Comey Went Rogue, Trump Censored, Dem Cities Failing

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 443 8.8.2020)

Former Deputy Attorney General in the Obama Administration threw former FBI Director James Comey under the bus when Sally Yates testified on Capitol Hill this week.   Comey went “rogue” when sending FBI agents to the White House to entrap General Michael Flynn in the first few days of the Trump Administration, according Yates.  This is a stunning admission in what appears to be an attempt by Yates to distance herself from the massive multi-faceted coup plot to remove President Donald Trump from Office.  Yates admitted she would not have signed a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump Administration if she knew it was based on a phony dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton.  It was her duty to understand what the evidence was before she signed it, and ignorance is not much of a defense.  The major news outlets ignored this earth shaking testimony or massively downplayed it.

The tech psyop continues with the removal of a Trump interview from Facebook and Twitter.  They claim it was Covid-19 “misinformation.”  The Trump campaign says it was backed up by science, but it did not matter.  Big Tech is increasingly censoring any conservative opinions or speech.  This is the first time President Trump was removed this way.  It is surely a sign of desperation by the left in their quest to not allow a second Trump term.

You have all heard of the riots and destruction in Democrat controlled cities.  The mainstream press has become a laughing stock every time it says the “protests are mostly peaceful.”  It’s a joke, and anyone can see the destruction taking place, including property owners who are selling for a loss and moving out of Democrat disasters with exploding crime rates.  Actress Jennifer Lawrence is a high profile Dem who just sold her New York City penthouse apartment for more than a $5 million dollar loss.  She is leaving failing Democrat controlled New York City for a safe place even if she has to take a huge loss on her home.

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After the Interview: 

Analyst Bo Polny of will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  Polny is forecasting that September will be a very turbulent month, and gold and silver prices will head much higher in September.

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  1. Quigly up yonder

    •Aug 4, 2020 Black Conservative Patriot

  2. Sandra McIntosh

    Unfortunately, Joe Biden who is the representative of the Democrat party is mentally impaired . Many of the young radical dems who are rioting in the streets are mentally impaired also. The Dems in congress like Pelosi, Schumer, etc are mentally impaired. Deep State, Comey, Rosenstein, etc mentally impaired…..Very sad…. But think about this, we are dealing with a bunch of nuts and they have power…that is scary

    • Ray

      Excellent and sobering comment.
      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

    • K. Wayne

      What is scary…is that they will stay happily in their Rep. positions whilst drawing salaries and other kickbacks…not offering viable alternatives or anything meaningful. They are occasionally allowed 2 mins of fame. The assessment I make is ….its a BIG JOKE ….on the American people. They are “Biding” their time with Biden. Another 4 years of the GOP …by then they would have some fresh blood within their party to rise up. “A Bunch of Nuts”…..doing what their masters order them to do…..sounds like a circus to me. The casualty here is that the Country will continue with its War Drum beating and in the process it will Bankrupt the Nation.

    • Russ McMeans

      Only if stupid Americans give it to them. And there’s a lot of stupid people. I see them everyday. Clueless dumb people.

    • Tin foil hat

      The are making lives very difficult for the sane while enabling the mentally impaired to take over.
      What is really scary is that they had done it to the teachers in the 80’s, then the politicians starting under H. Bush, then the military under Obama and now they are doing that to the police.
      The good police are leaving in drove to make rooms for the mentally impaired leftists.

  3. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    I can see it in your face: You KNOW that we are winning.
    You also know that THEY know that we are winning.
    They don’t yet know that we know. But that day is soon coming.
    More and more of us are now just laughing in their faces.

    • K. Wayne

      According to Sun Tzu ….Part of the process of winning …is Knowing your Enemy.
      Knowing yourself only… will not suffice. The other part of the equation still remains to be defined.
      “If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle. It means that you have to know the enemy – his strengths, his weaknesses, his modus operandi, his traits – everything – to be able to combat him”. Defining and Identifying the Enemy is the first step.

      • William Stanley

        RE: “Defining and Identifying the Enemy is the first step.”

        As you’ve often noted: It’s also difficult to define and identify your allies and friends. I often find that my true friends disagree with me (and vice versa). For some reason, they tolerate me anyway.

  4. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter,here in the UK the COMMIES are on the warpath and wants anyone of any religion DEAD.They closed down our Easter with complicit clergy,they closed down Eid Mubarak for Muslims last weekend and now Jews are the target .The COMMUNISTS here in the UK are gunned up and ready to use them and our police are ready to do their bidding.This morning on my way to work(3:15am) I was stopped three times at three checkpoints in Chelsea here in London,UK,each checkpoint had several armed police with very itchy fingers,particularly when they heard my Northern Irish accent.Meanwhile the COMMIES have allowed the importation of explosives from the Ukraine,China and the former Yugoslavia which have mysteriously disappeared.We are talking about metric tonnes of the stuff not a piffling Ammonium Nitrate which needs huge quantities of diesel and a high temperature trigger.Efficiency is the word for our COMMIES.
    Still,our economy is in the toilet but our Bank of England gave £600Millions to CHANEL to ensure the Bolsheviks are properly dressed.So the CCs now stand for COMMIE CHANEL.
    Truly I can only say,GOD BLESS AMERICA,the America of decency and truth,not the war mongering and thieving Wall Street variety.

  5. Mike G


    Great Friday post, I laughed, I cried

    • Tin foil hat

      Just watched the leaked George Floyd police bodycam video on YouTube, not only the cops didn’t tune up George Floyd in the back seat, Officer Lane displayed exceptional compassion and patient with an uncooperative prisoner.

      The video was released on Aug. 4 and the MSM, including FOX, hasn’t touched this with a 10 foot pole.

      I don’t know whether to laugh or cry but I’m a little scared. I may have to look for my little security blanket now.

  6. JC

    So New York is falling to pieces, especially New York City.
    How times have changed. Everybody from everywhere wanted to be there. Pay sky high rents to live in roach infested buildings. Monthly visits by the exterminator.
    Go to Central Park and see the huge rats running around.
    Now it’s John Carpenters’ “Escape From New York” (if you can).

    • eddiemd

      Huge rats…

      Back in the early 80’s my cousin was a carriage driver in Central Park. I took a month of leave and went to Brooklyn to stay with my grandparents. I was born in Flatbush. They had an apartment nearby Newkirk Plaza. I would ride the “D” train into Manhattan and ride shotgun on my cousin’s carriage all night. He would park in front of the Plaza Hotel on Central park south. In those days carriages were allowed in the theater district and Times Square. We would ride down to the theater district when the shows let out to get rides. Take people out in the park to Tavern on the Green. The good old days.

      After riding all night we would ride on the train back to Brooklyn. I remember seeing giant rats down in the subway stations early in the morning. There were no people on the subways. Just giant rats in the stations scavenging for food.

      • Free Slave

        Delightful imagery.

        Thank you for that.

    • Nancy

      Too bad about NY, and I don’t wish that on the people there. I’m sure it has great appeal but requires one to give up quiet, fast pace, and really cold weather; however, not everyone from everywhere wanted to be there. What we’re concerned about here in Texas is having everyone from every bad city to settle in Texas and try then to turn it into NY. I know it’s a stretch, but there are people who want a different vibe.

