Biden Crime Family Subpoenas, Karen Kingston Marked for Death, Hawaii Burns

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 594 8.11.23)

It’s about to get ugly for the Biden’s in the coming weeks.  Representative James Comer says Congress is going to subpoena the Bidens to get to the bottom of the alleged bribes paid to President Joe Biden’s family with the help of bagman Hunter Biden.  One report says Comer believes new evidence, including testimony from Hunter Biden’s former business partner, Devon Archer, directly implicated the President in his son’s foreign business calls.  IRS whistleblowers and FBI documents show millions of dollars have gone to the Biden family from foreign sources like China without good reason.

Biotech analyst Karen Kingston has been on the cutting edge of criticism of the deadly and debilitating CV19 vaccines.  Kingston was one of the first to call it a bioweapon and is pushing county sheriffs to pull it off the shelves.  Kingston has left the country because she says she is “marked for death by the Deep State, FBI and CIA.  Some say there is nothing that can be done to stop the deadly nanoparticle tech from destroying human life on planet Earth.  Kingston says that is a lie, and much can be done if local law enforcement will just act to save the public from nanoparticle technology.  Click here for her latest message from Mexico.   (If you want to donate to Kingston electronically so she can continue informing the public, please click here.)

Hawaii is on fire, and there are more than 50 people dead and billions in property damage because of deadly wildfires.  Nobody has figured out how they started, but there are billions of dollars in property damage and many burn victims.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up 8.11.23.

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(Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec.  This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it.  In addition, try different browsers.  Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. All the above is a way Big Tech tries to censor people like

After the Interview: 

Financial writer and precious metals expert Bill Holter will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  Dark financial clouds are gathering, and he is going to tell us when the downpour will start.

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  1. Chris

    The Kingston web link does not work.

    She has received death threats?! OMG!

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes it works.


        Greg Hi I was watching Standberry Research with Daniela Cambone and Ed Dowd. Daniela’s interview with Ed said 2 days ago and he was in his house so I guess it was the day before the fire. Has anyone heard from him? : 🙏

      • Barb

        Greg Robert Barnes and his client sued Pfizer for violating that contract Trump made with them .

    • Ken

      Everybody here, please keep Karen Kingston and her family in continuous Prayer!

    • Patty

      I have been praying for her nonstop since I watched the video and I am certain I am not the only one. This is pure evil what we are dealing with. She has a son too…
      Brandy Vaughan was a whistleblower who exposed Merck for the Vioxx pills which killed thousands from heart attacks. She was murdered. Her son found her… This is just horrific. God help this beautiful and courageous lady.

  2. Jacob

    Hey Greg,
    I live in Makawao which is up country Maui. There are hundreds dead. This is much worse than many realize. The news isn’t being honest and many of the firefighters were told to stand down. Corrupt as hell on the islands

    • Robert says no

      Been hearing the source of the fires was Directed Energy Weapons. Question is Why was Hawaii targeted? Obama was building a new oceanfront mansion somewhere on the islands. I wonder if his area was affected? Something sure is peculiar.

      • Earth Angel

        Didn’t Ed Dowd mention he was living on Maui? For some reason I seem to remember hearing him mention that in one of his interviews. If true, could this Hawaii firestorm have been an attempt to silence him from speaking?! Highly unusual for a tropical island in the middle of the Pacific ocean to erupt in uncontrollable fire, unless ignited from a volcanic eruption. Hmm, very suspicious indeed.

        • Patty

          That is the first thought that came to my mind. Are they targeting Ed Dowd??? This is so evil !!!!!

          • Greg Hunter


            • Patty

              Thank you Greg.
              Praying for all these brave patriots. And that includes you and your family.

              God bless

            • Jim

              Lasers as Directed Energy Weapons:
              Greg, I hope you see this, and watch the 2 minutes total of the youtube videos linked to.

              Most people have no clue of the technology available to the international satanic fascist corporatism of which we are subjects.
              Note that the lasers themselves are invisible except when going through smoke.
              Keep in mind that the following commercial lasers are using only 1,500 or 2,000 watts of electricity, and are tuned to the frequency that destroys rust and does nothing to steel or flesh or wood etc. The average kitchen microwave oven is 2000 watts.
              These lasers are for sale to the public by numerous manufacturers. Does the first look familiar to the airline-view video of the burning Maui oval? The first 15 seconds is all you need watch.
              The one below is 43 seconds total and is a brief description of how they work. Again, the frequency is tuned to destroy only rust as is clearly demonstrated.
              These videos, I think, may help some of the fence-sitters to start paying closer attention to what is happening though our compliance and complacency.
              Thanks for all your work, Greg and supporters.

    • Margaret

      This is so sad to hear. May God bless and protect all those there.

    • David Bagley

      Aloha from Volcano…exactly.. why didn’t the sirens go off?

      I believe this event is questionable.

    • David

      Do you think this was a directed energy weapon? From the images that Mr. Hunter held up it looks that way with the house/structure that was on the peninsula surrounded by water also burnt to the water..

      • Teresa

        Well, I watched Karen’s video, my thoughts are we are doomed. For so long now I have changed my mind about so many people that were suppose to be looking out and working for humanity. Seems as if you dig and research enough you find out,so many are all connected to the bad guys. Thank you for all your work on bringing us what you find out. I am old and I am poor and I wish I had never started learning about all this evil. It has done nothing to improve my life, my relationships, my health, my outlook for the future and not being able to help nothing and no one. Hard to even be with people and friends because in a conversation they will comment on a subject and right away it tells me they are completely asleep to the real world.

        • Ray

          Hi Teresa,
          Your post is thought provoking to be sure.
          Thank you.
          I too find what you have found with speaking to people who are “asleep”.
          Take courage, girl 😊💪
          I understand your view, where you say you wished you had never looked into these matters……I have felt that occasionally as well.
          However, I steady myself with the understanding that it is better to see the world clearly than to carry on oblivious in a fools’ paradise.
          Stay on the opposite side of evil, and God will remember you when the time for His remembrance comes.
          My best wishes, from many, many miles away, be with you Teresa.
          Ray, Canberra, Australia.

    • Rocky

      No Demon Rat working in Government can figure out how the Hawaii fires [that killed hundreds and turned them to barbecue ash] started?? – most probably because these are the same Demons [we idiotically elect over and over again for life] who couldn’t use their brains to figure out who took Bldg 7 down on 9-11 !!!

    • Sharon

      An article regarding Hawaii fires – “Hawaii has a robust emergency siren warning system. It sat silent during the deadly wildfires”.
      I don’t believe this for one moment. It was shut off…done on purpose so many people would die. All part of Globalists plans to destroy economy, depopulation and DEW was definitely used.

  3. "Enrico"

    “Click here for her latest message from Mexico.”

    There is no link to click.

    Is it this?

    Karen Kingston Poisoned – Calls Out Robert Malone


      Enrico , Thank you, I sent Karen’s post to everyone I know who would pray for her safety 🙏

      • Shae

        Praying for Karen!

      • Rocky

        Who gave Karen two black eyes? It Is Time [to due unto others what they have been doing to us]!!

        • Patty

          Black eyes due to poisoning…

      • Earth Angel

        Yes, Praying for KK’s safety and life. This is so sad to see the persecution she faces for merely wanting to tell the truth, save lives & preserve the genetics & DNA of GOD’S LIFE on Earth. Let’s hope there are some Sheriff’s, Law enforcers, Attorneys & Judges that share HER COURAGE. Karen we THANK YOU, we LOVE YOU and ask for your PEACE and PROTECTION from evil in JESUS name. AMEN.

        • Earth Angel

          What I want to know is WHY aren’t our law enforcement agencies going after the criminals threatening and attempting murder on Karen’s life? Doing away with Karen’s life will NOT help the bas$$@r&’s threatening her- too many around the world have seen their horrific crimes and know them for what they are. WHY the hell are we financing Law organizations with our tax dollars if they are afraid to prosecute the WORST criminal behavior? If they are already owned by a private organization(s) then they shouldn’t be funded by the American taxpayer & if they ARE funded by a clandestine group isn’t that illegal? That is supposed to be the function of OUR Law enforcement- to go after criminals threatening the American people! What’s wrong with this picture? I HOPE we see some backbone here and NOT cowardice. If Law enforcement does NOT step up to protect the life of an innocent woman then they AREN’T doing their job- and NONE of us are safe. Which imo sadly seems to be the truth of the matter. Our continued prayers for your safety Karen. Please report back to USAWD when you are able to. May God’s Protection surround you always for the work you are doing for His Kingdom.

  4. Shirl

    Great reporting Greg! Praying for the Brilliant and Courageous Karen Kingston that the Lord God Almighty Keep Protect and Give her Strength!!!

    A must Listen…did she just mention a few facts that many of us have suspected?

    Briben Inc. is The most corrupt Establishment that has ever taken root and yet, thanks to President Trump they have exposed themselves… There is great hope, take heart and do not fear.

    Pray up Stand Up Speak Out and Take Action

    • Rodster

      I feel for Karen and others who have exposed the truth and have sounded the alarm on this fraud which is to depopulate the planet. But we know longer live in a free and honest society. Instead we live in a truly demonic and evil world where telling the truth is criminalized. Even George Orwell’s depiction of society’s future in his book 1984 wasn’t this bad.

      • Michael Janket

        My state governor and his health commissioner are still pushing vaccines even at this late date with scads of information available as to how horrific they truly are. How can these people NOT be considered as co-conspirators in this diabolical wish to exterminate most or all of the population? Is it even possible to get some paper to print the truth or do we suffer along with papers that are refusing to tell the truth? I fear retribution in other words. There are many reasons why this very rich governor is not informing people. His attorney general carries on puking about “defending critical race theory” in our schools, but Covid vaccinations, fugeddaboutit. And our citizenry carries on without considering the incredible mess we are in. I meet so many people who have taken vaccine shots as if they were the Holy Grail. Utterly amazing. Time for George Orwell to get the Peace Prize, was he prescient or what??


