Dollar Kill Shot, Lethal Stupid, Fed Can’t Fight Inflation

By Greg Hunter’s  (WNW 520 3/18/22)  (Updated and corrected)

The US  dollar is under serious threat to be steeply devalued.  How is that going to happen?  Looks like Saudi Arabia is considering accepting Chinese yuan for oil instead of only US dollars.  Maybe this is a reaction to the US nuclear deal with Iran being pushed by the Biden/Obama Administration.  Iran and Saudi Arabia are bitter enemies.  If Saudi Arabia does accept yuan for its oil, there is nothing stopping other OPEC nations from doing that either.  This has the very distinct possibility of crashing the value of the dollar and delivering a kill shot to its use, at least in a large part of the world.  Inflation would skyrocket even more than already occurring now in the USA as unwanted dollars would return home.

The Obama/Biden Administration is sending $13.6 billion to Ukraine.  It is also sending an additional $800 million in what is being called “lethal aid.”  Lindsey Graham is still calling for the assassination of Russian leader Vladimir Putin, but other than that, there has not been a single plan or goal revealed by any one Republican or Democrat about how this massive spending is going to end the conflict in Ukraine.  I ask what are the goals and plan for sending billions to Ukraine?  There are zero answers coming from anyone in the Washington swamp.   You might as well call this hairbrained move “Lethal Stupid.”

The Fed is talking about raising interest rates in the face of 40-year high in inflation.  It’s 7.8% officially, but people like economist John Williams of says it’s really 16%.  Williams also says the economy is not spiking, it’s tanking.  Williams says rate hikes will tank it even faster than it’s already going down.  Brace for impact because inflation is here to stay, and it’s going to get much worse.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 3.18.22.

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After the Interview:

World renowned lung doctor and Covid expert Dr. Pierre Kory will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  The Vax and Covid problems are getting worse.  Dr. Kory will arm you with knowledge on how to fight back.

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  1. Garry

    Nothing to worry about Rachel Levine is woman of the year… and by the way looking for a gas generator to charge my electric car..

    • Johnny Cool


      He is an ideal representation of what it means to be a woman!

      Now, Levine, an obese biological man who has long hair and dresses as a woman, is being celebrated by USA Today for being an ideal representation of what it means to be a woman in the United States today.

      According to the fake news outlet, Levine holds a top spot among other “strong and resilient women who have been champions of change across the country, leading and inspiring as they promote and fight for equity, and give others a place to seek help and find hope.”

      • IIG

        The US has been made into a “Clown Show” by evil perverted Demon-rats – so the people of the world will “laugh our nation out of existence” – and begin making bets (with our worthless dollars) on which athlete will keel over and drop dead of the “jab” on our football and soccer fields (like the Roman’s did in their Gladiator games before their empire fell)!!

        • DIANA G THOMAS

          The globalists are BANKRUPTING America on purpose because Soros stated that America had to be brought down for the NWO to take place and just so you know Republicans are in LOCK STEP with Democrats. They planned to oust Trump in 2020 because they are globalists too. They PRETEND to be for America, conservative and Republican to stay in power, but they have NEVER advanced the conservative agenda.

          America is also Godless and this country promotes and implements EVERY ungodly lifestyle that God hates, and they have turned America into a pagan country with pagan and demonic laws, and this country will be judged like all other godless countries throughout history because God is NOT an American.

      • Valerie

        Same here!

      • JayJay

        1) promote gays/lesbians as normal to prevent procreation
        2) promote transhumanism by denying dna XX and XY genetics
        3) promote lab created embryos to end parenting needs

      • mtman2

        No doubt any preacher/pastors who promoted the poison “jab” some where along the line got·$ or are dumber then a rock…!!!

      • eddiemd

        Clown world gone mad.

        The russians and chinese are laughing at us. The russians caught a big fish in the WBNA “star” lesbian Griner. They probably got a blood sample to make a chromosomal check. They can give her/him a tattoo on the forehead…666.

        It makes me laugh to watch the MSM news on the TV spout the propaganda with straight faces. And Psaki…she forgot how to tell the truth.

        Deception all around.

        • Kentest

          Dr, Strngelove. Can’t wait for miniwe. Funny Cloens.🐒🐵🍒🎀

        • Ray

          Hi Eddie,
          Hope all is well with you.
          This guy really says it all…….sums up a lot of the Clown Show for what it is.
          The cadence of his voice…….reminds me of THE GREAT Ricardo Montalban when he played Kahn in Star Trek.
          Have a watch of this 14 min video Watchdoggers………whatever he says about the USA goes for The Lap Dog Nation as well.

          Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

          • eddiemd

            Hello Ray,

            He is correct. I would even add Mad Max world on steroids.

            I drive around Phoenix and can feel the anxiety. In the markets, on the streets, even in the church.
            The pastor worried about bake sales and rummage sales. Not telling the flock about the approaching dangers.

            Then the iPhone addicts everywhere. Complete mind control.

            Hey, it is March Madness. Not only on the basketball court but everywhere.

            Hope all is well in Oz. I lived out yonder in Alice in 2008 for a few months doing remote aboriginal healthcare all over central Australia. It was a great experience for me.

            • Ray

              Hi Ed,
              Wow…….thank you for your service out in the centre of our country……really mean it mate. I hope you enjoyed your time in our land.
              I am an east coast boy… most Australians, never been out into my nation’s centre (yet have travelled much of the world!), but, as lifelong astronomer, I would love to take in those vast, amazing night time skies!
              Ed……if we get through all this rubbish, let me extend an invitation to you and many other fine posters here like Johnny Cool, Anthony Aust, Al, Tim Mc, Jerry, IIG, Paul, Galaxy 500, Self Exiled……..others I have left off my apologies……
              I’d love for us all to gather together for a cold beer and a long, warm brotherly chat……my house = your house. Anthony & I will get the barbie fired up and fill the Esky with a hundred cold ones 🙂
              You know…..thinking deeper on it Ed……perhaps that really is the meeting that Jesus promises us, if we listen to His word and act accordingly. I hope so anyway……sure would love to meet you guys….if not here in this world, then hopefully along somewhere in the next.
              Take care Ed……my best wishes be with you and yours.
              Thank you for the guidance you have brought to me in this place.
              Ray, Canberra, Australia.

      • Percy Blakeney

        BUT, can he swim. The girls team needs more swimmers.


      So tell me , when your electric car battery goes dead, what do you do hitch hike to the corner and get a bucket of electricity?

      • Coal Burner

        Hunt for an old junker to fix up that will run all day on a few gallons of gas. Do not buy an EV, not for 80 Grand. how much gas can you buy for the extra money? Years worth and no interest on car loan debt.

    • Mike

      Come quickly Lord Jesus. Cast the Satanic Host in Dc down to Hell.

    • John Birch

      The covid lie is history. Why not move on to this insane threat of a nuclear holcaust. This whole story smells like cow manure. So many unanswered questions like: Is this a phoney war? Is it a trap like the Gulf War of ’91? Is Zelinsky a Russian? (yes) Is Zelinsky giving Putin intelligence about the Nazi plans and locations because he is in a life and death war with the Nazis. What is Paul Craig Roberts saying? Laura Logan had a lot to say about the all out fake news media push to paint Putin as the Devil. Is the whole story a diversion to distract us from the crash of the dollar? Is world famine heading our way since Russia, Ukraine and Belarus make up 23% of the worlds grain harvest? Were Sadam Hussein and Gadaffi executed because they were switching to a gold backed currency? Russia has gone on the gold standard and Saudi Arabia will be selling oil to the Chinese for the Yen. I it the end of the Petro Dollar? India won’t take part in the sanctios, which is an act of war, BTW. How will the West deliver the war supplies without triggering a nuclear holocaust? Another act of war, BTW. Thank God Jesus is returning to save us from the current nightmare. Enough Covid already! We get it! Have you been warned by the elites not to say one word about the fact that it is the reverse of the Cuban Missile Crisis? Puti is 100% right and our elites think they can make us believe any thing they say!

    • divingengineer

      Rachel Levine is “Woman of the Year”,
      Lia Thomas is “Athlete of the Year”,
      I guess Liz Cheney must be “Republican of the Year”.

  2. Wood Scrumbug

    They’re Coming For Me!
    679,141 views Mar 17, 2022 Russell Brand
    After a few days of disparaging articles written about me, today we look at whether the stories are justified and how they fit into a larger media agenda.
    Yes, “it was only a matter of time” because you’re being TOO EFFECTIVE! Carry on, Russell, you’re playing an extraordinarily important role. You’re waking people up and encouraging them to think xx_ You must be following!

