Something Nasty is Coming in the Financial Markets – Rob Kirby

By Greg Hunter’s

Macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby warns massive money printing in the billions of dollars each and every day by the Fed in the repo market is “a sign we are getting close to the end.” Kirby says the world is awash in fiat money and contends, “We are being primed for a major, major catastrophe in the financial world. I believe we are probably on the eve of it in that something nasty comes our way very, very soon. The amount of money being created is so much bigger than what is being acknowledged. It wreaks of desperation. Metaphorically, someone is driving around and they’ve got a dead skunk in their trunk, and they are wondering what the smell is. I can smell what is going on in the financial world, and it stinks. It stinks beyond belief, and the whole world is waking up to it. The smart ones are waking up like the German central bank, and they are resuming purchasing gold. . . . The biggest signal is the German Bundesbank is buying gold. They were part of the club. It’s been forbidden for any central bank in the western world to buy gold for many, many years now, and when the German Bundesbank says it’s buying gold, Katy bar the door.”

The gold and silver market being flooded with paper shorts is yet another sign that time is short. Kirby says the elite want people to think gold and silver are bad investments, but he says don’t believe it, and “do not sell it.” Kirby goes on to say, “Gold and silver are historically alternatives to a failing fiat currency regime. The U.S. dollar is failing in front of our eyes. We know that because we know that $21 trillion extra (on top of the $23 trillion national debt) was created, and we know what they are doing with it. Part of that $21 trillion is being used to knock the price of gold and silver down with paper contracts. This is not a winning strategy, and this will ultimately blow up in their face too. They are being done to buy time and make the dollar appear strong. . . . The way this has to end is the U.S. dollar will go to its real intrinsic value, which is zero. That implies a hyperinflationary experience at some point in time, and it could be soon. . . . The amount of money being fed into the system is soon going to be too hard to hide.”

Kirby says this is the real reason why the Deep State wants to get rid of President Donald Trump. Kirby explains, “The reason they want him out is President Trump is not owned by anyone. Because he is not owned by anyone, I believe they all live in fear that when the system blows up, Trump will point fingers at people and lay blame where it should be laid. That’s what they are afraid of. They don’t want Trump singling them out, the people that are guilty. . . . They don’t want an honest guy who is going to name names. They don’t want him in control because he’s not controllable.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Rob Kirby, founder of

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After the Interview:

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  1. Paul in oz

    It seems that the most difficult thing for people to understand is from a historic standpoint how unique America is/was and more importantly how close to the end it could be . I agree with Mr. Kirby that Trump terrifies the elite/deep state etc who have perpetuated so much crime in order to bring about the end of what America has done for the world. When you step back and think you realize that there was never, prior to America a country established by the people and for the people and that really actually was. Many regimes have claimed to be a “peoples regime” but only America with citizens from around the globe who started with nothing and took advantage that and were allowed to prosper. You could spend a lifetime trying to find a similar situation throughout time and you can not find it. The so called civilized Brits, even through the 20the century demonstrated a desire to rule and never give people the opportunities the elites have. India, Malaysia, even to a large extent Australians were all subservient, whose role was to provide unquestioning support and resources to the empire.

    It has been pure torment to watch the destruction of this great opportunity for decades and because the likelihood of a return to that, which by all appearances seems to be Trump’s agenda, has seemed so unlikely for so long it has been hard to not be discouraged. If he wins we all win, if he loses we all lose … nonetheless, even if he wins the world like you have repeatedly said is in for a very rough period and people need to take precautions to prepare one way or the other. Let us all work together in support of our last chance to retain a world that allows for those who work hard to prosper.

    • Derek Sinclair

      Paul, you are spot on. In the UK we have been plied with all the “mother of Parliaments” and Magna Carta BS. All meaningless garbage designed to make us believe we had real freedoms – we never did and the few we did have are now disappearing. The US is the great Freedom experiment which succeeded and is now being brought down by “progressive” fascists who see it as the major threat to their global hegemony.

    • Rob

      The USA has been hid in prophecy for a very very long time:

      Joshua 10:1 & 6 Now it came to pass, when Adoni-zedek king of Jer(USA)lem heard how Joshua had taken Ai, and had utterly destroyed it (as he had done to Jericho and her king, so he had done to Ai and her king), and how the inhabitants of Gibeon had made peace with Israel, and were among them;……(6) And the men of Gibeon sent unto Joshua to the camp to Gilgal, saying, Slack not thy hand from thy servants; come up to us quickly, and save us, and help us: for all the kings of the Amorites that dwell in the hill-country are gathered together against us.

      The sin of the Amorites is just about full:

      Genesis 15:16 And in the fourth generation they shall come hither again: for the iniquity of the Amorite is not yet full.

      She that now is is in bondage with her children at the moment but Father has another above:

      Galatians 4:25-26 Now this Hagar is mount Sinai in Arabia and answereth to the Jerusalem that now is: for she is in bondage with her children. (26) But the Jerusalem that is above is free, which is our mother.

      The tribulation will bring the full sin of the Amorites so she can be utterly burned with fire AFTER 7 years of tribulation:

      Revelation 18:8-10 Therefore in one day shall her plagues come, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire; for strong is the Lord God who judged her. (9) And the kings of the earth, who committed fornication and lived wantonly with her, shall weep and wail over her, when they look upon the smoke of her burning, (10) standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Woe, woe, the great city, Babylon, the strong city! for in one hour is thy judgment come.

      We must come out of her into our Psalm 91 provision before this burning commences as every jot and tittle must be fulfilled and every word justified or condemned in the only book that matters:

      Revelation 18:4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come forth, my people, out of her, that ye have no fellowship with her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues:

      Matthew 5:18 For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass away from the law, till all things be accomplished.

      Matthew 12:36 And I say unto you, that every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.

      Romans 3:4 God forbid: yea, let God be found true, but every man a liar; as it is written, That thou mightest be justified in thy words, And mightest prevail when thou comest into judgment.

  2. Rachel

    Hi Greg, Really good interview today. Am stocking up as you have suggested. It’s a big job. Thank you for once again staying on top of those questions to extract the real information that we really need to be aware of.

