Hillary’s Iowa Loss, Economy Keeps Sinking, Obama Mosque Visit

1bBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

The big loser in the Iowa Primary is Hillary Clinton. Yes, she came in first by a tiny margin, but even that is in question. Iowa’s biggest newspaper is calling for a recount because of the .2% margin of victory. The head of the Democratic Party in Iowa, also, reportedly, is a huge supporter of Clinton, and her Iowa license plate reads HRC 2016. Dr. Andrea “Andy” McGuire, the state’s Democratic Party Chairman, says there will be no recount. The biggest problem for Hillary is the ongoing FBI investigation over big national security issues caused by her private server. One of the big Republican winners in Iowa was Donald Trump. Why do I say this when he came in second? Trump spent far less time and money in Iowa than Rubio and Cruz. Iowa was basically a three-way tie.

President Obama made his first mosque visit since he was elected President. One of the things he said was there was “inexcusable political rhetoric against Muslim Americans.” What I think is inexcusable is the President will not address terrorism being taught and fostered in the Muslim community both abroad and in the U.S. A 2009 FBI report said 1 in 10 mosques in America teach violence in the name of Islam. Other studies say imams preaching violence in mosques is much higher than 10%  The FBI is also on the record of tracking violent Islamic extremists in all 50 states. Why isn’t Islamic terrorism in the U.S. and abroad ever addressed by the President? His mosque visit was a lost opportunity.

According to the mainstream media (MSM), the economy is always getting better or in a so-called “recovery.” The overt facts say that is preposterous. Here’s a headline from the Associated Press that says, “U.S. Economy to Strengthen.” I say in your delusional dreams. Look at the Baltic Dry Index that measures global shipping of goods and raw materials. It is another record low again this past week. There are plenty of other headlines that refute the “recovery” story pounded into our heads by the MSM.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. MAL

    It has recently come out Greg that Kerry was sending unsecured emails containing classified information to Hillary. The same John Kerry who advised Edward Snowden “to man up and face trial”. Snowden is a hero and America owes him an apology!

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      The email plot thickens and threatens to rip the Democratic party to shreds
      ….in an election year!

      I quote from the below link;
      “Secretary of State Kerry and the Obama administration are obstructing the courts at every turn on the Clinton email scandal,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “Secretary Kerry doesn’t want to answer to the public or to the court about why he hasn’t taken steps required by law to secure Hillary Clinton’s emails, which he knows includes unsecured classified material.”


      I really do hope that this takes down the moronic Kerry…. oh sh%^$#T but would that mean that Nuland took over as SOS until the end of the year.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Further to my above moment of sheer panic at the thought of rabid Neocon Nuland becoming SOS due to the fact that she holds the most senior diplomatic portfolio after Kerry, I find that the vice position is held by none other than Tony Blinken. Apparently his main claim to fame is that he recently helped formulate U.S. policy on Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Iranian nuclear program….hmmmmmmm!
        Cheers again

        • frederick

          What a horrible thought Colin

  2. Mary

    Think about this, and then think about this again…A so-called American president has visited a Mosque.

    • frederick

      Mary Im not sure why his visiting a mosque is any different than him visiting any house of worship of any denomination as long as he is transparent about where his own loyalties lie which I agree are questionable

      • Galaxy 500

        Most houses of worship aren’t fronts for terror organizations

    • Judy

      Mary, think again. This is (supposedly) a free country. Separation of church and state, so that no one is marginalized. Obama was simply making a point, that yes, we do support freedom of religion, and no paricular belief or religion gets scapegoated here. And I am a Christian, btw.

    • helot

      Ok, Mary, I know it bothers many of you that a so-called American president has visited a Mosque, but so what? Big Whoop. Think about this: A 2009 FBI report said 9 out of 10 mosques in America Do Not teach violence in the name of Islam.

      Consider also, whatever crackdown on mosques that develops would most certainly be twisted around and applied in some nefarious way to people who say the things they do on USAWatchdog. There is a track record, unless you don’t mind things like being groped by TSA and being demanded to show your papers, Boston Lockdown, that sort of thing.

    • Dan

      SO WHAT? What’s your point???

    • Jan

      Remember Barack Hussein Obama is his mother’s son. She was attracted to foreign Muslim men (who weren’t particularly devout): Barack’s Kenyan father and then his Indonesian step-father. Early in his childhood, Barack lived among Muslims in Jakarta, Indonesia and they were his playmates and school-mates. Back in America, some African-American Muslims like Mohammed Ali and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar were respected athletes. So naturally, he has positive associations with Islam. Personally, I’m glad to see an American president that can get along well with Muslims and visit a mosque once or twice. However, we should all agree, it is serious problem for the president to deny the link between Islamic jihadists and their religion and to deny the fact that a number of American mosques are radicalizing its members.

      • Galaxy 500

        I prefer not to get along or help people seeking to dominate or kill me but to each his own

    • Stewart

      Got it, someone called Mary has issues.

      • Grafique

        I like Mary’s issues. She’s not blinded by political correctness, as are many on this site.

        • frederick

          And others on this site are drinking the Muslim boogeyman meme that they created with the big false flag attack on Manhattan 15 years ago Radical anything is wrong and it has NOTHING to do political correctness

          • Grafique

            The lie that islamic terrorists weren’t responsible for 9/11 is prevalent in the alternative news world. But it’s a lie.

          • WD


            Research Islam followers MUST destroy non Muslims.
            This is cult from the sewers oh hell.

    • andyb

      Mary: I don’t have to think….I know. the US is wiling to take in perhaps a million muslim refugees but none of the Christian ones slowly being totally eliminated in the ME?

      • Mohammad

        It saddens my heart that christians are targeted in ME.
        I love them , i grew up with them, my kindergarten was an Italian missionary church in Damascus. My mom trusted them on me.

        Please look the big picture and do not get consumed.


    • Diane D.

      Mary, isn’t that constitutional?

      • Grafique

        So are all the Executive Orders tearing apart our economy and nation.
        “Constitutional” does not equal “right”.

        • sk

          “Constitutional” is constitutional only when it agrees with what you want, right? It is this really dumbed down attitude that will destroy the US. “Right” is what GRAFIQUE tells you is right. God help us.

    • Blt

      I prefer to keep thinking about the preposterous notion that we voted (well, not me lol) a man into the most powerful position on the face of the earth strictly based on skin color. We deserve what we get just like the scared little children we are. I sure hope we dont have to face the patriots that fought and died for us when we go to our maker. When we decide enough is enough is going to be the REAL crash greg. Until then its haves vs have nots business as usual.

      • jim c.

        BLT, You took the words right out of my mouth, He only made it into office because of the color of his skin. I`m glad that you have the guts to say it out loud as I have said to others i know.

    • sk


    • Mohammad


      I understand your concern.
      This is a christian country though the founding fathers did not base it on that but non the less it is mainly christian europeans who came here and settled.
      I do not know what to say here except i understand and sympathize with you as a fellow American citizen.
      Am sorry that many fanatics in my religion did not instill any thing but fear in me before you, but please remember that me and likes are marginalized by the powers that want to divide and conquer, and it seems to be the play that the powers that be profess which is pitting christians against muslims in Europe and US this time around.
      I will still love you as a human, am not sure how much connections left between us as US citizens any more, from my side i will not severe those ties i hope you do not.


      • Tin foil hat

        Do you prefer to follow the sharia or the constitution? Please don’t tell me Muslims has to follow the laws of the land. When the Muslim population in the U.S. reach 60-70%, would you prefer to amend the constitution in accordance with sharia?
        If your answer is yes, I will still love and respect you as a human but I believe it is just a matter of time that either I, my sons or grand children will fight, expel or kill you, your children or grand children.
        Now, before anyone call me racist or bigot, I only feel that way toward sharia loving Muslims, not Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs or secular Muslims. I will happily change my mind if anyone can name one Islamic country where the infidels don’t live like a second class citizens under the mandate of sharia.

        • David

          Tin Foil. Actually, Oman is one of those countries. Possibly the most tolerant of all Muslim countries. All faiths are allowed to practice, Omanis are extremely warm and gracious, and non-Muslims are not singled out. Sultan Qaboos has always admonished Omanis to live and let live.

          • Mohammad

            Syria is the same David. It was actually better before Langley mercenaries coming through Turkey ruined it.


          • Tin foil hat

            Oman is an manachy with no system of checks and balances. Qaboos is a classier version of Kim Jong Un who does not tolerate criticism. Basically, Oman is a friendlier North Korea.
            Since sharia law is the source of all legislation in Oman, I assume dhimmi have to pay jizya to be protected by the Islamists.
            Were you there as a tourist or temporary worker?

            • David

              Tin Foil: I have ived in the Middle East and South Asia for over 25 years. In all my travels, I can say with confidence that Oman is light years ahead of all other middle eastern countries. My personal opinion… of course.

              • Tin foil hat

                I have never set foot in Oman but I did vacation in Dubai, Turkey, Morocco and Malaysia.
                The tour guide in Turkey is a very honest lady. I didn’t get the same vibe from the other tour guides even though they were all very friendly.
                In Malaysia, which I always thought is the most moderate Islamic nation, I spoke to a store keeper who told me what it’s like to live under sharia as an infidel.
                Do you have any non Muslim friend in Oman?

        • allen ols



          • Mohammad

            Long time no see allen, missed you.
            Welcome back.


        • J C Davis

          Tin Foil Hat Great question and nicely asked. With out a direct yes or no.

      • Tin foil hat

        Btw, I concur that we are being marginalized by the powers that want to divide and conquer. I truly believe we are being invaded/conquered from within.
        The religion of the deep state is power, not Islam nor Christianity, absolute power is much easier to obtain through an Islamic nation than a Christian nation.

    • Grafique

      A dangerous disgrace, Mary. The funny part though is that the islamofascists will happily kill Hussein Obama if they can. They aren’t impressed.
      The visit to the mosque was intended to sway weak-minded Americans to believe that islam is an innocent religion of peace, and to stick a finger in Christ’s eye.

      • art barnes

        The Muslim in Chief is a disgrace to Christians, I’m not buying his majesty’s alleged Christian faith any longer, its a sham just like his proclaimed patriotic view of America. Further, his hated for the Jewish state and his stance on dividing Israel is very telling indeed. What interesting about all of this is he has been getting bolder in throwing Christians & Israel under the bus as his term is drawing to an end, all the while elevating his beloved religion of peace. Just wait and see what he does next, I’ll bet by a year after office he will come out of the closet and convert to Islam proper; frankly, they can have him.

      • Tin foil hat

        I think Obama is the most conflicted person I ever know. He is gay, a closet Muslim and a ruler who rules his nation with contempt and hatred.

        As a Muslim, he can only engage in a homosexual activity as the dominant one. If I understand Islamic culture correctly, as long as the purpose of the performances are to dominate or punish, then it’s not considered homosexual. However, if the acts were the fruits of loving and caring relationships, then the actors will be thrown off the roof because they are gays.
        Now, if Obama were gay and a closet Muslim, which I believe he is, I can understand why he is so screw up.

        • allen ols

          t f h


      • sk

        Christ was all for empathy and inclusion, Grafique! It is your interpretation that is off.

        • Grafique

          What interpretation is that sk?

          • sk

            That visiting a mosque is “to stick a finger in Christ’s eye”.

            • Grafique

              So you disagree with what I said but you have no proof I’m wrong except to say I’m wrong.

              You debate like a child on the playground.

              • sk

                So…you have a hotline to Christ Himself??? LOL

                • Greg Hunter

                  We all do.

                  • sk

                    And Christ says:love your enemies and pray for them that persecute you.

        • Kerry

          Yes, Christ was for empathy and forgiveness but you forget one very important thing-He did not tolerate SIN. And if you read the Bible you will see that the practice of homosexuality is a sin. He told the woman found in adultery to go in peace but SIN NO MORE. Those that deny Him as the Son of God would be committing a sin, and so by its very nature, Islam is not a religion of peace but a religion against God. Islam denies that Christ is the Son of God. Why is this important? At some point we will be forced to either expel the Muslims or submit to sharia law, and I, for one, have no intension of submitting. This is and will be a war of religion, no matter what Obama says or the MSM says.

