WNW 176 Middle East War, Ukraine War, Economic Calamity Coming

4By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (2/6/15) 

Everybody has seen the horrifying video of the Jordanian pilot being burned alive by the Islamic State.  I want to concentrate on why these Islamic radicals did this, and did it in a slickly produced video.  I think these terrorists wanted to make sure the world could clearly see and hear this horrible act to get people riled up for war.  Remember the stories about how the Islamic State was negotiating a release of the pilot when, in fact, he was already dead?  The Islamic State wanted to take it up a notch and build up interest, but why?  I think they want to invite war and, this time, from Jordan.  Why else would they burn someone alive in a cage and make a video of it to release to the world.  The videos of beheadings were not getting them enough attention and outrage.  I think that is exactly what they got as Jordan ramped up its airstrikes against the Islamic State.   Jordan is a small country with lots of refugees.  Many Muslims are outraged about the burning pilot but there are some closet sympathizers to ISIS.  Is this going to be used to destabilize Jordan?  Get Jordan over extended and topple the government?  Will Obama give King Abdullah of Jordan the weapons and help he just came to Washington to ask for?  What is the President saying about this?  When he was trying to make the point that Islam has been hijacked, the President said, “Remember that during the Crusades and Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ.”  One thing is for sure; War in the Middle East is increasing and not decreasing.

In a few weeks, the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, will speak to Congress.  President Obama is reportedly angry, but keep in mind, Congress is a co-equal branch of government.  It can do what it wants without permission from the President.  Forget about talk about the so-called “breaking of protocol.”  That pales in comparison of giving 5 million illegals benefits and citizenship that the President himself said many times he could not do.   The President is angry about Netanyahu because he will, no doubt, say what a terrible deal the Obama Administration is cutting with Iran.  Iranian officials have reportedly said the U.S. is “begging us” to cut a deal.  Netanyahu will be laying out the case for a tough deal and more sanctions, at the very least.  This will put more pressure on President Obama, and some of the pressure will come from Democrats.  Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi hinted at the possibility of some Democrats being “too busy” (which is code for boycott) to come to the Prime Minister’s Congressional address.  I think many Democrats will attend.  If they don’t, that is going to backfire with voters in 2016.  Again, there are increased tensions, not decreased tensions, in the Middle East.

In Ukraine, the leaders of France and Germany, Holland and Merkel, are frantically flying to Kiev and Moscow to try to negotiate a new peace plan.  This is coming at a time when the EU just agreed to new sanctions against Russia and when NATO continues to add military equipment and manpower to Eastern Europe.  This sounds like a last ditch effort to avoid a much wider war.

Meanwhile, the EU could not be on any shakier financial footing.  The EU is in the process of cutting off any more bailout help for Greece, as that country is demanding debt forgiveness.  If it were just Greece, this would be a containable problem, but there is Italy, Spain, Ireland and Portugal, and all of them are going to want the same debt cut deal.  This is why Greece is so important.  When Greece finally and officially defaults or gets its debt cut, it is over.   The real problems are not just the broke countries, but the big banks in Europe are also in deep financial trouble.  S&P cut the rating of many big banks in the Eurozone.  This is why bank runs are already happening in Greece, and when they get into full force in Europe, the U.S. will not be far behind.

Finally, I want to talk about the sinking U.S. economy.  I do not want to beat you over the head with the exploding trade deficit or the fact that the creation of full-time jobs is at historic lows.  I just want to highlight the fact that RadioShack filed for bankruptcy.  The company has a little less than $200 million more in debt than assets.  The company is trying to hang on, and they might cut a deal to turn things around, but it is not a sign of a healthy economy when a business with nearly 5,000 stores in 25 countries files for bankruptcy protection.  RadioShack is a 94 year old company that survived the Great Depression.  It looks like it will not survive the so-called “Great recession.”