      Shirl , Thank you so much for posting that interview it was so wonderful I texted it to over ten people I know would love it. I also sent Karen’s post and asked everyone I know to continually pray for Karen, son ,Mother and friends safety and health. Amen 🙌 Thank you 🙏

  5. Randy Hitt

    Hi Greg, I don’t think they are Hunter’s business partners or deals. I think Hunter is just a liason doing Joe’s bidding.

  6. The Seer

    Someone posted a human made laser strike photo on Maui just like seen in the No. CA fires blamed on PGE. Have to listen to your video yet. Is Ed Dowd safe or was he the target? Lots of
    Survivalists mid island. Was it safe there?


      Seer , I thought the same thing ED Dowd. The enemy is so rich and evil that they would take out an island to get him and send a message shut up. I pray for Karen Kingston and ED Dowd and their families and friends to be safe under the wing of Almighty God and ALWAYS AT THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME
      in JESUS NAME & I plead the
      BLOOD of JESUS over them all.
      KAREN & ED read Psalm 91 OUT LOUD every day and more often as needed and say to Father God “Father I claim this blessing for me & my family and friends in LORD JESUS CHRIST name”. I will also be keeping you all in prayer for safety and health daily and if the Lord Jesus puts you on my heart more often than that I WILL pray for you all. LOVE YOU BOTH 💞😘
      The Father & Lord Jesus Christ & Holy Spirit love you both the most. You are a blessing of God to the 🌎🌍 World 🙏
      PEACE PEACE 🕊️ 🕊️


        Don W , I’m praying for the people on Maui Island for the people to be rescue, healing for all and the burn victims,any of their animals and for help from our own military to help remove and restore everything that has been destroyed. 🙏 Father God please send hell to our people.

        • "Enrico"


          “My instinctive reaction, based on past conflicts on behalf of local farmers against the Honolulu mob and their corrupt patrons in the islands’ Democrat Party, is that Maui’s fairly recent transformation into an exclusive privatized haven for billionaires opened up a luxury real-estate business, with the added value of easy purchase of high-grade marijuana. The casualties, numbering in many dozens with many bodies yet to be retrieved from the ashes, did not include wealthy outsiders since the fire’s fury was concentrated against the poor old-timer residents, many of them descendants of plantation laborers and fishermen, living in shacks and farm hovels. Meanwhile the luxury estates of the rich and famous mainlanders went unharmed. Was this tragedy the result of secret class warfare by wealthy outsider interests against the rural poor? Maui is not the first, nor will it be the last site of brutal displacement of native populations to clear lucrative real estate for wealthy intruders.”

          • Rocky

            “Theories like fingerprints – everybody has them.”

            (Charlie Chan’s Greatest Case)

          • Barbara

            I noticed Oprah was there handing put bags of stuff. Your thoughts are noted!!

    • Jim Hall

      You asked the question I was going to ask. I was wondering if Greg had heard anything from Ed Dowd. You should watch the satellite video of the fires in Canada. It was definitely not lightning striking. I guess that they will attribute it to spontaneous combustion. Sure I’ll believe that story too, just as many good people were duped into taking the vaccine to their detriment.

    • Robert says no

      This sounds like a good thing but what if the ivermectin is made with nano technology hidden in it and people take it thinking they’re overcoming the problem with the vaccines but they’re really continuing to infect themselves? This is the problem we have. It’s hard to trust motives especially within these corrupt agencies. People will need to verify the products not contaminated like insulin and other pharmecueticals are with nano technologies, as has been discussed here on this blog.

    • Diana

      Late Friday it was reported on Warroom that Ed is good. That is all I know for now.

  7. The Seer

    Someone posted a human made laser strike photo on Maui just like seen in the No. CA fires blamed on PGE. Have to listen to your video yet. Is Dowd safe or was he the target? Lots of
    Survivalists mid island. Was it safe there?

    • Lynn Moser

      DEW used in B.C. too along with The Camp Fires in Ca. Weather manipulation add DEW… The winds were the give away. Well, the beams of energy too of course. But to watchers of videos the winds are generated by heating ‘air’ with microwaves from Ship, WSR88Ds or planes. Same way theu bust up thunderheads to disallow local rains.
      Maybe they were after Ed…his book is pretty eye opening. Who else lives there? Other than the squirrel motive what/who is there…

  8. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Harrowing video from Karen Kingston – our little ‘hummingbird on speed’. She puts the assassination attempt/s down to her encouraging sheriffs to act, but IMHO, it is more likely because she would make the MOST EXCELLENT EXPERT WITNESS if the scamdemic crimes ever came to trial. Just take a look at the ‘Clinton list’ of would-be witnesses that somehow or other departed the mortal realm just days prior to giving sworn testimony!!!

    Wishing Karen a good health and a long life . . .

    • Rodster

      As Paul Craig Roberts says, in today’s America, telling the truth is criminalized but lying is applauded. That’s why Trump is threatened with jail while Joe Bidet and his son are being protected by the Deep State.

      • Paul

        Unhappy the land that is need of heroes.

        Paul from arkansas

    • Jane Hill

      WE are praying for U Karen Kingston! .

      ED is hoping U are okay and safe.

      • Rocky

        They are taking out our leadership [when it should be the other way around]!!


      Person Patrick Ben-David Valuetainment had Anthony Weiner on and asked him about Hillary’s list of 46 dead Weiner the Weiner that he is freaked out. It was great the two of them going back and forth.

  9. Henry Johnson

    Douglas Macgregor, Colonel . I think he would be an excellent guest.


      Henry yes. I wish Greg would interview Col Douglas McGregor also born and raised in North Philly like my Dad he knows what though is. He’s not a pansy.

      • Bob

        Can confirm – not a pansy. He was pretty manly when he was helping destroy Iraq.
        I’d rather have someone who can articulate the real reason for the Ukraine war.

    • MacGuy

      Hear hear! COL MacGregor recently shared a story when he first met President Trump. Prez Trump commented as to why he had never heard of COL MacGregor before…I think we can all figure that one out.

  10. Ray

    Waiting for the video to load with bated breath…….thought I’d chime in early.
    I watched earlier today, with tears in my eyes, a video Karen Kingston posted this week, where she clearly states that she is being hunted and marked for death for speaking out.
    We clearly understand the following two things:
    1) The mRNA shots are bio weapons, sanctioned by the government.
    2) The brave woman that has tried to alert the world to this is being hunted down by the very same government.

    My respectful…….RESPECTFUL question to USAWATDOGGERS is this:

    If Karen Kingston is murdered by the US government, will there be an uprising of US patriots that will engage and enact their 2nd Amendment rights?

    I’d be interested in peoples’ thoughts.

    My love and best wishes be with you all as we move into this final phase.


    Ray, Canberra, Australia

    • sam

      “If Karen Kingston is murdered by the US government, will there be an uprising of US patriots that will engage and enact their 2nd Amendment rights?”…………What a RIDICULOUS Question to ask from a purported “intelligent?” reader…..
      Although Karen Kingston is one of America’s SMARTEST and PATRIOTIC Citizens…she is not known to at least (90% of Americans maby less…. my opinion)…so if she dies….(and you have NO IDEA or PROOF who did it,…if SHE WAS MURDERED)…..most Americans wont even know she is gone…
      That is (almost) as Non-nonsensical as you coined the word…”BIG FARMER”… they are raising Americans to be Eaten by the “BIG FARMER”
      Sam, Straight American Vietnam Veteran, Supporter of President Trump, Love My Country………and…… holder of AG….Theta….XRP…and XLM

      • DAVID

        xrp just wants to control absolutely everything you do to monetize a blade of grass…I for one will know for certain our so called police allowed her if not killed by them,you are scared to death or a bott/fed or very stupid.Karen is a great American HERO.

        • sam

          SHOW US THE PROOF!

          “I for one will know for certain our so called police allowed her if not killed by them,”

          SHOW US THE PROOF!….and You call Me STUPID?

      • Ray

        Sam……you can’t help yourself.
        You are like a moth to a flame whenever I comment.
        I could say that the colour of the sky is blue, and you would want to argue the toss.
        Fair Dinkum……you really do loath me, don’t you, and can’t let go.
        You have to make a negative, opposing comment to ANYTHING that I say here.
        One would think that a person of your vintage would have a greater mental capacity, but not with you.
        No, no.
        An angry, pissed off, shoot from the hip grub you are.
        Methinks you represent the very worst of America, and you bring a stain of nastiness and venom to this website.
        Moreover, your presence here lowers the conversation in terms of meaningful input. I have seen you attack quite a few other commenters here, with your bile and disdain for opinions that don’t quite match those of yours.
        Anyway……I won’t waste any more of my Saturday morning arguing with a piss ant like yourself.
        Greg……I love you Brother, and nothing will ever change that.
        You have given so much to me, and I have made attempts to support where I can.
        However, you may have to choose which commenter you want to keep moving forward.
        I love coming to USAWATCHDOG, for the wonderful information, the amazing guests and the sense of community among your commenters across the world.
        I have been here from the very beginning.
        This Zubberdex has been here a very short time, and in that space, has managed to annoy more people within this fine community than just me.
        I say this gently and humbly to you……if I see this bloke’s comments continuing to be posted here, I won’t be returning to your site.
        Of course, I will continue to drop you the occasional email, and my love and very best wishes, for health & happiness, be with you and the USAWATCHDOG community, always.

        Ray, Canberra, Australia.

        • sam

          (This is Greg Hunter. I am not posting comments like this one I deleted.)

        • sam

          “I say this gently and humbly to you……if I see this bloke’s comments continuing to be posted here, I won’t be returning to your site.”…………

          Very Amusing!………Mommy, Daddy,!….Sam is calling me out Again!

          • Greg Hunter

            If you don’t agree with someone just don’t comment. You don’t have to “call anyone out”

      • Teresa


    • Once upon a time


      They have DIVIDED the country, on so many levels.

      UNITED America WAS a force. DIVIDED it will fall.

      You need to lead Australia!

