Fed Pawn Shop Repo Market Shows Panic Mode – Craig Hemke

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Early this year, financial writer and precious metals expert Craig Hemke predicted the Fed would be forced to return to QE, just like in the 2008 market meltdown. Looks like Hemke’s prediction has come true because the Federal Reserve is printing billions in cash in the Repo market every week. Hemke explains, “At the last Fed meeting in September, we were told that the Fed was ‘neutral’ right now, and they were just going to be ‘data dependent’ and everything is fine. Just three weeks later, (Fed Head) Powell is out there saying we are going to have to restart buying T-Bills, and these repo facilities we have set up are going to become a permanent thing. Wait, whoa, what happened here? Just three weeks ago, you said everything was fine. These repo facilities they have set up are basically like a Fed pawn shop where banks can come to the Fed and say here are some Treasury bonds . . . we are going to give you these Treasury bonds and you are going to give us some cash. We thought this was temporary back at the end of September, and now it’s a permanent deal. Every single day, banks are showing up at this Fed window demanding dollars. Powell has also said don’t you dare call this quantitative easing, and the Fed is going to start monetizing $60 billion in U.S. debt every single month through June. . . . That’s over $500 billion in debt they are going to monetize, but don’t call it QE. . .The point is the central bankers are moving into a panic mode. I thought this was going to be more gradual. . . . all of a sudden, the signs are there that this is a panic.”

Hemke says there are plenty of signals being put out that things are getting much worse for the global economy. Hemke points out a new financial report out this week that says, “More than half of the world’s banks may not be able to survive the next financial crisis or recession because they don’t have the liquidity reserves—more than half. Let me hit you with one more. Mervyn King, who used to be Head of the Bank of England . . . earlier this week, said, ‘It’s time for the Federal Reserve and other central banks to begin talks behind closed doors with politicians to make legislators aware of how vulnerable they would be in the event of another crisis. What? Talks behind closed doors? . . . .They are doing everything they can to keep the illusion going. They are doing everything they can to keep the markets propped up. In the end, there is going to be a loss of faith in the central bank’s ability to keep it all going. This will bleed over to the demand for gold and silver. We are seeing that at the retail level, the institutional level and even at the central bank level. This is going to be a great year for gold and silver, and prices are only going to keep going higher.”

Is there an imminent financial crash near? Hemke says, “Yes, right, exactly. I think this explains the near panic move, not only by the European Central Bank (ECB) . . . but by Powell and the Fed when everything was fine in September to all these emergency measures now. . . . So, there is some pretty nasty stuff brewing out there. There is some real liquidity monetary tightness that is pushing things to the verge of collapse, really. They are doing everything they can to stave it off. . . . The curtain is being pulled back on central bankers, and it reveals them to be charlatans. . . . They are not these all-knowing masters of the universe looking out for the world. No, they don’t know what they are doing. They are just trying to maintain this illusion. . . . The demand for all the massive amount of money from the central banks and the Fed leads to a crisis of confidence in their ability to keep things going. Why would you not want gold and silver? There is a global awakening to that, and that is why prices have hit new all-time highs in 70 currencies around the globe, and we will see new all-time highs in dollar terms, too, next year.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes one-on-One with Craig Hemke of TFMetalsReport.com.

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After the Interview:

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Nice one Greg, really needed to hear this interview today.

    “But everything is okay”’ they say, there are so many articles on how to invest your money on the MSM sites.

    Yahoo Money a joke!



    Oh, I have finally given Credit Cards the boot. Mortgage stress is one thing, cards are just dilapidation. When you try and cancel the card they try all sorts of tricks to keep you around and continue as their monetary Slave.

    • Rob

      Greg, Thank you for having Craig on again as he is one of my favorite guests! The fact that he studies the Word and sees the birth pangs have been increasing proves he is connecting the dots between the financial world and the spiritual world:

      John 16:21 A woman when she is in travail hath sorrow, because her hour is come: but when she is delivered of the child, she remembereth no more the anguish, for the joy that a man is born into the world.

      In John 16:21 Jesus was hinting to the corporate body of the “manchild” that will very soon be spiritually born out of the woman(church) to a very high calling in heavenly places as the church should always be striving for:

      Ephesians 1:3 Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ:

      Revelation 12:5-6 And she was delivered of a son, a man child, who is to rule all the nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and unto his throne. (6) And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that there they may nourish her a thousand two hundred and threescore days.

      Please read Revelation chapter 6 as it is a snap shot of the 7 years of tribulation in which Jesus opens the 1st seal that releases this corporate body all over the world who will send forth his arrows two by two all over the earth:

      Revelation 6:1-2 And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four living creatures saying as with a voice of thunder, Come. (2) And I saw, and behold, a white horse, and he that sat thereon had a bow; and there was given unto him a crown: and he came forth conquering, and to conquer.

      Then Jesus begins to very quickly open the next 3 seals that unleash a lot of what Craig and you were referring to in this interview:

      1st seal ~ white horse ~ manchild ~ Moses was a type! ~ possibly by 2022 at the latest
      2nd seal ~ red horse ~ peace taken from the earth ~ possibly by 2023
      3rd seal ~ black horse ~ famine from both inflation and crop failure ~ possibly by 2024
      4th seal ~ pale horse ~ death that follows those 3 horses ~ possibly by 2025
      5th seal ~ the promise to finish the congregation of God in heaven!
      6th seal ~ the great day of our Father and His Son’s wrath commences!

