Weekly News Wrap-Up by Greg Hunter 8.12.16

1aBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 250 8.12.16) 

The mainstream media (MSM) is totally against Donald Trump, and they are proud of it. Now, the New York Times (NYT) is explaining why it is their duty of keep Trump out of the White House.  An Op-Ed piece this past week basically said it was Trump’s fault that the MSM had to turn into political attack dogs for the DNC because Trump was “abnormal and potentially dangerous.”  Of course, there is nothing about the lies upon lies of Hillary Clinton or the “extremely careless” nature of her unprotected servers and use of private email system or her “Foundation” that some call a “Huge, huge criminal conspiracy.”  Trump is the “reckless” one who has to be stopped with lies and false stories according to the MSM, while they have to totally cover up and ignore Hillary’s many lies and potential criminal activity.  I predict this will backfire in the face of the old time legacy media—big time.

Meanwhile, yet another batch of emails have been released that, once again, point to the fact that Hillary Clinton’s State Department was arranging deals and favors in return for Clinton Foundation “donations.” Donald Trump said this week, “These people are crooked.  They have been crooked from the beginning. . . . You look at that foundation, it’s pure theft and pure crookedness.”

Finally, talks between the Russians and Ukrainians have broken down. Vladimir Putin said he was walking away from international peace talks to try to end the conflict in Eastern Ukraine.  Putin called the talks “meaningless.”  On top or that, both Russia and Ukraine beef up military operations on the Ukrainian border with Russia.  Ukraine reportedly has put its troops on combat alert as tensions mount between the two countries.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

After the Wrap-Up:

Bill Murphy, Founder of GATA (Gold Antitrust Action Committee), will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release. Murphy says the metal to watch is silver, and that is the precious metal that will ultimately break the cartel.  Murphy expects a dramatic breakout in price to the upside in weeks or months to come.


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  1. Country Codger

    Hello Greg,
    Awesome report. Please keep the 101st in prayer. I believe, with good reason, that elements of the 101 will be deployed to the mid-east, NOT Turkey, before the second week of September. I love “my kids” and pray for them every night. I am a disabled Vietnam vet and I hope and pray that NO American has to go to war ever again. Unfortunately, I know better.
    p.s. watch your blood pressure.

    • Chip

      CC, i was stationed at Fort Campbell for four years in the early 90’s. Do you have inside info on an upcoming deployment? Chip

      • Country Codger

        Hi Chip,
        I dunno about how inside it is but it from one of the participants in the deployment. Right now, it is not 100% but it looks pretty firm.

        Sorry Chip,
        I am deliberating trying to be vague. Oh, Chip, thanks for your service.

        • Jerry

          I’m hearing Syria.

          • Country Codger

            Hi Jerry,
            My intel says that it “may” be Mosul Iraq. Just a side note, Mosul is just across the river from the ancient city of Ninevah. ((Read Jonah))

            Dear Susan,
            I want to commend your husband’s service and yes, we need to pray for their safety and welfare. Please keep them in prayer.
            Please keep my “kids” in the 101 in prayer.

          • Paul ...

            The question is … are they being sent to protect Obama’s creation ISIS or to help Russia destroy ISIS … is it nobler in Obama’s mind to destroy evil … or by opposing Russia help to spread evil in the world!

            • Tin foil hat

              It’s more like they are sent to keep Iraq from switching side. We can’t afford another Turkey.

        • Chip

          Thanks for the response CC… Chip

    • susan

      My husband was in the 101st during Viet Nam. I’ve heard things about them being deployed, too. They will definitely need our prayers.

  2. Bob Lamb

    1. Have some food storage
    2. Get out of debt
    3. Have an emergency fund
    4. Have some emergency supplies
    5. Have some cash on hand
    6. Have a little bit of precious metals
    7. Have some investments in case we have more time
    8. Have a way of producing things (have some farmland).

    I would like to do all that but am limited to what I can do. I think I’ve let some good opportunities pass me by because of being paranoid. But being paranoid doesn’t mean the bad stuff isn’t going to happen. Balance, balance!

    • Bill

      BOB LAMB: Necessity is the mother of invention. During the 30s depression, people living in the city had chickens and even cows in their back yards to provide for their needs. There will come a day when that beautiful back yard grass will be removed to provide essentials to live. Think positive. Negativity gets you nowhere

      • Diane D.

        Bill, America was a much different country in the 30s. Americans were civilized back then. Just take a look at images of the bread lines during the great depression. Long winding lines, organized and quite peaceful. One glance at how the men were dressed speaks volumes for their civility. Contrast that with today’s ‘Americans’ one hour after EBT stop working.

        As for the idea of converting a city lawn to a garden to feed your family, it reminds me of the cartoon where some city folks are checking out some shovels and seeds at a hardware store. The clerk asks, ‘Have you gardened before?’ The city guy replies, ‘No, how hard can it be?’

        • Bill

          Diane D. Never the less, I prefer to remain positive. Where there is a will, theres always a way!!!!

  3. frederick

    Bob don’t feel bad many people have been denied opportunities due to TPTBs ability to skew reality Your list is good however how the tens of millions in urban and suburban settings get farmland eludes me and 50% of us live paycheck to paycheck so getting out of debt is certainly elusive for many

    • Diane D.

      Frederick, forgive this old coot, but what happened to the ‘We Can Do It!’ ‘Yes We Can!’ American spirit? We overcame the exact obstacles you describe. Was it easy? No. Did we make major sacrifices? Yes. Were they worth it? Yes.

      We fled the city and moved 2,800 miles to the Pacific NW. It’s taken 4 years but my husband and I have completed almost all of Bob’s recommendations 1 thru 6 and are working on #8. Like Grandma use to say, ‘It’s not a question of how much dog is in the fight, but rather how much fight is in the dog.’

  4. Rick Geisler

    Keep in mind that Hillary is a disciple of Saul Alinsky. She is following his bible down to the verse and letter. It struck me to acknowledge this when you kept showing article after article condemning Trump for corruption and dishonesty. One of the classic progressive tactics is to project what you are guilty of yourself on to your enemy. The Alinsky playbook…..Isolate then Eliminate.
    Others From Alinsky: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works.)
    “If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive.” Violence from the other side can win the public to your side because the public sympathizes with the underdog.
    “Keep the pressure on. Never let up.” Keep trying new things to keep the opposition off balance. As the opposition masters one approach, hit them from the flank with something new. (Attack, attack, attack from all sides, never giving the reeling organization a chance to rest, regroup, recover and re-strategize.)
    “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions. (Pretty crude, rude and mean, huh? They want to create anger and fear.)

    “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” If the rule is that every letter gets a reply, send 30,000 letters. You can kill them with this because no one can possibly obey all of their own rules. (This is a serious rule. The besieged entity’s very credibility and reputation is at stake, because if activists catch it lying or not living up to its commitments, they can continue to chip away at the damage.)
    This is all in Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals which is Hillary’s Bible. She has the main stream media behind her to help her out. This is why as was shown by you Greg there is so many lying weasels” Clinton needs to be stopped.

    • Freebreezer

      Thanks Rick … It really comes down to a fight between those who are ethical vs. the Saul Alinskytes. The other side does not give a damn if people are destroyed, killed, wrongly defamed etc, … to win and gain power is everything. Simply put good vs. evil. The question is how to effectively fight them and win without compromising one’s integrity! The uninformed masses have no idea the fight that is taking place right now for America’s identity and soul … and unfortunately these uninformed represent a vast swath of American population. Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals is dedicated to Satan and you are right in that it is Hillary’s Bible (very, very scary to ponder) … and, again, a vast swath of Americans believe Trump and Putin are the bogey man. Note – I am not endorsing Putin, but he is not America’s enemy … adversary/opponent yes.

      • Rick Geisler

        I am old enough to remember back around 1991 when Gorbachev gave a Christmas greeting to the American people. It was televised nationwide. I remember thinking that was cool. Having been raised up during the Cold War I always considered the Russians the enemy so this was something new. Mikhail Gorbachev never has done me wrong just as Vladimir Putin has never done me wrong as an American. I guess what I am trying to say is Hillary has more strikes against her as being a danger to this country than Putin. No dead Americans have Putin’s name on them. Not so with Hillary. Lies, lies, and more lies. Vladimir Putin has always said what he means like it or not. That is conduct I respect more than a coward who puts their political career above the lives of those who put country above all else. I personally think Putin is a prized narcissist but facts are facts. He is true to himself and those around him and that is something lacking in Progressives and Washington D.C. in general. We are not talking good or evil in people just honesty to one’s self and those you represent.

        • Charles H


          Putin is no saint. And there just may be an American with a name on him, buried somewhere. That said – I trust Putin an hundred times more than Hillary Clinton. He’s watching over Russia carefully. As a politician – he’s better than anything on the ticket here.

    • anni

      Rick I like your report. I just viewed the man who yelled “traitor” at CNN news team. I respect that man and he said it for me. I wondered why don’t we do that more. Why aren’t people standing around the new compound chanting “traitors”. Just where is our pitchforks agains the news media for all their lies and deceptions showing them outright how the American public feels about them. To stop buying their papers, stop listening to TV, especially the spin, is too slow. They live is a world of their own. Thank goodness for independent media like Greg that keeps us informed.

      • Rick Geisler

        It isn’t that those of us fully awake don’t want to stand and yell with our “pitchforks.” It is that there are so few of us and the ones that do are painted as conspiracy theorist idiots. I fear that when it all goes down the morons that never woke up will turn on those of us that did. I don’t like that scenario. God bless you Anni and thanks for the input.

      • Paul ...

        Your right anni … CNN has no problem calling Christians, Veterans, Constitutional Supporters and Gun Owners “TERRORISTS” … lets call them out for what they are “TRAITORS”!!

  5. Bill Howland

    If the NYT can lie the nation into war through Judith Miller, they can be equally truthful with their Trump fictions, and if what Paul Roberts says is true, namely that the US is paying foreign journalists for favorable stories, perhaps the NYT has a guaranteed revenue stream also.
    Just as Obama was the third term of the Bush administration, perhaps Hillary will be the third term of Obama’s. I suppose in preparation for this, she will also have the world’s largest electronic equipment under her pants suit as “W” did under his suit coat during the presidential debates since his handlers were so worried that he couldn’t pull it off without some ‘realtime coaching’.

    I was sceptical of Trump before, but now I see he has endorsed John McCain, and has Rudy saying nice things about him. I have to draw the line somewhere, and I therefore cannot vote for him. If he is for real, and wins, then more power to him, but I can’t associate myself with his friends. (This election cycle is unique in my lifetime- its the one time when absolutely no-one is worthy of a vote, whether repub, democrat, or libertarian – which is a real joke this time around with Weld as VP).

