More War, More Inflation and More Chaos

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 527 4.29.22)

Don’t expect the war between Russia and Ukraine to be over anytime soon.  VP Biden is asking for another $33 billion in military aid for Ukraine.  The plan is to drag out the war and turn it into a quagmire to weaken Russia.  This goofy and reckless path was recently admitted to by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.  What on earth could go wrong, especially with the southern border of the U.S. wide open for any enemy to cross over?

Inflation is here to stay, and it is getting worse.  In the first leg up, energy led the charge for higher prices at the pump.  Now, food inflation is growing with shortages on the horizon, according to Bob Unanue, CEO of Goya foods.  He said on FOX Business “the world has weaponized food.”

Surprise!  The first quarter was a negative 1.4%, and the Biden Administration policies are to blame.  Now, the Fed is so worried about inflation it has said it is going to raise interest rates, but instead of fighting inflation, it looks like it will kill the economy altogether.  Inflation, shortages and coming unemployment for a skidding economy will add more pain that is already baked into the financial cake.  Look for a big revaluing of the U.S. dollar sooner than later, and expect more chaos and not less.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 4.29.22.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Four-time, best-selling financial author James Rickards will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  The economy is in big trouble, and Rickards will explain how big and what you can do to protect you and your family.

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  1. Steve

    Hi Greg,
    I cannot wait any longer tonight but will look forward to listening to your weekly news wrapup tomorrow. Thank you for providing the three best videos on the Internet every week!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Steve for your patience and all your support!

      • Michael Driver

        Didnt Pony state that something big would happen around April 24? Could it be the Elon Musk Twiiter purchase was that event?

      • Shirley Thompson

        You didn’t mention here in TN our Gov Lee signed the bill making Ivermectin OTC in Tennessee. Of course, the price is out of sight, but perhaps an independent chain will dispense at reasonable pricing. They would make a killing on the volume of sales.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks, Shirley, for putting this on. It’s important and a trend.

        • Gary Horton

          You can get Ivermectin here at a reasonable price:

          Yes, it’s formulated as heartworm treatment for cats and dogs, but on the vendor provides the info you need to calculate a human dose.

        • IIG

          We need to attack the Globalists in the same way they are attacking us – on both the micro and macro level – from the smallest things like making Ivermectin available to the public – to largest things like taking down Schwab, Gates, Fauci and stopping this damn Nuclear War Biden has started – it’s the way the evil globalists have been operating against us – from them clotting our red blood cells on the “micro level” – to them clotting and jamming up our shipping containers at ports all around the world “on the macro level” – for us as individuals and as a society to survive – both our blood and our supply chains must flow freely – the Globalists have deliberately clogged our arteries with their “Clot Shots” – and are shutting down our ports with their “Supply Chain Blockages” – creating both a worldwide human health and economic “arterial blockage” – which is creating devastating effects to both individuals and society – these evil globalists have an unrelenting desire to tear down human civilization from both the family level (going after our children) – to actual mass extermination on a global scale (using nuclear weapons) – they have an unrelenting “need to kill people” (like some evil reptilian alien being from outer space we call Satan) and they are doing it on both the nanotechnology (biological) scale as well as the global (macro) scale – wake up people – they are coming at us using both bio-weapons and global nuclear war – yet – most people are in a daze or dream state – they simply can’t see “what is right before their very eyes”!!!!

      • Brandon

        Greg, I know what they’re going to do. They are going to intentionally cheat for whoever runs for the GOP, then act like they caught them cheating. It’s their only way but it will fool their base.

    • David Bagley

      Excellent Greg

    • chuck lowe

      I was reminded today, that this, April 30th is the day, that marks the end of the Vietnam War. We all remember the helicopters on top of the U.S. Embassy taking desperate people away from a maelstrom unfolding just hundreds of yards away.

      When will we ever, ever learn that foreign entanglements and proxy wars expend American blood and treasure. That is American dead and wounded and tax payer monies. We all know how it turns out, almost every single time.

      Here is a list of governments where we have “interfered in elections” (This is, as we are supposed to understand, an unforgivable sin, mostly initiated by Russians. Quelle horreur!!!!) and overthrown democratically elected governments. The most recent, of course, in the Ukraine in 2014 and prior to that, in Libya (Where, thanks to our “interference” they are happily selling slaves as I type!).

      The usual time line, is to send over weapons, then more money, then our kids, then the media proceeds to cut the legs out from under the effort while we and the unfortunate countries we have invaded, bleed out. After it is all over, we reenact as in Afghanistan the helicopter scene and introduce the same idiots who got us into the war on cable channels to explain why we lost the war.

      I remember after the Tet Offensive the media “explaining” how we had lost the battle. Charlie got his plow cleaned, but, perception is reality and Walter Cronkite was just as big a liar as Walter Duranty.

      McNamara’s apologies in “The Fog Of War” (… rang true to me, but, still, he is categorically responsible for crippling the military effort to actually “Win” the war as opposed to execute battle plans like a 20th Century General McClellan. Now, we have sub standard “Critical Race Theory” generals in charge, what could go wrong?

      There is a reason, George Bush seeks atonement for his debacle in Iraq by painting pictures of the kids he sent to Walter reed, sans appendages and home in body bags. He knows that war, that conflict was based on a lie, “WMD’s”, just exactly like the Vietnam War was based on the “Gulf Of Tonkin” lies.

      We are now engaged in still another proxy war, that will and is having catastrophic consequences for the Ukrainian/Russian people that could have been avoided and might, in the end, finally reap us the karmic whirlwind we deserve. After the interference and overthrow of so many foreign country’s governments, going back 75 years up to the present day, you would think, that such antiquated, fin de seicle views on international conflict would be ever present in the “hearts and minds” of our Military and Federal Government officials as they consider still another never ending war.

      Lloyd Austin has said that he intends to bleed the Russians for years in this war.

      It would seem, that Americans are all in with the usual Neocon, chauvinistic, atavistic, bumper sticker manure that gets our kids killed and maimed every single time we as a nation, want to “see the elephant” from behind our keyboards. Every single Cable News Channel and major affiliate, the lion’s share of the 4th Estate is awash in Ukrainian agitprop from the usual apparatchiks.

      The reports on the war, are like halftime talking heads and football coaches explaining how the different teams are going to score in the second half. It’s disgusting.

      It’s far past time, America took it’s ball and went back home.

      • Robert

        A Well written piece Chuck. Thank you.

    • Rodney Hanson

      A very good source for on the ground battle action is Patrick Lancaster (you tube). He is an American married to a Russian woman and they live in Donbass region. She and child are temporarily living in Russia. Lancaster has been reporting news as an independent reporter since 2014 and has almost 1/2 million followers.

  2. Anthony Australia

    Looking forward to James Rickards being on the show.

    P.S, it is so embarrassing to have the current President & Vice President present on the world stage.

    • Anthony Australia

      “VP Biden is asking for another $33 billion in military aid for Ukraine.”
      Same play book all over again, look at Afghanistan & Vietnam.

      • Rodster

        Remember AA, that’s what the Neocons from both parties wanted. They wanted a confrontation with Russia. When defense contractors have a budget around a trillion dollars per year, you must find ways to justify that. Look at at how the streets of major US cities such as LA and San Francisco are watching a growing homeless population. Perhaps that one trillion dollar budget would have been better spent on that or the decaying infrastructure in parts of the US. This is what happens to a declining Empire and it has happened throughout history. It’s now happening to the US.

      • Chip

        Nope. This is on Russia’s doorstep. They are not going to let that happen. We are desperately poking the bear to get the bear to lash out. NATO should be careful what they wish for. I think perhaps that Europe is about to collapse financially. They need a WW3 to cover the bankers behinds. Just my opinion… Chip

      • The Ogs

        Yes I’m certain that one MILLION American taxpayers are eagerly lining up to contribute $33,000 dollars (a year’s wages) each… LoL
        Giving away thousands of millions of dollars!? Oh, sure. We’re America.

