Reporting on Trump Continues to be Unfair, Economy Getting Worse and South China Sea War Drums


By Greg Hunter’s

(WNW 241 6.10.16)

The mainstream media (MSM) continues to largely ignore the ongoing FBI investigation and not ask Clinton about it. Here’s a question that is fair.  Will Ms. Clinton step down if she is indicted?  The MSM doesn’t even bring up the point and is waiting for Clinton to hold a press conference.  It’s been more than six months since she has held one.  You can always ask the questions on the fly and get the reporter asking the question, and a non-answer is still an answer.  Let me remind you, this is the First-Ever presumptive Presidential nominee with an ongoing FBI criminal investigation for either party–FIRST EVER!!!!   For politics, this is like not covering the first time man walked on the moon.  There should be teams of people on this at every network, and instead, we hear crickets, nada, zip!!!

The biggest war games since the end of the cold war are taking place in Europe, mainly Poland. Two dozen NATO countries are participating in this 10 day event. It is reported this is in response to Russia’s actions.  Russia has likewise said that NATO is the aggressor on its western border.  One defense official said that Russia could “overrun NATO in 60 hours.”  What does our friend Gerald Celente, founder of Trends Research, say?  “When all else fails, they take you to war.”  Is war near?  If it is not, the biggest war games in Europe since the end of the cold war sure looks like a warm-up act.  Also, the U.S. has sent two aircraft carriers to the Mediterranean Sea to send Russia a message.  I am worried about the message they might send back.

I have been telling you the global economy is not good, and there is no real recovery on Main Street. Now, plenty of other big wigs are sounding the alarm such as Wall Street icon, Carl Icahn.  He says, “I don’t think you can have [near] zero interest rates for much longer without having these bubbles explode on you.”

“Bond King” Bill Gross is also back at it talking about economic bubbles, and tweets, “A Supernova That Will Explode.” He’s talking about the $10 trillion in global debt paying negative interest rates.

Billionaire investor George Soros is also out making bearish bets on the global economy. Soros is reportedly buying gold as well.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Kim

    Great post Greg! Love your thoughts about the press and how they suck up to Clinton. Interesting to know about the war games. Your reporting on the global military status is very appreciated! I am curious as to what the probability of the US going to War to fix the economic crisis is. ( 50% -90% ? ). Do the politicians think it could be the only option?

    • Greg Hunter

      I hate to say this but war is inevitable. I just do not know when.

      • Dan S.

        Later this year

        • Winston

          Seems to be what the Russians and Chinese are
          expecting.Those o & g pipelines will be completed early next year.Game over on strategic level at that point, although it will play out over a few years.

      • bruce

        Hey Greg,

        Awesome report by the way, my question is did you hear that NATO is in the Pacific Northwest area doing drills? If they are, why?



        • RTW

          It’s true that there is a drill being conducted in the Seattle area. It’s called Cascadia Rising and it has to do with a 9.0 earthquake which would cause a tsunami impacting millions of people. DHS and FEMA are involved but I don’t think NATO is.

      • Macray

        Unfortunately the way it is looking now, I fear you are correct.
        If, and I repeat if we are able to survive all this, the future really is very exciting.
        For one, in 10 years we may be able to drive are own flying car!
        I could go on and on about future technologies that are being developed by American entrepreneurs for the benefit of all, but if WW3 actually comes to fruition, then all bets are off.

      • Robert G

        Are you thinking a regional war Greg? When does conventional turn to therm o nuclear? Very few would survive a third world war with nukes.

        • Tin foil hat

          Robert G,
          If Putin wanted to send a strong message to deter U.S. continuous aggression in their buffer zone, he would drop a nuclear bomb on the newly installed missile base in Romania.
          Putin knows Russian economy cannot sustain a prolong conventional war and his army is ill equipped against NATO. That’s why he openly threatened Turkey to stay out of Syria or its army may face the possibility to be wiped out by a nuclear bomb.
          Putin is incredulous of the U.S. bravado at first. It’s almost funny that he had to remind us repeatedly that Russia is a nuclear power which cannot be pushed around like Iraq or Libya.
          I think Putin is waiting to see if the Deep State would stay in control after the election before he drop the big one on Romania or raise the white flag to the cartel.

      • Tommy

        President Bumble could back end us into a shooting war before his term is up. Should Hillary win, I believe she will most definitely stumbled us into war. I don’t believe Trump will. Unfortunately for us should this happen I believe we will be embarrassed and exposed as a paper tiger as Bumble has stripped the military of its warriors and spent most of his 7+ years making sure our military is composed of foreign nationals, homosexuals and transsexuals and led by desk jockeys that have no fighting experience or technical knowledge of war or weaponry. The only bright side of this scenario is that we will be closer to ending the rule of these elite, effete snobs and replacing them with men and women of action.

    • AndyB

      It is really not up to the politicians to decide. The decision will be made by the same people who decide all geopolitical events in order to cause a maximum of global chaos. The Nulands, Kagans, Clintons, and other dual passport neocons in the USG are the ones who will then implement the overall agenda. Let’s examine Libya. Ghadaffi may have been a dictator, but he sure as hell was a benevolent one. Libya had the highest standard of living in all of the African continent. Citizens had free water, health care, 10 cent/gallon gas, free education through PhD level, interest free loans for housing and free housing for newlyweds. But Ghadaffi was poised to implement a gold based Dinar for Africa that would supplant the USD (and French franc) for African intratrading. Guess who had their panties in a twist over that revelation? (Hint: the descendants of those who created the Creature from Jekyl Island). Moreover, at that time, the bullion bank gold vaults were becoming echo chambers and Libya’s gold (like that of the Ukraine) was an easy mark to be stolen and used to replenish what little banker gold was left. It should be noted Libya also contained the largest fresh water aquifer in Africa, and most are aware that pure water will be as, if not more, valuable than gold within a few decades (See: Bush family ownership of largest fresh water aquifer in South America).
      So the decision maker of the Libyan “intervention” was certainly not Hillary or any other politician; rather it was the puppet masters.

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Yes…but Hillary and the others signed up for the jobs.
        There’s no evidence they’re sorry. Have any of them come to Jesus and wept asking for forgiveness from those who “got in the way”?

        I remember when Robert McNamara “apologized” for Vietnam. Did he show real remorse…helping the vets, working for charity, sacrificing money and time for those he caused to be harmed? (For instance, like John Profumo actually did). Look hard….no, just another bs apolgy.
        If anyone sees evidence of real repentance please post it…

    • Diane D.

      And now the US just fired up a missile defense system in Deveselu, Romania. Check out the photos of the US flag flaunted at the location. Now its onto Poland for the next installation.

      I was in high school during the Cuban Missile Crisis. It was an anxious time. And now we are committing the greatest international crime, the crime of agression.

      How did this once-great, once-Christian nation become so blood-thirsty? Greg is right, war is inevitable. At some point the US will force Vladimir Putin’s to retaliate.

      • SaveUs

        Andy you are one of the few who really gets it. Good on you.

        Thank you Greg for this site.

      • Tin foil hat

        Diane D,
        War may not be inevitable even if Putin dropped a nuclear bomb on Romania. We may have Israel drop a nuclear bomb on Iran to save face and then call it a draw to avoid a full scale nuclear war.