    • Russ McMeans

      Me too Rachel; we keep stocking while the libs keep mocking. The time is at hand to stack the cans to ceilings and don’t forget the family van. The printing presses are running and the inflation monster is coming but we will be prepared. More or less. The hounds of Washington DC. You can hear them howling now. Sad day for America but we have God and they don’t.

      • Paul in OZ

        Please also remember to stock up on required meds, water purification tablets, propane tanks, fuel tanks, and other useful practical and required items.

    • paul ...

      Make sure you stock up on some gold also Rachel … gold is going to be “explosive” as Canadian billionaire Frank Giustra explains …

      • Rachel

        Thank you so much Russ and Paul for your encouragement. My friends think I have lost the plot. I had to sell my house due to needing a surgery after a nasty home invasion robbery and being unable to work for a few years. This was seven years ago and when the settlement money came through from the sale I was afraid to leave it in the bank so I put the whole lot into gold. I had to finish bringing up a child so its all still there. My friends thought I had gone crazy. It’s only recently that I have been reading this website and Rickards blog and actually can see light at the end of the tunnel. You guys are so sweet and Paul I don’t know where you get your energy from but I have loved reading all of your posts. Thank you Greg for making this website happen. Rachel

  3. JC

    They have to keep pumping money into the system, the lawyers need it. We can all sue each other into oblivion for the most ridiculous things. Where does it end?

    “Baseball coach told kid to slide. Then he got sued…”

    Look at this clip from The Devil’s Advocate. It’s happening.

  4. Johnnie

    That’s right. Trump is an outsider and the insiders want him out. He is trying to spoil their profiteering due to their position in public office and it’s on a massive scale. The second IG report simply must not come out as far as the Deep State is concerned. It could wake up too many people. Funny how the Amy Robach/Project Vertitas release last week didn’t get a peep the next morning on Fox and Friends. I don’t watch that segment normally, but wanted to see if anything would be said about it.
    All the stock markets would only be worth 10 cents on the dollar at best if marked to market. The stock markets are just like credit. They are both leverages 10:1 and are like steam compared to cash which is like water or gold which is like ice. The stock market and credit markets are just steam pressurized entities and if the pressure can’t be contained water tight, the pressure escapes and the true value deflates.
    Still with all the bad news, the threat of economic collapse for the last 10 years seems to me like the recent climate crisis. The climate may collapse in 10-12 years, well that’s also been said of the economy. The thing is there is an overabundance (at least in the most prosperous western nations) of electricity, food, oil and most of all money (more accurately credit). We just waste too much of it.

  5. chuck

    U.S. will be frozen out of all global trade and quite possibly taken over via invasion in order to satisfy a debt collection. From there, U.S. could very well be carved up and Balkanized. Our conquerors will slaughter anyone they feel like, they will not pity either young or old.

    Germany, specifically Prussian nobility, knowing America is on the wane, is fully invested in supplanting us by building another Empire. We beat them twice in 2 attempts in 30 years, but 3rd time will be a charm for them.

    • Greg Hunter

      No it won’t Chuck. Not a chance in hell.

      • chuck

        The Psalm 83 alliance of Germany and the monarchist Islamic Arabs is yet to be fulfilled. This alliance is in the middle of being built right now as Germany is arming the snot out of them and signing trade contracts. People worry about Syria now but this Psalm says Syria will ally itself with Germany. Indeed, Germany is already deploying armour and infantry.

        When words and phrases like, “Europe must learn the language of power,” says Ursula von der Leyen, the designated EU Commission President, and is demanding to “build our own muscles” militarily, “Army of the Europeans”, ” the Bundeswehr’s foreign missions”, and have already built a joint Dutch-German rapid strike force in a new European Army that is separate from NATO, and is creating Franco-German battalions and flexing its muscles in Latin America and South America over resources, deploying Leopard II tanks and infantry in Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Bahrain and several places in Africa – how would you read all of this?

        • Russ McMeans

          Dear Chuck; you have too much time to think silly stuff. Go out tomorrow and help someone out if you have any real life skills. Especially handyman skills. Everyone needs us!

        • paul ...

          Chuck … seems to me the “real war” going on is between the US and Germany … first the US puts an albatross around Germany’s neck by creating the European Union (saddling Germany with debt ridden southern nations like Italy, Spain and Greece) … then the US goes into Poland and the Ukraine “to block or put a choke hold” on Russian natural gas reaching German factories … the Germans counter by moving their factories to Russia and China and agreeing to a North Stream gas pipeline directly from Russia to Germany (bypassing the Polish and Ukraine choke-points) … the US responds by putting sanctions on Russia and begins a Trade War with China to screw the German Industrialists operating out of China … the Germans respond by now moving their factories out of China into India and Southeast Asia (not to the US as Trump tells us will happen) … this “mostly hidden” battle is between US Industrialists and German Industrialists … and the two sides continue to fight over who will dominate the world’s economic machinery … the Libyan and Syrian play by the US was likely done to destroy Libyan oil and gas flows to Germany and prevent the building of gas pipelines through Syria to Germany … but the Germans and Russians succeeded in fighting back in Syria (the Russians sending in S400’s and the Germans sending in Panza Tanks) … and seem to be succeeding with the Nord Stream gas pipeline now on track to supplying gas to Germany “directly from Russia” … and what do “we the American people” get out of fighting and dying in the continual Industrialists wars? … Cost of Living Allowances of 1.6% (when the true inflation rate is over 9%) !!! …

          • paul ...

            And how about “decent” Health Care that doesn’t cost us thousands of dollars per month and still doesn’t pay for taking care of our teeth “except for cleaning and x-rays” … what are we “just cannon fodder”??? …

            • paul ...

              In a direct challenge to US Industrialists Von der Leyen the new President of the European Commission (EU’s executive branch) who takes office on December 1st … spoke in Berlin last Friday and effectively said: The EU needs to develop it’s own Military (Blitzkrieg Army) … soft power alone won’t suffice any longer … if we Europeans (Germans) “want to assert ourselves in the world” … Europe (Germany) must also learn “the language of power” … which means on the one hand developing our own muscles (Military Re-armament) … for we have for too long leaned on and depended others … it means “engaging our power with more focus” on those enemies in the world who are trying to hurt us!!! …

              • paul ...

                American boys fought two wars against the Germans … for what? … so the US neocon Military/Industrial/Banker Cabal could dream up ways to antagonize people sufficiently to create a third one???