    As far as selling Yellow Cake to the Russians – they’re building new Nuclear plants, and also rebuilding their armaments. I’d trust them with the stuff before I’d trust the Clintons. Speaking of which, anyone watch Hillary lately? She’s had a couple seizures on camera from what I can see – all the drugs, and hyper-mean-violent personality must be taking a toll on her body. She needs assistance of at least 2 men to climb stairs, occassionally falls when she gets to the top anyway, and has a big handler behind her telling her to ‘keep talking’ when she has those seizures. Her Liver and Brain are probably just about shot, since it is said ‘she gets confused easily’. So, if you vote for Hillary, you are probably voting for the VP – hopefully if Hillary has an extremely shortened term due to health reasons, it will keep the ‘First Hubby’ away from the corridors of power. He’s the really scary one.

    • frederick

      Bill I didn’t realize that Trump was close to Bomb bomb and Rudy that’s truly scary and I agree I cannot vote for him either if that is indeed true Hillary is pretty scary as well as her oversexed hillbilly husband in my opinion

      • Bill Howland

        Use your favorite search engine and look up ‘trump endorsements’.
        The media is complaining Trump said “Obama is the founder of ISIS”.
        It would be more accurate to say Mr. McCain is, since there was a photo-op with McCain chatting with a group of them, including the guy that Putin said was a barbarian since he ‘eats organs’.

        • Deanna Clark

          Doesn’t look like any of them are worth the trouble to get out and vote for…America is being served the dregs. I hope Trump has tried to step up to bat and really help the country. McCain and Giuliani are just the same old crooked bums….can’t the power elite find anybody new to front for them?

      • WD

        A some point he does have to play some politics…lighten up and look at the choices….don’t be stupid!!!!

        • Bill Howland

          Mr. Hunter left the Catholic Church due to too many naughty priests. No one told him to ‘lighten up’.
          I’m having to ‘lighten-up’ on approximately 35% of whatever Trump says – only 65% of it sounds good.
          It would be another thing if we could guarantee those 65%.
          I think the only topics that will be ‘guaranteed’ should Mr. Trump win, is the 35% I oppose.

          • Greg Hunter

            The Supreme Court alone is why Hillary cannot win the WH. She would pack the court with Marxist/Communist Judges. Bye Constitution and “We the People.” As far as My leaving the Catholic church. I left because felony child rape happened with many priests and nobody got punished. The overwhelming majority of Catholics priests are good and the Catholics are good people. (I still have many Catholic friends.) Cardinal Law in Boston (Ground-Zero) got a promotion and was moved inside the walls of the Vatican for 11 years until he retired at age 80. Why don’t you lighten up a little.

            • Bill Howland

              I know that. As far as lightening up, I prefer to draw my own conclusions. No hystrionics on this end, – people are advising you on blood pressure, not me, but then its much easier to order others around.

              • Greg Hunter

                I am beginning to draw the conclusion that you are a paid troll.

                • Charles H


                  You’ve reached a level where antagonists will ‘dance’ and jive on the border on accusation and manipulation as much as possible.
                  Hystrionics? This is a veiled attempt to discredit.

            • Bill Howland

              “Bye constitution”.
              Remember 15 years ago, when it was said “We have to elect Republican Congressmen or the Constitution will be gone!!!’.

              SO then, republicans won in a land-slide, and the Constitution is gone anyway. There can’t be any protests today, you’d be swat teamed.
              PCR states that police in general seize more money than criminals.

              Trump is more right than he knows in one statement: If Hillary is elected, she will have to worry about protests from the 2nd ammendment people. “We the people” are the only ones they really fear.
              To the super-rich, it is important that we stay in our hamster cages treading our wheels – and believing that we live ‘free in the home of the brave’.

              • Greg Hunter

                If you say Clinton will put judges on the High court that will protect your right you are sadly mistaken. Hillary Idolizes Saul Alinsky who idolized Lucifer. The hero of Hillary’s hero is Lucifer. Alinsky dedicated his “Rules for Radicals” to the dark demon of hell. Why don’t you comment on some left wing/Marxist/communist site. Your comments will be better received.

                • Karl Martin Gerhardt

                  Greg, a site where only one viewpoint is welcome allows for no real discussion. Don’t disgrace yourself !

                  • Charles H

                    You are utterly incorrect, Karl. Some forums ARE for debate and all manner of controversy and spleen-venting. THIS site is to disseminate FACTS, then allow others to contribute in consensus, adding to the body of work in viewpoints, material, or links. The ‘disgrace’ here (on your part) is either in the mis-understanding, or the inappropriate accusation.

                  • Greg Hunter

                    You da man Charles!

          • Paul ...

            Bill … even when God had to clean up Heaven the ratio was the same 1/3 bad vs. 2/3 good … lets not get greedy … lets take the 2/3 “good” Trump is offering … we can figure out what to do with the 1/3 bad after Trump gets in!

      • Chip

        bill and frederick, then you’re both voting for hitlary… Chip

        • frederick

          Chip Never

    • BLT

      I hope you don’t convince too many people of your logic sir. That would basically guarantee a Clinton victory. Your taking your ball and going home huh? Not the thing to do when your team needs you.

      • Greg Hunter

        Never give up! Thank you for providing resistance.

      • Bill Howland

        BLT, I don’t think that Hillary is going to be quite as big of a problem as is feared here. Tim Kane (sp) may be the bigger concern, or Mike Pense. Ronald Reagan’s health was directly impacted by his choice of VP.
        Hillary seems to have reached nearly the end of her cognitive ability.
        Meanwhile Trump continues to disappoint – perhaps its just to keep him alive until the presidency, but I greatly discount that.
        A few here have discovered that the presidency is more of the puppet and it is more instructive to look at the puppeteers.

        It is disconcerting that those ‘on my side’, supposedly, tend to be so insulting, calling me stupid or whatever. its a ‘madness of crowds’ issue.

        Whether anyone pays attention to this is not my concern. I comment to get like minded people to add additional information. And respectful objections bringing in facts I might be unaware of are always welcome. But there is precious little of either, unfortunately.

        • Greg Hunter

          You are a paid shill are just a low information voter. I HEARD HILLARY say on FOX with Chris Wallace that there are “Limits” for the 2nd and 1st Amendment. Heard her say this and she was not kidding and there was no gray area–LIMITS on free speech. Kane is a male copy of her with less crime and dead bodies.

    • rahrog

      If this election cycle is the first time in your life that no one is worthy of your vote then you need to raise your standards on who you vote for.

      • Bill Howland

        HAHA, that can be taken 2 ways – I obviously mean there are NONE, not that I would have voted for ALL previously….
        Bye everyone – regarding standards, I do have them, so I’m voting with my feet – I’ve been insulted out of here.
        Note to Mr. Hunter: On the Contrary, I am pleasantly surprised at the response I’ve gotten. Wasn’t my intention, but nice to know there are like-minded people reading here also. – but you won’t see me anymore.

  6. Roger of Hobart

    Dear Greg,
    Thanks for the wrap up. In Australia, most of us have an interest in American politics to some extent. Without fail, whenever the presidential campaign is mentioned, everyone derides Trump. Not one person I have spoken to this year has any appreciation of the alternative view. This includes some very intelligent people with PhDs. The MSM is just as complicit here as in the USA. It is absolutely amazing how the MSM narrative permeates our thought processes. It is very effective mind control. Here is an article title from ‘The Australian’ from 11 August. ‘Scans confirm not a single decent bone in Trump’s body – Not one.” The writer is Niki Savva, she goes on to write ‘just when you think he has gone as low as he possibly can he burrows in deeper’. Further ‘that not only makes him Mr Piggy”. I stopped reading ‘the Australian’ regularly about five years ago. My wife and I still subscribe to the weekend edition but I rarely read it. Some of the commentary is quite frankly nauseating e.g. disparaging everything Putin does without any analysis at all. The MSM is simply toxic and inimical to rational thought and this applies to both the Murdoch (conservative) and Fairfax (green/communist) sides of the print media. Thanks for your site, I rarely miss your interviews and they are a highlight of the week when I get home from work and relax with a cup of coffee.

  7. Anthony Australia

    I’m continuously ridiculed here for my beliefs, insight and difference of option.
    I thought things had changed somewhat with the Internet and so many informative points of view, which none are ever considered.
    Hillary is getting so much airtime and Donald is labelled a stooge by the mainstream media.

    Tonight I cry inside Greg Hunter

    • Duke Paoa Kahinu Mokoe Hulikohola Kahanamoku

      Don’t cry Tony, never fear_ Smith is here and he’s in Donald the Trumpster and they cant keep him in the dumpster! He always comes out fightin! They cant stop him and they never will. Will Robinson! Dr. Smith has left his mark on us all in the baby boomer generation and I’m sure Bill Holter, Greg and I myself can attest, after all Dr. Smith was in that greatest generation before us, that saved the world and it will be saved again. Because the inspired never fear, Smith is hear, with us once again, below. Enjoy Anthony;

      From ur last post; Anthony Australia 08/10/2016 •
      Thanks Greg, My favourite guest of all.
      You know the US produces some great financial minds and a few of you should do a world tour. Please visit Australia

      Just a reminder Tone, from down unda, a visit not too long ago!
      Lpve ya brudder [as they say in Hawaii]

      • Anthony Australia

        Hello there Duke,

        We cannot be saved, Australia is under the grip of rule not governed by political parties we elect.

    • Paul ...

      Have no fear Anthony … humans “once sufficiently aroused” tend to do the right thing … because we have a big edge over Satan … we were created by God!!

      • Anthony Australia

        Hi Paul,
        I’m a Buddhist, so am I excluded from salvation?

        • Charles H

          A A,

          It is out there for the taking – so in the sense of your expression – no, you are not “excluded”. Will you find salvation as a Buddhist? That’s a totally trick question. Do you not know the teachings of what you profess to believe? Or are you baiting here? Nirvana, by achieving nothingness in escaping karma and dharma through undetermined lifetimes and reincarnations in one of the four planes – is the goal of that religion. It doesn’t compare with Christian Salvation, in any aspect. Your answer is: No – Buddhism cannot bring someone to salvation. If you seek a specific result from a belief system: you must participate in that system.
          There are three distinct hallmarks of Christianity – 1) God in Three Persons; 2) the Vicarious Atonement by God the Son; and, 3) salvation by Grace through Faith. (And even most of the ‘christian’ denominations miss on this last one, by mixing in ordinances and works: which forfeits Grace.) Eastern reincarnation-ist religions are attractive in the supposed feature of one keeps getting a chance – but no promises. Christianity gives only one life, but gives absolute proofs and promises by a personal, knowable God. Life and pain and suffering is enough for me – once: then splendor eternal with God. Reincarnation would forfeit the one-life opportunity of Christianity; and still one might not make it (Nirvana) after all the stars grow cold.

