Physical Cash Stops Digital Theft –David Morgan

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Economic analyst and financial writer David Morgan says, at some point in the not-so-distant future, the world is going to have another banking crisis.  Morgan contends in the next financial crisis, the banks are going to take depositors’ money in what is called a “bail-in.”  Morgan explains, “We have this saying in the precious metals world, and that is ‘If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it.’  Let’s move it over to the currency realm.  What if you had that same idea that if you don’t hold it, you don’t own it?  The reason why that is so important to me and many others is the bailout situation is over.  It will be bail-ins next time, which means you become an unsecured creditor of the bank.  This means that if you don’t hold it, you may not own it.  If we were to have a bail-in . . . they may not take all of your currency, but they would probably take part of it. . . . If you go to Argentina during one of their episodes, all the money in their banks was still yours, but you were limited to what you could take out.  You could be a millionaire or a multi-millionaire, but you could only take out 300 pesos a week.  So, what good is that?  If your mortgage was 4,000 pesos a month and you can only get 300 pesos a week, you would default on your mortgage.”

How much actual cash is out there for you to hold?  Morgan says, “M-Zero is the monetary base. That is paper money and coins, and in a round number it’s about $2 trillion.  That is a bigger number than what I thought.  Another interesting thing is there are 12 billion $100 bills.  (That equals $1.2 trillion in $100 bills.)  So, the vast majority of the supply of Federal Reserve Notes are in $100 bills.”

How much currency is sitting in the banking system that you could tap?  Morgan says, “60% of U.S. currency is sitting overseas. . . . So, of all the money out there, only 5% of the available physical money is actually there in the bank in America.”

Morgan suggests that you have one to three months cash at home for expenses like rent or mortgage, food and utilities.

Morgan also likes gold as an investment, but he especially likes silver.  Morgan says, “Silver is totally undervalued and is the most undervalued asset out there.”  Morgan contends that “silver is at near record lows” at around $23 per ounce if adjusted for inflation and massive Fed money creation.

Another reason to hold physical gold and silver is inflation is starting to take off in a way most people can clearly see now.  Even the Fed knows the inflation genie is out of the bottle, and it’s not going to be put back in anytime soon.

In closing, Morgan suggests holding some cash, gold and silver in physical form for safety and security.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with precious metals expert David Morgan, publisher of “The Morgan Report.”

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg, a lift from you on a Sunday in Oz.

    Amazing that we are under lockdown again and they have closed all the outdoor Bbq’s, parks and playgrounds. Talk about Trauma Based Mind Control (shout out to Fritz Springmeier).

    Thoughts about money are secondary at the moment when the freest things on the planet are being subjected to tyranny.

    A new slogan sign is ever present behind one of our Government officials during their press conferences; “Voice for Vaccines”.
    How about a voice for the people growing broke, soon to be homeless and many committing suicide.

    Something here just doesn’t add up.

    • Greg Hunter

      Don’t lose your faith and DO NOT take the shots!! Listen:

      • Anthony Australia

        Like they say in the Bronx, “Forget about it”.

      • Stephen jones

        Got my Ivermectin thanks to your prayers Greg

        • Greg Hunter


      • Brooklyn


        Thank you for posting this unusual format/presentation as Lew Rockwell stood at a microphone in the audience telling the local school board that “NO ONE CAN NOT STOP WHAT IS COMING”

        I forwarded it to 35-40 friends with plan to have my wife use her shorthand skills to get it into a written document for everyone to forward/use. This is the most succinct, well-spoken four-minutes anti-vax pitch we have ever heard.

        • Bill

          I agree! Lew was excellent!

          • Bill

            FDA warns People! You are not a Horse or a Cow! Don’t take Ivermectin!

            • Paul ...

              Bill … The FDA is right … we are not a Horse or a Cow … we are Guinea pigs!!

            • WD

              LOL Stupid FDA,

              Probably don’t even know there are 2 types…..Efff them

      • Bill

        Wow! Greg That guy, was pretty devastating! He takes no prisoners! I wonder, if I show this video, to my friends, who have taken the “Jab”, will those people stop talking to me permanently or is there a chance, they will thank me when they get Sick? What do you think are the “Chances”?

      • Bill

        Greg, I saw the following story, at that President Trump was Booed for urging everyone to to get the Jab. I thought, President Trump was a pretty sharp guy, why is he advocating everyone get the Jab? When he gets booed, doesn’t he do, a instant Revaluation on his stance on Vaccines? I remember, you mentioned this point in the past. This is a major point, is it not? So, what’s up with Trump as far as the Vaccines are concerned?

        • Greg Hunter

          I saw that too. If President trump took the shots, then he is a dead man walking. President Trump has gotten terrible advise and someone is responsible for his murder. This is hoe bad it is in a 4:00 min summation from a PhD:

          • Bill

            Democrats must run Youngstown, Ohio. The City of Youngstown wants to pay their city workers, $1,000 to get the jab!

            • Paul ...

              Why don’t they offer a million dollars to take the “jab” … at least everyone will die a millionaire!! … but the cheap “commie” bastards want us to die poor!!!

              • Paul ...

                And be happy about it!!

            • Bill

              Socialist Representative Richard Torress of New York’s 15 District is starting legislation in the House to Stop unvaccinated people from flying Nationally and Internationally.
     starts at the 9:15 minute

              • Paul ...

                Good thing too … who wants to be on a plane with vaccinated people dying and falling over in the isles with blood clots to the brain, clutching at their hearts and saying: “I can’t breathe”!! … “I can’t breathe”!!!

            • Libby

              Bill, i too was very surprised to hear President Trump promote the vaccine and didn’t understand why. Here is what I’ve heard and we know he speaks to the media in codes.
              He is promoting Ivermectin, Regeneron & Hydrochloquine, which is what he took and have been approved by the FDA as a vaccine. It’s why he fast tracked it and said the military would distribute to our most vulnerable, seniors.
              I don’t think our President who has done a lot of good and put America and Americans first would try to kill us and especially seniors (remember he is one as well)
              The Vaccine is NOT a vaccine but a mNRA protein which alters your gene and HAS NOY been approved by the FDA as a vaccine. The FDA approved the use of this mNRA as an emergency measure and that was done after Trump left office.
              Will be interesting to see how it all plays out, especially the push for mandatory vaccine and passport. My guess it will fail miserably, however the demons who’ve been running the world and have enslaved humanity are losing, for the most part have lost but they, Satan, Baal however one refers to this evil will down go down without a fight.
              Hold the faith that as Greg always said “God is in charge” and The best is yet to come.

      • Sweetie Pie

        Don’t take the shot, you say, Greg…
        Do you wear your seatbelt in the car?
        Do you lock your door at night?
        Do you wear a motorcycle helmet if you are a biker?
        Do you keep enough lifejackets for everyone on your boat?
        Do you take your prescribed medicines?
        Do you use oven mitts with really hot dishes?
        Acting with caution and wisdom instead of like a
        rebellious teenager is actually the mark of a true adult.
        Get the damn shot!

        • Greg Hunter

          Sweetie Pie,
          You are stupid. Listen to this PhD. It’s only 4:00 mins long and maybe your little woke-tard brain can comprehend:
          Get a damn brain.


          • Paula Davis

            Greg, my neighbor’s bumper sticker: “Can’t cure stupid.”

            • Greg Hunter

              I totally agree. Do Not get vaxed!

        • Jr

          The “shot” is not a vaccine. What part of that dont you understand? If it actually was a vaccine most thinking people would take it. Only a dumbass would take a spike protein surrounded by graphene oxide designed by satanic baby killers to depopulate the planet. You did manage to swerve into some truth calling it a “damn shot.”

        • Paul ...

          Take the shot? … you say, Sweetie Pie??
          What if many Nobel Prize winning Chief Mechanical Engineers at GM, Toyota, Ford and other car companies came out today and warned the general public not to wear their car seat belts “as a major flaw was designed into it” (by a rouge psychopath working for their car company)? … where “at any time” over a 2 to 3 year period of buckling up … “the belt could suddenly tighten up around your neck causing a massive blood clot in your brain killing you” … would you consider not using the belt until it was recalled?? … and say they also warned that bike and car helmets should be avoided as this same rouge psychopath designed the helmet with “spikes” inside (that could very easily penetrate the skull “causing massive contusions leading to brain death”)? … would you still wear the helmet … or wait for it to be recalled?? … and what if these Nobel Prize Winning Experts also told the public not to wear the driving gloves that contained graphine oxide (that could give you uncontrollable shakes making you crash your car and die)? … would you still wear the gloves? … or wait for them to be re-called?? … and what if these same experts told you not to take certain medications while driving (because the side effects could make you immediately faint or give you a heart attack while blood poured out of you (in some very strange menstrual cycle)? … would would you still take the medication, buckle up, put on your car helmet and driving gloves Sweetie Pie? … like some rebellious teenager?? … or would you “Act with Caution and Wisdom” … and wait for the defective products (designed by a rouge psychopath) that can kill you … “to be recalled”?? … which is the mark of “a True Adult”!! … use your God given brains Sweetie … and “Avoid the Killer Clot Shot Altogether” … or at a minimum “wait until the defective product is recalled, fixed and tested” … before risking your very life “and the lives of others by promoting such rash action” … like some moronic “commie” Demon-rat idiot!!

        • CraziesEverywhere

          Sweetie Pie’s brain is drunk on media propaganda. All my coworkers are the same. My dentist is the same. My relatives are the same. I am a nut-job to all of them.

      • Bob Lamb

        Millions have died from taking the jab? What is that based on? I don’t believe much of what he said.

        • Paul ...

          Bob … Don’t you think you should be just a little cautious “about dismissing the warnings of Nobel Prize winning virologists” … when they present facts about a “jab” that has in just the last four months … killed more people “than all the worlds vaccines combined” from mid-1997 until the end of 2013 — a period of 15.5 years … the current rate of death from the “jab” (just from blood clots alone) is currently running at about 0.00018 of the world population … (0.00018 X 7 billion people = 1.26 million deaths) … add in the deaths to come from heart attacks, etc., etc., etc. … and the “jab” can easily be responsible for killing at least 3 million people … now add in the booster shots … and we could be talking 10 million dead from the “jabs”!!

