Trump Blaming Fed for Next Market Crash – Dave Janda

By Greg Hunter’s  (Earl Sunday Release)

Radio host Dr. Dave Janda says everybody in Washington knows the next big crash is right around the corner. It’s been 10 years since the Fed reflated the last meltdown, and Dr. Janda says President Trump is already blaming the Federal Reserve for killing the economy that his policies revived. Dr. Janda explains, “President Trump has been pointing the finger at the Fed. He’s been pointing the finger at the Fed, and that is exactly where he should be pointing. The globalist syndicate’s tentacle is the central banking system, and, in particular, in the United States, the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is one of the entities that is directly responsible for this financial mess our country is currently in. You would never see Obama or the Bushes, or Bill Clinton, point at the Fed and say what Trump has said. Trump said, ‘I think the Fed has gone crazy. I think the Fed is making a mistake. They’re so tight with interest rates. I think the Fed has gone crazy.’ Just the other day, Trump said, ‘My biggest threat is the Fed. . . . The Fed is raising rates too fast, and it’s too independent.’ Now, wait a minute, listen to that. It’s too independent. When was the last time a president of the United States said the Fed was too independent? . . . . Banking groups, that is their priority. So, when the President says the Fed is raising rates too fast, and it’s my biggest enemy, and too independent, what he is saying is they are looking out for their own interests. They are not looking out for the interests of our country or for you or for me or for any American, and he’s right. I don’t know of any other president that has had the guts to say this.”

So, what happens next? Dr. Janda says, “Trump knew this thing was rigged to blow, the economy, the financial system, and when the right time came, he would start pointing the finger at the globalists, the Fed. I believe that’s where we are right now.”

On the Democrats taking back control of the House, Janda says the blue wave will turn into a red tsunami. One Democrat after another, including Hillary Clinton, has threatened violence if Democrats do not take back the House of Representatives. Janda says, “These are not statements from people that are in positions of power or people that are riding a blue tsunami to victory in the midterm election. These are people that are potentially drowning in a red wave, and they know it because their internals are telling them that. This is why they are acting out.”

On the subject of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, the short story is he has flipped and is working on the Trump team.

In closing, Dr. Janda says, “I would say we are winning. The reason I say that is all these judicial appointments. . . . I believe we have a five to four rule of law majority in the Supreme Court. I believe (DOJ prosecutor) Huber has been working on these indictments behind the scenes, and they will be unsealed as soon as the declassification occurs. I believe military tribunals have been set up and will become more overt in their operation, but that doesn’t mean we have already won. We are winning, and we are in the process of winning. We have not won. That’s why I believe these midterm elections are so important. This is why we are seeing the hysteria out of the Deep State players that are the mid-level puppets. This is why we see the Bookers, the Clintons, the Obamas and Bidens all lashing out. They know if people vote for rule of law candidates across the board and don’t buy into this agenda that the globalists are putting forward such as no border security, sanctuary cities, raising taxes, and if you don’t vote for us, we are going to beat the hell out of you, if they don’t buy into that agenda, the Deep State players know the rule of law will be implemented like it’s not been implemented for decades in America. The Deep State globalists are in the crosshairs of a true justice system as opposed to a justice system that is just smoke and mirrors.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Dave Janda.

(Program note: The interview is nearly 1:45 minutes long, but it is packed with cutting edge information and analysis.)

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  1. paul ...

    Trump is now in control at the Supreme Court (and even the Fed with recent appointments) … so the stage is set for a revaluation of the dollar relative to gold … if gold is “set” at $10,000 dollars per ounce as Rickards says (and held at that price by the Plunge Protection Team) gold miners will show outstanding earnings … the only negative to their bottom line (except for the royalty trusts) will be higher oil prices … but the precious metal stocks should beat the pants off the high flying tech stocks … oil stocks will benefit from rising prices but autos will fall … so adjust your portfolios accordingly … if you are not into stocks top off your physical holdings of gold and silver bullion (in hand)!!

    • paul ...

      To finish off the Demon-rats this November … Trump will give middle class Americans another tax cut … with all the money the crooks have stolen from us … it is only fair that Trump prints up some money for the true patriots and defenders of the Constitution!! …

      • paul ...

        You have to hand it to Trump … he knows the Demon-rats in the House will oppose this new tax cut … and he can blame them before the election for opposing help to needy middle class Americans (they only want to give money to non-American illegal aliens) … perhaps with all the money Trump collects in tariffs … he can completely do away with the Federal Income Tax … and getting rid of the IRS as a Government Agency will save the Nation additional billions!!

    • oneno

      This side-show in the US is a distraction to the very real TEOTWAWKI. Every one on the planet better pay attention to A Russian Warning The gyrations of the stock market or the price of gold or oil will have no significance.

      Billy Meier has already warned that Russia and China are not to be toyed with as they (Russia and China) can easily destroy the US and Western countries.

  2. Anthony Australia

    Super Sunday Greg, many thanks.

    Is the following a true account of what’s happening there?

    • Bet

      Hi Anthony, saw yr comment and needed reply…am in NSW and have been studying yhe issues in USA for some. There are many tiers of reporting from credible sources re the changes and the day to day processes. Whistleblowers coming forward to testify re the deep state and shadow govt…some have lost their lives due to that bravery and concern to save us from ignorance…it is real. Another good source from ex C I A Kevin Shipp has very enlightening videos…crystallises a lot of asleep public…this is a treadmill only a fool would want to get off….Australia is very much involved with demise of Trump. The collapse if the US dillar will affect us here. Spread this site and many others around to our community…it is very much needed. Am in Port MacQuarie..where are you

      • Anthony Australia

        Will do Bet.
        Been on here for 7 years and anti MSM for over a decade.
        I am aware Australia has been fixed for many years, now seeing Melbourne resemble Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore is nauseating and something doesn’t add up. I am not xenophobic, rather prefer balance, integration and access for all future generations.
        The recent ‘Royal’ visit here made my stomach churn. The MSM were across it with almost a n hourly update, the false claim that thousands came out to greet them in Melbourne was a total lie, the photos showed much less than that. and the bloggers comments backed this up.

      • Jack

        We are serious trouble like the USA. Total debt USA $71 trillion . This is 3.7 times their GDP as in Aust. This means just a small increase in rates takes more than 3 times the amount of money for our economies to function , compared to 2000. So 5% rates is like 18.5% in 2000. Our economies will collapse very quickly as rates rise.

        • Anthony Australia

          We are rooted Jack

  3. Freddie the unintelligence agents Freeloader

    Rod Rosenstein suggested secretly recording President Trump? Why now?
    American Patriot Published on Sep 21, 2018
    They know Truth, because they Fight it so bitterly. This has all come out so the voters can really see the depravity and corruption of professional politicians and their handlers of the elite media. They have not an ounce of integrity!
    A SETUP by the Holocaust denying New York Times and their anonymous Op-Ed hit piece and Andrew McCabe to get President Trump to take the bait and fire Rod Rosenstine before the mid-term elections so that the Democrats can eventually Impeach the President! If you want to fully understand the method behind their madness, this is it.
    This was the tipping point for the president and he superbly outsmarted their arses! Thats why their going to lose and lose everything. It’s a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the American people. If their only run out of the country, that alone would prove theres a merciful God in the heavens!
    Right you are, Mark Levin. This was another one of their traps for the president to walk in to, right before the mid-term elections.
    You can not get a bottle of Water Past the TSA. But they want you to believe you can roam the White House with wires and cell phones, and You Can Write A book. With no Problem? Distrust ANYTHING coming from the NYT’s. I raised eyebrows as soon as I knew it was from the NYT’s. Anything of substance, from that rag. Is total propaganda and everyone who reads it, knows it’s propaganda, except those who subscribe and never really read it. Yet they trust it!
    Andy McCabe FEARs the truth so much. Pres Trump represents the truth. FBI whistle-blowers have been persecuted by McCabe for years.
    Mueller’s only cards are Cohen & Manaforte & both of them have NOTHING!
    Heard on the grapevine that Rosenstein has phoned Loretta Lynch 12 times in 2 days. Loretta has been cooperating and calls were recorded.

    National Security
    Comey and McCabe, once strong defenders of each other, stake out opposite positions in burgeoning feud

    “Millionaire” Claire McCaskill Calls For Special Prosecutor To Investigate Project Veritas For Exposing Her Corruption
    Corrupt US Senator from Missouri “Millionaire” Claire McCaskill is behaving just like those who opposed David Daleiden after he exposed the criminal activities of Planned Parenthood and the trafficking of murdered baby body parts. Instead of dealing with the actual criminals, the messenger exposing them is attacked. Following a video series of Senator McCaskill telling her campaign supporters that they needed to essentially lie to voters about her gun confiscation agenda, her desire to impeach President Donald Trump and hiding Planned Parenthood contributions from voters, McCaskill called for an investigation into what she claims is “fraud.”
    Here’s the videos. Tim Brown — October 20, 2018

    • Freddie the unintelligence agents Freeloader

      Here it is. Get the skinny why the president didn’t fire Rod.
      LEVIN 09/21/2018 FULL SHOW // Rod Rosenstein suggested secretly recording President Trump? Why now? Why NYT attack on Rosie!

  4. Robert (Zionist and Patriot) Lykens

    George Bush junior took strong actions to defend our country from foreign invaders and promote American interests in the Middle East. He is in no way comparable to Hillary or Obama.