  7. Ray

    Ahhhh yes!!!
    Is there anything better to look forward to on a Friday evening than Greg Hunter in full flight??
    Love it…….thanks for a very informative 43 minute tirade that was bang on point as always.
    I found Greg’s mention of the current situation in New York resembling Kandahar extremely poignant and somewhat disturbing.
    Then I thought about what the Bible says about how actions often come back to us.
    Galatians 6:7 – Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.
    Luke 6:38 – Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.
    Perhaps those prayers to God that Greg rightly recommends Americans offer up this week, will be met with Him reminding Americans (and Australians) of the universal wisdom contained in the passages above.
    Or, He might just whisper into Donald Trumps’ ear “Get your insidious Military Jackboot off the throat of My world and its’ nations, for it is an affront to Me and to My Son. Thereafter, I might consider sparing America and The Lap Dog from their current torments”.
    Well…….one can only wish (or pray!)
    Wishing all a splendid weekend, and thanks Greg for a top-notch Friday News Wrap.
    One of your best.
    Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

    • JC

      Ray, classic Greg Hunter, the little old lady with the red phone…

      “Hi Satan calling, welcome to hell!”

      • JC

        Made me think of this scene with the granny from the film Goldfinger.

        • Ray

          Damn it JC……you sent me down a YouTube Rabbit Hole.
          Ended up looking at a list of the 10 most beautiful Bond Girls!!!
          So……my thanks to you in advance my friend 🙂

  8. AndrewB

    Hi Greg and thanks for USAW.
    Pandemic or PLANdemic? The President of Ghana publicised to his nation a leaked 2010 Rockefeller Foundation document which sets out in detail the plans for the Covid-19 plandemic: Presidential broadcast ends with a call to resist . . .

  9. JC

    3Q 2018 Solari Report by Catharine Austin Fitts.
    MEGA CITIES And The Growth Of Global Real Estate Companies

    Now with Covid-19 what will happen to this Mega City concept?

  10. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg

    What I see from Europe:
    Psy op doesn’t work? Lets double down what is not working maybe it will stick.

    My 2 cents.
    Oracle 911

  11. andyb

    Very interesting but also very dangerous times ahead. September/October are crucial months. If no Durham Report and no resulting indictments before election day, the the Dems will go all out to steal the election. In the past, and especially 2018 there were 100s of precincts around the country (with Dem victories) that showed more votes than registered voters. Keep in mind that in the recent history of elections, less than 65% of registered voters actually vote. So the fraud is tremendously magnified.

    The one positive factor will be the debates if they actually happen. Trump should crush Biden like stepping on a cockroach.

    • Mimi

      Oh—that happened when Obozo ran also—he got 103% of the votes in a certain district—can’t remember right this minute where it was but probably in the Chicago area.

  12. Jerry

    Do I really need to spell it out for you?

    The coronavirus is being used to do a global currency reset, and pave the way for the fourth industrial revolution. In which technology and top down governance will have total contralto if your life. Open your eyes. Unemployment lines are getting longer, and a wave of mortgage defaults will begin to hit the banks this month.

    I’m sorry to disagree with Greg, but no one is coming to rescue you. If that was the case the indictments would have started long before Jeffrey Epstein was taken out. Most of the politicians in Washington on both sides are up to their necks in corruption. Executive orders were signed to do military tribunals and there has been more than enough information to prosecute these people but yet not one person has been prosecuted. The Sally Yates testimony ? It’s bread and circus to entertain the masses while Rome is burning. How stupid do they think we are? Take whatever time is left to get your house in order. Food. Water. Lead. And above all be spiritually ready by doing daily prayer and scriptural study. Without the Holy Ghost in your home, it will not be possible to survive what is coming in the coming days. I don’t care if you have an abrams tank parked in front of your house, without the Holy Ghost you will…not…survive. My prayers are with you.

    • Jerry

      Recovery ? What recovery?

      It should be concerning to anyone who can add 2+2 that when the federal reserve is printing money hand over fist to keep the markets propped up, the last thing you’d want to see is a massive display of dollar dumping. Debasement? Ah….yes. Thus the gold rush.

      • JC

        Strange Friday, gold down 2% at the moment, dollar rallying…
        I guess we’ll be hearing from Stan shortly.

      • Luther

        Whoa Jerry, that does not look good!

      • Charles H


        It is the fact that an unconstitutional finamcial entity is printing “money”, in absurd amounts – just to keep a status quo going; and they are picking the winners, which isn’t the ordinary man, that angers me. It’s like they order the biggest and best meal; break the dishes – then shove the bill to us. Nice, big, modern world. If they had done this in a small town – they’d be tarred and feathered.

    • Robert

      I agree Jerry. If justice was meant to prevail, those involved in the Russian collusion hoax would have been indicted long ago. The fact they haven’t done anything is the evidence the election will go to Biden or whoever is the Democratic party candidate. The only part left to implement is the method and manner to be used to assure the Democratic party victory. Since the leftist want mail in ballots so bad, the election theft will somehow happen through that process.

      • Robert

        PS- I hope I’m wrong.

      • Greg Hunter

        Not necessarily Robert.

    • Tin foil hat

      Master, master, there are rats everywhere! Which movie did I hear that from?

  13. Luther

    Dear Greg, thank you for being willing to go through what you do to present different perspectives in the pursuit of truth. I especially look forward to the weekly wrap up: certainly an objective take on what is happening in our country. You are a brave man!
    Concerning Biden: He deserves justice, but at the same time he is a human and deserves the dignity and respect due a person. What kind of people would present someone in his shape on the national stage?

  14. Mike

    My area of FL now has mandates for healthy people to wear a face mask. I am mandated to wear the mark of the beast in order to buy groceries. The mass insanity is expanding beyond the burned out cities. I have ignored the mask mandates so far but who knows what penalties will be imposed.

    • Southern Girl

      I don’t wear a mask anywhere. Our Governor of Arkansas has mandated it, but it is not law. They have to have exceptions. I had only one person in Kroger to bring me a mask. I thanked her but said I have a disability and cannot. You do not have to produce anything. Walmart is not going to say anything to you either. Went there yesterday and they had 3 employees under a tent NOT social distancing and I walked right by them and they did not say a word. Corporate Walmart has already read me the list of exemptions and one is religion. The woman I spoke to said if anyone in the store, especially any employee says anything negative to me to get the store manager and tell them to call corporate.

    • paul jr.

      All people should be wearing masks only when needed. Also you can’t determine for sure that you are healthy. You may think you are but you can’t guarantee it. Masks do help to prevent the transmission if worn properly as that article states. No mask is 100% effective however as that article also states. In case you do not know, the reason why you are asked to wear a mask is to help protect others. Wearing a mask does little to help protect you unless it is a N95. Also the health risk of wearing a mask are somewhat exaggerated and misleading. I wear a N95 mask and suffer no decrease in the oxygen level in my blood when worn for short periods of time. Others have had similar results.

      • Mike

        The N95 mask was designed to prevent the Doctor’s bacteria from getting into the open wound of a patient during surgery. A virus is 1000 times smaller than bacteria. All the peer reviewed scientific studies show the mask to be ineffective against a virus. The beast (Christian persecuting authorities) want death (no HCQ and deliberate infections in nursing homes) and fear (people isolated from emotional/spiritual support and facing death). I believe the mask is not only a means to instill fear but a symbol of willing acceptance of their authority.

        • paul jr.

          You are a little off. A doctor uses a surgical mask during surgery, not a N95 mask. A N95 mask is worn to protect the wearer.

    • K. Wayne

      Don’t accept it. Its unlawful. No Governor of any State has authority to write Laws. If it hasn’t gone through due process and been legislated into Law…then disregard it. If you are fined or thrown in jail under false pretence…get a Lawyer and sue the State. You will retire a very wealthy person….especially if they cause or inflict harm to your body or even mentally affected as a result of their actions/brutality.