      • Barb

        Greg we need help please this has got to get out. They lied it’s not approved. Go read the letter from FDA . I have a copy if you need it . Page 10 sec 12 says it’s still experimental but something is different something I heard to do with the EUA . I don’t understand it but I know you know lawyers who will tell the truth on what it says. Please read it before it disappears God Bless you thanks barb

      • Libby

        Thank you so much for posting this . Dr Mikovich, Dr Henpenny and many others have been saying the same thing. I hope people see it and avoid the VAX. I stand to lose both my daughters who took it, one is a surgeon along with her husband. And all she wanted to do since she was 8 was make people better and she and all who have fallen for this have been lied to. I pray everyday that she got a placebo. There is the possibility I may be raising my grandchildren now 31/2 & 11/2. How sad is that.

    • Anthony Australia

      Andrew Bogut makes explosive allegations after lockdown protests.

      • Robert

        Yup, it’s very obvious celebrities and public/political figures are being paid off to tell us covid is real even though our gut says something is not right here. The whole world is on the take. Look at these checks we get as stimulus money. And if we say anything we’re considered domestic terrorist.

        • Bill

          Do you think, LeBron James believes all the Propaganda, or is he just Dumb?

    • Paul ...

      AA … People in Australia should set up small “local economic zones” where they will work for payment in silver coin … so that when the fiat paper currencies collapse along with the “commie” governments now trying to “jab” everyone … a healthy thriving local economy will be in place (to prevent destabilization or a complete collapse of the economic order) … this is also be something Americans should be doing now … take a silver quarter to your grocery store and begin getting store managers used to accepting “payment in silver” … if you are an auto mechanic begin accepting silver coins in payment for car repairs, etc., etc. … in this way … we can begin to develop “very stable local economic zones” that can continue to function … even if the globalists fiat paper IOU’s become worthless or digitized electrons!!
      PS: Get out of the System by providing each local store owner, mechanic, etc., etc. with a U.S. Silver Coin Melt Value Calculator … … and transactions can be made outside the banking system very simply and efficiently … prepare now … just like you prepare for a hurricane heading your way … if the lights go out … you will have an economic generator that can keep things running … preparing is more then buying can food, bottled water, whiskey and ammo … begin getting your local merchants on board in setting up local economic zones that can operate independently of “commie” fiat created out of thin air by “commie” governments intent on “jabbing” everyone with “commie” credit score that can be taken away if you don’t obey (just like your paper dollars can be bailed in by the “commies” running the paper fiat banking system)!!

      • JC

        … buying can food, bottled water, whiskey and ammo … ok, but what about spaghetti?

      • Anthony Australia

        All I know Pauly is that protests here are ramping up to a level not seen in my lifetime.

        • Bill

          I was shocked to hear the Unreasonable demands made by the Govt. Govt. dingbats don’t play Downunder!

    • Paul ...

      AA … I like the sign I see in this Aussie crowd protesting the current lock-down:
      C – ontrol
      O – ppress
      V – ictimize
      I – solate
      D – ivid

    • Paul ...

      Today’s world has become a “Medical Police State” where sorcery (manipulating man’s mind and bodily DNA) is now called science … and where a Fascist “commie” State under Demonic control is trying to totally control and stop men’s access to God’s natural immune system!! …
      Rev 18:23-24 speaks of COVID … “for by thy (jab) Sorcerers (Big Pharma Pharmaceutical Companies) were all Nations deceived … the light within (the human soul) shined no more … the voice (of children) heard no more … and the blood of slain prophets and innocents was upon the Earth (due to the killer clot jab manufactured by Demonic Big Pharma sorcerers)!!

      • Paul ...

        Anyone remember the old children’s nursery rhyme … “Ring Around The Rosie”?
        Ring-a-round the rosie
        A pocket full of posies
        Ashes! Ashes!
        We all fall down

        Well … the evil “commie” Globalist eugenicist psychopaths have created “a new version” of this old nursery rhyme (that they happily sing as they come for our children):

        Put a FEMA Ring-a-round all the useless “rosie” children! … then forcibly
        Inject them all … with a clot shot of (Corona spike) “posies”!!
        “Clap hands” … “Clap hands” … as they all fall down!!!
        To the ovens … make them Ashes! …
        Ashes! …. Ashes!! … Ashes!!!

    • susan

      Please! I am so tired of hearing the same S–T that I have listened to for the last 12-13 years. It has always been the same, as in music, variations on a theme. As a result I have prepared and trained and did everything else I was advised to do. But after listening to the doom and gloom for so long, the doom and gloom is HERE. Now what? My mutual aid group in now divided in two. the vaccinated vs. the unvaccinated. Some years ago, Bill Holter gave me the best advice I ever got. I wish he could be a guest and maybe help us now.

  2. Shirley Thompson

    Even if the collapse is six months or longer in the future, start using cash and get used to it. You can easily have your money auto deposited like usual, but leave only enough in the bank to pay your monthly bills. Take the rest out and make sure to leave $5 or so. Figure out where you can safely keep your stash but easly access for a quick run for milk or gas. Sock drawers aren’t a good location. I’ve gotten in the habit of buying my groceries and paying utilities and car insurance locally in cash. If I am planning a large pick up order at the grocery I will have budgeted that as money left in the bank. But given some of the shortages at the grocery, I now shop multiple times per week and pay cash. That way I’m there soon after the shelf has been stocked for the items I’m looking for.

    • Paul ...

      Shirley … Start using “real cash” (silver coins) … as paper fiat money will soon be like smelly cow manure no one in their right mind will want … impress upon store owners and other merchants that accepting “real money” for their products will prevent them from going bankrupt (when the system is purposely brought down by the Globalists to re-set their 100 year old Ponzi Scheme)!!

      • Paul ...

        Does anyone really believe that taking physical cash (a paper IOU from a criminal printed out of thin air) “for your real assets” … will stop the criminals (from in effect taking your real assets)?? … all you are holding after you give away your real property or real labor “is a freaking paper IOU in your hand” … now you may consider these paper IOU’s “to be rare” (as after they are hypothecated in derivative form) there are only two(2) Quadrillion of them (a fantastic store of value everyone should keep in their cookie jar for a coming financial emergency when everyone will be looking to get some because they are so rare)!!

        • Paul ...

          Remember the Fed “is endlessly printing” trillions of dollars … why? … so they can give them “to you” for your real assets … look at how they crashed the world economy with a plandemic lock-down (to put all small businesses on the ropes) … while at the same time they handed trillions of dollars to Wall Street (so they could buy up those businesses for pennies on the dollar) … the result? … “real business assets” are transferred to the wealthy (for pieces of paper) … so the people who were forced to sell their businesses … now have only worth-less fiat paper IOU notes in their hands (printed up by criminals out of thin air and redeemable for nothing “but another IOU”) … while the wealthy have accumulated the “real wealth” of this world (with Fed paper “printed out of thin air”)!!

          • Paul ...

            Look what the “commies” are doing to farmers … … the Bribe’n administration is planning a tax on inherited property so high that will destroy family farmers (preventing them from passing the farm on to their children) … and thus will force them “to sell their farms to Bill Gates and big Wall Street private equity firms” (now circling the Midwest and waiting like vultures for distressed farm sales)!!

  3. MC

    Whiskey by the case is a fantastic investment. Get the blended American & Canadian, then the straight bourbons, then the Irish and Scotch whiskeys in that order. You’d be surprised what people will do for a bottle of whiskey when times are dark. Even Bible reading and arguing religion is fun with whiskey.

    And the wheat and barley crops are coming in horrible this year. So the feedstock for whiskey making is less assured.

    Get some vodka too, because women like it. And get tequila because it makes clothes come off.

    After the vax holocaust there each virile man is going to have to work overtime impregnating women, including sisters and the like . . . just like in the Bible when Noah’s daughters took of his loins. God will demand men repopulate the earth. And liquor will help this process along.

    Many Christians may scoff at this, but that’s only because they have not read the Bible, or have read it but don’t believe much of it actually happened.

  4. james iler

    Spending $1 million an hour, non-stop for 24 hours a day, you wouldn’t run out of $1 trillion for 114 years.

    • Paul ...

      James … This is likely the reason the Globalists have such a burning desire for fiat paper money (printed out of thin air) … they feel they desperately need to rob, steal and even kill so they can have at least a Trillion ever-worth-less Fed IOU’s … so that they can sneakily palm them off on others at a million a minute (preying it will hopefully last for their entire lifetime)!!

  5. Hal

    Ref:22:50 mark David Morgan is wrong. It takes no paper to print US currency. Federal Reserve notes are 75% cotton and 25% linen. Oddly enough, Amazon sells printer paper in precisely this blend. Are they aiding and abetting counterfeiters?

    • Bill

      Yeah, you could say that!

  6. robert heartland

    Best Buy ,PC Richards and all the electronic stores are having shortages. The shelves are literally emptying and the reason given is a chip shortage. I have to say BS to this! I smell a rat! I think that something big is about to happen. Product is being held back because of a currency reset? Can anyone say Tidal Wave Coming! I maxed out my Best Buy credit card by buying a small freezer( last one in stock) and a PC tablet(Last one in stock!) Attention K MART shoppers!! Make your last purchases now before the store closes. For Good!

  7. Suzanne Powell

    Greg, I am noticing that the silver inventory at my local coin/bullion stores is really small and picked over. Odd stuff.
    I’m scratching together money to buy whatever silver I can, while putting away some cash and stockpiling food.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the reporting from the street.

  8. Tom Mayes Trees in the Garden with Eve
    The Tree today is a pin with a snake creature on in it: WHO-NWO -Catholic Church etc. (not the good people of the WHO-NWO – Catholic Church- etc.)
    You have a choice as Eve did and you have life or death as she did
    It seems that Trump is saying smart people know better and the choice to live or die is theirs
    because if he said don’t take it most would ridicule him and that would be that and would change nothing
    But when the death count grows the tide will turn
    Will Trump survive on it was your choice? Considering the whole WHO-NWO -is set in motion it was his only card We the people are the Trump card1!

  9. Tom Mayes

    Lots of placebos first round

  10. Paul ...

    I bet Stan loved hearing how paper dollars were something everyone should own … but lets be real … a handful of paper dollars is like a hand full of cow manure … it only has utility if it is used to plant some silver under your mattress … that with time … will grow … and grow … toward the Loving Sun of God!!
    PS: [Add “L”ove to God … and we get Gold]

    • JC

      Look at those horses… what are they dragging?

      • Paul ...

        JC … Stan’s horse (Bentley) will not be burdened carrying gold … he will instead be carrying paper IOU’s on its back!!

        • Stan

          Paul: I shorted more Gold & Silver at 3:30pm est. Mark this post!

    • Stan

      Paul: Don’t blame me if you are losing money in Gold.