      • Galaxy 500

        Actions speak louder than words. All the while that the 0bamachrist professes to be a
        Christian, he insults Christ and Christians yet he speaks of there being no sweeter sound the Satan’s morning call to worship and how the minions of Satan were such a help to America. It is easy to tell where his true allegiances are and it ain’t with Christ.

    • Jerry

      I had to weigh in here. What did you expect from a man who was raised Muslim and was named after Muhammad’s winged horse (Barack)? I don’t think its been any secret where his loyalties are. All you have to look at is the fact that Christian refugee’s from Syria can’t get passports by this administration and you’ll get the picture.

      • Mohammad


        Christian Syrians are smart, intelligent and lovely.
        I lived where lots of my neighbors where christians in Damascus.
        If what you say is true it is a shame not to let them in.


        • Jerry

          The MSM is so busy carrying Obama’s water that they would never have the guts to ask why?

      • Jim

        Who is Barry Soetoro?

      • Tin foil hat

        Glen Beck and Grey are the only few journalists who reported that Assad and Putin had done more for the Syrian Christians than our sharia loving Manchurian president ever will.
        Believe it or not, I haven’t stop scratching my head wondering how he got reelected for more than 3 years. And the really sad thing is that I now believe McCain and Romney wouldn’t be much better than Obama, they are all mere puppets taking orders from the Deep State.

      • allen ols



    • JC Davis

      Thank you Mary for standing in this time of failure.

    • allen ols



  3. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    I am right with you re Hitlery.
    IMO The Dems have been plastering a pig with lipstick for far too long now and it is becoming utterly tedious. She ain’t gunna make it to the big old house. When this creature drops out the Neocons have a real problem on their hands with the two main contenders left being Sanders and Trumpet. For very different reasons the Neocons cannot contemplate either of these runners becoming POTUS.
    Things are about to get even more interesting.

    • Tin foil hat

      I thought things can’t get worse after Obama but boy am I wrong. However, I’m a little embarrassed to say that I do have high hope for Trump. He reminds me of Rodney Dangerfield in the movie “Back to School”. I hope he is truthful and sincere regarding “Making America Great Again”.

      • Mohammad

        Trumpet is trumped.
        by his own arrogance.


      • Neo Con Woman

        Tin man, you nailed it, Donald Trump is Rodney Dangerfield in a sort of carnival artist way. You know when you go to a Carnival/State Fair and the guy drawing pictures draws one of you and everything is accentuated out of proportion, makes you laugh at yourself or whomever is drawn! That’s the Donald as Dangerfield, except there’s not that much of a margin of error, LOL, he he he. Maybe that’s why we love him. Rodney Dangerfield would have made a great Robin Hood, a believably honest man who you would feel comfortable coming before as a judge because he’d be easy on you!

        • Tin foil hat

          Neo Con,
          After watching this video, I’m now 100% behind Trump.
          Rubio ran to his assigned podium like a little school boy running to his assigned seat when the bell ring.
          Bush couldn’t understand the situation and walked right pass Carson and Trump.
          Trump was confident, did what he felt was right and at his own pace. My biggest problem with Trump is that he doesn’t seem presidential with his antics, but this clip convinces me that he possesses the personality that is not only presidential but a natural leader.

  4. FC

    Addressing the crowd in his first public visit to a Mosque in Baltimore, Obama, mentioned the importance of religious freedom……………..Really!
    Where was the freedom for Crystal O’Connor and Kim Davis?

    • Galaxy 500

      They are Christians, they don’t get freedom of religion

  5. Trude

    Young Democrats Flock to Bernie Sanders, Spurning Hillary Clinton’s Polish and Poise

    The New York Times


    Armies of young voters are turning what seemed like a long-shot presidential candidacy into a surprisingly competitive campaign.


    Alas All’s Fair In Love and Youth

    Chelsea Clinton calls Bernie ‘President Sanders’ in awkward slip

    The Hill Neetzan Zimmerman 2 hrs ago

    Chelsea Clinton made an attention-grabbing verbal slip Wednesday when she accidentally referred to Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders as “President Sanders” while speaking with her mother’s supporters in Minnesota.



    Thanks for the great report as always Greg. I understand as we all do on the financial calamity coming. Technically we on main street have been in recession for years, and amazingly the Baltic around the 300 mark, I also seen the Trucking delivery index down by 48 percent, money velocity etc. There’s so many charts we could point too that shows the real story for nearly 25 percent of us, Main St USA. I myself feel blessed still working and making a well above average wage as other Watchdogs do. I wonder however, if some here are felling the pinch? I Truly hope all our out of debt and have real assists put away, for at sometime soon all hell will brake loose. Finally, on the drought chart, ever since May 2015 you had a great interview with Dane Winington showing to have a real issue in California that’s man made and not by nature. This comes from a military document “Owning The Weather by 2025” US Air Force. Is it possible you might have Dane Winington back on ? I believe he could bring clarity to the subject. Thanks Greg for all you do.

    • Vince Shook

      Hi Michael:
      I am a small business person here in Florida. January was a disappointment for most — after a modest December (at best). We are all hoping for a good winter season and, however that goes, it will be yet another indication of where the real economy is likely headed.

      As far as “feeling the pinch”, two things readers here may not be aware of. First is IRMAA – the Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount that was (surprise!) put in place by ObamaCare. This made Medicare means tested! I just turned 65 last year (July) and applied for Medicare. After a couple of months of normal payments, I got a surprise letter from Medicare stating that because the adjusted gross income on my federal income tax form was over a certain amount, I would now be paying over 3 times what is charged others for Medicare Part B each month! Keep in mind that our business is an S-Corp, with taxes paid personally on corporate income that flows from the corporation through me as an owner (issued a K-1 form), with those funds ultimately ending up back in the corporation for its business needs. Thus, while they will calculate my social security benefits on my salary (starting July of 2016), they calculate my costs for Medicare et al on a fictitious personal income amount that includes business corporate income.
      Also, my Medicare part D (drug) plan payment was adjusted up from $15.70 to $67.80 by IRMAA. These are regulations directly targeting small business owners and the middle class. Because of IRMAA and the elimination of filing and deferring SS benefits, my wife and I will now lose a minimum of $6,000 of personal income in additional IRMAA payments every year the rest of our lives (and they will most probably go up from here) plus another $50,000 in SS income over the next 4-5 years due to the loss of our filing/deferral benefits. That’s an additional $80,000 of spendable income the government will take from us over the next 4-5 years! They are taking it from people in big chunks now. At 66 years old, family members cannot recover from such theft. Good luck to all.

      • freebreezer

        Isn’t socialism great! I guess we should all be happy, that is all the hard working among us that get to pay for all those that did not save, that did not plan on future retirement, that did not take care of themselves physically and cost the the system huge amounts in health care , welfare, food stamps, housing subsides etc. If you want a good, clear picture of were America is going, look no farther then Venezuela … A prosperous, well to do country (25 yrs ago) that was ripped apart by powerful elites craving power and selling socialism. It is very, very sad that so many of the common people buy into the socialism garbage – something for free and in the end all everyone gets is poverty, despair and hopelessness! Venezuela fell pray/victim to socialism because of the deep seated corruption between government and the oil sector that was used as the spearhead to galvanize the populace to buy in to the crap of socialism… this is no different than what America has today with the deep seated corruption between the banking, health care and government. A side note – if Hillary is not indicted, America has lost because true justice is gone.

        • sk

          Socialism sucks in that it winds up with everyone poor and envious. Crony capitalism and private ownership of banks using fiat money winds up with 99.99% poor and mostly envious. For solution… see Ellen Brown and Stephen (Steven? not sure) Zarlenga

  7. bill reed

    i do think that some book reading is in order so the so called islamic terror threat is mostly western .gov mindless drones working for the agency (c.i.a. )creating a strategy of tension in order to further the agenda of the rich the purpose of the islamic threat is to get the bible thumpers to go along for the ride … im 57 years old and im so ashamed of this country it is a comedy if it was not so tragic and im not of either political party they are all equally guilty of the destruction of this country….i find it amazing that most of these issues were not addressed when bugger eating bush was sat down at his little video game console given a cheese burger and told to have fun georgie boy playing president today most of the so called christians were cheering the idiot along

    • Mohammad

      His brother is coming back to finish what that bugger eating did not.
      And again they will cheer him all the way.
      I concur with your note.


    • R B

      It would be good for everyone, who is ignorant of what taka is about ,to listen to some who grew up with that idea. you can learn by listening to Usama Dakda

      • R B


        • R B

          Usama Dakdok

    • Galaxy 500

      So i am mindless if I am concerned about islamic terror? The same islamic terror that has killed tens of thousands a year for ever? The same islamic terror that killed 14 people and wounded others in San Bernardino? The 14 people that had welcome this islamic scum into their lives and offered friendship?

      • R B

        To the contrary Usama Dakdok is a converted Muslim to Christianity ,what he says is ,they will all become extremist when they are forsed to,or be killed.

  8. Dolly dogger/

    Greg: I rarely comment here despite eu g a longtime sub. But your comment: re: Sanders & socialised medicine I must vehemently disagree with.Im an American living in UK and having had experience withboth health care systems this one wins hands down. Yes,it is socialism! But it’s not fascism where you just buy overpriced crappy coverage and at least we are all covered, no bills, no nonsense. You can buy private if you want it/ CSN afford it.
    But our NHS( Nationalised Heslth Service) has been defended lately, and we’ve got too many immigrsnts trying to access system and it may not last forecer? But it’s a blessing. Here
    we pay a large premium/ taxes on petrol( gas) h to fund The health service and and although it’s not perfect,its far preferable to O’care. Drugs here are purchased via the govt at very low prices unlike the USA which is big Pharma’s bitch.
    .Sadly, the NHS is being privatised here and it’s days are numbered.
    But I’m with Sanders on this issue and his hatred for the banks. . . . I thought I gave up voting but I might have to support that old codger Bernie in Vermont.

    • Greg Hunter

      Margret Thatcher said it best when she said, “Trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” Somebody has to pay, and with socialism you rob productive capital to subsidize one group at the expense of another. If we’re not for North Sea oil you would be seeing the full effect of socialism but that is coming along with the oil plunge. By the way, socialism is not really that far apart from communism. Sorry to disagree but you will never have much of an economy and social mobilization under socialism. You are trapped under a system that controls you and I don’t think you realize this.

      • WD


        The goal of socialism is communism.

        Vladimir Lenin

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you WD!!!

      • charles turner

        Hi Greg, I am also from the UK and nearly everyone from both the right and the left of politics is completely baffled by the American Health Care system. The healthcare in the USA is the most expensive in the world. Simple economies of scale suggest that it should be one of the cheapest places because of its strength in pharmaceuticals, ‘free market’ and size of economy. I suspect if Margaret Thatcher was alive and in America she would take on the corruption within the industry that sees the medical industry taking ‘everyones’ money’ at an extortionate rate. Your healthcare system is sick, but not just at the socialist end, but also at the capitalist end, where the medical and insurance cartel have you all cornered. We are all scratching our heads in Europe. Are we missing something?
        I also believe there is a difference between Christian Care and Socialist care. America is supposedly still a Christian country with Christian values. Donald Trump stated in Iowa ‘If somebody has no money and they’re lying in the middle of the street and they’re dying, I’m going to take care of that person.” Anyone who believes in the bible, surely would agree with sentiment.
        Trump was demonized by Ted Cruz for saying this. I think this demonstrates that Ted Cruz is no Christian. He is just an opportunist that is using Christianity to get votes.

