Trump Wins Debate Big, Voters Turning Red, Economy Needs Help

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 451 10.02.2020)

Despite the unfairness of the debate between President Trump and former VP Joe Biden, Trump still destroyed Dem candidate Biden.  This was despite the fact that moderator Chris Wallace was also debating President Trump on behalf of Biden.  Also, Trump’s microphone was noticeably turned down compared to Biden and Wallace.  There is no doubt about this as you can go back and listen to it and measure it on a meter.  This is too stupid to be stupid, and it is simply a dirty trick to try subtly minimize Trump in the debate.  There is also speculation that Biden got the questions ahead of time and that he had help by wearing an earpiece and special contact lenses that would act as a teleprompter.  This may or may not be true, but who cares.  Trump won and Biden got beat. 

Democrats know they are losing and losing badly.  Black voters are switching to the GOP and so are Hispanic voters in record numbers.  This is why we have the in-your-face vote-by-mail cheating scams.  It is also why the DNC and MSM are constantly making up false stories about how Trump is a racist.  The Dems also know that polls for independent voters show about 70% of them are turning to Trump and the Republican Party.  It all boils down to no cheating will mean no victory for Dems in November.  So, they cheat and cheat big or lose big.

The Democrats in the House have passed a new stimulus bill with zero Republican support.  Good luck getting it passed thought the Senate as it was only a partisan attempt by Nancy Pelosi who was criticized by members of her own party for not getting bipartisan support.  Without a new stimulus bill, there will be more layoffs as restaurants, airlines and other impaired businesses struggle to gain traction.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Interview:

Biblical cycle analyst Bo Polny will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  He will shed light on coming world events, gold, silver, US dollar, stocks and bonds.

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  1. steve

    I think Trump lost on this one- he lost his cool. He should not underestimate the smooth polished lieing of Biden.

    • Greg Hunter

      Two on one and Trump still won–big. You are dreaming. n That’s why Dana Bash called it a “$#!t show.”

      • Kirk Alley

        Mr. Hunter,
        You did a great breakdown of the debate issues. I missed many of the things you pointed out but it became obvious with your help. The disrespect those two criminals showed toward the best President we have had in my lifetime was staggering. They try to make the people jealous of Trump’s wealth by saying trump took advantage of tax laws that they wrote and use themselves. Plus biden and gang have consumed tax money in pay and perks to the tune of millions. Don’t people understand that people getting a goobermint check really don’t pay any taxes, the “tax” they pay is just a small refund back to a different goobermint agency.

        • Virginia Conway

          Thank you so much for saying my exact thoughts. In that debate, if Trump was not Trump he would have been made into a fool. I have become so disheartened with all of the vile against our Constitution & Bill of Rights. We as a Nation must realize we are at war from within. A Trump victory or we can kiss our lives good by. Thanks

      • Thomas

        Greg…I follow you all the time, and enjoy it. That being said, are your interviews with Bo Polny your least watched? I never listen to him any more.

        • Greg Hunter

          Then facts would say otherwise. Your feelings are not facts.

          • Thomas

            Greg…I’ll take your reply as “yes, Bo Polny is my least watched guest”…

            • Greg Hunter

              You are stupid and you make crap up to fit your hate. Polny has had 61,000 views since Saturday evening so he is one of the MOST watched people on this channel.

    • William Stanley

      Perceptions of who won are seen through cultural glasses. Some subcultures in the US (as in say, the UK), value cool demeanor very highly. Other subcultures value vigorous self-defense and counter-attacking more highly.

      I think President Trump played his game plan very well and not only strengthened his standing with his base, he looked strong to many traditional Democrats. In addition he forced Mr. Biden to betray a large part of his (radical left) base. That won’t sit well with them.

      • Tin foil hat

        I concur with your statement regarding the cultural difference. A lot of people didn’t like when Tyson bit Holyfield’s ear. Fact is, Holyfield, like Biden, tried to clinch his way through a fight that Tyson, like Trump, showed up to throw punches. Not only did Trump bite his ear, he bitch slapped the ref too. People paid good money to see Tyson because he was a savage, as we elected Trump because he’s our savage.

        As far as the white supremacists go I am not aware of any rioting or civil unrest they have caused, unless you count them defending property from Antifa or BLM. Christopher Wray mentioned white supremacist groups in Congressional testimony a few weeks ago as the #1 domestic terrorism group in the US. When asked to name a specific group, he could not.

        • William Stanley

          Re: ” biting ears and bitch-slapping the referee”


    • eddiemd

      Trump did not lose. He showed that he was up against both Biden and Wallace. Biden struggled at times. Trump was aware that Biden was confused. Trump knows what is going on.

      Wallace was covering for Biden. I believe that Biden had access to the questions before the debate.

      The technology exists for the Trump people to intercept the communications between Biden and those people talking in his ear. Or perhaps to jam the frequencies so that Biden can’t get the information and advice. Even better, they should have jammed his controllers and taken over his system and fed him bad advice. Trump should have prepared for this. Perhaps Trump’s people did intercept the dialog and will play it back at some point.

      • Paul ...

        Mask wearing “masochistic demon rats” must derive some sort of sexual gratification from inflicting their own pain and humiliation upon others!!

    • Wade Mulroney

      Steverino, you don’t understand. Trump won because despite Chris Wallace’s role to prevent any news of any substance to get out of Joe Biden’s criminality, to actually get out. Trump won because that’s exactly what he did. For the first time the uninformed and the American left heard about the rampant corruption of the Obama/Biden administration. Which was just the tip of the iceberg. The news media was not upset at the bickering, but that Trump went off they’re narrative. Chris Wallace tried as he did, failed to keep Trump muzzled. That’s why there will be no more debates. John Dickerson of CBSNews, was amazed at the poll that found a substantial increase in voters that said they were much more informed, with this debate! We only have Donald Trump to thank, because the army is legion of those that are scared to death of the wrath of the American people. Whom Lincoln said you can only fool some of the time and as Trump proved not all the time.
      ___As far as Trump and wife getting the virus. Were all going to get it. Either live as the president, or metered in a vaccine. The Trumps sport a year round tan and I’m sure they will only feel mild symptoms. Pray for those in the inner city that live on mac and cheese and vitamin D3 levels that are practically non-existent. Because of high melanin and no sun exposure and doctors that could not care less about they’re patients health, but only in buying more nursing homes and Florida condo’s.

  2. Frank Sutton

    WUHAN-GATES – 21. “Pandemic Planned for Decades”. Kennedy blames Fauci & Gates. Terrible Plot in 30 Investigations’ summary. Pope against Big Pharma’s Affairs
    Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio 26 Settembre 2020
    «The governments love pandemics. They love pandemics for the same reason they love war. It gives them the ability to impose controls on the population that the population would otherwise never accept—creating institutions and mechanisms for orchestrating and imposing obedience.
    «I will tell you something: it is a mystery to me, how all these big, important people like Bill Gates and Tony Fauci were planning and thinking about this pandemic for decades—planning it so that we would all be safe when the pandemic finally came. And yet, now that it is here, they don’t seem to know what they are talking about».
    These words were spoken a few weeks ago in Berlin by Robert F. Kennedy jr to over ten thousand Germans! MUCH MORE;
    Hope To Die At 75
    Yes, That was the Bill Gates wet dream for us and a belief Dr. Fraudci hoped for himself. Unfortunately for us the plandemic gave him a higher calling, to live past his expiration date. What they don’t know is there were those that had no concern for being the richest in the graveyard and cut the money grubbers off at the pass, by promoting safe suntanning and vitamin supplementation. Specifically vitamin D3. Thats why the confusion of the plandemic planners! Yes over ten years ago over radio and on weekends the case was made for vitamin d3! That’s when we learned about the importance of vitamin d3 and they even send out free bottles, so you can see and feel, yourself the importance and immediate lift in mode alone. From the sunshine vitamin! An absolute must for healthy lungs and cardio-vascular health.But that’s just the tip of the iceberg as you will see; . .

    • Paul ...

      Frank … Once the world (taking a page from America’s Constitution) began to exercise their freedom to speak and object … the globalist “commies” moved fast … and very quickly imposed internet censors and systems of surveillance … now they want to “tag us like cattle” (using a DNA altering vaccine) to coerce and subdue us all into accepting their One World “commie conformity” Utopia (where individuals no longer have any right to express their own opinion)!!

