Damage Control Going to Wear Off in 2015-Warren Pollock

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com4 

Multifaceted analyst Warren Pollock says the “damage control is going to wear off in 2015.” Pollock explains, “If you look at the role of the President of the United States, his primary role is to be the public relations officer for the status quo.  At the turn of the Bush Administration, as that administration failed, there was a lack of damage control.  We are going to see the same thing as Obama leaves office timed to the end of 2015.  There is a tremendous amount of effort to protect vested interest that goes on within the White House, and they will do anything to stop things from coming unglued.  They are doing this on a day-to-day basis, and the moment they stop, or there is a pause or contention, or lack of consensus, then it is most likely, at that point, that things will become unhinged and unglued.  I can assure you, the next President of the United States, whether Republican or Democrat, will be known as a great failure.  He or she will be held responsible for the total decline of the United States.”

Pollock says people around the world refuse to see reality and are in denial. Pollock explains, “It will start to become unhinged in 2015 at the next election cycle. What we are going to see is a tremendous amount of rationalization.  If you look at things the way they are today, everyone denies there was a financial crisis.  Everyone denies that Fukushima existed.  Everyone denies the U.S. government is insolvent.  Everyone denies there are global imbalances between the U.S. and China.  All of these elements of denial are really rationalization.  The facts have changed around everyone’s outlook, which have remained static and the same.  That’s why things have this appearance of normalcy.  I think things will become more surreal around the end of 2015.”

Pollock goes on to say, “Any kind of government program that you think is in your interest, and I am talking Republican or Democrat, will be working against your interests. The closer that you are to these government programs, the more dependent you are on them, the less flexible you become to a catastrophic failure.”

On gold, Pollock says, “It’s the kind of density you want because we are looking at very large events in the future, and gold might be transportable enough to maintain your wealth through any kind of valley.”

Pollock is also warning people about what he calls a coming “Pompeii type of event.” Pollock explains, “I think the first part of that event is rationalization.  Imagine you are standing in Pompeii just before this volcano is about to explode.  All the people around you are saying this volcano is not going to be a problem for us.  That’s rationalization and dissonance.  That’s what’s happening right now.  That’s why people are still talking about the economy, even though the bomb of the economy has gone off.  The financial crash has already occurred.  That’s why people are still voting Republican or Democrat or are still reading newspapers.  So, people right now are in Pompeii.  The volcano is about to explode, and you really can’t have a discussion with the people around you.  Your best avenue is to realize the volcano is about to explode and try to escape the situation.  So, as far as human kind is concerned, I think we are at the end of an age in a long cycle. . . . Anything that is parabolic is unsustainable.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with analyst Warren Pollock.

(There is much, much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Warren Pollock has taken down his website and has nothing to plug or sell. He agreed to this interview to give the public his perspective of enormous financial and geo-political problems coming in the not-so-distant future.


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  1. Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

    Fantastic guest, Greg. Lots of information to digest and integrate with Mr. Pollack.
    Inverted totalitarianism – I’ll be reflecting on that concept for some time.
    This is a great site. Thanks so much for your efforts.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank You TTTIII!!!

    • Chip

      Bar none smartest guest ever! Thanks Greg…

      • Chip

        In fact I’m going to listen to it again…

  2. andrew

    Stunning interview, shocking really…
    We are well and truly f**ked. Frozen by our denial, under the volcano of Pompeii.
    I see he has a prediction same as Martin Armstrong – unwinding in 2015.75

  3. bob

    very nice change, greg. warren has told it the way it is. nice job. you need to have him back

  4. allen ols

    GREG; Jerry, st laurence;

    thanks for the heads up, on the rickards interview. listening now.

    Jerry 10/31/2014 •
    Greg, Allen, JC , WD, and informed watchdog readers, I strongly encourage you to look at this recent video with Jim Rickards. He goes into great detail about the government’s plans for economic collapse.

    GREG; pollock says;
    inverted totalitarianism

    or good will be called evil, and evil will be called good.

    • allen ols

      Jerry, st laurence;
      I finished listening, and he is selling stuff for 39.50 at the end.

      are u guys going to buy his books and tapes?

      • Jerry


      • Silence is Golden

        Its a promo for selling a sub to Money Morning = 12 months
        The JR book “The Death of Money” and other paraphernalia are all bonus material. You must cancel the subscription to avoid ongoing fees being charged.
        I noticed after having watched the video, that if you attempt to exit the web page it will come back with an offer of 19.75 (= 6months subs).
        Not bad considering what the book sells for @ RRP.

      • wd


        This is still a great tutorial…thanks for sharing!!

    • AL HALL

      Allen: Not sure if you like Dr. Jim Willie or not? He comment to me was that Rickards is a dick-head and works for the establishment- and just selling info!!!

      Take it for what it’s worth.


      • wd

        I read what Willie said. He did not hold back. I do know that Willie has left the U.S. But this info does look ominous, he may be selling his program but his sales pitch maybe right on the mark.

        Again Jim Willie just envisorates him…

      • allen ols

        I get the hat trick, and he e mailed me the same :), but I take the good stuff rickards says, and discard the rest. tks.
        I wont spend the money on his books and tapes either, I would just buy gold first.

      • Janet G.

        Jim Richards works for the Pentagon. He is selling disinformation which the government wants the sheeple to believe.

    • JC Davis

      Love you brother al.

      • allen ols


        share the recipe, for frozen juice wine, and complete process, tks.

      • Janet G.

        I see you removed my email disagreeing with this wall st. hack on his crap regarding the U.S. and Russia against China. I will repeat it again. It’s not going to happen. Russia and China for your brainwashed commenters are part of the Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa BRICS nations along with 180 other countries workin for progress in manufacturing, agriculture, science, moon mining, success in every field and against the petro-dollar propped up and backed by the military-industrial complex;s, destabilization of countries, their murders, assassinations etc.etc.etc.
        Post this.

        • JC Davis

          Janet G Can you give more info as to why this can not happen? You lost me after you called us brainwashed. Thank you for using a real name, and owning your words.

  5. allen ols

    greg, jerry, sig, st laurance, bill, wd, mark, donna and manny more;
    from martin armstrong, just hit my gmail;

    I have told the story how the Republicans had me meeting with potential candidates for President under the pretense I was there to advise them of the state of the global economy. In fact, I was asked routinely my “opinion” of their capability. Then came the call they wanted me to fly to Texas to meet with George Bush, Jr.. I was told this was different – “he is stupid.” I was shocked. They never used such a work that derogatory toward any individual. I asked why did they want to make him President? They said he had the name. They then asked if I would consider taking the chief economic slot. I said no way. I would not give up my business for such a post and the senate hearings would be a fiasco given all the companies and governments I had advised. They said they needed people to surround him to run the country. That is how President Dick Cheney took power.

    I have said privately I had the sneaky suspicion the same was done with Obama. The news filtering out about his ability is on par with Bush, Jr. Well what I have been hearing through the Grape-Vine, others have as well. Now Matt Patterson and Newsweek speak out about Obama and it is not pretty. It appears that the bureaucracy wants stupid men at the top so they can run the show. This is what appears to be taking place.

    Newsweek is known as a Democratic mouthpiece so for this to come from that source it would be like the Ed Show on CNBC finally coming clean. This is timely and a very tough review. The fact that their editor saw fit to even print this article about Obama prior to the election is truly an amazing event in itself worthy of news coverage. At last, the truth about Obama and his Marxist agenda are starting to trickle through the “protective wall” built around him by the liberal media to say the least. This should not be about politics. This should be about putting incompetent people to run the country that are pawns for the deeper agenda.