      • Ray

        Keep throwing out the left jab 🥊💪😎
        Ray, Canberra, Australia

    • Real Raw News


      RealRawNews is reporting that Trump is going to come out and state that the vaccine is a biological weapon and that he is no longer the father of the wonderful vaccine He will also financially support Karen with any security she needs. In addition he stated he will financially support all J6 prisoners. He also promises if elected in 24 he will lock up the whole deep-state by himself, even if it takes all night.

      • Cry Me a Ruble

        Real Raw News is the left’s version of So this post is total BS. On their own website they state the following:

        Information on this website is for informational and educational and entertainment purposes. This website contains humor, parody, and satire. We have included this disclaimer for our protection, on the advice on legal counsel.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        RRN is 100% hopium.

      • Ray

        I hope all that you have stated comes to pass.
        Take care,
        Ray, Canberra, Australia

        • Lynda S

          Hi, Ray!
          I’ve so appreciated your comments, wit, and insight in our community.
          To your initial comment, I ask humbly:
          —Will the children of the Most High ask Jesus to forgive us and heal our land? Will we speak His Word OUT LOUD to the darkness and PUSH it to its end?
          —How does a 2A help in the midst of a hijacked body part, the BIOFIELD, taken out of vocab in the late 1800s and its power discounted in leu of pharma?
          —Our only triage is two fold: 1) activate it; 2) ask the LORD to show us the Truth on what these devils did to humankind and help to teach us how to activate the FULL POWER of a Spirit-filled believer in Christ; ONLY Christ.
          Ray, many are educating on the RF sinks and sensors imbedded now in all—yes, not just in a wearable! Simply google these terms RF sinks & sensors. Also see d a r p a “gig” architect “global information grid”… yes sir, our 2A cannot be used if certain electrical things are used to cause one to be docile completely.
          Ray and my brothers and sisters here: please see Psinergy on Odysee for pinned video, plus google WBAN; PAN; LAN; NANO for more of the heartbreaking evidence to search out for yourself how these devils are TRYING to usurp the Temple of the Most High—US—His children!
          Google fingers this to see, and remember to ask specifically for God’s vengeance (not ours) to flow like a river upon the evil of this day. He will keep us as we look to Him for His power to help our human family; to piezoerrect our biofield and then elongate protection onto our loved ones. To cover loved ones in the Spirit of Christ and His blood.
          So far it looks to me that He had SEEN ALL the evil will do, and in advance He built within the human body power— especially His Spirit within us (when Christ is invited into our heart), the means to overcome ALL the fiery darts of the enemy.
          God Speed Family!
          <3 Lynda

          • Ray

            Well said Lynda, well said.
            God has put THE most amazing power into all of us……His Spirit…..and you are 100% spot on regarding how it is activated: Just invite Him into your heart ❤️
            Wishing you and yours all the very best moving forward, and thank you for your lovely comments.
            Ray, Canberra, Australia.

    • Rocky

      No big armed uprising is needed [that is exactly what the Globalists want] – just a few patriots [who have special military training] are needed – to intelligently do as the Globalists do – “the Globalists target and take out our leaders”!!

      • DAVID

        your goofy they have been taken out what we see are fakes.we need a moral CHRIST FEARING ARMY MILLIONS STRONG.

      • "Enrico"


        Be careful with your words, they may try to poison you!

        “Best to slip with foot than with tongue.”

        (Charlie Chan at the Circus)

      • Ray

        Excellent observation Rocky.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia


      Ray, Karen Kingston will live and not die and she will declare the goodness of God in the land of the Living in Lord Jesus Christ name. I plead the Blood of Jesus Christ over her &son& mom & family. The Bible (Jesus) says we overcome BY the blood of the Lamb(Lord JESUS Christ) and the word of our testimony 🙏

      • DAVID

        OUR LORD WANTS US TO DO.when FATHER does it since man will not he destroys everything he said he does not like cowards or lazy.

      • Ray

        As always, your comments are filled with such amazing grace.
        Thank you.
        Thank you for the wisdom and spiritual clarity you bring to this place, week after week.
        May the blessings of God be abundant upon you and yours.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia

    • Jerry

      I am concerned for her and I pray to JC to take care of her. We have not come to the point of the 2nd amendment rise up yet. Its getting bad out there but the day to day is still normal. What I mean is life at face value it the same. You have to really look and you will see, the writing is on the wall. People are getting sick who took “it.” I speak with coworkers that literally have no idea as to what is going on. Out of about 45, of that 10 did not take “it.” People are absolutely clueless, it’s about football baseball, going to the movies, glued to the phone etc. Concerts vacation… I got into a conversation about 4o1ks the other day, they keep loading them up like no tomorrow. I feel as if I am in a world of walking zombies.

      • Ray

        Hi Jerry,
        Thanks for your reply mate.
        I see much the same thing here in Australia.
        As Jane has noted, things are starting to boil, and it is gathering momentum over here as well.
        We are currently being divided by our government, who want to hold a referendum later this year to change our constitution, which seeks to divide Australians along racial lines.
        If you are interested, look up “The Voice” debate in Australia.
        I am in the No camp.
        Take care Jerry.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia.

    • Jane jones

      Ray, things are starting to boil!
      DOJ makes MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT in SURPRISE Press Conference ;Talking Feds with Harry Litman
      1,850 views Aug 11, 2023
      Attorney General Merrick Garland has appointed a special counsel to continue the investigation into Hunter Biden. He did so at the request of David Weiss, the US Attorney leading the Delaware investigation who has now been elevated to special counsel status.

      • Ray

        Agreed Jane…….things are well and truly heating up.
        Take care of you and yours.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia.

    • JayJay

      My thoughts are this: if we haven’t stood up for all the thousands that were killed and maimed, why would we stand now??

  11. Paul Anders

    I think somethings wrong with the video. It stops at the 4:05 mark. Tried it a couple times…

  12. Roger Stamper

    tks greg

  13. Don W.

    Thank you Greg for all of your excellent coverage with those you interview as well as articles like this one.
    I live in an independent Living place where a lady that also lives here had her bag packed and was waiting for her transportation to take her to the airport in Denver, when her daughter called from the fire area where she lives and told her mother that she and her son were getting out of the house and heading to the beach area. Her Mother was really upset and of course cancelled her trip. But she heard from her daughter again about two hours later and her daughter was at the beach but could see that the fire was burning her home area and headed toward town. But now with communications out, she has not heard from her again and she is really scared. I would ask people to really pray for ALL those people on the Island and safety for all of the people that are flying them out of there as well.
    Blessings to you Greg for all you cover in your interviews and articles.

  14. Wildbad

    These developments with the brave and brilliant Karen Kingston are full of grave portent. I agree with a previous comment or that it is her intelligence and danger to the most evil forces on our planet which has put her literally in their crosshairs.

    She was the first and best at pointing out the initial dangers of the bioweapon and has increased the danger to our enemies with her reporting of the other manifold vectors as well as pointing out the legal weaknesses these companies and governments are susceptible to .
    Pray hard for her and get the word out everywhere especially to those that she mentions: Kennedy, Malone, sheriffs etc.
    May Jésus hold you in the palm of his hand.

  15. Linda Majors


    Excellent wrap up! Just want to point out that Tucker had to invite the DC Chief of Police back for a second interview. Fox still has the one Tucker conducted with Sund a few months ago. Apparently, the first one is considered the property of Fox.

    Have a good weekend!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Linda, for the clarification!

  16. Bobby Garner

    Subpoena Criminals? That’ll make them tell the truth. NOT.

  17. Jim Symington

    Greg, First off, Thank You for your truth,honesty and commitment to God. I went to the Karen Kingston and cannot find a way to donate to her plight. Can you assist my search ? Thank You, Jim Symington

  18. "Enrico"


    “A growing number of leprosy cases are being reported after COVID-19 vaccination, including two cases in the United Kingdom that researchers said may have been caused by the vaccines.”

    • Rocky

      “Men who lose balls – will never have children”.
      {Charlie Chan’s wife}

  19. Agnes

    Thank you for trying to locate Ed Dowd. My best to him and to Karen Kingston. Please keep us posted.

    Maybe Dane Wigington will have some info about the Maui fire on his Saturday broadcast.

  20. Karla Fiaoni

    A strange video popped up after the Friday wrap up
    Did anyone else see this ?


      Karla, yes I saw it, first I heard something weird then saw something. I thought somehow another person’s video was mixing into Greg’s. It was odd.

  21. Da Yooper

    Good wrap up Greg

    Inflation …….yep in everything but gold & silver. The corruption of the federal reserve & their corrupt bankers continues to roll on & the corrupt MSM as well as our politicians & they say & do ………nothing.

    Cant wait to hear what Bill Holter has to say on Sunday morning ( when I watch your interview while eating breakfast)

  22. Thomas Wigand


    I suspect that the Hawaii fires are not unrelated to the Canadian fires earlier this summer.

    My “spidey-sense” is telling me that the Globalist-CCP Axis is ramping up a multi-pronged assault against the world in the lead-up to the 2024 elections (if they can consummate taking-out the USA as an potential opposition force, they have a clear path for “The Great Reset” / Agenda 2030 and the accompanying CCP hegemony).

    This could also include man-made “natural disasters” (e.g., wildfires, pandemics, CROP FAILURES ). Publicly acknowledged man-made disasters (e.g., cyber-attacks, WWIII).

    They recognize that they’re on the cusp of victory, but also that awareness is growing, and opposition is building. And if they fail, they’ll be facing tribunals for crimes against humanity, and execution.

    So we’re dealing with mass-homocidal psychopaths who both sense victory, and are simultaneously being backed into a corner.

    People like you Greg, speaking truth, awareness and thus paving the way for discernment, are amongst the most valuable allies for the righteous. For it is through growing awareness, and in PRAYER, that OUR hope for “deliverance from evil” resides.

    Tom Wigand (“American Discerner” on Substack)

    • JayJay

      They recognize that they’re on the cusp of victory,

      “For what has a man profited if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul”

  23. Fred Engel

    Would evil go after one man and burn, with what has been shown used before, direct energy weapons. Who has great credibility and written a book on the subject of the shots being bioweapons. There’s more to come in the states, riots, shortages, and financial uncertainty in the upcoming year. Q has put out day before elections power and internet outages. Trying to cancel 2024 elections. Trump has declared 2024 will be the most secure elections…. why? paper ballots.

