Trump Destroys Very Fake News, NSA Leaks on Trump the Real Story, Fed Scared to Death

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 272 2.17.17) 

The mainstream media (MSM) is in an absolute frenzy over the resignation of Michael Flynn, who was the top national security advisor for the Trump Administration. President Trump says Flynn was forced out because of illegal leaks.  In a press conference, Trump told the national media that it was “dishonest” and that CNN’s new name is now “very fake news” instead of simply “fake news.”  Trump also said the MSM is “full of hatred” and is biased against him and his administration.  Former U.N. Ambassador Michael Bolton says the left is “engaging in collective hysteria because it cannot make substantive arguments” against Trump and his new policies.

Wiki Leaks is charging that Trumps National Security advisor resigned after a “destabilizing campaign by U.S. spies, Democrats and the press.” Trump said the “real story is illegal leaks.” Former Democrat Congressman Dennis Kucinich issued a warning about the leaks and the power of the so-called “deep state,” or secret government. Larry Klayman, founder of Freedom Watch, echoed those concerns.  Klayman got an injunction in federal court against the NSA for illegal data collection.  Now, Klayman says the leaks within the Trump Administration by the intelligence services are an “outrage beyond imagination and must be stopped.”  He also says the “intel agencies are more powerful than the President,” and illegally collected data and phone calls can be used to “blackmail people.”

Gregory Mannarino of says the Fed is “scared out of its mind” that people will crash the bond market with a massive selloff. Fed Head Janet Yellen says “economic growth is . . . weak and disappointing,” and yet she is still pushing the ideal of a needed rate hike.  Meanwhile, St. Louis Fed President James Bullard recently said there is no need to raise rates, at least through 2017.  There are record highs on all stock indexes, and the Fed is not celebrating.  Is the Fed keeping a lid on interest rates to prop up the bond market while letting the stock market explode?  Mannarino says yes, and it will all end badly.  We just don’t know exactly when it will end.

Join Greg Hunter as he looks at these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

(There is much more in the video newscast.)

After the Wrap-Up: 

Dane Wigington of will be the guest interview on the “Early Sunday Release.” Wigington give a dire warning about how chemtrails are destroying the planet and why they need to stop the spraying now.


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  1. Joe Martin Jr.

    Playing with matches in the paint locker of history.

    I recently received an email from the neocons at The Weekly Standard. The kind we’ve all seen making a pitch, to sell their phony conservative propaganda rag and contribute to Hillsdale College. The hook line was “Do you feel like your Constitutional rights are under attack?” If you’ve read my previous piece on, to put it mildly, what a low opinion I have of Bill Kristol, you will understand how the hubris of The Weekly Standard even asking that question pisses me off no end.

    More at

    • Farrell

      Mr. Martin,

      The thieves, liars, and con men are everywhere. Thanks for pointing another one out.


      • (

        It’s time to clean house and don’t trust the republicans nobody is trumps friend period

  2. Frederick

    All this “Russian” talk is nothing but deception to attempt to destroy Trumps credibility That much seems obvious to me CNN is totally done for me anyway The BBC with their Jimmy Savile and false reports about bldg 7 collapsing has zero credibility as well

    • This sceptred Isle

      That is why one of the first things Putin did was take control of all the Russian media. The BBC, unfortunately, is paid for by UK TV licence fee payers. Unfortunately, they are best at spinning fiction as Doctor Who is quite good.

    • Tin foil hat

      This is a pretty good video. “9/11 Experiments: The Force Behind the Motion”

      • Roger D

        Tin foil hat, as one of over 2,700 architects and engineers who signed the petition for truth I sincerely appreciates this video.

        Unfortunately Americans who call themselves Patriots and Christians have chosen to buy the government’s evil lies and deceit about 9/11. These warmongers preach the importance of truth but only when it doesn’t undermine 16 years (going on 20) of war against Middle Eastern nations (except one). They are hypocrites and complicit.

        • J C Davis

          Rodger D that must have kept you up late many nights. Do you have any theory how the Twin Towers fell free fall ? I truly thank you and all the other engineers that have studied this event.

          • J C Davis

            Roger D Sorry for this mistake.

  3. Frederick

    Well we know where some of the money went Didn’t they buy a penthouse for little Chelsea in NY for something like ten million? If you believe that was honestly earned money I’ve got a bridge for sale

  4. dlc

    I laughed while driving down the road listening to Trump’s press conference. When Trump asked the press about Hillary’s uranium deal with the Russians, you could hear crickets in Ohio. Amazing what he and Hillary got away with in light of all the press frenzy over Trump’s every move and utterance.

    As to your Sunday guest, they’ve poisoned the air, the water, the food, the vaccines. How about the meltdown mess in Japan? Eat any seafood lately? We have no health screening for anybody coming to this country. That’s bound to work out just fine.

  5. David

    Thank you for the insightful and entertaining interview; Gerald at his finest!
    The above commenter is way off base; he’s using his post as clickbait for his own website. It would be nice if you didn’t allow that sort of thing. Also, not sure where he is coming from, but to smear Hillsdale College with the likes of Bill Kristol and the Weekly Standard is slander. Hillsdale College is the only college in the U.S., to my knowledge, that does not accept federal funds, in order to maintain their integrity and independence. A great college that is heads and shoulders above almost all other colleges in this country; their free for the asking monthly publication is Imprimus, and it’s a very good resource
    Thanks again Greg!

    • Joe Martin Jr.

      I made no slander of Hillsdale College. I merely mentioned that the pitch for Hillsdale was included in an email from The Weekly Standard. My verbal assault was directed at TWS and their deep state associations that I find highly destructive. If you have issues, criticism or praise with my full post and its perspective I would request you take your issues there and not to Mr. Hunter who invited me to put up my post in the form that I did. I post no adds and have no contribution bucket. So I object to your characterization of it as “click bait”.

    • Chip

      Agree, Hillsdale is awesome, the Weekly Standard and Bill Kristol however suxk… Chip

  6. Jeb

    Okay Greg, it’s 10:159 pm, and I have to get to work by 7:00am… Yeah, okay… I sometimes tune you in to you-tube because it plays me all night and gives me really wierd dreams….


    Keep it up!

    I believe!

    Thank you!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jeb for believing.

  7. Farrell

    Mr. Hunter,

    I am very thankful for your honest and up to date “real” news ! Never in my 66 years did I ever think I would see such evil times as what we are living in. You and just a few others is all I will listen to as several years ago I was through with the main stream media (MSM) because I will not waste my time listening to or reading publications of liars.

    I have the highest regard for you and the truth you share.

    Regarding the Clinton Foundation closing, I would like to know if Haiti ever got the money that went to the Clinton Foundation but never made it to Haiti? If not, did the Clintons spend it? In my opinion, there should be a grand jury looking into this.

