Kavanaugh Triggers Dems, Declassified – Deep State Panic, Obama Trump Meeting Revealed

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 353 9.21.18)

Today, I am doing something different for the Wrap-Up. I have brought in Dr. Dave Janda of the popular radio show “Operation Freedom” to talk about the week’s top stories. The Wrap-Up is more in the form of a discussion and not the normal presentation.The confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court continues to spiral out of control. Will Dr. Ford, who has made a serious sexual assault allegation from more than 35 years ago about Judge Kavanaugh, testify in front of Congress? The Democrats look desperate to block Kavanaugh because after he is seated on the highest court all Hell is going to break loose. Indictments cometh from the Trump Administration.

Dr. Janda says what the Democrats are doing is panicking over the declassifying and release of incriminating DOJ and FBI documents that prove there was a plot to frame President Trump with phony evidence. The Dems and Deep State are fighting the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court because they know when he is seated, Trump will have another judge loyal to the Constitution and a solid 5 to 4 court. This means that criminals in top positions in the U.S. government can and will be indicted. The Dems and Deep State are doing everything possible to block Kavanaugh, but he is going to be pushed through.

Dr. Janda also reveals that his sources say a meeting took place between former President Obama and President Trump. Why did Obama call for a meeting? What was the outcome? Janda breaks this news and puts it into perspective.

Another hot story happened in the Middle East, and a gigantic conflict was averted–for now. Janda says the Deep State is desperate to get Russia pulled into a fight to cover up all the financial crimes that the top New World Order players have committed. Russia did not take the bait, and Janda explains why with the help of his sources.

Greg and Dave also talk about the reset of the economy and the restoration of the rule of law that is coming.

Join Greg Hunter and Dr. Dave Janda as they do an in-depth discussion on the week’s top stories in the Weekly News-Wrap-Up. (It’s 1 hour and 20 minutes long.)

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After the Interview:

Retired firefighter Mark Taylor, author of “The Trump Prophecies,” will be the guest for the “Early Sunday Release.”  Mark Taylor’s  popular book has been made into a full length feature film that has an early October release date.   Click here to see the trailer.

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  1. Russ

    Thanks Greg. Long wrap-up but Dr Janda always brings it, so good wrap-up.

    Regarding the Judge Kavanaugh confirmation — an article came out today in which it’s theorized that there was another guy involved who looed and still looks fairly similar to the Judge…
    “Was Kavanaugh Accuser Almost Raped By His Doppelgänger? A New Theory Emerges”

    So much he said/she said, and no one including Dr. Ford realy knows what happened. Judge Kavanaugh says he wasn’t there at all, but that doesn’t mean he knows it didn’t happen. Maybe it did and she’s simply confused as to who… 35 years later is not conducive to memory. Yeah, maybe something happened, we just don’t know where, when or apparently who. Monday’s hearing may be very interesting.

    • Tad

      Yes, confusion seems to abound. I wonder if Mr. Ford would be open to extensive questioning that may or may not, reveal his wife’s high school peccadilloes?

      It may be too early to tell, but should Mr. Kavanaugh lose the nomination based on “confusion,” he could keep a professor, California US Senator, and others busy with defending against defamation of character, slander, and libel suits.

      The easy money might come in suits against the likes of Steven King, Alyssa Milano, Chelsea Handler: the current list of usual suspects likely to agree to out-of-court settlements and possibly a court-mandated public recanting.

      I can’t wait till Monday, Greg.

      • John Vilven

        There are serious scriptural consequences for bearing a false witness as well.

    • Russ

      More coming out…
      “Was Kavanaugh Accusation An Orchestrated Hit Involving Fmr Anita Hill Adviser?”
      “…An audio recording purportedly from a July conference call suggests that Christine Blasey Ford’s sexual assault accusation against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh wasn’t simply a reluctant claim that Diane Feinstein sat on until the 11th hour.
      The recording features Ricki Seidman – a former Clinton and Obama White House official and Democratic operative who advised Anita Hill during the Clarence Thomas hearings, and who was revealed on Thursday as an adviser to Ford by Politico. …”

  2. Marcus

    Tell me this Is Kavanaugh baby W.Bush left hand man, how dose this work in to be honest with the crimes attached to Bush…… Is bush being let of the hook again for a trump victory.

    • Matt

      Not only that, wasn’t Kavanaugh the lead in covering up the Vince Foster murder?
      This hope porn really concerns me. Just sounds too good to be true, especially with Trump hiring soooo many deep state scumbags. Interesting piece about Trump, deep state, Kavanaugh, etc over at lewrockwell dot com today. Called “He blew it.” Would love to hear your thoughts on that Greg.

  3. Gina M Mancarella

    NO VOTE NEXT WEEK !!!! Also, she is not going to be ready to testify Monday. Thursday is about right to begin so they need to postpone until then and testimony should take 8 or 9 weeks by the time they interview all the pertinent witnesses and perhaps cross examinations of Kavanaugh and his supporting lying witnesses.

    • Greg Hunter

      Dreaming. Dems do not run the Senate. Is this what your troll Dem buddies are telling you?

  4. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: Thank you so very much.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you William.

  5. Mark James

    Long, but VERY GOOD WNW / Interview.

    I would love to see all the money from these deep state monsters funnel into the US Government to pay off all this ridiculous debt.

    One thing I am sad to see is yet another year pass without the truth of 9/11 coming out. Maybe once all the criminals have come clean, we will know the truth of what happened.

    Thanks Greg and Dave for a great interview!!

    • brian

      The problem we have here is that even if the debt is paid off the apparatus that accumulated that debt would still function and of course need to be dealt with as well.

      The problem with the criminals coming clean and having the truth come out is that we must also have a population that has the wherewithall to ensure such a release of truth results in something positive.

      Lets be honest, most (as in almost everyone) people do not have to strain themselves too hard to come to admit this government in general is a corrupt heap of shit. We are all swimming in clear and abundant evidence that this government has been corrupted to the point of co-option. In that sense the truth is already out, or at least enough of it to indict us all of willful ignorance; and for that transgression, which we inflict upon ourselves, we will continue to suffer for as long as we allow ourselves to be lorded over by such an obscene, ghastly, motley horde of sub human, unrepentant, godless shit.

      Its my firm belief that nothing substantive will be done to curtail this problem until a significant portion of American people cut their losses and dedicate themselves to the arduous task of grappling with this problem we all have called the government.