      The purpose for the tribulation is to allow the whole world to prove whether they will stand in the congregation of God or the congregation of satan by each individual person’s death:


      • paul ...

        ROB … why do we have to “die broke” to prove we are with the lord … lets listen to what Craig Hemke is so accurately presenting to us … and go out holding our heads high (in the knowledge of what is to come) and try to prevent some of the suffering for our families by taking some prudent action “like buying gold and silver” … we can clearly see what Hemke is warning us about by looking at the yield curve in the following chart … http://thegreatrecession.info/blog/wp-content/uploads/Yield-Curve-Inerions-Recessions-1024×428.jpg … notice that when the orange line goes below zero “a recession follows (the dark vertical bars) … well folks … as you can see “the orange line is below zero” … so “we know” what is coming (and the Fed also knows) … so the Fed is in a panic doing QE (but not calling it QE 4-ever) … trying to delay the onset of recession with massive money printing until after the 2020 election … will they succeed? … it matters not with respect to gold … as the massive devaluation of the dollar now going on is going to drive the manipulated price of gold ($1490) toward the “unmanipulated price of gold” as reflected in the US National Debt Clock ($7602) … https://www.usdebtclock.org/

        • paul ...

          It seems like the Fed is trying to keep the economy pumped up for Trump … but are they asking Trump and getting concessions to play ball??? … according to Jim Rickards “Trump should win all of the swing states (Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin) and pick up new states won by Hillary Clinton in 2016 (Minnesota, New Hampshire, Virginia)” … he states that: “It looks like a victory of historic proportions for Trump … as long as he avoids a recession (presidents running for a second term almost always win reelection … unless there is a recession late in the first term which is what cost Bush and Jimmy Carter their reelections”!!!

        • Beverly

          Buying gold and silver is a good idea, I agree. But, even using gold and silver for money will only last so long. Really, the most valuable thing is food and other things we use everyday. With climate engineering going on and crops being manipulated, that puts us into a very scary time. People won’t be able to just go to the store with their money. People may not want to sell the food they produce, unless they produce plenty. We’re going to be put into a situation where everybody will have to be out there growing a garden and bottling the food they grow. If the dollar shuts down and the climate causes disastrous crop failures, then there won’t be normal production going on in the world or U.S. And, then we can also remember that these globalists want to take out at least 1/2 the world population. Killing people is their goal. Pretty sick stuff going on that we have to fight. And we will be like the pioneers who helped establish the west.

  2. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    I had an argument with a prepper friend today: I argued that the collapse could involve an apocalyptic and long-lasting complete collapse of the economy and hundreds of millions of deaths; he argued that it would probably only be as bad as the Weimar Germany or Zimbabwe. Then we met out in the desert to practice our tactical shooting for the third time in about ten days. All in all, a great day.

    • Greg Hunter

      Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. We both know you are going to need a lot.

    • uncommon sense

      To support your side of the argument, Weimar Germany and Zimbabwe were isolated events whereas this will be global – nowhere to hide!!!

      • K.Wayne

        Yep !!👏👏👏

      • paul ...

        Look at the following chart … the consumer has been borrowing “just to make ends meet” … https://www.zerohedge.com/s3/files/inline-images/GAP-Savings-DPI-CostOfLiving-3-101519%20%281%29.png?itok=qxN86Emb … the American people who voted for Trump in the last election gave him a mandate to not only reduce the size of our military spending (by bringing our boys home from the unending continuous wars overseas) … but to stop unnecessary government spending in other agencies … Trump is now bringing the boys home … but when Trump got elected he “increased defense spending” (not what we wanted) … he cut taxes (mostly for the rich) but should have instead been cutting bloated government agencies … which feeds the crony-capitalism that plagues our Nation … look at the chart above again … ordinary folks need a lot of help (so they can stop borrowing and reduce their debt) … yet chains are put on their COLA’s???

        • paul ...

          Trump is being played like a fool by the banksters … they make him continue to think that lowering the Fed Funds rate is going to boost peoples desire to borrow money and spend it to jump start the economy … when what these banksters are really doing “behind the scenes” is raising interest rates on peoples credit cards! … Trump should be telling the banksters to lower rates on peoples credit cards so they can get out of debt quicker (Warren “is more savvy” economically then Trump by proposing a lower cap on credit card debt then the current 27% the banksters charge the people)!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/trump-blasts-fed-derelict-its-duties-if-it-doesnt-cut-rates-next-week

    • Anthony Australia

      Willy shooting each other is not the answer either and I hope you are prepared for the spiritual consequences. I think this is something that Buddha and Jesus wouldn’t do.

      • K.Wayne

        Its called self defence and protection of loved ones.