    • Doug C.

      I think you are still one of the people that believe 9/11 was committed by some goat herders living in cave and able to outwit the Government of the US, the Military of the US and every other safe guard created over hundreds of years. Bush (Jr.) through Chaney made MILLION$ on the invasion of the Middle east . The Industrial Military Complex made Trillion’s$ on the Continued invasion of the Middle East. Bush is just as much to blame as the rest of them (Sr. more so, Jr. was a figure head only).

      • Robert (Zionist and Patriot) Lykens

        Why do you insist on protecting the real perpetrators of the attacks by perpetuating absurd conspiracy theories? I run two businesses and you will never appreciate the level of sacrifice required to be a good leader.

        • Frederick

          Conspiracy theories? No Reality if you are intelligent enough to see the obvious

      • Robert

        Doug, Ive pointed out on various blogs that even the FBI never attributed UBL was behind 911. UBL was on the top 10 most wanted and that notice never attributed he was involved with 911, yet the mainstream public believe he planned it. That’s the power of propanganda and the repeating of a big lie by the msm.

    • al

      George Jr is a globalist like his father George Sr. You know, the thousand points of lights (illuminati) / New World Order dude? They’re all in bed with each other and all have an ENORMOUS amount to gain if this system kept on the way it did.
      The number of atrocities Jr oversaw is overwhelming. Please wake up.

      • Robert (Zionist and Patriot) Lykens

        You don’t have the slightest idea what it is like to run the most successful country of the 20/21 century. Everybody wants to bring America down.

        • paul ...

          Bush never did anything about America’s southern boarder being under attack by foreign enemies … he ignored the illegal alien threat and the movement of UN tanks and other military assets to protect their “foreign army” … and sent our Military out of the country to fight wars with people across the world “who never attacked America” … now we have hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens paid and orchestrated by Sore Ass and protected by the UN marching up to storm our gates (with absentee ballots in hand) trying to effect regime change in the USA … Trump should drone strike Sore Ass and all the rest of the globalist criminals with their Command and Control Headquarters located at the UN (and bulldoze the building itself right into the East River) … let Rockefeller and the other globalists set up shop in their “China dictatorship” (exactly where they belong) and get the hell out of our Constitutional Republic!!

          • paul ...

            Trump should cut off the head of the snake by denying “all funding” to the globalists Command and Control HQ’s (the UN) currently moving their military assets around the US and setting up “choke points at strategic locations throughout America” to bind the US in “their military web” … while our boys are bogged down in countries half way around the world the last 15 years fighting the wrong enemy and thus unable to defend America from attack from within!!

            • paul ...

              National Emergency … Trump begins to cut off funding to Mexico and other Central American Nations … Sore Ass’s ISIS army intermingled with hopeful illegal aliens advances toward the US southern border … Sore Ass wants a confrontation and slaughter of women and children right before the November election …

            • DB Cooper

              “Careful Paul” Calling a spade a spade as you see it may bring on an attack by the likes of the ‘Turkish Troll’ !! One of the foundational basics of civility is to agree to disagree and enter into discourse. A fundamental sign of a fascist mind-set is to attack and label with disparaging comments.
              Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

              • paul ...

                DBC … How about this call … instead of using microwaves to stop the caravan moving up through Mexico (that may reflect badly on Trump politically) … Trump instead throws a Hurricane at Sore Ass’s ISIS army (intermingled with refugees) to disperse and waste them (the same way he probably destroyed the evil Demon-rat nest in Puerto Rico) and the good thing about it is … it can be called an “Act of God” (which in a way may have some truth to it)!

        • al

          Everybody in power except for Trump and true Patriots like Greg, Dave J. and I. We all want this Country repaired from decades of onslaught and pillaging by the Deep State.

        • Occasnltrvlr

          So…because other people do not appreciate the requirements of leadership as well as you do, that caused building 7 to implode upon itself?

    • Chip

      GWB is just as bad as the rest and great “friends” with the Clinton’s and Obama’s. He got us invading Iraq with bogus lies about WMD’s. He expanded the size and scope of the federal government with DHS/TSA and Medicare Part D for just two examples. GWB is a globalist just like Papa and Papa’s CIA and NWO. Make no mistake about it, GWB was extremely bad for our country… Chip

      • Chip

        BTW, EXCELLENT interview Greg and Dr. J! You’re story was picked up on Zero Hedge! Congrats! Chip

    • paul ...

      Not comparable to Hillary??? … he invaded Afghanistan to control the opium drug trade and destroyed many millions of American children’s lives!!

      • Frederick

        Careful Paul Writing the truth will get you labeled a “ conspiracy theorist” by Bobby

    • Frank D2

      GWB was an open borders advocate.

    • Frederick

      Yeah right Sure he did If you believe that you’re a fool Oh right

    • arthur barnes

      Robert, must respectfully disagree, George Bush Jr. was interested in his own agenda & family financials interest. Do you remember his quote about Afghanistan not being another Vietnam? Well, we are in the second decade there now, longer than Vietnam. Bush when after the Taliban when 911 was committed by Saudi Arabian citizens, not one of which was from Afghanistan. I have no problem if you believe he is a patriot, that is your business, but for me he stands even with all the other deep state rich players such as crooked Hillary to name just one of so many.

      • Frederick

        Arthur Barnes Just the fact that you believe the nonsense that you wrote tells me everything And why would you “ respect” a guy who is proud to call himself a Zionist?

      • Paul from Indiana

        Brother Art, Bush’s dreadful mismanagement of the Iraq occupation (so-called “winning” the peace, letting the WMD be sent to Syria, ) is what handed Obama the election in 2008. So, not only did we have the mess in the Middle East, we got Obama on top of it. Hard to see how it could be much worse. Best always. PM

    • Ray

      That is the ENTIRE problem sir…….
      “American interests in the Middle East”.
      Would it be OK with you if the Middle Eastern nations decided that they had “interests in America” for which they were prepared to bomb, kill and slaughter your family and friends…..for years and years?
      I think not.
      American interests lay within the boundaries of the United States…..all other “interests” are rubbish……a blight on Humanity.
      I would suggest the US either takes it’s Military Jackboot off the throat of the planet……or wait for the day when the planet decides enough is enough.
      The patience of Xi and Putin is not unlimited.
      Moreover, the name of this planet is Planet Earth……not Planet America.
      With Respect.

      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

  5. Jan Drew

    LIVE: President Donald J. Trump Rally in Elko, NV 10-20-18
    45,387 views Diamond and Silk – The Viewers View
    Streamed live 12 hours ago
    Saturday, October 20, 2018- President Donald J. Trump holds a MAGA rally in Elko, NV. Video courtesy of Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN).
    Cant wait? Go to 2:08:20

    U.S. Canadians & Brit’s relocating to Mexico form unique expat community
    The most eclectic melting pots of foreign citizens along the shores of Lake Chapala, south of Guadalajara, to explore a unique expat community.

    The UGLY SIDE of Ajijic, Mexico – Ep. 165
    Tangerine Travels Published on Aug 20, 2018

  6. Ashley

    What about the sealed indictments? What about people going to prison after the primaries and before the election? NOTHING. Feels like the doc is blowing air up our arses like everyone else out there.

    • arthur barnes

      Ashley, the good doctor explained that, waiting for the …”rule of law” Judges to get in place through the Federal Courts, both at entry level and appellant level. Sounds plausible to me but we shall see. I always have thought that there could be no indictments at all if they just go away and go home instead of continuing to hold their power positions, the doctor touched on that theory as well in the interview. But if Ashley the midterms come and go with the new year and nothing comes out by then & the big deep state players are still in place resisting Trump, then I guess you might be right about the doc is just blowing air up our arses like all the others out there. Thank you for your comment but I just had to put my two cents in.

      • Freebrezer

        AB – Should be blowing “smoke” up our arses … and this was an actual medical/ fad procedure at the turn of the 1900 century … … Given all the pot heads today, it might be worth while to revive the practice to see if it revives them from being a scocialist/leftist! And again, Given where society is there could be a lot of money to be made selling the equipment? Just maybe … Maybe Gina will volunteer?

  7. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr Janda,just spectacular .Thank you all so much for opening the can of worms unfortunately this is just one small can.
    Our favourite country,China, may have trouble and Hilary and gang are centre in leading this country to a Soviet demise,I wonder are the Chinese people aware of tHis including their thirteen family princelings?
    Skip to 28minutes to be shocked if you are Chinese and big friends with Hilary and co.
    More importantly what it says about America’s elite.
    Of course Mr Xi’s well manicured mitts are all over this and his cure is more authoritarianism not less theft from the Chinese people.
    Here in the UK it still sucks and the lies abound and the royal dog and pony show are doing a good job of deflecting the peoples’ conscience from our wearisome lives at the behest of the gargoyles in Westminster and Brussels.

  8. Genocidal Politician


    whats needed is some genuine political correctness

    • Peter from the Netherlands

      Nobody is in charge…in the banana republic.


      Peter (from the Netherlands)

  9. Adam Giessler

    I love your interviews with Dr. Janda – very very informative. Thanks!!!!

  10. Jerry

    This interview is truly a masterpiece. Americans, me included, have been lulled into a false sense of security by decades of conditioning by the globalist, who control not only our educational system, but our mainstream news media as well. When you look at the numbers this is not going to be a smooth landing. It’s going to be a hard crash.