      People should be coming together and seeking to wrap their heads around this reality we are in, they should be taking an honest measure of the cost removing such corruption would incur upon them as opposed to the cost of doing nothing, they should be attempting to rediscover all the brilliant debates and well reasoned arguments that culminated in the formation of the representative republic that enshrined the ideals of limited government, the protection of private property, liberty, the rule of law, due process and our God given rights in its constitution and they should seek to find within themselves the God given strength, discernment, fortitude, zeal, fire and wisdom to do all that they understand to be necessary in order to ensure that a stable, lawful and God fearing society is forged and maintained.

  6. Derek Sinclair

    Put aside the host of inconsistencies in her story and the published reports of what her students thought of her before these accusations (“terrible teacher”, “something wrong with her”) and the fact that she IS a Dem activist. She was 15 years old at the time and who knows any 15 year old girl who doesn’t tell her girlfriends EVERYTHING, and yet there is no contemporaneous support for her story. Time to open the false accusation case against Ford – and she knows it which is why she’s now constantly moving the goalposts.

    • Tin foil hat

      ” Time to open the false accusation case against Ford – and she knows it ……”
      She knows it and everybody else, including the Democrats, knows it. The only difference between Ford and the rest of the Democrats is that she is the only one who has to deal with the consequence of making this false accusation.
      This is a in your face manifestation what the Democrats are all about.

  7. Gina M Mancarella

    Yep, you ought to call this Censorship USA !

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t post every propaganda lie you want to post here. I also did not post your nasty offer from you and a girlfriend either. (I did save it for evidence along with your url and email.)

      • Gina M Mancarella

        The fact is you cant debate issues on their merits. You debate issues only by your agenda, which is extreme right wing radicalism against women’s rights, African American civil rights and families in general. At some point you must decide if you have basic decency and humanity.

        Well, do you Greg ?

        • Greg Hunter

          Are you reading the unhinged posts that you write here? You come off sounding nuts.

          • Jerry

            Gina is a case study in abnormal human behavior. Same old fixation. Same old tired worn out cliches. Same old hollowed out beliefs. Karl Marx was right. In socialism all you need is a strong back and a weak mind.

            • Greg Hunter

              Yep. I put her on to let people know what the left thinks.

          • Frederick

            I totally agree about Molyneux He obviously isn’t that stupid and yet denies reality when it comes to 911 Evidently he gets paid well to sell his soul to Satan like that

          • WD

            The left are the ones that believe in all these test and racism…dont you dare marry the right with this racism fantasy you have.

          • William Stanley

            Do you doubt that ON AVERAGE border collies differ innately/genetically from scottish terriers and Labrador retrievers in their ability and desire to perform certain tasks, as well as in their physical and emotional characteristics and proclivities?
            As an Englishman, you surely have to agree with me on this one point: ON AVERAGE, dogs are innately morally superior to humans . . . even though dogs and humans are both people.

          • Gina M Mancarella

            Let’s see you do better. Put your money where your mouth is or shut up.

        • Vlad da Mam

          [I’m from Boston.] You threatened Greg and our lives here on USAWatchdog.com, along with your alter ego Rich the Treadhead. Your out to get us, trap us. You don’t fool us, because your the fool.

          Why don’t you just leave us alone and go out and play. Play pretend your bombing ASSad in Damascus or something.

          As Mr. T used to say, “I Pity the Fool!”

          • Gina M Mancarella

            You are mistaken. I never threatened anybody and I have no alter ego.

            YOU are the FOOL.

        • Dr Darryl Jewett

          Feminism is women manipulating the public with the spectacle of their imaginary victimhood and authoritarians acquiesce to persecute conscientious men in exchange for votes, money and absolute power.

          Feminism and the patriarchy are different sides of the same evil coin. Put another way, feminism is the patriarchy. Women shouldn’t be allowed to play the game and be the game at the same time.

          Whenever and where ever you find women whining that they’re oppressed, the men are oppressed much worse. And usually by the women and their feminist familiars.

          Women in the US and everywhere today are the single most privileged demographic in all of human history. Living like pigs at troughs, and so stupid that they don’t even understand how privileged they are or where their privilege come from – the hard work of men.

          So privileged are women in the US that the average woman in the Baby Boomer generation will outlive the average man by approximately six years. (Sixty yrs ago, the average life-expectancy of the average man and woman differed by only about six months.)

          And for that generation (Baby Boomers) it’s only because the average life-expectancy of women has out-paced men. That reflects the excessive privilege of the average woman. Not the average man.

          For Gen-X, the average life expectancy of the average man won’t just fail to keep pace with women but it will actually decline against women. And the gap between men and women for life-expectancy will increase.

          What on Earth more do women want that they don’t already have and at the extreme expense of the lives and livelihoods of men? Pay-gap?? The average woman has and has had a much greater net-worth potential than the average man for decades.

          The excessive demands by women have become a bottomless pit that can never be filled and it’s time to stop trying. Repeal the 19th Amendment. Giving women the vote has been the single biggest catastrophe in all of human history. It has turned our country into a matriarchy. Which is inherently unable to compete and advance. Hopefully no-one will make that mistake again.

          • Gina M Mancarella

            Women have reached a point where we wont take this bullying any longer. We wont be subverted, objectified, bullied or assaulted.

            In Indian culture, women are revered ! Men worship at the alter of our Yoni and are rewarded for such. If you are just another pig of a man, then you shall have your reward, which is NOTHING !

        • Dan

          Gina – There are NO merits for ANY of these SCUM BAGS, be they democrats or republicans. They are ALL bought and paid for, and have been now for a VERY long time. We live in a KLEPTOCRATIC OLIGARCHY. The main thing is to keep the goyim fighting against each other over EVERYTHING but what is of PRIMARY importance. And that, Gina, is very simply that our government is the TOP DOG on the planet for ORGANIZED CRIME. So you go on ranting about Blacks and Women, and Liberal Vs Conservative, and Men vs Women, etc. But the truth is we are ALL under the same boot. Too bad the goyim cannot see or understand this. But then again, that’s why there are called GOYIM. Meantime, the OLIGARCHY continues to herd us all back and forth, to and fro, while they continue to plunder our country for every last nickel.

        • paul ...

          Gina … you are like that huge magnetic anomaly under Antarctica … no one can figure out where it’s coming from!!

        • Donald

          “The fact is” … Gina inventing/concocting facts again… has no clue what radicalism is… and so on. Years ago people like this were locked up in some kind of mental institution, but due to costs they are running around everywhere….

    • al

      Gina, you are comedy relief much like the contrived witch “Dr” Ford, who flaunted her body at Kavanaugh in the prime of his sexual development. If Greg did not post your statement then it was probably too stupid to be stupid and a waste of web space. LOL!!!
      He has the right to do so, it’s his site. Get your own site to post and censor as you wish.
      You are hilarious!