      • William Stanley

        Thanks for your reply and your genuine personal concern.
        I agree that killing human beings imposes a horrible burden for many or most people . . . even when done in self-defense or defense of others. Colonel Dave Grossman wrote a couple of books on the topic, especially focusing on the psychological costs. See, e.g., https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/On_Killing
        Having to kill in self-defense or defense of others is a possibility that I don’t take lightly. Still, there is a certain joy in gaining competence and skill, especially when the goal is furthering the safety and survival of yourself and others.
        BTW, there are other skills besides the use of violence that one can learn to help others when the worst comes, including providing healthcare, sanitation, communications, and much else. I’m working on them, too.

        • Anthony Australia

          Love you Willy

  3. JC

    I love Hemke’s smiling face and cheerful demeanor as he describes the horror that is coming.

    • Beverly

      Hemke has come to terms with what is coming in the near future and that is why he can be calm. He is quite a good looking man, with a sharp mind and not too full of himself. Thank you Greg for having Craig Hemke on again. He seems to be able to predict the future quite well, all right. Great interview!

  4. JC

    Greg, your friends can’t afford twenty bucks for an ounce of silver? No, but I’ll bet they don’t hesitate to eat out. Let’s say a family of three goes out to a restaurant, they are going to spend probably at least sixty dollars. Why not stay home and prepare a dinner for twenty dollars and use the other forty to buy two ounces of silver?

  5. David

    Great interview!

    You can only pour hot water over an old tea bag so many times before it’s all used up and all you have is hot water.

    • Greg Hunter

      Many will be stunned about how bad this is going to get.

      • Jerry

        Highlight this.

        I’m waiting for the latest money velocity chart. It should explain a lot. When this thing pops, it’s going to get nasty quick.

        • Greg Hunter

          This shows something is really going wrong.

          • K.Wayne

            I’ve been closely watching this for over a month.
            Last week on the WNW I wrote this….
            “The focus has shifted to DJT – Impeachment and now Syria. The key here is that nothing is being disseminated about the REPO and the FED’s actions. Should there be a public disclosure of what actually is occurring behind the curtain, then the markets are toast. The game is up. Look at the DXY. That’s telling you exactly what this QE is doing with USD rejection. The FED’s action might be saving the financial system temporarily but we are headed for a significantly higher level of pain beyond that”.
            Since then we have had Democrat Elizabeth Warren query the FED on its REPO actions.
            Someone is finally paying attention.

        • K.Wayne

          It wont explain what the FED is hiding.

    • Uncommon Sense

      Law of diminishing returns does indeed apply here David. That is why the scale of QE always has to increase.

  6. andyb

    Greg: It is interesting that Craig envisions a crashing of the market by the FED, presumably as the only viable means to stop Trump’s re-election. I believe that impeachment would be far from certain because of SCOTUS and what may or may not be revealed by Barr/Durham. I also believe that assassination is not in the cards, not because they cannot find a white (nationalist or Christian) patsy (like Boothe, Oswald, or Hinkley), but that the average person would not buy it, considering the farce of the Warren Report and the proven anomalies of the official version of the JFK murder.

    But the problem still remains that the current Democratic lineup is a joke and no one currently running is electable, barring widespread voter fraud. I envision a brokered Democratic convention with a white (or black) knight emerging to save the day.

  7. Canadian Prepper

    Very precise and logical analysis. Here in Canuckistan cidiots and immigrants narrowly voted in our assclown Prime Minister (luckily a minority government). What was one of his moves during his previous administration? He sold off the last of our gold reserves.
    I probably have more precious metals than our government.

    • Lake M

      Canada’s gold is still in the ground. If gold has a rapid exponential rise in price,
      its likely countries will restrict exports to rebuild their treasuries. Easily declared emergency action if an economic crisis is taking place from a collapse in fiat currency.

      Britain also sold the Queen’s gold. The two governments qualify for the Alfred E Newman
      Award for Monetary Excellence.

      Funny things happen when empires collapse.

    • Jim Miles

      Trudeau may have sold off the last of Canada’s gold reserves, but the real sell off occurred during the 90s when NAFTA was being negotiated. Makes me wonder if that is more than coincidence. Both Liberals and Conservatives carried this sale forward.

  8. Roy madison

    This emergency action will be successful. As long as there are funds available for Joe six pack and business to make their monthly payments it will work. It’s when there is a bottle neck in the chart , is where there would be a collapse. “They” have to keep greasing the skids and not let up for a moment or there will be a domino effect. Trillions are going to be pumped into the market this go around. In the meantime it’s a great time to stack and prepare. Silver is artificially low, take advantage while there is still a supply out there .

    • K.Wayne

      ‘…”They have to keep greasing the skids and not let up for a moment….”
      ……… @ 10Years and counting.
      I sense that the FED is not about to create the platform for a market collapse in the immediate future. If this were true then we would have an argument over the nature of the REPO activity.
      It could be contested that the FED is re-liquifying the Banks to replenish their capital base …in anticipation of the eventual turmoil (one which the FED cannot control).
      Either way the FED has repeatedly gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure the safety of their brethren. This is seen for what it is…….. Self interest and Self preservation.
      The owners of the Money supply have absolute power.

  9. Alan

    Thanks again Greg, always enjoy hearing you and Craig discussing the lunacy that is the global economy, the markets, etc. It’s all a kind of kooky Kabuki as I call it. Also I think we can all acknowledge that the massive greed and thievery have not been a result of mismanagement but a grand illusion and sleight of hand all intended to benefit a small few at the expense of the many. So what else is new?