    Except from Newsweek

    • Silence is Golden

      There was a time when only Statesmen would have the capacity to qualify for the CIC role who took oath and swore to uphold the rights and privileges of the citizens and the wellbeing of the country. Then they became extinct because they posed too much of a threat to the system devised by the so called “wannabe unelected rulers”. This is deeply disturbing and confirms my beliefs that we do indeed have a false democracy, uneducated socialist welfare state/populace, and a Zionist political system that rewards malfeasance and deifies inequality. We are ruled from behind the scenes.
      The reward for the nation and its people after centuries of toil, is imprisonment by virtue of being a slave to the Babylonian monetary system founded on principles of Usury. Then to be subjected to lawlessness and abandonment because of the corrupted legal and politically bankrupt war machine that the nation has become.

      • Jerry

        Silence is Golden
        I totally agree. We have been sold out by the to big to jail banks and their buddies in Washington. Politics. Poly is Latin for many. Ticks are blood suckers. Many bloodsuckers.

      • allen ols

        good post,

        u buying books and tapes?

        • Silence is Golden

          A simple yes or no does not answer your Q.
          I like to consider all perspectives and views from different walks of life.
          I am a critical thinker with a high degree of financial literacy and understanding of geopolitics.
          I can decipher relevant factual information as opposed to nonsensical superfluous rubbish.
          I believe JR’s books and tapes are a useful guide but not the quintessential for protecting whatever you have that is worthy of protecting.
          These are very dangerous times….and believe me…no one has the right solution or answer. This will always be subjective.

      • allen ols

        from O hedge

        marc faber;

        Well it’s interesting that you raise this issue because I was on a panel with Alan Greenspan a week ago, and I knew Alan from my days at Y12 in 1970, 1971 when he was the consulting economist. And actually he even recognized me. He said you’re one of the few ones that always came to my presentations. I have to say one thing. I’m critical of him as a Fed chairman, but he’s a highly intelligent man and he’s actually a very nice man. But equally, he’s a diplomat. He’s a politician.

        And I was allowed to ask him a few questions, so I asked him, Alan, you’ve been Fed chairman since 1987 until 2006. Would you have done anything different if you were again Fed chairman? And then he explained this and that, and then I interrupted him and I said, you mean to say that the Federal Reserve is not independent? He immediately said, Marc, I never said the Fed was independent. That’s what he said. I never said that the Fed was independent. In other words, the Fed and the treasury and the government is basically one and the same.

        • Silence is Golden

          What confounds me is that Marc Faber is highly astute and yet he wasn’t aware of the nature of the FED.
          That is just gobsmacking.
          This admission is tantamount to Faber “playing it by ear” during his many years as an investor/writer. I would hazard a guess that there are many others in very senior positions within Hedge F, Pension F, Mutual F and other corporates that have thought along the same lines.
          This is one of those “Hiding in Plain Sight” moments…!!!

      • Desert Rose

        The FED doesn’t permit statesmen.
        Kennedy was a statesman….they killed him.
        No leaders can emerge in the US until the Chinese and Russians destroy the US dollar and elites structure. The Chinese and Russians will do for us what we can’t do with a revolution. Their arrogance is so vast, they think they are still in control.

        • Silence is Golden

          I am afraid that the leadership of yesteryear will not resurface. We are beholden to a new paradigm where there are many faceless people and entities all having a say in how we are herded and culled in the grand experiment. They want us to participate by indoctrination. We are not permitted or required to think logically or analytically.
          China and Russia may alleviate one major problem, but this by no means returns us to a true democracy where freedoms and rights are restored and upheld and crimes and frauds that destroy the fabric of an economy and society are punished with full force of law. The problems are deeply endemic to the whole society. The BANKSTERS are but one head of the three headed snake that roams the globe.

    • allen ols

      As for what impact tomorrow’s mid-term elections will likely have on the future, Zero Hedge said it perfectly below. As we wrote two years back, America has essentially become a “one-party fascist” nation, in which even the line between which party offers more entitlements has been dulled. And speaking of the “U.S. banking syndicate,” I’m sure it won’t surprise you that Wall Street spent more lobbying this years’ candidates – $169 million, to be exact – than in any proceeding mid-term election. And thus, as they say in France, “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.”

      The short answer, of course, is “nothing” – Congress, or the presidency, have been irrelevant ever since the Fed fully took over the US some time in late 2008. Since then, it has been the role of the central printer of the US, working on behalf of the US banking syndicate, to “get to work”, and cover up the fact that Congress, its make up, or its decisions, are now inconsequential.

      -Zero Hedge, November 2, 2014

      • JC Davis

        Exactly why I have stopped voting. Either way we lose . Here in Tennessee Alexandra and Korkeist will win .We the people have no voice , even in the vote. It is a rigged game. WE ARE UNDER THE SLAVERY OF OLIGARCHY.

    • allen ols


      You know something is going on when the cautious Boston Globe publishes not one, but two, pieces dealing with the “double government.”

      This cryptic phrase encapsulates a serious claim about the American body politic: That a permanent and largely unaccountable bureaucracy keeps on doing what it wants to do, no matter who the voters elect to the White House.

      Both of the Globe articles refer to “National Security and Double Government,” a book by Michael J. Glennon, professor of international law at Tufts University. From the descriptions of its contents (we haven’t read the book yet, but we will—and perhaps excerpt), the author is talking, with due academic caution, about an out-of-control security/military apparatus.

      The fact that the Globe thinks this book is important enough to warrant not one but two analytical pieces is significant, because Boston was the scene of the mysterious Boston Marathon Bombing.

      In the aftermath of that tragedy, the national security apparatus and its allies in the media, academia and corporate America (including, significantly, the Globe itself) rushed to discourage us from looking deeper at what happened—while at the same time the nat-sec folks used the event to further expand their influence at the expense of civil liberties.

      The Secret Government

      One of the Globe’s pieces was a highly favorable review of Dr. Glennon’s book by former Republican Congressman Mickey Edwards. Edwards, a co-founder of the staunchly conservative Heritage Foundation, has over the years become more and more of a maverick—and more outspokenly alarmed by the path America has taken.

      The other piece, which appeared in the Globe the same day,was a Q&A with Glennon. The astonishing headline was:

      Vote all you want. The secret government won’t change.

      The sub-headline wasn’t much tamer:

      The people we elect aren’t the ones calling the shots, says Tufts University’s Michael Glennon

      – See more at: http://whowhatwhy.com/2014/11/03/the-double-government-secret-gets-out/#sthash.h6MbKEDw.dpuf

      • Silence is Golden

        The Nazi’s perfected the “Hiding in Plane Sight” tactic that continues to be used to great effect today.
        I don’t know how many times I have mentioned on my posts that we are all ruled from behind the scenes by what is called the “Invisible Hand of Government”. The truth is finally coming to bare.
        When one steps back and realises the enormity of the infiltration of these agents of evil, one can see that the whole system is corrupted. It is purposely done this way so as to avoid the immediate identification of individuals (the players/unelected rulers). To compound the issue…. AND to protect them further, there are layers of Entities, Agencies, Organisations, Funds… created to obfuscate the real perpetrators and their deeds.
        This gentleman is correct ….vote however you wish….it will make no difference in the slightest.

        • allen ols

          My kids have learned that tactic. 🙂

          • Silence is Golden

            They may have learnt something then from MSM and even the Politicians if they read newspapers and watch TV. There is an abundance of employment opportunities for people who have these skills. They will always be in high demand.

        • Desert Rose

          It all takes $.
          Jim Willie says it’s all funded by heroin from Afghanistan.
          The Russians and Chinese will cut this off….no $, no power.

  6. AL

    Just Brilliant. Wonderful choice Greg.
    I’ll be listening to this a few times to get the gist of this chat.
    So much there, and so logically presented. The Russia-China thing blew me away. Who the heck knows what is really going on in this world??
    Be flexible, be prepared, expect anything. Thanks Greg

  7. macdonald

    …puppet Japan has no will to live it seems…Japanese people are in chronic psychological depression. They are in shock since being nuked by the USA . In shock, too, after the nuclear plant blew up and then all the gov’t cover-up. Japan today is an Occupied Country with US soldiers there.
    China and Russia will not let US Puppets dictate to them.