      • Birte Kronberg

        Thank you Greg Hunter. I am from Denmark, and yesterday I bought corn for my 5 chicken. I use to pay ca.300 dk. Yesterday I payed 580 dk. And I have only 10.200 for everything. Food. House.tlf.internet gasoiline, insurence,and left with only 1.200 only. ( 1 liter milk f.eks.14 bread 22 kr. One cheese 1 kg. 110kr.) One banana 2 kr. One apoel 3 kr.) Just eksamples. I follows the situation closely in USA every day, and I am in tears. That beautifull country, and all your fantastic peoples. Only God can save us now.

      • Jaybh

        Bunch of Amateurs
        Running the USA government! Generals Milley & Austin are 2 PEE-heads in a POD! All FAKE Charges D’Affaires!
        Unqualified , Ludicrous this entire OPS!

    • Chip

      And our Darth Vader SECDEF. That man creeps me out… Chip

      • Clare Doll

        that reminds me. Has anyone noticed that it is easier to remember Zelinsky’s first name if you first think Voldemort?

    • Statistical Engineer

      Excuse me but we’re totally ignoring the Hagelian Dialectic (problem reaction solution) used for the last 220 years.

      All of the news on both sides meets WEF goals for the Green New Deal.

      Putin and Zelinski are both WEF Young Global Leaders (as well as Western leaders).


  3. Anthony Australia

    Strap yourselves in…………….

    CBA, ANZ, NAB, Westpac: Banks predict multiple interest rate rises
    The four major banks have revealed alarming predictions for interest rate rises, with expectations borrowers are in for multiple hits this year.

  4. Warren B.

    Biden’s proposed funding of Ukraine to the tune of another $33BLN…that is preposterous.
    We all know Biden (and Family) were receiving kickbacks from Ukraine…now he is just shoving that in our faces….arrogant criminal activity.

    This FAKE war (and its leaches) is just another Con game to drain the public purses and take our attention away from the FAKE Pandemic. Russia is IMHO playing the Game (constructed by the West) to give all appearances of a False enemy. Look at the Gas supply being cut for Germany (the powerhouse of Europe). That was always the plan. Shut down the manufacturing of China and Germany and you have a worldwide depression in the making. The is just another scheme to shift the wealth to those Uber Rich Elitists…they have it all and yet want even more.
    Once they have it ….they can do what they want with the populace….even if they starve us into submission.

    • Tin foil hat

      The Great Depression was designed to rid of the burden of gold. They created a new fiat dollar by killing the gold/dollar convertibility to gain control of the money domestically.

      I suspect they are using the same playbook to rid of the burden of the dollar’s domestic/global currency status. They’d like to kill that by making the dollar an ordinary regional domestic currency and create a new global currency (UN-Central Bank Digital Currency?) to gain control of the money globally.

      The world has to burn (global Great Depression) to bring forth the Phoenix out of the ashes.

    • Nancy McDaniel


  5. IIG

    The Fed thinks that by them raising interest rates they will stop inflation – but raising interest rates “does not work” when dealing with “shortage-driven” inflation – in fact – raising interest rates will only “increase the cost of production” – adding to an increase in prices of the products in short supply!! – raising rates to stop inflation could apply in a speculative boom “but not in a purposely manufactured shortage” driven by supply chain breakdowns and the cutting off of our oil and gas pipelines (making energy more expensive) and now getting us involved in an unnecessary war to protect the borders of a “non-NATO” nation) which along with the burning down of our meat processing centers in our country and opening our borders to illegal aliens – will create even worse food shortages – then we have Demon-rat Schumer saying he wants to raise taxes on the American people – so they will have less money to buy any food, gas or manufactured products “that have been put into critical short supply” – Schumer’s tax plan hinges on “reducing the population to starvation” – by taking away their money to buy the higher priced food items (in even greater short supply because Washington opened our nation’s borders along with destroying our supply chains) – and the Fed is now making matters worse (by making what is produced “more expensive” – by raising interest costs on manufacturers)???

    • Marie Joy

      The Fed does not expect to kill inflation. The Fed knows, full well, this will kill the economy and, along with it, many Americans will starve. The intent is, and has been, genocide.

      • Mark Gunderson

        I could not agree more!

      • IIG

        Why is it no one (except for us at USA Watchdog) can see that Biden is letting millions of illegals into our country (while destroying food production) so as to create famine and civil war – so as to murder us (who are more then 7 days out of the womb)!!

        • andyb

          The food riots will be the obvious consequence. Better have a weapon, ammo and food supplies. The Admin will declare martial law under which no mid terms will be held. Or, 100% mail in ballots. Which leads to “2000 Mules” once again.

      • Nancy McDaniel

        Exactly. History repeats. Satan has nothing new. Black and pale horses of the apocalypse by MANUFACTURED CRISIS CATASTROPHIES to try to hide their crimes, steal everything from everybody and watch the populous suffer until they starve to death. Pure evil. Demonic possession is the only explanation for their insanity.

      • Marie Joy

        Americans are starving now and have been for a while. It’s the speed of it that will change.

      • Laura McDonough

        Marie Joy: The USA has already been defeated, everything is broken. over 90% have no idea what the WEF is, Claus Schwab or agenda 2030 is or the top dogs pulling the strings of puppet politicians. Majority lack left brain function/crticial thinking skills. It is too late politicially since politicians are compromised, lack integrity and are incompetent. This applies even to the local and state levels. Leaders compromise incl congress. Voting is utterly useless now, only thing to do is get w/ likeminded in community, city, and resist the takedown when UN troops or military do roundups and/or bio weapons like ebola and small pox released to kill off the population. Other diseases an option. We must not be taken for execution.

        • IIG

          It would have been “so easy” for Trump to put Robert Kennedy in charge of this nations response to Covid “instead of Fauci” – and Trump could have ordered Ivermectin (which he knew was effective against the virus) to be produced on a massive scale for the people “instead of respirators” – then (and only then) could he have taken credit for saving millions of lives – but – because his brain has a “missing link” he kept people “like Fauci” in charge of “jabbing people” at Warp Speed – so they would need his respirators (to die on) – Trump had a knack for “keeping and not firing” so many “evil people” all around him (like AG Barr for instance)!!

        • David Finchum

          Unfortunately you are correct. Add rope to your preps and mark bridges and lampposts on your maps.

  6. Tom Grier

    Are we really supposed to believe the politician who orchestrated the 2020 election fraud is a bumbling, senile idiot? Any chance the bumbling idiot is just an act?

    • Greg Hunter


    • Tin foil hat

      The world have to burn (global Great Stagflation) to bring forth the Phoenix out of the ashes. Biden is the patsy designated to take the fall.
      Hence, Trump was not allowed to get reelected because he will not let America/the world burn. Everything is working and on schedule – the Deep State is winning.

      • Laura McDonough

        America has been defeated because 90-95% even care or know anything about globalism, who is pulling the strings, names of top dogs running the show, the WEF, agenda 2030, or who Claus Schwab is. Politicians incl Trump are compromised and incompetent and do nothing to stop the push for a globalist tyranny. Voting is useless even on local levels. Civil war is only option left. The elite run major corporations incl oil, food production, industries, tech and own major stocks in controlling these companies. Globalists want 90% dead world wide and will use marburg, ebola smallpox and other bio weapons and more lockdowns. Few patriots alive today, most are elderly and unable to fight back.

    • Chip

      That idiot said he’s going to steal Russian Oligarchs ill gotten gains. We need to take Biden’s ill gotten gains… Chip

      • Trinacria

        Chip, I saw one video of the D-student from Delaware who instead of saying ill-gotten gains, he said begotten gains…I guess he thought he was quoting scripture….LOL.
        Indeed, what about the D-student from Delaware’s ill-gotten gains…boy is that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black and the height of hypocrisy!!!

      • IIG

        And Biden is going to take our legally gotten gains (by raising taxes) to fight his illegal undeclared war (helping a non-NATO Ukraine defeat Russia) and thus get all Russia’s gold (and bring it here for safe keeping) – then Biden will next start a war with India to get their gold (and bring it here for safe keeping) – however China (who controls all our US politicians) will likely order Biden to send all the US gold we have collected from everyone around the world “to China for safe keeping” – fulfilling Klaus Schwab’s prophecy – “that we will be happily owning nothing”!!