    This is probably the most accurate summary of where we are that I have ever seen.

    The one report that I am waiting for to give us a true picture of where we are in the controlled crash, is the St. Louis Federal Reserve Banks quarterly money velocity chart. The second quarter showed a slight uptick, which indicated to me that they are stalling the crash for a few months. I believe the third quarter report will not come out until after the elections. Let’s face it, they can’t stall the reset forever. The Italian banks are defaulting, as I type, and Turkey is not far behind. Liquidity in the system is tightening up. Just this week in Missouri, the entire central bank locked people out of their accounts. The excuse was that the federal reserve bank didn’t process their paperwork for transfers. Yea right. But guess what? It’s no skin off my behind. I have my money in the bank of Jerry and I know exactly where it is.

    • Jerry

      Here’s the latest.

    • Jerry

      It may not be possible for the Trump administration to stall off the collapse much longer, if the BRICS alliance have their way.

    • Rich M

      Wow Jerry. Very informative stuff. Thanks

    • Mike

      What exactly does a “reset” of the dollar solve ? it ain’t gonna make the $21 trillion go away. It wont make the $250 trillion in global debt go away. Nor will the unfunded liabilities change or go away.

      If Gold suddenly becomes ‘valued’ at $10,000 per ounce, your value of gold doesn’t change one iota. You are no wealthier because of the change. Everything you have priced in dollars, suddenly requires 10x more dollars to buy or sell. If your $30,000 car suddenly costs $300,000, because of a ‘reset’, then also the income you got of say $50,000 per year, will now have to be $500,000 per year.

      A reset does nothing, except change the denominator, and so a ‘reset’ never happen the way people are talking.

      Venzuela is the model for what will happen, IF there is hyper-inflation. thats a big IF, and we are a long long long long way from becoming anything remotely close to Venezuela.

      People who talk about any so called ‘reset’ are just plain being goofy.

      Trust me, you don’t want your gold SUDDENLY being valued at $10,000 per ounce.

      • Frederick

        Mike A reset in the dollar would certainly make American workers more competitive in the global marketplace right?

      • Jerry

        I have first hand knowledge from family members, that during the depression inflation hit first ( twenty dollars for a loaf of bread ) and then the bottom fell out. The whip saw action led to my aunt buying Coca Cola stocks for pennies on the dollar. When the markets recovered she made a fortune. The problem is most people won’t survive the front end inflation, to see the back end deflation. The gold strategy (in my opinion) is a hold strategy thst has to be used on the back end following a reset. The trick is, can you survive long enough to do it? Most didn’t during the depression.

      • Diane

        I dont understand how any country can declare Gold suddenly worth 10,000 an ounce…..what if other countries don’t agree to that price?
        How would that work?

        • paul ...

          Diane … The way it will be done is all the major bankrupt Nations in the world will meet together and agree that they will fix the price of gold at $10,000/oz … and with minor fluctuations “keep it stabilized at that level”!!

        • Jake

          Watch this at 9.34 second mark ie reset. I would watch the whole thing but that is specifically on gold. If you don;t have a twitter account or follow Luke Gromen you are missing the mark.

          • Greg Hunter

            Jake, No link.

            • Greg Hunter

              Link still Not good Jake.

        • Freebrezer

          Diane – Venezuela is the perfect example of why Gold and Silver work. They are simply a store of wealth that can be used for an alternative means of transactions while every thing implodes . As another example of what happens when a country looses it world currency is England … the pound steriling lost about 60% of it value … “in 1940, an agreement with the US pegged the pound to the U.S. dollar at a rate of £1 = $4.03. (Only the year before, it had been $4.86.) This rate was maintained through the Second World War and became part of the Bretton Woods system which governed post-war exchange rates. Under continuing economic pressure, and despite months of denials that it would do so, on 19 September 1949 the government devalued the pound by 30.5% to $2.80.”

      • joethecuckleburr

        Mike, there are two main factors that will send the gold and silver prices through the roof. One is, of course, is the hyper-inflation of the dollar which is the only one you refer to, and is already baked in and lying in ambush. This will, as you allege, result in the price of most everything going through the roof.
        But there are two other factors that you (Erroneously ?) fail to mention. One, regarding the silver price, will be the natural and normal return of the gold/silver price ratio of from some where between 9 to 1, and 15 to 1. But most important will be the inability of the elites to further suppress the prices with their paper contracts in which there is not even the slightest expectation of physical delivery. When the ratio of physical gold above ground to the number of paper rectangles (dollars) already either printed or keyboarded reaches its default setting is when we will see $10,000 gold and $600 to $1,000 silver WITHOUT a hyper-inflated price of everything else. You can be excused for not knowing these things if you are new to this site.

      • Mike Mc

        “then also the income you got of say $50,000 per year, will now have to be $500,000 per year.”

        But it won’t, that’s the point. All debts are paid. It means a reduced standard of living for the next couple generations to pay for the profligacy of current and prior generations.

      • Jake

        $ reset via unknown terms or SDR makes a more level playing field. It would deval $ from 40% to 60% while real assets would go up hundreds or thousands of percent. It would make the US a much more competitive exporter. Expect a boom for USA and asset prices to rise. Expect a reset to take place on a Sunday similar to when Nixon dropped the gold backing announced in the middle of Bonanza. It will be a world leader or IMF announcement.

      • Jake

        Trump was brought in to take down the dollar as global reserve currency. It is now a curse and not allowing exports and massive deficits and off shored all our manufacturing. We can now rebuild our mgf base in USA. Add this link of Saudi to eventually accept yuan for oil another nail in petro dollar coffin. Trump is part of this plan its clear as day.–and-thats-going-to-affect-the-us-dollar.html

        If you wanted to end the dollar as world reserve currency, what would you do?

        • Attack countries that attempt to take payment for oil or gas in anything other than dollars using sanctions or militarily.
        • Force everyone else into bilateral trade deals and the use of alternative currencies by imposing tariffs on exports to the US.
        • Withdraw from the WTO to disable independent arbitration of trade disputes.
        • Use the dollar to penalize countries that don’t do what the US says, i.e. weaponize it. Cut them off from dollar payments and loans.
        • Force everyone else to create payment systems in alternative currencies
        • Lend dollars to everyone when US rates are low and the dollar is weak, then jack up rates and strengthen the dollar so that they can’t pay the loans back and have to turn to loan sharks like the IMF or simply default, akin to declaring bankruptcy.
        • Create a global boom-bust cycle by inflating the value of dollar assets which subsequently crash — when the US sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold. Incentivize a move away from the dollar and US assets in order to insulate your country from the effect of US policies.
        • Undermine the value of US debt by blowing up deficits and debt, reducing foreign demand for US bonds and therefore the dollar. Vicious cycle begins as the dollar falls, US assets become even less attractive.
        • Isolate the US on the world stage by withdrawing from most if not all international bodies. Withdraw “unilaterally” from globally agreed treaties, undermining US credibility in future deals.

      • Occasnltrvlr

        Mike, your misunderstanding is revealed in your first sentence. I don’t think anyone, even Jerry, is talking about a ” ‘reset’ of the dollar.” It is not a “reset” of the US Dollar, it is a transformation of the world’s monetary system.

        It is inevitable. The very seeds of the current monetary system’s demise were planted within it.

        I am well convinced that transformation is taking place now, in a slow and orderly fashion. Some people are of the opinion that it will be sudden and calamitous, and it may turn out that way. All of the players have war at the ready, if that tactic must be employed, but I believe everyone would prefer not to.

      • Tin foil hat

        Your scenario will happen only if we were not prepared for it. Yes, a monetary reset will cause hyperinflation but Trump is preparing us for it. He is doing everything he can to bring manufacturing jobs back to America. At the infliction point, we need to be productive to the point of weaning most imports off our domestic market or balanced trade.

        The U.S. Treasury, not the Federal Reserve, can then contain the hyperinflation in gold by sucking up the debts with the gold reserve.

        Hyperinflation has already occurred in the stock and real estate markets. Trump needs to transfer or transform the denomination of those assets from dollar to gold which hopefully can keep hyperinflation at bay and away from foods and commodities.

        If Trump could manage to pull that off, we will have inflation but not hyperinflation.

      • Paul Anthony

        Mike ..

        In a reset it also involves Bankruptcy for nations … the debit that will never get paid back will get manageable and or shrink. For some it will disappear.

        That is the underline problem of the dollar currency … too much debt.

        This is where the IMF (international Mafia Federation) I hope gets dissolved.

        A reset changes everything! Including debt … which is THE issue world wide right now. Especially in America. I believe it was done on purpose to transfer the world into one socialist government.

        Remember by it’s self money is just a tool used in trade. The Love of money is evil.

    • kevin

      Just to clarify (correct) what this error-prone person said about “the entire central bank locked people out of their accounts” in Missouri, it was some Central Bancompany customers which includes the Central Bank of Boone County that had transfers delayed due to a technical difficulties. People were not “locked out” of their accounts.

      • Jerry

        Let’s get the facts straight. I know from sources in Kansas City, it was state wide. It was not an isolated event. Secondly as everyone knows most payments are done direct deposit, so when your paycheck doesn’t make it into your account you have no money. Period. If the banks couldn’t cover the deposits what do you think they would do? That’s right lock you out. In this case the paperwork was refilled and funds were transferred. But I’m not buying the excuse this was a mistake. In today’s high-frequency transfers, mistakes like this don’t happen.

