$174,000 per Ounce Gold Not Funny–Scary – Jim Sinclair & Bill Holter

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday release)

Renowned gold and financial expert Jim Sinclair and financial writer Bill Holter are sounding the alarm now on global financial markets starting to burn down and implode. Sinclair and Holter are business partners at the popular financial website JSMineset.com. Sinclair explains, “‘When’ is the question we are asked constantly by our viewers and readers. . . . ‘When’ is a period of time all of this comes to fruition, meaning the date. . . .‘When’ is now. . . . This is the beginning of something few expect. This has very little to no precedent in history. . . . The system has been unwinding for a significant amount of time, but now is a point in time it is being recognized, especially by those enormous centers of wealth that have robbed so much from so many who are long fiat currency and must convert into something that is real. . . . If you are bankrupt, the way to fix it is to face it–and we are. We have not faced it, but rather made it worse. . . . The price of gold has to equal the liabilities. . . . If we don’t have gold, then it is whatever the price China and Russia wish it to be. If we do have gold, the mathematics work out to be slightly under $20,000 an ounce. I don’t believe we have the gold.”

Holter adds, “The $20,000 per ounce number would be just the debt foreigners hold. If you used the total (federal) debt of $21 trillion, the number is $87,000 per ounce. If you add the number of ‘missing money’ (from HUD and DOD) that Catherine Austin Fitts and Professor Mark Skidmore came up with of another $21 trillion ‘missing,’ you double that gold price. So, you are at $174,000 per ounce.”

Sinclair also points out, “Is there any question why central banks are so interested in using methods of bullying and creating a false market by using counterfeit gold when you realize how difficult the situation actually is?”

A few years ago, Jim Sinclair predicted the price of gold would hit $50,000 per ounce, and some laughed at him. Now, Sinclair says, “$50,000 per ounce price of gold would be a very low estimate. I will tell you one thing, $1,200 per ounce is a joke.”

Holter says, “Equity markets are levitated. Interest rates have been dropped to zero. Gold and silver have been suppressed. The reason being is the markets have to support the MOPE (Management Of Perspective Economics). In other words, they have to be able to point to markets and say, see, everything is okay. Just look at the markets.”

Sinclair says, “It’s a product of a psychological operation, if you will.”

Sinclair also says, “It’s going to be a Friday to Monday event. There is going to be an explosion, and the explosion is a change. It may blow your mind, but the explosion would not be three or four months or a year in upticks in these items (gold and silver prices). Oh, they are going to uptick. That’s for sure. The finality of this is going to be the reset. . . .It is going to be something entirely new that doesn’t exist now. It may be engineered and not happening by natural causes. . . .You need to know who President Trump is, what he is a master of and what tools he has used effectively as part of his business. It’s not “The Art of the Deal,” it’s the science of bankruptcy.”

How bad is it going to get? Holter sums it all up when he says, “The world is Venezuela.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Jim Sinclair and Bill Holter of JSMineset.com in an in-depth exclusive interview.

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After the Interview:

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  1. Chip2

    Greg, off-topic, but this pedophilia stuff is cracking wide-open. Please look up the “Jamie Dlux” channel on Youtube. That guy has been doing a lot of independent work on putting the puzzle together. He’s bold and naturally smart. Might be good to interview him. Language warning on his videos, though.

    • This Sceptred Isle

      The sacrifices will be the next level to penetrate.

    • The Canuck

      It has been reported this past week in Canadian national news that the Roman Catholic Church is once again under the magnifying glass for issues of pedophilia. The individual in question has been issued house arrest. The elite protecting their own !

      • This Sceptred Isle

        Hierarchical systems are the Demiurge’s favourite method of control. They are the most efficient way of facilitating control of the many by the few. The Demiurge also loves globalisation, as it is the most effective way of centralising power and placing control of the masses in the hands of fewer individuals. The Demiurge can then control these global power centres by controlling those individuals (the elites). So the grip is strengthened by imposing hierarchical systems on the people and increasing national and global integration of these hierarchical structures. Nobody ever called the Demiurge stupid!

        • Brent Jones/ BJ

          The Malachi Prophecies will prove to be true!

    • Tea For One

      EVERYBODY, please look up The ITNJ, International Tribunal for Natural Justice, which is going after the worldwide satanic pedophiles.



  2. paul ...

    Now lets see … with gold at $174,000 dollars per ounce … silver (even at the current gold silver ratio of 80) should rise to $2175 per ounce … with a gold silver ratio at a more reasonable 25 … silver should rocket to $6960 dollars per ounce … but logically based upon current mining statistics … where 5 ounces of silver are mined for every ounce of gold ( a gold silver ratio of 5) … silver’s rise will be an incredulous $34,800 dollars per ounce … will the government send swat teams to each Americans home to seize their silver coins? … not too likely … as explained very well here … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xi6gM1THMYU

    • paul ...

      Worst case … all our gold is in Fort Knox and therefore gold only goes to $20,000 dollars per ounce … and silver (with a worst case gold to silver ratio of 80) only goes to $250 dollars per ounce (still over 15 times your money)!

    • This Sceptred Isle

      It sounds absurd until you remember what bitcoin did in a year.

      • paul ...

        TSI … Let’s all keep in mind the first re-set will be a “fake re-set” … so don’t trade in your physical gold and silver coins for SDR’s … SDR’s are just”another fiat piece of paper” printed up “by crooks even worse then the Fed” (if you can imagine any crooks being worse then the Fed who took our 100 cent US dollar down to two cents in the span of one lifetime) … we must all wait for the “real re-set” to take place … when “paper” issued by the US Treasury is backed by gold “as required by our Constitution” that the Demon-rats want to rip up!!

    • William Stanley

      paul . . ., I enjoyed your link, thanks.

    • The Canuck

      As per Martin Armstrong’s research, when the Roman soldiers (the police force of the day) we’re no longer paid they turned and sacked the city. One would have to expect anything could happen.

    • ConcAmDad

      Greg is it still 2014? Sinclair said we wouldn’t get past fall of that year. Now the pin’s been pulled again. I think it’s telling when holter says things like “ what is it 3,5,7,10…….” they’ve been saying the same things for years. It was unthinkable for 10 trillion to double- yet here we are. Same thing will be said at 40 trillion? Apparently “they” are in control. Why didn’t trump stick with the truth? It may have been easier to wake people up with truths, such as fake bubbles, fudged numbers…… now he runs with the pack taking credit for the frauds. Is he waiting til his third term to do something about the rampant criminality? They’re always waiting til the next election….. and on and on it goes, dow rips up anothe 250 !!!

      • Greg Hunter


        Ignore it then. Everything is going to be OK.


      • Beverly Kingsford


        The difference in our “now” is that there is so much other corruption going on that is being uncovered. And, Hillary would rather take this whole country down and all the corrupt people she knows of, than she, herself, be put in jail. So, if it looks like she will be indicted and put in jail, you can bet that she will use knowledge of other people’s crap, as leverage. So, all this truth that’s coming out about other crimes from all directions, is going to bring everything to a head. They will kill WHOEVER they need to, to cover up their crimes. Chaos is their goal, anyway. Death is their goal. They don’t care how many deaths they cause in all of this chaos. Trump is bringing all the corruption to a head because he is exposing the wicked. The wrongs have to be righted if we want to ever have a free country again. This is happening now. Just watch the puss in this zit continue to collect. It will explode soon. Babies are being sacrificed. God will not stand by and watch— on and on. God will bring justice.

  3. Gina M Mancarella


    I hate to inform you, but gold and silver are not going to be anyone’s savior. . . . (This is Greg Hunter and the above title is why I don’t post much from “Gina.”)

    • JC

      Hi Greg, don’t worry about posting stuff from “Gina” , she always provides a good laugh.

      • paul ...

        What is not going to be a laughing matter to Gina is seeing Greg sell one of his 1 oz silver coins he paid only $16 dollars for (near the bottom) … for an incredible sum of $34,800 dollars … obviously precious metals are not going to be Gina’s savior as she withdraws $34,800 dollars from her bank account to buy that one silver coin Greg is selling (near the top)!

    • Mike R

      Spineless worm is an oxymoron. And Gina certainly is the moron here.

      • Diana Dee Jarvis

        Actually “spineless worm” is a tautology because it’s repetitive. An oxymoron is a phrase that contradicts itself. Gina’s yelling in all caps certainly shows some kind of devolution though. Shouting insults at the guy running the website doesn’t strike me as an effective way to get one’s message published.

      • Bob

        Actually it is not an oxymoron, because worms are actually spineless. An oxymoron is a term comprised of contradictory words so perhaps you are the moron.

      • R Grange

        Everybody here thinking this paranoid garbage of Gold 20k or whatever is
        smoking pot!

        • Frederick

          R Grange NO not really Look at the leverage and the debt worldwide You will be proven the fool

        • Beverly Kingsford

          We know that gold is going to skyrocket, but the high it reaches isn’t really important. It will only be used for trade and buying things for a short time period anyway. Food and things we would normally buy at the store, are going to be the real valuables. Especially food. Most people don’t grow gardens, and where are they going to get food?!! It will become SO valuable, and people will need it to keep their own families alive. People will not trade food for gold, even, when it comes right down to it in the end.

    • H. Craig Bradley


      Muscular girl (Gina) kicks “sand” in wimpy Greg Hunter’s face at the beach. Remember the urban legend about bodybuilder Charles Atlas ?

  4. FC

    Everyone here knows $1200 an ounce gold is a joke, but how many here have heard this joke?

    The Mother-in-law of a work colleague, unfortunately, passed away in Israel while she was on her around the world holiday.

    The Son-in-law took the call from the Bureau of Consular Affairs notifying him of the tragedy and asked whether he would like to have the body buried in Israel or flown back home at a cost of $5000?

    The Son-in-law immediately answered ‘I want the body flown home’.

    The Consular officer was curious why he had chosen the more expensive option and asked him that very question.

    The Son-in-law replied ‘I’ve heard a story of a person who was buried over there and 3 days later he rose from the dead and I ain’t willing to take that chance’.

    • William Stanley

      FC: LOL! Pretty good “mother-in-law” joke.

  5. Mark James

    Wow!! Amazing interview! Very interesting that **they** came to you, Greg, to do this interview. That shows a lot of respect they have for you and USA Watchdog!

    I hope people really take this to heart and act. We all know this has been coming, but now it is here. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

    Thank you so much to Jim, Bill, and you Greg!!!

    • paul ...

      Mark … Remember Jim Sinclair has many powerful contacts in banking and the stock markets … so when he puts the dots together based upon his banking and stock market sources … you have to respect his analysis of what is likely to happen more then any other gold analyst putting the dots together!

  6. BJ Reid

    Eye opening interview and maybe your best ever..
    Don’t know how you managed to get Sinclair & Holter on with
    what they felt was very urgent and most important info .
    Great job … You really knocked it out of the park with this one.

    • Beverly Kingsford

      I really liked how Bill Holter gave credit to John Williams for his nuts and bolts work. That was great of Bill to give credit where credit is due. Thanks Bill for the great reference!

  7. Derek Sinclair

    Good stuff. I knew the markets were artificial but it takes a bit of lateral thinking from that to realise that they don’t in fact really exist. When you realise that they don’t actually exist in any real sense you realise how close we could be to that long weekend where everything changes. It could be this weekend. I buy into all of this and some may consider me to be stupid. But consider this: even if you don’t buy into this (like I do), can you say it is not going to happen with 100% certainty? If you say that then I may be stupid but you must be a real idiot. Unless you are an idiot and you are 100% convinced that this is ALL baloney where’s the harm in buying some physical gold or silver? Remember, even traditional brokers and investment managers recommend that you have at least 10% of your assets in gold (and that would have to be physical gold not worthless paper). Based on the gold price figures being discussed, that 10% would preserve all of your wealth and then some.

    • Derek Sinclair

      I should point out that I have PhD in chemistry and microbiology, so how much of an idiot can I really be?

      • Greg Hunter

        That doesn’t make you worth listening to.

      • This Sceptred Isle

        I trust you…as long as you don’t work for big pharma…

        • paul ...

          What all the banksters who run the economy have in common is that they don’t focus their minds to see the “real truth” … and by not observing the “real economic truth” … it can take on many probabilities (or shades of truth) … sort of like when scientists don’t focus their observation on an electron when doing the double slit experiment and it loses its physical form and becomes a wave … what scientists have come to realize through quantum experiments is that humans (just like electrons) can have a physical body or a wave (or spiritual) nature … but in order to exist as a physical entity in the real world we must remain focused “continually observing what is going on around us” … otherwise our physical body begins to become “non-physical” … similarly with the precious metal, stock, bond and derivative markets … the less the banksters focus on the reality of the entities they are dealing with … the more they don’t in fact really exist (just as Jim Sinclair says) … and these entities (cash, bonds, derivatives, etc.) simply become a probabilistic figment of the banksters imagination!!

          • paul ...

            You know … immortality may simply come down to us just continually observing ourselves and doing what is right … because as we begin to “block out of our consciousness” all the wrong things we do in our lifetime (we continually weaken our physical form) … and thus progressively become “more wave-like” until we eventually die away like a wave in a pond!!

            • This Sceptred Isle

              You should watch Ant Man and the Wasp.

            • paul ...

              Quantum mechanics (shown by the electron double slit experiment) provides humanity an important lesson … and it should be learned by the evil warmongers and child murderers of this world … evil deeds doom you to death … if you are seeking immortality … continually observe what is right, positive and good … that is what reinforces your physical body … that … is the secret to immortality … while turning your head to evil weakens your physical body and eventually your life force is scattered like a wave and fades away!

              • paul ...

                Research confirms that our consciousness affects matter and that the choices we make in life (good or bad) has a profound effect on our physical body … we must not be distracted from focusing our attention on doing good otherwise the physical universe itself can collapse … this is exactly how God the Father used his consciousness to create matter! … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRSBaq3vAeY

        • Jim

          I knew numerous honor students at a midwest university. One of the smartest could get lost going around the block. A few honors engneers would come get the farm boy when their cars didn’t start in the winter. They were all great fun to know and landed great careers. Credentials aren’t the whole story. Smart and stupid comes in all kinds of wrappers.

    • Tin foil hat

      “Remember, even traditional brokers and investment managers recommend that you have at least 10% of your assets in gold”
      Who’s your broker and investment manager? They must be pretty honest since I don’t know one broker who has given me that recommendation. I have one who told me to stop reading crazy conspiracy on the Internet.
      Btw, I don’t have a PhD but I’m good at mathematics.

  8. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: If that doesn’t motivate us to do what we have to do, nothing will. Thanks.

    • William Stanley

      P.S.: Despite the wonderfulness of the interview, I wish that you and Messers. Sinclair and Holter would have put less emphasis on the dollar price of gold and silver. Although neither you nor they have ever implied (and did not here) that dollars will be worth much if anything in the end, the unwary could walk from away from this thinking that one could secure a comfortable retirement with 10 or 20 ounces of gold.
      However, the pertinent question is more like how many ounces of gold will it take to buy a house, a car, or a BigMac. In other words, we need to focus on how gold and silver will appreciate relative to real things.
      In my opinion, the purchasing power of gold (and, especially silver) will rise dramatically relative not only to stocks and (particularly) bonds, but relative to houses, cars and BigMacs as well. I’m just not very confident by how much; however, I’m guessing something on the order of 5 to 10 times. That’s still way higher than historical norms, but in the long term the demand for gold and silver as money will also be much higher in real terms, I think, than indicated by historical norms. This is because both will become relatively more scarce relative to real stuff despite future technological and productivity improvements. Moreover, silver will gain in value as an industrial resource as well as in its function as money.
      Nevertheless, as Chris Martenson likes to remind us, fertile land, water, oil, and all manner of other minerals and natural resources (like insects) are also getting more scarce relative to the world population and may also outstrip the ability of technological improvements to keep up. This factor will tend to reduce the purchasing power of gold and (less so) silver in the future RELATIVE TO WHAT THAT PURCHASING POWER WOULD OTHERWISE BE.
      I know that Messers. Sinclair and Holter know all this. And so do you and much of your audience. So please forgive my cautionary observations if you deem them redundant, unnecessary or just plain wrong.

      • This sceptred Isle

        People dismiss gold as a ‘barbarous relic’ or quaint anachronism, but I think, in the ensuing panic its simplicity will be its strength. When the overly complex financial system begins to implode, investors will realise that nobody really understands it, and will seek simplicity.

        • William Stanley

          TSI: Great point about the merits of simplicity!

        • WD


          Yes Much like the AK 47 (simplicity) vs M16 (complex)
          Guess which one never fails you.

          • Greg Hunter

            Lots of improvements to the M16.

            • WD

              Yes I know…They are better. A lot better

              my time in the military went from M16 A1-A2-M4. when I got out…Still a tight system…sand and dirt are its enemy. I was there when we went to Iraq with our rifles in plastic bags.