    • Tin foil hat

      Dolly dogger,
      Socialism or maybe communism only works in a selfless and very ethical society. It will eventually collapse when the system is overwhelmed by free loaders. The higher the percentage of people taking advantage of the system, the sooner the system will collapse.
      I can see socialism functioning in a country like Japan or certain northern European countries before the migrants fiasco but not in a country like ours where the border is opened and citizens with questionable moral standard.
      Imagine your favorite buffet restaurant is invaded by a new batch of patrons who doggy bag the most expensive items under their garment every single day. How long do you think you would be charged the same price or the business would be bankrupted?

  9. Pinocchio

    Hillary Rodent Clinton will be the next (and the last) president of USA. Her first policies to overcome ongoing recession will be (1) Put the cores of Sharia Law into banking laws, (2) Peg US dollar to Zimbabwean dollar, and (3) Establish New Federal Reserve headed by Bernie Madoff. This is all I got from my sources inside CIA and NSA. Thank you for your attentions.

    • FC

      I have a dreadful feeling that your nose didn’t grow after typing that statement.

  10. Avery Dunn

    Greg, I live in Winston Salem and never miss your interviews. You do a great job. Thank you for your efforts. I though you may consider getting this man on your site for an interview. Avery Dunn


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Avery for the guest suggestion and thank you for your support of the site!!! Love NC!!!

  11. Tommy

    Obama goes to a mosque that the FBI is watching and one that has ties with the Muslim Brotherhood to berate Americans who express concern with the violence being perpetrated in the name of Islam. Not one word about the anti gay rhetoric on their website or the second class treatment that women receive in their assemblage. I can only imagine what his talk would have been about if he went to a Christian church that was opposed to gay marriage. His hypocrisy is sickening.

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Tommy!!

  12. Paul

    Seems the same way nothing happens to the crooked bankers … nothing happens to Hillary … she seems immune from prosecution … “selected” by them … to be “elected” by us (with the help of rigged Diebold vote counting machines) … now one would think that someone who possibly gave away US secrets allowing Russia to “take” the middle east and strengthen Israel’s enemies would lose the Jewish vote … but yet it seems most Jews still support her?

  13. CAK

    An astute political observation from one of my trusted contacts in DC. The RNC elite will now push forth their candidate hard, and it is not Bush, certainly not Trump, and also not Cruz (the RNC elite have always had a love-hate relationship with evangelicals). No, the RNC elite choice for President 2016 will be Marco Rubio, who is now quickly gaining ground in NH (my state, ahead of Tuesday’s primary). My contact also revealed who Rubio’s VP choice will be: Carly Fiorina. She is the only woman that can go head-to-head with Hillary, even though as VP nominee, she would never get a chance to debate her.

    Interesting news this morning: Carly Fiorina is being excluded from the upcoming Republican debate. Guess who is coming to her defense? All of the RNC elite, calling ABC News’ decision to exclude her a travesty, since she got more votes in Iowa than either Christie or Kasich.

    If we even have an election, which is still a big if, notwithstanding a very real possibility of martial law and BO’s suspension of the election, the Republican ticket will be Rubio-Fiorina, and the Democratic ticket will be Hillary and a yet unnamed black or Hispanic politician. With Rubio as the RNC choice, the DNC will likely force Hillary to choose a Hispanic, who can then do the same counter-balance with Rubio as Fiorina does with Hillary.

    • Mohammad

      Jeb’s mom will turn the table upside down.


  14. Jerry

    I rarely ever put a plug in for any particular economic pundit, but I would have to say that over the past two years that (V the guerilla economist) has been on target with his predictions almost 80% of the time. He made this call almost eighteen months ago.http://www.straitstimes.com/asia/east-asia/more-middle-east-countries-using-the-yuan

    It has become increasingly clear that the BRIC alliance intends to take down the western central banks with a two pronged attack by Russia and China:
    1. Russia destroying the petrodollar – by seizing control of the worlds petroleum market with the purchase of Morgan Stanley by Rosneft.
    2. China collapsing the U.S. fiat debt based system – by seizing control of the gold market with the buyout of CME by the Shanghai Gold Exchange.

    There are very few people who truly understand the global strategy currently in play. I would consider V- the guerilla economist to be one of them, along with Bill Holter, and Rob Kirby. I sincerely hope you have him back on for an interview real soon.
    Thanks Greg for all you do.

    • Jerry

      If you understand the charts Mike Maloney has in this link, then you will understand why the Chinese are draining the COMEX and setting up an alternative exchange system with the BRIC nations.

      • WD

        Great post…he is the best educator for a fundamnetal money/currency education

        • Jerry

          I believe the world economies are in a death spiral because of the effects global quantitative easing. I think the BRIC alliance sees Gold as the last refuge of safety from the collapse that is coming and that is why they have constructed an alternate exchange system with AIIB. Whether that actually works or not, is anybody’s guess.

          In my humble opinion the bell will toll for us when money velocity reaches zero.
          That will essentially mean there is virtually no liquidity left in the system, at which point like any other machine, it will seize up. No system I am aware of can totally run on credit unless its a crap table in Las Vegas.

          • WD


            You should read Bill Holter’s site. He talks about a credit freeze all the time… I believe he is spot on like Maloney ( by the way…I wonder what is going on that caused this on those graphs).

            BRICS is getting ramped up for the post collapse, they want to engage in fair business dealings ( like Holter has stated).

            Holter, Willie and Orlov believe and have stated that this freeze up will kill the U.S. and US will fragment regionally when this is all said and done with.

      • Chip

        Mike is awesome. Thanks for posting this Jerry. Greg, awesome WNW as usual. All the best… Chip

      • Mohammad


        It is BRICS…S for South Africa.
        South Africa has RAND refinery that is supplying china with Congo’s gold.
        That refinery is the JEWEL of the African’s hard assets that China acquired. and the out put of all African mines is channeled to China through that refinery.
        Just stressing on the S when i saw it missing.


    • Jerry

      Goodbye Petrodollar.
      As I have stated here many times, there is concentrated effort going forward by Russia and China to bring down the petrodollar and end the dollars dominance in the world markets. Russia (the worlds largest producer of oil) has agreed to accept Yuan as payment from (by the worlds largest consumer of oil) China. Before you discount this information, you may wish to consider what impact this will have on OPEC. They are already in a hole with gas being cheaper than a gallon of milk.

    • Jerry

      Citi Bank took the words right out of my mouth. Pretty scary when a bank admits were’ in an economic death spiral.
      But what the heck? Connect the peaks on the stock market index since January 1 and any idiot can see that.

  15. diane s.

    This is fascinating.
    In light of the sinking….crashing economy Greg lays out the facts for us……I’m sure many of you Watchdoggers will be interested on this.

    New way to produce clean food in your basement.

  16. Gil

    It now has been decided who will be running for president! Bonnie(Hillary) or the Canadian born Cruz. It is now clear after Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Bernie Sanders accused both supposed winners of cheating that the shadow government has chosen it’s candidates! A Rothschilds once said it doesn’t matter whom you vote for… it is who counts the vote! Sadly this is what is going on and we the common people are powerless to do anything about it unless we all take to the street and rebel…! It won’t happen…!

    Just last week I found out that Bonnie is very powerful. In reading an article that explained why Victoria Nuland lately went to Russia… it was mentioned that she reported back to Bonnie…! This tells me that Bonnie maybe very much involved in the shadow government… and has support at very high levels! That she never left State just transgressed to an undercover role and let Kerry and Nuland do her biding. Forget her being indicted… it won’t happen! I would say that the fellow in Davos is probably right… it doesn’t matter who the Gop put up… Bonnie will win! Rupert Murdoch and George Soros just antied up in support and favor of Bonnie…!

    Sick… sick… sick the world we live in!

    • FC

      I’m ashamed to say, that I agree with you.

    • freebreezer

      Correction it is a Stalin quote “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” … and not Rothschilds. Another quote from Stalin that says everything about our US college educational system – “Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas”

  17. art barnes

    Greg, the President made a mistake in his Mosque visit yesterday, he should have visited today, Friday, for Fridays prayers. The Muslim in Chief is a disgrace.

  18. matt

    Well unemployment is now at 4.9%. I’m sure they are well paying jobs/sarcasm. This rigged game just continues.

    • Mark


      Per Harry Dent this is the analysis of today’s jobs report…

      “The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported today that the economy added 151,000 nonfarm payrolls, disappointing market expectations. The private sector hired 158,000 workers. That means government employment contracted by 7,000.
      Further analysis by Dent Research finds that over 60% of the jobs added to the economy in January fell below the measured median-wage range, with the majority of new positions falling into the lowest-paying industries. Retail industries gained and restaurants alone accounted for nearly a third of all of the jobs added in January”

      He seems to echo your sentiments!

  19. Willard Ferch

    Hillary says, like the scorpion told the frog, “That’s just my nature!” She’s a bumbling blowhard, as greedy and crooked as they come. As for Muslims, here’s an excerpt from a letter I wrote Sen. Tester the other day: ” …they do not like our culture, they are intolerant of any other religion, far too many want Sharia Law, and their religion includes not only a different law, but a different form of government. Therefore, the “religion” argument is a farce. They are natural subversives.” The economy is going down faster all the time and those who aren’t ready have little time left. Fiddlin

    • susan

      And you think Sen. Tester cares? I have relatives very close to him. Believe me, he doesn’t care a bit.

    • allen ols

      W Ferch


  20. steve pool

    hi greg, great material and guest. i would like to talk about the border problem. this is just my opinion on the issue, if all the politicians what to fix the border perhaps it should look at the real problem. these people comming north are not all from mexico, they are from further south. i believe these are all political refugees. i have yet to hear any of the people running for president to say we should get the cia and big corperation out of south and central america. we have over thrown more democratic governments because they would not do as we instructed.

  21. steve pool

    hi greg, i would like to bring up the issue of the palenstine and isreal conflict. in my opion the isreal goverment are treating the palenstinians mor like the united states did to the native americans by putting the on a reservation with no access to food, medical, or a way to better themselves. if i was from palenstin i would be leaving the reservation and causing problem like the native american did in their day. these people need to have air space, full sea access, and the ability to prosper, then perhaps there wouldn’t be such a conflict.

    • Greg Hunter

      Let’s start by telling the Palestinians to stop stabbing people to death. The second think it to identify that Israel has a right to exist which Palestinians (PA and Hamas) say Israel does not have a right to exist. Palestinians should also stop teaching their children to hate Jews. This is a two way street and in order to ” have air space, full sea access” they have to swear off war and the importation of weapons for war.

      • matt

        They hate Jews of Hebrew extraction as well as Cross followers. Zionist, another matter.

    • Grafique

      Steve, for people with “no access to food”, they’ve survived a remarkably long time.

    • brian

      Steve, the reality of the whole situation over there is that it is a manufactured conflict that will not end until the parties that are promulgating it for their own gain not only cease their diabolical efforts but begin to perform some ameliorative actions….but haha asking for that to happen at this point in time is just an over exaggerated display of naivete and ignorance.

      Yup, things over there are only going to continue to become more discordant, just as certainly as things over here are going to continue to look more and more like “over there”; you don’t need to be some prophet or sooth seer to see that.

    • Galaxy 500

      Perhaps if they used some of the billions we gave them to make the lives of their people better instead of weapons to kill women and children, they would have everything they needed.

  22. Dan S.

    I’m surprised you didn’t bring up that Obama signed into law with another stoke of the pen {AGAIN!} an executive order that allows the US government to declare martial law.
    Now here’s the kicker – world wide. DUMF – Directive to use military force I think it was called. It looks like Jade Helm was/is just another exercise to dumb down the American people to get use to seeing military vehicles in the street.

    And my family and friends think I’m nuts for saying WW3 is coming.

    Have a nice weekend Greg

    • frederick

      Dan I think you are correct and sadly for them it is your family who don’t understand what is coming In my opinion of course

    • Galaxy 500

      Please provide a link to the executive order

  23. Mohammad


    It is possible that the intended bank to bust in the oil manufactured crash is Deutsche bank.


    “Deutsche Bank may have “significant” energy exposure “that is not investment grade and is not well secured,” Amit Goel and Jag Yogarajah, analysts at Exane BNP Paribas, wrote in a note on Wednesday”

    It is interesting to note that those expert are at the bank that has the most oil mining exposure:


    Look at the BNP exposure to oil in figure 1.