    Does not the “Logan Law” mentioned this week also apply to the Clintons and many of the snakes in the swamp? Seems that a grand jury should be called for in this matter also. Some say that Obumer may be guilty of this as well.

    I just pray the good Lord will come on down for his people and let all of the thieves and liars fight and kill each other over this worthless existence they call living on this earth.

    • Frederick

      Second that thought Farrell

  8. Arthur

    God bless you and your loved ones Greg, another great weekly wrap up.

    Love your work!



    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Arthur!


    Great wrap…… Friday is my favorite day of the week and your part of the reason. HEAT and geoengineering. You mentioned Nebraska, but add Oklahoma, Texas, and Missouri to that 90 degree mark. Today in the Midwest for the next 4 days as far north as Flint Michigan, 60’s are expected with highs around 70 in southern Ohio. My entire childhood I skated Lake St. Clair, Detroit river. And never can I recall 60’s or 70’s like last year February 2016 at 70 degrees and now this? You on the east coast and New York city, at the same time, you folks hit 80 and above. Time does seem to be against us. One ending note, nobody is skating on Lake St. Clair this year or last, think about that….. In the 1960’s and 70’s we were called the “Winter Wonder Land”. Lake St. Clair was always ice covered with skaters and pick up hockey games, from mid December to mid March. My God what’s happening? NO HOCKEY FOR THE LAST 2 YEARS, UNHEARD OF. Dad would be sad he was a hell of a skater. Yea, I can see him now in those speed skates ripping all over the ice.

  10. Gordo

    Tucker Carlson Tonight 2/16/17 | Fox News | February 16 2017 Full Show
    Loved every bit of it! Haha! Trump 3, media 0

  11. Elijah Mohammad


    The ride of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse is one of the best-known scenes from the book of Revelation. Some are scared by it. Others are intrigued. Note what the Bible says about such prophecies:

    “Happy is he who is reading, and those hearing, the words of the prophecy, and keeping the things written in it — for the time is nigh!”[near]—Revelation 1:3.◄ Revelation 1:3 ►

    6 I watched as the Lamb opened the first of the seven seals. Then I heard one of the four living creatures say in a voice like thunder, “Come!” 2 I looked, and there before me was a white horse! Its rider held a bow, and he was given a crown, and he rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest.

    3 When the Lamb opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature say, “Come!” 4 Then another horse came out, a fiery red one. Its rider was given power to take peace from the earth and to make people kill each other. To him was given a large sword.

    5 When the Lamb opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, “Come!” I looked, and there before me was a black horse! Its rider was holding a pair of scales in his hand. 6 Then I heard what sounded like a voice among the four living creatures, saying, “Two pounds[a] of wheat for a day’s wages,[b] and six pounds[c] of barley for a day’s wages,[d] and do not damage the oil and the wine!”

    7 When the Lamb opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, “Come!” 8 I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth.—Revelation 6:1-8.

    “I was scared the first time I read about the four horsemen. I felt that Judgment Day was coming and that since I was not ready, I would not survive.”—Crystal.

    “I was fascinated by the four distinctive riders on different-colored horses. Once I understood what the vision meant, it all made sense.”—Ed.

    Can you identify with the way Crystal felt about the four horsemen of the Apocalypse? Or do you feel the way Ed did? In either case, the epic ride of those horsemen forms one of the best-known scenes in Revelation, the last book of the Bible. Did you know that you can benefit personally by understanding this vision? How? God promises that you can find real happiness by reading, learning from, and living by the things written in that prophetic book.—Revelation 1:1-3.

    While some are frightened by the vision of the four horsemen, it is not designed to scare you. In fact, millions have found that this vision strengthens their faith and even points them to the hope of a bright future. It can mean the same for you!

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      The oil and the wine are usually interpreted to be the very wealthy…they will not be harmed. Smallpox is now in the favelas of Brazil’s cities. How? Why? Who?

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        I got this dismal news on the radio but can’t find it corroborated…Yellow Fever is breaking out there and causing serious problems.

        • MCasey

          (….can’t find anything on smallpox either….)
          On 6 January 2017, the Brazil Ministry of Health (MoH) reported 12 suspected cases of yellow fever from six municipalities in the state of Minas Gerais.

          On the same day, the Brazil IHR National Focal Point (NFP) informed PAHO/WHO that the 12 cases are male, residing in rural areas, and have an average age of approximately 37 years (range: 7–53 years).

  12. Neil

    I think Mr Trump is going to rendered irrelevant quite soon unless his government makes an example of someone for sedition or withdraws attendance rights for miscreant White House press. There is so much wilful sh*t stirring and white noise being generated by way of psychological warfare and spite you practically can’t hear the President at all. Here in NZ we are still getting Washington Post stories republished in our national papers of the smear and be damned kind. Trump not mentally fit to be president. Trump collaborating with Russians. Yada yada. All the same mud throwing as during the election and that ought not stick but is creating enough of a film that you lose sight of the man. This tactic to diminish his effectiveness to zero or at least bury him in doubt and neuter him to endless self justification is entirely intentional of course. His team really haven’t been able to assert themselves as they needed to and his good initiatives so far are lost in the mêlée. Trump may be a tough nut doesn’t have the personality to stamp out a riot. He had better find someone to do that and fast while he gets on with the important tasks of being a reformist President or the new administration will degenerate into a farce and then he will be unable to retain credibility even with his supporters. Speaking of those they had better stop being spectators or reporting and discussing the sorry state of things among themselves and start insisting on the due process of rightful government. Democrats lost and that’s all there is about it. How the system works is that you get to vote again in another few years and in the meantime you conduct yourselves with probity and civility for the good of the nation. Truly the US does have a disgraceful bunch of political jerks trying to perpetuate their criminal tenure any way they can, but they ought not to be granted free rein by way of a misplaced tolerance.

    • Neil

      I would give Trump until the end of the month at the latest to assert his government or its over. As I said he cant do this by himself and nor does he have the time. His style of complimentary patter is not effective when people are mutinous and rebellious. These are not wonderful good talented people you can get along with. These are not people to negotiate with. These are people wilfully endeavouring to destabilise the US government using any psy-op method they can and no doubt its funded by Soros and co. Soros, Kissinger, all of these sewer rats are keeping a low profile while their orchestrated mischief is going on. Trump must regroup and present a robust front. Anyone who isn’t in line with the business of constituted government needs to be removed. CIA, military or duplicitous members of his own party who wont serve the duly elected government’s administration have to be purged. As luck would have it we have special detention centres where they can be incarcerated for their crimes against the state. They are called FEMA camps. Forget-Ending-My-America camps. A fitting use for these facilities you couldn’t hope to find.

      • Gary Canuck

        Neil, I agree 100%, its probably over right now, he should have stood by FLYNN, he has to do a STALIN like purge, I doubt
        it will happen, as the Republicans are his greatest threat.