  10. Stan

    I have friends at the Federal Reserve so I get a lot of inside info on things happening in the country. And I’m getting tired of people bashing the Fed. The Fed has dome a masterful job of managing the monetary system.

    • Justn Observer

      The FED just ADMITTED …RIGGING ….free markets…. that is skimming and manipulating…NOT managing ! hmmm so if someone gets insider info and trades on it…is that illegal? other than if one is in Congress? LOL

      • Justn Observer

        The FED and rest of the Central banking is but a ‘faith based’ religion…that has been ‘bashing’ the people of the world for centuries…Interesting you use the world ‘masterful’?

    • paul ...

      Stan … it seems the German’s are no longer listening to Deutsche Bank “who has not done a masterful job” managing money … and are now buying gold … https://zh-prod-1cc738ca-7d3b-4a72-b792-20bd8d8fa069.storage.googleapis.com/s3fs-public/styles/inline_image_desktop/public/inline-images/bfm6D59.jpg?itok=2gwLy5CQ

    • K.Wayne

      “Inside info”…… even a dumbass crook wouldn’t admit that.
      You are a categorical contemptuous liar.

    • Beverly

      The Fed is not even supposed to be in existence! It would have been legal to have the United States Treasury print money, but NOT a Federal Reserve. They are not a Federal agency. They are privately owned. And, the people who own the Fed, are all very corrupt people. They may not appear to be corrupt—-maybe they appear to just want the best for all of mankind. But, what they are doing is just making plenty of money for themselves, while they keep the common man struggling, barely able to make it. They want to be above other people and think of themselves as better and smarter people, when in fact they aren’t. They are actually causing tragedy all over the world. I don’t know where you get your information Stan, but this business of the Fed supposedly doing good, is just BS!

  11. Stan

    People bash the Federal Reserve when they have no idea what the Fed does. My friends at the Fed work tirelessly to ensure credit is readily available, to adjust interest rates to further growth, to regulate banks, etc. My friends at the Fed sometimes work 9 and 10 hour days and aren’t compensated nearly enough for their efforts.

    • paul ...

      Stan … Ordinary folk work 12 to 14 hours per day to hold two(2) jobs … and still half the US population earns only about $33,000 per year … https://www.zerohedge.com/personal-finance/goodbye-middle-class-50-american-workers-make-less-33000-year … yet your friends at the Fed Stan won’t allow ordinary folks to get a “real” cost of living allowance which should be 9% … instead they give us 1.6% (a negative COLA of -7.4%) like they give us negative interest rates … Stan perhaps “you can be our emissary” and tell your bankster buddies to lighten up on us (while they are pouring $10,000 dollar bottles of “bubbly” glasses of champagne to celebrate the new QE bailouts they just give themselves)!!

      • Jerry

        Careful Paul.
        Your posting to royalty. Stan gets up every day from his home in the Hampton’s and has Jeeves drive him to his job on Wall Street in his Bentley. Some days when he has time he meets with Martha Stewart to go over their investments with Deutsche bank. That blackberry Hilary carries? It’s a direct link to Stan, so he can keep her posted on inside investment information from the Fed. That mansion that Jed Clampett bought in Beverly
        Hills? Stan talked Jed into selling his gold stash back in Arkansas and Buying it. Stan’s a real genius when it comes to investments.

      • Stan

        Paul: In a way I am the Fed’s emissary to all you on this board. You should embrace our monetary system – it is flexible, dynamic and evolving, unlike a rigid Gold backed system. BTW, I rarely drink 5 figure champagne, maybe on New Year’s and on my birthday.

    • K.Wayne

      So which one is it Stan….. Deutsche Bank, Wells Fargo or Citibank….that you worked for? As I understand they have had some personnel movements recently and over the years. Banking’s a tough gig alright. Million dollar bonuses…. for selling your soul to the DEVIL.

      • Stan

        I worked for JP Morgan years ago. Learned the ins and outs of trading. Great bunch of folks at JPM.

    • Freebrezer

      Stan – If possible talk to your friends at the FED and recommend lending me 1 billion at the big bank rates (~0.50 to 0.75%). I can then loan that money back to the government at ~2.3 % and thus help all Americans … just because that is the type of person I am. In the mean time I get to pocket ~ 15 million … sounds like a great deal! Double dog please make it so! Yish Stan, the fed is enriching all that are close to it and stripping the wealth from the common worker! Talk about eyes wide shut.

      • Stan

        Freebrezer – While I encourage you to borrow as much as you can, I cannot help you with the interest rates you looking for.

    • Mike R

      stan – you are so full of crap.

    • Wild Bill

      Stan, “They have no idea what the Fed does” That’s why they should be audited.