    • allen ols

      Mc D


      • Isaac

        The US is also an occupied country. It was really conquered in 1913,and then lost the cold war ideologically because of enemies within.

        • Desert Rose

          You got that right….the FED is occupying the US.
          We didn’t approve it.

  8. Mike Soon Over

    By far the best interview you’ve had. Yes, we all see this thing coming down the train tracks but unlike James Rickards and the end is near. Mr Pollock nails it, the end in 2016 is more sound in reasoning than 2014. EXCELLENT JOB GREG, so glad you had him on. Truly your best interview in the 9 or 10 months Iv’e been around.

    • allen ols

      MIKE S O.
      Yes it was super, but a matter of gregs best, kirby, J. Williams, J. willie, pcr, egon, armstrong, organ, are highly competitive.
      but he was very goood.

      • JC Davis

        I disagree Allen Ols. I like chocolate with a cherry on top.

        • allen ols

          put u hands up, your drink down, back away from the pool table. 🙂

          • JC Davis

            Al When your right … You are right.

  9. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    I disagree with your guest in 2 points:
    1) The Russians wont side with USA.
    2) He may have the dynamics wrong.
    1) The Russians knows, they can’t trust to US elites for example the Bush Sr.’s administration promised to Gorbachev the NATO wont move an inch eastward, the Clinton administration began expand the NATO. Now the US elites have full of mouth how the Russians have they army om the NATO’s doorstep (the Baltic states which were part of the USSR now are NATO members).
    The Russians know if they let go down China, they are the next (and China know if they let down Russia they are the next), the rhetoric of US politician made it clear in this matter, see the Obama speech in UN and where it placed Russia, according the speech-writer the Ebola, the ISIS and the Putin’s Russia is the biggest treat to the world peace.
    The third (among many reasons) this kind of move requires lot of back-door dealing, which (among other things) Putin excluded from options in his Valdai speech: http://vineyardsaker.blogspot.sk/2014/10/putins-speech-at-valdai-club-full.html
    2) The Russians and Chinese elites don’t sit idly, they are getting rid of their 5th column and preparing for the exit from the western systems.

    About Renaissance or dark age after the collapse, the thing are clear. The “elites” want a dark dystopia and will do everything in their power to achieve this.

    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

    • rezo

      Oracle ….. I agree with you 100% Thats my opinion too .Other than those 2 points I think the guest made a lot of sence . He failed to consider the gold standard and the de- dollarisation of the world which will weigh heavily as well into the mix.

  10. Smaulgld

    Most of the GDP growth was military spending and Jim Rickards says that the results were not seasonally adjusted so that number would have been under 3pct

  11. Mason

    Warren Pollock, great to see you back!

    First, I saw more than a few video’s of you on your blog “Inflection Points” before you took your site down. I liked them a lot. Too bad that you took down your site. On the one hand, I understand your motivation to do so. I understand your rationale to become a monk. I understand that talking with people who are giving you back hubris can be off-putting. On the other hand, there are a lot of people who ARE listening to you. Whether or not they speak out. I would argue that for those people’s sake, you should appear once in a while to give them your thoughts. I think those people deserve that. So, a tip of my hat for you for making this appearance on USAWatchdog!

    Additionally, I would like to respectfully ask you: Could you possibly upload the content of the video’s you already have made in the past which you showed on your old site ‘Inflection Points’? You could upload it to YouTube or another channel of your choosing. I think it is very important to note that there is a lot of very valuable material there that is now lost to the people who do listen to what you say. Unless you chose otherwise. I think you might have a cult-following on the internet who would love to be able to hear what you said on a variety of topics.

    For example, I am 100% positive that although Greg, myself and the majority of the USAWatchdog-listeners respect you and your decision to take down your own site ‘Inflection Points’, we would also love to be able to hear what you have said on a variety of topics and we would love to see some of your video’s you made earlier.

    Finally: Greg, great guest!

  12. Mike Gunther

    Fantastic guest Greg, really need him on some more. Thanks for all you do!

  13. Joe


    Great guest and interview. Have not heard from Warren in a while. He use to interview Ann Barnhardt regularly, and she would post the interviews on her website. They would have some great discussions. Good to hear from Warren again.

    By the way, these great interviews are the reason I check your site first on Mondays and Wednesdays. Thank you for your efforts.

  14. Jerry

    Greg, you always amaze me with your ability to find such a diverse segment of people to interview, concerning such a profoundly complex topic.

    Just this last week, I learned that it was the Chinese who purchased our bonds in Belgium through Euro Clear back in the Spring. It made absolutely no sense to me, why they would do this when they had so much invested in the expansion of the RMB? Then it occurred to me, that maybe the rumors I have been hearing ( that they now own the Federal Reserve Bank) are true , and that they were using this as a stall technique until they have completed their international exchange system, using the gold backed Yuan.
    It sounds like conspiracy theory, but when you consider the number of Banker suicides, and that CITI bank has been buying RMB bonds, you have to wonder.

    Having Mr. Pollock on just adds more credibility to the thought, that something is clearly happening below the surface, that will eventually explode. I guess my question to your readers is ” if you’re not prepared, what difference does it make if its next month or next year”?

  15. Matt Jaymes

    This guy lost me after he posited the idea that Russia and USA would team up against China. After all the petulance, divisiveness and damning rhetoric spewed at Putin specifically and Russia in general, I just don’t see this happening, but I sure could be wrong. Dubious postulations, but differing view points are what “The Dog” is all about.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


    • wd

      Ditto!! Not going to happen. But he is correct about a lot of the other info…

    • Charles H.

      Matt J,

      Nobody dumps hard on Russia and does not reap the repercussions of their actions. The East, Russia as the backbone included, is decoupling from the totally corrupted West. Good call.

    • Silence is Golden

      The USA and its handlers have broken the seal of trust with Russia.
      She will never forget or forgive this episode in history.

    • Dan

      I agree, but stranger things have happened!

  16. art barnes

    Greg, after all this time I have been around USA Wdog this was the first time I will have to listen to the interview a second time; that is how great and striking the information hit me! Simply stated WOW! As a Christian I believe his thesis about the end of an age has corresponding links to end time prophesy. Whether your guest is a believer or an atheist he has our timeline in a modern day Pompeii moment correct, if you look around you can see the smoke coming from the mountain. Please have that genius, rational, & intellectual on again anytime. Thanks, ab

    • JC Davis

      From a distance. I love you Art. Fight the good fight.

      • JC Davis

        Art. things will get crazy in the next year or two. I ask for your prayer. I see beyond the vial. You are chosen.

  17. Charles

    I love your column.

    Oh, is it 2015 now? How about 2016: maybe 2017? Maybe in the next 10 to 20 years.
    Was it Harry Dent who was going to “eat his hat” if the disaster did not hit during this summer? I have not heard the crunching of him eating a hat yet. As the wise man from the old country said of the movies: “Always next time comes the good one.”

    • JC Davis

      Charles. You disappoint me. Was it a dream? , are you real? Look around you.
      It is happening.

    • JC Davis

      Charles , in fairness I must agree. There have been many perditions that never happened., but the math don’t lie. If a fool says this day , so what if they are wrong. Will there predictions change anything ? Hell no! That day is coming. DONT PLAY STOCK ON IT !
      Brother from a distance. J C.

    • Samantha in Tucson

      I haven’t posted in quite a long time.

      Charles, I have to say I agree with you on this one. Harry Dent DID say he would eat his hat and there is no crunching to be heard out here in the Old Pueblo either! (Maybe a few javelinas eating prickly pear cactus.)

      It is doubtful the Russians will side with the U.S. (given the recent interview by Paul Craig Roberts).