  11. Malcolm Macnab

    Hi Greg,
    Something up with the David Morgan video – auto-advances to end from about the 5:40 mark. Problem with Rumble? Grateful if you can sort that – no longer available on you-tube,
    Keep up the great work,

  12. Dr. Joseph

    Enjoyed the show Greg, very well done. Mr. Morgan is an intelligent individual and well versed in his field, it’s hard to argue with commonsense. May God lead guide and direct our path amen.

  13. william mitdchell

    I suspect the only person who is capable of getting us out of this mess is Hunter Biden.

    • Bill

      If donate to him, maybe he will paint a picture for you!

    • Paul ...

      Yeah William your right … once Hunter gets out of the shower with his niece and smokes a few joints he can give California and New York to China (but only if the CCP buys one of his art works for a few million dollars) … getting rid of New York and California would indeed be very helpful to our Nation!!

  14. Robert Dziok

    Jim Pugh ( briefly mentioned in interviews a couple of months ago with BardsFM,com and Sovereign Radio he is involved with and working on the new economic system. These interviews can best be found at his website. He mentioned within the US a dollar will remain 1 for 1. Outside the US dollars will become essentially worthless. Recall President Trump stating a number of times to bring your dollars back to the US. Most of Pugh’s interview has to do with the Constitutional Republic legal work done since July 4th 2020 to Presidential election 2020 by Trump’s Administration. Jim Pugh mentions it resulted in some 20 volumes each 5 inches thick. They removed/modified any reference to the Act of 1871 that turned America into a corporation as President Trump declared that corporation bankrupt at his Mt Rushmore celebration July 4th 2020. It was at that ceremony President Trump announced we now have our Sovereignty back. So we will have our Constitutional Republic framework and new economic system ready to go from day one. My take is this is all part of the “Devolution” plan Cliff High mentioned in his recent interview with Greg. As Cliff noted Devolution has to do with Continuity of Government (COG) and Continuity of Country. The Military is and will remain in control during this time. President Trump is and will remain Commander-In-Chief. Cliff also mentioned President Trump is currently Commander-In-Chief. As Cliff noted for a period of time it is best for an “Authority” other than the Executive to be in charge of the clean up. That “Authority” is the Military and RRN ( has already reported some on what has been going on with such. Bottom line is that the legal foundation for the Constitutional Republic has been established and new economic system being worked on or maybe even done by now. The Military will control their being put in place by the Devolution Plan created decades ago and updated since then. Interestingly, Cliff High noted that plan went into effect Oct 31, 2020. The Military will determine when the time is right for President Trump to return to the White House (which RRN reported in a recent article the Military secured just after President Trump left it in January 2020.). Q (Military Intelligence operation/group) – “The Military is the only way”. Q -“Nothing can stop what is coming! Nothing!”.

    • Paul ...

      RD … Forget Continuity of Government (COG) … what we need to do is build Continuity of our Local Economies Astoundingly New (CLEAN) “based upon real silver money” … that we the people begin to implement among ourselves … without any interference by the fiat paper “commies” in Government or the crypto eugenicist Globalists (who are trying to kill us both physically and economically)!!

      • Robert Dziok

        Forget Continuity of Government (COG)? Not really into Anarchy myself. From the start President Trump said he was to return power back to the people. That is being done by reestablishing the Constitutional Republic as established by our Founding Fathers and taken away from us by the Act of 1871 that turned America into a Corporation beholden to the London bankers and Vatican. Two or three states have not too long ago passed laws where gold and silver are recognized as valid money.

        • Paul ...

          RD … Every State should revert back to “real money” if we want COG … but if they don’t do it … each of us as individuals can begin using silver in our daily transactions … this will protect our communities in any fiat money collapse as we will be able to continue to operate using silver as our unit of exchange … we don’t need to wait for some “politician” to get the balls to do it … we can do it without them … store owners, garage mechanics, etc., etc. likely already own silver privately as a store of value … so it should not be hard to convince them to take two(2) silver war nickels for a gallon of milk … or a pre-1965 Walking Liberty Half Dollar for a 4 lb chuck roast … begin transferring out of the paper fiat IOU Fed notes “now” … before the re-set storm hits that the Globalists hope will crash our economy … let’s throw a “real money monkey wrench” into the evil diabolical plans of the eugenicist bastards!! … and the evil Globalists manipulating the price of silver lower will no effect on us … as we can simply go to a coin shop and buy as many silver coins as $100 dollars will buy … and hand those coins to a merchant for $100 dollars worth of food or services … if the price of silver is pushed down to $3.50 per ounce we give a one ounce coin (we just bought at the coin shop for $3.50 paper dollars) to the food store for a gallon of milk … if the price of silver is $23 per ounce we give a one ounce coin (we just bought at the coin shop for $23 paper dollars) to the food store for a 4 lb chuck roast … if a mechanic says the cost of fixing the brakes on your car is $230 dollars … you don’t hand him $230 fiat paper dollars … you go to the coin shop and buy $230 dollars worth of silver coins … and hand that to the mechanic as payment … the mechanic can then use those coins to buy food at the grocery store … we must simply get everyone on board to begin using “real money” in our everyday financial transactions … and by “our united actions” we will be able to do what the “bribed politicians” can never do … remove ourselves from the grip of an Evil Criminal Cabal counterfeiting currency “out of thin air” and calling it money!!

  15. MD

    If the banks were to confiscate American’s deposits, then armed patriots must string up the politicians and banksters from the nearest trees and burn down their buildings and houses.

    • Robert Dziok

      By one of the Banking “Reform” Bills enacted under Bush any deposits in a bank are now considered a loan to the bank. So they are not really ours anymore. Nothing for them to confiscate since it’s already theirs. And with the FDIC (which has nowhere even close the money needed to cover) guess who’s at or near the bottom of the heap to get money back? That’s right Depositors and Derivatives at the top. Think there will be anything left for Depositors? Slick Operators aren’t they?

      • Bill

        When will the banks start changing the money to digital? Any idea?

        • Paul ...

          Bill … We need to stop it from taking place … just like we must stop the “jabs” … as there are absolutely no benefits to us making our currency digital … nor is there any benefit to taking the “jab”!!

  16. Louis Vastola DC

    Hi Greg,

    I value your contributions to all of us, your interviews are on point and your updates help us not lose hope. I came across the following and wanted to share it with you, I sent it to my representatives, other doctors, family, and friends. I was furious when I first viewed it but then began to share it. Stay strong and be of good courage – the truth always prevails! This video discusses how everything with the C-V was started in 2002 according to the US Patent office, why, and who made money from it. It proves the entire Pdemic was lies and any treatment associated with it a weapon.

  17. tony

    Thanks again Greg, You, Your guests (Most) always inspire. Common sense.

  18. James Foster

    Thanks again Greg. Once again you hit it out of the park.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks James.

  19. Jerry

    It’s great to know how cash can stop digital theft, but how do you stop
    Globalist from stealing your country?

    Last night I watched President Trump speak to over 50,000 Trump supporters in Alabama while plane loads of afghans where being airlifted into St. Louis and a host of other conservative states. It’s funny that the Afghans are being relocated to American cities, while the CDC and their globalist partners at DHS are preparing internment facilities for Trump supporters and the rest of us who won’t take the jab?

    The theme of the rally was “ Save America”. Before they introduced President Trump they played a clip from the movie “ Patton” where Patton gives a rousing speech to his troops before he sends them into battle. Then President Trump launched into an hour long tirade of how inept Biden is as president and how the election was stolen from him. Everything was going good, and I was buying into his message until he got the part about how everyone should get vaccinated. Then someone shouted out, don’t take it. It’s poison! In which President Trump responded by saying, “ I took it”. If somethings wrong with it, I”ll be the first to go”. And immediately my mind went back to what Cliff High said about President Trump playing his part, to fool the globalist. I may be dumb, but I’m not stupid. If president Trump is playing a part, he deserves an academy award. Why in the world would you double down on a message that has already been given a million times by the MSM to your own supporters? There’s a difference between blind faith, and stupidity. I’m sorry but should the FDA roll out approval of the mRNA vaccine on Monday, it will go a long way proving “ woos” telling the truth, and “woos” not. Now I know what they mean when they say “enjoy the show”. I also know what it means to be prepared, physically, and spiritually. Monday is August 23rd.

    • Self Exiled

      I’m amazed how we just keep following the carrots on the stick. Yes even the alternative media goes for the bait and keeps following every little detail down each little rabbit hole: in the mean time the globalist keep moving along many steps ahead of us completing their agenda.

      I understand the battle is the Lords and the Glory is His:

      Be strong and let your hearts take courage,
      All you who wait for and confidently expect the LORD. Psalm 31:24

      • Rachel.M.

        For our new S.E. I mostly look at … and
        Bear in mind that we are a country with a very small population compared to others so we are more like a county town than anything else. Nothing happens here politcally or ecomicaly before it happens elsewhere and in general things are very quiet here.
        For me going forward I am extremely bust workwise so I will only be tuning in here occasionally. Take care.

        • Self Exiled

          Thank You Rachel. Bookmarked those two channels and will use those as a source. Australia news has concerned my heart and mind as it sounds like events are very severe. Lord Jesus watch over you and care for you.

    • eddiemd

      Big changes on the horizon. If the FDA grants full legitimacy to the mRNA poison on Monday, then expect more .gov and private organizations to mandate it. The rollout of the antichrist system will proceed no matter what happens.

      I agree. Trump is not to be trusted under any circumstances.

      We have to keep watch, pray, and know the Word of God. Jesus Christ of Nazareth is our only Truth and He will never forsake us.

      If you have not yet purchased a hardback copy of the Bible, do it today. Your iPhone will be censored from the Scriptures in the near future.

      The churches are apostate. They are leading many astray.

      Jeremiah 23;NKJV

      • eddiemd

        A majority of Bibles are not printed in China. They will be cut off at some point.

        Get one today.

        I was attending a church here in Phoenix last year. They turned off the lights and then turned on spotlights to the stage. The people in the pews could not read their Bibles because the lights were turned off. Only people with iPhones could actually access the scripture. In addition they were using “the Message” paraphrased heresy copy and other heretic copies like NLT. When I brought it up to the elders, they shut me down claiming that 25% of the Bible is not valid. I left there in a hurry. See Jeremiah 23.

        If you are in a church where they don’t embrace the entire Bible as the Word of Truth, get out now and find a church that believes in the entire Word. There are many false teachers and prophets out there now. Beware. Many of these pastors, teachers, prophets are deceived already.