      • Gina M Mancarella

        Just wait till Thursday. You are going to see something very extraordinary. Kavanaugh is going down. You just wait to see this. All you hating male chauvinist pigs are going to shit your pants on Thursday !

        • Greg Hunter

          Is this like when you said that Hillary would be elected and we would have to “all bow down”?

          • Gina M Mancarella

            Greg, You cant even begin to understand because you dont want to understand. There are none so blind as those who will not see. The evidence presented on Thursday wil be mind blowing and compelling. Kavanaugh will be excreted like a turd of foul smelling shit. He wants people to believe that he is above reproach, but on Thursday we find out.

            • Greg Hunter

              You wonder why I block your foul comments. I am only posting this to show people what I would normally block.

        • Bob

          Go Gina! If women ruled the world the planet would be heaven. (for 27 days a month at least)

        • Bob

          Gina needs to smile more.

    • Tin foil hat

      Gina M Mancarella,
      You should go over to the U.K. and resue the feminist movement. Btw, where is the outrage from the British feminists? Censorship UK?
      Perhaps I’m too old to understand that this female police officer was merely being culturally enriched


  8. Deloris

    I believe Putin is being measured in his response to attacks Because he knows the battle Trump is in with the deep state which is the same deep state Putin is at war with.

    • Tad

      Mister Putin is at war with America’s Fifth Column throughout Russia. That would include Jews and radical liberals.

    • paul ...

      Exactly Deloris!!

  9. Robert Dziok

    Infowars has posted on their website ( Infowars.com ) a presentation showing from multiple high school yearbooks pictures/references of Ford raising serious questions of her promiscuity then and raising doubts about her credibility/reputation.

    • Greg Hunter

      Other sources are posting that content too Robert.

  10. Fredrick Getzschman

    Great report.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Frederick!

  11. Mark James


    Maybe you want to cover some of the Project Vertias. It sickens me that our tax dollars are funding governmental employees who are trying to bring the government from the inside.

    Thank you for all you do!!!

  12. Donald

    Why??? (the answer is sooo easy when you know how a psychopath thinks…)

    Why did Christine Ford take a polygraph test? Easy. To make sure she could lie and pass the test.

    Why was her letter held back until the last minute. Easy. Its because they know its a lie and they wanted to use it as some form of leverage. It has no other value.

    Presumably she will be sued for making these false accusations.

    But I suspect that most have missed the best thing that will come out of this. Kavanaugh will fully understand what these psychopaths are (from personal experience), and whatever sympathy they could have counted on before is now lost.

  13. Donald

    Also, still waiting on this one:

    QUESTION!!! …. f o r …. Dr. Dave Janda!

    Here is a question I have – do you happen to have any sources that know if the Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview of 1976 is authentic or fake? I believe it came out in the early 1990s but was supposedly made in 1976. If true, it answers a lot.

    There are only three basic answers – true, fake, or unknown.

  14. Donald

    By the way, Dr. Dave Janda made an astute observation – that EVERY time someone from the Deep State/MSM “debunks” someone, they do so by making them look bad (usually by false accusations). There is zero factual analysis to refute the claims made against them. This is Psycho 101 response to anything you dislike – belittle the messenger, therefore the message is automatically and “factually” “proven” as false. The psychopath is a person who invents reality to suit their need. And their need is to take whatever they can from whomever they can whenever they can. A large portion of politicians are not in office to serve, but to serve themselves through theft, pay to play, bribes, whatever. These people are microcosms of much BIGGER billionaire psychopaths out there whose wealth is largely due to some form of legal theft. A useful interview to listen to is:


  15. Jon

    Wow, great report! I’ve been watching your web site for quite some time but have never posted. Interesting times. I certainly hope your correct about all the people that are flipping and the upcoming charges of the perps at the DOJ, FBI et all. Thank you and keep up the good work!


  16. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr Janda.Shocking and astounding!

  17. AL

    Greg, Enjoyed the WNW. Just a point to note in your discussion with Dr. Janda: Congress really is not obligated to “obey” an EO. EOs are the Chief Executive’s means of directing the Executive branch of government. They are not really law, and Congress is a separate branch of government.

    Regarding classification and redaction, nobody just waves their hand and says, “Classify all of that.” (Not supposed to anyway.) Every agency that handles/generates classified information has a Classification Guide and Redaction Guidance that refer back to USC, and that is LAW. Likewise, classified information is very specific, and there has to be a reason for classifying it IAW the classification guidance. The EO basically summarizes the law……which they were supposed to be following anyway. Search for DOJ Classification Guide if you want to follow that trail.

  18. Jerry

    Sheer genius. Stay on this story. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes that is being kept from the American sheeple. When the truth finally does comes out, there won’t be enough prozac to go around for all the people who have been living is denial.

    • Jerry

      Connect the dots Greg.

      Lindsay Graham was laying the foundation for what is to come. Americans can choose to live in fantasy land, or come to grips with the fact that by executive orders President Trump is preparing the government for martial law and military tribunals. You can’t fix the banking system until you get rid of the criminals, and he knows that. Oh and the fall back plan.? That would involve the Chinese and their alternate exchange system, that’s already been installed into the international banking system.

      • Mohammad


        It is as clear as the sun in the sky of a nice summer day.
        Great find, thx.


      • Occasnltrvlr

        So, the Chinese back the Yuan with gold after the US military tribunals? Good to know.

      • paul ...

        A further dose of reality is that the Deep State stole the anti-gravity machines (with the capability to levitate huge stones like those in the Egyptian pyramids) for themselves and they have built their own flying saucers (outfitted with electro-magnetic pulse scalar weapons) to transport their heroin and weapons … and they are using zero-point energy to power all their equipment … these technologies like zero point energy belong to the American people … instead we are forced to burn oil to heat our homes, gas to drive our cars, kerosene to fly our planes and rocket propellant to send our rockets to the Moon “like primitives” … when we can be flying in anti-gravity cars (that need no gas) and we can be lighting and heating our homes for free (using zero-point energy) … the American people must demand their right to these extraordinary advancements being held back from us the last 100 years (all paid for with out tax dollars) but usurped by the elite for their own private use!!

  19. paul ...