    • BDS

      Thanks for the info. I read the majority of your post and shows how important Vitamin D is to our health. I wanted to pass on some info I recieved on Vitamin D Levels in ng/ml by blood test vs the Covid19 Risk levels.
      47 to 90+ ng/ml None
      40 to 47 ng/ml Almost none
      27 to 40 ng/ml Mild risk
      21 to 27 ng/ml Danger threshold at 27- risk increases
      Below 21 ng/ml Greatest risk for bad outcome and mortality
      It is amazing the medical profession does not pass this info out to the general public as a way to lower your risk of contracting covid19. I understand the Rockefeller institute started the AMA and threatens Dr’s with loss of their license if they don’t follow big Pharma/AMA guidelines. If that is correct then anything coming out of that area is suspect and we all have to be diligent in our own research.

      • Mel Hughes

        Don’t be amazed BDS. VITAMIN D3 is sold by dozens of company’s through out the world. You cannot patent a natural product, so nobody’s gonna get rich on it. That’s why you won’t find any company buying hundreds of thousands of dollars, to tell you about it on T.V.!
        Like hydroxychloroquine and zinc. For those overweight and health food ignorant, it’s a lifesaver, when covid-19 is threatening. But with a seventy year success and safety record of ridding the world of malaria, it means nothing without double blind studies. Despite doctors all over the world with tens of thousands of success stories of sparing people the pain and even death by the virus covid-19. So why would a company spend millions on peer reviewed double blind studies on a product that anybody can produce without patent? Because
        Without patent, allowing competition. It sells for less than 10 dollars, for the 5 day, 5 pill cure. There’s an old saying, money talks B.S. walks.
        That’s the sad truth. To your doctor who lives on your poor health, it’s all bull Shiite! You won’t find drug reps sitting in doctors waiting rooms, to push any natural cures. Forget it and you’ll never see a commercial on television about fish oil for your heart and joints! Or co- q10 instead of heart lung transplants. Enzymes that cure cancer, like enzymes for a septic field. Better than a backhoe, lol.
        Next time you pick up your med’s, stop by your local health food store and find out how you can start living and saveing your life and your governments money!

  3. IVAN


  4. Marie Joy

    If decent people lose this election, we will find ourselves kneeling next to a ditch with a bullet coming our way.
    Trump needs poll watchers

    • notyourpatsy

      No Marie, only COWARDS find themselves in that position….Patriots die standing and fighting!

      • Freebrezer

        N. thank you!!! my thoughts entirely!

  5. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Well done!
    BTW, I heard this evening from a friend that several black members of his extended family who were not already Republicans intend to vote for President Tramp.

    As I was watching I got word that President Trump and Melania have tested positive for CV-19. By itself that isn’t too concerning because the risk of serious consequences is low, especially with proper treatment. However, I have to wonder whether they were attacked. Therefore, I hope his doctors also check for a lot of other diseases that may have similar symptoms. It’ll be interesting if his doctors prescribe hydroxychloroquine and/or ivermectin (in addition to other pharmaceuticals).

    • Tin foil hat

      Trump openly admitted that he had been taking hydroxychoroquine back in April. If he were also taken zinc, elderberry, vitamin c and d3, he should be back in business within a week after couple of doses of z-pack or zithromax.

      Were the first couple attacked? The timing is as good as 9/11 which happened 3 months before euro became fully operational or the Greek debt crisis which exploded in 2008, threatening the viability of the eurozone itself, right after the MBS financial crisis of 2007–2008.

      • K. Wayne

        Call me cynical…..but I don’t for 1 second fall for this crap.
        The lightning speed at which not only POTUS ….but also the 1st Lady…..acquired the “Virus”….is nigh on the realms of impossible.
        To me there are a couple of things that stand out.
        1) The Timing (with an Election just 4 weeks away)
        2) The sudden need to isolate the President
        3) Will an Election be held if the President is not fit for his Office
        4) Where do we stand in terms of the State Legislature ….what happens if Trump is incapacitated or passes before the Election?
        At this stage of the Game….into the 9th inning…. I believe we are about to witness a False Flag event.
        Keep in mind that POTUS is the one who pushed the Warp Speed agenda.
        So…..will he be the “One”…that takes the shot and miraculously recovers……to allow the advancement of a Nation-wide Vaccination program . I’m betting YES !!
        What a statement that would be (by POTUS) …right ? ……RIGHT !!!
        The show rolls on.

        • eddiemd

          It took me about 3-4 days after exposure to develop symptoms. Then passed it on to a family member who also developed symptoms within the same period.

          Given that…I don’t believe that he has it either. Something big is coming. Perhaps war. We will know very soon.

          If we see Pelosi and key congress members disappearing into hiding we will know that the continuity of government has been instituted.

          • Mike R

            It seems like cover for something important. Keep in mind, China launched this virus, and effectively its been an act of war on their part.

            Trump should have immediately put Pence into executive power if he does indeed have Covid 19. Especially right before an election.

        • Tin foil hat

          I’m not 100% sure but I believe the first couple are asymptomatic. They both took the test after learning Hope Hicks felt sick on Air Force One. Trump could have caught the virus when Hope was asymptomatic.

          • K. Wayne

            That’s no more than conjecture on every count.
            They have a knack for making it as opaque as possible.
            Look at the inconsistency of reports. MSM are in a frenzy.
            It is wicked. They have plans. There will be a false flag.
            It will be centered around the President.
            -Mass Civil unrest
            -Mysterious death.
            -The need for the CIC to be in isolation (Bunker)
            -2nd Wave
            -Stock Market Crash
            -Rushed Vaccine
            -Deferred Election
            One if not all.
            I’m favoring the permanent retirement of Trump.
            @74 ….overweight…unhealthy…..perfect candidate for many illnesses….even “premature” death.
            I have a notation made on my calendar for 10/19/20. 2 weeks from tomorrow.
            The show must go on.

    • William Stanley

      Breitbart reports:
      “President Donald Trump’s physician, Commander Sean P. Conley, revealed that the president received a single 8-gram dose of Regeneron’s polyclonal antibody cocktail, as well as zinc, Vitamin D, famotidine, melatonin, and a daily aspirin for treatment.”

      I’m now worried: I’m skeptical of the safety and efficaciousness of Regeneron’s polyclonal antibody cocktail and am deeply disappointed that ivermectin was not administered.
      See, e.g., Chris Martenson’s take on the current situation with CV-19. You’ll need to restart the podcast at the beginning to get the full story of why I believe ivermectin is the preferred drug for this situation (basically, it just works via a better, more broadly applicable mechanism).

      • Paul ...

        Why would Trump be given Fauci’s medication (Remdesifere?) instead of HCQ?? … so he could have breathing difficulties??? … and thus need to be put on a ventilator???? … is this what he gets for helping to “warp speed” a mandatory Military administration of the Gates and Big Pharma DNA altering vaccine????? … Trump did not wear a mask during the debate with Biden … but perhaps the “commie demon rats” want Trump to become more mask-o-kiss-tic (so at the next debate he will wear a mask and thus lose the support of many in his base trying to break free of wearing germ infected rags on their faces)??????

        • paul jr.

          Too bad Trump and the others infected did not wear a mask when it was necessary. More than likely they would not have COVID right now if they did. You better hope you do not get it.

          • Greg Hunter

            Paul jr.
            A mask has never been a flu fighter. It’s always been hand washing.

            • paul jr.

              You are right about the hand washing.

          • eddiemd

            Get your fashion mask on ebay. I am sure it will work well for you. Don’t forget to cover your nose.

            A mask without a seal is worthless.

            Keep drinking the Kool-Aid and staring into your iPhone. Maybe it will make you smart.

      • Tin foil hat

        I thought daily baby aspirin had no effect on preventing cardiovascular events such as heart attack or stroke for healthy adults over 60. However, it increases risk of internal bleeding, blood vessel bursting and a slight absolute increase in the death rate.

      • Tin foil hat

        I’m surprised HCQ is not on the list.

