U.S. System Dependent on Crime and Fraud -Catherine Austin Fitts

7By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com  (Early Sunday Release)

Former Assistant Housing Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts says all U.S. citizens are partly responsible for banker fraud.  Fitts, also a top Wall Street Banker, says, “What popular opinion has said again and again and again is it wants the dirty money. . . . It wants the U.S. to play this geopolitical top dog game to the extent it provides subsidy to them.  We can’t have our cake and eat it too. . . . If we have a model that is dependent on crime and fraud . . .  we have to change the model.”  Fitts calls what we have today “the Central Banking Warfare Model.”  It is showing signs of troubles.  Fitts goes on to say, “Are there cracks in the system? Yes.  The more it is obvious the system works off force, the more invasive the force gets and the more push-back there is going to be both globally and domestically.”  What is the big problem with a global financial system that is run by increasing force?  Fitts contends, “The problem is it’s shrinking the pie.  If nobody trusts anybody, how can you have a healthy economy?”  How are our leaders going to handle the poor economy and all the social commitments?  Fitts says, “They’re going to debase the currency, and they’re just going to grind it out.  Meantime, everybody is going to pay for Obama Care, and it’s going to be the ultimate fraud.”  As far as the winners and losers for Obama Care, Fitts predicts, “Nobody is going to win from this . . . people are going to die.  We’re talking about depopulation.”    Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Catherine Austin Fitts of Solari.com.


Addition reading on how Catherine Austin Fitts gained her informed and unique perspective is below, written in her own words!!  Enjoy:  http://www.dunwalke.com/1_Brady_Bush_Bechtel.htm

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  1. SilverHawk

    If you become your own Central Bank and keep it all in Silver,
    They can’t take it, or play with it. 13 year track record.
    3000 year history. End is near, get while you can.

    • Greg

      I don’t see how anyone could go wrong with that strategy.

      • Anna

        I see one problem with putting your money in gold or silver. When the basic necessities are lacking, what sane person will want to buy gold rather than groceries or a tank of gas? Who are you going to sell it to then?

        • Greg

          You need to think about this and study your position and plan a little better. This is going to be an epic financial disaster, one that will dwarf the Great Depression. You need to rig for what will be very rough waters.

        • bluesky

          When paper is worth nothing gold, and silver will be worth something.

  2. Angie

    She wants people to support Elizabeth Warren? Oh yea as she stands for striping Americans of their guns, is in bed with the UN, prefers international law, fights to protect ObamaCare…

    She does not believe our USD is that bad off — we are no longer the reserved currency!!! OH, she did not get the memo I guess.

    She makes some valid points but spends much of her time vomiting BS!

    • Greg

      Fitts is a gun owner and is pro 2nd Amendment. I firmly believe Fitts is one of the good guys. Thank you for the comment.

      • 02144pomroy

        I’m sorry Greg. This woman is mostly clueless. She just bloviates esoteric blather. She thinks your whole scenario of a market crash is bullcrap. She just doesn’t get it. Everybody is just “angry”. God help us.

  3. Rodster

    The way she paints the picture of the global economy with all the accepted fraud and corruption. I’m sorry but I can’t see the global economy getting out of this crisis. She confirmed what Gerald Celente said that every country in the world is purposely debasing its currency. One option might be a global currency.

    Her example of Tony Soprano made me think of Saddam Hussein who was basically the God Father in Iraq. Even though he was corrupt he was the glue that held it all together.

    • 8Ball

      @Rodster: I agree, she claims to be a Christian but the Bible says not to build your house on sand… If lies and fraud comprise the world system then that is not the path to follow.

      • mel

        she is not saying to follow it. She is saying that this is the way it is, and it’s in our hands to change it. That’s what I heard

    • Angie

      They want one currency and that is a huge no-no. One world currency and one system would mean that no one country would be able to pull out of a recession or a depression. Countries would loose their sovereign rights, identity, and freedom.

      The only way to get out of this is to cut ties with the UN and this global system of corruption and end the Feds reign. Each country would become as self sufficient as they could and then develop FAIR trade polices. There will be a depression – no doubt about it yet the only question will be if we will be able to pull out of it and do so as a free country.

      There is a lot more at stake here than finance.

      • Rebecca

        I agree with you, Angie, but I would take it down one more step.
        Each family, each individual needs to pull out of the “system.”
        I believe Catherine is right. The economic system is just one part of a much larger “agenda” going on here. She said what is happening is reprehensible — and that is going to keep on going on.

        We as families and individuals need to heed what she said: The less money you need to live on, the better off you are.

        We need to downsize our lives. Get our kitchen gardens and summer gardens going. Learn to preserve food. Find a clean water source. Pay off our bills and not make any new ones.

        We must learn to be self reliant and self sustaining.
        We must pull out of the system. Our participation in it, empowers it.

        I think of the pioneers who came into this area.
        I often wonder how they came here with little money and carved lives out the dense forests and bitter winters. It was a hard life, but they survived and eventually they thrived.

        Seems like we need to regain some of that pioneer spirit.
        We needs to relearn lost skills and we need to rethink our lifestyles.
        I believe that is the message Catherine was trying to give everyone.

        Seems many are still trying to hang onto their wealth through the standard means. We need to stop thinking wealth preservation and think life preservation. More is at work here than money and financial systems: watch the global weather picture lately.
        Do you keep up with the solar weather news? More things than just money affect our lives.

        We need to learn some resiliency. We need the skills to “roll with the punches.” But mostly important of all, we need The LORD to guide us in these perilous days.

        • rich

          Amen !!!!!!!!!

        • mohammad

          you hit the nail right on the head Rebecca and let me take your idea another step 😉 .
          What Katherine has pointed to is very deep and very very dangerous.
          Notices when she advised to go away from MSM and to not let anger get to you.
          That is not just an emotional comment she made.
          That is fundamental and i think I know where is she coming from:
          The elites are dark and they go back all the way in origins to babylon. During the Roman empire the slaves from Babylon (IRAQ now) were taken to Rome to be in charge of teaching the noble’s kids. They were highly educated slaves, they were freed whenever the owner dies, then what happened that the freed slaves took charge of Rome and the Romans went to the suburbs and the periphery, lo and behold those Babylonians were in the driving seat of the financial industry and banking of Rome, they then moved from Rome to Venice and from there to Amsterdam and from there guess where to…… ding ding ding….. LONDON, and there you have got your Rothchilds. Yes they go back in origin to babel and all the darkness of it if you know what i mean. I have no proof but one of their offspring was named Nimrod.
          And one of there hedge fund was named Nimrod, so that name does not go with the Jewish heritage of Rothchild Nimrod was a terrible character in jewish history, so there is something to ponder on.


          ALl this is to say that part of the darkness these elites have is to disconnect you from god, you then will be an easy prey.
          the disconnection will be by continuous bombardment with subliminal messages through MSM, SOAP OPERAS, HOLLYWOOD, SPORTS, FACEBOOK, INSTIGRAM…. that will isolate your family members from each other (how many times did you have full three meals with all your family together??) also to keep you running behind the mirage of the American dream that will keep you in debt so you cannot catch up on your bills.
          The most dangerous approach is to make you believe that there is no way out. then you and me and every one thinking that way will make this thought unwillingly materializes because out collective thinking is linked together even if we do not know (I pointed to an example in my post down). So we fall in the abyss just because we thought that we will. If we thing collectively we will survive then we will change our future and we truly will survive.
          I have a first hand knowledge of their evil strategy in Syria, they created the collective thoughts (through facebook that thrived just before the so called Arab Spring for a good reason for sure) that people there should go to war with government and sure enough they did. You know the rest of the story.
          That dark strategy IS BASED ON PHYSICS AND SCIENCE those elites acquired from the ancient texts. it is so real it is so dangerous. We should remain positive in our thoughts so we defeat their plan other wise….. Well… look at your future written in what is happening in Syria today, you are seeing a preview of an ugly scary movie that will play close to you soon.

          • Angie

            Amen, Amen, Amen….

  4. mohammad

    Thank you for bringing this intelligent lady on.
    Just i hoped if you let her go on the black budget, which faction is behind it? those 40 trillion invested in high tech is it in US or abroad?
    She gave you a hint to a global resetting of the financial model i wish you asked her to elaborate or to let her go on it she does a good job explaining or HINTING.
    Wow Greg what a great interview!!!
    I think if i understood her right we can make a difference and SHE STRESSED ON THAT POINT MANY TIME.
    Let me please Greg take on this point and you can check with her privately on the phone just to know if i got it right (if i did please hint to it vaguely in the friday wrap if i did not just let it slip away and then i know i erred):

    All beliefs have on core, one very important core and that is we are all connected, yes! our collective conscious is connected and we can make a difference as a WHOLE.
    Example is for someone who is having a toothache, did any one noticed that this ache increases in the night, same as earache did all the moms reading this know that the pain of their kids gets worse at night.
    That support could be in some unknown mechanism where possibly the surrounding people take some of the pain unknowingly from the hurting child so the pain is less during the day and acts up at night.
    Now back to what I think she was alluding to:
    She wants to say if we are collectively staying away from the anger and stick together consciously by cutting those bad elite life rope by LOVE and not anger and by helping each other we can THWART their plan.
    I could be wrong in understanding what she said but this is what i felt in my bones when i listened to her.
    We need to strengthen this conscious bond among us and not write our bad ending by ourselves by surrendering to our anger and greed then all we do is just what they planned for us to fall into.