        • kevin

          Yes, let’s get the facts straight since most of what you said is wrong. You said “the entire central bank locked people out of their accounts”. What central bank? You made it sound like it was the U.S. central bank meaning the Federal Reserve. You did not say it was the Central Bancompany, which is just a bank holding company. Central Bancompany, which owns several banks, is much smaller in size compared to several other banks in Missouri so most people in Missouri do not even have an account with them. That being the case most people were not even affected so it was not really a statewide problem. If a small percentage of people across different parts of Missouri lose power to their homes you do not say that Missouri had a statewide power outage do you? Of course not because that would mislead people into thinking that most of the homes across the state lost power.

          You said “when your paycheck doesn’t make it into your account you have no money”. That is not true for most people. Most people have some money in their account even before they get paid and more than just $50 or $100.

          And you are also wrong about banks locking you out of your account simply for not having sufficient funds to cover a withdrawal. Fraudulent activity, yes. Insufficient funds, no.

          And finally, contrary to what you believe, mistakes like this
          can and do happen from time to time especially when people are involved.

    • ConcAmDad

      What a shock- another delay……… we’re always waiting until after the next election… how many have passed,, and nothing happens. All this red and blue kabuki theatre is still fooling the masses.
      Remember the tea party eas going to straighten up all the corruption…. how long until they were co-opted.?

      • Freebrezer

        C – I believe the Trump administration has a pretty impressive record of cleaning out some corrupt, top officials out of the DOJ and FBI. If some get charged – a double dog GREAT, if not – they still cleaned a few out!

        • ConcAmDad

          Stepping down from your position is not justice served. How’s Comey doing? To name one.

          • Freebrezer

            True – but it is one big impediment removed from future justice being rendered.

  11. Roger D

    I agree that Trump is smart to pre-emptively blame the Fed. He (and nationalists/conservatives) will be the scapegoats when the Fed is ready to pull the plug.

    Military tribunals? Seriously? Why are we desperately trying to save Lincoln’s tyrannical republic? It has devolved into a democracy; a lynch mob. It is clearly in its last days. All republics fall. Get over it. Hope lies in new free republics with new borders.

    A ‘Paul from Indiana’ wrote here, “At this point, the only way out is through.” Step back and take a realistic look. We are there. Suffering may be of Biblical proportion. Prepare accordingly.

    • arthur barnes

      Roger D., if in fact the rule of law is reestablished then it is worth saving, if not then I agree with you we should look forward to a new republic; one that is based upon God & family & honest work for honest pay.

    • Rich M

      I think the good Dr. may mean “military- like tribunals”…. not necessarily done Under military law but similar in their intensity. I cannot speak for him but thats how I see it.

  12. Charles McNeely

    The collapse of the US Dollar will be the collapse of the Federal Reserve. That is what Trump Is doing and what needs to Happen. It is too hard to get congress to vote the Fed out because the Fed is in the pockets of most of the entrenched congressmen. So, when you collapse the Fed Dollar , you are actually collapsing the private Central Banksters themselves. Trump will then reset the financial system with a new monetary system absent the Federal Reserve! That is what we are seeing taking place. Then let the arrest begin!

    • Hockey Puck

      Awesome insight, Charles. The idea had never crossed my mind before. So thanks for that input.

      I have to admit that, for me, this whole issue of a financial reset shows up in the “I don’t know I don’t know” domain. There are just too many variables at play… so many that it’s hard to put all the pieces together. A financial reset from the globalist perspective, as Martin Armstrong pointed out back in May 2018, looks like the SDR. But maybe you’re absolutely right. Maybe Trump has anticipated this move and has been hiding this “trump” card up his sleeve all this time. Wouldn’t that be something!!!

      If the US has the 8,133 tons of gold that is reported and the IMF has 2,814, then 8,133 definitely trumps the 2,814 that the IMF holds and would put the US into position to create a new currency. Wow! That’s a big IF however, as quite a few have speculated (with good reason) that the US no longer has that gold. Does anyone know the last time Fort Knox was audited and by whom? That would certainly give me the “warm and fuzzies”.

      Here’s Wikipedia’s list of gold reserves by country for anyone interested. In fact, a great interview, Greg, would be to get Bill Holter on again and have him pull apart those numbers. I’d love to see it. It would be one helluva an education.

      Let’s face it. The #1 issue on the planet is the FED and the US dollar. This is how the globalists have controlled everything. If Trump can pull that plug, WOW! This would dwarf everything that we are discussing… seriously… this is where is all the power is.

      • Hockey Puck

        I answered my own question… sort of. Here’s the best I can come up with:

        It doesn’t look pretty… no audit since the Eisenhower administration? What are we thinking, people? If there is no gold and this is all a charade, then a reset is going to look very, VERY ugly.

        • Freebrezer

          HP – if there is no gold, at least the public will have good reason to hang the wall street bankers and the heads of the fed!

        • Tin foil hat

          Hockey Puck,
          The Federal Reserve does not own gold!! It has been an eon since the Treasury took possession of the gold.

          The Gold Reserve Act of 1934 required the Federal Reserve System to transfer ownership of all of its gold to the Department of the Treasury. In exchange, the Treasury issued gold certificates to the Federal Reserve for the amount of gold transferred at the then-applicable price. Gold certificates do not give the Federal Reserve any right to redeem the certificates for gold.

          The statutory price of gold is set by law. It does not fluctuate with the market price of gold and has been constant at $42 per troy ounce since 1973, a year before President Ford signed Executive Order 11825–Revocation of Executive orders 6102, which was signed by FDR in 1934.

          Although the Federal Reserve does not own any gold, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York acts as the custodian of gold owned by account holders such as the U.S. government, foreign governments, other central banks, and official international organizations – gold could be used to settle international trade imbalances by moving the gold from room to room until Nixon closed the gold window in 1971.

          A small portion of the gold held by the U.S. Treasury, about five percent, is held in custody for the Treasury by the Federal Reserve Banks, as fiscal agents of the United States. The vast majority of this gold is located in the vault at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The remaining 95 percent of U.S. Treasury gold is held in custody for the Treasury by the U.S. Mint.

          The main reason for the recess is because of rehypothecation – you deposited your gold at a bullion bank; this custodian bullion bank could turn around and lend it to another customer, and then another customer …, to earn additional fees. This arrangement suits everyone until there is some shock to the system and there is a scramble to claim assets back.

          Since the Federal Reserve backstop these bullion banks, technically, we don’t have nearly enough gold if there were a scramble to claim assets back. Hence, by refusing to conduct an audit, the Fed has been remiss.

          If bank runs in gold occurred in the bullion banks, the Federal Reserve, which is PRIVATELY owned, will either settle the accounts in dollar (pre-reset) or handle it via bankruptcy (post-reset). Our exposure is limited to five percent of the 8,000 tons or around 400 tons of gold.

      • Tin foil hat

        Hockey Puck,
        IMF is not the puppet master, BIS (Bank of International Settlements) is the one you should be looking at.

  13. sk

    You smashed it out of the park again today Greg. You are certainly providing us with a ringside seat to watch the downfall of the corrupt elites. Reading into Dave Janda’s comments, one wonders if Trump’s selection as head of the Fed (Jerome Powell) has no power over the Fed’s policies at all.

    • sk

      A second ‘sk’ on The WDog???

  14. Justn Observer

    Greg, More in depth interesting insights …
    (This is Greg Hunter I do noit post material from Russia because you are NOT ALLOWED to criticize Russia in any way and that includes Putin. Thius is teh reason I dispise RT. Loads up criticisum on the U.S. but ZERO allowed on Russia, Russia, Russia.
    I critize America all the time and I am my own funder. Got it? So don’t post Russia propaganda on the site. I will not apporve it. Thank you for your understanding and support.)

    • Justn Observer

      An attempted rout by MBZ of CROWN PRINCE MBS?

    • Justn Observer

      Greg, Not a problem…respect your views on what you allow …but Lee does make some good points worth fitting into the puzzle… And when Trump openly gets $110 billion in contracts …instead of the usual $50 billion and the other $50 billion going thru the black market of arms deals… rather like making drugs legal… but the black market arms dealers (blackhat CIA types) and kickback lobbyists and (journalist?) might be feeling a little cut out of the pie… How can ya have a PAY TO PLAY program for funneling campaign contributions if all is on the up and up and legal? Kind of kills off the proxy war game a tad too ! lol

  15. Y.T. Merlow

    The Killing of Mary Surratt
    Boardinghouse innkeeper Mary Surratt was tried, convicted and executed for conspiring to assassinate President Lincoln. Within two months of being charged with the crime she would be dead; swinging from the gallows in Washington D.C.

    Henry Westin
    3 years ago
    First, I am a black man, descendant of slaves. I support justice even 150 years later. And if anyone was innocent it was this poor lady, Mary Surratt.

    Maybe she owned slaves and supported States Rights (as did many). She was a kind, devout Catholic. Religion was Mrs. Surratt’s only comfort in her chaotic life (drunken husband, debt, illness, then sudden arrest and death sentence). Would a pious lady, serious about God’s wrath, sin, hellfire etc. participate in cold-blooded murder? Never.