    The Deep State is finally being exposed as a “National Security Threat” … these warmongering neocons (neo-commie/facists) want to destroy our world (either by endless wars over decades or one big nuclear war in an instant) … these psychopaths must be stopped … Dr. Janda, Dr. G Greer, our Greg Hunter, Trump, etc., etc. are leading the charge “to disclose the truth” and finally bring the “Transnational Unconstitutional Criminal Cabal” to Justice … for some “Sirius disclosure” (about human made aliens, ET’s, zero-point free energy, anti-gravity, “faster then light” electromagnetic pulse scalar weapons, etc., etc.) take the time to listen to the following very informative disclosure by a man who was offered $2 billion dollars by the Deep State to keep his mouth shut and replied (like Jesus did to the Devil in the garden) “screw you”!! … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfIetGulZhE

  20. Matt Jaymes

    I half jokingly intimated after the great Catherine Austin Fitts and Michael Pento interviews this week, that you – Mr. Hunter – couldn’t raise the bar any higher. Well, Greg, you just blew that theory all to hell!

    It is inspiring to the point of getting a bus-size lump in my throat, to see you and your guests stand up and tell the truth; to look the devil in the eye and tell him to shove off! I hope your website spreads like a brush fire……..all over the globe.



    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Matt!!

  21. Paul Anthony

    This was a great interview!

    My wife goes to the Gym every morning for an hour down the street before work. I had on the wrap up when she left. She walks in and says Is Greg still on? Must be his longest ever. Right after She said that Greg says This mus be the longest wrap up I’ve ever done.

    Twelve assassination attempts. I am going to pray he is protected by The Lord. Though I think He all ready is I am STILL going to pray for the President and this country.

    Again, great interview!


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Paul. There was a lot to cover this week and I needed some help from the Doc that Rocks! I am happy you liked it.

  22. Paul Anthony

    Just an FYI for anyone

    In this link there is a PDF link that has 80 conservatives peoples web sites or channels they want taken down. I do not see Greg on the list. SO that is good! https://datasociety.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/DS_Alternative_Influence.pdf

    This PDF is from this web site https://datasociety.net/output/alternative-influence/

    Alternative Influence
    Broadcasting the Reactionary Right on YouTube
    Rebecca Lewis
    PUBLISHED 09.18.18

  23. Roger D

    Why does no one fight to regain our liberties? The Republicans’ Patriot Act and NDAA literally gutted our Bill of Rights. Yet we still cling to myth that Republicans are ‘on our side’.

    Anyone who thinks that Republicans are any better than Democrats truly does not understand the forces that are enslaving them. The same ‘man behind the curtain’ cleverly offered the controlled choices of ‘Good Cop – Bad Cop’. They sit back and watch us fight each other to usher in socialism or fascism. While different, both are “a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism”. Does anyone seriously believe that globalists care which one destroys us?

    Wouldn’t it be interesting to listen to a guest with fire in their belly for liberty? Perhaps Matt Bracken. Chuck Baldwin would be awesome. Who is Chuck Baldwin? He is the Constitution Party Presidential nominee who you should have voted for. But no, you had to have the darling of globalists, John McCain. See what I mean?

  24. Mohammad


    The Kavanaugh saga is dead serious and it is setting a precedent that will ruin the society for good to a no turning back if it is allowed to get legs.
    The law will throw this case out of the door and not hear it because of time statue limitation.
    Now if this carries through and the career of the top position candidate is destroyed by he said she said after 35 years then imagine what will happen when any one can claim anything on anybody any time they want and destroy that person.
    THIS IS A SCARY PRECEDENT and I have not yet heard any one talking about this frightening aspect of it….


    • Jan

      I agree 100% except for your last few words because I HAVE heard others talking about this dangerous precedent, which is that society has gone from agreeing that women [who allege sexual assault or harassment] should be HEARD to saying they should be BELIEVED (if politically expedient to do so). No one should ever be “believed” strictly on the basis of their particular memory of an alleged event without any corroborating evidence.

      Fox News Tucker Carlson has had several pieces on this topic. An excellent article at Fox News is here, which shows what happened back with the Thomas-Hill hearings and how that has led to an “end of civilization” in terms of filling the Supreme Court.

    • Tin foil hat

      ” what will happen when any one can claim anything on anybody any time they want and destroy that person.”
      The same Gulag as the ones who were accused of being “Counter-Revolutionary” in the Soveit Unions and China; Stalin or Mao were conveniently replaced by women, Jews, Blacks, Muslims or Mexicans.
      The targets in the crosshair knew better than to question the accuser, they would always either shut up (admit guilt) or step up (rat out another imaginary counter-revolutionary).

  25. andyb

    Greg: I wish I could be as sanguine as the good Dr about what, presumably, is going to occur. The far left enemy is insidiously evil with many tricks. Look what they have already accomplished in just the last 4 decades:
    1 The incremental abrogation of the majority of the Bill of Rights
    2 The decline in the nuclear family and the middle class.
    3 The rise in Marxism at all educational levels with the ensuing dumbing down of all critical thinking, elimination of civics, and the purposeful educational debt enslavement of young adults.
    4. The sexualizing of all aspects of society and the murder of millions of lives in the womb.
    5. the demonization of Christians.

    To be sure, we have another key enemy; the banker /globalist/corporate/surveillance state one. We can defeat this one at the next great financial reset if we can stop the leftist indoctrination and propaganda directed at our children, because the children ARE our future.

  26. Mohammad


    It is screaming fishy and smells rotten eggs the circumstances surrounding the downing of the Russian spy heavy bird specifically when knowing it was downed over the sea…!!!!

    here are some points and dots:

    1- The s200 is a Russian weapon.
    2- The Ilyushin Il-20M radar reconnaissance and electronic intelligence aircraft is a Russian airplane.
    3- Russian weapons and Russian planes have a way of identifying targets as (friend or foe) so they do not fire on each other.
    4- I am not buying the story that a Syrian S200 hit the Russian spy plane for it to do so it had to have the identification switch of (a friend or foe) to be turned off on either the plane or the system that fired the missile or both and that could of easily been verified which raises the chance of the French missile fired being the culprit, after all why the French would fire any thing period in the area?
    5- what was the Russian plane spying on? (nato? / US ships communications in the area?/ documented something about west backed terrorists in IDLIB? especially Russian reports about transferring chemical weapons between terrorists backed by the west to set it as a false flag? or to blind the eye that was watching that 24/7?)
    6- why the plane was downed over the sea?
    7- were there submarines by Nato/Israel waiting in the bottom of the sea for the big catch to strip it from valuables????????????????????

    Many many questions that raise eyebrows…..


    • Mohammad

      Forgot to mention
      8- locking the air and sea in the east Mediterranean from Cyprus to Syria is to make sure that Russians only will extract the plane and keep the sensitive parts from falling gin the wrong hands…….UNLESS…..someone already was there and got it….!!!!!!