    • rich

      “Example is for someone who is having a toothache, did any one noticed that this ache increases in the night, same as earache did all the moms reading this know that the pain of their kids gets worse at night.”

      It’s because our body temperature increase at night as a defense mechanism – helps us stay warm whilst we sleep.

      • mohammad


    • Johnny Genlock

      Angie, . . . some comments. I’ve followed Catherine Austin Fitts’ work for some time. I believe she is very competent in some very important areas. If I were “king for a day” I’d want her in my administration; a high function individual from the liberal mindset. However, there is baggage that comes with that liberal mindset of Ms. Fitts. There are areas where emotion rules over reason where it should not, beginning with “all citizens are partly responsible for banker fraud.” I am responsible for the pick-pocket’s sleight of hand? I am responsible for his dishonesty? Many of us here in this country have done our level best to bring a return of justice and the rule of law. Yet I cannot heap blame upon my neighbor who is under the mind control of believing the lies. I need his or her support to accomplish remedy. But this is spreading guilt upon the innocent. Yes, we have had it “better” in this country than much of the world. If there be any taint it would be in not making more efforts to spread the system of law and economics which produced that wealth. Admitted. But staying “positive” or slipping into “negative” are side issues to the main one in my view, which is taxation. Russians survived the collapse of the Soviet Union. Cubans likewise, survived the collapse when Cuba received the last check. Two keys how they did it. One: a total break-away from centralized processing (and regulation) and a makeover of production at the local level, much of it local agriculture so that people could eat. Two: Russians and Cubans both had a system in which the individual was a stakeholder, a quasi-owner, of their home, however crowded or insufficient. Point is, they could not be kicked out of their dwelling onto the street. Everyone had a roof over their head even after collapse. In Cuba it is reported everyone got very thin, but no one died. No one starved to death. Within a year and a half the economy had been re-made on the local level with extensive home gardens. So, . . . . I don’t mind if you are “positive” or “negative”, but we need to get to work to eliminate property taxes and abusive mortgages so that Americans can survive like their formerly Soviet brothers and sisters. This could be something, if understood, which should be adopted across the political spectrum as we move into the coming depression. Just my opinion. Be interested in comments.

  5. Jerry

    Greg I respect Catherine Fitts a lot, probably more than most, but I can’t help but think that she is still living in the past, and viewing the Banking system from the way it used to be. Nobody is going to be throwing any Banker in jail.

    The rules of the game have changed drastically. The Banks are no longer in control…period! That’s why they are having the Feds funnel as much printed money into their accounts as possible. Its out of financial survival. The day they stop. Its game over. It wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility that these same people are funneling money into foreign Banks in preparation for the collapse that is coming. I have heard from my sources that as much as 16 Trillion has been deposited in the bank of England. One can only imagine what they are planning on doing?

    Greg the American people have been sold out. They just haven’t realized it yet. At the end of the day its about how you get out of a 125 Trillion Dollar debt bubble, and not politics. The politicians have kicked the can down the road so much, that we’ve ran out of road. Our country is at the end of its great legacy, and like most great civilizations in the past, it is being looted by thieves at the highest levels before it is set on fire. Thank you Greg for all you do and for bringing Catherine on.

    • Rebecca

      “The Banks are no longer in control … period!”

      Isn’t that what Catherine was trying to tell us, Jerry?
      The banks are only the conduit the government is using to collect the money to fund their “secret” government actions. Go ahead, arrest a banker. Pick whichever one you think is the most “evil.” Someone else will step up from the ranks and take his place and the money laundering and other despicable things the banks are doing will continue.

      The banker is the “front man.”
      If it makes you happy arrest him.
      But if Catherine is right, arresting him will stop nothing.
      The banks are doing the government’s bidding.

      That is what I thought Catherine was telling us.

      • Rebecca

        Acutally, “government” is not the right word.
        Catherine alludes to the true superpower behind all the governments.
        Some call them the elitist, some the Illumanti.

        The Bible calls the moving power behind all this evil, Satan.

      • Liquid Motion

        R & J,
        Who controls the BANKS ?

        Follow the money and it leads you right to the Rothschilds Dynasty.
        They are as endemic to this monetary system as drugs are to criminal activity. They are the Elite. They control everything.

        “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.” Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812), founder of the House of Rothschild.

        As long as they can still print and control money issuance..they retain control.

        • Rebecca

          Then the Rothchilds, Rockefellers, Bilderbergers and all the rest — listen to the Devil.

          Satan is the father of lies and comes only to steal, kill and destroy. Sounds like the elitists to me.

          • Liquid Motion

            Its sickening and perverse to believe the world is held hostage to an elite group of evil thugs who have ensured slavery and control of masses remain in their grasp. A private banking system issuing monopoly currency at whim is nothing short of a tragedy. 99% still have no idea they are participating, but cannot affect the outcome.

  6. Rebecca

    Thank you, Catherine, for sharing!
    I got “the big picture” you were trying to paint.

  7. Ugly

    I think there are more sinister things going on (behind closed doors) that we don’t know yet. The USA will find out soon.

    Why would anyone loan the USA any monies with a debt and spending habit that it obviously cannot pay back? Do they expect us to pay it back, or is there something else that they are expecting (receiving).
    If you get monies from someone, like a Pay n Loan, they have you sign something of value like your car, paycheck, gold ring, whatever. If you don’t pay them back, then they take it. They come after you!

    I think we will soon see what the collateral was for this over-spending, fraud behavior, and financial recklessness. The dollar is being devalued today and forever. So what could the collateral payment be that USA has of value? How about farmland, oil wells, minerals, water, and a collapsed banking system that just may get bought out and owned by the new owner along with its new currency.

    Its like this and it has happened many times. A farmer gets into financial trouble so he seeks help from a ‘richer’ person and they partner up on a deal. The farmer cannot pay the debt or note on time, thus the ‘richer’ person owns the farm.

    Today I saw an add from a credit union that showed 1.25% interest for a 21 month bank CD. That has been going on for 7 years now. The devalued dollar is melting every year, right under our eyes.

    I have heard this somewhere that there is only one difference between a rich man and a poor man. It is interest.

    A poor man pays it, a rich man earns it.

  8. DAVE

    Hi Greg
    Although i don’t share her optimism,i do believe the elites have a plan.As we know the many currency swaps going on means the huge amounts of dollars will return back here so the question is,where will they go?Inflation is on the move,this much i know!As for gold and silver,i believe the bottom has been met and just like other assets,people will seriously start collecting PM’s.Good reporting Greg

    Take Care Mate

  9. Allen Ols


    P C Roberts. On KWN. Says ”most people can’t buy gold, they live too close to the margins”, ”..they, the masses can’t buy gold”.

    The large % of people I advise (3 more last week) I am telling them to buy bulk food, in small amounts.

    Beans, black-white-pinto

    Hard white wheat/ w/ dutch oven, w/ blender to make bread–this is starting point
    Then on to 50# bag oat meal, then on to pastas then to canned foods of many sorts,w/sugar, salt

    And to slowly build larder for 3 mo. Supply

    I am helping them w/ ”resiliant strategy”. First

    Then on to. 6 mo. Supply

    Finally to silver one coin at time w/ discount gold / silver melody cedarstrom

    Pcr. Says. ‘The masses can’t buy metals–i say they can stock food one can a day or 7 a week.

    Fop usa wd


  10. Albert Tesla

    First and foremost, this woman is realist and that is refreshing.

    Cathrine reassured my theories on obama care. I too felt as if it was the “last big shi-bang” before the economy truly sinks and endeavors like this (obama care) would never be approved due to the how deep under we are/were.

    She is very right on many issues, THE STRONGEST POWER THE PEOPLE HAVE IS PURCHASING POWER. We could easily as a people united could kill off negative media and corporations simply by all agreeing not to fund them. A

    As for her point on the US being a business of force and power, it couldn’t be more accurate. And her comment on culture being less trustworthy is SO true, daily life is evidence of that.

    Quote from Catherine. 10/10. Beautifully put.

    I respect Catherine’s views, however, it seems she (and greg) views the US using force and power as its means of dominance as wrong.

    I don’t think its wrong. there is nothing wrong with executing force as a means of achieving global dominance, but it needs to be done with nobility and grace…

    im surprised she shuns the thought of the US being essentially the “TOP DOG”. The bottom line is, we live in a very RAW world. If no one is “the boss” someone is going to step up and claim that position. Its very simple, go look at a pack of wolves, there is one alpha male, if the alpha male is removed, it is the natural order of the balance for that position to be fulled. Sadly, we don’t live in a peaceful world where all the leaders of the world are singing ring around the rosy and playing nice. As an American I love the fact that we run this $hit.

  11. Albert Tesla

    Sorry fora separate post, but i just wanted to add. Personally, i am tired of hearing the comparison of Obama to the likes of people like Hitler and Stalin and what not.

    If you step back and view things from an unbiased perspective, being compared to being like people such as Hitler and Stalin is more so of a compliment then a insult.

    Yes, there is no denying that Hitler and Stalin committed evil acts, but last time i checked today Germany and Russia are global powers with strong foundations compared to other places in the world. So i guess that means their previous leader must have done something right?