  24. Lynn Moser

    Greg, I usually just view your Rumble videos but not sure you look at the comments; I wanted to ask you to call Ed Dowd on your Sat phone to his…ask him if D.E.W. was in fact used on the island. The photos suggest it to me after the eyas of following its use in other communities. Please contact him at least to check on his safety.

  25. Mary Ann Saluri

    Greg, can you or other patriots help Karen Kingston connect with one of the patriot generals? They should be able to provide her with a safe house to stay in until we end this war. She deserves the medal of honor for her unending battle against the satanic deep state.

  26. Victor Showman Shokan

    India’s Chandrayaan-3, Russia’s Luna-25 To Land On Moon On Same Day; ‘Another Meeting Point’ | Hindustan Times 10,366 views Aug 11, 2023
    The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) congratulated the Russian space agency (ROSCOSMOS) for the successful launch of its lunar mission, Luna-25. ISRO, in a tweet, said, “Wonderful to have another meeting point in our space adventures.” Chandrayaan-3 and Luna-25 will land on the moon’s south pole on August 23. Watch this video to learn about decades-long India-Russia ties in space.

    Seattle is a hot mess: Former cop Fox News 21K views 4 hours ago
    Former Seattle police officer Jessica Taylor explains how the city descended into anarchy on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

  27. Paul H.

    …for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived. Revelations 18:23.

    The Greek translation for sorcery is “pharmakia.”

    And that’s the rest of the story.

  28. GreenPeas

    State of the Spiritual Battlefield ~ exorcist Fr. Ripperger
    (best with text captions on, click CC)–Ls?t=22

    early in video, key point:
    how individual Christians conduct their personal life affects the Body of Christ and therefore impacts the efficiency of the front-line spiritual warriors .

  29. sam

    “If Karen Kingston is murdered by the US government, will there be an uprising of US patriots that will engage and enact their 2nd Amendment rights?”…………What a RIDICULOUS Question to ask from a purported “intelligent?” reader…..
    Although Karen Kingston is one of America’s SMARTEST and PATRIOTIC Citizens…she is not known to at least (90% of Americans maby less…. my opinion)…so if she dies….(and you have NO IDEA or PROOF who did it,…if SHE WAS MURDERED)…..most Americans wont even know she is gone…
    That is (almost) as Non-nonsensical as you coined the word…”BIG FARMER”… they are raising Americans to be Eaten by the “BIG FARMER”
    Sam, Straight American Vietnam Veteran, Supporter of President Trump, Love My Country………and…… holder of AG….Theta….XRP…and XLM

  30. tony c

    Every week now Clif High is saying that humans were created by space aliens. Is he attempting to lay the foundation for a new space alien cult?

    Why does Clif High look so much like Marshall Applewhite (Heaven’s Gate cult, March 26, 1997)?

    • JayJay

      The series, Ancient Aliens, is one of the most rewarding series I listen to while working picture puzzles.
      I don’t agree with all, but sure think about their views.

  31. Shirley Thompson

    I also failed to note Ernest Luque LinkedIn returns a error “Unknown Host. Unable to locate the server; the server does not have a DNS entry. ” and the website for his company does not have secure sockets layer on its url meaning the security certificate was never issued – instead of That website returns splash page error message “Error establishing a database connection”.

    That’s very shady and I’m having a difficult time believing the FBI would contract Alphassb for anything. Karen has either been duped by this guy of the FBI is using him to intimidate her into silence .


      Shirley T so what should Karen do? Is there anyone who can help guide her to safety? She’s a lone sheep. There has to be someone good with some money to help Karen she’s helped all of us. She could come to my home to stay but me saying it they would know where she is. Where is her husband to protect her and her son?
      🙏 🕊️ Maybe Pres Trump’s home/resort in Florida she would be safe there. 🌴

  32. Brian

    As for the fires in Hawaii: There was an interview posted on the Weather Channel on 8/10 from a woman on Maui. She saw a power line transformer pop. Not sure the video will be up for long since it goes against the Governors claim of climate change.

  33. Max Dezara

    Just listened to the Karen Kingston Rumble clip.
    It is very obvious that this poor women is under
    tremendous stress and duress and with good
    reason. The government will now eliminate
    anyone who they deem a threat to their agenda.
    We all had better wake up and quick this is getting
    worse day by day.

  34. Brianroy

    Sometimes the Deep State openly lets you know you are targeted without having to say so. I had interactions with someone from a US Navy bio-weapons lab some 70 miles away, wearing their badge, who initiated business contact with me at a regular customer basis. After 3 or so visits, I was infected in all 4 sinus points and both inner ears. I recovered to some degree with definite life health damage, and had a weight loss of about 7.5 lbs a month for 10 months before I could stop the uncontrollable weight loss. Having a lot of extra muscle, despite my age, is what enabled me to continue on at 155 lbs where I was a fit 230 lbs, doing 80 lb dumbells for each arm at the 14 – 18 reps level, then. There have been a number of follow up visits from the Chinese, but since US Intel is obviously working hand in glove with them, there is no one to turn to for assistance. To do so invites persecution and prosecution for no wrongs done on my part. Steve Quayle was also bio-weapons attacked at his home by a helicopter dropped mist they crop dusted his house with targeting his DNA. I think if they got mine, it was from my sister who is part of that 3 letter community , rather than taking my direct DNA sample, it seems to me.
    I say all this, because Karen could be bio-weapon targeted by an acquaintance who merely touches her hand or clothes or arm in even the smallest way, and spend months in decline health despite taking vitamins and Ivermectin and the rest of all that.
    As a Christian, our business is ever being prepared for death in the context of 2 Corinthians 5:1-8 and John 12:26. If GOD wills, I will live to see Christmas and March of next year. If not, fear not those who can kill the body, fear HIM who has power to cast into Hell only. GOD the father in his son Jesus is perfectly represented as the exact image and reflection of. Jesus loves us and aids us, so why should we worry about discarding this life for the eternal life with Him whensoever this one is discarded in HIS timing? We shouldn’t. Fear NOT! Be bold! Be strong and of good courage! Revelation 12:11. Amen.

    • copter 1

      This is nothing new. She is being targeted by a directed energy weapon i.e microwave

  35. Shae N

    Greg, I haven’t heard you talk about this subject and wanted to bring it to your attention. I hope that you will investigate this and cover it in the future.

    I am a senior citizen who lives with chronic pain from fibromyalgia, arthritis, SLE (lupus) and UCTD (connective tissue disease) …and….I can no longer receive prescription pain medicines for the past year.

    My doctor can no longer treat any of these diseases with opioids and is retiring because they do not consider that he has 30+ Hospice patients but only the amounts of opioids he prescribes. They are harassing the doctors to no end for the past year.

    I know that I have felt suicidal at times and if not for my strong faith in God would not be here. I can no longer tolerate NSAIDS (aspirin, Aleve, etc) and have developed serious intestinal issues.

    I believe that many of the suicides are ‘vax’ related – but many are people such as myself who can no longer get relief – I believe that THIS is the next epidemic in America.

    Thank you, Greg, for all you are doing.

    God bless you and keep you and your family in all this.

    • Greg Hunter

      So sorry Shae. Praying for you!

      • Shae N

        Thank you, Greg.

        I hope that I am wrong, but after a lengthy discussion with my
        doctor yesterday, I am afraid that this is going to become dire for people who live with chronic pain.

        He said they are forcing the care of pain-control patients out of the small town and rural doctors care and into ‘pain control clinics’ in Birmingham (AL).

        He believes that they are planning to make all opioids illegal. The patients’ choices are the psychotropic drugs! These gave me nightmares and I will never take another one.

        Yet… they do nothing about the illegal opioids crossing the border by the tons. 🧐

        May I add that this doctor is NOT a ‘conspiracy theorist’ by any stretch – he actually believed in the ‘vax’…

        Again, thank you Greg for all your great works!

        Blessings to you!


      Shae , I read your post and wanted to let you know that there is a pain patch called
      ” Signal Relief”. I was watching PTL / Jim Bakker Show and two men were telling Jim about this pain patch that the one man invented he had worked for our government and was making antenna’s for communication and realized it took pain away. The man found a man to put the money up to develop and sell them. I bought a few of them it works great on my lower back. Maybe you could look into this patch there is no medicine in it, it removes the pain signal that normally goes to the brain. Hope it works for you it does for me. 🙏❤️ Linda. God bless you.

      • Shae

        Thank you Linda.

        Have a blessed and beautiful week.

    • Jerry

      Hi Shae, have you heard of CHLORINE DIOXIDE? It’s called the universal antidote. It will take a little investigating, but there maybe a protocol for your chronic pain. If you are on telegram, there is a page with unbelievable results that people have had using it. “The Universal Antidote Videos”

      • Shae

        Thank you Jerry.

        I have not hear of this and will definitely try it too.

        Blessings to you and your family.

  36. A Day

    Ironically, during my last visit to the doctor, the nurse who hounded me about getting the shot, looked like death warmed over. She appears to have aged 20 years. She admitted to having covid too, even though she had the shot. But I wonder if her health issues are covid or the shot. The very people they enlisted to urge and coerce the rest of us are now victims. Truth be known, her attitude might be different now, too. I heard nothing about getting the shot on this latest visit.
    The doctor himself admitted to me that he’s seen numerous patients with odd health issues the last couple of years. He stated that “the illness” seems to be targeting existing health issues and making them worse. Wonder if he is seeing the aftermath of the shot or the covid.

  37. Damien

    Karen Kingston should have contacted me if she wanted to disappear and go dark from her enemies. I’ve been impossible to find for decades the same as if I had been in Witness Protection. They WILL FIND HER if she does not use professional methods of going dark. In the military my buddies all called me the “Grey Man” because I did anything I wanted, whenever I wanted despite being in a command structure.