        • Neil

          He needs to enforce the Constitution with an iron fist…
          Most Americans I am sure know about the constitution because they learn about it from an early age. What may be new to Americans is recognising and arresting malevolent behaviour because they never considered their country might be attacked from the inside. This must be a victory for the Constitution and the will of the people and not one group over the other.

      • flattop

        Don’t lose heart. The draining has begun with he big layoff/firings at the state Dept. Look for the same at Justice/ CIA/ Pentagon, as they clean out the Clinton/Obama supporters rats nest at those agencies. Pray that the evil forces in DC are exposed and defeated.

    • Gordo Piper

      Bravo Neil,
      You nailed it! The US. is the elephant in the Pacific and we all want to see the Donald succeed and sometimes it takes an outsider to see the forest for the tree’s.
      Clean, green NewZealand being part of the dual Anglo American world super power and shared heritage no doubt affords you your very accurate perspective and we appreciate it up here. Thank You!
      PS. Hope your enjoying your summer because we cant wait for its return here in the still good Ole US.ofA.

      • Neil

        Thanks for your well wishes.
        Someone like Nigel Farage could have good impact at this juncture on behalf of Trump. He is used to an adversarial situation and can be dominant in ugly exchanges. On top of that he is outside the regular US game and therefore can be a disrupter of disruption. If he were to be employed in a temporary role call it Constitutional Overseer as an Adjunct to the Presidents Office he could refocus the public attention as he did in the election on recognising and valuing good government and the ascent from conflict to a civilised but imperfect system of orderly representation where ideas are debated rather than people assassinated in character or body. The rightful conduct of representatives is service of a society is something to be insisted on and the people need to assert themselves just as they did when voting in the election to make sure their intent is carried out or in this case not interfered with by self interested criminals and anarchists by way of underhanded and corrupt agendas.
        At present we have a number of parties either purposefully sabotaging or denigrating the institution of government and the pervasiveness of law and constitution. They either need to pull their heads in and organise and run for government in the next election or they need to be treated as subversives and prosecuted accordingly. This is not about defending Trump it is about defending the hard won benefits of civilised and democratic conduct from those who would seize power for themselves at any cost to the nation. I am sure Americans can think that though for themselves and act on it if they wish.

    • c romana

      Neil, I agree—Trump is being too tolerant, maybe out of fear….but if he doesn’t strike back at the fake news and prosecute someone, he’s done. He might even land in prison. I fear for his safety because he is not standing up to the lies with sufficient strength. He has to expel the liars! Please…………………… Show strength!!!

      • Neil

        I think he needs to step away from the fake news issue before he gets consumed by it and address the behaviour of the people behind it. Engaging the press over fake news actually makes him look bothered, diverted and ultimately weak. They can continue to create merry hell unless he disengages here. The purveyors of fake news are doing this at the request or in the payment of people who are acting beyond the law to bring down the government. This is the real issue. The subversive and seditious element. The guys behind the curtain not the useful idiot rabble doing all the rousing are the ones to bring to heel. And yes if he doesn’t tackle this properly he will be rendered impotent and they will succeed in removing him in some ridiculous fabricated fashion either to a mental institution or even prison. This is a very high stakes game he must get on top of quickly and if possibly in an oblique manner so he doesn’t further expose himself. He must recentre on the big picture of his presidency and ignore the barking dogs let loose and misdirected in the hope of trapping him. Someone fairly intelligent is plainly co-ordinating a fairly sophisticated operation here that needs a careful and detached mind to nullify. You cant both tackle the Presidential job with all its detail and have an overview to direct counter psy-ops. In fact counter psy-ops are unnecessary and somewhat dangerous because that plays into the hands of those who want to create division and conflict. Far better just to assert the behaviour that is mandated or permitted in the Constitution. If Trump is not the actual person to do so because he can be accused of political detaining opponents but there is some independent watchdog group policing observance of the Constitution it would be better. Perhaps a new body just for that purpose?

  13. glen charles

    a great week at watchdog GH,

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Glen.

  14. This sceptred Isle

    It amazes me that the FED is not considered truthful, yet no one considers the possibility that they might be doing QE and not declaring it. This would partly explain why some predictions have been off.

  15. Jerry

    The Fed has a reason to be worried. As we move closer to the IMF , World Bank board of governors meeting on April 21st, the pieces are being put in place to replace the dollar for global exchange.

    I’m probably Donald Trumps biggest fan, but in my humble opinion, the deep state globalist will crash the system before they let Donald Trump stick his hand up their economic puppet shoot. U.S. Treasuries are being dumped world wide in return for gold for a reason. (see next link). The end of the petrodollar is coming.

    The attacks on Donald Trump will continue, because the main culprit ( The Exchange Stabilization Fund which runs our Treasury and Intelligence Community) is outside the reach of our government. Like all banana republics, a scapegoat has to be found to take the blame. Who better to serve that purpose than a man who has ties to Goldman Sachs, and Deutsche Bank?

    • Jerry

      Penny for your thoughts. If the dollar is so strong, then why are all these treasuries being dumped?

      In my opinion, this is what happens when you debase your currency with to much with QE money printing. The money becomes WORTH LESS. As Greg Manarino has said multiple times “we have borrowed from our children’s future, so we can live a better now”. The problem is, this smoke and mirror trick only works so long as you have willing participants who are willing to go along with it. It is becoming more apparent by the day, that China and the rest of the world have had enough. If the Fed stays true to their word by raising interest rates in March…..Katie bar the door.

      • Mike R

        Jerry – lot of folks have this sort of backward. The dollar continues strong presently, as a symptom of the sell off of treasuries, and other US dollar denominated assets. When the treasuries are being sold as heavily as they are now, that actually increases demand for dollars, since that is what will be given to the owner when sold. Unless there is an immediate turnover of those dollars into another asset when the treasuries or US bonds are sold, that serves to keep the supply of dollars low (demand remains high) and price appears to remain strong vs other currencies.

        This has actually been on-going for some time now, but as these activities of selling by other nations, banks, major pensions, and fund managers keep continuing and accelerating, its going to act as a ‘prop’ under the dollar despite what other currencies may be doing.

        This also is very typical activity (currency strength) in a certain period prior to a currency collapse, especially with a reserve currency like the dollar. It sends a very false and elusive signal that all is ‘ok’ with the dollar, when in reality the opposite is true.