    Can we say that busting Deutsche bank is BUSTING GERMANY/EURO and any hope of German Russian marriage?

    That oil crash is “coincidentally” happening on the heel of the tsunami wave of illegal immigrants to Germany and northern EU.

    Too much of a coincidence one can claim. Perfect timeing another one can say.


  24. Henry

    Greg, history shows that violence against Muslims by Christian extremists is far *far* worse than the other way around. I’m neither Christian nor Muslim, so I’m able to look at this from an unbiased, factual perspective. Another thing to consider, is that many terror attacks, 9-11-01 being the most blatant example, are often blamed on Muslims when they had nothing to do with it. 9-11-01 was a classic “false flag” attack that was masterminded by self-proclaimed Christians.

    • Greg Hunter

      Aren’t you that weasel I kicked off here a few months ago?? Your point is total BS and here is my proof illustrated by a PHD on You Tube. Enjoy all:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_To-cV94Bo

      While I am at it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNCfTmujfjU

      • Henry

        Greg, you’ve censored several of my replies that supported what I’d written with hard facts and evidence, but I don’t think you’ve kicked me off your site. I sent you a $100 check back when your site was hacked, and you mailed a thank you card to my home address in appreciation. I think you do a good job on economic issues, but you seem to let your religious views cloud your judgment on some other topics.
        The U.S. government has murdered and terrorized many hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslims since 9-11-01, and pretty much destroyed Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria. It also constantly threatens to do the same to the Iranian people. And of course, the U.S. government’s unconditional support for the brutal undemocratic regime in Saudi Arabia as well as Israel’s criminal, ongoing land theft and occupation of Palestine are also very problematic. 9-11-01, as well as several of the attacks listed in your second link, were a false flag attacks wrongly blamed on Muslims. Once you learn and accept that *fact*, the truth becomes much clearer and easier to understand.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you for your support. Lots of sin to go around in the Middle East. Here’s the rub, you only point to one side in all your criticsum. That one side always involves the Jews in Israel. When you say, “Israel’s criminal, ongoing land theft and occupation of Palestine,” makes me think you want all the Jews annihilated, just like Hamas and the PA. That means you are not interested in peace but total destruction of Israel. Might I remind you that this site is called USAWatchdog.com. It is USA centric. Israel is an ally of the USA. You would never see HamasWatchdog.com and there would be ANY criticism of them, and there is plenty to criticize. Just because you gave a donation (which I greatly appreciated) doesn’t mean I will put all you views on this site. You are free to start you own site and if you want a refund, send a self addressed stamped envelope and I will gladly return your donation. Thank you for your comment and support.

          • Henry

            Greg, I don’t want to see Israel destroyed or Jews annihilated. I would like to see Israel comply with international law. The ongoing theft of Palestinian’s land, the destruction of their ancient Olive groves, and the destruction their homes to make room for ever expanding Israeli settlements is illegal under international law.
            But the main point I want to make here, is that 9-11-01 was a false flag operation. It was blamed on Muslims, but they had nothing to do with it, other than being the target and victims of U.S. attacks and torture. Anyone who still believes the government’s 9-11 conspiracy myth should do themselves a favor and study the evidence and research on this site. It is *very* solid.

            • sk

              Henry! Thanks so much for being a voice of reason. Keep going. God bless you.

    • Galaxy 500

      You appear to not have an understanding of hiatory

    • Galaxy 500

      Just because you’re not a Christian doesn’t make you unbiased. Most atheists I know hate Christ and Christians in an irrational manner.

      • WD

        G 500,

        Again, you stole my thoughts…”hate Christ and Christians” ….yes this is what that is about.

        They hate because they think they got gipped out if something.

      • Henry

        “Galaxy 500”. I’m not sure why you hide behind a fake name, but it causes me to question your integrity and credibility. I’m not an atheist and I don’t hate Christians. I have many close friends who are Christians, but no close friends who are Muslims. You seem more than a little irrational and emotional.

    • freebreezer

      Henry, Please give examples of “history shows violence against Muslims by Christian extremists is far *far* worse”. And Henry, please, please do not sight the crusades … the Christians were fighting back against an evading horde of killers: example when Constantinople (center of Christianity up to 1450’s) was sacked by the muslims, and according to the books, at least 80,000 Christian men were beheaded and killed after the muslims won (and this does not account for all that died fighting), all the women, especially the young, were raped, beaten and sold in to slavery and the old were killed. (side note: Henry, please explain why the muslims needed to sack, kill and rape Constantinople – curious) … Now the Christians in Europe decided these Jihadist are not like the Mormons that knock on your door and ask if the can teach you about their religion … it is convert or die, and Henry that is a HUGE, HUGE difference! Thus, we have taken the crusades off the table, and I will not go in to all the atrocities of the Ottoman empire and the offensive strike backs by Europe to protect itself, and you have to take off the table all the battles/lands which were switched via WWI and WWII, and I think you have to take off the table the Bush 1 strike in the 1990s to stop Saddam, you can sight Bush 2 strike in to Iraq, which I think was wrong, and the Arab spring … but remember, didn’t the Goddess of liberalism( oops evilism), Hillary say this was the best course, so that is off the table! now give me those examples! My Brain thirsts to know these examples!

      • freebreezer

        Henry – I read you stuff … not very impressive. Please counter the two videos that Greg posted. (Greg – great videos!) Henry, I will gladly send you another 100$ along with Greg’s if you can show any atrocities as bad as the Armenian holocaust by the Ottoman in the last 100 years (Note: the Ottomans were Muslim) … And do not site Hitler or Stalin, both were anti religious, and do note site Bush I or Bush II. I look forward to your references and source for these Christian extremists killing, torturing, raping, beating, enslaving muslims!

      • Henry

        “freebreezer” why do you hide behind a fake name?
        Since 9-11-01, the U.S. government has murdered many hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria, and the murders continue today. There is now a refugee crisis of proportions not seen since WWII.
        I hope you at least realize that the Bush regime’s campaign of war crimes and terrorism against the people of Iraq was based on blatant lies. It was not a failure of intelligence, but a fabrication of intelligence. And of course, 9-11-01 was a false flag operation. If you don’t understand that, you have no business commenting on international events or terrorism, because your beliefs are based on an impossible, fairy tale conspiracy myth. As always, here’s hard proof.


        • WD

          Tell us your “real” name Henry…

          and stop being a muslim apologist…learn history these people are stil and will forever be barbarians

        • freebreezer

          Henry – First – ” hiding behind a fake name” … what, are you kidding? If I used Jane, Martha or Jack would that somehow change the meaning of what I have put forth and now make it now more meaningful/truthful … WOW? A blog post is but a thought, idea etc. the is attached to moniker. So stop with that silliness, it kind of makes you look ____! 2nd -You never answered the question ” that violence against Muslims by Christian extremists is far *far* worse than the other way around and history shows that. That is a very bold statement that (again!!!!) absolutely requires direct examples. Iraq II with Bush II … the killings, murders etc do not even compare to the Armenian holocaust 1n the early 1900s by muslims exterminating Christians on whole sale slaughter in the ‘name of Islam’. Not even close! And by extremist Christains slaughtering muslims per Iraq, I am guessing that you are insinuating the American military – sad. The total unraveling in Iraq, libya, Egypt, Syria is a result of the Neo cons in concert with Other Muslims and not Christians extremist killing in the name of Christ … This for economic, power, world dominance etc and not for religion! I conceded above Iraq II was wrong. Per 911 as a false flag – No. It is similar with FDR and pearl harbor … FDR sent our carriers to the south of the big Island a bit before the Japanese attack – Why? Because he knew the Japanese were coming and he wanted in to WWII. Likewise, there was complicity somewhere inside the CIA and other areas of government that did not take action to stop the terrorists. Again, this for economic, power, control etc and not for religion! Per building 7, yes that building collapse can not be explained. Henry – show me examples of extremist Christians killing in the name of Christ! Otherwise go back and get your terminology correct in connection with history!

  25. notyourpatsy

    Mal, You are correct, Edward Snowden as well as Julian Assange, are the real deal in as far as trying to expose what’s been going on in this World. Both of those guys should have Holidays named after them IMO!

    Right on Mary! This Country, America, was founded on Judeo- Christian Principles, none of which any politician’s have shown since JFK was president. The reason it should be alarming is that by doing so Barry Soweto, alias, barack o, is acknowledging the presence of Islam in America!
    Even Mr Trump may not be enough to reverse the tide of what has transpired in America. He is though, the best choice amongst the group as far as being independant of past political employment….what you see is what you get.

    • Galaxy 500

      Trump 2016

      • lastmanstanding

        Word on the street is that if he doesn’t win NH, that he will quit. Make way for Canadian born, criminal banker backed, putz cruz vs. Cuban born, baby-faced, immature, narcissist marco.

        Trump will not win…odds are that he is being paid handsomely to create this bs diversion…only thing that motivates this prick is m-o-n-e-y and attention. The guy has been bankrupt 4 times…his loser ass gets bailed out by those that fund his escapades because they only need some who is a psychopath that could care less what people think of him. Meanwhile they hide in the shadows and pull his every string allowing him to live in billionaire style. His attempt at paying back his debt. Just like the arranged marriage of his daughter.

        Feel the burn and a hitlery…what more can I say.

        Repubs, Demons all the same. I think a few maybe honest, but not anywhere near enough to make a difference.

        Simply looking at the long and short of the election circus is that they are making every attempt to harvest our children and grand children. Promises of free stuff and easy living is the mantra of all youth. They are the easiest of humanity to control. I won’t take much to finish the job. They are all winners, all the time. To precious to hurt their feelings.

        WD said it above, now I’ll repeat it…”socialism leads to communism.”

        We all know how this ends…so why do we continue to ignore it.

        • Mohammad

          You are underestimating the (out)house of Bush.

          Time will Tell.


  26. Anna

    The real question is Why? The deeper reason why. To placate who? – To tell them they are “part of the family”. The bad ones, whatever percent they are, where ever they are plotting away, must find that very amusing.

  27. brian


    gotta love it.

  28. Galaxy 500

    Can someone explain why they think China is going to back the Yuan with gold? I think that’s hilarious. Did people forget it is still a communist country without the Rule of law. A currency backed by gold only works if you can walk in a bank and trade it for gold. This is going to happen in a country with wholesale accounting fraud and with a government that can stop you from selling your stocks because they say so.
    And we keep hearing about the power of BRICS. Brazil reeling from high inflation, India in disarray, Russia in dire straits, China’s markets in free fall and gold Ole South Africa with its covert war on white people and it’s corrupt government.
    When the world is sinking into the sun, are there any economic safe spaces? I think not. One thing America has is good food production, people will starve but most Americans will have something.

    • JC Davis

      G 500. From what I understand they are saying when the dollar is no longer desired as a reserve currency, trade will come to a halt. Then to restart trade between countries gold will be used as trade instrument. I personally don’t see how gold can back a currency for the everyday people trade. Silver , nickel, and copper yes. Gold is just too scarce. It will float to the top of governments, and stay there.

      • JC Davis

        Butterfly’s cant eat frogs.

        • allen ols


          I saw a giant moth carry off a small toad.

      • Mohammad

        It will not be scarce after depopulation.


  29. Jared

    Not only is Snowden a hero, but Lavoy Finicum is a patriot like no other! He should put up there with the countries Founders. The man was basically murdered by our FBI! If you research this story the Truth will come out! So our government is killing patriots while the president hangs out at a mosque with the Muslim Brotherhood! This country has lost its mine!

  30. Matt

    In the 145 year history of the stock and bond markets have we never had rates this low (as measured by the 10 year treasury) and stocks this overvalued (as measured by Case Schiller) at the same time. Never since 1871. Every other time these conditions existed in stocks or bonds, the peak to trough losses have been devastating. This time IS different – the stock and bond markets are going to collapse simultaneously. It’s just a matter of time…..