  8. Neil

    Greg it not just in the US Trump gets smear press, its all over the world. Papers and the net where I live constantly carry negative stories about him and promote Hillary. Nothing about her baggage at all. Today I read he is heading for a humiliating defeat etc. Absolutely shameless propaganda or should I say a relentless and pervasive litany of lies promoted as truth. You name it he’s been called it. Truly one of the most dirty scurrilous elections we have seen for US President but of course many people won’t have the time or inclination to look in the alternative media for a more balanced view and so won’t know any better. How about the now conspicuous trail of deaths around the Clintons? My God it makes the Mafia look tame. Hate to say it but the US is in a very sick place compared to where it was even with some shortcomings. God may be in charge but Americans are going to have to do more than defer to a higher power to intervene and do so soon. Keep up the good reporting. Ever thought about getting Gordon T Long on? Seems like a very clued up guy regarding big picture economics/finance.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good comment and good idea Neil. Thank you.

    • Paul ...

      Correct Neil … God shows his power through human actions … just as Lucifer does!! … God did not create rocks when he made man … we are not supposed to “sit like one” as the world heads toward Hell … Greg Hunter is doing his part … we must do ours!!

  9. Andrew

    Hi Greg, Love USAWatchdog. You are so passionate about trying to get the truth / some balance out to people, my wife worries you are going to give yourself a heart attack! As a former journalist with the MSM during a time when integrity was more prevalent, it’s clear to see your disgust of today’s ‘bought and paid for MSM’.

    I would encourage your watchers to google, ‘owners of the main stream media’ and they will see that practically all are owned / controlled by just SIX companies. All of them are wedded to the existing administration (criminal crony class) which explains the 100% bias in favour of HC. Even members of my own family support HC – it is hard for people to overcome the relentless bias reporting of the MSM – so THANK YOU for your courageous and determined efforts.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind Andrew.

  10. Paul Mallinson

    Hi Greg,
    What a wrap up! It takes a lot of courage and energy to produce a summary like you have done. Well done, and thanks for trying to bring balance to this unbelievable bias in the US media. These misleading headlines are picked up by international news media and here in New Zealand I have recognised some of these appearing in our media without being questioned. So you see how powerful this propaganda is. Once it is said, it is out there and who gives a toss about the truth?!
    Paul Craig Roberts repeatedly makes this point about propaganda – for example, one of his latest pieces: http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2016/08/10/the-stench-of-raw-propaganda-paul-craig-roberts/.
    I had to shake my head in disbelief recently when an ex CIA head made comments about Donald Trump not being fit for president and then also said that the US should covertly kill Iranians and Russians! Can you believe it? Why would you take any notice of someone talking like this? I can’t find the link now but thought it appeared on Zero Hedge two or three days ago.
    And here is another outragoeus comment from the media:
    http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-08-10/democratic-strategist-calls-assassination-julian-assange. It just goes on and on.
    Keep up the good work. Your efforts are very much appreciated.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Paul.

    • Deanna Clark

      I’ve been reading about the British blockade of Iran in 1919 that effectively murdered 20,000.000 Persians…including all 3 monotheistic faiths, children, the elderly. Anyone who believes these wars are about anything but oil is being led up the garden path. It’s just costumes and brands and hired guns…only oil remains.

      • frederick

        Deana I certainly agree that oil is a big part of it however power and control by a certain group elites if you like has everything to do with them as well Its bigger than Just oil

  11. Tommy

    With all the hubbub about Trump dropping out of the race and the Republicans picking a new candidate I believe the opposite is much more likely In fact, I think I just saw Joe Biden warming up in the bullpen. Hillary’s crime foundation is getting so much light shed on it that even Bob Woodward was comparing it to the Nixon tapes. He even used the word “corruption”. I also wonder how long Bernie Sanders is going to continue to endorse Clinton. It’s one thing to rig the Democratic primary, but the pay for play business should turn him loose from her because I don’t believe Bernie is dishonest or corrupt. And then how long is Obama going to have her back? Unless he believes this thing can be permanently buried it’s going to reflect badly on him that it happened under his watch and he did nothing even when it came to light. In fact he did more than nothing; so far he has been giving her cover. It’s also clear that Russia didn’t release these emails. If Russia had these damning emails they would have kept them and used them to blackmail Clinton. Imagine the leverage they would have had in dealing with the US under that situation.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Tommy, the Clinton’s got to Bernie, bribed, threatened, or otherwise, Bernie may like some of his programs listed on the democratic platform but I am sure he likes more to continue above ground for his natural life, many people who have gone up against the Clinton’s have been found dead over the years, their reputation precedes them and I am sure Bernie knows all too well what the Clinton’s are capable of doing to political adversaries who won’t get out of their way. Bernie is a nice, good, and meaningful person and for his sake I hope he doesn’t backtrack against the Clinton’s.

  12. Galaxy 500

    Trump is condemned for brash words while his actions are thoughtful and charitable when the world is not watching , while Hillary is praised for some thoughtful words while her greed and avarice compel her to criminality even as she is watched by the world.

    There has never been a clearer distinction between good and evil for an elections. People attack Trump for rhetoric while dismissing Hillary’s lifetime of criminal activity.
    If voting didn’t not matter, would Satan have arrayed such a force of minions against Trump? Would the MSM be working so diligently to discourage voting and to defame Trump?
    No but petty men will evil hearts still say “voting doesn’t matter”, “I can’t support Trump”, all under the guise of being conservative. How is supporting Hillary conservative?

    • Shadow of Doubt

      Well said, G500! Having had a few courses dealing with Propaganda, Engineered Consent and The Hive Mind. I can see the work of Edward L. Bernays being maximized as never before. Make no mistake objectivity and real journalism are “dead”. One can easily see in the following quotes that the MSM agenda is in lock step with the Bernays’ methodology:
      “We are governed, our minds molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of.”
      “Propaganda is the executive arm of the invisible government.”

      • Galaxy 500

        Isn’t it amazing how the masses eat it up?
        Breads and circuses

    • frederick

      Its not conservative at all its a mental illness 500

      • Galaxy 500

        Rhetorical question. RINOs are not conservative

    • allen ols

      It is because the game is rigged, vote all u want, in the game is rigged, but I sure do like the political reality show. It is fun

      • allen ols

        …also I found/stole this quote 4 u …

        ” There is a reason the DNC had their convention at the Wells Fargo Bank area. The banking cabal “IS” our government, and the system “IS” rigged. Forget about the elections. They probably won’t happen anyway.” -Al Ols-

        • Galaxy 500

          You are quoting yourself? How gosh.
          Al, they don’t spend billions of dollars just for fun. Voting in National Elections matter. Greg agrees.
          Al, I would save the quoting yourself for when you have something poignant or pithy to say. Something I haven’t witnessed but I do agree that it’s within the realm of possibility. After all, even a blind hog finds an acorn every once and a while.

          • allen ols

            If u scroll down to jerry’s post, u will find I copied and pasted the quote from him, DUH

            • allen ols


  13. Galaxy 500

    Heil Hillary. Heil Hillary

    • Greg Hunter

      Never give up 500. There is a much higher power than her and sometimes judgment takes place in this world. It’s out of our hands.

      • Robert Lykens, Bible Thumper

        Greg, this Bible verse says the same thing:
        “If thou seest the oppression of the poor, and violent perverting of judgment and justice in a province, marvel not at the matter: for he that is higher than the highest regardeth; and there be higher than they.”
        – Ecclesiastes 5:8

    • Galaxy 500

      Like you I don’t see how she can be elected. But I thought I would practice the chant just in case she came to a place close.
      It is out of our hands

      • Paul ...

        It is not out of our hands (until we are dead physically and mentally) … however while we are still alive and breathing … God gave us power in this world to do things that are good (like voting against evil) or things that are bad (like not voting at all)!

  14. Kenneth

    Greg, another pitch hit for a home run. Thank you for flagging the corruption in our once upon a time leadership…

  15. Roy B

    Hi Greg

    Obama dug a hole for the American people and if Hillary is elected she is going to
    throw the dirt on us. Trump will at least throw us a rope to climb out.

    • Paul ...

      But we need hands to climb out … lets put those hands to use on November 2, 2016!

  16. Jerry

    There is a good reason the MSM is trying to pull the wool over our eyes with the constant drum beat of Trump, Trump, Trump, attacks. Its called “DIVERSION”. Why? There is a major financial torpedo headed our way and the paper pushing powers that be, have to maintain the illusion as long as they can. What might that be you say?

    I have been hearing from my sources for weeks that the Chinese and Russians are going to reset the gold prices in September ahead of the G20 meeting, in preparation for the introduction of the Yuan into the IMF basket of currencies October 1. If Jim Willie is correct about the BIS, just imagine the chaos that will ensue.

    Lets not forget that lying criminal Hillary Clinton has been a Goldman Sachs bank puppet for most of her political career. There is a reason the DNC had their convention at the Wells Fargo Bank area. The banking cabal “IS” our government, and the system “IS” rigged. Forget about the elections. They probably won’t happen anyway.

    • Jerry

      Breaking update to my last post. 7:31 A.M. CST.
      You can decide for yourself, what implications this will have in advance of the G20 meeting in September. But for me, this is a clear indication that the BIS is setting the table for something major.

      • Greg Hunter

        Good signpost Jerry! Thank you for the link and posting.

      • Hurricane

        Hi Jerry,

        I would rather not subscribe to FT. Is there anyway to see that article?

      • andyb

        Jerry: your comments are certainly germane to the overall discussion, but I fear that the death of the USD, the rise of the Yuan, or the total global economic reset will not occur until the elites unleash the ultimate distraction of war in order to make us all receptive to totalitarian control over all facets of our lives. I pay more attention, not to the global monetary juggling act, but to the war mongering and the insidious, seldom subtle, propaganda furthering this agenda. Whether we trade in SDRs, gold, or sea shells will be meaningless as mushroom clouds gather over all horizons.

        • Jerry

          I fear you might be right. But the Chinese have a plan with the Russians to take us down before we even get to the nukes. The banksters will not kick the board over if they have a possibility of saving their own skins and are given a place at the BRIC table. As for the rest of us? We’re screwed.