    • Trinacria

      Tom: the response by Greg says it all…”NO” and really no need for more …but as I am a retired college professor, I love to elaborate…at least a little…if Greg allows it…

      Tom, I call Biden the “D-student from Delaware” and, is now senile. What a combo!
      Tom, look to the puppet masters who are running the show known as the Party of Davos. Subgroups include Council of Foreign relations, WEF, UN, Bildbergers, Bohemian Grove, Skull and Bones, some Masonic higher ups most likely, even the Vatican (which really saddens me as a cradle Catholic). So Tom, this is one elaborate deep state set up that has taken many years to get to this point. Please do some homework to clarify in your mind how this fraud helps so you can join the fight and know what you are fighting against. I think President Trump had no idea what he was facing when he talked of draining the swamp. Just look at all the traitors he had around him – just shocking. Look at the speed at which this shot (not a vaccine) was run through the system backed by so much fraud. The D-Student from Delaware was accurate when he said “we have assembled the greatest election fraud team in history”….”we” meaning his puppet masters and this deep state. The old fool does indeed spill the proverbial beans at times. We have our work cut out my friend. So think of simple things you can do, such as don’t use Netflix, don’t use Disney products, don’t have any association with Amazon…etc. If we all did in mass, things would start to change. Thank God for people like Greg and the wonderful guests he has on his show.

  7. Tabitha Sloan

    I’m 60.5 years old. Can anyone remember worse times than this???? I don’t believe I can. Thank you, Greg for your dedication to this once great country! Christian men like you give us our only chance to take this nation back.

    • J Loughran

      I remember when no one questioned the Boob tube and when psyops dressed fine musicians in tacky formal attire to orchestrate “Muskrat” fornication. After wrecking the parlor room, the Fornication psyops-industry destroyed the taproom. Local taprooms closed or worse the doors were opened to guys and their “dates”. Out went the neon lights, decade old bags of Planters peanuts and in came mirrors, hanging baskets, and hummus. The Peanut unlike the Chick- pea has the good sense to keep its nuttiness out of the limelight of every Institutional stage.

    • Nika

      20 years ago, very few people realized that Biden and his Elite friends were pulling all the strings they could, to make America fail! Now, they can see it much better!
      The Biden Govt. keeps on baiting Russia into a War, like President Roosevelt did to the Japanese in WW2, by telling all the Oil refineries in the Pacific, not to sell any Oil to the Japanese. Japan needed oil to run their factories in 1941.

      • Cheri Rodriguez

        If Japan doesn’t invade Manchuria (1931), invade China (1937), form a pact with Hitler & Mussolini (1940) and occupy French Indo-China (1941) then it’s doubtful Roosevelt cuts off their oil.

    • Bob

      Tabitha, well I’m 80 y/o and I can’t either. My grand daughter just recently gave birth to my first great-grand daughter on April 2d. Can you imagine the world that this poor child faces? Just wonder what my grand daughter is thinking (or NOT thinking). Because of my, my wife, and her father’s influence, my grand daughter hasn’t been vaxxed, nor will she vax her baby (even though she’s pressured to do so by her dumb-ass mother-in-law), so she knows very well what’s going on, and where this country is headed. Guess she just thinks it’ll all get better with time. I’m not so sure!!

  8. Marcus

    Since the 2020 election, I am still in unbelief that we have this geriatric , sleep walking, cardboard cutout , animated character in the White House. I still wanna think this is a nightmare and I’ll wake up. America has hit rock bottom militarily, culturally and economically. We are now the meth head on the world stage. The retarded kid in the class room.

  9. eddiemd

    Cross border operations.

    Marathon makes for some great strategic targets. The one in El Paso is a short walk from the border. Supplies Arizona with its major pipeline.

    All these refineries are targeted by cyberwarfare. All controlled by sensors and vulnerable. I am sure the CCP students inside the wire have penetrated the control systems and have done reconnaissance on the installations and pipelines.

    Natural Gas pipelines.

    The russians are crushing the Ukies in the Donbass. That part of the war will be over in weeks.

    • eddiemd

      We are in trouble when it comes to gasoline.

      I remember several years ago when pipeline from El Paso went down. There was an acute shortage and prices went up overnight.

      The energy fuel lines across the USA are very vulnerable to cyber attack and espionage attacks on the ground by elements already inside the country. There is no way to defend the system.

      Instead of wasting 33billion in Ukraine, we should be figuring out how to defend the border and infrastructure.

  10. barsoom43

    There’s a bill in TN to make Ivermectin OTC..

  11. Marie Joy

    Your tax dollars are paying for the Ukraine war.

  12. Marie Joy

    southernprepper1 on YouTube says the price of a case of 12 cans of canned chicken just went from $19.97 to $35.30, an increase of 77%, in one jump, at Walmart.

    • David Finchum

      Yikes. Pack of 6 at Costco is still under $10. The price actually went down.

  13. Roger Stamper

    greg hunter for president tks greg

  14. Marie Joy

    Victory Gardens.
    Get ready for grid down, very long term. Wood stoves with a lot of wood.
    Elections will have to be canceled.
    Expect starvation.
    This is a genocide.

  15. Tommy

    You are correct, we are heading for some difficult times. It is impossible to predict what will happen but it won’t be good, it won’t be easy. We are experiencing a decline in culture, morality, and society of biblical proportions. Years ago most people had well water, an outhouse, and either grew their own food or bought it from local farmers. They didn’t have or need computers, cell phones, automobiles, etc. They could survive world calamities by sticking together as local communities. As the saying goes, life is hard; it is harder if you’re stupid. It is important that even if you don’t exactly what is coming, you know that something is coming. God bless you.

  16. Valerie

    Thanks again for your great reporting, Greg!

    I’m retired, but I work part time in assisted living. Fortunately, I got a religious exemption, or I wouldn’t have taken the job. Yesterday, at a staff meeting, management announced, “Employees who have ONLY received 2 CV19 injections, but NO boosters, are considered unvaccinated, and NOT in compliance, and need to get a booster ASAP! No wonder they have so many openings, and can’t find new people to hire! I’m so sorry for my coworkers, most of whom are young and middle aged people! Also, if they are all going to be newly jabbed, I will need to protect myself from their shedding with NAC and horse paste.

    May God protect us from the traitorous and destructive Biden Regime Warmongers!!!!!!
    God help us all!!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Valerie for sharing. It’s sad.

    • David Finchum

      Give them all a blank copy of ypur exemption form. Build your army.

  17. William Mitchell

    Even Hunter Biden is a sinner

  18. David

    When they decide that Biden must go, they will assign a special counsel to the Hunter Biden issue. Then Biden will resign due to “health” issues. And then…. Harris?

    • Charles H


      And if people don’t think it is quite CooKoo now… wait for the Ugandan Nightmare.

  19. Ron

    There is a lot of assertion on blogs that the “Useless Russians” are being trashed by the “Brave Ukrainians”. Presumably the Western “Powers That Be” are trying to use the Ukraine situation to dissuade Saudi from relying on Russia as a protector after their recent military deal?

    • David Finchum

      It’s an election year. The farce will continue until after the election. This election we have free money for student loan debt. Next election we have amnesty.


    World War III is different from past wars and things are going as the Trump team predicted. There has to be this level of worldwide chaos and destruction to wake up the normies everywhere and to identify and destroy the deep state. It is a delicate balance between saving the most lives and totally eliminating EVERY DEEP STATE SATANIC CREATURE and making sure they can never return.

    • Mark

      That is fantasy. There are no white hats coming to the rescue. Trump is scared shirtless like the rest of the woke community, of the evil these people were able to organize. And all of you who signed the NDE and joined the democrats dumb esick earmy. Fools. You are helping them. You target innocent patriots because they say lies. They bare false witness and you believe them.

      • Tin foil hat

        I think they don’t even want to be bother with the fools anymore. They are dead serious with this Minister of Truth. Hence, they put a goofy Mary Poppins on the cover as a softener in an attempt to mask the evil intention. I infer all the Fact Checkers have failed to mold the truth, they want a hammer to fix it. The hall monitors will be replaced by prison guards.