                • Greg Hunter

                  Is ever any other villain than USA in your world? You should live in some of these countries you gush over and try to post nasty comments about them and their leaders. You might like the country you live i9n more Paul.

    • William Stanley

      A good troll should leave us at least a little amused by their feigned tenuous grasp of reality, cause us to ponder their psychological diagnosis, tickle us by their oddball sense of humor, or challenge us to disentangle their logic errors.
      Here your comment just leaves me wondering why you cite to a publication sporting a Communist Chinese flag to argue that the US should fear Germany. Are you a Chinese troll?

      • chuck

        Uh, OK – about that specific picture; it’s talking about China being a rival to Western culture from a German standpoint. So, what’s your point? Germany considers itself the guardian of Western Christian culture. This is why they sport a Maltese Cross as their military insignia. They just signed a treaty with France in Aachen. Do you know anything about the history and significance of this city? I would not be so stupid and historically ignorant as to dismiss the intentions and capabilities of these people.

        They are presently assuming the role of global power-brokers. They already have plans to kick US out of Europe entirely and keep all the ordinance and hardware. Now they are busy making alliances with the monarchist Arabs. Anybody with a lick of sense can see where this is all going to lead.

        • William Stanley

          RE: “Germany considers itself the guardian of Western Christian culture.”
          Is that why it is such a big proponent of open borders and the Islamic invasion of Europe?

        • K.Wayne

          You are one of the few that truly has their eyes open.
          Consider though that the construct for WWIII will be fought between the armies of both Christendom and Islam.

    • uncommon sense

      When the US seeks to isolate Russia, Iran, China etc, etc. surely it is only isolating itself. Crazy!!!

  6. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    Thanks again for your tireless — but paradoxically joyful — work. Mr. Kirby is someone to whom we must pay attention, especially as we contemplate the geopolitics and the state of our financial situation. As always both he and you never forget the practical aspects of how we, personally, must prepare for the coming storm.
    Thanks, also, for providing such a great platform for commenters: I’m still digesting Jennifer Ohman’s comment from a couple of days ago about “going small,” especially in the arena of parenting (and, presumably, grand parenting). Anthony Australia has made similar points.
    Such wonderful interviews; so many thoughtful guests and commenters. I really enjoy visiting here.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind William. Thank you for supporting USAW!!

    • Russ McMeans

      William; I agree. Some of the greatest guests on Greg’s platform and a lot of great followers/commenters/community here. If any of us yearn for a dirty fight go to Zero Hedge or the left wing media sites. It’s really ugly there. I only play in ZH occasionally. There is only so much time. I tried signing up at Politico to debate but my username and password mysteriously disappeared. Never got to log in there to support our conservative argument.

    • uncommon sense

      The guy is slippery and dodgy. His interviews never acknowledge his missed calls. Don’t trust this guy one bit!

      • Russ McMeans

        Even though Martin Armstrong may be questionable, I still like him- just like Putin of Russia. And I would hide beautiful coins too. Better than the Government getting them!

      • JC

        Regarding Martin Armstrong, watch the documentary “The Forecaster” before you make such a harsh judgement. The story is not as simplistic as it sounds in the article you posted.

        Was on Amazon, but currently unavailable.

        • Uncommon Sense

          It is just a general impression I get. I was researching his missed calls and there have been some whoppers.

      • H. Craig Bradley


        The powers that be hate International consulting economist Martin A. Armstrong. His confidence intervals are spot-on and he has the trends down, as well. Martin Armstrong puts his contemporaries to shame and by comparison, makes them look really bad too. is a rag like all the others in the press.

    • Russ McMeans

      I wish I had some of those coins. Especially the ones from Scotland. Our family’s roots. I’m pretty poor so I’m just dreaming.

  7. H. Craig Bradley


    The system has not “blown-up”, as yet. We are not necessarily close to a blow-up, but we have the memory of the 2008-2009 financial crisis fresh in our minds. This memory has reduced overall public confidence. However, the process may not follow the script.

    What is a work in-progress is a further decline in faith or confidence in Government and U.S. Bankers. There will be more blow-off events, but no complete failure. We just can not imagine the world as we know it ending, as with Pompeii. Decline is a process, NOT an event. Its like buying a new car and then, over the years, you get little dings in it. Then its just a used car but it still works and gets you where you want to go. “Its good enough for government work”, at they say.

    Some of us already can read the Tea Leaves, but most follow the lead of the Mainstream Media and their Fake News. Thus, normal is viewed as current ( Its always been that way, we tell ourselves). Deep down, many have doubts or insecurities but must soldier on inorder to live and work and keep going (survive).

    The majority believe the official Govt. statistics such as official inflation rates or CPI being just 1.7% in their “basket of goods and services”. We have to have a number everyone can accept, even if its been “massaged” . The FED has lots more “room to roam”. They will keep printing money until something happens. Interesting Times. Never a dull moment, just lots of dull people.

  8. Redemocracy2

    Hi Greg—Thank you once again for your great interviews. I tend to agree with Mr Kirby over Mr Bradley, and for a simple reason called “the interconnectedness of Capital markets. Normally, when one segment of the market gets weak—say, local government budgets or consumer debt—that weakness can be propped up for a time from strength in other sectors—like corporate financial strength or a debt free federal government. The other sectors can provide some “give” to prop up that weakness for a while. But what happens when many sectors experience great weakening at the same time? Where will the help come from next? Particularly when the deep pockets like the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve Bank have shot all their ”silver bullets?” That is the predicament we are in today—without recourse and with mountains of debt in all sectors. In such circumstances , what Mr Kirby is saying holds much predictive power, in my book. And if that is in fact the case, then holding what I hinted at earlier might be the best way to go: buying and holding physical silver—like silver coins.

  9. Jerry

    I am a Rob Kirby disciple. Thanks for having him on. I am under the belief that the plan to destroy the deep state, involves taking down the fiat currency system run by the central banks. I believe Donald Trump has a plan to accomplish that, by collapsing the current exchange system, and using gold to reset it. I firmly believe that the trade talks with China is precisely about that. Not just trading trinkets. I expect the blame to be placed squarely on the democrats as a result of impeachment hearings and indictments, when the FISA report comes out next week (according to Shawn Hannity). The beauty of the plan is, Donald Trump doesn’t have to do anything but continue to bear bait the Democrats and wait. The Fed repos are exactly what they are. A stall tactic to prevent economic collapse until the trap is sprung. The question is how long? My guess judging by the desperation of Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi , knowing evidence will soon be coming out tying them to the Mexican drug cartels. Not long.