    Mary Surratt’s only crime was being in the wrong place, wrong time. The victors were out for vengeance. Lincoln would be turning in his tomb if he knew an innocent person died with the guilty. Clear Mary Surratt’s name. I wish her peace in heaven.

    • Justn Observer

      Sorry Y.T… seems your leaving a lot out of the story of this ‘poor lady’ and her family members… I…. doubt she was ‘just in the wrong place at the wrong time’…!

  16. Scott Miller

    To be honest America created this monster (Saudi Arabia) so America can deal with it. Making America great again will not be done by pandering to Whabbism. America is a Christian country why are we supporting these barbaric people? Trump is being two faced. He is bad mouthing Muslims at home then selling them weapons behind everyone’s back.

    • arthur barnes

      Scott Miller, you make some good points, you can set two dogs to fighting each other, hopefully your trap won’t backfire and the dogs turn on you. Arming any country of Islam is not only stupid & dangerous its outright suicidal.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Brother Art, We do it all the time. Best always. PM

    • Jallen

      Henry Kissinger made the following deal with Saudi Arabia;
      The Arabs would sell their oil in dollars only, which gave birth to the Petro Dollar
      and it became the world’s Currency and in return America would protect Saudi Arabia.
      The Chinese and Russia have banded together and created the Petro Yuan to compete with the Petro Dollar. Jerry is the USAWATCHDOGS expert on the Chinese Yuan and perhaps can add his commentary. In closing, Saudi Arabia by supporting the Petro Dollar is actually supporting THE FEDERAL RESERVE WHICH IS A CURSE ON AMERICA AND MANKIND as it all but destroyed the Dollar. Perhaps China will be THE FEDERAL RESERVE”S next victim. I leave you with this thought, who financed World War 1 and World War 2 and who took us off the Gold Standard.


  17. Angelo


    I think President Trump’s heart is in the right place. However, I think his priorities seem quite myopic or there is just too many layers to the corruption in government that it is taking him so long to get to the issue of Geoengineering.

    I just came from Dane Wigington”s presentation about Geoengineering last night in Redding, California and realized that this should be first in line for all the issues that he is tackling right now. There will be no economy crash, political issues to wave in front of the brainwashed masses, people who deserve to be in jail, etc. if the global life support system collapses. It would be like worrying about being late for a meeting when your house is burning down.

    Isn’t there a process to make sure that issues like Geonengineering can be brought to the desk of the president by however many signatures? Has anyone ever attempted that?

    • paul ...

      Geoengineering may soon be put to rest as the Earth’s ozone shield is now healing … so as our good ship Earth traverses the galaxy Captain Kerk asks: “Are our shields up yet Scotty? … Scotty: “Soon Captain soon … they still need repair!! …

      • Angelo


        You are being fastidious I take it? Consider the source…


    • brad27

      Angelo, What a great gathering of wide-awake people last night. I enjoyed talking with you and your wife. The curtain was pulled open to see the games the powerful elites are playing with us. We patriots are distressed to see the wrongful use of our military involved in unAmerican pursuits. How is it that we have been so blind for so long in allowing big Pharma (The Rockefeller Medicine Men) to destroy our health, especially the well-being of our children. Geoengineering is making a mess of everything. I love our nation’s founding and Constitution but it is now not the same country as described by our founders. It has been taken over by people with alien ideas that are thwarting the freedom of all of us. I am not leaving. I will stay and fight to restore our freedom in an little way I can. ~brad

  18. Tad

    “On the subject of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, the short story is he has flipped and is working on the Trump team.”

    Might explain Mr. Trump’s false public tirades against Jeff Sessions who may be onboard for Mr. Trump’s first term duration.

  19. Roberta

    This was from a Fox News interview with candidate Trump 9/6/2016:

    “They’re keeping interest rates artificially low so the economy doesn’t go down”,Trump said in a response to a question about a potential rate hike by the Federal Reserve this month. “So that Obama can say he did a good job. That’s the only reason the rates are so low. They’re keeping rates artificially low so that Obama can go out and play golf after January and say that he did a good job. But it is a very, very false economy”.
    “At some point the rates are going to have to change”.
    “The only thing that is strong is the artificial stock market”.
    “That’s only strong because it’s free money because the rates are so low. It’s an
    artificial market. It’s a bubble”.
    Seems to me Trump was all for normalizing rates back then. It’s a good idea now. What interest rate are most savers getting in their accounts?
    Like Gerald Celente says ” let’s call a spade a spade”

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Roberta let’s call a spade a spade. You are a paid troll trying to make Trump as bad as possible to protect your NWO/globalist masters. Trump is draining the swamp and walked into office $20 trillion in debt with another $21 trillion inn “missing” money he did not know about. He’s buying time to drain the swamp, and anyone with two nuerons touching should realize that. I guess troll pay keeps the nuerons from touching?


      • Tin foil hat

        I posted the comment before I read yours. We are on the same frequency regarding Trump is BUYING TIME.

    • Rich M

      Yes but Trump also often said he did not want to inherit this fake economy….. got elected, did what he could and is still doing to help the economy….. but the $20T + and then some still existed….. the FED’s needed to lower rates years ago. They didn’t and propped up Obama’s fake economy.

      Trump already saw the writing on the wall and is now reinterating the marrative because it WILL crash….. despite all he has done on his end. The FED’s are acting now and it will tank us. He can only point it out to the sheeple. Most of his base understands who and what the FED is but I bet you can ask 90% of the Poulus and they have a 2nd grade education of who and what the FED is.

      Once again, Trump is 3 steps ahead in this chess game and his mission is to try to preserve a country when all hell breaks loose because of the FED’s and “stupid” spending.

      • Rich M

        Poulus meant populus… i.e., the other sheeple…. who are the ignorant half or wolves disguised as sheep.

    • Tin foil hat

      One major difference, Obama did it so he could go out and play golf, Trump does it to buy time bringing manufacturing jobs back to America – he is trying to rebuild productive assets in America before the complete destruction of speculative assets.

  20. Matt Jaymes

    That was the very best hour and 45 minutes I have put in, in a very long time!! Well done. Very well done. Keep up the great work Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Matt!

  21. Greg Hunter

    Looks rouge to me. This is explained in the interview which you apparently did not watch. This is not you very own propagand platform.

  22. Nick in UK

    Having watched these USA Watchdog interviews for many years, sometimes commenting but mostly just reading others comments, and getting banned once for stating some undigestable facts, I have to say this is the most in depth interview to date.
    If things play out as described the next few months could be very very interesting. It also ties in with previous interviews with Rob Kirby, David Stockman and Bill Holters “truth bombs” plus many others.

    Many of these interview “information pixels” has produced a big picture and it’s not pretty!

    Superb interview.

    • paul ...

      Here is a picture of the NASDAQ that is not pretty and means much pain for those who do not heed warnings … breakdown to downside now in progress … which may not stop until 4400 is reached …

      • paul ...

        China has just cut taxes to boost its markets which can have some carry through to our NASDAQ … but it will be difficult to repair the break we see in the NASDAQ chart above … remember Trump has put sanctions on both Iran and Russia “to boost oil prices” … we all know what higher oil prices bring (a cut back in consumer spending) … so holding the NASDAQ up (as the economy crumbles under higher oil prices) is going to be a lot more difficult then China (or the US) simply doing tax cuts!!

        • paul ...

          China’s overnight manipulation sparked a panic buying bid in US stocks today all the way into the cash open and then the selling resumed … the S&P is now down 11 of the last 13 days with The Dow and S&P the biggest losers on the day … even though the Nasdaq managed to hold today’s gains it will soon likely follow the Dow and S&P lower!!

    • Wes Beever

      Don’t be a stranger Nicholas and don’t mind Greg. He’s an equal opportunity stickler!

  23. Doug C.

    Great interview and great information. Very positive for the rule of law and civility.
    Time for Robert Steele for some more important news.

  24. BILL

    We, the people, know the truth when we hear it! And, this interview sounds an awful lot like the light of truth! I look forward to the Dave Janda interviews as one of your top guest with information, insights and intellect that helps me stay centered on believing that the rule of law will return to our country. My God, it’s been a long, long time since there has been a sliver of light shining on, “hope” for the future of the United States of America.
    Greg, may God continue to keep you and your loved ones safe and your program spreading the truth to those, like myself, who love our U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Rule of Law!
    P.S. Please schedule Dr. Janda as often as possible to cover the huge changes that are and will be occurring over that foreseeable future.
    A enormous shout out to you and THANK YOU!

  25. al

    Janda gives obama too much credit. Please Dave, stop it.
    When I am forced to speak to a punk failure of a person that hates my guts, I’m going to come out a bit frazzled. I think nothing was said on at that meeting that Trump didn’t know, he was just put off by the punk that is obama.
    Come on Dave, what does he know? All he did as president, besides bowing and apologizing, was to play golf and go to vacations, you give him too much credit. He was your typical clueless puppet. I think Trump saw that and stunned at the level of stupidity at the top.

    At the Nevada rally Trump mentioned voter fraud and hinted that it was NOT going to happen on his watch. If that’s the case, it’s going to be a Red Tsunami alright and a blue drip for the snowflakes.