  3. Colleen Allen

    I keep checking back to see if the video is posted. I can hardly wait. Watchdog is by far my favorite political video. I eagerly await the next “Watchdog Show” . It’s like being a kid and you can hardly wait for your favorite show to start. I’m retired now, but like a kid , I’m sitting here eagerly awaiting WATCH DOG DOT COM. Thank you Greg! I pray for you daily! God bless you and God bless America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Colleen, for your kind words and support!!

      • jack

        How is Rob Kirby ?

        • Greg Hunter

          Slowly making progress, but I stress slowly.

          • Skip Havely

            Please keep us informed if you hear any updates on Rob Kirby. Keeping him in our prayers!

    • Doc

      So Agree! … Ditto

    • Marti Baker Girl

      Colleen Allen,
      Ditto, it’s like being a kid on Christmas Eve who can hardly stand the wait for Christmas morning!!!

  4. Roy madison

    Any military aid I believe will be intercepted by the Russians . I hope Putin takes out the bio labs, takes down the deep state money laundering operations , confiscates deep star assets and then gets his butt kicked out of the Ukraine. Now that would be an all round victory!!

    • Kevin24

      I support exactly the same plan of remove the deep state and leave. The media will not know what to say and probably ignore it because Taiwan should be in the spotlight after Ukraine. Numerous store checkouts have ask me about donating to Ukraine and they get all messed up when I ask about supporting Russia.

  5. Johnny Cool

    Martin Armstrong: The illusion of the dollar being an impenetrable safe haven has shattered due to Biden’s policies. Countries now know that their dollar reserves could be confiscated or frozen at any time and deemed utterly useless. The Saudis have been toying with the idea of accepting the yuan for oil payments for the past six years, but recent events just may be the final straw.

    • james

      Hi Johnny, Not a Brandon supporter at all, but the dollar’s reserve status was toast long before him. Russia now protects the Saudis/ s300 & S400 sold to them, So they do not need the USA any more and proabaly Joe does not even know where they are anyway…Russia has a secret deal with the Saudis, and also answer their phones. Other countries are not so much worried about their dollar’s being frozen as they are worried they will be worthless…last one out of the pool is in real trouble..”watch the water”.With that comes the $20 dollar banana and more. The inflation coming to the west is going to be biblical. Check Greg’s website to buy some of God’s money, you have little time. Also, some companies and sovereign countries now using Bitcoin to pay for oil, wheat, etc. To bypass Swift.. All the best.

    • IIG

      The illusion of the dollar being a safe haven has been completely shattered by the Fed (in just 100 years) – – now due to Biden’s crazy policies the fiat US dollar has now been confirmed as being a completely worthless trading vehicle between nations – US dollars are now seen by everyone as being “worthless fiat” (that can be confiscated or frozen at any time by dictators in both the US and Canada ) – making them “utterly useless” even as monopoly money – however – the common nickel made of “real copper and nickel metal is soaring in value” – soon the nickel won’t just be worth a dime “but a dollar” – and the Saudis could be demanding 100 US nickels for a barrel of their oil – will Biden take credit for bringing the price of oil down to $5 dollars per barrel (100 nickels)? – but one thing is sure – Biden is going to have a hard time getting the nickel metal he needs to manufacture more 5 cent pieces from Putin (after putting out a contract to have him killed) – meanwhile over in England the London Metal Exchange (LME) recently took the unprecedented step of retroactively canceling vast swaths of short trades as the price of nickel kept rocketing higher – the significance of this unheard of decision could very well spell the end of the LME itself – thus Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been more then just a move to remove US Bio-Weapon labs and nuclear weapons threatening their country – but has set off a series of historic moves in the global financial markets that puts “the complete worthlessness of the US dollar before everyone’s eyes” – and as gold and silver prices begin to take off (the way the nickel price has) – the LME will also be likely forced to cancel all Stan’s gold short positions – however – a recent look at Stan’s Bentley – shows he has been preparing for such an eventuality – and has recently modified his car to run without the need for gasoline – – so as long as Stan can grow some hay he should be in fine shape!!

      • Stan

        IIG: My Bentley uses 93 octane fuel and when you own a Bentley fuel costs are of no concern. Oh, and I am fully confident with my Gold shorts.

        • tim mcgraw

          Stan: You wear gold shorts? You drive a Bentley? Where do you find 93 octane gas? AvGas is 100 octane. Use some of that from your private plane. I hope Putin still loves you. Russians are complicated like those dolls. You may want to look under the hood before you start your Bentley.

          • Mike R

            It’s gold panties that Stan prefers. He lost his shorts. And lost a ton of money putting them on.

            And nobody who owns a Bentley would actually talk like Stan does or wish to waste time bragging about it on social media.

            Stan’s world of pretend is as delusional as Putin.

            • Mark Maples

              Stan is a welcome addition to the board IMO

              I find the arrogance entertaining

              Hope all is going well Stan

        • i: a man; travis moss

          I guess you can afford to be late.

    • Daniel Foley

      Now we’re all supposed to hate Russia and support the Uktaine. It reminds me of everyone who promoted the vaccines and the masks. Somehow, it seems to me that people are brainwashed and following prompts. I pray for the people of Russia and the Uktaine.

      Greg, thank you for all of your great work. You’re one of a kind. God bless you.

  6. James

    Hi Greg, another awesome week of work from your desk. Thank you for that, this week and every week! First need to say, I do not support any war or killing. I wanted to follow up with my comment from last week regarding Russia’s operations in Kazaria..oops, I mean Ukraine..In last weeks comments I had alluded to Russia doing us all a favour by cleaning up some bio-labs. Well, “Pentagon-backed facilities made “biological weapons components” and tried to cover it up”, Russian military says. It is officialy out there as Not-fake-news. Now just you wait till you see the evidence they have, and what these nut-cases were up to. (Crimes against humanity). I am probably not the only one that would like to put this globalist-made plandemic and kill-shot behind me. No sequels for me, thanks Russia, from a Canadian..On the subject of sending billions to Ukraine. Please permit me to try and answer your question as to why? These are simply billions “BURNED” / BOMBED. Which is exactly what the FED needs to do at this moment. Needs to keep the plates in the air just a little longer. We all know what & who the FED are right? Thanks again for all your hard work Greg, you are a true gift to us all.

  7. Bryan A Killion

    Thank You.

  8. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hinter from a mere pleb here in London who scrubs floors for a living. Our soft handed elite politicians are determined to send us to war for their utter failure in administering the economy and our MONEY. Clearly we outside the USA are doomed to failure and the huge debts we have accumulated,in US Dollars, thanks to our politicians will become unpayable and the assets that have backed these loans will be seized by the USA and quite right.
    Mr Armstrong has it so clearly,we plebs here in Europe as a whole will be sent to die on the fields of the Ukraine to start with to cover for the incompetence of our politicians,although I think its more CONNIVANCE.
    Meanwhile our friends the Italians,are pretending to send aid to war stricken Ukraine whilst in reality that aid is bombs.
    Just depressing how stupid really are!

  9. Ramon

    During the crisis years around 2008, we were thrown to death with the ratings of that so-called ratings agency ‘S&P Global Ratings’ (S&P), ‘Moody’s’, and the ‘Fitch Group’.
    Where are these guys these days?

  10. Neil Currie

    God bless you Greg for all the information you’ve allowed me to access over the years.

  11. tim mcgraw

    Hi Greg, I watched the first 8 minutes of the video. I’ll watch the rest tomorrow. The government idiots in Washington DC and the bankers in New York City have finally gone totally mad. Martin Armstrong was right, this is the worst bunch of politicians and bureaucrats in history since Constantinople fell to the Muslims.
    Ahh, well. Americans are tough. We’ll regroup and get strong again. The Old World will go back to destroying itself on a regular basis in war.

  12. Chris

    Greg, you hit the nail on the head: “war, they want war!” They want war because the financiers want to destroy the US (economically, socially and spiritually), the global economy (now unsustainable) and with it, the destruction of as much of mankind as possible (to retain use of resources for the elites only and enough people to be their slaves). It is a diabolical, satanic plan, but it’s real. Your recent guest Daniel Estulin alluded to it in your recent interview. “A nation in decline” you said; but it is a whole civilization in decline. The West is terminal. I could go on but smarter people than me have written books about this time and people need to seek them out.

    • Charles H.