Join Greg Hunter as he analyzes these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Don

    Mr. Hunter, I’m posting this , so your readers can comment, if they to have been trying to communicate with there representatives. I would like to know if many do, and what were the subjects. I have been in touch with Inhofe, out of Oklahoma. I Haven’t had much success, on issues of Ukraine, Economy, foreign policy, although he did say that he voted for and would support the Audit the Fed. Bill. I would have to acknowledge, that at times I let him know that I blame our leaders, for policies in the Ukraine and middle east along with the present continuing corruption in the banking industry. I guess my discuss was pretty evident. But I would like to know how many of you are emailing your REP. over the things that are wrong.

    • Charles H.


      I wrote Senator and Representative in Texas concerning Obamacare -saying I would swing to the other side if they let it pass. Well, I think I may not vote anymore – though it rankles me to admit it. Party politics and staying in the Game is all that maters to them now.

      • Miggy

        I have tried in the past to contact my representative and senators by email/message from their website. I usually get an email back literally between 2 and 4 weeks later if not later.

        Once I tested them and sent a message and picked a subject from the drop down menu like immigration. But I sent the message regarding the economy. You guessed it, I received a stock email back on immigration. They don’t read the messages, plain and simple.

        I called and gave the secretary an ear-full about not going into another war with Syria. Calling their office is the best for sure.

        • Miggy

          I agree with not voting, Charles. I have not voted in the last 2 elections. I did a lot of soul searching about it because of our founders but even they would now agree the system has become far from what it was intended.

          • Bob Lamb

            Not vot8ng is why we have the mess of a president we have now and all his policies etc. Shame on you and anyone else who doesnt vote!

            • Miggy

              Local voting is different. I voted right, we got wars and more government. I will never vote left because I am pro-life.

              Give me a candidate I could have voted for with a chance to win and I will debate you all day why you are wrong. Left or right.

              By the way, throwing rocks is no way to make your case. It sounds childish. Make your case without the rocks and you sound like an adult.

    • Shadow of Doubt

      I wrote my Representative in Wisconsin about his less than cogent backing of Obeyme’s utilization of Czars in the American political process, funding command and control Health Care and added my efforts to the 450,000 letters calling for John Boehner’s ouster. The GOP response will be my response to them in 2016.

  2. Don

    Something else I wanted to say, is Oklahoma’s Inhofe has joined the Globilist on climate change. He had taken a stand against global warming, now he’s thrown his hat in the ring with them and has been appointed to a seat on Obama’s new climate change group. He was for, sending troops back into Iraq, he’s for futher arming the Ukraine, even after I argued, that the west had promise in Gorbachev’s era, that nato would not grow to the east one inch, and it was know different than the Cuban missile crisis. I’ve come to find out, that it doesn’t matter what you tell them, right or wrong does not matter.

    • Jeff

      Don….” I’ve come to find out, that it doesn’t matter what you tell them, right or wrong does not matter. ” ………. I think you answered your own question……. i.e. a waste of time……. Our leaders have sold out this country and their skin is the only thing that matters to them……. If anyone here can show me proof otherwise I’d love to hear it.

    • Jerry

      I agree with Jeff. Bank cabal puppets all. Want proof? Name the last time cutting the budget was mentioned on Capital Hill ? Debt doesn’t matter because they have NO answers.

  3. DiscoProJoe

    Sounds like the big lobbyists and power elites of the Western world want to invade the Middle East and grab their resources. Maybe that’s also the real reason why the Western-world elites decided to re-create Israel in the late 1940s: the Western elites wanted to ***plant a decoy*** in the Middle East, name it Israel, and then *provoke* other Middle Eastern countries rich in resources to *attack this decoy*. If they could accomplish that, then…boo-yah: the Western elites would have the perfect propagandistic justification to invade all those countries and take their resources!

    Politics & war: when in doubt, follow the money.

    • Mohammad

      you got it all turned around, Israel is the main event and west/east is the orbit around.