    • JC

      How to Die of the Corona Virus
      Bob Moriarty
      Aug 5, 2020

      Wear a mask 24/7.
      Wear a face shield.
      Stay at least two meters and better yet 20 meters from anyone.
      Self isolate at home. Do not go out for any reason.
      The government pays hospitals if you die with the Corona Virus for those who lack insurance. Therefore, if you are shot or born 15 weeks premature, or are in an automobile accident or drink yourself to death or have a stroke or heart attack or suicide you have just died of the Corona Virus.

      It’s like magic.

      If you really insist on taking a test for the Corona Virus, to pass, all you have to do is to have ever had a cold or flu or even the Corona Virus at some point in the past. Everyone passes.

      It’s like magic.

  15. al

    my Family lives in NY and is now effected. Some worked in Corruption Central (NYC) until the ScamDemic/sweet n sour sniffles/ came about.
    I just spoke to some of them over the phone, they all said basically the same thing. Most of us experienced the 70s in NY, it was awful. Well, they said “this is 100 times worse than the 70s”.

    As a teen walking the streets of NY or riding the smelly subways, I would stay out of trouble by constantly thinking of my next move to my destination. It was like playing chess. “should I be in an empty subway car?”
    At the time there were conductors in the center of the train, I would ride in the car with the conductor present. An authority figure.
    I would purposely walk on the other side of the street to my destination in case I had to avoid punks looking to make trouble by crossing over. Back then, BLM/Antifa Version 1 (black panthers) were yelling the same BS about cops and racism, so crime went up because of constrained policing. It was pure hell.

    Greg, I remember as a young child saying “we should have a soldier on every corner”. Now I’m told it’s 100 times worse!

    Yeah you moronic idiot DeBlazio (not your real name). You can buy drinks and cook all you want, you just stuck your middle finger at every single one of them by playing that bullschiff BLM stunt. Go paint streets, that’s what you do best you mindless puke! My Family is now effected !!!

    As a side note. When I moved to Fl in the early 1980s they all said “you’re making a mistake”, “don’t burn your bridges” , and I turned and said “I nuked them, so don’t try to come and get me”. Now they all wish they lived here.

    TRUMP’S BIGGEST MISTAKE was not to have an opposing media outlet controlled by his supporters (like you Greg). Having people like you on. Why not? We got lying PBS and NPR, why not a TBS (Trump Broadcast System)? They are all paid by the Govt. Why not? Bad move my good President, you should have fought them at their own plain, now they got the upper hand.
    Same thing with Facebook, split it! It’s technically possible. Have LeftBook and RightBook, and see who goes where.
    If you don’t fight the guy with the biggest mouth, you lose the narrative.

    The ENEMY MEDIA is now fully MARXIST and still powerful, proof = mask wearers.

  16. Robert Dziok

    In October 2017 President Trump surrounded by top military on each side said “This is the calm before the Storm”. Press asked what do you mean and President Trump said “You will See”.

    In November 2017 “Q” put a post for us to know when “The Storm” is here. In it Q says to look for a “Tweet” from President Trump saying “My fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us. God Bless”.

    Q has also posted that President Trump would be on Air Force One during this.

    During his recent talk of incoming hurricane Isaias President Trump said his administration has done all it can and is now waiting for the Storm. He also said the Storm is coming behind him (Think he was talking about a storm other than the hurricane? Some have posted such.).

    In his recent address in Ohio when referring to drug price reductions President Trump mentions he has a lot of enemies and we are not likely to see him for awhile. He also says we only have one chance to do this and he is the only President who would do this (Think he is referring to something other than drug prices?).

    A number of things are coming together and to a head
    at the same time ( over 182,000 sealed indictments, Durham investigation, Human/Child trafficking investigations, etc).

    Dave at X22 Report puts much of this together at the end of his latest post Episode 2243B. It is entitled “It’s Show Time, The Swamp is being Exposed, My Fellow Americans …”

    Is “The Storm” President Trump referred to in October 2017 now soon to be here and President Trump will be on Air Force One handling it and for safety? Maybe using the Emergency Broadcast System to talk directly to Americans and bypass the corrupt MSM?

    • Jerry

      I’m sorry you drank Qs koolaid. If there’s a plan, I’d like to see it. So far it’s been pump fakes, and promises. If President Trump was waiting until after the election to make his move there may not be a country left to save. Let’s see, letting the Fed pump cash directly into the market and picking Anthony Fauci to head a pandemic recovery. Does that sound like a plan to you? Fake recovery. Fake pandemic. Fake sports. The only plan that’s real is the toxic reset plan we’re in the middle of right now with the world economic forum.

      • Robert Dziok

        Sorry you drank Q’s koolaid? Now that’s an intelligent response! If there’s a plan you’d like to see it? And if you see it so does the enemy (Satanic Globalists, Deep State, Desperate Dems, etc.). This is not about a four year election but taking on a world wide network of Satanic evil and corruption (e.g. Human/Child trafficking) . Sorry you can’t even comprehend that it seems. If you did your homework you would find President Trump is building a parallel economic system while still utilizing the Federal Reserve (foreign bank) fiat system. President Trump did not “pick” Fauci. He was already there as head and President Trump is exposing him (as well as others). Fake recovery? President Trump uses the same criteria for measurement as used by past Presidents. Fake pandemic? China started the virus and let it spread while insulating all other parts of China from it’s spread. Why? Think 2020 election and China’s intent on World Godless Communist domination and enslavement with no freedom. Think they care how many die as long as their objectives are achieved now and in the future? Nobody has all the answers and there are moves and counter moves. If Q is not “real” then why are there thousands of constant attacks by the corrupt MSM and trolls? Why was there major effort to take down 4Chan where Q originally posted using BS reasoning to take it down? Q posts via questioning method due in part to national security. I take in my views of what is going on from a variety of sources. I may or may not agree and that includes Q. We live in a free society to do that yet. That said, another good source of insight is Truth and Art TV with Bernie on Youtube. He gives excellent insight with regards to Q. Is over 182,000 sealed indictments since October 2017 nothing going on ( An increase of some 5,000 to 7,000 per month. Telling people what evil some intend is not always enough to get people to take action for change. Americans now see the evil firsthand in their face with the China virus “Plandemic”, riots, etc. President Trump and Q are the most Honorable Patriots there ever could be. That is coming from a veteran of the Vietnam Era with AAS degree (Valedictorian), BA degree (Summa Cum Laude) and MS degree and that’s not Koolaid!

        • Jerry

          I’m from Missouri. Show me! No investigation into Jeffrey Epstein? Operation warp speed? Come on. Do your homework. President Trump has been compromised by the deep state. Time will tell, when they come for you and tell you to roll up your sleeve. As President Trump could have picked anyone he wanted. Fauci? Come on you’re making excuses. Q. I’ve listened to him for years. Boom! What boom? Q is a psyop to keep people like you pacified.

          • Jerry

            Allow me to educate you. You said President Trump was taking down a globalist satanic organization? Do you know who he picked to head operation warp speed? Jay walker.

            Jay walker has direct ties with the world economic forum and the United Nations. Please explain? What does that tell you?

            • Robert Dziok

              As for appointees there are “sleepers” that get in. Those that pretend to be for President Trump and are not and later activated against his Administration. Others are known Deep State etc and may even be put in to watch, track and document their actions with the Deep State etc. Moves and counter moves. Did you think this would be straightforward and easy? Trump is compromised? Sounds like another empty statement a “troll” would make. Did you ever hear of the Russian Collusion hoax? Did you ever hear of the Impeachment hoax? Did you ever hear of the China virus “Plandemic”? All intended to remove a duly elected President. President Trump could NEVER be compromised and Trolls know that but try to spew out propaganda and lies to try to BS Americans to think so. Americans have long since been wise to their BS and agenda though.