        Pray for wisdom, discernment, and knowledge to know the Truth. You as a believer can go boldly before the throne of grace. You are called to be a holy people. You can enter into the holy of holies by the blood of the Lamb, the Great High Priest, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

        Be like the Bereans. Search the Scriptures for yourself. Examine yourself in the light of the Scriptures.

        • eddiemd

          …now printed in China. Walmarts are removing Bibles from their shelves.

          The goal will be to completely censor the Bible. The apostate pastors and teachers are blind to this matter. They are too worried about picnics, trips to the zoo, getting a bigger building that they don’t need, light shows to dazzle the sheep, apostate music, the list goes on.

          Examine yourself in light of the scripture. The cross represents obedience unto death. Prepare yourself for persecution.

          “…be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.”

          “7 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God.”

          “He that overcometh shall not be hurt of the second death.”

          “To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.”

          “26 And he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations:
          27 And he shall rule them with a rod of iron; as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers: even as I received of my Father.
          28 And I will give him the morning star.”

          “5 He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment; and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life, but I will confess his name before my Father, and before his angels.”

          “12 Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God: and I will write upon him my new name.”

          “21 To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne.”

          The promises of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Amen

      • MC

        Trump will not return because information about him is going to come out.

        Perhaps this info is already out and it just has to do with patriots suddenly listening and reading what Trump actually says about the vax all throughout 2021 as the vaxed corpses pile up and children are stripped from their mothers and forcibly given vax.

        Here is vax pusher Trump in the bible-belt state of being publicly rebuked by huge audience of Christians: Elsewhere, RINO governor Greg Abbot of TX also pushed the vax.

        Patriots are now asking —- “With “everything” we know about the V, why does President Trump continue to push the jab?”

        • AndrewB

          The first link is to a pro-vaccine article in The Guardian! It may refer to Trump getting booed but only as an excuse to publicise Trump claiming to have been vaxxed and recommending it. It goes on – erroneously – to ‘report’ a flood of C19 cases among the unvaccinated. We must guard our subconscious against trash – and The Guardian prints trash!

          • Paul ...

            Today the US Food and Drug Administration approved the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine to
            “instill confidence” in those wary about getting jabbed with something that causes blood clots, etc., etc. … full approval opens the door to several activities that were barred under the emergency authorization … Pfizer can now “advertise the jab” on TV … and can continue to vaccinate people (even after the COVID “emergency” is deemed over) … Pfizer can now also raise the price of their vaccine many many times higher then the true inflation rate … and the Bribe’n Administration is readying a push for “booster jabs” because a single jab is not working as well as expected (additional kill shots are necessary to reduce the population) … this mandate can be easily rejected by everyone (including our troops) by simply claiming a your religious beliefs won’t allow you to take the jab … period!!

          • Paul ...

            AB … King Trump may be wearing a Corona Crown … but he is “completely naked” otherwise (spewing the FDA “commie” Globalists Warp Speed “Now” Agenda)!!

        • eddiemd

          Francis the false prophet is leading the way across the world in telling people to get the mRNA poison.

          Francis is an antichrist. A jesuit monster.

      • J. Cornell

        Thanks eddiemd.
        I really enjoyed the scriptures, but especially found
        Jeremiah 23:5&6 interesting and thought provoking.
        New King James Version
        The Branch of Righteousness
        “Behold, the days are coming,” says the Lord,
        “That I will raise to David a Branch of righteousness;
        A King shall reign and prosper,
        And execute judgment and righteousness in the earth.
        In His days Judah will be saved,
        And Israel will dwell safely;
        Now this is His name by which He will be called:


        Eddie, I don’t seem ready for heavenly life and certainly do not wish death in a hell hole.🤔 A middle ground appeals to my senses and especially to see justice done on earth, as in heaven?
        Once a dream, now seems to be nearing a fruition, a possible reality?
        Time will tell, for us all. . . . .. Right?
        Another $64.000 dollar question?😉

        • eddiemd

          Jeremiah 23:5-6

          Messianic Scripture telling us that Jesus is the Messiah. He is the Almighty God in the flesh.

          In the orthodox jewish Bible.

          “…whereby he shall be called Adonoi Tzidkeinu.”

          Isaiah 12:2
          Behold, God is my salvation,
          I will trust and not be afraid;
          ‘For Yah, the Lord, is my strength and song;
          He also has become my salvation.’ ”

          Acts 4:8-12
          8 Then Peter, filled with the Holy Spirit, said to them, “Rulers of the people and elders of Israel: 9 If we this day are judged for a good deed done to a helpless man, by what means he has been made well, 10 let it be known to you all, and to all the people of Israel, that by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom you crucified, whom God raised from the dead, by Him this man stands here before you whole. 11 This is the ‘stone which was rejected by you builders, which has become the chief cornerstone.’ 12 Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.”

          Salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ. Behold God is my salvation. The Lord Jesus Christ is the Almighty God in the flesh.

          He will make Himself known to you. You can be assured of your salvation through Him. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. I will trust and not be afraid.

  20. Jerry

    Here’s more evidence on why you should not get vaccinated.

    Can we agree at this point, that the vaccination has nothing to do with COVID? You must ask yourself what the real purpose is? And why there is this hysterical push to enforce it? I have posted multiple links showing evidence that supports the vaccinations are being used to build a global biometric cloud. Star link, 5G , and nanotechnology all have one thing in common. You. You are the link. I may be a dumb hillbilly but even I know you don’t need ten thousand satellites to watch “hee haw” reruns. Think agenda 2030. Think NWO. It’s all happening in living color right before your eyes. Now think what is the trigger going to be to set this whole thing off? Alien invasion? Trump supporters attacking the Whitehouse? War with China?
    Hint…cyber polygon just concluded. Winter is coming.

    • Jerry

      Addendum to my last post.
      Friends I find it interesting that TPTB have left this video up.

      Could it be a warning? I don’t know, but a wag the dog scenario about using anti vaxer’s to bomb a hospital is chilling. I do agree with the primos that a false flag event is coming to distract away from Biden’s blunder in Afghanistan, but it’s a shot in the dark to guess what it is? Whatever it is, it’s coming at light speed so prepare.

    • AndrewB

      Great interview – thanks for the link.

    • eddiemd

      This Havana “syndrome” supposedly caused by a high energy weapon system.

      The mRNA injection could be the groundwork for the future use of high energy beam weapon (not necessarily 5G) that will be used against people in the near future. The CCP/PLA were studying the use of nanoparticle injections and high energy weapons in 2017/18.

      The unheard of push to inject everyone for a supposed virus that is less lethal than malaria and even the influenza virus is absurd.–301305085.html

      They have been studying nanoparticles to target cancer for years. They have used high energy to activate the nanoparticles to kill cells.

      In 2019 I was able to access the studies out of China that were done to study these high energy systems (DEW) that were being done. They have been scrubbed from the internet.

      • JC


        G.A. STEWART: I am still trying to build that better battery, and I find some comfort in the fact that Magnetic Fields and graphene nanoparticles were already something that I have been researching. Sometimes the universe leads you to the answer even before you ask the question. Obviously, this applies to my previous speculation of The Mark of The Beast interfering with the human pineal gland by using some type of Magnetic Nanoparticle or Ferrofluid.

        • eddiemd

          I see the DEW weapons being used in the future against those who have the nanoparticle injections. There are two pathways that these injections can use. One is to destroy the immune system and the other is to make the takers more vulnerable to DEWs systems. Crowd control for instance. The bioweapon coronavirus and mRNA spike proteins targets the CNS, pulmonary, and cardiovascular organs. If the nanoparticles are uptaken by cells with ACE2 receptors, then these cells in particular are susceptible.

          It is very troubling what is happening at this time.

          The deception and delusions worldwide are accelerating.

          You must be born again. Examine yourselves.

  21. Dom

    Thanks Guys

    A very good interview. David Morgan is always measured and sane.

    • MC

      Not exactly correct, though. Morgan should learn himself about the evil Federal Reserve then read what is plainly printed on FRNs. The $1 plainly says Federal Reserve Note. Every time an FRN is printed, the Fed earns money. Demand for FRNs helps the Federal Reserve. People who help the Federal Reserve are putting a noose on Americans.

      Patriots are instead saving the US circulating coinage, which is part of the reason the coins are in short supply at retail outlets in USA. That is the proof this is happening. Patriots realize that the Washington quarter and the Sacajawea $1 are not stamped Federal Reserve. Also, the coins and the FRNs are made by different government agencies, Only the coins are made by the US Mint. This astrologer gave people a heads up back in 2009!

      We’ve been getting lousy advice for a while from some of the guests of USAWD. Here we are told to save FRNs, when it is the US coinage one should save. …. And last year we were told again and again by “prophets” that Trump is anointed. If Trump is anointed then so was Adolph Eichmann because Trump’s vax will kill millions more Jews than Eichmann’s gas chambers. Most of Israel has taken the deadly vax Trump continues to recommend. Therefore, only morons believe the God of Abraham & Isaac anointed Trump.

  22. Andy U

    Looking to get some ivermectin as we have young children and no grandparents and wife has had cancer twice. No way will we be getting the poison jab for obvious reasons. Can someone suggest where to buy the right ivermectin as well as proper doesage per 100 lbs. I used to use it for my dogs to treat for heartworm and I can probably ly get that stuff but I’m not sure if that is right. The stuff I used to get was in a vial and required a syringe to draw out. I would put it on a dog biscuit and feed to the dogs. I forget the exact dosage back then per 10 lbs of weight.

    • David

      Andy, go to Ann Barnhardt has the info you are seeking.

    • TB

      You can get a prescription from American’s Front Line Doctors.

      • Harry

        Booked an appointment/consultation with Afld gave my information credit card etc….after 7 days I get an email saying they are very busy so they are canceling my appointment. This has now happened two separate times. Where else can I obtain these medications?

  23. Kim

    Great interview with the Silver Guru!
    FYI Greg, a Trillion seconds is 31,689 YEARS!!!!

    • Paul ...

      This means Trillionaires can purchase an item at the Dollar Store “every second” for over 30,000 years? … how long do they think they are going to live?? … and where are they going to store the 86,400 items they buy each day??? … to cut down on all the pollution they are creating … we should be buying some guillotines and black coffins from China and setting up our own Camps to house them all!!

  24. Neville

    One can hear the sense of massive frustration that Dave has about Silver not performing up to his and many others expectations.
    That said when we deal in any market where huge sums of money is concerned we must all remember that we have ”THE ” most dishonest nation sitting at the table with us and this nation is totally bankrupt and hopelessly insolvent and when the likes of Silver and Gold get on their high horses they get very agitated and have the where with all to smash any market that they choose especially when the spectre of inflation is concerned and oh yes the have the worlds reserve currency which is not woth the paper its not printed on these days which they create a trillion at a time to pay the bills ,rig the markets and to bribe whoever they need something to illegal to be done for them.