    What i’m trying to say is, you could say Jesus was good at persuading people like Hitler, but that does not make JESUS Hitler!!!

  12. Todd

    Did she actually blame you and me with the mass murder of those that opposed or were in the way of “progress” at the beginning of the US? I officially remove myself from the “we” she places that burden on.
    Secondly, if putting the banksters in jail result in the collapse of the financial system, I will forfeit my assets to accomplish both goals. This may be the least painful way to a free society based on private property rights and liberty.
    Thirdly, she says that en masse people should not be using financial institutions, working for companies or doing business with companies that are part of the corrupt system. I would like to know how a person in the US is suppose to function without this contact. These organizations are too pervasive and almost unavoidable short of living in a shack in the woods.

    The collapse of the dollar is upon us. Countries around the world are already trading without the US dollar. A fiat currency can only survive with the confidence in the country of issue. The US has lost this confidence around the world. The system will not be stopped if people decide not to be angry and accept that they will be railroaded by the authorities. That is preposterous.
    Once the general population wakes up to a value-less dollar the government will start loading those millions of weapons with the billions of rounds to make sure the minions don’t get too uppity. This will help with the de-population along with Obamanation-care.

  13. Mike M

    I think Fitts and Hude must be related because both of them are both delusional and in denial of how bad things really are.

    If you listen to Hude the state governors are going to solve all the problems and the sun is going to shine once again. No martial law, no violence or civil unrest. Good is soon going to overcome evil. Hallelujah!

    With Fitts this isn’t a financial problem it is a psychological one. The dollar is not going to head south so just hang in there though of course the entire system is corrupt and being manipulated.

    It would have been interesting to hear a bit more on why Fitts went from wealth to near poverty in the 90s and especially the part about forces wanting to physically do her in.

    Greg may refer to her an investment expert but as a retired CFP I think I would look elsewhere for financial advice or any advice for that matter.

    • Brent

      I totally agree with you Mike. I think Paul Craig Roberts will be right and Hudes and Fitts will be wrong.

      • Liquid Motion

        2nd The Motion..!!

  14. Fraser

    Thanks Greg…

    Huge fan of Catherine’s and agreed with every word, right up to the end when she said there was “no chance” of a collapse, because in my view we are in a choatic system where all outcomes have equal probability. Black swan, nuclear war, trade war, bird flu, petrodollar collapse, COMEX default, you name it, everything’s a chance to collapse the system…

    But I particularly liked her view that the America’s increasingly criminal behaviour (both at home and abroard) is tolerated because there are now so many people dependent on the Government’s ability to provide welfare. So by extension, the worse things get the more dependent and tolerant the people become. The only question is, when is enough, enough?

    • Greg

      I am with you on that point. I think we get a full blown collapse of the old system at some point.

      • Fraser

        Here is are a few more “black swans” to worry about *as if we don’t have enough alreday):

        – The sun’s magnetic field is about to flip (this month or next), which may cause anything from a simple power blackout to lethal exposure to UV and micro-wave radiation:

        – Other reports say that the 50 foot meteorite that hit Russia early this year has 20 “friends” on the same orbit and some are 10 times bigger! So get your surfboards out because that tidal wave is gonna be smoking!.

  15. April Gardner

    “Obamacare” requires that an applicant not use any of their last 6 passwords. This is the Obamacare rule for NJ, and I am not sure if it is uniform throughout the US. I tested this password rule, and it is clear that Obamacare has the passwords to my bank, credit card, email, etc. Obamacare already has your passwords to your money and total life or your passwords would not be restricted from using them to apply for insurance…aka avoid tax fines. This is the issue for questioning at the Obamacare Congressional Hearings. This s financial fraud, too.

    • Galaxy 500

      Are you claiming that Obama care got all of the passwords you have on other websites?

  16. Michael

    Who holds the purse-strings of the U.S.? Not the banks. Not the President. The Congress and Senate. Without their complicity (at the least) none of this COULD happen.
    Who is responsible for this financial catastrophe? Who made it legal (again) for regular banks to gamble with depositors money? The Congress and Senate (repealing laws put in place to limit corruption).
    Who created the system where the (for profit) Banks run the economy? The Congress.

    The current sentiment of the voting population is correct: fire them all; Democrat and Republican. Vote every single one OUT.

    Fitts says she has more experience than one in the entire world? “Why aren’t people applauding me?” What arrogance! What delusion. If she did know so much, why didn’t she fix it? Why did she live so wealthy off it for so long?

    She paints herself as a Saint, but I don’t buy it. An angel? Maybe a fallen one. The “light” she gives off is Darkness. “Shun them”, “blackball” them (bankers), “ostracize them from society”. She sounds just like the ones who did crucify Jesus; religious morons. She proposes ill-will against the perpetrators. She proposes stoning the sinners, using Jesus’ name in her diatribe to make it sound righteous. But her way is not righteous, and she is not winning – she is deluded and corrupted.

    Jesus died FOR Barabbus because He came to save sinners from sin. He didn’t come to condemn anyone, even those caught red-handed in sin. Jesus NEVER acted in ill-will towards anyone. Jesus is all about Good-Will towards all mankind.

    Jesus warned us of false Christians who don’t know Him, He said “they will kill (be of ill-will to) you and think they are serving Me, because they don’t know Me.”

    Friends, ill-will is not the way. Those who are moved to action by ill-will destroy themselves. Those who live by Good-Will simply don’t participate in ill-will, no matter how deep their sin. Do as them = becoming like them.

    If your enemy is thirsty, give him a glass of water.

    Defeat ill-will with Good-Will.

    What should everyone do? There are many things.
    1. Buy food from local vendors, not conglomerates or big corporations. Remember local relationships.
    2. Use cash as much as possible. Shun electronic transactions as much as possible, because that empowers the banks.
    3. Invest your TIME in relationships that increase in value.
    4. Invest your money into preserving what has long term lasting value – that’s why I donate to Gregg – bringing forth the truth is one of the few things everyone can do which always has lasting value. By supporting Gregg I am contributing to and investing IN the lasting value he brings forth to many. The Truth.
    5. STOP evaluating everything and everyone in terms of worth by how much money. If money is your yardstick of worth, you’re already lost and doomed.

    If you want to see “how to” live a fulfilled life in the midst of a corrupt society, examine the lives of Joseph and Daniel in the Bible. They both lived their lives to please One Person; God. And they both were men of unending good-will to all.

    Peace to you, good-will toward man.

  17. 8Ball

    It is obvious that she has had a very traumatic experience that has shaped her viewpoints. A very intelligent woman with some valuable insight… Weigh everything carefully… Chris Duane: “Listen to everyone, follow none”

  18. Mike S.

    Excellent interview and of course very informative as always. Two things really stuck in my mind. At around the 30 minute mark you say I’m making a living off telling people the truth. That has to be the best job description I have ever heard. Not to many people can say that. And about a minute later she says sometimes us right wing wackos are really right about things. I laughed quite a bit when she said that. I have told plenty of people the same thing! Keep on fighting the good fight!

  19. Jerry

    The “Wonder Woman of Municipal Bonds”.


    It appears Catherine has always had her hand in big government projects. Maybe that’s why she can’t see the forest from the trees? Main street is a long way from Wall Street.

  20. George Silver

    Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant!
    Greg I think you got the picture. She is the first person that has put into words eloquently what I’m always telling people near to me and also in the comments sections of the main-stream media.
    It is no good complaining and expecting someone to save you. It is no good voting for a politician or another political party thinking that things are going to change. YOU MUST DO THINGS YOURSELF FIRST like Catherine says. Do not save with banks. Avoid buying products from multi-national companies. Get yourself away from the latest electronic gadget. Do not have any debts. Avoid taking out loans. Only buy things when you’ve saved the money. Try to cut regular outgoing expenses. Buy Gold (if it’s good enough for the central banks and China it must be good for me). Keep fit by avoiding the petro-chemical pharmaceutical industry. Keep a low profile. Do not have anything to do with anything the government has it’s hand in. My wife and I only use real food: nothing processed and we distill our drinking water. I could go on but it would turn into a book!
    Great interview Greg.

    • Liquid Motion

      Reminds me of the movie “Enemy of the State” one of my personal favourites.

    • Liquid Motion


      Unfortunately the “Avoid buying products from multi-national companies” part is a bit too difficult to achieve unless you design and manufacture computers and software and have some connection with a satellite or cable network that you own, to facilitate communicating with others…..lol.

      Multi-nationals exist because we (collectively) gave them incentive to be global. They are as pervasive globally as banks…everywhere.

  21. Justin King

    IF the IMF started pushing for SDR’s at this point, the world might be able to make the TIME to get a handle on this crisis, but the U.S. would never allow it, as it wants to keep the BULLY pulpit to the bitter end.

    • Galaxy 500

      So you believe the answer is to turn sovereignty of the US to the IMF?
      How about we just take our gold back that funds the IMF. How much does the UN, IMF, and World Bank costs the taxpayer? Time to cut those expenses now.

  22. Al

    This is why I watch, because Craig is gracious but to the point and never gives up. This is true journalism in action. (take note MSM).

