Trump is America’s Last Chance-John Williams

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Economist John Williams says President Trump has to do something fast and big to turn the faltering U.S. economy around. Williams explains, “You are seeing the economy slow down.  Some people are recognizing that.  The Fed’s statement a week or two ago . . . many analysts consider that dovish.  The Fed knows what’s going on here.  They are trying to get rates up a little, but they have a circumstance that they are not out of the woods with the banks.  What they are hoping for is maybe the Trump Administration is going to bail them out and stimulate the economy.”

Williams says “The banks are still not healthy. . . . The Fed is still fighting the battle it effectively lost in 2008.  Mr. Trump has several problems.  One is the economy.  One is the long term budget deficit, and the third is the Federal Reserve.  The Fed lost control of the system.  The system effectively collapsed.  They haven’t been able to bring it back to normal.”

Would Donald Trump simply default on the U.S. debt if countries around the world dump U.S. Treasury bonds? Williams says, “That would be an act of default.  You don’t want to do that. What Trump needs to do is address the long term solvency issues of the United States.  Then he can convince people that, yes, we are going to be able to handle this, and at the same time, take action to stimulate the economy.  That could be very bullish for the dollar fundamentally. . . . If they want this to work and save the system, and Mr. Trump will come out of this with his face on Mount Rushmore if he does, he’s got to turn the economy.  To do that, he needs to increase government spending in areas that would help stimulate the economy.  He’s got to cut taxes, and that is in the works in some form.  As part of the process, there very likely will be a widening of the budget deficit, which could kill the dollar and kill people holding Treasuries.”

Williams says Trump must address the “long term solvency of the United States.” Williams goes on to say, “If he does this, the rest of the world will say, boy, they brought things under control, and they would be happy to own the Treasury bonds.  I don’t know if this can be done, but this is what you got to do.”

If Trump does not succeed, Williams says, “The problem will be with the dollar. If the system is not brought under control, the rest of the world is going to dump the dollar. . . . The underlying fundamentals have not changed.  The U.S. dollar is, in the long term, insolvent.  What has changed here is that there is a chance that the Trump Administration can correct it.  As far as I can see, this (Trump) is the last chance to correct it.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Economist John Williams, founder of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

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  1. dlc

    Listening to Williams brought to mind the movie “Flight” with Denzel Washington trying to land a plane after loss of hydralics and oil pressure. This is how I see Trump, masterful though he may be.

    In real life, we have Paul Ryan in the flight tower giving misleading instructions, John McCain hotdogging over Brussels and unavailable for any helpful pointers — but, then again, he is not known for safely landing anything.

    Trump is caught up in a manufactured Russian collusion fantasy script and a deep state Spy vs Spy. This could be a strip straight out of Mad Magazine except it isn’t a laugher.

    We’re all sitting her waiting to see if Trump can find a suitable cornfield or if we’re all just gonna crash and burn. Denzel was drunk on that flight, but his crew was not stabbing him in the back while he was trying to maneuver a softer landing.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Fun to read…you a fan of Kuntzler?

      At least we aren’t in a tailspin and we have to pray we don’t get a target fixation on non-essentials.

      • Frederick


  2. Dan

    Trump has been a YUGE disappointment thus far!

    • J. Bethune

      Yah, right Dan and just who hasn’t disappointed you in your miserable life?

    • eagle-eye

      Try to spell correctly too while you’re at it.

  3. RealityCheck

    If I was the “citizen” in the WNW graphic I would be sticking that gun up Obozo’s place where the sun doesn’t shine and pulling the trigger.

    • Paul ...

      Better yet … the people should be marching in the streets demanding that the corporations that were complicit in putting “spyware” in their products to spy on us … “recall” their products and “fix them” … let “them” pay the price for being disloyal Americans and violators of our Constitutional Rights to “Life and Liberty” … isn’t that better then sticking a gun up Obozo’s ass (which he may actually enjoy) … yet not one mention is made in the MSM of holding the corporate conspirators responsible for their crime (selling us “defective” products that not only steal away our Constitutional Rights to privacy but give people control over our cars to take away our lives) … only here in the alternative media can citizens express their concerns and demand remediation!!

      • Paul ...

        Remember the warning placed on cigarette packs that “smoking may be dangerous to our health” … the Trump administration should make it mandatory that a similar label be place on all the new cars being sold with computer chips that can take control of your car and crash it into oncoming traffic at the discretion of some CIA operative … if the car manufacturers want to have the label removed from their cars … new computer chips should be installed that can not spy on us or take over control of our car! … and if the government fails to act … what do they think the people will do about it?? … in their tiny parochial minds that are filled with words like greed, profit, black ink, etc. perhaps there is no room for the word “boycott”???

        • Paul ...

          Remember all the thousands of jeeps “air dropped” to the ISIS terrorists by Obama (and that ISIS installed machine guns in)?? … well instead of Trump sending American boys over there to fights these bad guys with machine guns installed in their “new jeeps” … why can’t Trump get hold of the CIA operatives who have the ability “crash cars” by signaling the computer chips in these ISIS jeeps “to push the gas pedal to the floor” easily killing all these ISIS bad guys without sacrificing American boys to do the job … and while Trump is at it … he should get the list of people from the CIA that created ISIS … and simply take the ISIS leadership and their control network down (also saving many American lives) … as the need for dropping bombs will be completely eliminated by simply taking out the ISIS top leadership and the financiers!!

          • Paul ...

            Just shows how stupid the Military/Industrial/Government complex really is … instead of building back doors into our electronic components and selling it to the enemy (so that in a real bad war situation we could disable the enemy’s military equipment) … they foolhardily use this secret technology against the American people?? … now that WikiLeaks let the cat out the bag (that we can get inside and control any military equipment we sell) … what foreign nation will want to buy American Military products?? … these stupid neocons have shot themselves in the foot and have probably now lost trillion dollars in potential sales of military equipment … of course the people of the world should rejoice and give thanks to God for making these men so stupid … and destroying their ability to proliferate more and more weapons into our world!!!

  4. Alex

    There is simply no better alternative than the dollar, so the rest of the world will keep using it for some more time (longer than Mr. Trump’s administration).The dolar is more stable than the euro, the yen, the rmb, or the gbp. The bulk of international trade is still done in dollars whereas the percentage in rmb is much lower, the euro might even disappear due to political changes in Europe, and the pound will be under more pressure due to Brexit. If something really big does not happen in the next 2-3 years (a big war between China and the USA for example, which I don’t think it will) then the odds are that the usd will keep its reserve status for a decade or so. Many analysts underestimate the power of a crumbling empire – the collapse of the Roman Empire did not happen over a year or two. Things were deteriorating relatively slowly and it took hundreds of years before the Roman Empire ceased to exist. The USA empire still controls the oceans and the seas and whoever does so, controls global and international trade – something none of the guests here has ever mentioned (at least I haven’t noticed it, if it happened). What about the new Silk Road, someone (probably a blogger called Jerry) will say? Well, so far it is mostly just big words and little action. If we believe HSBC, the cost of the project will be at least 4-6 trillion dollars and this is a gargantuan amount of money for China. Another thing is that many of the countries where the southern part the new Silk Road passes though are unstable and terrorists often hit – Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, for example. Unless these countries become stable (something impossible to happen in the near future), Europe would not take the risk of receiving goods via the southern stream of the road. The northern stream of the Silk Road goes through Russia and Kazakhstan (mostly) and probably will be the only alternative (if we take for granted that Kazakhstan will stay relatively safe). However, trains are much smaller than ships (even a huge train has a much smaller capacity compared to a ship), so my guess is that the new Silk Road will be used mostly for electronics and high technologies – goods which are small in size. This will improve trade between Europe and China, obviously, but it is quite questionable whether it will make sea trade obsolete (my guess is it won’t). If China does not challenge the USA (and she won’t which is a good thing for all of us) things will keep going at the same pace, more or less – at least for a decade. Last but not least, many people forget that Europe is full of USA military bases, which means that the USA still holds all the aces and has far more tricks than China up its sleeve.

    • Tin foil hat

      ” However, trains are much smaller than ships (even a huge train has a much smaller capacity compared to a ship), so my guess is that the new Silk Road will be used mostly for electronics and high technologies ….. obviously, but it is quite questionable whether it will make sea trade obsolete (my guess is it won’t).”
      Great comment, I didn’t think of that aspect of the land route vs. sea route.

      • Corleone

        The loading and unloading time of a train is much shorter than a ship’s. In some circumstances it would be cheaper to use a train than a ship.

        • Frederick

          And no huge insurance costs due to piracy at sea Also quite a bit faster and MUCH cheaper than by air

          • Corleone

            Yes, ground transportation has always been much safer than air and sea transportation. Perhaps safety is one of the main concerns when they planned the Silk Road.

      • Chip

        not that i disagree with any of the arguments you both have used, but i think it will be more than just a train. communications, pipelines, and trucks/vehicles. a regular “telegraph road” to coin a term… Chip

      • MJH1963

        Totally agree Alex. These BRIC nations and their currencies are incapable of replacing the dollar for the foreseeable future. Brazil is a mess. Russia is a mess. India is a mess. China is a mess. The USA is also a mess but nowhere close to the BRICs. Who knows where the Euro is headed, talk about uncertainty… Things are rough in the US and I do believe that the empire is collapsing but collapses are measured in decades not weeks, months or even a few years… Everyone reading this blog should be preparing for a personal financial collapse because you are much more likely to be dealing with this on your own in the near term versus waiting for the whole house of cards to crater…

        • gregd

          You folks don’t realize that they don’t have to replace the dollar as the reserve currency they just have to remove it and have NO reserve. That would talk the dollar. There is no need to have a reserve currency.

    • Frederick

      Alex I traveled to Eastern Poland to see the western terminus of the New Silk Road myself in October and it was very impressive It’s a huge project

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      I’m not sure the word “end” is suitable for the Roman Empire….the curia and banks of the Church are hardly ceasing. Not saying that’s bad…maybe much of it is a good thing. But the fat lady hasn’t sung on the Roman Empire!!!

      • Paul ...

        Screw the Roman Empire … the Ego Maniacs in the Middle East have stirred up the population in the ME so badly that Europe will eventually be controlled by the enemies of Israel (the home of Judaism and Christianity) … soon (as the demographics begins to change) all the nuclear arsenals of Europe will be aimed at Israel … and to speed up the demographic changes Turkey is now about to release 2 million more “refugees” into Europe … what kind of dumbbells are running things in Israel?? … soon their enemies will have thousands of nuclear missiles under their control (and Israel stupidly focuses on Iran that doesn’t even have one nuclear weapon) … and their Ego is so great that they think they can continually antagonize Russia (who keeps warning them they will be nuked)?? … we need new leadership in Israel that can think long term and rationally … they should be figuring a way to bring the refugees in Europe “back to the Middle East” and find a way to “partnership with Russia” to develop the Israeli gas fields …

        • Paul ...