  2. Bill

    Greg, realy enjoy your reporting and your guests.ive been a prepper since the 1960s as a kid,but not because of financial fears but growing up on islands in Alaska where weather can keep supplies from arriving etc.So I see a coming storm since 2006 and financials will create the next depression that will trigure riots and racial tensions in the new America.Your guests all point to a shut down of services as a possibility so could you try to book a few leading prepper/collapse giants in there respective fields?. As a news reporter video is welcomed and believed so much better than the written word and you always get the best out of your guests with clear questions and making them at ease to get them to reply with whats realy on there mind.Selco has some remarkable and blunt advice and others that would love to get the word out and by bringing on these type guests from time to time reminds people to have supplies for a financial melt down. Your well respected for your reporting and get some top notch guests but they mainly give all the symptons of the disease but you don’t follow up with any prescription per say as to how to handle wide spread meltdown. Thanks for putting on your info show and look forward to your message,P.S. get Dave from x22 report on and unmask V.

  3. Bill

    Last comment and no I don’t have a web site so why throw out some reporting stuff but have you ever thought about being the first person to have a live “Skype” or something with commenters at a set time like 7-9pm where weve had time to review your interview with a guest and than rather than a phone call in which is ok with other radio guys you answer my questions or concerns based on the topic of your nightly broad cast? That’s easily done and you could have a camera on the “caller” and if somebody does some dumb sh$t you just hit delete.Nobody I know interacts with there audience in this manner and I would sit for hours listening to the banter verses reading comments on youtube or some dumb twitter you have a say so in the conversation verse reading comments from random people or gov plants etc. Folks today spend hours on social media and boy would your “SHOW” take off with a new format where you could watch on your phone or pc a live question and answer forum after your video interview came out.

    • vegasrob

      If you do try to put this on, I would suggest a platform like GoTo Meeting.
      I watch multiple demo’s a week where there are hundreds of audience members whom participate via the GTM chat window and a moderator puts those pertinent questions to the guests…its a fantastic forum and extremely informative.
      Maybe start with an exclusive for your monthly contributors.

      Thanks as always for all you do !

  4. James Hastings

    Love that shade tree…the breeze….and the old barn as a back drop. I’d be swinging away in a hammock.

    • steve spry

      Hi Greg

      I am from Missouri. What county is your farm? Just curious. Show me state and all.

      • Greg Hunter

        It’s not mine but it’s near StL.

  5. frederick

    Hey Greg love your farm İm alittle envious because thats exactly what İm trying to achieve here in Turkey but have yet to find “our spot” İ will be in Raleigh in late July for some business and to visit a couple good friends İ made last year when we stayed there for 6 months Hillary is obviously a member of the elite “club” that Carlin talked about and probably will get off Scott free due to that İ totally agree with everything you said (believe it or not) and war with a major power is just insane and unthinkable İ own an apartment in Warsaw and worry all the time about what a war in Europe would look like That place has been through so much over the centuries and it scares the Bejebees outta me actually hey Greg İve never been overly religious at least in a conventional sense but if anyone could manage to convert me it would be someone like you due to your very human and nonthreatening approach You would make a great minister in my opinion All the best and enjoy the farm and thanks for what you do for people You are a true humanitarian Frederick

    • diane s.

      I agree Frederick
      Greg Hunter is a very nice man.

  6. Paul ...

    I wouldn’t want Hillary running for dog catcher (let alone the President of the United States) as she would send every dog in America to the gas chamber (for a donation to her Charitable Trust) and it wouldn’t matter the least to her that many of those dogs sent to slaughter are actually our pets … as long as the donation is big enough!

    • Paul ...

      And Hillary’s war mongering neocon friends are now practicing their war games near the Russian border … just waiting for her to become President to give them the order to attack!

      • Paul ...

        You Hillary Democrats better vote for Trump if you don’t want your homes nuked by Russia when she starts her war against Iran (Russia’s ally)!! … America should stay out of the Middle East and let the parties over there settle there own problems (Iran is not our problem and never was) … once Hillary is (s)elected President she will likely do what Bush did to one of our cities to justify her starting a war … I hope you Democrats remember how Bush went after Iraq’s oil and Afghanistan’s gas and heroin when those two countries had absolutely nothing to do with 9-11!

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Actually the first law tested under Adolph Hitler was dog catcher rules…they used it to see who would catch the deceit. Nobody did, so they tried another and another. There are no inconsequential laws…

      The Hillary/ Israel love affair is a frame as sure as Bernie Madoff swindled his own blood with clannish charm and paranoia to make patsies out of them. Will they ever learn? Israel’s friends are peaceful, smart folks who love their Bible and their God. As for worldly ruthlessness…”There is no balm in Gilead.”

  7. your fan in Japan

    Greg congrats on another insightful WNW. I had a thought, perhaps in your “prepare yourself” comment, you might want to add “prepare yourself professionally”. just a thought, submitted for your consideration.

  8. Jerry

    I have been working on a theory for quite some time. Eighteen months ago “W” (who is an inside contact for “V” the guerilla economist and a former intelligence officer) stated he had intercepted a communication transmission between the elites (in code) stating that they were planning on taking down the economic system in September and to get in position. Obviously since nothing transpired everyone, including myself, began to write the whole thing off as nonsense. And then I started thinking. What if the transmission was correct, but the code for the date was misinterpreted? As events begin to align I’m beginning to think maybe he was correct, but the timing was off. When you read headlines like this, you begin to wonder.

    FYI Greg. Russia has two divisions positioned just north of Canada and could be here in days should hostilities start. We have virtually no defense in Alaska thanks to Obama’s defense cuts. Strap in. Things are about to get real interesting.

    • Jerry

      Link to my last post about Russian forces in the artic.

      The criminal corporate state of a country formally known as the United States of America is being militarily cut off world wide. Cut off in Ukraine. Cut off in Syria. And soon to be cut off in Poland. The sabre rattling in the black sea is an exercise in futility. No one is taking it serious. The last time they tried this maneuver the S.S. Cook had to be towed out as a lifeless barge after being hit with a Russian EMP weapon. The NATO exercise in Poland is just more worthless chest thumping from a criminal regime that is on its last breath. Its so embarrassing to watch, not even the MSM will bother to report it. If this was Busch? It would be nonstop.

      I have a tip for some of the MSM that may be trolling your site. When the SHTF moment comes (and its coming soon), you may want to make sure you’re with your elite friends in a bunker. As a rule things don’t go well for the media when the silent majority turns into an angry mob.

      • czzi

        Obama did not cut defense it is still north of $650bn! Plus off the books, black ops money. Sequestration was voted and passed by the Republican in congress/senate as a compromise w/president. Do some research.

        • WD

          That was just to get the budget through pure and simple…

        • Slidder

          Now that Russia has decided to fix your satellite in another orbit-US;what next?Honestly speaking,i think we still don’t know how big this world is.Import- deport at the click of a button.
          I will stick to a financial Lotion episode-whichever way you see it.Make sure you have the last laugh no matter where you end up.