              • K. Wayne

                I could name a dozen Presidents in the last century who have all been compromised…..including Trump.
                What you describe are distractions …to take your mind (and that of all Americans) off the real matters……the propaganda, the corruption and grand theft.
                For them its a game of charades….fooling the people into thinking that they are cared for and protected. The reality is that these MF’s wouldnt care less about the lower and middle classes….they want them as serfs FOR EVER.
                Stop looking at the political sideshows and pay attention to what is happening in the background. America has become a Fascist State…..and the Super Wealthy are playing the game of which Family can steal the most…while the Nation crumbles and its citizenry are left destitute.
                The NWO is about shifting the power and greed from those who have abused their privilege (draining the American purses). The European Aristocracy and the International Bankers are concerned with the American Super Rich and have decided that their time has come….its time for change.

                • Robert Dziok

                  What is your PROOF that President Trump is compromised? Anyone can make a claim. Got anything to put on the table to back it up? And I mean PROOF and not just empty assertions.

                  • Greg Hunter

                    I agree. This idea trump is on the other side is moronic. The FBI, CIA, DOJ, State NSA, MSM, RINO Republicans, All Democrats, Obama White House (including Obama,) Deep State, and at least three foreign spy agencies ALL have been trying to remove President Trump. Moronic to think President Trump is compromised and on the other side because they have all wasted a lot of time and money trying to remove a player on their team! K Wayne you are a MORON.

                  • K. Wayne

                    Go back to your playground Troll.
                    This is an adults only page. You aren’t adult enough to handle the truth.

          • Robert Dziok

            As I mentioned I pointed out two sites on YouTube with excellent information to consider. X22 Report and Truth and Art TV. It is up to you (as well as others) to do the homework looking into them and deriving what of value they have to you. I never claimed they were better than any others . As the saying goes “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”.

            Epstein is small potatoes compared to others. He was a lackey to Maxwell and she is now arrested. She has info and evidence he never did.
            There are those above her and they are all interconnected. There are over 182,000 sealed indictments since October 2017. You do not know who they are for and if the are related to Epstein or not. Such cannot be released if evidence is also being used to seek other indictments. Real investigations take time and are not like stories seen on TV.

            Someone is going to come to my door and tell me to roll up my sleeve? Gee, I wonder how that would turn out for them?

            As I said, President Trump did not appoint Fauci. He was already there. President Trump is exposing him as well as others. Did you not read/comprehend what I said?

            You say you have listed to Q for years. Where? On BS sites that say they are Q or do not show what Q has actually posted. Such sources on Q are fake and Q says to stay away from. Maybe what he posts just does not appeal or register with you. One has to do homework and give thought to Q’s question style posts. Q’s question style posts are done that way in part due to national security etc. Q a psyop to keep people pacified? Q is the medium to communicate information bypassing the corrupt MSM propaganda machine. In the end it’s up to the individual to decide.

            You say I’m making excuses? What for? Nothing but an empty IGNORANT “assertion” by you.

            Boom what Boom? Sound like nothing you claim to have listened to (Q posts and does not talk) registers with you. Can’t help you with that.

    • Ray

      Hi Rob,
      I gave up listening to Dave at X22 some time back.
      He sounds like a decent enough chap, however, he has also painted himself into THE corner of all corners with his constant “The trap is set, Trump & The Patriots (is that a new band on the Hit Parade?) have the Magic Wand, the shoe is about to drop any day” approach.
      X22 used to be a quality resource for information and updates…… now resembles the Spy v Spy page in Mad Magazine.
      Hope all is well with you Rob.
      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

      • Robert Dziok

        Sounds like your level of insight is along the Mad Magazine you reference. Nobody has all the answers and there are moves and countermoves. One report is on the political and one economic. Two reports daily five days a week is no easy task. Some issues are bound to keep up so they repeat to some degree at times. He presents info in a positive light so to speak. One needs to do homework on what is presented at times. Cannot expect to get spoon fed everything. Another good source of info if one wants another style/approach is Truth and Art TV with Bernie on Youtube. No, “Trump and the Patriots” is not a band. President Trump put his and his family’s lives on the line and at risk to take on the Evil and Corruption in the world to save our Republic. All for $1 a year. Patriots (e.g. Military) put their lives on the line to protect the Republic and Constitution. I never saw “humor” in my being inducted into the Army during the Vietnam War Era and all that those in then went through and how often treated when came home (if survived war).

        • Ray

          You appear to write in a style that supposes you frequent areas of internet information that are superior to others, and therefor, YOUR ideas of what is happening geopolitically contain superior insight than others.
          The fact that Trump gets paid just $1 per year means little……..he is a MULTI-BILLIONAIRE. If I had a swimming pool with 7 billion litres of water in it, I wouldn’t care if you offered me 300,000 more litres……I would probably just accept a tea cup full.
          This $1 salary concept is in place to placate a certain type of mind, nothing more, and it has worked with you.
          Jerry has attempted to enlightened you, and so will I.
          Firstly, NO AMERICAN PRESIDENT is able / will EVER be able to unseat the Deep State. That can and will ever only be achieved once the American people decide to revolt against the insidiously corrupt and filth ridden system that supposes itself to be a government for the people.
          There will never be some “Grand Truth Unveiling Day” the likes of “Q” would have people believe is coming.
          It’s going to take something like a Paris 1789 style revolution BY THE PEOPLE……… and nothing short of that, to stop the Deep State entity.
          As for your bringing up your “service” in Vietnam, I am perplexed as to why you would think that brings any gravitas in terms of this discussion.
          Military service is one thing, but I would push back against wearing it as some sort of passport to higher viewpoints in ethical related debates.
          Many people hide behind the term “Patriot” to use it as a device to justify all manner of injustice to others.
          Were people those who took the US hostages in Tehran back in 1979 Iranian Patriots? Probably were……yet I see no reason to cheer them on, for they performed a TERRIBLE DEED.
          You Rob, you pride filled American Patriot you, in the view of many world wide, became a WILLING PARTICIPANT in an IMMORAL WAR that killed off MILLIONS of innocent Vietnamese people.
          Another TERRIBLE DEED.
          Full Stop. (Americans would say “Period”)
          If now in 2020, as you call for the destruction of the Deep State, you cannot fathom (or are unwilling to accept) that you actually served the very SAME ENTITY whilst fighting in Vietnam, then your claims to “Patriots” reclaiming the US Republic are perplexing indeed.
          There are literally hundred of thousands of, by your barometer, “Patriots” scattered around this planet (Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria) doing exactly the same job for exactly the SAME ENTITY at this VERY MOMENT……think ye about that for the smallest moment, Patriot.
          We all congregate here at USA Watchdog, for the information is highly reliable, well presented and the owner of the site is superbly researched.
          You appear to be new here (and I may be wrong).
          You will find that the Watch Dog community have there little spats here and there, but we tend to pull in the same direction when all things are considered.
          Again, I wish you and yours well.
          Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

          • Robert Dziok

            Enlighten me? Educate me? Your “talk” is CLEARLY Anti-American and Anti-Veteran. Even advocating the overthrow of the government it seems. Gee, I wonder if you and “Jerry” are “trolls”? Maybe pushing the CCP infiltration and attempted revolution and agenda here? Trying to suppress Q? Don’t like the questions Q raises as well as others such as I ask?