          Does anyone think what I’m saying is fantasy? … did you not see before your very eyes Muslims taking control under Obama and turning against Israel?? … Israel must begin to focus on what is now happening in a big way in Europe … purposely shipping more and more “refugees” to western shores “to change the demographics” in America and Europe “which happen to have gigantic nuclear arsenals” … so why is Israel focusing Iran who doesn’t even have one nuke yet (and even if they got one) … how does that compare to all the nuclear arsenals of the West soon to be under Muslim control!!!

    • JC Davis

      You make a good point of the strong hold of the dollar as a world currency. Time will tell.
      With the new banking system Russia has created I am sure it is not good for the dollar in Europe seeing they depend on Russia for natural gas. Everyday is a closer day to some world event. Thanks for your perspective one we should all consider.

    • This sceptred isle

      The difference between the Roman and American empires is technology. Technological has allowed us to make mistakes on a bigger and more global scale. Because of technological we have greater debt, greater money creation, greater capacity to exploit our natural resources and deplete them and greater capacity for mutual destruction through weaponry. Technology has made access to information instantaneous and markets more interconnected. This is likely to make any American or global collapse far quicker than the Roman one. China and Russia also know that they need to diversify away from the dollar for strategic reasons.

      • Greg Hunter

        Interesting analysis Technological has allowed us to make mistakes on a bigger and more global scale.” I cannot argue with this logic. Thank you.

        • This sceptred Isle

          I forgot to mention derivatives, the ‘financial weapons of mass destruction’. Surely only possible with advanced computer systems. Technology is always a double edged sword. Unless wisdom is used in its application, its great power it is likely to have destructive consequences ultimately.

      • Frederick

        The Romans had the high level of technology for their time as well but they were over run by the Goths and others because of moral decay and just plain numbers

  5. Timothy Toomey

    It will never happen, wishful thinking and America will never face truth until the system blows up which will take years more. cheers

  6. Paul ...

    When government officials lie about the economic numbers, etc, etc. … the penalty should be THREE TIMES more severe then when the crime is committed by an ordinary citizen … because these people working in government represent the American people … and falsifying, concealing and outright lying about government data is outright dereliction of duty better known as treason … here is where I got this idea … I think it should be codified into law by Trump and implemented immediately!!! …

    • Jim

      Your idea will just make them even more desperate to cover their butts. Increasing penalties just turns rapes into murders sometimes.

      • gregd

        This is what we do with politicians and police. The word was if we paid them enough they would be less likely to takes bribes, kickbacks and side deals. So at this point, I agree with Paul 100% and I would also add that I’m glad then introduced us to the clawback. That would be a great risk to all politicians, cops, bankers and news people.

  7. al

    The problem is the powers that be don’t want to correct anything. They profit from chaos and gloat on watching others struggle and beg for a handout. It’s about sick power. Trump has to fix that mindset first. In short, it’s over. Make sure you’re as protected from a definite default as possible.
    I have been following John Williams for years and his prognostications are spot on. He’s the guy wealthy people pay to get THE REAL NUMBERS! Unfortunately there is one element he cannot account for in his calculations and that is the CORRUPTION factor… which skews time projections, but not the ultimate outcome.
    Excellent show Greg

  8. James Brown

    Thank you for having John on to give us accurate information about where the economy really stands.
    Let me get this straight, industrial production is less than it was in 2007? After nine years of “economic emergency measures”?
    How can that be the case when Barack Obama, the community organizer in chief, said the economy is great?
    Please have Martin Armstrong back on to tell us where the economy is going.
    Is the DJIA topped out or is it still going up to 40,000?
    Remember, he said it’s going up before it goes down.

  9. Solomon


    Nothing is going to change in our culture, economy, and government until honestly and openness is the focus of our lives and interactions and the evil is confronted and punished.

    There can be no healing or return to healthiness unless we openly and publicly try the nefarious miscreants actively destroying this country and punish them accordingly. In addition, we must remove all of the leaches that are sucking life from those who are struggling to prosper.


    • CHX13

      I guess it’s all relative… It *might* be great in relation to where it would have been otherwise. Though by now we’d probably be past the trauma of bust. Unfortunately, we have an even bigger bust awaiting us, not only in the US but on a global scale IMVHO. Too much debt and behind the scenes debt and obligations ARE and have been hyperinflating since at least 08. The paper currencies are toast vis-a-vis the outstanding obligations that can never be met, at least not with fiat currency that retains anything close to its remaining purchasing power. The coming bust will make the great depression and the 07/08 crises look like picnics in the park on a sunny spring day.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      As long as most people have a little to call their own there won’t be a big shift. Historically it is when most people lose even that that the earth moves. If FDR had lost…if Churchill hadn’t just hated Hitler from 1933 on…maybe we’d all be working and prosperous as long as our dna passed the garlic test.
      I think Americas hope is in unity and charity…no gold bullet.

    • Frederick

      Solomon I couldn’t agree more As long as Americans deny the truth about 911 and disrespect the 3000 fellow citizens who were murdered that day we will NEVER heal In my opinion

    • Flattop

      SOLOMON:: Until Congress gets some backbone and jails those who lie in their testimony, nothing will change. Our nation was built on the premise of honesty and integrity, and until we the people see that in our leaders, nothing will change.

  10. William Betts

    Mr. Trump came into office with the idea that the Federal Reserve System must go. That idea went no where when he was side tracked by Goldman Sachs. All the people out there that know what the FED is should realize that a debt economy is dead now that we have reached the apex of the ponzi scheme, and the whole thing is going to come down. Trump can’t save this continuing money scheme of the FED with debt money – that is finished. It is going to take a revolution to get rid of the FED. We need a leader to come forward to get a wealth economy going in the USA. 103 years of the FED has destroyed a great country with only one president trying to do something, and that was JFK in 1963, and they killed him Betts

    • Chip

      DDE before him was the last real president of the last sixty years… Chip

    • Frederick

      William Or at least that’s what he told us sheeple anyway Who knows if he ever truly had any inclination to go there Look at what the bankers did to JFK when he went that route

  11. Wisconsin Patriot (formerly Oregon Patriot)

    All I can say is good luck to Pres. Trump. My guess is he is now in full blown head scratching mode as he comes to realize the swamp is deeper and swampier than any of us could have imagined. Save the dollar? Come on, really? That is full blown fantasy talk right there. I would advise getting your spiritual and physical house in order. A very dreadful day of reckoning is already enroute to us all. Prepare while you still can.

    • Calgirl

      It is not a “swamp” with alligators floating around……..It is a “SEWER”.

    • Frederick

      It sure doesn’t look good for the dollar at the moment Gold and Silver are rallying on the dollars decline as we all anticipated they would I get the feeling we are just getting warmed up

  12. karl kuhle

    Doesn’t the fact that Trump lost the Obamacare vote reduce any chance he has of tax reform ?

  13. Deanna Johnston Clark

    What was it the French General said? Something like ‘We are blocked from the front and outflanked in the rear. There’s only one thing to do. ATTACK!’ (who was that guy? It’s early!)

    Time for the Esprit d’corps…it’s our only real option. Gather our remaining strength and make a budget with gusto behind it. Make it smart, just, and zealous!

  14. haroldg

    Greg–what can be said other than you keep getting this site, your site better and better with almost always fantastic guest who are mostly all very insightful and who are also educators for me along with you. I also appreciate most all of the followers and their comments — there are some amazingly smart people out there that are just as concerned as I have been and realizing this party is about to get busted. That sir is fact and for those that are naysayers and say this has been said forever be forewarned. I am grateful that I found your gift to the public and am hopeful that at least those that see value and who can, will support your crusade if they are able. You are definitely providing a gift that cannot be quantified. Thank You

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Harold!

  15. Jerry

    What does this news report tell you?
    The Russians are preparing (just like the other eighty nine countries who have joined AIIB) to decouple from the dollar based exchange system.
    The selloff for all intents and purposes has already started, and has been going on for quite some time thanks to market manipulation by the central bankers. The reality is, the IMF, The Bank of International Settlements, and The World Bank, are the ones who control the global markets. Not the politicians. And when they’re ready to pull the plug on the dollar…… they will…….. and there’s nothing Donald Trump can do stop it.
    The banks are the ones who have the final say. Don’t believe me? Just try telling a bank what you think your house is worth following one of their appraisals.

    • Jerry

      For those of you who need a pictorial to understand my last post, here’s you link.
      Americans labor under the delusion that we are irreplaceable, and that the world loves our spending. But the truth is, we’re nothing more than financial cash cows to China and the rest of the emerging markets of world. The question you have to ask yourself is, what would you do with a cash cow that no longer puts out? Continue to feed it valuable resources hoping it gets better? Or put it out of its misery? With less than 1% GDP over the past eight years, and the IMF , and World Bank meeting on April 21st we’re about to find out.

      • JC Davis

        Jerry that is big news for Russia.

    • Jerry

      With the IMF, World Bank meeting less than 30 days away, China and Russia are officially sending a message to the IMF Board of Governors. “Either play ball with us or say goodbye”. They’re not going to let Donald Trump derail their plans for a new global exchange system with his agenda of nationalism. Pay particular attention when President Xi visits Washington this week.

      • Jerry

        Hindsight is 20/20.
        Greg Hunter: Could they (Russia) crash the U.S. financial system by dumping their $200-300 billion in Treasury Bonds?

        John Williams: Yes. It certainly has a potential to do that. Looking outside the United States there is something like $16 trillion of cash or near cash… and no one has wanted to hold the dollar for sometime. The dollar fundamentally is weak, and it couldn’t be weaker… all the major factors are against it.

        It’s just a matter of what will trigger the massive selling.

        No one wants to hold it… if the Russians start selling, and the rest of the world believes this is going to happen, people who have been wanting to get out of the dollar for some time very easily could even front run the Russians. – USA Watchdog

        • Greg Hunter

          Yes Jerry you are correct. At some point it will cease to be a choice the USA has. Someone else will make the choices, and the U.S. will just be forced to react.

          • JC Davis

            Greg and Jerry how long to you think it will be before all of Europe will be shaking hands with Russia ? Maybe this is why Trump refused to shake the hand of Merkel . That moment spoke volumes to me.

            • Jim

              Trump shook hands with Merkel lots of times during the visit. He just didn’t want to do the photo op one.

              This might be blown out of proportion.