      So, what to do? I am beginning to wonder why I put so many of my eggs into a “yellow and white” basket…I need to retire sometime (or, at least, I want to retire!). I wonder if the markets are so rigged that we’ll never see our $5,000 an ounce days anytime soon.

      Inflation is hitting us at the grocery stores, for sure, but I’m sure the “powers that be” are trying to make sure that the holiday retail sales (with all of the crap coming in from China) will be strong. One way to do that is lower gas prices and let the stock market run up so folks think we are doing just fine. Case in point: I buy a fair amount of food at Trader Joe’s…prices have gone up at least 10% on many items this past week.

      Thank you, Greg, for the great interviews and special guests.

  18. Paul Casto

    Greg, cannot say much more than thank you! Your site has grown to be one of the top 25 websites I check on an at least weekly basis for real news and information. Keep up the great work and I wish you the best.

  19. Silverado

    I’m amazed at the number of friends, acquaintances etc, etc that think this system we have, the dollar included, is going to go on and on and last forever. Or at least as long as they’re “retired”. Or worse yet – they haven’t thought about anything like this at all, for even one second. We live within 40 miles of a dormant volcano (Mt Rainier) and we are in earthquake country, near salt water and even with that, I don’t know anyone who has prepped for that, let alone some kind of man made financial disaster. The people of Pompeii alright. Or is it more like dead men (people) walking?? Gold, $20 bills and silver is great and you’ll for sure be needing some of that. But if you don’t have some standby food, shelter, heat, water etc etc already in place ready to use for when (not if) the mountain (or something else) blows – well…you finish the sentence.

    • Diane Ryan

      Agreed Silverado. Sadly most of my loved ones live as if today will be like yesterday, tomorrow will be like today etc. Life as we know it is a house of cards. Like you say, something will trigger chaos. Much suffering will follow.

      How did this happen? America abandoned God. I can’t help but think that perhaps He just ‘switched’ them to stupid. Would anyone blame Him? He is still there for His faithful.

  20. ralph k


    Fantastic interview, please have him on again, and soon. Truth is light in a sea of darkness.
    Thank You!

  21. Jim Blanchard

    Warren Pollock provides a profound perspective with purification of motive.

  22. Larry

    What a breath of fresh air. Warren Pollack has a very real grasp of history, economics,
    politics, and how man interacts with his enviornment. I agree with his assertions on all of his major points. He is a Renaissance Man.

  23. Albert

    Warren is a genius in his own right, he has a way of easily explaining the intricacies of what is occurring on a sociopolitical basis relative to the lame stream media and the vampire financial system that owns it.

    I followed Jeff since 2011, he’s been on the net on and off. I don’t think he’s saying we’re all screwed during the collapse, the ones willing to change are the ones which will do well. The ones intrenched in this system will suffer, that’s what he meant. It’s not all death and doom.

    We will all do fine, all we have to do is find a refuge from the Pompeian ash then rebuild. Let the others go, don’t be a martyr. I stopped preaching myself.

    Celente talks about a Renaissance after the collapse as well. I believe it.

    Wow! What an interview! He made sense about $20 bills as well. Please have him back and thank you for covering all bases with Jeff. He’s a very deep thinker and in my view, a genius!

    You’re the best Greg.

  24. Tom

    wow. this ranks with the top 10, Greg. the inverted (perverted) totalitarianism mr pollack speaks of is something we are all aware of, and was desperately in need of attention. the labor arbitrage with China is another of those terms that paints an immediate picture.
    thank you, mr pollack for reminding me of what I already knew and for framing it in an analytical and concise manner.

    • Albert

      I’m sorry, I meant Warren Pollock, I followed Warren since 2011. I use to know a Jeff Pollock and I am obviously not very good with names/ 🙂

  25. Freebreezer

    Wow – I just finished listening for a second time! A whole lot here to be digested. I will most likely give it a day or two before a third listen (note: very rarely do a listen for a second time) … Thanks Greg for your devotion and time in finding these men.

  26. NC Gal

    Wow! This was a stunning interview and really gave a different perspective than any others I have heard so far. Thank you so much for presenting it, Greg!

    I have blown off all of the suggestions that impeaching anyone changes anything in a meaningful way. For example, if Obama would be impeached, Biden would be next up for the Presidency and he has not indicated that he differs one iota from the present agenda. Likewise the leadership of both parties. All of them are bought, paid for, and owned (as PCR points out — see http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2014/10/31/dysfunctional-america-paul-craig-roberts/) and this interview points out exactly how the lines have become totally blurred and indistinct.

    Just one personal note to add: I am a first generation American, the child of parents and grandparents who fled Europe to escape Russian pogroms and forced induction into the Russian army. Any of my family who did not get out in time were murdered.

    My maternal grandmother always carried a small sack of gold, hung by a string and hidden between her breasts. In Pearl Buck’s novel, “The Good Earth,” the heroine in the story carried pearls for the same reason. There came a day when both the fictional Chinese woman and my real life grandmother had to make use of that portable wealth to begin a life somewhere else with their family intact. My mother used to mourn the lovely things my grandmother had to leave behind because literally all they could take with them was what they could carry in their hands or on their backs.

    This interview really made me think differently about many things. However, one question was NOT answered and that is why Warren Pollack remains where he is in New York, given what he sees coming. What is HIS strategy for his own safety, given what he indicates is coming. It would seem to me that where he lives is prime “Pompeii country”!

    • Silence is Golden

      “Pompeii” is the analogy given to demonstrate the star struck mentality of the population…..of the WHOLE Globe. To wit…there is no place safe to run to !!!
      Why has Pollock withdrawn from public is the question that remains unanswered.
      Perhaps he sees what I see…..understanding the enormity of the problems….brings you enlightenment. It also brings home reality…..that ultimately it all fails. Being at peace at this time with oneself, is the greatest reward one can receive.
      Like with Mount Vesuvius erupting onto the city of Pompeii, the stress hiding beneath the surface was too great and the release valve caused death and destruction.
      I have recently visited this site near the city of Naples. It left me in awe.

  27. Sambo

    Great guest and great way to start the week Greg. Look kikes Mr. Pollack is on top of events. It was a lot of good info for us all. You just keep on keeping on my friend you always bring the best. Sambo

  28. Thomas Bauer

    Dear Greg,
    Convincing interview. Truth can be brutal. Many -even much younger fellow citicens- have the vague feeling that the turning point is approaching and mankind can not continue like this.
    A proverb (author unknown) says: you are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequence of your choice.
    So we have to face the future and the corrections that are caused by our behaviour.
    No reason to complain, we all choose the goverment that we deserve/want.
    One thing that gives me consolation: in phases of big distruction mankind have the tendency to focus on fundmentals (which are not materialistic/money), at least this is what my parents told me what they experienced after the colapse of the 3rd Reich here in Germany.
    Herzliche Grüsse

  29. Anne Elliott

    Fascinating guest, Greg! Thanks for having him on. He reminds me of Catherine Austin-Fitts a little with the “consumerism” mentality and how the choice is to withdraw from the system or be immersed by it. Also he reminds me of Gregory Mannerino of course. Frightening stuff – from the long trend of economic rise to the future long demise, and from the great heights of population because of that rise, to an “abyss”… Can I change the channel somehow? This earthly show is getting too scary for me to watch!! May The Lord guide us and keep us all safe in the coming new age.

  30. faith

    I really enjoyed this guest and would like to hear more from him! Thanks for the interview!

  31. Donna C

    NC gal, you get it and I see why. My Yugo grandfather never said politician. His word was gangster. When you escape the hellhole reality of socialism/communism, you appreciate the ability to accumulate by your own efforts, preserve what you amassed, and breathe freely without skulking around with “your gold slung between your breasts.”

    My Yugo grandmother left the old country by herself as an early teenager. Her family was exterminated — totally alone is this country with nothing to go back to. I grew up listening to her cry. The big jolt was when my grandfather cried in his old age over the way he saw his mother buried. He was raised in a Catholic orphanage and lent out to abusive people who “worked him to half to death.”