    As for Katherine, unfortunately it’s always more complicated with her. It’s always not the way it seems, and when direct, logical and simple questions are asked she goes in to a long-winded high level diatribe or says “I think the question really is… ” and diverts the question entirely.
    No Katherine, the question stands, answer it. No, it’s not complicated, answer the question.

    Craig, I’m glad you kept asking about the dollar’s hyper drive in to the abyss until she gave you a decent one word answer, as expected, her answer is opposite of what many other respected and well seasoned commentators say. Why? I smell a bit of antagonism in the air.

    Antagonism = pay attention to me because I know better and you don’t.

    I’ve followed her for years then stopped about 2 years ago because she’s getting more and more frustrating to listen to. The answer is very simple, extremely simple and similar regimes including their propaganda machines fell in one day, a total reboot of the system is quick. It didn’t take years and it wasn’t complicated and legislation was thrown out the window. Like it or not the anger phase has just started, it’s evident everywhere and it will change this system Worldwide faster than you can say Black Swan.

    When? Here’s my answer. “It’s overdue”. Ever light a fuse to a firecracker then brace yourself for the bang? Don’t let go of your ears, because it can happen at any moment.

  23. William Betts

    I watched this interview and the thing that really hit me was when Ms Fitts says that if we put the Wall Street gangsters in jail who is going to fund the gov’t. Madison and Jefferson and those other guys that started this gov’t of ours said that the people were soverneign not the Wall Street gangsters. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 made the gangsters soverneign. All we have to do some way is abolish the FED and have the people issue our own money debt free and the debt problem of America is solved. We do not need bonds notes or bills to fund this gov’t. The treasury can issue our money debt free. We have to have gold and silver to back this currency issued by the treasury to keep inflation in check. This is going to take a revolution to get done. Check the vaults at Ft Knox and West Point and you will find that all the peoples gold is gone. It is not there – China has it…..

    • Liquid Motion


  24. Jim H

    The IMF has recently released a study in which it pretty much lays out the scenario for easing the debt crisis in countries like the US with unsustainable debt.
    It says the only possible and probable solution for dealing with debts of this size is wealth confiscation much like what we saw in Greece.
    I believe that Greece was simply a test case to see if such a plan was feasible and to measure the amount of revolt it would cause among the people.
    This scenario also explains why banks are beginning to limit or prohibit overseas transfers and why the Department of Homeland Security needs enough arms and ammunition to fight a multiple decade war.
    The article also says governments would not have to steal enough money to pay off their debts, only enough to pay them down to a point where they are serviceable again.
    I am sure the Supreme Court would say it was Constitutional and call it a tax the way they did with Obamacare.

    • Ugly

      Jim H.

      Confiscation is the only quick fix for a short time debt problem fix. With the govt spending over $5T and collecting around $3T, the govt will need some quick assets to function for awhile longer.

      Think about it. Baby Boomers will add millions more into the 401K, pensions, SSN systems in the next couple years. That would be a good time for a stock market crash that would be harder than 1988 or 2008. You could get a quick $6T by having stocks losing 50% value in the next two years.

      Thus, keep propping it up and when it crashes, wow!

    • John Galt

      Jim H- “I am sure the Supreme Court would say it was Constitutional and call it a tax the way they did with Obamacare.” Brilliant deduction Jim!

  25. Paul T

    She seems to kinda have the same idea that Chris Duane has in saying instead of blaming the system and the bankers, we need to blame ourselves and quit supporting them, change ourselves and walk away from it. I think she’s right on the money there and thought she was pretty legit in everything else she was saying. As far as being right about the future, I think even she admitted ya never know what could happen in this crazy world so even her own predictions and thoughts could be wrong if something “black swan ” were to happen. Definitely a great interview though, I thought.

  26. art barnes

    Greg, the race to the bottom of the currencies is over, the U.S. won it, or is so far ahead its a forgone conclusion. Congratulations Federal Reserve, you finally did it, of course, we want also to give a good applause to Congress as well as they played a major role in the dollar having won the bottom. The elite’s war banner of “let them eat cake” took the hill, but history will report that it could been another outcome if they faced in opposition from the working Americans during the advance. So many races lost, too bad the Americans never got off their butts and participated; things could have been different.

  27. Justin King

    Fitts is a very intelligent woman that is chasing her own tail at this point, after being run through a political mill, and a mental gauntlet of her own making.

  28. Mark

    Greg, Good interview. You do a great job keeping her on course. She comes across as very macro and has difficulty providing the answers that you have to drag out of her. She is credible. However, who does one believe… Roberts, Celente, or Fitts? Very tough.

  29. Jughead

    Greg….thanks for having her on again….great, extended interview….much rather listen to her as opposed to k. Hudes…..as regards gold and silver…she mirrors c. Martenson in obtaining PM’s, but invest in yourself and what can make you resilient, I.e. Able to withstand a knockdown in our infrastructure and the systems we currently rely on…..AND…be aware that the elite, the “powers that be” can in effect minimize the safety of gold and silver by legislation, taxation to rape you of what you thought was your last bastion of security….we’re in for interesting times, and she is probably correct in her analysis of potential dollar collapse….there is too much invested in the continuation of the dollar as reserve currency to allow a wholesale collapse….until “they” are ready for the rollout of a global system….and I doubt that is anytime soon…maybe wrong, I wouldn’t want to bet against celente and Paul Craig Roberts….but listen also to Martin Armstrong for counterpoint(an excellent candidate for an interview if you can get him)”….best to you as always…keep up the good fight….

    • M. Smith

      Jughead, here is interview from Canada with Martin Armstrong. http://talkdigitalnetwork.com/2013/10/this-week-in-money-107/. It seems there is a huge group of economist who are saying the same thing, we will have to crash because it has gone to far & there is no fix. So what will cause it? Who knows but it is a coming & I fear all savers will be wiped out. Those who have paid into SS will not get a penny back & all depending on SS to live better do something FAST!

  30. Rodster

    I think she overestimates the intelligence of the American people. Mot have NO clue what a leviathan Gov’t does behind the scenes and how it goes about its business to operate on a National and Global basis and how it tries to influence its control and power on the Global economies.

    Also Americans are tied into the system the Elite and Central Planners have created. If you buck the system you are at risk of the system coming down on you. It’s the reason why a grid system has been put in place to buy your food, gas, get electricity, housing etc. They have built a complete system that we are all put in for the single purpose of POWER and CONTROL.

    The other problem I see is that the Gov’t over the last 50 years has systematically dumbed down the population where all they care about is Football, American Idol and Hollywood gossip.

    And if you figure it all out and are willing to lash out you are at risk of being on the wrong end of over 2 billion rounds of hollow point bullets, drone strikes and a militarized Police force.

    • Rodster

      I forgot to mention that the Gov’t has consciously made an effort to make us POORER and more DEPENDENT on Government. So much so that we now have over 100 million individuals getting some form of Government assistance and the Gov’t wants to close the loop by controlling your healthcare. That in my view is the way it has been purposely designed so YOU or ANYONE else dares not to get out of line.

      So the Gov’t has created an environment of fear and dependence that many who receive assistance are NOT willing to RISK.

  31. Vincent G.

    I disagree that all people are to blame as all US citizens are captured just as the Government is.
    Anyone that tries to go against the system becomes a target.
    When the people of Long Island went against the government over 30 years ago they lost.
    A community in Long Island N.Y. went on a tax strike which was put down quickly by the government. The leaders were targeted and the rest ran for cover.

    In a studio of a live show they hold up signs to clap and people do it. What does that mean?

    This has no bearing on what people feel overall.
    I think Catherine Fitts has lost faith in her fellow man.
    People will respond to what is right – but you need to have honest leaders and those leaders need support from the main stream media.

    None of that will happen as long as the Fed is in control.

    Paul Craig Roberts is right in saying there is no hope for our Government or the economy as there is no way to correct it.
    We are long past the point of no return.

    It’s too bad Paul Craig Roberts could not run for president as he has the best handle of the problems of anyone I have communicated with.

    To say the Fed and the G7 has things under control is not a reality of this world.

    Why is it that a criminal that has stolen one million dollars does not stop robbing banks. They just continue until they are caught.

    When you can answer that question then you will understand why the system will fall apart.

    The question is what to do after the collapse.

    In over 2000 years man has not changed much and history just keeps repeating itself. But people never seem to learn from the past.

  32. Anne Elliott

    Greg, either you or Ms. Fitts must have touched a nerve somewhere, because I tried to replay the video and it said “the movie format is not supported”. I then reloaded the entire webpage and now the video is missing entirely! So much for freedom of speech!!!

    • Greg

      Anne Elliott,
      It is playing now and has 5,700 views. Try it again. Thank you for the heads up.

  33. George Silver

    Dear Greg
    Just one further thing to my previous post.
    When you talk about the Dollar, Euro or Pound you are talking about the symbol of the debt that everyone is made responsible for by our governments and central banks. As far as governments and central banks are concerned this debt is owed by us the tax paying people.

    Now for the REALLY BIG FRAUD (as far as I’m concerned) and that’s the GOLD held by the central banks.
    This Gold is owned by PRIVATE individuals and not the people.
    We own the debt but private entities own the Gold.

    Maybe you could ask one of your guests about this?