    • K.Wayne

      Stan, you do realise that your game is up now. Too much info.
      Since you have friends at the FED (supposedly)…. then you are obviously anti-Trump.
      You are therefore Democrat by default and therefore you support the globalist agendas. You are a Marxist/Communist and anti-Christian if I’m not mistaken.
      You live in denial/clueless about the machinations of the Monetary system and have no sense of justice or of the Constitution.
      If I had to guess you probably live in one of the mid-south west or north west states.
      Given that most inside the FED only have acquaintances from within the Banking Fraternity or from the C-Suite of DOW 30 or those from SIFI’s (aka BANSTERS) or the FEDERAL POLITICO….. all of them corrupted and compromised, which paints you with the same brush.
      You have been exposed ….by your own self importance.

      • Stan

        K.Wayne – Why are you so biased against the people who run our monetary system? Why are you so angry? I will not reveal my politics – it is not relevant.

        • K. Wayne

          Stan, I could write an expose about the controllers of the monetary system, but time doesn’t permit.
          Self Interest, Self Preservation and the lack of care for the Working class are some of their characteristics. Nothing in their mandate/charter is adhered to. They are the LEACH on the American people & society, syphoning off wealth and shifting it to their masters. What at times seems like clueless acts are in fact well planned and executed agendas. They create booms and busts and expect that they are normal cycles which everyone should come to accept.
          Call me biased if you will….. but I simply do not accept that they should have the absolute power that they possess. These Luciferians are part of those vying for World Domination.
          Allowing them to continue to exist ….implicitly states that every citizen has granted them the permission to destroy their very own lives. That is achieved by many nefarious means….most of which I have delineated on this platform on countless occasions.
          I honestly don’t care for your political preferences. What I stated was that it was obvious given your extreme sympathy for the FEDERAL RESERVE.

          • Winston Smith

            Is it remotely possible that Stan is AKA MDB from Zerohedge who hasn’t posted there in quite some time now

  12. eddiemd

    Stephen. Our example for today.

    –“a man full of faith and the Holy Spirit”

    — “full of faith (grace) and power”

    — “wisdom and the Spirit by which he spoke”

    — ” his face as the face of an angel”

    We are called to be like Stephen. We may be required to give up our lives in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Be faithful to the end.

  13. Horsenut

    I agree with you Greg
    Not many of us can go out and buy an oz or 2 of Gold at current prices, But like you said, most can go out and buy a couple oz’s of Silver without hurting themselves too bad. 1 or 2 Weekly or monthly you still have a little backup. What happens when the banks go down?
    My bet is still on Silver…. If you watch gold when it goes up, silver tends to rise as well, it doesn’t seem to rise as much in contrast, BUT, the last few times they both jumped Silver out preformed Gold.
    If gold doubles from $1500 to $3000 (double) my bet is silver jumps from $17 to $70, it doesn’t seem like much, but it’s 4 times not just double. I actually think it will go higher than $70 in the long run. But I’m just an old horse trader!

  14. JC

    The latest from G.A. Stewart.

    As I mentioned in Part I, pay attention to Gold and Silver, the real money throughout human history. The experiment with fiat currencies is at an end. simply because of human greed. Consider Nostradamus consistency:

    Nostradamus Quatrain VIII-14
    The great credit of gold and abundance of silver,
    Nostradamus Quatrain III-5
    Shortly after the default of the great luminaries [gold and silver]

    Nostradamus Quatrain VIII-28
    The replicas of gold and silver inflated,
    Which after the rape furiously thrown into the fire,
    After discovering all is dissipated and troubled by debt,
    On marble inscriptions new laws inserted.

    Nostradamus Sixain XXXIV (31)
    They will feel the effects of the bottomless purse.


    • paul ...

      JC … the Nostradamus Quatrain VIII-28 looks like it is right on the money:
      “The (fiat paper) replicas of gold and silver (are) inflated,
      Which after the rape (re-set) … (are)furiously thrown into the fire,
      After (people) discover all (their wealth) is dissipated and (they are) troubled by (derivative) debt, (then)
      On marble inscriptions (the Georgia Guidestones) new laws inserted (to reduce the population by 98%).”

      • JC

        paul… That is brilliant analysis on your part. Thank you, and I’m sure G.A. Stewart at http://www.theageofdesolation.com will also greatly appreciate.

        • paul ...

          JC … Seems Nostradamus had the Fed completely figured out many many years ago!!
          Nostradamus Sixain XXXIV (31)
          They (the ordinary folks) will feel the effects of the bottomless (Fed) purse (as QE 4-ever black hole is opened).
          JC … do you have anything on what Nostradamus said about getting rid of the Deep State???

  15. john duffy

    Sunshine on Vatican corruption.

  16. JC

    Attention paul… Put on your official Captain Video space helmet and check this out.

    “It is no coincidence that UFOs and Extraterrestrials are making news headlines these days. We are entering a pivotal phase in human evolution. These sightings merely confirm everything I wrote about massive UFO sightings around the Earth just prior to nuclear war.”


    • Anthony Australia

      They have been making headlines for the last 70 years. It is just now that the human conscience has developed enough to realise that they do exist. The military are also preparing us for the unveiling.

    • paul ...

      JC … Hopefully … these higher order beings who are likely abducting humans “to fix our morally corrupted DNA” (rather then just flood the world again like in the days of Noah to wipe out the evil ones comprising the Deep State) … will shut down the Deep States nuclear missile silos (the same way the USS Donald Cook was shut down) to prevent a worldwide nuclear war (because these higher order beings know there are at least 10 good men are in the world today obeying the Ten(10) Commandments) … and they know that the artificial insemination of Jesus “did work” to create (within the human race of men) a highly moral being!!