      You may not drive the nail home with a single comment: but you set it good and proper. Above all: this world is driven of a satanic plan and influence. Greg Hunter makes a Doctrine out of a single passage (Matt.28:18,19) which eliminates the overall consideration.
      God has no respect of persons – kings or nations He will raise up or destroy at His good pleasure. His covenant is with the seed of Abraham, of which prophesies and promises are yet to be fulfilled. The Church, of born-again believers, have a different Covenant and better promises: so God dealing with us is parallel, but different from Israel. At some point Mr. Hunter will have his – ‘where is Jesus in all this’ moment.
      The problem with this world is Sin. God will judge the earth for Sin, including America. That God will let humanity stew in its iniquity and let the devil at the controls of this train wreck – just seems too hard for some. Yet divine prophesy cannot go unfulfilled. The antichrist and a One World Government, with Tribulation MUST come to be, or be realized. America has no part of that Scripture.
      Righteousness exalteth a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people. And we know we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness. The USA – for all it stood for, and the good it has done in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ: doesn’t count for anything. It has and continues to murder it’s children; promote perversion; lie, cheat, and steal in all it’s institutions; kill and sicken all ages with a poison injection; and become the agency for Western Culture to bring in the One World Government with the antichrist. America was good in the past: but it ain’t now – what is past is past. The past doesn’t’t weigh for the present.
      When the patience or purpose of God for the Church Age is fulfilled – He will come back for us: then the real nature and scope of evil and sin will be revealed in the world. Christianity, as in born-again believers – are in the the world but NOT OF the world. There is no nation to which God has respect toward. The Jews have a place in the world, that is incidental to the relationship to the Patriarchs. To no one else has God ceded any land to any other people. Have we forgotten that a “nation” is a homogeneous people, and not a land mass. The Founding Fathers of America gave God credit and thanksgiving – which is good: but Scripture does not endorse the USA or Western Culture in general. Christianity is a ‘called out’ people; where national boundaries does not enter into. America ceased to be a nation when it abandoned its founding principles and Constitutional organization. True Christianity is not a majority; but a remnant.
      I grieve for the utter insanity being played-out today.

      • Luther C

        Well said Charles!

    • Spur

      It’s all planned Chris… Trump said Taiwan is next and it would seem they’re preping us for it…!

  13. Nika

    Hi Greg, Astrologer Joni Patry ( On Youtube) is predicting WAR in the first week of April. She said, People will die. So, she coincides with Bo Pony. I hope they are both wrong!

  14. Horse

    When we compare all the Bible references about the final attack on God’s people, it is clear that the name Gog of Magog does not refer to Satan. Instead, Gog of Magog refers to a group of nations. Will “the king of the north” lead this group? We cannot say for sure. But this explanation seems to be in harmony with what Jehovah says about Gog: “You will come from your place, from the remotest parts of the north, you and many peoples with you, all of them riding on horses, a great assembly, a vast army.”—Ezekiel 38:6, 15.

    Similarly, the prophet Daniel, who lived at the same time as Ezekiel, says about the king of the north: “Reports out of the east and out of the north will disturb him, and he will go out in a great rage to annihilate and to devote many to destruction. And he will plant his royal tents between the grand sea and the holy mountain of Decoration; and he will come all the way to his end, and there will be no helper for him.” (Daniel 11:44, 45) This is similar to what the book of Ezekiel says that Gog will do.—Ezekiel 38:8-12, 16.

    What will happen after the final attack? Daniel tells us: “During that time Michael [some think Jesus Christ?] will stand up [at Armageddon], the great prince who is standing [since the world wars?] in behalf of your people. And there will occur a time of distress [the great tribulation] such as has not occurred since there came to be a nation until that time. And during that time your people will escape, everyone who is found written down in the book.” (Daniel 12:1) We read a similar description of what Jesus will do at Revelation 19:11-21.

    But who is “Gog and Magog” mentioned at Revelation 20:8? This name refers to all those who rebel against God and attack his people during the final test at the end of the 1,000 years. They will have the same hateful attitude as Gog of Magog, the nations that attack God’s people at the end of the great tribulation. And just like those nations that will be destroyed at Armageddon, Gog and Magog will also be destroyed. (Revelation 19:20, 21; 20:9) It seems appropriate, then, that all who rebel at the end of the 1,000 years be called “Gog and Magog.”

    As serious students of the Bible, we are eager to find out who is “the king of the north” in this, the time of the end of the age and great reset. But no matter who leads the nations against God’s people, we are confident of two things: (1) Gog of Magog and his armies will be defeated and destroyed. (2) Our King, Jesus Christ, will save God’s people and bring them into a new world of true peace and security.—Revelation 7:14-17.

    • IIG

      If what you say is correct Horse – Klaus Schwab is a horse of a different color “Gog of Magog” (leader of a group of evil psychopathic nations) – Schwab is like the chauffeur depicted above whipping poor obedient blindfolded Bentley “who owns nothing” – – where Bentley represents “all us ordinary people of the world” – marshaled to pull Schwab’s New World Order “clunker” – owning nothing, blindfolded and happy to get a few straws of hay for all his efforts pulling for the Gog of Magog!!

      • Ray

        Love the photo of Bentley IIG.
        Well done Champion 🙂
        Ray,Canberra, Glass Car Park Nation

  15. Doc Bennell

    Thank you , for my weekly dose of sanity.

  16. Robert Messina

    I have heard it said that the first seal which begins the last seven years has already been opened . . I strongly disagree.
    Also a few folks have asked me when first seal opens . . . . what should we expect to see?
    Knowing what to expect is verily verily important.
    For all of the above reasons . . . . I was prompted to make this video.
    when first seal opens

  17. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    On the Covid inoculations; 31:37. “This is a MASSIVE crisis that is growing.”
    Never a truer word said. Greg, you have been ‘right on the money’ from the start of this criminally motivated scamdemic. Without doubt, your broadcasts – validated by your medically qualified guests – have saved many many lives by awakening people. Thank you.

    Yet still it continues! The Ulster Hospital in Belfast, Northern Ireland, opened a ‘clinic’ yesterday morning to inoculate kids with mRNA experimental horse manure. I was warned not to go to protest as the police are cracking down hard on ‘domestic terrorists’ – people who speak truth! You report, and Dr Mark Skidmore concurs, that people are losing faith in the institutions of State. This lack of faith is happening in all the ‘Five Eyes’ countries (countries that have agreed to share ‘intelligence’ data – the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand). IMHO, these are the high-standard-of-living countries that the banker cabal is determined to impoverish. High inflation is not the result of stupidity, it is the plan.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      “these are the high-standard-of-living countries that the banker cabal is determined to impoverish.” Perhaps I left out the high-standard-of-living European countries, Germany, France, Austria, Italy, etc., but these countries are already ruled by the European Commission. A governing body which stands superior to the European Parliament and is made up of 21 unelected (and unelectable!) Commissioners. The point being, that the banker cabal already has the population of the EU under its thumb.

  18. Wood Scrumbug

    Jesse Watters: The laptop from HELL Is Real! DUH?
    605,164 views Mar 17, 2022 Fox News
    Jesse Watters says Hunter Biden grabbed a map of Ukraine and helped with the clean-up job on the infamous laptop from Chinese HELL!.

  19. Justn Observer

    Greg. So while we are on ‘WAYBACK’, who remembers this warning that was ‘conspiricy theoried’ then, but how relevant is it today!
    also ..few reported this tidbit posted by the U.S. Mint today…suspension of production of the SILVER COINS until the end of 2022? hmmm

    BUT Bank of America was ‘allowed’ to take delivery of 35 million ounces to cover their ‘short position’? per Bix Weir?
    IS this even legal?

    and yes, this report seems to confirm you wrap up succinctly=

  20. regaleagle

    “They” are all compromised War Mongers in Washington just concerned about their own skins…….not the good people of the USA or even our national sovereignty. They know they are dead men and women walking if they lose their power. They are against the wall…..Devolution Revolution is coming and they are trying to “hold on” by sending us to WW3…..end of story. They will sacrifice the USA and the people……Americans……to save their own butts……but they will die a horrible death, regardless. Just kick those idiots to Kingdom Come and let’s get this Devolution Revolution rolling NOW…….before it is really too late……for ALL of US in the USA. Nothing else to add… do the math.

    • regaleagle

      Well…..I will add one more important thing. Forget about the 2022 elections at this juncture……it is now a non-issue and will not even happen if these psychopaths in DC are not stopped by the patriotic freedom-loving and God-fearing Americans that love this country and love God Almighty. It’s time to stand up against evil and be counted, folks. It’s now or never……..time to draw the line in the sand. They have crossed over into darkness and are forever lost. But are you willing to allow them to take YOU with them???

  21. Baregil de Gomçesval

    Dear Greg.
    Watch this and take notice. I’m sure you’ll find this most interesting.
    You should invite Sheikh Imran for an interview.