    • Mohammad

      9- For the above reasons the Russian narrative of the Syrian S200 hitting the plane is a GRAND MASTER CHESS MOVE by Putin to foil WWIII and be blamed for starting it.

      The Israeli / US / UK / France loss is:


      • William Stanley

        You could very well be right about the S-200’s Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) capabilities for thinking it was not an S-200 that shot down the Russian plane.
        However, upon trying to look into the operation of the S-200, I’ve noticed that it seems to use an infrared targeting mechanism at the very terminal phase of its flight. Moreover, if the Israeli planes were very close to the Russian plane, it’s unclear to me whether an S-200 would automatically get diverted due to IFF; it’s also unclear to me how Israeli (or French) electronic warfare capabilities might fit into the puzzle.
        So, while Putin is certainly capable of the Grand Master move you describe, I still lean toward the “official” Russian explanation (with the addition of the infrared complication). That’s partly due to my skepticism that France would sacrifice one of it’s frigates as part of the plot (but, as some of us suspect, even a “Pearl Harbor” or “9/11” isn’t out of the realm of possibility). Nevertheless, I would appreciate you (or anyone else) letting us know if you have more or contrary information.

        • paul ...

          William … if weapon scientists didn’t build the S200 anti-aircraft missiles to distinguish between friend and foe … what does that say for the AI robots the Deep State warmongering neocons are currently producing like sausages to fight their many many enemies in the world in all the upcoming wars they’ve already planned? … can their AI robots be taught to be as good as human predator drone operators who bomb schools, weddings and hospitals? … will their AI robots be smart enough to stage coups and blame everything on Russia? … will their AI robots be smart enough to fly the Deep State’s anti-gravity saucers running drugs and guns for the CIA? … will their AI robots be smart enough to throw chlorine gas on civilians and blame it on Assad? … but even if weapon scientists can get AI robots to kill the right enemy … a lot of work will still probably have to be done to teach them to kill innocent women and children as good as humans!!

        • Mohammad

          Nothing more than what is in the news outlets and storming the mind…
          I cannot see how S200 can be the reason when Russians are the operatives of all Syrian air defenses.
          It is known that Assad’s autonomy is gone for good, it is the Russians from their base in Humaimeem Lattakia who are running the show including running the air defenses in Syria, They are the ones who downed the Israeli jet early on as an answer to a downed russian fighter jet before, also plz keep in mind the Israeli attack came on a sacred day in Israel where they are supposed to have a holiday (Yum Kippur) ……That carries a deep implication and a strong message to the Russians that few know. i cannot see them firing on their plane unless they are really dumb, not the case…


  27. SusanD

    I don’t believe this woman for a minute… so many holes in this story. That said, I am a somatic psychotherapist who works extensively with trauma. It is not all that uncommon to forget what has occurred only because people can dissociate or go into a freeze response. Please know that.

    • Greg Hunter

      Either do I Susan. Dr. Ford and the lying cheating Dems are doing legitimate victims a huge disservice.

  28. Chip

    Greg, please stop with the nonsense that the USA is the worlds largest oil exporting nation or please provide us with the sources that lead you to believe this fantastic yarn. The United States is a NET OIL IMPORTING nation meaning we consume far more than we produce (about 2:1). Here are some of my recent sources…

    In its monthly short-term energy outlook, the agency (EIA) forecast that U.S. crude oil output will rise by 780,000 barrels per day (bpd) to 10.02 million bpd in 2018. Last month, it expected a 720,000 bpd year-over-year increase to 9.95 million bpd.

    Output will only top 10 million bpd in the fourth quarter of 2018, however.

    SOURCE: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-oil-eia-outlook/eia-raises-2018-u-s-oil-output-forecast-to-highest-on-record-idUSKBN1E62IP

    Perhaps you are confusing “export” with “production” where it IS forecast that the US production may exceed either Saudi Arabian or Russian daily production in 2018 at just over 10 million barrels per day.

    SOURCE: https://oilprice.com/Energy/Energy-General/US-Oil-To-Break-Production-Record-In-2018.html

    The US is currently exporting roughly 3 million barrels of oil per day while the two OPEC nations of Saudi Arabia and Iraq export 7.5 and 3.6 million barrels of oil per day respectively.

    SOURCE: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/06/27/us-oil-exports-boom-to-record-level-surpassing-most-opec-nations.html

    Russian pipeline exports alone exceeded 4 million barrels per day.

    SOURCE: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trade-china-walmart/walmart-warns-trump-tariffs-may-force-price-hikes-letter-idUSKCN1M100D

    Then let’s talk about US IMPORTS…

    In 2017, the United States imported approximately 10.1 million barrels per day (MMb/d) of petroleum from about 84 countries. Petroleum includes crude oil, natural gas plant liquids, liquefied refinery gases, refined petroleum products such as gasoline and diesel fuel, and biofuels including ethanol and biodiesel. About 79% of gross petroleum imports were crude oil.

    SOURCE: https://www.eia.gov/tools/faqs/faq.php?id=727&t=6

    Now let us turn to CONSUMPTION…

    Total estimated US daily oil consumption in 2018 is 20.43 million barrels per day. As you see, when we only PRODUCE just over 10 million barrels per day there is no way we can be the number one exporting nation in the world. We’re probably the number one IMPORTING nation in the world or at least at the very top of the list.

    SOURCE: https://www.eia.gov/outlooks/steo/report/us_oil.php

    • Chip

      BTW, you and Dave did a fantastic job with this weeks WNW. Really enjoyed it and it really scared the sh!t out of me. I hope many of the things you are foretelling do come to pass (return of the rule of law)… Chip

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Chip.

    • Greg Hunter

      Chip not a “yarn” but reported recently: https://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2018/09/12/US-is-now-the-worlds-top-oil-producer-Energy-Department-says/3281536801820/
      NBC News from Yesterday: https://www.nbcnews.com/business/energy/trump-blasts-middle-east-high-oil-prices-u-s-world-n911496
      The President also said this but I guess he got it wrong and you got it right?

      • Occasnltrvlr

        Mr. Hunter,
        Chip did not say that the US is not the world’s largest oil producer, he said not the world’s largest oil exporter. Chip is right (although perhaps a tad emphatic). You did misspeak in the video.

      • Chip

        Greg, yes top oil “producer” agreed, NOT top oil “exporter”.

        And yes, if the President said we are the top oil “exporter” he did get it wrong.