            “Grand Truths” are coming out all the time. You seem too blind or not willing to see or look for them. Think the BS Russian Collusion hoax made Americans aware of Evil intentions by the Deep State, Desperate Dems, etc? Think the BS “impeachment” made Americans aware of Evil intentions by the Deep State, Desperate Dems, etc. Think the China Virus “Plandemic” made Americans aware of CCP , etc Evil intentions and how far they will go? The list goes on and on but it is not your intent to see or recognize such.

            I presented two sites for additional information of value. I never said they were better than others. I never said my views were superior. That’s your ignorance trying to put words in my mouth. X22 Report has some 900,ooo subscribers and constantly increasing. His latest post has some 500,000 views in two days. Seems he has a lot to offer to many but not those with your agenda and mindset.

            I point out certain credentials to point out where I am coming from in terms of analytic abilities. Yes, the military training/experience adds to that. Particularly in times of war. Seems you can’t even comprehend or recognize that. What are yours? For sure you never served in the military. I never said I have the “moral high ground”. That’s what the Desperate Dems do. You sound like one of them. Are you?

            Vietnam. What a treat! This month is the 50th anniversary of my being Drafted and I get to read your tirade about the Vietnam war and much of what was said then against it . You forgot to mention the Gulf of Tonkin incident has since been shown to be a False Flag. Do you know what that was? Were you around then? Even born yet? What were you doing the day I had to pack my bags, leave home never knowing if I would return home from military service alive. Were you one who went to Canada with their tails between their legs because of their “moral high ground”. Not all inducted went to Vietnam. Couldn’t even do that? You know NOTHING of my views on the war back then. I was one who saw and related to both sides of that fence so to speak. One thing is CLEAR though. If America calls you to SERVE you answer that call by reporting for induction and yes I am always PROUD to have answered that call. Even after my induction pick up location was changed due to “protestors”. In retrospect I see the Draft board had enough regard for us not to be subjected to such “protests” given all the unknowns and uncertainties we now faced,
            My two brothers SERVED in Vietnam but I did not. I said I served during the Vietnam War Era. To those that know something that means not in Vietnam but other countries. Received medals for Good Conduct and National Defense but to characters like you that means nothing. As I said military training gives one analytical training and insight one will never get elsewhere, You are too blind, ignorant and indifferent to even see that. And yes I am proud my brothers endured and came home. Do you believe in God or are you part of Godless Communist CCP. “No Atheists in a Foxhole” as the saying goes Tell me you don’t believe in God the day you take your last breath. My mother prayed every day for all her sons. They all came home. My entire family is now remembered in Memorial Respect at the Veterans Memorial in Syracuse NY State fairgrounds where there are numerous memorials such as 911, Police/Fire, Lockerbee, etc. Are you even a citizen of this country? Are you one who likes to deface such memorials now trying to erase history like Nazi Germany did? For sure your Vietnam tirade shows you would/did fit in with those that spit at veterans when they came home from military service back then. Your “logic” shows the same fault in reason it did back then. Today Americans RESPECT veterans for what they endure whether or not they agree with a war. Back then some of those in disagreement of the war took it out unjustly on veterans in disgusting ways in deed and word. Today veterans are often said to “Thank you for your Service” irregardless of one’s outlook on a war. Have you ever thanked a veteran? How about a police officer or are you too focused on using the few that are not good to further an agenda via propaganda. Have you ever seen such gratitude expressed in comment on this site? I have posted here for years with Greg’s respect for a variety of outlooks and not the “like mindedness” you try to claim to stifle discussion.

            As for Trumps salary I point it out to show he is doing it for love of America and not material interest. Your comment about his wealth is only a poor attempt to distract from this. Gee, I really didn’t know he is a billionaire or whatever. Who cares?

            Q posts a very good definition of a Patriot. Also posts a good definition of a traitor and sedition. Might want to look them up. Your tirade about Patriots is only a distraction of what American Patriots of all types (military and civilian) are doing and standing for to save the Republic. Your tirade seems to advocate overthrow the Republic. Good luck with that as that will NEVER happen! There is plan Z as Q has mentioned if needed. As I have said President Trump has the Military, Patriots and Bikers. What does your side have? Corrupt media, propaganda and lies? Street thugs like MS13 and Antifa? Good luck with that. Yes there are Patriots in various nation states. Yes there are Patriots worldwide from various nation states that love freedom, etc. And as I have said President Trump’s Administration is ending the endless wars. And yes it’s not an overnight or easy task.

            And to top everything off we have your “Brilliant” statement (Propaganda) that “No President is able/will ever be able to unseat the Deep State. What a Crock! What do you know what goes on now by President Trump’s Administration behind the scene etc? That’s right, submit to Satanic Globalist, Deep State, etc will and don’t even try using the rule of law and elections to eradicate. Oh, that’s right, you say the solution is for “The People” to overthrow the Republic as your say in your reference to your disgust for it. So now we know what Ray is really pushing for don’t we? Ray the Troll?
            You did not read what I said did You? I said the military has known for decades and had plan for addressing and waited for someone like President Trump who loved America and was not corrupt or controlled. The approach uses Rule of Law and equal treatment under it for everyone. That time is here with President Trump’s election ,reelection and beyond.

            As for your (and “Jerry’s”) “enlightenment and education” Thanks for Nothing! I’m sure the CCP would enjoy it and you agenda.

            • Ray

              Grow up…..
              Come out of your basement and get some fresh air.
              By the way…….YOU are the troll.
              The new boy here that is a complete and utter sook.
              Again…..grow up, and stop with the America is holier-than-thou approach to the world.
              “Q”…….who is that?
              No one even knows!!
              It might as well be the ghost of Jack Klugman!!!
              “America called you to serve”…..and you did……served the Banksters to the last blood soaked bullet yet, again as SO MANY do……all the while with this ludicrous image of “loyalty to liberty” in their heads.
              Well done… must be so proud of what you achieved.
              And still your nation had its’ arse handed to it in the end.
              As I said, come out of the basement, go outside and breath…….or maybe go help Dave at X22 paint himself out of the mother of all corners he has built up for the 90,000 strong Kool-And Brigade.
              Fair Dinkum……
              Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

              • Robert Dziok

                Nothing here worth replying to since since all you do is name call and not even recognize what I said. But I will do some.

                First off, Who are you? Are you a US citizen? What are your credentials.? I asked you this earlier.

                Grow up ? Come out of your basement? Childish name calling? Good Grief, you act like a spoiled child having a tantrum.

                Did you read what I said? I said I have posted here for many years and even if it was the first time what does that have to do with anything?

                I pointed out X22 Report has 900,000 subscribers and not the 90,000 you misleadingly claim.
                Can’t even get that right?

                It has been pointed out who Q is. As I said, check out Truth and Art TV. “Q” is is a military intelligence operation/group consisting of about 10. Most are military but some civilian. All have highest military security clearance level of degree Q.

                Well, here it is! Ray did the proverbial “Freudian Slip”. Ray says “…YOUR nation had it’s arse handed to it …” So Ray is not from America. Don’t want us to know Ray? Why? I asked you that in an earlier reply. What country is Ray from? Let’s see… Ray says “Fair Dinkum”. Checking that shows it is an Australian phrase.

                So it seems Ray is not American and is from Australia. That is fine but why did he hide it? Let’s see… What happened in Australia not too long ago? Oh, that’s right, there was a False Flag event and Australians had to turn in all their guns for useless Australian fiat paper “money”. Video out there of huge piles of all types of guns being destroyed. May have seen it on an NRA clip at one time. So now all you have there are pee shooters to defend yourself.

