correct …he has impeached himself by virtue of the National Emergency. Who knows if he actually knew the consequences!!
          The Administration is now for all intents and purposes, a second tier Government.

          • Self Exiled

            Remember what I said ” if we open our mind to a multifaceted view of events rather than the usual polarities; this makes more sense, and ties Israel and the world into a last days event with a whole range of even more subordinate extreme events” also remember; I do not see Trump as a highly intelligent person[aware], he could be God’s asset and a praying asset, but also beforming the dual role and appear as Israel’s asset. This type of duplicity is God’s arena, polarity thinking is part of our curse. Soul work is God’s arena, only HE knows Trump’s inner being, heart. {who’s asset he truly is.} The important question to all of us is “Who’s asset are we.” I repeat myself.

      • Roy Oberonski

        And your the, Gina Macaroni con woman K.! Right out of
        US counter-intelligence agency known as Hamilton Boozer CONTROL, which is constantly in co-operation with other sinister organization’s that are hellbent on sowing the seeds of discord and KAOS throughout the world, supporting governments and groups in opposition to peace and security! Your a deep state shadow government mocking bird brained media whore and idiot!

        • JC

          Wow, K. Wayne gets called a lot of things, but he rolls with the punches…

          • K. Wayne

            They try to discredit me. That’s expected.
            I don’t ….and I wont…. surrender.
            I know I am on target. I can take a few body blows that’s for sure.
            Regardless, I will stay the course. We are in the midst of a Revolution.
            All eyes and ears.

        • K. Wayne

          I am a Truther. I deal in Facts.
          You are a Troll. Your life is a Lie.
          Get back in your CIA …bought and paid for….propagandist pigeon hole.
          Everything about your comment smacks of psychological warfare.
          Interesting how you guys work. But so very obvious.
          The Truth Hurts doesn’t it !!!

        • Self Exiled

          Ray: Gina is silent now because she is acting out her heart’s desire. I suspect we all are, and it’s is being allowed by The Most High.

  13. SilverHawk

    I sure hope so. Right now Army troops have arrived in private busses in Kimgman AZ, and rich folks are flying into Richfield UT.. So I think we’re a week or two away from something big. Or they are arriving early to get things set up.
    Meanwhile, back in the Jungle, fun with numbers time….
    Stock Market crashes tied to 911?
    2020 (Christmas Crash maybe, or gonna start any day)

    I still think we have an asteroid heading our way. Wormwood.

    Silver, your only financial savior

    • SilverHawk

      Forgot to add… I think the coin shortage issue is because they’re getting a early start on the new coinage that replaces the old. So half the machines are doing 2021 coins, while the rest are doing 2020’s. ?? Anyone else get that premonition?

  14. SilverHawk

    Kingman AZ. Correction.

  15. Jeannette Rowden

    Thanks for having Gerald Celente; he is one of my favorites and when he speaks, I listen. As far as I am concerned, he has it all together and in a humorous way, I might add, because he always makes me laugh. The world is in dire straits and ready for a big fall, and there will be suffering for so many people. Gerald always gives us a strong message and tells us the truth, which is what we desperately need to know in order to prepare as best we can.

  16. Russ 2

    Great interview Greg. Gerald was on target as usual.

    Ever since President Trump called for a drug test before the debate, the odds of Biden actually debating Trump plummeted. I’m thinking the odds are close to zero; no way would the former VP’s handlers allow the American public to find out how drugged up and on what drugs their front man is medicated.

  17. iwitness02

    It’s hard to imagine the good ole days was 2019. So much has happened so quickly that it is nothing short of amazing. I’m wondering if 2020 is just a warmup act for what’s coming in 2021. Seems to me that 2021 will be more amazing than 2020. It will be interesting to see who survives all this amazement.

    • JC

      The Amazing Colossal Man will survive!

      • iwitness02

        Thanks JC. Sometimes humor is the best medicine.