          • Slidder

            If you can pray for your justice system,then all in your Nation will fall in place.Africa is turned on and we are riding high though abit of riots by the elite cliche’ supporters whom we have banned from our current Govt’.We are moving away from ICC-‘elite boat’.
            Of a backslider and its end?Grand Finale! God is Holy and whatever miracle He has on the way,we shall be safe but perplexed by everything.Nothing is Impossible with a Holy God-hang in there.Am praying for you my people.

        • Jerry

          Excuse me. My information comes from first hand on the ground contacts. Pulling spare parts off of decommissioned aircraft is not routine maintenance.

        • Jerry

          I assume by your comment you must be an authority on the subject. Do you really believe the statistics this administration puts out as facts? If you do I can’t help you. But maybe this information can.

    • WD


      Russia does not want war, we keep stepping on their toes. Putin has tried to make Russia an economically stable successful nation. Much of the world is sick of the American bully including myself….remember the US was founded on the principle that each state was an individual republic and the fed govt was SUBSERVIENT to the states not the other way around….. this type of set up would make the idea of a central bank nearly impossible to do.

      As far as Russia is concerned V and the Saker have said that China/Russia have built up a monumental military force that will render our disabled. I really think that US/NATO will try to invade Russia, I know this sounds crazy, but I really believe they can if they do it right at the right time….they are looking for a soft spot.

      Jerry in order for this economy to come back, it has to crash and the US has to step aside a let BRICS take over until we can come back as a more legitimate economic force.

  9. JC

    Greg my Friday morning is complete with the WNW. Coffee taste so much better with a dash of truth in this world of lies.
    Have a fun weekend. This is the best time of the year, but after June 26 things will change fast in my opinion. I pray that God will protect those of faith.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you JC.

  10. allen ols

    You’re not going to see any of the candidates as President. None of them. The elections are manipulated. It’s all about subversion, brother.

    Violence will erupt at the DNC and RNC, causing emotional tempers to escalate further for supporters of all the candidates. This will draw out until November. On election night, Trump will receive 263 electoral votes, Hillary will receive 260, and a third party candidate will receive 15, forcing Congress to invoke the 12th Amendment. Both Trump and Hillary will contest. Sporadic, isolated riots and civil disturbances will take place across the country, starting in major urban centers. The violence is intended to spread as Congress hangs on the first two votes with no decision. This will get the ball rolling for sectional nationwide violence. Under the premises of national security, POTUS will declare a “National Emergency” and declare martial law nationwide. Due to the nature of the situation, the UN will get involved, performing acts of control actions the country, in every neighborhood, under the auspices of a “Humanitarian Crises in the U.S.”

    7,000 UN troops are already on U.S. soil. DHS Office of Intelligence and Analysis has been releasing their Intelligence Assessments (IAs) for the last three years on this. One IA has relabeled the “dissidents” to “SCEs”, or Sovereign Citizen Extremists. I have a copy of the IA’s.

    Also, during our nationwide conference call for the Response Division in FEMA/DHS this previous Thursday, we were advised that under direct authorization of the President, FEMA is now the PRIMARY response agency for ALL counterterrorism events, Zika viral outbreaks, and Ebola viral outbreaks. He mandated this last Tuesday, after he received his national preparedness briefing at the NRCC at headquarters. POTUS doesn’t just pop into HQ….he normally gets his briefings at the EOP

    • vegasrob

      Dont forget the simultaneous purposeful non-functioning EBT cards for 45 million Americans at the same time (responses being tested now).
      There are many more events just like these (think Boston Riots, Black/Blue Lives Matter, South China Sea) that will all be coordinated to happen at the same time just to ENSURE we dont mind Martial Law being declared. It will be so bad that the general populous will BEG for the government to step in…playbook was created/tested successfully long ago.

      I disagree with you on one aspect my brother. Those that know my posts know I have always contended Obama will be the last President of the USA. Where I part ways with you is that there WONT be an election. TPTB cant and wont risk Trump actually being elected…just one more thing to contend with are angry Trump supporters.

      For what its worth IMHO,

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        If the food stamp cards get shut off it will be up to Christians and all caring people to open soup kitchens and unlock those churches from Monday to Saturday.
        Besides those cards are used up at Walmart the first week…
        Golly! What am I thinking…Walmart, Target, Krogers…Coca Cola, pepsi, Nabisco, Kraft, General Mills will never allow the EBT to be shut…never never never amen!

      • allen ols

        I copied and pasted this post and don’t know if it eill happen or not but thought it was interesting. What will happen is any bodys guess/prediction BUT THANKYOU FOR YOUR RESPONSE AS WELL AS PAULS RESPONSE. DEUT 22:5

    • Paul ...

      7000 UN troops and how many Russian, Chinese, Cuban, etc. … again our generals just “stand down” as foreign armies move onto American soil (so “they” can shoot American citizens) … when our generals pledge allegiance to the American flag don’t they realize they are pledging allegiance to the American people? … why are we spending trillions of dollars on the Military /Industrial Complex to defend our country from foreign invasion if our generals are just going to “stand down”???

      • Paul ...

        OK you unthinking Americans … elect a crook to be your President … let your generals send our fighting boys off to the South China Sea and the borders of Russia to antagonize them … let the person who gave our secrets to foreign governments be the Commander and Chief of our US Military and who promises to send our children to fight Iran (an ally of both China and Russia) … station our sons and daughters on 125 bases around the world so they “can’t be here” on American soil to defend their homeland … then invite Russian and Chinese soldiers into American cities while at the same time antagonizing both Russia and China … with our children spread out around the globe who will protect their families here at home (who’s guns are being taken away) from incensed Russian and Chinese troops stationed in our cities??? … and our American generals think this is a “good plan” on how to protect America??? … are our generals and their commander working for the American people or against the American people … they are either with us or against us … at least we know Trump is with us!!!

        • Paul ...

          Remember how Roosevelt exposed our weakness at Pearle Harbor to our enemy (Japan) … so he could start a war against Germany … I wonder what weaknesses Hillary exposed to our enemies on her private server so that our enemies can attack us … and thus we will then have an excuse to attack Iran? … however attacking Iran (who has Russia and China as allies) means we also have to make Russia and China our enemies … so look for the MSM to begin brainwashing the public into making Russia and China enemies of the United States … could it be Hillary knows she will never be prosecuted for releasing secret information on her private server because she was ordered to do so??? … the neocons hate Trump because he can’t be ordered around like Hillary!!!

          • Paul ...

            The picture that emerges is Hillary’s release of secret info on her private server is a “Trojan Horse” to bait enemies to attack America … then Hillary will have “an excuse” to start a war (not against the ones who attacked us) but against Iran, Russia and China … effectively … to begin WWIII and the nuking of American cities … and people are having difficulties choosing between Trump and Hilary?

      • Tin foil hat

        I would be surprised one bit if the Joint Chiefs of Staff have been supporting Trump behind the scene.
        This election is not only going to be just Trump vs. Clinton. It’s probably going to be U.S. Army Intel. vs. CIA and corporate elites vs. bank cartel.