      • MCasey

        Thank you, Jerry. For WatchDog readers who do not have a subscription to Financial Times:

    • Macray

      Thanks Jerry

      Just for info everyone
      2016 G20 Hangzhou summit will be the eleventh G20 meeting. It is planned to be held on 4–5 September 2016 in the city of Hangzhou, Zhejiang. It is also the first ever G20 summit to be hosted in China ………

      • Jerry

        Thanks for the link Macray.
        This one is worth watching when you consider all of the implications involved. The BRICS have been hoarding gold for a reason. We’re about to find out.

      • JC Davis

        The USA is going to feel out of place at this meeting. Russia will be there this time. Thanks for the post Macray.

      • Paul ...

        For added impact China should have hosted the meeting on 9-11 (2016) to bring down the “towering” dollar!

    • Jerry

      Here is the long awaited bombshell that we’ve been waiting for, since 2008. http://www.silverdoctors.com/gold/gold-news/jim-rickards-sept-4th-g20-meeting-to-signal-end-of-petrodollar/

      So what’s different this time? What makes this G20 meeting so important?
      1. Deutsche Bank imploding.
      2. BREXIT essentially putting and end to the EU
      3. The opening of the SGE (Shanghai Gold Exchange) April 12th.
      4. The IMF giving the Yuan SDR October 1, 2016
      The bottom line. The world bank through the BIS has decided that it will not allow the crumbling Bretton Woods system to drag down the rest of the worlds emerging economies with it. There will be major moves (unreported I might add) to covertly move away from the dollar as reserve currency status. Keep an eye out. The next few weeks are pivotal.

      • Greg Hunter

        I agree Jerry. Some of my sources have also said watch out in the Sept – Oct time period-especially Sept 30 and Oct. 3rd. The global financial balance sheet shows much of the world is deep underwater with bond debt that will never be paid. Nowhere is it worse than in the West. I think Trump will default or “reorganize ” our U.S. debt and that scares the hell out of the rest of the world that would like us in America to bleed out. Trump is going to stop the bleeding. Thank you Jerry.

        • JC Davis

          Greg and Jerry Trump is the fall guy win or lose. It is the pattern of his life. Don’t get me wrong I may still vote for him just to see this game of lies come to a end or be exposed either way trouble is coming. If Trump moves any card on the table the house will fall.

          • Charles H

            Astute. Agree.

      • Tin foil hat

        I concur with everything details in this insightful comment from the link.

        “Evidently these people haven’t read any of the IMF publications the last 4 years or what the head of China’s central bank publicly has stated twice recently in that they want the IMF to speed up the process of using the SDR to settle international trade and not wait until October when the yuan is officially included in the basket of currencies backing it. This was agreed upon by all IMF members except the US back in 2010 after wall street caused the financial crisis. The international banks have been at war with wall street and the neocons in Washington because not only of the crisis they caused but the amount of loans that have gone bad by the destruction of economies by wars, color revolutions and the intentional economic destruction of countries. Most of the international banks have had enough and this is the reason for the move to the SDR replacing the dollar which is what BRICSA wants to use to trade with the west. China has just placed a huge amount of gold with the IMF and has received SDRs and they are now part of their reserves. Most countries now have SDRs in their reserves including Russia. It is interesting that this is common knowledge in most of the world but here in the US it is not even mentioned in the media. This is who is really backing Donald Trump and this is why the the status quo is fighting so hard to defeat him. They all want to keep the dollar as the worlds reserve currency and continue US hegemony as the rest of the world wants to move to the the SDR. Another interesting thing is that the daily management of the SDR conversion will not be the IMF in Washington but the Bank of International Settlements, (BIS), in Basel, Switzerland. The international bankers wanted it that way! This is the move from a dollar uni-polar world to a multi-polar one that the international banks have been working on for 4 years. This is also the reason that LaGarde has come out publicly several times and said the IMF policies have done more harm than good for countries like Greece.”

        • Charles H

          Multi-pole world currency. Hmmm. I thought of it as a new, economic round-table.
          I just would hope that the uber-rich won’t be allowed at that table, and corrupt it as quickly and badly as this present system.

          • Tin foil hat

            Charles H,
            This new multi-polar currency (SDR) will likely be corrupted as the present system within 20 years. Nations will demand gold to be included as an independent currency in the SDR basket when that happen.

            • Charles H

              So where, then, is the ‘logical end’ to it all? Unification to eliminate disparity? I won’t live another twenty years – thankfully?

            • Tin foil hat

              It’s illogical to estimate the time of logical end in today’s upside down world.
              However, I’m being generous regarding SDR’s 20 years life expectancy. It could happen a lot sooner given all the fiat components in the SDR are already corrupted.

              • Charles H

                Very sharp, and straight. Good stuff.

  17. JC Davis

    Greg it would be fair to say Hillary is being appointed as president by oligarchs. I saw this coming years ago when she resigned SOS. This is a non election.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Yep, her coronation has come, only the missing e-mails could be her undoing. She will be by far the most crooked & criminal president we shall ever see, in the past or future, and that includes G. Bush, Clinton, Nixon, and the Muslim Obama. Frankly, Obama I could respect if he only came out of the closet and admit he is a Muslim and a America hater, its the lying that puts him equal with those other mentioned criminals.

    • Paul ...

      Lets make sure this is NOT a non election by voting for good over evil!

  18. Ron

    Humans hear and see what they want to. morality, logic, common sense have nothing to do with it.

    • Charles H

      Nature – Nurture. Disposition, character, and experience: you ignore the good end of the Bell Curve.

    • Paul ...

      Who is in control of what humans hear and see?? … it is not what humans want morally … it is not what humans want logically … it is not what humans want by just plain common sense … it is what the Lucifer worshiping neocons who control the MSM continue to vomit from their evil forked tongue mouths on TV, radio and the newspapers every day for humans to hear and see to implement their “mind control”!

  19. Dana McMichael


    I have great respect for you ending all your wrap-ups with reliance upon the Father/Creator. A large percentage of people who listen to and believe the reports and interviews that you have on your site only know to react with fear and dismay and anxiety; and some (if not most) with anger. Though you don’t provide detail as to why “The Father is in charge” should assuage their fear and anger, just declaring it is powerful.

    Thank you.

    • Paul ...

      But remember … God the Father only takes charge when humans “do the right things” (like not murder, not lie, not steal, etc., etc.) otherwise Lucifer is in charge!

  20. Chip

    Greg, absolutely awesome WNW! You should consider doing a five minute video for Tuesday and Thursday release “dumbest things in the media” or something like that. I really enjoy listening to your opinion on things in the media… Chip

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Chip. I am churning out all I can and still keep my sanity but that is a good idea with staffing.

      • Charles H

        Precarious sanity: it’s all good: until it ain’t. Cross that line once, remember, and coming back is only visiting! (3Stooges, Curly, nyuck-nyuck- nyuck!)

      • JC Davis

        Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you

        • Greg Hunter

          Amen JC!

  21. Dan R.

    Greg, as always, you keep your eye on the target and report the clarity we fail to get elsewhere. Keep up the great work! Let’s face it: the world is upside down, backwards, and inside out. Our country no longer has a moral compass, many/most of our leaders know nothing of virtue, and we shun Providence. Everyone keeps looking for a flash point that will usher our collapse and doom. However, it’s insidious and all around us now and the enemy is within the gates and plotting. I believe it’s like putting frogs into a pot of water and starting the boil. The frogs never see the end coming. They just fall asleep as the water temp rises. Unfortunately the heat was turned on years ago and most are now asleep. I think anyone who truly reads your work is getting the message and is preparing as best they can. God Bless and keep the faith!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Dan R. for your support and Blessings.

    • frederick

      Speaking of that concept Sibel Edmonds has a great site called just that “boiling frogs” Shes very knowledgeable about the middle east situation well worth your time IMO

  22. Marcus West

    I comment only sometimes but I enjoy Friday wrap ups, many times you just make me laugh with your comments. You are one of the best broadcasters I have seen. Keep up the good work, because of your guests I am prepared for what ever the outcome is.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Marcus.

  23. BM

    You were on a roll today! Loved it

  24. eddiemd

    Time magazine is always on display at the checkout counter in the chain grocery stores. Max exposure propaganda.

    The question is “Who is really reading the NY Times, Washington Post, Usa Today, etc.?” The young people don’t read newspapers. They are reached through the iPhone, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

    Trump appears to be focusing on the social media to reach out to the electronic generation.



    I give them 3 days to shock and awe Ukraine. I am sure they have identified all the key Ukie players and will send teams in to assassinate and capture the leadership in the first 24 hours. Command and control will be taken out asap. The mop up operations may take a while especially in western Ukraine. The Russians will have to be careful. There are US troops in Ukraine. How many? We will never know.

    • Charles H

      Wasn’t it Jim Willie that said it might divide East and West into halves? I said as much a year or so ago – along the Kneiper River. This leaves NATO a buffer; Russia an un-impeaded corridor. I’d take the whole if it came to blows.

  25. DLC


    Greg, a little CNN just for you. Not at all far-fetched and about to get weirder.

  26. pat the rat

    Warren Buffet just got of dirvatives , something evil this way comes.

  27. 8Ball

    Left America years ago… no regrets.

  28. Bill

    GREG: You gotta believe that there will be a time when one of the accusations on Hillary will stick. Slick Willie cant continue on as he has without something finally catching up with him. There is still a God in heaven who dispenses justice, so I would say to the Clintons, YOUR DAY IS COMING.

  29. Jallen

    Greg and all Watchdogs,
    Since it appears justice is not served in the United States, when it comes to the Clintons (Bill and Hillary), please consider the following;
    When praying to the Almighty G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jaccob
    (Christians be sure to end your prayer in the name of Jesus Christ) , there seems to be no justice on Earth, when it comes to Bill and Hillary Clinton, I ask a petition be considered in Heaven’s court and for Heavenly justice to be served via your judgement and applied to the United States of America’s Presidential election in the year 2016.
    End of prayer.

    Since it appears there is no justice by man’s judical / legal system, let us present our request for justice via petition to our maker, the Alimight G-d of Abraham, Issac and Jacob in the name of his only begotten Son born in the flesh Jesus Chirst.

    I thank you for your consideration,


    • allen ols

      thankyou, I already do this prayer in a different/similar way, and leave the boating for others.

      • Freebreezer

        Allen – you have a good sense of humor, and you made me laugh!

        • allen ols

          freebreezr welcome

    • Arthur Barnes

      I wouldn’t worry too much about Slick Willie & Crooked Hillary, God has a plan for them you can bet on that!