              My point was slimplicity is genius; hammer, nail, scissors etc…Russians perfect a firearm through simplicity.
              Not bad that a 75 year old design still domintaes the world firearms market.
              Thanks as always for letting me comment here

        • Frederick

          Like they say “ keep it simple stupid” Rings true today more than ever before Gold and Silver are as simple as money gets The base of the money stability pyramid

      • K. Wayne

        You missed some of the critical points made by JS and BH.
        Gold re-priced based on EXISTING debt.
        That is HERE and NOW.
        The inflated price simply recognizes what should already be.
        Gold re-balances the Balance Sheet of the USA.
        The inflation is already present.

      • paul ...

        William … your just being a realist … although a one ounce silver coin may rise to be worth $34,800 dollars … the question becomes … what will that $34,800 dollars buy us?? … hopefully it is going to be more then dinner at Wendy’s or McDonald’s that currently costs about a 1 oz silver coin!! … however paying off our debts with that $34,800 dollars (home, car, credit cards, etc., etc.) we will definitely make out on the deal (unless we righteously paid off all our debts)!!

      • Jean-David Beyer

        “the unwary could walk from away from this thinking that one could secure a comfortable retirement with 10 or 20 ounces of gold.”

        That would be a seriously deficient way of thinking. My guess is that 10 or 20 ounces of gold will have the same purchasing power after the total collapse of fiat currencies as they do now. The dollar value of those ounces will be much more, but the purchasing power of those dollars will have declined.

        I have some one-ounce pieces of gold, but since the number I have now is not enough to retire on, it will not be enough to retire on once the excrement hits the ventilator.

  9. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter ,Mr Holter and Mr Sinclair,a trio of thought.The ideas discussed are indeed unpalatable to the majority but the sheer writs of force daily are a reality yet still so many turn away from the solution.The oligarchs within the security forces are stripping us dry and leaving the USA like the former Soviet Union,a concentration of wealth and privilege on an unprecedented scale and death and despair for us plebs.Sadly the light upon the hill is flickering in its death throes.
    We outside the USA are indeed in deep pain beware.

  10. Anthony Australia

    This was what I’ve been waiting for a very long time.
    My friends were watching football today on TV, then I tuned into USAWD and jumped into the air. They honestly think I’d lost the plot, when in fact my superstars are right here.

    Thank you!!!

  11. H. Craig Bradley


    I think if you consult economist Martin A. Armstrong and ask him about gold and silver he might respond maybe $5,000 an ounce someday. However, the conditions have to be right, including a total loss in confidence in our (Federal) Government. In fact, this process is already advanced now in South Africa under current (black) leadership, as the President of South Africa now intends to expropriate farms and land ( from original Dutch Settlers) without any compensation. If you fight or try to hold-on, you either are beaten-up (badly) or as often as not, just murdered on-the-spot by mobs of angry black Africans. Since they have no agricultural skills, mass starvation often follows such foolish policies. As to be expected, as its just gross mismanagement.

    A race-based civil war quickly becomes “fight or flight” for most White South Afrikaners. Confidence in their government is already in precipitous decline. Gold thrives under these conditions, as the currency usually tanks right along with the economy. In a vain effort to fix the broken monetary system, those in political authority try to raise interest rates to halt the debasement of their money. It usually fails anyway (Venezuela). This could happen here someday, but not for now.

    So, anything even close to $174,000/ounce probably means your whole system ( government and financial ) has already failed and is in the later stages of collapse, just like in Venezuela or Zimbabwe currently. No food, no services, no currency and now at the very end, hyperinflation to finish it all off. Only practical, useful items in short supply have real value in what becomes largely a barter economy. Basic subsistence only.

    Remember, Gold is not edible. You have to flee for your life and with only what you are wearing ( gold jewelry) or bullion coins. (Corrupt) border guards may help lighten your load on the way. Where can most Americans hope to go? Few, very few will have a second residence and passport already lined-up overseas in a friendly nation. Our cities would empty into the countryside and depopulate like Rome gradually did in 320 A.D. Life becomes a struggle and is shorter and infinitely harder for most everyone.

    Just take a look at history and reality. For example, the former residents of Rome initially were fleeing their own government’s onerous taxes, which they could not afford to pay. So, they just walked-away into the countryside. A major earthquake in California ( San Andreas ) might cause the same affect regionally. Damaged properties (homes) would be abandoned in-mass and just left standing. Millions of destitute migrants or refugees would just hit the road going out-of-town. Many would probably die of starvation with any gold they had still in their pockets. Gold is of limited value after a collapse has occurred for any reason, even just a regional one.

    • Greg Hunter

      Gold is not edible and either are dollars.

      • JC

        That is a beautiful response, I never thought of that.
        But I think it’s “neither” not “either” , but I could be wrong.

      • H. Craig Bradley


        Most good prepping sites recognize you need to have the means ( know-how, food, water, seed) to cultivate and grow your own vegetable garden. It can be done in both Urban or Rural environments too. Look at South Africa, once the number one or number two gold producer in the world. Gold mine output is now in long term decline and not just in South Africa. Long term, there are few sizeable new gold reserves being discovered and mined globally. Production is in decline. Eventually, the price of gold will reflect this trend. However, the process of reversing a trend takes a long time.

        Gold is nice for jewelry and adornment, but its farming that keeps a country fed and stable. As Black South African Politicians take by force without compensation the farms worked by Dutch South Afrikaners, famine will come just like it did with similar practices in Mugabe’s Zimbabwe. Of the 4,500 working farms once in Zimbabwe ( formerly the “bread basket of Africa” ) given away to landless black peasants via socialist land redistribution schemes, only 300 producing farms remain. All the rest lie fallow.

        Zimbabwe must now import food but can’t pay for it with no currency. Another misguided socialist government policy that did not work. Theoretically, Gold would buy your food at whatever the prevailing price is in your country and currency. However in Africa, the right of conquest is a very long tradition and is still practiced by the tribes in the majority. Its no contest either. The former “haves” must leave hastily and flee for their lives as refugees. The ones who remain are usually brutally murdered or marginalized and slowly starve to death. The govt. took their gold.

        • Beverly Kingsford


          I TOTALLY agree with you. Food production is the most valuable thing, and knowing how to preserve your own food is very valuable. Having the equipment to do so is important. Every household out there can only store so much in their houses, so storage can become a problem. If people are so destitute that they will not sell or trade their food, then the hungry will die. Brigham Young, the founder of UTAH talks about these kinds of things in his discourses. He talks about how cultivating the land is so much more important than seeking after metals. Really, the true wealth comes down to people coming together and working together in some kind of Amish-like community, with every person contributing and working to grow food, chickens, cows, milk, eggs, butter and all those things. This is what we are going to HAVE to do in order to survive—gather together in communities that are full of people willing to WORK!

      • al

        Gold first, then food and necessities. H. Floridians by in large are preppers. During a hurricane gold is not usable, however, after the hurricane gold will not only buy you food, it will buy you the store!

        • Roger D

          Floridians are by and large preppers? Have you walked into a Florida Walmart 48 hours before a hurricane was expected to hit? Or a Home Depot looking for a sheet of plywood? All you will get with gold coins is a mugging.

        • H. Craig Bradley

          More likely gold was good for barter in Puerto Rico months after their Hurricane wiped-out their power grid.

      • H. Craig Bradley


    • Jodyp

      Fleeing for my life is not in my mindset. This is my home.

      • Scott

        Same here.

        Have extra food, water, meds, and means to defend myself. If that isn’t enough, oh well then it’s just my appointed time. I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior in the summer of 1992. Trusting Him like the Bible tells me to is all the more “prepping” that I ever need to do.

      • H. Craig Bradley

        Amen! Shelter-In-Place. Let others panic if they must.

    • Libby

      Bradley: Good point/ examples on fleeing – Glad I have my 2 passports, residence in 3 countries with some assests to help make the transition. Hope this will spur those seeing your post to think outside the box.
      I was in Iran when it fell apart, experienced life in Argentina when things went south – not pretty. These experiences have taught me to prepare, not just with other means of exchange but for self reliance.
      Can seem difficult for most – like those in urban areas with small spaces but it’s amazing what can be stored under a bed, stacked in a closet or grown on a balcony or some small space with LED light like micro greens. One just needs to start from where they are and move forward. Today it’s all available on the internet. Baby steps……
      All these economic maybes will seem irrelevant when one considers the effects of this -“Grand Solar Minimum or Mini Ice Age”. However you refer to it is irrelevant, it will have the same devastating effect on the world very likely far worse than the last one the “Maunder Minimum” There is much information on the internet relating past and scientific data about the coming Minimum by individuals such as John Casey – can be found on You tube; as well as other individuals following weather worldwide like ADAPT 2030 and Ice Age Farmer and more on Youtube. Good luck to us all!!

  12. H. Craig Bradley



    When you look at the economic forecast (2011) or graph on this mug from economist Martin A. Armstrong, you may notice a downward trend on the line starting this Nov. So, something is going to happen between now and the end of this year. He does not know exactly what, just forecasting long term trends. Could be a new Congress with Nancy Pelosi back in the Speakership, followed by Impeachment next year? If the Democrats get Congress back, Articles of Impeachment are expected to soon follow.

    Things appear to have been building-up to it. Often as not, Martin is pretty close to reality. Impeachment proceedings (not removal) would really destabilize markets and in the process, create lots of uncertainty and loss of confidence in our Federal Government and its Politicians. This would be (really) bad. Its our ongoing “civil war”, so I half expect it. Under those set of new circumstances, gold might catch a flyer, if not just temporarily.

  13. Kat Stevens

    Lionel gives the real skinny on the savior of the nation as he see’s it!!
    All Great Leaders, It’s lonely At The Top
    But someones got to do it!
    Meet John Doe_You’ll be glad you did!

    • Kat Stevens

      Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
      Return To Paradise, where LOVE conquers absolutely too, if we let it!

    • Hugh

      Armstrong is not worth the paper he writes on! Listen to the interview TA is worthless in this environment!

      • H. Craig Bradley

        Martin Armstrong is just as good to listen to as any other forecaster or pundit. In contrast, who cares what Hugh thinks or says? Just another
        opinion. If that’s all you have, you don’t really have anything much to brag about. Lots of Nobodies out there. They sound-off like a little dog and make barking noises. Everyone blows smoke. Entertainment at least.

    • Frederick

      Love Lionel and his entire “ Conspiratoreum” group

  14. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    These guys are absolutely brilliant. Thanks as always Greg. Please everyone buy bullion in whatever amounts you can afford. The global reset will come like a thief in the night.

  15. Nick de la Gaume

    3 real American heroes.


  16. This sceptred Isle

    Morpheus penetrates the dream world in order to awaken

  17. Robert

    Never has so much been taken from so many by so few.

  18. Jerry

    Simply brilliant Greg.
    What is there left to be said? Bill and Jim have summarized exactly what is happening. Read the statement under the photo.

    Add Turkey to a long list of countries who are dumping the dollar and using their own currency for trade. I have said before and I will say it a thousand times, China will be in the middle of this reset. They are the fallback plan for the central banks. They have been massing gold exactly for this purpose. FYI Jim is right. There aint nothing in Fort Knox but gathering dust. It should have been a hint when the petrodollar was created.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jerry!!!

      • Liz

        Thanks for the good reporting you do. You are one of the voices of common sense and professionalism. And thank you for remaining steadfast in your work, amongst all the negativity. Keep up the good work, and never ever give up!

    • K. Wayne

      Fort Knox is only one of the Depositories.
      West Point holds about half of the country’s Gold.
      Who controls the Gold is another matter.
      The US Army does because both Fort Knox and West Point are Army Bases.

      • Chip

        Actually the US Treasury controls the depository portion of Fort Knox. They are located beside each other but the Treasury has its own security. I actually did a design for a hardened entrance there following 9-11… Chip

    • Jerry

      Even the oracle of Omaha is hedging his bet on a market collapse.

      Most of the naysayer sunshine pumpers won’t know there’s even a problem until it hits them directly in the wallet. By then it will be late to anything about it. Can’t say we didn’t warn them, time after time. Normalcy bias knows no limits.

    • Shadow of Doubt

      What can the citizens of a broke, tyrannical, and highly militarized government expect? Perhaps the uncomfortable truth lies in the fact our government agencies have been issued millions of rounds of “hollow points” bullets and our Law Enforcement agents now resemble well equipped shock troops. There was a reason our founding fathers warned us against allowing a standing army to reside within our borders. When battlefield America erupts it will be “wolves” humming the tune for the people to adhere to! SOD

      • Jerry

        You and I are on the same page. Most of the patriots I know are armed to the teeth. This may not go down easy but it will go down. The criminals have messed with the wrong people.

        • WD

          Jerry, Having spent 8 years in the army I can tell you that “law enforcement officers” with all the hype and bullets would turn tail and run, like the Italian army at the sound of gunshots. Most of these people are peacocks. I am armed, not to the teeth but armed….I see whats on horizon.
          Thank you

  19. Chet

    Gold & Silver sellers have been saying this Doom Porn since 2009 -10, and the mkt is only being more and more manipulated. USA WD has been touting G/S as wealth saving tools, while the majority of USA WD readers are not in that upper echelon of investors, needing to secure family trusts … the more small time people like myself invest in a negatively manipulated asset class (PMs), the more we go out on a limb and into a hole.

    • This Sceptred Isle

      If you lived in Turkey, would you follow Erdogan’s advice to convert your gold into Turkish Lira then?

    • paul ...

      Chet … I feel your pain … but take heart that the great mass of investors are always negative and despondent at major market bottoms … Fed Chair Powell spent a lot of time Friday (in his Jackson Hole speech) explaining how Greenspan was right to keep rates low from 1995 to 1999 … and with that statement it seems Powell is looking to begin pushing rates lower again (which will weaken the US dollar and give the precious metals a boost) … so hang in buddy … if lowering rates doesn’t put the pin back in the hand grenade … and everything blows as Sinclair and Holter are now predicting … you should begin feeling much better about your gold insurance protection very soon indeed!!

      • Jodyp

        Paul, big +1

  20. Michael Brunner


  21. Art Martello


  22. Neil Bigelow

    Greg, have you ever listened to two people and have all their words instantly make sense and feel and sound real? Wow, is about all I can say after this interview. And Jim looks well, in my view, I haven’t seen him in a while.

  23. Billy

    Were definitely getting a civil war. Remember Washington’s dream
    Its not an attack at trump – Its liberty vs Socialism
    Some of these kids want war and there gonna get it and regret it.
    This is like 1861 again.

    America has civil war, then gets attacked by foreign country but it will rise again to be greater than ever before.

    • another bill

      The 2 things they hate and wish to destroy, our Constitution and Christianity.

      • Beverly Kingsford

        The Prophet of the Mormon Church, John Taylor, had a vision about the terrible things that were going to happen, as far as a civil war coming on us. He couldn’t stand to see the whole vision because of the goriness of it. So, yes, I believe we will have a civil war, not unless people in this country repent and pray like the city of Ninevah, to the point where we overcome the evil. Lots of praying would have to be done for that to happen.

  24. Russ

    Thanks Greg. This was an awesome interview with Jim Sinclair and Bill Holter discussing the coming reset.

  25. Somedayitsover

    Here’s one major worry. The oceans are super heating and this is just one example. And please, Google all these examples. San Diego ocean temp reported this week at 81.3, normal or average, 1916 to 2011 68. Arctic circle ocean temp Svalbard reported sea temps at 77.1 two weeks ago normal or average has increased since 2014 from 33.7. Just north of Greenland ice shelf, multi year ice has broken up, first time ever. And there is no sea ice thicker than 2 meters. In the UK and Europe, there will not produce any crop yield or very little due to drought and a 3 month plus heat wave as European farmers file for bankruptcy. Australia will produce no crop yield this year. California fires are the largest ever reported and larger than 2017 which was the previous record in size. British Columbia have over 500 forest fires burning today. Throughout the arctic circle Norway, Sweden, Finland, Canada, Siberia, and Alaska record amount of forest fires burned or burning this year. From Washington DC to Nova Scotia sea water temps have increased this year by 6 to 10 degrees. Governor Rick Scott Florida has named south Florida a natural disaster due to red and blue/green tide effects. Hundreds of thousands of sea creators dead including hundreds of manatees around Florida coast. If you Google 6th mass extinction event, which we are presently in you will find up to 200 species dying everyday. Also Google the US military the worst polluter on planet earth. According to Sam Carana Arctic news blog, methane is over 1900 ppb for the first time ever. I could go on and on but Dane Wigington at Geoengineeringwatch.org can explain it even better. For myself, Gold will increase exponentially but food and water will be even more valuable in the few next years. I have no dog in this fight but its the UN and scientists versus the Big oil companies. I see a complete climate shift in a very short period of time. Called “The Sixth Great Mass Extinction”. Buckle up

    • JungianINTP


      Undersea volcanoes have been
      popping off – at an ever-increasing
      rate – for decades. Two books explain:
      “Not by Fire but by Ice”
      “Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps,”
      by Robert Felix.

      Buy gold / silver / handwarmers / snowshoes–
      and/or pray for spiritual guidance.

