2019 Democrat Debate 7.31.19 – Greg Hunter Live Analysis

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

I had a nice response for the Democrat Debate on July 30 in Detroit.  I came back for the 2nd night on July 31.  Unfortunatly, the broadcast was terminated because of using CNN live stream.  You Tube said, “Due to a copyright match, your live stream was terminated.”  Many other channels using this video were stopped out of their live stream too.  That said, the debate was calling Trump a “racist,” and the candidates were talking about giving away more “free” stuff to entice people to vote for them.  Nothing really new here, just more crazy spending.  Can any one of these people win against Donald Trump?  We will see come next November.

The video of my live comentary of the debate is below.  It’s less than 30 minutes, but it reveals a lot about these candidates in this debate.  Enjoy!!

After the debate:

I will have a Weekly News Wrap-Up early Friday morning as usual.

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  1. FC

    If you’re a Democrat voter there is really no one worth voting for and there maybe a very good reason behind this.
    If we were experience a severe economic collapse like most guests here on USAWD have predicted and if this comes to fruition before June 2020.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Hillary announces her nomination for Presidency in the Spring of 2020 to take advantage of the economic despair and the lack of direction the Democratic Party have had ever since her departure………the phrase “Third Time Lucky” comes to mind.

  2. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    One of the striking common characteristics of these candidates is their glaring lack of authenticity. They are terrible actors; it’s like watching a B movie.

  3. Marie Joy

    None of the above. They’re all nitwits.

  4. Anthony Australia

    Watching the Video of Robert Kiyosaki interviewing James Rickards was explosive. Hope it’s okay to post Greg.


  5. paul ...

    Do the banksters think getting rid of Trump (for some Demon-rat socialist) is going to keep gold down? … think Jim Sinclair & Bill Holter will be dumping their gold (which they see going to $174,000 dollars per ounce)?? … https://usawatchdog.com/174000-per-ounce-gold-not-funny-scary-jim-sinclair-bill-holter/

    • paul ...

      So the Fed spooked the marketplace and took the precious metals market aback when Powell said “the Fed is not planning a long series of US interest rate reductions” … and that “this week’s interest rate cut was a just a (mid-cycle) adjustment” … creating a solid US dollar rally (to a new high for the year) … “brainless or simply a bankster stooge” Powell just gave Trump a stab in the heart by making US manufacturers even less competitive in world markets … I guess we should be used to these criminals at the Fed doing what is bad for America!!!

      • paul ...

        And because as Powell says “there is no inflation” … I think it is only fair for the criminal banksters to “increase their credit card interest rates” on the American people (from 27% to 32%) to get people spending money … and thus get our economy moving again!

        • paul ...

          I believe people are beginning to see through the shenanigans of the evil banksters … and their manipulation efforts to promote a weak economy and strengthening the US dollar so as to defeat Trump and replace him with a “free money Zimbabwe socialist”!! … so they are looking forward and buying gold and silver (right in the face of the Fed’s massive manipulation) … https://www.kitco.com/charts/popup/au24hr3day.htmlhttps://www.kitco.com/charts/livesilver.html

  6. bob

    this is a joke… what about the u.s. citizens first… the dems have made their format about illegal aliens not what the majority of citizens of this great country want. these people are stupid… trump landslide 2020…. oh, i think the dem party will bring out michael obama once they rid biden and a few others.. i believe she/he will be brought into the race in the near future… look at the publicity michael has recieved lately. of course i believe its a made up sham

    • Frank D

      Bob, I totally agree with about Michael (um “Michelle”) being brought in to run against Trump at the 11th hour. Too many MSM stories recently about the “scandal free” Obama administration, Michelle being named “most respected woman in the world” (!), and Obama galavanting around the world trying to convince leaders to stay the course re: Obama agreements/deals (Iran deal, Paris Climate Accord, to name but two). None of the current Dems stand a chance to beat Trump (especially if Trump establishes Voter ID ), so watch for Nichelle to be thrust forward at the last minute or maybe even at the Dem convention.

  7. Frederick

    Zerohedge has a story that NY firecommisioners are demanding a new 911 investigation

    • paul ...

      It’s about time Frederick … it’s only fair that “people who bomb buildings” be brought to justice … we went after the “uni-bomber” Kaczynski … who was the subject of the longest and most expensive investigation in the history of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to catch and bring this bomber to justice … but when the bombing is done by Cheney, Bush, Silverstein and other traitorous neocons … the FBI simply pushes it under the rug??? … we should be collecting DNA samples of all the traitorous neocons (who do evil because they don’t believe in Hell) … this way we can clone them and keep bringing them back to life over and over again … and execute them and their clones over and over and over again for all eternity!!