        Production, Consumption, Import and Export are not interchangeable terms, each means something different. And although we may “export” 3 million barrels per day, we have to import way more than that (from 80 + nations) to cover our 20 million barrel per day consumption… Chip

  29. al

    Dr. Janda is not only a favorite but a true American Patriot and a Hero!
    I have the highest respect for him and you. Thank God for the Internet and your courage.

    I have much to comment on but for brevity I will stick with the Stock Market only.

    Wasn’t it Bernanke that coined the term “Perception Management” related to economic Indexes? Perception Management from the Fed = money printing, buying stocks, giving the Banksters $14+ Trillion dollars in bail outs and “loans” and the market goes up.
    This roller coaster had a down side and the higher we go, the steeper and more dangerous the fall.

    Thank you Greg again for this extra special WNW

  30. RTW

    The Republicans are being entirely too polite to this woman. She is out for one thing and one thing only and that is to, not only stop Kavanaugh’s confirmation, but to destroy the man. She is a tool for the Dems and a dull one at that. The FBI has said they wouldn’t touch this and I would love to hear the local police say the same thing. I for one don’t believe one word of her fantasy. If this scenario played out in any other city and didn’t involve a candidate for the Supreme Court, she would be treated like the psychopath that she obviously is. If this tactic didn’t have such a devastating affect on the entire country, it would be hilarious. Once again the Dems are willing to ruin some lives to achieve their goal. Make no mistake about this, both of these individuals will be irreperably harmed. She says that her life has changed since being outed. Well what did she think would happen? Again, additional proof that she’ s delusional! The Republicans need to end this farce or be prepared to lose in the upcoming election. Nobody is going to vote for someone who rolls over. The 2016 election proved that but they refuse to pay attention to it.

  31. BDS

    I have to thank you both, great show. BTW, my family and I are prepared mentally, just a bit nervous about my neighbors? People don’t seem to have time to understand, some of this is pretty complex and by nature people don’t want to see evil which surrounds them.
    Thanks again for a great show!

  32. flattop

    Dave Janda, followed by Mark Taylor!WOW. !! Truth is found at USA Watchdog. Yours is one awesome site. Keep on keepin on.

  33. iwitness02

    Good call, Greg. Having Dave on for the WNW. I was thinking this past week that there is so much going on that you could use some help covering it all. So it was a nice surprise to see you both. I saw a picture of Comey standing in front of Mount Rushmore and he was perfectly framed standing directly underneath Lincoln. This was supposed to be from Comeys twitter account. That same day I hear Adam Shiff talking about Trump crossing a red line. The theory is that Comeys tweet is a call for assassination of President Trump. In other words, sending secret messages within tweets and other communications. Shiffs comment about the red line go hand in hand with Comeys position in the photograph at Rushmore. If this is all true then we are in a fight for our lives. If the deep state wins, we lose. If we lose, we lose everything. The same is true of the other side. We all have skin in the game. I wish that everybody realized that. With help from people like Greg and Dave and others, there is hope that we will eventually unite under the banner of truth. Hard times have a way of opening the eyes of the people. I suspect that there is plenty of eye opening experiences straight ahead.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you “I”!!!

  34. Clare Doll

    Oh my! Too much to contemplate and many more times to listen for anything I missed but after 2 passes, here are three items for contemplation:
    1) Kerry is going to lose his ketchup funding;
    2) I believe that those 12 attempts on Trump began right after the Dec 2017 proclamation because of the top families who KNEW they had just come into the cross hairs;
    3) We already KNEW about Obama’s meeting. Think about it — when is your best chance for forgiveness for transgression? Before your opponent is fully aware of what it is that you did; before your opponent [Trump] knows the full story of you[President Obama] and your involvement in illegal (not yet proven treasonous) activities. You do this meeting when you can say that although you yourself might be liable, you can orchestrate testimony against any guilty party because you [Obama] have top down knowledge of everything that went on during your administration. You are ready to make a deal.
    We already KNOW of a meeting with Obama; we already KNOW that even the media noticed the blood drained from Trump’s face when he emerged something like 2 hours later from a planned 45-minute conference. This meeting was the TRANSITION meeting where President-elect Trump talked with then President Obama and no one knew what was discussed until now . . . . !

    And do you want to know why Trump did not take the bait? Look into the Frontline (paraphrased) ROASTING OF TRUMP where Obama made the most major mistake of his entire presidency. He was ARROGANT. He totally ROASTED TRUMP publicly from the podium during a supposedly innocent dinner that Trump had been invited to and before Trump had ever decided to run for president . . . .

    Lions and Tigers and Bears, OH MY!

  35. Sue Patterson

    Oh, Greg, that was a fabulous WNW, as always. This is such an exciting time; witnessing the deep state players scramble while President Trump skillfully plays his winning hand.
    Matthew 10
    26 Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.
    27 What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in light: and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops.

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Sue. Truth and indictments cometh!!

  36. robert

    Can’t but help feel that all this crap about Kavanuagh is merely a diversion from what’s coming down the road after the midterms

  37. Roger D

    Did you know that the Bushes attended the wedding of Brett Kavanaugh? Think of him as a son of George W Bush and you’ll get the picture. Can you name one fruit of Bush that is constitutional: his perpetual ‘War on Terrorism’ aka Warfare State, the Surveillance State, the Patriot Act and NDAA, the Department of Homeland Security aka standing army?

    Oh but he is a Republican nominee!!! Indictments will be flying. Hilary will go to jail. Oh please. Republican-dominated Supreme Courts gave us Roe v Wade, homosexual marriage and Obamacare. Facts are such pesky things.

    Deep State swamp creatures +1 Trump 0.

    Has anyone else notice that we often hear the truth and nothing but the truth, but rarely hear the whole truth? The whole truth is trumped by the agenda of men.

  38. Jonathan

    Hey Greg,
    I love your weekly news wrap-ups and seriously get excited every week when Friday is approaching just for that one reason. Your standard WNW’s are my absolute one-stop favorite out of ANY news source out there. However, having Dr. Dave Janda on to “co-host” your WNW this week was absolutely stellar. He is a great, informative guest and I look forward to lots more of him in the future. Awesome WNW!
    It’s like every week you somehow hit a bigger home run. How is that possible? Haha. You are the best Greg, don’t stop!
    And while I am at it, I’d like to place my vote for Cliff High to be on as a guest with you again whenever possible. It has been a little while since I have seen him on your show and I always enjoy the information he provides. (you have loads of great guests though)
    Thank You!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jonathan,
      Had a lot to cover and the doc that rocks helped out a lot!!