  18. JC

    “One of my favorite philosophical tenets is that people will agree with you only if they already agree with you. You do not change people’s minds.” — Frank Zappa

  19. China Syndromes

    Are you counting on SCOTUS to make the right decision, in a brokered and contested presidential election, are you? Have you heard about Chief Justice Roberts and the video from Epstein Island? Nope? Not yet? And he’s been told you never will so long as he makes “the right decision.” 🙈🙉🙊

    I don’t think so. In Arizona Martha McSally won by 1 1/2%, but the Phoenix area said they needed another week to count (harvest ballots). By weeks end, the dem bisexual Kristen had won by 1 1/2%. Our loser governor Ducey, had and investigation and believed everything the democrats explained to him. He was duped. Ballot harvesting is simply going over the voter rolls, see who didn’t vote, print up a ballot, and vote for whoever after the election. There is no oversight in dem controlled cities, counties, states.

    Democrats have been clear that they do not wish to have a normal election in 2020 where the vast majority of voters head to to the polls on election day. Instead, prominent Democrats such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have been touting a yet-to-be-tried and certain-to-be-chaotic mail-in voting system, using the COVID-19 pandemic as cover for the scheme.

    Kama-la Harris also blamed the Supreme Court for its decision in Shelby County v. Holder in 2013 for enabling voter suppression. “We have classic voter suppression at play in this election coming up,” Harris claimed. “After the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act with Shelby v. Holder in 2013, dozens of states passed laws that were designed to suppress the black vote, to suppress students from voting, to suppress our indigenous people from voting — so much so that in North Carolina a court of appeals said it was as if the law was passed with surgical precision to get in the way of black voters.”

    Those laws that Harris claims are “designed to suppress the black vote” are actually voter identification laws. Such laws have been passed throughout the past several decades — not just since 2013 as Harris claims — and were enacted to enhance election integrity by requiring that voters show identification in order to be granted a ballot. In Kamala Harris’ skewed vision of the world, that’s “classic voter suppression.”
    Harris and Biden, it seems, would prefer a system where people can vote wherever they want, whenever they want, and as many times as they want and never have to prove who they are.
    The Russian election meddling narrative played so well in left-wing media for the past four years that Democrats have decided to trot it out again just in case their riotous street mobs and mail-in voting and ballot harvesting schemes can’t sway the November election in their favor. Without a touch of irony, Harris claims that it’s President Trump who is sowing the seeds of doubt as to the integrity of this year’s election while she sits with a friendly CNN host’s and does that exact same thing.

    Even our Aussie cousins 12,000 mile’s away, are divided!
    ‘It’s a joke?’ for Democrats to put Biden up as candidate
    314,598 views•Sep 1, 2020

    Trump delivers remarks in Pennsylvania
    1,123,310 views•Streamed live on Sep 3, 2020

  20. Hjalmar Bergman

    Swedish emergency room physician, Sebastian RUSHWORTH of Stockholm recently made national news with his theory this month that COVID-19 “is over” in his country because they didn’t go into a lockdown posture as other countries and its population developed herd immunity quickly.
    While Sweden may have one of the world’s highest total death rates, it’s not getting much higher because his country “ripped the metaphorical band-aid off quickly and got the epidemic over and done within a short amount of time,” Rushworth contended.

    “People have gone back to their normal lives and barely anyone is getting infected anymore, he said. “I am willing to bet that the countries that have shut down completely will see rates spike when they open-up.

    “If that is the case, then there won’t have been any point in shutting down in the first place, because all those countries are going to end up with the same number of dead at the end of the day anyway.”

    How might what happened in Sweden pertain to Michigan?

    Former Gov. Jennifer GRANHOLM, who is of Swedish heritage, often pointed out parallels between Michigan and Sweden. Sweden’s population is 10,343,403. Michigan’s is 10,045,000. Sweden is on a peninsula. Michigan is two peninsulas. Like Michigan, a disproportionately high percentage of Sweden’s population lives in its southern region.