    Date of the above ,I am not certain but keep your eyes peeled on a famous monument.
    When that get smashed by a meteorite you will know for certain that there won’t be any turning back.

    The Angels weep when any deserving person knocks on the door of success but cannot enter!!!

  25. Russ 2

    Great interview Greg, very timely. Mr Morgan’s reminder of Exter’s pyramid had me looking it up and there was a link to Miles Franklin …
    “Back to basics with Exter’s pyramid” — courtesy of Bill Holter at Miles Franklin

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for posting this Russ!

  26. Enrico

    Dear Greg,
    I totally agree with you in so many ways. I found out at my school district on the first day back to work that the #clotshot is going to be mandatory by October 15, 2021.
    I am 73, and I was going to retire next June, but I immediately put in my resignation and have applied for my pension. Furthermore, I receive Social security and with my pension I’ll survive. I also have tremendous equity in my house and found a trustworthy reverse mortgage where I will get an incredible lump sum and I can save almost $7,000/month current mortgage payments. Thank you for all you do and putting out these important videos. I also watch Clif High on Bitchute.

  27. Kenneth Culp

    $20.00 silver in 1980, adjusted for (government calculated) inflation, would be $66.00 today.

    • Greg Hunter

      Wonder what it would be if we used numbers on inflation.

  28. Jason Sykes

    Thanks for the great line up of interviewees. Thought about getting Dave Hayes on?

  29. jomer

    Speaking of places not taking cash..

    Under the Federal Reserve act, it states that the FRN is good good for all debt public and private, and anyone who refuses the note as payment, then debt is then considered null and void.

    I would say to the cash coffee shop: “You refused my payment in Federal Reserve Notes, therefore , my debt to you is now null and void. Thank you for the coffee ‘ and walk out.

    Of course I would only try this in a blue city /state where the do not prosecute people for petty thief, just in case they made a amendment to the original writing of the act that I am not aware of.

  30. Al

    Greg, you must be getting viewership beyond the total of all the lame stream enemy whore marxist media, because everywhere I turn I hear Clif High’s name now. Since your interview with Clif, his name has been mentioned on all channels I listen to.
    This tells me you are a trend setter but get very little notoriety. Please get a marketing person, you’ll skyrocket! We need you more visible out there.

    Morgan was excellent, his info brought me back several years ago with LeGarde’s 7 year speech and so forth. I usually don’t enjoy David Morgan interviews because he tends to digress, but he held the helm straight and narrow this time and it was a great ride.

    I close with one word on Clif High. Wacky!
    Just look at past videos of him being interviewed and listen to what he says. I’ll give you a hint “blue space chickens controlling the World”, “Planets are on a cone type orbit around the Sun as it hurls through Space ahead of the planets”… I can go on.
    Other than that his info is verifying and interesting, but that’s all I give it.

    Thank you Greg, I’ll be listening to this interview several times and taking notes

  31. Al

    PS: I saw Trump’s latest rally Aug 21 in Atlanta
    He said two things that were interesting
    1- if this tragedy goes on in Afghanistan I will have to send in the Military … HUH?
    2- This game “referring to the steal” is going to last a bit longer but not too long… Hint?

    Whether it’s Trump or anyone else, things have to change and change on a dime. People are literally up in arms and EXPECT SWIFT ACCOUNTABILITY! Even if it has to circumvent the “justice” system.

    • Bill

      If we wait too long, the Taliban will start looking at the 10,000 Americans like Deer in the headlights. They will, want to shoot them or use the rifle butts of their New M-16’s to beat the hapless Americans, still in Kabul.

      • Paul ...

        Those hapless Americans in Afghanistan are likely CIA operatives … who were running the Drug Cartels heroine production operations (so it could be brought back to America and jabbed into our helpless children) … they need saving alright … but not by us … let them explain their actions to God … and then wait for his judgement!!

    • eddiemd

      The taliban have the edge right now. If there really are 10,000 US citizens still outside the perimeter of the airport, then those people are potential hostages. There are really limited actions that the US .gov forces can take.

      We can expect some major problems over the next few weeks if US citizens fall captive to the taliban/IS in Kabul.

      Perhaps the .gov will release a second bioweapon into Afghanistan. A variant of hantvirus could be sprayed by drones. I see the use of drones for bioweapon deployment in the near future whether abroad or here in the USA. Like spraying agent orange.

      • eddiemd

        “hantavirus”. Or perhaps Machupo virus.

        No doubt that Fauci Mengele has an arsenal of bioweapons already developed for deployment.

        • Paul ...

          After we hang Fauci for mass murder we should “reincarnate him” (using cloning technology) and see if his clone turns out to be a better person … if his clone begins to pull the wings off fly’s and he begins to once again put screw worms on dogs to see them yelp and die in pain … we should then “execute his clone” … and create a new clone to see how well it behaves … if there is no change … we should just continue to keep executing Fauci “over and over again for all eternity” if that’s how long it is going to take (for his evil soul to make amends)!!

          • eddiemd

            Fauci Mengele is an evil man. He has been given over to delusions and now serves the antichrist.


            Pushing forward to the antichrist agenda. You will not be able to work, buy, sell, have a bank account, etc without the mRNA injections.

            Bible prophecy. Never fails.

            John 11:25
            25 Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live:

            John 8:23-24
            23 And He said to them, “You are from beneath; I am from above. You are of this world; I am not of this world. 24 Therefore I said to you that you will die in your sins; for if you do not believe that I am He, you will die in your sins.”

            Isaiah 60:3
            The Gentiles shall come to your light,
            And kings to the brightness of your rising.

            Mark 14:27
            27 But immediately Jesus spoke to them, saying, “Be of good cheer! It is I; do not be afraid.”

            Job 9:8
            He alone spreads out the heavens,
            And treads on the waves of the sea;

            • Paul ...

              eddie md … We will be saved!! See: Matthew Chapter 24:
              [9] Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted (with the jab) “to put you to death” … and (all you un-vaccinated) shall be hated by all nations …
              [13] But (the un-vaccinated) that shall persevere to the end … shall be saved!!

              • eddiemd

                Interesting perspective.

                One thing for sure is that terror is coming. A meltdown unheard of in the history of civilizations.

                Bible prophecy. Never fails.

  32. Rod M. Brumley, Sr.

    Greg Hunter is our Ultimate American Patriot – I thank you for all you do to keep us informed on the real issues. I highly recommend Discount Gold & Silver – Melody Cedarstrom is the Owner and is one of the sponsors of USA Watchdog – I’ve personally purchased from her – several of my family members and friends have purchased too – quick shipping and good prices. I continue to buy Gold & Silver as well as Platinum. Silver is the most undervalued asset on the Planet with Platinum a close 2nd. Remember to buy pre 1965 US Dimes, Quarters and Half Dollars – these are great for Barter purposes and the premiums are not to bad. In God I Trust

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Rod!

  33. Steve

    Greg, just wondering if you know. How Stephen Jones got his Ivermectin? I couldn’t get an interview with speak within Thanks Steve

  34. Cole Justin

    That is the problem with silver as David said, it cost around $16 an ounce to produce silver so producers are making 40% or more profit on every ounce of silver they mine. Now if silver costs $30 an ounce to produce then silver would go up in price. There’s no reason for silver to get to the lofty prices that everybody wants. The same applies for gold it cost around 1000 Oz to produce Gold, until mining costs exceed the cost to buy the product the supply and demand side of Economics will apply. Anything in between is market manipulation by the big guys.

    • Paul ...

      If the Globalists drive the price of gold down below what it costs to mine it (as Stan thinks) … production will cease … and therefore the price of gold will go up for those trying to buy it out of strong hands!!

  35. You know

    I heard from Dr William Mount that our “dollars” are actually made or printed in China now. Not sure if this is true but interesting none the less.

    • Greg Hunter

      Totally false.

    • Diane

      No way

    • Paul ...

      Federal Reserve Notes are not printed “in China” … but if the Chinese control our government … they are printed “by China”!!

  36. Johan

    interesting interview. I will be getting some silver, price is too good to pass up. as for his thoughts on digital assets, he is woefully lacking in knowledge. He should stick with what he knows.

  37. Justn Observer

    Greg, Nice interview…thanks for Mr. Morgan and you touching on the bail in subject. Personally, one should consider your advice and seek the more immediate supplies sufficient water, food, personal and medical supplies and medical and dental deficiencies if need be while that easily obtainable…
    Also, like Clif recently mentioned people should establish a local SOC….and if you have not done this already…you are way behind the curve on preparations. = a cadre of people with specific skills necessary for one’s personal continuity of life: medical, gardeners, food prep, mechanics, electronics, electrical and plumbers, x-mil and police/security proficient people etc.
    Be it an EMP or a solar-weather CME or a gov’t led blackout/grid down…one should have already considered those ie back ups and Faraday cages..a bit late now for procrastinators as to learning curves…but better late than never.
    The Kissinger’s statement attributed to Kissinger…’CONTROL people with food, nations with energy’…, Worth considering ‘their’ mindset?
    Prolonged drought itself can have a devastating effect, geo-engineered or otherwise, especially on larger metro areas once the dams are too low to spin the turbines…and if power fails many of the sewage systems will back up and fail along with power outages. s a
    MrsWalker613 on Twitter: “Lake mead.” / Twitter
    Severe Drought Could Threaten Power Supply in West for Years to Come – WSJ
    Sadly, as tragic as it is…Afghanistan seems a distraction. Anyone that understands the history of it would know it was destine to end that way…
    and if the Taliban is a ‘communist’ play all the more understandable. Flanked by Iran , Pakistan, and China…×1135.jpg
    as a potentially needed southern route for the China silk road seems likely…and one might wonder what India is thinking about the U.S. pulling out but we hear little.
    Regarding the solar cycles…if one is to consider the latitudes of India and Central Africa, they will be essential growing areas as well as north SA and Central America… Biden’s tolerance to allow the Russia pipeline = energy needs for Euro-NATO nations…as they cut U.S. oil independence via cutting our pipeline and now his actions concerning Afghanistan…the further bankrupting of the U.S. economic system…the lock-downs to destroy small business and running restaurants and gyms out of bus.= curtail wide food delivery less able to instll rationing and the fitness of the people etc. if not planned are sure coincidental as to what one might impose if one was interested in subverting a country/populace… weaken the people, sicken them with a virus, push policies for moral decay, attack and impose historical revisionist history, weaken and purge the military and police – all while attacking people’s spiritual beliefs and using ‘social’ targeting and tracking of those that are seen as ‘resistant’ to ‘their’ changes? To them, ‘the ends justify their means.’ = world domination with no defined borders or national, individual views or opinions, one currency, = NWO remade by the ‘old’ world order…
    As far as Afghanistan…in the world game of risk, it appears it was always meant to be a stumbling/political roadblock?
    As far as Afghanistan…should one NOT understand a bit of the history and quest to control and contain it by the world so called ‘elite’?
    Afghanistan: the Great Game (Part I) – YouTube
    @27:00 in comes elites U.S. $ =
    Afghanistan the Great Game (Part II) – YouTube

    Biden’s terrible mistake in Afghanistan as see from outside =

    which is interesting but maybe Mr Stewart does not grasp the fact that the many people in the U.S. are in the process of doing the same thing and fleeing parts of the U.S. to avoid living under dictatorial, Marxist/Maoist totalitarian authority and lawlessness. @ 6:25
    Afghanistan is about the size of Texas…how many people are fleeing CA, NY, NJ, Ill, Mn for near the same reasons? = religious suppression, financial hardships, and untenable irrational ideological and cultural social engineering?