  6. Maria das Santos

    Fascinating unpacking of the USA sadly absent here in the UK.
    The corruption here in the UK is beyond reasonable.The police have gone Stasi and the government has firmly painted targets on Roman Catholics as well as many good Christian people as well as the Muslim population who are in permanent internment across the country.We can go to an airconditioned supermarket but we cannot go to chapel,church,synagogue or Mosque.Foreign entities owning assets in British anything,whether the Virgin Island,City of London,the Channel Island and Isle of Man are now being eyed for seizure.Our bonds,known as Gilts,are about to have a permanent interest payment at zero whilst you may never retrieve the actual bond,in Europe,the insane asylum,have decided the plebs will be paying for them to hold a government bond but never retrieve it.But you will be paying taxes on the bond at your death,anyone inheriting the bond will have the pleasure of paying the government for that pleasure.What a poisonous chalice indeed.
    So all is well!(sarc).Destroying our bond market,check,thuggish Stasi police,check,spying on the people via GCHQ and more,check,a Pravda media,BBC,check and we have had an influx of explosives and guns from the Ukraine,check.So we are just awaiting the guns and explosives to be used by the “security services”making a nice false attack and witness a round up of us awkward plebs.So we know what is coming.

  7. Paul ...

    Breaking News: The Demon rat Fauci who “purposely” released the Corona virus (to among other things destroy Trumps businesses) finally got Trump infected with his “gain of function” virus (which he purposely designed to kill old people who are overweight)!!! …

  8. JC

    G. A. STEWART:
    I am sending a message to the Alternative Media, you have been played. We are all whackos and wingnuts now.

    I will expound upon that in my next Update. I had a long post that is almost finished and that I will most likely publish shortly after I publish this Update. This is an important Update that I will leave open to the public, because it is more proof that Nostradamus was the real thing and people’s doubts about that do not really matter.

    I grasp and understand that probably more than most people, so I have made it my purpose to enjoy the last weeks of what Western civilization has to offer. On my weekends I have been revisiting my favorite restaurants. Only two-weeks ago, I could not get a seat at number one on my list, because downtown was bustling and busy, and I was glad to see at least a semblance of a return to “normal”.

    However, just last week, the Black Lives Matter Protests with threats of violence showed up at number one on my list and began taunting patrons. The restaurant is on my 20-mile bike route, and I must have just missed the protestors/thugs. And now I am fully convinced that there will be no return to normal.

  9. Jerry

    The greatest show on earth is about to begin. First we had this

    and then Alex Azar’ s Twitter account has been locked down. Meanwhile President Trump and the First Lady have tested positive for covid19. Can you say October surprise? I just love how normalcy biased snow flakes slap the conspiracy theory label on anything that they don’t understand or can’t comprehend. The NSA had that label until Eric Snowden, and now we have the World Economic Forum getting the same label by the media puppets. Apparently you have to do your own research to find truth anymore. Ask Alexa about “Event 201”. At least artificial intelligence is honest. Well, sort of.

  10. Paul ...

    Trump tests positive for Corona Virus … Gold Jumps up over $1900 …

  11. JC

    The boxing cartoon made me think of The Little Rascals episode “Boxing Gloves.”

    Here in this clip, you will see what happened between Chubby and Joe that led up to them settling things in a boxing match.

    Full episode below. Enjoy.

  12. Tommy

    Prayers for President and Mrs. Trump as they fight covid-19.
    Also, hoping the lies about Trump are corrected and reported by MSM. For instance, the claim that Trump only paid $750. in 2017 is totally false. His tax liability was over $7.4 million, but it was the Alternative Minimum Tax, but that is still an income tax. Also he did only “pay” $750 for the balance due but the balance was paid using tax credits he had accumulated. Sort of like you have income tax withheld or paid-in in the form of tax estimated payments. You might have a small balance due upon filing your return but your tax payments paid in advance are still payments. Your total tax liability is what counts. Lies about supporting white supremacists when Biden is the one who associated with racist Senators with some, like Robert Byrd, being members of the Triple K club. Satan must be getting tired with all the work he is doing .

  13. JC

    Trump is positive?
    He’s positive?
    So what should we do?
    Sing and dance with Abbott and Costello’s crew?

  14. Dana McMichael

    Why is there always a pro-Democrat ad on this page? I thought this was Greg’s personal website. Today, it’s a 5X Matching donation to defeat Mitch McConnell…ad “paid for by Progressive Turnout Project.”

    I understand why there are Democrat sponsored ads on every Youtube video…especially videos that are diametrically opposed to the Democrat Party platform; but why are they on

  15. Paul ...

    Pelosi must be a very happy camper (anticipating being the next President of the United States) as VP Mike Pence will almost certainly also need to be quarantined (given he shared a stage earlier this week with Trump) … if Fauci’s “gain of function” virus creation succeeds in putting both Trump and Pence in the grave … the Demon rats will have finally succeeded in their long 4 year effort to remove Trump!!

  16. Paul ...

    If gold goes to $2500 as Nenner states … and the Gold/Silver Ratio gets down to about 40 … … the price of Silver should vault over its old high of $49 dollars … but remember “on an inflation adjusted basis” vaulting over its old high really means Silver needs to get above $175 per ounce (just to equal its inflation-adjusted 1980 peak of $49)!!

  17. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg, excellent analysis of the debate and current situation. Only one more debate and now we see:
    “President Trump, First Lady Test Positive For COVID-19” — Zero Hedge

    So with POTUS in COVID-19 quarantine the next debate is poof? gone. So there can only be one more debate. Sucks for President Trump‘s campaign rallies and it will be interesting to see how the campaign is handled by Trump’s staff going forward. Doesn’t matter to me; I don’t need to see anything more than what President Trump has already done. — he’s got my vote Biden??? I’d vote for Scooby the cartoon dog before I’d consider Biden. President Harris? Now that’s a scary thought.

  18. ivan anaconda

    “Presidential Debate”? It does not matter who “won” or “lost”, the debate had degenerated into a farce, and the widely held opinion has it that it was a disgrace for the United States before the whole world.

  19. Sandra McIntosh

    WOW Greg, you NEVER disappoint. Thank You….I appreciate your analysis.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Sandra!!

  20. Mike

    The exposure of voter fraud has just begun. William Barr said that several voter fraud investigations are in progress and some of them are large. There may be strategic reasons to delay SpyGate indictments until after the election but there is every reason to complete voter fraud investigations before the election.

  21. eddiemd

    A carefully crafted Perspective letter out of the New England Journal published on October 1st pushing the mandatory vaccine.

    Always read the Disclosure statements, Citing articles, and references.

    They cite a recently published JAMA article released on September 29th.

    The main writer of the NEJM article, Michelle Mello JD, is well established in the ideas of mandatory vaccines. She wrote extensively on Merck’s Gardisil vaccine several years ago.

    She works with the vaccine makers and government. She and her cohorts are carefully crafting plans to make the coronavirus vaccine mandatory. You will not be able to buy, sell, work, travel without the vaccine. That is the plan.

    Remember what I posted about the Nuremburg Code. They are bypassing this Code of Conduct for healthcare. They have already disregarded the development protocols for the vaccine and are moving at “Warp Speed”. Do not take the vaccine.

    NEJM free information on coronavirus.

    • JC

      Mandatory vaccine? What if everybody says no?
      Everybody has to say no, and not have fear!
      But will they?

      • eddiemd

        They have posted this information over on zerohedge.

        There are millions of people who say that they won’t take it. When they start to starve they will line up.

        Or this will be the start of the shooting civil war. Get out of the cities. The trucking food supplies will be broken. They already are.

    • eddiemd

      It is very sad that the NEJM has become a propaganda mouthpiece for the deep state. They are controlled media.

      I have been reading the NEJM since the early 90’s when I was in med school in Boston. I stopped the subscription a few years back when the editorial staff went full PC. They are now full on NWO globalists.

      They still put out some good stuff but the editors are full leftists. They don’t hide it.