          • Macray

            zerohedge‏ @zerohedge
            OPEC, Allies Said to Hold Next Monitoring Meeting on April 21

          • BDS

            I would like to add the possibility of the Treasury Departments Exchange Stabilization Fund would be used to intercept the effects of outside the USA FOREX selloff. Some estimates out there are the ESF may have trillions of $$ to counter (just print more money/whatever you need) selloff. Another manipulation and also to counter financial warfare (collapsing our economy).
            Also, in ref to the timetable for reset, China and Russia have been buying physical gold for years and believe they are preparing for a reset also. I gave up keeping track of the gold purchases China has made into Hong Kong via Switzerland and non state owned Chinese Banks to keep gold deposits off official Chinese government ledgers. When China transfers the gold into official government control the cat will be out of the bag. No more paper contracts!!!!! I gave up counting after many articles over the years of purchases exceeded 30,000 tons. They will call the shots on the price of gold when ready/very patient people. The west supposedly agreed for the transfer of wealth (can’t believe US Government be so derelict with the USA financial security, even I can see what is happening)as part of agreement for a global government (ounces per capita) so China can have an equitable seat at the IMF/World bank. (Also, they probably know treasuries could become worthless) One day someone will be right on the reset. In the mean time as Greg says, have no fear…!

            • Jerry

              Thanks Macray.
              It makes perfect sense. The transition to an alternate system is on.

            • Jerry

              I don’t doubt that the ESF will mop up U.S. treasuries to keep the game going. The biggest concern for me is when the world pulls the plug on our reserve currency status. Its happening right now behind the scenes on private exchanges. Investors are redeeming dollars for gold, and Yuan. The question is, who will still bet aking dollars? The pool is shrinking.

          • Jerry

            It looks like the Russians won’t be the only ones dumping dollars. China has its eye set on controlling the worlds oil supply.

        • Teeter

          As always, Jerry is spot on. The FACT is ‘The World Hates Big Old Ugly Bully USA” we have F’ked everyone, now they are all lined up to pull a train on us. Thank Washington and WallSt, certainly wasn’t the middle class who built this great country.

    • Lake M

      Russia is close to paying off its debt may soon join the small club of nations that are debt free with positive balances.

      “Moscow will pay off the balance of the debt inherited from the Soviet Union this year, Izvestia daily reports, quoting sources in the Russian Ministry of Finance.” RT

      Just before Russia collapsed, its central bank was printing money and buying its own bonds. Sound familiar?

  16. Gadfly


    What is the world prepared to use as a monetary substitute in the event the U.S . Dollar Collapses? There is no single currency that is positioned to take the place globally of the U.S. Dollar, nor will there be for some time to come. Saying it will be “dumped” is dumb. Our financial and political decline is a long process, not a single event. Many people really don’t notice the big picture, just their own personal “bubble” worlds, such as in the State of California. However, the global trend is still a collapse in Socialism everywhere.

    The Sovereign Debt Crisis is also, as you say, in progress. Low interest rates have been pushing many large public pension funds closer to actual insolvency ( no money to pay promised pension benefits in full to all ). CALPERS is corrupt and incompetently managed. It may be one of the first chips to fall, no matter how successful President Donald Trump may be.

    In addition, the recent failure of Congress to Repeal and Replace Obama Care with a Healthcare Bill of their own further illustrates that confidence in government is further eroding. So, we actually have multiple trends, all heading down. The stock market may be one of the next ones to join the crowd later this year.

    • Chip

      I think you’re right gadfly. Look at the current Greece debt crisis as one example. Long slow grind into third world status… Chip

  17. darren

    Greg, Nice interview. Always enjoy John’s REAL NUMBERS!..Visited a local Pricerite this morning. Mind you When I needed it, I worked there part-time. With that said…Middle aisles that used to be stuffed with product are completely empty. Regular stock & supply items are very low as well. This is the week that store should be stuffed because next Saturday is the 1st…That’s when all the EBT Cards are reloaded. I have never seen it that low before. A few weeks ago I was in a Sam’s Club…very low as well. Stock up folks…you don’t want to be in a store for your life when this thing pops…Thanks again Greg,,,,Darren…:)

    • Tin foil hat

      Are you somewhere upstate New York? What is the population of your town?

      • darren

        Tin foil hat,
        I’m over in WNY just outside of Buffalo….Population of my Town is roughly 90000……Why do you inquire???

      • Tin foil hat

        “Middle aisles that used to be stuffed with product are completely empty. Regular stock & supply items are very low as well.”
        I live in a bubble, NYC, where I can’t get a real sense of what is really happening in the rest of the country in real time.
        I’m amazed that a supermarket in a relatively big city can’t fill up the center aisles.

  18. al Hall

    Greg: The elite’s will not allow Trump to fix anything. House head Ryan single handedly
    defeated Obama care. What he did and how he handled this was on purpose to defeat the change. Ryan like Boehner before him are “bought and paid for” republicans. McCain and Lindsey Graham are also “bought and paid for. Paid to fight Trump at every point on everything. I know trump is aware of all of this, and has a plan for counter coup.
    Not sure there is time for this all to play out.
    Trumps ace in the hole is the “Pizza gate scandal. This will snare most of the present democrat heads of power, but also “GAT”Obama, GAY Hillary and Bill Clinton, etc, etc. Most people have no idea how deep this goes- this needs to be shut down ASAP!


    • Cuzca

      Both parties are definitely full of “bought and paid for” people, spied upon and blackmailed people etc. Trump is doing his job but it is corporations that write these things like Obamacare and Dodd-Frank. Why would they get rid of it now?

      Also, I don’t understand why so many Trump supporters blame Obama for Obamacare. If the Republicans had won in 2008 then today we would be wrestling with Romneycare, or maybe McCaincare. And so many people expected a political party to fix this? Obama was right when after the Baltimore riots he said that it would take a “grass roots effort” to fix these problems. It is lunacy to think that the republicans, the people who supported Bush after 9/11 and his failed preemptive wars, are going to lift a hand to make things right.

  19. Gregory Marsh

    Great interview! Just imagine a new rock band called “FRB Circle Jerks”….imagine the members of the federal reserve standing in a circle with their pants down at their ankles and a pile of FED IOU’s at their feet…now that would be even better entertainment than the current FED.GOV lunacy!
    Got gold?….;)

    • Corleone

      On the background of the stage, there is their new motto: “In God we trust. The rest is a Ponzi scheme.”.

  20. David

    There’s something deeply wrong with this country when its future is dependent on the actions of one person. Especially someone as highly flawed as Donald Trump. People have been duped into believing that Trump is anything other than another authoritarian. He wants to grow the military significantly as an example. Never once have I heard him speak out against the CIA and NSA and their invasive surveillance programs. Has he intimated he supports Edward Snowden or uttered a peep about the recent dump from Wikileaks? Nope. He’s brought in Goldman Sachs people to run the economy and has not said he’d reign in the Federal Reserve or better yet support repeal of the Federal Reserve Act. By his own words he wants “healthcare for everyone” which if I’m not mistaken is socialized medicine. Has he once said he’d like to repeal the 16th amendment which is institutionalized theft? Nope. Why then do conservatives and people like John Williams support him? It’s proof that PT Barnum was spot on when he said that there’s a sucker born every minute.

    • J. Bethune

      Simply because you cant out fox president Trump. He will have the last laugh David, wait and see, you’re screwed!

    • Alohajim

      Agreed David. Too many people are expecting a white knight to ‘save us’ and really believe that Trump is serving the people and not our banking overlords. The only real issue in our world is bankers creating currencies from nothing worldwide. This allows them to buy up the world’s resources, control all markets and buy politicians. Bankers then extract wealth from every human being through force of governments. The US. military is simply the bankers enforcement agency.

      One of the most shameful truths about the US is how many people this country murders every day in at least half a dozen sovereign nations. Has trump stopped this killing? Reduced the numbers killed? Questioning the idea about sending US troops to kill people in their own countries? No.

      Debt is how bankers enslave us. Will trump reduce the national debt? No. He’s proposed increasing the already insanely bloated military budget by some 50 billion. Borrow more from bankers to kill even more people with the plan that our kids and grandkids will pay off this debt. (Bankers Motto : We bring you Debt and Death and we take your Wealth)

      The current ‘healthcare’ debacle is a real tell. Pathetic minions are arguing about what type of socialized ‘healthcare’ will best serve our overlords. Our system of medical ‘insurance’ is a wealth confiscation scheme. Currently competition IS NOT ALLOWED and having ‘insurance’ is required by law. That’s ass backwards – medical care should be delivered by the free market and government should have nothing to do with it. Is trump exposing this travesty? Nope, he wants the GOP version, different name, same stench.

      Lastly, is anybody questioning why we imprison more of our citizens per capita than any other country? Mostly FOR VICTIMLESS CRIMES. Yup, no victim, no complaint or harm done to any other citizen. This is something only a government worker or someone very, very, stupid would even try to justify.

      The bankers reign of hundreds, some say thousands of years, is predicated on deceit and subterfuge. They have managed to control our thinking processes to a great degree and have fooled us to internalizing massive lies as fundamental truths. Question everything and believe nothing- especially if it’s coming from ‘authorities’ or ‘experts’ of any stripe. Common sense, logic, and always asking ‘why?” and ‘who benefits?’ is required now more than ever.

      • Paul ...

        Alohajim … You ask what is the reason no one questions why America locks up and imprisons more of its citizens per capita than any other country? … the answer is … these are the very people who question the thievery and Ponzi schemes perpetrated by the elites upon them and want their share of the pie … eventually when most everyone left out on the streets in America are “non-citizens” living in sanctuary cities, collecting free medical, health, food and shelter the imprisonment rate “should” begin to slow down … as for the bankers and politicians who never go to jail (no matter how egregious their crimes) perhaps an act of God will be needed to set things right (like Yellowstone exploding)!!

    • Flattop

      David; I have faith and trust in Pres. Trump. If you had as much push back and attempts to undermine as he has, I wonder how much you might accomplish. I believe he will accomplish much as soon as he gets the people you look up to out of the way.

  21. Roger D

    Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy listening to Mr. Williams as well as other guests. But hope in saving the financial system just get harder and harder to swallow. Granted, living in flyover country 120 miles from the only interstate gives me a much different perspective of the country. But honestly, I see a morally and spiritually bankrupt people. Maybe I’m out of touch, but from my perspective it seems that financial bankruptcy is virtually inevitable.

    • Charles H

      Roger D,

      “I see a morally and spiritually bankrupt people. ” On the whole, and the direction it is going – I must agree.

  22. asmith

    This is the most agitated I’ve ever heard John Williams since 2007. Maybe this time there is a crash…

  23. Don

    Good Job guys!!

  24. andyb

    Greg: even though JW holds out some small hope that the current situation can reverse, it would take a miracle that is just not in the cards. There is no hope that our corruptocrats will get together on any plan to solve any of the problems; it is patently obvious that social and financial division and dissension are the backbone of the elite agenda. Look closely and listen smartly to what the MSM promotes; it is mostly divide and conquer to create another civil war, definitely on the horizon. Notice the increase in manufactured and funded protests all across the US. The irony is that there will be no safe spaces for the politically correct, the social justice warriors, and the university snowflakes when the SHTF; they will be the first to fall, never understanding how they were led like sheep to the slaughter.

