MSM Lies about Illegal Aliens, Most Americans Don’t Want Illegals, Trump Trapped-Gold Will Soar

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 273)

The mainstream media (MSM) are being exposed for the propaganda press it is. Trump has new guidelines to enforce immigration laws and deport people who are illegally here, and yet the MSM calls them “undocumented” or simply “immigrants.”  The MSM will not use the term “illegal immigrant” or “illegal alien” because it destroys the false narrative and would reinforce the idea that people break the law to come to America.  Democrats and their lap dog propaganda press want illegals from foreign countries to undermine the legitimate citizens and their wants and needs.

Poll after poll shows most Americans want immigration laws enforced. They certainly favor criminal aliens to be deported.  The latest poll shows a whopping 80% of Americans do not support so-called Sanctuary Cities where illegal aliens can hide from deportation.  Why isn’t this new poll shown all across the MSM spectrum?  Because they are what Donald trump calls “Fake News.”  Not showing the overwhelming negativity by America on illegal immigration is a lie by omission by the very fake mainstream media.

Former Fed Head Alan Greenspan says “we need a gold standard” more than ever. Greenspan also says that we would not be in such enormous and historic debt if the U.S. had a gold standard.  He also says inflation is coming, and that will “ultimately increase the price of gold.”  Multi-billion dollar money managers such as Jeff Gundlach and Kyle Bass are saying the same things and putting their money where their mouths are and buying gold.

After the Wrap-Up:

The guest for the “Early Sunday Release” is former White House Budget Director in the Reagan Administration, David Stockman. Stockman says what’s coming in the financial markets is nothing short of a “bloodbath.”


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  1. Larry White

    There is a recent article on Bloomberg I found interesting on how Trump and the IMF will get along. I review it here:

    I will be watching how this relationship unfolds carefully.


  2. dave l roselle

    Hi Greg
    What you are saying will never replace the illegals working in crop farms for chump change.Not the blacks or anyone will do that work for what they make


    • Greg Hunter

      You need 11 million to farm. I think not. If these folks want to work in America we should issue a visa with an expiration date and NO social security or any other handouts from taxpayers. By the way the left wonders why wages are falling on entry level jobs???? How does massive illegal immigration help the poor- It does not!!!!!! Coretta Scott King agrees with me.

    • Linda L.

      Rising costs from high taxes and unnecessary regulations are increasing upfront costs and red tape to all businesses including farmers. If our current administration can elevate some of these unnecessary burdens and lower taxes for businesses in general, maybe farmers would have more available money to pay their ‘legally’ residing workers/employees adequate wages. Without illegals doing some of these jobs due to the above circumstances, this would have to happen.

      • Charles H

        Alleviate? Plus – regulations and temporary visas are in place for seasonal workers. There should not be any need to break the Law. At least not on a massive, culture-wide scale.

    • Frederick

      Dave Not all these people work in “slave farms” as you allege Where I live on LI NY they are entrenched in construction with many of them running their own firms Mostly if not entirely under the table by the way They make ALOT of money and have ravaged the indigenous workforce Your theory is nonsense Bro

    • JC, the legal illegal

      Hi Dave. You are correct in your assessments. When crops start failing around the country and food doubles or triples the conservatives will realize that actions have consequences.
      First it is kick out the illegal Mexicans who are rapists, drug dealers, and criminals. Next is to bring in the same Mexicans with a special visa to pick our crops. So illegal=bad and legal=good. Yet it will be the same people doing the work. To further compound the situation a plan does not wait for a legal picker to come and harvest it. What will be done in the meantime?
      Will the USA just start to import crops from other places? This will enlarge the trade deficit between other countries. I was told the USA has a 60 billion trade deficit with Mexico and now it may expand. If that food comes from Mexico it will be 20% more expensive than that if Trump puts a tariff to build his Great Wall. If the dollar devalues and or fails, it will be even more expensive.

      I would suggest you start buying long term storable food.

  3. john duffy

    Everybody should send this video to law enforcement officers. It is outrageous that children are tortured by these sick bastards. Anybody with a conscience and human decency would not tolerate this and demand that these cretins be prosecuted and hanged.

    • Paul ...

      Americans must be awakened to the evil ones … and once evil is found it must be locked up or eliminated … crimes against women and children must stop now (and perverted Hollywood studios with their movies and TV shows that make “eating children” normal should be shut down by executive order) …

  4. Frederick

    Greg my wife and I spent thousands of dollars and waited two years after getting married in Turkey for her to get her green card She never would consider living in the US illegally
    You are correct that illegal immigration totally trashes our own workers I’ve experienced it personally My ex boss was black and employed ten illegals I asked him why and basically he said they worked harder for less in other words they were virtual slaves They also collected food stamps and had Medicaid access because they all worked under the table It’s horrible for low skilled and even skilled Americans as is seen by the election of Donald Trump People have had ENOUGH me included

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Absolutely right….go to any Greek restaurant on any waterfront. Check out the overnight cleaning crews in most private schools, churches, and many businesses. But only a few parolees or sad sacks will do that work for the low wages. And they quit soon. Americans are not used to manual labor…not just because they’re lazy…they haven’t got the vision, the world view their ancestors did.
      I grew up in Texas with people who were proud to sew, to grow tomatoes, to clean fish. Here on the Southeast coast it’s a disgrace to mow your own lawn….with a house full of sons, parents hire landscape crews to come every 2 weeks….crews with Mexicans.
      President Trump needs to inspire a whole new worldview to put America to work at the jobs illegals are doing.

  5. dlc

    “Power of the Dog” followed by “The Cartel” are 2 fictional books by Don Winslow which give some insight as to living in a narco state. I’d like to see the illegals turned back to corrupt Mexico and all the other countries. I think the cartels already have influence in our cities.

    Our current sheriff releases about 400 criminals every 10 days or so. After all of Sheriff Joe’s efforts, this is the big thank you he got from the voters. As a friend of mine once said: “You know we’re goners once Sheriff Joe leaves office.” I do not see any hope for the Southwest unless Trump can make a dent in this illegal mess. I fear though that the voters will just install the next presidential hustler who comes out of the CIA woodwork.

    I caught some news on the radio this evening that apparently a woman from ?Ecuador wants to stay in the U.S. as she has a brain tumor. Guess who gets that tab? We have a children’s hospital in Phoenix that treats children with severe congenital anomalies. I have processed their patient charts as well as charts all over this country, so I know. Illegals who have children with severe birth defects know to come here to get the blue ribbon treatment for sometimes several family members. The kind of children I’m talking about do not even know they are on the planet, cannot ever sit up on their own. Once they hit 18 or so, they get transferred to adult programs that go on into infinity. They have typically 5 specialists attending them.

    Then you have the cancer patients that come here like its Lourdes, France and expect all the miracles and get help faster than our own people. How long do you think we can keep this madness up? Can we afford to treat and maintain the entire world? I won’t even go into the transplant programs. It is criminal what we have done to our own people, our own vets in favor of these marauders.

    We reward these people. It has to stop. Where can we run to get this kind of service off the backs of some country’s citizens, the many of us who have slipped below middle class?

    One other thing. Remember the children who came here unattended? How many of those children wound up in the maw of the child traffickers? They tried to pluck children out of Haiti who were not orphans. Willing to bet many of these children who came up through Mexico came to an unthinkable end.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Americans love to think of themselves as benefactors, as long as isn’t for their own. It’s an ego thing. Everybody wants to be a fine Christian…
      Even St. Vincent de Paul used to tell the young men coming into the soup line, “Find a spade and DO something…even the birds of the air DO something.” Amen!

      • Galaxy 500

        Jesus told his Disciples not to accept charity but to earn what they received

    • Galaxy 500

      Nice post

  6. the genocidal politician

    also this week
    China prepares for regime change in NK,
    NK performs assassination using WMD VX NA,

    precious metals are being promoted by unlikely individuals and groups,

    • Frederick

      Well it’s about time Greenspan must have a guilty conscious for him to be promoting gold ownership Let’s hope the rally continues and TPTB fail in their attempts to crash the prices

  7. Mark Neher

    Yesterday videos would not come up on your site or similar sites. I told The Phaser and moments later the videos came up again on your site and similar sites. Now videos are not coming up again. Videos on liberal sites, such as CNN, CBS and NBC come up immediately and play. What’s going on? Thank you.

    • Frederick

      Just a guess but I’d say some sort of internet censorship targeting truth tellers like Greg

      • Mark

        Your guess is my suspicion too. I’m still getting very slow responses to Greg’s site, and other like his, but not liberal sites.

  8. Horse with no Mane

    Actress Janine Turner: Hollywood’s contempt towards Trump is based on ignorance

    Fox Business
    Cavuto to Obama: Fox didn’t win an election, you lost it

  9. Horse with no Mane


  10. dlc

    The very thing I was afraid of. Looks like Ivanka is having an influence on major decisions such as a softening on the “dreamers,” softening on global warming which is apparently a pet issue of hers, subsidizing child care to the tune of billions.

    The Trump children do not live like the rest of us, never will. I just think it is a very bad idea for family members to have so much influence. They are a distraction, present too many targets. This will blow up in Trump’s face.

    Then, there is Chelsea dragging her 2-year-old daughter to a demonstration in NY, grooming her early. All of these families launching dynasties off the public till. The thing I liked most about Laura Bush is that we rarely saw her, or the 2 girls.

    I do not get the Donald/Ivanka WH duo thingy. I was closest to my dad of all my siblings. I never interfered in his political doings, nor was I invited to do so. To heed a sheltered daughter’s opinion on political/public issues is just bizarre to me.