    • David Finchum

      No one is coming to save you, it’s up to us. There are no white hats and stop following Q’s droppings. Trump is one of them. He had more CFR members on his cabinet than Obama and he pardoned horrible thieves while letting his own people rot.

      • Greg Hunter

        Yes David, Jesus is here and is coming to save us all–again!!

  21. Da Yooper

    Good wrap up Greg

    It sounds like your friend who does business in middle east is saying….. is that America has a problem with it ‘s branch of the political & banking Karzairan Mafia

    The US deep state has gone to weather war against the American public & the public is clueless to this. IF you watch you can see how the weather system patterns ( jet stream ) has been moved eastward to cause a drought in the west & lots of rain through the Mississippi valley & then moves east . This is why the farm fields are so wet this spring.

    Elon hates billy gates because gates is shorting Tesla stock to the tune of 500 million dollars . I wonder how much Elon would hate his globalist friend if he wasn’t shorting his Tesla stock? I do not trust either of ………THEM.

  22. Kjell-E.

    I will like to thank you for all the news and the fantastic people you get on. I have followed Martin Armstrong for years, and the new this year on is that him, Clif, Catherine Austin, Bo, Gerald Celente. Put in the medical knowledge and people have a god chanse to get updated.

    I had left my faith and due to you I again have the bible open again. And you have been right, this is the fight against evil people. I have met som of them like Børge Brende the WEF president. And Clif is right, they are stupid.

    All the best to you from a freezing cold Oslo. The spring is very cold in Norway and Martin is again right. We are heading in to a cold period.

    My I propose that you get a show with Dr. Malone and his data gathering on the WEF.

    • Charles H


      It has always been the Bible – for God to speak to man inwardly. You are well informed to read here. And if you stand on the teaching of the Holy Bible: you can have good confidence in dealing with others. Leaders are mere counsellors. Those who trust and obey God’s Word – teach by example: there is no higher standard.

    • David Finchum

      Welcome back Kjell-E. We have a hell of a fight we are in. Stay strong to the end.

  23. Richard Longacre

    So, I wonder how much of the $33b will get kicked back to the Biden crime family.

    • IIG

      It will be a lot – Chuck Schumer says they will need to raise our taxes (probably so all the crooks can get their fair share of the spoils of war) – and all those body bags (for our children killed in their manufactured war) are dramatically going up in price with the shut down of our oil and gas pipelines by Biden (thankfully we have a strategic oil reserve which can hold prices down for a few more months) – but perhaps the demonrats figure – they won’t need body bags if they can get their war with Russia to go nuclear!!

  24. john p cornwell

    Thanks for your great work! Question? Could it be a problem if boosted people give blood and the blood bank gives that blood for unvaxed people.? I have not heard this addressed. Could you find out if this is safe or not? Thank you!

    • Greg Hunter

      It is a problem.

    • CJ

      My family had this conversation this week. The only blood I will accept is from my family who have not been jabbed. I made it clear to my kids that is my wishes. Thinking seriously about having my attorney add it to my health directive papers.

    • IIG

      WHO would promote that people take the blood of people with HIV and AIDS!!! – but then again – the World Heath Organization is run by a bunch of queers who need to feel assured that people like them with HIV and AIDS “are normal” (even though they engage in deviant sexual behavior that sets them apart from normal human beings) – so by jabbing “everyone” with HIV and AIDS – and by giving HIV and AIDS contaminated blood transfusions – the queers can’t be stigmatized as being “different” (as they dress like clowns and teach our young children in school Story Time lessons as to how to become gay and lesbian !!

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      I addressed this last year on this site. You could store your own blood but not for long. Then there’s the issue of the non-vaccinated having children with the vaccinated.

  25. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg and sincere thanks for WNW527!
    Brilliant insights on world events.

  26. Wim

    Hi Greg,
    Thank you for your work. Surreal times we live in.
    I keep wondering when People wake up to it, as the majority is still asleep. For instance to mention one. Holland is full, 1 million homes short. A million People up to 35 years old living at their parents. CO2 blocks the building of homes, while the dutch CO2 crisis stops at the Belgium and Germanen borders. We take in too many Ukranians, and now they start building. As the list of craziness goes on and on……… and still the majority stays asleep. MSM propaganda machine overheating at all that stupidity. At times I talk with People about it, as most of them consider you then as a conspiracy thinker…… a nutcase.
    A small Dutch political party in Parliament talking about the role of the West in the Ukraine war, getting demonised as paid by Putin.
    If it was all not so sad, one could laugh his brains out.
    May history remember you as a truth teller of the early hour…..
    A fan from Holland,

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Wim for sharing, especially the real estate situation there in Holland.

      • Gary C

        Greg, any chance of getting Michael Hudson on?
        He has a pretty good handle on what is really going on
        in Europe.

    • David Finchum

      The problem for waiting for the majority to wake up is that you get the French Revolution. Better to start it yourself with a small part of the population like the American Revolution.

  27. George

    What a glorious time to be alive thank you Greg for USA WATCH DOG woof woof 🐶 Fauci is looking at China want ads

  28. John

    A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within.
    — Marcus Tullius Cicero

  29. Scott

    Watch for Musk to Pull his offer to buy Twitter due to the misrepresentation of the number of users. The price will crash and he will pick it up as a 50% discount

    • David Finchum

      He bought Twitter as an advertisement platform and to sign up only verified humans so that he can feed his A.I. computer more data collection to help grow his NeuraLink venture. He wants to hook everyones brain up to the internet, never forget that.

  30. Jerry

    The reset is already baked in the cake. As I have reported for years the Chinese are the ones making deals.

    Please show me a deal that the United States has made with anyone in the last ten years? The globalist have been grooming China as our replacement for years. This is nothing new. But what is new is the drawdown from the petrodollar is clearly happening in planned stages. Last Friday our good friend Israel dropped the dollar for trade. Ask yourself, where are these dollars that are being thrown out going to go? Hint. Inflation is a smokescreen for currency debasement where money becomes worth less. Are you getting it yet? There’s no coming back from this without a reset. Our current system is totally broken. You can scheme all you want to with QE, stock buybacks, and reverse repos, but at the end of the day it still comes back to monetary
    value of your currency. Ours was once backed by gold, and then they switched to petroleum, and now it’s backed by nothing. Nothing but a threat of nuclear war. Pray.

    • corey sherman

      not sure if you will ever see this.i wanted to say thank you,for your posts over the last 10 helped me gain understanding and showed me where i should be looking.also i was sad to hear about your personal issues.i wish you the best and maybe we will meet in the afterlife.

    • Tin foil hat

      Do you have a link to ” Last Friday our good friend Israel dropped the dollar for trade”? I can’t find anything in regard on the internet.
      Thank you.

    • David Finchum

      The US makes deals with countries everyday. “Buy oil with dollars or get bombed.” It’s been working for 50 years. And don’t worry, all currencies are being reset. We will feel it more here, that’s all. Plus, it won’t matter remember? You will own nothing anyway. Oh yeah, and you’ll be happy.

      The normies keep working to pay their mortgage and say they can’t fight because they have a family to protect. Oh the irony! The NWO is going to confiscate it all anyway.

  31. Jay Bonner

    The Christian definition of hell is the state of separation from God. The minions of Satan who promote the separation of church and state want government to be a hell hole. The solution is to elect men and woman faith who fear God, know the Truth and hate dishonest gain. More information on this attitude of leadership can be found at

  32. jamie kirk

    So good to see you! We were a little worried. No cough today!

    Jamie # Chris

  33. Catherine Cronin

    I was thinking about Bo Plony being correct about his dates…Its going to get worse before it gets better according to his mathematics.

  34. Kathleen Ruddy, MD

    The United States is using NATO to turn eastern Europe, and eventually all of Europe, into Afghanistan 2.0. My guess is that Europe, especially Germany, will soon see through the ruse and will reject the American plan to turn Europe into a USA battlefield against Russia.

    • IIG

      NATO was fashioned to prevent war – NOT START IT!! (and they are starting it by idiotically going to the aid of a “non-NATO” member)!! – I don’t recall Congress declaring war on Russia? – why are our American boys in the Ukraine killing Russians without a declaration of war by our Congress?????