    • Russ

      Don’t know your source on San Diego water temps, but… from:
      “Scripps Pier CA, Station ID: 9410230
      Recent Water Temperature: 66.6°F (19.2°C)
      Observation Date and Time: Mon, 27 Aug 2018 01:12:00 GMT
      August Monthly Mean Temperature: 68°F (20.0°C) “

      So from that I take that we are 1.4ºF below the mean temp for August.

    • Jodyp

      I trust Google as much as letting the Pope watch my grandkids.

    • paul ...

      You make things sound like the oceans are becoming big hot Jacuzzi’s that will cook all the shrimp and lobsters on planet Earth … but very reliable data shows that ocean temperature’s have risen by only about 1 to 3 degrees Fahrenheit over the last 50 to 100 years!! … https://www.climate.gov/news-features/understanding-climate/climate-change-global-temperature

  26. Steven Hunter

    Greg this is the most powerful inter view I think I have ever seen!!
    and I have been an information junkie for a very long time well over 10 years!
    you Alex jones zero hedge Steve Quayle king world news and others, oh yes the masterful work of Mr Bill Still and ,that put all the pieces together for me many years ago.
    Greg you and all the others that stand up and speak the truth are the true HEAROS of our time, You and all the others have put your self and your families in the line of fire,
    for the truth !! And oh yes a major amount of respect for the families that stand be hind all of you!!!! One thing I can say that Alex Jones is correct about is that this is an information WAR
    But I can give you a boost up !AMERICA IS WAKING UP!! I have spent 30 years on the road tell everyone that would lesion about Bill Stills work, yours and others for many years and have had many people thank me for staying on it and not letting up ,people that thought I was nuts even,
    My favorite saying is WHAT IS THE TRUTH. in this world it hard to tell.
    at least there is the Greg Hunters out there doing there best to find it ,and I know that is no easy task, in a world of LIES!!
    So in ending THANK YOU Greg but most of all a very large THANK YOU TO YOUR FAMLIE and the others behind the sein .
    Sitting Bull
    Thank You Greg. and you are giving a grate honor to the Hunter name.
    Steven Hunter in Missouri that’s wright show me lol

  27. Gina M Mancarella

    I was telling the truth.

    You dont believe in the truth do you ?

    You are afraid of the truth.

    • Greg Hunter

      Gina, You lie when you tell the truth.

      • William Stanley

        Mr. Hunter: Yes, as it’s been said, “A half-truth is a full lie.”

    • Frederick

      Gina you wouldn’t know the truth if it bite you in the keister You actually support a Psychopathic monster who revealed her true nature on numerous occasions Would you like a list? You have ZERO credibility in my eyes ZERO

    • Tin foil hat

      Gina M Mancarella,

      I’ll give you an answer. I may be one of the very few who always think that Jack Nicholson is the good guy, not Tom Cruise. I remember I almost jumped out of my seat and saluted Nicholson after this tirade.


      • Jerry

        So true. In America , denial and fantasy land are built up layers of complacency and self absorbed ignorance by the oligarchs to retain control. The deep state may take down, alternate media sources, but the cat is already out of the bag.

    • Frank D

      Gina, you have been consistently wrong about everything. I laugh out loud at whatever you think the “truth” is. You won’t know the truth until it’s too late. But hey, keep entertaining us with your ridiculous comments. LOL!

      • Greg Hunter

        I only post a fraction of what “Gina” tries to post.

      • This Sceptred Isle

        Typing Richard Snowden instead of Edward was a big blunder.

        • Rory Altair

          Wasn’t that the Queens brother in-law, TS!?

  28. Paul kemp

    Over the last few years I have taken the advice of many including yourself and bought physical gold and silver. I have lost thousands of dollars as I watch the price of precious metals drop lower and lower. It has been difficult watching a significant portion of our assets evaporate . Oh sure….sometime in the future the prices may rebound….?? You have been predicting this for years. Frankly I m sick of it. I am not ignorant of the how’s and whys relating the price of precious metals….but why should I believe the manipulators will not continue indefinitely. The financial laws of the past no longer apply. It will get a lot worse until honest people take control. This will never happen….it’s too late. I’ll of course continue to hold my dimishing assets.

    • This Sceptred Isle

      I refuse to be one of those people that buys high and sells low.

      • paul ...

        I don’t think anyone has bought gold high … if the price is going to be re-set to $174,000 dollars per ounce (and likely over a 2 day weekend)!!

    • Jodyp

      Physical is insurance,not investment. I’ll hold and sleep well.

    • Donald

      “You have been predicting this for years. Frankly I m sick of it.”

      Yep, we are all sick of it. That said, it is what it is. Nobody expected the central banks would be able to manipulate things to this extent and nobody expected the degree to which fraud has been committed in the bullion market (selling paper gold). That in itself tells you something. But there is a limit to how long this can go on and it appears we are at a tipping point. At when the system croaks, bullion will probably be very hard to acquire. And what happens at and after that time will probably not be good.

      • paul ...

        Those who had the fiat cents to buy gold at any price from $20 fiat dollars to $2000 fiat dollars … were actually buying “at the low” (when it was actually possible to “get some” physical gold in your possession) … when the “true” re-set takes place (likely over a 2 day weekend) … there will be no opportunity (an absolutely zero likelihood) to buy any physical gold at all … and when you finally do get a chance to buy … the price will already have been re-set to $174,000 dollars per ounce … so all those crying about how they paid too much for gold at $2000 dollars per ounce … simply don’t understand how lucky they are to have some physical gold in their possession!!

    • Mario

      Hey Paul

      Even if silver and gold doesn’t go up it doesn’t matter as it’s real money. Fiat currency always returns to zero. If silver stays at $16usd who cares. The usd is going to zero. What would you rather be holding?

  29. Tad

    I believe the military tribunal method seems more reasonable, as Jeff Sessions’ loyalty is questionable. High ranking members of Justice, FBI, and the alphabet intelligence agencies wouldn’t be perceived as cooperating.

    Which agencies or task forces are responsible for drafting the supposed 40,000 indictments? This could be Washington’s best-kept secret.

  30. Sylvia Sterling

    Greg…. Thank you , Thank you , Thank you, for putting on this interview.
    Holter and Sinclair are the best. Now I can again sleep nights.

    • Chip

      Just the opposite for my Sylvia! I’ll lay awake at night wondering what else I can do to prepare for what’s coming… Chip

    • Dan Holloway

      Remember , that Obama did his military purge. Those that are still in the military would not be there if they did not swear allegiance to his turdship.

      • Greg Hunter

        That changed Dan.

  31. Rob

    Please remember folks that all of these things talked about are being orchestrated by our heavenly Father from the top down:

    Isaiah 45:7 I form the light, and create darkness; I make peace, and create evil. I am Jehovah, that doeth all these things.

    Isaiah 46:9-10 Remember the former things of old: for I am God, and there is none else; I am God, and there is none like me; (10) declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times things that are not yet done; saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure;

    Ephesians 1:11 in whom also we were made a heritage, having been foreordained according to the purpose of him who worketh all things after the counsel of his will;

    Trump was put into office and is being used to expedite this “reset” that will be orchestrated through the “world wide web” of the beast who will speak to the masses through that web of deceit:

    Revelation 13:15-17 And it was given unto him to give breath to it, even to the image of the breast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as should not worship the image of the beast should be killed. (16) And he causeth all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free and the bond, that there be given them a mark on their right hand, or upon their forehead; (17) and that no man should be able to buy or to sell, save he that hath the mark, even the name of the beast or the number of his name.

    Please take some time to consider the “internet of everything” as it relates to the power of the “blockchain” to be used by the beast to control the masses:


    Please understand the “mystery of lawlessness is about to manifest in a much greater way:


    Greg is there anyway to set up your commenters to have a history of their comments assessable like Zerohedge has for those who would like to follow certain commenters like Jerry who are building on truth so they can be vindicated when they share truth that has not yet happened but will in time? Just a suggestion bro :o)

  32. Chip

    Wow Greg! POWERFUL interview. Real wake up call to those of us who have been prepping for going on a decade or more now that we need to remain vigilant. Thanks Greg, Jim, and Bill great job… Chip

  33. Brad Skiles

    Great interview, Greg. Your skill in asking the right questions is seen. Thanks.

  34. Doug Cook


    I agree with you that this is one of the most important interviews you have done. Jim does not give public interviews often and when he does we need to pay attention. If he says that the pin on the grenade has now been pulled that is good enough for me.

    The entire world is in debt that is no longer possible to be paid back and they put the day of reckoning off another 10 years instead of taking our medicine and dealing with it. Question now is will it be an orderly reset or disorderly and I’m afraid it’s going to be the latter.

    People either see it coming or they do not and you can’t argue them into reality. As Bill says when liquidity seizes up so does credit and everything in this country moves by credit. Venezuela used to be the most modern and first world type nation in South America at the turn of the century and now look at it.

    American was given a chance to repent after 911 [regardless of who did it] and instead we’ve become even more corrupt and debauched. God has a way of getting our attention and if we don’t pay heed to the whisper he has more direct and forceful ways to do it. And I think he is about to get our attention in this country. Sow to the wind and reap the whirlwind.

    Thanks again for the interview and let those with ears to hear….hear.

  35. Ken Creed

    Greg… I have been watching usaWathdog for several years now.
    This is the best interview ever. Keep up the good work.
    Ken C.

  36. iwitness02

    My moment of reality came from the events at MF Global. That was a life changing event for me, and I was just an observer. That gave me the incentive to become more independent. For me, being independent means a lifestyle that mimics the 1940s and earlier. That is to say, learning to provide more of my own needs, without going to Wal Mart. Medical, dental, food, water, self defense, sanitation, laundry, communication, you name it. Takes considerable information, study, practice, and time to make these mental and physical changes. The size of the task is easy to underestimate. There is a fairly good sized learning curve involved, and that takes time. Time becomes more precious day by day. Learning a more sustainable lifestyle is a process that is affected by the seasons. The seasons pass slowly, therefore the learning and experience comes slowly. Like Bill, said yesterday would be a good time to get serious about ‘what if’.
    Thank you Gentlemen. No one can ever come up to you and demand to know: why didn’t you tell me?!

  37. iwitness02

    Like Bill said,

  38. This Sceptred Isle

    Vigano, a former Vatican official, has accused Pope Francis of covering up the child sexual abuse.

    • This Sceptred Isle

      This begs the question: when does a cult become a religion and is there really a difference?

      • Tin foil hat

        This Sceptred Isle,
        I don’t know when does a cult become a religion; I do know Vatican is an integral part of the deep state since the end of WWII.

        • K. Wayne

          By Vatican I assume you imply Papal Rome.
          Papal Rome became supreme after Imperial Rome’s demise.
          That was circa 325 AD.
          The evil has pervaded this world for longer than most know or think.

      • Tin foil hat

        It’s funny that I used to think we must be the good guys since the Vatican works with us.

        • paul ...

          The good guys are the “real humans” who stand for truth and will call out the moral corruption of “fake humans” … quantum physics has proved we have both a physical (particle) potential and a spiritual (wavelike) potential within us … so those atheists who say we don’t have a soul are ignoring the latest scientific findings … while we are in our physical state we have the highest potential to do good (or evil) … in our soul-like state we have less potential as we are spread out like a wave upon the universal waters … this is why it is important to do as much good now while we have the maximum potential to do good … call out the “fake priests” who sodomize our children … call out the “fake political hacks” that tell us killing 500,000 children in Iraq was necessary for the greater good of the Military Industrial Complex … call out the “fake news” mongers and the “fake peace” warmongers who tell us we must kill other nations children so our children will be safer and who’s final goal is to kill off 95% of humanity (as they have written in stone) … we must call out all the “fake humans” … like the ones who generate our “fake economic statistics” (i.e. “fake CPI”, “fake employment numbers”, “fake precious metal prices” … etc. … etc.) and then boldly lie right to our faces as Bernanke did stating “that gold is not money” … but that “fake fiat paper” (with an expiration date) is money!! … all these “fake humans” must be called out … otherwise we will simply live our lives in a “fake matrix” where “up is down” … “lies are truths” and “evil is good” … how can anyone with an immortal soul accept the continual rape and slaughter of our women and children in unending non-stop wars … and then pretend to call ourselves human???

  39. Julia

    Jim, Bill and Greg:

    Thank you for a great informative sobering interview. Most of all thanks for connecting the dots regarding the other currencies imploding. I am glad President Trump is in office.
    Dicey time period is right Greg!

  40. arthur barnes

    Greg, powerful interview. The best you have done to date. Thanks Jim & Bill.

  41. Steven Starr

    Mr. Sinclair predicts that the price of gold (and I assume silver) will go way up even before the reset. Would they advise that it would be wise at such a time to sell some precious metals to eliminate debt? I have held off on selling because of the suppression of prices, but I think I would prefer selling some fraction of my holdings — before the reset occurs –in order to pay off my mortgage. Note that I can’t manage that now and have any holdings left.

    • This Sceptred Isle

      It would makes sense that if a reset was on the horizon, precious metal prices would rise in anticipation, as the well connected people would find out before Joe Blogs.

    • Diane

      Always a good thing to get rid of debt.

      • paul ...

        Yes … it’s the righteous thing to do … even if we can profit at someone else’s expense by holding our debt or even taking on more debt before the re-set!!

    • Tin foil hat

      Steven Starr,
      Real estate is a lousy hedge in a hyperinflationary environment. Why would you get rid of the perfect hedge (gold) to protect a lousy hedge (your house) right before a reset?

      • Jodyp

        Right. Pay off the house with a smaller percentage of gold after the reset. Get more bang outta your bullion.

  42. Mike

    I started following mr Sinclair years before the gold price hit the $1650.00 number he predicted, he took a lot or criticism when he was 3 months late , probably got more when it went to$1950 Anyone that does not listen to this man is simply of low IQ . He and Bill along with you are providing a great service to the people of this country and maybe the world. Thank all of you! M.j.hunter

  43. Gina M Mancarella

    You cant handle honest and truthful discussion.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes “Gina,” and if you really told the truth, I would post more of your comments. Here’s why I don’t: Everything you post is full of national socialist, commie, NWO, Deep State, Shadow Government, Luciferian lies and thought shaping. You have also made nasty sexual comments that I would not post along with offers from you and a “girl friend”–gross and evil at the same time!!

      • Rory Altair

        Greg, whose tempers worse? Gina’s or Hitlery.
        Melania’s Dad: A New American Citizen with a Record in Yugoslavia’s Secret Police Files
        By Anna Nemtsova 19 hrs ago

        Soon to be acquired by the Mueller team of cut-throats? Their going after everybody and their brothers and sisters and cousins, giving them the deal of a lifetime! They wont dig up your dirty little secrets, If you swear the president of the United States is a crook! You’ll get a stay out of jail card! Come on, everybody has something they don’t want known, splashed across the scandal mag’s in the checkout aisle and if you don’t that’s no problemo? Just cooperate, so we can put that bad man away who wants to tear down the good ole boy’s club of honest crooks, who steal America blind, legally, fair and square, in their own minds! Does that help them sleep better at night? Inquiring minds want to know? While men and women fight and die for their country, their on the take, from their country! A million here a few million there and before you know it, your James Comey and Herr Roberto Mueller! Fat cats on the Government Dole, for what? So they can be the richest in the graveyard. At our expense? Pushing the country into bankruptcy and the one man that can get us out of this mess they want out. Fools! Dirty rotten swamp scum, digging their own and even our graves too and we the sheeple will gladly fill their graves if any ones left to do so after only 90 days, when most, will most likely be dead after a total economic mess created enriching the deep states puppet stooges? Isn’t that treason? Selling out your fellow countryman, taking the tax’s payers money for bribes and other favors, selling us out!

        “Moving his finger on the track pad as I watched last week, Omerza skipped down the list. Some former Yugoslavs ended up there as persons “threatening the Socialist regime,” he said, others as common criminals under investigation.”
        That seems quite hypocritical to be worried about now, “threatening the Socialist regime.” The west destroyed the republic of Yugoslavia and today their worried about those who threatened the socialist/Communist Yugoslav regime? Now Just a bunch of disbanded tiny Slavic countries, to add to the growing east European mix. No wonder these people want to move to London! Who wants to live in a country the size of New Jersey? You’d think the west would be happy these former commies would be disunited & disbanded. But isn’t that what they want be bring to the Republic for which it stands , one Nation under God, with Liberty and justice for all. Under that same such form of so called socialism, that ends up Communism? It sure looks like that with our new little darling of the left Miss Cortez. You cant make this stuff up Greg! Maybe Venezuela is in our future. Time to move near the nearest Zoo and I don’t mean, D.C.!
        Heard you on Dave Janda’s show Greg, you sounded pretty mad, as in angry! Kinda funny hearing you on the car radio. Cheer’s mate!
        The Good Old Days of Tito-style Communism

    • Bob

      Gina have you got a blog somewhere? Why don’t you post all your stuff there so interested readers can learn the truth?

    • Jim

      Your premises are so far off the mark it is impossible for you to arrive at conclusions of any worthwhile validity. It is worth anyone’s and everyone’s time to see D’Souza’s newest movie to see how we have gotten to the current national situation. Maybe you could then gain some credibility and respect of well read people with significant life experience. We would welcome your metamorphosis with a smile.