  22. Justn Observer

    Greg. What the recently released new DRONES sent to UKRAINE be sent to ‘release’ = Anti-tank missiles? the ones ones pictured seemed small compared to the larger ones used to release predator hellfire ones, but the insect ones seem about the size in this vid, that ‘someone’ may want to BLAME ON THE PUTIN as they have been pushing the MEME that PUTIN may resort to bio-weapons? which they say then WOULD BE crossing the red line = no direct accusation but hope all is considered before an escalation into a wider conflicit ? =

  23. fred bannon

    Greg, Back in August they found a spot on my Dads left lung. So they contuined to watch it, they did 3 cat scans on his lungs in 6 months to watch the progression.Somehow they missed a progression to stage 4 lung cancer in his right lung. We are now buring him on Tuesday, he was 83. He recieved 3 shots of the faucking scam vaccine

    • Greg Hunter

      So sad Fred and sorry he was murdered by big Pharma. This is all pure evil. Thanks for reporting this as it may sop people from getting another vax.

      • Bill Daley

        I feel nothing for the nasty , smug ,
        liberal vaxxers who wished death
        upon the unvaxxed because we would
        not follow them.

        • Greg Hunter

          Take the high road. The vaxed have dramatically cut their lives short. Many were sucked into the vax by massive lies and propaganda.

        • JayJay

          Regarding the vaxxed……many were forced to get the jab or lose their homes and watch their families starve.
          Now, regarding the idiots that didn’t need it? Sad, but they still are God’s children and need our prayers.
          This controlled democide will annihilate health insurance companies and life insurance companies…..I predict in 2/3 years life insurance companies bankrupt. This tragedy will touch all of us…yes, even Pure Bloods.

  24. Marie Joy

    There’s a plan…
    Destroy the west.
    Destroy western people.
    Depopulate the earth.
    And, in the process, make murderers rich.
    Murderers don’t know it but the plan is to murder the murderers, lackeys, useful idiots, communists, and sycophants too.

    • Ken

      I like your thinking thanks for that

  25. john beasley

    This was a great news review Greg Hunter. Do you know how Rob Kirby is doing? God Bless you and Rob Kirby.
    As for Russia, I have been there a few times and stayed for about a month each time. It is very much like the deep south, Alabama, Mississippi or West Virginia. They are poor people. The mountains down south even look a lot like Tennessee. Those people don’t need to be beaten down. Their life is very hard, during the good times. Anyway lets all pray for peace and pray for an end to globalism and the WEF.

    • Greg Hunter

      Rob is slowly getting better, and I stress slowly.

      • Charles H.

        But has he been revived from the induced coma?

  26. Jeffrey

    What if US Fed Gov\Fauci too, funding the Wuhan lab and they did create covid19?
    What if US Fed Gov also fund hundreds of other bio labs all across the world outside US, to skirt US regulations or investigators.
    What if in Ukraine US Fed Gov did fund bio labs?
    What if the covid19 pandemic was fund by US and got loose from the China Wuhan bio lab?
    Doesn’t Congress have to approve how US $’s spending?
    What if question above points to US funding, wouldn’t this implicate a great many in Congress?

    • Mesquite

      They are going to be studying Ebola at the lab in San Antonio. This is a recent development. They will be studying it using the orangutans housed there….

      • Nika

        In Fauci’s other experimental testing, I believe he put to death about 40 innocent Beagles. I am against using innocent animals for experimentation. The experimenters have done the same tests over and over and over again, so they make extra money, if they are short on cash. This time they will put to death, the more intelligent orangutans, so they can justify their experiments.

    • Nika

      From what I understood, from reading Rand Paul’s Conversations with Fauci: Fauci sent money to third parties, to establish the Bio-Lab in China. So, Fauci could keep his name out of the situation.

  27. Roger Stamper

    tks greg

  28. Tommy

    Great wrap up Greg. We are truly in crazy town. Graham talking about assassinating a foreign leader, Romney calling Gabbard a traitor and agent of Russia. People in our government beating their chests about what we will do to Russia and China. It’s gone beyond stupid. Our “leaders” have lost their minds. We can see clearly what is going on as it it falling apart more every day. As you have often quoted Ephesians 6:10, we know who the enemy is and these people in charge have been infected by evil.

    • Margo Hirschman

      Tommy, these folks don’t believe in a benevolent higher power. They think they got power when they can get rich screwing the taxpayers. They wouldn’t know the difference from an Alien invasion and an angel! They’re gonna get theirs soon!

  29. Nick de la Gaume

    Il est stupid.

  30. Nick de la Gaume

    Il est stupid!!!!!!!!

  31. Zip

    Pink hair on a battlefield is not good.

    • IIG

      Did I hear (to reduce US casualties in Ukraine) Biden will be giving an extra $100 billion dollars for red high heel shoes and red clown noses for our transgender soldiers to wear in battle – so as to confuse the Russian enemy – making them think we are simply a bunch of queers who should not be shot – butt screwed like “Story Time” children??

  32. Roger Stamper

    hello greg i ask question will China help Russia??

  33. john geis

    Now, Dana Coverstone had a dream of a Conestoga Wagon being driven by Kamala Harris, before she became vice president. Biden was riding one of the horses. But at some point, Biden fell off and was run over by the wagon. This means that Biden will be removed from office, as everyone knows will happen, and that Kamala will become president. Inside the wagon were loose sticks of dynamite which a wise fellow interpreted to mean dangerous executive orders. Inside were also boxes of dynamite which means dangerous laws which will be passed. Later in the dream people were armed with Muskets, which is a very old-style rifle which men were using at the start of the US Civil War.
    “I predict this: that a woman will be president before we’re annihilated. That’s right. I said that in 1933 by a vision.” [2]
    If you cannot see that Biden is being run over by the wagon now and Harris, who put thousands of young black men into prison for life to push her carer is as cruel as you get.

  34. Jerry

    We are on the same page. There is a lot going on behind the scenes that is not being reported.

    As Gerald Celente has said, “ when all else has failed they will take us to war”. One of my sources has told me that there is a lot of troop movement, and equipment relocation taking place inside Europe right now. So far my other contacts have not been deployed, but there is a lot preparation in progress. We are approaching a very dangerous tipping point where the globalist will trigger a war, should their plans of a global reset get derailed. Keep an eye on Ukraine. The moment Russia gains the upper hand, the globalist will go to plan B.

    • eddiemd

      Fort Bragg.

      My home away from home for a few years.

      The Army is good at cover ups. Especially USASOC.

      I first landed at Bragg in August 1982 to start SF training. Living in an open bay WW II barracks for months over in COSCOM area, Ran all over that base.

      In 91 I was again living there in an open bay WW II barracks. That time I was an E6 in charge of the knuckleheads in the barracks. That was a job nobody wanted. A bunch of SF medic trainees doing what they wanted. The 1SG was always on my case for problems in the barracks. The land of misfit soldiers.

      • Charles H.


        When I went to Millington, Tennessee, NAS Memphis – I was berthed in WWII barracks, while serving the Mess Hall as dishwasher. (Berthing for the Electronics School hadn’t opened yet.) I had the privilege to serve as dishwasher in Boot Camp also! I ate in the old WWII Chow Hall on North Island, San Diego. I’m sure all that has passed into history.

        • eddiemd

          Hello Charles,

          I did basic training at Ft Benning in 82 in WW II barracks in Harmony Church. It was hot in May/June.
          I lived 17 months of my life in open bay WW II barracks. It was life. It could have been worse. We had the old school chow halls at Fort Benning and Bragg. I pulled KP a couple of times during basic. Peeling veggies and washing dishes/pots/pans. At least you got an extra meal and extra bacon with breakfast. Apparently they stopped KP in the late 80s.

          I was up in Fort Drum for winter warfare in 86 and stayed for a couple of weeks in WW II barracks. We had to shovel coal all night long on fire guard to keep the place warm. All those barracks had cement coal bins outside near the boiler room and heater.

          • Charles H.


            You make me feel like a slacker! Boot Camp only gave better rations to those who peeled the potatoes; and my Tennessee K P came at late Spring – so no big weather problem there. I somehow take a sense of pride to have participated in those old buildings; as if having some kind of touch with the past – the Great Generation who build and used them.
            At some point – we will slip into the past with them.

  35. David Smithson

    It looks like Obama is continuing his love affair with Iran, and throwing Saudi Arabia and Israel under a bus.
    The combination of alienating Russia, and demonizing Putin, throwing arms and cash behind a very corrupt Ukrainian regime, is driving Russia into alliances with China, Saudi, etc, and this will do nothing for America, except hasten its demise.
    It looks like Obama’s third term, continuing his disastrous policies that did nothing but weaken America and destroy its credibility.

    • Charles H.

      Exactly right – good comment!

  36. Ronald Dalton

    Thank you mr. Greg Hunter for everything you do God bless you oh, keep on spreading the truth! Can you give us an update on Rob Kirby please sir oh, I have said many prayers for him I hope he’s doing better please advise thank you sir

  37. Richard Bruno

    Hi Greg, I’ve been totally amazed at how willingly people took the vaccine. The reason I say it is because with all that went on with Trump leading up to the vaccine plus no liability for the pharma industry, plus it was deemed “experimental” and that info was out there, I can’t believe how easily people went for this stuff. I think that it’s all part of the plan to depopulate. Turn boys into girls and girls into boys so they won’t procreate. When you sit back and take it all in, you see what’s going on here. Resist and fightback. Thxs.