    I had to watch this in pieces because it was so long, but every word was gold to me.
    Thanks again Greg and Dr. Janda

    • arthur barnes

      Al, frankly I couldn’t at the time figure out wh y Obama met with Trump just after his swearing in. I agree with you that Obama was just a puppet with a set of gold golf clubs, simply a place holder type president. To me Obama was indicative of the Peter Principal at its best, no truer person ever reached their level of incompetence as high as he did. He was though a master of deception, a closet Islam supporter and a true American hating socialist, nothing more, nothing less. So back to the so-called meeting, I don’t think Obama informed Trump of much, maybe were the Kennedy tunnels were located to bring in your girlfriends for some R & R, certainly Obama wouldn’t give Trump anything he could use against himself, Comey, or Hillary, Rice, Lynch, Holder and their gang of traitors. Thank you for your comment.

    • Tin foil hat

      al & arthur barnes,
      On the contrary, I think Obama did tell Trump something which he didn’t know. The globalists are going to seal the NWO deal with or without his cooperation.
      If Hillary were the POTUS, she would be like Angela Merkel. Our border will be opened to millions of migrants before we know our country is gone. The Working Group, which Jerry couldn’t stop reposting, would probably be a lot more prominent than its current state – I disagree with Jerry in regard to yuan taking over the dollar. I believe China is being used by the globalist/bankster to dethrone the dollar. BIS will be the master of the NWO via SDR and nations will become its puppets.

  26. Hoosier river rat

    I hope and pray that the D.O.J. Has reserved some of those endictments for the seditionists in the media . They are the helping hand of the deep state . They fan the flames of hatred and division to promote civil unrest. Through their lies,lies of omission ,the m.s.m.has woven an ugly tapestry of propaganda. Our nation cannot be wholly restored until the perpetrators are brought to justice and the true function of the press is restored.

  27. Clare Doll

    This is one big SOAP-OPERA. Let’s do the Nixon thing. Let’s make a GOOD side and a BAD side. But let’s make sure that you are on the GOOD side. Then your conscience can be assuaged no matter how this nothing burger turns out.
    At the conclusion of this big nothing burger, all the actors go home. The GOOD side goes to HEAVEN and the BAD side goes to HELL. But the GOOD side must forgive the BAD side because that is how the children are taught. So all the BAD guys are pardoned by the winning team and nobody goes to jail because, why, these are just the hollywood actors doing their job. And the world is safe again.
    But what is the REALITY? You are separated from your wealth. End of story. Because this big nothing burger is a smoke screen, for your entertainment while your wealth will be extracted from you. Heed my words. We are no longer children. Both sides are guilty. You may be exchanging your life and the lives of the ones you love for this entertainment. (what if the reality is: survival of the fittest?) SURVIVE! for God’s sake SURVIVE!

  28. Cole Davis

    Praise the Lord! I pray that Dave Janda is right in all he is saying. We are praying for both of you – Greg and Dave, as well as all the lovers of truth in our government…for protection and discernment. Keep your eyes fixed on Christ. Greg, you are doing God’s work. Blessings.

  29. H. Craig Bradley


    In investing, you can easily be “right” in your predictions but wrong in your real time investment (results). This is why the “smart money” or investment professionals often make mistakes and have as a group displayed poor total returns since the markets peaked this past Jan. 22. Money has flowed to low cost ETF’s and Index funds as a result.

    “Janda says everybody in Washington knows the next big crash is right around the corner”. Well, yes and no. I agree we are overdue for a whopper but what do I really know that is of any value? Very little, as it turns out. The critical missing piece of information is found only in the future: WHEN will the next bear market start and how low will it go next time? Nobody has the faintest idea of any pertenant details. So, saying doomsday is coming soon is not particularly useful information or even original anymore.

    My prediction: China is slowing down, going from a 10 year growth rate of 10% a year to currently an estimated 6.5% growth rate, which still is beating the U.S. Economy by quite a few hundred basis points. Both China and the U.S. have huge debt problems but China does not have the luxury of being the global reserve currency, so they are being forced to actually deal with their over-indebtedness while we can continue to talk and “kick the can down the road” for a little while longer.

    Our debt problem today is primarily in the public sector ( sovereign debt ) but not private debt. U.S. Corporations have deleveraged in the past ten years and are very strong financially. China is being forced to deleverage and its hurting their relative economic growth rate and therefore global growth ( which is slowing correspondingly). The smartest thing the United States government and its respective individual states could do for the next ten years is deleverage while they still have a chance. Public pensions need to be reformed. So far, most have not done so. At this point, it does not look needed change and reforms are going to happen, unfortunately.

    So, we will just continue to pile-up more public debt and the interest we pay on that growing public debt rises with the level of interest rates. This is the Phantom Menace we all face. According to economist and consultant, Martin A. Armstrong’s model (Socrates): By about 2032 A.D. China will have dealt with their government debt problem while we just continued-on, empowered by the “Swamp” of vested interests, as usual. Things (infrastructure) will begin to deteriorate, quite literally in the U.S. at some point in the next ten years. Systems will fail more often, such as electricity outages.

    Our growing pie-in-the-sky alternative energy dependence will eventually disappoint. By the time we actually get to see reality for what it is, it will be way too late to turn it around. So, we will just sink as a reconstituted China rises. Martin says the global financial center will migrate to China at that time. So, this is our likely future (lot) if current trends are not changed. So far, no luck. I know I have seen the best of America in my lifetime. The next generation is going to curse their forefathers for their stubborn shortsightedness. All civilizations throughout history have gone down this path. There really is no going back for any of them or us. That is Life.

    • Greg Hunter

      H.,You said, “My prediction: China is slowing down, going from a 10 year growth rate of 10% a year to currently an estimated 6.5% growth rate. . .”
      Do youy really think the Chinese do not cheat on their numbers??? Dissregard. Also, You DO NOT factor in the missing $35 trillion??? How can you predict anything??? You cannot. My advice is get ready and stay ready.

    • Tin foil hat

      H. Craig Bradley,
      A succinct summation of the current bag of sh*t which we are in. However, like what you’d said, nobody has the faintest idea of will happen in the future, not even the globlaist, and that’s why we still have a fighting chance.
      I do admit we are fighting against the odds:
      Jeffersonian vs. Hamiltonian, Republican vs. Federalist, small government vs. big government or “regional state banks vs. central banks”.
      Presently, the Bank of North Dakota is the only state-owned financial institution in the U.S. vs. the Central Banks all over the world –

  30. Open Eyes

    Important article:

    The book title from amazon:

    PAINE: How We Dismantled the FBI In Our Pajamas Paperback – October 29, 2018
    by Mike Moore (Author), Thomas Paine (Author)

  31. Yolanda Wood

    F-35 vs F-16
    Lockeed Martin’s Big and Dirty Little Secret!

    Military Admits Billion-Dollar War Toy F-35 Is F**ked
    David Axe 03.17.16 
    The F-35’s only real success, was passing several bureaucratic milestones that make it more or less impossible to cancel. Too much money’s already been spent. Too many well-established jobs are at stake. Too many F-35s are already rolling out of the factory.

    The fair dinkum real reason, why our arms sale’s to the house of Saud must not fail! It’s to big to fail, to big to jail, to big kill and put it out of our misery and because of it, a failing economy that Trump can’t hold up forevermore.
    Is the jig up? Why didn’t we just listen to Ike? Instead we listened to homey Jim Comey, who Loocked Martin bought off in the millions of dollars, count em and they don’t like Trump?Who’s the only one who can save their and our arssets!

    So what’s the real skinny?
    The Rapture’s stealthy ness may already be compromised and surely will soon be with the millions being spent by our enemies to do so. Russia already makes the claim.
    Like Rodney King said during the L.A. Riot. Why can’t we just all get along?
    Why? Comey coulda woulda told ya, if he wasn’t so greedy. In Chicago they say;
    Pigs Get Fat. Hogs get Slaughtered” cautions against excessive greed (i.e. you can be a pig, but if you go too far you start to look like a meal). The expression “pig’s arse” is an Australian colloquialism, signifying disbelief. It was popularized by the TV show Rubbery Figures.

    Yes, they say we the sheeple get the government we deserve. So my fellow Americans, do we deserve to be broke and busted? We’ll we sure are getting mighty disgusted with our shadow government people. Look out below!

  32. Diane

  33. flattop

    GREG: Jamal Khashoggi
    I do not condone murder in any fashion. However, The msm is screaming very loudly about what the Saudis have done. Some people would believe that the Clintons have caused the termination of several peoples lives, yet she can run for resident with their stamp of approval??

    • Greg Hunter

      Yep and here is another angle that backs up what you are saying:
      This gruesome affair is being leveraged against Trump by the criminal NWO/globalists, and He’s not taking the bait.

    • Frederick

      Flattop You are absolutely correct Hildebeast is just as bad as Bin Salman and the left loves that horrid woman to death Go figure right? Am I right Gina?

      • Hamilton Boozer

        Gina says, but couldn’t be here because of the crises;
        Do you prefer to see the US abandon Saudi, see the regime collapse, a radical Islamic group come to power and Iran dominate the area. Do you seem to think that “things couldn’t be worse?”
        Well they very well could be. So she’s busy doing Saudi damage control!
        You gotta hand it to our shadow Govenor’s. Good on ya Giner!
        Where’s Tread? No fisticuffs.

  34. David

    Well, well, well…. Cory Booker accused of sexually assaulting a man in a restroom. The victims must be heard. Haven’t seen anything in the MSM. Where is the outcry from Senate leaders?