      • Mike R

        What the heck ???? $111 Billion in liquidity overnight ??? Hey they were doing/saying $60 billion a month, back during ’08 when the bottom fell out of the markets. More recently, its 10’s or $100’s of billions PER DAY. Something is blowing sky high, and its not just Mr Schiff’s massive shampeachment lies. Its gotta be derivatives related, and they are trying to keep some massive bank from taking everyone else down the rabbit hole with them.

        Yet, Markets are not even phased by any of this ????

        Somehow (markets think?) its ‘good’ that the Fed has everyone’s ‘back’, but why in the heck would any entity or multitude of entities need $111 Billion in one single day, and that keeps repeating, in the billions EVERY day ????

        • Renee

          Excellent interview. Stocking up on bulk quality foods, water, winter items including clothes, heirloom seeds for planting, all necessary items needed for planting, harvesting, and storage, etc. is utterly critical now.

          Grand Solar Minimum (mini ice age, 3-5 decades) is here now. The sun in now cooling down rapidly and with that comes tremendous storms worldwide = hunger worldwide. Economies around the globe will change dramatically (this is the reason why China has bought alot of land in Africa and is building cities there: food production).

          Everyone must learn to grow food indoors and out. Weimar Germany, Venezuela conditions are at our doorstep. Everyone who grows their own food 1) learns a skill, 2) will bypass foodstores as much as possible, 3) can then barter and trade, ie chicken eggs for small engine repair, seamstress work, solar panel knowledge, etc.

          The economic “reset” coupled with the Grand Solar Minimum changes everything we know and how we do it, ie eating, driving to school or work, etc. The GSM will intensify between now and 2025, when storms subside for a while but will start up again.

          Many great interviews with John L Casey, Anita Bailey PhD and others on YT. YT channel: Adapt 2030 (as persistent and as fierce as Greg Hunter).

          Thank you Greg for your tireless work. The next 3-4 years will be extraordinarily tumultuous but those who become self-sufficient with hands-on skills, while living and sharing those skills in small, local communities (far away from populated areas and large bodies of water) will prosper. Cheers everyone. Blessings to all.

          • Greg Hunter

            Thank you Renee for sharing your prep strategy and analysis!!

    • Jerry

      What a shock?
      California is a major hub for the cartels.

    • Jerry

      Deutsche Bank defaulting on payments.

      Promises, promises, and then………the doors to the exits will be closed. Don’t be the last one out Stan.

      • Stan

        ECB will never let that happen. DB will skyrocket in 2020

        • paul ...

          Time to wake-up Stan out of your dreams and smell the coffee perking on the stove!!

          • paul ...

            The only way to bail out Deutsche Bank Stan … is to steal another $21 Trillion … add it to the first $21 Trillion stolen … and “give it all” to Deutsche Bank … but is the US really out “to help” the German’s?? … when we are trying our best to curtail their industrial might by shutting down their natural gas supplies??? … it would seem to me that the US would be more inclined to want to see Deutsche Bank go bankrupt!! … but being the contrarian that you are Stan … I don’t expect you to ever short Deutsche Bank the way you are shorting gold!!

        • Jerry

          Hey sport,
          As of 5:30 A.M. Thursday it’s 7.25 and headed down.

          As an investor, are you really willing to jump on board and take that risk? You’re either a liar, or a fool Stan.

    • Russ McMeans

      Congress and the Mexican drug cartels have deep old roots. We can’t prove it but we know it’s true. Maybe we could just drug test our entire government. That would be fun!

  10. al

    The monkey-wrench is the Global Bankster Cabal, that’s what has been DELAYING the inevitable.
    Rob Kirby is Correct, but timing is everything. Let’s hope it ends soon, we all ain’t gettin’ any younger.

    Thank you Greg for keeping this important information out there as people tend to forget.

    At the Economic Summit in (corruption central) NYC, Trump praised NEGATIVE INTEREST RATES! He is setting up the Fed for a fall and he’s already pointing his finger on them as incompetent.
    When it blows, it’s going to be NUCLEAR! Forget 2008, that was a cake walk.

    PS: Greg, you always mention Warren Buffet and his failures. That’s another thing people need to keep in mind. Just because one has money doesn’t mean he’s not a Buffoon, look at Biden for example, there’s the biggest Buffoon of all!

    Thanks for a great Interview

    • K.Wayne

      NIRP was the plan from the outset.
      All that Trump is doing is providing the avenue for the FED to go there.
      Working towards the same objective by giving the impression (to the sleeping cattle) that they are polar opposites. That should be obvious now !!

      • paul ...

        And since gold is “negatively correlated with interest rates” … negative interest rates is “very bullish” for the price of gold … with negative and declining real interest rates “the best possible environment” for the yellow metal it seems logical that “Stan the contrarian” would be on the short side of the bullish gold market … just as he is on the long side with his Deutsche Bank position! …

      • al

        It’s been obvious to me and P. Schiff, Kirby, Fitts, etc… for about 1 decade. Actually, Schiff was the first to mention it as I recall. The sleeping cattle will be slaughtered, you are correct.

  11. William Bissell

    Yet again, another Great interview!! Thanks Greg for bringing the Best information forward and having such Great guests on. WE ALL Benefit from your work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks William!

  12. Bill the Cat

    I think all the Fed activity is partly because a major bank is in serious trouble. It could be Deutsche Bank with it’s $500 trillion in derivatives.

    • K.Wayne

      Bill….. you could have stumbled across something here.

    • paul jr.

      $500 trillion in derivatives? I think you mean more like $50 trillion.

      • Steve Bice

        I’m not sure it matters. Either way, DB is likely “all dead”. Heading for a six handle again…

        • Greg Hunter

          Steve DB was down 1% today. Annualize that.

  13. Paul Anthony

    I am confident that God is in control. That we as a country will prevail. President Trump is part of Gods plan even if he doesn’t know. Though I think he does. Devine intervention – is a whole another topic. But Our God is consistent and he’s used people in the past and appeared to them in person. Saul the Christian Murderer is an example of someone you would think would never be used by God or appear in person to spread His message, and Trump as far as I know Killed no one. So why not?