  4. Brian Stemmerman

    Greg your last episode had a link to a site that showed the pilot burning in a cage. I went into the office to show my wife. I asked her if she thought that was barbaric. She replied, how horrifying it was. I then reminded her that Napalm was the weapon of choice used in the Vietnam War. I do not believe that ISIS is trying to draw in the foreign powers. It will be like a bully on a block upsetting the city. I believe the action was tit for tat. Would ISIS even exist if it wasn’t for the golf war, Libya war in the confrontation Syria? I like to take the middle stance not too far right not too far left. I also heard that Israel is building new settlements, how convenient.

  5. AL

    Thanks Greg
    From afar, it looks like there is a Zionist v. Islamic brotherhood war going on in the government of the 50 or so united states.
    I think its time for the Governments of the States to unite, send the entire Congress and executive to Guantanamo for re-programming, vetting and adjudication on the matter of crimes against the USA, and for the wonderful traditional folk of the US of A to take back control of the nation and become world beaters once again. Its in your blood.
    The rot seems obvious from here in ‘afar’.
    Power to your people. Wake up…please.

  6. Brian Stemmerman


    Greg, I do not hate the Palestinians nor the Jews. What I do hate is the evil among other humans for profit. I think your viewers would appreciate it if you researched this topic.

    • Greg Hunter

      I understand your poi9nt but you are posting an Al Jazeera link? I just want to point out the Al Jazeera (AJ) will not use the words “Islamic terrorist” as a matter of policy. AJ also calls some of the Taliban “freedom fighters.” These are the same “freedom fighters” that executed more than 130 children by shooting them in the head late last year in Pakistan. You have to have balance in reporting and Al Jazeera ain’t it, but I will post the link.

      • Brian Stemmerman

        Really Greg, there is over a couple dozen reports from all different types of media sources..
        CNN, Yahoo! News and many more. Don’t push it to the side.

        • Greg Hunter

          I am not, my point is there is more than one villain and nothing more.

          • Larry

            Hello Greg,I thought I would send you this important link (cut and paste) this article says that the Russian are using ‘heavily armed Russian bombers’.Greg, tell me how the hell do they KNOW that they are heavily armed.Can they be tracked for weapons of any type ??? I would be grateful for a comment albeit brief.
            Best wishes Larry
            A new subscriber from England UK

            UK concerned over ‘threatening’ Russian nuclear strategy


            By Adrian Croft

            8 hrs ago

            Britain’s defence minister voiced concern on Friday that Russia may have “lowered the threshold” for using nuclear weapons and said Britain must update its own deterrent in response to Russian modernisation of its nuclear forces.

            Russia’s nuclear strategy in a hypothetical future war is coming under greater scrutiny among NATO members as tensions between the Western alliance and Moscow hit their highest level since the Cold War over the Ukraine conflict.

            “There is three-fold concern, first that they (the Russians) may have lowered the threshold for use of nuclear. Secondly, they seem to be integrating nuclear with conventional forces in a rather threatening way and … at a time of fiscal pressure they are keeping up their expenditure on modernising their nuclear forces,” Fallon told Reuters in an interview.

            Britain’s Defence Secretary Fallon listens to U.S. Secretary of Defense Hagel during a NATO defence ministers meeting in Brussels: Britain’s Defence Secretary Michael Fallon listens to U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel (R) during a NATO defence ministers meeting at the Alliance headquarters in Brussels February 5, 2015.© REUTERS/Francois Lenoir Britain’s Defence Secretary Michael Fallon listens to U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel (R) during a NATO defence ministers meeting at the Alliance headquarters in Brussels…
            “All of that is very worrying,” he said during the Munich Security Conference. “The main answer to that is to make sure that we modernise our own deterrent too.”

            Russia’s new military doctrine reserves the right to use nuclear weapons in response to a nuclear strike or a conventional attack that endangered the state’s existence, but some in the military had been calling for a first strike option.

            Fallon did not expand on how Russia could be lowering its nuclear threshold.

            Britain is set to take a final decision next year, after this year’s election, on whether to replace its ageing fleet of Vanguard class submarines, which carry Trident nuclear missiles.