  35. Russ

    Outstanding interview Greg. As Dr Janda was discussing Presidents Trump’s plan, with certain actions required before others, it reminded me of a POA&M (plan of action & milestones), fairly common in engineering and construction so I’m sure Pres. Trump is familiar. Some of the steps in the plan must be finalized before others can be revealed to avoid negative consequences, such has tripping double jeopardy by indicting people too soon. It’s all starting to make sense.
    The only questions I have involve timing; are we on schedule, ahead of schedule or behind? Where does the stock market crash fit on the POA & M chart — before or after the election, before or after the indictments? Inquiring minds, interesting times…

  36. Tad

    I think the president has a better than even chance of getting House and Senate Democrats on board with the middle-class-only tax cut. I just don’t see them in agreement with Nancy Pelosi that raising taxes against Americans is a good election year strategy. Even pedestrian Democrats would disagree with her sentiments or lack of logic.

    I think he can pull this off in two days given an impetus from Democrats.

    Though it wouldn’t necessarily flow logically or politically, Mr. Trump might receive Democrat support for 5 percent across the board budget cuts he proposed last week before his cabinet secretaries.

    To Dems, it might look better politically to refute Pelosi’s tax increases if you can agree with Republicans to lower budget deficits.

    The southern border is another issue where Dems are very much doomed to losses. Having accepted Soros money, it must be lucrative to have said yes to illegal immigration. Enough to partially to fund a retirement.

    • Tommy

      Unfortunately, Nancy Pelosi is now a centrist Democrat.

  37. Ken Weberg

    Greg I voted 4 Trump and hoped against hope tthat he would do some of the things he promised. NUMBER 1 was lock her up. Now with all the evidence Charels Ortel has brought to the table and NOTHING. Heard today shes running again in 2020. This shows me the double judicial system is still in place. . Were right back to Money talks and bull Sh.. walks. Hey and still no wall. Fuel prices here in Yuma Az. up over a buck a gallon. Inflation up over 10% Works real good on my fixed income HUH!! Could go on and and on but not much point

    • Greg Hunter

      You do realize how big this corruption problem is, right? Hint: It’s global and been going on for decades or at least since the Kennedy assassination. Give him a break. He hasn’t locked her up–YET. If Hill is charged the Deep State will kill he I suspect.

    • Tin foil hat

      Arresting Hillary means H. Bush, B. Clinton, W. Bush, Obama and a whole bunch of swamp creatures would have to be arrested in one operation similar to the “Night of the Long Knives”.
      If Trump didn’t do that, he would accomplished nothing other than getting himself killed. We are not in Kansas any more, my friend.

  38. arthur barnes

    Greg, the good doctor was one of the best interviews yet and I have seen quite a few during my intern with your blog. I am awaiting the indictments with an open mind. I tend to believe they will be out if they are coming out after the midterm red wave clobbers the hell out of the socialist democratic platform once again. If they don’t show up soon in the new year my mind will be closing on them as just too good to be true, a free lunch if you will (and, we all know there is no free lunch!). But in the meantime I am waiting patiently for justice and the rule of law to rule again. Thank you for all your good work. a b

  39. dan Fruth

    Dr. Dave is a smart guy, good sources, and able to put the pieces together…Good journalist, like you Greg. I share these “real news outlets” with my Christian friends…I just pray the evil forces are stopped, tried, and punished. ….What we are witnessing with the Trump Phenomenon is really a GOD intervention (IMHO) and I thank HIM every day….Thanks again Greg for a great program

  40. NC Gal

    A great interview. Thank you both for providing it. I hope Dave Janda is right. If he is, then events should prove him right by how they play out. However, Brandon Smith says the opposite in his article that was on zerohedge a few says ago (at ). I would be interested in Janda’s response to Smith’s thinking, which is that Trump and the Fed are working together to bring the US down and give the globalists what they want, as part of the same charade. If that is true, then we (the people) aren’t winning anything. Janda’s points are well-made, especially with regard to the relative timing and the psychology of them, but I am still not sure how it will actually go. Only time will tell.

  41. Wes Beever

    Elizabeth Warren Tried to Pull a FAST ONE
    By Kevin Jackson – October 21, 2018
    No surprise that Elizabeth Warren tried to pull a fast one.
    Warren ensnared herself in controversy long ago, claiming Cherokee heritage. As all of America knows, Warren used her fake Indian heritage to gain status. And like a good lecherous Leftist, Warren achieved remarkable success.
    But her past began to catch up with her. So Warren devised a plan.
    Da plan, da plan!

  42. Da Yooper

    Awesome interview Greg

    Good job

  43. Aussie

    Bank Of England REFUSES to give back Australia’s gold 11T

    • Greg Hunter

      This is big and a royal screw job to hard working Australians.

    • Anthony Australia

      Hope there is plenty more in the ground. Oh wait Uranium & Lithium are supposed to be our next economic driving force.

    • Anthony Australia

      They own us anyway.

  44. Tracy Welborn

    Dave Janda has become one of your most valuable guests. Hands down. He is REALLY good.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Tracy!

  45. Leo

    I am not the most computer literate person in the world, hence, have not clue why my
    first comment to this site is in italics. Sheesh. First learned of your website from
    Catherine Austin Fitts, and your Friday News Wrap Up and Sunday interviews are a highlight of my weekends. Thank you so much for the work you do.
    Love what Dave Janda said in this interview tonight. He is a powerhouse of information which I really want to believe is real and true. My gut tells me what he says is so. Loved the discussion about Air Force One being a SCIF; the Rule of Law – so many things in this interview resonated with thoughts simmering at the back of my mind. If Dr. Janda was just putting his theories out that, and they never become true – well, then there will be a story from Dr. Janda on that too. I trust him.
    Thank you Greg Hunter for your work, finding the most awesome people to interview. You are a light in my life.

  46. Harley Barr

    War again? Putin will take Libya like Syria
    Journalists of the San publication announced the presence of Russian GRU officers, mercenaries and consultants in Libya. But are they really there?
    By VT Senior Editors – October 22, 2018

  47. Harley Barr

    BREAKING • Trump Prepared To Cut UN Funding Over Its Support For Illegal Migrant Caravan_General Shepherd Published on Oct 21, 2018

    • Tin foil hat

      Harley Barr,
      I’m pumping my fist as I’m typing this comment. I love it whenver Trump gives the globalists the middle finger.

  48. Harley Barr

    Jihadist rebels allegedly transport ‘chlorine and sarin gases’ to Jisr Al-Shughour
    By Ian Greenhalgh – October 21, 2018

  49. paul ...

    The lying Saudi’s have never been reluctant to use its energy money as a tool to meddle in international politics (donations to the Clinton’s, bribes to US Congressmen, funding ISIS terrorists, wars in the ME, etc., etc.) … the real reason the Saudi’s won’t push the oil price to $200 dollars/barrel is likely because it would help both Iran and Russia!! …

    • paul ...

      This is why Trump is trying to stop Iran and Russia from selling their oil … and why oil prices are likely to trend higher (putting a damper on economic growth and pushing the stock market lower) so more tax cuts will be given to the middle class to help mitigate economic stagnation …

  50. Roger D

    Greg, something doesn’t make sense to me. I believe Soros or other Deep State $$$ is funding the caravan of illegals. If so, why would the Deep State fund the caravan just weeks before mid-term elections? Wouldn’t this invasion support voting Republican?

    • paul ...

      Sore Ass wants Trump to shoot women and children entering the US and this would create a massive negative backlash against Trump at the polls … so what Trump needs is a little help from heaven (a Category 3 hurricane to strike right in the path of Sore Ass’s ISIS caravan of illegals)!! …

      • Tin foil hat

        paul …
        I think Trump has to start ordering the troops to the border now. As the matter of fact, he should have provided supports (emergency acquisistion of rubber bullets & prisoner transport vehicles, etc) and most importantly, rules of engagement to the troops yesterday.

    • Tin foil hat

      Roger D,
      I suspect the Deep State is following its schedule to bring forth the NWO or one world government. Hence, Soros’ relentless push for the Open Border society.
      The biggest deterrence against that is nationalism. The globalists want to saturate the west with open-border migrants, to confuse and weaken the cohesiveness of the masses (the Antifa have no idea the ones they are digging their own graves) , before they pull the plug.
      When I watched Trump said he’s a nationalist on TV, I almost stood up to gvie him a proper salute.

  51. Mohammad

    What will it take Greg and Dr. Janda for both of you to see?????
    What is it?
    Sitting smack in front of your faces and yet you do not see it..!
    And both of you wondering around scratching your heads and it is so damn obvious..!
    Boy, am so tired explaining.


    • Greg Hunter

      Maybe we see and disagree with your view?

      • Mohammad

        May be… May be not..!


      • Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

        Greg –
        You don’t need to post this but it’s clear to me that this Mohammed is a paid troll. The handle all by itself is as subtle as a cockroach crawling across a white rug. He’s a “doctor” in Dallas I believe. I don’t know any doctors who are fans of Mixed Martial Arts as horrific brain damage and other serious injuries regularly occur. My guess is he or she is posting from Arlington, VA. As well I recognize this poster’s tone from other blogs. Just my view.

  52. Paul Anthony


    I liked ALL the interviews you’ve done with Dave Janda . So much so I subscribed to his Web site a few weeks ago. He gives you props on there as well Thank you for all your interviews with him and others. Love your and their work and thank God for it!