  44. Frederick

    The only thing that matters today is that we are free from the warmongering of John MCCain finally Now if only John Bolton would follow suit

    • This Sceptred Isle

      Totally agree. Though I have to draw the line at Bolton as we don’t want to upset Robert.

      • This Sceptred Isle

        Frederick, you should watch Sacha Baron Cohen’s interview with Dick Cheney, where he got him to sign a waterboard.

    • Tin foil hat

      Yes and another yes.

  45. WILL

    So…what do you do with your gold once the market crashes? Who can you sell it to?

    • Tin foil hat

      Nobody. You’ll sit quietly and wait for the reset.

      • William Stanley

        Tin foil hat, Another good point!

  46. mal

    Hi Greg,
    Question: If gold goes to $50,000/oz. what will I be paying for a loaf of bread? If bread remains at it’s current price of approximately 1/100 of an oz. of gold that would put a loaf of bread at about $50. I don’t think gold is going to go to $50,000/oz. I think the dollar will drop to 1/50,000 of an oz. of gold.

    • Tin foil hat

      I bought my first home in NYC with $48,000 downpayment. The mortgage was slightly more than the average rent at that time. One of my childhood friend moved to the outskirts of Detroit and paid around $26,000 downpayment for her home at around the same time.
      My house is worth over $1M now, her house is worth less than when she bought it. However, the price of the bread is the same in both NYC and Detroit. As long as my friend stay in Detroit, she wouldn’t feel the difference between our homes unless she moves back to NYC and has to pay NYC rent.
      My point is that as long as we are productive, the prices of domestical goods wouldn’t raise a whole lot (only if we were energy independent) and you wouldn’t notice the higher prices until you want to buy foreign goods.

      • Tin foil hat

        “My point is that as long as we are productive, the prices of domestic goods wouldn’t raise a whole lot”
        That is the best case scenario assuming socialists like Bernie Sanders or Ocasio Cortez are not in charge, we are mostly energy indepedent and still have 8,000 tons of gold before and after the reset.
        The worse case scenario is Venezuela or S. Africa which will eventually lead to civil war which I don’t think will happen under President Trump stewardship.

      • Peter Price

        Works if the shops are open I guess.

        • Tin foil hat

          Peter Price,
          Exactly, the shops are where exchanges of productivities, domestically and internationally, take place.
          As long as these activities are not interfered by the likes of Obama; facilitated by cheap energy and folks who have no compunction to get rich, the shops will stay open.

  47. Tin foil hat

    Couple of things which I deviate from S&H perspectives: we still have 8,000 tons of gold in the US and we may not be the one who would do the QE to infinity as the EMs implore one after another. China may take charge and beat us to it by introducing a new currency before the yuan blow up.
    I concur with S&H that a reset vis the SDR will fail or it has already failed because of the dollar component in the SDR. The deep state will not allow a smoth transition or such a reset because they know the eventual outcome will be a much weaker dollar and much less influential American Central Bank.
    As Jerry repeatedly stated, China has dulpicated our financial system and they are pretty much ready to start their own Monoply. The only sticking point is what will the be blood or currency to get this thing going. Once again, I concur with S&H that gold will have a major role (at least at the beginning) in this transition.
    I believe China will create their version of the SDR which is not back but tied to gold – freegold http://fofoa.blogspot.com/2013/05/what-is-freegold.html . Come to think of it, India will be the ideal location for their version of the BIS. Indian government doesn’t have a huge reserve in gold but Indian people have been saving in gold rather than the rupee forever. Indian don’t trust their own rupee but they will likely convert their gold to this Chinese SDR to improve their standard of living. They may even be rich enough to invest in or move to countries which utilize CSDR, further providing much needed liquidity or clean flow in the new system – http://fofoa.blogspot.com/2015/05/clean-float-why-dollar-must-collapse.html.

    • mal

      A dozen domestically produced eggs in venezuela now cost six figures in venezuelen currency.

      • Tin foil hat

        Venezuela has been under the stewardship of socialists before and after the reset, Venezuelans are lucky that a dozen of domestically produced egges only cost six figures.

  48. Stan

    Sinclair and Holter have been saying “Gold to the Moon” for 10+ years already. When will they admit they were wrong?

    • Greg Hunter

      Stan you flunked math, right? You do not know what you are talking about and don’t get the facts straight. I am embarrassed for you.

      • Jodyp

        After Stan bragged about a mere .50 rise in deusche stock, it made me think of the ‘boy living at home in the basement’ scenario. I kinda feel bad for the kid now.

    • Kunga

      Tin Foil Hat,
      I think China has had its eye on India for a long time. Supply lines over the Himalayas too long in the past, now, maybe surround with Belt and Road. Want farmland and mouth watering over 5,000 years of stored Hindu temple gold.

      • Tin foil hat

        One of the advantage we have is the deep mistrust amongs the BRICS, especially between China toward Russia and India toward China. Putin seems to be the only one who wants to get the rebellion against the dollar going in earnest.
        Brazil is imploding as we speak and South African will be hunting for cockaroaches in the near future.

  49. Dr Darryl Jewett

    Thanks, Greg, for interviewing Holter and Sinclair.

    The war to which they refer will not be a “civil” war but a “revolutionary” war. The last “civil” war in the US was not a “civil” war but a “revolutionary” war. People often confuse the two. A civil war is when two separate factions within the same country are competing for hegemony or power over an entire country or gov’t.

    But in the last “civil” war, the Union invaded the Confederacy to take it over its land and people and wealth so it could steal its tariffs. After the Confederacy had seceded legally from the US (and the Union). They had already become a separate country. The Confederacy didn’t want to take over the entire country or gov’t. It wanted to escape an evil and malevolent gov’t and country: the Union.

    Things continued downhill from there including:

    (1) advent or establishment of a Central Bank (basically invasion of a foreign gov’t or gov’ts – remember what Thomas Jefferson wrote: …banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies; ..the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale)

    (2) the 19th Amendment. Letting women vote, be represented by gov’t and working in gov’t. Gov’ts are not for or of women but men exclusively. And for very good reason documented throughout history. Women shouldn’t be allowed to play the game because they ARE the game. Or they at least shouldn’t be allowed to have it both ways. But many women and some men want it both ways.

    No matter what gets done in this country to “fix” the economy (bankruptcy, war, whatever), if you don’t fix the problem of women in gov’t or otherwise, then nothing’s going to change. My position is NOT misogynistic but practical and biological. Women already have considerable power biologically and otherwise over men. Even when they aren’t in or represented by gov’t. But just within a family. Giving them even more power in gov’t doesn’t promote equality but further inequality, enslaving men. And children.

    You can fix every other problem there is in our economy but if you neglect or ignore this one politically incorrect reality, then none of the rest matters. You’ll continue being nothing but an uncivilized matriarchal society that will never advance beyond where you are or have been. In fact, you’ll do what we’ve been doing for the past few decades of feminist rule: going backwards.

    (3) taking us off the gold-standard. But even this isn’t so much a problem as gov’ts being able to manipulate the value of gold in the first place. Holter and Sinclair may be correct and gold may actually go to $50,000 per ounce. But who cares? The dollar may only be worth 1/50,000 of what it is today or the gov’t can tax and penalize users of it until it’s worthless.

    Putting your faith in the value of gold or returning to a gold-standard is misplaced hope. Gold like any commodity is only worth what the gov’t says it is. If a population wants real price discovery (of gold or anything else for that matter), the solution is not to promote the value of gold but to get rid of the gov’t manipulating or suppressing its value. Gold will find its own value. It needs neither you to promote it nor the gov’t to manipulate it.

    As I’ve written many times before, the problem isn’t just gov’ts manipulating the value of commodities but people acquiescing to that manipulation. Expressed in another way: there’s two sides to every lie – the lie told by the liar and all the stupid people who believe it. It takes two. We didn’t get here in a vacuum. Yes our gov’t is totally malevolent. But the malevolence of the gov’t is promoted by many malevolent subjects or constituency.

    To name a few fundamental developments that would undermine the sovereignty of any country. Most people don’t know from whence comes their wealth. They believe it comes from the gov’t. But it doesn’t. It comes from the slave labor of men like me. The gov’t enslaves men like me, steals the proceeds of our hard slave labor and exchanges it with specific demographics (feminists, minimum wage earners, management that depends upon inflated stock prices, etc…) for absolute power. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Democrats or Republicans. They’re two sides of the same evil coin. Deciding who lives and dies.

    The economy of the US is not communism, socialism or fascism. It’s much worse: slavery. Usury. Although Holter and Sinclair continue demonstrating knowledge of the facts, they fail to understand them. The system isn’t collapsing any time soon. Because there are plenty of men still enslaved. And children who’ll grow up to be men enslaved. The system will collapse (long over due) when men like me are finally released from our slavery. As a slave, I assure you, Greg and your guests, Holder and Sinclair, that I am no closer to release from my slavery than I was a decade ago. Nothing’s changed and it’s not going to.

    • Paul

      Dr. I agree with you we are already enslaved and the reason is, as you say attributable to the lemmings that accept the lies. I also agree that government will manipulate anything and everything to support whatever agenda that suits them. there have been periods of time in history in which governments have had more altruistic agendas than numerous administrations have had for numerous decades. I can not agree that the entirety of the sad state existing today is the fault is women in government. I would be less concerned about gender and have more confidence in those who think like Isabel Paterson (God of the Machine author) then 1,000 males named Bush, Obama, Clinton etc. I am sure we are in agreement that what we really want to see in the upcoming reset whenever it may be is not so much a revaluation in gold, an awakening of the masses related to the oppressive nature of current governments, and a resurrection, of a more market based economy in which the influence and ability for the government to manipulate and hence enslave future generations is eliminated, or at the very least dramatically minimized. As for your comments related to gold, I agree that at $50,000 the dollar may be worth 1/50,000 of its present value, however its relative value will likely be greater than other goods and hence have greater value than those goods/services. It’s value will likely revert to its relative intrinsic value, scarcity of supply, and confidence related to use as a medium of exchange, of which it has a long history. We can only hope the day of free reign for our oppressors is coming to a close. Like you I am skeptical that that freedom related to the second reset in which markets and not governments control the valuation mechanisms of everything, but I think we all would be wise to keep our eyes open for the signs of change that may very well result from the fall out of a trade war between the two largest economic forces in the world today as well as the potential shifting tides of the allies of each of those powers.

    • William Stanley

      Darryl and Paul: Fascinating discussion!

  50. Craig Michael

    Hi Greg,
    Thank you and Jim Sinclair and Bill Holter for this very powerful interview which is really warning us that the Collapse has actually started.

    Maybe I shouldn’t add this, but I told my lovely liberal Democrat wife that I will take to the streets if the Establishment tries to remove Trump from office.

  51. Paul Anthony


    Thank You Greg!

  52. Roger L. Smith

    Pretty gutsy call by these guys. Why would Jim Sinclair specify a date (June 2019) without some proprietary knowledge ?

    I am confused, but with incredible respect for Mr. Sinclair.

    • Mark Maples


      The reason he can call a date (Holter has done this many, many times in the past decade) is because if systemic collapse does not happen, they say:

      “The powers that be manipulated the system how could we predict that?”

      Then, if anyone questions the total collapse narrative they are chased off the board. They are preaching true religion to most board members.

      I myself don’t trust our government or our ignorant citizenry, media or pretty much anything in our current state, that’s why I come here.

      That being said, multiple dates for collapse that have failed to materialize by individuals who make money by pushing the societal collapse apocalypse should be subject to questioning and skepticism.

      It’s a pretty good business model when you can say more or less the same things over and over for a decade, be wrong, and not only not lose your customer base, but your customer base will defend you as if they were defending there own diety.

  53. Kunga

    Thank you Greg, Jim and Bill. Jim Sinclair helped us little people navigate the gold bull 2001 to 2011. I still have the French curve charting tools he recommended. Revelations predicted the change from the Whore of Babylon system to the Beast system. Change is chaos and opportunity. Mother Nature is surrounded by black swans. I really hate 3day weekends. Keep on prepping.

  54. Jeannette Rowden

    Thank you for this important interview. I have been preparing for this event for many years. But I do have a question. Gold and silver are being valued as if they were the only real money. But aren’t things like ownership of homes, cars, food, etc. also money to a certain extent?
    If so, would the value of gold and silver be as high as they predict?

    • This Sceptred Isle

      No. Cars degrade in value as you use them, houses are not portable and food degrades. Perhaps cans of food could operate as money.

      • William Stanley

        TSI: Foil packets of mackerel already operate as money in American prisons. In other times and places, cigarettes did also.

        • This Sceptred Isle

          I guess a standardised size and resistance to decay would make them good money with intrinsic value and lighter than tins.

      • flattop

        Sceptered isle;
        How about my 25 year shelf life food??

        • This Sceptred Isle

          Can you recommend some food with a long shelf life? I have heard honey can last thousands of years in good condition.

        • paul ...

          All (except precious metals) have a “shelf life” … and that means “it is not true money” … every fiat paper curency in our world also has a “shelf life” … meaning all fiat currencies “are not true money” … how long did our US dollar last? … it went from 100 cents in 1913 to 2 cents today … we are living in a world of “fake news”, “fake economic statistics”, “fake markets” and “fake money”, etc., etc. … lets get a “real life” and get some “real money” (gold … that holds its value through the centuries) … and by believing in and observing “real things” (like the Ten Commandments) in our daily lives we can become human beings “without a shelf life” … achieving the immortality as promised to us by God the Father!!

          • paul ...

            Instead … we kill “real money” … we kill “real economic statistics” … we kill “markets” … we kill “money” … we kill “women” and we kill “children” … when do we stand up as “real human beings” and hear and observe the words that will make us immortal … “Thou Shall Not Kill” !!!

      • Roger D

        Food will get you anything. You simply cannot beat Mountain House freeze-dried food in #10 cans properly stored (avoid heat). Period.

        Want proof? How about “still perfectly preserved” after 37 years?

    • Tad

      Think of them as potential barter items.

  55. Frederick

    The Zolna Report ( Gabe Zolna) does a great job destroying the mainstream nonsense about John MCCain being such a war hero Look at the USS Forrestal video

    • This sceptred Isle

      I was just listening to the BBC news and the newsreader referred to McCain as ‘the war hero’ as if it was some objective fact.

      • Frederick

        BBC don’t have any use for them since they reported building 7 collapsed 20 minutes early AND kept a treachourous pedofile employed while knowing about it( Jimmy Saville) No BBC for me thank you very much

  56. John

    Thank You for another wonderful interview/article. Spot on. Don’t forget that the Bible says we are headed for “a day’s wages to buy a few loaves of bread”. Right in line with what is happening. Want to know more of what’s coming ? http://www.itshisstory.com

  57. Paul

    Greg, I recall when you had Jim Sinclair on before a couple of years ago he mentioned he had highly placed connections who revealed to him they were near ready to let Gold price explode. I’m curious to know what they are telling him now but surmise time is Now! Thanks for a great interview.

    • Kunga

      Biblical “day’s wages” will buy one pound of wheat. Make a one pound loaf. Back when wheat had more nutrition, you could actually live on this. But only good for one. You don’t work, you don’t eat.

  58. Wayne Swanson

    Boy Scout Motto: Be Prepared

  59. KrazyUncle

    Tin Foil Hat…..
    Even if there is gold in fort knox, I heard it is mostly not marketable as it doesn’t meet the purity standard. Which means 8,ooo tons is not 8,000 tons…..at least.

    • Bill

      One would wonder how much gold is in the Fed bank?

      • Flight 19

        Fort Knox has 8000 tons of Gold Plated Tungsten (Clad Bars) courtesy of Bill Clinton

    • Tin foil hat

      I heard of that rumor too. Anyway, I’m pretty sure we still have the same amount of gold, whatever that is as in 1971, when Nixon closed the gold window.

      • Flight 19

        Clad Gold Bars
        Here you go and there’s more if you look for it:

        • Tin foil hat

          Flight 19,
          “The Chinese government quickly launched an investigation and issued a statement that implicated the US government in the scheme. The gold shipment serial numbers revealed that these fake bars were made by the Federal Reserve bankers during the Clinton administration.”

          Those fake bars were probably made couple of years before 2001 to counter the birth of euro which gold reserve is mark to market vs. ours which is fixed at $40 per ounce – the Federal Reserve couldn’t touch or mark to market the physical gold since they were held in reserve by the U.S. Treasury.

          These fake bars were made for accounting/auditing purpose only, they were not made for delivery or settlement. Few years later, the deep state solved the euro problem with 911 and further eliminated the physical gold issue via GLD in 2004. These fake gold were left forgotten in the cellar and were probably rediscovered 10 years later by officials who were unaware of the original scheme.

          Anyway, these have nothing to do with the bars made pre 1971.

      • Frederick

        WHY are you sure of that? Because I surely am not sure of any such thing If it’s there why not allow an independent audit and put the doubts to rest

        • Tin foil hat

          Well, I’m not 100% sure of that either. As the matter of fact, I think even the Fed and the U.S. Treasury don’t know either but I’m pretty sure we have over 6,000 tons.
          One of the main reason for not allowing an audit is because of rehypothecation – I think the ratio is now 500:1, technically, we don’t have any gold. An audit will not happen until the reset. Shortly before the reset, many will be disappointed when they want to or are forced to check out their gold but get the dollar instead.