      • CrazyCanuck

        Paul, just a thought. When the president, military, police et al. pledge allegiance, is it not to the constitution ? If it was to the people, then it would ( via the democratic process ) be to their elected representatives — the leaders who are currently running the good ship aground. To me, the constitution seems to embody the core values upon which your country was founded, no?

    • Galaxy 500

      Yeah, AL, those 7,000 feckless UN troops are going to bring America to heel. Great analysis. /sarcasm abounds

  11. The Mohawk

    Greg, I love your farm and lifestyle out there in the country. You are a good man,sir. I have a question regarding a probable collapse. How would MBS (Mortgage Bank Securities) have implications regarding private property ownership? If a private bank, the USDA or Fed guaranteed loans SELL (they always have that provision in mortgage contracts)these mortgages to a foreign nation and a buyer either defaults (or not) would that foreign nation (China comes to mind) then own that property? This could have terrible implications for the ownership of private property in this nation. Backdoor takeover.

    Regarding the media and congress..they simply no longer exist. We have no representation what so ever save maybe one or two members (Justin Amash-MI, Mike Lee-UT and maybe a few more). The Paul Ryan’s of this world (one of many) should be held under arrest and tried for treason and the prescribed punishment carried out….period. It’s no longer even a question anymore. They have done NOTHING to stop any of these events when in all actuality, they have tremendous power if they chose to use it (power of the purse, just one example–treaty provisions etc.–Sargent of Arms could have been ordered to arrest many years ago…and yes, they have that power but again, have simply chosen not to use it–they are all taken and compromised). The members of The Federal Reserve should also have been arrested years ago and also have their assets seized. We should repudiate the debt and we owe nothing…not a dime except forensically audited debt. The seized assets would more than pay off any debt with trillions left in reserve. This collapse is planned and coordinated and the time since 2008 (and obviously before..well, since 1913)has been used to asset strip this nation and pay off collaborators and congressional enablers.

    As an example, any words from them or the media regarding people like Bob Corker-TN multi-millionaire $$ insider trading scandal? (one of many)No, of course not. That went away rather quickly. How about Diane Feinstein;s multi-billion $$ deal to sell post offices and her husband..Richard Bloom received the contract? Very convenient and I’d say conflict of interest on the order of criminal behavior. They should both be under arrest and assets seized (she’ s worth an estimated $500,000,000–absurd).

    Be well and may our Lord watch over you and yours and keep you safe from harm.

    Love One Another

    The Mohawk

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mohawk., all good questions and points.

      • The Mohawk

        Thank you Greg, sir. But I did ask a salient question. Please answer it. re: mortgage backed securities.

        Some of your readers are aware and adept of financial transgressions by our “betters” (ha) but may be poor and unable to take action due to lack of solvency……also known as being poor under circumstances beyond our control. I am not lazy or stupid…just dealing with……ah………deficiencies that prevent us from being W-2 bound.

        Pissed is not even the word. I’ll debate any of these Regressive’s anytime, anywhere and leave them weeping and threatening to “call the cops” (happened today by some moron Regressive). Confront them with facts and they run to Mommy every time. They scare me not. I frighten the hell out of them. “You’re not supposed to be that know, the way you are” Wanna bet?

        Many a comment I’ve made had replies asking me to go write for them……they were rebuffed, “join us”..yeah, how about NOT. Poor and honest beats a well heeled NR Regressive “regular contributor” or AT idiot.

        Love One Another

        The Mohawk

        • Jerry

          The Mohawk.
          Does the term “Bond Slave” have any meaning to you? There is a reason why our founding fathers feared ” Central Banks”. They have sold us out to the highest bidder using their bonds. The only thing between you and camp FEMA is a gun barrel. Without the Second Amendment you are just another slave.

          There is no answer Greg can give you that has not already not been stated on some post. We are all just one grid flicker away from being self reliant. Use your time wisely.

      • The Mohawk

        Greg, I shall add this with no shame. I am asking for all patriotic sheriffs and police chiefs to swear out a warrant for arrest of Paul Ryan for treason. They have that power. He supposedly drives home each weekend (doubtful) to his home in Wisconsin. Pull him over and arrest him. Handcuff him and and charge him with Treason. They have that power. All sworn to up hold the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Paul Ryan fits all categories. He lives for ambition and thinks he’s going somewhere. He’s not. We have him. Hubris is his disease. He’s done.

        Love One Another

        Vengeance is our Lords. Justice shall be ours.

        If others find him ( I know many)..trials are the least of his worries.. trust me.. I know them. It involves hemp rope and a tree after some “discussions”.

        Publish this. Men, act. We lose this country to a tyrant who’s only goal is to further tyranny.

        • Galaxy 500

          Treason is a federal crime, not covered by local sheriffs

        • Paul ...

          Our sheriffs should arrest all those who have committed treason against the United States … since our military won’t stop foreign troops from taking control of American cities and the FBI won’t handcuff Hillary … our sheriffs must begin to act … Hillary will likely claim she is innocent because she released the secret documents on her privet server “on the orders of the neocons” (to get a war started with Russia and China) … but just like the Nazi’s “that followed orders” to kill the Jews her defense is not acceptable … there is no excuse “to incinerate the entire American population with Russian nuclear weapons” … and hopefully Russia will wait for us to kick the neocons out of office before they press the red button!

          • Paul ...

            The neocons and other traitors think they can hide from the Russian nukes underground or in space … they are mistaken … Russia has hyper-velocity nuclear warheads can penetrate deep underground and they have satellite killers … these neocons will be incinerated right along with the rest of us! … the MSM will brainwash the public that “only war” is the acceptable way to negotiate with ones enemy … and therefore war is simply “peace negotiations” … well what if we Americans don’t want to be incinerated to bring neocon peace to the world???

  12. Colin

    I don’t believe that comment about NATO being overun in 60 hours. If he is implying the NATO troops that are on the border currently, then yes, I would agree, but not the full NATO force including the US. It would be interesting to get clarification on that statement.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Greg, you are a fine and sincere man. Can we inject a little reality here? What is being proposed by some here is a two-frontal advance by a country with a population of +/- 143 million and a GDP of $1.2 trillion! 2 divisions in the vast wilderness of Alaska is like a handful of pebbles in the Grand Canyon! And there is no land bridge. Russia does not have the physical resources or numbers to occupy Europe or Alaska. And the logistics of such an undertaking are nearly impossible. Suggesting that we are at risk of subjugation by Russia is ludicrous. Russia’s only chance at “victory” (and for what purpose?) is the nuclear option, and even if Russia were successful in annihilating the West with nuclear weapons, and with no retaliation whatsoever from the West, they will have destroyed the world’s economy and its only advanced population centers (markets), in addition to creating a perpetual nuclear winter that would destroy Russia’s own agricultural production. Think this stuff through. They absolutely cannot prevail in ANY sense in a conventional war, and nuclear war is at best deferred suicide. Sure, they can make trouble, costly trouble, ghastly and painful trouble, but for what? Any gain would be only temporary. How long do you think the Russian people would support a total war footing? They’re not a bunch of serfs anymore! The Bolshevik Revolution took place DURING World War I! Russia is not the military, economic, or cultural equivalent of the US, much less the entire West (Europe and allies). They are experts at gamesmanship and brinkmanship. But they are in deep trouble if they cross the line. Best always. PM

        • Galaxy 500

          Ah, the voice of reason. Can they cause trouble? Sure. Could they establish a beach head in Europe or Alaska? Sure. Could they keep? HELL, NO. Unless there is a feckless leader like 0bama or Hillary in the White House.