                Remember “Confiscation Clinton” running for President in 2016? What did she say? Oh, that’s right, she said we should follow the “Australian Model” of “gun control”. And what is that model? DISARM THE CITIZENS!

                Bet you would like to see that here Ray wouldn’t you? So you use your propaganda to bash the US while hiding where you are from.

                You are not from this country and did not live here during the times I mentioned. So I don’t think you relate very well or at all with veterans here.

                I do not think you are worth my time responding to anymore and will not bother.

                • Ray

                  You are right about 90,000 / 900,000…..slip of my keystroke and the post had been sent…..I stand corrected.
                  My error aside Robert, it is clear that you lack even the most basic ability to comprehend written sentence structures when they are presented before your eyes.
                  Your post indicates that you had to work out where I was from!
                  I always sign off with my home city, Canberra, so that people, unlike yourself, who have at their command basic comprehension skills, can know where I am positioned on the planet.
                  Perhaps you don’t know where Canberra is, or that it is the capitol of Australia!!
                  Since you were unable to grasp even this most basic piece of information put before you, I hereby declare you the worthy winner of this weeks’…….
                  IMBECILE OF THE WEEK AWARD.
                  Well earned, richly deserved.
                  Ray, Canberra, (Did you read that, Imbecile?) Lap Dog Nation

    • Robert Dziok

      This is not something President Trump is doing on his own. He was asked to run by Patriots (e.g. Military). They knew for decades what was happening and had a plan to address it preferably with someone like Trump who they knew loved America and was not corrupt and controlled. President Trump and the Patriots have ALL information, records, etc current and past. They will follow the Rule of Law for everyone even though the Satanic Globalists, Deep State and Desperate Dems do not (unless to their advantage). Like it or not such takes time and corrupt blocks also need to be removed or else trials are a farce or never happen no matter what the evidence. Yes, the Deep State, Desperate Dems, Satanic Globalists are taking desperate actions in their panic (Russian Collusion hoax, Impeachment hoax and “Plandemic”). Military intelligence is not accountable to Congress. It is enacted under certain conditions and those have been met. Deep State etc don’t know what is really going on (e.g. Durham investigation, over 182,000 sealed indictments since October 2017 etc.) Americans now see the Evil they are. They have been forced out into the open by their desperate moves. President Trump and the Patriots have used emergency powers to their advantage. Military air and sea operations have been sent to the Southern Hemisphere to cut off drug and Human/Child trafficking (major source of Deep State revenue). Defense Production Act being used to bring manufacturing back to the US (e,g, Kodak Pharmaceuticals started). “Endless Wars” are being ended (Deep State revenue source and agenda). The border wall also cuts off Deep State etc revenue source from drug trafficking and human/child trafficking. They know GITMO is their future and are in full PANIC mode now using all assets they have which will only fail (e.g. Russian Collusion hoax, Impeachment hoax, Plandemic “narrative” falling apart).

      • K. Wayne

        “President Trump is doing on his own. He was asked to run by Patriots (e.g. Military)”….really ? Do you have any proof of that…or are you passing that off as FACT.
        Trump has been “Groomed” for Presidency since he was born on 06.14.46.
        He came from a very Wealthy Jewish Family and went to the best schools money could buy.
        He inherited the family’s wealth only to then proceed to file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy several times.

        “someone like Trump who they knew loved America and was not corrupt and controlled”……
        Rothschild (via Wilbur Ross) bailed out Trump and ever since he has been their man. OWNED. CORRUPTED AND CONTROLLED.

        “using all assets they have which will only fail (e.g. Russian Collusion hoax, Impeachment hoax, Plandemic “narrative” falling apart)”…..ever wonder how much money they have created and wasted with all this ? Who benefits ?

        To prove you have some credentials….define who “the Satanic Globalists, Deep State”…are …..because they are just words and have no meaning ….unless you put names or faces to them.

        “Military air and sea operations have been sent to the Southern Hemisphere to cut off drug and Human/Child trafficking (major source of Deep State revenue)”…is that conjecture on your part or do you have intel? If you actually knew anything about Drug/Human trafficking …you wouldn’t use the “Deep State” being cut off in the same sentence.

        • Ray

          Let him go mate.
          He is one of those X22 types that will only see what X22 pumps toward him (The trap is set, Economy is Booming, Trump & The Patriots are in control, Everything is about to change……just wait a bit longer).
          I am hoping he will post his address here so I can send him a couple hundred cans of paint so he can help Dave at X22 get out of the massive corner they are currently in.
          Keep the good stuff coming K…..I always enjoy reading and learning from your input here.
          Ray, Canberra, LDN

    • K.Wayne

      “In fact, the only president I remember that tried was JFK.”
      Do you have proof of that….or is that just your opinion.?

  17. Baja

    Lock em up, like they did many innocent victims of Obama’s DOJ, thousands killed in Fast and Furious, AG Barr, time to indict, Lady Justice awaits……

  18. Funand Games

    It’s all fun and games until the bullets start flying.

  19. W. A. Weldon

    If you visit Veterans Times, you can watch a video of the Israeli nuke missile hitting the port of Beirut 4 Aug.

    • Frank D2

      Please provide a link. I do not find the video mentioned by you on the Veterans Times website. Thanks.

      • JC

        Frank D2,
        Maybe it’s the same video on
        It’s at the top of the page.

  20. Self Exiled

    Mainstream media’s power to influence crumbles as nearly 9 in 10 Americans see high or medium level of bias, new poll shows:

  21. Self Exiled

    The counter to the new Comey revelation by Sally Yates, I suspect.

  22. Fatima message

    First, the explosion in Beirut sure appeared to be a thermobaric weapon. One video, that has now disappeared, shows the ground doing convulsions. Can’t understand why such was used in Beirut though.
    Second, the earth is alive with earthquakes and devastating weather. Check out these in China and CA. Weird stuff in China! Ground to air lightening, flooding, crop destruction, many earthquakes. Sure looks like HAARP activity, if you believe in such.
    Third, yes the Lord is firmly in control of this chastisement. Big time. As you say, everyone down on your knees, repent, and pray, pray, pray. Fatima message is that before Our Lord shortens the time, intervenes, communism Will take over The Entire world. Our Lady at Fatima said WE must pray and make sacrifices so others can repent and convert and be saved. Time is short. Times will get much more devastating. Is China, CA the beginning?

  23. Tim

    Hi Greg,

    Great show. Need to have Mark Taylor on.

  24. Jeannette Rowden

    I believe that even bigger than the forces arrayed against President Trump was the force arrayed him, God. One with God is a majority, more powerful than all these little pipsqueaks combined.

  25. VS

    They remove all real news and conservative articles as well from google now as “malware”..time to create a non biased and/or conservative browser for folks so google does not control the narrative!

  26. Jerry

    Here’s your update. Mandatory testing is coming.

    Don’t think so? Did you think you would see cardboard cutouts of fans in a stadium? Or have to wear a mask to buy Chinese crap in Walmart ?

    • JC


      ‘Once the killer vaccination is said to be ready, there will be an initial voluntary mass acceptance, but the voluntary aspect of delivering this toxic concoction will change rapidly. At first, there will be adverse consequences for those not accepting a vaccination and getting an immunity certificate. Restrictions on movement, all travel, necessary daily duties such as shopping for food, and being in any public venue will be forthcoming, and eventually, access to banking accounts and investment assets could be limited by the state for any dissenters.’

      • paul jr.

        Limiting large gatherings, social distancing and wearing a mask when necessary. All good things to be doing.

        • William Stanley

          paul jr.,
          You’re skating on thin scientific ice. For example, take a look at this article debunking the effectiveness of wearing masks in public places (basically, it’s just another psyop):

          • paul jr.