            Fallon’s Conservative party, the senior member of the two-party ruling coalition, favours a like-for-like replacement of the submarine fleet.

            Fallon also voiced concern about stepped-up patrolling near Britain’s coast by Russian bombers, ships and submarines.

            “We’ve seen a sharp increase in Russian activity, not simply just at the edges of UK airspace, but affecting a number of other allies in NATO,” he said.

            An incident last week when two heavily-armed Russian bombers flew into the English Channel was “something we’ve not seen for as long as anybody can remember”, Fallon said.

            The Russian flights were provocative, intimidatory and “frankly they are dangerous because there are pilots who are not responding to air traffic control, not filing flight plans and not responding to our own pilots”, he said.

            Fallon spoke out against supplying weapons to Ukraine, an option which is under consideration in Washington.

            Asked if Britain would follow suit if Washington decided to send weapons, Fallon said: “No, we are not supplying lethal equipment to Ukraine. We think that would escalate the conflict. We have been supplying non-lethal equipment and training already and we continue to keep that under review.”

            He said Britain backed a new effort by the leaders of Germany and France to try to halt the Ukraine conflict, but said the West also needed to keep up sanctions pressure on Moscow.

            Territorial gains made by Ukrainian separatists since the Minsk agreement in September should “absolutely not” be recognised in any new ceasefire, he said.

            (Reporting by Adrian Croft; Editing by Stephen Brown)

            • Greg Hunter

              I simply do not know. It might be a deduction by the military because of the type of aircraft, or it might be total propaganda. The only thing you can be sure of is the drub beat for war is increasing at an increasing pace. That is the most frightening thing either way.

              • Larry

                Thanks Larry for your comments….most welcome….REUTERS AGENCY would seem to be a reliable source of news and information.So many of the others and newspapers are full of crap that it is so hard to find out what is going on.With all respect to the US one feels sure that much (if not all) is being engineered by Washington.If war were to start in Europe I cannot believe that the US Government and the whole US states would not be open to some kind of retaliation from the USSR.One of my friends now passed away had a great expression and he used to say ‘if there is a snake in the corner of the room you do not go poking it a stick…….now I know exactly what he meant.
                A big hug from the UK

                • Greg Hunter

                  I agree but this is not a snake, it’s a nuclear armed bear. Thanks Larry for the comment and for posting the story from Reuters. Hugs back to you from the US of A.

            • GN912457

              Its in order to get the UK going into the election scared and to get the £100 Bill
              nuclear missile system (that we have got to buy from you guys) firmly in the electorate mind. At the moment the UK ppl are a lot more interested in our NHS not Trident.

      • Jeff

        Not really that much different than our press. If they aren’t using the words “freedom fighters” they surely us the word “moderate”. Of course this is only when those “moderates” are fighting against some country we want to take over (like Syria)…….. Question to all……. is there really any difference from an ISIS beheading and a Ukrainian solder massacring innocent women and children ? One plays better on TV but in the end you’re still dead (after suffering)…….. and is a beheading in Saudi Arabia better than an ISIS beheading ? ……….. if innocent women and children are blow up via US drones, is that better ? All a matter of perspective. Especially when WE are the one’s who are ironically responsible for ISIS……. What it comes down to is WE (our leaders) will do literally anything to keep the game going………… Guess I’m tired of listening to the ISIS BS spin when WE collectively make them look like angels compared to our immoral actions………

        • paul

          Exactly right Jeff … all of humanity must stand up to those in power and tell them directly … No women … No children!!

  7. Wayward wind

    False Religion—Its Dramatic End Foreseen

    Isaiah 47:1-15

    “RELIGION Makes a Comeback.” That was the message proclaimed by an article in The New York Times Magazine. The article indicated that religion still seems to have a tenacious grip on the hearts and minds of millions of people. It may therefore be difficult to believe that a radical change in the world’s religious climate is about to take place. But such a change is indicated in the 47th chapter of Isaiah.