    They’re going to kill us all, but at least she might be able to do some more good by prolonging her fight a bit longer. She’ll go to Heaven and so will you Greg, but be very careful as soon they are going to go full-tilt on eliminating voices like you. I wish I could help, but I’m just a “Gun Hand” trained for kinetic operation however, my time to work is approaching fast.

    God Bless, and good luck Greg!

    • sam

      What “Movie” did you Star in?

  38. Russ 2

    Hey Greg, no real comment regarding the broadcast except keep doing what you’re doing.

    I’ve heard the arguments for impeaching Biden voiced by members of congress and I’ve also heard that it’s all being timed out, maybe, we’ll see. Another argument is that Biden may never be impeached because that would presume he’s a duly elected President which many think he’s not. We’ll see, the evidence of his criminality is being exposed and people are waking up, that’s what this is about.

    Maui fires — not to suspicious … multiple fires pushed by wind. Is someone pissed at Lahaina or is someone sending a message to Honolulu regarding moves to declare Hawaiian sovereignty? Regardless, Lahaina seems to have been wiped. Hope Ed Dowd got out of harm’s way.

    Good info in your adverts. I took your advice and got an INMARSAT Sat Phone from the Sat Phone store. I already had an EcoFlow charger. Solar panels are a great thing to have available for charging stuff during a power outage (we get them here in SOCAL). I’ve got a few hundred watts worth of panels so I can recharge the EcoFlow Delta and a smaller panel to recharge my EcoFlow River. Different chargers for different functions. There are a number of items that should be purchased when they are readily available because when you really need them (like right now in Maui), you can’t get them at any price.

  39. russ

    Something else that probably won’t get much MSM coverage:
    “FDA Drops Ivermectin Bombshell ” – ZeroHedge
    … “Doctors are free to prescribe ivermectin to treat COVID-19, a lawyer representing the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said this week.

    “FDA explicitly recognizes that doctors do have the authority to prescribe ivermectin to treat COVID,” Ashley Cheung Honold, a Department of Justice lawyer representing the FDA, said during oral arguments on Aug. 8 in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit.” …
    unquote, but it continues…

    • Greg Hunter

      This is Big!! Thanks!

      • russ

        Thanks Greg. Yes, after so many years of denigrating one of the best treatments for Covid or vaxxine injury, now the FDA comes out with a policy reversal. In the past they would just double down when caught — did something change?

        It’s not just horse paste.

  40. L.B.
    How One Author Figured Out That Former President Barack Obama’s Book Was Fiction, with David Garrow /Megyn Kelly 160,647 views Aug 10, 2023
    Megyn Kelly is joined by author and historian David Garrow to discuss how he began to uncover that former President Obama’s books were actually fiction, what his ex-girlfriend really revealed, and more.

    How Obama’s Writings Fantasizing About Gay Sex Was Suppressed For Years, with David Garrow /Megyn Kelly 234K views 20 hours ago
    Megyn Kelly is joined by author and historian David Garrow to discuss former President Obama’s letter to an ex-girlfriend about his gay sexual fantasies, how that part of the letter was suppressed for years, and more.

  41. Matthew Gibson

    Hey Americans, wake up! This administration is a complete fraud! We need to rebel against this corrupt administration. Stand against it. Refuse to comply. Stop filing tax returns now!

  42. Lon Bell

    The Truth About Barack Obama’s Relationship with Jeremiah Wright, and Loyalty, with David Garrow /Megyn Kelly 22,238 views Aug 10, 2023
    Megyn Kelly is joined by author and historian David Garrow to discuss former President Obama’s relationship with Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s lack of loyalty to those closest to him, and more.

    The Last Witness: 94-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor 🇺🇸
    Peter Santenello 816K views 1 month ago

  43. Scott

    People should be put to death for what they did to this country. DEATH

  44. Martin Luther

    I may not be the most intelligant guy in the room, but the stateless deep state is Jesuit and Roman Catholic, not German Protestant. Hitler was a confirmed Roman Catholic, a triple agent, and a Rotchild banker bastard, like Obama. Don “666” Drumpf is a Jesuit-educated German, who met with Jorge “666” Mario – the first Jesuit bouncer chemist Pope ever – in the necropolis, before a million dead “gain-of-666-function” Americans could prosecute a “witch hunt” for mass murder! Maria Zeee is full of …za. Didn’t George Orwell’s “1984” warn us about controlled opposition and totalitarianism? The Jesuit-Catholic anti-abolitionist slave culture/Beast of Revelation has slowly buy surely subverted the truth, the media, the Supreme Court, the municipal courts, the police, the military, the alphabet agencies, the Congress, the executive branch, the Emancipation Proclamation, and the U.S. Constitution.

    Deliver us from the evil one and his minions in the name of Jesus Christ. Pray for Karen Kingston’s family and yours, dingbats!

    • Eugenio Pacelli

      right now this moment, Catholics Jim Caviezel and Mel Gibson are putting their lives on the line to save children and reform Hollywood.

      Go get a job in Massachusetts where they would not allow Jim or Mel to adopt.

      What is going on in the Catholic church is openly discussed on youtube by Cardinal Vigano, Fr. Ripperger, Dr Taylor Marshall and many others. …. Also, there are several prophecies of the Blessed Mary going back more than a century which speek to the events of today.

      There is plenty of corruption and malfeasance in Protestant sects throughout US history. Woodrow Wilson wasn’t Catholic; he gave us the Federal Reserve and globalism. FDR ushered in socialism to America. Who dropped the nuke bombs on Japan? He wasn’t a Catholic, but Nagasaki was the location of Japan’s Catholics. And Truman also gave us the UN globalist society. LBJ had a hand in assasinating the Catholic JFK. LBJ brought more socialism and the Viet Nam War. Who can forget George W Bush, who said many times he is a bornagain Evangelical. Just look at what he unleashed upon America and the people of the middle-east.

      Evangelical prophet Mark Taylor said many times, as has Cardinal Vigano, there is a deep-church just as there is a deep-state, and the spiritual war is afoot.

  45. Jim

    Has any tyrannical government throughout history been thwarted by peaceful noncompliance?

    I don’t think they will leave us alone until they respect us and they won’t respect us until they fear us.

    • Agnes

      Fear is certainly a contributor to respect. However, the greatest social/psychological fear is the fear of being found out. Karen Kingston’s plight is a good example of how terrified a perpetrator can get from being found out.

  46. Marie Joy

    Everything is planned as a Distraction/Depopulation/Destruction event.
    Destruction/Depopulation/Distraction Events are picking up speed.
    Dominion, 2000 Mules, Traitors in 2024
    Stealth, Dear Patriots, Stealth.
    Please, run for office, any office, especially school board.
    If J6 was an insurrection, why didn’t they bring their guns?
    They are waiting for us to rise up so they can come after us and our guns, hard.
    President Trump had an Executive Order that took the assets of traitors.
    I believe Hawaii fires were intentionally set. MO.

  47. John Howell

    It’s very concerning that Karen Kingston could be on the ”Wet List” (assassination). Someone who could possibly help/advise her is Steven Greer who is a famous whistle blower on the subject of Deep black projects. He has been threatened and some of his team have been killed. He was approached and offered protection which Mr Greer finally accepted which has been effective up to now. It wasn’t elaborated on who this group or organisation is.
    Karen is a courageous truth teller for humanity as is Mr. Greer. I hope that this info can be relayed to her from a trusted third party.

  48. D.DoWright

    Ed Dowd Unfiltered: RFK, the Vaccine’s New Disability Crisis, and the Next Big Threat to America
    Stansberry Research 101,343 views Aug 9, 2023

    The U.S. dollar has reigned king of global currencies for decades, but other countries have
    challenged the dollar’s status this year in hopes of unseating it as the world’s reserve currency.
    Today, Daniela sat down with Edward Dowd, founding partner of global macro alternative investing firm Phinance Technologies. Edward argues that foreign adversaries using the threat of a gold-backed currency as leverage to weaken the dollar are bluffing. He says, “The dollar system is so ingrained that money and debt are the same thing. All
    these countries have dollar-denominated debt… They’re going to have to devalue their
    currencies if they go on a gold standard.”
    At the same time, presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy recently unveiled a plan to back the dollar with hard currencies like gold, silver, or bitcoin (BTC). Edward, who serves as co-treasurer to RFK Jr.’s campaign, highlights this potential shift as a foundational element of a new financial system. “Robert’s introducing the conversation into the electorate. The current monetary system, as it stands, is debt based. Might is created through debt. We’ve reached the endpoint so there has to be a new system,” he explains. Edward also contends that the Federal Reserve is using the war on inflation as a guise to keep interest rates elevated and maintain control over the direction of the global economy. “The dollar unfortunately has become a weapon… It’s going to continue to be strong as long as we keep interest rates high. We’re choking off credit from the rest of the world,” he concludes.

  49. Marie Joy

    Good/Easy times have made weak people.

    • Ray

      Very true Marie…..very true.
      I read somewhere the following:

      Hard times bring tough people.
      Tough people bring prosperous times.
      Prosperous times brings soft people.
      Soft people bring hard times.

      I always enjoy your comments Marie, and look forward to reading them each week.
      Ray, Canberra, Australia.

  50. Vernon Locke

    Investigator Mike Zullo talks about Obama birth certificate
    ABC15 Arizona 233K views 11 years ago
    Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s lead investigator Mike Zullo talks to ABC15 about why he is seriously questioning the authenticity of President Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

    WOW: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Releases New Information on President Obama’s Birth Certificate (FNN) FOX 10 Phoenix 1,614,778 views Dec 15, 2016
    President-Elect Donald Trump is back-pedaling on earlier claims that President Obama’s birth certificate is a fraud. Now one of Trump’s biggest supporters, outgoing Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, is making headlines once again over the issue.

  51. Richard Gould

    The Bible tells us that as this system of things ends that nothing will be concealed; all of the evil will be brought out into the open and we are seeing this happen NOW. Get ready, esp. spiritually, cause the Great Tribulation is very, very close and the GT starts with the destruction of all churches because they teach lies for money; for instance, hell does not exist but the churches use this teaching to control the people through fear. If you have questions, please ask or email me; [email protected].