            I already read that article as well as other articles supposedly stating mask do not stop anything from going out or coming in. This is not true. I know for a fact that wearing a mask can help in certain situations. I put my hand in front of my mouth when I sneezed. My hand got wet from the spray. I know that if I had a mask on that my hand would not have got wet. If I had COVID-19 it sure would help to limit the amount of the virus particles if I had a mask on instead of getting it all on someone or on some highly touched object.

          • paul jr.


            Just to add to what I said. I just had a cookout which had several people there that I knew who worked in healthcare. They all said wearing a mask does help to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (contrary to what mask deniers say) by limiting the amount of particles of an infected person and that they wear one when necessary. I heard the same from a number of sources in the medical field.

            So I am not really skating on thin ice. The key is wearing a mask when necessary. None of us wore a mask at the cookout because it was not necessary. We do not live in a COVID hot spot. We were mostly outside and none of us had any symptoms so the odds of anyone having COVID-19 and transmitting it to someone is close to zero. However if you are in public places with people around you in very close proximity then you really should be wearing a mask as a precaution. But I think limiting large gatherings and social distancing is more beneficial then wearing a mask in most situations.

    • JC

      The kids’ facial expression says it all.

      ‘US kids, parents perform DIY tests for coronavirus science’

  27. Theodore (friend of Stan)

    Hi everyone: Stan finally contacted me today. He told me he traveled to Vegas to clear his head and play some dice. He is in better spirits and explained that today’s huge drop in Gold is a turning point and marks then end of a blow-off top circa 1980.

    • Greg Hunter

      Please tell Stan to read the Bible on gamble!!!

    • Ray

      Theodore (friend of Stan)?????
      P L E A S E !!!!!!!!!
      It’s Stan………afraid to use his own name at this site for fear of ridicule.
      Let’s do some fun creative letter arranging though…….
      The Odore Of Stan.
      Smells right to me!!!!!
      Stan always was more a gambler, less an investor.
      Hope he finds some solace in Las Vegas amongst other gambling junkies who place the attainment of money above all else.
      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

    • William Stanley

      Stan made a good decision in going to Las Vegas (AKA “Lost Wages”): The casinos will give him better odds than will his banker buddies.

      • Ray

        Ha Ha Ha William…….good one.
        Many a true word spoken in jest!

    • Free Slave

      They don’t build those huge gambling palaces because of all the winners.

  28. Ed

    It amuses me that Trump can blame the “democrats” for the problems in the cities when he is the president of all the cities.
    It a Childs blame game.

    • Greg Hunter

      Stop with the Democrat non-logic and moronic stupidity. Hey Man, the riots are mostly peaceful!!!

      • William Stanley

        Mr. Hunter,
        RE: “Hey Man, the riots are mostly peaceful!!!”

        Humor and derision at the same time. Beautifully done.

    • Russ McMeans

      Hey Ed. Last time I checked it’s mostly liberal democrats running the cities. Trump doesn’t have jurisdiction over cities. Duh!

  29. Southern Girl

    I’m on the praying list. I sent in for a novena (9) days of 900 masses to be said for Trump, Our Nation, and family members who are sick. This is a fight for our souls!! But just as Q says, “GOD WINS”. But He is asking us to help fight for our own souls. Remember He told Mark Taylor we were not praying enough so He gave us another four years of Obummer.

    • Greg Hunter

      SG, good!! I am praying all the time.

  30. JC

    Who loves only gold?

  31. Country Codger

    Excellent WNW.
    Greg, ammonium nitrate needs an accelerant to make it explosive, i.e. diesel fuel. Research a thermobaric bomb. The blast is more consistent with this type device. Many people are saying a mini-nuke but all nukes have markers outside the fireball and there were no markers. (Markers look like streamers outside of the blast itself.)
    Lo Iyrah!

    • Greg Hunter

      This is speculation and it’s not a fact. Opinions are not facts.

    • Russ McMeans

      A local Lebanese said it was a really hot day when that stuff blew up. I suspect the locals know the truth. Go to Zero Hedge and you will find the truth. Run by Eastern Europeans. They know things. Basically it was mismanagement by government of Beirut.

      • Russ McMeans

        The theory is that that Zero Hedge is run by a few guys from Eastern Europe. Excellent website. Smart people. Based on the the movie the ‘ Fight Club”. Starring Brad Pitt. Figure it out if ya have the time. Fascinating.

  32. Mimi

    I think I’ve said this before here—-In my opinion the Dems. were in on the Wuhan virus as Pres. Trump was soaring and they had to do something—the timing is too suspect—I also think that when the virus didn’t damage him–as he did such an incredible job handling it–then needed something more so—-how many corrupt supervisors would it have taken to tell corrupt cops to create a “SPARK” if you can–had to be white cops and a black person–would it have taken? Not many right?!? So along came poor George Floyd—–HIS MURDER WAS DONE ON PURPOSE—NO MATTER WHAT–FOUR COPS WOULD HAVE BEEN ABLE TO CONTROL AN ALREADY “HANDCUFFED” MAN AND WOULD HAVE NEVER PUT HIS KNEE ON THE NECK OF ANYONE FOR ALMOST 9 MINUTES! And the cop that was standing watching the knee on the neck didn’t try to get the cop off Floyd but put on leather gloves and looked like he’d fight the people who came along who challenged the them and told them to get his knee off the neck or they’d kill him–and look at what has happened since the killing of George Floyd!!

  33. erv

    One can still get the 2019 5 oz silver AB coins direct from the us mint for 154.95 (about 31.00 per ounce). They do not have many left.

  34. True Historian

    Trump will win in November, IF it is God’s time for the Israel Peace Treaty (Covenant) to be signed.
    “Dan 9:27  And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.” 
    “2Th 2:3  Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; 
    2Th 2:4  Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.”

    The signing of the “covenant” will allow for the building of the THIRD Temple. 
    God bless all that read.
    Dr. Lurtz

    • Russ McMeans

      It’s really obvious that the Jews will rebuild a new temple. God bless them. And the world will hate them.
      The beginning of the end. Jesus is waiting behind the curtain mind you.

  35. Anthony Bonaminio, M.D.

    they know they have lost. the gameplan is to flood the system with fraudulent ballots by mail in voting, and then have the congress appoint a president. rino’s will go along and betray the president and commit treason with the dems. supreme court will uphold by 5 to 4. pelosi will be appointed. all seditionists and traitors will be pardoned. a police state the likes of which would male the east german stasi blush will reign terror down on the people, all the people. brown shirt marxist antifa goons will replace the police locally, and all fed officials will be replaced by loyalists like comey, brennan, etc. this will then culminate in a civil war where no clear delineations exist [north vs south states for example]. the enemy could be a coworker, a next door neighbor, etc. wont know who is who. obama prepared for this by replacing some huge numbers of high level military people [700, 1,000? more? i saw the list but forgot the number ]. this is it– crunch time. many will die. patriots will rise up with loyal military people, former police, and millions of freedom loving armed americans. then a bloodbath ensues and if we are around we will see what happens. thanks again greg for a great wrap-up/synopsis. you are a great american and patriot.

  36. Clare Doll

    Hate to pop your bubble, but if Bill Gates has signed up on his driver’s license as an organ donor, then he will be harvested ALIVE! Anyone who signs up as an organ donor is harvested in this manner because you cannot harvest organs on the body without a beating heart. Not the greatest scam in human history, but a pretty good one since everyone thinks there is a nurse waiting for you to die before they do the dirty deed! What a scam and usually without anesthesia because who is going to complain about it?