    No, I don’t care about dreamers, global warming, or subsidizing child care. Trump needs to heed his voters. If he goes soft over these issues, he is going to blow the Ace card he was given, and we will have lost all hope for a way out.

    • Macray

      Aah dlc
      The women of the world! I know what you mean. They always seem to have an effect on me too! I try to be strong, but …………………

  11. Dagfinn

    Dear Greg,
    Obama was surrounded by members of Muslim brotherhood. Trump seem to be surrounded by Christian Zionists. Can You name some?

    • Greg Hunter

      I can’s and I hate the term Zionists generally because I think if often passes as code for being anti-Semitic.

      • Dagfinn Klausen

        Fair enough, if we can agree on the term anti-semittic.
        According to my research, the term origined with the Scofield Bible.
        As Jews are not a race, and DNA samples have proved that very few of them have semittic ancestors, how come this term is accepted in the debate? And why do we accept this non-sencical word as real? For me, this does not make sence outside of propaganda perposes.

        On the other side, Christian Zionists are well defined through their Cabbala and Talmud as a powerful occult satanic sect, with an agenda for World dominance.

        • Greg Hunter

          I would not be using the Scofield Bible. Some say it’s not a proper Bible. Oh, now you are saying the Jews in Israel are fake Jews???? Christians are in a “satanic . . . cult.” Please stop. God knows where Israel is and who his people are. Please stop with this nonsense. End of comment on this.

        • Charles H

          Dagfinn Klausen,

          Few commertors come to this site so blatantly wrong.

          As far as I know – Scofield never prominiently used the term in his annotation of the KJV Bible. And since you give no reference either to the address in the Bible or of Schofield’s notes, appearing in margins or bottom of pages: I can only conclude your allegation as false.
          Wikipedia notes the “German word antisemitisch was first used in 1860 by the Austrian Jewish scholar Moritz Steinschneider (1816-1907)”, when C.I. Scofield was about seventeen years old. Further, “the Scofield Reference Bible was published in 1909”. So your first assertion seems to be an uninformed smear.
          Secondly, the Jews ARE a race – drawn from a set of common families throught the centuries; with extensive and historic documentation. The attempt to refute or confuse the issue by citing ‘scientific’ “DNA samples” without authoritative source to vet – is again, ludicrous. God-denying science will, of course, seek to de-legitimize the spiritual hertiage of God’s People, the Jews. The acceptance of this word “antisemitism” or ‘anti-semitic’ gelled around the consensus concerning prejudice and persecution of Jews; though there are other semetic languages other than Hebrew. So I find here another ham-handed attempt at de-legitimitizing, now applied toward a proper and well-ascribed term. Your comment becomes the substance of an intellectually-devoid rant.

          Finally, the confused and ill-concatenated term “Christian Zionist”: seems a construction for propaganda itself. Zionism is the Jews return to the Biblical land, ceded to them by God Himself; mostly accomplished in 1948. Christians share a respect to the Jew, and their homeland – as any nation in the world has the right to call for it’s own people a country as ‘home’. And since the Hebraic religion is the fore-runner and progenitor of Christianity: there is a special relationship of care. But Christianity has for it’s home – Heaven. So to exaggerate Christian respect and care for the Jews and their natural home is improper, if not wholly mis-used. I see the term “Christian Zionist” as a means of attaching to Christians a stigma of association to being zealots; which draws in other synonymous word-ideas like ‘radicals’ and the like. Again, I see a pseudo-intellectual smear, through an ill-paired term.
          Also, Christianity doesn’t accept either the Cabbala or the Talmud as Scriptural or authoritative: so, again your use of terms is erroneous. The Cabbala does deal with esoteric and mystic teachings: but this does NOT prove itself as the text for occult satanic sects. Distinction must be made between the investigation of the supernatural planes; and the direct service and devotion to Satan. Here, again, is a half-truth mis-interpreted and mis-applied. Every breath is condemnation.
          The “bottom-line” ascription that the Jews seek to “rule the world”: is the indefensible fanaticism of emnity, fear, and ignorance. You, sir: deserve all the hate you spew.

      • Frederick

        And you would be wrong John McCain is a rabid Zionist and last time I checked he wasn’t Jewish That anti Semitism card is really getting old Greg

        • Greg Hunter

          I’ll tell you what gets old. Jew hating and wanting to kill Jews. and people backing throwing gays off a 10 story roof. Female mutilation also gets old, and so do taking child brides and massive rapes in Europe by immigrants from the Middle East. If you want to hate on Israel you can hate on it somewhere else. Oh, and Killing in the name of Allah also gets very old. Here’s a site that tracks that kind of stats: check out the murder stats by the so-called “religion of peace.”

        • Galaxy 500

          So is the antisemitism

      • Robert Lykens

        Greg, don’t hate the term “Zionist”. I’m proud to be a Christian Zionist.

        • Greg Hunter

          “Zionist” Used the right way it’s perfectly OK. I find some people use the term as a covert anti-Semitic slur.

          • Charles H

            Agreed. “Zionist” has a sense of ‘intellectual property’ – as it belongs to a special group; and so it must be ascribed or applied rightly.

            As for you, Robert – only a Jew who converts to Christianity would have the racial skin in the game to be a “Christian Zionist”. Otherwise Christians may be Zionist sympathizers, to the degree they chose. (Not to offend)

            • dbcooper

              CH, Respectfully and for this simple
              farmer !! … Can you please define for me Zion and Zionist. ? Yours, DB

              • Charles H


                “Zion” is the home-state or country that God gave the Israelites; Jerusalem being the capital, and the boundaries stated in the Bible. (Joshua 13-21.) After disobedience, and later captivities – Israel was dis-possesed of that land. Zion became the title of that land (in regards to Mount Zion?) and the return to a national identity; a thing longed for by the Jewish race. The return to “the Land” also speaks to a point of blessing and restoration to God. Modern-day Israel is mostly that land. (What they won in the Six Day War was about all of it; but it was given back)
                A “Zionist” is one who yearns to return to that God-given land and the sovereign identity as a nation. It has always been a controversial term – generally used negatively, as if that person was a kook, a zealot, or a radical. All the Arabs, and most the rest of the world didn’t want this because of spiritual realities they didn’t want confirmed. (Like not wanting illegal immigration makes me a racist; Jews who wanted their ancestral homeland were call Zionists.) By putting a derogatory title to their proper desires – it was meant to de-legitimize their aspirations. Up to this day it is argued that they have no right to that land; and the Palestinian Issue is to keep them from fully realizing it. So Zionist is a proper term; but it has been used as a put-down mostly.

                Simple farmer – my eye! At times you think clearer than I do!

  12. Harold g

    Thank you for the continuous stream of real news and being one of a very few choices to receive the most trusted and open forum for obtaining information and hearing dialog with almost all excellent and sometimes very sobering guest.

    I think it is a blessing to be able to have this opportunity and so it is hoped that it continues and the objective remains to get to the truth and let everyone and all they do, for good or toward evil be exposed to the bright light of truth.

    Keep it rolling and bowl those with their horrific designs to put us all in misery over!

    If we all do, consciously what is right, every waking hour, we will have done the best we can and then it will be alright. IDM Brother!

  13. AA 🇦🇺

    Our Government clearly states that it is privilege to be an Australian Resident. Currently the hardest Western nation to get into.
    I remember years ago Fritz Springmeier saying the illuminati future plans were big for Australia.

  14. Buck

    Jeff Sessions should focus on the pedophile rings in Washington DC and around the country. Instead he is signaling a crackdown on legalized marijuana and the return to for profit private prisons.

    And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth.
    (Gen 1:29)


    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      What a let down! Talk about wrong priorities!

    • Galaxy 500

      MJ was never legalized on a federal level.

      • Buck

        There was never an amendment prohibiting cannabis either. Why was one needed for prohibition of booze, but not the other?


  15. TALL TOM

    Always a treat,
    on Friday’s for the weekly wrap up. Those cartoons
    that you put up are priceless. You that old saying a
    picture is worth a thousand words. Maybe sometime
    in the near future you can put a coffee table book together
    and feature what are the best of all those headline cartoons.
    Thank you for all the hard work and quality guests that you

  16. Galaxy 500

    Morning Greg,
    Surprise, Surprise, Surprise. NBC was in the tank for the Hildabeast. And is a major fake news source.
    These people are propagandists, not journalists.

    • Greg Hunter

      The MSM has and continues to deeply discredit themselves.

      • JCD

        Greg. If you could ask Mr. President a question what would you ask ?

        • Greg Hunter

          What are you going to do with all this un-payable debt?

      • Galaxy 500

        And I praise God for that.

  17. Galaxy 500

    Soros funds Democrats to protests in Mexico.

    • JC, the legal illegal

      That maybe a good thing. If their corrupt government falls in a peaceful coup there would be less people coming over here.

  18. Tommy

    I see that CNN has doubled down on the FBI leak scandal claiming Trump’s people were in “constant” contact with Russian intelligence people. Now they claim that the administration is directing the FBI to “knock down” the story. According to Preibus the FBI’s McCabe contacted him and told him the story was overstated and wrong. Of course most Democrats have hopped on board with CNN claiming pressuring the FBI is illegal. But Sen. Ron Widen has said that it is time for the FBI to tell the story and let the American people know what the truth is basically agreeing with the administration. So far there has been nothing released that implicates Trump or his campaign with any wrongdoing. So let’s find out why the FBI was bugging Trump’s people and what if anything they did that was wrong.