    I went to visit grandpa before I came to AZ, knowing I would probably never see him again. I did not. His last words to me in his broken English were: “Doni, be careful. The whole world is a crazy sovinabitch.”

    Dad, as a politician, was very dead set against dependency. I remember him having a televised argument with his opponent. At one point, he finally blustered: “When a crow flies over my field, he damn well better bring his own sack of corn!” He graduated from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, an engineering school, in the height of the depression. There was no government help. On top of that, he had to kick back a portion of any money he earned to support his immigrant parents until their deaths.

    Greg, this interview was excellent. I also need to listen twice or more. Never considered the value of $20 bills close at hand. His talk was a jolt of ice water.

    Allen ols, listened to the Jim Rickards interview that you posted. Thank you. It went a long way in making me focus. I remember the 1970s well and learned may lessons from those times. Not sure if it will be enough this time around. I could be dirt poor and adjust quite nicely, and have. If I go down, at least I want to do my grandparents proud by not contributing to the mayhem.

    Braveheart: “Never give in.”

    • allen ols

      donna c
      the jackass disagrees with rickards alot, but agrees on some issues, I stand back and watch and see, and just stay alert. remember these guys are smarter than I, and willie has a very good fin. prediction rate with few wrong ones. as i have said, they only have to be 80% correct to keep me on my toes.


    • susan

      Donna C. and NC gal, you ladies bring such reality to what is going on and I thank you for your comments. God bless you both and your families.
      Greg, as usual, an amazing interview.

  32. SilverSax

    Seems like I saw a website not too long ago which ran a video saying things would fall apart before the end of 2014.
    One thing’s certain – as 2015 winds down, you’ll see a video predicting that it’ll happen by the end of 2016.

    • Charles H.


      Your point is well stated and legitimate. My fear of someone arguing from this standpoint is that – like the Pompeians: when the cataclysm arrives, disbelief will reveal unpreparedness; and bear the full brunt of calamity. ‘Better to be a year early; than a day late.’ But who learns from history anymore?

  33. Donna C

    Washington, 2025.


  34. Daryl

    Hi Greg,

    Another great interview. You might want to check out Dr. Tim O’Shea’s website thedoctorwithin.com. He has an interesting article (under the chapters tab) that supports the conclusion that the Ebola epidemic is a hoax just like the recent epidemics of Avian flu, Swine Flu, etc., were. The article is very informative and based on current medical facts and protocols.

    Dr. Wolf

  35. Matt

    Greg, this is one of the best, most incisive, and most compelling interviews I’ve seen for quite some time. I sincerely hope that Warren will become a regular guest on your site. Warren articulates a feeling and I and many people I know have been having: the officially-sanctioned reality is getting to be so surreal that we can no longer pretend that it bears any resemblance to what is actually taking place. A very powerful interview, Greg. Thanks.


  36. JustMe3

    No one will probably read this, but here yah go.

    China, Russia and the “western banking cabel” are the three left standing. Russia short term has no interest in siding with the US. It has already been determined. 10 economic regions with three heads.

    There, talk amongst yourself.

    • JC Davis

      Excellent. I am walking threw a world that has shadows of death, yet somehow I laugh at it! for I fear no evil. This is the valley of the shadow of death, Now is the time to fear not.

  37. Max

    Greg – Very interesting and well spoken guest.
    I would like to hear from him again soon.

  38. Dwain

    Great interview Greg,

    China and Russia just signed a giant energy deal. I don’t see how the US allies with Russia against China. Russia and China appear to be allying against the West. Plus the US has been incessantly bashing Russia. How could they do an about face without raising eyebrows?

    I will stick with Jim Rickard’s prediction about the black swan event. Collapse could happen tomorrow or a couple of years. We just don’t know. Rickards appears to be leaning towards China as the snowflake event since half its GDP is derived from constructing massive Ghost cities. Without continually blowing this mother of all bubbles, Chinese stability is lost. How long they can keep blowing no one knows. If China pops so goes the world.

  39. andrew

    an important take-away from the interview – I went out and exchanged a mess of 100’s for 20’s. So true that when TSHTF, you’d better have something of the right DENSITY and perceived value that people will trust in exchange. Post collapse, silver and gold will not have clear valuations and you will only be able to use it in barter. You won’t get a good deal until enough people come to know the metal’s true value. In the meantime it’s FRNs, baby…

  40. wd


    Yesterday I was in a coffee shop and I had to get a coffee stirrer to mix my coffee. But the stirrers were packed in tightly in this round container. It took a good five minutes for me to wrestle out a “stuck stirrer”. I tried not to touch too many of these stirrers but it was impossible not to.

    I must have inadvertently touched 25 of these stirrers. Now if I would have had ebola ( and not known it) I could have accidently infected 25-30 people and then that multiplies. Still wary of this ebola!


  41. mel

    This is an amazing guy – I don’t know that I’d ever heard of him but thanks for bringing him on. Bring him back if you can.
    Thanks –

  42. W K Swanson


    One of your best interviews (though they are all good). You are a godsend to us all who want to know the truth.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you WK!!

  43. Dan Kurz

    Good interview, Greg, many thanks — and very interesting/knowledgeable guest. The Pompeii analogy couldn’t have been more appropriate as to “where we stand” today, in my view: frozen in our status quo, liberty-robbing, globally orchestrated statism/crony capitalism.

    Separately, in my opinion Warren Pollock completely nailed the reason why we’ve had some two hundred years of hugely outsized population growth and output growth: it’s called massive extraction/exploitation of dense energy resources, i.e., principally fossil fuels or hydrocarbons (over 80% of our primary energy); these are fuels that are capable of generating massive amounts of heat per unit volume. That heat spins turbines attached to generators to provide electricity or it powers the pistons that catapult our vehicles down the highway, till incomprehensible amounts of earth, erect our infrastructure, and power our mining industry. So extreme is the heat/energy that we generate from oil that one barrel of the stuff is the work equivalent of an agricultural worker toiling in the fields for roughly 11 years (40 hour work week) or a horse working in the fields for over one year! From the green revolution to transportation to electrification to manufacturing to IT, fossil fuels have powered the vast majority of our extremely leveraged output in an affordable, storable (key!), scalable (pivotal), “24/7” manner (if we lose an hour of daily power, output or GDP plummets well in excess of 30% on average).

    Harnessed dense energy is how one spells the amazing productivity growth and productivity level (output per man hour) that we’ve come to take for granted. It has proven, together with the rule of law/erstwhile stout property rights, to be THE great wealth of nations enabler.

    So far, so good. Here’s the non sequitur, in my view. Warren mentioned that the earth has a nearly limitless endowment of hydrocarbons, implying that there will always be enough energy. Well, there are proven reserves (reasonable certainty/90% confidence of being recoverable) and there are probable reserves (50% confidence level) and resources (inside mother earth). The latter two categories may be available to us at some point, depending upon how fast technology can “suck up” our endowment, starting with easiest to find oil, which we’ve long been doing; the clearing price of oil; and the “energy return on energy invested (EROEI)” — I have long maintained that we have technology thanks to energy, and not the other way around! And despite technological advancement, in 1964 we found 48bn barrels of oil (proven reserves) and used 12bn barrels, and by 2010, we found 6bn barrels and used some 32bn (global numbers).

    What’s my point? It’s this: we may have more oil “20 – 30 miles” below very hard (impenetrable?) rock strata formations in the Dakotas than the Saudis, but if it is either technologically impossible or ends up costing as much or more energy to reach such resources and bring them to the surface as the energy content of the liberated hydrocarbons — an EROEI of 1 or less — then such deposits are not “reserves,” meaning they can’t be made available to the economy/society. Fact is, hydrocarbons are getting much harder/more expensive to find, and “king coal’s” energy content per ton keeps going down. And BTW, more difficult/much more expensive to extract very much holds true for the “fracking bonanza,” which has generated huge industry-wide debts and negative cash flow, i.e., makes less economic sense than meets the eye and generates a lot more headlines than it contributes to global oil production (roughly 4 – 5%).