    When it comes to COVID, there are big differences between Michigan and Sweden…

  21. Paulette Hansen

    Regarding Biden’s health. Reliable voice frequency health brain matrix code and medical pathways indicates Biden has severe health issues. I agree, however, with Gerald Celente that Biden’s personal appearance has changed probably due to anti-aging therapies and cosmetic surgery. I am taking a clue from Hillary Clinton’s sudden youthful appearance and vitality half-hour after 2016 911 ceremony incident of being thrown in vehicle like sack of garbage by secret service. Joe Biden may become someone else.

  22. Francise Early

    Fascinating Fascism – Captain Kirk explains fascism
    The “leader” in this episode, a brain damaged man who strings together random sentences and is a puppet for others. Sound familiar?
    They tried to paint Donald Trump as such and now want to position a real puppet!
    When asked if he flattered his way into the White House, Wolff said, “I certainly said what was ever necessary to get the story.”

    And apparently said what was necessary to sell his books!

    Kim Found The Book Funny!

    • JC

      Francise Early,
      I was thinking about this Star Trek episode last week….
      That guy sure looks like Biden, doesn’t he?

      If I remember correctly his name is John Gill. Kirk was shocked when he first saw him, and he said, “That’s John Gill!”

  23. wondering

    When the human body immune system kicks in it produces or leases Exosomes. It is the natural immune system response to illness. A photograph of an exosome is identical to the lab identification of the covid 19 farce. The virus is fake. They set up the virus identification id as exactly the same as the body immune response exosome.

    This is fact, not my opinion. Google exosomes and coronavirus.

    The virus is fake. It doesn’t exist.

  24. H. Craig Bradley


    President Trump better get a clear majority of the votes ( > 50%) because if the mail-in voter fraud issues delay the transition into January, then the Military may not back the President. While the military says they will be apolitical and neutral, this remains to be seen. Which ever side in this prolonged succession struggle wins will ultimately need the military to back them up. Bill O’ Reilly reported last night on The First T.V. channel that President Trump does not like many of the Generals who regard him as only an inexperienced, brash upstart ( They do not respect the President).

    Similarly, President Trump does not like many of the Generals all that much either. The feeling is mutual, as they say. This inability to get along could cost the President his job if he can not gain the support of the Military commanders should a constitutional crisis erupt over questionable votes post election. We could have a civil war or coup even still.

  25. Orlando

    Last month, after living in Oregon for40 years we moved to a (undisclosed) Red State! We feel very fortunate to be able to flee Oregon. We became disgusted over what Oregon Government has become and left. Greg and Gerald are correct; Governor Brown of Oregon doesn’t have all of her string beans in one can – Incompetent in more ways than one. You wouldn’t believe how many legislative bills get considered that are unconstitutional. In less than 5 years, because of their far left politics, they have destroyed one of the most beautiful states of the Union. It has now become a great place to visit but you won’t want to live there. Glad we got out before the crash. Thank you for the interview.

  26. Jose Gallardo

    —not a healthy guy. his mental incompetency and physical unfitness are so glaring as to make him thoroughly unqualified for any office
    —Def: Senile–having diminished cognitive function, memory is impaired, because of old age, stress, drugs. a disease or condition whose cause is primarily advanced . At the end of an erosion cycle. Many dead and dying brain cells.
    –“That’s not Joe Biden. That’s a shell of his former self,” Mike McCormick, who worked as a White House stenographer for 15 years and with the former vice president from 2011 to 2017
    –This Biden doesn’t have the same vitality
    –we’re watching the attempted NWO globalist Marxist communist destruction of this great nation.
    —9-11-90 (30 yrs ago) Bush Sr with Biden gave speeches mentioning NWO globlalism—Biden Is running to restore the NWO globalist Muslim Pres. Barack Obama legacy
    Communist Biden and China Pres Xi endorse riots, looters actions to take down the USA
    — This agenda isn’t about race. It’s a revolution to implement a NWO Marxist Communist Nation in sync to global Illuminati goals top-down elite controlled, Anti-Source God, Lucifer god nations
    — BLM is a lie. They don’t care about black lives
    —BLM Marxism stresses dividing people and pitting them against each other
    –hitting police officers, $110,000 spent on stolen credit cards, $1 million DWI arrest,six times crack-cocaine drug rehab