  38. Juli Barbato

    Time to stop feeding the beast that is stealing from us! We need a nationwide moratorium on paying taxes, income and property. Based/patriotic attorneys should step up to help us put the money in escrow or accounts from which residents can draw to pay directly and one at a time for municipal services and to hire patriot educators, etc. We need to grow the testicoles to STOP the criminal selected dunces! There are hundreds of millions more of us than of them. And we’re armed (to varying degrees). Let’s roll!

  39. Juli Barbato

    That’d be “testicoli.”

  40. Neville

    Fed Can’t Fight Inflation, Greg you are absolutely damn right here!!!
    The crooked and corrupt fed to fight inflation is akin to say it will be like
    those crooks shadow boxing because they are after all the ones fanning
    the flames of inflation by creating the TRILLIONS UPON TRILLIONS OF
    This outfit is completely unaudited and everything under them under the
    guise E U A (Last heard that acronym used in connection with the scamdemic
    which has cost the fed TRILLIONS in payments to the FDA,NIH ,CDC etc etc not
    to mention the likes of
    pfizer,j&j and all the other drug pushers……..ALL of this is why we have localised Inflation then we get the DOD and the ukraine scam which is having a positive
    effect on all forms of energy…..Prices of gas are rocketing at the pump worldwide ,

    So that feather brained idiot in the fed thinks he’s got some fire-power to fight
    inflation just like the idiot in the white house who only thinks he can run the country,

    With AAcrime in the poor house and the cabal the only ones with billions/trillions of of
    VALUELESS $$$ ……it certainly looks like AAcrime is up shitcreek

  41. Juli Barbato

    Greg, you are a truly good and decent person. I pray to the Father that he would enable me to have compassion for fully-functioning adults who chose to get jabbed. Right now I feel only for the developmentally disabled and children who were forced into this. God forgive me.

  42. Nancy McDaniel

    It’s all about Cloward Priven manufactured crisis that will crash the US and make us a third world sh–hole country to declare an “economic emergency” under the NDAA which gives them the ability to “suspend the constitution” and confiscate EVERYTHING FROM THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. And we have to have a war to keep the criminals’ money laundering pipeline going on. We have been surrendered to chyna who is a puppet of the globalist central bankers in the UK and the EU. We have been forewarned by Scripture and by the papers and words of the luciferian criminals themselves. Prepare accordingly.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Nancy,
      Great, you have summed up the whole situation in one paragraph.
      I tend to the view that ‘we the people’ can defeat this evil if we know our real enemy – you do – stay focused, and manage to coalesce in absolute defiance.

  43. The Seer

    Saudi’s have been accepting other currencies for awhile. The $ value is manipulated just as metals are.
    JP Morgan and GS suppressing. Still only real money area metals. Empty your bank accounts.

    • Greg Hunter

      That’s a new one on me.

    • IIG

      Did you know – if you find a nice new looking Jefferson nickel in your pocket change (and you can see all the steps) – a 1983-P is currently selling for $7.95 !!!

  44. Farouk Vevaina

    Greg, it’s not that there is no plan. Actually, there are two plans:
    PLAN #1
    As you say, start WWIII since there is no other alternative to a failing economy that has traditionally relied on war to prop itself up.

    PLAN #2
    All politicians are filling their pockets with bribes the same way as the President and his son are doing before it all comes crashing down.

    • JayJay

      I think they also profit handing over billions to other countries that comes back to them in kick backs, money laundering, and slush funds.
      That’s why federal accountants are so important.

  45. DavidM

    Hi Greg, great summary again of the news not reported. I have a question for Dr. Kory, if You can fit it in.
    As a result of the mRNA therapy, are people who are “vaccinated” now going to have a rheumatic-like response should they ever come into contact with the spike protein?
    My reasoning is this:
    i) I am assuming the mRNA is inserted into a cell of the body in order to cause that cell to manufacture the Spike-protein so that the body immune system can familiarise itself with the spike protein, and thereby generate a response;
    ii) the cells which could be hijacked to produce the spike protein would primarily be muscle tissue, but could also be skin, liver, heart, kidney lung, etx cells i.e. as collateral;
    iii) the body produces a response for spike protein, and familiarises itself with some characteristic of the cells for producing the spike protein;
    iii) the person comes into contact with the covid virus (- regardless of variant), adapts to the new source of the spike protein, but in the meantime also attacks cells of the body previously manipulated to produce the spike virus, i.e. until the Covid infection is over (ergo the rheumatic response).
    Thus the question arises, what happens when Covid is endemic? (- i.e. a wordl where poeple are slowly wasting away because their immune systems are attacking continuously their own vital organs?)
    Also, has Dr. Kory seen the work of Prof Dr. Arne Burkhardt (Pathologist in Gerany who recetly spoke at the parliemnt of the federal state of Saxony in Germmany).

  46. Rusty

    I second James sediments; another awesome show.

    On the collapse of the dollar, you’re the only person I’ve heard talk even talk about how huge Saudi Arabia accepting the yuan is. It’s been reported but I guess the news channels and other media, including “conservative” media, are just too stupid to get the implications (or they’re lying—again). Another huge thing I don’t think I’ve seen mentioned anywhere but on your show regards Special Drawing Rights. I’ll include a link from almost a year ago of which my take is that it shows that the super rich, bankers and our lords in DC have seen the writing on the wall; that the dollar is kaput and they’re sucking the last drop of blood from us before the end. I have to admit though, I’m not smart enough to understand exactly how SDR’s work or what’s going on with them now. Would it be possible for you to elaborate on it for us dump people 😉

  47. Dean Winchell

    Outstanding Greg. Prepare and get on the Rock. The eye wall of this storm is getting taller and darker. You are a light and I hope we can all shine in the days ahead.

  48. Lord Richard of Blairadam

    Get ready for the coming food shortages. Wheat production is down. Cooking oil production is down. Corn production is down.
    Fertilizers are no longer being exported. Food items are no longer being exported.
    Farmers are aging out so there are less and less each year. And costs are rising.
    Stock up now on dry and canned goods. This way if you don’t eat them this year you can eat them over the next 20+ years. They will practically last forever if stored correctly

  49. Joshua Porter

    Thanks for telling the truth, Greg. I appreciate your point of view. I wish my family and friends would have listened to me about the shot.

  50. Dave M

    May God Richly Bless you Greg Hunter for continuing trying to “Get the Truth out!”
    The system that is trying to do this is “The Beast system” but they will not win!

  51. Paul

    In the usa, we have an enviable position of surplus food production, inter continent waterways, mineral resources, industrial capacity, right to bear arms, and an awakening population, Arkansas alone feeds the world with rice.

    We have many strengths that many overlook in pursuit of gloom

    Most of the red states aren’t buying Biden’s Bush, Kerry’s and thugs view of the future.

    Like Russia we are the resistance for the oligarchs.

    The crooked fed and Wall Street started the fire of inflation and can’t hide the matches this time.
    If all individuals take money out of system the businesses will crash and no goods to be found. So think that one through. Jimmy Stewart movie was about this

    Remember, that sometimes the people you oppress become mightier than you would like.

    Paul from arkansas

    • helot

      “Surplus food” is a tricky phrase. From what I’ve read, the U.S. has a surplus of things such as hard feed corn & soybeans but has to import many of the other foods people eat such as fresh vegetables in Winter. Which ones & how many, I don’t recall. An interview with someone who knows more precisely would be good, I think.

      I tried boiled hard corn once, it didn’t seem like a food, per se. I’m sure there’s better ways to prepare it, I just don’t think a body could survive on it by itself. Therefore, the notion of, “surplus food” is likely not the reassurance a number of people make it out to be.

      I’ve read about how canned goods can last a very long time, decades even, however; some of the canned stuff I tried which was only four or five years past its expiration date was too soft & mushy and/or had a bit of a nasty metallic taste to it, both factors made them very very last resort food sources imho.

      Also, canned acidic foods (such as tomatoes & sauerkraut) have a tendency after a few years to swell up & burst, or rust quickly, I imagine far too many people are going to find that out the hard messy way.

      That said, I’ve also had some canned goods five or six years past their expiration dates which tasted just fine. YMMV, greatly? …Got garden?

  52. David Bagley

    The entire US govt is cabal..which politician is warning against the injection

  53. Da Yooper

    God bless you Greg for the work you have done

    & the work you are going to do.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Da Yooper for all your Blessings & Support.