        • Tin foil hat

          I mean even the Fed and the U.S. Treasury don’t know for sure how much gold they can retain right before the reset but I’m pretty sure we can hold on to at least 6,000 tons.
          The only thing I’m 100% certain of is all paper gold will be cash out in dollar before the reset.

    • Tin foil hat

      This Sceptred Isle,
      Yes, the gold is safe but that alone will not get us over the hump.

  60. Tad


    No matter how high silver and gold reach, will they exceed the inflation rate?

    • This sceptred Isle

      In a hyperinflation scenario, theoretically, the price of gold should exceed the rate of inflation, because demand would exceed supply by quite an extraordinary degree.

      • Frederick

        And without manipulation if and when all faith is lost in fiat the price of metals will be asrronomical I believe physical metal will be unattainable at any price at some point

    • Not So Free

      I believe it is more important that they EQUAL the true inflation rate.
      At least then we are at the same place we were before.

  61. Paul

    Fabulous interview … I think Bill Holter is excellent, but Mr. Sinclair (his willingness to be interviewed by you is the ultimate testimony to your integrity) is the most brilliant mind that speaks these days. Thank you for making this opportunity available.

  62. eddiemd

    Very poorly written article.

    This MSN article is very weak in explaining the epidemiology/prevalence, transmission risk, pathophysiology, and treatment of Chaga’s. I would not rely on this information.

    Having studied this particular tropical parasite in depth, I can say that most cases in the USA are in immigrants from central and south America. It is a disease of the rural areas and in particular people in poverty. In Bolivia for example, up to 20% of young people at a university in Santa Cruz were infected. Rural areas where people live in poverty the prevalence is higher.

    The long term prognosis involves a myocarditis manifested by electrical abnormalities and an end stage dilated cardiomyopathy over a typical period of decades. It also invades nerve plexus that surround the colon in particular leading to a loss of perstalsis and dialated colon. This is a simple explanation.

    I studied this parasite in Honduras, Peru (NAMRID), and Bolivia while in the Army. I also studied tropical infectious diseases at the University of Costa Rica. Since it involves mostly the poor, there is no real interest in treatments. No money to be made. The treatments themselves can be toxic and are not always curative.

    Here in Arizona there are similar beetles on the Papago and Pima reservations but very rare to find the parasite in the beetle.


    • Occasnltrvlr

      Wow. Remind me not to argue with you about Chaga’s disease.

  63. Dd

    I was startled in 2008 when Mr. Sinclair said that the big kahoona is here.
    This time again, with great compassion, Mr. Sinclair is telling the world to be ready.
    It is much appreciated, my father figure.
    Thank you, Mr. Holter, for mentioning the financial and mother nature reset, .
    Thank you, Mr. Hunter, for all your hard work, all these years.
    May your kind acts bring a thousand returns.

    • Dd

      Keep my finger crossed that the glass barrier is finally broken, the time is realigned, and Ground hog day movie no more.

  64. DanT

    What makes anyone think the new system is going to be any better than the current system? There was a pretty good system and they screwed it up and the same nuts that run the asylum now will still be in control later. Wish I could be more optimistic but we see some of the worst parts of human nature in those with power.

  65. Peter

    Everyone here knows $1200 an ounce gold is a joke, but how many here have heard this joke?

    It’s not a joke, gold is a poor investment today and has been, for many years.
    Whenever gold reverses the downward trend line, will be the time to buy.
    But when will that happen?

    • Greg Hunter

      Peter it’s gone down in price since 2011 but it was great from 1999 to 2011. Maybe you cannot do basic math? So you are pretending all those dollars have not been printed?($42 trillion at least)

  66. arthur barnes

    Greg, McCain was hero & his voice will be missed. However, what McCain missed is that Obama was the neo-enemy & not Trump. God Bless his family, I pray that He will keep them in peace & comfort until time heals their wounds. Lost but never forgotten. I also pray for our President that He will keep and hold him true to himself, that is what America needs now with a looming reset on the horizon.

    • Frederick

      John MCCain caused the death of 134 of his fellow airmen aboard the USS Forrestal with his antics He was NO hero in my opinion If his father hadn’t been Admiral he would have been in the brig for sure People need to stop idolizing this warmongering Zionist sellout

      • Greg Hunter

        Nothing those “Zionists” do compares with the statistics from the so-called religion of peace: https://thereligionofpeace.com/ Any of this bother you or are you going to pretend this isn’t happening?

        • Frederick

          I’m not pretending anything First of all I didn’t refer to a religion did I? And when I do I condemn all organized religions equally as I have little use for any of them myself I know what I’d is required of me as a good human being and try my very best to do what’s right regarding my fellow man My belief is that’s what is most important in gods eyes Whether I label myself a certain religion is quite irrelevant I’ve known mafia members who were labeled “ good Catholics” by the church

        • Julia

          Hi Greg,
          One of the most disturbing facts I have discovered this year is the abuse Orthodox Jews have suffered at the hands of Zionists.
          There are 3 books written by Jewish men detailing the abuse I would like to recommend:
          The first by Ben Hecht, Perfidy.
          Secondly, The Holocaust Victims by Orthodox Rabbi Moshe Schonfeld and
          Finally, The Abandonment of the Jews by David S Wyman.

          Here is another jolt I suffered this year. The clip is only 1:36 long:


          All of this has caused me to revisit some understandings I had.
          (not trying to dog you on your own sight. I apologize if it came out as such.)

          • Greg Hunter

            So you are not worried about these folks at all? https://thereligionofpeace.com/ I know a favorite way to trash the Jews is to get a Jew to do it, so how about a Muslim trashing his people: https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=son+of+hamas+leader+speaks+out&qpvt=son+of+hamas+leader+speaks+out&FORM=VDRE

            I hate the entire “Zionist” argument. I feel that for many people it is just cover and a dog whistle for people who hate Jews. Not saying you are like this but the Bible is clear on Israel and the Jew in both the New Testament and the Old. You better be sure you are correct. Read all of these: https://www.openbible.info/topics/protecting_israel

            And yes, you were dogging me on my own site, but I forgive you.


            • Frederick

              TSI thank you for educating Greg about that fact And no I do NOT hate all Jews That’s just nonsense and Greg should be ashamed for suggesting it

              • Greg Hunter

                So if we disagree It’s “nonsense” and I should be “ashamed” and “educated”. That social justice, PC dog is not going to hunt here.

                • Greg Hunter

                  You don’t need help when you have a good argument.

        • sk

          Spurious argument. Just because “B” also did something awful doesn’t exonerate “A” after “A” did something awful. I think this type of argument is called “tu quoque”.

          • This sceptred Isle

            or ‘whataboutism’

  67. Charles

    Will Jim’s TRX sock ever be profitable?

  68. Canadian Prepper

    I like the logic of the naysayers….it hasn’t happened yet so it won’t happen. I read a little about the story of Noah. He had 120years to build the ark. We are lucky it hasn’t happened yet and we are being given time to prepare. We are heading for the cliff and nothing is stopping us. Logically we know what is going to happen. We may be wrong in the timing but to ignore it because it hasn’t happened yet is foolish.

  69. Kunga

    I voted for Mr. Trump for two reasons. Mainly, because he is an expert in bankruptcy. I know we are on borrowed time and I hope he is allowed to use his skills to reduce the pain. The second reason is the other option was unimaginable.

  70. paul ...

    Another silent killer are the bankster vampires that suck our blood night “and day” … these buggers are noted for biting you in the ass every chance they get!

    • Frederick

      Good one Paul and very ,very true brother

  71. William Stanley

    Tad: I know that you have no real reason to trust my sincerity or my analytical abilities. However, I just did some back-of-the-envelope calculations with an entirely different analytical approach and set of assumptions from Sinclair and Holter. Based on my calculations (which I’m not going to reproduce here), the purchasing power of precious metals depends critically on: (1) how much of the above-ground stock of precious metals will be trading before and after the crash and reset, (2) how terrified the holders of financial assets become, and (3) how deep and protracted the depression in the real economy becomes.
    Bottom line from my entirely different approach: I get a range of purchasing-power numbers that brackets those of Messers. Sinclair and Holter . . . even when you assume the prices of goods and services go to infinity when priced in dollars. So yes, IMO, it’s not at all unreasonable to believe that a 10 to 20% portfolio allocation to (especially physical) gold and silver could be sufficient to maintain your standard of living through and after an epic crash that wipes out your dollar-denominated and other financial assets . . . if you can survive the first year relying on all your other preps, including for food, water, and security.

    • Tin foil hat

      This is better. Anybody who rid their gold as a commodity, even for $174,000 per ounce, before that happen is a fool.

  72. John M.

    Excellent interview Greg.
    I think we will have both an internal civil war and an external world war that will be quite horrific, which will all coincide with a collapse of world currencies (most especially the US dollar). No one will be able to clearly know what happened first — the economic/monetary collapse or the War — because they are always inextricably linked together. They go together like peanut butter and jelly.
    One thing is for sure. America (and the world) will never be the same again as there will be a lot of suffering and major shifts in the current order of economic and military power.

  73. Liberty

    Thank you very much Greg for this amazing interview.

    This was very important interview as you said.

    Thank you to Mr Sinclair and Mr Holter for their time and their honesty.
    You and those people are part of the good man of our society.

    I listen to a lot of interview, video, on alternative media for some times and I can tell that I was waiting for a long time to get this kind of honesty from person has qualify as Mr Sinclair ans Mr Holter

    The reality might be frightening but being prepare would help people to face this reality.

    As they were saying, people must learn to be self-reliance. This reset, will probably stop the logistic of distribution of goods, the supplies of goods and some services might stop also thus before the logistic restart in a conventional manner it might took more than several months maybe years. If we look at the Venezuela it’s been 3 years and people still have difficulty to have some goods and the services ( water,electicity etc..) are sporadic. Just learn the history and other crisis how it went this will be global.

    When people will realize that their pension is worth nothing or 50% less I wonder how they will react, this could turn to a very bad chaos unfortunately.

    If possible, inform and pass this video to all the people you know.
    One hour of their time could help them to pass over this crisis.

    Thank you for your time and effort
    Best regards

  74. pat the rat

    I get it ,the boys are trying to make world wide judgment about the tomorrow and then with a price about gold and silver, the economy comes next?

  75. Mike R

    So if the US is indeed headed like that situation in Venezuela now, then $174,000 per ounce is nothing. Just ask the folks in Venezuela how much their buying power is.

    Currently the spot 1 Ounce gold price in bolivars (Venezuela’s currency) is $299,226,855.23 (yep, thats $299 million folks)

    $299,226,855 Bolivar is equivalent to $1206 US dollars.

    $303,207 Bolivars will buy you a dozen eggs.

    $654,437 Bolivars will buy you a business lunch with a drink.

    It will cost you 247,433,000 Bolivars for 2 months rent in a 900 SF apartment in Venzuela.

    Hopefully you get the point. If the price of gold goes to $174,000, your buying power will only stay the same as it is now when gold is $1200. It will mean inflation has run rampant in the US, and the dollar de-valued. So if you currently have $150,000 of gold saved up (125 Coins), you will only have $150,000 worth of buying power whenever the gold price gets to $174,000, even though your stash of gold if you haven’t spent it might show as being worth $2,750,000 US dollars. (which at that time will only buy you what $150,000 buys you today).

    So whatever Jim or Bill forecast the price as, all they are saying is inflation is likely to go crazy, similar to Venezuela in terms of direction. (and if it gets to $174,000 per ounce, then it will more than likely go toward $299,000,000 per ounce after that). Meaning once it gets that bad, price just goes to infinity as the currency goes to zero.

    They can pick just about any price they want, and probably will be right (eventually), if the US deals with inflation like Venezuela’s dumb dictator has.

    Personally, I dont think our Fed is that stupid, and they will keep raising interest rates like Volker did back in the ’80’s, in order to ‘arrest’ inflation before it gets that bad.

    • Anthony Australia

      Paul Volcker

    • AW

      In November 1923 Germany, the family silverware could be traded for a kilo of potatoes. If the worst truly comes, wealth will measured in pounds of flour, rice or oil — or God forbid, bullets. Silver and gold, maybe not so much.

      My advice: The concerned should go to Sam’s and buy 100 lbs of rice (only $40) and a Sawyer mini water filter (only $20 on Amazon). In a true shtf —-they will be worth at least 10 oz of gold.

      • Jodyp

        And Sam’s Club online has great prices on emergency storage foods.

    • Prophet

      Mike, you make a great point, the best reason to hold gold is to hedge against inflation, the advantage to metals are they dont spoil rot or decay, For many years now gold dealers will give you a little under spot price in cash with no paper trail if you sell less than 10,000 at a time to keep under the IRS radar…….The problem is when SHTF cashing in on metal is going to have a huge safety factor … And who is going to want to cash it in for paper dollars that have been inflated to the moon, not likely anyone is going to give you the deed to their house for a few gold coins….After the collapse and chaos you might do alright and make a profit if your still alive…It would be my guess the reason fort knox has never been audited is because its damb near empty…..As Jim said China and russia will set the gold price, the USD will vanish and a new currency will come to play backed by GOLD sponsored by the chicoms and this could lead to war..
      The problem with the fed raising rates is this is not the 80’s we have MUCH more debt now, paying the interest alone will be our demise….I think the fed will have no choice, but to lower rates back to zero and print print print, During this time Metals will start to move upward as the big players will know the game is nearing an end….This Might be a good time to sell a little Metal at double the price now before the chaos hits….A safe piece of land, fuel , generator ammo ,food food food comfort items and most importantly a KJV…..This will make the great depression look like a mere bump in the road

      • This sceptred Isle

        Yep, food and water might get you through a few weeks/months of turmoil but what about after?

        • Roger D

          After that you will wish that you had stored more food and water.

        • Jodyp

          No doubt, some will have it better than others. Hunting, fishing, gardening, and water sources along with a food stash. We just do what we can and pray its enough. Good luck to all.

      • Tin foil hat

        “….paying the interest alone will be our demise….I think the fed will have no choice, but to lower rates back to zero and print print print, During this time Metals will start to move upward as the big players will know the game is nearing an end….This Might be a good time to sell a little Metal…”
        No, that will be the good time to sell all the gold miners, paper silver and paper gold before the chaos. I might keep the paper platinum and am definitely keeping coal and oil company stocks which assets are located within North America.

    • John

      The plan would be to eradicate all debt with your gold coins before your outstanding debt resets to a new higher dollar amount. Instead of being greedy and holding out for $174,000 dollar gold you go nuclear with your 125 gold coins when it hits $4,000 per ounce and your total debt is $300,000. Of course, you have been eliminating your debt since 2008 so when the system blows up it will take less of your gold stash to clear your debt – leaving something on the table for food! No system of currency reset works without debt destruction – it has to be cleared. I mean we would almost be better off if the Government would issue every American a Gold coin at $ 1200/ounce and then reset the price of gold to whatever it takes to eliminate the personal debt for 80% of the population. The “gifting” of the gold coin has just one stipulation – it has to be used in its entirety to reduce debt. The creditors are then paid in gold coin and made whole and the debtor is out of debt. Next, a currency reset takes place on some form of a SDR commodity basket where no one single country can engage in a currency war against another as there is no international monetary standard where one currency dominates within the basket of currencies because each country has something to offer – oil, gold, silver, agriculture, wood….etc. Trade has to be fair! Debt has to be eradicated and what we need is a debt jubilee to move forward.

  76. lovelone

    Martin Armstrong named Nov 21st, 2018 as a big turning point……

  77. Jerry

    This is how far down the rabbit hole the corruption goes.

    A cease and desist order was slapped on one of the largest investment firms in Japan for stock buyback fraud. Digital theft and market manipulation are driving the markets without a doubt. And when they stop?

  78. shery

    Greg I look forward to your posts each week! I never posted here before. I have a qustion I remember a statement Gregg Mannarino made a few weeks back. I may have this wrong but I thought he said something to the effect of sorry folks but our currency will never be backed by gold and silver. pls don’t laugh at my question but after 10 wks of daily radiation and 10 chemo treatments and four operations, my mind does not function or process like before but its been a yr and Im working on it! Made a great herb garden and will expand on it next yr.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am sorry what you are going through right now. I am praying for you. I don’t think Mannarino said will never be backed by gold and silver. He tells people to “be their own central bank” Central banks hold gold and I know Mannarino likes silver too.

      • shery

        Thank you for the kind thoughtful repy . This is the best I felt in so long since I refuse their meds except for one med Just watch everything I eat its a thought out personal choice. Love the way you end your podcasts, remember God is in charge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Greg Hunter

          Don’t give up. With Jesus you are not alone.