        This will make the rollover of the dollar seem very slow at first, and almost appear to be sideways consolidation, before any meaningful drop. But once that USD drop starts to accelerate, it will happen so fast, that society won’t know what the heck is happening, or even why, because so many people thought for so long, that the currency was actually strengthening. The FED is only appearing very worried, bc they know factually they are behind the curve badly, and should have started raising rates 2 or 3 years ago in earnest, but were politically prevented from doing so, by Obama and our own treasury, ONLY to prop stocks, and make the economy appear to be doing well, or better than it really has been. (ie. stocks up = economy must be ‘good’)

        The FED will simply never be able to catch up in time (raising rates), so eventually a hyper-inflationary event (currency collapse) is going to happen. Impossible to time it though. Buying gold or silver or other non-correlating assets, years ahead of time, is the only chance someone has to protect some of their wealth. This could still take some years to unfold, because naturally all of the other countries that depend upon us to buy their exports, do not want to see our currency collapse, nor their USD reserves quickly become worthless. The IMF, nor implementing SDR’s, nor China’s entry into any basket can forestall any of this. Nobody is going to get ‘rich quick’ or even slowly, by holding assets like gold or silver. In fact, it may only help forestall slightly, a decrease in their standard of living.
        We will most likely see some sort of return to a gold backed USD, or other US issued currency before this is all over. Might be 10 years from now, or 20, or 30, but it will happen. Free floating fiat has been a terrible terrible concept. (for the 99% that is).

        • This sceptred Isle

          Good insight – I also think pension funds may eventually be forced to buy US treasuries in preference to shares to keep the game going on longer than we can imagine.

        • Kim

          Thank you for these valuable insights! Thank you Greg Hunter for your website to make this possible. Awareness of what is going on is survival.

    • Gary Canuck

      Jerry & Mike R, great points but consider the following, its about Capital Flows internationally.
      Marie Le Penn, if she wins the election in France, or it looks like she will win it means, a shitload of money coming back to the USA, the Euro is toast, it will probably drive up the US Dollar, and Dow to 25K.
      Trump with the lowering of taxes to repatriate money back to the USA, ‘You can bet Goldman will be on the right side of that trade”
      Living in Canada, and doing business in the Dollar, Euro, Pound, I track capital flows, “I have to” our company in Europe went bankrupt after Brexit.
      Bottom Line: Long US Dollars, short Euro, Cando, etc.
      Jerry, Siemens, Krup, etc where are they going to put their money, I don’t care what the IMF says about SDRs, its coming back to the USA, its the only market that can handle that type of volume.
      REAL LIFE EXAMPLE: US-Cando exchange rate today 1.31 plus JPMorgan rips us for a extra 2%. HO in Houston says use 1.37 exchange rate, we do not want to get screwed like we did in England

      • Jerry

        That sounds good in theory, but that doesn’t account for the global bank derivative debt bomb that’s getting ready to drop.
        The central banks have created an alternate exchange system with the Chinese and IMF to transfer their assets into when the debt bubble burst. CIPS and AIIB was created for that purpose. I personally wouldn’t want to be holding any paper when that happens much less dollars.

  16. Tommy

    As a child of the 60’s I remember well how we were told of the evils of the Soviet Union and how the KGB was the real power, not the figureheads you saw in the news. How the KGB spied on its citizens, even using children to turn in their parents for crimes against the state. How politicos who stepped out of line would end up in Siberia or disappeared. How the news was completely false and controlled by the state. We were told how our news media was the fourth estate and was the watchdog on government, keeping them honest by shining the light of truth on their actions. I’m never quite sure what exemplifies the word “irony”, but having the Russians (supposedly) shine the light of truth on the corruption between the government and news media seems to fit the bill. Thanks Greg for being a beacon in the night.

  17. Peter


    What is wrong with this world. Also in the Netherlands they place FAKE news in the media. This is….



    • MCasey

      Crazy, isn’t it? “Fake News” took off right after Hillary and her denial of #Pizzagate. Now, it’s taken on a life of its own…..even fake news stories about fake news! Thinking its a red herring…..some type of distraction for the masses while the elites are up to something?

  18. ED1

    Anyone remember when Paul Craig Roberts was interviewed where he stated that when Regan was first elected, they had one heck of a time getting his cabinet officials in place? He stated it was a big time fight. Sound familiar? The deep state and puppet masters will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. We are seeing this being played out daily.
    My personal thoughts are the neocons will try to frame Trump by possibly manufacturing a scheme. As powerful as the intelligence community is, I would think just about anything is possible now.

    May God bless President Trump.

  19. francis m reps

    Thanks Mr. Hunter. One can see the parallel between what is going on now in politics….and what was happening in ” Gulliver’s Travels “. Jonathan swift had a clear view of the nuttiness of the culture of his times. Up is down….down is up…” Hate Speech”..” Hate Crimes ” are one manifestation of our own world turned upside down. Most people today still do not understand that ” Actions speak lowder than words “. I think that Mr. Dane Wigigton is the ” REAL DEAL ” and his warnings should take precedence over ALL of the other serious issues facing Humanity. Geo Engineering activities are the most unacknowledged, and denied activity by governments …….while at the same time are so clearly evident to any sentient person who looks up at the skies.

    • Paul ...

      francis m reps … very interesting you should bring up Jonathan Swift’s views on the nuttiness of the culture of his times and noting that that same nuttiness is going on today … Gulliver’s first travel was to an island of “tiny men” called Lilliputians where he was accused of treason and sentenced to death … today we have Trump (just like Gulliver) under similar attack by small minded loony tunes who hate Russia (Loonyputin’s) because he urinated on Obama’s health care and open boarders policies … and all the sore ass Houyghanms marching naked in the streets of America are protesting to expell Trump from office … because he is “too rational” for them!!

      • Paul ...

        As for what is happening in our skies listen intently to Greg’s next guest Dane Wigington … who will explain how the evil Satanist globalists have launched an assault not only upon humanity but upon all life on Earth … a mass extinction of all life on Earth by these globalists is close to being accomplished … we are losing 200 to 300 species every 24 hours … 90% of the fish on our planet are already dead … trees, entire forests are dying … almost all the bees have been killed by aluminum in chem-trails … they are close to extinction (along with our children) … in 10 years “half our children” will have autism from the aluminum being sprayed in chem-trails … yet the Soro’s, Rothschild’s and Monsanto’s of the world can’t even pilot a plane … they simply hire us (to kill ourselves, our children and every other species on our planet) … if the pilots flying these “Planes of Doom” won’t stand up for life … they don’t deserve to live … as they are as clinically insane as the globalists … they have already taken down Earth’s protective ozone shield … so now a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) from the Sun could knock out our power grid creating 1000 new Fuck-us-shimas right here in the United States (as loss of electrical power will make nuclear reactors go critical) … ultraviolet radiation is killing the plankton in our oceans and our trees in the forests … the clinically insane globalists want to control our food, energy, money and the very oxygen we breathe … but before they put humanity and all life forms into everlasting Hell … all the pilots flying the globalist’s “Dooms Day Chem-trail Killing Machines” must immediately come to their senses and stand down (or else face a firing squad for treason against God and all the innocent living things he’s created for us)!!! … and although we have a new quarterback with Trump … the globalist opposition simply have to run out the clock (to end the world) and win the game for Satan!!!