  54. Mark

    New York Times like other news outlets buried the Hunter Biden laptop story Right before the election and assisted Joe in winning the fraudulent election.
    They are traitors to America.

    • ALF Drummond

      The BIG GUY grabbed and pinched the ass of sore ass Soros’s, piece of Ukraine and Hunter pushed Putin’s clean-up job, in leaving and not paying the repair bill, of the infamous laptop, from Chinese HELL!. ..[cheapskate!]
      FIRE HUNTER and all and ANY FUTURE hires of Sore ass Soros prosecutor’s and start prosecuting, the BIG GUY! END THE BLOODSHED! NOW!
      Or, PAx Americana is over and done charred rare! They used to arrest people like Tulsi Gabbard, Yes Joy Bahare, in the Soviet Union! It can’t happen in America? It already has! The progressive’s disease is in both partie’$!
      The real new world DIS-order IS HERE, Brazil* Russia* India* China ‘ Saudis. Bric’s bucking the buck. Massive shortages are coming to a US. neighborhood near you, near us all!
      HIGH CRIMES AND Mr. Meander’s of treason!
      Merle Haggard “Are The Good Times Really Over?” Reaction | Asia and BJ
      Asia and BJ, it ain’t over till it’s over and the fat lady sings!

      Russia to Block YouTube as Early as Today (RIA News). Saturday Night in St Petersburg, Russia. LIVE Mar 18, 2022 Baklykov. Live
      RIA News just reported that Russian government may block YouTube as early as today after spreading of anti-Russian threats through Google Ads on platform. So this is maybe the LAST live stream on YouTube (at least until the things will not get better).
      Remember that my MAIN backup where I’m gonna continue my activity and live streams is Telegram. Join me on Telegram –

      Laid off Keystone Pipeline worker has warning for Biden admin
      2,470,207 views Premiered May 13, 2021
      Hunter Biden laptop repairman only has one regret: Miranda Devine
      436,567 views Mar 14, 2022 Fox News
      The Fox News contributor and ‘Laptop from Hell’ author discusses Jon Paul Mac Isaac .

      We know why they lied about Hunter Biden’s laptop: Devine
      448,258 views Mar 18, 2022 Fox News
      Columnist Miranda Devine says it’s ‘delicious’ to watch the media ‘squirm’ over reality on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

      Biden’s ‘self-inflicted crises’ are impacting Americans’ lives: Miranda Devine
      251,110 views Jan 17, 2022

      An Update on President Joe Biden & US Politics – Miranda Devine
      376 views Feb 2, 2022 The Sydney Institute
      Miranda Devine speaks to Gerard Henderson for a Sydney Institute members’ meeting

  55. Fred Engel

    They needed a war to hide the financial collapse. Great report Greg. Think about it if before this Brandon circus. If you told people this all would take place they would not have believed you. Where ever you are, now you’re in it. The Hunter laptop, (fact checkers?) this is information coming to prepare the public. The crimes committed by the elites associated with the deep state will be coming out showing criminality. Have a great weekend Greg. Fear not!

  56. Crispy Critter

    The Stagflation Trap Will Lead to Universal Basic Income and Food Rationing
    So those that actually work at a job will be forced to support those that refuse to work.

    When UBI comes out I won’t blame anyone for quitting their jobs.

    UBI already began back in 1964, along with the $20 trillion in spending on the inner cities and garbage dump peoples. Has their life improved or “their communities”? NO, THEY MOSTLY ALL STOPPED WORKING AND MOOCH OFF ALL THOSE THAT DO WORK…. REVERSE SLAVERY Put an end to it.

  57. Jerry

    If anyone has any doubts about where this is all headed,
    you need to read this.

    Biden is doing the globalist bidding. He will destroy the dollar and then force everyone onto digital currency and then comes the reset.
    This is no longer conspiracy. It is a FACT! ! Read it for yourself.


    If our federal elected officials were banned from trading in the stock market. There would have been no war, and Im guessing no Covid..and this would be an entirely different country.

  59. chester kendra

    I only use doctors for diagnostics if I can. There so called treatments are generally worse than the ailment.

  60. David Brownallen

    It might cost at least $800 billion to rebuild Ukraine. At least 30 percent may be counted on to drift back to US politicians.

  61. Paul

    Joe girard,
    The greatest salesman of cars Detroit ever knew. His philosophy was simple, you infect 250 people by one contact. Greg’s doing his part with usawatchdog. We need to do our part the mainstream media fails to do. Tell everyone one you know what is happening now.
    I for one won’t bear to watch USA go to the dogs.
    So you might be considered a nut, but their nutritious.
    I could not look my kids and grandkids in the eye if I let this happen. Can you?

    Paul from arkansas

  62. Lacris

    Spot on, it’s a kickback Circus. And US is breaking all agreements. The goal has to be to destroy US.
    The crazy part is that US is doing to themselves.
    More than stupid, it is planned

  63. James Barrett

    I was in my early 20’s. Iran had kidnapped and locked up Americans. Iranian students were protesting America for having a presence in Iran while they were going to school at the tax payers expense. Then there was a flu and big (evil) pharma came out with an experimental vaccine in like 2 weeks. At my young age I was alarmed and decided then and there to never have another flu vaccine. Now my 16 year old grandson and his friends are refusing the vaccine because they knew it was experimental. With that in mind I have no sympathy for any adult that took the vaccine. I do not wish them harm but the level of ignorance is beyond sympathy.

  64. Elias Andrinopoulos

    Trust of doctors and major medical institutions will die just like it died for politicians and elected officials in the previous generation, all thanks to the mass distribution of these vile clot shots.

    Absolutely we should be kind to people and return their previous insults concerning the shots with compassion because that’s what we are called to do by our Lord Jesus Christ. ☦️🙏🏻

    • Thano

      Bravo! Have a good Lent.

  65. Sylvia in WA

    Please read Matthew 13:25 Parable of the Wheat and the Tares. Looks like the tares will now be identified, as they are sticking their heads up above the wheat. They will be harvested and burned. Our blood sucking, war mongering government of criminal perverts represent the end time ‘”tares” as described in this parable. God will judge them and they will be eliminated. Don’t know how. God’s people, the Wheat, will be safely stored in His barn. Trust Him to take care of this. Do not listen to the mainstream media … ever. Read the book; ” The 13th Tribe” which is the history of the Khazars in the Ukraine area.
    Thanks , Greg for allowing me my rant and for all your good information.

  66. Jeff

    Ed Thank you for your continual posts on what’s really coming. Saves me from doing it myself. God bless.

  67. Diana Brown

    I always look forward to your weekly wrap ups Greg and this one does not disappoint! Thanks for bringing Dr. Kory to us Sat. night as well, he is an incredible value to all of us interested in truth AND people who are passionate about their dedication to SERVE their fellow man. I find you have to look for those among us who are dedicated but when you find one, or them, they are solid GOLD…..

  68. Susan Atkins

    They are dropping the vaccine mandates because they will be implementing vaccine passports countrywide. Individual companies won’t need the mandate in that case.
    Don’t be fooled, it’s not over yet.
    War solves all the problems they have caused; overpopulation, food shortages, lack
    of oil/resources, lack of housing, crime (less criminals), too many cars, etc, etc. Killing off
    millions of people solves a lot of these problems, it’s depopulation via vaccine and war.
    Greg is right, they want war. Their new world order will rise from the ashes.

  69. Rich R

    Great update Greg as usual. I just came across this site please share. It shows all lot numbers of all vaccines and how many inured. Pfizer data.

  70. Harvey Ackermann

    Just read that New Hamshire is about to pass legislation to make ivermectin legal to purchase over the counter.

  71. Justn Observer

    Greg, A few links for consideration of the Ukraine pro-war rhetoric being fed via MSM and Fox so we have better insight as to what we, the taxpaying middle class might be getting drawn into if this escalates or goes nuclear? This is only intent to be information not shared and not Pro-Russia or anti- Ukraine…but does show a certain amount of ‘propaganda’ being used on the viewers of MSM that never due any research but just go along hand clapping like barking seals along party lines. These are perspective only….
    Nice to see a journalist that does her homework?
    The Ukrainian Collaboration with Germany in World War II (1941 – 1945)
    Arnold truth or BS ? =
    Some real history on Putin =

  72. Mike Low

    I am surrounded by friends and family that got the jab which will call on me to be a caregiver. 🥲

    • Greg Hunter

      Get Ivermectin now and take it twice a week. It will bind to the spike proteins your family is shedding and remove them from your body. It will work for them too if you can get them to take it.