        • allen ols


        • Marcelo


          I just want to remind you that the Russians are in this one together with the Chinese and do no expect the chinese to sit down and see how the West destroys Russia because if Russia is attacked then the Chinese will be the next ones. China has 1.2 billion people, would it be enough to take North America ?

          • JC Davis

            Not just China most of our allies. As in the AIIB connection. Things are not what they once were.
            Nailed it.

        • Paul ...

          PaulfmIndiana … who is worried about Russian “subjugation” … these crazy neocons in America are going to unleash a “Nuclear Holocaust” on the American people … unlike our US generals the Russian generals “will scorch the entire Earth” to prevent their homeland from being overrun by foreign troops … did they not scorch the Earth before an invading German army? … you don’t get the point of Russia putting troops on our boarders … it is pay-back for the neocons stationing US troops on their borders!!

      • Colin

        Thanks Greg, sorry, I didn’t not believe your reporting of it, I have heard that comment too. I just don’t believe that in general that Russia could overun all of NATO in 60 hours. I love your show Greg, your one of about 5 sites that I actually trust. I also refer you to friends and family trying to ween them off the MSM. Blessings!

        • Greg Hunter

          No problem Colin. I just wanted you to have the info. It is a stunning claim and a scary one as well.

          • WD


            The Saker does an indepth look at what the Russia has and that yes they could do it…

            • JC Davis

              WD link me up .
              This I would research.

              • WD

                I will,

                He basically says; step by step that IF NATO INVADES they will be picked clean and that Putin is setting this trap in various places.

        • Tin foil hat

          It’s nothing but smoke and mirrors to cover our aggression toward Russia. I finally understand why the Germans blindly followed Hitler into the hell of war.

    • Jerry

      This is why the U.S. has not locked horns with Russia. They have no defense system in place to counter Russia’s EMP weaponry.

      • JC Davis

        Jerry. Russia has the equipment, China has the numbers. When they have the economic system….. who knows?

  13. Jedward

    Hi Greg, good WNW as always. I wonder what type of gold Soros is buying. Physical bullion is one thing but if it is paper gold that he is buying it is probably in an effort to continue price suppression and not because he is worried about the world economy. After all, if he is worried about stocks all he has to do is to short markets. I am hearing that it is ETF gold he is buying and as we all know that is a totally fake and corrupt market and he is doing this just as the Shaghai Gold Exchange commenced a delivery only format, so this may not be what it seems.

    • Tracy Welborn

      All the articles point to his position in the GLD ETF and gold mining shares. These are not positions that would “short” gold to lower prices. This is probably a trade for him, not a hedge on a collapse.

  14. angelo

    I’ve always been skeptical about the bad blood between Obama and the Clintons. I think the phony publicity it generated is a ploy to lure voters into thinking that Hillary would be a sensible choice as opposed to Trump.

    I am in the medical field and the buzz phrase these days in our neck of the woods is “evidence-based”. What evidence do we have to say definitively that the two camps were truly opposing each other.

    I would encourage people to look at the Convention of States website. I live in California and God knows we need this in our state. Keep up the great work you’re doing Greg.

    • Tin foil hat

      The bad blood between Obama and the Clintons are real. However, they are mere puppets who serve the same master. They will get along and play nice the moment their master pull the strings.

  15. angelo

    Speaking of Benghazi, there is a memo attached on a news article on Trunews from Congressman Trey Gowdy’s memo to Congressman Elijah Cummings that looks very promising.

  16. john duffy

    Very good talk

  17. Robbie41

    Hello Greg, Very nice report, & it’s also good to see a farming back-ground. It look’s so natural. Keep on doing these as weather permits, & keep your eyes looking towards the sun, & keep looking & track that incoming object, it won’t be long now, because it’s already here. I wish you & your good family & work teams, the best of luck, & may Jesus be with you too..

    Steve Olsen & Jeff P Channels on youtube, are following & tracking Nibiru / Planet 7X. The best info out there so far. God Bless..

  18. wondrouscat

    First presumptive nominee for the office of President of the United States ever to be under an on-going F.B.I. investigation, which just might suggest that just maybe they’ve done something criminal, and our sitting President of the United States of America publicly endorses this person. Greg, your disgust at Hillary’s walk into the White House is justified, but at this point I seriously wonder if she can be stopped – because the President is choosing between his Federal Bureau of Investigation and her and he’s chosen to support her, rather than sit back and not say anything. Hillary is who the globalists and neocons want, and it will be amazing if that doesn’t happen.

    • Paul ...

      If you vote for Trump … Hillary, the globalists and neocons go down the drain!

  19. Another Bill

    GREG; With Clinton allowed to continue being a candidate for President while under federal investigation. With our economy in meltdown mode, but being propped up by the banksters, how can anyone not believe that our nation is under someones control. After watching Valerie Jarrett interview on 60 minutes, I have become convinced that the someones are running our nation thru Valerie, and Obama is now just a figurehead. God help us!!!

  20. wondrouscat

    Actually I suspect Hillary only ran because she was given the green light, told she would be put into office, and her demeanor all along has been so assured, and one time when asked if she thought she would be indicted she said “That won’t happen.” Only if and when someone high up is as disgusted as you, and is insistent on prosecuting her for treason, will there be any hope of her de-railment, otherwise the Hillary train is coming thru.

  21. Jerry

    More on secret G-20 meeting.

  22. R B

    Greg ,just want you to know I love you in the Lord. I believe you are a great help for all of us,for such a time as this.I appreciate all who come on weather I agree or disagree.They give different perspectives from one end to the other.I see your sincerely and respect it.Keep to it ,the survivors of what’s coming Will need honosty and truth. God help us for Jesus sake.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you RB!

  23. DBCooper

    Greg, Love the grass … I like fescue and brome … shame to waste it with a bush hog !! I would chime in with Bill’s comments and again recommend James Wesley Rawles (in spite of the Templar connection??? the what??) Our season is a month early this year and I cut hay the first week of June rather than the first week of July … the weather is certainly changing. Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

    • DBCooper

      PS … Here’s a possible scenario … Hillary is not indicted …. so Barry has nothing to pardon her for … The Donald is elected … and then she is taken down ?? DB.

    • Greg Hunter

      Most of it is headed for round bails this week. Thank you for your comment and support my brother.

      • allen ols

        I had to backtrack several times to listen as I kept LOOKING AT THE BARN IN THE BACK AND THE TREE and reminded me of home 50 yrs ago in Wisconsin on the farm same machine/hay shed, same tree w0 the tire swing but love the scenery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 love u bro!!!

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Allen.
          Love the place too, but it does not belong to me.