    Ironically, in the interview, Warren mentioned the finite life of the current massive dense energy leverage bonanza, implying that the carrying capacity of the planet, much less the maintenance of some kind of high productivity, a decent standard of living as defined by today’s standards, and a semblance of an advanced, “civil society” are all in great peril as early as by late next year. Well, said can only be in great peril IF we start to massively lose access to fossil fuels and/or their price become unaffordable, for this will short-circuit for our energy-intensive output/lifestyles/food availability.

    So, with all due respect, which is it? Is our (usable) hydrocarbon endowment infinite, or do the increasingly difficult economics or EROEI earmarks of fossil fuel extraction (same holds even much more true for so-called alternative energy) suggest that the billions of hydrocarbon energy slaves that have been at our beck and call are going to, pardon the expression, go the way of the dinosaur — or at the very least become increasingly expensive, with very dire implications for our standard of living as well as the carrying capacity of the planet, which was less than one billion humans some two hundred years or so ago, i.e., prior to “fossil fuel era.”

    For those with background interest, allow me to make a dated report — one year old this month — available via the link below. As you may imagine, much of it remains very applicable today as regards big picture energy industry framing, at least in my mind: https://nebula.wsimg.com/88a4eacc7094a5e9bece7dd1a7887b21?AccessKeyId=4CB99E7ED48212F503B2&disposition=0&alloworigin=1

    Dan Kurz

  44. J. Dale Reedy

    Thanks Greg
    I am beginning to rethink the value of preparation in terms of food and supplies. Unless we can isolate ourselves from the public, having a stash of food may get us killed. Even if we give it all away some will insist that we have more hidden in our attics or basement and place our lives in jeopardy.
    J. Dale

  45. JC Davis

    Greg I know this site is about the fraud in the economy. Man I sometimes wonder if the real fraud is not the election process. I am amazed for the second time in my life at the rigging going on. Second counts will come out of the wood work.

  46. Jeff

    I tend to read the excerpt as detailed by Greg and the comments following to get a feel for the interview. The watch the video…………. I do not get the responses here. I’m not trying to be argumentative………… Nothing new, not inspiring and something I couldn’t put my finger on ?? What really bothered me was his wishful thinking that Russia will align with the US. Talking about all the oil flows he completely left out the major agreements (pipeline, sales) between Russia and China in the last month. Not to mention the 50+ financial/economic agreements made last week between the two (allies)……….. Seriously, what alignment is he talking about ? Everything has been anti-dollar all year spearheaded by the cooperation between Russia and China………….. And you guys bought into this theory ?………. Japan is our best ally ? Really ? If that’s the case, having a basket case (economically) and no military as our BEST ally, we might as well kiss it good-bye……….. Finally, none of the political ramifications we endure will surface till later 2015 ? Again, I don’t buy it. Do you think the WH will be dealing with (put up with) the new senate that long. Not a chance. Martial law and Ebola for all of them (and us). Why consult congress when you can rule by executive order.

  47. Rich M

    Oh I see…. now its 2015??? And what will happen in 2015, people will call it to happen in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2025?…. These last 2 weeks has opened my eyes….

    I believe in Austrian economics but those fundamentals cannot occur in a completely insane and corrupt system. So, through my discouragement these last couple weeks, I have had to reflect on the Art of War and need to try to better know my enemy as I am losing bad. If I would have played the DOW with the sheeple the last 6 years, I would have tripled my wealth despite the fundamentals supporting hard assets (which is where i did go).

    I am not sitting pretty after the last 2 week take down which remember, followed a steady decrease almost all year long. This is especially true in my miner shares. In fact, I lost 20% of my wealth the last weeks alone after already being sucker punched bad since 2011 where I am down 60% (30% down this year alone). These percentages are (rough figures) there folks.

    I am beginning to think, that while I agree that the Keynsian expeiment will come crashing down eventually, I am starting to think it may be later than sooner given the rabbits they pull out of their hats. TPTB have even said (around 2011)that they plan a slow steady decline and I wonder if China, who could crash it at any time, isn’t in agreement that this is the way it will go. In 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 I thought we’d have hyper-inflation by now and so did NIA, Peter Schiff, Harvey and most everyone. Nearly everyone was saying the same exact things I am hearing this year and NO ONE called for silver to be taken down like it was the last two weeks. EVERYONE said that the cartel would not be able to keep slamming the PM’s down again and again and more and more for this long…. yet look what they did the last two weeks. Once again, a month ago everyone was calling a bottom again when Silver was $17.50.

    I am so dis-illusioned by all of this that my resolve is starting to break. I bought most of my silver when it dropped below $30 as people were calling that the “for sure” bottom. I have seen a dozen more calls of a “for sure bottom” since then. I also bought into mining shares and lost my shirt 5 times over sine 2011 and lookie here,it gets smashed down again to far below 2010 levels.

    I am beginning to re-think this whole thing.

    Here is my newest belief after the last couple of weeks…..

    Everything is completely insane and I think that is the the ace in the pocket card they are playing and why TPTB are able to do what they do over and over again for so long and laughing all the way to the bank…. oh wait, they are the bank! Think about it, you have an nuclear superpower who is on the brink of imploting since 2007 and is being more and more out-performed by China every year and insanely reckless with monetary policy. Well China knows this but what are they going to do? They do not want a war over this which is what a desperate super power will do. They (we) will not give up power.

    You have to believe that China could have pulled the plug on us years ago but still have not. I believe it will happen but now I am not so sure if it was going to be “soon” “no way no how more than two years” like EVERYONE said in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, this year or now I think, will it be another 5-10-15 years from now. By then, China will be so far ahead and advanced that they no longer see of as a power or threat whatsoever. Doing it now is like way to risky. I mean the chinese people are mature, patient, good and smart folks who love their children too. I am beginning to imagine them not cutting up our credit card for another 10 years when they will have 10 years of out-growing us and have ALL the PM’s, and the highly advanced technologies where they feel safe going to a knife fight with a machine gun rather than doing it now where both sides the gun.

    The threat of a spoiled child with nuclear weapons is far worse to China waiting it out to when they know they have the means to prevent us from using them.

    When I am vested in one of the bestter junior minors with a great management team that was $17 a share in 2010 hammered down to the bargain basement price of $6.00 a share earlier this year, when I go in hard again and now today it sits at $2.89. Sometimes I wish I was one of the blind sheeples aa at least then I would have listened to the companies who benefitted from the QE by propping up their balance sheet rather than the miners who have been hammered. So now QE ended, and they are hammered for another reason entirely. IT IS INSANE and you have to be a complete ignorant idiot to make any money in this market and by following CNBC. But the pathetic thing is, they were right for the most part since 2011 helping to build up that huge bubble. If I would have been a sheeple and tripled my money investing in Google or something… I would have 3 times the fiat to invent in PM’s which are lower than 2010 prices. Go figure. My friends who are not in the PM camp and have hired financial planners have yielded 20%+ the last 6 years. No instead, “being so smart” I have lost 60%.

    I hope I can survive this as I am nearly forced out of what I bought at $30 an ounce!!!

    • Saint Lawrence

      Rich M
      This is not a free market.
      There is no efficient market.
      Everything you think about economics is wrong.
      Controllers write the laws (ACA is a good example),
      the three branches do as they are told.
      The Story of Your Enslavement:

      George Carlin knows


      Saint Lawrence advises you to get out of all paper investments now.
      Buy Cattle, Pigs, Chickens, Land Leases and Water access.
      The Chinese will not fight with guns, they will just buy
      everything tangible someday,
      make your children learn Chinese.
      God has given life to this planet,
      waist not his gift on paper and money and metal.