  73. Walden Pond

    Videos: Stooge Psaki Repeatedly Refuses To Answer Questions About BOMBSHELL Hunter Biden Laptop Truth
    by Steve Watson March 18th 2022
    Biden is now a proven liar and Psaki is a proven misinformation spewing stooge! THE OTHER TWO ARE CLAPPER AND BRENNAN? Back spewing lies!
    They sure made sure Hunter was their, hugging with Dr.Jill and BIG DaDa, at the inauguration!! Shocking, simply shock an awe inspiring!
    They’re rape of Ukraine makes the rape of Nanking look like a White House naked pool party!

  74. Marti Baker Girl

    thank you so much for making us THINK. I was down in Wilmington last week at COSTCO. There was this guy probably in his late 60’s to early 70’s ranting to one of the guys who had the food sampling cart about how he hates Christians, etc. etc. etc. He went on and on and was speaking loud enough for all to hear and boasting about how he “used to be” a Roman Catholic. My impression from his rant was that he was really so insecure that he was trying to draw attention to himself – Me, Me, Me, whaaaa! Today you said the elite who are trying to reimagine God, do believe he exists. As I pondered that I came up with this question for those atheists who happen to be loud, obnoxious, and angry – “How can you be so angry at something/one you don’t believe in”?
    Seriously, I loved Greek and Roman mythology as a kid, but I’m not angry at Zeus because I don’t believe in him. Nor am I angry with Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny or the Great Pumpkin and I personally don’t know anyone who rants and raves against the aforementioned. So, in conclusion – if God doesn’t exist why do these types of unbelievers waste so much of their energy fighting that which (in their minds) does not exist? A rhetorical question

  75. Paul

    Hi Greg,
    About 2/3 of of our dollars are overseas.

    One of the functions Of the esf is dollarizing the world, thru legitimate and drug trade.

    So definitely another concern.
    This is the most polite website I have ever been on. Thank you for who you are.

    Paul from arkansas

  76. Maurice Schuetz, MD

    Hey ,… just a heads-up, but the censorship keeps getting worse and WORSE.

    I had always been able to listen to USA Watchdog on my computer at work, while I do other things, until today. Today — and who knows when this started — I was unable to play any USA Watchdog videos on my work computer because google, and also firefox found the videos to be a ‘security threat’ and blocked them. WTF?

    SO … I am listening on my personal laptop, which I always bring to work with me anyway, to get around this problem using the Brave browser that I have downloaded myself, but I doubt many other people here in my hospital have that luxury. Sucks. Be careful, all.

  77. Jeff Martin

    Concerning the fake vaccine (kill shot). How is someone supposed to feel that got the shot in good faith, now realizes that the Globalists were really out to KILL them. How would you feel? How would you react? Shine it on?

    They sucked a lot of people into the Covid narrative. It’s now falling apart. War with Russia is the next faux narrative to suck people into. This coming World War will kill many millions, if not billions, of people. People, that’s what the Globalists want. You are nothing but useless eaters killing the planet – to them. Same question. How are you going to react when you know they want you dead? God gives us the RIGHT of Self Defense.

  78. Greg Perea

    A U.S. senator (L. Graham) advocating the assassination of the head of state of another country? Maybe we should send Linsey Graham over there to give it his best try.
    What a P.O.S.

  79. Frank Stiles

    Matt. 5:5 “Blessed are the meek (read: “Purebloods”), for they will inherit the Earth.”

  80. Kay

    I do not think all the military equipment and money America is sending Ukraine will stay in Ukraine. More fast and furious? Mercenaries around the world are being called into action by Zelensky. I have read 100 Americans went to fight in the Ukraine. Men who have no country will be able to form military armies just by getting on media and social media. That concerns me. I saw a video on Rumble that Neo-Nazis in Latvia had a parade openly. This reminds me of Gladio. I love Americans but we are cheering on our own demise. It is amazing how we went from fake news to now the masses believe everything coming out of media.

  81. William Simonton

    End plan- goal to congress spending 14 billion supposedly for Ukraine….none only responsible sensible people plan for future! But then, none is better than nuclear war!

  82. Paul

    Below is link with countries that don’t have a Rothschild central bank

    Russia is holding on without

    Paul from arkansas

  83. Jan

    Greetings from Budapest, Hungary, Europe.

    Greg, in relation to what you speak about, the side effects of the vaccines, a Bible verse came to mind:
    New King James Version
    And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, “We will eat our own food and wear our own apparel; Only let us be called by your name, To take away our reproach.”

    Have a look at:
    Ellicott’s Commentary for English Readers
    ‘(1) And in that day seven women . . .–The chapter division wrongly separates this verse from the foregoing. It comes as the climax of the chastisement of the daughters of Zion, as the companion picture to Isaiah 3:6. As men sought eagerly, yet in vain, a protector, so women should seek for a husband. Those who had been wooed and courted, and had been proudly fastidious, should supplicate in eager rivalry (the seven women to one man implies a land depopulated by war, and so making polygamy natural) for the protection of marriage, and that not on the usual conditions of having food and clothing found for them (Exodus 21:10), but as working for their own livelihood.

    ‘To take away our reproach.–Better, as an imperative, take thou away. The reproach is that of being childless. From the Jewish standpoint that was not only the great sorrow, but the great shame, of womanhood, implying, as men thought, a sin of which it was the chastisement’
    The commentator sees the verse in relation of a war, killing enormous amount of men. But, that was written in pre-vaccine times. Could it be that the side effects of the vaccine could make men infertile, and the unvaccinated would become ‘breeding stallions’ for lack of other word, to impregnate women who can bear children?
    Another Verse also comes to mind:
    As in the days of Noah. Jesus said that when he described how it would be at the end of age.
    Could it be, that babies born to vaccinated women, are they in-fact hybrid humanoid with a third thread of DNA from fallen angels, like in the days of Noah?

  84. Cousinvinny

    The Dollar is not backed by anything! It remains the benchmark because Oil is traded in dollars. With all the inflation countries are losing the value in their investments because of inflation. There is a mad rush to establish a new global reserve currency. Hopefully it will be backed by gold Jim Sinclair I believe thinks it will play out in such a manner.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Vinny” that means it is backed by oil– for now

  85. Dwight Branson

    Thank You Greg and the wonderful community of people you bring together. It is so refreshing to hear and read the truth that is becoming a very rare commodity! I love the way you concluded with pointing out how utterly stupid these “Elite”, deep state people are.
    Romans 1:21-22 directly address these people: “Because that, when they knew God, they glorified Him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. PROFESSING THEMSELVES TO BE WISE, THEY BECAME FOOLS…”
    I’m looking forward to seeing Bo Polney and getting his Biblical analysis!

  86. Lori

    Thank you so much, Greg. I listen every week for a dose of sanity and I always listen to the end when you say, “Fear Not, for God is firmly in control”. Another loyal, Canadian fan. God bless!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Lori!!

  87. David Brownallen

    Should the $800 billion I’m quoting from your text be $800 million?

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the backstop. $800 million is the correct number NOT $800 billion.

  88. Mike

    Hey Greg, i hope you’ll read this and respond. So out of my concerns, it looks like Biden’s aiming to double-down on his Covid policies, even hiring new agents who want to continue imposing digital ids and mandates, what is your outlook for what will happen this year if the elites don’t seem to back down from their insanity against the globe? I’d also like to hear from Clif High regarding these new developments and hear his input on the issues we will be facing. Thank you Greg for delivering these fantastic reports and God bless.


  89. Caroline

    Greg… another person mentioned the possible Saudi’ Arabia Petro deal with China… Jeff Kuhner on Wrko 680 am… main stream AM radio 6-10 am Boston… lots of Truth as it’s a call in talk show… Jeff is awake and I suggest at least listening if not calling in to help educate the people on what is really going on!!!! Give it a try… I heart radio Catch his podcast An no affiliation except I call in to wake the masses… it’s one thing for all us who are awake to talk to ourselves but what we HAVE to keep trying to do is wake up the average joe who is driving into work who is otherwise to busy to know what’s going on…

  90. Gregory Carter

    Russia will be successful, however I think this is just the start. After this success an evil thought will come into the mind of these people.

    After securing the oil wealth of the Ukraine, they will turn their eyes to the oil in the middle east, specifically Israel’s newly found wealth in the oil/gas and mineral deposits in the dead sea.

    Such a small country ripe for the picking.

    There Russia along with its allies will meet its doom.

  91. R Wells

    Hello Greg,
    I’ve been watching USAWATCHDOG.COM for years and felt I must comment. You have been a breath of fresh air for us Canadians, many I know support you and your site.
    One question, after today’s update you mentioned buying Gold from Discount Gold and Silver. Do they ship to Canada, if so I’m in? If not, is it possible to recruit a Canadian Bullion sponsor, you have a lot of Canadian fans.
    Lastly, I love your salutations that always include God The Father, Jesus Christ our Lord, and the Holy Spirit.
    God Bless you and your family Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      I’ll check.