    • Montana Guy

      Frederick, this is REAL news. New York Area Fire Commissioners are making history calling for a new 9/11 Investigation. The text of their resolution claimed the existence of “overwhelming evidence” that “pre-planted explosives . . . caused the destruction of the three World Trade Center buildings.”
      My career was in engineering and construction. I am a signatory for Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth. Trust me Frederick, the government’s foundation for their ‘War of Terror’ and their perpetual wars are based on lies and deceit.

  8. Madi

    Thank you Greg for the update. Democrats care about illegal, criminal, pedophile and everyone who is Not a white law abiding white conservative , heterosexual, common sense hard working Christian tax payer.
    Trump will win in a land slide ! My humble opinion .

  9. Virginia Conway

    Hi Greg,
    I was watching your program and was shocked when the show was cut off! I noticed you were cut off at the exact point you mentioned that DeBlasio was disliked in New York. I put nothing past these ego, power-driven, liers and cheats. They are so jealous of Trumps success in-spite of every obstacle they have thrown in his path. Even more so, after the decades of preparation, the powers that be were all set to go, Socialist/ communist or whatever you want to call it with the Election of Hillery. When she lost, they lost their minds.! Their plan was ruined.
    I can’t help but feel that these Democratic candidates are a trial run for someone else to enter the Democratic race. Did anyone notice that they choose many of Trump’s agendas?
    They spoke of the cost of prescription drugs ( as we speak Trump is addressing that problem) oh! and the gem, Pell grants for inmates to get higher education!
    Who’s going to co-sign on that loan? I am fed up with the beyond the stupidity of the left!?!?#!! Cutting you off showed a lot! And it is not good.
    God, please bless us! …..Thanks, Greg you are the best.

  10. Frederick

    I said I would report from Warsaw No really big changes since a year ago A few more skyscrapers under construction this year More Ukrainian girls which is nice I just met a black guy from Cleveland, nice guy , said he just moved here I congratulated his good sense The celebration of the liberation of the Warsaw ghetto is this afternoon Lots of balloons, noise and beer

  11. Russ

    A mainstream centrist Democrat has only one choice in that field and that’s Biden — pretty poor choice. If you are a far left Democrat who would like to take the USA totally socialist, you’ve got a bunch of losers telling you what they think you want to hear. All of them are about headlines and poll numbers and none are worthy of the Oval Office.
    But that’s just my thoughts having not watched the debate. I’ve got way better things to do.

  12. Diane

    Thank you for suffering through this boring and annoying debate Greg.
    It was a labor if love for your watchdog group.

  13. Jc Davis

    I have to agree with your statement we are not all immigrants. My grand parents were Indian. So where is my repatriation money? LOL . No we are born American or we immigrated here. These people have lost all judgement because of the dark sins they have committed. While they promise us FREEdom the are servants of darkness.

  14. Thomas Craven

    Greg I watch you everyday & you said today you had microsoft updates – I abandoned microsoft in 2007 when I retired & switched to openSUSE on Linux.
    Today I was prevented from watching this video on the Tor browser. Tor & my VPN help protect me from the criminal US software spies.
    I highly suggest you start using Linux-based software

  15. H. Craig Bradley


    This is a collection of political extremists who are not close to where they need to be to have any kind of chance come 2020. Such debates often are more of a beauty contest or one in which personality is important. These days, its about who can shout the loudest. Hardly flattering. Luckily, few have an outgoing personality- certainly not Senator Elizabeth Warren, who often acts as if she is on the Warpath.

    Traditionally, you have to move towards the middle, not the extremities to attract sufficient votes to be a real contender. These wannabe Presidents are not even close, but are competing against The Squad of Four to see who can appeal to the far left the most. However, the voters are not to be found in left field, but rather, in the center. So, this is a complete waste of time because President Trump has the high ground, as do most all incumbents. President Carter was the only one-term President in modern times. His failure was largely due to a poor economy and secondarily, the Iranian Hostage Crisis.

    So far, the economy is holding-up pretty good. President Trump has vanquished ISIS and terrorism is not particularly active under his no-nonsense presidency. Even President of North Korea Kim Jung is paying President Trump “homage”. So, unless voters are incredibly stupid, they will just stand down rather than vote for a Democrat if they are smart. Time will tell on that one. You never really know when it comes to the general public or people.

  16. Thomas Craven

    FYI – Alex Jones’s web sites are NOT being blocked on the Tor browser – they would be a good source to understand how to keep the computer criminals at bay:
    They must NOT be using cloud storage.
    I always download your Youtube videos with this tool to prevent google tracking plus I use the EFF FF add on’s ‘Privacy Badger’ & ‘HTTPS everwhere’.