  22. Russ 2

    California Gov Newsom Changes Reopening Rules Again, Adds Racial ‘Equity’ Measures

    …“California’s Governor Gavin Newsom, who is Nancy Pelosi’s nephew, is once again moving the goalposts in order to keep his state shut down, imposing irrelevant criteria to delay recovery. He has become an economic troll. With his state accounting for almost 15% of the national GDP, hobbling his state’s economy, even as counties are already starting to meet the criteria he set for relaxation of restrictions, depresses national output and employment statistics and thereby contributes to defeating President Trump. …
    … Newsom, who is becoming known to Californians as Newssolini, is really stretching to find excuses to keep businesses closed and Californians unemployed and reverting to race-pandering….
    … With Democrats enjoying absolute dominance of the state Legislature, Newsom’s unilateral dictates will not be challenged by the lawmaking branch of the state government. And, with the state’s media at least as dominated by leftists as the national media, few voices will be heard by the public, who have been passively accepting economic strangulation in the name of safety, and now in the name of racial grievances.” …

  23. Alam

    The former VP has a terminal case of foot-in-mouth disease, is a liar & plagiarist, thinks he’s some kind of tough guy (“Just shut up!”, what a joke), and knows damn well that the jig is up for the self-serving B crime family. This MFr needs to go down hard and be remanded to a high security nursing home… We need to see this moron and his low life loser son H perpwalked along with Comey, Strzok, McCabe, Brennan, and many many more. The future of the USA depends on the restoration of the rule of law and quick!

    • Alan

      I forgot to include Obummer and his husband, Pelosi, Newsome, Cuomo, Clapper, Weissman, Wray, the list is endless ha

  24. Paul ...

    The “commie” MSM Washington Post has a “wet dream” … … let’s put a condom on these “commie” Demon rats dream … for four more years !!!

  25. iwitness02

    Awesome wrap up Greg.
    We are coming into a most fascinating confluence of events in this country.

  26. Paul ...

    Demons from Pelosi to Biden on down are sending Trump “their phony prayers” … I suggest Trump use his two hands to give them back their horns!!

    • eddiemd

      Prayers. They pray like the prophets of Baal. They serve Molech.

      They had a witches meeting. Not a prayer meeting.

  27. Paul ...

    The Demon rats have used every dirty trick in the book against Trump … perhaps Trump should use this Demon rat idea to postpone the election until the Corona Virus is vanquished … and then run for four more years …

  28. notyourpatsy

    Breaking News! The President has tested positive from CHINA VIRUS 1200hr 2oct !! Guess the DEMONCRATS may have contaminated President Trump’s PODIUM with the China Virus prior to the debate!! I would not put it past these people to attempt this. Notice how President Trump was touching the podium and mike during the debate. His ‘infection’ did not come from anything prior to or after the debate IMO.

    Now we have to see what VP Pence does when he steps into the #1 spot. Is this a planned event? Harden up folks, this can’t get better!!

  29. eddiemd

    SEAL Team 4 commander suicided in Afghanistan. Knew about CIA drug trafficking. Found in his sleeping bag with a GSW to the head. Yeah, right.

    It was a suicide because the New York Times said it was. The CIA propaganda bird cage liner.

    “They still wonder how no aides heard the gunshot”. It is called a silencer. Assassination.

    I knew two Special Forces soldiers that “accidently” shot themselves dead. Experienced operators. One in Lebanon in 1984 and another in Ecuador 1998.

    • notyourpatsy

      EddieMD, I hear you, the circumstances don’t give with him doing himself in. Too bad he was’nt able to setup a ‘deadman switch’ for himself with family back home before they took him out. Having served like yourself, we ‘see’ things differently than those who did not serve. No SEAL/SF would EVER ‘off’ themselves in the line of Duty…EVER!!

      Sh!ts getting ‘realier’ by the day!

  30. James Hastings

    This depth of corruption and treason requires payment. There is much more pain ahead of us. “A third part of men killed”, “yet repented not of the works of their hands”.
    We will all pay for our sins as a culture, with blood.

    We need to do many things, but when it’s all said and done, we just have to accept the situation and move forward. Does anyone really believe, radicals will just see the light?

    That was a well prepared weekly review. Thank you.

  31. notyourpatsy

    Dennis Aiken, (Fumbling Bumbling Idiot agent) …”Did you know that ‘ Obstruction of Justice’ carries an IMMEDIATE 5 years in Federal Prison?” so then why have’nt all those ‘people’ who attempted to frame our President Trump, from Comey down, not been idicted and sent to prison?

    Because ‘The Deep State’ is an UNCONSTITUTIONAL ROGUE ‘parallel government’, ‘United States Corporation, with the NOT ‘Federal Reserve (private Corporation) Bank’ in collusion! These people are complicit in the destruction of America as it was founded, they should all be indicted.

  32. notyourpatsy

    ‘(John Cullen) ..ran a large pension -fund group, Greenfield Partners, which invested in hotels and real estate across America, and also helped managed the pension funds of GE and Honeywell.’
    ‘The Prince of Providence’, by Mike Stanton (isbn 0-375-75967-0 biography)

    So what effect do you think the collapse of commercial real estate and hotels will have on all those ‘pension funds’?!! States are about to feel the brunt of this type investing! Look out below! Retirees have no idea what’s about to hit them.

    James ch4:10

  33. Coalburner

    I believe HE is helping you now Greg! You are top of your game on this one. The analysis was so good, SO GOOD!

  34. notyourpatsy

    Just saw on ‘NatGeo’ (UN media outlet) , ‘Inside: Secret America, Armed and Undercover’, S 1 Ep 2, MAJOR HIT PIECE on OUR First Amendment Right, with ‘help’ from all of the usual 3 letter depts of the ‘Deep State’ gov’t. Watch the ‘credits’ to know what obama and cronies have funded against the American people!!

    The ‘journalist’, Marianna Van Zetter speaks and acts like a liberal Commiecrat throughout the show. Her ‘accomplice’ PI Jesse Torres, is the one who encouraged her and deceived all of the people who appeared on this hit piece.

    Ok EddieMd the ball’s in your court since this all took place in your town. What’s up with that? How did these 2 dupe all of those at the ranges, etc? Could none of these gun owners see through the charade that was being perped on them? I mean, some of this activity bordered on being illegal.

    Oh, and I had the same ‘airport experiences as you returning from the same locations when returning to ‘Diego back in the 1990’s. Always had to chuckle at how they thought I was on the ‘wrong team’ LOL!

    • eddiemd

      I was trying to track this down. You have to pay on youtube. I am not registered on youtube. I just watch videos, block all cookies, and use ad blocker.

      Was it the gun running operation that involved the BP agent Terry getting killed?

      That gun store is about two miles away from where I roam.

      I went to gun shows several years back at the Fair Grounds. The ATF/BP/DEA/FBI used to park a van at the controlled exit point and photo document everyone rolling out of there with arms and ammo. Literally rolling out ammo in large amounts. This was back a few years. They had ammo dealers selling cases of ammo on the cheap.

      The gun shows always had shady Spanish speaking characters shopping for weapons. Not all the weapons sold were background checked. Only dealers had to do checks. Private sellers did not. I would see all types of weapons. Haven’t been to a gun show in a few years…2016.

      I would see latinos walking out with assault rifles. No telling where they were going.

      I went through the SFQC as a weapons man in 1982-83. It was located behind the Yntema club at Bragg at that time. We used to go to the Yntema club for lunch. You could drink two beers for lunch at that time. They even had dancing girls at the lunch time in the Yntema NCO club. All good by the Army. Can you imagine that now?

      • eddiemd

        I used to go to the range up on Carefree highway. Very controlled. Always with LEO types practicing.

        A Ranger/SF bud of mine showed me a range down by Casa Grande. Far better than the AZ state controlled. Out in the middle of no where. Located close by I-8 and I-10 junction.

        • notyourpatsy

          EddieMD, I used to go to the same range as you in Carefree! During the 1990’s! I lived up in CC for 5 years and used to ride my horse(s) down to where about where the center of the dump is now to target shoot!

          The NatGeo hit piece was on tv the other night on the eastcoast. Check your local tv listings to see if it’ll be on again. It’s a series, inside America.

          It was a different show than the one you mentioned. I was acd when kc aed was sacrificed by the traitors in the agency. I’ll never forget that.

          You and I apparently ran in pretty close circles back in the day. I went to lots of the same shows/events. Almost got a hernia on one trip I bought so much! tr’s, etc,etc. Those days are long gone now sad to say.

          Stand and fight you bet your a$$ I will. No meds for me unless I want them.

          You should dial a friend at WR for info for us non md’s!