  31. Galaxy 500

    Moslem update: surprise surprise … terrorists pretend to be refugees.

    This is why some people feel that police are not on the side of the public. Here is a story about a police union official going bat shiite crazy on a citizen because the citizen called out a LEO driving recklessly and had the proof to boot. We have all seen police with their sirens on going to get a donut. Ok, it was lunch but I bet they do it for donuts, too. Not all police but enough to taint
    the entire lot.

    More evidence that Planned Parenthood [better name would be planned infanticide ] would make even Josef Mengala [sp] blush.

    Interesting article on how Turkey is invading Syria. Turkey denies but then they deny buying oil from ISIS and deny providing them with weapons, both of which there is ample evidence to prove they are. Oh, but we can’t trust anything from the Russian media. Well, I don’t believe everything they say, but that puts them ahead of the US media that I believe ALMOST NONE OF WHAT THEY SAY.

  32. Jan

    Greg, I agree with you that Bernie Sanders resonates with a lot of voters because of his attacks on Wall Street and the banking cabal. As you say, all indications show that he is very popular among the Millenials. My 21-year-old son appreciates his appeal, but says Bernie’s claim that America is the richest country in the world is false. The USA is the most indebted country in the world. The USA is in deep, deep trouble and my Millenial son knows it!

    I started to listen to the CNN Town Hall debate, but I turned it off right after Sanders answered the first voter’s question on healthcare. Sanders promised the middle-class voter that under his universal healthcare plan there’d be a slight increase of taxes, maybe $500, but he’d save thousands of dollars because he wouldn’t need to pay for any health insurance costs anymore! Are you kidding me? Everyone in Canada would be laughing at that.

    ALL Canadian political parties and the general Canadian public support Medicare, but it does NOT come cheap. Keep in mind that Medicare as defined by the Canada Health Act means that all provinces and territories must deliver “essential” care for all their legal residents (not transients or illegals). Unlike the USA, there are no high costs for malpractice insurance because of expensive lawsuits nor do administrators get paid such high salaries. Medicare is as stream-lined as possible to keep it viable, but even so, there is a huge monetary burden on all working people to pay for it, whether that money is collected through taxes, premiums, or other provincial revenues. Furthermore, in many companies and institutions, such as universities, everyone who takes a job must also pay into their private insurance plan (such as Medavie Blue Cross) to pay for healthcare that is NOT covered by Medicare (e.g. dental care, eye care, out-patient drugs, treatment for injuries, etc.) As a result, many Canadians STILL have to pay private insurance, in addition to living in a higher-tax country where a lot of tax dollars must go into Medicare. Every year, it seems to get harder and harder for provinces to keep it going. They cut hours for nurses and increase their workload until the nurses revolt and strike. They constantly lose doctors to the USA or to an alternative job (such as teaching) because they get burned out due to high workloads. You can’t imagine the long back-logs for many procedures because the province budgets for “x” number of them per year. So, for example, if you need a hip or knee replacement, you have to hobble along for almost three years until you get into the doctor (I personally know two women in this situation; one just got in, the other still has over a year to wait). What Bernie Sander told that New Hampshire voter is a TOTAL LIE! Universal healthcare WILL cost several thousands of dollars per middle-class payer, I assure you!

    And what if all those extra costs and taxes wipes out the American middle-class, then what? I’d expect a lot of people at the top to send their money overseas to avoid massively higher taxes, leaving everyone else behind to fend for themselves. Good luck with healthcare at that point.

    Chris Christie told the truth about Hillary’s plan (“grab on to your wallet”) and the lies of Obamacare.

    • freebreezer

      Jan, the average American has no idea what these socialist medicare programs are about and how they work per Canada, per England, and per most of Europe. I use to help run clinical studies on coronary heart devices. The FDA would allot x amount of cases that could come from outside the USA. In Canada and England we could fill our quotas usually with in one to two months by paying for the procedure. In the USA, it would take up to a couple of yrs to get all the patients. The difference … in the USA, when you show up with heart problems you are treated with in a week (except for Veterans that are on the Government healthcare) and are offered (if there was a clinical study being ran) the choice to be treated with a new device or the standard in practice. In Canada, you are assessed with the younger being pushed to the front of the line, and the older being put on a waiting list. In Canada, they allot only so many dollars to each type of device and when the money runs out, you wait for next yrs allotment. The amount of patients on a waiting list that extended for yrs was Sad … especially for the people over 55. Though, the health care system in Germany was outstanding, and they were an exception. I am guessing that it was due to German efficiency … though this efficiency is going to be severely challenged by all the immigration.

      • Jan

        Feebreezer, Interesting to learn about the difference in filling the quotas for heart devices, and about how socialized medicine works well in Germany, due to their German efficiency! I appreciated your comment about the heart devices and how Canada decides who gets first in line. (A heart device is keeping my elderly widowed mother in Indiana alive). Canadians know that keeping Medicare eats up a lot of tax dollars, and that the money never goes far enough for all the needs, resulting in long backlogs for procedures. This is why I tried to communicate the costliness of universal healthcare. The major proponents of this healthcare in the U.S.–Bernie Sanders and his supporters–are in la-la land.

  33. hobuk


    I’m not so sure many of these mass shootings that are blamed on moslem extremist aren’t FBI/CIA constructs. I’m with Dr. P.C. Roberts on this one. I don’t believe everything the FBI says. And who is social engineering the cognitive dissonance? Are we supposed to love moslems and hate them at the same time? And with these open borders, are we being set up for civil unrest and an excuse to declare marshal law? Bad idea.
    Hillary is a ruthless liar. The chief question the corporate media doesn’t dare to ask is: was Hillary leaking/exchanging secrets for donations like her husband did during the China-gate scandal? If so, she is a guilty of treason and belongs in the Big House, not White House. Iowa is a disaster for Hillary and the way Microsoft inserted themselves into the process to rig outcomes is shameful.

    • frederick

      Bill Gates is shameful as well bigtime shameful with all his eliteist eugenics nonsense so why would we trust anything from his baby Microsoft or any of the others such as Facebook Yahoo Google or Twitter Wishing a great weekend to ALL fellow Watchdoggers of all colors creeds and religions (what is a creed anyway)

    • sk

      hobuk! You are very discerning. That’s a gift from God (or your parents’ intelligent genes). Goebbels was a kindergardner compared to today’s propagandists. The cognitive dissonance is social engineered by those who would benefit if Christians (or the secular equivalent in general, Westerners) and Muslims wiped each other out. Thinnnnnnk.

    • Galaxy 500

      Oh, horse hockey. So San Bernardino was two islamic murderers, it was the CIA? The Tsarniev [sp] brothers were framed? And bet it was the evil jooos in France trying to frame those pious moslems who don’t really kill 12 year olds for playing soccer or cut their mothers head off if she tries to flee ISIS territory.

  34. Mohammad


    I do not think there is a near end to this, it will just roll like a snow ball just to get bigger.

    I have seen the same scenario before , and usually it does not have a happy ending.

    Just an instinct.


  35. OutLookingIn

    “U.S. Economy to Strengthen”.

    DATELINE: February 22, 2031

    Further proof of “Dreamland” propaganda from the “Parrots” in the MSM who purport to be so-called “journalist’s” . This is why sites like this are so VERY important to the truth seeker’s out here who DO NOT like being lied to, almost all the time. Kudos Greg.

  36. 8Ball

    “ Let’s not forget what the origin of the problem is. There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That’s a 19th century idea and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states. ”

    —Wesley Kanne Clark, US-born former NATO general, 1999.

    Nations and their cultures are being destroyed by design… not an accident.

  37. dbcooper

    Greg, With all of the indicators that are in our faces (if we are watching) it is safe to say that a great unwinding is in the offing and there will in all likelihood be extreme civil/social unrest in the US and the world … we are already seeing it ramp up. With warmer temps in the north and fewer items on the store shelves the man on the street will be more and more agitated. I grew up in a town that had ‘sundown laws’ and while I neither condone nor condemn (I had nothing to do with it) the PC police have a field day with this sort of determination today. I guarantee that there would not have been any sort of Ferguson event in that town! My Faith in Jesus is based on Gods Laws and God does not condone absolute tolerance. If we as Christians do not stand up to the coming storm (read that the muslim onslaught) then our country is finished as we have all known it … we were that ‘shining city on the hill’ as another poster commented recently. I will stand my ground and with the Grace of God will die with my finger on the trigger … standing watch … Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

    • Galaxy 500

      I have your back. If you have to go out, there is no better way than fighting evil in the service of Jesus surrounded by a deep pile of hot brass and the bodies of your enemies.
      Contrary to the Demoncrats, Jesus wasn’t absolute tolerance. As they only claim to be Christians, they don’t know Jesus. Jesus was NOT TOLERANT of the money changers in the temple. Was he tolerant of evil? Hell, no.

      • dbcooper

        G5, Back to Back!! Are you really a Ford man?? Personally I have only owned one in my life … ’61 1/2 ton custom cab with a sweet 292 v-8 under the hood. I have to be honest … I do not own a semi-auto rifle … But my Ruger #1 in a 45/70 makes a hell of a dent !! Remember in Patriot when the pastor put on his hat; picked up his rifle and joined the fray?? My kind of pastor. Yours, DB.

      • sk

        Well, Galaxy, how many “money changers” on Wall Street are Muslims??? I gotta LOLOL…talk about cognitive dissonance! Muslim religion forbids usury. You didn’t know???

  38. Mohammad


    You said it before that JEB said Trump will not make it to president of US.

    Now Trumpet’s lead is eroded with big huge blunder and that is butting heads with Megan Kelly, he has squeezed himself in the corner:

    1- He will accept Megan to be on the panel in Michigan’s debate (likely she will) then he is toast.
    2- he will skip the debate, then he is toast.
    so both way as far as i can see Trumpet is TOAST.

    New Hampshire …? :


    So Jeb has the edge there lets see if he capitalizes on it.

    Ted cruz is Canadian.
    Rubio is a kid.

    So it seems like Jeb if Trumpet does not pull a miracle.

    On the other side:
    Hillary is poised and has deep pockets behind her, and Bernie is a worse socialist than her.
    If the blows to Hillary do not break her back it will make it stronger then i say Hillary over Bernie.

    Now Hillary vs Bush?

    If oil stabilizes…..Bush
    If oil tanks…..Hillary.


    • Grafique

      Ted Cruz is American.
      Under the laws of the United States, he is a natural born citizen.

    • Galaxy 500

      How was Trump toast in Iowa? He was told by everyone not to even go on Iowa as he couldn’t win. He spent little money, had little organization and came in second to a cheater who had 1200 people on the ground and spent millions. He proved every body wrong. If not for the Cruz monkey business with Dr Carson, Trump may have won.
      I pray we get Trump as he will save us from the invading moslem menace, he will stop the flow of illegals and he knows how to run a business.
      Hillary is not going to be in the race in November .
      I see all the establishment RINOs like John Sun unusual saying Trump can’t win and Bush is the best choice. Nobody wants another Bush except the RINOs.
      NH poll/ Suffolk Uinv. Boston Globe. Trump 28.8 Rubio 19.4. Kasich 13 Bush 9.8 Cruz 6.6

      • dbcooper

        G5, emphasize ” muslim menace”. DB.

        • WD

          Does that really have to be explained?

          Look around

  39. Mark

    It looks like California is above average this year but it needs many of these years to get out of the drought!

    I think Bernie is the only candidate that is talking about Bank reform and upholding the law even for the banks. He also is talking about changing the broken healthcare system. He is talking about answers when everyone else is talking about the status quo. His economics is terrible but most do not know anything about how currency or the economy works so they will look to the only candidate that is addressing the corruption that they do understand.

    Just thought you (Greg) might like the beginning of Joshua (in the OT). Where the Lord tells Joshua to “Be strong and take courage” four time in that first chapter. “Take courage” is the positive way of saying “do not be afraid”.

    Thanks for all your work.

    • matt

      Bernie Sanders is a loser. Complete Socialist and never had a job till 40. He would be better in Europe . Do your research.