  25. Mohammad


    This is in Arabic but any one can google translate:خروج-سد-الفرات-قرب-الرقة-السورية-عن-الخدمة-بسبب-المعارك.html

    1- Euphrates dam is out of business because of the bombing of the “coalition”.
    2- real danger of collapse of the dam and flooding of the whole area that can extend to Iraq because of the bombing.

    Hence the question:
    Bombing ISIS …?
    Or the Syrian infrastructure..?
    I will leave the answer to your imagination.


    • Jerry

      Mohammad I am very suspecious as to what is going on in Syria. There is very little news in the American MSM.

      • Mohammad


        US INVASION IS what is happening in Syria, it is also missed here besides the MSM.
        I was able to bring it up since I know Arabic and am following some Arabic speaking news media like Emirates’ AL-Arabiya
        Next thing you know we are full gear in Syria.


  26. Eric

    Mr Williams Please explain how you turn a bankrupt nation around by spending more. This is an accumulation of 50 years+ of deficit spending and future promises. GDP is not responding to more heroine.
    Being a man of numbers you clearly must understand this. It’s over and postponement is all we have.
    Regarding the petrodollar, China and Russia will soon take even that away from the US. When that happens we will have to print multiples higher than $Trillions to pay the bills.
    It’s coming. Trump is the best man for the job for that very reason. The bankrupt king will be his memoirs not Mount Rushmore.

  27. Mike R

    Always like listening to Mr. Williams. What is hard to understand, is:
    1) These folks like Williams keep saying the economy is bad or not recovering or slowing down, but then how is it that stocks keep rising, the dollar stays strong, and gold pretty much goes nowhere, but sideways ?
    2) Where is the hyperinflation, other than in of course healthcare, and college education costs, and how can the Fed keep getting away with doing nothing except some tiny quarter point increases which have been very few ?
    3) With a $20 trillion national debt, and estimated over $200 trillion in future liabilities, why is it nothing has yet imploded ? Without an answer, then how do we know they (the Fed or the government) can’t keep this jig propped and going until we have $40 trillion in national debt, and/or $300 trillion in future liabilities ? Its doubtful the issues that would cause an implosion of banks, or bonds, or the stock market, are an arbitrary set of numbers or facts. The math for insolvency has been right before our very eyes, since at least 2008, yet things keep trudging along, and stocks have certainly ignored anything bad since the bottom in 2009, having not even corrected a measley 5% along the way at any juncture.
    Many people keep saying everything is manipulated (gold,silver, libor, CPI, and so on) and imply that the manipulation will lead to bad things. But if you are an average joe like me, and you are paying attention, nothing that really bad has happened. After this many years, since 2008, of nothing really that terrible happening, and consumer confidence at very high levels, how does one keep justifying the potential for catastrophe being anywhere close to occurring ?
    I’m not saying John is not right, but it seems like he has been saying the same thing for a number of years now, so how does one know that any of it will ever come true ?

    • Dr Darryl Jewett

      @ Mike – Your questions are good. I have profound respect for the intellects of Doug Casey, Catherin Austin Fitts, Nomi Prins, Rob Kirby and of course John Williams (I’m a statistician too after all). What all Greg’s guests fail to understand or include or acknowledge in their analyses is that the economy isn’t socialist or communist or capitalist or whatever. I hear many like Bill Holter whining about liberals being socialists while conservatives like himself are just are just as bad or worse. and it’s not a matter of socialism. any civilized society will have an element of socialism. otherwise it’s dog eat dog. what Holter is complaining about isn’t socialism. it’s what I’ll describe shortly. he just misrepresents it as socialism promoted by liberals. when in fact it’s a very evil dynamic that both liberals and conservative have been promoting. Holter has profited excessively like any liberal from what he incorrectly refers to as socialism. The economy is slave-based. it’s not socialism. it’s slavery. for instance, I’m a slave. My children were taken away from me by the government and used as hostages for ransom (governments in the US have trafficked approximately 50% of children born in the US during the past fifty years). The proceeds of my PhD seven-figure salary labor is taken and distributed among other demographics who don’t work. In exchange for that money, those demographics vote for the powers that be to perpetuate that dynamic. I’m threatened with the very real probability of permanent incarceration in state or federal prison if I can’t work. and my passport has been taken away to prevent me escaping my persecutors. There are other mechanisms too. I’m just reporting the one with which I’m most personally acquainted. As long as there are men from whom the government can coerce labor and demographics who will accept the proceeds of that slave labor, this dynamic or what some call an economy and others call a Ponzi scheme and still others call a casino will continue. But the problem with slave labor is that it isn’t very good. and I wouldn’t want to drive over a bridge built with it. but for many decades, the entire infrastructure of the US increasingly and incrementally has been relying upon slave labor for everything. I won’t tell you what I do for living. but if you understood what I and other men do as slaves building and maintaining the entire infrastructure of your country, it’d scare the hell out of you. (I wouldn’t live near a dam, nuclear power plant or city, I wouldn’t drive over a bridge or most roads for that matter, I wouldn’t eat the food grown in the US, etc.. anything that relies upon the slave labor of men to build, produce and maintain – and that’s everything.) so when you ask why hasn’t everything collapsed yet? well, that’s why… slave labor. but that can go on only so long. all the imaginary digital money in the world that has been created from the slave labor of men in the US isn’t going to be worth the pixels their made of soon enough. mark my words… I’ve written many times in the past that the US economy is racing towards its Mad Max moment. and i’m not kidding. most people have no idea what’s in store for them. you can read about societal collapse and even the worst case scenario about which you’ve read won’t even come close to the reality for those who survive. the lucky ones will die swift deaths. it’s the ones who live post-apocalypse who will really truly understand what the expression “hell on earth” means.

      • Charles H

        Dr. Jewett,

        However you mix or blend the similarities to others – what you describe as “slavery”, I would term “tyranny”. Granted we are transitioning from the good side, of what the country was, to the bad: so it still is in the “soft” stages. Most DON’T have any idea of what is coming. Love your kids best you can.

        • Dr Darryl Jewett

          @ Charles – the government in collusion with the mother of my children and my employer kidnapped my children under false pretenses of rape and abuse and programmed them to hate me in the most malevolent way. (even though all charges were proven false and I was never convicted). I haven’t seen my children in ten years and it’s too late now. (I just want my money and my freedom back.) like it is for many others. developments like this for me and tens of millions of men in the US is exactly why the US is no longer a civilized country. it isn’t even a third-world country because that’s an economic distinction (but we don’t even meet those criteria anymore – we surpassed that milestone a decade ago). the US is a stone-age malevolent totalitarian feminist police state with nuclear weapons. during the past seven decades of the nuclear age, conscientious and independent-minded men were in a chain-of-command between a psychopath like Hillary Clinton and the launch of nuclear weapons. so when a psychopath orders a launch or there’s a mistake, ultimately there’s a man somewhere in the chain-of-command with the presence of mind to mitigate any bad or irrational choices or identify any mistakes. but in recent years and particularly this past decade, those conscientious and thoughtful men are being replaced with mindless automatons. through a process of recruitment, hiring and promotion that gives preferential treatment to idiots who aren’t able to think independently but follow orders without question, analysis, logic or conscience. automatons. (I know because I see this every day more and more.) most people don’t understand that for this reason alone (but many others too), the US and rest of the world are at greater risk than ever before of complete thermonuclear annihilation. our present circumstances make the Cuban missile crisis look like a day at the park. that was just a few days. we’ve been in circumstances like that for many years straight but the average American is so brain-washed and stupid that they can’t even see it. and for most of those who could, well they’re habituated to it. desensitized. the checks and balances on mechanisms like this, that kind of power, whether they be nuclear weapons, child support, usury or any other form of stupidity and expression of satisfying addiction to power and control, are being co-opted ever more by a shrinking number of psychopaths addicted to power and control. and to the extent that men like me used to care… well, I won’t speak for all of them but I can certainly speak for myself and a large proportion, we don’t care. it’s too late. you’re all on your own. good luck. you’re gonna need it.

        • Dr Darryl Jewett

          I affirm your observation about “tyranny”. I make a distinction between “tyranny” and “slaver”. tyranny is the political mechanism by which economic slavery is implemented. tyranny is political. slavery is economic. when I use the term “slavery”, its implementation by political mechanism of “tyranny” is implied.

          • Charles H

            Thank you Doctor. I read portions of your reply to my wife, sitting near me – and she said: “Oh, my word! That’s terrible! I’ve heard of stories like this…” And fell silent.
            It grieves me to know the rest of the story. Man! I know a little about hard work and dedication: but not like what you’ve put up to qualify to the level of professional life you achieved. Stink – what a “Perfect Storm”.
            I have followed MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) for a while in order to note how far Feminism has bankrupted itself and society: through ruining men. Marriage is a thing of the past. Hang in there, Darryl.

    • Tin foil hat

      Mike R,
      Folks smarter or just as smart as Mr. Williams predicted the end of the petrodollar in 1998. They were wrong because they didn’t expect 911 would happen. The second Gulf War was not about WMD, it was in fact a proxy war between the dollar and the euro. The death of Saddam Hussein gave us 8 more years of prosperity with a lot of help from China; the Chinese became the largest clients in the dollar Ponzi in 2002. Remember after 911, W. Bush asked Americans to be patriotic and SHOP, increasing trade deficits between the two nations to an all time high until 2015 – China continued to support the dollar after 2009 to buy time and gold, I infer the Chinese felt confident with their preparation (gold stockpile, AIIB, SGE, Silk Road …) and decided to gradually reduce their support in 2015. Hence, Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the squids need new clients to replace the Chinese in the dollar Ponzi.
      Many people keep saying everything is manipulated (gold,silver, libor, CPI, and so on) and everything IS manipulated. I suspect the reason you haven’t seen nothing that really bad has happened is because you don’t live in the Rust Belt or Upstate New York.
      I concur Mr. Williams has been wrong and saying the same thing for a number of years. We still have time but I know that most of what he said will come true.

      • Beligarant

        Have you ever considered that most decisions are decided using supercomputers running very complex models almost like SIMM Earth but 1,000 more complex? Everything from Cash for Clunkers, wheat prices, gas prices, rigging LIBOR and whether to cap the price of gold is decided by these complex supercomputer models?
        John Williams and others believe they are forecasting an economy based on inflation and similar numbers but don’t understand they’re really in a Chess Game against an IBM Mainframe computer. That would explain why their forecasts continue to be wrong!

        • Tin foil hat

          “Everything from Cash for Clunkers, wheat prices, gas prices, rigging LIBOR and whether to cap the price of gold is decided by these complex supercomputer models?”
          None of that can happen without unlimited amount of capitals – Ponzi dollar.
          Ponzi dollar can’t exist without enforcers – U.S. Military.
          If we back down too hastily or lose the next war/confrontation with any major power, then no IBM Mainframe computer can work the magic for this Ponzi economy.
          I hope Trump would retreat gracefully and bring us back down on healthy economic reality where everythings are not upside down.