  19. Deanna Johnston Clark

    Illegal immigrants are maids, nannies, cleaning crews, roofers, agricultural laborers…do Americans really want to step up and do these jobs?
    In the 60s the apple harvest in Winchester VA was almost ruined. The Bahamian pickers were refused entry and buses were loaded up at the Labor dept in WashingtonDC. The unemployed arrived and worked picking apples exactly ONE DAY. The next day the buses came almost empty. Thank God the chartered plane was able to gather the Bahamians and get them up there. Perhaps they weren’t illegal, but you get the idea.

    Speaking of the Bahamians, they were polite, jovial, and hard working. Winchester loved having them. They bought lots of presents to take home and their charming speech livened up things.

    If you hate the illegals, stop buying all the products they bring to your table and your life. You can begin with Vidalia Onions…sweet onions. That’s not as happy a story as the apples either.

    • Greg Hunter

      You said “Illegal immigrants are maids, nannies, cleaning crews, roofers, agricultural laborers…do Americans really want to step up and do these jobs?” First off, maybe they need to pay more for those jobs, BUT the big question is who pays for the welfare, food stamps, housing, education, unemployment insurance benefits, incarceration, crime and health care????? Why do tax payers have to pay for this so someone gets a deal on a nanny??????? It ILLEAGLE immigration, that means them coming here starts with a crime. I am sick of it!!!!!

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Gosh, I didn’t get into that part….reminds me of our soldiers here at Hunter…all the GIs get EBT cards. So do the Walmart Associates who check them out! Remember when Bill C couldn’t find a female cabinet appointee who had a legal American for a nanny or housekeeper?

        • Greg Hunter

          I have no problem with our service men and women getting some help. They are our citizens. It’s non citizens/ illegal aliens that should be cut off.

          • Deanna Johnston Clark

            Do they mind the indignity of being underpaid and having to apply for handouts? That’s what bothers me. Why not give them a raise and spare them the trouble?

    • The Seer

      I have hired many American citizen WHITE women and men to help when I had properties.
      $18 -20 per hour even $25 an hour is nothing to laugh at and they appreciate it. Most want to be paid in cash so also tax free.
      Frankly, I like the tax structure (if there are taxes) in New Zealand. Everyone pays their fair share from the first $1 earned! I am not for no tax on the first $40,000 earned. Unfair to everyone else earning $40,001 on up. And, the GST (goods and services tax) is paid equally by everyone when they buy anything. That is why the roads, health care services, etc. are soo good over there and they are not carrying high debt. The banks are very careful who they give loans to and not into fake derivatives.
      I might get flack for this comment but I am tired of carrying the gimmes/takers of this world.

      • AA 🇦🇺

        Look at this article this morning Greg, talk about ‘shaping thoughts’

        • Greg Hunter

          Now you know you will be needing your guns back in Australia real soon!!!

          • AA 🇦🇺

            I don’t condone violence Greg
            Fight with love.

            • RTW

              Next time you’re in the Englewood district of Chicago and you are confronted by a couple of gang members, try showing them “a little love” and see how that works out. A little advice…make sure your will is up to date. Don’t be so naive.

              • AA

                I’m not scared to die, nor you should be.

              • AA

                You all preach and hold dear the spiritual world but hang on by your finger nails to this reality. You Sir/ Madam are the naive one!

          • AA 🇦🇺

            Jesus Christ preached peace yet Americans resolve issues with guns. Riddle me that Batman.

            • Greg Hunter

              A hundred countries have more gun crime than America. The U.S broke away from the British Crown. The Crown wanted to disarm Americans back then, so, after the revolution the “Framers” put it in our Constitution that U.S. citizens had the RIGHT to own fire arms. Look how easy it was to disarm you Australians. The government has the guns and the people do not. Even Christ said you had the right to protect yourself. Before he sent the apostles out to spread his word he told them “HE THAT HATH NO SWORD, LET HIM SELL HIS GARMENT, AND BUY ONE”. (LUKE 22:36)

              • AA 🇦🇺

                Thanks for the reply Greg
                Violence will get us nowhere and we need to fix the cause of all this hostility

                • WD

                  I guess alternative is to just be killed? Like a fool?

                  STFU and go away

                  • AA

                    May God help you.

                • WD

                  God has EMPOWERED me and I can help myself😁

              • WD

                Thanks for this quote from Christ…I never knew about this one.

              • WD

                Thank you for this post! I never knew of this scripture….Love it!

                Thank you

    • Faith

      What a witch. I have cleaned houses and owned a one-person business doing residential housecleaning. Same thing for two of my sisters. I was being a nanny / babysitter from a very young age, 12 years old, and I took the Red Cross babysitting class.

      What makes you think that women, and men, in the US don’t want to work for a living? Many products are picked by machines, these days.

      I actually know some of my male peers that have worked various types of labor / field work / produce. Doing what? Well everything from picking tulips to picking cedar to picking wild mushrooms. They hunt and fish too. Can they always afford the Wildlife service fees? No. Hunting fees? No. So does that make them poachers of the Kings land or providers? Good question! I don’t advocate poaching but my grandfather poached deer up in Maine. All the wardens knew he had a family to feed and he didn’t waste the meat so they left him alone. Was that stealing? I think the US government steals from me every single day of my life. Good for my grandfather, for daring to poach a deer in the off season to keep the family from starving!

      Lots of us out here still work hard and we don’t complain. We don’t whine. We don’t ask for anything special. We served our country with pride and honor and dignity and when we are treated like garbage by the VA hospital, or in the present instance, my father, who is dying, is treated like garbage by the VA, we buck up and show up and do our best.

      You sound like some snotty little woman that has had everything handed to you on a silver platter. I wasn’t handed anything. Ever. I worked for it.

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Not sure who the snotty woman is. I was a nanny caring for yuppie orphans…it was the parents that drove us crazy. I’m not proud of it or self righteous. After all, it would be nice to have a few friends at the end!!

      • dbcooper

        Faith, We believe that there is a difference between hunting and ‘foraging for food’, just as there is a difference in fishing and ‘angling for food’. I have a “farmers permit” and I do not abuse this self-given right. We see the game daily and seasonally and we know how many there are and whos who and whats what if you will !! I started working (on the books) when I was 14; have owned a firearm since I was 10+/- and the purpose is self protection and the preservation of the rule of law. Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN ,DB

    • Charles H


      Respectfully, one cannot justify a tsunami of wrong by citing a wave of right. There ARE problems within our culture; and make-shift changes are bound to fail. Your colorful illustration does not fit the reality of the whole picture that is framed today. It is one thing to be sympathetic and helpful; another thing to give the store away and be part of a continuing problem.
      I am an immigrant: a legal immigrant. I don’t “hate” immigrants: but I will not subscribe or support lawbreakers. Either one keeps the Law; or abandons it. To bend the Law is to abandon it. I’ll give you a good quote…

      “Let the reverence for the laws be breathed by every American mother to the lisping babe that prattles on her lap; let it be taught in the schools, in the seminaries, and in colleges; let it be written in primers, spelling-books, and almanacs; let it be preached from the pulpit, proclaimed in the legislative halls, and enforced in courts of justice. And, in short, let it become the political religion of the nation.” Abraham Lincoln, Lyceum Address, 1838.
      The Rule of Law: that’s the ticket.

      • dbcooper

        CH, You do articulate well, Thank you. DB

    • Tommy

      As part of the Immigration Control and Reform Act of 1986, (yes, that’s over 30 years ago), employers were mandated to verify that all employees were legal to work in the US by having them complete Form I-9. You’ve all filled them out every time you get a new job. Two forms of ID are required; one from column A or one from column B and one from column C. I believe it used to require two from everyone because I remember I would always have to surrender my drivers license and SS card which the employer would photocopy to keep with the form. I wonder where all those photocopies are now? The penalties for not having this form on file for every employee is severe. So I ask how can illegals still be getting hired? Is the government not auditing employers? I have a feeling that is what is going on. You hear the politicians place the blame on employers who hire illegals, but why are illegals here to begin with and why doesn’t the government enforce existing laws? Why? Because that’s the plan. And like Greg said, rarely is it mentioned how much we have to pay in increased healthcare, education, welfare and law enforcement costs because of the tens of millions who are here illegally.

    • Galaxy 500

      So wanting to put American citizens first and control who comes into the country is hate? Neither I , nor Greg, for that matter, hate illegals. We just want them out of our country. We don’t want them to continue to destroy our country and make the Fascist Demoncrats stronger.
      Oh, and besides, there is the whole law and order thing. We are either a nation of laws or we aren’t. And I will give you were were not last year, starting Jan 20th at noon, we reverted to a nation of laws, not men

    • anni

      You say “who wants to do those jobs?” In my early years those were entry level jobs for kids coming out of high school, or early twenties. Today our youth are standing around on street corners, with no jobs to do, because of immigrants taking those early entry jobs. I started out as a maid, my daughter started out at McDonalds, she is now an accountant. Yes these are the jobs our youth would do to get them launched into collage, training, or small businesses. America First

  20. Chip

    WNW is my favorite time of the week! Thanks Greg… Chip

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Chip. It’s a big relief to get it done every week. I put a lot in to it. I work on it all week long.

  21. Linda L.

    The Catholic Church has been receiving multi-millions of dollars from the government for programs to resettle illegal aliens in the United States for some time now. So in a political stance, which this church wants to portray as heartfelt, and to maintain their mega flow of money from US Tax Payers, I would imagine that the Catholic Church would offer ‘sanctuary’ within their institutions to protect these illegals. President Trump needs to stop this flow of unlawful funds to the Catholic Church immediately and divert the money to programs that benefit/assist US Citizens. If the Catholic Church truly wants to assist people (plenty of US Citizens in need/unemployed), let them do it by donation or from their own vast resources of accumulated wealth, but not from US Taxpayers, who are sick and tired of being robbed by all this fraudulent, unlawful activity.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Keeps the school fees lower…they clean and mow and box the frozen food for lunch. The Catholic church, like most churches, wants to look holy and wonderful helping foreigners.