    • Greg Hunter

      Not true Clare.

  37. Lord Nasdaq

    I’m so glad after hearing this post I sold equity gains since 2015 on June 1st and purchased silver in March during $11.00 -$14.00 lows. Fed destroyed dollar in February. Now you have government workers (recreation centers, libraries, etc.) being paid continually. Also unemployed people receive 1/2 to 3/4 the income of what an average hard – working American worker would make per week (see 23:00 to 24:30) means one thing. The working hard/saving for later/staying steadfast to God and your neighbor since founding of our country is over! Still on vacation. Too much time between elections. Depending after elections, my small group/generation born in early to mid 1970’s now running multi – businesses and market movers may shrug our shoulders. It depends on the voters. So beware government career workers – pensions may not be valid.
    Thank you USAWatchdog/Greg Hunter for your services to American citizens.
    Lord Nasdaq

  38. eddiemd

    Large bombing in Syria in December 2019. Looks familiar.

    • eddiemd

      These were still in inventory in the 80’s. To be used in Europe…and Korea. Beirut did not have the characteristic flash of a nuke.

      • eddiemd

        Macron to the rescue.

        “He is ready to manage the international relief effort.”

        Perhaps the man of peace making his appearance.

        Notice the EU flag in the background.

        Next will be a visit by the pope.

      • eddiemd

        This is within the church.

        2 Tim 3:1-7
        3 But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: 2 For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, 3 unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, 4 traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, 5 having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away! 6 For of this sort are those who creep into households and make captives of gullible women loaded down with sins, led away by various lusts, 7 always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

        Having a form of Godliness but denying its power. The church. He speaks about those in the church. Always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the Truth. Jesus Messiah, the Truth.

        2 Tim 3:12
        12 Yes, and all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution.

        All will suffer persecution.

        Deut 23:14
        14 For the Lord your God walks in the midst of your camp, to deliver you and give your enemies over to you; therefore your camp shall be holy, that He may see no unclean thing among you, and turn away from you.

        Clean up your camp.

        Thou art enthroned on the praises of Israel!

        • eddiemd

          The feast is coming. Resurrection of the just. Harpazo!

          Luke 14:12-14
          12 Then He also said to him who invited Him, “When you give a dinner or a supper, do not ask your friends, your brothers, your relatives, nor rich neighbors, lest they also invite you back, and you be repaid. 13 But when you give a feast, invite the poor, the maimed, the lame, the blind. 14 And you will be blessed, because they cannot repay you; for you shall be repaid at the resurrection of the just.”
          15 Now when one of those who sat at the table with Him heard these things, he said to Him, “Blessed is he who shall eat bread in the kingdom of God!”

  39. JC

    This is very strange…

    Hal Turner:
    Something weird is going on and it is starting to trouble many people . . .

    Yesterday, at the conference with Whirlpool Corporate Employees, President Trump said something strange, the he has a lot of very rich enemies and then said “you may not see me for awhile.”


    May not see him for awhile?

    Today, as President Trump boarded his helicopter to travel to Ohio, almost the entire White House Staff gathered outside the White House to watch him leave ! ! ! ! !

    I’ve never seen that before.

    Something is up.

    I’m not sure what, but something is up.

    Whatever it is, it seems likely to be only hours or a day away.

  40. William Stanley

    Mr. Miller:
    We see right through you.

    IMO, historians and military strategists will one day recognize President Trump as one of America’s greatest presidents. That recognition will be partly based on his patient and brilliant campaign against the Globalists and their DNC (and to a less obvious extent) GOP lackeys. His partial victory here and now will lay the groundwork for even greater victories against the Globalists by his successors, both in America and around the world.

  41. Tommy

    What I don’t understand about early voting is this…shouldn’t all voters vote at the same time when they have access to the same information? Voting up to 2 months before election day means that all that transpires between then and election day is not available for consideration by the early voter. Of course, it’s not the people that vote that matter, it’s the people who count the votes than matter.

  42. Bradley Beyer

    On top of your game Greg. You are a blessing to all of us. Thank You.

  43. Galaxy 500

    Great Wrap up Greg.

  44. Free Slave


    It’s been deep state ever since.

  45. eddiemd

    Lebanon’s potential oil and gas. The French and Chinese are interested. Macron already in town.

    “Ghajar was quoted by government sources as saying that previous seismic studies by Lebanon proved the existence of gas, which encouraged French company Total to come and work in this field in Lebanon, reported Elnashra, a local independent newspaper.”

    Chinese to rebuild the port?

    “In stark contrast to the interests of the US/France/Saudi axis, Plan A for Lebanon would be to progressively drop out of the US-France stranglehold and head straight into Belt and Road as well as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Go East, the Eurasian way. The port and even a great deal of the devastated city, in the medium term, can be quickly and professionally rebuilt by Chinese investment. The Chinese are specialists in port construction and management.”

    • eddiemd

      Dated from 2014. Israel and Lebanon dispute gas and oil reserves. Lebanon is now a failed state. No money to explore for energy. France and the Chinese looking to exploit.

      “•There is an ongoing dispute between Lebanon and Israel over their shared maritime boundary that could affect Lebanon’s ability to proceed with its offshore development plans. The disputed region—which covers over 300 square miles—may contain potentially significant hydrocarbon resources given its location near the center of the Levant Basin. U.S. Geological Survey estimates from 2010 placed the potential mean recoverable resources in the Levant Basin at 1.7 billion barrels of oil and 122 Tcf of natural gas.”

      Getting ready for the Ezekiel 38 war.

  46. tim mcgraw

    I walked down to the town square to buy some coffee and chocolate chip cookies at the bakery this morning. Healdsburg, CA was jammed with tourists. They all wore masks unless they were sitting at one of the many tables set up on the sidewalks and out in the streets. Plaza Street is closed to traffic for two blocks with tables and chairs under umbrellas. It’s nothing fancy. I’d guess about 25% of the parking downtown is now shopping, wine tasting, or restaurant space.

    Walking by the Catholic Church (which is closed) I saw a gathering of Hispanics all dressed up in front of the Church. (St. John the Baptist Church). The baptismal font had been moved outside the front doors. Two cute baby girls in white dresses were being baptized by the priest in his white vestments. About 10 parents and godparents looked on with big smiles.

    Then I see this guy dressed in black wearing a mask and backpack coming down Center Street in front of the Church on top of a high wheel bicycle. That’s something new. The guy is ten feet up in the air and he’s wearing a mask. Hilarious.

    We continue to have deep blue skies and high temps around 90F. Doing business outside will work in Sonoma County until the rains come in November. It’s crazy out here in California. Some friends drove down to San Francisco last week. They told us the city is a nightmare and they couldn’t wait to leave. They drove over the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito and had a pleasant afternoon there.

    Thanks for the report. Hope there is some good news soon.

  47. ac9im

    Greg, how about you interview David Icke? I think it would really help people understand what is happening all around us.

  48. Thomas

    Greg..your weekly news wrap ups are getting better and better. You are on fire my friend. God Bless you and keep up the good work

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Thomas!! Please enjoy Bo Polny. He has some very interesting stuff!!


  49. Tin foil hat

    Just checked the current status on ammo around the internet and the price has been slowly rising as supply seems to be dwindling.

    Price gouging has basic 9mm FMJ between .60 cents and $1.10 per round and JHP between .70 and $1.50 per round.

    A store in Natchez, LA posted they received 96K rounds of 9mm. By 10am today, it was all gone.

  50. K. Wayne

    The moment he died …the cabal had captured the Government and then decided to destroy the country through theft, corruption, lies and deceit.

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