      • paul ...

        Jesus was artificially inseminated by the hand of the Father (with a higher moral consciousness) and sent to live among men to save the world … and Jesus told us straight out: “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by (being like) me” (John 14:6)!!

        • paul ...

          Believing in Jesus “to be saved” … is not simply saying “I believe in Jesus” … it is only by “acting like Jesus” will one be saved!!! … (i.e. Pedophiles hurting and killing children and at the same time saying “I believe in Jesus” will not be saved … those neocons proclaiming “they believe in Jesus” and then start continuous wars killing millions are not going to Heaven … those Demon-rats that burn babies on the alter of Baal … and will never say they believe in Jesus … nor ever act like Jesus (they are without question definitely going to Hell)!! … salvation is the resurrection of the body (through cloning techniques) after death by God the Father for all those who have lived a good and moral life … whereas evil people will have their DNA code “burned in fire” (Hell) by God and never ever be continually resurrected for all eternity!! (Satan “may promise” to resurrect evil people to do his bidding as Demon warmongering organ snatching child murderers … but how far can even such Demon-rats trust a known lair and thief)!!!

    • Energy

      Very cool thank you for this onsite.

  17. True Historian

    The FED/Central Banks Plans are being fulfilled. Nothing they do is “out of control”. This is part of their plans. The Economists Magazine [written by the FED] had all of this predicted for 2018. Trump winning has altered the timing of their plans a little bit.

    This is just a mechanism to get more Congress approved “QE to Infinity”.

    Read “The Creature from Jekyll Island”.
    Destroy the FED/Kill the Creature

  18. iwitness02

    If it takes a crisis to dispel the monetary illusion created by the central banking system, then lets have the crisis. The sooner the better. I am tired of all the illusions.
    Politics, justice, multiple genders beyond male and female, education, farming with roundup, pharmaceuticals, MSM as news, fiat currency, satanic cults as religion, the military industrial complex, endless and ever increasing taxes, weather warfare, lawfare, wars, human trafficking, budding police state, all are illusions of life and liberty. I want reality. But reality is illusive. So if if it takes a crisis, so be it. There is almost no such thing as honesty on the earth today. There is enough darkness already, I hope the light of truth is coming our way. Soon! And bigly.
    Enduring a crisis, for freedom, is a price I’m willing to pay.

    • iwitness02

      Part of the illusion, is that some of things mentioned above, don’t really exist. The horrors exist, but we’re not supposed to know. This whole thing has been sort of a confusing comment. Guess it boils down to this: give me truth, not lies.
      Greg an his guests are doing just that. To the best of their abilities. Thank you.

  19. Dave

    Why is no one in controlled conservative media mentioning this? They are saying to a person almost that the economy is the strongest it has been ever and will only get stronger if Trump is re-elected? Are these wizards of smart really not that smart when it comes to the economy? If Craig Hemke were to guest on one of these conservative shows he’d be labeled an anti-Trumper for what he is saying.

    As to Craig’s mention of a company that allows you to buy increments of gold/silver every month, the downside is that, unless one personally holds the metals, in a time of crisis it would be all but impossible to get the metal in one’s personal control.

  20. Steve.0

    Great show Greg, always appreciate Craig TF Hemke.
    Way off topic but lately I keep hearing about 22 veterans dying every day by suicide which I think should be calculated as a cost of ongoing war. We should all be praying for President Trump in his efforts to save the economy and withdraw from perpetual wars.
    Best to you and all your viewers and guests.

  21. Roacheforque

    I think it was pretty obvious back in September that this was no temporary arrangement.

    • K.Wayne

      Nothing is known about the actual circumstances behind the sudden spike in overnight lending rates….then the sudden supply of crack to the wall street junkies. All we know is that QE has commenced…..but not at the quoted rate of $60BLN a month….more like $60 BLN A DAY !!!!

    • paul ...

      Yes R … It is now obvious that the inevitable banking crisis has begun … so how will gold react? … look at what gold did back in Oct 2010-11 … https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/iJ41dAL8LEv3kXDpIDi7lpoJPbAF8-yk6zZ2IVc2q0TBLEqnoZa9xo9PBPMMSjCk72BoJ4RBk2NpkySqeAQrdP26S8Av1bQneZbRfx94kTVpn6X-1Uv9-XH0JRqMaD1LWKviXW6y … it had some trouble breaking through the double blue dashed line … then look at how easily gold broke through the double blue line in July 2019 … go back to Apr-Jul 2011 and see how gold took three tries to break through the red dotted line … and how easily it broke through 1381 recently … with all the Fed printing going on it looks to me like gold will blast through 1550 on the next try!!

  22. Ronnie

    I watched this interview on USAwatchdog first…..then on ZEROHEDGE. another win…… The Donald is not the only one getting all the action.
    CNN losers past and present…this video in not on a PAID for AirPort passenger lounge TV.
    FEAR NOT, USA Watchdog is bring the truth. So buy a little silver on payday.