        • Dr Darryl Jewett

          or it could be even more wrong than that. they aren’t making any mistakes. they’re doing everything exactly right and as planned. you just think they’re goals are benevolent. but they aren’t. they’re instead malevolent. the consequences for the general population isn’t a mistake, it’s the actual objective. the goal is slavery and then extermination. and they’re succeeding. when the general public realizes that a government never has the best interests of the governed in mind, then they might start to think about ending this nonsense. Thomas Payne wrote: the purpose of a true patriot is to protect his country from its government. there’s a reason he wrote that. and there’s a reason all forefathers of our country before and since have concurred.

  28. Steven

    We have a spending problem not a revenue problem. Any increase in economic activities that results in more tax revenue will be dwarfed by even larger increases in federal spending. An improving economy may delay the bust but it wont stop it. Every government program is projected to cost one number and then when you look back it actually costs 10x- 200x that number. The early push of obamacare was to enroll so many people into dependence that congress would never be able to repeal it. It looks like it worked according to obama’s plan. It was designed to bankrupt the system, and be replaced by single payer . When it implodes does anybody really believe we will go back to a free market system . Americans are broke and will demand that government pays for healthcare. I can see the American people demanding single payer and our law makers happily agreeing with them. To the average American its the governments job to provide for what ever needs they may have or even just desires they would like to have and that is never going to be affordable…

    • Mike R

      Single payer will reduce all of us, but the very richest, to the lowest common denominator. Meaning, if you aren’t poor now, you will be both poor and in poor health, receiving the least possible care from the worst possible form of medicine, and the worst waiting lines you have never seen, under single payer. Of course the government and specifically democrats, want everyone to be super dependent upon not having a chance to receive anything but the worst possible care, bc it will weaken them emotionally, financially, and physically, continuing to force them into the free handout welfare state that the demoncrats count on for votes. We are on a very fast highway to hell in terms of the medical system, and only the very super richest will have access to the best, or even above average care. The super rich want this type of system, bc they dont wish to have to compete for quality doctors, as the shortage gets worse and worse, with the growing population of people who previously had no health care, now demand something even at poverty levels of living. The goal of elitists, is to place everyone below them in a block of 99% of the population living below an average equivalent wage of less than $50,000 annually. There will not be any more middle class, lower middle class, upper middle class, or even partially rich. The super richest wish to stop all those below them climbing the ladder, and want to kick them off rapidly as resources of all kinds diminish. There is no more aspiration left in developed countries like the US. The US is the last to go, once the EU is finished being gutted, with the millions of the world’s poorest being forced to their shores. This is all by design. China will be doing the same, now that they can’t issue enough debt to raise their middle class any further than they have. A failed experiment. Single payer is just part of the US process to impoverish us who thought we had a capitalist system, and were conned into thinking that America was the land of ‘opportunity.’ Rather its just become a well oiled ponzi machine, where the spoils all go to the 1%. I just gave up in believing in someone like Trump. If he hadn’t come along, I would have left this country last year. Where I will go, is not decided yet, but this country’s leaders and politicians and wallstreet banksters disgust me so deeply, that its hard to wake up not angry anymore. I see the anger boiling over more and more each and every day, in everyone, in more and more situations that used to be considered civil and non-violent.

  29. FC

    The rest of the world is determining the fate of the dollar and it’s slowly shifting away from it.

    • Charles H


  30. Boris

    Bottom of the ninth,
    two strikes and the U.S. is trailing by
    a bunch. I must say turning this around is
    a bridge too far. The shadow government along
    with Obama communists want Trump to fail.
    The communists want a two tier system just like
    the old Soviet Union. Those at the top get steak and
    wine while the underclass waits in line for bread and
    toilet paper.

    • Tin foil hat

      I concur. You hit the nail right on the head.

  31. francis m reps

    Thank you Mr. Hunter. Mr. Williams has restated the obvious in a clear manner. His optimism is refreshing. Never before in recorded history has the entire world managed it’s commerce in such a foolhardy manner. The debt load of all countries { except for Russia } is way beyond any hope of repayment in a normal customary manner. Please ask Mr. Steve Pieczenik to be on your program. He is as close to Mr. Hugo Salinas Price in wisdom and integrity as anyone you will ever meet. Mr. Pieczenik can outline the geo political issues better than anyone I can think of.

  32. Jerry

    I for one am not holding my breath to see what Donald Trump does or doesn’t do. I think it should be apparent by now that one man cannot fight the globalist and their minion’s in shadow government. Here is a prime example of their global influence. Why on earth would Canada risk losing an oil deal with Donald Trump in order join AIIB who is basically a globally controlled organization by China?
    In this game of financial musical chairs, when the music finally stops (and it will) its always go to have an extra chair to sit in. As Americans what’s our back up plan?
    – QE ? …….done that.
    – Borrow money from foreign investors?……….done that too.
    – Borrow money from tax payers? ………….done that again, and again…etc. etc.
    – Give away free money?……can you say zero percent interest rates?
    When all else fails ( and I would consider less then 1% GDP a failure) follow slick Billy Bob Clintons philosophy. ” Lie about everything and ask to see proof”. It always works. At least for awhile.

  33. WC

    Trump is at war with the EU globalist deep state that wants to dethrone the American dollar and put in its place IMF SDRs. EU globalism is spearheaded by liberal guilt and the impossible dream of a perfect world which they believe gives them moral authority over the rest of us who are not so afflicted by such a nonsense tenet.

  34. F. Scott Rice

    Go Tar Heels beat Kentucky. I would love to see a Gonzaga and N. Carolina playoff.
    Hope Your team wins. I have my Tar Heels shirt on to cheer them on.
    Scott Rice

    • Chip

      You got your wish…

      • Chief Two Beers

        Bread and circuses…

        • Frederick

          That’s it

    • susan

      Go zags!

  35. Carlos

    Mr. Hunter:
    You have wonderful, very informative people on, and on a regular basis. My one concern is that you NOT talk over your guest. I do understand that you also have information that you wish to get across to the people, but, let your guest talk and then get your information out. Thanks.

    • Greg Hunter

      Nobody is perfect Carlos. This is a live recording with very little editing.

      • Kevin Price


        Carlos is right as others have been in the past. Please don’t be defensive when we have to feel like we’re walking on egg shells just to give you some constructive criticism. You’ve heard this request before. No one is asking you to edit anything. And we don’t expect you to be perfect as you say. We’d just like you to let your guests speak and finish their point before you interrupt them. That’s all. Just please try to bite your tongue for that moment when you feel what you have to say is more important than what your guest has to say. Then when it’s your turn, speak. I can sometimes see it in the eyes of your guests in the past when you interrupt. Thank you very much.

        • Greg Hunter

          I am going to keep doing this exactly the way I am doing it now. At this point in my career, I am not going to get any better and I am not changing. You can watch it or you cannot. Thank you for your support.

          • john duffy

            Greg, I have no problem with your interruptions. They are respectful and are the way most people talk. After all, it is your show and your dough.

            • Greg Hunter

              Thank you John,
              Nice to hear.

              • Jim

                Sometimes I wish you’d interrupt less, but sometimes I wish you’d interrupt more.
                Overall you are doing a fine job and what people need to remember is the flow – you keep the interview rolling like the pro you are. I don’t need to hit fast forward to get out of a flat spot like on some shows. Boffins like John can ramble a bit if you don’t keep prodding them, since they are used to thinking deeply and it is hard for them to adjust to overview mode. You provide that guidance.
                Well done I say.

                My main disappointment is that most of the interviews are too short as I find their pacing quite relaxing and entertaining.

          • John Davis


            Great response – there is only so much criticism one can take – especially when the interview is provided in the public domain for free. In medicine, often one has to redirect the patient to stay on task – thats how I view your “interruptions” – otherwise an important point/concept can be too far down in the weeds for people to appreciate. Williams has very deep analysis so at times bringing it to the surface via redirection is what is needed to garner better clarity. IMHO – this is not rude but an example of good journalism. Keep up the good work!

        • Tracy Welborn

          I’ve never met a successful person that takes unsolicited advise. Heck, I’ve never met a successful person that will even LISTEN to unsolicited advise. I think the reason is because the advice ALWAYS comes from the perspective of control rather than objectivity.

          • Charles H

            It’s because of intelligent people like you – that I don’t play board games!

            • Charles H

              Well, then – pick out a tutu.

          • Charles H


            “I actually seek out wise unsolicited advice …” Really?!?? How can one SEEK out UNSOLICITED advise? It may be a blind-spot for you – but such contradictions render criticisms moot.

            • Charles H

              Again, Shaz –

              Off-handed dismissal of well-ordered points only means that you can’t answer challenges to your own statements; you can’t back-up what you say, or write. It amounts to no than a poor and basic “hit-and-run’ tactic – where you disagree, insult (hit); then off-hand dismiss as meaningless (run away).
              With every exchange we make – you only prove more and more an intellectual shallowness; but a mean spirit on top of that. Believe what you want: but those who read have minds of their own.

            • Charles H


              For crying out loud…

              Backtracking on your comment – that is: giving information that wasn’t there in the beginning; or changing wording/meaning in subsequent commenting – so that the other is proven wrong IS intellectual manipulation. It is a ploy or maneuver used to “win” an argument or disagreement AFTER THE FACT. I understand what you meant, now. You’ve filled in the blanks; and it makes perfect sense: after you’ve ridiculed me. But this is not the way to treat people.

              I made a complimentary comment to another person (Tracy Wellborn) because I saw something there; and since you disagreed – you obviously didn’t. So you “sharp-shooter” me, as you have done with several others consistently, with a humorous snipe. And since you trashed two people with one comment – I read your reply: the one poorly stated without enough information. It gave me the “apparent contradiction”; which was easy to point out.. Instead of leaving well enough alone – you triggered to try and bury me; which shows everyone just how you are. Everything in my previous comment is true – which you term “pompous dribble”. You didn’t see or follow Tracy’s logic; and shot-down the both of us only to replace it with your own. It is like someone who only interrupts and never lets anyone finish talking. Such is disrespectful.

              And your “holier than thou” snipe is completely inappropriate. You assume because I act as an apologist for my faith – that I am some kind of false and hypocritical character. No, Shaz. I know life; and I’m just as stupid as the next person. I spent six years in the Navy – ‘bartered services’ across continents and races (ask Frederick); known prosperity and poverty; built my home with my own hands, learning all the trades. I’ve carried my weight in life; and lost more than won.

              There are two kinds of people: those who ‘whether they win or lose – it’s how you play the game’ ( fair); and those who think winning is everything. I lay things out for all to see, and let others come to their own conclusion. You insist that others see your point and agree, as you keep coming at them until you’re happy – that they UNDERSTAND (YOU).