  20. Sue Basel

    My understanding of donations to charities is YOU need to specify what percentage is to go for food, clothing, administration fees, etc or it can be spent the way the charitable organization deems appropriate.
    How many people just write a check or send cash without specific instuctions to where the money should be allocated?

    • Greg Hunter

      Bing, bing, bing!!! You are correct. There must be a full accounting of where every cent went when you shut a “charity” down. That is the law.

    • This sceptred Isle

      I just give straight to homeless people on the street. A lot of these charities are great businesses: Tax free status and they don’t have to pay their workers anything or pay for the items they sell. Meanwhile, they are competing with shops and businesses that have to pay tax and pay actual wages to their employees.

      • John Wilkes Booth

        Salvation Army pays it’s workers here in the States. United States that is.
        Maybe not so united now!

  21. Jerry

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well this one sure is.

    Sometime between the time Henry Kissinger took us off the gold standard (under Richard Nixon), and Jim Baker devalued our currency by 50% (under the Plaza Accord), the globalist took it on themselves to decide our economic fate. Maybe with new emerging economies to loot, it was just to much temptation for them? But then again you have to know who runs the Bohemian Grove to figure that out. In any event the wheels are coming off, and there’s nothing they can do to stop it. They can delay it and they can decide where the impact crater will be, but other than that, that’s about it.

    We can’t control what THEY do. But we can control what WE do. The other day my son needed $1500. He was going to go to the bank and take it out of his savings account. I said “how about taking some cash from Jerry’s bank”. Even though he politely turned me down, it sure was nice to have that option to offer him. Bankers hate that. That’s why they want a cashless society. CONTROL. But guess what? My grandfather didn’t need a bank during the last depression, and I won’t need one in the next one. I personally think we should decorate our streetlamps with the greedy bastards once the SHTF finally comes, since we’ll never see our money they’ve stolen again. But hey that’s just me.

  22. Paul Anthony

    To me it’s clear in listening to CNN ‘s journalist defense that they think and actually believe their own crap. I mean they don’t get that they are reporting fake news. I hate to say it but I think they are ignorant and really truly just awful political hack reporters, who probably shouldn’t have never been hired. But were hired because of their lack of talent, brains, and dignity. If they we’re REAL reporters they would have a clue how immoral they are, and how much chaos they have created in dividing us with the citizens, who just can accept that our once mostly fair news is just as bad, if not worse, than anything Germany had going on World War II.

    They can’t win because of themselves. they are their own worst problems. If the left wants credibility they have to settle down. Start facing truth, and maybe they can become electable again in time. I just don’t get it. Everyday they take a few steps towards self destruction. I mean …..wowzers. Everyday ….wowzers!

    As always,
    Thank you for your work Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      The MSM has forgot of all the collusion it had with the Clinton campaign. (Thank you Wiki Leaks!) Not a single person from the MSM was fired. This is the definition of fake news and now the MSM wants you to forget what happened in 2016 and believe their lies and attacks on Trump. How dare him call them fake news, or in CNN’s case, “Very Fake News” VFN!!

  23. David Bain

    It’s different when the MSM Fake News Media agrees with the Muslim Jihadist Previous President and will not mention Radical Muslim Terrorists. Yet today, they can’t find it within themselves to agree to tell the New President Trump Narrative. Not that that is their job but just drawing the comparison.

    President Obama’s inside administration is,was so infiltrated with Deep State Islamist ideology, at may just take the support of another Country (I hear maybe Israel Mossad) to help protect the new Administration from a full blown takeover. The Swamp needs to be drained for sure and I am afraid the long lasting known inside knowledge of classified information and game plans is cast so wide that normalcy in the current affairs of the US Government is not going to happen. The headlines are always going to be the lack of ability of Trump to handle the Office of the Presidency of the USA. They are definitely looking for impeachment and it may happen. I pray not but the Deep State is working feverishly overtime to protect their Agenda of the NWO.
    Just thoughts from my little chair.

    David Bain

    • This sceptred Isle

      A big deal was made when Obama came to England and failed to follow protocol by bowing to the Queen. Whilst I have no problem with this he then went to Saudi Arabia and bowed to the king…strange. Was it sexism?

      • 'Scotland Forever' Tom Connery

        This Sceptered Isle
        The Trumpster would never be so disrespectful. He has no allegiance to any crown, so he’ll be loyal in the presence of her majesty. The American revolution happened over 200 years ago. We won our hard fraught independence! The Obama’s still have hard feeling’s for Africa. Nancy Reagan pulled that too. She must’ah been Irish! We must all forgive and forget.
        Britain made the world we have today and only Jehovah can fix it and only Jesus can rule it. Were an unruly bunch! Then and only till then, will the Queen willingly abdicate her reign, for the 1,000 year reign of our lord and savior.
        Everybody loves and respects the Queen and you know she must love him. Whom? The Donald thats whom. After all he is a Scot! Amen!

        Respects to Nancy, My Country Tis of Thee, God Save The Queen!

  24. Southern Girl

    God works in mysterious ways…we would not know what the h@ll is going on if you were still working for the Clinton News Network…you have become the light at the end of the tunnel for so many of us. I usually peruse some of the other sites , but the others seems a little high strung compared to you.

    Love, you sense of humor…makes my Fridays…Yeah!!! Keep it up!

  25. Gordo

    Red Eye w/ Tom Shillue 2 17 17 | Red Eye Fox News
    This is a, ‘Hoot!’ Trumps a natural!
    Unlike Gina, Rich, Smiley, Walter Brennan, Morell’s marauders & Clap trapper. You Deep State creeps who don’t get it, see how even the millenniums get it! Of course you still have the snowflakes, the less uninformed, but as old Abe Lincoln said, you guys can fool some of the people some of the time but you cant fool all the people all the time!

  26. Southern Girl

    I wrote my first letter to the President and sent it as an email versus the snail mail. I told him maybe he could be on some alternative sites such as yours to really put the hammer down.

    Would love if he gave you an interview. Here is hoping.

  27. Diane


    The decent people just do not believe anymore.

  28. Miro Markovic

    Dear Greg, your selection of cartoon for this week review is superb. It made my day, indeed! You have been telling us about the MSM as the biggest looser in production of its “fake news”. To illustrate your correct statement, I would like to tell you and your readers about a matter of fact. Namely, last week I received unsolicited offer from the “Washington Post” promising to deliver on daily basis to my residence its papers for a monthly fee of $9.99. The management of “Washington Post” dealing with its lost credibility must be really desperate.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Miro for the street reporting!!

  29. Diane D.

    God gave American Christians the government we deserve.

    FedGov is now an evil tyrant, out of control and above the rule of law. It was force-fed based on lies of 9/11 and WMDs to justify continuous wars in the Middle East and the surveillance monster taking down an American President.

    Ron Paul at a Presidential debate dared to suggest foreign policy be conducted by the ‘Golden Rule’ (Matthew 7:12). He was booed and shouted down. This was in ‘Bible Belt’ SC no less. That was 7 years ago. Now we are thirsting for war in Syria and Iran. Warmongering Christians are literally hell-bent to deny Christ in support of wars in the Middle East.