  24. freebreezer

    Greg – the hypocrisy/corruption in the press is monumental and my eyes roll to the back of my head … and yes, it is all way too stupid to be stupid! No one ever brings up the Valerie Plame case – think of how much press was given to this non story – and jail time was given for “exposure” of a very low level CIA desk person. Fast forward to today and the corrupt beast (Hilliary) gets essentially no bad press for exposing multiple CIA field operatives, state secrets, plans etc. Gucifer (a “supposedly lone wolf ” in Eastern Europe) hacked her personal and illegal server … this exposed state secrets and thus she exposed these state secrets! … and the press wants us to believe that there is no proof that she did no wrong, and that China, Russia, and other bad actors did not gain access with their far superior hackers!!!!! AY YAI YAI – Again, it is so far beyond the realms of being stupid to be stupid!

    • Paul from Indiana

      Freebreezer, you just made some of the best arguments for the idea that the fix is in, and Hillary is untouchable. Nobody else would have gotten this far. The entire agenda of the Left is riding with her. Facts are irrelevant. It will be necessary for all of us Watchdoggers to chip in for Greg’s psychiatrist bills when he finally comes around to this sad fact. Best always. PM

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Hillary a liberal? How definitions have changed!!!

      • Tin foil hat

        Lol, that’s not very nice regarding the psychiatrist bills.

  25. Matthias

    Greg is dead on regarding the main stream media. Although the internet seems to have at least some effect on them. Thanks to the coverage of this weekends Bilderberg meeting in Dresden, Germany by the alternative media the German state television seems to have been pushed to also mention it, although just in their nightly news broadcast which airs 5 minutes after midnight.

    They show a “press conference” of the 3 press secretaries of the 3 ministers attending Bilderberg who each just say in a row “The minister is indeed attending Bilderberg, I have nothing more to say about that matter.”, they mention the meeting was started in 1954 by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, kept secret for decades and that it’s said the European Union has been prepared there and they interview a researcher from Leipzig university who refers to Bilderberg as “the Politburo of western capitalism”. So good to know we have a Politburo as well since more than 6 decades! And apparently they are now trying to start a war to cover everything up once the financial system crashes due to the endless money printing…

    The broadcast is still available online at the official state television website:

    “nachtmagazin 10.06.2016 00:05 Uhr”

    The “press conference” is shown at 12:13 and the “Politburo” part at 13:35.

  26. Don

    Trump and the Republicans should be demanding 24/7 a Special Prosecutor since Obozo has endorsed her. If that was not improper influencing of an ongoing investigation, nothing is.

  27. RTW

    It seems like we are living in the age of “FIRSTS”. The first partially black president, the first Hispanic SC Justice, the first female General, to lead combat troops, and now the media is all giddy about, and doing their best to ensure that we have the first female POTUS, whether she’s qualified or not. There is nothing more that I would like to see, than BOTH Clintons getting manacled together and indignantly hauled off to Gitmo. But alas, that is not going to happen and there is at least a 50/50 chance that she will be inaugurated instead of incarcerated leaving the future of this country with a less than 50% chance of survival, and will also be a FIRST.

  28. Robbie41

    Dan Page on Preparing for the Financial Collapse and Martial Law

    New Video put out/Published on Jun 8, 2016. About 55 mins long.

    • da diz

      Nice referral, thank you.

  29. Nick-Dog

    Awesome farm and report Greg! Looking forward to the early Sunday release… Cheers and God Bless, –N-D

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you N-D.

  30. Cheri

    Greg, I have just recently learned of your website. It has been amazing to listen to your guests and realize how far away the MSM is from the truth, on any level.

    Not sure if you can answer this, but if I could buy silver or gold, but how will it be traded after the collapse? These are questions that I have had concerning the purchase of hard assets mentioned.

    Thank you as well for the insight and especially for the charge to FEAR NOT!!!! Many of us do not have the resources to make big investments in gold and silver and will be really looking to God the Father for His help and guidance during these very troubled times. 2 Tim 3 and Is. 5:20 give us the warnings of the times we are in. Somehow I take comfort in that – He knew what would come to pass and we, His Children, will be ever the more dependent upon Him to get us through these evil days. I am grateful that you are not afraid to speak the truth and to prepare those who want to hear, no matter how challenging the message. I will ask the Lord to continue to give you the courage and strength to stand firm in the truth.

    • Greg Hunter

      Gold and silver are very liquid and can be cashed out or traded directly. You need some cash and food and water. Don’t load up on just one thing. Gold and silver are core assets. Food is also a core asset but you will need to cycle some of it out from time to time. Get ready and stay ready at some level that does not drive you into the poor house or crazy. Thank you for commenting here and for your support.

  31. Sayonara

    We are living in the most astonishing ever politically. The presumptive Democrat nominee is under a current criminal investigation by the FBI and the media will not report on it. Unbelievable! Meanwhile, the presumptive Republican nominee makes a comment about one of businesses being sued by and judged by lawyers and a judge that are affiliated with La Raza ( The Race – a racist organization) which vehemently and violently opposes the nominee and the entire media and quisling republicans go nuts. This country is so mentally disordered and intellectually illiterate that there is no way it can survive. I just fear when the collapse finally occurs as it will make current Venezuela look like a picnic. So unbelievable and sad.

    • Tin foil hat

      The left constantly question white police officers’s fairness and their capability to be unbiased toward the minorities. Yet, they went nut when Trump did the same with minor roles reversal.
      I don’t think Obama, Holders or Hillary have apologized to former Officer Wilson yet.

  32. Don

    Dear Greg, Your da-man, love your reporting, with a Christian flavor at the end, as a reminder. Hilary is doing what anyone would do who every word she says to the media, only gets her in deeper trouble, so say nothing, and only speak when its a favorable environment. Obama has made it clear to justice dept., she’s not to be convicted of her crimes. When I seen your post, I was ready to barf. I guess I need to detach myself from Hilary coverage. Hilary, if elected, will try to disarm America, and because she was trained to implement a socialist form of health care, as a means of control, she will finish what Obama started, with Obama care. She will also never close the southern border, and will support a European still of invasion of our southern border, and fill America with new liberal democratic voters. It solves two problems for the democrats shrinking voter numbers, and it fulfills the will of the UN and global elite in America. My son wad cut back on working hours once again to 32 hours a week, hear in Oklahoma, and he’s talking about a road job, working on the pipe line. I hope he doesn’t have to, because of time away from family. I’ve been praying the Lord will provide a path of support for him, that wouldn’t take him away from family. We are as a nation, in a critical time. Our nation will be lost to full control, of the global elite, if she is elected, and all I can do is pray the American people will awake from their apathy, and realize the dangers we face. I continue to write my reps. but am never satisfied with there answers. Hilary has been a major representative for the Law Of The Sea treaty, and the UN authority to replace our national sovereignty. God help us, if she is elected. Thanks for your reporting, unlike main stream media, as you tell it like it is. Donald Trump, has to be elected, or the nation will be loss. The economic news from many sources, believe we’re very close to a global collapse. The various positions on how severe it may get is another issue. If Trump is elected, the banking cartel will not be helpful to his cause for sure, but will try to reset the collapse through the SDR of the IMF. That makes the IMF, the new central bank of the world, and it all will be under private ownership. The global government, which God said would come to power, will be implemented in quick order, and the next prophet events will be a war in the middle east involving Russia and the Islamic nations, and a global president will be in the making. Before that happens, the rapture of the church should happen before the anti-Christ is unveiled. Well good job on wrapup, we can always count on you. God Bless.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Don for your comment and support.