    They are afraid if him!

    The CORE of what is going on world wide is Spiritual. That is where the fight is at . Everyone should be down on there knees Praying. It’s the best thing you can do. (of course preparing in ways Kirby and Greg mentioned also good Food, debt free as possible, storage food , Like minded people, Protection , gun, amo …ect etc )

  14. Rock

    Thanks Greg. Rob is one of my favorites. Keep up the great work my brother.

  15. paul ...

    As Rob says: “Something nasty is coming in the financial markets” … that will scare the pants off investors … pushing them into cash and/or precious metals … meaning we should be buying gold now (rather then shorting it the way Stan is) … everyone knows “if the dollar strengthens gold falls” (making it cheaper for us to accumulate) … what we should be looking for is the first sign of dollar weakening (to complete our gold purchases) … as we can only compare the dollar strength or weakness to other fiat in the world … lets look at the dollar/yen ratio … if the dollar is strengthening against the yen the dollar/yen ratio will rise … and the dollar/yen ratio has been rising since Aug 27, 2019 when gold was at $1543.92 ( … however take a closer look at the rise in the dollar/yen ratio since Aug 27 … … notice the rise is getting “long in the tooth” and any break below 108.5 should begin a weakening phase of the US dollar (good for gold) … lets look again at the long term chart of gold (showing a 5-year bull flag) … gold “has already broken out” of this 5-year bull flag to the upside (Stan still doesn’t believe it and is shorting gold) … technically the rise on a bull flag breakout should equal to the “height of the flag pole” (which in our case is 1900 – 250 or about $1650 dollars which when added to the breakout point ($1350) … means gold is going to $3,000 dollars/ounce or more … when the dollar begins to tumble against the yen (look for a break below 108.5 on the dollar/yen ratio chart) … the stock markets will likely be reacting negatively … and gold “will be renewing its rise” to about double its recent $1566 high!!

  16. paul ...

    It begins … … our new “Commie Demon-rat Dictatorship” pretending we still have three branches of government (Schiff – Schiff – Schiff) …

    • K.Wayne

      Sideshow. Entertainment. Distraction.
      Pollock gave good advice. More of us should heed it.
      The real action is in the Financial Arena…the same one which will trigger such a devastating collapse that some 180 MLN Americans will be affected.

      • Russ McMeans

        K. Wayne is correct. The impeachment hearings are a waste of time. Stock your pantry and hold cash and pm’s If you can.
        I’m buying tires near Christmas time and have new shock absorbers for me 12.5 year old pick up stashed away. Damn tires are expensive! (18” odd size Toyota Tundra creatures)…. cost of shocks and tires could buy a gold coin!

  17. Justn Observer

    Greg, Mr. Kirby seems to have a good handle on the financial aspects for sure, but there is an element of the weather playing a large part of what will be played out as this goes forward…
    Canada does do a lot of mining…and if their crops suffer much more…PM might be their greater export and need to purchase food? Of course the U.S. northern latitudes in the same boat…
    On a positive note…the establishment RINO and DINO’S and their wasted time with the impeachment fervor rather than pushing forward the trade agreements…so imports and exports might have spurred some activity as POTUS Trump has been pushing for…will now be seen as a major cause the major setback for the slowing production, lack of company growth and un-employment/layoffs that are sure to come consequentially…

  18. paul ...

    The Stock Market is not going to like what Powell just said … … and if the S&P 500 falls … what do you think gold will do??? ( for new readers look here:

    • K.Wayne

      They have the ESF and the PPT. All good on that front.

      The FED’s comments are a precursor to market moves.
      They want the Market to correct…to allow them to instigate lower rates, thereby achieving their desired end goal = NIRP. All achieved in a controlled environment.
      Think they cant do it? We should have had the greatest crash well and truly by now….. but it keeps powering higher.

      • paul ...

        K … the Fed’s desired “end game” of Negative Interest Rate Policy (NIRP) … is the fuel that will drive gold to $10,000 plus dollars per ounce … both Trump and Greenspan are pushing for negative rates (higher gold prices) but the Fed is trying to “head fake the public” from loading up on gold and getting rich (or “at least preserving their wealth” with a 10% allotment as Rickard’s advises)!!

  19. paul ...

    Hey Zuckerberg … now that the name of the whistleblower is out for all the public to see … will you allow it to be mentioned on this platform without demonetizing Greg?? …

  20. paul ...

    Trump … do something about this … even the “chained CPI” (less food and energy) should have been 2.3% … instead of the 1.6% the Demons give us (30% less then we were rightfully due “even with a chained CPI” …

  21. Brian Howard

    Kirby is great – love him. A real service you have here for people Greg with people like him. well done, keep it up and DON’T let the turkeys get you down. BUY GOLD PEOPLE – just like Greg says!

  22. iwitness02

    Greg makes a living in communications. Rob Kirby spends time emailing subscribers. Another form of Comms. William Stanley is or will be a ham radio operator. More Comms. All the commenters here share Comms of all sorts. Me included. What surprises me, is I never gave a hoot about Comms. Now I do.
    After spending a lifetime as a gear head, that is all largely behind me now. The one thing that has done the most to fill the void is Comms. This is my idea of evolution. For the first time in my life I understand the importance of communications. Especially to a free people.
    The powers that be know all this and try to shape all comms to their advantage. With the internet, this has become way more difficult for them. We are all engaged in a type of warfare right now, before any shots are fired. This is the battleground. True, the battleground may expand, but for now it is an information war.
    So to all my good Brothers and Sisters engaged in this battle, this information warfare, My God Bless us all. The Truth will set us free.

    • iwitness02

      May, not my.

    • William Stanley

      RE: “Ham license”
      Yup, I passed all the tests! Call sign: “Whiskey Sierra Seven Whiskey Sierra.” I might just listen in to the conversation on the local prepper two-meter net at 8:00 tonight on the Mt. Rose repeater at 147.150 Mhz.
      I’m debating whether my portable HF (long-distance-capable) equipment goes on my off-road trip tomorrow.
      BTW, in addition to their traditional long-distance capabilities, lots of hams are starting to set up low-power, VHF/UHF mesh networks and other methods for maintaining neighborhood and local communications if the grid (and regular communications) go down. Additionally, lots in the way of neighborhood mutual assistance associations can be accomplished with low-power GMRS radios that don’t require you to pass any tests.