    Silence speaks volumes. I have yet to get answers from USAWatchDogs to two questions. Specifically, what did the US gain from the sacrifices of these 6,900 lives? Can you name any of these US wars in the Middle East which Jesus would have supported?

    • Greg Hunter

      No Diane,
      You are wrong about Fed Gov. under the new administration. Did you hear the prayers and mentions of God the Father and Jesus Christ in the inauguration that we just had. Record amount of mentions to God and Christ. Unfortunately the Middle East is one gigantic mess thanks to 8 years of Obama and invasions by Bush. Trump is “inheriting a big mess.” I pray Trump gets the guidance he needs and in this case he’s praying too!! That is a huge change in government. “Fear Not.”

  30. Galaxy 500

    Great Wrap up Greg.

  31. RealityCheck

    You need to get a three way interview between You, Wigington & G. Edward Griffin.
    That would be a good one…

  32. Lake M

    Senator Maddog McCain busted for engaging in US foreign policy with what he thought was the President of the Ukraine when it was really some Russian pranksters. It is illegal to do this without permission of the UnitedStates. He goes on for ten minutes telling how he is attempting to get lethal weapon aid for use by the Ukrainians against the Russians protecting the Crimea. See Zero Hedge today for the UTube video.

    Time to arrest this leader of the MIC (military industrial complex) neocons and retire him from his position as a US senator.

    • Frederick

      I agree Lake M it’s beyond time for that He’s obviously “lost it”

  33. Jan

    It was interesting hearing you talk about CNN. Seriously, the Very Fake News Network is begging for lawsuits. Just a couple days ago, in fact, a federal district judge ruled to move a defamation lawsuit forward, citing sufficient grounds “to establish that CNN was acting recklessly with regard to the accuracy of its report, i.e., with ‘actual malice.” CNN’s report had forced surgeons St. Mary’s Medical Hospital, W. Palm Beach, Fla. to lose their jobs. Sounds like CNN will lose in the end.

    As for refugees, keep in mind that Trump’s refugee limit still holds up. The 50,000 limit he set for this year is higher than the refugee numbers for 2006 and 2007 shown in the Pew Research, but not drastically lower than the 70,000 and 85,000 numbers for most Obama years. So there is no HONEST grounds for anyone calling Trump an anti-refugee bigot. (Obviously, Trump’s limit is drastically lower than the 110,00 President Obama was shooting for for 2017, but that was a sudden spike).

    In addition, the Pew Research also has found that over the years the majority of Americans consistently want fewer refugees. (Refugees who arrive are lawfully entitled to financial assistance and housing assistance, etc. which the rest of us pay for.)

  34. al


    I saw that buttkicking crush conference from several angles viewing several YouTube sources. It was STELLAR! I absolutely loved it!

    Greg, you didn’t mention Venezuela kicking CNN out of their country a few days ago. That got to happen here!
    GNN… Greg’s News Network

    • Frederick

      Al just stop watching them and they will just die on the vine

  35. Justn Observer

    Did you catch this phone call of John McCain back stabbing President Trump!
    Guess Johnny should ‘check’ the validity of who his speaking with?

    • Frederick

      Johnny “Wetstart” is obviously a goner and needs to head to Boca Raton and a retirement condo in the sun

  36. Wade Vernon

    How about having Dennis Kucinich as a guest!

    Also I would like to hear more about what is going on with the Clinton Foundation Investigation? I think Trump needs to hit back and this is one way to “Drain the Swamp”

    Thanks for all you do

  37. Gord Higham


    You called the current acts of the Deep State and the security network of America as treason, you are partially right.

    What is happening actually is sedition, attempts at destabilizing any or all of the 3 branches of the American government through internal forces.

    I’m not engaging in semantics, treason requires an act of violence or if these actions are proven to be in collusion with a foreign state, then it is is treason.

    Or so is my understanding.

    Keep up the great work.

  38. John M.

    Greg, I’m sure glad you had the good sense to leave the MSM FAKE news with your brain still intact. Your REAL NEWS reporting and well-reasoned analysis is invaluable to us.
    No dollar value can be put on what you do. I’m sure like the rest of us self-employed Americans, that you are not living in a penthouse and driving a Porsche. Doing what is right does not pay handsomely, which is why America is so screwed up and full of so much corruption. There’s fake everything, from our financial markets and money to our culture and perceptions of reality.
    At least we still have the freedom to speak and think for ourselves, for now. But I’m noticing lately that I’m getting a lot of security alerts when I go to my alternative news sites on the internet. I have to reboot my computer.
    President Trump does seem to be our only hope to make some of the necessary changes, but there remains a lot of resistance from the well-entrenched deep state, especially inside the GOP and the intelligence community.
    From what I understand, the resignation of Michael Flynn has something to do with the developing widespread Pedophile arrests that are to be coming. It’s quite involved, and Flynn is one of the good guys some are saying. We must pray that President Trump is a master chess player in this giant mess.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you John,
      I am shocked at what is allowed at CNN these days.

  39. Clarioncaller

    President Trump pee’d all over the ‘Yellow Journalists’ like an alpha dog marking his territory.

  40. Linda L.

    Anyone who still believes that Hillary would have been a better choice for America needs a big wake up call. Libya and Hillary’s contribution towards Gaddafi’s murder “we came, we saw, he died” should never be forgotten. Regarding destruction of this country in its post Gaddafi chaos:

    • This sceptred Isle

      I think Trump was a better choice by virtue of the fact that Hillary is a psychopath. America can probably just about survive an egotistical narcissist.
      Trump’s election put the EU on the back-foot and has made Britain’s hand stronger in the Brexit negotiations.

  41. David

    Thank you for your efforts. Would you please consider interviewing George Webb, or at least letting people know about his work investigating the Clinton Foundation, DynCorp and the CIA deep state? His work can be found by searching “George Webb – YouTube” and he’s currently on Day 115 or so of his daily video reports. Like you, George is a brave investigative journalist who exposes the dark secrets of the deep state. Thank you1

  42. AA 🇦🇺

    The attacks by the MSM will never end.

    Our top and lead stories published in today’s newspaper are about ”Trust trumped as cracks and leaks appear in the White House” & Tony Blair urges Britons to ‘rise up’ to resist ‘Brexit at any cost’
    It’s a propaganda media war, that they say only North Korea spew out; and soon if enough people boycott the MSM they will hopefully be preaching to themselves.
    With the subscription fees rising and the whole, 50c a Day slogan, I’m not sure who would pay for this garbage.