  27. Bill B

    I have been presented with an opportunity to purchase some 100 ounce silver bars at spot. The seller had them and wanted to cash them in, but no one was interested without a deep discount. If i were to purchase some, would i be looking at the same situation sometime in the future.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Bill but you would be discounting at a much higher price. You must make sure they are authentic. There are electronic devices that can do that.

  28. Not So Free

    Good to see that many of your interviews are mentioned on

  29. Merry Piper

    Greg: Thank you and thank Gerald Celente. Two truth speakers without fear. God bless.

  30. Myriad

    Gerald is a little optimistic to believe that Trump is secure if the Dems contest.
    Consider the corrupt DOJ under Barr. or the SCOTUS going rogue and thirdly what about the Obama appointed generals thrown into the mix.

  31. William Hartery

    Stupid is Evil. I think Celente is underestimating the stupidity of the American people.

  32. Anthony Australia

    Gerald is a national treasure, someone the US should honour.

    Thanks for the interview Greg

  33. Self Exiled

    1. “mass mobilization” 2. “bipartisan” 3. Chinese Communist Party-linked think tank The Berggruen Institute 4. The concept of “election night,” is no longer accurate and indeed is dangerous. 5. The kings of the earth did not believe, Nor did any of the inhabitants of the earth, That the adversary (oppressor) and enemy
    Could enter the gates of Jerusalem. Lamentations 4:12 6. Read it and weep my fellow Americans they have entered the gates—-

  34. Paul ...

    You know … the Fed in just one year has just about doubled the money supply … double the supply of money and each unit of money will buy you half of what it did before … since 1913 the Fed has brought the value of the dollar down 100 times (from 100 cents to about 1 cent) … now consider that since 1970 the Fed must have increased the money supply by at least 10 times … so what does this mean? … it means that buying Silver at $27 dollars per ounce today is really like buying Silver at $2.70 per ounce in 1970 … similarly … when you buy Gold at $1,940 per ounce today it is really like you are buying Gold at $194 dollars per ounce in 1970 … it means that Gold and Silver have not gone up in price (but have held their purchasing power value) and has done exactly what it is supposed to do (protect your savings) … this something that Stan who is shorting Gold will never understand … he doesn’t realize that Gold selling for $1,940 dollars per ounce (is actually selling for $194 dollars per ounce in 1970 dollars) … gold is never at a peak (it is a constant) simply priced in Fed fiat (that keeps losing value) as they print the ever worthless paper to infinity!! … to see how many fiat dollars Gold and Silver are currently worth simply go to the US National Debt Clock … (!!!

  35. Paul ...

    JC … People may need to mind their P’s instead of Q’s!!

  36. Self Exiled

    Soros and Obama link. I wonder if Soros funds the CIA?

    “Woe (judgment is coming) to the rebellious children,” declares the LORD,
    “Who carry out a plan, but not Mine,
    And make an alliance [by pouring out a libation], but not of My Spirit,
    In order to add sin to sin; Isaiah 30:1

  37. Self Exiled

    “Former President Barack Obama will headline a fundraiser for the National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC) at Alex Soros’s New York City home on Monday evening,” Breitbart reports.

    • Self Exiled

      BLUNT: Catholic priest says Democrats are going to hell — and Texas bishop backs him up

    • Self Exiled

      Some time ago I posted people had stopped asking me where I was from. Due to my appearance, they stated asking ” How long have you been hear? Now they ask ”What do you miss?” Which, is don’t you miss anything back home, or you never leave. My unhesitating response “My guns” which is true. The only people who have asked; if I wanted to buy a gun has been, guess who? The Police. Foreigners are not allowed to own guns. Mmmmmm. I f you go to foreign country know their laws. Don’t get involved in their politics or with the police. My advice.