      • Ben dover

        When was the Last time CONgress declared war?…

    • David Finchum

      The war is being used to provide cover for starvation and an internet shutdown to culminate in currency reset and usher in digital ID for the world.

  35. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter for daring to explore the unexplored in our politics, money and life.
    It is somewhat surprising that Washington DC is still supplied with food,water and energy perhaps one day they will be cut off from the basics and they can sample life in the real world.
    Here in the UK we have people like James Heappy a Member of Parliament for Wells in Somerset who is determined to extend war with Russia and encourages Ukraine to attack Russia with trained soldiers and weapons all made here in the UK. Wells in Somerset must have very peculiar people wanting war and not peace!

  36. A+Jones

    I saw a news story yesterday, I think on Rumble or Youtube, that there is an unexplained outbreak of hepatitis in kids under ten years of age. There have been deaths and a number of liver transplants. “The authorities have no idea what is driving this.”

    • IIG

      The “science” proves – it is the “jab” causing liver problems –

    • Warren B.

      The Cov-19 bioweapon shots are doing the harm.
      Forced “Vaccination” on children is a criminal act.

    • Tin foil hat

      Why are the side effects different between adults and children? There should be the question!
      I suspect they want to limit the children’s life expectancy to less than 40-50 y/o vs. the elderly to less than 2-3 years.

      • Warren B.

        I suspect that they have developed a specific spike protein that attacks the liver. Note how children ( 10 yrs and younger) were the last to receive the EUA shots? …it could be directly related to the extra time it took them to perfect the alternate shot for children. This ties into the theory developed by Dr Bryan Ardis about how snake venom has been used in the bioweapon Covid 19 shots. Cobra/Kreit venom has been studied to show that it contains 19 toxic proteins that individually target specific organs of the human/animal system…including heart/kidneys/liver separately. It has been proven in studies that venom interfere with the nicotene receptors in the brain -the same control the diaphram.. that in turn controls lung function/breathing. The one prescriptive drug that interferes with the binding process of the venom… is HCQ. It is reasonable to conclude why it has been banned from being used to treat Covid….it was identified (by NIH) that it should not be administered with any Covid shot.

  37. Thomas Corrigan

    Hi Greg;
    Listen. Big Tech is not finished with Elon Musk. Information is leaking out that both Apple and Google are planning on banning the Twitter App from their App stores. Just like what they did to the “Parlar App”. Google and Apple are re-writing their user agreements currently in a way that Twitter will not be able to conform to the new policy standards and will therefore be banned.

    • David Finchum

      Of they are. They have their own A.I. data mining operations they are running. They want to beat NeuraLink.

  38. alfy

    quagmire plans don’t work against a professional army with leadership who want to win. all of this, Russians are going to expand the war and so on. why would the Russians do so, they are winning in a decisive fashion against the west. our western nation is like a lion who is head to toe full of parasites. the lion looks strong from a distance, but in truth can barely stand up. western nations are in need of a strong dose of anti-parasitic. I’m going to guess some of the western nations are now too far gone. won’t survive, anti-parasitic treatment given or not. I know what an animal goes through when given strong anti-parasitic, all of us living in a western nation, better batten down the hatches. I’m of the view, my guess, anti-parasitic treatment has already been given.

  39. Nancy McDaniel

    A war is exactly what they want so they can declare the NDAA martial law and never again any elections. They will NEVER give up the power they have usurped here or the other countries with installed by rigged machines young global leader commies. Putin is also a graduate of Schwabs young global commie leaders playing his part he was assigned and he thinks he will be rewarded greatly. THIS is the catastrophe Bo is talking about. Judgement is coming for the wicked who refuse to repent and seek the Face of The ALMIGHTY. The four horses are galloping. Look up for your redemption is near!

  40. i: a man; travis moss

    How about some guest that can teach us about living in the private as men, women, boys, and girls; i have been listening to the peoples lawyer(david adelman?) he is from the U.K. all these phrases such as :persons, resident, parents, child, teacher, officer,dr, nurses,are legalese words; we assume or presume that these titles mean what they say, but to the legal system they mean that the state owns it all, all these codes, acts, statutes, and mandates that when you comply you just turned it to law; we live on the water and everything is a contract, i mean you do not even own your name; they do. so watch the videos and learn possibly what you can do and pass the information on to mankind; even the word human means monster; they can take away a person’s rights and privileges and they can take away your hue-man (colour of man) rights; but they cannot take away the rights of mankind. (full stop)

    • David Finchum

      It’s too late for all that. All that will have to come after the war if we are successful. People still think we wouldn’t have roads without income taxes, they are that far gone…because, there were no roads in America until after 1914.

  41. Richard B Evans

    Have a great weekend everybody!

  42. iwitness02

    It is so weird that there is so much evidence of so much corruption in our government and its politicians. Yet we seem to be powerless to a damn thing about it, thus far. Most of the courts have criminals presiding over them. When the judicial system is run by crooks, there is no justice. Things may finally get ‘active’ when they decide to open the re- education camps to deal with the people the newly minted ministry of truth doesn’t like. The government does not like the truth in any form. I don’t like lies in any form. We have irreconcilable differences. And we still have dominion voting machines, so where does it all end? Seems to me that a very viscous clash is going to occur. I say that, knowing there are others who don’t like the government’s lie, steal, kill modus opriandi.

    • Dwight Branson

      Hi iwitness02,

      It all ends when God has had enough of the corruption, iniquity, lies, sinful ways, etc.

      Consider what was written well over 2,000 years ago: (Isaiah 4:20-24 misc. excerpts)
      Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil…Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight…..Which justify the wicked for reward, and take away the righteousness of the righteous from him! Therefore as the fire devours the stubble, and the flame consumes the chaff, so their root shall be as rottenness, and their blossom shall go up as dust: because they have cast away the Law of the LORD of hosts and despised the word of the Holy One of Israel.

      We are seeing the results of what happens when man throws away God’s Word and relies on his own understanding and righteousness (lack thereof). Good verses evil…

    • David Finchum

      People are putting their family above God & Country and will therefore lose all 3. Until people put God above their family they will not fight.

      Cursed be he that does the work of the LORD deceitfully, and cursed be he that keeps back his sword from blood. Jeremiah 48:10

      Even Christians have become cowards and forgot what it means to contend for the faith. Even Jesus told us He would not be with us in the flesh and that we must sell our excess and buy a weapon of war.

      Remember, Jesus told the disciples that He would no longer be walking with them and that they were to tell everyone that had two cloaks to sell one and buy a sword, that the work was to be completed in Him, not them. Luke 22:35-37, “And he said unto them, When I sent you without purse, and scrip, and shoes, lacked ye anything? And they said, Nothing. 36 Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one. 37 For I say unto you, that this that is written must yet be accomplished in me, And he was reckoned among the transgressors: for the things concerning me have an end.” The disciples had a history of being “ye of little faith”, but they did accomplish the great commission, just not the physical fight that Jesus told them to prepare for. The death of Jesus was needed to complete God’s work, but the death of the disciples was not needed, Jesus needed them alive to contend for the faith.

  43. Marie Joy

    What will history say about us?

    • David Finchum

      Nothing. They won’t remember us. The WEF mantra is to “remember the future”.

      This whole charade is to accomplish one thing, getting rid of man’s free will to choose a higher power as his authority and replace that choice with a premade obsession of self-worship. This is it! This is the time that tries men’s hearts and souls. Your progeny will be slaves and not even know it, the perfect return of feudalism, a future where a minority of oligarchs’ rule over the majority of automatons void of any aspirations except to worship the machine. This is the legacy you are leaving your children by doing nothing, by going along to get along, by allowing your hearts to fail you for fear. You must finally stop hiding and come to the realization that what you are trying to hold on to by allowing this to continue is going to lead to the same result, you are going to lose everything anyway. At least if you fight you have the chance to turn this around and live a free life, and give to your children a future where they still have free will. A future where the technology is used for good, to perpetuate freedom and liberty, rather than a future of top-down control where their minds are so warped they don’t even remember you ever existed.