  43. ED1

    Greg, looking forward to the interview with Dane W. Will you please ask him this question for us? Has he been in contact with the Trump administration yet about the spraying going on? One would think that if President Trump wants to drain the swamp and stop so much government waste, that he would good place to start and hopefully put a stop the all the round the clock spraying in the skies across our country. It has to be in the billions of dollars a year, if not trillions of dollars, for all the heavy aircraft flight time. Not to mention the price of all the heavy metals they are poisoning us with.

    I keep looking up in the sky every day and instead of seeing less spraying, now it’s more than ever. It went from one to two days per week to just about every day since Trump won the election.

    I would truly appreciate it if you could be so kind as to bring this up.

    Thanks and God bless.

    • This sceptred Isle

      The more desperate they get the more they will do it – until they can’t.

  44. ross

    Paul Craig Roberts is not happy about the sacking of General Flynn as he was one of the few that Trump could trust. Dr Roberts is not optimistic about Trump’s survival.
    The other emerging huge story is the Oroville Dam. Record rains are again on the way and with melting snow it is on the brink of collapse. Engineers are reportedly saying that the dam cannot be saved when the rains hits in the next few days.

    • Diane

      Oroville dam. ……….
      Water is sent to SoCal because of political reasons. Sending water south and out to sea for environmental reasons combine to create a man made draught. The Oroville dam was not inspected for over ten years. It was never completed in the first place back in the 60’s.
      Democrat politicians have diverted money away from maintenance for dams, bridges and highways for decades. Jerry Brown has believed during his two times as governor that environmental issues and social issues are more important. In the 70’s he set road maintenance back ten years. It has not been able to catch up to this day. He has always believed in globe warming and because of that belief, dams would never fill up enough to need maintenance.

      • Paul ...

        Because Gov. Brown diverted dam maintenance monies … to be spent on programs to bring more illegal aliens into California … every citizen in the State of California must now suffer the consequences of potentially losing a very valuable water resource … with the heavy rains forecast … “it is almost a certainty” the Oroville Dam will be undercut … and burst!!!

  45. tsuki

    I watched old Ted Baxter on CBS fake news last night. Trump said he inherited a messy. Well, CBS would have no part of that. Ted went on the air to state that Trump inherited an economy with 5% unemployment regarded as full employment. Do they really expect that a nation with a labor participation rate at Depression levels is full employment? Other than the NorthEast Coast power grid, who do they expect to believe that?

    By the way, that was not fake news; that was a lie.

  46. Diane

    VFN makes the Drudge Report headline!

    AP puts out false report.
    My God …..VFN needs to be shut down.
    Left wing press…out of control! !!!!

  47. This sceptred Isle

    Whilst China’s is brand new. Likely to stay that way too, until people start actually using the new cities.

  48. This sceptred Isle

    I think Trump’s attacks on his opponents have gone way beyond merely acting out a role. He has genuinely pissed off certain sections of the elite by exposing the ‘false song of globalism’ and attacking vaccines, Bill Clinton etc in the way he has. Austin Fitt’s explanation that a schism has developed within the elite leading to two factions engaged in a civil war seems to fit observed events best.

  49. c romana

    Greg, Paul Craig Roberts sums it up. Truth doesn’t matter, the deep state will fabricate anything and will destroy Trump…..after this week, I feel the same way. And it may end in civil war, except that his supporters are the sane ones, and are not likely to fight the mental cases. But the USA will have no respect in the world after this horror show.
    I find it so obvious now how the deep state, and 1% plus the MIC and CIA are out to rule the sheeple at any cost.

  50. Gregory Mannarino

    Thanks for the mention Greg! You are THE MAN.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the help Mannarino!!!

  51. Linda L.

    Hi Greg:
    Watched your video again. (interesting stuff, thank-you for your time/great information). There have been dozens of people associated with the Clintons who have died (you know suicide) for opening up investigations against them. The Clintons are keeping a low profile right now, but I imagine their influence/power is still extensive. So I think that the media are afraid to investigate them for the whereabouts of the foundation money for fear that they may be the next target/s if they get too close. The Clintons took multi-millions in exchange for favors and so when Hillary lost the election, I would think that a huge portion of this blood money had to be returned to her donors or she would have lost her scalp. And the remainder…..well the filthy Clintons are quite wealthy now.

    • Lake M

      It was reported about 3 weeks before the election that the Clintons transferred $2B to Bahrain. Either that was returning money to one of their benefactors or getting a stash
      set up outside the reach of the IRS and US Treasury. Never saw any follow up in MSM or alternative media.

  52. Coalburner

    Did you hear the late breaking story that 17 days before Obama left office he ordered that the secret data collected by NSA was opened to many agencies offering, like 16 times as many people availability to the supersecret info. Anyone think he was laying traps for leaks that could not be traced. Obama is a traitor all the way. It was illegal to listen to the Presidents phone calls and the data has been handed out to lowlife Obamabots. Hope Trump has recinded that order immediately for all future NSA Data collection. Trump should clean them all out immediately. Appoint temporary leaders where Congress won’t act and order them to clean the cutthoats out.

  53. dlc

    Augusto Perez, interviewed last night by Doug Hagmann, a christian that I could listen to all day long. I’ve never heard him before, haven’t yet researched who he is, but he sure filled up the starving stray in me.

    He said some things that I tried to say but he did a much better job of it. I always believed that God works through people to spread a message and I’m forever watching and listening for that somebody. I had the luck to hear such a person this evening.

  54. dlc

    Augusto Perez, mentioned in the above post, gave his interpretation of Trump’s role at this time.

    The press has buried the human trafficking arrests currently taking place. I only know about it by scouring the internet. I had downloaded the movie “Gardens of the Night” to this site about a week ago which depicted one girl’s story, the nightmare of it all through the eyes of the victim. I had no idea that the trafficking was as prevalent as it is.

    Augusto Perez refers to Trump as “Cyrus,” the man who will take on this abuse of the living and the unborn. I came away with a better picture of what the current internal war is all about and the remedies for same.

  55. Virginia M Conway

    The term fake news is a mild attempt to describe what the so called news medias are doing. Just as we are not allowed to shout fire where there is none because of the possible mayhem, harm or death of people, that, is exactly what the news medias are doing with their bias. inaccuracies and down right lies are doing!
    When congress allowed a few companies to own multiple news outlets, our freedom of press was pretty much lost as we knew it. And don’t forget congress when they deemed corporations as a person, this virtually allowed corporations with their huge contributions to own votes, congress and the ilk.
    Bit by bit, little by little everything has been put in place for this crescendo. I dare to think what our lives would be like if Hitlery Clinton had won. In all earnest I believe President Trump is just a stepping stone to the real goal, our Constution and all it stands for. There are peoples intrenched in so many areas for just that purpose.
    The other day I was shopping on line with my Nordstrom Visa and , I made a donation to the Trump campaign, the transaction was declined , however, the purchases I made just before and after went through with no problem. What people are doing is not American.
    God help us.