      • lastmanstanding

        Most here don’t do research…they post a link from some msm source.

        Only a few post their “man on the street” stories. That is information that makes one think ahead and get a game plan. Great info, IMO.

        I listen to what everyone says. If valuable or has possibility, I consider it…if not, can it.

        Each and every day that I am in public, it is possible to see who gets it and who doesn’t. You can tell by the powers of observation. A 10 minute conversation with someone if you push the right button can reveal who they are. What someone does for a living is another window into who someone is.

        Some days I just stay home and prepare for a better or worse day…being prepared for both is the smart thing to do.

  40. Clint Bower Sr.

    Keep up the good work. Please report on why both parties GOP & DEMs are not talking about the huge alligator we are facing debt , debt and more debt. Do any of them have a clue on how we are going to get out of $19 Trillion and going up not including all the unfunded liabilities. ??

    Thanks Clint Bower

    • Chip

      and you will note it is never addressed in any of the debates…. Chip

  41. JC

    Thanks Greg! On the drought in California, I was watching Canadian news and their reporters noted that the drought in California is contributing to the high price of imported food from the United States. Still hoping you can get Howard Davidowitz on at some point! Side note, I was reading Isaiah 59 this week. Really correlates well to what is going on currently. Keep up the good work!

  42. Mohammad


    To you and all others, THIS IS TRUE ISLAM, this is what represents me, and my family, this is my hero, this is my inspiration, please spare a minute or two and listen:



    • Galaxy 500

      Thank you Doc. You aren’t the problem. The true believers in the koran are. The ones that believe Jesus is going to come back and kill us Christians and Jews. First, when Jesus comes back, and he will, in accordance to the Word of God, people that haven’t accepted Jehova [the God of Isreal] as the One, True God and Jesus as his son and Messiah are going to experience his wrath. Jesus says he comes to fulfill the law of Moses, not to replace it.

  43. Robert Dotson, MD

    Greg… Thank you for your commitment to getting the Truth out. Your Weekly Updates are always spot on and it gives me some hope that people may be waking up in larger numbers. As a MD of >40 years, I want to make one observation about the big debates over healthcare in this country. I have watched the corporatization of medicine over my career and, regardless, of who pays, the Medical-Industrial Complex (composed of Big Pharma, Big Insurance, Big Government) is in firm control of the System and will not go quietly into the night. The System has become one of “Disease Creation and Maintenance” to insure the Corporatist bottom lines of Pirate Capitalism and the subjugation of the peasantry for the benefit of the State’s Ruling Psychopathy. None of the political talking heads EVER discuss the massive failures of “modern” mainstream medicine. The entire medical system is based on increasingly fraudulent science and demonstrably wrong mechanistic theories about health and wellness. The “solutions” to our broken healthcare system ALWAYS revolve around doing more of the same with more money. MADNESS!
    My advice to all humans is to avoid interacting with the healthcare system at all costs. Do not fall for the “vaccination” for every illness and “pill for every ill” disinfo. Why do we enslave ourselves emotionally and economically to a Healthcare System that does not and cannot in its present form meet the needs of Humankind? The internet allows any thinking person to be able to be their own physician for most issues. If you are hit by a truck or a bullet, then – yes – go the emergency room. Otherwise, run away!
    Keep up the good work, Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Dr. Dotson!!

    • Anna

      Robert Dotson, MD you are right, absolutely right, and as you are a doctor I applaud you for your honesty. If anything the effort to make everyone have health insurance is another way to enslave us and ultimately kill us with drugs. Now even our food is abundantly poisoned with pesticides, additives, antibiotics and too much sugar and salt not to mention GMO’s. This is a concerted plan, been in the making for decades, to make the population dependent on food that makes us sick, and even better, kills us. Yes, I believe our food is killing us. Your advice is well taken – Stay away from the “health care” system as best one can.

      • sk

        You can’t, Anna, stay away categorically. If you want to live. When you have appendicitis, no amount of nonGMO food or yoga will keep you from a rupture and peritonitis…..and death. Surgery and/or antibiotics will. And when you have a threatened coronary occlusion, chamomile tea won’t work, stenting probably will. I suggest moderation-in-all, some allopathic, some homeopathic. Same for food – don’t live on pop and potato chips, try some broccoli and apples.

        • Anna

          sk I agree with you – doctors as engineers are wonderful. Too much antibiotics so now we have monster bugs, which may do us all in eventually. As a vegetarian I buy organic but realize I am just a guinea pig like everybody else, dependent on trucked in food and stocked grocery stores. They really have us good.

          • frederick

            Anna you just have to find the right doctor My neighbor as a chid is a 80 year old pediatrician and he treated me all my life very effectively. He has always been anti establishment I remember that he had a sign on his desk that read ’empire blue cross’ the evil empire Great humanitarian and old school diagnostician but sadly they don’t make them them like him anymore

          • sk

            Often telling a viral infection (antibiotics won’t work) from a bacterial infection (appropriate antibiotics will work) is difficult. Doctors are human, they do not want to be sued, so they err on the side of overcaution and prescribe antibiotics. If patients were less litigious, I think there would be fewer “monster bugs”. As for food, grow (much of it) your own. You can be your own guinea pig!

    • Mohammad

      My worst nightmares Doc is EMR.
      We are forced to host our records in the cloud. Every breath between us and patients is in the cloud.
      That is scary, very.


    • lastmanstanding

      Thank you Dr. D. We are in hc and have been running from the system for years. Building services that are affordable, simple and outside the system…we are being tremendously received. We are striving, praying, planning for a better future.

      This is what I am talking about folks! “The man/woman on the street!”

      Please share your experiences.

  44. charles turner

    Hi Greg the Baltic Dry Index is worse than you thought. You made a mistake. It hasn’t dropped from 120o to 300. It has dropped from 11,793 points. Its unbelievable! Easy to make a mistake when the figures are so far from reality.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Charles I meant 12,000 to 310 (now 298) NOT 1,200. Slip of the tongue. Thank you for the backstop.

    • 8Ball

      Read “Doctoring Data” by Malcolm Kendrick, M.D.

      You will learn a lot plus get a few laughs at the same time.

      • 8Ball

        intended as a response to Anna’s post…

  45. art barnes

    Greg, HRC should stand for Hillary Rotten Clinton, rather have the socialist, at least Sanders isn’t a criminal beholding to Wall Street and can be bought and sold at will.

  46. Mohammad


    Why not having Dr joseph P Farrell on?
    After all he can have a great insight to the world’s affairs.
    he is on the same page as CAF.


    What say you Greg?


    • diane s.

      Interesting. I like Joseph Farrell.

  47. 8Ball


    If you want to understand why the world is so screwed up just watch this video clip…

    • Mohammad

      I love this clip.
      Thanks for posting.


  48. don

    Greg, I’m afraid the reform of Islam is a loss cause and can go nowhere without a repudiation of Mohammed…and without him there is no Islam. I’ve gone over the Koran, the Hadith and the Sura, the last two recounting the life of Mohammed. Their own text reveals Mohammed as a raider of trade caravans, warmonger attacking other faiths, slaver and sex slaver of captives and a pedophile for marrying a six year old girl named Aisha…again, this is in their own ‘sacred’ text, not some history written by the west. The ugly truth is, ISIS, Boko Haram, Hezbollah, Al Queda, etc. are the true Muslims…there is nothing they are doing that the ‘greatest’ Muslim, Mohammed, didn’t do first. I fear the only long term solution is a formal separation of the Free/Non-Muslim World and the Muslim world.

    • Davis in Charlotte

      Sadly simple separation will not do. The world has reached the point where only its utter a complete destruction will do. In purpose and effect it is Nazism on steroids. It matters not how many peaceful Muslims there are. It only matters that there is a significant percentage that believe in and are willing to take any action, no matter how violent and murderous to achieve their goals.

      The only times Islam has been turned back has been when it has been met with violence more determined than their own. Islam has proven itself over its 1400 year history as the most murderous machine ever devised by the mind of man.

    • Galaxy 500

      Well said. Islam is an invasive political system masquerading as a religion. There is nothing peaceful about Islam and there sure as hell isn’t anything holy about it

      • frederick

        Sounds exactly like Zionism a political system masquerading as a religion The real Jews are anti Zionist and the hypocrisy being spewed on this site by certain neoconservative Christians is very sad

        • Greg Hunter

          1.6 or1.7 billion Muslims and around 50 million Jews. It only 10 Muslims believe if radical violent terror it’s still 160 or 170 million. The raw numbers are not on your side and of course there is never a problem with Muslims they are always the victims. I never hear you say there is a problem with violent radical Islam. It’s a real problem and Muslims are not addressing it.

        • Mohammad



    • Tin foil hat

      I held no grudge against Islam even after 911. I assumed the terrorists is truly a minority of the Islamic faith as Al Sharpton a minority of the black race.
      However, after the worldwide protest against the cartoon of Mohammad, I started looking into what Islam is really all about. The more I learn and know about Islam, the more I hate it. I understand all religion could be twisted and distorted but Islam is twisted all by it own self.

      • frederick

        those socalled Muslims were nothing but patsies The ringleaders were others as we all know by now google Ray McGovern he is an ex cia agent who speaks his mind about the subject unlike most

    • Tin foil hat

      The Muslims drove the usually peace loving Buddhists into violence. I believe it’s matter of time before they’d do the same to the Christians in Europe.
      I urge all the secular Muslims in the west to take very vocal and unequivocal stand against, or distinguish themselves, from the sharia loving Muslims before they have to face the same consequences as the innocent secular Muslims in Myanmar.
      For the secular Muslims who don’t care to distinguish themselves from the radical (a peaceful Muslim who supports sharia is a passive radical), please do forgive those for not doing the same when that time comes.


  49. Mohammad


    Digital currency ladies and gentlemen….????!!!!!


  50. Anna

    I meant to say our food is killing us yes but first it makes us sick so that the Disease Maintenance System (a.k.a. Health Care System) can finish us off with their prescriptive drugs.

    • frederick

      Anna that’s exactly why I an looking at starting up my own organic small farm to be sure of what my wife and I are eating The village I am currently staying in is amazing with oranges lemons clementines and avocados everywhere for picking and the local Carian Turkish people are warm generous and just plain good people AND yesterday I climbed to the tpof a mountain to a 3000 year old abandoned castle with the most breathtaking views of the valley and the Mediteranean Simplifying my life and loving it

      • Mohammad

        take me there Frederick, do they need a doctor in that village…. 🙂


  51. Oldpol

    Hi Greg and all USA WD people,
    Can someone explain this to me whats really going on here?


    Thirty years ago this would have been obsurd!?

    • Greg Hunter

      I can’t believe this made it past government regulators. Last I checked China was officially a communist country!!

      • Mohammad


        Did i say it here on your site that China is a friend and not a foe.
        Russia will get the surprise of its life time from the East…!!!!


        • Galaxy 500

          Doc, They sure hide it well.

        • Tin foil hat

          China is not a friend or a foe. They are just good businessmen. If Russia failed, they will be our partner in the dollar/yuan debt base monetary Ponzi. If we failed, they will be Putin’s partner in the new equity base monetary system.

          • Mohammad

            They are the rightful owners to your A@@ since you and others willingly took their debt to live beyond your means.
            Truth hurts, but i say it the way it is.


            • Tin foil hat

              If I were John Gotti running a Ponzi Scheme and you are one of the investors, do you think you can really own my a@@.
              As long as we have the strongest military in the world and able to keep up the appearance of solvency, the debts is their problems not ours.
              The truth does hurt but you miss the bullseye. China is not fighting the squid, Putin is the one you, a bitcoin enthusiast, have to worry about.

        • WD

          China needs Russia and vice versa.
          Neither one can afford to stand alone.

    • Jim G

      How hard is it to explain. You’re nothing but a bunch of retarded ingrates that have allowed the most self sufficient nation on the planet to become a third world basket case.