  52. Robert says no

    This sounds like a good thing but what if the ivermectin is made with nano technology hidden in it and people take it thinking they’re overcoming the problem with the vaccines but they’re really continuing to infect themselves? This is the problem we have. It’s hard to trust motives especially within these corrupt agencies. People will need to verify the products not contaminated like insulin and other pharmecueticals are with nano technologies, as has been discussed here on this blog.

    • Ray

      I was thinking much the same thing myself.
      Terrible how cynical I have become, but your point is a fair one that deserves consideration.
      Ray, Canberra, Australia.

  53. jon

    I would encourage Karen to seek asylum in Russia. They seem to be one of the places on earth at this time that have communities of ex-pats from political persecution in their home countries.

  54. Trinacria

    Thank you Greg for your updates and for the link to Kingston video. You are truly a giant for the cause!!! I continue to pray for that brave woman. To say the world owes her a debt of gratitude is an understatement. My radar always told me that “Dr.” (I put in quotes because a doctor who honors his oath would not do this kind of research) Robert Malone was oily, smarmy, self promotor and most dangerously a possible “double agent”. He has appeared on many podcasts in recent months including on Steve Bannon show…I hope these hosts perform a little more “due diligence” on this guy if they are indeed for the People!!!

  55. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter a painful review of the world.

  56. Robert Will

    Prayers for Karen Kingston’s speedy recovery. She is a beacon of light in the darkness.

  57. Don Ho Howe

    The Chinese Slide Into Deflation (The Final Straw?) || Peter Zeihan
    Zeihan on Geopolitics 166,176 views Aug 11, 2023
    The current Chinese system has been staring down the barrel of a number of serious challenges for quite a while now, and this new economic data just took the safety off that gun.

    Russian ‘Rocket Rain’ Wipes Out Over 1,000 Ukrainian Troops; Chechens Join Battle For Orekhovsky
    Hindustan Times 142,969 views Aug 10, 2023
    Russia has delivered massive defeats to Ukraine in the Orekhovsky region. More than 1,000 Ukrainian troops have been killed in back-to-back Russian strikes. Moscow’s forces have launched a missile storm in the Orekhovsky region. Vladimir Putin’s trusted Chechen fighters have joined the Russian Army in the region. The region has become a hotspot in the last few days amid Kyiv’s counterattacks.

    • Rocky

      Russia rains down rockets and artillery on the Nazi’s just like they did in WWII – and the Ukrainian Nazi’s are folding!! – this time around let’s reject any Biden attempt to do “Operation Paper Clip II” to bring evil Nazi eugenicists working in the Ukrainian Bio-labs back to America to live among us!!

  58. Marie Joy says Leprosy is from the Bioweapon.

  59. J. Kimble Allen

    For those who may be interested. The below is a repost of “erios93,” which was acquired from the comment section at

    “RFK Jr is a fraud and con is part of deep state, RFK lifelong positions on pro-gun control, pro-abortion, Pro-lockdown when it counted in 3/2020, RFK endorsed Hillary Clinton 3 TIMES, pro-vaccine, prowar position in Ukraine’s war and even his anti-speech position on climate change.

    Why is no reporter asking these fact based questions to RFK Jr or to the public?

    I can’t vouch for the veracity of any of the above. May or may not all be true. Much of it seems plausible.

    It seems there are deceivers behind almost every bush, so to speak.

  60. Free Slave

    It’s not hard to figure out when you begin to notice that every time there is an attack on Russia, some disaster occurs in the US. Just before the fire in Hawaii, a factory blew up in Moscow. This is unconventional war but war none the less.

  61. J. Kimble Allen

    Partial deposition of atheist DR. STANLEY PLOTKIN, MD – “💥💉 Dr. Stanley Plotkin Reveals What Horrific “Ingredients” are Added to the Childhood Vaccines.”–dr.-stanley-plotkin-reveals-what-ingredients-are-added-to-childhood-vaccin.html

  62. Cupcake

    Did they burn up Ed Dowd’s house too???? Hmmm…

  63. Rodster

    Just for a second, imagine that you are Karen Kingston and we are in a cashless society with CBDC’s. So you are on the run for exposing lies and telling the truth and TPTB, decide to flip the switch and your money NO longer works anywhere. You can’t fill up car with gas, can’t rent a room at a motel, can’t buy food.

    You are on the run and trapped like a cornered cat waiting to be caught. This is why TPTB want CBDC’s because as CAF has repeatedly warned, they will 100% control the population. And the idiots who love their Apple Pay etc don’t seem to bothered by going all digital.

    George Orwell’s 1984 is here and now.

  64. "Enrico"

    G.A. Stewart: A few weeks ago, I was grabbing my morning coffee and bagel and talking with the baker, and the store manager overheard us talking about how close we are to a war with Russia. She said, “Stu, you’ve been talking about how close we are for over a year.”

    She is a sweet lady, but I asked her rhetorically, “Is there anything about the war in Ukraine that you do not understand?”

    And this is where I find most of the people in my world, and it is disturbing. This woman has three kids, she commutes 50 miles to work at 3:00 AM every morning, so I know that life gets in the way of her figuring things out.


    Greg thank you for everything you do to bring us the truth. I pray for you your wife & 🐕 protection and prosperity in Jesus name. Your a light on a hill 🕯️🚨 with a mouth. Thank you.

  66. Tabitha Sloan

    Starting to wonder even more is Adams is deep state!

  67. Cytek

    Thanks Greg, everything is blowing up in their face they are being exposed. God is not mocked. “I will repay saith the lord.” Send this to your friend Bo Pony.


  68. Frank S.

    Bless you, Greg for looking into, and reporting on, the Karen Kingston situation.
    If Karen reads your comment section: Please stay in a safe place, country, situation. Follow God’s will and plan for your life. You’ve helped us all immensely.
    We all love you.

  69. György Schwartz

    Piers Morgan Gets DISMANTLED Over Ukraine War
    The Jimmy Dore Show 25,449 views Aug 11, 2023

    U.S. General Confronted For Overthrowing 11 African Governments Since 2008
    The Jimmy Dore Show 35,671 views Aug 11, 2023
    The United States has for decades been committed to educating military leaders from developing nations — so that those military leaders can then return to their countries and stage violent coups. When GOP Congressman Matt Gaetz recently asked a Pentagon official why we keep training coup leaders, the military official could only spew corporatist double-speak about “core values” and “curriculum.”
    Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the indisputable fact that the United States has routinely supported coups around the globe since World War II.

    • sk

      G Soros???

  70. Doug

    Great interview with Andy Schectman of Miles Davis:

    Part 1:
    Part 2:

  71. Ron Newman

    An article in the current Prepare For Change website, Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea along with some other doctors have analyzed the contents of the the bio-weapon shots in vaxed and unvaxxed alike, as well as cadavers. She explains in clear terms why we must stop the injections immediately and inform people all over the world.
    Please invite her on you show.
    Here is website address Then scroll to article. Horrifying Discovery in Unvaxxed Blood- Dr. Ana Mihalcea.

  72. Ron Newman

    An article in the current Prepare For Change website, Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea along with some other doctors have analyzed the contents of the the bio-weapon shots in vaxed and unvaxxed alike, as well as cadavers.
    Please invite her on you show.
    Here is website address Then scroll to article. Horrifying Discovery in Unvaxxed Blood- Dr. Ana Mihalcea.

  73. John Maskell

    Greg, you’re 100%. I am so sorry about Karen Kingston . God forbid that nothing happens to her. I am concerned about deep state attacking you. They hate the truth .

  74. john

    Greg, I am a very undeserving and flawed Christian prayerfully saved by the Grace of Jesus Christ and his ultimate sacrifice given for us on the cross.. Karen Kingston is such a noble and brave woman in the fight to save humanity. I watched her video yesterday. These people trying to silence her are truly satanic with no reverence for human life, AT ALL. I join with you and the many of our other brothers and sisters in Christ who are your loyal viewers, praying for this beautiful example of a human being doing her best to wake up the unaware general public. May God the Father and Son bind these forces of evil attacking this young lady, and cloak her with a supernatural shield of protection. Thanks Greg, as always, for keeping us informed, as always. God bless you Sir.

  75. Ginny Silcox

    Hi Greg, It’s actually the graphene oxide in the vax that is responsible for the electromagnetic response…not the mRNA (which is also horribly damaging). The graphene turns the human nervouse system into an antenna…including Bluetooth signatures. I worked for years in electromagnetic compliance for medical monitors. The self-assembling nano graphene can cross the blood/brain barrier and form a resonant loop antenna in the telencephalon. I think that’s why we see so many “spinners” going into fatal seizures…they are crrying 5g cell phones.

  76. Jack Phillips

    How can you say the economy is fine? People are committing suicide because they are going broke. Rent has doubled from $1.00 per foot to $2.00 per foot. The real unemployment rate is over 20 percent. The entire financial house of cards needs to fall before the economy will ever be fine.

  77. Joe Doaks

    “Wipe Out” is a surf rock instrumental composed by Bob Berryhill, Pat Connolly, Jim Fuller and Ron Wilson. Composed in the form of twelve-bar blues, the tune was first performed and recorded by the Surfaris, who became famous with the single in 1963.

    FROM A 1963 Pool Party southern California USA;
    NEW * Wipe Out – The Surfaris {DES Stereo} 1963
    Smurfstools Oldies Music Time Machine Clip 22,237 views 7/10/22
    1963…..#2 U.S. Billboard Hot 100, #5 U.S. Cash Box Top 100, #5 UK Singles, #5 Canada
    *Original video edited and AI remastered with HQ stereo sound.