  17. Sylvia Sterling

    Greg….. Personally, I can barely stand to listen to these ignorant demos. It’s difficult to believe that people of this low mental attitude have any credibility with the public.
    I’m going to send you a donation immediately for your good work in informing the public.

  18. Laurie

    I was unable to finish this. This ridiculous show put on by the liberals is more than I could take. Your side comments helped to break it up some but I think I would have rather you just gave a wrap-up of it and show just a few clips of the clowns making fools of themselves. How can NO ONE there ask where the money is going to come from for all this “free” stuff. Maybe that came up after I quit watching this.

  19. Bruce

    Are these people really serious about winning in 2020 or are they just floating hot air balloons for 2024 to see how far left the American people are willing to go ?

  20. Joe Power

    I’m hearing a chorus of people begging for Michael to run. Will he run as Michael or Michelle is the only question….

  21. Mike R

    The Tag Line for all 20 Dem Candidates: Make America Broke Again.

  22. Mike R

    Gold has cleared $1450. According to Celente, that’s a big deal. The same has been side by others I follow, who seem to have the gold market ‘figured out.’

    It seems like the China tariff talk from Trump, has a much more outsized impact than Fed rate decreases.

    China doesn’t appear to want to give an inch, so Trump is again upping the rhetoric. More tariffs. This possibly helps his case with the Fed, as it creates more economic uncertainty, so more indicators will give warning signs, such that the Fed ‘needs’ to cut some more.
    The 10 year yield’s crashing post Fed cut, tells you loudly, market expectations are screaming for the Fed to cut much more. The dollar went up though. Very very bad sign. The yield inversion is going to get really bad, while the dollar going up will make it even harder for exporters to sell abroad.

    Personally, the dollar going up is at this juncture, when it should be going down based purely on its 3 year cycles, is screaming that a lot of big money thinks the stock market is about to become unglued. Decreasing yields on 10 year means people are buying more 10 year notes, and getting out of stocks, in a yield hungry world. No other currency is safe, so everyone domestic and foreign is demanding US dollars, as well as selling off other assets, to use US dollars to buy more bonds. Stock buy backs, use more dollars to retire stocks, and then create more debt with more borrowing. Demand for dollars is high for all the wrong reasons. People are fleeing to safety, rather than investing for the future. They are taking gains off the table, and going to cash short term, to transfer to another asset, and also going to cash to build up their reserves. They wouldn’t be doing that if there was about to be hyperinflation. They’d be selling dollars quickly if they expected that. Instead, we are still dealing with 2 decades long massive deflation.

    Japan has dealt with that (unsuccessfully), and so they’ve exported their deflation as has China, the two most impactful economies after the US. The Fed is totally stuck. They can’t move rates up and they really shouldn’t move rates down. This means interest rates are totally out of control. In every country.

    Gold is probably the last safehaven. It has no interest rate. It has no counter party liability. Its been around 5000 years as money. The only real money. Not very many people hold it as compared to other instruments. If the big and smart money has been adding it, and if countries like China and Russia have been accumulating it actively, and now central banks around the world are adding it, when they were prior sellers, what do you think you should do ? Sell it to them ? Buy it while you can ?

  23. Justn Observer

    Greg, wow, fox news reports Comey will get a pass from DOJ?
    and anyone holding their breath for AIG Horowitz will likely be disappointed as well as he has being a part of the clean up crew for years as well, ie. Harmon Wilfred case…

  24. RTW

    If it was Tulsi running against anybody but Trump, I’d vote for her. While the rest of the pack is spewing vitriol and hopelessness, she seems to be the beacon of reason and well grounded.

  25. Country Codger

    Shalom Greg,
    I am on the road and do not have the time to listen to this video for at least another week. Thank you for your continued vigilance. When I get home I will hopefully have time to listen to it before heading off to La.
    Lo Iyrah!

  26. Brett

    Greg, I really enjoyed your comments. Well done.
    Each of those “debating politicians” should take it upon themselves, to house, clothe, educate and feed a WHOLE family from South America, no help from the tax payers…..just plain and simple, take responsibility for a whole family and pay for them forever.

  27. G G MacGuire

    It was funny. They all called each other racists over and over. Are they all racists?
    I hope so. But I doubt it.

  28. ben

    “How can NO ONE there ask where the money is going to come from for all this “free” stuff.”

    Tulsi Gabbard explained exactly where the money comes from, she always has.

    It comes from NOT being involved in wars.
    Very simple actually.

    I dont understand how people here do not respect Tulsi, is it because she wants to end the wars?
    Is it because she is a strong intelligent well spoken woman?
    What is it?

    • Greg Hunter

      I respect her for wanting to audit the Fed and for suing Google!! She is from a socialist state and that I do NOT like. What is it with disagreeing with someone on policy???

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