  33. Judy

    Sigh – Give it up, Greg. if the global elite want Hillary to be our next Presidemt, she will be our next President. Things will be “conveniently” buried or delayed for, oh you know, 50 years or so. Let it go, it’s making you nuts!

  34. wondrouscat

    After all, what’s a little FBI investigation. Think that would stop their global take over, or let it pinch their pocketbooks? Noop. Hillary’s their girl, their stooge, their puppet. They will not let voters get in their way, stop their plans or ever jeopardize their wealth with a paltry thing like a vote.

  35. Ross Herman

    Greg, I won’t say “I told you so” about Hillarys indictment, but I will ask, do you fear a world where none of the most egregious criminals will never be brought to justice while an honest patriot can be jailed for collecting rain water? The evil marches on and it seems that they will actually create a worldwide faciest police state, to forever stomp the neck of man. It’s enough to turn an atheist to Christ, but all I see are more satanic rituals.
    Thanks for some truth, Ross

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s not over.

      • Ross Herman

        I pray you are correct and Hillay gets handcuffs

      • susan

        You tell ’em Greg!

  36. JimH

    Greg, excellent wrap up. I have to agree with you about the US posture towards Russia. It is clear the State Department and our Donor Class politicians have no idea about foreign policy. The US aggressive moves by installing a first Strike capability into Poland and Victoria Nulands 3 hour talk about Ukraine is very telling. The article by zero hedge :

    Stunning Emails Reveal How Clinton Foundation Donor Bought Seat As Hillary’s Nuclear Weapons Advisor

    describes how to become a super delegate and a National security Nuclear advisory shows the dangerous game that our Donor class politicians are playing on both sides.
    Seems Washington thinks it can win a Nuclear War with some 1st Strike capability.
    Now as you mentioned NATO making provocative war games in the same area.

    If Bernie Sanders wants some Super Delegates he should give money to the Clinton Foundation like Rajiv K. Fernand.

    After the Brexit I think EU will collapse and NATO will follow. In the US generals get a 3 million dollar a year pension and US work is off shored. These same US generals are overpaid with poorly crafted Strategy and tactics thinking that a first strike capability
    while our Engineers in the US are displaced by the Communist Chinese and India.

    The Clinton Global Initiative is not the Clinton American Initiative.
    America should come first.

  37. Ray

    Watched the funeral of Ali this morning…….
    Couldn’t help but think about the massive differences in approach to life between The Great Man and The US Government: One looks to help, heal and herald a better life for all…..the other looks to deceive, cheat and kill.
    America is IS NOT Ali…..
    America is more akin to Elvis in 1977: Once talented, but now fat, bloated and ready for an undignified exit from the world stage.
    May God have mercy upon all the good people (for there are many, many, many good people in the US) who are about to witness this astonishing event.

    Ray, Canberra, Australia

    • Greg Hunter

      Might I point out, Ali denied Christ all his adult life and followed the Quran. Elvis was Christian, and believed in the Bible. Christ had a very undignified exit from the world stage too. I am with Elvis no matter what. Thank you for your comment even though we disagree.

      • Russ McMeans

        Amen Greg!..I wanted to barf hearing all the adulation from the elites over Mohammed Ali. I thought about Margret Thatcher and how little appreciation she received at her funeral. This world is so immoral, the stench must be reaching God’s nostrils by now. Like a dirty cat litter box that’s getting full. Ugg!
        Also notice how you and other honest journalists run little websites out of view from the masses , who are watching big name tv network journalists and commentators that lie and omit the crucial facts of important events. Thanks Greg for your awesome website and excellent journalism.

    • Robert Lykens

      Amazing how many non-Americans can describe America’s problems while never mentioning their own.
      Ray, without America, you would have been born into a Japanese, German or Chinese-speaking family.
      You’re welcome.

  38. Diane D.

    Christ warned us about ‘hirelings’ who are supposed to be shepherds protecting us from the wolves. But instead the hirelings are imposters who will never protect their sheep. (John 8:11-12)

    In a sense it reminds me of the duty the media has to pursue and disseminate the truth. But the MSM are hirelings and facilitating evil. To me Greg and his guests are much like shepherds trying to protect with the truth today.

    • Ray

      So Greg…..
      Respectfully, it would appear that you are saying:
      “People who believe in faith other than Christianity, their example in life, no matter how noble, is null and void”
      If that is your belief Greg, then you are no better than those whom you say you oppose sir.
      I am talking about the NWO… know….those who you say see things only in “black and white”
      God loves ALL….GOD LOVES ALL.
      My prayers for your happiness, strength and redemption remain with you Greg.

      • Greg Hunter

        Only way to go to heaven is through Christ.

  39. WD

    We Won’t Get Through The Elections Without Major Disruptions To The Finanical System: John Williams

  40. Charles Turner

    In two weeks time Great Britain votes as to whether it stays in the EU a bloc of 28 nations or leaves. Is this significant? I think so, because every representative of the elites world wide has come out an threatened Great Britain from Obama and Legarde through to the finance minister of Germany who says Britain won’t have access to the EU markets. What is astonishing is thelies. Great Britain is the 5th largest economy in the world and Germany exports one million cars a year to it. Great Britain has a negative balance of trade in the EU which means if they place trade restrictions it will put the EU into a terrible recession. I smell something much bigger here. It is about control. If Great Britain leaves then the EU will collapse. Places like Greece are kept as a debt colony to ensure banks like Deutche Bank remain solvent on paper. If the debt was written of then the banking system will collapse. The British people are waking up to the propaganda and the polls are swinging towards an Out vote. I really wonder whether the elites will pull of some form of crisis before June 23rd to sway the voting or whether this is one of the black swans they cant control.

  41. Tom Davis

    Greg, we never walked the moon. God put the “Van Allen Belt” in place for a good reason! NASA has taken our taxes for other objectives.

  42. Carl Boone

    How and Why Russia Is Moving to a War Footing?

    Newsweek Andrew Monaghan 9 hrs ago

    As NATO’s Warsaw summit looms, the rivalry between the alliance and Russia is intensifying. The summit’s agenda includes a lengthy list of points of tension, including NATO enlargement, ballistic missile defence, positioning of NATO equipment and forces in Eastern European member states and NATO’s partnerships with states such as Georgia. At the same time, NATO is conducting a series of substantial military exercises in Eastern Europe, such as Anakonda-2016, the largest such exercises since the end of the Cold War.

    That answers the question, but, READ MORE;

    Whats our consummate neocon Rich Treadways take on all this Breedlove?

  43. Rock

    Great weekly wrap up Greg….You are a beacon of light in an ever dimming world.
    I happened to run across our friend Rob Kirby on a recent interview and wanted to provide the link. He thinks it will be “Mad Max” before the end of November. He is more relaxed and candid than I have ever heard him. It is worth a listen, as he gets into the global elite more and their end game….
    Thanks again for your fine work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rock.