  34. Galaxy 500

    Thanks for putting this up Sunday!
    Force as a means to alter a natural system…the more distortion , either in size and/or duration, requires increasing amounts of force to maintain the same level of distortion. This is why our economy, by all realistic measures, is declining regardless of the phoney government numbers trying to convince everyone that it is not so. Hoping and propaganda doesn’t make an economy recover.

  35. kathleen

    Greg, I watch your show each time it is on. One suggestion, especially with someone whose every word I hang onto, like CA Fitts, is let her do most of the talking without too many sweeping questions and interruptions. I appreciate your passion, what you are doing and the folks you have on the show. Keep it coming. Thanks, Kathleen

    • Michael

      Personally, I am grateful for Greg’s many attempts to pull her back down to earth (and relevancy) from all her self-aggrandizing diatribe…

      “I am the most experienced person in the whole world”

      The pure puffery of her prideful remarks makes me doubt her credibility at any level.

      The Ill-Will she suggests as appropriate action by others causes me to disregard everything she says. EVERYTHING. People of ill-will lead others into corrupting themselves. I suggest letting her go her own way – ALONE.

      Again I thank Greg for TRYING to steer her to more relevant and objective comments.

      But of course; to each his/(her) own!


  36. dennis

    Spiritual warfare. So true. Thank you so much for the interview.

    • Michael

      True spiritual warfare (by a true follower of Christ) FIRST and FOREMOST overcomes the evil motivations (ill-will) that would move one to return evil for evil, ill-will for ill-will, curse for curse.

      Successful spiritual warfare enables a follower of Christ to say what Jesus says and DO what He always does — “Bless those who curse you” and “overcome evil WITH GOOD”. That is what it means to truly follow Christ. Giving Jesus “lip service” while doing and proscribing that others too do evil to all the employees of a bank, just pisses God off.

      God’s wrath is STILL against all unrighteousness, but foremost against those who hold the truth IN UNRIGHTEOUSNESS. Watch and see, and learn.

      What Ms. Fitts demonstrates (by her own words and attitude) is “backsliding” into the flesh (assuming she really does believe in Christ); and that is carnal warfare, flesh against flesh. Just like the “sons of thunder” who said “shall we call down fire from heaven to destroy them?” Jesus replied: “You know not what spirit you are of”. Jesus did not affirm His apostles in that, He rebuked them for their motivation of ill-will towards others who wanted nothing to do with Jesus. Jesus responded to those people by walking away from them. That’s a good model to follow — walk away and participate as little as is possible, but as much as is possible: be at peace with all mankind.

      Jesus hasn’t changed. He is the same; yesterday today and forever. What He did then, He will do now.

      The self-exaltation and pride of Ms. Fitts are also indicators of the flesh controlling her, as well as the recommendations for others to treat them with ill-will. I’m not condemning her, I’m bringing the light to bear on what has transpired and exposing delusion for what it is. Her advice is carnal retaliation — not spiritual warfare in Christ’s name.

      I don’t intend to be preachy, but I am compelled to interrupt whenever I see some deluded soul misdirecting others who may not know the truth of the matter or have a real and personal relationship with Christ.

      Personally, I hope Ms. Fitts reconsiders her position and turns, following Christ rather than the precepts of men.

      with all good-will,

  37. bob d

    So true,but nothing new under the sun. Peace

  38. brian wilson

    Despite the weird and awkward dynamic going on between you and Catherine where you say something or ask a question and she seems to reflexively insist on restating and reframing what you said on her own terms before moving forward, I thought this was an excellent interview.

    Catherine strikes me as someone who is maybe too intelligent to get past the need to communicate all the nuanced details her perspective offers and just come out and make a simple point…but then thats just my own personal assessment here.

    For me the big take away from this interview is the epic and valid truth that before we go out and string up the bankers who are willfully, maliciously and blatantly profiting off of the death and destruction of virtually every man, woman and child on this earth, we need to indict ourselves for being enablers, co-conspirators and accessories to this madness, because as she points out, it is from our blood and our time and our energy that they derive such power for themselves to bear, and we have long ago past the point where we can simply take the moral high ground and walk away, we must disentangle ourselves from this rotten system with an appropriate sense of desperation that allows us to implement any and all means available necessary to first free ourselves and then deal justly with “them”.

  39. petedivine

    Let me start by saying I am a big fan of what you do and what your site represents. I will make a donation in the near future to show my appreciation. Let me say that I found your interview with Mrs. Austin Fitts to be tremendously informational. I thought her description of the current economic environment to be profound. Essentially, we are living in a corrupt system that is tacitly if not implicitly sanctioned by the people of the United States. I find that to be an apt description of our current paradigm. Before hearing her view point, I believed the system was hijacked by a group of corrupt financial elites. I am not so sure anymore. I find it more reasonable to believe the system has always been corrupt. The internet news revolution has simply made the corrupt nature readily apparent for those of us interested in such things. Mrs. Fitts highlighted some hard truths. She stated that the healthcare system and the food system will be used to decrease the population. I think she is spot on. The implications to the peoples of the U.S. and to the world population are undeniable. She also stated that the financial elite are not planning on paying the social obligations such as social security etc., but rather to use those funds to increase / prop the power of the U.S. I find that to be very intriguing as well. We all assume the government planed on fulfilling its social obligations, but actions speak louder then words. Obamacare, FDA aggressive tactics with Organic farms, Detroit, financial fraud, militarization of the police force, Homeland Security ammo purchases, Monsanto support, etc. The government has no intention of fulfilling its social promises with America. That frees up a lot of resources. She may be correct, in that there will be no financial collapse next year. Financial collapse for some is monetary debasement to others. I think it’s wise to see that other nations experiencing currency debasement don’t necessarily experience a collapse. Even John Williams states that we will start to see hyperinflation in 2014. The operative word being “start”. A collapse could be many years away. The Soviet Union appeared stable for many years until it experienced a collapse. IMHO the U.S. domination of global financials and assets is starting to contract. That simply means the U.S. will have a more limited and contested role in future global asset grabs. We will most likely be constrained to dominating the American hemisphere. How well can TPTB control the price of Gold and Silver? I think Mrs. Fitts may be mistaken on her Gold / Silver stance. She sells a news letter that focuses on making money and thriving in the current paradigm. I would be curious to see what she actually recommends. By her own admission, Mrs. Fitts was a fighter that was severely beaten by TPTB. Recommending Silver and Gold might be a line in the sand that she will not cross, because she has already suffered the consequences of defiance.

    • Greg

      Thank you for your comment and for your support of the site!!

  40. David

    While a lot of what Fitts says is true I have little respect for her. She works for the Bush I administration and is fired. Then hired by the Clinton administration and is fired. Then works for the (in)Justice Department for eleven years. She obviously has no problem stealing taxpayer money like any other government hack. It’s one thing to work for government and see the light and leave but this woman did it repeatedly and for protracted periods of time. A person doesn’t have to work for government to be an effective advocate against government corruption.

    • Greg

      I think you are being a little too harsh on someone who was fired for exposing wrongdoing and fraud with both Democrat and Republican administrations. You said, “A person doesn’t have to work for government to be an effective advocate against government corruption.” You are correct, but it helps to have inside knowledge of what is going on in the government you criticize. Thank you for your comment and perspective.

      • David

        Greg –

        With all due respect does that mean that someone should voluntarily go to work for the NSA so that they can have inside information about who they are spying on? Does that mean that people should go to work for the FDA to expose government collusion with big pharma? Does that mean that people should go to work for the EPA to expose what is going on with water rights across the country? Does that mean that people should go to work for IRS to expose the tyranny of direct taxation?

        I’m sick and tired of giving government workers including the military a pass. These people are leeches who feed off the rest of us. I don’t need Fitts or anyone else to tell me that the federal government is a corrupt, violent and immoral entity. And I don’t need to hear it from someone who spent many years willingly accepting taxpayer dollars. Any moral person who saw what she saw the first go around with Bush I wouldn’t go back to the public trough with Clinton and then the justice department. That my friend is theft. Period.


        • Greg

          Ms. Fitts is an informed source who has been clearly punished by the system for speaking out. Please take this for what it is, information that few can deliver and act accordingly. Thank you for your passion and comment. This stuff makes me mad too.

    • David

      While I am sure that you take your job seriously you clearly don’t understand that government workers are thieves. Obviously you have no understanding of how you get paid. Ask yourself this very simple question the next time you get your pay stub – is the source of this income from funds derived voluntarily or involuntarily? If you are a government worker than the source of your income is derived from involuntary sources. That is to say, those of us who labor and are stolen from by way of immoral direct taxation. You can spin it any way you want but that is the unvarnished truth. What’s even more reprehensible is that, as a Christian, you should know better. “Thou shalt not steal”. A study of the life of Christ would show him to be an anarchist who demanded the same of His followers.

      The clearest passage in which Jesus forbids us to be “archists” (statists, government workers) is Mark 10:42-45 – But Jesus called them to Himself and said to them, “You know that those who are considered rulers over the Gentiles lord it over them, and their great ones exercise authority over them. {43} YET IT SHALL NOT BE SO AMONG YOU; but whoever desires to become great among you shall be your servant. {44} And whoever of you desires to be first shall be slave of all. {45} “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.”

      The word translated “rulers” comes from the Greek word from which we derive our word “anarchist.” Jesus clearly says His followers are not to be “archists.” In fact, God hates archists. But go ahead and convince yourself that working for government is okay and that you are doing the Lord’s work.