      • Rich M

        St. Lawreance:

        Thank you for the advice… I like cows, pigs, and chickens. 🙂 I’ve always wanted to be a farmer (after not wanting to be one for a while) having come from a family history of farmers yet became a junior level exec. and because I did not invest into the current bubble but instead into the hard asset fundementals… have not done so well. I acturally look forward to the opportunity to go back to my roots so to speak in a way.

        People often talk about how the “quality of life” in America will drop….sure I understand that… especially for those who are not willing to step up to challenges… yet in a way though, for at least some of us, I welcome the chance to live off the land and a hard days work where we reap what we sow and have a sense of community away from the corrupt system controlled but the most selfish people this world has ever seen…. if thats the way things are to be for us.

        Nevertheless, if things go really bad.. I WILL NOT give up my total freedom and will die fighting for it. I will be happy to work my own land and break my back to feed my family but will NEVER lose my freedom. So, we will see where this all leads. if I have to become a soldier rather than a farmer…. so be it.

  48. Rich M

    I really like the analysis of Mr. Polluck. Great interview Greg.

    I am dis-illusioned about the take down of the PM’s but still have to believe in the fundementals.

  49. Mike M

    I’m amazed at the glowing raves being thrown out for Pollock after making such a ludicrous assertion that Russia and the USA will unite to fight a war against China. I will counter with Australia and Russia will join forces and launch an attack against the USA. Makes about as much sense as both are idiotic ideas that have no merit.

    Somehow Pollock overlooks the fact that China and Russia have a mutual enemy when it comes to the USA and both have been working feverishly to take down the “evil empire” and its bogus fiat currency. They know the day of the big bully on the block is coming to an end and it is in their best interests to work together to make sure both countries are left standing once the inevitable destruction of the US is complete.

    The next time Paul Craig Roberts is on to ask him about Pollock’s view about Russia and the USA going to war with China or any other future guest for that matter. I’d be interested in knowing if there are others who have lost touch with reality and the world we live in.

    • woody188

      I found it thought provoking and feel Mr. Pollock made his point in explaining Russian paranoia with invasion. History shows they have a reason for such paranoia. Likewise, the US/NATO bases are primarily defensive bases and not really equipped or manned for offensive purposes. China maintains a million man army and has a history of snatching parcels from neighbors. China and the United States are basically joined at the hip economically at this point. Russia is bound only as a seller of energy to the rest of the world. All it would take is a disagreement over energy prices to set off a Sino-Russian land war, which has happened twice already in 1929 and 1969. The only question is, how much pain would the Chinese take before deciding to just take Russia’s eastern energy resources for themselves?

    • Rich M

      Mike M:

      Youa re right my friend in that there is no way Russia will stand with us at this point…

      I try to stay optimistic and so the way i see it is the best way would be for us NOT to become enemies with Russia….just like Mr. Pollock says… and I take it farther.. nor should we become enemies with China for that matter.
      Yet I read into it as simply wishful thinking on Mr. Pollock’s part to not become enemies with Putin. I tend to agree. Russia has not given us a whole lot of issues sine the old Cold War. Have we given them issues???? i have to say, I think so. They became a “democracy” and stopped fighting us in a massive arms race. I think it is TPTB who are villianizing Putin. They are using the media they own to make Americans also see him as a baffoon riding around shirtless on his horse and a villian when actually he is making a total chump out of our leaders, i.e. Obama and Kerry.

      Putin happens to be one of the wealthiest men in the world yet is still not a part of the western good old boys banker club. I think this is because he is not a globalist but is VERY patriotic to his Mother Russia. I know (assume) he has done some really bad things when in the KGB and all but I truly do not know and his actions now sure make him sound like a level headed leader to me….. I think back to Ronald Reagan, stood up to what he called “the evile empire” and wonder if he was here today, if he would more odr less embrace and lead Russia in their attempts to become a fair democracy. instead we seem to have a too stupid to be stupid policy to make them enemies over a small piece of land that is their only warm weather port and THEY WILL NEVER GIVE UP. It is like us giving up San Diego and Florida if we were in an ice age. haha

      but I also beliveve he has motives to be a “good” leader. I sense he is not 100% owned or political which hence is probably why he is being villianized…. as he will not be owned but is a free thinker and patriotic to his home land and also probably loves his grandchildren. i do not know. I could be wrong. Some say he is as much of one of the elites as anyone else and is just playing a different game. Lord knows he is wealthy enough to “not be” a NWO eliteist. But I wonder, due to his actions and the ridiculous villianization of him if he isn’t perhaps an out-sider who is too powerful for the NWO elitests to accept or perhaps could not be bought out.

      Imagaine, all or any of us having that kind of wealth and power and they come to us and say you are either with us or without us… basically you sell your soul to us. I would tend to hope I would not comply… that I would maintain my core morals and integrity.

      So it makes sense TPTB go after him as he is a threat and wealthy and powerful enough to make a major impact on whatever sick plans they have for all the serves….

      The problem unfortuneately is, is TPTB are indeed picking the fight with him where as I think Mr. Pollock feels the same way as most people do about Putin and Russia in that we should be friends and not foes. Nevertheless, due to the damage done, I think that is very unlikely now thanks to our leaders and the mis-management they once again cause. IMHO, Putin has shown an unpresidented amount of restraint. It really is like the USA is the most spoiled brat on a soap opera and Russia and China are like the exasperated parents who will not cut up their credit card due to the fear of them totally self destructing and taking everyone else down with them…. mostly because America is a nuclear power and WON’T give up power. a spoiled child with a nuke scares the SH*T out of me…. imagine what Russia and China must think…. and now dealing with a non qualified of a non-statesman… still with a massive nuclear arsenal at his disposal.

      Yet, our fearless leaders will sell us out over and over again until the time comes that we are no longer that threatening…. which is what is so sad because all the sudden we will find ourselves as like a Greese in their eyes and NO THREAT any longer. Nothing pisses me off more than being sold out.

      So i agree with Pollock in the “hope” that Russia will become our ally. I agree though… that will NOT happen nor will they even consider it.

  50. catherine

    Warren pollock has to be one of the oracles from greek mythology. This was one of the most truthful interviews ever. Our country is currently deconstructing in a long slow motion disaster. I just think his time frame is very important. I wish I knew how he is protecting himself…financially . Banks are dangerous as are investments in stocks. He is talking short term as best I suppose. Also being informed…how does one stay informed when many sources of information are false. ..including the Internet . I think having a good sense of discernment and thinking out of the box can help. I also live on long island. I wonder if he has other escape routes…After all having the ability to pick up and move at a moments notice on long island means having a boat…I would love to know more about his life.

  51. James G.

    Hi Greg. I’ve been a listener since (circa) 2009. Another great interview, had to listen to it twice. Keep up the good work!

  52. James Hastings

    Great. I too, watched it twice. Tried to discuss this with the wife to get a positive response. A great awakening maybe……LOL……unhuh…unhuh….thats interesting dear…. I’m the ant of the family anyway.

    Thanks, great interview. The future is a puzzle, each of your guest gives separate pieces of information. We need to fit them together to get a clear picture. The daily death toll projection, requires some serious thought.

  53. Pdog

    Dear Greg:

    Of course Warren is right. But I see that he is suffering for the truth like the prophets of old. Philosophy of Metrics can help him. http://philosophyofmetrics.com/2014/11/03/a-time-to-harvest/#more-1588 . The collapse is controlled at the Bank of International Settlements and it will start on or about the U.S. Congressional passage of the 2010 IMF code of reforms to be enacted later THIS year.


  54. Timco

    This was an interesting interview Greg. Common sense in a sea of insanity is very refreshing. Thank you Sir.