    See the kid’s in this video, they’re all great grand parents today, this could be anywhere back in the day, in the Anglo-American dual world super power, US. UK. Australia, New Zeeland, Canada. Now the 5 eye’s to spy on each others population legally. WTF, has happened to us!? Yes they’re mostly white, so’s what!? You can see there are Black and Asian there too. Their in the minority, but they aren’t worried about it because they’re having fun and they were taught in public school THAT, according to the Declaration of Independence, all men and later woman, I guess independence is catchy, are CREATED EQUAL.. Yes it took awhile and a Civil War, in 1860-65, a hundred years before that party, But we’ve come a long way Oprah baby! You didn’t have to wait for old old white people to die, did you. Why should, us young people? That was what that pool party was about, not to wipeout anybody, but forgiveness. And those white folk paid a pretty penny to liberate your south, to the south side of Chicago. In that un-Civil War!

    Those kid’s parents paid a hefty price too, to save the world from the slavery to sin and death. WTF? WW1 & 2, yes to be free and the right to free speech, press and religion. Those three rights, make peace and prosperity and those kid’s are proof and no bones about it. Because with any measure of faith gives hope and Oprah Winfrey is proof of what hope can do for even a dope, like you me. The Bible, Independence and a Bill of rights and a guarantee, the meek will inherit the Earth! Hope beyond measure!

  78. Colleen Marie

    Devon Archer has been close friends with Chris Heinz – John Kerry’s step-son – since university. Rosemont is a catch all name the Heinz/Kerry family uses for shell corporations.

  79. J.Doaks

    Oprah: Old Racists ‘Just Have to Die’ to Further Racial Progress
    Demographic pruning?

    Oprah Winfrey: “OLD WHITE PEOPLE HAVE TO DIE!”

  80. Vernon V. .Locke

    ABC Newsman Pretends Democrats Never Denied Elections
    The Jimmy Dore Show 4.7K views 37 minutes ago

    LFR FAMILY 8.5K views 2 hours ago

  81. Roger Winkelman

    Billion$$$ MORE Headed To Ukraine! Will Trump Indictments Backfire On Biden? W/ Salman Ahmad

  82. PersonaNonGrata

    Senator Ron Johnson exposes the ugly truth on FOX . .

  83. Bill Thayer

    I thought we had Miltia groups in several states, I know we used to. Too bad they can’t take Karen in and protect her, she shouldn’t be out there all alone. I feel so bad for her, all she did is try to wake up humanity, and for this she is punished.

  84. Jackie Pollock

    Karen Kingston is going through a trauma event 99% of us will never experience. It is so awful to hear and see her on her video and to know she had to run for her life! Thank God she was able to get that video out for all of us to see. She is a most brave truth warrior and she is going through persecution because she puts the truth out there for humankind’s benefit.
    This world is growing darker and more evil by the day. I pray God’s promise to those who are his believing followers that He (God) will never leave you (Karen) nor forsake you. And the destruction in Hawaii has many suspicious circumstances to it as many reports are continuing to point out. We need to pray for Karen and her family and for EdDowd and all of those people subjected to their “hell” in Hawaii.
    Just awful what is building up around all of us. There is worse to come.
    Thank you for your WNW, Greg, you always put out your very best each week.

    -Jackie from Texas

    • copter 1

      This is nothing new. KK is being hit by a directed energy weapon i.e microwave

  85. Justn Observer

    Greg, backpeddling are they? = FDA Drops Ivermectin Bombshell=

  86. Andreas Daras

    Mr. Hunter,
    I appreciate all and everything that you do !
    Thank you !

    It’s a minor setback these days, and I can understand why so many people are very upset because they feel that things are not progressing as fast as they want.
    But, out of nowhere, today, things started to accelerate and it will not stop !!!!

    To my point:
    What happened is that Pluto entered Aquarius on March 24, 2023, heralding a new era for humanity, giving everyone hope, but then, on May 23, 2023 it started going retrograde.
    Today it is not in Aquarius.
    It is back in hard working, bulldozer Capricorn, and it’s cleaning up house and old garbage.

    Pluto will go direct on 1/21/2024 (coincidentally? at the beginning 0.00° of Aquarius), and it will never look back for another 240 years.
    You cannot make these things up, not can I.

    Maybe it is the beginning of a real Presidency?
    The beginning of a true Republic ?

    It’s all God’s timing, definitely not mine.

    Pluto in Aquarius means explosion in inventions, all secrets come to light, human life rising to the highest levels of happiness, tremendous abundance in life of every form and tremendous prosperity, in every way imaginable and unimaginable.

    By the way, the American revolution against the crown, it happened when Pluto was in Aquarius.

  87. PersonaNonGrata

    Dr Ana Mihalcea discusses alteration in the blood of the vaxxed – and UNVAXXED!

  88. Baja Joes


    • tactical tim

      stop with the negative waves !!!

      we Christians are steadfastly hopeful of the future of our hero Karen Kingston

  89. Jeffrobbins

    We are officially a banana republic. Be careful out there- we need to be smart about what we do and say.
    We stayed home from church a month ago or so and talked about the Los Vegas alien incident.- doctrines of demons incoming? It struck me as just like when Jesus said He saw Satan fall like lightening. We talked about the similarities between the temptation in the Garden and with Jesus. The most interesting one is telling Jesus to turn the stones to bread. He wanted to prompt Jesus into an action. Of coarse, there would have been other prompts to follow. The news is dominated with things to create either fear or anger- prompting an action. What are we being prompted to do?
    We all need to think about our food, I still maintain Jesus changed grain to corn in the KJ. – It’s a warning. We’re talking about getting some sheep, but like anything else i need some infrastructure first.

  90. Linda Majors


    Karen Kingston needs to contact Sheriff Chad Bianco, County of Riverside.
    In spite of the trash talk about Sheriffs, those who are “Constitutional” Sheriffs will protect Karen. The Sheriff of a County has enormous power. In the County where they have jurisdiction, the Sheriff has ALL the power. They can order the FBI to get out of their County, if they choose to do so. Riverside County borders San Diego County where Karen Kingston resides. I feel certain that Sheriff Bianco will protect her.

    During the Covid pandemic, Sheriff Bianco ignored Newsom’s mandates and calls to have people arrested. Sheriff Bianco issued a video statement advising residents in Riverside County that they would NOT be arrested. He didn’t enforce the mask mandates, nor any of that nonsense. Sheriff Bianco said that his job is to uphold the Constitution and protect people’s rights.

    Greg, if you hear from Karen, please encourage her to contact Sheriff Bianco as soon as possible. She can get an apartment in Riverside County to hide out. Sheriff Bianco will provide protection for her.


  91. Robert from Alabama


    Take a look at the obituary of a 21 year old man that worked at Baptist Hospital and Longleaf Elementary School in Pensacola, Florida. He was most likely mandated to take the COVID injection. He passed away from unknown causes. Keep up the good work and I’ll pray for you and Karen Kingston. I feel that you and Karen are both American Patriots and are trying to wake up the American people before it is too late. I am an old combat veteran but I feel that you, Karen and a few others are also putting yourselves into jeopardy trying to save our beloved Republic. Thank you.

  92. Led Skeletor

    Hawaii burns, has Kenya’s favorite stooge now smoking the chef on the barbie?

    I hope Barack’s bruised bandaged bloody hands hear before the local police are forced to conduct a proper investigation come next Easter.

    Help Wanted
    Must be a mute and must take one for team.
    Free intimate colonoscopies and full burial plan.
    Apply at once at Michael’s Obrothel


    Suicides’ – I’d say attacks by satan knowing his time is getting shorter.

  94. Ben Golan

    Biden Crime Family To Be Subpoenaed. Never going to happen. Not going to happen. McConnell will stop it or McCarthy will delay and draw it out until people lose interest using the Obama method.

  95. Paul Thompson

    Greg this is information for you. Karen Kingston contacted Mike Adams with a video. He thinks that she is in Mexico. This is Brighteon with Mike Adams:

    I did get the e-mail that she sent out a few days ago. It was so poorly written that I thought that it might be fraudulent, or the understandable stress is affecting her writing. Now that I know that the e-mail is real, I know that the mistakes were from the obvious stress.


  96. Randy Best

    The US Government is becoming more sinister with each passing day

  97. Bill

    Bill Holter 👍

  98. Sharon

    Karen is a truth warrior since she called out so much of what’s going on from the start. May God help and protect her. My husband and I had our doubts about Dr. Malone. He’s not to be trusted.

  99. Denise Andersen

    Someone needs to be with her, she is all alone down there.
    I pray the Blood of Jesus over Karen and her family, that no evil would penetrate from any dimension, above or below, to harm her or her family members. In the name of Jesus. Amen
    God Speed.

  100. Ben Golan

    So, when you purchase the Sat phone etc.., even the power generator, what do you do when the communications satellites are taken out by the Russians or Chinese? They were very clear they would do this in s war time situation. And if nukes are used, the EMP will make the generator & Sat phones expensive paper weights. Someone just recently hacked one of our satellites, did you know that?

  101. Susan R

    This news about Karen is devastating and after listening to her and reading other comments, the stream flows toward resurrection. My life is the choices I make. In a combat zone, chances at life would be slim. I use this life to enrich and enlighten. I see what you see and appreciate the warnings of imminent danger. I honor those that die on the battlefield. The choice to acknowledge evil could envelope my life, but it defines my life with awareness the impact every decision I make has. Some, fully conscious, choose to fall on the sword, like Christ. The time I am in is Biblical. My choice is to gently walk amongst my brethren with the greatest respect.

  102. Marie Joy

    My daughter is forcing me to go to a pro Bioweapon doctor. I think these docs were paid very big bucks to maintain a pro vax position.

    • Rodster

      These doctors are indeed getting a kickback from Big Pharma. If you go to see that doctor just make sure you make it perfectly clear you will NOT take the Covid vaccines.

    • Robert K

      Sounds like you need to have a serious heart to heart with your daughter… She sounds asleep.

      Wishing you the best MJ, I always appreciate commentary.

  103. sam

    Mr. Greg Hunter ….this Question came in from one of your readers..

    “My respectful…….RESPECTFUL question to USAWATDOGGERS is this:

    If Karen Kingston is murdered by the US government, will there be an uprising of US patriots that will engage and enact their 2nd Amendment rights?

    I’d be interested in peoples’ thoughts.