      • Galaxy 500

        So your thesis is that all government workers are thieves and then you quote scripture that backs it up…when Jesus was asked about taxes, he asked a “righteous” Pharisee like yourself for a coin and asked whose face was on it. The Pharisee said, “Caesar” and our Lord Jesus replied, “rend unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and unto God what is God’s”
        Your position is untenable in addition to being incorrect. Good luck and God bless

  41. Larry

    GREG,I HAVE HEARD kATHERRIJNE MANY TIMES. She has many view points I agree with but she also has mental blocks as far as her willingness to consider more severe possibilities. Your question about the Saudies willingness to accept any currency for purchase of their oil, leavess but one possiblity as an outocme. The fall of the dollar and a new reserve currency. She does not want to contemplate that reality and therfore choses another way out. Dr. Paul Criag Roberts is the smartest and most likey correct prognosticator in the room.

    Thank you for your good work.

  42. Beano

    I don’t want to argue about it anymore. It’s time to just change the model as the Constitution requires. It is too CORRUPT.

    They put in an a person UNQUALIFIED, ILLEGAL AND UNFIT not once but TWICE affirming the model is totally CORRUPT.

  43. M. Smith

    Greg, what a interview. The comments were great. I found this & am way over my head, maybe Karen Hudes or KAF or some the readers could shine a light on this sites info, I can’t!

    If just a small part of this is true then it changes the whole game, if it’s just BS, then only some time was lost trying to get to the truth, right?

  44. Troy

    Greg I personally found this interview to be VERY VERY interesting, and well worth watching!

    Many thanks!!!

    No Confidence Party http://12160.info/group/vote-for-in-2012
    Quit being part of the problem.

    • J.C. Davis

      Thank you Troy.

  45. Jim H

    Thanks greg for having Catherine on again
    I had some correspondence with her in the late 90’s and she is a Lady who knows what the few are capable of. I too shouted the sky is falling (thinking sudden apocalyptic collapse) for many years but have come to agree with Catherine. It has been a very slow collapse my whole adult life and the few seem to be content with slowly turning the world into slaving consumers. When we have had enough, we will go the way of Egypt or take the Catherine Austin Fitts high ground by suddenly or slowly stopping our participation in our own demise. I also agree that nothing good I have received in life came to me through excessive worry or anger.

  46. Jerry

    I’m just a dumb hillbilly, but I was wondering how Catherine Fitts can sit there and say nothing is going to happen to the dollar, when just last week there was this?


    Are we to believe that the Chinese won’t have a say about it? I just don’t understand her logic??

  47. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg

    Great interview, but I must partially disagree with Mrs. Austin Fitts. Reason because will collapse like Argentina did it in 1999, which is described in Ernest Hemingway’s 1926 novel, The Sun Also Rises:
    “How did you go bankrupt?” Bill asked.

    “Two ways,” Mike said. “Gradually and then suddenly.”

    USA currently in the gradual phase, when or where will actually collapse (where will be the turning point) I don’t know, but I suspect 2 major events in 2014:
    -the COMEX banks will ran out of gold (imminent market collapse and the skyrocketing gold which can’t be hammered down);
    -the dept ceiling charade redoux February 2014.

    Other stuff f worth of reading:
    -HFT threatening the stability of markets (runaway algo or cyberattack): http://www.zerohedge.com/contributed/2013-10-28/high-frequency-terrorism
    -inept and incompetent government(s): http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-10-28/guest-post-two-forces-and-three-bears
    -the “insanity” of apparatchiks: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-10-28/guest-post-gathering-storm
    -and nonexistent Spanish (&European) recovery: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-10-28/what-spanish-recovery

    So for whatever reason will become “the storm” visible for Joe from street, the storm will blow away lot of his “stuff”.
    In one thing I’m certain if the Obama’s administration will be able hold together USA in some degree then the Americans should consider themselves lucky, in which Mrs. Hudes will have a great part.

    What do you think Greg?

    • Arthur Radley

      “…if the Obama’s administration will be able hold together USA in some degree then the Americans should consider themselves lucky…”

      Hello Oracle 911,

      You think the Obama administration is trying to hold the USA together? Gee, I have been thinking that it is trying to tear it apart. And doing a dang good job of it, too.


      • Greg

        Arthur Radley,
        The phrase “Divider in Chief” comes to mind.

        • Oracle 911

          Well Greg yes, dived et imperia.
          But I talked about the territorial integrity of the USA and the possibility of secession at least for 1 state (Texas) if things go REALLY bad.

  48. Allen Ols

    Eric Sprott just posted KWN

    ”Weare either going to have a collapse to end All collapses; or we are going to have hyper-inflation”

    Hmmnnn. Maybe both?

    • Liquid Motion

      Actually Al, it was John Embry I believe….nevertheless…still very well credentialed and correct…IMHO.

      • Allen Ols

        they both said it as I went back to pcr site to find it b4 posting it. Tks. Looks like more are in agreement.

  49. Matt

    Folks, we are fortunate that Greg can get the likes of Catherine Austin Fitts in a lengthy interview one-on-one. With an open mind, listen to what she says. The first couple of times that I listened to her interviews or read her articles, I was completely confused. She has such a unique perspective, and it will sink through if you have an open mind, and really listen to what she is saying. She doesn’t claim to have all the answers, but she makes some key points about how we can detach from an oppressive system, and how anger can be self-destructive. This woman is definitely onto something… I for one will look forward to her next interview. Thanks, Greg.

    • Greg

      Thank you so much for adding this perspective for our readers. Now, here’s something for you written by Ms. Fitts. It is very interesting and give you an idea of how her opinion was shaped. http://www.dunwalke.com/1_Brady_Bush_Bechtel.htm Check out the old pics of Ms. Fitts with Bush 41 too!!

      • Clars


        Thank you for posting this about Catherine Fitts !! It explains HOW corrupt the system is and WHY Ms. Fitts keeps going back to what the “controlling” insiders will do to keep it going. Why mess with a continual multi-stream income of dollars ? which is very hard to trace lest you be taken out. They will fight to the end whenever that might be. The extent of corruption in just her sphere alone was mind boggling !! I am grateful that she is on the upswing of her ordeal and is willing to share her expertise with Joe Schmo, like me, in that our paths would never cross in the real world.

        I do agree with her, like Chris Martenson from Peak Prosperity, that we need to situate ourselves to be as independent from as many systems as we can ei, food, water, energy. I live in the Peoples Republic of Maryland and the writing is on the wall with Rain taxes, toilet taxes, smart meters for electric and gas, save the Bay fees etc….. everything is regulated and taxed and if we didn’t have a decent living wage here then we would move west.

        Keep up the GREAT work Greg we NEED truth tellers!!

        Time is getting short.

        • Greg

          Thank you Clars for the kind words. Ms. Fitts is reading the comments. I am sure she thanks you too.

      • mohammad

        I wrote my post and my response before i read the link you put here, seems am right on the money, thanks for this great article that galvanized what i know.
        Oh by the way, from the photos in that article SHE IS A DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think after all those years she still is.

  50. FWR

    What a bad interview you held with Ms. Fitt. She says a sentence and you respond that you did not hear it. Why don’t you listen, and then ask questions that extend the line of the thought of the interviewee? Her point was that we are not passive victims of our economic system, dollar collapse, political corruption, etc. We are accomplices. Listen. “WE” are accomplices, in our routine every day actions. You insist media ignores important stories. She points out that you do not have to listen to media. Listen to your interviewees. Listen to them. Please. Don’t try to make them into puppets saying what you want to say. Please.

  51. Galaxy 500

    Great interview. I am appalled some believe they can determine whether Ms Fitts is a Christian based on this interview. I’ll take her word for it. She presents interesting points. Thanks again for having her on your site.

  52. Joanna

    Greg!! I love all your interviews. I’ve been watching them for 2 years and I have to say, this one was the BEST! She broke it down in a way that we could all understand! I couldn’t stop shaking my head up and down while listening!
    I mean, most of us are simple people trying to live our simple lives. For those that have awakened, we can see the corruption but don’t fully understand some of the complexities and we just want a simple explanation. She did it! She was so spot on and couldn’t have been any more clear in her explanation of everything! She is awesome!
    I am so thankful for your work and the guest you have on!

  53. Galaxy 500

    You just can’t make this stuff up. Obamacare website still promising you can keep your plan if you like it. Obama lies are the NEW truth


  54. Troy

    “Guess what? Your the problem… No that can’t be;)!?!” NoCP

  55. Coalburner9

    I loved it!
    As usual I read most of the comments. Someone mentioned the similarity between Hude and Fitts. I noticed that too. I would say they both pushed that “Red Button” and the Splashback was so powerful that they will still be truthful and informative but they are not getting close to that button again. She is right about a lot of things she said. We are all involved but the world elites whomever they are want to reduce “us” to the lowest common denominator. Obama is just another puppet in the game they play. As we used to say in the office about the folks who had earned denigration and were helplessly in way over their heads “he is just not fair game”. Someone mentioned that the Senate and Congress were the ones really responsible for this mess and that is true. Those Senators that have been there thirty, forty, fifty years got us into the mess this deep and they haven’t learned a thing. One more thing, I pushed a little red button once and Fitts is right you cannot let the anger eat you up. What you find out is that you were lied to about the real “Rules of the Game” Yes we were and they are the greatest liars in the world, that is how they got to the high places.