  79. arthur barnes

    Greg, maybe the coming reset is a march to Revelation, a one world currency, a currency that if you don’t have you cannot buy or sell (the mark). Maybe what Jim & Bill are actually see coming to tuition is the beginnings of the last days & judgment on the nations. Who knows, but its food for thought. Whatever is on the horizon I started prepping again yesterday instead of foolsball. a b

    p.s. I know several guys who have given up on the NFL because of the spoiled unpatriotic millionaires who carry the little pig around & have had enough already!

    • Greg Hunter

      Who knows, you may be right. We have never been here before.

  80. Matt Jaymes

    Another home run by the truth patrol!! Well done.

    Thank you Greg, Jim & Bill.

  81. al

    Mush has been said here, I’m surprised at the increasing number of trolls! Soros and the deep state have been busy I see.

    Great interview, for Sinclair to say what he did it’s a total eye opener. Anyone with a functioning brain stem can see this market is a video game. I’m glad I’m not the only one that’s frustrated with these spoiled children at the Fed, wall street and Washington.
    Collusion, crony capitalism, Fascism, call it what you want, this marriage between the too big to fails and the State has to be annulled.

  82. al

    One more thing… O-Failure is kind of Obamish looking to me, not pretty at all and who cares? She’s basically Maduro in drags. How’s that socialism doing in Venezuela?
    Remember, they tried to push Michelle O-failure, O-failure Oprah, now they’re pushing this O-failure. What’s with the O’s?

  83. Ken Shields

    Assuming we have the gold, if we add the NPV of the unfunded liabilities, the price of gold is much closer to $ 900,000. My suggestion to President Trump is to revalue gold to $ 2 million per TO and use less than half the gold to fund everything and escape bankruptcy. Of course, if we DON’T have the gold, all this is moot.

    • Tin foil hat

      Reset means the dollar is no longer the global reserve currency. If the dollar were no longer the RC, the pricing of commodities will no longer revolves around the dollar. Commodity prices will revolve around the new global reserve currency which would likely anchor to gold in the FX market. If Trump tried to revalue gold to any fixed price in the regional dollar, the result will be disastrous.

    • Tin foil hat

      In other word, the value of the dollar as a reserve currency is tied to usages rather than our GDPs. After the reset, we will have to fund the unfunded liabilities with our excess GDPs ??? or deplete our gold reserve (Nixon closed the gold window for a good reason).

  84. Diane

    Interesting post Mike R.
    Sounds logical to me.

  85. Hockey Puck

    Awesome interview, Greg! Kudos! I have to say that my most popular guests on your show (not in any special order) are Martin Armstrong, Jim Sinclair & Bill Holter and Paul Craig Roberts. They’re all great and all provide a uniquely different point of view… some might even say a conflicting point of view. That’s VERY valuable… what true reporting is all about. So, thanks! We don’t see this kind of honest inquiry very often anymore.

    In light of this, it might seem that Martin Armstrong, in his recent interview on your show (5/20/2018), expressed a contrarian point of view to that of your guests here. I don’t think so, even though he did say that $100,000 gold is pure sophistry.

    Here’s why? Fiat currency “IS” the global financial system. What does that mean? It means that ALL currencies float relative to each other. They have no inherent value. So, for gold to reach $174,000 per ounce, the USD would have to completely collapse, which would mean the TOTAL collapse of the global monetary system, which would mean the total collapse of international trade, local commerce… in short, the total collapse of society as we know it. Picture the ransacking of Rome by the barbarians. It’ that level of total insanity. I don’t think we’re there yet… not for awhile.

    The problem today is higher interest rates and emerging markets. As Armstrong so brilliantly points out, that will lead to a stronger USD, not a weaker one. Oh fantastic, right? Wrong! What will happen is the bankrupting of economies all around the world, particularly in Europe. But here’s the caveat: The Fed, this time, won’t be able to ride in on their white horses and save the day as they did in 2009. The result? MORE FIAT, but this time with the faceless SDR from faceless international bankers who have no accountability. Hmmm! Reset#1.

    The USD in other words, is toast! Sounds like the destruction of America, doesn’t it… one gradual step at a time. You think POTUS will be able to influence decisions made by faceless bankers who knows where? Probably not! Think the Euro and European Union for the whole planet. Doesn’t look pretty! The illusion of democracy on its last legs.

    One of the fatally flawed assumptions of most gold bugs is that the globalists don’t know how to manage the world economy! No, that’s not true! They’re exceptionally brilliant. And what they’re doing is standing at the global craps table called the world economy and raking in all the chips. This was all planned long ago. How else could George Orwell have written the book, 1984, way back in 1949 trying to warn us all? Talk about thinking ahead! These guys are sagacious… and that’s putting it mildly.

    Are we therefore powerless? No, we’re not. What we have to do is exactly what Messrs. Sinclair and Holter point out: We’ve got to get back to the basics! We’ve got to let go of the American Dream, which was always a fantasy based on massive debt controlled by, that’s right, the same guys raking in all the chips. We’ve got to get back to our roots… real roots… where America started… small agrarian communities where humans serve each other and serve the common good. “And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment. And the second is like it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.”

    None of us are going to get through this alone. None of us! And to think we can do so with guns and gold is not only nonsense, it’s tragic, delusional, self-sabotage nonsense. Gold and silver might get us through the short term. All of us should have some. But it’s no long-term solution. What we need is to learn to love each other again, something that is very much lost in this faceless world of pretty pictures on social media, everyone hiding behind a smartphone or computer.

    In conclusion, Greg, I would point everyone’s attention to this graph (https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/1-ecm-2032.jpg) from Martin Armstrong. You did not have a chance to discuss this graph with him on your last go-around, but if you could, I’d really love it. What do I see in it?

    Reset#1/Gold=$5000 in 2022 (400% ROI – not bad), a pseudo-bull market for 10 years and then, 2032, total collapse, Reset#2/Gold=$174,000. To me that’s good news. We have 14 years before the barbarians ransack Rome. The only question is: Will we rediscover the power and wonder of what the Master actually taught or will we continue to think that our salvation is out there somewhere, not within?

    • Greg Hunter

      If you listen to the interview again Holter and Sinclair do not expect the dollar we know today to survive. Sinclair clearly said “what is comingling is completely different.” “Engineered” is a word Sinclair also used.

      • Hockey Puck

        Thanks, Greg. I followed your advice and paid especially close attention to what was said. As William Stanley points out below, the issue under discussion appears to be what is meant by “reset”. So far, what’s on the table are 4 possible definitions of “reset”, maybe more.
        1. the SDR reset;
        2. an “engineered” reset (something completely new that central bankers are exploring right now), a sentiment that Armstrong echoed when he said the central banks should start from scratch;
        3. some kind of debt restructuring as William Stanley explores below; and
        4. “Mother Nature’s” ultimate reset, to use Bill Holter’s term.

        Frankly, I’m not smart enough to know what each one looks like. But I’m with Jim and Bill on this one. Mother Nature’s reset is unavoidable. The unknown (speculative) question is the time lapse between 1, 2 or 3… and 4.

        That’s why I’d love it if you could get your best minds to work on this one. Michal Pento is another great guest and so is Charles Nenner. Why is this so important to me? We all have lives to live and children to think about. Navigating in these tumultuous waters is no easy task. Thanks.

    • Tin foil hat

      Hockey Puck,
      What will save us as a nation is our post-reset GDPs. If we could work together instead of just sitting there like a bunch of morons, we will do alright.
      With the way things are going lately, I’m not very optimistic.

      • Hockey Puck

        Great point, Tin Foil. The people of this nation are incredibly productive if government just gets off everyone’s back. But that’s the point, isn’t it? Government is not going to get off people’s backs. There is no longer a government of the people, by the people for the people. That died in 1913. What we have is a government of the bankers, by the bankers, for the bankers. That’s why we have to prepare. There’s only one conclusion to this scenario: Mother Nature’s Ultimate Reset. That’s still probably 10+ years away.

        In any contest, the worst thing you can ever do is underestimate your opponent or live in some la-la-land. You’re liable to have your head chopped off and handed to you in a basket. The Bank of England was formed in 1694. These guys have been practicing their craft for 324 years (at least). I don’t expect them to walk away from the contest any time soon.

    • Peter Price

      “MORE FIAT, but this time with the faceless SDR from faceless international bankers who have no accountability.”

      The SDR is based on a basket of fiat currencies itself so unless its components are replaced with something else, it will simply track these currencies.

      • Hockey Puck

        Thanks Peter for that insight. What I don’t get is the math. According to IMF’s own website (https://www.imf.org/en/About/Factsheets/IMF-at-a-Glance), the IMF has Total quotas (assets?): SDR 477 billion (US$692 billion). Committed amounts under current lending arrangements: SDR 130 billion. The largest borrowers: Greece, Ukraine, Pakistan, Egypt. Hmmm! They are lending money that they actually have to tiny economies. Ok! BUT…

        How does an organization of this size, recapitalize a global economy that is $247 trillion in debt, $61 trillion of which is the financial sector if huge economies start to unwind? (https://www.cnbc.com/2018/07/11/global-debt-hits-a-new-record-at-247-trillion.html) Larger quotas?

        I guess I don’t understand what Armstrong said when he pointed out the IMF has the cleanest balance sheet on the block. That to me suggests that they could do what all banks do: create money out of nothing!?!

        • Tin foil hat

          Hockey Puck,
          IMF doesn’t have to deal with the matter of post-reset unfunded liabilities (angry mob) like we do and they have 2,800 plus tons of gold.
          After the reset, whatever value of paper assets or SDR (basket of assorted currencies) would be meaningless since gold will be revalued to probably 30X to 100X the current value.

          After the reset, the IMF quotas will likely be readjusted in accordance to the members’ GDPs and gold reserve.


          • Hockey Puck

            Tin Foil… Brilliant, awesome detective work! Thanks.

            The implications are profound. I pulled out a spreadsheet and did the math. Current Holdings to date: 2,814.1 metric tons (90,475,285 ounces). At $1.200 per ounce, that`s $108.575 billion USD. Add 3 zeros, as you said, that`s 108 trillion!!! … and that`s HARD ASSETS, not the flimsy toilet paper assets (bonds) that all central banks boast on their balance sheets!!!

            WOW! The oligarchs already have the mechanism in place… of course! That`s why they`re laughing at us. End the Fed??? Of course! That’s the plan… a one-world-currency, just like E.G. Griffin predicted.

            If you guys haven’t watched Greg’s interview with Mr. Griffin from 3 years ago, please do so. It’s prophetic… seriously!


          • Tin foil hat

            Well, the answer is we technically don’t have the gold but, realistically, we do have the gold. One of the main reason Ron & Rand Paul’s “Audit the Fed” measure couldn’t get anywhere is because of rehypothecation – you deposited your gold at a bullion bank; this custodian bullion bank could turn around and lend it to another customer, and then another customer …, to earn additional fees. This arrangement suits everyone until there is some shock to the system and there is a scramble to claim assets back.

            Since the Federal Reserve backstop these bullion banks, technically, we don’t have nearly enough gold if there were a scramble to claim assets back (bank run from the bullion banks). In a sense, Bill Holter is right, we don’t have the gold.

            I believe an audit will not happen until the reset, many will be disappointed when they are forced or want to claim their gold (before the reset) but get the dollar instead. Thereby, walah, we have the gold.

            After the reset, countries will likely settle trade through a decentralized platform facilitated thru IMF. If a trade surplus exists, a country has the option to “store” that surplus in gold, a diversified basket of currencies and IMF’s gold (SDR) or a preferred currency based upon future trade.

            I think, after the reset, the IMF quotas will likely be readjusted in real time in conjunction with the FX market. For example: if Japan sank under the ocean, the yen will be deleted from the SDR pie at that very same moment.

  86. Pooch

    Greg, very enlightening interview, depressing but enlightening. Greg or anyone; Why do Jim and Bill feel that shares of all paper securities, would possibly become worthless, post a money and or debt reset, one where moneys value then becomes benchmarked to precious metals? If I own securities in well run precious metals companies, why would they not benefit? Is it the risk of the brokerage company holding certificates in a their street name or liabilities in the Direct Registration System? I understand the “bail in” risks with being a depositor with a bank, however, I don’t think I understand similar risks in holding paper securities. (and I’m not referring to the risks of market value fluctuations or if it can stay even stay in business, post reset and I have very little comfort in SIPIC, FDIC or Lloyds securities insurance, if the US bankrupts) If a monetary reset of the dollar is eventually going to be benchmarked to precious metals (AU), why would security shares in good PM companies, held at brokerage companies, not expose me to the increased valuations of those well run companies, since in a way, they will have become the new printing presses for money? Can someone paint a picture of how a paper security would be worthless in debt/money reset, as these gentlemen suggest?

    • Tin foil hat

      MF Global

      With that said, I have money in PSLV, CEF and PPLT which are some of the the assets I own in the dollar Monopoly game. After the reset, the only asset you can transfer, unmolested, to the new Monopoly game is gold – physical gold. Many readers here still plan the reset as if the world will continue to revolve around the dollar Monopoly. They can’t seem to accept that the dollar will become just another ordinary regional currency, revolving around the new global reserve currency (likely ties to gold) with other major regional currencies.

      Who is draining GLD?

    • William Stanley

      Pooch: We may not all agree on what a “reset” means.
      When many of us use the term, we are simply envisioning the discontinuation of the use of current fiat monies, such as the dollar. In other words, current dollars would eventually become worthless (because the Fed would have created so many of them in order to help finance government expenditures). Perhaps we will be allowed to use our current dollars to buy the “new dollars” or other designated currency . . . but then at an exchange rate that leaves us with less purchasing power than we had before. The whole point of the exercise would be to diminish the value of DEBT securities, especially government bonds, which is now so great that it cannot be repaid at current valuations, i.e., current purchasing power per dollar.
      I don’t envision legislation that would reset a $1000 bond or other dollar-denominated DEBT security so that it must be repaid in some other currency, say “new dollars” or International Monetary Fund Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) that would buy the same amount of stuff that you can now buy with $1000. Persons and institutions who own bonds and/or other dollar-denominated DEBT securities would simply lose some or all of the value (buying power) represented by that debt. Debtors would win and creditors would lose.
      The situation would be different for stock/equity holders. I see no reason why stock in a profitable company that survives the “reset” could not be sold without loss of purchasing power to someone offering to pay with the new currency, say SDRs. (ignoring, for the moment, all the destruction of “value” that would accompany rearranging the economy and financial system in order to devalue debt).
      Indeed, since most companies are financed with debt as well as equity/stock, other things equal and if they survive the process, most companies would benefit from seeing the value of their indebtedness reduced by the “reset.”
      Concerning your point about stock in PM mining companies: Assuming that they are not “nationalized” or taxed to death, I think you are entirely correct: They would be BIG winners, IMO. (however, at a minimum, I would be surprised if shareholders wouldn’t be slapped with some kind of special “windfall” profits tax).
      In short, DEBT securities are at risk from a currency reset much more so than equities, which could actually benefit, IMO).

      • Pooch

        ” I would be surprised if shareholders wouldn’t be slapped with some kind of special “windfall” profits tax).”

        Excellent point, had forgotten all about that weapon. Physical holders have risks as well; President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s 1933 executive order outlawing the private ownership of gold in the United States, brings concern as well, so physical holders have risks as well. My hope is lawmakers will be long both PM companies and physical, otherwise they will absolutely vilify all PM holders. I think there might be a little time left; the re-adjusted lying headline inflation numbers are still low, I think even those have to start ratcheting up first. (thank you John Williams)

      • Hockey Puck

        Hi William. Great posts by the way. The kind of reset you are talking about here, exchanging for example new dollars for old ones, i.e. 50 cents on the dollar, would that not be a massive Quantitative Tightening… the very opposite of what we’ve seen in the last 10 years? If so, would that not send us into massive depression like yesterday?

        I’m not sure the bankers would want to do something like that. They having too much fun playing shepherd to a lot of lost sheep.

        • William Stanley

          Hockey Puck: Yes, I agree that it would be similar in many ways to a massive QT in its effect on the economy. There would be massive shifts of claims, both potential and actual, on real wealth (i.e., houses, land, businesses, PMs etc.) via bankruptcies and loan defaults.
          As for whether bankers would welcome it, I would imagine that would depend on who they are and how they are positioned regarding their loans and portfolios, and also on how they would be supplied with the “new money” by, say, the IMF.
          If their loans (say, mortgages) are well securitized, they might be able to end up owning half of the entire stock of houses and then renting them back to the current owners. Same with businesses, mines, farms etc.
          I also agree that it’s hard to see how this could be pulled off without massive social disruption, maybe civil war, and damage to the banks, themselves. Yet the math of our current financial arrangements is inescapable: lots of people are going to get smashed either way.
          Does the world as we know it end by QT or QE?

          • Hockey Puck

            Yikes! Profound stuff. Thanks for your insight.

            I suppose in the end, it’s like asking a kid whether they want chocolate or strawberry ice cream. They are likely to respond, “I want both”. Either way, the financial oligarchy (E.G. Griffin’s words) will get what they want.

            In the interim, I went back and watched Greg’s interview with Mr. Griffin, “the Father of Conspiracy Theory” (perhaps the greatest accolade we could give this man who dedicated his whole life to the truth). It blew my mind! (https://usawatchdog.com/federal-reserve-system-a-run-away-machine-g-edward-griffin/). It was 3 years ago, and yet more relevant today than ever.