  30. David Bain

    In summary,

    What has our current political system brought upon our Constitutional –Rule of Law —Way of life????? In other words, Upon “We The People”

    What are the most recent political accomplishments?

    Gender Neutral Bathrooms
    ACA (Obamacare) You must buy something you don’t want too! Basically one of the biggest economic cash flow drains on the USA economic system ever! This is political law not rule of law legislation.
    TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement) Similar to NAFTA, GATTA, and any other free trade agreements. This results in the Transfer of US jobs offshore. Weakens USA Economy. This has not passed yet!
    Cop Killers
    EPA Gag Orders
    NOAA Gag Orders
    Climate control Gag Orders
    News Media Gag orders
    Political Gag Orders
    Military Gag Orders
    Debt up the ass and out the mouth—unstoppable vomiting river of digital currency. I meant to say increased Debt.
    Every dollar put into existence without producing something diminishes the value of what exists already! The Silent Tax! It’s a cancer on the people and citizens. Why does Congress not have to raise taxes. Because they can increase cash flow with increased debt. Deficit Spending. Deficit Trade Balance. Deficit or Deficient reasoning in Washington and many political elected government bodies. Then the government bodies tell us we need to pay more in taxes if we want to continue all these necessary services they have saddled us with. Ok, let’s all of us little slaves do what they tell us. Work to keep all the necessary government services in service. After all, the Government should come before its people! (NOT).
    Endless defense spending
    Endless destruction of other cultures
    Allowance of infiltration of Free World regions with Muslim—Koran- Ideology. Their Ultimate Goal is The Muslim Caliphate.
    Muslim attacks on USA soil Fort Hood, Boston Marathon, Orlando FL, San Bernardino CA, World Trade Centers, Beheading of woman worker in OK, What does it take us to say YOU S.O.B.’s! Stop It!
    By the way, every time there is a Muslim Terrorist attack on USA soil, Mr. Obama and Hillary want our guns. Maybe the Muslims should be sent home. Seems like us Americans, for the most part, know how to conduct ourselves.
    Endless entitlement spending
    Endless Financial System Fraud without Punishment even though crimes and illegal activities are involved. Just pay the government some fine money and the Law Enforcement Bodies will look the other way! Oh, and anyone whom was personally financially harmed and defrauded, tough luck, you will never be restored complete or made whole from these criminal activities. I’m from the Gov and am here to help!
    Political Fraud
    Elitist Mentality by the Federal Government.
    Government telling its Citizens to “SHUT UP” we know what is best for you! They were elected to serve us—Not rule over us in case we have forgotten! Hellllllllooooooo!
    Main Stream Media (MSM) is telling us Hillary Good—Donald Bad. I say turn off MSM MSM plan (Deceive and Lie to “We The People”) Lucifer does the same!
    Really, everything is out of control. There are no limits, there are no boundaries—there is no accountability—there are no consequences for inappropriate government behavior or the fraudulent financial behavior. Unless we all tell them individually to Stop It! Without the Rule-of Law there is anarchy and the Banana Republic comes into the view finder quickly.

    We all witnessed Brexit!
    Some in the USA have made their US Exit! Most notably it is all the big USA Corporations, which have taken the hard efforts of its citizens and sold the heritage of the US Citizens to the other world. Then the Big Business Boys and Political (bought and paid for cronies) got in the pay off lines to make sure they would be taken care of for their political favors. There will be more to come. TPP. Now, the Government is crying foul because laws were passed allowing these big USA Companies to escape paying any USA taxes if the profits of these USA Big Companies were not brought back to the USA. You have heard of The Panama Papers. This is nothing more than Political Grand Standing. This Plan has been known all along by these entities. It has been accomplished. Big Business and USA Politics have merged into one Entity. It’s the NWO! (New World Order). Most of us know that Esau sold his birthright for a morsel of food. Let us not do the same! Let us fight for our freedoms, our way of life, the way of life our founding fathers laid out for us.

    I believe if you see what Donald is telling us, you will get the picture that He knows What Washington and Big Business are up too. I believe he is interested in a National USA not a World USA.

    Hillary wants to continue with World USA Global Expansion — replacement of the US Constitution with a UN and TPP governing system!
    We all know Benghazi was about selling and providing arms and weapons to the rebels, (Al Qaeda or ISIS) and building this USA proxy Army. This was an authorized Obama and Hillary Plan and Susan Rice. (Or was it a U Tube video? Ha Ha HA ) Perjury-Lies-Cover up. Government Lies to “We The People” Did I say “Lawless Hillary or Lawless Clinton’s”

    Each of us are going to have to decide.

    That’s the way I see some of these things and there is much more from my little chair.

  31. XuscitizenSweden

    Hi Greg!
    Do you want more “inside info”, concerning your broadcast? ….
    …let me know.
    Regards X-

  32. Matt

    I truly believe Trump is the elites pick. His Rothchild connections are off the chart. Wilbur Ross is a front for Rothschilds and he is a major Trump supporter. We shall see soon enough!

    • Greg Hunter

      I disagree as Hill would have never gotten this far without NWO approval.

  33. DLC

    AZ primary election is on 8/30. Dr. Kelli Ward, who is McCain’s competition, estimates a 25% turnout. That pretty much makes McCain the winner. Don’t know how we turn things around if people remain dead from the neck up.

    McCain will be a major pivot man to take on Trump at every opportunity if he is given another term. Jeff Flake has served as McCain’s ventriloquist dummy for the past many months since Flake does not have to face the voters this election cycle.

    McCain cannot wait, like Susan Collins, to get in there and bash Trump and anyone else who attempts to buck the current structure.

    The voters can start turning all of this around — but they seldom fail to disappoint.

    • MCasey

      McCain’s Cover-up…POWs left behind:
      On page 468 of the 1,221-page report, McCain parsed his POW position oddly:
      “…….. There is some evidence – though no proof – to suggest only the possibility that a few Americans may have been kept behind after the end of America’s military involvement in Vietnam.”

      “Evidence though no proof.” Clearly, no one could meet McCain’s standard of proof as long as he is leading a government crusade to keep the truth buried.

  34. Pinocchio

    Someone from North Korea (he is not one of my sources inside Pyongyang Polytechnics) just sent me a text message several minutes ago which conveyed three incredible main points: (1) Annunaki will come in October, (2) Mount Shasta (California) will be sterilized, (3) Secessionist movement will get some supports, and (4) USA will be over with or without Hillary Diazepam Clinton.

    With trembling fingers I sent a reply message to him asking from whom he got my number and who the source of this information is. So far I have not had any reply from him.

  35. Janet G.

    The word MSM {Main Stream Media} is inaccurate. It is the Corporate Media. Actually, the true main stream media is now alternate media, your computers. There are greater numbers for the followers of Alternate Media. The real numbers for Corporate Media are down, and have been down for some time. One American News on TV is probably the most truthful right now. It is offered by AT+T. Don’t know if any other cable provider offers it. Also, the polls are a lie. In order to get the %’s the way they want, they ask the responder in a certain way and the responder can only answer in the manner they want, which gives Hillary the high percentage.
    Great wrap-up Greg. Everything is fact and truth.

  36. Dindo


    Breath in thru the nose, hold it……out thru the mouth.


    Drink a glass of water. Go for a walk.

    If they are not awake by now, it is too late.
    Keep reporting. “Never, never,never give up.”(W.C.)
    “Pray for those who spitefully abuse you.”(J.C.)

    You are doing a great job. Your podcasts helped wake up my family.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Dindo for your comment and support. The unprepared, I fear, will die in their sleep.

  37. Pierre G

    I couldn’t watch the whole report, I was getting so angry at the mainstream media, and I’m not even american.

    I hope one day there will be a Nuremberg type of justice.

  38. Galaxy 500

    Ukraine is not part of NATO. I don’t see how NATO could be called into action. NATO is supposed to be a defensive compact. Doesn’t mean they won’t but all NATO members are struggling economically and war doesn’t help that…but it does reduce population.

    • Faith

      G5, and did you see who Erdogan was hanging out with this week? I do not understand why Turkey has not been booted from NATO.

      The Olympics are one of Putin’s favorite times to invade. I remember seeing him sitting to next to President Bush right when he had troops invading Georgia. Seeing Putin offer a favorable pipeline deal to Erdogan is not good for Europe or the west.

      The present time is probably the most dangerous of my life. I will be surprised if there isn’t war. Dictators are lining up to take advantage of the current administration and US weakness.

  39. Curious George

    Well the establishment is behind Hillary and so they will direct the media to attack Trump. He is not within their control. But alot of what he has said is outright fascist. He is even appealing to the nationalism of Hitler, Mussolini, and Franco. The authoritarian of “I don’t have a plan, but trust me with all your power” and when I’m in power I’ll squash all your civil liberties and freedom.

    Either way, the Constitution continues to be trashed. Trump holds none of the constitutional ideals. Liberty. Justice. The Bill of Rights. None of it. But even Hitler was arrested and lost his first election. Hillary is a neoliberal CFR new world order lackey. Trump is fascism.

    The only thing positive I can say about Trump is that he isn’t Hillary? I don’t know if that’s much consolation. Lose, lose to me. Is this where we watch the empire fall and our mad leader fiddles while Rome burns?

    • Chip

      America FIRST!!! Chip

  40. Diane D.

    Passion and truth are powerful. Thank you Greg for another awesome WNW.

  41. Larry Galearis

    Engrossing, as always and right on the mark about Hillary and Trump and MSM failings.

    We should, however, be less worried about Ukraine’s Poroshenko utterances; he has to maintain an anti-Minsk2 stance because of the Right Sector battalions that threaten his presidency if he doesn’t keep a hard line against Russia. I doubt he will initiate direct action against Crimea (Russia) although his present behavior is likely ok’d by Washington. Many of us get very nervous when we hear these stories but they are usually baseless posturing. Please understand that Washington does not need reality (with the current state of your MSM -propaganda ministry) as it can make up some fiction and then simply act on it. The danger is not just that somebody can make a mistake out there in Syria or Ukraine, it is that the American people really do not have a press anymore and have no way except the Internet (and shows like yours) to find out what is happening out there. The reality of THAT should scare the hell out of anyone with a brain. After all it is the basic theme of your whole tirade against the MSM today. For outsiders like myself, these events just show a country that is a danger to itself and to every other country on the planet.

    • GoneWest


      Mostly agree with you. I would like to point one thing out.