      Fortunately, most of you will be gone soon and there should be an improvement with the inhabitants that take over after you’re gone. A society full of idiots just has no place on this planet. Good bye USA = your time has come.

      • Mohammad


        You mean after the Chinese take over….Yes i agree with you….!!!!!
        Idiocy at best.


      • Tin foil hat

        Jim G,
        It’s true that we are nothing but a bunch of retarded ingrates that have allowed the most self sufficient nation on the planet to become a third world basket case.
        However, slowly but surely, people are awakening to that fact and they are going to do something about it. Americans have a similar struggle as the Muslims, we have to recognize our problem is the Deep State and their banking cartel which runs the world greatest Ponzi, the Muslims have to recognize their problem is the greatest tool used by the best authoritarians, sharia.

    • Tin foil hat

      Perhaps China is going to be our partner in the world greatest Ponzi scheme.

  52. art barnes

    Greg, Dow loses more for the week, looks like bright people are not buying the 4.9 percent unemployment B.S., or at least rational people are now more than ever beginning to understand the difference in having a job that gives a living wage as opposed to one that creates more of the “working poor”. You are so right when you have stated that the MSM is becoming more irrelevant each and every day or words to that effect. I believe the “bears” are beginning to see the light, here is a Wall Street tip: SELL!

    • Greg Hunter

      Gregory Mannarino is the Early Sunday Release and he says the DOW is going to 6,000–or lower. Please watch his stunning analysis and chart work.

      • Mohammad


        It is funny that market was held in the green all week to dip in red on Friday.
        I do not know why i do not like this coming Monday.


      • David D

        Hi Greg,
        I ‘m a active market participant and I was looking
        at the large number of “shorts” read “sellers” of
        stock index futures. This setting up for a short covering
        rally which will push the market higher. After the shorts
        are washed out of the market, there will be a epic fall
        in the Dow and index futures most likely towards the
        number Greg Mannarino is targeting. My own personal
        analysis from a time perspective is the May-June time
        period. I would appreciate when you interview Greg
        Mannnarino you please ask him what his time line is
        for the Dow target. Thanks David

        • Mohammad

          Watch the 10 year yield.
          If the yield starts going down from its comfort zone 2.0 and hits 1.0 (and it will) then you know the bonds are loaded for a slaughter.
          Then all the money fleeing the market, IRA’s, CD’s, Bank accounts bail-ins will be loaded up in the treasuries that will be slashed with the coming dollar devaluation.
          The dollar short squeeze taking place right now is a huge margin call on it.
          That dollar ballon will go up in air until it bursts on its own up there, way up there in the sky.
          10 year treasury yield going down is my alarm.


      • diane s.

        Where will the money go , Greg?

        • tulip

          gold & silver…???

        • Mohammad

          Bonds, it will be forced into it.

          Then devaluation and big losses.

          Then digital currency.


      • Sayonara

        Looking forward to “The Man” on Early Sunday release. I think the real spectacular play will be the collapse of the NASDAQ. Tech is going to be blown out and I wish there were a vehicle to short San Francisco real estate. In the mean time, I am holding SQQQ with an admirable gain thanks to “The Man” and looking forward to more.
        There is NO better clairvoyant website than yours!

      • Silence is Golden

        The ship is starting to list badly. Just a matter of time now.
        Oh the quartet is still playing and entertaining those who seem impervious to what is going on around them….while some of the passengers on the lower decks are trapped like caged animals. The Captain has retreated to the Captain’s Deck and is steadfastly determined to see the Ship into its watery grave. Lifeboats are few…and those that have managed to get to safety are the super wealthy who used their leverage and pockets full of cash to buy their way out. It may be to no avail…there is no land in sight or any possibility of rescue.

    • Dan S.

      The Royal Bank of Scotland came out with a report a few weeks ago

      “Stay calm and sell everything”

      I hope your not too late.

      • Shadow of Doubt

        Hard times via the grape vine:
        * It is said Edward Jones, also has many of its high net worth clients out of the market at this time.
        * US Banks do have plans in place for bank runs and bank holidays-many institutions I was told have recently had dry runs on implementing these policies.
        * One of our local waste management businesses had half of their work force cut and paid holidays for their remaining employees went from 8 to 3. This is another consequence of our energy sector tanking.

      • JMiller

        Actually what the Royal Bank of Scotland’s Andrew Roberts said was to “Sell everything except high quality bonds”.

        • Greg Hunter

          J Miller,
          What’s “high quality”? It’s all paper and paper is going to burn.

          • Mohammad

            I agree on this one Greg.

            Papers will burn.


          • Silence is Golden

            Not according to David Stockman.

          • JMiller

            High quality bonds really do not exists anymore. Today it is all relative. Some paper though will burn before others.

            • Greg Hunter

              But it all will burn. That is what the “Reset” is all about.

      • frederick

        better a year early than a day late I sold my house a year and a half ago Now Im glad I did but now Im afraid to keep it in the bank earning only 2% Im not sure its worth the risk and am thinking about farmland and metals

        • JMiller


          If you have very little in precious metals currently then putting more into precious metals makes sense as long as you have necessities such as having several months supply of food and water taken care of in case of a crisis. Having some physical cash on hand is also a good idea. I am not qualified to enough to give an opinion on farmland other than to say it is not as liquid as precious metals and it is not portable obviously.

          As far as keeping money in the bank, you will get a wide opinion about that. I have no problem having some money in a good community bank or a good credit union. Those that I follow in the ALT media, such as David McAlvany, would agree. And by some money I am not talking about just a real tiny amount. You could also look at having some in a Treasury only money market fund as Bill Fleckenstein and some others do instead of a bank. I also have some money in such a fund. Now some here on this site would disagree and would say to have only enough in the bank for one or two months living expenses which is fine if that is what they choose to do.

  53. george eddleston

    Arcana: “I’ts not over until the fat lady sings”, Is Hillary the fat lady?

    • Mohammad


      I like this line.


  54. Mattie Waltzing

    SHOTS FIRED02.06.16 2:10 AM ET

    Bill Maher Accuses Ted Cruz of Cheating in Iowa

    The host of HBO’s ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ took aim at GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz for his shady campaigning during the Iowa caucuses.

    Ted Cruz “stole” Iowa.


  55. Mattie Waltzing

    Karl Rove Explains How Cruz Camp’s Cheating Stole Iowa from Trump


  56. DLC

    Dr Robert Dotson: Thank you for your honesty.

    As a medical transcriber for 35 years, it is shocking to me how medical care has become almost the central theme of a person’s life. My mother had 9 children. Dad had cancer, recovered when the experts said he wouldn’t, and squeezed out an extra 20 years of extremely active living.

    Both parents avoided doctors and taking prescriptions. Mom died at age 98, dad at 75. The WWII generation were the last generation who were not medical care junkies.

    My sister (an OR nurse) on the other hand was a pain killer addict. Her children pretty much raised themselves — and her. She died pathetically without any dignity leaving a traumatized family behind.

    The medical community is not engaged in healthcare. They patch damage, dispense pills. It has become an impersonal big business. Most of my career, I had excellent insurance, 100% inpatient paid, never used it. Currently, I have Medicare and pay the part B premiums, but I avoid the medical community. With Obamacare, we are compelled to contribute one way or the other, the MD approach being what we are forced to utilize.

    You know, as I do, the insane amounts of drugs that people are taking today. I wonder if that would be the case if people had to pay out of pocket for 10-15 drugs a day. With all of this care, people are landing in assisted living as early as their 40s, making out medical directives of DNI/DNR as early as their 40s.

    We are a very sick nation but very little of it can be helped by medicine. I live a few red lights down the street from Mayo – Scottsdale. Ever see a seedy medical campus other than the VA? They employ a lot of MBA dead weight, layers of college Joes living off the healthcare spoils.

  57. Rob

    This is going on in Britain

  58. DLC

    Re Sanders: If you like LA, SF, NYC, Philadelphia, Chicago, he’s your man. A cascade of new taxes. All that free stuff costs lots of money. Clue: The rich will not be paying them.

    I can see how the younger voter is mesmerized. Free stuff, knee capping big pharma, big medicine, big banks, big corporations. Bernie, at 74, will have a big heart attack first. He has been living off the public since 1972. Obama got 74 million in vacation/goof off money. What enrichment did we receive? Big unemployment.

    After 7 years of this, hard to believe people go for the sucker pitch. News: There are very rich socialists. That will not be any of us.

    • frederick

      Not so sure about whether the rich would pay under a Sanders presidency From the sound of his rhetoric he would be going after the Wall street and K street crowd as well as all the silicone valley brats but maybe hes just blowing hot air and pandering to the sheeple

  59. notyourpatsy

    Wow, second post I’ve made that was denied in 2 days. Maybe you can post my posts Mr Hunter and let other readers see what you found offensive about them. I thought highly of you until you censored my last two posts. Db cooper see you and Oxfaarmer on the other side of the divide.

    • dbcooper

      NYP, Sorry to not hear from you … DB.

  60. Mohammad

    The more this idiot shoots him self in the foot, the more i see Jeb as the winner on the republican side:


    Trumpet needs to pull a miracle to reverse down spiral course he put himself in.


  61. Sayonara

    With regards to the WNW:
    I am convinced more than ever than eve that Hillary will be the nominee. Why because she is simply to big to jail and fail and the American people are just too stupid. I just read that the FBI is now investigating Condaleeza Rice and Colin Powell to determine whether they used private email for handling classified emails. In spite all of the corruption and criminal activity, she is still a political rock star in the eyes of many and powerful.
    Obama Mosque Visit-
    I have said this many times before, no person alive today has done more to advance the Islamic Caliphate than Obama. He did not lose an opportunity, he took it.
    The global economy is in deep Sword as clairvoyantly conveyed by the brilliant people and interviews on this extraordinary site.
    Now Citi Banks came out and said we are in a “well-oiled” “death spiral” according to Citigroup Inc. analysts led by Jonathan Stubbs. (Get him on for an interview)
    This represents the first major Wall Street firm admitting such.
    And everything is economically fine according to the Davos elite and “Anyone claiming that America’s economy is in decline is peddling fiction”.
    There you have it folks, we live in the United States of Alice in Wonderland.
    Looking forward to Greg “The Man” Mannarino.

    • RTW

      I agree that HRC will be the nominee, and here’s why. She’s still in the race. There is enough evidence on her to by-pass prison and dispatch her directly to the gallows. However, she is still out cackling and shreiking on the campaign trail, spending millions of dollars, from big donors. Others, aka Gen. Petraeus, were tried, convicted, and punished in a nanosecond, as compared to the time that’s elapsed on clinton. No matter what we think is going to happen to her, all the GOP candidates keep repeating how they are better suited to beat HER. They never mention Sanders. Given their positions, I believe they are more in the loop than anyone else and they believe she is the nominee at the end of the day. This is an indication of a rigged system. Iowa also supported this.

  62. Galaxy 500

    More on the religion of piece.
    This really shouldn’t be a surprise. Mohammad, the profit, married a six year old [who became his favorite wife] but wanted until she was 9 to have sex with her.

    • frederick

      peace not piece

  63. Trude

    The mystery of Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street speeches dogs her campaign

    Chicago Tribune February 5, 2016 8:07 pm Manchester N.H.

    In the 18 months before launching her second presidential bid, Hillary Clinton gave nearly 100 paid speeches at banks, trade associations, charitable groups and private corporations. The appearances netted her $21.7 million — and voters very little information about what she was telling top corporations as she prepared for her 2016 campaign.


  64. Trude

    Saudi won’t dare send troops to Syria: Iran

    AFP 6 hrs ago

    Mohsen Rezaei, secretary of Iran’s Expediency Council and a former chief of the Guards, poured scorn on Saudi Arabia’s possible presence on the ground in Syria.

    “In such a situation, the clash of Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Syria together, and then the entrance of America… eventually a large regional war is possible,” the official IRNA news agency quoted him as saying.

    If the Saudi government, known for “madly taking action”, embarked on such a move the entire region other than Iran but “including Saudi Arabia, will be consumed by fire”.