    • JC, the legal illegal

      It is not just the Catholic Church but also the Lutherans and the Presbytereans that do that. One lady,Jeanette Vizguerra, found shelter from ICE in a Unitarian Church. This is one of quite a few so called “sanctuary churches.” Methodist churches in Chicago are doing the same: Do not just single out one church but go after all of them.

  22. Jerry

    Its going to be catastrophic. What we have on Wall Street is the biggest asset bubble ever created in history expanding, while at the same time liquidity in the banking system is beginning to seize up because of debt exposure.

    Something has to give. And that something is a total global economic reset. The central banks are cornered. The Euro is collapsing because of BREXIT. The Yuan is collapsing because of to much capital outflow created by reserve currency status in the IMF basket. And then you have the main culprit the dollar. Driving down global currencies because of our debt to GDP ratio.

    In a few days I’m going to post the latest Money Velocity report put out by the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank. I can almost bet you that “Money Velocity” is at or approaching zero. So what does that mean to you and I? Regardless of easing regulations, if banks don’t make money, they don’t loan it. And when that happens things come to screeching halt pretty quick. And with the Federal Reserve Bank threatening to raise interest rates un March, the timing couldn’t be more worse.

    • Jerry

      Oh by the way, did I fail to mention that the Stock Markets are rigged .
      Maybe if we did a little less fining and a little more jailing things would change? But then probably not. The judges are bought off to.

      • Frederick

        The stock market(DOW) was down a hundred points and a half hour before the close suddenly went positive The manipulation is very obvious and has been for some time now

    • dbcooper

      Jerry, Thanks for the posts … BTW … it is supposed to be “More Worser” … LOL, DB.

      • Macray

        As you know, the Federal Reserve specializes in threats. Creditably for a March rate hike is very unlikely.
        Speaking of resets,
        Andrew Maguire, who I consider the premier voice today on the Precious Metals is and has been calling for a possible Gold price reset, now by the end of the second quarter… this year!

        Also, from his latest audio at KWN,
        As many know, there is Real news, Junk news and Fake news. Everyone needs to make up their own minds as to what news they are reading and hearing. Andrew is the real deal. Many PM analysts source their sensational headline posts directly from Andrew but never provide credit for such. They wish to take credit for some Real News and it provides cover for their Junk and Fake commentaries.
        Jerry is the real deal too! Thanks,

        • Macray

          Credibility, not Creditably : )))
          Oh, Greg is the real deal too!!!

          • Macray

            One other thing about Andrew Magurie that I feel is worth mentioning.
            He has a track record of of exposing and trying to actually do something about the PM manipulation, that goes beyond talk!

            • Greg Hunter

              You will love David Stockman on Sunday “Early Sunday Release.” I got him to talk about gold at the end of the interview. The whole thing is stunning and I am not hyping this. Hope you watch.

      • Jerry

        Its time for a currency lesson. Does anyone want to take a stab at who sets the currency rates and how its done? Multiple Choice.
        A.Our Congress
        B.Our President
        C. The Markets
        D. The Banks.
        E. All of the above.
        F. None of the above.
        The answer is F. None of the above. The IMF decides.

        Now guess how the SDR currency weights are determined in the basket.
        A. By GDP
        B. By vote
        C. By Market Share
        E. All of the above
        F. None of the above.
        The answer is E. The world bank of governors that will meet on April 21st will reset the SDR currency basket based on the above factors. In my opinion the weight the U.S. dollar will receive will not be good since we have only managed to produce a 1.5 average GDP over an eight year span, while China has averaged 7.5 GDP over the same period. The IMF will be faced with a major decision on what to do since so many countries are in economic turmoil.

        • Charles H

          My thought is, Jerry – that the world bank of governors of the IMF won’t be fair, and will try to stack the deck against China – despite all the facts. The impasse will split the world East and West for a really tense time – enough for cataclysmic changes as Western culture falls apart. Only when cheaters are brought to heel: will they stop cheating.

    • Kim

      Thank you Jerry. Looking forward to your thoughts on the money velocity report. I hope it’s not rigged!
      It seems like the truth has been thrown out the window and there is a power grab going-on!

    • Freebreezer

      Jerry – you forgot to add in that we all so have the biggest bond bubble ever and the highest world debt load ever … what ever, ever could go wrong?

  23. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, the last twenty-five years has brought America the religion of peace & peoples from lawless countries such as Mexico and Central America. They are out breeding the WASP 5 to 1, no wonder the MSM is cuddling them as they know its just a matter of time and they will be the vast vast majority. I predict when they get complete power political correctness which they love & tout so deeply will not be tolerated any longer for the declining population of WASP. They will never practice what they preach, after-all political correctness for them is only a means to and end, once that end is achieved its no longer needed for the minority it will rule (and beat) upon.

  24. Linda L.

    Sanctuary cities must be discontinued IMMEDIATELY because their primary purpose is the destruction of America and it’s borders, along with the US Constitution and rule of law. Sanctuary cities are just the beginnings of micro level, little countries that the globalists have established within the US as havens for the unlawful invasion of ALIENS into America. And when enough of these cities are established all over the country that protect these invaders under all circumstances including murder, these micro regions become MACRO, and the sovereignty of America is completely gone.

    • Donna from AR

      Really, you had to go there and say WASP not just once but twice. Shame on you.

      • dbcooper

        OK Donna, Shame on me too !! I am a White (Caucasian) Anglo (Scotsman) Saxon Protestant … there … I said it and I am not ashamed !! Yours, DB

      • Faith

        What? why should anyone be ashamed of being a WASP? That is what I am. I am proud of it, too! Should I be ashamed to say I am also a baptized Christian? Why? I am not.

  25. flattop

    GREG: I really got a good laugh at you cartoon today. Thanks for all you do. keep the faith, and just keep on truckin. God Bless

  26. OutLookingIn

    Another excellent weekly wrap up.

    Want to know where you are going?
    You must know where you have been.
    Historical Fact:
    The grass roots whiskey making business flourished until 1791, when the new federal government decided to tax it to pay the debt for the revolutionary war. The people revolted against this government measure, often turning away the excise collectors by armed force. The local legislators viewed this money grab, by the federal government as usurping state rights.
    By 1794 George Washington called out the militia to put down the grass roots uprising. He called out more troops to put down the whiskey rebellion, then he used to defeat the British!
    Ironically, George Washington started making his own whiskey at Mount Vernon and by 1799 when he died, was the largest whiskey producer in the United States. After decimating the grass roots small producers, by utilizing the power of law making and law enforcement. Which must be noted, was paid for by the taxpayer!
    The more things change – the more they stay the same.

    • Galaxy 500

      Washington paid his tax. And please show where you found this, “He called out more troops to put down the whiskey rebellion, then he used to defeat the British!”
      Just a fact, there were more than 48,000 troops at one point on our side verse about 75,000 opposing. Washington was in charge of all of them. There were about 12,900 sent to quell the rebellion. So that point is not correct.
      We the People, had a bill to pay for the war. If we did not pay our debt in this first instance, we would not have lasted as a nation.
      Besides, Washington did not even go into the wiskey buiness until years after the rebellion. The wiskey rebellion ended in 1794, Washington started his distillery in 1797. So any you are not stating easily demonstrable facts.
      Why do all these people push such hooey about our ForeFathers? Why do you seek to damage one of the greatest leaders we have ever had? No he was not perfect but he was a damn good man.
      Its true that a lot of farmers and others took extra corn, rye and barley and made whiskey. To keep doing it, all they had to do was pay the tax. It was not an attempt to put anyone out of business. Washington paid his tax, 3 years after the rebellion ended.

  27. dslarsen

    I believe this country should dedicate itself, before this decade is out, to the goal of importing a billion refugees. This will provide jobs for policemen, and immigration officials, and jailers, and restaurant workers of every flavor, literally. Think of how great it will be when no one speaks English anymore! Every time you go out on the street it will be a new adventure!

    Better yet, why not naturalize the entire planet? Just make every Russian and Iranian and Chinese an American Citizen by an Executive Order. Why didn’t I think of that before? No more fighting. And we can tax them all after that!

    We can change the name of the country to New Babel, and build a stairway to the skies.

    • susan

      dslarsen, I like you! Seems like no one got your ummm… insight.

  28. Paul ...

    Trump is like a fire breathing “white dragon” to the MSM … like a ” dog catcher” to the pedophiles … an “executioner” to ISIS … a “breath of spring” to the economy … and “Nemesis” to the Deep State … but will he be able to avoid doubling the budget deficit from 20 trillion to 40 trillion over the next 8 years? … it will be difficult … as he plans to rebuild the military, fight a war with ISIS and rebuild infrastructure here in the US … if money is simply printed to do all the things Trump wants to do … there will be inflation … meaning things like gold and silver will cost more … if Trump removes the manipulation of the gold and silver market their price increases will out strip inflation … however silver will out perform the price of gold as 90% of all the silver ever mined has been relegated to the trash heap … current in ground world supplies of silver are so rare that currently silver is twice as precious as gold … this means that right now “without manipulation” silver should be selling for double the gold price (about $2400 dollars per ounce) … and in the future when gold goes to $50,000 dollars per ounce as Jim Sinclair predicts … silver will be selling for $100,000 dollars per ounce!!