      Your last sentence is exactly what the NWO want you to think. The USA is a danger to all other countries so we must incorporate the USA into a one-world government. The NWO folks currently in control in the USA and the western world are the problem, not the USA in general.



  42. MCasey

    Been reading and I think Seth Rich, the murdered DNC staffer, was probably assassinated as a warning to WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange who has posted a $20,000 reward for information on the murder.

    In an interview, Assange is asked if Seth Rich was one of his [DNC email] sources. Before Assange answers, watch his body language as he shakes his head, “yes” @ 1:00. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kp7FkLBRpKg

    Then the day after Rick Seth’s murder, WikiLeaks posted two prior news videos in which both Bob Beckel, a CNN Democratic strategist; and Michael Grunwald, a Time correspondent and Obama supporter, advocated the assassination of Assange.

    I think Assange offered the $20,000 reward and posted these videos for three (3) reasons:

    1) he got the “message” sent by Seth Rich’s assassinator;

    2) if Assange is assassinated, he wanted it known that the Democratic Party and its representatives are the prime suspects.

    And 3), the $20,000.00 reward, the interview and the videos will connect Seth Rich, the DNC and Assange just in case he is assassinated.


  43. MCasey

    Did any other WatchDogger have a deja vu moment when the Democrats immediately blamed Russia for the DNC email leak?……a deja vu moment back to Benghazi and “it was the video” not anything we did (running guns).

  44. Paul ...

    God is in charge (when we obey his rules) … lets all find an Old Testament re-read the rules God gave us … enough of the “New” World Order and their “New” Testament that is creating havoc in our world!

    • Robert Lykens, Bible Thumper

      Sorry, Paul, but your dismissal of the New Testament is outrageous and demonic. You’ve been deceived by Satan. The New Testament account of Jesus Christ, the Pauline epistles explaining Christianity and the Book of Revelation are God-breathed.

      Here’s one small verse from the New Testament which has changed the world:
      “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”
      – John 3:16

      • Paul ...

        Men should take an oath on something greater than they are!!

        • Paul ...

          Robert … The New World Orders “New Testament” is:
          1) Thou Shall Murder Women and Children (i.e, neocon warmongers, etc.)
          2) Thou Shall Lie to Pursue Your Goals (i.e. the Main Stream Media, etc.
          3) Thou Shall Steal (i.e. bankers, etc.)
          4) Thou Shall Pay to Play (i.e. Hillary, etc.)
          5) …
          6) …
          7) …
          8) …
          9) …
          10) …
          And you say my dismissal of the New World Order’s “New Testament” is outrageous and demonic???

          • Robert Lykens, Bible Thumper

            Paul, were you saying the NWO has its own “New Testament”…other than the Biblical New Testament?
            If you were, then I apologize. It looked like you were saying the New Testament itself was invalid.

            • Greg Hunter

              If you say the New Testament is invalid you are done here.

              • Frederick

                What is the difference between old and new testament? And why did someone accuse Paul of being Jewish?

                • Greg Hunter

                  The old Testament is God’s word before Christ. The New Testament is God’s word through his Son Jesus Christ. It is a new covenant brought by Christ and his blood sacrifice on the Cross to wipe way sin. The Jewish Bible is called the Torah, and it is basically the Old Testament. It is much more complicated than that, but I kept it simple.

                • Charles H

                  Not an “accusation”, Frederick. It was a prompt; and opportunity for clarification. And, FYI – I love the Jews, and view them as brothers.

        • Paul ...

          We should force our politicians to swear upon an Old Testament Bible containing God’s 10 Commandments !

          • Tin foil hat

            In my eyes, Hasidic Jews and sharia loving Muslims are one in the same.

            • Charles H


              Be fair, and don’t confuse nature with ideology. The Jews and Arabs are half-brothers by Abraham. Devotion, even wrought to fanaticism can be shared by both. Religious ideology is worlds apart; though mono-theism is alike.
              The Jews represent the ‘natural, sinful, rebellious’ man; and Christians the ‘spiritual grafted’ into the tree. In these End-Times, I fear – even Christianity (in general) isn’t faring much better.

            • Tin foil hat

              I have no issue with the secular Jews in Israel or the secular Muslims in Turkey. I do have major problem with Hasidic Jews and sharia loving Muslims.

              • Charles H


                I admit not having much knowledge of the Hasidic Jews. Just on you I will begin my investigation. In defense – every family has a black-sheep. Also, despite similarities – grouping muslims and Jews together is a big reach. (to me). And is the NYP a ‘good source’ or does it ’tilt’?? That said – you add a lot here. Thanks.

    • aussie jeff

      Obeying God’s rules is accepting the old as well as the new!
      Reading only the old is like buying a car with no wheels,it runs fine but it wont take you anywhere.
      Here is what your name sake wrote regarding your dilemma.
      “1In the past God spoke to our ancestors through the prophets at many times and in various ways, 2but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed heir of all things, and through whom also he made the universe.

      God speaks to us through the words of His Son,the gospel of Jesus Christ is found in the New Testament,by obeying the Son we in turn obey the Father.
      With respect Paul i found your post a little bizarre.

      • Greg Hunter

        I agree with You A J!

      • Paul ...

        AJ … look around you …seems to me most “everyone” has completely forgotten the old … so I’m forcing it in their faces … you may think that is bizarre … but I don’t … we have our Skull and Bones politicians running around barn fires worshiping Satan and sacrificing children … that is what I consider bizarre (not me telling people to read the 10 Commandments found in the Old Testament)!

        • Charles H

          What you are “forcing in their faces” is ANTIQUATED, Paul. And worse – you are passing-over the very foundation of the majority of those that come here believe. I accept the Old Testament AND the New Testament. You ONLY accept the Old Testament: then blow smoke at everyone who differs.
          You cannot be Christian and have such a position. Admit you are a Jew and be done with it.

          • Tin foil hat

            Charles H,
            I wonder if I could be considered a Christian if I rejected the Old Testament?
            I would accept the Old Testament only if the New Testament is God’s apology for the Great Flood, and the blood of Christ was to wipe away all sin including the sin of God.

  45. Steven R

    When Hitlary becomes the next president you can count on bipartisan support and pass easily with little coverage by the MSM for new legislation to end web sites (such as USA Watchdog, drudge, etc.) that are critical of the establishment political class. It will be called something along the lines of “the fairness doctrine” and we will no longer have any sources of non MSM news.

    I also believe that no matter what the actual vote is she will “win” the electoral college because of carefully planned vote manipulation and false reporting or counting of actual cast votes. In addition no matter what the polls truly say the MSM will report that sh is ahead in every major poll prior to the election to give her victory credibility…

    I want to have hope but I believe we are in the same circumstance as the lowest class of passengers on board the titanic just minutes before she sinks. All the life boats have been launched, water is now waist deep and pouring down the stairs, we are in the darkness, the gates are still chained leading to the upper decks. We are all holding hands as a we hear a kind voice saying never give up, have faith…

    • Greg Hunter

      Steven R,
      Never give up.

  46. Bill Jones

    Thank you Greg!

    The hysterical response to Trump can in part be explained through fear. There must be a good chance that they are afraid of some really damning things to be released by leakers/hackers in the next two months on Hillary. It may be so shocking that people will have no real moral choice. One potential among many is the Fukushima cover up …. No matter who wins, many American people have begun to wake up and that is a blessing.

  47. Bob

    Great show today ! You are encsulating what I suspect a large percentage of the American population is thinking and feeling. The MSM – especially CNN ( Crony News Network ) – is so obviously biased for Mrs Clinton to the point it’s nauseating ! I agree – Chris Cuomo is nothing but a Clinton lapdog YES man – certainly not a journalist ! In fact I don’t see anything that represents journalism on CNN – nothing – zip – nada ! Twisting of facts, suppression of important issues and total spin editorialization. No factual news.
    I think what is important is that regardless of the outcome of the election, a populist movement has caught fire in the USA and this will not diminish after Nov 3. The true issues will need the full attention of th new president –
    1 World wide economic slowdown
    2. Growing tensions in the Middle East, Ukraine and South China Sea
    3. Probable failure of a major bank somewhere in th world with the associated contagion.
    4. Drastic unemployment levels in the US
    5. A growing debt that is already unpayable.
    These are th issues that should be discussed in this election cycle and not about how many points there should be on a star !!!
    When the crash comes it will be interesting to see how CNN covers it. CNBC will still continue to encourage to people to buy stocks even though half the companies no longer exist.
    If people only watch MSM, when the crash happens they will be unprepared because they have been fed meaningless drivel.
    It is tne people who have paid attention to people like you, Gerald Celente and Zero Hedge that might have a chance ( if we survive the war that is sure to come)
    Keep up the good and vital work you are doing Greg and God bless you !
    A Canadian friend

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your Canadian perspective!!

      • Gary Canuck

        Greg ,our media here in Canada is totally biased against Trump and just follows the American network propaganda.
        “God Bless The Donald” he will need it.

        • Greg Hunter

          Amen Gary.

    • Chip

      I was in our local pub the other day and CNN was on. I listened for about 70 minutes and it was NON-STOP Trump bashing period. They didn’t mention Hilary’s name ONE TIME! Unreal… Chip

      • Arthur Barnes

        Hey Chip, its on every news outlets including newspapers and radio, but the people are waking up to the Democratic Pravda lies of them & their affiliates of treason.

  48. andy

    Great Wrap up tonight Greg,
    Here in Australia both the big Government funded left leaning broadcasters ABC and SBS have the same positive spin toward Clinton, and generally portray Trump as a clown or incompetent.
    As said before here in the comments, most people don’t look past the MSN for their news intake, I hope US voters can open their eyes to the media bias before your next election.
    Based on her history I know Hillary is not suitable to be a responsible President. Trump is still a wildcard, and is for change, but in the end will it be change for good?, I hope so.

  49. James Hastings

    Good job Greg.

    Sorry Guys & Gals…..I am so disappointed in America. I think we need a major operation to cure this cancer. This kind of disgusting behavior by a society reaches a climax and collapses. I want that cleansing. It’s like watching some pervert grope your child and your hand cuffed.

    • Bill

      James Hastings: We can start by cleaning up this political mess which has been created by CAREER politicians. They should serve one term and one term only. We don’t need term limits, just don’t vote for for them. The problem is, we vote for our guy, but the rest of those guys in Wash DC are criminals, well guess what, your guy is probably just as bad. One term and one term only, then let them come back home and get a job like the rest of us.

    • Charles H

      No one ever said the end of civilization would be pleasant. We knew the world when it changed for Good. Now the world has changed for Bad. They don’t know Good; and the new crowd won’t go back. Thankful, it is… that we should be.