  55. Brad

    I’m hoping this is only part one of a two (three) part series. I haven’t run into Mr Pollack before and would like to hear him explain the method and rational of his analyses. His “Pompeii ” prediction with the possible time frame of circa November 2015 is interesting with the return of rationality causing greater instability within the system to the point of instability and break down of the systems structure on a grand scale. I wonder how Mr. Pollack sees this as playing out? Like I mentioned at the beginning of this comment more questions have been raised than answered on Mr Pollack’s theses and he should be brought back to explain and answer what he can.

  56. Thomas

    Sounds like another dooms day prediction, next year.

  57. Rock

    Wow. Great interview. This guy is wide awake and sees the big picture. Would have liked to hear what he is doing himself as far as preparations and positioning himself.
    Please have him back on soon.
    Peace and grace

  58. Rick Perkins

    Mr Pollock articulates a point of view that is closer to mine than any other guest you have interviewed. He is prudent to step back and observe things, not as highlighted under media spotlights but as governed by the intelligence which God gave him.

    I, unlike many, believe that we are involved in a state of global warfare being perpetrated by sinister forces whose aim is to gain total control over earth’s resources and humanity. We don’t perceive this reality because our perceptions are not based in truth but on a reality engineered by those forces who control the information available to us. Our reality has is an engineered, consensus reality which is dangerous to trust.

    For example, 9/11 was a Reichstag moment for America that allowed numerous vicious attacks against our liberty and privacy to be carried out without protest as our conscious has been manipulated to focused on the lesser question of “who?” and but not “why?”. Thus those who disagree official story are easily ignored or dismissed as “conspiracy theorists” and sinister forces win another battle in the secret war for domination and control of humanity.

    Similarly, if we accept the consensus reality mechanism and characterize our “economic situation” as a purely economic situation that we can blame Obama or a “too stupid to be stupid” Congress for, we loose sight of what is really taking place. If we understand that what is happening is the manipulation of the world economy , then it becomes more obvious that there is an agenda being fulfilled. The agenda is not to make the 1% richer at the expense of the rest. That can be easily done without destroying the world economy. The agenda is, again, about domination and control.

    Economically, we are being prepared for another another Reichstag moment to create a set of circumstances which allow the next phase in the plan of action to be implemented. After the controlled demolition of the global economy and further consolidation of power, perhaps we will accept a digital currency controlled through a global central bank and willingly give up all autonomy when it comes to economic transactions….who knows?

    Mr. Pollock is wise to step back and observe that a global war is being waged. A fire is burning and he is no longer distracted by the just color of the flames but acting according to a truer reality.

  59. Jeff

    Rick Perkins…….. in short it’s called the battle between good and evil. However you interpret that depends on your very soul.

  60. asmith

    If Pollock’s model of oligarchical inflexibility is correct, the end result is a nuclear winter, e.g. Hitler was inflexible enough to send 10 year old boys against the Red Army in 1945. What do you think he would have done if he had a doomsday device at his disposal? Paul Roberts also likes to point out oligarchical hubris, but hubris doesn’t work in a world full of nuclear weapons unless the goal is annihilation. That line of thought doesn’t give the people in control enough credit for their intellect and planning, as what is the benefit of ruling the planet from underground bunkers?

    If the goal is a one world government, and I believe it is, our masters are patient enough to be flexible in achieving that goal to take as much time as is needed. Think the movies, “The Matrix” series vs. “Dr. Strangelove.” If at first you don’t succeed, reset the system, keeping control, of course, and try again.

    The Pompeii example doesn’t work because it’s something beyond man’s control.

  61. Old Crab

    I would rather buy $20 worth of flour now, and a food grade storage bucket than trade $20 for a loaf of bread later.

    • JC Davis

      O C I had a friend tell ask me why I had so much toilet paper. I told him got it free so why not . Will my friend be such when he uses his 100.00 dollar bills in place of toilet paper? I hope so. I love the guy, but he isn’t getting my toilet paper. I have over 500 food grade buckets for sale 25.00 each.

  62. jeff

    I really enjoy your interviews but your take on ebola is NOT helpful – it is easily seen to be a hoax. You should interview journalist Jon Rappoport for a clearer understanding.

    • Greg Hunter

      I need definitive “proof” that the outbreak is a hoax. Jon is leaping to some very big conclusions with one email exchange with one doctor and an unfulfilled FOIA request. It may turn out to be a hoax, but right now there is no definitive proof. On the other side, there have been many, many reports of the outbreak in Africa. Well known religious organizations have beet reporting the problem in West Africa for months as well as many U.S. and European News organizations. These reports include deaths of doctors and other medical staff. It is safe to report thathHealth care workers here and there have reportedly come down with the disease. That doesn’t mean the government is not doing some serious game playing. Perhaps they want to scare us all into some sort of unnecessary Ebola vaccine? I don’t know.

      • jeff

        Jon has a lot more than you give credit for, I’m disappointed you would say that. Here most of his ebola stuff:

        He has also done a lot of other medical stories including the ongoing CDC scientist coming out and admitting fraud in autisim/vaccine studies which the lamestream is currently ignoring.

        As for all the reports claiming an outbreak – quoting Mr Pollack:“all information now is frankly meaningless”.

        Here’s a site where someone has put together lots of evidence of a hoax – I’d call it proof:

        There are several videos of easily seen staging of stories, the “Ebola is Real” campaign in Monrovia, etc, etc.

        As the the reason, I can’t say but I’ll quote Mr Pollack again: ““the totaliarianistic system that’s in place it totally inflexible to change. It’s been using all sorts of game playing …to extend the life of an era that already ended.”

        • Greg Hunter

          I am not knocking Jon. He’s done good work. He did a great interview with Cheryl Atkinson on the CDC and lying about the number of swine flue cases. Good stuff!!! On Ebola, I just don’t feel comfortable saying the entire thing is a hoax. It may very well be a government black operation, but that’s what you got to prove and it takes a lot of proof to break a story like that. The overt evidence is contrary to the assertion that Ebola is a total Hoax. Today, New York is actively monitoring more than 350 people for Ebola because of the Doctor who came back infected from West Africa. http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/active-monitoring-ebola-doctor-Craig-Spencer-bellevue-hospital-281671121.html This is a real story and reportable. I try to put up what can be proven. Chemtrails can be proven and I hope to do an interview on that in the future. If we get more proof that Ebola is a Hoax then I will put it on.

          • jeff

            “The overt evidence is contrary to the assertion that Ebola is a total Hoax.”

            For someone to be infected with ebola, they must have massive numbers of ebola virus in their body. I can’t see where anyone has even claimed that the ebola virus has been isolated from a human being. It’s easy to do and yet the authoretards have not even claimed to have done it. Duncan supposedly died from ebola, he should have been full of virus, but did they take a sample and isolate any? No, they claim that they cremated him.

            A simple electron microscope scan showing massive numbers from a victim would be proof that there is at least one case but we have nothing but claims from “authorities”.

  63. Mark


    One of the best interviews I’ve seen and it’s refreshing to hear someone who understands history and can cut through the clutter and gibberish promoted by the main stream media. Near the end of the interview he mentions the possibility of “70,000” US deaths PER DAY after the fall, which is very disconcerting to someone with children who may be alive at that time. I couldn’t discern how those deaths might occur – is it war, pandemic, ecological ? Did anyone pick up on cause? An unsettling prediction that I’d like to learn more about.

    Another great interview. Keep up the good work.

  64. DiscoProJoe

    Good interview with a lot of good stuff, but if World War 3 breaks out anytime soon, I certainly don’t see Russia and China fighting each other on opposite sides. Also, once the U.S. dollar collapses in the coming years (or months), the U.S. will be *a lot more* politically unstable than China. Americans will *erupt like crazy* with vicious anger to boot when their artificially-high standard of living *and* basic political freedoms are quickly stripped from them within a short period of time as martial law is declared, etc.

  65. marion

    Hi colleagues, nice article and good urging commented here,
    I am really enjoying by these.

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