  56. Liquid Motion

    Hi Greg,

    Thanks for doing the dirty work and for bringing CAF back to bare the hard truths.
    What we have here is an honest assessment of the reality of the dark world in which live.
    Whilst her bedside manner can do with some re-engineering, she is unequivocal in her message. Some things I do not agree with but nonetheless she delivers.

    Its very true what CAF says about the psychology….(she)having witnessed first hand the might of the powerful bodies behind the charade…when you interfere for the “Good” and for Righteous reasons…you will be slapped down to the point where you are driven to insanity (almost in CAF’s case). There is too much to lose and too much at stake for them to turn a blind eye. No upstart/insider is getting a free ride off their backs !!!

    Cath’s goodwill gesture to remove the banks and corporates from our everyday existence in protest to the corrupt fraudulent system is in my humble opinion, multiplying her experience by 150 million times. Consider what TPTB would do to ensure that there was continued compliance and acceptance by the masses(under the “too much to lose” concept), do they revert to punitive action on a scale that is simply unimaginable? You have a humanitarian disaster of biblical proportions sitting in waiting in that case. Perhaps the simple remedy would be to accept the current circumstances with a clear understanding of what may be bestowed upon us. This really obviates the need to unnecessarily undertake psychological/physical trauma…which would surely be unwelcomed but delivered with force in any other event where people en masse protested in the fashion which CAF suggests.

    Fraud and corruption are part of our human genome. We know its there doing its little thing, and we don’t really take much notice of it, unless or until a problem occurs. When the problem manifests itself into life threatening situations, we look for deep answers, only to find that the cancerous cells have been carried with us throughout generations and that we have also burdened our children with it too.

    Sure the system is wrong its complex and diabolical but its the lesser of two evils IMHO. The scale of corruption is enormous, the elites operating at the pointy end have immense power and we the public accept what is clearly covert (drug trafficking, manipulation, counterfeiting, theft…and the list goes to infinity)happenings. We prefer the less painful option (denial) rather the brutal “slap down”. Imagine a world without law and order. Rape and pillage would be the order of the day, as would death, starvation and anarchy.

    Do we really want to be pushing the red buttons ? DO WE ?
    What desires do we have ..punishing those that did us wrong ?? Well I’m afraid we are all a little too late for that for we really needed to remove some of our ancestors from the family tree to ensure that the cancer was not carried down through generation.

    A Reset is perhaps the only solution for the continued theft by debt. Power will reside in those individuals who control the masses once more. That number 40 has come up again.. and $$$ TLN of them, seems like an awful lot of fire power to kick start a new system (or perhaps take over an existing one and maybe even buy a few TONNE of GOLD)in the process.

    It troubles me that we can spend a considerable amount of valuable time attempting to uncover the “Real” truth. So much we will never be privy to and yet we will continue to accept the system as it is now , or whatever is thrown at us in a few years time. Time for more Acceptance and less time for ANGER. Perhaps I am being fanciful in my wishes….but knowing mankind…we may yet see more of the latter.

    I can see how perverse this whole setup has and will become. It clearly is designed to ensure that those who are anti (the establishment) will be driven out or into a shell of existence. In the case of the uneducated and accepting public (sheeple) they will continue to lead an ever increasing deterioration in living standards. Everyone eventually succumbs to the force of the controllers. So that is why I say acceptance now.

  57. Jerry

    I agree with you. I have found that anybody who has rubbed shoulders with a politician can’t help but be a little dirty. I have been through over 6o years of political promises, and have yet to find a politician who has made a sale for me, or put food on my table. Maybe that’s why so many people love Obama. He takes from those that produce, and gives to those who are willing to take.

    There are only two things you can depend on.
    1. Your own god given talents.
    2. Hard work

    The rest is B.S.

    • Galaxy 500

      The only other is God

  58. Galaxy 500

    At what point does the evidence of overwhelming malfeasance dethrone Barack Hussein Obama?


  59. Matt

    Wow, that’s the whole story there – have not seen this, thanks Greg (and the pics are great!)

  60. KD

    …respectfully we must disagree, the Constitution must be upheld, representatives must represent. Bankers guilty of treason shall be tried, and those found guilty shall be hung according to the law. Define the line, without punishment, there is no law. Catherine likes to spread the blame, at last count minimum wage garners no $10 million bonuses. Hang the bastards.

  61. DAVE

    Hi Greg
    I was looking at this and thinking ,wow!!,we couldn’t handle 18% inflation.Could this be a prelude to what is coming?No wonder they are buying Gold


    Thanks Dave

  62. Charles H.

    Greg and Catherine,

    I read through your link to Catherine’s historical narrative completely. I have to say that – those who don’t read it are loosing-out: it was a real eye-opener. Her story also gives much insight into the scope of what’s behind the curtain; as well as a perspective of where she speaks from: exceptional experience.

    You were totally right: Catherine was a raving beauty – formidable, classy, and I bet she affected many around her. And for the record: she still is – in the kindness of soul, which is what really counts.

    Catherine Austin Fitts has tread paths that ‘average’ people will never know; and in a sense, she is a hybrid of experience and enduring purpose – based upon uncompromising values. Her niche in life reflects basically that higher path and the systems she knows from that strata. And though she has been reduced to a more ground-floor operation: she has stayed true to her vision – doing right, helping people, communities, and the greater good. She still sees and tries to work ‘within the system’, with a view to provide independence apart from the pitfalls and traps the system proportions. I can see why precious metals aren’t too important, when diversification of assets – real and personal – are a larger aspect, with not all your eggs in one basket. I hope she is right; and a breakdown doesn’t happen, the Dollar isn’t trashed, and the country doesn’t implode. I must reserve my firm opinion that what we are heading into and will become will not resemble anything the USA used to be.

    Though her perspectives generally reflect traveling in circles we don’t easily relate to: she is an honest voice – and her many insights are benevolent. Catherine is a good contributor.

  63. Galaxy 500

    So a little less free stuff and the roots begin?

    • Galaxy 500

      Snap…wretched spell checker
      Maybe I.just fat.fingered it…oh well

  64. TomK

    Please stop blaming the victims.
    Not everyone has a degree in accounting.
    Not everyone has a degree in finance.
    Most people have a job and are just worried about feeding and housing their family.

    They haven’t yet figured out that their government, their press and their federal reserve lie to them at every turn.
    Here are just a few examples.
    It would take no effort to come up with many, many more.
    The president lied when he said at the press conference where he nominated Janet Yellen to be the new federal reserve chairman, that she should be the next fed reserve chairman because she was the one on the fed reserve that saw the housing crash coming.
    (She testified to congress during the investigation of the cause of the crash that she did not see it coming.)
    The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times also said that Yellen saw the housing crash coming.
    So much for impartial investigative journalism.
    Our current federal reserve chairman went on 60 minutes (national prime time TV) and said QE is not printing money.
    They are printing money and debasing the currency.
    This is no different than someone secretly releasing counterfeit dollars into the economy.

    Our government releases a budget which shows we have a trillion dollar deficit each year when in fact if they were to account for their debts like everyone else,(that means holding reserves for health care/medicare and medicade and pension/social security obligations) their deficit per year would be around 6 trillion dollars each year.
    (Everyone else includes all corporations, and yes even state and local governments.)

    This all runs in a cycle.
    People are starting to figure out who the liars are.
    It’s just taking some time to figure out what the truth is.
    Big money interests have done a good job with their propaganda.

    I’m looking forward to the day when the constitution and rule of law are enforced again.
    Will that mean that Eric Holder will be prosecuted for malfeasance in office for totally failing to do his job of enforcing our laws as head of the Department of Justice?

  65. Mary

    Thanks, Greg and Catherine. Great interview!

  66. Edward Murrow


    Do everyone a favor….calm down, stop interrupting her, and stop trying to put words in her mouth in an attempt to stir the pot and get everyone all riled up with armageddon porn.

    Not good journalism!

  67. Just Justin

    Greg – I totally love you and your website, but I am very suspect of something she said, and I was so glad you called her on it. At 10:07 she says “If you want to put the bankers in jail – be careful, because if you put the bankers in jail…they’re not gonna finance you anymore.” Greg’s response: “Yeah, but you know what: in the end they’re gonna kill our society.” What she said is ludicrous. She is suggesting we cannot have honest bankers/banking in our country? We cannot replace law breaking bankers with law abiding ones?

    Greg – these “people” are coming out of the woodwork! I’m glad you responded to her (in my opinion) idiotic statement.

  68. Motorbike Mike

    I laughed big time when you were talking about the devalued dollar -“Oh, I get my goverment check, but a loaf of bread is 40 bucks!” It seems like you tried to corner her a bit for an answer as to whether or not the dollar will collapse. It seems she was unwilling to answer that question at first. It seems like she and “hers” don’t want the dollar to collapse. They must be crapping their pants right now!

  69. SteepHill

    Thank-you Greg for airing your interview with Catherine Austin Fitts. I look forward to all the interviews you get and only wish I had quicker and easier access to to your open & honest web based news format (long story about my situation, somewhat similar to your guest).