  39. Thomas Blow

    Please clarify, can you have secret spending and still have what you call the rule of law.
    I think by the rule of law you mean justice, perhaps by natural law. Laws can be unjust.
    I think we have proven by trying it that secret spending is a target for corruption. Do we need secret spending? I think at this point in History it causes more problems than it solves. We really don’t need a Manhattan Project.
    I say the closest axiom for justice is the philosophy of Liberty ref kenschoolland.net.
    I want you to please bring on an expert and say okay if there was no secret US spending, even if everyone else did it, what bad could happen.
    I also contend that so long as there is secret spending the republic does not work, it is rule by elites.
    Complete transparency means NO secret spending.

    • Tin foil hat

      Thomas Blow,
      On June 4, 1963, President John F. Kennedy signed Executive Order 11110 which gave the Treasury of the US the power to issue silver certificates against any silver bullion, silver, or standard silver dollars in the Treasury.” This meant that for every ounce of silver in the U.S. Treasury’s vault, the government could introduce new money into circulation. In all, Kennedy brought nearly $4.3 billion in U.S. notes into circulation, all backed by silver.

      Five months later, Kennedy was shot and the silver-backed notes were taken out of circulation.

      • freebrezer

        tfh – thankfully it was Allan Dulles (Who Kennedy fired) who led the JFK assassination investigation! let see … JFK fires the head spy for insubordination, and he leads the investigation … can you say corrupt! We are seeing the same thing with Trump!

  40. William Glesne


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Bill for supporting USAW!

  41. Tad

    Mister Putin is at war with America’s Fifth Column throughout Russia. That would include Jews and radical liberals.

    • Frederick

      You can’t say that here Tad You will be immediately labeled anti- Semitic even though everyone knows the Jewish oligarchs who are dual citizens are a huge problem for Putin As in the US they control most of the media, banking and industry in Russia so Putin must tread lightly when it comes to the Middle East

  42. Jan

    Did you know Professor Blasey Ford does research for a Big Pharma abortion pill manufacturer? No wonder she is coming forward at such a late stage to try to derail Kavanaugh!

    “Corcept Therapeutics (Corcept.com) manufacturers and markets an abortion pill drug called mifepristone, and Christine Blasey Ford is a co-author of at least eight published scientific papers produced by the pharmaceutical giant to promote its pills. You can see Blasey’s name listed on several publications at this Corcept.com web page detailing their research papers.”

    Read the full piece here (or the embedded video with Mike Adams, the Health Ranger)


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for adding this Jan!

  43. Ken

    Robert Bork was the victim of a Character assassination by Ted Kennedy…back-alley abortions ,rogue police and segregation.

    Clarence Thomas’s Accuser Anita Hill fabricated the allegations was a subordinate, but this wasn’t 35yrs later.

    Roy Moore’s Accuser Beverly Young Nelson admitted to ABC News that she added “notes” In other words forged the 1977 year book as evidence. 40Yrs later!

    Brett Kavanaugh’s Accuser Christine Blasey Ford can’t remember at who’s house or the year that she claims he groped her. 35 years later.

    Do you see the pattern here? The evidence they present seems to get thinner and thinner.
    If they get away with this. The next time all the female will have to do is point and grunt for the execution to proceed!

  44. Charles Turner

    Have the Dems made a fatal mistake?
    For 20 months their sole strategy was to have the MSM and everyone that would join in attack Trump . If you throw enough mud it sticks. They had momentum with Omarosa, Cohen, the secret letter to the press and then the Woodward book. Stormy Daniels book and others were scheduled.
    Then last Friday came the Kavanaugh letter and it has virtually wiped the Trump hating avalanche out. For eight days on the trot (which is years in politics) that has been the main story. And now as she wants to testify next Thursday, it is almost assured to be two weeks.
    At the same time, Trump has his ducks in a row. He has the economy just where he wants to. He will release classified documents that show corruption in the build up to the mid terms and has scheduled the most extensive series of rallies. He has momentum and the Dems have just popped their own balloon.

  45. Gisela

    Hello to all
    I am from europe and I read Mr. Hunters
    page on a regular basis.
    God protect your president D. Trump
    and his family.

    We in Germany also have problems.
    Most people in our country want,
    that our evil Chancellor finally disappears.
    She is bad for our country… she is bad
    for the whole of Europe.

    Perhaps your President can help us and
    finally disempower this impossible woman?????
    She loves B.O. and H.C. 😢

    All the best and see you soon on this page.

  46. Oxfarmer

    Thanks, Greg. I have been having a lot of heart issues and so cannot always make a comment, but I always enjoy your wrapups. This one particularly helped me understand the complexity of what is going on.

  47. Justn Observer

    Greg, Breaking Daily caller story – 3 hr. ago?

    • Greg Hunter

      J O,
      Kavanaugh will be confirmed next week.

  48. Mohammad


    Trump should never fire Rod Rosenstein BEFORE the election, it will be perfect set up to grill him so they sweep the Nov. elections, if anything he should get rid of him afterwards.


    • Greg Hunter

      Rosenstein will step down. What is coming out on him is devastating.

      • Mohammad

        Any advice to Trump firing Rosenstein now is falling into his enemy’s plans. Trump should wait until after the elections and then fire him. when the leaked info came from NewYork times that says it all. nothing good comes from this outlet and you can be rest assured that the source of the leaked info was the Dems that are drooling over the idea of firing Rosenstein now so they can run their clowns in the media to do what they did when he fired Comey multiplied…imagine the ramifications in November of such circus on the elections….it is the Dems wet dream to have trump fall in their trap…..


      • Mohammad

        Why now Greg…?
        why not 5 or 6 …. months ago….?
        Why now..?


        think about it..


      • Tad

        As has been discussed by Janda and others, the military tribunal-style court proceeding implies that Defense Secretary James Mattis supports the program. Seems so simple we’re supposed to accept without criticism. How about Pompeo and Haley.

        I bring this to the fore because of US military and undiplomatic efforts across the globe affect human life and suffering. Will Mattis be too busy inciting conflict and is his participation in tribunals to be minimal?

        I’m seeing a non-sequitur regarding peace and war as it relates to US rule of law and the person who most covets rule of law outside Amerikka is Russian President Vladimir Putin.

        I’m not saying Mr. Trump doesn’t, but his perceived adherence to it shouldn’t be preceded or supplanted by a global nuclear conflict that seems assured.