  23. Justn Observer

    Greg, Seems a lot of things never get posted in MSM? =
    Arizona Adoption Attorney Arrested for Human Trafficking Had Strong Connections to Jeff Flake and John McCain= October 11, 2019 =

    Thinking the get POTUS Trump out of office must be at fever pitch by now? lol

  24. Bill B

    GREG; Junk silver.
    When the economic collapse comes and we begin using our junk silver, how will it be used?
    Will a quarter be worth 25 cents, or the value of the silver it contains ?

    • paul ...

      Bill … Your question has been answered by Kyle Bass … he is buying nickel coins because he knows the nickel and copper it contains will be worth more then 5 cents with all the QE going on … a nickel will be worth “the metal that it contains”!!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/personal-finance/kyle-bass-trade-coming-back-cost-nickel-surging
      Note: a big underlying advantage of the lowly nickel over a gold and silver coin is its stamped value of 5 cents … the banksters can’t manipulate the price of this coin below the 5 cents stamped on it (no matter how much they manipulate the commodity price of copper and nickel down) … so if you are afraid of buying a silver dime Bill because you are paying $2 dollars for a coin stamped “10 cents” … buy some nickels (they have zero downside risk) and in a hyper-inflation both copper and nickel metal prices will also soar!!

  25. Justn Observer

    Greg, Seems the whole Ukraine delay will be folding soon…too much truth leaking out…the characters/informers past are all catching up…and the underlying story is become exposed about the nuclear/energy dealings using all the forms of trafficking is bubbling up….

    • Justn Observer

      Excellent thread on this twitter as to who the ‘informer’ Taylor is, is father, his ties to Bolton and Hillary…and the development of small truck size nuclear reactors just as George Webb has been saying…another Opps come true? Anyone waiting for AG Barr or anyone else to get to the meat of this will be sadly disappointed… If the truth ever comes out it likely will be the world leaders stealing $$$trillions thru patent thefts, and nuclear material scams from stolen warheads to make fuel rods, hedge funds for conflicit oil and pipelines, child-drug-weapons ratlines, all put on the back of unsuspecting taxpayers ! watch prior vid link…
      For those that do not know who Lawence Gise is…= Jeff Bezo grandfather who

  26. Self Exiled

    I think derivatives are imploding.

    • paul ...

      Your right SE … this “QE not” is the effect “the imploding derivatives” are having on the Fed!!

  27. leo

    it might come down not to how much silver you have but how much lead you have. You wont be able to buy that when the shtf…just saying.

    • paul ...

      If we run out of ammo we can make arrows from tree branches for our cross-bows (which don’t need a silencer) and won’t alert the Deep State goons attacking us as we take them down in self defense!

      • Leo

        Paul you are a treasure and a patriot. Leo

    • Nick in UK

      Reloading is a fairly simple skill to add to your preparations. Start by saving all your fired brass cases.
      Most of the equipment is US manufactured so if we can do this in UK and Europe it should be easier and cheaper in the US.
      You can soon build up a significant pile of components and even mould your own lead bullet heads, or at least learn how to.

      This is plan B.

      Plan A is having a significant stock of ammunition and not waiting until 2 minutes to midnight to try and stock up.

  28. SilverHawk

    Gold and Silver still under 100% control by FED & JPM. Every launch is brought back down by the end of the day or week. Last week of September silver closed at 17.50. Every Friday close in October has been EXACTLY 17.51. Thats total control. Even with silver to paper ratio leaping from $845 to $914, Really should be $1828 if you add missing $22T. My advice still stands from back in 2001 when I said buy as much PHYSICAL silver and hold it in YOUR possession. Including selling anything denominated in Federal Reserve debt notes. No other form of silver is safe or will be accessible when TSHTF, only the silver buried in the backyard. The dollar ponzie scheme is close to the end. You’ll know when, when gold and silver have limit up days. For silver I believe it’s $2.50 an ounce. And shortly after that, all PM dealers will sell out.
    Be prepared. Boy Scout motto.
    A few years ago I calculated that it took $28 million to equal a true millionaire, as measured from the period of time of America’s first millionaire, in todays inflated currency. Now I think it’s closer to $40 million. Federal Reserve notes are not an asset. They’re an IOU. Silver is a UOM (you owe me).

    • paul ...

      SilverHawk … like your adding the missing $21 trillion into “the silver to paper ratio” provided on the US National Debt Clock … making “the true value of silver” $1828 (or over 100 times greater then what the banksters have manipulated it down to for them to buy cheap)!!!

      • SilverHawk

        And thats just going by how much money we publicly know about. How many more dollars have been created that we dont know about, that could push silver’s real value up even more. $2000? $3000? $5000?

  29. Jerry

    It’s time for people to wake up. We are on the cusp of some major social unrest within the next few weeks. The deep state has plans to take this nation right over the edge.

    Marine reserves have been called up. Estimates are around 60,000. And a very close friend ( who is an officer) that was supposed to retire in March has been ordered to extend for another eighteen months. Greg, presidents simply don’t put family’s under that type of duress unless something major is coming down the pipe.