  44. Sue Robinson

    Another great wrapup, Greg! We are so fortunate to have you and USA Watchdog. As another commenter said, I also look forward to every posting, even if I have to stay up late to see them as soon as I can. Also, I did find this last Easter especially haunting and inspirational. I really believe we are going to be all right. Our Redeemer’s sacrifice was not in vain.

  45. Elias

    Greg, your show is so wonderful and you do a great job not just in reporting the news but elucidating what the stories have to impart in a big picture way. Thank you! it’s great for those of us who don’t have a lot of time to sift through all the brietbarts and zero hedge and infowars channels (though those are great, too).

    A customer said this to me recently, older Italian fella, very patriotic, loves America and loves Italy, too, goes back with his wife and parents every summer…

    We always talk about things, whether it was during Trump, and then Covid, and now, the Russia thing, the war, and also how the work ethic in our nation has faltered, and one day he tells me, “This country used to produce nothing but the best. And fast! If you wanted a ship? 🚢? They would produce one in 5-7 days. Put guys on it round the clock, work, work, work, one week, boom, done. ✅ “

    He has a point..! But now..? We’re tip-toeing around pronouns! Oof…! It actually hurts. Not just our pride as men and human beings and as a country but, perhaps worst of all, spiritually. Lord Have Mercy!🤦🏼‍♂️😭

    God Bless you, Greg! ☦️🙏🏻👏🏻

  46. Frank S.

    Hi Greg,
    Biden’s DHS “Ministry of Truth” is an obvious spawn of AG Garland’s rant about so-called
    disinformation. This time though, it will have DOJ-level enforcement powers (I imagine), so “Domestic Terrorists” like you and I can expect to soon host FBI “20 Questions” parties.

    • David Finchum

      No we don’t. Our Founders gave us guns.

  47. wayne hardin

    Several say something big will happen sunday the 30th . said they would let us know monday what it was .

    That would be funny if it wasn’t so true .
    Anybody can say something big will happen on any day and it will be true the way things are going on all around the world .
    They will have a lot to choose from that is a given .

    Wayne Hardin .

  48. Mark

    So you mean voter fraud wasn’t a crime before!! How can that be?

    • Greg Hunter

      Mark bigger penalties and special police to enforce the laws on voting.

  49. John Mahoney

    Greg u didnt mention anything about silver, well i noticed thats all, love ur shows, will always be a watcher of them

    • Greg Hunter

      I Love silver and so does Rickards for the common man.

  50. Justn Observer

    Greg, Pento suggests markets likely down 30% to 50% from here ?

  51. Jeff robbins

    Excellent reporting, really looking forward to Richards. Thanks for helping average guys like me. It is amazing how ignorant most folks are about history and current world events.- We’ve been getting unusually wet weather here in the Pacific Northwest, very different from last year. It’s a big help for filling our family fishing pond. The best scenario all from the Fathers Hand.

  52. Neil

    As soon as Putin tied the Ruble to gold, bullion started to drop. It may continue to drop in order to hurt the Ruble, until one day …

    • Greg Hunter

      You got this backwards according to Jim Rickards in the longer term. (Yes, it dod go down recently.) Gold is going up.

  53. Steve

    I didn’t get my usual email notification. Was having withdrawals LOL.

    • Greg Hunter

      On it’s way.

  54. TxMetrix

    Follow the money, Greg. Of course the Senior leaders of the Biden Regine want the Ukraine war to grind on. Afghanistan is no longer the cash cow. Immediately after retiring as CENTCOM Commander, current United States secretary of defense Lloyd Austin joined the board of Raytheon Technologies, a military contractor, in April 2016.As of October 2020, his Raytheon stock holdings were worth roughly $500,000 and his compensation, including stock, totaled $2.7million. On September 18, 2017, he was appointed to Nucor‘s board of directors. On May 29, 2018, Austin was appointed as an independent director on the board of Tenet Healthcare. He also operates a consulting firm and has been a partner at Pine Island Capital, an investment company with which Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Michèle Flournoy are affiliated.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is not going to work out the way they want. It’d already backfiring bigtime. Russia is getting stronger and USA getting weaker. Stupid!!

    • Charles H

      Whatever is sent to Ukraine – will have a kick-back to Biden and his minion.

  55. Mark Spain

    Greg, what are the ads and polls showing up on your page? If you post a poll I respond, but the ones I see in this artical do not reflect your content. I will not respond to these without an explination from you. Your friend Mark.

    • Greg Hunter

      Only take my poll on the lower right of the USAW page. I am trying new advertisers. So sorry.

  56. Daniel Hall

    Can you please ask your friend who is a financial advisor to find out WHAT PRIVACY COIN the Trillionairers are buying? Is it Pirate Chain (ARRR) or Monero (XMR)? Or something else? Thanks!

    • Greg Hunter

      Rich people are buying gold. Jim Rickard 5-time best-selling financial author say gold is going way up because it’s the only thing that all people can agree on as money. Rickards says “Gold money good.”

      • Mike M

        Hi Greg.
        If that is the scenery from your house, it is beautiful.
        Love your show and Love our Savior, Jesus Christ.
        I believe that taxpayer war charity donation of 33 billion is another money laundering scam. Pretend one is sending the money for some war effort, only to have 9/10 of it return to Clinton, and Biden, and other enemy coffers. The coward leader Zelensky, in Ukraine gets his cut. When Gold flys, so will silver. God Bless. Mike
        This is done constantly.

  57. Joseph T. Manzo

    Like your news but not your censorship.

    • Greg Hunter

      Start your own site and post whatever you want.

      • David Finchum

        Thanks for the laugh Greg. How Bill Cooper of you. Keep up the good work.

    • stanley skrzypek


  58. Future Boy

    January 2023… USA sends $4 trillion worth of aid to European nations as millions have starved or freezed to death.

    This gift from the sucker American taxpayer, contains oil, gas, natural gas, propane, all grains, medical supplies, clothing, and over $1 trillion in military aide and war materials.

    2023… The poor American working taxpayer is now homeless, starving and freezing to death as they can no longer afford to exist. However, those on welfare and entitlements are super morbidly obese and enjoy living in $7,500 per month deluxe rentals all paid for by the remaining sucker working American taxpayer.


  59. Country Codger

    Great wrap-up and we enjoy seeing more of the farm. I’m a big fan of porches.
    Lo Iyrah!

  60. Edward Ulysses Cate

    “More War, More Inflation and More Chaos” because of all the sociopaths in the upper echelons of governments, big business and religious groups. And most of the 99% can’t even recognize a sociopath, much less stop supporting them. Kind of like digging your own grave. Continue to follow “Do not judge, or you too will be judged” (Mattew 7). That okay for the 99%, but the 1% who have no empathy nor conscience is counting on you including them, too. That’s why they wear “The Mask of Sanity.” (pub. 1941)

  61. Gerald Benton

    I have a business that deals with restaurants. This week two restaurants managers told me that they are running out of food in their deliveries. For some of their products they are out three weeks. Of course, good help is hard to find and kept. Illinois ,a slave state, is raising minimum wage and taxes. This state has received a few trillions from covid relief and still it is raising taxes. Now with the shortages, the prices for the food are going up. I have another customer who has steaks on Friday night. They cannot price the steak until it has arrived to their store. So if the restaurants start closing, will this effect the economy?

    • David Finchum

      It’s all going to shit. In 2015 John Podesta ran an event called Food Chain Reaction. It stated that a terrible food crisis would hit 2022-2024 with another lesser food crisis in 2028-2030. They can’t build back anything without first destroying what is already in place. You can make some money during this panic with gold and silver, only if you can beat the buy/sell percentage spot price. People will pull money from crypto to buy food so buy the dip. Use Edge wallet, they keep no tax records, and get into Monero, Dero, Equilibria and Pirate Chain. When they go up transfer them to a stable coin like Tether or USDC or DAO, then use your gains as you see fit. And don’t get greedy. Look at a chart to see previous lows and highs and get ready to jump out when they get back to all time highs. Maybe sell half before all time high and half just after. That’s how you play the game.