        • notyourpatsy

          Eddiemd, I have good friends down near the spook base cg area. I helped them move there from Maine in 2000. I can tell you the southern border of their ranch is the ACTUAL border! We had some ‘interesting times’ w federeles let’s say we exchanged more than a few rounds more than once!

          no need to go where the civies go, I can show you really fun times no sh!t!

  35. Dave

    The consensus is Biden won the debate because he exceeded the very low expectations set for him. Expectations set by many in conservative media. But even conservatives media near the debate date backed off. They knew Biden would do better than they had predicted so they started saying maybe he will be given drugs to boost his mental state. Jordan Sekulow warned that Biden would do well in the debate. While the always Trumpers say it was big win they are hardly unbiased. Others in conservative media from Shapiro to Savage to Hewitt and Armstrong and Getty are more unbiased in their evaluation. and don’t see a win for Trump in the debate. Trump is the one who needs a second debate now, not Biden, and given Trump’s Covid diagnosis that likely won’t happen. Biden’s team is happy with the results of the debate and won’t chance another debate where Biden might stumble.

    • Greg Hunter

      No Dave. I don’t buy the mainstream media (MSM) consensus. False and lacks objectivity. Look at the snap pols and reaction by MSM anchors. Trump clearly won. Biden’s team is “NOT HAPPY WITH THE RESULS, AND SAID SO ON THE MSM!

    • eddiemd

      Dave the DNC hack is back.

      People recognized that Biden was confused at times. When Biden was clearly confused and not sure, the people speaking in his ear told him to speak to the camera and change the subject. That was obvious. Go back and watch. There were a few times when Biden was on the ropes. Not only Wallace covering, but his handlers in his ear telling to break contact and speak to the camera. That was their back up plan when the situation was looking compromised.

      I believe that Trump’s people intercepted the people talking in Joe’s earpiece. They should have jammed him if they had the possibility. It would not have been that difficult. Like jamming a cell phone. They could have placed a jamming device in Trump’s coat that would have shut it down.

      • notyourpatsy

        Eddiemd, my bro was af and worked in the jamming device dept 1990’s. I’m sure him and a few of his af ret buddies thought of doing just that while watching!

  36. al


    I did not watch the debate on sheeple-vision TV, I saw it on the Internet where you get… ready for this? … DIFFERENT CAMERA ANGLES!
    This particular Internet News Streamer was behind Whiny Wallace, so you saw the back of his wig all the time, however the WHOLE STAGE was covered. I saw Buffoon Biden walk in from the right side, he had his hand over his right ear as if ADJUSTING AND EARPIECE.
    I immediately said “HE HAS A DAMN EARPIECE ON!”

    when answering a question or making a FAKE LIE comment, Sleepy Joe at times looked like he was reading a teleprompter in mid air ???

    After the debate, the next morning I scoured the Internet and lo and behold, there are videos and pictures all over. He was wearing a wire, it was caught on camera. Also, one of his eyes was a bit bloodshot. He had an AR Contact on. (Augmented Reality)
    Look up
    This contact lens is made for PRESENTATIONS !
    This technology just got perfected. In short, it’s a contact lens that projects images in your eyes as if you are looking at a screen in mid air.

    Think of it, the man bumbles and mumbles through a 10 minute interview, how the HE11 is he so lucid all of the sudden?

    I remember HITLERy back in the 2016 debates, she looked 30 years younger. Drugs do marvelous things, (adrenachrome?) . Trump still killed the 2016 debates but they can’t help but cheat like the criminals that they all are.


    Drugs won’t help Jerky Joe, he was always a F’k-up and will always be one.
    If I knew right away then Trump definitely knew Biden was wired, which explains his attitude. Frankly, I would have walked out.
    Like the Sh1t show that it is, Trump flushed it down the toilet. Wallace’s career is now gone. What will FOX IN THE HEN HOUSE NEWS do now? boo hoo.




    C’MON MAN !

  37. Klaus Schmid

    Obviously the script was written by psychologists and Biden was in the loop. Calling the President just Mr. Trump and Biden Mr. Vice President was blatantly outrageous.

  38. Tim

    Hi Greg,

    I never get tired of listening to your Friday wrap- up. I also never get tired of saying that you did a great job. Keep it up!!!


    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Tim!!

  39. Carl William

    No firm like airlines, automobiles, High Tech, etc., should get a bailout until they have sold all the their own stock which they bought back in the last 24 months just to prop it up and generate bonuses for the top management. Financial manager has become an ever more evil profession in the last few years. Banks that can brush off billion dollar fines should receive no help at all. Here in Brazil I had accounts in two banks that failed in the 1980’s. The government let them die, but bailed out the account holders!!!!! In both cases my account was automatically transferred to another bank that was healthy and I lost nothing. Why should I lose money for bad/greedy/incompetent management? I worked almost 40 years for a multinational whos 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th priorities are now “shareholders”. To h-ll with the community, employees and even the clients. It is total moral degradation of businesses.

  40. al


    here are some excerpts from the web site:

    You can see turn-by-turn directions while walking, important steps for replacing an unfamiliar machine part, or talking points for a presentation—all without holding a device or looking down at a screen.

    Mojo’s view of the world seamlessly fuses digital information onto the world around us. Using microelectronics and a tiny display to share critical information, Mojo Lens empowers each user to be their best self in any situation.

    Meet Mojo Lens, a smart contact lens with a built-in display that gives you timely information without interrupting your focus

  41. notyourpatsy

    Self Exiled, I had to setup a ‘deadman’s switch’ because of my past work. That alone should tell you that if I post it you should consider the source reliable.

    I know over there in PI Americans have a target on their backs. But thanks for the invite, been there, returned home safely, LOL!

    EddieMD posted some stuff back in May about the military and being not ‘with’ the Ameican people. I concurred because of my past work and what I had seen during my service days. I could easily ‘have an accident’ if you know what I mean. Which Is why I mention the ‘DS’. If I go 2″ of paperwork exposes what was going on before 9/11.

    Trust me, I use my backdoor more frequently than my front door, and use the ‘auto start’ on my car 15 minutes befoe I leave EVERY time! Sometimes I scare the sh!t out of myself by mistake!

    There’s a reason President Trump keeps returning to my neighborhood…..let THAT sink in…..

    • eddiemd

      Situational awareness at all times. Trust your instinct. Always assume that .gov is monitoring you. Because they are. Ask the boys over at the fusion centers. There is one in northwest Phoenix.

      The Chinese have all your information also. If you have an iPhone, computer, or any electronic device that gathers intel…the Chinese have backdoored it.

      And don’t forget that there are 375,000 Chinese “students” inside the USA…the majority active CCP members gathering intel, probing computer systems, hacking .gov systems…preparing the battlefield. Subversives awaiting for the word to surface. Espionage, sabotage, subversion…aimed at command and control, infrastructure, POL points/pipelines, dams/bridges/rail lines, military bases, ports, internet, satcom systems…meanwhile the crowds stare into their iPhones…

      • notyourpatsy

        At first sign of things going t!ts’up I’m taking out every chicom in visual. The Commiecrats let those rats infiltrate America to help take us down. They forgot that farm boys don’t forget their grudges! I’ve shot more lr targets than I can remember in 45 yrs, so under 300yds your a$$ is dropped. ESPECIALLY YOU COMMIE WORKERS!

        The commies in OUR Country are going to ‘wish’ they got the CHINA VIRUS and died when tshtf! says the keybd warrior!

    • Self Exiled

      My questions were not about you, but are about your observations, you were not in question. So I assume you do not go jogging at the same time everyday or at all, just like me. I have welded 2 inch wire mesh on some of my barred windows and screen over the rest of the barred windows. Another day in paradise. They reopened Boracay about 45 klickes from here, 29 guests/tourist showed up as compared to thousands before coved. Have you been there?

      • Self Exiled

        As if I could jog any more. I do miss my guns. The only people who have asked me if I wanted to buy a gun are the police.

        • JC

          Self Exiled, you can jog again if you give up the Coca Cola and junk food that you love so much.

      • notyourpatsy

        self exiled, I went to Bor’ back in 1980’s. The way I do things on a daily basis would drive 99% of civilians batsh!t crazy. Most SF guys like Eddie would think nothing of it…we operate on a WHOLE ‘nother level of SA.

  42. Rodger S Pape

    Good weekly wrap up. Looking forward to listening to Bo on Sunday.