  44. Dan S.

    I see that some people are not receiving their food stamps at the end of the month.Some currently have not received it as of the 9th. If this keeps up the sheeple may start rioting. What a perfect reason to declare martial law, round em up into reeducation camps, and have Obama stay in office. Hmmmm I wonder if that is the master plan? Oh have you heard the Blderbergs are meeting in Germany this week.

  45. John

    I think you shouldn’t do these WNW’s outside. Too much background noise.

  46. Peter

    I believe Trump must beat crooked Hillary for the US to survive. Any person that cares about the US economy and future needs to vote Trump. The last few jobs reports were stinkers and unless this trend changes, we are going to quickly decay as a nation. Hillary wants everyone to believe the US is doing fine, but that is a democrat lie. The US economy is not working well for the average man.

    More people on food stamps, lower labor participation rates, lower wages, higher rates of suicide, despair, etc. will continue under Hillary just as they did under Obama.

  47. dee garmon

    As Jim Willie puts it any nation that even considers Hillary for presidency, let alone electing her, is doomed!

  48. Boo Who

    Romney: Future of GOP is ‘breaking my heart’

    The Hill Harper Neidig 12 hrs

    Mitt Romney blasted the Republican Party on Saturday for not doing more to stop presumptive nominee Donald Trump, saying that the prospects for the party are bleak.

    During a discussion in Park City, Utah, where Romney is hosting his annual conservative summit, the 2012 presidential nominee singled out Trump’s former rivals Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Gov. John Kasich (R-Ohio), the last two candidates to drop out of the race against Trump.

    “Ted Cruz was basically praising Donald Trump through the whole process,” Romney told discussion host and CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer. And Kasich “was in well after the time there was no possible pathway to becoming the nominee.”

    “Seeing this is breaking my heart,” he added of the future of the party.

    Romney has intensified his attacks on Trump over the weekend during his annual retreat.

    During another interview with Blitzer on Friday, Romney accused Trump of promoting “trickle-down” racism, misogyny and bigotry.

  49. Hairy Herry


    I must ask toe Dems “Peddling influence or peddling fiction?” Such an excellent analysis you gave!

    Trump needs to win! Latino friends I have truly hate The Donald, but there’s a few factors I keep in the back of my mind – these people came from various countries in Latin America where 1) corruption remains an institution of it’s own, and 2) they didn’t have the guns to maintain some semblance of independence.. This tells me they’ll vote Democratic since it reflects a lot of what they’re traditionally used to (plus the freebies and additional social services many of them are used to receiving, in most instances America is superior in the freebies and generousity) Due to the corruption they saw, I suspect Hillary’s crimes are actually tame for most of them. Also, many of them are familiar with the Clinton name and the Lewinsky fiasco. There’s a lot of cheating and cheaters in that area of the globe. If Clinton had no shame back then, certainly his wife won’t have any shame pressing forward toward a candidacy. After all, she would apparently be immune while in office unless impeached as her Hubby, and she’s likely confident she will enjoy total party support as Slick Willy. It’s going to be an epic circus come November.

    Anyhow, that’s my two cents worth. Enjoy the remainder of the weekend in Missouri. I may be moving there near the NW corner in the months to come as an opportunity has presented itself. I’ll get to work at least a few days in the area in preparation for it’s opening.

    Muchas Gracias until next time.

  50. DLC

    Ray: Name me somebody who left this life in a dignified fashion. It’ nothing like the movies, and you know that. More like kicking and screaming or drugged to oblivion.

    How about those who served when Cassius Clay was putting this country down? He was so tough, but gutless regarding the draft. Cassius Clay was a mouthy punk who used the black ace card along with “Elijah this” and “Elijah that” to avoid serving. He had a full, rich life.

    Lew Alcindor was another punk. Elvis did not go around demanding respect.

    How about Abbie Hoffman, Chicago 7, “bring it all down man,” and all that? He offed himself in the manner of Prince — no dignity there.

    America fat and bloated. You mean like England, the EU, all those overrun socialist hellholes?

    White is out. Christians are out. Vets are out. Lots of luck when the currently cherished and celebrated illegal flotsam hits the streets — San Jose style.

  51. DLC

    Fifty dead gays in Orlando. A religion-of-peace takedown.

    Shades of Sweden.

  52. DLC

    Could be that our President Pol Pot is in overdrive to accomplish his gun grab goal. Capo Hillary can take the reigns from there.

  53. Slidder

    Yep,introduce jerry 2my momma.Just the two of you.I pray 4m my heart n i rarely open my mouth.So,its gona be easy whereva you go.
    I love Equakes coz thats where lucifer altars r located n have to be brought down n newness arises -vortexes,mgnetic fields erected when he was sent 4m Heaven.California is his goal post.Chk frequency on BetaEquake site.Cinton is british rooted just lyk my family.Hence we are now warring british principalities globally.Obummer is done.Always share with Jerry.

  54. Slidder

    e.g.Gas was located in a slum dwellin in Asia in May n the govt’. neva new of its existence.Only the dwellers.
    Thats how wealthy poor people are but lucifer sits on them.
    Hve noticed water-pressure drop in our toilet upstairs after a minor Equake,people harvestin earlier than xpected.Lucifer locked us up with mgnetism.Hence those monsato fields r going barren soonest/people will be trying to advance but no harvest coz they aint of YAH but demons-they HATE original stuff.They’d rather die.

  55. Slidder

    Jerry is a complex man.The only way out is to share with him whateva story/msg i have shared with you.He will not respond but he will recall my experiences along the way n soldier on.
    I seldom want to get in the way of others.You are his next contact n after that,he will be good to go.If you will not allow YAH to use you as His mouthpiece on this,
    then i will have done my part as i did a year ago.I will not be blamed by Heaven.Just pass the stories/msg n leave it at that.Don’t post them.

  56. Shane R Beauvais

    Watchdog claims its best interest is of the citizens safety and security. Why would they infringe upon citizens rights to privacy . We have international and fundamental human rights that these corporations they call countries take away from us all. Its the slaves who build there technologies . Slaves meaning the citizens of the Countries they live in. LIFE, LIBERTY and PROPERTY are just three of the international and fundamental human rights we are and have been stripped of for decades now. WATCHDOG ruins the lives of its slaves by working for the corporation we build and live in. Ok I pay my cell phone , thus making it my PROPERTY. I now want to travel to another Country now my rights are taken away . Customs will give you a choice allow them to take control of your cell phone to snoop through or simply not be allowed to enter that country. A right to property and privacy has now been taken away from us. Just remember WATCHDOG are people who have taken an oath which will take away your rights. DO NOT CONTRACT with them and make them know your jurisdiction of common law will be exercised and you do not consent now or in the future to a defacto government who has made a fictitious legal system made of of unicorns and rainbows which take away your freedoms and they now expect you to pay for privileges . Civil courts are for the people who are enslaved in the corporation and for those who are under the jurisdiction of common law. I am a man not a driver. I am a man not a hunter. I am a man of god born to the land not a corporation . I DO NOT GIVE MY CONSENT directly or indirectly now or in the future for my rights to be infringed upon by an organization who claims they have a right to invade my personal space. I have international and fundamental human rights and I CHOOSE TO KEEP THEM RIGHTS PROTECTED. Shane R Beauvais

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