    Isaiah’s words were fulfilled 2,500 years ago. However, the words recorded at Isaiah 47:8 are quoted in the book of Revelation and given a future application. There the Bible foretells the end of the harlotlike organization called “Babylon the Great”—the world empire of false religion. (Revelation 16:19) The designation “Babylon” for the false religions of the world is appropriate, since it was in ancient Babylon that false religion got its start. From there it spread to the four corners of the earth. (Genesis 11:1-9) Religious doctrines that originated in Babylon, such as the immortality of the soul, hellfire, and the worship of triune gods, are shared by virtually all religions, including Christendom. Does Isaiah’s prophecy throw any light on the future of religion?

    • Greg Hunter

      “Babylon” may be Mecca but we will see.

      • hOUDINI

        Mecca is certainly a cauldron of religion big time, where the governments might soon zero in on to solve the religious problem!

        • Mohammad

          won’t succeed.
          When the ETHIOPIAN KING came with the elephants to level it thousands years ago, Abdul muttalib the grand father of Muhammad asked all Meccans to go to the mountains for hiding and escaping the calamities of the Ethiopians. when they came with their armies they were destroyed from heaven.


          Mecca is a thorn in the eye of Dajjal (Anti-Christ).
          Time will prove me right.

          • eddiemd

            Mecca is one of the centers of the anti-Christ. It is a center of demonic influence.

            • Mohammad

              So it is not the Vatican?
              Nor TelAviv?
              time will tell.

      • Jeff

        Getting into a religious argument over scripture is fruitless but I will throw my 2 cents in and say Babylon is NY/Wall Street……. At least the Babylon described in Rev chapter 18

        • Greg Hunter

          I don’t really know but NY is some place that comes up more often than not.

      • Mohammad

        No Greg
        It is not Mecca
        Babylon is the Dajjal (Anti Christ) from there-to Rome-to Venice- to Amsterdam- to London hence the Rothschild, to Jerusalem. then the final setting of records comes from Damascus when Jesus comes back to earth and defeats Dajjal.
        And I agree with you on one thing, WE WILL SEE.

        • Greg Hunter

          I don’t really know I have heard multiple places referred to as Babylon. We will all what city it is when it happens though.

      • allen ols


        Islam; from britain;


        • eddiemd

          Sometimes people can’t handle the truth.

  8. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    Dealing with ISIS is easy, just cut their financing. Why the US and his allies didn’t do it already? We can guess. 🙂
    I think, if not the West cuts its financing then the East, simply by ditching the US$.

    About Greece, if you hear stories about how the doctors are prostituting themselves, about 25% unemployment (they can’t even work illegally in agriculture busyness because of sanctions), 50% youth unemployment etc., then you know that economy already collapsed and the only thing is left (before one can start rebuilding it) is admitting it.
    Of course the people knows things are wrong and seeking an exit, that is the reason why they voting “extremist” parties (they are offering the exact opposite of the failed policies).

    About bank failures, sure it will cause problems, even for the ISIS goons.

    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

    • paul

      Admitting it is key … the new Greek rulers have dared to call out the emperor and say he is wearing “nothing” … they’ve spoken the unspeakable and called a spade a spade (that the vast quantities of debt accumulated by Greece are simply unpayable) … such brutal honesty does not sit well with untruthful bankers … as it threatens confidence in their entire fiat system.

      It is no different in Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, the UK, France, Japan and even the US … which is precisely why everyone should be accumulating physical gold and silver … http://www.superforcesignals.com/video/2015feb5goldbullflag/2015feb5goldbullflag.html

  9. Silence is Golden

    There is not a straighter path that is followed than by an arrow shot from its bow, nor a bullet from the rifle, nor a flock of birds flying south to escape the northern winter.
    It is very clear which path the world is taking…economically, financially and politically.
    The signs are increasingly evident and all pointing in the same direction.
    Your ongoing dialogue and narrative is providing the light on the path for many to follow.
    Best always

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you SIG,
      This is so big and so overwhelming that a higher power has to come in and fix this enormous mess. This is why Christ has to come back because if he does not we are doomed. “Fear Not” my friend.