  38. Robert

    I don’t buy that prediction. I have never seen a prediction with a particular date or year happen. Remember Y2K? The sun came up the next morning. Preachers are notorious for predicting with a bonafide date, yet never comes about.

  39. Self Exiled

    I think the Durham investigation will be covered up, buried, and forgotten because of the election. My opinion. Another disappointment. If it is then God’s mission concerning Trump was to give His people warning/time to prepare and the US will enter another phase of judgement. Sitting here thinking. Here in Philippines people on the main streets compliant, masks on. Auxiliary streets walking/talking, one giant retirement village. The military at the market very busy, texting, feet up on barriers. Testing door to door; if it gets organized, Filipinos will just float house to house, relative to relative, oh he/she left, went to………me I will have to hide. I will have to prepare a route of hideness to a return to where I’m sitting right now.

    By mercy and lovingkindness and truth [not superficial ritual] wickedness is cleansed from the heart,
    And by the fear of the LORD one avoids evil.
    When a man’s ways please the LORD,
    He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him.
    Better is a little with righteousness
    Than great income [gained] with injustice.
    A man’s mind plans his way [as he journeys through life],
    But the LORD directs his steps and establishes them. Proverbs 16: 6-9

  40. Self Exiled

    COVID on Campus – Nearly 26,000 Students on 29 Campuses Identified with COVID – But ZERO Hospitalized, ZERO Deaths

  41. Self Exiled

    Trump’s Strength Prevails in New Hampshire Primary Races

    • Self Exiled

      I wonder how many of these people have guns.

  42. Stan

    Didn’t Trump promise to open a new investigation of 9-11? What ever happened to that?

    • Greg Hunter

      He’s a little busy right now Stan.

    • JC

      Stan, did you put the proper postage on the postcards that you sent to Greg from St. Maarten and Las Vegas?

  43. FC

    I’m surprised by the number of people who have trouble grasping the term “it’s a race to the bottom” in reference to Fiat currencies.
    I use the analogy of gold and silver being 2 skydiving aircrafts and every single Fiat currency on board has jumped wearing a wingsuit with no parachute.
    Some currencies manage to control their decent down where other currencies have no idea how to use the wingsuit and their decent is much faster, but eventually they all crash.
    The penny drop expression on their faces, is a wonderful thing to see.

  44. Hamilton Boozer

    Trump says top people in the Pentagon want to do nothing but fight wars [K. Wayne] to make the military industrial complex happy
    September 9, 2020 by IWB

  45. Jim Egan

    Ingraham: Bidenology 101 — the War Party exposed
    996,137 views•Sep 8, 2020
    Notice how he gets totally enraged when he lies, which is most of his adult career.
    Be quiet Joe. You came out with your “offended” statements, before any kind of investigation even got started. It is called SLANDER.
    Anonymous sources – translation: “I made it up”
    Disrespecting the military, sounds like something Obama would (and did) do.
    Any time Biden answers a question with “Look!” he is telling a lie. It’s his tell.
    If Joe Biden wins, this country can just raise the Chinese flag

  46. Boozer Hammy

    Dozens of Austrians puzzled after receiving U.S. stimulus checks, banks say

  47. H. Craig Bradley


    Violence is coming to America. This tends to happen whenever you turn-down the economy for any number of reasons. Unfortunately, the global economic system is in the process of collapsing. Anger and Violence in the form of increased civil unrest is the expected public response going into 2022. People act out or take out their frustrations on others. ( We are not talking about mere words here either. Just look at Portland, Oregon riots all Summer).