  38. Bob Hockney

    What is Germany Planning? Why does Merkel first want to meet with Putin and then with Zelensky?
    10,731 views Aug 19, 2021
    WOW! Putin’s padding some palm’s! After the Euro’ peon’s, it won’t take much to buy off the US. deep state deportment and sore ass Soros’s minions, of the current fake LGBQRSTUVWXYZ Biden ad’mooning’stration!

    Epstein, Gates & Mainstream Media’s CONSPIRACY Of Silence
    562,433 viewsAug 16, 2021 Russell Brand
    A new Jeffrey Epstein book by Julie Brown reveals the media’s conspiracy of silence, as new reports emerge regarding his relationship with Bill Gates.
    Gates seems to enjoy playing this game where he pretenses, like these global conspiracy’s are funny and don’t bother him in the least! 😀
    You can tell by Gates’ demeanor that he is trying really hard to answer that question without appearing guilty. The pucker factor is red lining as he tries to control his body language.
    Imagine whoever has all of Epstein’s files and how much power they have, whoever owns those files most likely controls half of the elite class worldwide
    The system isn’t broken. It’s working exactly as they’re supposed to work it, for the people who built them.
    “The worst conspiracies are in plain sight” Edward Snowden
    Step right up folk’s and see the stark nakedness, of they’re madness!

  39. Merry Piper

    Greg: Thank you for having David Morgan on again. Over many years, I have admired his investigative “deep dives” and his humble honesty. His “Gold is God with an L in it” made me laugh out loud! Thank you David Morgan, I needed a laugh today!!

  40. Randy Best

    The ignorant masses are still distracted and focused on their NBA and NFL games. Nothing has changed since Rome: Bread and Circuses. Even Rob Kirby said the masses are only focused on being fed and entertained.

  41. J.....

    I agree with both David Morgan and Greg Hunter so I keep buying silver!! Peak silver should be determined by the yearly average concentrations mined. So if the yearly average mined concentrations are trending lower every year then the peak has been passed. The increasing use of silver by manufacturers and increasing fuel costs to mine silver and the depleting supply will only force the price as well as value higher. Buying silver can only be a profitable long term investment.

  42. SkeptiSchism

    Love this quote: ‘Everybody knows the price of everything but nobody knows the value of anything’

    • Paul ...

      SS … What is the value of an electron running through an LED light bulb? … about a dollar (per year)?? … so why does it have $60,000 dollars of value running through a crypto computer???

  43. Paul ...

    Thanks to David Morgan we all now know that there is only 1.2 trillion $100 bills (for each of us 340 million Americans) … that’s 3,529 bills each (or about $350,000 dollars is the limit of your “paper wealth” … because that is all there is folks!! … the rest of your money (over what most people will get for their house) is just “an electronic ink entry” in your bank book … so … what do you do to protect yourself?? … you take any money you have (over what you can get for your house if you sell it) … and put it into “real money” (gold and silver coins) … because … you will “never ever get” more then $350,000 fiat paper dollars in Fed currency notes (if all the Fed fiat paper IOU’s are handed out equally by the “commies”) to the entire US population!!

    • Paul ...

      And … this is of course assuming … you would really want $350,000 fiat paper IOU’s printed up by the Fed (out of thin air) … for your “real home”!!

      • Paul ...

        Let’s say … you do take the fiat IOU’s (printed up out of thin air by the Fed) for your home … well … as Klaus Schwab says: “you will then own nothing” … but be so deluded and brainwashed (like Stan) … that you will be happy to own nothing but some paper IOU’s (printed up by sophisticated crooks “running a worldwide Ponzi scheme”)!!

  44. Not So Free

    Physical Cash Stops Digital Theft. That makes a good meme.
    It could also be a bumper sticker, but I wonder how many people would even understand it.

    • Paul ...

      Right NSF … So let me get this straight … owning worth-less nothing’s (Fed paper IOU’s) is going protect me (from owning nothing but worthless digital electrons in a computer)?? … how about … owning real silver coins will protect me from worth-less Fed IOU’s “and” worthless electrons inside a computer!!

  45. Beverly

    There is a prophecy—-Nothing bigger than a 20, but have CASH! Cash will eventually become worthless as the dollar loses value, but after the collapse, cash will still hold value. So, everyone needs to have some cash on hand and some precious metals too. Have your cash and your food tool and your metals.

    • Paul ...

      Beverly … if you want to hold Government cash … don’t hold it in paper form … hold pocket change (pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters) … “not” a paper dollar, nor a paper $5, $10, $20 or $100 dollar bill … hold metals instead as they have intrinsic value … holding paper dollars will be like playing “musical chairs” where there will be less and less people “you can unload them on” as the weeks go by … stick to “hard” money made of metal (ordinary pocket change, silver and gold) … not paper!!

  46. MC

    Pay heed to the name of the town in Alabama where Trump recently pushed the vax as “safe & effective” and he got booed by the audience….. CULLMAN, AL.

    Cull = to reduce or control the size of (something, such as a herd) by removal (as by hunting or slaughter) of especially weak or sick individuals. Satanic globalists have published protocols wherein they intend to cull man.

    Clif High on Twitter is attempting to spin this news on Trump pushing the vax at Cullman, AL, but the audience is rebuking him.

  47. Roy madison

    As I understand it. XRP and XLM can and do , move funds and currency from different “systems “. You take your crypto ,go to XLM and buy that house or car with anything about there that you have . Xlm and XRP are the go to crypto’s doing the transfering shift from one currency, security, crypto , to something acceptable on the other end of the transaction.

  48. JC

    Australia To Be SHUT DOWN by Truckers on Aug. 31 to “Throw off the Government”


    • Paul ...

      The Globalists took away the Aussies guns … but the intelligent Aussies (only 20% took the jab) are using “asymmetric warfare” against their “commie” government … no food in the stores will get more people into the streets then the “commies” have troops to control them!! … what if the “commies” then order their troops to drive the trucks? … do you think a monkey wrench can be thrown right back at them (by say some irate trucker cutting brake lines)?

  49. nathan dunning

    Thanks Greg always interesting and knowledge is power. Thank you and God bless from Tasmania. Stocking up on food and water for the coming Food shortages.

  50. Jerry

    I’m speechless after watching this video. Look at the slides that the doctors in Germany just released and tell me what you are seeing?

    I’m no doctor, but it appears to me what is causing the clotting is strands of graphene in the injection. Metallic strands floating in blood cells. I really wanted to disbelieve the theory that the shots were being used to setup biometric linkage to a global cloud, but what I’m seeing proves it’s actually happening. The German doctors couldn’t explain what they were seeing, because it serves no medical purpose. Now you know why the FDA will approve the vaccine. They’ve got to, before the public awakens to what’s happened.

    • Paul ...

      Dr.Trump who went to medical school for 8 years says: “Take the jab … I did” … probably forgetting to mention to the people that “his jab” was likely (only salt water) … but now … we have a way to test if Trump really took the jab … lets look at his blood under a microscope and see if it is stacking up “like a roll of coins” … if not … he is with the Globalists and intentionally pushing their agenda at Warp Speed (to kill as many people as humanly possible before they wake up)!!

      • Jerry

        That’s funny. I agree. But we’re probably never going to know the truth, at least not on this earth.

      • paula davis

        The Red Cross continues to collect blood with no distinction from vaxxed or unvaxxed blood…knowing what is now known about vaxxed blood receiving a transfusion is potentially or factually a death sentence.

    • Justn Observer

      Jerry, Nice catch there….People should get the test for sure….might indicate damage before and after vax = to show proof for a lawsuit against the hospital, dr’s, and companies forcing a mandate?

    • MC

      Trump highly recommended the “safe & effective” vax this past weekend at Cullman, AL.

      Trump says he took the vax himself—no wonder why his speech rambles on like a jonesing meth addict talking about himself instead of answering Maria Bartiromo’s question.

      • Paula Davis

        Early into Pres. Trump’s Adm, it was leaked that Ryan & Pence had plans to remove him from office (by what means not specifically stated) but this was a threat among numerous other threats on his life. Would we be surprised if nefarious acts on his person took place while in the hospital for the chyna flu or from the graphene oxide particles in the “jab” now possibly having migrated to his brain? It is difficult to accept that Pres. Trump is not aware of the horrific adverse reactions in the vaxx that he now claims are safe & life-saving. I continue to lift him up in my prayers. Something just isn’t right…

  51. Del

    It might be good to have 100 dollar bills if inflation kicks in when you do need cash

    • Paul ...

      Del … Don’t be foolish … you are going to need $1,000 dollar bills to buy a gallon of milk … better to put your money into silver war nickels … two of them will now buy you a gallon of milk and when the SHTF … just one(1) silver war nickel will likely buy you a pound of King Crab legs!!

    • Bill

      What if the other person only has 2o’s, Too?

  52. Jerry

    Well Greg,
    Cliff High took a face plant on this one,

    I’ve been wrong before to, but I’m not getting my information from the land of Woo. I’m sorry, but it really makes me question the rest of his forecast. It’s quite a leap of faith pushing the narrative that Trump is returning, and there’s going to be this great awakening among the normies. God knows I want it to be true, but it’s a huge risk to take when you consider the predicament we’re in. I would advise your readers to keep preparing for the worst and hope for the best. It’s getting to late in the game to do otherwise. These sunshine pumpers won’t be around to help you when DHS comes calling. Do you have an exit strategy? Do you have a plan? If not it’s time quit fiddle dicking around and get one. Australia, and New Zealand are a glimpse of our future. The globalist are not going to let up, until they shove that needle into the arms of every man, woman, and child in this country.