  43. Mark

    Hi Greg and all who come here to read and post. I found this in the comments of LT’s latest report at “andweknow” youtube channel which I thought was pretty astute
    jeff gully
    59 minutes ago
    The most important thing from the debate??? ……………Biden showed his ability to STAND TRIAL! 💥BQQM 💥
    As always Greg, the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit and with that of all those who come here to read and post and who receive the testimony which the Father of glory has testified concerning His Son Who through His greatest work of faith has fulfilled all righteousness with respect to the putting away of sins once for all through the sacrifice of Himself so that in resurrection He, as a glorified Man and now Lord of all could receive the promise of the Spirit (Acts 2:33, Gal.3:14,19,22) which Spirit He became as a life giving Spirit (1Cor.15:45, 2Cor.3:17, Jn.7:37_39) to be poured out on all flesh so that whoever believes ON HIM for THIS RIGHTEOUSNESS which has come into being through HIS FAITH (Rom.3:22- faith “of Jesus Christ” is literally Jesus Christ’s own faith) receives the Spirit of His Son sent forth into their hearts which cries “Abba, Father” (Gal.4:6, Rom.8:15) and is immersed in that same Spirit into His One Body in which we are members one of another IN HIM (Rom.12:4-5, Gal.3:27,1Cor.12:12-13), so that we may know WITH ONE ANOTHER the JOY of THAT LOVE in THAT GLORY which the Son HIMSELF as the ONE IN WHOM THE FATHER OF GLORY FINDS HIS DELIGHT has known in the bosom of HIS FATHER FROM BEFORE THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD!!!! (Jn.1:18,15:11,17:25-26). Wow!!! Fear Not!!! for “God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind”!!! Again, FEAR NOT!!! CHRIST IN YOU IS THE HOPE OF GLORY!!!

  44. notyourpatsy

    ALERT! Could the attack on President Trump be an effort by the CommieCrats to prevent President Trump form further campaigning because he is so effective? Or is it to prevent the President from seating the incoming Supreme Court Justice?!!! These are just two likely things that Hillary & company could come up with because they are all sore losers!

    K Wayne, Keep the Faith it WILL lead you to Salvation! You are over the target more posts than YOU know.

    • K. Wayne

      I have never lost faith. I know that I’m over the target. I am determined and persistent.
      God speed brother.

  45. eddiemd

    International Marxist Tendency. Part of Antifa and blm.

    The future of America if the democrats come to power. Reeducation camps, genocide against anyone who disagrees with them, mass persecution of Christians. Invasion by the UN and Chinese communists.

    The great tribulation is coming.

    • eddiemd

      Bible verse for the day.

      Proverbs 3:5-6
      Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
      And lean not on your own understanding
      In all your ways acknowledge Him
      And He shall direct your paths.

      Psalm 56:3-4
      Whenever I am afraid,
      In God I will praise His Word,
      In God I have put my trust;
      I will not fear.
      What can flesh do to me?

      The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. And we beheld His glory.

      Jesus Christ of Nazareth. King of Kings. Lord of Lords.

      Isaiah 55:3 (complete Jewish Bible)
      Open your eyes and come to Me,
      Listen well, and you will live.
      I will make an everlasting covenant with you,
      the grace I assured David

      The sure mercies of David. They are for His children. We are His children.

      Acts 13:34 (NKJV)
      And that He raised Him from the dead.
      no more to return to corruption,
      He has spoken thus:
      “I will give you the sure mercies of David”.

      Psalm 3:1-8

      Psalm 124:8
      Our help is in the name of the Lord,
      Who made heaven and earth.

  46. Dave

    Some people think communism will come with a Biden win. That is fear mongering and some on the right don’t go there. Yes, things will change but, as Shapiro says – the SCOTUS won’t be packed by the Dems. Or DC made a state – that would take a constitutional amendment.

    That said, Americans have a clear choice this fall. Democrats almost to a candidate are running as pro-abort, pro-open borders, pro-gun control candidates. They are not hiding it and voters seem OK with their positions. Hence McSally is losing to a strict gun control candidate in Arizona, Ernst is losing to a late term abortion supporter in Iowa and strong gun rights supporter Graham is in a near tie with the pro-gun control Dem. Though Roe seems to be the big issue in SC that may allow the Dems to flip the seat.

    The truth is America has become more progressive. A long term trend. Bush 2 did not win a majority of voters, Trump lost by more than 3 million in the popular vote. How much more will the Dems win the popular vote this time? Conservatives are shrinking as a percentage of the voters and especially millennial voters. Nones are now the largest religious group in the US. The country is increasingly secular and increasingly rejects traditional Judeo/Christian morality. That can be seen in the Barratt nomination which has boosted Dems in close races as women – especially – vote abortion “rights” before anything else.

    • Greg Hunter

      Dave have you read the DNC platform posted on Biden’s campaign website? The Communism is all there and some tyranny too.

    • eddiemd

      Dave the DNC operative back again.

      We are not interested in your thought shaping propaganda. Just because you support abortion rights does not make it right. It is an abomination that the wrath of the Almighty God will have His vengeance upon. The blood of the innocent cries out from the earth. Not just the aborted infants…but the innocents killed in the wars around the world.

      Voters are not okay with it. Those like you who are, your judgment awaits before the King of Kings. Don’t be deceived. It will be terrifying to fall into the hands of an angry God. That day is coming.

      Deut 32:35
      Vengeance is Mine, and recompense;
      Their foot shall slip in due time;
      For the day of their calamity is at hand,
      And the things to come hasten upon them.’

      Psalm 73:18-19
      Surely You set them in slippery places;
      You cast them down to destruction.
      Oh, how they are brought to desolation, as in a moment!
      They are utterly consumed with terrors.

      Isaiah 57:20
      But the wicked are like the troubled sea,
      When it cannot rest,
      Whose waters cast up mire and dirt.

      Luke 12:4-5
      4 “And I say to you, My friends, do not be afraid of those who kill the body, and after that have no more that they can do. 5 But I will show you whom you should fear: Fear Him who, after He has killed, has power to cast into hell; yes, I say to you, fear Him!

      Fierceness of His wrath that is coming.

      Isaiah 59:18
      According to their deeds, accordingly He will repay,
      Fury to His adversaries,
      Recompense to His enemies;
      The coastlands He will fully repay

      Isaiah 66:15
      For behold, the Lord will come with fire
      And with His chariots, like a whirlwind,
      To render His anger with fury,
      And His rebuke with flames of fire.

      Rev 19:15
      Now out of His mouth goes a sharp sword, that with it He should strike the nations. And He Himself will rule them with a rod of iron. He Himself treads the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God.

      Ezekiel 8:18
      Therefore I also will act in fury. My eye will not spare nor will I have pity; and though they cry in My ears with a loud voice, I will not hear them.”

      Prov 1:25-30

      Because you disdained all my counsel,
      And would have none of my rebuke,
      I also will laugh at your calamity;
      I will mock when your terror comes,
      When your terror comes like a storm,
      And your destruction comes like a whirlwind,
      When distress and anguish come upon you.
      “Then they will call on me, but I will not answer;
      They will seek me diligently, but they will not find me.
      Because they hated knowledge
      And did not choose the fear of the Lord,
      They would have none of my counsel
      And despised my every rebuke.

      Isaiah 66:4
      So will I choose their delusions,
      And bring their fears on them;
      Because, when I called, no one answered,
      When I spoke they did not hear;
      But they did evil before My eyes,
      And chose that in which I do not delight

      Isaiah 66:23-24
      And it shall come to pass
      That from one New Moon to another,
      And from one Sabbath to another,
      All flesh shall come to worship before Me,” says the Lord.
      “And they shall go forth and look
      Upon the corpses of the men
      Who have transgressed against Me.
      For their worm does not die,
      And their fire is not quenched.
      They shall be an abhorrence to all flesh.”

      The day of wrath will come upon the earth. Those who reject the Lord Jesus Christ will know this wrath for eternity. The worm does not die and the fire is not quenched.

  47. wondering

    Trump is usually a couple steps ahead of the narrative and expectations. Without question he knows the vaccines are bad, no matter his recommendation for the cov19 vaccine. I’m sure his handlers make him say certain things. The made him stop talking in favor of HCL. But what if within 10 days he says he got rid of the virus using HCL, zinc, and zpak? So mandatory vaccines would be a moot point.