    • JC

      H. Craig Bradley
      Plenty of unreported violence in NY.
      Email from a friend, she writes…

      “Getting real stupid here in NYC. The new thing is that the protesters are pulling people out of their stopped cars and beating the crap out of them. WTF???
      Not reported on TV newscasts. My ex-NYPD friend told me. Cuomo and DeBlasshole not doing a thing about it. Enough is enough. Can’t imagine what will happen after Presidential election November 3.”

      • H. Craig Bradley


        Whenever attacked, you have a legal right to fight back. Even a sharp kitchen knife can make them bleed with a laceration on the forearm and then back-off. Run over them, if you have to. Whatever actions it takes to survive.

  48. Carl Durk

    Thanks Greg
    Gerald was right on especially his last comment
    That we have to stand up and fight for liberty .
    We have to fight like your the third monkey trying
    To get on the Ark and it’s starting to rain . 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Carl. I agree!!

  49. Farley Grainger

    Donald Trump interview on David Letterman’s late night show

  50. H. Craig Bradley

    OBSERVE AND REPORT: Southern California Teetering and On-the-Ropes

    A lifelong friend of mine whom I attended K-12 public schools with locally recently went on a short reconnaissance road trip in Southern Calif. to a local beach about 40 minutes from home. Most residents where I live never leave their personal bubbles and are clueless as to how widespread and bad things really are. (Just not here). Here are his observations for Southern Calif. Pay attention especially to what is going-on in formerly tony Beverly Hills, CA. and NOT being reported by the media:

    We drove down Sunset Bl. from Highland through Hollywood and Beverly Hills to the beach. Hollywood is now just a disgusting homeless camp, the homeless actually stand in the street on Sunset blocking traffic and panhandling. Homeless camps now include not only tents, but couches, beds, wading pools, etc.. poor businesses there are not sustainable under these conditions. Mayor Garcetti’s disgraceful leadership is destroying L.A.!

    We made a stop to see Rodeo Drive in B.H.; remember there were “protests” there.
    Still some boarded-up formerly high end businesses. The strange thing is, there is a large presence of mostly young, black men seemingly hanging-out. They don’t look like they are shopping, just intimidating people by standing around and going in and out of the shops. Very strange, we’ve been to Rodeo before, used to be mostly local wealthy people (Iranians), and some tourists, mostly Asian, shopping and eating at the restaurants. Seems planned to intimidate and disrupt the business and local people. Don’t know for sure. Things are disturbingly strange right now!

  51. Gregory Morrissey

    Wow that is doom and gloom coming soon. I have a question for you Greg. Do you have a speaker who can talk about us , THE U.S.A. going back to be one nation under God ? Is this a great opportunity for a person to speak to this . Think about it ,Trump wins, this will be the way to go back to our Constitution. Think about if the world sees what the U.S.A. does going back to one nation under GOD. How this could change the world . This is what GOD wants the U.S.A. to lead the way. I know its all doom and gloom but you said several times the most important thing it to know GOD the FATHER and his SON . You read bible John 4:24 God is spirit and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth. also read Job 23: 13 , Psalm 115:3 , Psalm 135:6 . They all say the same thing God has changed mine , good examples are 2Kings 22: 14 to 20 and Jonah chapter 3 , read the whole chapter . Hope this helps

  52. tim mcgraw

    Nice to see Gerald. I believe that is a citrene pin on his jacket. Citrene is a good luck/harmonious gem.
    Elections…are we better off than four years ago? I’m not. I’m living in the CCCP (California Covid Confinement Panic). Is that Trump’s fault or the Democrats or both? Looks like both to me. Here in California the ballots are mailed and harvested and my vote doesn’t amount to diddley squat!
    Voting…. bring back the monarchies. At least then you know which family is screwing things up and who to put into the guillotines.
    The whole system is a failure.
    My guess is that a war with China is coming real soon!

  53. Richard Devis

    Thanks for sharing, It is really helpful.

  54. Agilitics

    Great post! I really appreciate it.

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