  53. Mohammad


    S.A. strikes back…..
    More to come likely….


  54. Percy Sledgehammer

    Ambushed, Decapitated and Impersonated
    By Owen Sullivan Oct 22, 2018
    AND WEEP !
    The Rebirth of the Saudi Oil War
    This could be economic sanctions and possibly the suspension of arms sales.
    General manager of the Saudi-owned news channel Al Arabiya responded with an Op-Ed warning about the consequences of any sanctions.
    “If U.S. sanctions are imposed on Saudi Arabia, we will be facing an economic disaster that would rock the entire world… If the price of oil reaching $80 angered President Trump, no one should rule out the price jumping to $100, or $200, or even double that figure.”
    The Saudis are basically threatening to resurrect the old oil weapon they first used in 1973 in response to U.S. support of Israel in the Yom Kippur War. The Saudis cut off oil shipments to the U.S. and domestic gas prices skyrocketed. If you’re old enough, you remember.

    • paul ...

      Better to blame the Saudi’s for a worldwide economic turn-down (then to have it blamed on Donald Trump) … so Trump will likely use this Saudi fiasco to his advantage!!

  55. Keith Miller

    Greg and Dr. Janda,

    I want you both to get this right because it will impact your expectations and prodictions.

    The “missing 21 Trillion” is probably not debt that needs to be paid off. If it were debt it would be in the outstanding US Treasury inventory, which I don’t believe it is. I suspect that if the so-called missing 21 trillion is truly off-balance sheet spending it may also have had a corresponding off-balance sheet revenue to fund it. There are a number of non-public ways $21 trillion could have been created without drawing attention. I don’t want to discuss those in an open chat.

    Also, if some of the money was used to purchase or develop non-classified capital assets those may appear on a U.S. Balance Sheet in the future.

    • Greg Hunter

      You have no idea what you are talking about.

  56. Hamilton Boozer

    Australia May Follow Trump’s Lead, Move Embassy to Jerusalem

  57. Hamilton Boozer

    Candidate Kyrsten Sinema Calling Her Own State ‘Crazy’

  58. Pete Pope

    Alec Baldwin: “We Need To Overthrow The Government Of The United States Under Donald Trump”
    Posted By Ian Schwartz October 15, 2018

  59. Justn Observer

    Greg…. Hillary 2.0 or the Blue Wave that’s actually a ripple?

  60. Wes Beever

    Ted Cruz EXPLOSIVE Speech to Introduce President Trump at MASSIVE Rally in Houston, Texas
    Space Force News Published on Oct 22, 2018

  61. Wes Beever

    Houston TX 🔴 President Trump EXPLOSIVE Speech at MASSIVE Rally in Houston, Texas
    Space Force News Published on Oct 22, 2018

  62. Rory Altair

    Roger D 10/21/2018 •
    I agree that Trump is smart to pre-emptively blame the Fed. He (and nationalists/conservatives) will be the scapegoats when the Fed is ready to pull the plug.

    Roger the pulling of the plug might already be a done deal according to;

    Think About It Published on Oct 8, 2018
    Did you know about the secret meeting that took place last July? What did they talk about and what did they PLAN? It was not good for America according to some sources.
    Their Secret Meeting Plans And What They’re Going To Do

  63. Jerry

    Check out the expansion at Gitmo.

    I would challenge anyone to explain to me why our government would build a city to house a small number of Islamic terrorist?

  64. Roger D

    Greg, ‘The Caravan’ looks like a black flag. It has the potential of becoming this generation’s ‘Cuban Missile Crisis’ with casualties as great as 9/11.

    George Soros (or those behind it) could direct the 5,000 illegals to enter through the Mexico/California border (palms pre-greased and settlement costs/incentives prepaid).

    California became a sanctuary state in October 2017. Governor Brown could authorize (albeit illegally) the California National Guard to defend the 5,000 illegals against federal troops.



  66. flattop

    Greg: The Caravan
    I hear they are now transporting them on semi flatbeds. Guess the democrats are worried that they wont get here in time to vote.

  67. Dan

    1) You continue to criticize (rightly) Bernstein for writing a hit piece book on Trump using “anonymous sources”….but you continue to give a pass to Janda, who makes the podcast “talk show circuit” doing EXACTLY the same thing. When you attach yourself to these kinds of charlatans, you become one yourself.

    2) The great American author and researcher, Eustice Mullins, “revealed” the great mysteries of how our glorious elected representatives sold themselves out, body and soul, to the zionist globalist financiers of their day, all the way back in 1913 when they passed the Federal Reserve Act, in direct VIOLATION of the US Constitution, which makes plain it is the CONGRESS’s responsibility to control the currency and that the currency be composed of gold and silver….”SECRETS OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE: THE LONDON CONNECTION” (published by Kasper and Horton, 1952). You and Janda pretend that the latest machinations about 21 trillion dollars of heretofore “undiscovered” debt is somehow mind blowing. HOW MUCH MORE MIND BLOWING DO YOU NEED WHEN THE LOBBYIST WHORES who got themselves elected to Congress (and the white house) SOLD the AMERICAN PEOPLE OUT over 100 YEARS AGO ? From that moment to now, HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF POOR SAPS AND CHUMPS have lived and died, working their behinds off to support their families, only to be continuously robbed and savaged by both the representatives they elected, and the system of finance put into place by the Federal Reserve Act. It is INCOMPREHENSIBLE how this travesty is allowed to continue to this very day, and the “missing 21 trillion” you keep talking about is a PISS IN THE WIND compared to what has been STOLEN from the AMERICAN PEOPLE over the last 100+ years….for example….the ravaging inflation of the US Dollar, the confiscation of the LEGAL gold currency by Roosevelt, the graduated income tax AND ALL the other taxes levied and imposed which have stripped the American worker on average of over 45% of his take home pay, the fraud of social security, the constant wars fought NOT on our behalf, but of foreign countries to whom we are but a rubber eraser to be used up until there is nothing left, the financialization of America, in which DEBT consumes our countrymen and makes them SLAVES to the credit card companies and banks ALL the days of their lives, paying USURIOUS interest rates of 30% and more per annum. I could go on, but you must get the idea by now.

    3) You keep talking about the “Military Tribunals” and the arrest of the “TRAITORS” in our government. Truth be told, you would have to arrest 98% of all of them, regardless of party affiliation.

    4) Whatever “Christian Ethic” that was sewn into the fabric of our society has been systematically stripped out, until today, you can plainly see the barbarians at the gate.

    • Greg Hunter

      Hey Dan, this is a free site and apparently its worth to you is exactly what you paid for it. Why don’t YOU get out there and do something besides anonymously commenting on this free site. I am putting out the best information possible and did I say for free? By the way Janda is owning the words unlike like Woodward who the people who he quotes call bull$#!t on his quotes, his book and sources. Anyone calling BS on my quotes and sources except you “Dan”?

    • Tracy Welborn

      I just donated $50 to USAWatchdog because of your crap comment. People like you have given up a long time ago. Dave Janda and Greg Hunter continue the fight. You’re negative, defeatist, anti-semetic attitude should be an embarrassment for you but I have feeling it isn’t. Hmmmm? I dont’ know man. Good luck with your life.

  68. paul ...

    TSI … the likely reason is that gold shot up over it’s 100 day moving average today … which sent an electric shock into the silver market! …

  69. Mohammad


    Khashoggi barbaric killing is a step up in the elites hell bent effort to subdue humanity, a powerful frightening message, the elites can do whatever they want anywhere they want any time they want without any fear of justice because no one will stand for justice in the world if this passes without real revealing of the truth and real justice.


    • Tin foil hat

      Remember Seth Rich!

  70. marsh

    You keep saying we can wipe out the debt with a reset From 1970 to 2008, Social Security surplus, (the amount over what was contributed from employees and employers over current benefits paid,)) was “unified” into the federal budget. Congress mandated that Intra-Governmental Holdings (half of which were comprised of SS surplus) buy US national debt. SS Trust Fund now owns $2.801 trillion of the national debt. There is no longer a surplus of what is coming in and going out, so they are supposed to draw on the Trust Fund, which is all tied up in debt. This is why they have to borrow more to backfill the gap in current benefits. A “reset” with a wipe out of the debt would take SS, Military retirements and many corporate retirement plans invested in bonds.

    Another thing I thought I would pass on is that I heard on another interview that the five eyes had intervened in Trump’s planned release of the FBI/DOJ documents as they are the source for much of it and don’t want their operations exposed. Underneath all this, with the involvement of Steele as a prior British operative, the Russian spy poisoning, the Syrian chemical poisonings, the slight of Trump by the British Royal Family, I wouldn’t be surprised if they aren’t involved in the Trump coup attempt.

  71. Nik Smith

    Harvard’s Earth Shield CAN REPEL space threats & lead to AVERTING the RISING BLACKOUTS (as last years’ in 15 US cities) & all nuclear plants’ explosion by the next solar superstorm, as we thankfully escaped in July 2012* * –
    9 MONTHS BLACKOUT!!!… THANKFULLY their nuclear plant was decommissioned in 1970. Even US STATE channel PBS ALERTS
    Simulated laser plasma shield: Princeton, RochesterΝΥ, Michigan, New Hampshire. .
    30 super lasers ALREADY EXIST!

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