      • iwitness02

        Congratulations William. I didn’t know how far along you were.
        Did you get to pick your call sign? Can’t help but notice that it is your initials.
        Taking your equipment with you, off road, seems like it would be good practice. Do you have a base station as well?
        The small town that I live in is set in a bowl. Low ground. We are at 6500 feet, but we are low relative to our surroundings. Comms are a challenge even for the Sheriff office. Two way radio communications for me will likely be limited to just a half mile or less on citizens band. Even for that I will need a very high antenna with my old Cobra CB. I can run the CB off my solar batts. Never really prepared in this regard. At the moment all I have that works is a scanner app on my phone. I can listen to local calls to dispatch. I often listen in when the weather is bad.
        Not sure, but I think all LEO in the state run on 700 Mhz.
        Anyhow, hope you get a lot of enjoyment and use from the equipment that you have.

        • William Stanley

          1. The FCC assigns call signs. It’s free to switch to a vanity call sign, but (of course) it can’t already be assigned to someone else, and the choices are limited. That’s what I did. You get more choices the higher your certification level.
          2. “Technician” is the lowest level and gets you the right to transmit on VHF and UHF, essentially the “line of sight” bands. If your area has “repeaters” on some of the mountain tops, that can greatly extend your coverage, especially if a number repeaters are linked to other repeaters on other mountains. That could extend your range to more than a hundred miles if you’re lucky and you have line-of-sight to any one of the repeaters — which can still be a long way away (say 50 miles) and often can be accessed with appropriate low-power, inexpensive handheld transceivers (“walkie talkies”).
          3. The “General” certification permits you to transmit on many of the longer-wave “HF” bands, which are the long-distance bands that can sometimes reach halfway around the globe (you can listen in without any restrictions). The “Amateur Extra” certification (the highest level) opens up some more bands that are prohibited to those with lower certifications.
          4. In a SHTF emergency, you could put a few people up on the surrounding mountains who might be able to hear your CB radio (because they would then be line-of-sight), and then they could relay the message to others with CB capability who are also line-of-sight to them although not to each other.
          5. It wouldn’t surprise me, however, if your area has access to linked VHF and/or UHF repeaters. “Technician” class certification would be needed for you to transmit to those repeaters (although not to listen in — and in a life and death emergency its okay to transmit on any frequency, even if you don’t have FCC certification). Fortunately, the test is not prohibitively difficult (although it takes some time and effort) and the needed handheld radios are cheap. Unfortunately, the VHF/UHF repeaters would probably eventually fail in a SHTF/grid-down scenario.

          • iwitness02

            William, thanks for all the info.
            When I was on the Planning Commission, we had quite a dust up over the installation of a higher antenna tower for the Sheriff office. None of the home owners wanted it, for fear of negative impact on property value. As a result, we ended up with two or three repeaters that the homeowners could not see. The goal was to achieve interoperability and eliminate the dead zones. So there is hope for technician level participation.
            Appreciate your input.

  23. OutLookingIn

    The Final Word

    Rob Kirby tells it like it is.
    Economic statistics are manipulated. Good news is the result of propaganda and spin-doctors. The economy and it’s financial markets are centrally controlled. Governments around the world openly prop up stock markets.
    A complete disconnect between the price and the value of assets has emerged. An historic global financial and monetary crises has arrived. The severity of which has the potential of resulting in a complete loss of confidence in and distrust of paper assets, including fiat currencies.
    This will lead to an unprecedented global wave of hyperinflation in which prices of real goods explode, debts melt away, the economy collapses, and banks world-wide will have to close.
    Central bankers are very much aware that a global monetary reset plan, must be put in place before this occurs. In the meantime, they will do anything and everything possible to keep the present system afloat.

  24. Stan

    Bundesbank is NOT buying Gold. That is pure rubbish!

    • Greg Hunter

      Again you are a fact resistant idiot trader. This was a legit Bloomberg story and it got corrected according you your link. It says, ” Bloomberg corrected the original story on the terminal on October 29th and said that the German gold reserves were “unchanged” at 108.25 m oz (see screen grab of the revised Bloomberg story on the terminal in our video)” THEN this reporter for GoldCore says “More important is the context that central banks are the largest buyers of gold in the world in 2019 – including the PBOC and the central banks of Russia, Hungary and Poland.”
      Keep going short Stan. I know that’s been working for you since gold $1,300!!

    • paul ...

      Stan … you better hope they are buying gold (if you want DB to survive and be bailed out) … and you better hope gold rises to at least $10,000 at a minimum (otherwise the gold won’t do the Bundesbank any good)!!

  25. Enil Selnad

    From Enil Selnad An economy built on debt is living on borrowed time.

  26. tim mcgraw

    I like Kirby. Great interview. However I prefer anarchy to Communism or National Socialism. At least with anarcho-capitalism I can protect myself. Call me old fashioned but I believe in “Give me Liberty or give me death!”
    Learn a skill. Grow some food if you can. Buy some tools and know how to use them. Get out of the big cities. Own some land if you can.

    • Scott

      Very hard to argue with your sentiment or advice. Hopefully the masses will move in that direction (sooner rather than later).

  27. D. Walter

    Greg, the proper source for the article in which Germany DENIES it increased its gold reserves is a YouTube video by GOLDCORE’’S Mark O’byrne called,”Has Germany increased its Gold reserves for the first time in 20 years”. The matter is also discussed on Gata’s website. Would be great if Mr. Kirby could comment.

  28. Bill B

    I believe that certain people have visited the White House and invited President Trump to become a part of their global plan, but he refused. Now they are attempting to remove him not because they dislike him, but he stands in the way of completing their goals.
    IF they are successful in removing him, there will be no way us patriots can stop or even slow down what will come upon us. Without our Lord interceding in the course of events,
    we patriots will have a huge problem

  29. Country Codger

    Very good interview. Yes, Rob, the US will be invaded and you can mark the date of the collapse and 1 year later start watching for them. I believe it will be a three prong attack but that is another story.
    Lo Iyrah!