  29. andyb

    Greg: kudos as usual. I wonder if you even realize the common thread in most of your Friday wrapups; the takeover of cultural marxism in our society; whether the denigration of all family (and moral) values, or the purposeful open borders allowing too many who have never known the Rule of Law to infect our communities. But the cultural marxism is the tip of the iceberg; the underlying agenda is total control of every aspect of our lives through indoctrination and propaganda (fake news) and overreaching regulation, virtually from birth. It wasn’t this way a mere 40 years ago. So sad that we have devolved so much. So many need to wake up and understand what’s happening; the incremental genocide (depopulation) through chemtrails, vaccines, fluoride, GMO foods, glyphosate, and the biggie: nuclear radiation; the blatant corruption of our politicians; the reality of the totalitarian memes of globalism, Agenda 21, and climate change.
    Greg: what you expose us to is important. I just hope the censorship by Google that Mike Adams of Natural News just encountered, doesn’t hit this site. Stand tall and straight.

    • Freebreezer

      Andyb … I agree with most of what you say but have to refute ‘and the biggie: nuclear radiation’ … Is it a biggie if it happens – by all means YES (!), but I am yet to pick up any increases with my hand held detector, and I always take it on vacation when with my kids. In addition, I am yet to get a ‘hot pacific fish’ (note it drives my wife nuts that I check the fish at the market and my tuna in the cans). Note – the hottest spot in the grocery store is by the bananas … C14. Per my personal experience, I sure have not seen it.

      • Freebreezer

        Correction – Meant Potassium-40 and not C14 per bananas

  30. Jan

    When you were talking about the MSM losing credibility, I kept thinking of the scene in the Wizard of Oz when the “Wizard” tells Dorothy to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. The curtain has been pulled back! Anyone paying attention to Wikileaks knows it. Anyone who supports Trump knows it. Anyone who watches your site or other alternative media sites knows it.

    And yet the MSM and the Democratic handlers like Pelosi and Schumer keep operating their usual tricks. They think they’re going to fool more people and grow their numbers? Wrong!

  31. Stan the Man with the SHTF Plan

    Silver is going to do much better than gold. Bank on it.

    • JCD

      Agree 100%

  32. Roger D

    We may be surrounded by the Deep State/Globalists but at least they and their MSM pressitutes have been flushed out into the open. Thanks go to President Trump and leading Alt-media sites. USAWatchdog is right at the top of that list.

    Trump took down evil Hillary. That said we must face reality. The city dwelling Reds will never be compatible with us Deplorables with American values. We need to stop wasting precious time and resources trying to save a system intent on destroying us. We need a divorce.

  33. Becca

    We the people are under assault in every direction of life we turn, from having a full on assault of having TOXIC CHEMICALS DUMPED OVER OUR HEAD AKA (CLIMATE ENGINEERING or GEOENGINEERING) to chemicals sprayed on our GENETICALLY MODIFIED CRAP FOOD AKA (GMO), VACCINES BEING INJECTED INTO BABIES TO MAKE THEM RETARDED. We have pizza gate with the satan worship, this is more than I can handle as far creepy bizzar insane acts! Sacrificing children and drinking their blood, how does a normal person even process the thouhgt of this insane behavior, is’nt this called canabalism? Are you freeking serious! The lies are so many it is like living a nightmare everyday. God did tell us the truth of men in high places would be exposed in the end times

    • This sceptred Isle

      “how does a normal person even process the thouhgt of this insane behavior”

      Generally they don’t – that’s how the perpetrators get away with it!

    • Galaxy 500

      How do normal people process these phoney conspiracy theories? Normal people laugh and ignore them

  34. This sceptred Isle

    I always found it unsettling how the mainstream media repeat certain words or phrases over and over again. Syrian rebels (who are mostly not Syrian!) are described as ‘moderate’ rebels despite being affiliated to Al-Qaeda. ‘Weapons of Mass destruction’ was another one. I guess repetition is an important component of brainwashing.

    • Charles H

      It is.

    • Galaxy 500

      Thought shaping … like the incessant drum beat of undocumented alien like they lost their wallet at the border. The undocumented part is troubling as we do not know who these people really are

  35. Doug

    I think, Alan Greenspan and others thinking that we have to get back to a gold standard, have a little Alzheimer setting in. Just think about this for a minute…If we would of been on the gold standard yet, the government (Fort Knox) (whoever) would have no more gold, because, and I have said this a million times now, worthless countries, like France, that were given boats loads of money, would of shipped them back to the U.S. and traded them in for gold. WHAT these worthless countries like, France, should of done, when Nixon took us off the gold standard, they should of went into the” open market” and bought gold. SAME THING, but they weren’t smart enough to do that. FAST FORWARD TO TODAY, IF worthless countries like France want gold, freakin go to the open market and trade in those worthless dollars. You don’t have to have a brain to figure that one out. Let me give you an example ,I am living in the nineteen twenties , I have a hundred dollars, I could go to the bank get five gold pieces , but I live now and I have two thousand dollars, I can not go to my bank and get gold pieces, but nobody is stopping me from getting gold from some where else. ( Do you get it people?) All we have to worry about when king dollars is no more, maybe then we would have to back it with something, right now, it’s being back by Saudi oil, and that’s all.

    • This sceptred Isle

      “WHAT these worthless countries like, France, should of done, when Nixon took us off the gold standard, they should of went into the” open market” and bought gold.”

      Excellent point! I wonder why they didn’t exchange their dollars for gold in the open market if they valued gold above dollars.

      • Macray

        Seconded it! Excellent point!!!
        Russia, China and some other Central Banks around the world, GET IT!
        I wonder if the Don has the executive authority or objective to add to the US Gold reserves? IDK
        If he wants to lower the dollar, in the short run as he has indicated, then initiating a USA Gold buying program similar to the above Central Banks would not only accomplish this but put a check on the Federal Reserve! Just a thought!!!

  36. diogenese

    Greg I am a legal immigrant ( green card holder ) and it truly pissed me off that the illegal aliens get everything given to them , as part of my immigration paperwork it states I can not get ANY state or federal assistance Untill I work ten quarters , I MUST have enough funds to live above poverty level for five years after entry , there is much more and I TOTALLY agree with it !

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree and I want legal immigration too.

      • Macray

        Welcome to America! You are now a guest in our Country! Perhaps, after meeting the permanent residency rules, you will consider applying for US Citizenship! Good Luck to you!

  37. Mme Hedin

    One more thing – historically, traveling migrant laborers have picked America’s harvests for over one hundred years. I’m sorry, but I’m American workers just don’t show up to do these kind of jobs! In high school, Inwanted to work on a tomato harvester during my school break – I lasted less than a week! I owned a mid-sized restaurant for ten years – only ONCE did a white person show up to apply for a dishwasher position! Americans are too lazy to do what migrants are willing to do! America NEEDS its immigrants and the overall economy is about to take a giant DUMP because of ICE raids and fear among migrants, both legal and illegal. Dumb, dumb, dumb move!

    • Greg Hunter

      Mme/paid troll,
      Maybe you needed to pay more than slave wages for that dishwasher job? I’ll say it again “the big question is who pays for the welfare, food stamps, housing, education, unemployment insurance benefits, incarceration, crime, retirement and health care????? Why do tax payers have to pay for this so someone gets a deal on a (dishwasher) nanny??????? It ILLEAGLE immigration, that means them coming here starts with a crime. I am sick of it!!!!!

      • Mike R

        The businesses employing illegals are the problem. They need to be held accountable. The reason they employ illegals is to avoid the burdensome regulations, and including especially avoidance of paying workman’s comp. In my state of Illinois, workman’s comp is the biggest killer of jobs in the state. Businesses simply cannot afford the overhead of this, as its not just that $10 or $15/ hr that you have to pay, but its also health insurance, SS, medicare, and on and on. The SS that is taken out of an employee’s paycheck, is only HALF of what is owed to the government. The business pays the other half. So by employing illegals, they avoid all of this because they are undocumented as far as the government is concerned, and as far as the business is concerned. Our two faced, hypocritical government knows their regulations are onerous, but they treat every business like a big fat dupe and sucker, and say if you want to be in business, this is the price we make you pay. So on the sly, in reality the politicians want this ‘safety’ valve to stay open to let businesses make the choice of playing by the rules, or just using the illegals. It’s all pretty disgusting. So unless the government simultaneously forfeits and eliminates all these regulations (which they won’t because regulations mean more government revenue, whether its called a tax or not, it is still a tax on the business), and unless they place massive fines, and actually prosecute businesses for employing illegals, since they know damn well those businesses use them to ‘get around laws’, and then unless we build those walls, and then massively enforce deportation, the illegals will just keep on coming back and coming back or pouring in from many countries. They come here, bc they know where they came from is a far worse option, and they are still willing to risk it. Native born citizens have zero perspective on that, so yes they are super lazy, and super spoiled, and have zero gratitude. So then they EXPECT entitlements, welfare, and everything else they can get free from the government, churches, food pantries, and any other sucker willing to feed them or clothe them, in the name of ‘charity.’ I own a business and also work for an employer and i refuse to ever hire any employees because of the reasons I have listed above. Its pure suicide to start a business in this country that needs employees, and only should be done if you have ZERO other options.

      • Frederick

        Greg My first job at the ripe age of 14 was washing dishes in a seafood restaurant kitchen until 2 AM The kitchen help actually spoke English way back then in 1968 I think I got 2.90 an hour minimum wage but gasoline was a quarter a gallon The good old days

        • MCasey

          The 1968 hourly minimum wage was raised to $1.60 from $1.40.