      • Mohammad

        He will


      • Christ will come back when the world least expects Him.

        Jesus said when we see the events He described in Matthew 24 beginning to happen, we can know His return is very near, right at the door.

        Looks like we might be seeing those things now.

      • Stephan

        Christ didn’t appear to save the the many millions of Native Americans. Nor to save the several million Jews in WWII. Nor to save the many millions of Russians from Stalin. Nor to save the four million Vietnamese and Cambodians from U.S. bombers…why would he appear now to save the world’s bankers from ruin…a piddling issue. I suspect we’re on our own, as usual.

        • Greg Hunter

          You may be are on your own, but I am not.

          • Stephan

            I didn’t intend for my reply to be a personal attack against you. I very much enjoy and value your web site. I do question the belief that of the hundreds-of-millions of deaths of God’s human creatures, Christ would consider our present dilemma a more pressing issue. My prayer would be for Him to save His intervention for the moment when this whole, insane, mess goes nuclear.

            • Greg Hunter

              No offense taken. “Fear Not” my friend.

          • Mark

            Hold on to Christ Jesus. He is the way my freind. So far I have been reading posts that either twist scripture or at best take it out of context. We here in the America have Americanised. Christianity. I am a disabled vet…. I only say that to say I am not a America basher. But as a. follower of Jesus I cannot raise the flag above the Cross. Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever our nation is sacrificing 3000 to 4000 innocent babies a day!!! We applaud the sin of sodomy as well as fornication, it has become normal for not just young adults to live together but the ones that should be setting the example (ie their parents and in some cases their grandparents) . I fear to many so-called Christians have bought the lie, has God said? I believe that if we as a nation repent then He will here us.
            Your brother in Christ Jesus……..Mark.

            • Greg Hunter

              Thank you for your service to the country and for your fine comment. “Fear Not.”

        • Rick Perkins


          The evil and depravity as clearly evidenced by those events were obviously insufficient warning to turn mankind from following a path that leads to his destruction. Now, we threaten each other with nuclear and biological weapons capable of destroying all life on earth and still we we don’t hear the divine appeal to love and not be driven to hate each other. Now what?

          Here’s a few verses in Mathew quoting Jesus describing what fruit man will eventually reap by attempting to appoint himself as god over a kingdom he doesn’t own or understand. I don’t think it’s about the piddling issue of “saving the world’s bankers from ruin”..

          Mathew 24:21-22
          “For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.”

        • aussie jeff

          You don’t have to be on your own my friend,yes what you mentioned is true,countless millions have died through injustice of one kind or another.
          For the most part religions of the world have been responsible for a untold number of wars all supposedly in the name of God/Allah!
          What may help though to understand the situation and time period we are in, is to keep in mind that at this present moment Satan is “the ruler of this world” and he has blinded the eyes of men in order that the gospel might not shine through 2 Cor 4:4
          The world is in darkness because it is currently being ruled by the “evil one” Satan and his cohorts.
          God has given us “His Word” to enlighten the minds of those who search for him, and to light a path to follow in order that all those who search for him can have “REAL” hope!!
          The world as we know it is lost,however God in his wisdom will allow the plight of man to fall from one catastrophe to another until its time for Christ our saviour to save us from complete destruction,while we may not agree with His timing, Our King knows precisely when to come forth and begin His reign,it will be at a time when mankind will see no way out,when things look utterly hopeless then we shall see Him and know that salvation does not and cannot come from anything man made but ONLY from Christ our King. Its time to read our bible.

  10. GN912457

    Hi Greg great wrap up.
    Germany, France and USA looking for piece in Ukraine is that again because the rebels are gaining ground. So they expect them to stop advancing let all the surrounded units free and then Ukraine will consolidate and re-engage. IMO I don’t think they are going to fall for that again.