    • Freebrezer

      CC – Please define invaded! The US is being invaded by illegal immigrants from around the world. True … This is ~ 1 million a yr! … and as food shortages start to grow, this will be brought to a quick halt! But are you talking a military invasion! If so your are dreaming! Take a look at what it took per the Allied forces to just cross the channel (25 miles / 40 km) in WWII. The US can only fall from with in! the logistics to cross the Oceans (air and sea) in a force to overwhelm the US military on our coasts – not going to happen!

      • Country Codger

        Your dreaming. Technology did not stop in 1944. When the system crashes soldiers will stay home to protect their families, cops will do the same and who will stay at work generating your power if the money they are paid in is worthless. In one year 90% of the US population will be dead. We will be invaded by a combined military force. We knew this was coming since 1977 when a soviet colonel defected and brought the entire soviet order of battle with him in his head. You think Russia and China are having combined military for their health. 2020 was the target date for Russia (then USSR) and China to combine forces and military to invade the US.

        I have witnessed 4 nations collapse while inside those nations and I have a pretty fair idea what will happen when ours does. But don’t let that stop you, keep dreaming.

  30. paul ...

    So three crooks break into my house (without my permission) … and when I tell them to get out of my house with the help of my Russian neighbor … they say OK … but they are still going to leave one crook behind in my bedroom (to make sure my gold coins remain secure in his hands)!! … does this sound Kosher??? … about as Kosher as this statement about Syria: We are getting out but: “We are keeping the oil. We have the oil. The oil is secure. We left troops behind only for the oil” … and we thought Biden and Hillary were crooks???? …

    • paul ...

      So why is theft not considered a “high crime or misdemeanor” by the Demon-rats?? … is it because “they too” (as part of government) would be considered co-conspirators in the oil theft? … and hence “implied pressure on the Ukrainian government” must be used as the reason to impeach Trump!! …

  31. Merry Piper

    Greg Hunter and Rob Kirby….what can get better than that?! Thank you both for being “riders in the storm”.

  32. Olaf - Australia

    Thanks for the great information, Greg and Rob!
    This is not a Democrats Verses Republican!
    Ephesians 6:12. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high [places].

    Is 2023 …YES 2023! …The End of everything EVIL? (a must read!)

    Revelation 12:7. And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels,
    8. And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven.
    9. And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him
    12. Therefore rejoice, [ye] heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a SHORT time.

    …We may have just 4 years to go!

    • Keith

      You lost me at Dragons and Angel’s…Why do you believe in these fairytales? Have to go now…Me and Santa are going golfing.

  33. Gina M Mancarella

    Greg, You keep saying that this guy trades in tonnage quantities of gold.

    However, this guy is just a poser ! A legend in his own mind.

    This is the kind of thing that costs you your credibility.

    It’s also part of what makes Fareed laugh at you. Fareed thinks you are a total farce. He also points to your inferior education.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Gina” the paid troll assigned to,
      Fareed works for the most untrusted name in News and I own my own company where I don’t have to spread propaganda. Kirby is real and you are a fake paid troll that adores outdated anchors in a dying paradigm. I get more views than he does, and that is a stone cold fact I can prove. Fareed does not have any paid trolls taunting him because he’s not important. Greg (Can you hear the mic drop now???)

  34. sailmann

    A very prescient article-thanks Rob and Greg. Timely additional thoughts for all:
    1) when Weimar went down the tubes, the sign that the end game was at hand was the fact that Germany literally could not print enough money to satisfy the needs of the market. Things now are a bit different in that a keystroke makes funds appear but it is the same in the end; the market’s insatiable need for fiat of one kind or another.
    2) when the end happens in the US, it likely will give almost no warning; it will happen overnight, all banks will be closed the next day and we all will be staring at one another in stunned silence wondering how it possibly could have happened.
    3) it will take only a few days before those prone to lawlessness or who see an illicit opportunity will be in the streets and in our houses-at that time God help us all.

  35. Fred Ceja

    Thanks Greg for all your hard work. I have a real estate question. I am waiting for the housing market to tank to buy a house but with all this manipulation going on should I just by one now? I’m tired of waiting but don’t know what to expect with all this political nonsense. Thanks again.


  36. Coalburner

    We conquered the Syrian Desert, we should keep the oil. IT is time to pay for our conquests. Tie for new thinking. Take the spoils or don’t go to war.

    • paul ...

      CB … When an MS13 gang storms your home (because the Demon-rats took away your defensive shotgun) they should get to keep all the cash and gold they find in your house … because they need to pay for their conquests (with your wealth) … and as the spoils automatically belong to those who invade your home to steal your valuables … there should be no penalty for doing so … no jail time … and no moralizing about their criminal actions!!

  37. Justn Observer

    Greg, Great day for the MSM and Congress…they diverted the attention to their kabookie show which seems what it is …a diversion from the two trials – Megatons to megawatts and Uranium 1, where not one MSM reporter was in attendance there or the Roger Stone proceedings… So we have on one side – heard it from a friend that heard it from a friend…and at court 3 convicted with a 4th on trial , Lambert, who will not take the stand…in a trail of decades of diversion of nuclear material, 20,000 nuke warheads….HOW MANY SOLD UNDER THE TABLE? HOW MANY ARE CURRENTLY LOOSE? HOW MANY WENT TO THE ENEMIES OF THE U.S. or made into fuel rods for private pay to play gains? with the waste used as depleted uranium or dumped like in Piketon causing death and disease? AND not one MSM reporter there to cover it or mention by anyone in Congress? Yet- how many are now out of nowhere ‘choosing’ to retire and not run for re-election?

  38. DJW

    I have a lot of respect for Rob Kirby but I have to call BS for saying: “the reason they want him out is because he’s not owned by anyone” and that he’s ” an honest guy doing an honest days work”.
    For decades I have watched the “deep state” enact countless wars, coups and economic crimes against Latin America, republican or democrat, it doesn’t matter. The same thing is happening under Trump. Greg, I suggest you have Paul Craig Roberts on again to discuss Trumps outrageous endorsement of the deep states latest maneuvers in South America.
    Greg, I don’t think anyone would confuse you for an “anti-Trumper”, I would suggest your (justified)disdain for the democratic(communist) alternative has caused an irrational ‘faith’ in Donald Trump. Trump may outwardly express what people(conservative Christian nationalists) want to hear but his actions reveal something else entirely. Of course Trump has done some good things for the economy but he has also done many ‘good’ things for the deep state. I am sick and tired of all this BS “Q” innuendo in the face of what Trump is actually endorsing.