    Ms. Fitts often strikes me as someone with one foot still in the doctrine of neo-classical school of economic theory and the other foot looking for stable ground. Although not discussed in depth, her views favoring equities over PMs may have been in terms of a short time frame (maybe very short?).

    What impresses me is how she persevered through such hardship brought about by the hands of a government she worked for. I’d like to thank her for discussing how detrimental our outward anger can be to our health and loved ones. All things considered, I’m still struggling with that issue.

    I do not agree with some of her views of the present financial cabal – perhaps after her “beatdown” she suffers a slight form of Stockholm Syndrome? (Just kidding Catherine, I love you!) Nice to hear how she works to keep her spiritual house in order…something we should all be doing, especially me.

    • Greg

      Nothing you said was offensive. She was punished greatly for exposing the massive fraud in housing. I like Catherine Austin Fitts very much.

  70. Kevin Moore

    Re: Bank Fraud –

    “…Banks do not have pre-existing funds in the form of legal tender to lend, except in miniscule amounts relative to the size of their loan portfolios.1 In other words, banks create demand deposits out of nothing, and it therefore remains a nothing. The malpractice continues because public accountants as auditors sanctify the aforementioned practice by “certifying” the banks’ financial statements, provoking credit expansion, moral hazard, asset bubbles, liquidity-stressed financial markets, bank runs, and eventually global financial crises……”
    “………Recoupment – (1) The recovery or regaining of expenses Applying the setoff so you can get back what you gave and what you are entitled to. (2) The withholding for the equitable part or all of something that is due. This is all equitable action in admiralty style instruments.
    Blacks Law Dictionary:
    IOU – a memorandum acknowledging a debt. See also a due bill.
    DUE BILL – See IOU
    SIGHT DRAFT – A draft that is due on the bearers demand; or on proper presentment to the drawer. Also termed a demand draft. A draft is an unconditional order signed by one person, the drawer directing another person, the drawee, to pay a certain sum of money on demand or at a definite time to a person, the payee, or to bearer.
    This is colorable. Who is holding the debt? A due bill is like a sight draft. They are not saying from which perspective it is a debt, from theirs or yours. The party receiving the IOU is the debtor, because the IOU is an asset. It is an instrument, and you are the originator. You have …………”

    Upon “approval, banks accept your signed “credit card” agreement as a promissory note and deposits your note as an asset.

    That note is then “monetized,” and “deposit multiplied” by a factor of 10. For example, a $1,000 credit limit, agreement/promissory note is monetized to $10,000.00. $1,000.00 is credited to the “credit card” company’s bank account. And the rest, $9,000.00, is gravy. (Did you get a kiss? A thank-you? $100.00 on the dresser?)

    The banks use the attributes of the Federal Reserve “deposit multiplier,” to enrich themselves by a factor of 9 times the amount of the “deposit.” ($9,000.00 in the example above). (This “multiplier” factor can go as high as 23 times the deposit amount).

    And now, it gets even better for the banks, because every time you use their “credit card” and sign a purchase transaction “receipt” slip, as authorized agent for the bank, you create another promissory note, which the merchant deposits into his account as cash. Then, the banks once again, use the “deposit multiplier” money manufacturing scam to enrich themselves by a factor of approximately 9 times the amount of the new deposit; the face value amount of your “credit card” purchase transaction.

    The Merchant’s bank deposits all of the signed “credit card” slips and uses the “deposit multiplier” money manufacturing scam to enrich themselves by a factor of approximately 9 times the amount of the deposit. And on, and on, and on.

    How many times does this happen? How many times have you and many others used a credit card?

    The criminal banks could not enrich themselves without YOU signing the notes, in ignorance, playing their fools’ game.

    And not only that, in the example above, it is a fact that the credit card company gained a full $1,000 from the original agreement that was signed by YOU.

    Even if you never use the credit card, the “credit card” company has received unjust enrichment of $1000 + $9000 (deposit multiplier) on the operation of the scam based upon your participation, by your signature on the promissory note or credit card agreement.

    The credit card company is paid in full by the value of YOUR signature on all those promissory notes YOU generate. The credit card company is never at any risk and never loses a penny even if YOU never pay.

    YOU were robbed. Non-disclosure of the facts is fraud!
    The General Epistle of Barnabus chapter 9 “………wherefore it is not the command of God that they should not eat these things; but Moses in the Spirit spake unto them, …….neither says he, shalt thou eat the eagle, nor the hawk, nor the kite, nor the crow; that is thou shalt not keep company with such kind of men as know not how by their labour and sweat to get themselves food; but injuriously ravish away the things of others; and watch how to lay snares for them; when at the same time they appear to live in perfect innocence………so these birds alone seek not food for themselves, but sitting idle seek how they may eat of the flesh others have provided; being destructive through their wickedness……..”

  71. Joe Morris

    Thank you Greg!!!

    Just found your website and you have a new loyal listener.

    It’s going to be hardship whether or not these gangsters stay in power or not. The choice seems obvious to me.

    The question everyone needs to ask themselves, “Would I die to make this world a better place?” It’s not that drastic for all but, “Would you take a year of suffering to have a fair and balanced planet?” I think the majority of people would. Catherine is ABSOLUTELY right when she asks the questions of ‘How did we get this country?’ ‘How have we sustained this country?’ It has all been criminal. But people are waking up to that now and I am willing to bet, that most people would make major sacrifices to steer away form that.

    You’re right Greg, people are brain washed by the media. People don’t want to take their heads out of the sand because they feel powerless. I find the latter is everyone’s response when I bring these issues up. The masses need to be smacked in the face with these sort of interviews in some way or the other.

    Thank you for sticking your neck out there for us.

    • Greg

      Thank you Joe and Welcome to the site. Thank you for swallowing the “red” pill.

  72. BrianDH

    Hi Greg, I love the work you do and the guests you have on are always thought provoking and usually emtertaining too. A bit of (hopefully) constructive criticism for you Greg: please, please stop interupting and speaking over the top of your guests so much. I don’t know if it is an American ‘thing’ or habit (it seems to happen on most interviews in the USA) or if it is just your enthusiasm but it is highly annoying to the viewer (they can’t hear what either person is saying when both speak at the same time) and to the guest. The frustration on the face and in the voice of catherine Fitts was palpable. Hopefully you take this in the spirit it is intended Greg – th try and improve your mostly great interviews and website. Thanks again for the tireless work you do on your site Greg. Cheers, Brian (Sydney, Australia).

    • Greg


      Thank you for you feedback. At my age I am just not going to get any better. Thank you aging for your support.


  73. bob klinck

    The Seven Deadly Sins: Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth. Wrath, Envy, Pride. All derive from self-centeredness and will rot out any society. Where they go, Love, and cooperation directed to inclusive benefit, does not.

  74. Kitty Love

    I am SO glad I found this interview. Catherine Austin Fitts is absolutely my new hero! In my opinion, taking a traumatic situation and turning into absolute share-able wisdom is the most respectable and spiritually sound action a person can take. Thank you, Lady! I strive to be more like you!

  75. Cathleen

    Greg . . . I noticed Catherine Austin Fitts’s website is not available. She may be very interested in knowing that the Black Book is Available. I thought maybe you would know how to get in touch with her.

    The Black Book Is Available!
    @NeilKeenan (dot) com


  76. William H. Carr

    I have watched that video on the collapse by Michael Ruppert, the ex-LA cop who stood up in South Central in front of a townhall meeting with the CIA Director John Deutsch, said “the CIA has been dealing drugs in this city for a long time,” and then commenced to call Gary Webb’s key witness who worked at AIG in SF and knew Carlos Lehder a fraud, that Webb killed himself with two-shots to the head. Who’s the fraud? Where was Ruppert before that opportunity to speak up?
    Keep some gold. Keep some silver. Grow a garden. Turn your swimming pool into a fish pond. Seven chickens can fertilize your garden and lay about 2000 eggs a year or about 38 eggs a week. Walk to the store. Loose your damn fat and dodge sugar diabetes. In other words join the Kit Carson and Davy Crockett model of modern living. Ditch the fear and remember what Sandra Bullock said about her two legged and three legged dog. “They don’t know that they are lacking anything.” Marry Sandra if you can…..she’ll be okay….

  77. 02144pomroy

    Greg, she lost me when she said that the only difference between the USA and Nazi Germany is that we haven’t been putting people in gas chambers. We are nothing but a buch of murders and slave drivers. What a jerk. She has no concept of world history. I still do not see that she “gets it”.

  78. WastedTalent

    Don’t take it so hard, she was not talking about you. Do your homework on the system of teft used in Nazi Germany. Follow the money.

  79. Johnny Genlock

    I wish I could weigh in with you on this pomroy, but unfortunately the eugenics Hitler practiced got its start right here in the US of A. Likewise, do some googling on the Defense Department’s biological warfare SPECIAL CANCER VIRUS program, which produced AIDS. How many have died from AIDS currently? Somewhere around 50 million? Green monkeys? Yes, okay, right here in American labs. An epidemiologist traced AIDS in Africa from the Urban Areas out to the Jungles. He concluded it was spread via the World Health Organization’s Smallpox vaccination program in Africa, and through the Hepatitis B vaccine program in key American cities. I would recommend transferring allegiance to the principles which formed this country and made it great rather than putting one’s faith in government, which word-wide, has been a recurring source of evil.

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