            He made 4 points that, for me, really stood out. First, he thought that “the system” was going to collapse back in the 1960s. OUCH! His humility in making this assertion was a spiritual revelation in itself. So beautiful! The point? Timing the end is very difficult, even for those who have been at this game since before most of us were bumping around in diapers.

            The second was his point about a one-world-currency as the ultimate end game. Is that where we are headed today? Is that what all our posts are about? Call it the Amero, the Bankor, the SDR or some new “engineered” financial reality, the ultimate purpose will be to make us all dependent on a global fiat system run by whom? Seriously! Run by individuals or robots (AI/Nintendo)? Either way, a reality that is completely unaccountable to the needs of the common man? It’s ugly… very ugly.

            The third point was what Bill Holter pointed out when he talked about “Mother Nature’s reset”… a great moniker for the “ultimate meltdown”. What stuck in my mind, however, was that Mr. Griffin sees the same picture: a period of hyperinflation when nothing works… gold somewhere in the stratosphere. His unique twist, however, was that this period will follow a one-world-currency and command economy. Hmmm! Definitely food for thought.

            Finally, when Greg asked “When will the system implode?” (19:19), Mr. Griffin’s answer was perhaps the most astute answer I’ve ever heard. It will implode when the oligarchs decide to implode it! In other words, the oligarchs are always ready for the chaos, years in advance, or more apropos, they are engineering the chaos to achieve a political end.

            Why is any of this important? Because here is a man, now 86 years old, who dedicated his life to waking people up. If you are reading this post, Greg, I urge you to interview Mr. Griffin one more time. If I were him, I’d be wanting to “pass the baton” to a younger generation who may well have to face the ugly reality he talks about. We need to hear his voice. He’s not going to be with us much longer… 86 is getting up there.

            • Tin foil hat

              Hockey Puck,
              Thanks for the link, I watched the video and it’s very interesting indeed.
              One major difference is that in 2015, Obama was the POTUS, we now have Prsident Trump.

              Mr. Griffin made an astute conclusion that major reform via the conventional means of election is impossible due to the fact that the government/election is controlled by a group of elitists in the Council on Foreign Relations.

              However, I don’t think he forsaw an outsider could ever be elected a year later and I believe that changes everything. Instead of either Jeff Bush or Hillary Clinton, Trump is our president. He has won over the unions, kicks the fake news media to the curb and survives the relentless onslaughts from all directions.

              The fate of the world is hinged on one man. I wonder if Mr. Griffin shared the sentiment, I’d also love to have him back for another interview.

  87. Crypto Viewing


    Jim & Bill make many great observations and I think we all agree the system is imploding. If you look at this Hegelian dietetic, you’ll see that the PTB have been ever so busy creating the “New and Improved” system of exchange. This has been in the works for a VERY long time and architected to the Nth degree. Every financial player is feverishly claiming patents in the cryptocurrency space.

    We cover MANY of the who’s who and how they’re all connected into this new digital system. Gold and silver is not going to be the international standard much longer for settlements.

    You should to talk with Dick Allgire on what we’re covering on the digital side. We can help bridge the gap of where it is all pointing to.

    Thank you for your great work, keep it up and as always stay safe.

  88. Tin foil hat

    The author made a compelling argument for free-floating gold.

    “RBS didn’t actually destroy the housing market, though it doesn’t really let their employees off the hook. The process was begun a long, long time before the first subprime mortgage was ever packaged for its worst and most short-able qualities. The way in which that could have been possible was built first from dark money. The key for everyone else is not to have the most fun while it lasts, it is in designing a system that actually lasts. Even Bretton Woods didn’t make it that far (default in 1960; less than two decades), meaning a sustainable monetary system really and truly hasn’t been around since gold.”


  89. Peter

    So you are pretending all those dollars have not been printed?($42 trillion at least)?

    I agree many dollars have been printed, maybe $42 trillion.
    But the price of gold has stagnated for so long.
    I listen to much conservative radio and TV news(which I agree with) and they often peddle gold, but I can’t agree with those ads.

    If I perform technical analysis on the 15 year chart, gold appears to be headed lower in price near term. It’s not pretty, with a lower high in 2017 versus 2016. If I connect the dots and factor in stocks, real estate and other investments are doing well, I believe there is no reason to own gold until the trend reverses. Warren Buffet agrees with me, and some say he knows a thing or two about investing, although his politics are idiotic
    and corrupt.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Warren Buffet agrees with me . . . ” You mean the idiot that golt bailed out by taxpayers in 2008-2009??? Him that Weasel????


    • john


      what good is technical analysis when the trend line over the past 10 years has been manipulated to some degree – bonds, stocks and precious metals. I feel that is what Sinclair/Holter are communicating – we don’t have open markets and therefore technical analysis is skewed against true price discovery. Why own Gold at this time? Well, if the price drops further it will be below the costs of mining an ounce out of the ground and production will dry up. Get it why you can – it is at a discount!

      • This Sceptred Isle

        Agreed! I am fed up of seeing charts with highlighted triangles that indicate silver is just about to ‘breakout’.

  90. Justn Observer

    Greg, Muduro launches new Gold saving policy to go along with the South American OPEC Petro Crypto currency as way to save and invest and purchase on-line? Hmmm more drones overhead soon? lol Thinking Saddam and Gadaffi went down that road once?
    Good call by Jim and Bill … maybe…. The world IS (or will be soon) Venezuela at that !

  91. toknormal

    I think this is a very simplistic view of the “collapse” scenario which is actually quite short sighted. For a start, the idea that all the value in paper gold will simply “flow” into physical gold is ridiculous. Physical gold cannot travel through wires, cannot be traded through wires and cannot be verified through wires. That makes it illiquid in modern markets and is in fact the reason why so much “paper gold” is in circulation.
    They are two distinct markets. One is not “manipulating the other” – the physical gold market is free – they are simply distinct assets.
    For the value in paper gold to flow into physical, you either need a dedicated fleet of vans and ships in continuous service OR at least as much paper as physical (for it to be traded electronically) in which case we’re back to an inflationary, non-scarce asset.

    All this is why Bitcoin exists. Bitcoin is liquid where gold isn’t, yet equally as scarce. You can copy bitcoin “the source code” but you can’t copy bitcoin “the asset”.

    Bill and Jim need to rethink their collapse scenario significantly IMO.

    • Peter Price

      I have a GoldMoney account and assuming James Turk is not a liar, the gold is in there and it is super liquid. I can sell it right now if I want to for exactly spot price. I have sold some and got the money within a day. Not bad.
      Turk has not blocked a sale that I know of.
      Selling physical from your own coins is harder work, but if the system is based on gold it would be more like GoldMoney than individual owners of coins wouldn’t it? Sinclair said a gold based system would not be 1:1 convertible either didn’t he? Didn’t he say gold would back 1/5 of the money supply?
      Jim said there would be a reset. He never said the new system would last forever. It could be even more corrupt that the current system, but it would be a reset back to square one so it would serve OK for the next few decades surely.
      You say the paper and physical gold markets are separate and that they are two distinct assets. But they have the same spot price! They don’t seem all that separate to me.

      • toknormal

        @Peter Price
        I think you just made my point. You don’t hold “physical”, you hold a contract. Albeit you consider that contract more reliable that others. Ask yourself why its a contract and not a peice of metal ? Because the gold itself is illiquid as far as electronic trading goes. That’s the reason for its non-performance during a time of massive inflation of the monetary base and is also the reason why Jim and Bill’s scenario is just wishful thinking.

    • Hugh


      LOL! How do you explain the 500 to 1 paper ratio to physical? and the amount of gold and silver that has been EFP to the LME? These are facts! The world does not produce 5000 tons of gold or 2 billion ounces on silver in any given year. The purpose of the paper market has been over the last several months to control the price of gold and silver. Nothing more. It has been well documented by several sources. Comparing Bitcoin as an asset to gold and silver is a laughable joke. It is nothing but air, it only exist because of the internet, electricity, and computer! Bitcoin is not an asset.

      Also, what are your credentials to question Jim and Bill? We are know their extensive credentials!

      • toknormal


        The question isn’t how do *I* explain the re-hypothecation ratio, the question is how to *you* explain it. Gold is a bearer token which means it gets its value from RESISTANCE to counterfeit, not SUPPORT for counterfeit. Aesthetically, you may have a point that it’s more attractive than bitcoin but functionally, gold was no more than the physical bitcoin of its day. A physical token for physical markets.
        Electronic markets however, cripple this key monetary function of precious metals however – the ability to reconcile ownership with possession which is why everything has to be traded as a contract.
        The asset you refer to as a “joke” has outperformed precious metals by orders of magnitude for this reason.
        As far as “credentials” go, I agree with you – Jim and Bill are ostensibly more qualified than me and should already have considered these points, but they have not. They did not see the cryptocurrency phenomenon coming because they are too blinded by the historical role of gold and its aesthetic attraction to make a dispassionate appraisal of its monetary function in modern markets it appears.

        • toknormal

          1) Because gold is now like land – holding it makes a difference for sovereigns but not retail investors as a monetary asset
          2) Gold has thousands of years of history, bitcoin has only 10 so any comparison of “peaks” is slightly irrational. That is why I’ve explained bitcoin’s growth in terms of liquidity because – once again – liquidity is essential to any monetary asset and gold has a problem with travelling through wires where bitcoin doesn’t
          3) The fact that “bitcoin relies on silver” does not make silver more investible that bitcoin. Silver cannot travel though wires. Bitcoin can and that makes it more liquid = the better monetary asset
          4) I can be so sure because markets always favour originals over copies. Try painting a perfect Mona Lisa and charging $500 million for it
          5) This is a commentary column, not a questionnaire

          • Greg Hunter

            Gold and silver in physical form have been money for 5,000 years. Be careful with cryptos that have a track record since about 2009.

            • toknormal

              That is always good advice. It doesn’t have to be an either-or choice.
              However it doesn’t change the fact that Bill and Jim’s case is fundamentally flawed in several aspects. In particular the idea that there is “physical gold” price manipulation. The market is free. Nobody is forcing anyone to part with their gold at a price lower than their pleasing. It’s just that PM’s have been devalued due to their lack of physical liquidity against a background where the bulk of world trade migrated to electronic platforms (including the telephone) during the course of the late 19th and 20th centuries.
              The mechanism of that devaluation is the explosion of derivatives to compensate for the crippled liquidity of the physical. That fact is never going to change – collapse or no collapse. A ticket for a vault holding is instantly a derivative. It does not constitute “possession” in the way that a private key to a bitcoin address does.

              • Greg Hunter

                “to” Who are you? Just because some anonymous commenter says, “the fact that Bill and Jim’s case is fundamentally flawed in several aspects.” Doesn’t make it a fact and doesn’t make it “flawed.” Here’s some more crap of yours, “Nobody is forcing anyone to part with their gold at a price lower than their pleasing.” Oh now the entire financial markets are manipulated including gold and silver (and this is all sourced and documented) and that is not a rip-off and a total fraud!! I hate to call anyone names but in your case you are a disinformation illogical idiot. Oh and nothing backs bit computer program either because there is no “coin”. Go away.

                • toknormal

                  I’m sorry I’ve antagonised you. It was not my intention.

                  • Greg Hunter

                    It’s not about “antagonizing” me. It is about stating your opinion as a proven fact when it is indeed not. It is also about misinforming my audience with a so called “asset” with barely a 10 year track record, and that record is all over the place.

              • This sceptred Isle

                by the way it is debatable how liquid bitcoin is when the vast majority of shops don’t accept it as a form of payment. What use is transmitting it through wires when I can not even buy my groceries with it?
                You may say that you cannot buy groceries with gold either, but then I am not basing gold’s value on it being liquid.

              • Tin foil hat

                China, Russia, Iran, Turkey, India ……. are stockpiling gold to protect themselves from the tyranny of the dollar, not Bitcoins.

                These nations would likely use gold, not Bitcoins (lol), as a financial weapon to fight back against the dollar hegemony.

                The deep state can destroy both gold and Bitcoin here in the U.S. by shutting down the gold and crypto exchanges here, if they wanted to, but they cannot shut down the SGE in China.

                Crypto may retain its value after the reset without the supports from central banks but I don’t want to bet on it.

                Political/monetary power grows out of the barrel of a gun.

          • This sceptred Isle

            1) central banks are not interested whether gold is liquid or not as they can hold it for centuries, hence it maintains its value. It is a monetary asset not retail estate.
            2) You just made a comment supporting gold! So you are judging Bitcoin’s performance on only 10 years. You can not observe how it functions through different economic cycles.
            3) I can buy silver more easily than Bitcoin, so for me, it is more investable.
            4) Markets do NOT always favour originals over copies. Aesthetics may apply in the art world but in the world of business. Business is only interested in what works best. Hence Amiga computers are no longer the leading computers.
            5) so I take it you are operating with hindsight and did not benefit financially from Bitcoin’s meteoric rise.

      • This Sceptred Isle

        Bitcoin needs silver to build computers and transmit the energy it requires. This is not a reciprocal relationship and silver, once mined, relies on nothing for its existence.

      • Jodyp

        Hugh, I bought a little crypto (very little) a year ago, to widen my ‘egg basket’. But it doesn’t fit there. It’s more like the lotto to me. Anything man-made, anything, has flaws. I’ll stay with God-made too.

    • toknormal

      There is nothing stopping anyone holding “physical” for selling it for whatever price they like. The peg is voluntary. The fact that it exists at all shows how screwed physical gold is as a bearer asset and Bill & Jim have not addressed this issue – it is always swept under the carpet in their commentaries.
      Gold was valueable BECAUSE it was resistant to manipulation and that resistance came from its liquidity (mobility, fungibility & divisibility) in physical markets. But in electronic markets that liquidity is crippled and consequently it is open to the type of manipulation via re-hypothecation that we’ve seen.
      It isn’t the manipulation that’s the problem though. It’s (ironically) the fact that gold is physical that’s the problem.

      • This sceptred Isle

        I see your point that gold’s physicality is a weakness in terms of making instantaneous transactions over a distance and the need for secure storage. However, that physicality also has advantages.

        1) It is impossible to steal through computer hacking unlike bitcoin and electronic money. This could be a very important consideration for nations in the age of cyber warfare.
        2) Nations, such as Iran, can make payments in gold to avoid using the SWIFT dollar payments system and avoid leaving a trail.
        3) It can be accessed in the event of disruption to the grid and power cuts.

        Gold maybe inconvenient in some respects but surely it is prudent for nations/individuals to diversify away from owning purely electronic financial assets.

    • Clare Doll

      Dear Toknormal,
      I read and read and read and finally. Brilliant. I don’t agree with the Bitcoin because the equation real gold = spot gold + convenience must add a confidence factor when extended to include bitcoin. Bitcoin is irrelevant in the above equation but I get it and believe you have made a BRILLIANT analysis. Thank you

      • Clare Doll

        Let me go one step further with my own thoughts. Take out bitcoin at this moment and readjust the equation to eventually include bitcoin should you choose to actually quantify it:
        real gold = spot gold + convenience + confidence !

        • Clare Doll


          real gold = bitcoin + convenience + confidence !

      • This sceptred Isle

        I do not understand what you typed!
        Toknormal just stated what is obvious, that gold is not as liquid as electronic currency. So what? I don’t need it to be as I am not using it for day to day transactions. It is a store of value and a different form of money that helps me diversify away from holding all my assets in electronic form.

        • Clare Doll

          This sceptred Isle,
          YOU? YOU? You don’t need it to be as liquid as electronic currency? YOU are not the market!

          Look, the Powers That Be have redefined the definition of money to include convenience. When the rest of the world decides that maybe they would rather deal in real money rather than fake money that includes their false confidence and convenience, then gold will shine again just fine. And bitcoin may or may not be a part of that.

          When a tree falls in the forest, the sound generated by the laws of physics is a part that scenario whether your precious ears hear it or not!

          • Greg Hunter

            Venezuela just tried Bitcoin and it is failing.

            • toknormal

              Venezuela is adopting Dash at the rate of 200 merchants per day. There is proliferation of cryptocurrency in use as money. There’s no proliferation of gold in use as money.

              • Greg Hunter

                Check the central bank vaults.

            • Tin foil hat

              I think Gina called for re-inforcement.
              CRYTO VIEWING, CLARE DOLL and toknormal all pop up at about the same time.

              • Greg Hunter

                I have not been posting “Gina’s” comments lately. They are full of insults to me and no real information delivered of any use.

  92. Don Barlow

    Roger Stone predicts he’ll be indicted next in Mueller probe
    Justin Wise 3 hrs ago

  93. Bob the Blessed

    Always enjoy listening to Jim and Bill.

    Personally I believe we have a few more years of dollar strength so am not expecting Ag/Au fireworks near term. That being said I’ve been a buyer at these prices the past few weeks!

  94. john

    “Bitcoin is liquid where gold isn’t, yet equally as scarce” – until the power goes out and another me too digital currency is created. Come on down to my local coin store and I will show you how liquid gold is!