      • Tin foil hat

        Charles H,
        “No one ever said the end of civilization would be pleasant.”
        All the craps I’d done believing they were for the change for Good. Life is like a box of chocolate indeed.

        • Charles H

          Don’t ‘Gump-out’ on me. If you are going to stand for principles: you won’t get many breaks. Life is sweet, and bittersweet. But I like dark chocolate anyway!

  50. MCasey

    Just wondering if someone can be charged with treason for “aiding and abetting the enemy” by altering, distorting and suppressing intelligence information relative to CENTCOME’s handling of ISIS intel? Especially, if such altering resulted in favored action (less aggressive action) against the enemy?

  51. clare doll

    Dear Greg,
    You are very adamant that these news organizations “will pay.” They already have; newspapers are pretty much dead as we speak. Perhaps this is their swan song?

  52. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, it interesting how the world works when you get out from under the U.S. MSM Pravda. I dropped out last month, no cable, no television, no newspapers. The photos of D. Trump’s rally’s shows many thousands showing up to see his speeches and very few in comparison of Hillary’s. Time magazine has the Trump meltdown as you outlined, its a full course press against him & it will be the demise of the MSM. They can’t be trusted, can’t be shamed, but they can be beaten one drop out at a time, I am living proof that they didn’t deceive us all. Lastly, I want to add that its was Comey and his political obstruction of justice that finished me off to the politics of the left; YOU CAN’T EVEN TRUST THE FBI!

    • Charles H

      Welcome aboard. Or maybe I should say – welcome abreast.

  53. Along came Jones

    Who Found ISIS ? Who Was Golfing?


  54. wondrouscat

    Everything Trump says is true. That’s the rub. That’s what the establishment can’t stand, the exposure is like light to Dracula. To their own injury they are attacking and spinning the most benign comments Trump makes, and can’t tolerate his humor, which is just natural to him and is his way of conveying his viewpoints, or dealing with minor irritations. Humor is our saving grace by the way. How ’bout the baby crying at his speech, where he first said to the woman “No, don’t go, I like babies, they are new” etc., then a few minutes later when the baby started crying again he said, “Okay, take the baby out” and everyone sort of laughed because it was amusing and perfectly understandable. The corporate media seized on this and tried to blow it up into Trump Throws Out Baby nonsense. So ridiculous. They are shooting themselves in their footsies with this unending spin attack on Trump, over picayune stuff, while Clinton (and her criminality) is beyond reproach. A vote for Trump is a vote against the system. Greg, keep up the good work, you are a voice in the wilderness it seems.

  55. Mark Tipping

    Here’s a potential problem …
    what if the PTB decide that Hillary can’t win …
    & have her shot …
    then BLAME Trump ???

    • Greg Hunter

      I sincerely hope that does not happen. Jail yes, assassination no.

      • JC Davis

        Greg I would not shed a tear.
        No more then I would over a thug killed breaking into a house filled with cops.

    • 8Ball

      Yes, she is definitely a large liability with all of her baggage, any thing is possible at this point as they are desperately afraid of DT.

  56. Larry White

    Passing along this on the new article from Willem Middelkoop on the prospects for the SDR and perhaps even some kind of gold anchor for the SDR:


    Direct link to Willem’s article here:


  57. Nicolas

    USA WATCHDOG is a bastion of democracy and sound reason . I surmise Luceferian Witch Hillary Clinton is most likely demon possessed hence her seizures which makes her truly unstable and dangerous. Ben Carson who stated clearly this problem could not possibly endorse her as a Christian. She as well as Bill have toiled in darkness for a long time.

  58. 8Ball

    Good job pointing out that the MSM is doing a hatchet job on DTrump.

    You should have a large banner ad on your site that says:
    Americans! Ignore the MSM and vote your conscience in the upcoming presidential election!

    I would like to see some people who have the wherewithal try to take out full page ads in the big magazines and newspapers to that effect. Call their bluff… that would prove that they are conspiring against DT.

    And then you will have to worry about them coming after you…
    Seth Rich, R.I.P.

  59. Freebreezer

    Just a passing thought – I wonder if TPTB are using Hiliary as a Patsy card to be played if need be … They, TPTB, know she is corrupt and they for sure have the goods on her … They get her elected knowing that the economy is going to hell. The thin veil of civilization starts to unravel … riots, major wars erupt, killings, food shortages, pensions lost etc.; The play the patsy card and scapegoat all the chaos because of hilliary and her corruption (the right would love this); TPTB own the media, thus they can have the MSM do a mea culpa for not vetting the Hilliary properly – i.e. fire lots of mid level news anchors for obvious left wing bias; bring in some slick SOB as a mouth piece (POTUS) and thus conquer the minds of both the right and the left and they get what they want … a poverty stricken nation obedient to them.

    • Charles H

      What worries me is the sucker-punch one doesn’t see coming. All the drama is toward the presidential candidates: what are we NOT seeing that might knock us off our feet?

      • Paul ...

        A nuclear false flag perhaps!!

  60. Don

    Couldn’t help but comment Greg. Like some American’s I’ve watch the Clinton chronicles unfold, and those who watch couldn’t help but see the CNN and others, and how they spin, or try to program, by misleading and only giving what would cast a negative light on Trump. The globalist hate this man, which should tell everyone that Trump has arrived on the seen at a time which is critical to them. In my opinion Clinton was the puppet that all of them sought to finish the job Obama and others have done, to finalize there legal framework for the global government, spoken of in scripture. Its also my view, that Obama new from the very beginning the need for the Clinton foundation, and global fund, to remain under cover. Now that its becoming public, many in Washington, including Obama, and the foreign entities involved, especially in the middle east, has cast a light on their dark secrets, and Obama will not allow his justice department, and the FBI, to take a part in any globalist prosecution. He new Hilary’s email server was set up from the beginning, and probably approved of it, because of the role she plays in the NWO agenda. Lets pray that Trump has a landslide vote, that they can’t overcome. America has been in the hands of a socialist muslim, who is radical in ideology, and Clinton is a heathen socialist who is a main political player in US politics. Both she and Bill are Bilderberg puppets. Brother, your one of the few on the internet who lets facts and truth expose falsehood, and now you find yourself exposing those who present untruth, for true journalism. Good job Greg, people can rely on you, and that means more than anything. You always attempt to let unbias truth show the way.

    • Greg Hunter

      Nice comment and analysis Don!

    • Paul ...

      Don … you are right on … everything that Hillary “is” … our Main Stream Media “projects onto Trump” … Hillary is incompetent to be President (so Trump is declared incompetent to be President) … Hillary is a raving “loony tune” (so Trump is declared a raving loony tune) … etc., etc., etc. …
      So to all you Democrats … if you really want to know “what you are getting” when you vote for Hillary … just look at what the Main Stream Media is saying about Trump!!

  61. coalburner

    Great job Greg; I am with Codger, watch the BP!
    Codger and Chip, thanks, I am with you on your comments.
    Jerry , heard any more about the EMP?

    Maybe this is why the Chemtrails have slowed so much.
    I might be getting a little twisted but I am tired of the kids protecting the left-tards and criminals. Time to let some of them go and stay home ad wait for the enemy to start it here. I think 50 million of us can handle them after the ranks of the Clinton voters are thinned say 200 million of them. Sorry, just tired of these lying pieces of Democraps and all knowing Repubs in DC..

    • Charles H

      There’s a saying – ‘get tired IN the work; but don’t get tired OF the work.’ Hang in there.

  62. Sayonara

    As I have said previously, the MSM will obliterate Trump and is doing so. Trump cannot fight back because the MSM will not allow him access to the media portals. Meanwhile, the MSM is openly and proudly lying and deceiving the American people in the most outrageous act of treason this country has ever seen. I am afraid its all over because a majority of the American people are too stupid to know what has and is happening to them. I am furiously pissed off and I am not giving up and will be kicking it up notch.
    BTW – I learned a new angle on economics this week:
    Capitalism is the poor’s only chance and way to economic and financial prosperity.
    Socialism ensures economic and social oppression to the masses and grand fortunes and control to the elites.
    We are living in revolutionary times and need to act accordingly.
    Thanks for all you do as you are a champion of the truth.
    Be well and strong.

    • Greg Hunter

      The MSM has already a lot of it’s power and you are witnessing it’s path to total irrelevance. The MSM has put up a terrible openly and admittedly biased political attack. This will back fire as it is now apparent to the average person. They have admitted they are no longer news operations and there will be a price to pay especially when Trump gets elected. And, look how you are commenting here but not at CNN?? Why? It is apparent it (CNN/MSM) is no longer relevant. “Fear Not” and “never, never, never give up!!”

      • Sayonara

        I appreciate your words of encouragement. However, my wife, my father in-law and most of my friends and co-workers listen to CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and NPR as their main news sources. They think Fox is biased and that I am a extremist lunatic because I patronize USA Watchdog, Brietbart, Zero Hedge and other alternative news sites that they interpret as extreme.
        The concern that I have is that main stream Americans are still are listening and obeying the MSM as the MSM lies, cheats and steals. Remember, the Germans fell for the socialist NAZIs and I am very afraid that the Americans will fall for the socialist CLINTONISTAS which in my opinion will turn out to be much worse than the NAZIs. The CLINTONISTAS are advocating the importation of hundreds of thousands of muslims into the west. And those radical jihadists who are and will be embedded with immigrants that the CLINTONISTAS are going to import not only do they hate want to Jews, they want to kill all of us. So the potential for an exponential holocaust is very real and of grave concern.
        This is the scariest time of our lives and a majority of Americans are absolutely clueless.
        There is no choice but to have No Fear and Fear Not.
        I can only say is that I am increasingly having No Fear and Fearing Not.
        Thank you!

        • Greg Hunter

          All the people you mentioned are probably all over 40. Am I correct? If the MSM were so powerful Trump would have never made it as far as he got. Never give up. It’s a bold new world out there, and the MSM is on its way to irrelevance.

  63. Mark Tipping

    just checking that you’ve seen THIS one …
    I hope so …
    TRUMP Prophecy Updates 7-18-16 – Mark Taylor

  64. vincent_g

    Ok – get ready for the fall


    It’s this type of brainless thinking that sends us off the cliff.

    The new mantra is don’t wait for inflation to raise rates.
    Let raise it now before inflation shows it’s ugly head.

    I can’t believe these people graduated any schools.

    • JC Davis

      V G the days of Greenspan are over.