              Not swearing or insulting, or labeling in derogatory terms is just good manners. No one is a prima-donna to observe good manners. It’s not my site, or yours. And you have been cautioned not to do so by the owner.
              As to invoking the suggestion of hypocrisy, and completely trying to turn the whole argument around on me: I will repeat myself – it is shallow, just like your manners. I haven’t called you any names: I have only described issues reflecting and concerning you own comments, describing your behavior. As before: if the shoe fits: wear it.

              I wish there was a way to teach or reach you: but it just can’t be done. You haven’t learned to think things through: so you skip trying to see from other people’s point of view – and proceed to the foregone conclusion of your own viewpoint. You are always right. The other person is always the hypocrite. Predictably.

              I’m glad you have been successful in business: but that is no guarantee that you aren’t the stick in the mud you accuse me of being.
              Finally – anyone who follows these little dramas WILL make up their own minds; and not necessarily agree with you. I am more than happy and confident to let those chips fall where they may. More importantly – Greg Hunter reviews EVERY comment. So with every exchange – he (and others) have the opportunity to compare, reason over, and learn more. You oft times play the nice guy, and make benign contributions; but you also fly off the handle to lambaste others – becoming an undesirable element to the whole site (batshit crazy types). At some point I suspect he will get fed-up with your negativity – quite independently of yours truly. I’m not the only one you sharp-shoot on this site.

    • Paul ...

      Carlos … did you ever listen to Alex Jones?? … Greg is an “absolute angel” compared to Alex Jones (who very very annoyingly cuts in when his guest is in the middle of making a point)!!!

  36. ross

    The USA has 3 choices. Default on the debt since it cannot be repaid, print their currency into oblivion to reduce the debt or start a new currency via the US Govt that is not created as debt.
    Exciting news in silver. New technology which combines Aluminium + silver makes for advances in touch pads , increased speeds in computers etc. Looks like Clif High may be right yet again. Silver will become far more important than any metal in new technologies.

  37. Joe

    Mr. Greg,

    Did you see this big news?

    It looks like the Podestophelians and Comet Ping Pong have won.


    It appears that the evil Clinton and her evil foundation cronies will skate.

    Is there anyone you can interview who has more positive news on this or have the evil ones won?

    I hope you are never intimidated into silence like Jones.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is not the way I see it. I think this is a legal statement to fend off a lawsuit. Jones and everybody else got ahead of this story and are covering their behinds legally in my humble opinion. They named names of people who were not charged with a crime. This may or may not happen in the future, but as of now no one has been charged, that includes Podesta and the owner of Comet Pizza. I do not think Jones has been silenced, he’s just covering his ass legally. That’s the way I see it.

      • Joe

        Mr. Greg,

        Thank you for your reply.

        The one thing I’ve never understood is how the owner of a pizza joint can be among the 50 most powerful people in the District of Criminals, per GQ.

        Could you please explain exactly what this Alefantis character does that makes him so powerful?

        • Greg Hunter

          So sorry Joe I cannot. I covered actual arrest being made for child sex trafficking and they were not in Washington D,C.

  38. Jim L..

    ‘Evidence is overwhelming’
    “You and Your Paper were USED”, O’Reilly to Bob Woodward
    Used by Whom Bob? CIA? Muslime Brotherhood? Brennan/Lying Clapper? RHINO neo-con men and woman? Holder’over’s galore!

  39. Robert Lykens, Rabid Zionist

    To anyone who may care:
    You may have seen that I disagree wih Greg regarding 9/11.

    I defer to Greg on this subject because he is my Christian brother and I am a guest in his home (USA Watchdog). Our brotherhood – through the God and Father of Jesus Christ – far surpasses my being seen as “right”. I love and honor Greg Hunter for the Spirit who lives in him – the Holy Spirit.

    • Mohammad

      Greg and YOU are my brothers in humanity , different kind of brotherhood than your narrow minded one that excludes more than includes.


      • JC Davis

        14 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.
        I hope to be included in that narrow way.

        • Mohammad

          God’s door is never narrow. It is as vast as the universe.
          God’s mercy is beyond the comprehension of the little creature on the little earth in this vast universe called human.


      • Charles H

        Point well taken, Doctor. There truly IS a brotherhood of mankind, in the physical sense. Ignored too often in contemporary thought.
        There is another strong association, which is spiritual – that also qualifies in some minds as a brotherhood, legitimately. To claim the latter – does not automatically imply the former does not exist: just that it isn’t mentioned. Also the latter is not an exclusive association: it is open to all – all who are genuimely sincere and honest. The exclusion lies with those unwilling…

    • Roger D

      Christian? In 2016, the US military dropped 26,171 bombs on seven nations (Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan) last year. Millions of people were killed, maimed, displaced or otherwise harmed. Specifically which of these seven nations would Jesus Christ have supported bombing? This is not a rhetorical question.

  40. stonewall

    I like John Williams and I see him as one of the good guys but nevertheless
    think he is a little too optimistic if he believes Trump can somehow turn this ship
    of state around quickly. I wish that would happen but there are too many
    people both within Trump’s party and without that want him to fail so I don’t
    believe Trump he has a chance to pull this off which probably means things
    blow up much sooner than later. With establishment incompetents like Ryan
    and Preibus and others as Trump lieutenants I don’t see how it can be otherwise.

  41. Wayne

    Mr. Williams indicates the Federal Reserve’s goal is to provide liquidity (hence “solvency”) to the banking system. But remember this is subordinate to its primary directive. The Fed is not part of the US government but a privately-owned cabal designed to enrich its owners. Period. Central Banks achieve this by running a Ponzi scheme for as long as possible, where the goal is to turn the government and citizens of the affiliated “sovereignty” into permanent debt slaves.

    To simplify, it creates “money” out of thin air and charges interest for its use. As with any Ponzi scheme, it requires ever larger numbers of sheep to be fleeced. But it is a mathematical fact that the debt becomes so large it can never be repaid. So while the scheme must eventually fail, the process can take a (very) long time. It parallels the old saw, “the markets can remain irrational much longer than you can remain solvent.”

    Visualize The Fed as just a huge Rube Goldberg device. Iterations of tweaking levers, shifting gears and pulling knobs to change interest rates, the “money” supply and/or phases of quantitative easing (by whatever name) will only forestall the inevitable. What comes out at the back end of the contraption is the same excrement that was input at its front. Debt is debt. Debt is not sound money, no matter how long and how loud the (neo-)Keynesian economists keep shouting it.

    Remember that old lite beer commercial, “less filling” versus “tastes great”? The Fed banksters love the modern-day versions of such two-sides-of-the-same-coin fighting over what should be done to sustain their existing system.

    Many are realizing that this Ponzi scheme, antithetical to the principles upon which the nation was founded, has entered its final phase. The real task becomes how to effectively deal with its demise. They can see that “End The Fed” is not just a glib slogan.

    • Jim

      Should they copy the holy and true banking system of Australia?

    • JC Davis

      Greg I now answer my phone Congressman J C Davis. If the FED is federal then I am a congressman.

    • Mohammad

      Shutting the feds down means shutting Israel down.
      Harsh but true.
      Are you for shutting Israel down?


      • Greg Hunter

        Absolutely Not. I am for shutting down all forms of radical Islamic terror.

        • Mohammad

          You know Greg who controls the private bank called federal reserve. Talking about ignoring the elephant in the room especially by intelligent person like you are.
          Truth is difficult to handle ain’t it


  42. Hill

    Considering what John Williams said during the interview, I was wondering what he thought about the Audit The Fed bill that is being currently being argued for/against in congress.


  43. John Little

    Two months out of office, Barack Obama is having a [George Soros] post-presidency like no other
    The Washington Post Krissah Thompson, Juliet Eilperin 3/26/17
    The first cocktail party at Barack Obama’s new office last month was certainly more casual than any he had hosted in recent years.
    “It was a bit of a shock to the system,” said Peter Velz, who used to work in the White House communications office. “You’re bumping up right against the vice president as he’s getting cheese from the cheese plate.”
    Things sound so hunky dory in this Obomber propaganda piece. Yes propaganda piece. They want civi-war and want to make it out like Trump started it! This Leftest rag is still being run by the leftest neo-con men Brennan/lying Clapper, Muslim brother hood sympathizing, Obomber CIA Holder’overs.

    Obama is trying to approach his post-presidency in the same way as his cocktail-hosting duties — keeping things low-key, despite clamoring from Democrats for him to do more. “He is enjoying a lower profile where he can relax, reflect and enjoy his family and friends,” said his former senior adviser Valerie Jarrett.
    Oh right! As he prepares for George Soros’s war for the dis-United States, then the world and Barry as, dear puppet leader!

    Obama put out a statement urging Republicans not to unilaterally dismantle his signature health-care law.

    Not only are the Obamas still young and unusually [un]popular for a post-White House couple, but their decision to stay in Washington while their younger daughter finishes high school has also combined with the [compulsion?] of the new Trump administration to keep pulling them back into the spotlight.
    President Trump has repeatedly invoked his predecessor to blame him for the “mess” he says he inherited:
    Barry’s looking for any way to pull himselfie back in and he’s trying to blame the president through his bought and Clinton/Sorose paid for media. [List Of EVERY Reporter That Was On Hillary’s Payroll the sheeple blame Barry and his master Soros for all the shenanigans. President Trumps got a job to do, he has no time for such non-sense!
    A post-election show of camaraderie has end Save the republic for which it stands, from foreign scum, that makes Vlad the impaler Putin, look like Jimmy Carter, hard hat and hammer in hand.

    A post-election show of camaraderie has ended; the two have not spoken since Trump took office.
    Wake up and smell the stench, bimbo’s! Their at war, the gloves are off, stop watching the view and do your own homework!
    Is it inevitable that the former president will get pulled back into the political swamp? When George Soros speaks you dont ask why, but how high!

    Remember Senator Ron Johnson’s (R-Wis,)plea’s to CIA/NSA?
    Dec 16 2016
    CIA Refuses to Brief Homeland Security Chairman on Russian Hacking
    The CIA refused this request. It is disappointing that the CIA would provide information on this issue to the Washington Post and NBC but will not provide information to elected members of Congress.”
    Senate Homeland Security Chair: CIA Refused to Provide Us with a Briefing on Russian Hacking
    [But Briefed Their Comrades [Like Rachel Shadow Maddow] at MS(NBC)COMCAST and WASHINGTON POST]
    Tim Brown — December 23, 2016
    Watch kellyanne Conway. Think of Tom Jones singing She’s a Lady!

    To drain the Washington swamp our president must first slay the shadow Maddow government Holder’overs from the former presidents administration and a few stray RINO neo-con men and women.

    This is for all you A-H%#*l’s who put ideologies over humanity. . .