    • JC


      FDA Approves Gates’ Vaccine After Accepting Funding from Him

      The FDC has given full approval to Gates’s Vaccines because it has been under tremendous political pressure to do so. Even CNBC reported that “Federal health officials had been under mounting pressure from the scientific community and advocacy groups to fully approve Pfizer and BioNTech’s vaccine ever since the drugmakers submitted their application to the agency in early May.

      The FDA has NEVER approved a completely new type of medicine in less than one year which raises serious questions about corruption. The average time it takes to get approval from the FDA is 12 years!

      • JC

        The FDA did not approve the vaccines but extended the Emergency Use of the vaccines. They are also trying very hard to have agencies force employers to compel everyone to vaccinate but at the same time leaving themselves as an escape clause who they can return to claiming they never approved the vaccines beyond emergency use.

        This is getting really questionable as to why they are forcing vaccines that clearly do not work and CANNOT work for as long as COVID exists in animals, it will constantly evolve and mutate just like the seasonal flu that sometimes comes from Birds or even Swine. The real question is WHY are we being lied to for what is the real purpose of the vaccines? They obviously do not care about the Great Unwashed, they prefer to thin the herd.

        • Greg Hunter

          Not approved according to FDA letter to Pfizer!! From page #2: “On August 23, 2021, having concluded that revising this EUA is appropriate to protect the public
          health or safety under section 564(g)(2) of the Act, FDA is reissuing the August 12, 2021 letter
          of authorization in its entirety with revisions incorporated to clarify that the EUA will remain in
          place for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine
          for the previously-authorized indication and
          uses, and to authorize use of COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) under this EUA . . . ”

          The FDA IS LYING AGAIN!!! It’s not fully approved it’s still experimental that’s what EUA (emergency Use Authorization” means.

    • eddiemd

      Joe Camel Biden already pushing hard. Green light given for advancement of the antichrist totalitarian systems.

      Next up…you cannot buy, sell, or work without the coronavirus passport. Interesting how this is evolving so quickly.

      Feast of Tabernacles coming.

    • Jerry

      I told you in my post last week that this was coming.

      Stop listening to the sunshine pumpers. They’re either misinformed or part of the governments psychological operation to pacify people into inactivity until the CDC puts the clamps on the unvaccinated….literally.
      Get involved with your local state and city governments and let your voices be heard. The next target is schools. They’re coming after your kids. Get involved with your local school board and let them know how you feel. Many of them feel the same way we do and need your support to fend off the attacks from the brainwashed vaxers. Our local school board has told the federal government that they will NOT enforce the mask mandate even if funds are cut off. The parents have told our local school board that if they try and force the vaccines, they will be pulling their children out of school. As far as the employers forcing vaccinations? I would tell any company who try’s to blackmail their employees with this mandate, that you won’t be doing business with them anymore. Folks these are small approaches. If you can’t at least do that, you don’t deserve your freedom. It’s just that simple. There’s and old saying. We’re either going to stand together or hang separately. Cliff may feel safe in his bunker now, but eventually they will come for him to when there is no one left to stand in their way. It always works that way. They always take the low hanging fruit first, before they chop the whole tree down.
      Big decisions ahead folks. Pray.

      • Greg Hunter

        We all will have to step up and not comply Jerry. Big die off early next year, so what’s the problem??? We can make it till then. Stop being a “fear pumper” and a defeatist. Go give up someplace else. Who gives a crap what terry Mc Aullife says on evil FOX!!! Nobody is going to listen to rotten weasels, and yes, this includes FOX.

        • Mike R

          Amen Greg, Amen !

        • Jerry

          I’m sorry but I’m losing my grip. Read page #12 of the FDA report. It’s emergency use only!

          Question Greg. How is telling people to take action fear mongering? Waiting for people to die off, is no solution. I’ve already lost many good friends. I’m sorry but if that’s Trumps plan, then we need a new leader.
          FYI – millions of people dying, will only lead to more death and destruction, as infection and disease will be rampant. You might not be so lucky.

        • Jerry

          I stand corrected. Technically Cliff is right. The FDA did not give FULL approval of the vaccine. It was emergency use only. P#12 top bullet points.

          I’m mad. I’m frustrated, and I’m feed up with the constant daily barrage of lies by these technocrats. I’ve lost a lot of friends with this biological attack, and right now I don’t feel to forgiving. Accepting the notion that even more family and friends are going to die needlessly is hard to accept. Please forgive me.

      • Steve Bice

        I have never been quick to encourage boycotts on companies, but CVS and Rite Aid should be on everyone’s boycott list for refusing to fill ivermectin prescriptions. They apparently continue to fill other prescriptions for off-label use, but have specifically targeted ivermectin.

        This is corporate practice of medicine without a license. They have no right to play doctor under existing regulations and should be sanctioned.

        It regulators won’t do it, we should. NO CVS or Rite Aid for me…

    • susan

      I am so tired of hearing the same S–T that I have listened to for the last 12-13 years. It has always been the same, as in music, variations on a theme. As a result I have prepared and trained and did everything else I was advised to do. But after listening to the doom and gloom for so long, the doom and gloom is HERE. Now what? My mutual aid group in now divided in two. the vaccinated vs. the unvaccinated. Some years ago, Bill Holter gave me the best advice I ever got. I wish he could be a guest and maybe help us now.

    • Brian V

      Jerry; Please go back to the 24:00 mark in the Cliff High interview. Cliff said; “If we reach the point of the FDA approval, it’s already been decided that there’s like, a lot, a lot of lawsuits that are going to hit the FDA, the federal government, and try and ram it all the way up to the Supreme Court, and a lot of these are going to be led by injunctions preventing them from doing that while it is being litigated.” So Jerry, let’s wait and see.

  53. Justn Observer

    Greg, This guy shows/is an example of the contempt for the people of the U.S. and the Constitution those in gov’t and the globalists have does it not?
    Why would anyone tolerate being mandated to ‘take the shot’ by such people?

    • Bill

      He must be pure Evil!

    • Paul ...

      JO … The FDA has done today what Cuomo and the New York State Health Department did on March 25, 2020 … the FDA today (by issuing a directive compelling people to take the “jab”) will kill many millions of Americans … just like when Cuomo and the NYS Health Department put COVID-positive patients into nursing homes contributing to nearly 16,000 nursing home deaths (making New York State “number one” for suffering one of the deadliest COVID-19 outbreaks seen anywhere in the world … and Cuomo additionally would not allow Ivermectin to be used by doctors to treat their patients) … so let’s add the people at the FDA along with Cuomo, Fauci , Gates, etc., etc. to the long list of “commie” eugenicists who should rot in Hell “for all eternity”!!

  54. travis moss

    #CASHFRIDAY— Catherine Austin Fitts talked about this on the Highwire with Del Bigtree.

    • Paul ...

      TM … Yes … Follow the Money (and we will know how to destroy our enemies by boycotting their products)!! …

    • Paul ...

      We the people must re-invent our world together!! … “Cash Friday” is one way to leave the Politicians, Big Pharma and Banksters out of it … and it is so simple … we have the power to do it and get the “commie criminals” out of our lives … just as our forefathers did 245 years ago … when they got together and stated: “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America” … lets roll … and make our forefathers proud … even you atheists out there should “religiously” use “only cash” or silver coins when possible … “every” Friday!!

    • Not So Free

      Also on Solari Report. (Her site)
      I’m either way ahead of the crowd or way behind.
      I use cash every day. Always have.

  55. Jeffersonian

    Just in FDA approves Pfizer covid 19 as a vaccine get ready for mandatory injections nation wide
    Disappointing to say the least but expected as the FDA is as corrupt as all the other alphabet agencies
    Tptb will push hard to get everybody injected and those that don’t will be blamed for spreading the virus
    Those that refuse to get injected will need to have a solid plan in place when the CDC comes knocking at their door with a mandate get injected or?

    Creating a solid defense plan is going to take considerable thought effort and attention to detail

    I’m starting right now. Cheers

  56. Bill Wilson

    Remember SGT. BirdDog, the Deserter, Obama traded for 5 important Taliban? I don’t know where Sgt. BirdDog is at, but the 5 important Talibans are back in Afghanistan. When you go woke, you go broke!

  57. Bill

    Portland Proud Boys battle Antifa, and make them run. On Breitbart. I haven’t figured how to post a link because Microsoft has screwed them up.

  58. eddiemd

    The next bioweapon attack.

    Drones. The .gov forces have much more sophisticated drones. No doubt they have been tested. They already have an arsenal of pathogens ready to be used.

    Can be released in subway systems of big cities. This one with sarin. Biological agents will also be used.

    Water supplies. Indoor sporting events.

    It makes you wonder what they really knew in March 2020 when they shut down all indoor (and outdoor) sporting events. Perhaps there was notice of a second stealth bioweapon attack pending. A so called “super spreader” event planned.

    Remember. NBC. Nuclear, Biological, Chemical. Chemical agents like sarin and VX still out there waiting to be used. Mustard and chlorine gas less likely. Nuclear man portable devices still in the inventory probably upgraded and updated from the 80s when we had them in 10th SFGA.

    The false flag capabilities are endless.

  59. Bob C

    Greg,ITN news and google office in London have been stormed by anti vax protesters,check it out,the blow back is starting.

    • WD

      Hey Paul,

      That is what this former Catholic is doing. I am now a Christian Scientist and will refuse that jab based on my religious beliefs

  60. Bill

    I noticed, Liberals need a King to Worship as opposed to a President. Like Libs still idolize and worship Obama. I also noticed Liberals are natural hypocrites, but they don’t notice that they are, because it is very Low on their priority list of things, not to do!

  61. Bible Reader

    The state-run research centre that developed the Sputn!k V v@ccine was quick to respond to Popova’s comments, reassuring the public that it was only necessary to abstain from alcoh0l for six days…

    …Gamaleya research centre head Alexander Gintsburg said that alcoh0l abuse should certainly be avoided but countered that ‘a single glass of champagne never hurt anyone.’

    On Wednesday he elaborated, saying it was ‘just a matter of reasonably limiting consumption until the body has formed its !mmune resp0nse’, as was the case with all v@ccines.

