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More on AIG Cover-up and U.S. Deficit

By Greg Hunter’s  This was a huge week folks.  The two big stories I wrote about were the AIG bailout and cover-up and the U.S. deficit.  I have a couple of really good stories to pass along that will give you some more perspective

Fireworks Over the AIG Bailout and Cover-up!

By Greg Hunter’s    U.S. lawmakers in the House of Representative skewered Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner in a hearing over the $180 billion bailout of insurance giant AIG.  Geithner’s credibility was repeatedly questioned by both Democrats and Republicans over the Treasury

Freeze Spending, Raise Debt Ceiling?

 By Greg Hunter’s The Obama Administration is planning to seek a spending freeze for 3 years on domestic discretionary non-security spending.  Officials say the freeze could save $250 billion over the next 10 years.  That may seem like a lot

“Where Should I Invest My Money?”

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.comI was a featured guest on the nationwide overnight radio show “Coast to Coast AM” last week.  The show airs on more than 500 radio stations. “Coast to Coast AM” has a huge audience.  So, after my appearance,

Producer Price Index Surges-As Predicted!

By Greg Hunter’s In the post “Is the Recession Over? Not a Chance!” this past Monday (1/18/10), there was a prediction made about the upcoming PPI.  Shadow Government Statistics said, “…annual PPI inflation should pick-up sharply in December.” 

When Is One Vote More Than Just One Vote?

By Greg Hunter’s    Scott Brown is the new Senator from Massachusetts.  When a virtually unknown Republican can take a seat formerly held by Ted Kennedy in the bluest of blue states, the word “upset” doesn’t come close to what happened

Is the Recession Over? Not a Chance!

By Greg Hunter’s In February of last year, Fed Chief Ben Bernanke testified in a Senate hearing that he thought the recession would likely be “over in 2010.”  In September of 2009, The Fed Chief declared “…From a technical perspective,

Fannie, Freddie and Gold

By Greg Hunter’s  On Christmas Eve of 2009, the Treasury decided to lift the caps on how much bailout money failed mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac would receive to stay in business.  The caps represented a maximum taxpayer

The Federal Reserve Will Fight to the Death

By Greg Hunter’s The Fed is currently fighting tooth and nail in a federal appeals court to keep its bailout of big banks secret.   In August of last year, the Fed lost a lawsuit in federal court that would force the 97

Unemployment 5 Times Worse than BLS Reports

By Greg Hunter’s   Friday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its latest unemployment numbers.  The BLS said, “Nonfarm payroll employment edged down (-85,000) in December, and the unemployment rate was unchanged at 10.0 percent.”  Shadow Government Statistics founder, John Williams,

Double-Dip Recession Warning

 By Greg Hunter’s  There has been some positive financial news to start 2010.  Some auto makers reported good sales in December to end the year.  Retail sales also perked up in December, and even home sales in some areas showed

More on the Banks

By Greg Hunter’s Monday, I did a post called “Bank Ratings Keep Slipping Away.” My colleague across the pond, Max Keiser, sent me an email with his thoughts on the post.  Max is a former Wall Street broker turned financial

Bank Ratings Keep Slipping Away

By Greg Hunter’s  I was checking the financial health of my local bank and discovered that it had slipped to a (C-) rating.  Not more that three years ago, this bank carried a solid (A) rating.  The ratings I am