    An extraordinary code of honour – A Higher Call

    Stigler – War Thunder Short Film

    If you scum don’t bury the hachett, left and right, we will lose the republic, then we’ll get what we deserve, a dictator tot’ship, like North Korea! Yes if we don’t hang together we will hang secretly and separate!
    LAST, BUT NOT LEAST! Love Never Ever Fails: Bible
    Humanity shines through the futility of war and it’s less base form politics!

  44. Coogan's Bluff

    Megyn Kelly Got HUMILIATING News

  45. Flattop

    If there are no response from congress or the Atty General over those who have lied to congress, we are in very deep trouble. Without honesty, and integrity, our form of government is doomed. Our form of government is based on those principles.

    • JC Davis

      Flattop our form of government is gone. Gone .
      I am still waiting for Hillary to be locked up.

  46. Bill

    GREG: I have heard that Obama is in on a south pacific island, afraid to return because of possible indictment. It is said there is a large yacht standing by to take him into international waters if that happens. Any truth to this??

  47. Buford T. Justice

    Where does media bias come from?
    The media was scalping its own for Hillary Clinton.

    Top Clinton Donor Paid off Media to Destroy Negative Stories
    We have known for a long time that the liberal media was in the tank for Hillary Clinton, with journalists coordinating with the campaign on stories and feeding Hillary questions before debates. Well, we now know though the latest series of WikiLeaks email leaks that a top Clinton donor allegedly “killed National Enquirer stories” that were damaging to the campaign.
    Read more:

  48. Tad
    A brief history of hyperinflation.

  49. J. Bethune

    Yes, Mike and you’ll be in womens clothes before it ends you fake, miserable coward you are! Why you couldn’t walk a foot in Trumps Florsheim’s.

  50. Fran Polk

    But thou, Israel, art my servant, Jacob whom I have chosen, the seed of Abraham my friend. Isaiah 41:8 King James Version (KJV)
    From the cradle to the grave, our greatest need is love. Humans do need and crave love—and not just the romantic kind. We hunger for friendship and connection with others. But there is one kind of love that we need more than any other—Our heavenly fathers love. Many find it hard to imagine that humans could acquire a close, loving friendship with Almighty God. Do we share such skepticism? Far from it! The Bible shows that imperfect humans have become friends with God. Their examples are worth contemplating, for building such a friendship is the most worthwhile goal we could pursue in life. An outstanding example of a man who cultivated such a friendship was Abraham. (Jas. 2:23) How did old Abe draw so close to Jehovah? A key ingredient in that friendship was faith. In fact, the Bible calls Abraham “the father of all those having faith.”—Rom. 4:11.
    Its never too late to have a happy childhood or loving father!

    • Paul ...

      Having faith in God is like a dog having faith in his human master … but remember it is up to the dog to make the final judgement call (as to whether “his god” is moral and righteous) … most of the democrat and republican dogs in politics are sick and have lost the ability to make a judgement … and are in fact worshiping skulls, bones and Satan as their master!!

  51. KansasCrude

    John Williams sounds confused and full of hopium. If he thinks this train wreck can be avoided someone is either twisting his arm or the meds he is getting are destroying his perspectives….Seriously he sounded rattled and disoriented…. Is someone leaning on him? Best case is they delay the train wreck.

  52. Mark

    And (I believe) if US Treasury Notes and bonds go bust, all Social Security goes bust (since the Gov’t requires all Social Security monies to be invested in Gov’t notes and bonds).

  53. coalburner

    Wow, a lot of folks way too sensitive today.
    I also doubt Trump can do more than give us some breathing room. I still think Americans are going to be so angry when the fall comes that there will be a Civil War, not your typical kind. More like Vigilante justice enmass. Ultimately we are going to have to pay for the sins of our greedy leaders and try to make a new country.

    • Greg Hunter

      Think of this going down with Hillary in charge. Constitutional rights gone! A communist Supreme Court and FEMA camps for all the “deplorables.” If we are going to crash trump is the right man to have at the helm.

  54. Mohammad

    “Trump Is Dragging Us Into Another War… And No One Is Talking About It”

    “Quietly, while Americans have been focused on the ongoing drama over repealing the Affordable Care Act and the new revelations about the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia, President Trump has been busy dramatically expanding the American troop presence inside Syria. And virtually no one in Washington has noticed. Americans have a right to know what Trump is planning and whether this will lead to an Iraq-style occupation of Syria for years to come.”


    • Greg Hunter

      Did we ever get out??

      • Mohammad

        We are going back full gear Greg, to Syria this time.
        am waiting for the moment when you will admit to the mistake of electing Trump.
        So far you are euphoric for his election and you see him the savior.
        I see his first blunder in Syria and I see the projection of his path and my heart jumps.
        I will wait to see his bigger blunder in Iran , then will see what you say about it in your weekly wrap .
        I will bookmark this post for a reminder later on.


    • Jim

      Trump has ISISitis.

  55. Mr Mister

    Who knows John Williams may be correct with analysis, it is just a question of timing. When an engine is out of oil, it will seize up.

  56. Justn Observer

    Greg – A great story missed by the media from Bix Weir —
    He found the ‘missing’ silver commandeered from the U.S. treasury ! Kind of !

    • Frederick

      Yeah it’s in JP Morgans vaults ten million ounces from what I’ve read

      • Charles H

        I hope it is the silver used in the Calutrons, at Oak Ridge during the 40’s.

  57. Mohammad

    This is an evidence to the intentional bombing of the “coalition” to the vital control rooms of the Ephorates dam for the mere purpose to get it out of commission and allowing it to collapse once the water level gets to its enough mounting pressure secondary to destructed turbines that allow the water out:هل-هذا-هو-حال-سد-الفرات-بعد-المعارك؟.html

    If you look in the pictures you can see the damage in the roof of the two control rooms with the devastating damage of the rooms themselves.

    So much for fighting ISIS …..


    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Mohammad, what is all this really about? For decades these countries were pretty much diverse and multi cultural. They laughed at each other….I remember a priest who prepared a beautiful Easter service, only to have it attended by the two respectful Moslem custodians. The congregation was too hungover to come.
      The older stories about these countries are wonderful to read…Mallwan’s Memoirs brought me that one.
      So who and what is this all about, I mean really? Oil?

      • Mohammad

        There was a missionary in Damascus/Syria by Italian church, it was a church and a hospital at the same time. the church had a school and it was from the kindergarten all the way up to the 6th grade.
        My mom put me in that school, I remember we had a picture of all of our class with a nun on the right side and a nun on the left and the cross in the back yard, we heard the bell of the church and sounded like music, we were taught some christian songs, mom never minded knowing it does not change any thing in my heart to open up to others, this is what we are all taught in Syria, what you see now is FOREIGN and has nothing to do with the original fabric of the M.E. Actually this fabric is been forced out and replaced by fanatics that are totally unrelated.


    • Jim

      That parallels the Oroville dam which was possibly sabotaged.

      • Frederick

        Jim was it the ” Russians”?

    • Bill

      Mohammad. If you are so impassioned about whats happening in the middle east, why are you not over there helping your fellow muslims/islamists

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        For the same reasons I’m not in Syria helping Christians…personal responsibilities here. There are a few honest people helping the victims, including Muslims. Christian Solidarity is outstanding…look it up.

      • Frederick

        Bill that’s a low blow By that arguement why isn’t Schumer or MCCain in Israel?

  58. regular NJ guy

    So Mad Max is coming ? GREAT !!!! I think I’ll take another Topamax !

  59. Everett

    Greetings Greg,
    Thank you for the many guests you have on your show. Sadly, I am not a John Williams fan any longer. I cannot comprehend John thinking this can be fixed, it’s just beyond my understanding what is going through his mind. I don’t want to be too hard him, he is a very nice man, but…………oh well, forget it. Enjoy the day, there wont be too many more left when we can say that. Storm clouds are rolling in and we wont believe the impact of this thing when it hits.

    • Charles H

      Reason, and a good perspective. How refreshing!

    • Tin foil hat

      I don’t think your sense of “fixed” is the same as Mr. Williams. Trump is probably not going to “fix” our economy by carrying on the kind of prosperity enabled by the Ponzi dollar.
      W. Bush asked the Americans to be patriotic and SHOP. Obama asked Americans to not worry, enjoy life, ObamaCare and EBT cards.
      Trump may ask us to tighten our belts and get our hands dirty.
      If you were expecting the kind of “fixed” which W. Bush and Obama had offered the blissful Americans, Trump’s “fix” will be your worse nightmare.

    • Mohammad

      He deals with numbers, so emotions set aside it is feasible.
      What he says can be true if there is a political will and some care about WE THE PEOPLE.
      But the reason why I cannot see it happening is the commitment of this admin to WARS.
      We are now witnessing a build up in Syria and in Iraq to roll into an all out war on Iran.
      With that I do not see any hope of any turning around of the economy.
      Actually it will speed up its demise.


  60. Beatrice Bumsteer

    Support for Gorsuch from Native American groups could put pressure on Western Democrats
    By Ryan Lovelace (@LovelaceRyanD) • 3/27/17 11:33 AM
    Two leading Native American organizations have penned a letter of support for Judge Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court nomination to the leadership of the Senate Judiciary Committee.
    In a letter obtained by the Washington Examiner, the National Congress of American Indians and the Native American Rights Fund write they “have confidence that Judge Gorsuch will be open-minded to all perspectives,” citing their experiences with the judge and his judicial record.

    Trump’s decision to drop healthcare bill foretold 30 years ago
    By Gabby Morrongiello (@gabriellahope_) • 3/26/17 4:40 PM
    President Trump borrowed a page from his bestselling self-help book on Friday when he agreed to pull the American Health Care Act after failing to reach a deal with conservative and moderate Republicans who opposed the bill. CHECK IT OUT;!

  61. Barn Cat

    Greg I think you asked way too many questions about what Trump was thinking, doing, or planning when that’s not John Williams’ area of expertise. His opinions on what Trump is thinking and what he may be planning might not be better than mine.

    I think you interrupted him way too much too.

    I would rather have heard what he thinks the economy and the dollar are going to do.

  62. Beatrice Bumsteer

    Johnny Rotten Defends Donald Trump, Sees Him as a ‘Possible Friend’ | Good Morning Britain

    Piers Loses Control of Nigel Farage’s Brexit Row With Alastair Campbell | Good Morning Britain

  63. Mohammad


    Here is another invasion that can take place in Yemen:البيت-الأبيض-يناقش-هجوماً-لتحرير-ميناء-الحديدة-اليمني.html
    It is in Arabic too but what it simply says that US in discussing a direct intervention in Hudaida in Yemen.
    Another Blunder…
    lets see how many wars this admin will open up.