      • Macray

        Hey Ms. Meals Made Easy Hedin
        The times have been are a changing since you attended High School : (((

        Old article, much higher now.

        I am sure you are aware that there are legal ways for migrant workers to visit our country for jobs that you are not capable of performing!

        For your next restaurant : )))

    • Jan

      Mme Hedin, According to the documentary Morgan Spurlock did on picking oranges, which I watched back when it first aired, there is a program by which Mexican workers are brought in legally every year to pick crops for the harvest season and then they return to Mexico for the rest of the year. You said you lasted a week picking tomatoes. Morgan Spurlock tried his best to keep up the pace but he had to pack it in sooner than he had planned, too. (Workers are paid by the amount they pick, not by hour). He gained a great appreciation for the speed and efficiency of the Mexican harvesters.

      The fruit company provides a housing unit where these men stay all season (ALONE without their families who remain in Mexico) and busses them into work. These men are not on welfare, they are not taking other tax-funded perks like education, they are not stealing Social Security Numbers and getting driver’s licenses and voting in elections, and they always return for part of the year to Mexico.

      I haven’t heard any Republicans trying to get rid of seasonal Mexican workers coming in to do the jobs they can do so fruitfully.

      As far as dishwashers, I agree that immigrants and refugees are more likely to do these jobs but not to worry, Trump is still admitting 50,000 refugees and allowing legal immigration to proceed (while trying to vet places where radical jihadists could slip through).

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Thanks…people who come like that to do a good job should be valued. I barned tobacco just one summer! Everybody should try farm work once.

        • MCasey

          In the mid-60’s, my (gringo) brother had to fight like hell to get a high-school summer job picking onions…in southern New Mexico. In the late 60’s, I tried to get a job with the Federal Government…WSMR….but failed because I was not bi-lingual (Spanish). Young people had better learn Spanish because this is still the case for many jobs 50 years later.

    • Galaxy 500

      This White boy worked as a busboy and a cook in my mid and late teens.
      You are either a paid troll pushing a demoncrat thought shaping meme or you yourself are an illegal.
      We sure do not need the 30+ million illegals here to do a few menial jobs or agriculture. We can have a guest worker program with a start and end date plus a severe penalty for overstaying their permit.

  38. Greg Hunter

    Mr. Byrd,
    Mr. Byrd,
    I did my homework and you seem like a paid troll. Fact #1: Iran DID NOT SING A DEAL:

    Fact #2: Iran’s supreme leader wrote a book about how to “Destroy Israel” :
    Now, please give back the money you were paid to troll this site because you failed miserably.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Good for you, Greg.

    • Frederick

      Greg Just because he can see your obvious pro Israel bias it doesn’t make him a troll

      • Greg Hunter

        You are on a site called It is USA centric and Israel is the top ally of the U.S. It was the deception and lies from “MR. Byrd that cause me to call him a troll. I destroyed his lies twice-I’m tired.

        • This sceptred isle

          Greg, i would be America’s most loyal ally if they gave me massive amounts of many each year. Israel seems to be America’s biggest welfare claimant!

          • This sceptred isle

            Should read massive amounts of money. Israel’s loyalty to America is born of dependency as the suck on the american taxpayer.

          • Greg Hunter

            America hands out $35 billion a year in foreign aid. Israel get a little more than $3 billion. I support aid to Israel. I am Christian and believe Israel is an everlasting name according to the Bible. Israel is the only M.E. democracy. The U.S. hands out money to many Muslim countries as well and they are not democracies. Israel will never be destroyed or taken over by Muslims. Get used to it.

      • Galaxy 500

        So being honest with regards to Israel and not being pro Palesimians is being pro Israel, is it?
        No, being fair and not following a blatant antisemitic meme is not being pro Isreal, it is just telling the facts. Fredrick, you are entitled to your opinion but not your own set of facts

    • Mr. Byrd

      Sorry Greg. I’m not a “troll” and no one has paid me to say anything. I am, in fact, a long time Trump supporter who is concerned when he hears journalists put forth highly contentious claims as though they were established fact. But to the specifics of your reply:
      (1) Iran didn’t sign the deal? The United Nations would disagree.
      From the United Nations ‘Meetings Coverage and Press Releases” bulletin of July 20, 2015.
      “The Security Council today coalesced around a sweeping resolution that endorsed the 14 July agreement on Iran’s nuclear programme, setting out a rigorous monitoring mechanism and timetable for implementation, while paving the way for the lifting of United Nations sanctions against that country.
      Unanimously adopting resolution 2231 (2015), the 15-nation body endorsed the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action signed in Vienna by the five permanent members of the Council, plus Germany, the European Union and Iran.” [emphasis added]
      (2) The Iran deal (UN Resolution 2231) is “bad for Israel”? While this might be the view of Netanyahu and the Likud party, many mainstream Israelis would disagree. Consider the words of Brigadier General Uzi Eilam who served as director of Israel’s Atomic Energy Commission:
      “We can conclude by saying the nuclear agreement [resolution 2231] contains more opportunities than risks. The likelihood that Iran will obtain nuclear weapons in the coming years is very low, while implementation of the agreement will contribute to Israel’s security, reassure other states in the region and bolster the United States’ standing.”
      (3) Iran is out to “destroy” Israel? To your credit, you no longer reference the long refuted mistranslation of Ahmadinejad. However, you do reference a New York Post review of an un-translated book by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. The reviewer’s name is Amir Taheri who, we must assume speaks Farsi, since he acknowledges that there isn’t even an Arabic translation yet. But, evenTaheri admits that:
      “Khamenei insists that he is not recommending “classical wars” to wipe Israel off the map. Nor does he want to “massacre the Jews.” According to Taheri, what Khamenei wants is to “make life unpleasant if not impossible for a majority of Israeli Jews so that they leave the country.” This will result, Taheri tells us, through “low intensity wars”.
      How accurate this is, I do not know. But to substantiate one’s belief that “Iran is out to destroy Israel” in something like this seems very dubious.

      • Greg Hunter

        Mr. Byrd,
        This is the same UN that just gave the Western Wall to the Palestinians. The UN has Zero credibility and zero signatures from IRAN. This is a fact!!!!! Show me where they are going to inspect the Iranian Military sites. OH!!!!! ,they are not inspecting the sites!!!!!!!!! When they do inspect, the Iranians get 24 day notice–another fact. The source you posted from the Israeli press was an opinion piece, so, that is a bogus lefty source. Past and present leaders of Israel say the deal sucks. They say it a lot more eloquent that me though. Past: Present: There are tons of sources that say the Iran no-deal-deal with no signatures is a very bad one.

        As far as the Supreme Leaders book, what he says about the destruction of Israel is widely reported. Here’s a source that lays out the Supreme Leaders plan that includes tweets from the Dear Leader himself: This is is yet another fact and the fact is the Supreme leaders wants to destroy Israel and wrote a book about it.

        This is the second time I destroyed your troll argument. Now bug off–case closed–you liar.

        • Mike R

          Greg, you are 100% right on this one. Byrd deserves ‘the bird. ‘

      • Galaxy 500

        Wow, the UN signed it? Not what we agreed to. If so, produce a copy.
        As far as you being a Trump supporter, your positions are untenable. And as for not being a paid troll, perhaps you’re a zealot working for free but I think I’ll go with Hamlet, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”

      • Galaxy 500

        Byrd, did you forget the Iraqi UN, “Oil for Food” corruption. Not much food and a lot of graft.

  39. Steven

    Why do we even call them immigrants? By definition an immigrant follows the laws of the country he is trying to immigrate too. Using even the word “immigrant” gives a nicer sounding name to their illegal actions. Instead I suggest criminal or invader. Illegal invader is fine too…

    • Galaxy 500

      Never seen a definition that required the adherence to laws, merely moving with the intent to stay

  40. Lois

    Greg, sure wish you could get Mark Taylor on for an interview.

  41. Deanna Johnston Clark

    The astronomically wealthy families in these “poor” countries want to unload their unwashed, criminal or not. They want American Christians to keep those checks coming to charities, too. But what’s the answer? If they even tried to elect a just government our guys would end it. That’s the way things are….

  42. James Hastings

    HOOOOOOOO-RAAAAAA…A good fire in the pit, hot tea and USA Watchdog.

    I hope some of you will say a small prayer for Special Forces Warrant Officer 1 Shawn Thomas and his family. Shawn was killed in Niger, Central Africa this month. Some carry us all.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you James for the important but sad news.

    • Frederick

      That’s sad to hear but I’ve got to wonder what a US serviceman was doing in Niger Central Africa to get killed in the first place

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        We’re all over Africa….the big Hercules fly over my house all the time. The Rangers were just off at New Years. I think they went to Afghanistan to act as cops for the contractors. It’s no secret in the Southeast military corridor. The ban on school prayer is meaningless here.

  43. Don

    Thanks Greg, your update on real news is whats needed. Those of the NWO and all their helpers, MSM, want Americans to live in their pokemon world they’ve created for us to live in and play as if its normal, when in fact it so far outside of normal that an average person would half to lie to himself to agree. Their dysfunctional mental state prove their utopia is falling apart. Putin was right when he said, the west is in denial of their own social foundation, Christianity being the ethnic barometer that their built on, they are in opposition to themselves. We are being told, same sex marriage is the norm, cross gender bathrooms norm, no longer a Christian nation norm, and I can go on. Now as you said, MSM has to try to twist and distort, and even create the news, to stay on the same track, or the globalist will not be pleased, and the takedown of the west will be jepordized. Hollywood, can be molded into anything the elite want them to be, which shows California’s gross departure from a sustainable culture, and only meant to self-destruct. If California is the reflective of the rest of us, we are all in for a destructive surprise. Thank God, theirs enough of us in America who look at Hollywood and its shameful culture, that we want no part of it. In closing, President Trump has a rogue intelligence community, and I’m not sure he will be able to weed the rogue element out. He needs an effective tool to replace any agent or opposing forces, and to restore it to a national loyalty only. The cabal, has a group within this group that are loyal to the NWO agenda and not to America. Well good job once again, I hope you don’t mined me writing once and a while, I’ve always believed you to be a patriot, and one who seeks the truth. If the Lord leaves us here long enough, one day you will be the MSM.