  56. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, the Muslims violence on the rise against the people of Sweden who took then in, Europe and America under their invasion, no-goes areas in Paris, New York, Michigan, Germany and many others. The religion of peace is on the march, but notice they don’t go to China; I wonder why?

  57. Justn Observer

    Your weekend wrap and the prior interviews give a fantastic collation of events and their consequences…along with the many excellent viewpoint of your followers …a welcome perspective and awareness that ‘some’ indeed are paying attention albeit not enough are… Some interviews back CAF mentioned a ‘controlled collapse’…which from the intrusion into our society…I am of the opinion that many see and understand what has occurred…but maybe not by who, why beyond the pillage and raping of this nation… So in that vain …and with so many ancillary subjects surrounding the events wish to post these in hopes to help and widen the ‘possible’ threat and depth of it and maybe reach for some more insight from your viewers and contributors …beyond the immediate culprits and usually named suspects … to maybe a higher level with more sinister dark plans… Thank you for providing a place for the separation of the wheat from the chaff so to speak… or should it be the truth from the fake and fiction? So- will interject this into the mix for depth and context as to the possible underlying depth of the ‘shadow’ lurking within the deep state and it’s control with President Trump might be battling and wrestling with as he attempts to ‘drain the swamp’! And with that thought….indeed a large and dangerous task that those that wish him well…need to understand…and cannot be but spectators…and must now stand up …show their support…indeed run to the sound of the gun… This is more than a weekend at a paintball course playing a game of ‘Capture the Flag’…. This is real – and in fact there are those intent on —capturing not just borders, defeating our God given Constitutional ‘unalienable’ rights and replacing them with ‘manmade ‘Roman civil ones by edict and statute…! And replacing OUR FLAG of Liberty and Freedom…baring not just the stars for each state but they under the very stars of heaven itself….with a United Nations Flag….with a world surrounded by the Wreath of Caesar’s crown !
    Maybe like your wrap ups —we need to think and search deeper to connect the dots we all know are there to find….yes…those ‘Secret Societies’ and the puppet masters and ‘how’ then wield so much power and corruption – warned about by so many past Presidents ! Please take the time to hone your awareness and apply where one might consider it to fit…just say’n !
    From Babylon to the Sumerians in Tyre and forward thru history the breadcrumbs lead…
    “The nation of Italy is very instructive where it concerns how the MAFIA was originally set up countrywide. For instance, the Sicilian Mafia is known as the La Cosa Nostra; the Calabrian Mafia is known as the Ndrangheta; the Neopolitan Mafia is known as the Camorra; the Sacra Corona Unita and Stidda are units of the Apulia Mafia, and the Basilischi or Basilicatan Mafia in Basilicata is sometimes called Italy’s Fifth Mafia. Then there are the Mafia Capitale and Banda della Magliana of Rome, as well as the Mala del Brenta of Northern Italy. It is very important to understand that their territories were not limited to Italy. For example, the Sicilian Mafia operates in “Italy, mostly Sicily; Quebec and Ontario in Canada; Victoria in Australia; United Kingdom and Germany in all Europe; Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil and Colombia in all Latin America; South Africa in Africa.”[1]
    *M.A.F.I.A. = Mazzini, Autorizza, Furti, Incendi, Avvelenamenti—the original Freemason Mafia families”

  58. Country Codger

    Shalom Greg,
    Hope all is well with you and yours. You got honorable mention on Alex Jones.
    Keep up the great work.


    • Greg Hunter

      I’ll take it!! Like Infowars!!

  59. Kim

    Please consider having Chris Martenson on. He has been prepping for awhile now. I am curious of his thoughts of President Trump. Thank you for everything!!

  60. Don

    Dear Greg, I am absolutely sick of the corruption and wickedness being carried out by liberal media, and the web of behind the scenes operatives, that are trying to destroy the best President we’ve had in decades, or longer. The NSA, CIA, and FBI have been given to much power, through the Patriot Act and the like. Trump can trust noun of the agencies or branches of government. He must find a way to purge all intelligent agencies, there are to many democratic and shadow government operatives still taking orders from Obama, and Clinton. He needs to purge them all. Thanks for another good interview.

    • Greg Hunter

      Trump said “Enemy Of The American People.” I agree and I am a former member of the MSM.

  61. Kim

    Very deserved recognition of you by Jim Sinclair and Bill Holter on their paid website. It starts at the 14:30 min mark (2/18/17) and continues on for a few minutes. Jim’s dog start barking which happens in almost every interview and provides some comic relief to the dire circumstances we are actually dealing with. Awareness is everything! Thank you for providing it!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Kim for the heads up. Love Sinclair and Holter. They are right as rain and will be proven correct in spades. It is just a matter of timing and folks ignoring them do so at their own peril.

  62. Paul ...

    Wow … imagine our US Congress passing a law to unilaterally seize our privately owned land and homes making it Government owned property? … in a 60-52 vote last evening the Israeli Knesset agreed on a bill to allow just that!! … perhaps they did it knowing Friedman was being confirmed!

  63. Luigi

    Greg, would it be possible to get Louis Cammarosano ( on your show, please? Louis seems to be providing a not so catastrophic perspective on financial (including gold and silver) and geopolitical events that is hard to summarise in a few words, but certainly looks like it would appeal to viewers of USAWatchdog while it still could not be labelled as “doom and gloom” by those who are sceptical on the fact we are heading for disaster.
    Thank you.

  64. Mme. Hedin

    Dear Greg, you and your other fans should take the time to watch this news piece, produced by http://www.the It is neither a left-wing nor right-wing source, but a “real news” source, it seems…
    Fake news is truly a real problem. But we cannot judge if something is real or fake, simply because we disagree with it. I’m carefully vetting my news sources these days.
    Thank you for your earnest and hard work on this site.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is not the “Real News” There is nothing about who they are or who funds them. It’s fake if it is anonymous and it is anonymous. By the way, it is one character assignation hit piece after another about Donald Trump. It too is fake news.

      • Mme. Hedin

        No info on who funds them? Sure there is. Look at the subheading called “About Us”. You’ll see their Mission, their Board of Directors 12 members, including Danny Glover), their News Staff (14 employees) . Also their Mission says”The Real News Network (TRNN) is a non-profit, viewer-supported daily video-news and documentary service. We don’t accept advertising, and we don’t accept government or corporate funding. TRNN is sustained by viewer donations and earned revenue.
        Since 2007, we have produced more than 7,000 stories that have been viewed more than 100 million times.” Sorry if you think they are slanted – I think they report the facts. As for “hit pieces” on Mr. Trump? He’s an easy target these days. Even Fox News is dissing him.

        • Greg Hunter

          Really??? You think this is fair. There is not a single positive story about Trump. This is so slanted to the progressive mindset. Not a single negative story about Hillary or Obama. NOT A ONE. This is crap that you pass off as some sort of fair “journalism” It is, in fact, far left activism. Get Danny Glover to write you back.

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