  49. John M.

    Nice touch with your change-up, although your regular wrap-up is always a home run in my book. You and Dave discussed some critically important stuff today, and all Americans should be aware and engaged in some critical thinking. I always liked current events in grammar school, but the real events happening in our world go way beyond science fiction and fantasy.
    I think it’s always better to face the truth, or receive glimpses of the truth with the best facts and information at our disposal, rather than to live our lives in ignorance and denial. As John says (8:32): The TRUTH shall set you free.
    We cannot make the necessary changes in America without first understanding the depths of the corruption and the errors of popular misconceptions. Thank God for allowing us to still have our free minds, and an internet that cannot be completely controlled by elites and globalists.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you John.

  50. Ann

    Hi Greg,
    I want to share something seemingly positive, not sure what to make of it. I have lived in central CA most of my life. The air is quite polluted here due to various factors and has been for years. The sky is never as blue or clear as in other parts of the country. Anyway, this past week I noticed something different – fairly blue sky with no white streaks in it. Planes are always flying overhead from LA and SF leaving white marks that stay for a long time. Today I went outside and again, not a mark in the sky. Off in the distance I finally saw a plane. The white exhaust behind it disappeared within seconds. I’ve been agnostic on the chemtrail issue. Now I am not sure what to believe. Something has definitely changed for the better.
    Haven’t been here in a while but wanted to check back in and share on the ground experiences.

    • Greg Hunter

      New management Ann. Thank you for sharing your street reporting.

    • AL

      Ann, I’m here in the southeastern US, and I have noticed a similar change. Haven’t seen any of the persistent trails for some time now, but I have seen big, lumpy, billowing, white clouds in a blue sky like I remember from my childhood. I also hope that this is a change for the better. MAGA!

  51. Da Yooper

    Wow Greg

    You out did yourself again……….. bravo

    at some point you are going to have to identify who the “deep state ” ” really” ………..is

    their religious affiliation is important to wake the GDP from their religious slumber & indoctrination .

    after all the Kenyan built this with their help.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you “Da”!

  52. Tim McGraw

    I strongly suggest that all of you read “The War on Terror; The Plot to Rule the Middle East” by Christopher Bollyn.
    Greg, if you want to get to the bottom of swamp, interview Mr Bollyn.
    Who gives a damn about some dumbass “Supreme” Court nominee. I’d like to delete the Supreme Court along with Chrissie’s Year Book.
    I think the USA is headed for another Civil War. And it will be ugly. PayPal banned InfoWars. I’m not a big fan of Alex Jones, but this is dangerous.
    If Trump is kicked out of office……will 62 million people quit paying their taxes?

    Who gives a damn about judges? The Legal “Justice” sic System is a joke.

  53. DevilMadeMeDoIt

    Now another one has jumped onto the Kavanaugh character assignation.


    • sk

      ‘assassination’ oy vey

  54. james

    I respect you both, but this interview like ALL the rest are just OPINIONS. We know that the Deep State and Clintons, FBI, CIA, DOJ are corrupt, but we need FACTS and INDICTMENTS, not OPINIONS.

    • Greg Hunter

      James there were lots of FACTS in there such as Obama asked for and recently got a meeting with President Trump. Indictments cometh.

  55. Greg hanna

    Greg it seems You Tube makes it real hard to watch videos of yours and others. It can be playing good and then start buffering. I can’t prove it but I just went to your site and I going to watch you and Janda to see if it buffers or not. It frosts my rear what they are doing to conservatives in general and if this is true it is one more strike against the deep state and the luceiferians . God bless you my brother.

  56. Freddie the unintelligence agents Freeloader

    Dr. David Janda X22Report Spotlight
    Published on Sep 22, 2018


    For Immediate Release
    Contact: Melissa Brown [email protected]
    Congressman Gosar Cosponsors The Articles of Impeachment For Rod Rosenstein
    Washington, D.C. — Today, U.S. Congressman Paul A. Gosar, D.D.S. (AZ-04) released the following statement after U.S. Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), along with nine cosponsors, introduced Articles of Impeachment against Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein:

    “It’s time to stop letting unelected bureaucrats rule over the people’s house,” said Congressman Gosar. “Rod Rosenstein has repeatedly failed to deliver requested documents, ignored subpoenas and ultimately stonewalled Congress. His obstruction and reckless actions have completely undermined the American people. In order to restore the power to the people, we must impeach Rod Rosenstein. I will continue to fight to shine a light on the facts and ensure power is restored to the American people.”

    Gosar Calls On Justice Department and FBI To Investigate Comey, McCabe, Clinton, Strzok and Others

    Daily Caller Op-Ed: The American people are now public enemy number one
    By Paul Gosar
    Gosar on Benghazi: ‘What If It Had Happened to Chelsea?’
    The cockroages on the run!

    We cant forget govenor MOONBEAM of Californication, who recently blamed the president for the wildfires and that he must be taken out. Your the blame Govenor!
    Western Caucus Urges Leadership and Farm Bill Conferees to Include Active Forest Management Provisions in Final Bill rr
    Posted on September 20, 2018

    • Freddie the unintelligence agents Freeloader

      Sorry, Should have been,’Cockroaches”!

  57. oneno

    Everyone should watch William Cooper lecture “Behold a pale horse” (4.5 hrs) and read the actual book.

    In the lecture, Bill talks about seeing , while at sea on a Navy ship, an aircraft-carrier sized saucer exit the sea and then he along with others on deck, witnessed what appeared to be the same saucer return and enter the sea.

    If that was part of the Secret Space Program, then the missing $21 Trillion is chump-change.

    The stealth aircraft of the first Gulf-War entered in service in the early 1970’s

  58. Stephen Sadd

    Trump works for the Deep State in my opinion, he has backtracked on everything he said to get elected, still no Hillary ass in jail, nor anybody else important, the swamp being drained are those in opposition to the Deep State, Russia is STILL being encircled, Iran is targeted, Syria is still being bombed, Soros continues implementing policies, and NYT are still broadcasting along with CNN, why?? Trump is continuing to strip assets from lower and middle class people, services are being removed or stripped everywhere. Twitter & Facebook CONTINUES to block free speech, and Trump is still using its allies as military fodder and for a door mat to wipe its dirty boots on! As an Australian, the USA can go to hell, and that won’t be soon enough for me!! I would rather see it bombed to rubble and dust, and hope that’s where it ends!

  59. Bill

    Way to go, big guy. Give it to em. I wonder what he thinks of the 9 swamp dwellers fired or forced to leave the DOJ & FBI or the Trump tax cuts. When was the last time that Australian left wing government had a tax cut?
    Great interview. The best I’ve seen.
    Bill the “troll”

  60. Dr. Fred Lowry

    yeah it was a long wrap up but I loved it!! just finished today!!! LOL
    it was a great idea to involve someone like Dr. J

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