    That would be epic.

    Also, what test says he’s positive? Did he use all available tests? Is he even positive or is this some political strategy? Or safety measure?

  48. Mimi

    Great analysis Greg!!!!
    We also wondered why Wallace was calling Biden Mr. Vice President and the President Sir!!
    Wallace is a scumbag! Always has been!
    His FIRST question was “Is it TRUE you only paid $750.00 in taxes————-?!? That really started things off right didn’t it??? NOT!
    And he asked the Pres. the same question he did 4 YEARS ago—about W.S.—what? Wallace couldn’t remember?
    Why wasn’t Biden asked about Hunter by Wallace?!?
    Wallace kept asking the Pres. GOTCHA questions but none to Biden!!!
    Wallace’s BIAS was showing—BIG TIME!!!
    It sure looks strange that lots of people that are around the President–including him–have suddenly gotten the Wuhan virus!
    Let’s all PRAY for the President and his family!

    • Keith Wilson

      Well moron Joe biden had more wires on him than a jumbo 747. Chris Wallace the referee is from the same tribe as George soros, and Michael bloomberg. Would not be surprised if he was not a major contributer to AIPAC and is in the pockets of the globalist new world order. How can we have a proper debate when most of the US media is controlled by the cabal and have chosen Joe Biden to be the next President of America ?

  49. notyourpatsy

    EddieMD, I agree, the UN is THE DANGER here these days. I would hope that president Trump knows this, and ‘asks’ them to vacate their Communist HQ in the land of the DEMONCRATS in NYC forever! The American people have always been victims of the UN’s ‘actions’.

  50. Stan

    “I pledge allegiance to the Dollar of the United States of America, and to the monetary system for which it stands, one Dollar under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

    • JC

      Stan, why don’t you write that on a postcard and send it to Greg.
      It seems that your postcards from St. Maarten and Las Vegas got “lost” in the mail.

      • Self Exiled

        Mailed the small flag to Greg on 23 of September , 10 days ago. Mail I have received from US usually at least 2 weeks plus. Some from SS took almost 3 months and had coffee ring stains on it. If no sign of it in one month I’ll resend and take more care in wrapping and taping shut. Sent registered, thought it was a tracking number but guess not.

      • Stan

        Be patient

  51. Paul

    Hi Greg,
    You really should post all comments even though you may not agree.
    Are you practicing censorship now? You make my point.
    You have good people on, you should keep your mouth shut, you sound
    like an idiot, you are not that smart as you claim.

    • Greg Hunter

      Why should I post comment where you are calling me an “idiot”? That’s my reward for putting out a totally free site? I have never claimed to be smart either, just persistent.

    • donna s.

      Wow Paul,
      Is this the same guy who has been posting here forever? Cause sounds like the stress and worries of the world have sent you over the deep end. You just called Greg a idiot and not that smart , which implies you think you are smarter. And while I don’t agree with everything Greg says ( although most ) I have a great deal of appreciation for him trying to speak truth to all the lies out there. The fact that he is unafraid to say he is a Christian in this environment of hate is something I greatly admire from someone in his business. You have posted very useful stuff before and I appreciate you for that but I again don’t agree with everything you post either. If we start letting the world of evil turn us against each other than they win. I pray daily that God will take my anger and fear from me that I may rely on his wisdom and guidance to get me through this.

      • JC

        donna s,
        “Paul” is not the same Paul as “Paul…”

        • donna s.

          Thanks I was getting worried. lol I always appreciate ” our Pauls’ comments!!!

      • Paul ...

        That’s Not Me donna! (notice this Paul has no dots after his name).
        Paul …

    • Mel Hughes

      Greg, don’t mind Paul. It’s very upsetting when your work gets dumped by an algorithm. When mine are, I don’t think your doing the dumping but the dum AI! Many times I think if Greg would see it he wouldn’t deep six it. You and your better defiantly need a break. Maybe you could take a curiousy, look. At least at the big ones that were dumped. If you can? Usually the little ones carry the snide remarks. But the big ones take thought and work. They I would think aren’t so bad.

  52. doug blair

    greg please you are not the only one with hearing loss , i and many others have the same problem and yet you go into your whisper sometimes , please think about this

  53. robert heartland

    I never liked deep state reporter Chris WALLACE. I expect this type of behavior from him. Good on you Greg for pointing out the volume difference between the President and Joe Biden. And yes I think Biden had help from an ear piece which I find totally repugnant if only I could prove it. Why wouldn’t he let an independent doctor look? It’s just so rigged and what I would expect from the deep state jokers. And put words in your mouth Chris Wallace is not a moderator! Interrogater maybe , but moderator? No.

  54. Mike R

    The reason Trump absolutely clobbered Biden in this debate, is that Trump remained Trump. The guy stayed himself, as he has always been. You know what you are getting with Trump, and thats someone who is very aggressive. He’s not going to back off one bit. Now Biden, he’s basically always been a 2-bit blowhard thug. He’s thuggish, and there is no WAY, he’s ever gonna make it to President, and it has nothing to do with debate substance or content, or what he says or doesn’t say. Its ALL ABOUT OPTICS. And the Optics showed Biden as looking really really weak, and just bad, like he got the snot kicked out of him, BUT just didn’t even know it, bc he is too dang senile at this point in his life. He’s the Dem’s ‘puppet’ whereas Trump WILL NEVER be anyone’s ‘puppet.’

    America is at a time period, where it needs someone incredibly strong, with an iron will, and a constitution to get through brick walls, all on behalf of the American people. The Optics proved and demonstrated beyond any shadow of a doubt, that Trump is President FOR the American people, and not for the elite, or for special interests, or for big money lobbyists or for even wall street, but truly is for the every day man and woman in this country. And bending over backward to rescue what’s nearly been destroyed by the Dems, and especially the damage wrought by Obama in his 8 years of wrecking everything he touched.

    There are a few gutless cowards out there, that are celebs in a certain audience, who suggest that “Trump lost their vote” on debate night. They will be back though, bc Biden is not an option for anyone. Biden is just not even in the same ballpark in this particular game.

    • notyourpatsy

      100% Mike R You are on point! The Commiecrats among us won’t let themselves admit they’ve been sheep all along. Now they are ALL in for a REAL old fashioned AMerican ass kickin’!

  55. Mike R

    The dead giveaway that Biden was getting pummeled, and just absolutely crushed by Trumps constant barrage, was when he said not just once but twice ‘Shut up man.’ That’s the equivalent of being in a street fight, where the guy winning with one arm has a choke hold on the loser, and with the other, his fist is rapid fire pounding the victim in the face and nose until he’s just bleeding profusely. At that moment, Biden is essentially yelling “I quit”. “I give man,” and he wants no part of the ‘fight’ and to essentially get the heck back home. Biden was ‘dying’ to get back to the protective bubble of his basement. Biden, for anyone who has noticed, has not been out in public 1/100th of the time most candidates like him running against an incumbent, need to be doing if they want to have ANY chance at unseating the incumbent. Biden’s been in absolute hiding. He’s not even in any sort of ‘game shape’ when he exits his basement, to come out in public, and get in front of camera’s with millions of viewers. He was not at all prepared mentally to handle this, and thats why we all saw Wallace, basically have to jump in the ring with Biden, to save him from being crushed. Wallace was dying inside, knowing with every single question, even the softball ones he gave Biden, the very next question was going to lead to another Trump fist pounding of Biden. That was the story of the night. Trump was defacto Trump, and relentless. Thats what you need in a President, who is going up against China’s CCP, or the little dictator Kim in NK, or another thug called Putin who would love to see America just topple, like Russia got toppled a few decades ago, and is not even barely a shadow of the former USSR. Putin is out for blood, and if you have a senile wimp like Biden in office, Russia and Putin will have a field day with us, and not in a good way, militarily speaking or tradewise in terms of long term deals to be made for both countries to prosper. On the Global stage a US President cannot give an inch, or the opposing country will TAKE A MILE. And you are sorely mistaken if you believe EVERY country wants to be ‘friends’ with America. Most of these countries absolutely despise us, despise our wealth, and our way of life. For 8 years MANY were happy, under Obama, as he let anyone who wanted to, WALK ALL OVER us like a proverbial doormat. Thats why so many foreignors loved Obama. He was the friendly little ‘mutt’ who greeted the burglar at the door, and literally showed the burglar right around the house, with nary a bark, let alone any bite. Obama was the wrong ‘man’s best friend.’