    I will put some paragraphs in Arabic and translate in English , sorry Greg for that but it is important since you do not hear it anywhere else, the source is Saudi owned news outlet (I made a mistake in a post earlier saying it is Emirates) so it is very important to hear it from the horse’s mouth especially after the recent warm handshake between Trump and Muhammad Bin Salman:

    In Arabic:
    “كشف مسؤولون أميركيون عن أن اجتماعاً سيعقد هذا الأسبوع في #البيت_الأبيض ويحضره أعضاء في #الحكومة_الأميركية، وسيناقش الأوضاع في اليمن، وطلباً من قبل #التحالف_العربي للمشاركة في معركة السيطرة على #ميناء_الحديدة في اليمن.”

    “US officials have revealed that a meeting will be held this week in White House and attended by members of the US government, will discuss the situation in Yemen, and have been asked by the Arab Alliance to take part in the battle to control the port of al-Hodeidah in Yemen.”

    In Arabic:
    “لإدارة الأميركية خصوصاً الرئيس حينذاك باراك أوباما رفض الخطة لأنه اعتبر أنها تعني انخراطاً مباشراً للجنود الأميركيين في #اليمن، ”

    “The US administration, especially then President Barack Obama, rejected the plan because it was considered to mean direct involvement of American soldiers in Yemen.”

    With those rolling events that are escalating you can understand why the first move Mr.Trump had was to increase the defense budget….Hmmmm.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for posting this news and analysisi form the M. E.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Thanks, sir. Attacking people who chew KUT isn’t a very bright thing to do is it? Hope it doesn’t happen.

      • Mohammad


        You are welcome.
        I think and sense that Mr.Trump’s presidency will be culminating with Bombing Iran and N. Korea to the Stone Age. I fear it not because I love any of the two but for the repercussion that will blow back and the unintended or ill calculated consequences. Am sure US has the might to do it ,Trump can start a war on his terms however how it ends is totally a different matter.
        I am praying that am wrong, nothing will please me more than being wrong on this but my heart never lied to me, I sense things correctly before I rightfully reason it and my gut feeling tells me with his dramatic increase in the defense (or offense for a better term) and the steps he is taking in Syria and Iraq after meeting with the Saudi Bin Salman and the warm hand shake between the two that he is all about BIG WARS.

        Prayers Deanna for peace is what we need the most in the coming days, and to never give up on asking god for rightful righteous minds and hearts in our administration to prevail.


  64. Michael Tollen


    You need to start questioning your guests on the accuracy of their forecasts. I’ve been listening for the past 5 years or so, and over and over again your guests, like John Williams, Peter Schiff, and many others, keep forcasting doom and gloom, demise of the dollar, etc., but their forecasts are definately NOT coming true. When do you consider their forecasts as incorrect then? When do you stop heeding their advice? Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Those following their advice have lost a boatload of money since 2011 or so. Those who have kept their money in the market, heeding conventional advice, have made a ton of money. Please start questioning your guests.

  65. John

    Dr Darrel Jew it. ” Holter has profited excessively ” Excessively compared to who? A janitor? By the way, Holter doesn’t whine. He extrapolates, explains, envisions,predicts,contemplates, considers, speculates, discusses, and sometimes argues, but he doesn’t whine or troll. Troll.

  66. JC Davis

    Off topic.
    No funding for stationary city’s

  67. Deanna Johnston Clark

    Paul Craig Roberts sent around an article about the despair of young white people…blue collar working class. He attributes the self destructive lives to a decline in their living standards, jobs, and economic prospects.

    What sort of culture have we got here that equates the worth of a human being to earning potential? Is the celebrity media partly at fault? Throughout history people have been poor and struggling to make ends meet….but never dreamed that’s all they were. Few thought money could buy love, or much else of real value.

    This is serious…a huge red flag warning that American culture lost its soul long ago.

  68. Flattop

    GREG: I don’t understand the deep states attempt to impeach the Donald with the claim of collusion with Russia/Putin. If they succeed in impeachment they will inherit Pence who will carry on Trumps agenda. So what is their end game in this.???

    • Greg Hunter


      They will not impeach Trump over Russian collusion. There is no there, there. Also I thin k Trump is divinely protected as God then Father put him in power.


      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Yep… but like all of us, he could mess it up. May Trump listen and obey our Heavenly Father…

  69. Frederick

    Tuesday March the 28th Silver and Gold have been rallying pretty nicely and the dollar has been steadily lower Is this the BIG ONE?

  70. marie joy

    X22Report, on YouTube, had an excellent interview, recently, with a gentleman named Brandon Smith. He was very informed and would make a great guest.

    • JMiller

      Never really been impressed with Brandon Smith. In the interview at the 19:33 mark he recommends to have about 10% of your savings in precious metals. What does he recommend the other 90% of your savings be in? I do not think having only 10% of your savings in precious metals is close to being enough. The one good part of the interview is near the end at the 29:55 mark when he talks about preparing for the coming economic collapse.

  71. Justn Observer

    Do not miss the import of this as the economy, stock and bond markets move forward.

    • JMiller

      There are some things that Mike Maloney says in the video, which the info comes originally from John Rubino, that are not correct. First one small clarification. You are not required to start taking distributions from your tax deferred accounts at age 70½ as Mike Maloney states. Your first required minimum distribution (RMD) from your IRA must be taken by April 1 of the year after you turn 70½. As far as 401(k) plans, normally you also must also start taking annual minimum distributions by April 1 of the year after you turn 70½, however in some cases if you continue to work past age 70½, the RMD for your current employer sponsored 401(k) will not start until you retire.

      Now Mike Maloney states that you are required to take your tax deferred savings out over a 15 year period. Not true. You are required to take out only the minimum distribution amount annually over your lifetime. Also Mike Maloney says that when you withdrawal money out of your IRA account you going to have to pay tax on it. Well that is not always the case. It may all depend on how large the amount is. My father has taken minimum distributions from his IRA for the last 6 years and has not owed any tax on the distributions since they were not very large amounts.

      As far as a stock market crash happening just because baby boomers are forced after age 70½ to take minimum distributions from their retirement accounts, I do not think it is really mandated to happen. First, not all the money in tax deferred retirement accounts are in stocks. I think it is something like 70%. Second, the required minimum distribution is based on your life expectancy which means the amount is only a small percentage of the total amount in your retirement accounts. Third, you are not forced to take the minimum distribution from the stock portion of your retirement accounts but can be taken from any asset you want within your retirement accounts. From bonds, from money markets etc… So no, I do not believe that the ERISA Act, which requires an annual minimum distribution from your retirement accounts after you turn 70½, by itself guarantees a stock market crash.

  72. Mike R

    Nearly every major western government is bankrupt with woefully unsustainable finances.

    The United States leads the way with $20 trillion in debt and a total negative net worth of MINUS $76.7 trillion, according to its own annual financial report.

    The US government loses money each year with no end in sight, posting a staggering loss of $1.05 trillion in 2016.

    And relative to the sizes of their own economies, Japan, Greece, Italy, Spain, France, and the United Kingdom are not far off. Worse yet, pension funds across the world are in dire condition.

    In the United States, Social Security and Medicare report each year that their programs are rapidly running out of money and have even calculated the date of their own insolvencies.

    This isn’t some wild conspiracy theory, these are public reports signed by the Treasury Secretary of the United States.

    So when does society say “enough is enough” ? When does someone very rich, or some massive entity say “that’s it, I’m pulling my cards and money off the table”, that becomes the cascading trigger for the avalanche of others who will also finally decide themselves too, that the risks of seeing any of their capital ever return, is between zilch and nada ?

    Everyone in the system is really no different than the latest Hedge fund manager who decided to plunge to his death yesterday, after being one of Madoff’s many ponzi scheme victims. He managed and lost billions of his clients money, in Madoff’s scheme, receiving 11% interest year after year, until he didn’t. You are in the ‘system’ if you hold US Dollars, do business in US Dollars, hold stocks or bonds denominated in US dollars, or live in property denominated in US dollars. You are in the ‘system’ if you depend upon food, water, consumer goods that are distributed by firms who do business in USD’s. And if you receive healthcare and your insurer pays for it in USD’s. What’s interesting about this 4th person who took his life, at age 54, is that it was some years after Madoff was caught, and the dirty deed exposed, back in 2008. Why did he suddenly decide to do that now ? Why did he wait so long ? Did his conscience finally get the better of him, such that he couldn’t go on with the thought of harming so many, or making such a big mistake, that someone of his fame and supposed expertise, should never have made ?

    I ask these questions only because people do have conscience – everyone has that inner voice. It cannot be repressed forever. There are MANY Madoff’s orchestrating and benefitting at the top of this massive USD Ponzi scheme. Many got very lucky when the Fed bailed them out the last time we nearly bit the dust in 2008. They have re-jiggered it once again to take it as far as authorities and the con game lets them. These people know why the spigot is about to dry up, just like Madoff recognized before the end. They delude themselves into believing yet another artificial financial ‘rescue’ will come.

    Personally, I think the trigger will be when someone still in the system, at the top, sees enough signs that the spigot is about to be shut off, and personally his conscience ‘gets to him’, not necessarily such that he takes his own life, but decides that he no longer wants to be a part of orchestrating and colluding and conning hundreds of millions of innocent victims out of their money, livelihoods, and even lives. Maybe it will take just one, or maybe a few dozen, or a few hundreds of these people, whose conscience over-powers their wicked deeds. No one can know ahead of time. Sometime perhaps this year or next, I have a hunch the real frauds will be exposed too that triggers these people to take action. Maybe its Trump, or someone like a Trump, who seems to be someone who has enough clout that his whistle-blowing will be so powerful and so resonating that his truth in spoken words cannot be denied.

  73. Faith

    Mr. Hunter, I happened upon your recent interview on Hagmann and Hagmann Report. WOW! You were great! I loved the interview!

    For folks that missed it, do a search on You Tube. Worth watching!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Faith. Turns out somebody was lying about the spying. Trump was spied on for the express purpose to discredit him and undermine his Administration. That treasonous plan backfired–big-time.

  74. I am CANADIAN

    Please excuse the newbie in me but can some explain in normal-person terms why the USA Debt Clock has silver at $871.00 per ounce.

    • gregd

      Hello my Canadian friend,
      I believe its the price it would be using the same metrics it has in the past. Money printing or inflation.

    • Frederick

      I believe it’s the total worldwide money supply divided by the amount of known above ground silver in existence

  75. Gadfly


    Large institutional investors (pension and insurance funds) around the world are unlikely to ever sell all their Treasury bonds in exchange for rubles and Yuan. Credit Ratings matter and besides, they are still required to by U.S. Debt anyway. So, it would take much more to get the dollar dumped in-mass abroad. More likely, a large war in which the United States Military suffers a stinging defeat or a nuclear attack (first strike) against the North American mainland. That would probably destroy the supremacy of the dollar, our military, and our financial system forever. Nothing less will likely cause it in our lifetimes. The one with the biggest stick rules the world.

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