  92. Geena Gador

    When you said that the New York Times was getting ready to throw Joe Biden under the bus so that Kamala Harris could become President and “Yeah, that will settle things down,” I had to laugh.

    It shouldn’t be funny, but it is!

    Everything is going to hell in a hand basket, but when you can still find something to laugh about, that is a survival quality in itself!

  93. David Brownallen

    I don’t like the presidential succession line of Biden, Harris, and Pelosi. If economic hell breaks loose in April or May, a higher power will need to explain how to accede to the number four choice.

    I don’t see Pelosi pushing for impeachment despite being in line to become the president. She appears a bit too sauced or irrational whenever I see her on video.

    A lot of devastating events are bound to occur between now and January, 2023. Any positive events are far beyond the horizon.

  94. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg. Interesting times…

    When I first saw the short clip with Biden going off script talking about friends recording something stupid I thought he was just trying to get in front of the NYT story acknowledging that the NY Post Hunter Biden laptop article had been correct and it was Hunter’s laptop — Duh! we knew that already.

    Sounds like a personal problem — except that when you’re POTUS, a personal problem can turn into a National Security issue overnight. IMO Biden is compromised and knows it. His going off script now was just an indicator that things are going to ramp up and soon. With an approval rating at floor level, he knows his time in the White House is getting short.

    Fog of War — Ukraine, Washington DC — hopefully the fog lifts soon.

  95. John Nordstrom

    Ukraine ‘war’ is a distraction to keep us distracted and scared while TPTSB move The Great Reset forward – all part of the plan to collapse the Dollar, choke off grains, fertilizer, and hydrocarbon products to Western countries

  96. Thano

    Proud pureblood here! We need a military tribunal to hold our criminal political class to account. Things will get better, but we may have to suffer through some difficult days before they do. Keep your heads up and mai tain your honor. Bravo zulu!

  97. tim mcgraw

    Well, all good things come to an end. It’s all about Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh was the devil in my day. Though he modeled Vietnam’s constitution on our own and fought the Japanese in WWII. Oh, well.
    Putin is obviously evil, but where is the scraggly beard of Ho Chi Minh? Ho Chi Minh decided to go the other way and embrace China. I guess Putin is doing the same.
    Why is my whole life now a deja vu?
    Thanks for the update.

  98. tim mcgraw

    Greg, I don’t give a flying fart in a windstorm what the NY Times does or doesn’t do. They are irrelevant to my life. You might as well complain about “Pravda” (truth) in the Soviet Union. It’s pointless. Pointing at Satan and saying, “You lie.” isn’t going to bother him at all.

  99. tim mcgraw

    Greg, I don’t feel sorry for the people who fell for the Covid Scamdemic. I feel sorry for the people who had to take the jab, wear the mask, to keep their job or visit their loved one(s) in hospitals or nursing homes. Those are the people I feel sorry for.
    The rubes who just took the shot and wore the mask and socially distanced because Dr. Fauci told them so; can go to Hell.

    • Stan Tuttle (stuttsuttle)

      Thank the God of Abraham, Issaic, and Jacob for truth like you an all of us at your great sight. The democrat moto should be “know the truth and it will scare hell into you and make you lie, lie, lie.
      We love you Greg…blessings on you

  100. Paul

    Inflation is hitting Greg too
    To keep him around make sure he has golden handcuffs.
    Support Greg and his sponsors.
    I can use some nice leather goods

    Thanks greg

    Paul from arkansas

  101. Self Exiled

    Connecting people to the internet:

  102. Robert Coleman

    Gonzalo Lira expose – – America, you’re about to be POOR – –

  103. Mark Maples


    The “4D chess, President Trump is returning” is a deep state psyop to keep nationalist Patriots distracted

    That is my opinion. It would be great if it was true, but it’s not

  104. Gerald Lassche

    Greg, I love you man! You are courageous, a truthteller, and a man after God’s own heart!
    I’m from Canada, my brother and sisters follow your podcasts closely.
    Question: how closely tied is the CAD to the USD? We have not been doing the same hyperinflationary practice of printing dollars as you folks have. CAD is not a currency reserve either. When the USD crashes, will it take the CAD down with it? What do you reckon?

    Thanks so much, you’re the best!

  105. Mark Alan

    they are intentionally trying to destroy our country and kill as many of us as possible.

  106. Steven

    An uncle was a die-hard Trump supporter who took the shot because he trusted Trump’s advice & thought “it was the right thing to do for the country”…now he’s a dead former Trump supporter…Trump has the blood of 1000’s of his own supporters on his hands…

  107. Galaxy 500

    Great report Greg. Damn scary. All the people that got their knickers in a was over Trump’s mean tweets or other issues, all the while ignore the F#(king evil and corruption of Senior minion of the Principalities of Evil Joe Biden… Well they got what they paid and voted for… And if you say you didn’t vote, that was a vote for Biden.
    When you have a good man like Trump, (yes, good amd by no means perfect) being routinely vilified by the press and his so called fellow Republicans, you know that a vote for Trump was a good thing. Just like I know that when I watch your broadcast, I am getting the best information you can provide. I don’t agree 100% with everything you do but two things: Why would that be surprising and Why would that be expected? We aren’t mindless evil and poorly reasoning Demoncrats, we are free men and women.

    The evil insanity of our leadership knows no bounds. Nothing is beyond the pale. 2 plus 2 is 5 or as it is in the new, Man pretending to be a woman is celebrated for easily beating all the woman he competed against… No NBC, 2 plus 2 is 4, even in China and if your are born with external genitalia, you’re a man, regardless what hormones you take or what ever horrific mutilation some Josef Mengele does at your misguided and mentally ill request. Remember, say it with me, Women have innies and guys have outies when born. Please there is that pesky DNA thing.
    God Bless America. God Bless Greg and his family (at home and online families)

  108. Bert Ludwig on drums

    cartoon should of been “two pennies” and “1960”

    “They destroyed the wage earning saver at the sake of encouraging more beggars” Is what the history book should mote regarding to the American system.

  109. Lester Flat

    Tucker: The standard of living is plummeting
    761,663 views Premiered 13 hours ago
    Inflation nation……..
    Stag-flation nation coming son
    __________________ to a neighborhood near you and me!

  110. Harry

    All right Ed…don’t be coy…just lay it out for us as to what is really coming….go on the record with your prediction please. I come here for real info not guessing games…
    Thank you in advance

  111. CarolAnne Tucker

    Hey Greg,
    I am a member of a worldwide truth organization that sent me this info. White Hats have been working hard behind the scenes and it is paying off (We (the good guys) ARE winning). You won’t hear a peep about any of this in the MSM.
    When you get to this page, note the right-hand side links…A lot more great info not reported on MSM.
    I wouldn’t let Levine get anywhere near one of my kids or grandkids…What an outrageous excuse for a woman he is! It is Ridiculous for anyone to be coerced in any way or to mentally decide to change genders. Nothin but evil that is…..

  112. Keith

    The NYT didn’t do “journalism”, they did subversion.

  113. Rob marks

    Are those Man bags for our US Military?

  114. Mike G

    Bought a wallet and shipping free

    • Greg Hunter

      Thaks for supporting the truth tellers and made in USA to boot.

  115. Phil

    Hi Greg – IMO, the end game is to bankrupt America any way these jerks can do it. More $$$ for this and more for that while all the while the sheep Americans do zip! The Piped Piper of our national government is driving America into the dirt of which we WILL NOT recover!

    It’s clear war is being waged and Putin is being backed into a corner. The bear backed into a corner trying to protect it’s cubs – Russians – will only result in what the globalists want. Total destruction of America – the last bastion of freedom, liberty and Christianity.

    Our only hope is in Jesus Christ – faith, hope and trust. All these signs point to soon return for His Bride – the true and real Christians of this age.


  116. Sara

    Thank you, Greg, for the Point-for-Point Quagmire we are in! The War Machine, has lost it’s way–for at one time, American’s paid for War’s via “Liberty Bonds.” The People, and the Government worked towards the Responsibilities of keeping Peace in the World. “War” has become an ATM, where there’s no Rule of Law. We need to change the Narrative! American’s are going to have to Pay, and Be Taxed, with NO Representation! I for one, am not interested in seeing America become another Ponzi Scheme of The War-WAll Street Regime!!!!!!

  117. Jeff bosqith

    So people are now going back to the office with those who are vaxxed and shedding spike proteins which puts the unvaxxed at a major risk.
    Be careful around the vaxxed

  118. Robert H Burt

    Their intention is to destroy Russia and damage the US beyond repair. That’s their plan. Once you understand this, current events make sense. If you don’t understand this, they seem stupid. But they are not stupid. They are very skilled at what they are doing. They are destroying Western civilization. That’s their plan. And it is working out as intended.

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