  44. Don

    Greg, want to say one other thing, and get your thoughts. I supported Trump all the way, but he raised my eyebrows by his pick of economic team. Ex Goldman and the like, I sure hope its because of their working knowledge and not a sign of accomodation. He agreed with auditing the fed. during his campaign, and I’ve written to him, to make him at least aware of the destructive role the fed. has played in American history, and their being a private banking cartel, with private share holders, and the part they play in the NWO. Its been my hope, he will remove their powers, and give money creation back to the treasury, and restore our independence from any such group. Just wanted your thought brother?

    • Greg Hunter

      Of all the people put on staff the Goldman people are then most troubling. Maybe the Goldman people are coming on board because they know how bad it is and feel they have to do something because it’s their necks too?? I do know that trump is going to try to bring more than $2 trillion back into the country. I heard him say he thought it was $5 trillion, and for that kind of a job maybe Goldman has the connections. There is a lot going on in the background we will never see. I am doing some analysis and good old fashion guessing here. You need to watch the Stockman interview on Sunday. It is stunning, and I am not hyping it. Thank you for your comments and support.

      • Macray

        Excellent points Greg and ………………………..
        I will watch the Stockman interview on Sunday!!! Your reputation for stunning interviews over the past few years is quite apparent!!!

        • Greg Hunter

          Trump keeps saying he “inherited a “mess.” He’s talking about the debt and the U.S. budget. He just said it again today and said the U.S. budget is a “mess” and added “Don’t worry we will get this cleaned up.” You can bet the clean-up is going to be very painful, especially for the unprepared. If you want to really know what Trump and America faces, you will want to watch the David Stockman Interview. By the way, Stockman likes Trump, and predicted he would win in his book called “Trumped!” Watch this interview–you will not be disappointed. It is stunning. He also gives a date for things to start coming unglued. It’s March 15th 2017. Watch the interview as Stockman explains it all in terms every American can understand. It will be the “Early Sunday Release,” posting early in the AM 2/26/17. Thank you for your support.

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Thanks for the heads up….I’ll listen!

        • Greg Hunter

          It is a stunning interview with Stockman and I am not hyping it.

    • Galaxy 500

      Goldman hired the best and brightest. I don’t beleive thst every single one of them is evil. Just my take on it.
      Which you didn’t asked for 😆

  45. Michael

    Thanks for all that you do Greg because your website speaks the truth so many are afraid of. I like you am sick of illegal immigration and both parties have let it go on for too long, Democrats want the future votes and Republicans want the cheap labor for their donors. Ann Coulter brought up an interesting point in her book Adios America about the 1965 Immigration Act where the Democrats knew the white middle class was no longer willing to go along with their policies so they needed to import more third world people who would do just that. It is sickening what has happened to this country and I can only hope President Trump can start to turn it around, if not I fear the America I love and hold dear will be lost forever, God Bless.

  46. Ron

    Greg, thanks for standing up for the TRUTH. The reason Jesus came to the earth is stated by Him when he stood before Pontius Pilate. John 18:37 “… I came into the world, that I should bear witness unto the TRUTH.” His Word is TRUTH. Nothing else matters. The fake and phony things in this world will eventually blow away like chaff in the wind. Don’t grow weary in well doing.
    Love you Brother,

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Brother Ron.
      Brother Greg

  47. Dr Darryl Jewett

    Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s but render unto God that which is God’s. BUT my children don’t belong to Caesar. And that’s how the government has circumvented this rule. It traffics children. The average minimum wage earner and even the average welfare recipient has a greater earning potential by the end of their lives than the average PhD. What’s wrong with the US?

    • Galaxy 500

      So your thesis is that a person making minimum wage or welfare has a greater earning potential than a Phd? Maybe if the PhD is in Womens Religious Studies or 21th century video game heroes but not in real life. Most minimum wage jobs are meant as starter jobs, not careers.
      These jobs seldom comes with benefits. Please share your research on the subject.
      As for welfare recipients, I have yet met one thst was not defrauding the system in some fashion. Either lying about assets and income or the number of children, etc.
      However, I do know several PhDs and other highly educated individuals that were replaced with H1B visa workers making a quarter to a third of what they were getting. They even had to train their replacements, which they did. But the companies lost out big time because short term training of these foreigners can not replace a real education with ten or more years of real world experience. There is so much arcane knowledge that is learned over time that these companies lost access to. They even had to hire a few of these people back as contractors to address some issues but as contractors, they did not show the Hindis how to fix it or the why, they just fixed it. One of their buddies started to educate the Hindis and he was called aside and asked if he liked being called in to earn money or was he going to “obsolete” himself.
      He decided not to be so forth coming but I am sure there are some people that wish to ingratiate themselves so badly that they will flat-out make themselves useless.

      • Dr Darryl Jewett

        @ GALAXY –

        “So your thesis is that a person making minimum wage or welfare has a greater earning potential than a Phd? Maybe if the PhD is in Womens Religious Studies or 21th century video game heroes but not in real life. Most minimum wage jobs are meant as starter jobs, not careers.”

        Correct. I agree with this assessment. But there are no longer any returns on the investment in a higher degree. Not only are there no longer any returns but the cost way outweigh the benefits. That’s my thesis and there’s overwhelming data and objective analyses of them to support it. (Before we begin, I recognize only academic degrees in STEM including higher degrees – so a woman with a degree in, say… feminist dance therapy doesn’t have a real degree (and it’s paid in large part by tax-payers too). Also business accounting… also known as elementary mathematics and business management also known as common sense… aren’t real degrees.) Most people who assess the question you and I are addressing make what’s called a sampling error. They only “sample” from the demographic that has jobs that require a PhD to see how much an average PhD is paid and then they “sample” from the demographic that has jobs that require… well… a pulse (and i’m not being disrespectful as I’ve had plenty of “minimum wage jobs” and they were the best times of my life honestly but you just don’t need any skills or qualifications because as you wrote – they’re starter jobs…) and then see how much they are paid. But that’s not the appropriate comparison or contrast for real life. You sample from the demographic of persons (mostly men in STEM – approximately 4 of 5 degrees are represented by men) with PhD’s and then you sample from the demographic with minimum wage jobs. Sampling should be longitudinal. And you should compare at the end of the lives. So with pay for jobs requiring no skills (minimum wage) increasing disproportionately to pay with PhD’s, the gap is getting even smaller and in about ten years I’d say that the average minimum wage recipient (in CA and NY they are or will soon be $15 an hour to my $5 an hour with a PhD) will make a lot more than the average PhD. Most PhD’s don’t get jobs in their fields. They have to get minimum wage jobs. My estimate about ten years ago is that less than 90% of domestic PhD’s (that’s people from this country with PhD’s and no foreigners who get degrees here and then go back to their own countries) get jobs in their STEM fields in the US. (You can see already that there are a lot of dimensions, elements, variable and parameters to a study of such a phenomenon and it’s not just about pay.) The ones who don’t are certainly underemployed and even the ones who do won’t make enough to compensate for the cost of the degrees. And that’s true for MD’s and lots of other educated professions. Professions that distinguish a civilized society from a third-world or stone-age one. That’s why the US is running out of qualified medical professionals. They can’t get paid enough to justify the education and cost in time and money. Why go to school for twenty years when you can start earning as much throughout a life-time with minimum wage, especially when minimum wage is $15 an hour paid for with the proceeds of someone else’s hard labor (including someone else with a PhD)? With the government and other free-loaders parasitizing off from the degree, it’s worthless. As a matter of fact, a higher degree will make you more vulnerable to enslavement. Since elite need the labor of someone with a degree in STEM. Anyone can satisfy the requirement of a minimum wage job. Elite don’t need to enslave them. They need to enslave only the educated. A proper analysis of this (like proper analyses of many things I’ve done from domestic violence and rape-culture to anthropogenic global warming – hint… there is no such thing as anthropogenic global warming) would cost a real employer millions of dollars for each topic. I’ll be happy to turn over all my research concerning the value of education in the US but it’ll cost you (for that one, about $6-million). But even for my generation X, there is absolutely no value to a higher degree in STEM. You’re better off avoiding any education including a high-school diploma (especially with our totalitarian police state public education system) let alone a PhD or MD and just getting a minimum wage job. The returns on the investment in that are far greater than a PhD or MD. And the costs of a PhD in the US are not worth it for almost all who pursue one. That’s how bad the US economy is. Calling it a third-world country misses the point. It’s not even that. It’s a stone-age society with nuclear weapons, the people in charge of them aren’t that bright, and the rest of the world should be very scared.

  48. Ron

    P.S. I’m praying for you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you.