    OK…so I gave Him “MY THOUGHTS”……and…..WOW… you’d think i burnt his house down….he went totally BANANAS…and threatened to quit….if you didn’t BAN ME from Your Website….so… I banned?….or….are is ray Bluffing?
    SAM, Vietnam Veteran, AMERICAN and Proud!

    • Greg Hunter

      I appreciate your service but play nice here. Be respectful and don’t be rude. That’s all I ask.

    • Ray

      My comments from a couple of months ago that you make reference to as being ridiculous, concerning my suggestion of “Big Farmer”, were more metaphorical than literal.
      You were unable to grasp this, and in your usual style, came in for some head kicking with your comments.
      You have been told, in no uncertain terms by the owner of this website, to pull your head in.
      I expect you will comply with his request, and if you cannot find that capacity within yourself, I fully expect that he will indeed ban you from commenting further.
      I wish you no ill Sam, and hope that your contributions moving forward will be positive & constructive ones.
      That is the way of proud Americans.
      Ray, Canberra, Australia.

  104. General Jack Rippard

    Russia Blows Up Ukrainian Drone Control Centres; Over 150,000 Soldiers ‘Wiped Out’ | Hindustan Times 59,898 views Aug 12, 2023
    The Russian Army has reportedly blown up two Ukrainian drone control centres in Donetsk amid Ukraine’s counteroffensive. The New York Times reported that Ukraine had lost over 150,000 soldiers since the beginning of the war last year. Meanwhile, Russian forces shot down 20 Ukrainian drones over Crimea and thwarted a major attack early on Saturday.
    This is crazy, what could go wrong? How bout world war three! I mean, the US. poked the bear, now the gloves are certainly off, as far as the Russki’s are concerned and I don’t trust the Biden puppet team pulling the right strings on that mad, angry old fart ass! He’s liable to take matters into his own mad hatter hands!
    Like that old buzzard RIPPER!

  105. Wanda

    Greg, I am praying for Karen, and have asked others to do so as well. One comment left here suggested she may want to go live in Russia, were someone out to “Get” me I think its a serious consideration. With her experience and knowledge there may be other places/countries she should consider as well. Russia sounds like the obvious choice. I follow a couple on Rumble who “say” they live in Portugal, moved there from the US a couple years ago, and love it there. (Redacted is their name on Rumble) Now I wish to ask you, as some one who earns an income in the lower brackets, (Me) to consider doing a video on Credit Unions. We moved our income to a bigger bank 3 years ago, and have had some issues already with them. We moved from our local CU and we never had problems there. Could you find some one who knows the facts about credit unions, unbiased, wiling to discus them. I just listened to a man on Rumble cover the differences of Big Banks and local Credit Unions. I am ready to return our incomes and most of the savings back to our local CU after hearing what this man had to say. There are many people who are in a lower income bracket as we are, retirees, etc, who should know where to bank to avoid the closures of big Banks. Too many of those have closed already, and its predicted many more (All of them some say) are soon to close. The man from Rumble any one can search for, he is called ninjaman1994. Greg, there are many of us out here, who cant afford to buy precious metals, and we have the money to spare to put into a savings account. Or invest in other things which may be bartered for food and such. IF we can keep it safe in a CU. I understand that they are owned by their depositors and not by some one else, so they are safer. Please consider this, and any one reading the comments left here? If you would comment with your experiences with a CU and your thoughts on this as well it would be greatly appreciated. Ty Greg God Bless you and yours!
    ALSO, My Husband is Military retired, we went to a Bank from our CU that is for Military people and their families? he was hospitalised recently, and even tho I have my own account there, I was locked out of our savings by this Bank, because he was in the hospital. That could happen to any one. Now I have to provide the usual copy of my power of attorney for medical to the Bank, which I have of course. They blocked all access to his account, and now he has to reset it, and what a pain that is turning out to be. We are seniors and its quite scary! Also we were just notified, that this same Bank? is involved in an accident there where by all of my Husbands private information was hacked.

  106. Martin Luther

    This calls for a mind with wisdom. The seven heads are seven hills on which the woman sits.

  107. Kevin24

    Greg both you and Karen Kingston need easier payment methods.
    Something like an email transfer

  108. Not So Free

    I remember making a comment after one of her interviews that I hoped she had good security.
    I’m surprised it took them this long, although she has probably had other attempts that she hasn’t mentioned.
    We all need to pray for her safety.

  109. Flehm Foil

    Retired Lt. Gen. says this may be why Ukrainian counteroffensive has slowed CNN 348K views 3 days ago
    CNN military analyst Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling (Ret.) tells CNN’s Anderson Cooper why he thinks the Ukrainian counteroffensive against Russia has slowed down and created new concerns for Western allies.

    I dropped cluster bombs on Laos in US ‘secret war.’ Ukraine shouldn’t want this nightmare.
    All that was accomplished by using these inhumane weapons was to leave a trail of destruction that remains to this day, and a deep sense of regret for U.S. veterans like myself.
    Mike Burton Opinion contributor April 14, 2023

  110. Clem Caudilla Hopper

    Liberal fascist Jack Smith, says your freedom will be over over. No Jack your national socialist freedom Jack, your jack booted Demo NAZI uniy party hoggishness, prig, is over!
    HE’S A SAVAGE! | Trump’s Lawyer Out Here ENDING CNN’s Careers with FACTS on Biden Administration!
    KINGDOM REACTS 72K views 6 hours ago

    Jake Tapper Says Republicans Correct to Be Skeptical of Hunter Biden Special Counsel / Posted by Charlie Kirk Staff – 8.12.23

  111. Ron Callister

    The Jack Smith Fix Is In?
    Hunter Biden special counsel is a ‘sham’: Gregg Jarrett
    Fox Business 102,324 views Aug 12, 2023
    Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett tears into Attorney General Merrick Garland for appointing Hunter Biden prosecutor David Weiss as special counsel on ‘The Bottom Line.’

    Trump SCORES MASSIVE VICTORY Against Jack Smith
    Stephen Gardner 95,718 views Aug 12, 2023
    Today former Vice President Mike Pence told the news at no point did Donald Trump ever admit he had lost the election. This is a massive blow to the Jack Smith indictment which seeks to prove the former president knew he had lost the 2020 election. This indictment comes down to a speech and a thought process. The Jan 6th speech tells people to be peaceful and patriotic even though Jack Smith purposely omitted that part. Now we have the second-highest person in government saying at no point did Trump ever admit he lost. This is a major blow to Jack Smith and a massive victory for Donald Trump.

  112. Pence Honest Injin?

    Oop’s! Here’s the link,
    Trump SCORES MASSIVE VICTORY Against Jack Smith, Stephen Gardner.

  113. Esperanza Creeger

    Sooo, we see the frames of metal buildings twisted, molten steel and aluminum splayed out on the asphalt, and torched out cars. Not even the “bones” of decimated homes were left standing, yet, adjacent trees and bushes remained intact? Left untouched? How is that possible? People, open your eyes to the POSSIBILITY that dark forces used D.E.W. on Hawaii for their own selfish, nefarious reasons. Wake up, folks and smell the smoke! Check out Steve Favis’ excellent analysis re: the unmistakable D.E.W. footprint on Twitter (@stevefavis posted 08/11/2023 at 09:19 PM). Or, keep whistling in the dark….

  114. Sharon

    Here’s more info regarding govt of Hawaii plans to build Smart Island on Maui. Very interesting.

    The government of Hawaii states goal for rebuild is to make the entire island of Maui the first Smart ISLAND. They want the entire island governed by AI as outlined in the Hawaii Digital government summit of 2023 that they have planned to host next month Monday, September 25, 2023 on Maui.
    Plans to implement a Digital AI government over Hawaii
    Here is information about the smart cities Hawaii
    “Hitachi recently announced that it has begun operations on the demonstration site for the “Japan-U.S. Island Grid Project” (commonly referred to as the “JUMPSmartMaui”) on the island of Maui, Hawaii, in collaboration with the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), Mizuho Bank, Ltd. and Cyber Defense Institute, Inc. An opening ceremony was held on Maui to coincide with the launch of site operations.”
    Last January of 2023 there was a Smart City Conference in Maui to turn Maui in an entire smart city ISLAND. Pushing everything electric and making 15 minute smart cities
    Lastly there was a contract last year that was signed to build high rise condos and businesses in Lahaina.. which was a historical town that couldn’t have any new development done to it.. but now? It can.

  115. southernpatriot

    Hey Greg.
    I hope you’re doing well. I can no longer find videos on my site. I find the written story and that’s all. Can someone advise what to do? You’re the only source of new ‘s I watch.
    I listened to your thoughts about paying down your debts. We were able to pay off our home last year and we went on a 45th anniversary cruise to Alaska. I did listen to you about downsizing and paying off debt! Thanks, my friend. We are debt free (TBTG).
    I would like to share a story with your readers about how you got us medical help when my wife and I had Covid- 19. That intervention saved our lives. We are forever, grateful, my fellow friend thru Christ.
    Southern Patriot

  116. Mike Strohmier

    Has anyone heard anything about Ed Dowd or Karen Kingston as of late?

  117. Mike Strohmier

    And did anyone else catch Ed Dowd’s statement on Daniela Cambone’s interview that a bunch of executives cancelled their Ayahuasca treatments on Maui at the last minute???

  118. copter1

    This is nothing new. They are hitting KK with a directed energy weapon i.e microwave

  119. Linda

    Today’s date is 8/18/2023 (Friday) So some time has passed since this post by Greg.

    This Karen Kingston “saga” is getting very strange. Dr. Yeadon has weighed in, etc. Dr. Malone is involved? Holy Moses. She thinks Malone is trying to have her assasinated (asking RFK, Jr to ask him to let her live!)? The Malone thing is really strange.
    He has apparently named a long string of people in a lawsuit, including Katerine Austin-Fitts. Re: Ms. Kingston I am somewhat concerned and confused
    However, I am totally nonplussed by Dr. Malone.
    I would love to hear what anyone has to add regarding all this.

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