    ‘We strongly recommend abstaining from alcoh0l for three days after each injecti0n,’ Gintsburg said, according to Interfax news agency, reported in The Moscow Times.

    The excessive consumption of alcoh0l could reduce Sputn!k V’s effectiveness or even wipe its impact out entirely, he said….

  62. Justn Observer

    Mission : NO vaccine mandates….= will cut the med and military response by somewhere around 50% …if employers and state gov;t create a ‘hostile work enviroment and force jabs ?
    Hope ole Joe does not go getting into a quagmire in Afghanistan or Taiwan with half the NG standing down? Who wants to deploy when the states and schools are trying to force infertility shots or ‘death shots’ on one’s family while they are out of country? No – the people no longer trust the gov’t nor its currency and certainly not their policies and CRT. Why would someone want to leave their families now with the violence in the streets and on the brink of a race war?
    Honestly Greg, would you deploy and ‘leave your family behind’ to the whims of this current gov’t and situation with IMPERIAL governors and out of control schools who desire to vaccinate your children without parental permission, many who live in towns with ineffective law enforcement and riots, fires, illegal aliens/drug cartel and gangs being bused in and running rampant?
    So what is the option? Take a potential ‘death shot’ or go off on a deployment and get shot or dismembered for what? Certainly not freedom or Constitutional rights…

  63. susan

    I have been listening and reading the same things for the last 12-13 years. As they say in music, variations on a theme. But now the S–t is beginning to be a reality. All the prepping and training for the big !#!#**#!!! is coming to a head and becoming necessary. So now I would like to hear something more than the doom and gloom. The doom and gloom is here! I would like to hear more than the same old cliches. My mutual aid group has broken in two. Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated. Bill Holter gave me the best advice of anyone a few years ago. I think he would be a good guest. Sorry. I just needed to vent.

  64. susan

    I am so tired of hearing the same S–T that I have listened to for the last 12-13 years. It has always been the same, as in music, variations on a theme. As a result I have prepared and trained and did everything else I was advised to do. But after listening to the doom and gloom for so long, the doom and gloom is HERE. Now what? My mutual aid group in now divided in two. the vaccinated vs. the unvaccinated. Some years ago, Bill Holter gave me the best advice I ever got. I wish he could be a guest and maybe help us now.

  65. susan

    Greg, I have been trying to post a comment any which, but cannot get it through. I don’t understand as I have posted many times before.

    • Greg Hunter

      So sorry Susan. I am behind approving them.

      • susan

        Greg. I’m sorry, especially for being so fanatic.

  66. Brick Stonehead

    David Morgan said $600 gold. I think he meant $600 silver. Right ? Great interview, Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes, $600 silver Not Gold. Sorry I missed that in the intrerview. I would have clarified that.

  67. Justn Observer

    Greg, Wouldn’t ya know =
    Obvious the vax is NOT working only causing more variant that the vaxed get…
    LOOKS LIKE endless ‘boosters’?

    hmmm , BIll Gates and microsoft…always an UPGRADE needed to stay ahead of the next virus and malware?
    Probably will stop naming them soon… Covid 5.0?
    How much is too much Graphene = cumulatively speaking ? lol
    32 countries have used their military to enforce rules. To monitor rule-breakers, 22 countries have used surveillance drones. Facial recognition programs have been expanded, internet censorship has occurred in 28 countries, and full internet shutdowns in 13. Also, at least 120 contact-tracing apps are in use across 71 states, and 60 other digital contact-tracing measures have been used across 38 countries.
    Sounds like a bit of covid kill. I mean overkill to me?

  68. Boy Sue

    Covid Cover-Up: New BOMBSHELL Lab Leak Report!!
    3,288,952 views Aug 15, 2021 Russell Brand
    A new congressional report says Covid-19 likely emerged in Wuhan months earlier than originally thought.
    I’m so relieved that I have people like you to remind me that I’m not insane. The world is gaslighting us all.
    Isn’t it called manslaughter when you accidentally kill someone. I believe there’s a lot of people in high positions that are at minimum guilty of manslaughter

    Kim Iversen: Joe Rogan BLASTS Fauci For FLIP-FLOPPING, Ruining Public Trust In Health Experts \117,169 viewsAug 23, 2021 The Hill

    Covid POWER GRAB: Your Freedoms Gone FOREVER?!!
    398,348 viewsAug 22, 2021 Russell Brand
    Governments around the world have used the pandemic to bring in new powers, while some are considering making coronavirus laws permanent – including the ability to impose lockdowns and restrict gatherings.

  69. Justn Observer

    Greg, FDA ‘approval’ deemed Illegal on many points by Dr.
    FDA approval deemed ‘illegal’ by Doctor on Stew Peters –
    FDA Approval ILLEGAL! Doctor Reveals Pfizer Insert Proves Criminal Regulation Violations! (

    Documentary on what the people are about what the 1% are about to gain and the rest about to lose =

    • Justn Observer

      FDA Approval ILLEGAL! Doctor Reveals Pfizer Insert Proves Criminal Regulation Violations! (

    • Greg Hunter

      Not “fully approved” according to letter from FDA to Phizer:
      On August 23, 2021, having concluded that revising this EUA is appropriate to protect the public
      health or safety under section 564(g)(2) of the Act, FDA is reissuing the August 12, 2021 letter
      of authorization in its entirety with revisions incorporated to clarify that the EUA will remain in
      place for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for the previously-authorized indication and
      uses, and to authorize use of COMIRNATY
      (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) under this EUA

  70. Lightning

    After reading the FDA “ approval” ( see link above) it appears they merely re-iterated their “ approval” of the prior issued Emergency Use Authorization.

    My take is that this is a deceptive attempt to fool people into believing the FDA gave full approval… which they did not.

    Do not be fooled.

    • Lightning

      Biontech “ vaccine” approved by FDA with no liability protections…. But vaccine is not currently manufactured or available.

      Pfizer jab continues under EUA and is not fully approved.

      Don’t let them deceive you into believing it’s fully approved if that makes a difference in your circumstance.

      May The Lord Jesus bless you all and keep you in the palm of his hand.

  71. MC

    Another victim of muslim inbreeding goes to face judgement by the Lord Jesus Christ:

  72. MC

    breaking news – Clif High and his colleagues are under Satanic attack but he is unable to discern it as such:

    This phenomenon, because it is happening now to these people in particular and with everything else happening in the world, is perhaps evidence that the Antichrist is afoot in the world. All last year some rabbis in Israel said that their moshiach had arrived and was communicating with them.

  73. Jeffersonian

    My interpretation of the FDA letter is pfizers’s jab is licensed for 16 years and above but only emergency use for ages under 16 and export

    Meaning it is fully licensed and approved by the FDA for anyone 16 and older hope I’m wrong but don’t think so based on the language in the letter

    Ps. My daughter. Who is 7 months pregnant informed me that her midwife pressured her to take the jab and when she wouldn’t the midwife belittled and berated my daughter thankfully my daughter stood her ground and will not take the jab. Her insurance won’t let her change midwifes
    Gotta like obumma care one size fits all

    My question how many people simply cave to their doctor’s advice probably more than you think
    Still no rain going on 60 plus days so dry the ground is cracking and no cricket sounds at night and birds few and far between and zero mosquitoes and corn stalks shriveling up

    And wouldn’t it be nice if it’s true that 60 percent of Pfizer jabs were placebos
    God must have some good in store for us I’m sure

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes, You are wrong. There are essentially 2 vaccines. The only one that was licensed in the 8/23/21 FDA letter to Pfizer was “Comirnaty” (FDA approved the biologics license application (BLA) submitted by BioNTech Manufacturing GmbH for COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA). It has yet to be created and manufactured. For the crap they are going to use for the mandates the EUA was extended: “the EUA will remain in place for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for the previously-authorized indication and uses. . .”

  74. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report USAWatchdog. You guys are right on the money, if you don’t have possession you do not own it. It goes back to the law of possession being 9/10ths of the law is to possess it.

  75. Nadezda Bennett

    The Script
    1,021 viewsPremiered 7 hours ago prepaussie August 25th 2o21
    OZ in bizzarowe land……THIS IS A TEST
    Exit stage left_THE BETTER PART OF Valor

  76. Ipsy Willow

    What Is Happening? The White House is very upset the way the media is handling the historic unbelievable carnage, of US. foreign policy. The ensuing vacuum, will the truth takedown the Anglo-American world super power?
    Nobody there is standing up to the shadow Muslim in the White House or more directly the third term thief , who refused to leave D.C. ….
    Lying dog faced pony soldiers, long live Corn Pop!

    Fast and Furious

    State department Benghazi, ISIS gunrunning

    ISIS lined up in miles long procession’s of white black flagged pickup’s, still with US. logo’s. Addresses still seen, partially painted over. Snaking it’s way through out the declared Caliphate of the mid-east.
    The Seal team six fiery take down of they’re Chinook helicopter, with a US. made FIM-92 Stinger missile (MANPAD). A shoulder-fired takedown. With the same man-pads John McCain and Lindsey Graham wanted to supply the so-called Syrian moderates.

    The world’s most fascinating and shocking library

  77. Barbara S.

    Hi Greg. Off topic but important to the value of the US Dollar: In light of the new defense/military agreement between the Saudis & Russia, it looks like the days of the petrodollar might be numbered. If it bites the Saudi desert dust, then billions, maybe trillions will flood back to the US from countries around the world, causing mega hyperinflation here. Can you please speak to this & perhaps have an expert as a guest to discuss it?
    Thanks for bringing the truth to light!
    Always a fan,
    Barbara in AZ

    • Greg Hunter

      Good info Barbara!

  78. Skip Havely

    Enjoyed this interview with David Morgan. His perspectives are totally in-line with so much of what you have been telling your audience. Thanks Greg!

  79. Donna

    My fiduciary thinks my concerns on the economy are frivolous – and does not want me to take monies out of the stock market.

    From what I gather in the “Physical Cash” article is to have enough cash for 1-3 months + $600 in silver…

    What do I do with the other monies in stock – take it out and put into community banks?


    • Greg Hunter

      You need to educate yourself. The Russians just cut a deal to protect Saudi Arabia (what’s going to happen to the petro-dollar?) and the China version of Lehman happened Labor day (self explanatory). I tell people take some profits and some risk off the table, but it is all up to you as I am not a money manager.

      • Donna

        Thank you so much. I had seen that news as well – which made me start thinking. I am in the midst of “drinking through a fire hydrant” of learning right now. 🙂

        Appreciate what you do here and will be supporting you in hopes that you will continue.


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