      If you set up a Liberty X account you can use CoinFlip ATMs or CVS to get your money in and out. Hope this helps. The dollar isn’t going anywhere until at least 2025, that is when the BIS says no more money will be needed for Covid19. (The dollar will still be around after that, but access to your money may require digital ID.) Things are just going to cost more and people will rush into things that they think will preserve wealth, so get ahead of the pump.

      Also, go online to globalordnance and sgammo and buy 556 and 9mm and 40 s&w. When the scare hits, call around to pawn shops and gun shops to sell it. You can easily double your money.

  62. The Seer

    Watch the movie “The Sum of All
    Fears” to understand what they will
    be doing. Southern Hemisphere will
    be safer. I obtained New Zealand
    Residency 30 years ago. Moved back to
    USA in 2011. Going back to NZ 4th quarter soon when it opens to natural immunity people. Hope things hold together long enough… leave. Good luck everyone!

    • Self Exiled

      Natural immunity is not scientifically recognized any longer according to the WHO and they still seem to be in control.

    • Tin foil hat

      In 1931, the novelist James Hilton wrote Shangri-La’s story (“Lost Horizon”) based on an explorer’s travels published in National Geographic.
      The book reflects on a theme, that is, if there is a nuclear war that destroys the world, where can human civilization escape and take refuge.
      In the end, the novel tells everyone the answer to his conjecture – Tibet, Hengduan Mountain, where the snow-capped mountains and valleys are the refuge of human civilization.
      Not only that, but there is also an ideal kingdom of heaven, which has existed since the last generation of civilization. Tibetan Buddhism is believed in the kingdom of heaven. Lamas master prehistoric technology and guard this secluded tranquility.
      The British translated it as Shambhala, which is said to be a prehistoric paradise that the lamas had secretly guarded for thousands of years.
      The Americans say that it is called Shangri-La, and it is hidden in the valley of three snow-capped mountains.

      The name of that American explorer was Joseph Rock.

  63. Robert Kohler

    As far as Russia attacking by sending agents into the U.S.: I don’t think that Russia plays dirty like the U.S. does. In how many countries have they orchestrated “regime change” like we have, or totally ruined based on fabricated “evidence” (e.g. “weapons of mass destruction”)?

  64. Colleen Allen

    Just an FYI. I never received notification by email that today’s program was up for viewing. Went searching and , of course,located today’s show!

    • Greg Hunter

      I forgot to send it out,

  65. Bible Reader

    From circumstantial to direct evidence. We really did need an antidote.

    First Pictures and Videos of Snake Venom Peptides in Bioweapon Shots
    Stew Peters Network Published April 22, 2022

    On today’s Dr. Jane Ruby Show, Dr. Jane reveals the work of South African microscopy expert and naturopath, Dr. Zandre Botha, connecting facts and revealing the evidence to support snake venom proteineous organoids, or…the development of synthetic substrates that are made to retain the toxic activity of snake venom and she reviews all of it with Dr. Bryan Ardis, who recently called the world’s attention to this diabolical basis for the covid scam AND the deadly bioweapon shots.

    • eddiemd

      Wasted my time watching that video.

      Snake oil salesmen and fake doctor Ruby. They are in above their heads.

      • Tin foil hat

        Can you elaborate on that please? The video seems legit to me but I’m not a doctor.

    • David Finchum

      If you want to dig deeper look into V series chemical weapons and fluoride as an activator for binary chemical weapons. Remember, sodium fluoride is in the water.

  66. tim mcgraw

    Thanks for another great weekly report. Hard times ahead. Wishing all of you the best.

  67. Paul

    30 to 50 weeks delivery time for commercial roof top hvac systems in southeast Michigan. I guess people will have to shop uncomfortable.

    The elections can’t come soon enough.

    Paul from arkansas

    • CJ

      We’ve been picking up used working window air units, small appliances, we even got a couple of small refrigerators at second hand stores and garage sales. We have them stored in a corner of our barn. Our thought is that we may not be able to get parts to repair, or find new appliances to replace these things in the near future. We will be able to sell them at a small profit or give them to family and friends if there are none available. This will help others, too. Our thought process is that this is better than depreciating currency setting in the bank. If nothing happens? In a couple of years, we can have a garage sale and make back our money, or make a nice donation to a charity.

  68. A Day

    Do you think maybe $33 billion for the American public is in order? Maybe stopping the flow at the border? Or perhaps suing for peace would be good. Does anyone living here really care if Ukraine joins NATO? Maybe fewer shortages should be addressed. Paying a living wage so we don’t run out of everything we need to start making ourselves would be a start. Or how about a pixie sprinkling some common-sense-dust on Biden and all the clowns in DC?
    Wait…I just got a loud knock on the door from the ‘disinformation police’, I’ll have to go, now.

    • jon

      I think much of the 33 billion is not for direct military hardware. A lot of it is going to pay the Ukrainian troops and administrators. With this money, the Ukrainian troops will at least be able to get money to their families. They would have negotiated peace or surrendered a long time ago if they did not get this bribe money to sacrifice themselves for Washington. It is a very sick evil situation curtesy of the neocon and Biden ilk.

  69. Self Exiled

    What China couldn’t accomplish in the last 75 years the American Communist accomplish on a worldwide scale. I should have known in 2005 when one of my wife’s liberal friends sitting in my living room told me I was politically incorrect that the war was in my own back yard.

  70. James Burris

    Zelenskyy & his psychopathic puppet masters just don’t care how many Ukrainians die for THEM. These same psychopathic people just don’t care how many of us die for THEM!

  71. Randy Best

    Dear Greg,
    Last week you said that Russia would escalate to end the war quickly. Today you said it may be a long drawn out affair. We need to hear from Paul Craig Roberts. And don’t you think we need to stop giving credit to Bo Polny for random events that happen on his critical days? Give me a break, has anything changed sine Ginsburg’s death. Come on!

    • Greg Hunter

      Go back and listen to the report again. I said Lloyd Austin admitted he wants to drag out the war to weaken Russia. Then I said Russia is going to try to end it quickly and go “medieval” on the Ukraine NAZI military.

  72. r.v.

    Musk’s Neuralink brain chip company and twitter app eventually he may combine both of them in the future.
    Science behind Neuralink:
    1973, Soylent Green’ envisioned the world in 2022. it got 7 billion people right, we are 7.9 billion+.
    Greg, thanks for keeping us informed.

  73. robert lilliott

    What a beautiful farm! So sad it is always raining… but here in So Cal NO RAIN almost…All weather manipulation. I harvest rainwater and have a full garden – corn and beans HUGE and tomatoes and squash already…installed 450 watts of off-grid solar and bought an electric trike.. I am sure there are answers for wet climates.
    Is it an accident that China., Ukraine and Russia ALL go off-line at the same time – heck no – this is Genocide part II. Depop by famine.
    Thank you for the wonderful interviews – it is SO valuable to us all during these insane times. Rickards has some great stuff – looking forward to it

  74. Barbara Lyon

    Russia becomes more self-sufficient every time the US imposes sanctions against her. Good for Russia!

  75. David Jones

    Trump was blocks for 5 billion for a fence and these people want 33 billion to kill people

  76. Wine Not?

    Oh, pleeeez, Greg…VP Biden? After more than 60 overturned lawsuits in all of the swing states and after ALL FIFTY states’ election authorities have verified/confirmed the election results….you still believe what you wanna believe, instead of the actual results? This is why you’ve been losing viewers, Greg. No one can live on a diet of lies and nonsense forever…

    • David Finchum

      Oh the irony….

    • stanley skrzypek

      BUT fools LIKE you CAN…” live on a diet of lies and nonsense forever…”….can you spell… I D I O T?

  77. Stephen Woenker

    The dollar has been dying for over 30 years. Somehow I think this is all a show. Joe Joe Magoo is a puppet for sure. We are going to have to make America great again. Or build back better. Time will tail. Enjoy The show

  78. Dan Scarborough

    Ask Jim about these actions that most affected our economy in the last 50 years, in addition to the passage of the Federal Reserve Act:

    1. Nixon’s decoupling of Gold from the US Dollar.

    2. The Bush Family’s action to remove the Glass – Stegall act of 1933 and Bill Clinton’s endorsement of that action.

    3. The move to create Variable-rate Mortgages designed to default in conjunction with the decoupling of Red-lining from the underwriting of Mortgage loans.