    • Frederick

      Gold is the “most” liquid of all That’s why holders of gold liquidate it to cover their shorts when TSHTF in the markets Happened in 2008

    • toknormal

      Gold is not liquid in modern markets if I have to “come down to your local coin store” to see that. Bitcoin is designed for when the lights are ON, not off. If your investment depends on all out destruction of the modern society to perform, you won’t be very well protected with or without it.

      • john

        I can barter with Gold – lights on or off. I can exchange Gold for currency. I can exchange currency for Gold. The Gold market has more liquidity than Bitcoin – it has more followers to make a market across the entire globe. Sorry, complex systems are inherently unstable and may I also add that there are many digital currencies but only one element with the properties of Gold. If your digital currency is not accepted by a government entity that determines what is money then you will not be protected at all – and have no liquidity.

        • toknormal

          To be correct, the gold PAPER market has more liquidity than bitcoin. The gold PHYSICAL market only has liquidity in terms of ownership, not possession.
          When a bearer token gains value as a monetary asset, it only does so because of liquidity in terms of BOTH ownership AND posesssion.
          Gold fulfilled that function in physical markets. Bitcoin fulfills that function in electronic markets.

  95. WD

    Don’t we now need to get rid of Federal Reserve? Isn’t this the source of the problem since 1914?

    • Frederick

      WD Yes But how to do that when they are so rich and powerful ? JFK found out the hard way

    • Tim McGraw

      Well, one of the main ones for sure.

    • Diane

      The biggest thing we should get rid of are career politicians .

    • Hockey Puck

      WD, you’re asking the BIG QUESTION. The short answer is “Yes”. The long answer is that when a nation gives a private group of citizens the power to create the nation’s money supply, they have in effect given that group absolute power to rule over the nation. John Adams, probably said it best, back in the days of the Revolution: “There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by the sword. The other is by debt.”

      The question everyone is discussing here is how long will this slavery by debt last and what will the final days look like. Hope this helps.

  96. Harry

    I have been a fan of Jim Sinclaire for years. I had the opportunity to see him in person at the LAX Marriott a few years ago and loved it! However, shortly thereafter he engaged Bill Holter and allowed him to take over his web comments and not long after Bill posted a really good rebuttal to a (phony) global warming article. He was frightened away by a liberal pro global warming entity who opposed him and made him mess his pants. He then posted that he was not going to post against the global warming fraud again which he has not. He has not refuted the global warming hoax since and as far as I am concerned he has lost ALL credibility whether financial, political, or socially. Love Jim, but Holter is a coward and therefore his entire credibility is lacking. Go Jim, but lose Bill Holter.

  97. Don Barlow

    Most Common Last Names in the US
    Joseph Gedeon 5 days ago
    “What’s in a name?” Shakespeare’s Juliet asked that rhetorical question more than 500 years ago. This question still rings true today in 21st century America. Names tell a story – they can help shed light on heritage as well as on America’s population makeup.For centuries, people have come to the U.S. to escape war, oppression, and poverty, or to pursue employment opportunities and success. Most Americans can trace their roots to immigrant ancestors. 24/7 Wall St. reviewed Census data to find the 50 most common last names in the U.S.Today, the vast majority of the most common surnames in the U.S. can be traced back to England and other European origins. Among the top 50 most common surnames, 12 have Spanish, Cuban, or Mexican heritage.The rise in Spanish surnames makes some people uncomfortable, a fact President Donald Trump tapped into in his presidential campaign. For a country built on immigration, fear of immigrants has somehow been a recurring theme. All 12 Spanish-origin names found on this list have dramatically increased since they were last counted in 2000 — a stark contrast to English names that are mostly growing at a slower pace. Do you think your last name made the list? Click here to see the most common last names in the U.S.To determine the most common surnames in the United States, 24/7 Wall St. analyzed past and present census counts to understand population diversity in America. The origin of each family name was obtained from open data on Ancestry.com. Photos of celebrities, well-known historical figures, areas of a name’s heritage, or imagery reflecting origin were used to represent each name.
    All 12 Spanish-origin names found on this list have dramatically increased since they were last counted in 2000 — a stark contrast to English names that are mostly growing at a slower pace.
    Do you think your last name made the list? Cousin?

  98. Marcus

    All said has been said a thousand times….. War is on our doorstep who is the last man standing….. Gold will never be 174 000 A destructive war will end all speculation on what is value.

  99. Tim McGraw

    Thanks for the interview. I did find the difference in sound levels between your speaking and that of your guests annoying. You were at least three sound levels quieter. I’ve found the same problem on other websites with their interviews.
    I agree with WD above. It’s all about the Federal Reserve and the other central banks. They need to be abolished! Interest rates need to be set by the market. As long as fractional reserve banking exists; I don’t see how even sound money backed by gold can help us.
    A very good interview. Thanks.

  100. paul ...

    Classic case of the pot calling the kettle black … while Hillary paid big bucks “to frame Trump” (accusing him of talking to the Russians) … she was passing Top Secret Intelligence Information to the Chinese on a daily basis!! … and who gets called “a traitor” by our intelligence chief Brennan?? … this November like a good foot soldier in God’s army let’s vote ALL the Demon-rats out of office … let’s destroy their Command and Control centers of power so Trump can move in and mop up all the rest of the evil “fake humans” … it is about time we put “real humans” in Washington!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-08-28/china-hacked-clintons-private-email-server-daily-caller

  101. Jerry

    Heads up Greg,
    One of my contacts in the field is reporting beta testing of communications for some kind of takedown here in the Midwest.
    With this recent EO something is clearly in the works.

  102. Roger D

    Awesome interview. Thank you. I am really encouraged that many WatchDogs are talking about emergency food. Greg, you may be saving many lives and eliminating much suffering.

  103. Paul P.

    Greg, I went back to the last time you had Jim Sinclair on which was August 26, 2015. During one exchange Jim said one of the reasons he got the gold price call right in 1980 is that he was TOLD by his sources. In this interview, in 2015, Jim said his source again informed him: a) downside risk is limited b) Rally coming will be stupendous c) WE may never call you again! Jim went on to say that Gold will be looked at not as a currency form but a valuation form and that we are in for the GREAT RESET. Three years later he is sounding the alarm of the great reset. Would have been curious IF he ever got the call back from his source. Again, thanks for a great interview. Best wishes and God Bless!

  104. Liberty

    Do you have all your video – interview on podcast?
    In the affirmative where can we have them.
    This would be great and also this would give you a sort of insurance if “you tube” censor or delete your video like they did to Mikes Adams, Jones and others. This would be disastrous with all the worked you invest in.

    Best regards

  105. Tin foil hat

    Trump is rocking the foundation of the ongoing dollar Ponzi by bring manufacturing jobs back to America, indirectly opposing the workings of the Federal Reserve. Trump is our Andrew Jackson in modern times.

    In searching history, there was but one parallel to Andrew Jackson. That was Cicero, who destroyed the conspiracies of Cataline and saved Rome. He did for Rome what Jackson did when he destroyed the bank conspiracy and saved America.

    Cicero expressed his disdain for Catiline (modern-day democrats or minions of the Federal Reserve), Quo usque tandem abutere, Catilina, patientia nostra? which translated means “How long, Catiline, will you go on abusing our patience?”

  106. flattop

    GREG: Fort Knox
    In regards to the amount of gold in Fort Knox. It would seem somewhat inconvenient to store gold in Kentucky. Would it not be much more convenient to store the gold in the Fed vault in New York? The logistical problem of moving gold into and out of the Fort must be significant.

  107. flattop

    GREG: Reset.
    Mr Sinclair and Holter spoke of a reset happening, and then would come a natural reset.

  108. G. Berky

    Conrad Black: “Donald Trump: A President Like No Other”

  109. G. Berky

    CNN host put her head down in shame with border agent facts

  110. G. Berky

    They Died With Their Boots On (Gentlemen of the South)
    They Departed As Friends_________

    We Missed the Cowboy Hat Bill!

  111. Gregory Mannarino

    As global deficits and debts explode higher, as long as the stock market continues higher, the VAST majority of people will continue to ignore everything else. This is called “Useful Idiots syndrome.”

  112. Charles

    Disappointed you didn’t ask Jim about his TRX company.

    • Greg Hunter

      Charles not what the interview was about. I don’t do a stock show.

      • Charles

        TRX is jim’s company. I thought you were doing a Sinclair Holder interview. TRX has a great deal of Jim’s money invested in it.TRX is very relevant to Jim.

        • Greg Hunter

          But not relevant to the global debt/financial-reset situation which is what MY interview was about. If you would like to tear somebody down go to your personal Facebook page.

          • Charles

            don’t belong to facebook. I deactivated and will be permanently out on Sep 1.

            Facebook is a Deep State Operation.

  113. G. Berky

    Cant forget this charge made from our mates down unda! WOW!

    Two Steps from Hell
    The Victory Charge of the Australian Light Horse, Beersheba
    The Turks will never forget;
    Those heroes that shed their blood and lost their lives … You are now lying in the soil of a friendly country. Therefore rest in peace. There is no difference between the Johnnies and the Mehmets to us where they lie side by side here in this country of ours … You, the mothers who sent their sons from faraway countries, wipe away your tears; your sons are now lying in our bosom and are in peace. After having lost their lives on this land they have become our sons as well.
    These famous, heart-rending words, attributed to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who was a commander of Ottoman forces at the Dardenelles during the first world war and later the founder of modern Turkey, grace memorials on three continents, including at Anzac Cove, Gallipoli. A procession of Australian prime ministers, from Bob Hawke to Kevin Rudd to Tony Abbott, have spoken them to invoke a supposedly special bond between Australia and Turkey forged amid the slaughter of the 1915 Gallipoli campaign in which some 8,700 Australian and more than 80,000 Ottoman troops died.
    As Australia prepares to commemorate the centenary of the British invasion of Gallipoli on 25 April, the authenticity of these emotive words, supposedly uttered in 1934 and interpreted in Australia as a heartfelt consolation to grieving Anzac mothers, are being challenged with assertions that there is no credible definitive evidence Ataturk ever wrote or spoke them.

    On Anzac Day 1934, in response to a request from an Australian newspaper, the Star, Ataturk had written what was immediately considered to be an Anzac tribute, even though he made no mention of Australians or New Zealanders: “The landing at Gallipoli on April 25, 1915, and the fighting which took place on the peninsula will never be forgotten. They showed to the world the heroism of all those who shed their blood there. How heartrending for their nations were the losses that this struggle caused.”
    Ataturk’s message to the Star was republished with slight variations in other newspapers across the world.
    Four years earlier, Ataturk – again responding to an Australian media request – did specifically praise Anzacs, reportedly saying: “Whatever views we of the present or future generations of Turks may hold in regard to the rights or wrong of the world war, we shall never feel less respect for the men of Anzac and their deeds when battling against our armies … They were nearer to achieving the seemingly impossible than anyone on the other side yet realises.”
    These are, undoubtedly, laudatory sentiments about the Anzacs. But they lack the emotive resonance of the purported – and now contentious – 1934 “Johnnies and the Mehmets” speech attributed to him.
    Ataturk, again responding to a request, told Brisbane’s the Daily Mail on Anzac Day 1931 that the Anzacs were a worthy foe. These words come closest to anything I’ve seen to his purported 1934 speech inscribed on the monuments. “The Turks,” he said, “will always pay our tribute on the soil where the majority of your dead sleep on the windswept wastes of Gallipoli.”

    These, and other words from his statement to the Daily Mail, have the same poetic ring – perhaps even the same emotional and diplomatic intent – as “the Johnnies and the Mehmets” speech. But they are not the same.

    • Charles

      I don’t belong to facebook. I deactivated and will be permanently out on Sep 1.

      Facebook is a Deep State Operation.

  114. G. Berky

    The George Washington of Modern Turkey?
    After the thoughts of Ataturk on the ANZAC’s, I wanted to know who is this guy is? The Creator of and still a defender of the Western Turkey of today?
    “How can it be a bad thing looking up to a figure whom encourages you to be pro-reform, question authority, respect nature, love children, treat women equally etc. There is little to no harm by taking Ataturk as an example, especially if you only follow his good deeds which the Turkish people seem to do. I don’t understand why it HAS to be a problem for westerners. It’s envy and curiosity westerners seem to have. Ataturk never asked ANYONE to visit his grave, or his body to be put in a mausoleum, or his pictures to be everywhere, nor did he erect any statues of himself. Stop blaming Ataturk for the cult that is alive today, people love him voluntarily.” [From a comment I found by Adam T 1 month ago (edited)]
    Is Turkey a sort of microcosm of whats going on in the USA now? There are those that want to get rid of our constitution and Bill of Rights, like those in Turkey. Fascism is rearing its ugly head world wide, both religious and political. Fascism is fascism, whatever they hide behind. Bully ‘s and thug’s all. When men love thy neighbor more than love of power over their neighbor, we must be dead and gone to heaven. Or heaven has come to earth in the form of God’s Kingdom rule.
    Keep repeating; Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as in heaven. Sooner the better!

  115. K. Wayne

    The key takeaway from this interview for me was ….What is occurring in plain sight.

    Jim mentioned POTUS Trump a few times and made specific points on “The Tool” he has used effectively in his past. Refer 22.40-25.00 & 31.56 onwards. Listen very carefully.

    And how …if one connects the dots….they are attempting/engineering to crash the system….by way of Bankruptcy.

    One can infer that Trump is/has used his powers to commence the process.

    Not one commenter has made comment on this very important point…and yet it was the crux of the whole concept of what has occurred the week before last.

    Bankruptcy is NOT only the solution for a world riddled with Insurmountable Debt……but it also implies great wealth can be borne from it…for those that understand the game and are prepared for it…. undoubtedly will benefit the most.

    How that is interpreted is up to the individual reader. Bankruptcies can be initiated by Individuals, Corporations, States, Countries.

    The order of Bankruptcy would in my humble opinion resemble the current turmoil and contagion in EM’s.

    Not only has Jim hit the bullseye with this, he has done it from a thousand yards.

    I concur entirely with his line of thinking.

    • K. Wayne

      As an addendum, I would like to re-post a comment I made on USAWD back on 07/15/18
      o K. Wayne 07/15/2018 •

      “Trump is a deal-maker. He saved himself from bankruptcy more than once”.
      Agree with the first part.
      The second…well, I suggest you go back and study the Facts.
      Trump required “bailing out”. Rothschild bankers and Wilbur Ross in particular came to his aid. Hmmmm…!!!
      Wilbur Ross is now Secretary of Commerce…coincidence ?
      Research how Wilbur Ross /Trump made their money (ashes of Bankruptcy)…then perhaps you may be able to connect the dots to see where this country is headed.
      We will see a monetary/tarriff/trade war induced recession…perhaps even depression.
      Corporate America will suffer.
      Those with devious minds and deep pockets are waiting to scoop up… for cents in the dollar….once mighty (in terms of Market Dominance) Businesses.
      Forget about all the noise in the background.
      This is the agenda and it all makes complete sense.
      Same observation….HUH !!!

      • Greg Hunter

        K Wayne,
        You are mischaracterizing what happened. The debt holders in this case got back way less money than they loaned but they got something back and that is why Trump stayed in business.

  116. Justn Observer

    Greg, Judicial Watch= finds McCain and staffers also behind the Lois Lerner targeting of Conservative groups…

    • Greg Hunter

      McCain was not a hero.

      • Tim McGraw

        You got that right, Greg. McCain was a wild pilot who wrecked two planes and flew threw power lines in Spain doing stunts. Look up the 2008 article on McCain as a pilot on the USS Forrestal when the fire broke out that killed over 130 sailors. McCain left the deck and the ship. He ran away.
        I was an aircraft mechanic for over 25 years. I’ve known a lot of “hot shot” drunk womanizing pilots like McCain. They wreck lives and planes with abandon. If McCain’s father and grandfather hadn’t been admirals in the US Navy; McCain would have been court-martialed imo.

        • Frederick

          Tim Definitely Or killed by his fellow surviving airmen aboard the ship He was a disaster plain and simple

          • Tim McGraw

            thanks frederick

  117. H. Craig Bradley


    Everyone here will be dead in 30 years. So what if the dollar does not survive? Nothing lasts forever. Until all public confidence is lost, we still believe in God and our Paper dollars and use them to pay bills and invest. Gold is a cold, inert metal that you can not exchange for gas or food at the local store. You need something readily acceptable as legal tender. So far, that is ONLY U.S. dollars, a government-created monopoly.

  118. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    Great guests, great interview. I do not possess the requisite number of superlatives to express how “spot on” I think this interview was.
    I will use one: FANTASTIC!
    Lo Iyrah!

  119. Liberty

    Trump also said that Americans usually come together during times of suffering.

    “I would love to be able to bring back our country into a great form of unity,” Trump said. “Without a major event where people pull together, that’s hard to do. But I would like to do it without that major event because usually that major event is not a good thing.”


  120. shahid afridi

    So what if the dollar does not survive? Nothing lasts forever. Until all public confidence is lost, we still believe in God and our Paper dollars and use them to pay bills and invest. Gold is a cold.

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