  65. 8Ball

    Trump kicks butt in PA…

  66. RTW

    Hillary and her minions are not going to let this election get away from them, no matter what it takes. The fact that she’s still standing, is nothing short of a miracle given all the scandals swirling around her. She has the MSM, the DOJ, and Wall St. in her pocket. She lies so frequently she can’t even be truthful about how she got her name. Sanders readily became a threat so they had to devise a way to get rid of him. The FBI was next, so Bill had to step in and take care of that. Anybody who had damning information, that could possibly get through the filter of the MSM, met with misfortune. They’re not even going to let her health stand in the way. She’ll continue, even if it’s in an iron lung. The GOP are even doing their best to see that she gets in, with all their shenanigans. I’m afraid the stars are lining up
    to guarantee yet another disasterous election.

    • Paul ...

      Hillary (in an iron lung) can made President in 2016 by the elite … in 2020 (with her brain downloaded into a computer) the elite will tell Americans to elect “the first computer” as President … and when the Hillary computer gets hacked by Russia … the elite will finally have their excuse to declare WWIII.

    • 8Ball

      I agree, it appears to be an all out, last-ditch, effort to get the wicked witch in the white house. Even at Drudge Report the news cycle has shifted away from her health and campaign foibles to the leaking of congressional contact info and the disastrous Rio Olympics.

      • Charles H

        Full court press.

  67. clare doll

    Doesn’t Hillary have to win — either that or Trump will have her prosecuted. Even if she isn’t prosecuted for the Secretary of State problems, she’s still open for Clinton Foundation . . . .

    • frederick

      Clare wouldnt Obama give her a presidential pardon before leaving office?

  68. Just'n Observer

    An EXCELLENT EXPLAINATION of what Trump wants to save the U.S. from that American’s do not recognize!
    READ :

    • Greg Hunter

      Good stuff J – O!! Thank you.

  69. mickey byrnes

    We live in a polarized world created by the powers that be. Greg is awesome hitting the center better know as the real world. awesome energy .. awesome content a life well lived Thx

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mickey.

  70. pat the rat

    Greg I think that you are to complicated ,take off your blinders!Hillary Clinton is closer to a nursing home then the White House.Look with your eyes and not your mind ,and you will see the truth!

  71. JC Davis

    G 500. I checked today to see if I could have more then one address and still vote. I am going to vote for trump just to watch the house win in this casino. Love you man.

  72. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, Clinton and her MSM cronies may well get “mailed”, what if a hacker is waiting about a week or 10 days before the election to unload about 3o,ooo e-mails which were deleted as only talking about their daughters wedding, etc. What if she also knows its coming, what will she do? Will Comey & Obama and company stop here from holding the Democratic banner; Comey by charging her this time, Obama by asking the party to reject her and put in Biden. Who knows, but I have a funny feeling something is coming down.

  73. Gina M Mancarella


    Hillary is the peoples champion. She is taking the high road and shoring up her platform of peace, love and hope for ALL Americans. Trumps politics of divisiveness and threats and vitriol will end in his defeat. As I have said many times and it is true now as it will be tomorrow …. the votes are in the bag. No amount of smearing, swearing, threatening, browbeating or jumping up and down is going to change the outcome. You see Greg, you are right when you say that God is in control and his choice is Hillary. It is written in the stars. It is written in the heavens because everyone needs a champion and Hillary wants to be that champion. Greg, she even wants to be your champion, but you dont seem to want to listen to her message of peace, hope and love. People all over the nation need to ask themselves what they want out of a leader. Do we want a leader that enjoys our country going down in the face of a newly empowered enemy like Russia? People need to ask the hard questions and make the difficult choices that every adult makes. For me, the choice is clear. I am standing up for Hillary. I hope you will too.

    • Greg Hunter

      You mean Hillary is the peoples crooked liar, traitor, “extremely reckless” champion, with a global charity rip-off that’s been called a “huge, huge criminal conspiracy.” by a retired Assistant FBI Director.

      Oh yeah, I forgot to add that FBI Director Comey also (basically) said Hillary is incompetent.

    • RTW

      Glad to hear you finally admit how your “wonder woman” will get in. …”the votes are in the bag”. Just like they were in the primary. Bernie was wiping the floor with her, but somehow she rose to the top. You know, similarly like pond scum.

  74. Paul ...

    Everyone … this may sound outrageous, bizarre and even demonic to some … but lets put God back in our corner by returning our nation to “the fundamental principles” espoused by God … and make the 10 Commandments the basis of a new social contract for America! … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=357hEojMX0k

    • Greg Hunter

      How about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ? Let’s not forget God the Father and His Son.

  75. Mark Tipping

    I ‘luv” this post of yours Greg, thank you !!! , & congratulations
    I hope it retains it’s prominent position for as long as possible

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mark.

  76. oneno

    Your vote doesn’t count for you because you are voting for an officer of a corporation that operates on the admiralty jurisdiction, that is, the justriction of the sea and not the jurisdiction of the law. The corporation operating on the jurisdiction of the sea does not operate under the US Constitution which is the code of the Land.

    So…, Listen to Judge Anna von Reitz on how to reclaim your true pollitical status and to reconvey your Estate and your NAME back off the jurisdiction of the Sea and back on to the jurisdiction of the Land so “they” cannot mess with you. “they” being the fake CORPORATION that is “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”

    Published on Feb 24, 2016

    Judge Anna Riezinger talks about the Evil (Unlawful Legal scam) pushed by the LEGAL FRAUD BAR Association Secret Society, the gatekeepers, hiding crimes (via legalese) for the Bankster controlled Corporate Governments that infest the world TODAY. And how to remove the BANKSTER Controlled FRAUD CRIMINAL LEGALESE PARASITES. (Lawyers, Attorneys, fake Judges all legalese BAR members).
    GUILTY OF PERSONAGE: the crime of knowingly misrepresenting a living man or woman as a legal fiction – some form of corporation, such as a trust, public utility, or foundation.

    GUILTY OF BARRATRY: Named after the BAR Association for good reason. The crime of knowingly bringing false claims & charges based on PERSONAGE in order to use foreign statutory law against living people.
    Also Anna’s book here.

    GUILTY OF PRESS-GANGING: Impressment, colloquially, “the press” or the “press gang”, refers to the act of taking men into a navy by force and with or without notice. Navies of several nations used forced recruitment by various means.

  77. oneno

    Greg, it your duty to become familiar with the fraudulent CORPORATION operating as the THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

    There is a WAY to free the men and women living on the continent.

    Your listeners themselves must become familiar with these issues and actually make the effort themselves to wrest back control of their status and rights of living free will men standing on the land! They must not expect someone else to do this for them. This means they will have to put in the time to erect their Government that opperate under the CONSTITUTION – the code operating on the LAND.

    Listen to Judge Ann Von Reitz on how the people of these united States have been tricked into ceeding their status, property, and rights into an international jurisdiction operating under Admiralty Law.

  78. John Q. Public

    Is it really any surprise that news is fraudulent? This is what happens when the rich literally get away with murder, major corporations commit felonies as a core business strategy… eventually everything and everyone will be fraudulent. I tell you the only reason I am voting for Trump is I want him to go to D.C. and fire everyone (yeah, I know he can’t really do that but I can dream the impossible dream). And yeah I don’t care if Trump pulls out a gun and shoots someone on live TV… if I’m on the Jury he is innocent and he is still getting my vote. This is what it looks like when John Q. Public is fed up with the feds.

    • Greg Hunter

      John Q,
      What is a surprise is they n(MSM/Legacy Media) are lying and telling us they are proud to do it.

  79. donna

    I have not commented before on your site but am a avid reader. I keep reading comments of how the msm is committing treason with all the lies they continue to feed the public. I agree with this 100%, but under the NDAA wasn’t it made legal to lie to us . To feed us propaganda without fear of prosecution? Why wasn’t everyone screaming then? I know I was. I may have read it wrong and it was made legal for our government to do this and not the MSM? but aren’t they one and the same.

    • Greg Hunter

      It is now legal for the government to lie to us which is outrageous. It is another thing all together when privately held companies that hold themselves out as “news” organizations lie and are proud of it. This is even MORE outrageous!! Thank you for your support and comment.

  80. Bill


    Thanks for the great job You are doing here. You have moved up to my first slot in “Get Real America”!

    You have been and are striking a nerve with real Americans. Look at the emails rolling into your website!!

    God Bless You Greg for what you do.

    Be careful and always watch your back. I don’t want to scare You; but, You should ALWAYS be in the company of only those You trust. Avoid being alone at any time. Lay low. Things (including your exposure) will only escalate between now and the election.

    (Take a break with a couple of trusted friends or a companion. Do a picnic, a hike or something – something simple and relaxing. It will help you release some of your stress. You really need to – in order to get ready for next week. It will be more of the same only worst starting tomorrow.)


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Bill! That is a big complement because I have big (and good) competition.

  81. Oxfarmer

    I have always laughed when someone thinks it will be easy to turn your yard into a garden. First, how much real soil is there? Contractors scoop it up, lay only a thin bit over the remaining hardpan, rocks, buried trash (by them), fling a good bit of Contractor Mix quick growing grass over it all and leave town.

    Dig down a little and see what you have. If it isn’t dark brown and friable, you have months of work ahead amending the soil with rotted compost and whatever minerals your area requires.

    Got seeds? Those CA hybrids with the long days to harvest will not help you in Maine. Then, you have you know how and when to plant. Some must be started indoors, transplanted and hardened off. If these are unusual words, get cracking with books like ‘Growing Food When It Counts’.

    Got bugs? Got diseases? If you didn’t plant disease resistant types for your area, you can lose all those cukes.

    Got tools? That cheap hoe you bought for a Halloween costume will pay you hellishly every day you use it. Find the right, high quality tools and sharpen them.

    Bet this adds to your prep list!

  82. Dan The Man

    Great newscast once again Greg. I love how you expose the propaganda for what it is!

    Little tidbit about the Oracle of Omaha and his “unannounced” private meeting with President Obama back in 2010. This meeting is what killed the X-L Pipeline and all the good paying jobs it would have created. By killing the pipeline Mr Buffet got to keep all that Bakken crude oil on his BNSF trains being transported in the least efficient way and most dangerous way possible.

    Obama being against the pipeline had nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with trading favors with Warren Buffet (if I remember correctly he purchased several billion of Citibank in return for squashing the X-L Pipeline)

  83. Mark Tipping

    The polls are rigged, by the cheats/liars/frauds/’rulers’/rigsters/media complicit liars
    … the people who ‘got away with’ killing JFK …
    the people who ‘got away with’ 9/11 (the inside job)
    & & &
    Bill/Hillary/Obama &Co …..

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