  49. Ross Herman

    Hello Gerg,
    I know you are not an economic expert and are just being a fair arbiter of the truth, but that 20 trillion figure is total fiction. Do you think they will lie about everything but that? You must know the real number could be 100 or 1000 times greater. And what crazy person/country would make another loan to the US?
    Thanks Greg
    You are one of my last links to reality in an inverted world

    • Dr Darryl Jewett

      @ Ross – the 20-trillion dollar figure may (or may not) be correct. But remember that the United States is not a single country. Unlike almost all other countries, t’s a federated republic of sovereign states. The US is almost unique in this respect. As a matter of fact, I don’t know any other country that has a similar organization. In addition to the federal government, each state has a comparable amount of debt on average. That’s combined with the debt of the federal government. All that debt makes the US the single most indebted country in the history of the world. That 20-trillion is reported to mislead the general public and distract them from the truth. The way the government reports a 5% incidence of unemployment when it’s actually 25%. Or inflation of 2% (or less) when it’s actually 10-15%. The only thing preventing a shrinking number of people in the US from being the most impoverished in the history of the world is our Ponzi / pyramid scheme. That’ll collapse eventually when the slave labor runs out and starts yielding diminishing returns on the investment (or lack of investment). We’re actually already past that. We’re already seeing spectacularly diminishing returns. Which is why collapse and a Mad Max style society is imminent. Trump is not a solution to this imminent future but a symptom. It’s unavoidable now.

    • Dr Darryl Jewett

      @ Ross – A reliable estimate of current debt of governments in the US approximates 700-trillion dollars. (Yes, that’s seven-hundred-trillion – arrived at independently by many scholars.) If you include the derivatives, then the number is measured in quadrillions, quintillions and possible even sextillions. If all debts in the US were called due right now, the US would be the most impoverished country in the history of the world. So poor in fact that countries like Bhutan, Haiti or Bangladesh would be able to absorb us financially. About one-third of Americans live like pigs at troughs because a majority of men in the US are slaves. That will go on only so long.

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Are you suggesting the pigs are getting good slop for fattening up? There’s method in this from the top of the pyramid?
        The Pig people include lots of retirees and their historically huge dividend checks and pensions. So many are here (Hilton Head, etc.)
        I wish no one ill, but frankly, it doesn’t even seem like a happy life. Maybe deep down they would enjoy selling boiled peanuts with the old African American men playing checkers in the parks. It happened before…151 years ago!!!!

    • Galaxy 500

      Real number with out Federal Reserve debt is between 120 Trillion and 160 Trillion as there are several ways in GAAP to account for long term liabilities such as pensions and health benefits.
      If the US Government was required to use real world accounting (GAAP), the budget would never have gotten anywhere near this high. We owe right at twice the entire world’s GDP.

  50. Ross Herman

    And I love the cartoon😂😂😂

  51. RealityCheck

    I think we can call it “The Planned Destruction of Western Culture”.

    The globalist interests have realized that they are unable to destroy western cultures from within fast enough to meet whatever deadlines they have so they are flooding the west with illegal immigrants from foreign cultures to ramp up their timetable.

  52. Justn Observer

    Greg….As they say time will tell ! Hear anything on these?


    Possible GOV’T PEDO PICS & H. RES. 5. ?:

    • Galaxy 500

      Last link interesting. Looks like Trump is going after wasteful spending and branches of the government that have no purpose other than to subjugate the American people.

  53. Orlando

    Regarding calling Illegal Immigrants, “undocumented.” Its like calling a drug dealer an unlicensed pharmacist.

    • Greg Hunter

      Too funny man but very true!!!! Thank you.

    • JCD

      Orlando would you say a legal illegal is a drug dealer sympathizer.

    • Galaxy 500

      Well Done. I had a conversation a few months ago with a State of NC Nursing supervisor. She was all in for Hillary and legalized drugs. I said also long as that included prescription drugs, I was OK with it.
      She said,”Oh, we couldn’t do that. Prescription drugs are dangerous.” At which time I started laughing. I say, “So you are OK with dangerous illegal drugs being made legal but not prescription drugs thst have been tested and approved?”
      She just looked at me, stunned. These liberals have no sense of humor as well as no sense of hypocrisy or proprietary.

  54. WD

    It looks like Project Veritas could put the final nails into CNN coffin. Videos and audio being released showing deep deep fraud and abuse of news….

  55. Charles H

    Mr. Byrd,

    This is like trying to prove the Truth, by the testimony of liars. And USAWatchdog in the category of “fake news”?! You, sir only join the ranks of tired, old pseudo-apologists; who intend on attacking the periphery in order to work toward the core. Besides being factually wrong: the only purpose you show here is to discredit the site and it’s author. Well, be content to fail. These old, tired, and erroneous arguments will pop-up again and again ad nauseum. Another troll-ish foot in the door. Close the door: this stuff never flies.

  56. Dagfinn Klausen

    Dear Greg,
    Being under attack, as it seems we are, knowing our history and knowing our enemy is of utmost importance.
    200 million people died in the period from 1900 – 2000 from wars, etnic cleansing, starvation, terror and more (potential even worse) is to be expected. Our culture is under attack, and our water, food and air is deliberately polluted.
    It seems like several different, but very powerful, well organized and spiritually engaged groups are working together towards a common goal.
    If You agree, who, in Your opinion, are these groups, and what is their agenda?

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s not the Jews–That’s for sure.

  57. Maurice

    Greg, you said, ” If these folks want to work in America we should issue a visa ……………..”
    I agree, this should be a world wide policy. By all means accept refugees and look after them BUT, when the trouble in their country of origin ends or the job they’ve been brought in to do ends – THEY GO HOME.

  58. Galaxy 500

    Put this under Fake News / Propoganda . It is such a big, barefaced lie so transparently self-serving, it is amusing.

    Here is an excerpt:
    CNN media reporter Brian Stelter said Friday that outlets like CNN and the New York Times never show favor for any president during a segment about the Trump administration’s decision to block some news organizations from an off-camera press briefing.
    CNN, the New York Times, BuzzFeed, and Politico were among the outlets not allowed into Friday’s gaggle, while admission was granted to NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox News, and conservative news outlets like One America News, Breitbart, and the Washington Times. The Associated Press and Time reportedly boycotted the gaggle in protest.
    Stelter said the Trump administration has been “stacking the deck” with friendly news outlets, referring to Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s habit of calling on right-leaning groups at briefings.
    “We don’t see CNN or the New York Times rooting for any president, whether a Democrat or a Republican,” Stelter said. “But the Breitbarts of the world, they do root for candidates and root for presidents. There’s not anything necessarily wrong with that. It’s a point-of-view form of journalism.”
    While CNN and the New York Times do not purport to have a point of view, they are routinely criticized for left-leaning reporting. Just last week, CNN took criticism for tweeting out a video mocking Trump’s hand gestures during a news conference. The network is a routine target of Trump’s tirades against “fake news.”
    The New York Times editorial board is staunchly liberal, and its reporters are viewed as liberal so much that the public editor felt compelled to respond last summer.

    • Joe

      Brian Stelter’s logic is so twisted and extreme that its evident (at least to me) he needs professional help. He adamantly promotes free speech yet criticizes others for saying what they say. Note that when the free speech part of the constitution was written, it was written at a time when most (if not all?) spoke honestly, and it was most likely assumed that anyone speaking would do so honestly. I fully doubt the constitution was written to give free reign to and protect to liars. As for Brian Stelter, he comes across as an extreme narcissist and sociopath. Why a sociopath? Well, he freely promotes extreme views that only a person without a conscience could do. As for being narcissistic, he always comes across as extremely self righteous and beyond criticism. My suggestion is to avoid listening to him. To me this is a big problem. How is it that there are so many narcissists/sociopaths these days?

  59. David Coddington

    Greg, here are a couple top-shelf guest ideas. These potential guests fit the level of quality you have on your program and can provide riveting stories.

    Charles Savoie on the Pilgrims Society, a transatlantic secret society of the who’s who (a.k.a. “the elite”)

    James and Joanne Moriarty on the real Libyan war story & Hillary Clinton

  60. David Coddington

    Greg, more top-shelf guest ideas.

    Professor Darrell Hamamoto who teaches NWO theory to students (UC Davis) and is speaking out against the leftist agenda to destroy education and indoctrinate students.

    Darrell did a fascinating interview with Leuren Moret, who would also be a great guest. Either of these two souls embody your philosophy to “fear not”.

  61. Gina M Mancarella

    Stand up for Hillary !!! We are stronger together! The Republicans and Democrats (indeed the entire congress) are united in their quest to investigate Trumps clandestine collaborations with the Russians when he stole the election. There is hope that we will indeed get to the bottom of this travesty of justice. We need everyone to stand up together and let the current executive know that we do not recognize him as president and he is no longer welcome. Get out and protest and let your voice be heard. Dont let the neophytes have any peace and dog them at every chance you get. Together, we can gum up the works so that Trump will be neutered in office. Congressman Issa wants a special prosecutor so we need to rally behind his efforts and if Trump tries to fire him, we know we have another Watergate experience to go through. Remember . One way or another, we need Trump out of office and Hillary Clinton installed as his replacement post haste. Let us hope that former CIA director John Brennan still has some influence with the office of special plans so that some bold internal action by the CIA can be organized to plan the ridding of this fasciast NAZI nuisance so that we can breathe the sweet exhilaration of freedom in the air once more.

    • Gina M Mancarella

      Remember Archibald Cox !!!!!!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Stop with the stupid slogans. Hillary is a criminal/traitor that is now shutting down her global charity fraud. I called that one too!!!! What does it take for a paid troll to be ashamed anyway?

  62. Seeing Clearly

    Trump big oil puppet ? Trump is not as bad as Obama and I mean that however he is not no savior from all the bad That’s yet to unfold.

    I am not for illegal immigration I am for legal immigration.

  63. Dale

    I signed up for your newsletter, but have received no E mail from you regarding confirmation. Is your Email server working?

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