    4. The almost simultaneous creation of restrained, unregulated Mortgage Derivatives.

    5. The existence of “Captured Financial Regulators” who permitted Pension Plan “Managers” (who had a Fiduciary Responsibility to Beneficiaries) to proclaim as “safe investments” these hybrid “mortgages from hell” and use them to Fund Public Pension Plans.
    [Think politicians and corrupt judges.]

    6. Ask Jim to consider that no CEOs or CFOs have been held legally accountable for the 2006-2008 “Financial Crisis.”

    7. Finally, ask Jim if he would support the establishment of Forensic Audits every seven years to supplement the Annual Audits already required for Public and Private Corporations, Not-for-Profits, and Religious Organizations – with special attention to Nepotism and its Corporate equivalents, Interlocking Board Members.

  79. Jim Ledyard

    Greg, Catherine Austin Fitts mentioned some forms on her Solari Report. Are those Covid-related forms? I searched all over Solari and could not locate. LOVE the thumbnail cartoons. Thanks so much Greg.

  80. Steve jones

    How come none of your commenters are not talking about the Great Tribulation in Mt24. Guess they don’t read the Bible. It’s coming Greg. And maybe this is the start of it. Also next big date for Bo Poney Is May 9.

  81. Rod M Brumley Sr - Lt. Col USMC

    Great weekly wrap up

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Brother Rod!!!
      Brother Greg

  82. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg, good wrap-up and reminder to get ready.

    Something is in the air and it seems imminent. Way to much happening with Trump posting on Truth Social & COVFEFE, Musk causing chaos in the Twitter-verse, plus all the stuff coming from the Durham investigation going public — this is all leading to a convergence soon. Durham was quiet for so long and now suddenly all this info is being trickled out like a time release capsule keeping us all asking — okay, what’s next?

    Regardless, think prepping because a time of chaos is almost by definition a time of uncertainty so have your needs in hand. Food, water and a roof over your head are good starting points. To keep my sanity during the “scamdemic” I’d been buying a lot of CD’s — good music is a moral boost for me and probably others. After having most everything on my old truck replaced over the past few years (tires, battery, tune-up, water-pump, bellts & hoses), it’s in great shape for driving, but the radio tech was older than the truck.

    So along with everything else, I installed one of the new HD (hybrid digital) receivers. Wow, there are FM stations out there which an analog-only radio cannot receive. Did not know that digital sub-channels are parked right next to analog stations in the FM radio band. This morning I was listening to an oldie from Fleetwood Mac called “Tusk” and what a great driving tune it is if you want a speeding ticket — too much energy. 😉 Fortunately there’s also an HD classical station so I could slow down. LOL

    All this to say, yes, get prepared for bad times but don’t forget the good things in life.

  83. Julie A Cohick

    Ivermectin is now OTC in New Hampshire & Tenn. is also working on making it OTC. As far as things that cannot be found. The last 1 lb. box of Whole Wheat Elbow Macaroni that I was able to buy for $1.00 a box, was at the end of last year. I have not been able to find it & I shop at 5 different grocery stores & none of them have it. I looked on Amazon & they have a 6 -1 lb. pks. of Barilla Whole Wheat Macaroni’s for $24.95 which is $4.18/ 1 lb. box. This is a basic item that has gone up nearly 300% if it can be found at all !

  84. eddiemd

    Ukraine wheat producing areas.

    Looks like alot of muslim countries are going to have some food issues in the very near future. Not just here in the USA. The arab spring from 2009-11 was a food cost issue. Egypt and Indonesia. The most populous muslim countries on earth. Time for trouble. Mass migration from Indonesia south to Australia. Boat people.

  85. Judith

    Kudos Greg. Well done, as usual. Judith

  86. Marie Joy

    Unfriendly bases surround Russia. The purpose of these bases is to destroy anyone, any country, any entity that is not in line with Klaus and his genocidal maniacs.

  87. Forrest W Byers

    ” Mine eyes have seen the Glory of the Coming of the Lord”, be sure to stand on Holy Ground in solemnity , appreciation and joy of His Mighty Arrival ,In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

  88. James Hall

    Buying bulk real raw honey is a good food to have on hand. Also a spoon or two a day has amazing health benefits. I’m talking about the raw honey that looks like peanut butter, not liquid which is usually pasteurized meaning less benifits.

  89. Rusty Holmes

    Greg, something I’m concerned about is President Obiden stealing peoples’ gold like FDR did. What would you say the chances of that are?

    And thank you for another great show, the wise insights and for caring.

  90. eddiemd

    Alasdair Macleod gives some good insight on the coming collapse of the world economy.

    The west needs WW III. Blinken, Austin, Sullivan, Obama, Price, Psaki, Yellen,…we are doomed by these anti-christ souls.

  91. jon

    Thank you for the information on the Middle east dollar shift. It is making more sense now why the dollar western crowd wants the Ukraine to continue war. In light of the Afghanistan mess and the damage to US and dollar faith. If the Russian operation completes with Ukraine falling. Plus the plan to have a commodity and gold backed Ruble. This would be a very quick and permanent catastrophe for the Dollar and Swift system. Could be why the US is going to spend as much money needed or even get a spreading war going. The Fiat Dollar system is up-against the wall. You can see, hear and smell the panic in the Biden crowd.

  92. Tory of Utah

    Just to note here in Utah, almost all the eggs have been recalled. What remained was almost 6 dollars a 18 pack (from non local dairy farms). The FDA has been going all around the country declaring whole flocks to be destroyed because they “said” they found a chicken with bird flu. Then locally here the health department said they suspected bird flue in a backyard flock. Add ontop of that a Salmonella scare and walla expensive eggs and chicken prices going way up.

    Plus it’s not just the food processing plants being torched! Three hundred tons of hey was burned here, so they are hitting the feed supply too. It’s all adding up to a really really big wopper!!!

    PS got my own chickens and have enough eggs for my family and a few neighbors but now I read a warning about folks stealing livestock and potential theft of people’s food storage. Be ready!

  93. Stu Gotts

    Instead of giving 45 million deadbeats a $10k-$20k college debt forgiveness, how about cutting us all a check for $15k each, that way inflation can double the prices of everything yet again, and the young irresponsible parasitic CRT race majors useless degrees can continue not working for another decade. Anything to get out of work and not paying for anything using money earned through blood sweat and tears.

    I never had to borrow and I paid for everything I own using money I had earned. For a stretch, I didn’t even go on a vacation for 24 years, and I only missed two work days in 22 years. I even feel like I’ve paid for everything that several other inner cities families get, and where is the thanks?

    For us that do things right and play by the rules, when are we, the taxpaying suckers going to revolt?

    • David Finchum

      Dude…really…24 years. You did that all wrong. You get 1 life, go live it.

  94. Self Exiled

    Now faith is the assurance (title deed, confirmation) of things hoped for (divinely guaranteed), and the evidence of things not seen [the conviction of their reality—faith comprehends as fact what cannot be experienced by the physical senses]. Hebrews 11:1

    Oh, there he goes again with that Amplified Bible {AMP} This verse is not conjugated but expanded.

  95. FastEddy

    Elontested his brain Gizmo on 25 Chimps and 15 ate each other and the others ate their fingers and did Horrible things
    This Man Elon is a Satanic Creature

  96. Fredrick Getzschman

    Washington DC clowns have weaponized the dollar and that appears to not succeed anymore. I believe your information is correct, the US will be flooded with dollars making them worth less than they are today. Great report.

  97. peter tomkins

    why is it soccer players over 100 dead while our old out of shape politicians double vaxxed and boosted skate right thru the pandemic did they take a placebo

  98. Laura

    I am becoming very curious about the possible link between the uptick of youngsters being diagnosed with hepatitis and the vaccinated shedding spike proteins. I would like to hear Dr Edes and or Karen Kingston’s opinions on this topic.

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