    New Living Translation
    In fact, unless that time of calamity is shortened, not a single person will survive. But it will be shortened for the sake of God’s chosen ones. [USAWatchdoggers] ◄ Matthew 24:22 ► http://biblehub.com/matthew/24-22.htm

  65. Trude

    U.S. Defense chief welcomes Saudi offer on troops in Syria

    Reuters 1 day ago

    U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter welcomed on Thursday a Saudi offer to participate in any ground operations in Syria launched by the U.S.-led coalition.


    • Greg Hunter

      War drums beating much louder. I guess the Saudis have Yemen under control?? Thank you for posting this.

  66. Zoey

    Another great wrap up Greg. Here’s an irony on Obama. He has been trying to enforce gun control on every opportunity, and he owns stock in ammo and firearms companies lol!

  67. Zoey

    I have been procrastinating on transferring my account at Chase bank because its just soo convenient with so many branches, fast turn around, and great online banking. However, FSA is listing top 6 US banks among systemically critical banks, better take your money out of these banks folks.

    • frederick

      I have an account at Bank of America and thinking of closing it and reopening the one I had at Bridgehampton National even if its less convienient

      • Mohammad


        small banks will be demolished.
        There will be favored large banks even with the reset.
        It is crucial to know those favorite ones so you ride the wave and do not get crushed by it.


  68. Galaxy 500

    Moslem has sexual emergency, rapes 10 year old boy.
    If you are weaker than this moslem scourge, like a child or woman against a man, these animals are going to beat, rob, rape and/or kill you. It is what they are: savages.

  69. tulip

    Greg this is well documented

    A premise, which many in the Arab world believe, should also be dissected. Is the US manipulating and remoulding the area so that Israel can remain the only regional superpower in perpetuity?

    This is not as fanciful as one might imagine on first glance. Read the following strangely prophetic segment from an article published in 1982 by the World Zionist Organisation’s publication Kivunim and penned by Oded Yinon, an Israeli journalist with links to the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

    Yinon’s strategy was based on this premise. In order to survive Israel must become an imperial regional power and must also ensure the break-up of all Arab countries so that the region may be carved up into small ineffectual states unequipped to stand up to Israeli military might. Here’s what he had to say on Iraq:

    “The dissolution of Syria and Iraq into ethnically or religiously unique areas such as in Lebanon is Israel’s primary target on the Eastern frontIraq, rich in oil on the one hand and internally torn on the other is guaranteed as a candidate for Israel’s targets. Its dissolution is even more important for us than that of Syria. Iraq is stronger than Syria. In the short run, it is Iraqi power which constitutes the greatest threat to Israel.

    “An Iraqi-Iranian war will tear Iraq apart and cause its downfall at home even before it is able to organize a struggle on a wide front against us. Every kind of inter-Arab confrontation will assist us in the short run and will shorten the way to the more important aim of breaking up Iraq into denominations as in Syria and Lebanon.

    “In Iraq, a division into provinces along ethnic/religious lines as in Syria during Ottoman times is possible. So, three (or more) states will exist around the three major cities: Basra, Baghdad and Mosul and Shiite areas in the South will separate from the Sunni and Kurdish north.”

  70. Trude

    Venezuela Orders Bank Notes by the Planeload

    The Wall Street Journal. Kejal Vyas 2 days ago

    CARACAS—Millions of pounds of provisions, stuffed into three-dozen 747 cargo planes, arrived here from countries around the world in recent months to service Venezuela’s crippled economy.

    But instead of food and medicine, the planes carried another resource that often runs scarce here: bills of Venezuela’s currency, the bolivar.

    The shipments were part of the import of at least five billion bank notes that President Nicolás Maduro’s administration authorized over the latter half of 2015 as the government boosts the supply of the country’s increasingly worthless currency, according to seven people familiar with the deals.

    And the Venezuelan government isn’t finished. In December, the central bank began secret negotiations to order 10 billion more bills, five of these people said, which would effectively double the amount of cash in circulation. That order alone is well above the eight billion notes the U.S. Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank each print annually—dollars and euros that unlike bolivars are used world-wide.


    The Secret Stupid Saudi-US Deal on Syria. Oil Gas Pipeline War

    The Kerry-Abdullah Secret Deal

    The US-Saudi oil price manipulation is aimed at destabilizing several strong opponents of US policies. Targets include Iran and Syria, both allies of Russia in opposing a US sole Superpower. The principal target, however, is Putin’s Russia, the single greatest threat today to that Superpower hegemony. The strategy is similar to what the US did with Saudi Arabia in 1986 when they flooded the world with Saudi oil, collapsing the price to below $10 a barrel and destroying the economy of then-Soviet ally, Saddam Hussein in Iraq and, ultimately, of the Soviet economy, paving the way for the fall of the Soviet Union. Today, the hope is that a collapse of Russian oil revenues, combined with select pin-prick sanctions designed by the US Treasury’s Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence will dramatically weaken Putin’s enormous domestic support and create conditions for his ultimate overthrow and as seen above, the demise of even the pro Cuban government of Venezuela.
    [Maybe not such a stupid idea after all, unless of course this all spirals out of control. Then as Gerald Celente says, “when all else fails they go to war.'” Things are failing fast in this old world disorder, the new cold-war on steroids could go hot quick!]

  71. Trude

    Syria regime warns against any foreign ground ‘aggression’

    AFP 10 hrs ago

    “Let no one think they can attack Syria or violate its sovereignty because I assure you any aggressor will return to their country in a wooden coffin, whether they be Saudis or Turks,” Foreign Minister Walid Muallem warned at a news conference in Damascus.


    Erdogan calls Russian claim of Syria invasion plan ‘laughable’

    AFP 1 day ago

    “I find this Russian statement laughable… rather it is Russia that is currently engaged in an invasion of Syria,” Turkish PM Erdogan said, quoted by the state-run Anatolia news agency.


  72. Galaxy 500

    Moslems thrown out of Norway for bad behavior give Russia a try, find out the Russians aren’t so tolerant of people raping their women.

    • Tin foil hat

      Its really amazing that I used to look down on the Russians because they were the bad communists. Now, Putin is the good guy standing up for the Christians and resisting the global NWO banking cartel. I love the Russian bears.

  73. Zoey

    Folks, you have to look beyond Islam. Islam is one of countless tools Satan uses for his agenda. For instance, after the migrants committed horrific acts of murder and rape in the name of Islam, the European natives are fighting back with violence too, for instance Pogrom, another tool!

    This continuous feudal cycle will escalate in Europe and probably rest of world to cause pain, suffering, and loss of many many God given precious lives. Satan wants depopulation, but more than that he wants to harden our hearts to blindly commit atrocious acts against one another, and ultimately “separate our Heavenly Father from His beloved children.” Satan hates all mankind including his blinded followers who are doing his dirty jobs. When they serve their purse, he will destroy them too as he had done in the past. We need to pray to our Heavenly Father, only He can save us!

  74. Anna

    This is from an article dated 2/06 on DollarCollapse.com under the heading Precious Metals: “Collapse of the paper gold & silver market may be at hand.” SRSrocco Report

    And this is an excerpt from a comment from that article from carlos.

    carlos February 6, 2016 at 12:01 a.m.
    ” . . . so it will happen through market forces. That market force is the emptying of the comex registered category. The replacement will be the shanghai gold exchange announcing its independent price setting mechanism for physical only. This is checkmate for the West. It has to match the rising price set in the East or lose every last ounce of gold.”

    That pretty well explains how the new price for physical gold could happen. Checkmate for the West.

  75. Liber8tor

    I think it’s obvious by now, Obama is a Muslim. He ain’t (sic) no friend of the USA
    Thanks to Russia, Obama and Turkey got caught buying stolen oil to support ISIS.

    Now , Obama is pulling his mercenary terrorists (I mean “moderates”) out of Syria and moving them to Libya in order to start WW-III .

    Later this month Congress will approve and Obama will sign the TISP (Trade In Service Agreement) which will let the WTO dictate how many foreign workers must be allowed into the USA every month.

    I wonder how American workers are going to feel about competing against workers from Viet Nam for 50 cents an hour?

    Stay tuned and fasten your seatbelt.. it’s going to get bumpy.

    • frederick

      its been bumpy since Perot mentioned the sucking sound from Mexico but I agree the sound is getting louder

  76. Jeremy

    Another fantastic WNW Greg! It would be great to hear your thoughts on what happens when the big banks are fined for fraud. Where does the money go? I can’t imagine that it would end up anywhere near anybody who had their house foreclosed.

  77. Mike R

    Greg – get Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough on for an interview.

    Guy has been spot on for the past 18 months in his calls on the economy, stocks, bonds, you name it.


  78. dave roselle


    I emailed you Greg and you ignored me .Then i sent you a reference about the same from Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.Instead you chose to talk about Muslims and politics and other crap when we are in dire straights.Where is your loyalty to your viewers?I sent Greg this message and was willing to be the fall guy about it’s contents and either due to cognitive dissonance or other reasons ,he has chose not to report it.This is the topic…http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-02-03/paul-craig-roberts-there-no-freedom-without-truth

    • Greg Hunter

      I get hundreds of emails a day and you have exposed I have a lot of email and and a spam filter. Don’t be ridiculous I have have Dr. PCR on as a guest many times and I hope many more.

  79. dave roselle

    If you really care about your viewers you should expose PNAC and the North Woods Project.If you are truly the watchdog for us then play the part.Expose the US GOV for what they are,or let me.If that is not on your menu ,invite Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and he will or if you need others ,let me know.

    Thanks Dave

  80. DLC

    Galaxy 500: You could just see the abuse coming from a mile away, introducing a culture that regards women as lower than dogs. Raping the young boy is probably just the tip of what’s in store.

    The women who scream over a male’s off-color joke are strangely silent. My hope is that the American male at heart has not been reduced to a capon as these monstrosities increase in this country, that they will protect the children and women in a way that only a terrorizing rat can understand.

    Savage often says: “If someone threatens to bomb your mother’s house, you bomb his mother’s house first.” He also says: “The gov’t will not protect you; they will side with your abuser.”

    This is where we are at. I read of a woman being raped while the “refugee” was spitting in her face. Some Valentine image there. Then there was the picture of a woman being globbed at as she walked down the street. It looked like this puke emptied out a lung on her. Amazing what women are now subjected to when the European and/or American male on the other hand dare not look at them cross-eyed.

    The women and men need to decide what culture rules and do what is necessary to protect their children from these people. I know a guy locally who was molested by a priest. His take on molesters and abusers: “They rob your soul in addition to the act itself.”

    Europe needs to belch these people out of their midst pronto, take a page from Putin and the Russians who will not tolerate them destroying their women and children. We should take a page out of their zeal to destroy the invader.

    Meeting these monsters at the train station with prepared meals and putting them up in 3 and 4-star hotels is just begging for abuse.

    Need to channel our inner Putin.

  81. Alan

    It is my understanding the markets will drop to around 35 hundred before years end

    • Greg Hunter

      I think you may be correct but can give a source for this prediction or maybe a hint?? Thank you!

  82. Just Wondering , about Anna...

    Any one on here care to take a stab at what this judge? is up to ?
    And why people in Alaska are looking up government officials and bankers personal property and planning to lien them? Does this have something to do with Alaska and some other states wanting a ‘constitutional convention’ or to pull out and become independent? Or just a crack pot with too much tot in her totty ?


  83. Just Wondering , about Anna...

    Per post above Atty. x judge anna marie reitz.


  84. Donna

    I believe Obama’s goal is to enslave and overthrow US with M Brotherhood.I also think he will make sure all you own will belong to the NWO through taxation and martial law.Once he secures right to bear arms its literally over.So this must never ever happen!

  85. Elise

    No matter whether it is a snack, or a primary meal, concentrate on yourr
    food when you are eating and youu will consume much
    less. Don’t consume even though you are watching the Tv,
    or making use of the computer, simply becxause it has been verified that folks who consume while they are distracted will eat far a lot more.

    quick weight lss secrets

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