  39. Jerry

    It’s been under our noses the whole time. The G20 is preparing to finalize measures for bail ins when they meet in Japan on November 23rd.

    The repos are exactly what I thought they were. A stall tactic.

    • DJW

      Interesting story Jerry, thanks for sharing.
      The very first legislation enacted during Justin Trudeau’s first term was bank bail in legislation. A few days ago my updated “Financial Services Terms” with my bank arrived and it clearly states that they can close my account and escheat(look it up) my funds at any time if it is “in [the bank’s] interest to do so”. People are going to get blindsided.
      There is an outrageous criminal heist being set up by banks in collaboration with our governments. I know who Trudeau works for. I wonder who Trump works for, will he prevent this from happening or at least warn his Q worshiping flock.

      • Gary C

        I received the same thing from BMO &TD, CDIC is broke, they draw a line of credit on Canadian banks, the brokerages owned by the banks, literally have nothing in their Investor Protection Fund, so the banks do not have to make good their loses.
        Would Trudeau sell us out? you bet just like any government or bank.

        Martin Armstrong has been warning about this extensively on his Private Blog, it will start in Europe first, and then spread to the USA.

    • Gary C

      Jerry, The Fed is juicing the REPO market, because the banks are broke. If they had depositors cash why do they have to use the REPO market overnight. The truth is since
      Glass Stegall was repealed they are gambling with depositors money, therefore they have to go to the REPO window because other banks, especially JP Morgan will not lend to them, Jamie Diamond smells drowning rats.

      Our politicians in Canada and the USA are the best that money can buy.

  40. St. Clare Seeds

    Crop report here in Central WI. There are a lot of fields that have been under water all year and never were planted. 2 weeks ago I saw a corn field being harvested. They were using a Claas self-propelled chopper and tractor-trailer semis for harvesting. They drive the semis in the field next to the chopper and the chopper fills the semi. When the semi is full, it pulls out onto the road and another semi takes its places next to the chopper driving around the field and getting filled at the same time. Not unusual, except this time they were using a very large John Deere articulated tractor, dual tires front and rear, chained to the front of the semis and they were dragging the semis thru a foot and a half of mud around the field next to the chopper!


  41. JC

    George Ure at Urban Survival regarding repos.

    “Wild-eyed madman of East Texas takes a conspiracy angle here: What IF, because of all the repo focus on sites like this one (and ZeroHedge), the Fed goes to smaller, longer term repos so it doesn’t seem like they’re pumping as much…so may be time to keep track of the rolling numbers. Always another thing to track, ain’t there?”

  42. JC

    “As long as central banks create and distribute trillions in conscience-free credit to conscience-free financiers and corporations, the incentives for sociopathy only increase.”

  43. Justn Observer

    Greg, Yes, some of us are confused….can Jim Sinclair, Bill Holter or Rob Kirby explain this?

  44. Open Eyes

    I wonder if Adam Schiff is possessed. Every time I see a video or photograph of him I think, “Psycho Eyes Schiff.”

  45. eddiemd

    Probably at least 80% of Americans are clueless about what is going on in the financial markets. The younger generation between 18-40 probably 95%. They have no interest in 401K and metals. There are focused on social media, music, and sports. They are given over to delusions and deception. They want the government to be in control. Orange man is bad is what they believe. They will vote for socialism because it promises them more free stuff.

    The great deception is here.

    Be like Stephen. Full of faith and the Holy Spirit. Do not love the world.

    Romans 1:16 New King James Version (NKJV)
    16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Greek.

    Romans 8:1-8
    There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who[a] do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit. 2 For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death. 3 For what the law could not do in that it was weak through the flesh, God did by sending His own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh, on account of sin: He condemned sin in the flesh, 4 that the righteous requirement of the law might be fulfilled in us who do not walk according to the flesh but according to the Spirit. 5 For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit, the things of the Spirit. 6 For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. 7 Because the carnal mind is enmity against God; for it is not subject to the law of God, nor indeed can be. 8 So then, those who are in the flesh cannot please God.

    Set your minds on the things above. The treasures that cannot perish. Your treasure is not here on earth.

  46. Open Eyes

    The Latest False News on the Trump Impeachment
    November 13, 2019

    The Latest False News on the Trump Impeachment
    Paul Craig Roberts

    …As for the investigation of the Bidens and their payoffs for blocking Ukraine’s investigation of the corruption in Burisma, the Ukrainian company that hired the protection of Biden, Trump doesn’t need to ask for it in exchange for $1 billion. Ukrainian officials have released the records. The presstitutes have not reported the release. Don’t expect the whores to report any true facts. They are incapable of it.

    Burisma holdings paid Hunter Biden $3,166,000 for protection according to the records released by Ukraine. More importantly, the information released by Ukraine, according to the report, revealed that Burisma pressured the corrupt Obama State Department to intervene to end the Ukrainian investigation of Burisma for corruption. This is precisely what the Obama regime did. Joe Biden forced the firing of the Ukrainian prosecutor by giving the President of Ukraine 6 hours to fire the prosecutor, thus ending the investigation, or forfeiting $1 billion….

  47. EasyEnergy

    Central bankers are buying gold yet the price hardly moves. Re-watch “The Big Short”. Same thing. Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS’s) weren’t dropping in price despite record # of people defaulting on their mortgages. I think the Big Banks were trying to get on the right side of that trade before they let the MBS’s drop in value. Once they have their fill of gold we will see the gold price take a moon shot.

  48. paul ...

    Who would have thought that a Demon-rat would be working to make the wealthy “flock to gold” (in order to hide their wealth) like you wouldn’t believe!! …

    • paul ...

      So out of the mouth’s of the wealthy we hear “another reason” to own gold … to hide your wealth from government confiscation!!!

  49. Addison Libby

    Get cash out of the bank????

  50. H. Craig Bradley


    Find a deserted island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean and go live there. Just disappear off the face of the earth. If you believe in a pending doomsday, then get ahead of the curve. Stake your claim. Be first !

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