    • Self Exiled

      In my opinion Obama was the least respected president the US ever had. On His last trip to Asia he was not even greeted and had to walk himself from the plane with no greeters. The expression on his face was shock and a fearful dread of a reality that was devastating. It may have been his stop in China. I think it was the 2016 ASEAN and East Asia Summits conference. I never saw him so unnerved and emotionally disconnected from the training that he had received from his handlers. I saw this on a National Filipino news station, not an international station. No red carpet, just the reality of the end of your term.

  56. Country Codger

    Shalom Greg,
    I reminded you to watch for Oct. 2-3 for something significant to happen. Now, we see Pres. and Mrs. Trump testing positive with Covid-19. This could have a significant impact on the debates and who knows, the election. this will be interesting to see how it unfolds. ((Remember the old story about the cat who ate the cheese and sat in front of the mouse hole with baited breath? LOL!

    Yeshua said over and over “Watch”. What is it that you are supposed to “watch” for?
    Lo Iyrah!

    • Mike Morgan

      Good play on words: baited vs. bated. Had not heard that one before.

  57. Marti

    If I come across as too emotional here, I ask in advance your forgiveness. Right now I am dealing with the fact that my cousin was just savagely murdered this week by animals. This is mild language compared to what I would like to call them. He wasn’t a baby sleeping in his bed in the ghetto. He lived in a working class neighborhood in Florida. Know what his crime was – and this really burns my toast – his crime was simply coming home from work. Yes, that 4 letter word “WORK”. He was at his door steps when thugs mercilessly gunned him down in a drive by. They are beyond human because when they realized they had shot the wrong man, they then fired on another guy (whom happened to be the one they initially intended to kill) somewhere on the same block. This time they were too stupid to even kill the intended victim. The “victim” is alive, but refusing to cooperate with LE so that they can catch the sub-humans that committed this heinous act. In my mind he too is below human. Due to his uncooperativeness, in my opinion he is too dumb to realize that these same thugs will come back and finish the job they started. Their goal was not to maim but to murder. As I understand it, charges may be pressed against him if he does not cooperate with LE.

    Again, my cousin’s only crime that day was being a productive, hard working man in America. Now I know I have expressed some harsh feelings in this post, but before anyone starts blasting me as an angry old white racist man, you are wrong. I do not hate people and skin color matters not. But I am left with some burning questions in the wake of this tragedy:
    If Black Lives Really mattered, why isn’t BLM down in Florida having an anarchist moment? Why are they not out in the streets chanting my cousin’s name. Why were they not blocking the entrance to the hospital where the wounded thug was taken demanding he give the name of my cousin’s murderers and foaming at the mouth “No justice, no peace!” Why are they not yelling death threats to him?

    As I stated earlier, I am not the stereotypical ” angry old white racist man”. I am an almost old, American female of African descent (more commonly known as “black female”). Although I was raised dirt poor, I have never been on the democrat plantation and I have the God given ability to think for myself.

    If Black lives really mattered, the districts of Maxine Waters, Nancy PoPo, and the rest of these hags (and whatever a male hag is) would not be in the same shape they have been in since Moses was a baby on the river Nile.
    If Black lives mattered, BHO would have done something positive to improve the ghettos of Chicago during his 8 year reign instead of constantly entertaining Hellywood stars on our dime.
    If any lives mattered BLM would have been screaming for justice after the point blank murder of 5 year old Cannon Hinnant here in Wilson, NC. I could go on but you get the picture – Lives only matter to the left if it can buy them mileage. I take comfort in the fact that God Almighty is the ultimate judge and these useful idiots will very likely be destroyed by their own masters one day if they do not repent. Thank you for letting me vent.

    • eddiemd

      Rest assured that Jesus Christ of Nazareth is coming back soon. He will wipe away every tear. He will comfort you. He is your Rock.

      The Holy Spirit be upon you and your family. The Helper and Comforter. Ruach Hakodesh.

      • Marti

        Thank you eddiemd for your words of consolation.

    • Rachel

      Hi Marti, I am very sorry to hear about the devastatingly hurtful and senseless loss of your cousin. I will pray for you and your family. I have had a shooting loss in my life as well and I remember how angry I was and how lost I felt at the time. Your cousin deserved to live his full life span and this is going to forever hurt your family. Sincere condolences from Australia

      • Marti

        Thank you Rachel for your prayers and concern.

      • Rachel

        Isaiah 43:2 When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they shall not overflow you. When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned, Nor shall the flame scorch you.

    • Self Exiled

      I at one time in my life had an infant daughter who was dying of a heart condition. I went out into a plowed field and threw dirt clods at God. I fell down crying and bitterly angry. I know. I know. I know. It is so painful that you do not want to live anymore. God gave me this Bible verse at the time and I didn’t understand it at first; but in time he has comforted me with the entire Psalm.

      Passing through the Valley of Weeping (Baca), they make it a place of springs;
      The early rain also covers it with blessings.
      They go from strength to strength [increasing in victorious power];
      Each of them appears before God in Zion. Psalm 84:6-7

    • Mario

      Hey Marti

      I am sorry for your loss my friend.
      Praying for you and your cousin’s family.

      God bless

      Kind regards


  58. AndrewB

    Hi Greg

    So sorry to hear of Trump’s admission to hospital. The forces of evil will stop at nothing! Same thing happened to Boris Johnson – a man at the top of his form, having just won a landslide victory, having achieved a Brexit victory, having achieved a lifetime ambition to become Prime Minister – struck down with ‘Covid’ and secreted away to an ‘intensive care unit’, never to be the same man again. Now a limp shadow of his former self, parroting the Covid nonsense of his ‘medical advisor’ handlers. Was he subjected to MK Ultra during his seclusion in ‘intensive care’? Hope the same does not happen to President Trump!

  59. JC


    Dave Hodges:
    Steve Quayle and myself have information obtained from different sources that four assassination teams have been dispatched to take the life of the President because the Deep State has determined that he will be victorious in the election. Steve Quayle and myself do not have many of the same sources, but our independently obtained information matches perfectly.

  60. Mike R

    Remember the “80/20” rule in the 30 days leading up to the election. 80% of the crap you read or hear from the opposing side, if it favors their side, is utter BS. The remaining 20%, MIGHT be true. This applies equally to both parties. The more outrageous and spectacular it is, the “80/20” rule becomes even more rock solid.

    • notyourpatsy

      EddieMD, get right on this since you’re still acd!! Find out if this is true or not please. Marines should be standing guard by the President’s bedside and during all movements.

      Marti, sorry for your recent loss of that family member. The racial divide is only in the minds of the close minded. GOD created all human beings equally, what they do with their lives determines what HE does with it once we die.

  61. Mike R

    If any of the reports about how seriously critical Trump is due to Covid 19 infection, then the market should be limit down on Monday. Especially given the entire market is at Trump driven market highs. Like it or not, it’s Trump’s stock market. Wall street has been betting BIGLY on a Trump landslide. They are not at all discounting any chance of a Biden win. The entire situation has changed overnight with Trump’s diagnosis. The amount of uncertainty the stock market now faces, just shot up 10 fold. President Trump could be dead before the election even occurs. Can you pronounce Dow 10,000 without stuttering ?

    • Gary C

      The FED is propping up the market, not Trump. A sharp sell off could occur however the FED will intervene as usual.

  62. Matt

    AN IMPORTANT POINT: Regarding Trump being at Walter Reed for observation/treatment of SARS COV II, he is showing the country that the hospital’s mismanagement during the Obama years is no more. The largest VA hospital is now good enough to care for the POTUS. It’s a powerful political statement that shows he put veterans first by fixing the horribly managed/underfunded VA facility! Trump should use this political capital to his advantage.

  63. notyourpatsy

    Half of my posts from yesterday have not posted to this or the other current thread. I suspect interference from someone other than Mr Hunter is intercepting the posts before they are passed along. It’s not paranoia it’s the reality of Situational Awareness from someone who knows too much (me) and is being monitored by ‘them’. That’s ok, I’ll die a Patriot not a sheep!

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