    Call it fear mongering. Call it whatever you like. But I’m coming closer to the feeling, that my time here is coming to a close, as events
    that we have talked about for years begin to unfold. When that happens, what is there left to discuss ? When realities hit. Priorities shift. Speculation turns to action. Indecision and lack of preparation will have its own consequences, as reality rears it’s head above the layers of delusion.

    • Jerry

      I have developed a theory about what is about to happen, based on information from my sources, and what is happening in the impeachment hearings. I firmly believe that the repo pump up

      is a prelude to collapsing the economic system on top of the deep state and its minions in one foul swoop. If I am right, it’s sheer genius. The collapse will be blamed on the democrats and the deep state, as a result of impeachment proceedings, and then the FISA documents will come out and seal their doom. In essence president Trump doesn’t have to do anything but let nature takes its course and then pull the plug on the repos when the time is right. Greg it will be EPIC! Military reserves have, I repeat ….have, been called up. It’s not speculation. I personally know members of elite marine reserve units that were called up here in Missouri quite suddenly. Forget the bogus naysayers. This is no drill. It’s for real. The time for speculation is coming to close. We will soon know the truth. All of it.

      • Greg Hunter

        You might be right on this. At the very least, there is a huge liquidity struggle going on right now globally. Lots of warning signs come from big financial entities and big people.

    • Mike R

      I’d have no problem if Trump wanted to dispatch those 60,000 marines, to arrest all House congressional Dems, and MSM parties, complicit FBI,DOJ, CIA agents, involved in concocting the #Shampeachment. Its truly treasonous and seditious on everyone’s part condoning and perping this evilness…. since they have been trying since before day 1, to oust him.

  30. Jerry

    Foreign agent contributed money to DNC.

    Imagine that. Democrats taking money from a foreign agent? We didn’t hear about that on MSNBC did we?

  31. Paul Anthony

    You should prepare. . I believe all that .. do it. PLEASE!

    But the most important thing to l know is to look up and know the Lord. Know that this is as much of a spiritual war than anything. Be smart … pray daily and have a relationship with God.

    There is nothing more important than that. There is NOTHING BIGGER than God – Not Trump .. Not the deep state, not a single politician.

    I know people will scoff at me for saying KNOW GOD!

    That’s ok by me .. scoff ..

    Truth wins.

    I really feel like at the end of this there will be a huge awakening to Christ. Unfortunately, probably massive lives lost as well . if you are right with HIM – then you really should “fear not” I am for real .. be fearless against the deep state. Don’t fear them they are a joke after you take away their power they are at the core CLOWNS!

    The spiritual war aspect of what is happening I believe should be talked about more.

    Its the actually core of what is happening. THIS IS SPIRITUAL – This ie God and the Devil ! This is not a movie or TV show. The deep state HATES YOU because God LOVES YOU!

    My opinion is this is the truth of EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW !

    Paul Anthony

    • paul ...

      PA … God the Father has been watching over us from the beginning … and has always had a relationship with us … we are his children … and he is our Father … he loves us as we do him … but children need to grow up and stand on their own for what is right … and help Dad out in this fight against evil … one way to do it is … to vote out of power all the bribe taking Demon-rat pedophiles and warmongering Rinos in Washington DC in the coming 2020 election!!

  32. leo

    It is like Greg said, we have no idea how bad this could get. Think of the worse scenario and it would be ten times worse. Thing is, nobody believes it is even coming. I know only a rare few who are even a little prepared. I have a 30 year old daughter with a 7 month baby an she is full of life and happiness yet to say anything like this would crush her spirit and completely ruin all her joy. Sometimes I am totally lost as to what to do.

    • Coalburner

      A lot of us know how that is Leo!

      • Leo

        thank you for your response that was helpful. Leo

  33. Coalburner

    Great Interview!

  34. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report.

  35. H. Craig Bradley


    Gov. Gavin Newsome, former Mayor of San Francisco, is proceeding to dismantle Calif. or make it into the image of a Liberal Utopia. Problem is, his style of government is more akin to a wreaking ball in a blighted neighborhood. His plans are very destructive to the interests of most Middle Class Residents, yet he was elected anyway.

    Being ambitious, he sees himself as a future contender for the Democratic Nomination for President in the future. Should Gavin Newsome take his California Plan to Washington D.C. and apply it to the rest of the country, then you will see real estate tank but gold go way up. In fact, I would become a buyer if he were to ever mount a national campaign.

    I expect one of the first things he would do is implement United Nations Agenda 21 designed to get rid of our preference for single family dwellings or homes. This could be achieved by revoking the IRS capital gains exemption for homeowners of $250,000 and eliminating single family dwelling zoning designations in favor of mixed use and multifamily. Think $2 Trillion in annual Federal Deficits and higher interest rates to boot. Start swinging that wrecking ball.

    We should all prepare for drastic changes in America after President Trump leaves office in 2025. This is when the curtain comes down on the Trump Legacy. After that, its collectivism with a vengeance. Buy gold, hide out.

  36. enlightened chimp

    These folks in charge, ( I use this word very very loosely),
    are just like the captain of the Titanic , Captain Smith of the White Star Line.
    Instead of realizing the imminent sinking of the world economy, these fools are busy gathering broken iceberg pieces up to make martini’s and hard liquor drinks ,
    parting like its the beginning of the Millenium

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