  11. GN912457

    BBC let there be a comments section on one story about Ukraine and I could not find any well thought out comments that followed the Western view on this subject, of course there were a few all Russians are evil and the like but mostly that Ukraine is responsible.

    • sk

      ‘piece’ of Ukraine, not ‘peace’ in Ukraine….what a delicious Freudian slip….

  12. Donna

    Bibi, no.

    Apostate pope, yes.

    Suddenly a pope is invited to speak to Congress and no lectures about separation of church and state. An open borders pope who will provide cover for ushering in global warming regulations and taxing, suggest you are a bigot for wanting a closed border. Everything that Fr. Malachi Martin warned about in his novel, “Windswept House,” demonic Vatican, apostate pope, hippie dippy Mass.

    We had a candidate in Obama who’s pastor howled “Goddamn America.” Lots of Christians put this man in office, not once but twice. Worse yet, we’re contemplating a Jeb Bush/ Hillary election. HUH? The Almighty Buck wins out in the form of free phones, free food, free health care.

    I could not dwell on the incinerated Jordanian. I watched the video of the first beheading years ago, the guy from Philadelphia. Gruesome. I wish I hadn’t. We’ve had enough events, enough insults from our faux prez, and what is our reaction? A supine, anesthetized nation who will fume for weeks over a football.

    The monsters are loose and hiding their actual motives less and less. Denial is a powerful thing. The Jews had gold and jewels and lots of smarts. It gets you just so far.

    To paraphrase Churchill (who our fauz prez detests): “If you will not fight when victory is fairly attainable, there will come a time when you will fight because the alternative is unthinkable.” (Not verbatim but the point is conveyed.) I do not mean war. I mean rejecting and jeering our pompous leaders.

    • Shadow of Doubt

      In the words of Sinclair Lewis, “When fascism comes to America, it’ll come wrapped in the flag and carrying the bible”.

  13. Spanky

    The world is a massive snow pack perched precariously on the edge of a vast abyss. The snowflake that will trigger the tragic avalanche into the void may never come, but (unfortunately) we’re in the midst of a blizzard and it doesn’t look like we will have fair weather anytime soon.

  14. Donna

    Bless tradition, family, and the alpha male who would storm hell with ice water.


  15. frank

    So much ado about the euro-fascist leaders (Hollande/Merkel) visiting Kiev and Moscow. My guess, they are begging for peace in the Kremlin, as Putin ramps up the asymmetric warfare in getting the greeks to rejecting the troika, the Euro, and the EU.
    I heard rumors about China is pondering to help Greece, but only if they default on their EU debts. Seems the BRICS are finally placing the crowbar to crack up the €-fascist empire …

    • paul

      Yea … seems like a hell of a time for the West to be “talking up” a war with Russia when they are actually being strategically outmaneuvered on the ground … the West is losing the battle in both Ukraine and Greece.
      In a telephone call last Thursday (Feb 5, 2015) Putin and Tsipras (the Greek Prime Minister) agreed to boost economic cooperation in energy (with the possible creation of a natural gas pipeline from Russia to Europe via Turkey and Greece) … Putin expressed satisfaction at Greece’s stance at a recent summit in Brussels where Kotzias (the Greek Foreign Minister) conveyed concerns over the prospect of additional sanctions against Russia over Ukraine … and Putin stated that Russia is willing to provide financial aid if Siluanov (the Greek Finance Minister) simply asked for it.

      The German Defense Minister (Ursula von der Leyen) stated “Greece was jeopardizing its position in NATO with its stance vis-a-vis Russia.”

      What is unfolding is a collapse of the European Union and NATO … without a shot being fired!!! … probably because Putin has changed his military doctrine to include a nuclear first strike against the West if Russia just happens to feel threatened! … the tit for tat Russian defense policy change is in response to the recent US claim of having the right to wage a nuclear first strike against anyone it wants.

      How about all the people of the world … who will be most affected by a nuclear war … simply getting up out of their TV lounge chairs and protesting to their governments that they have a moral and legal responsibility “to protect” the lives of the women and children under their jurisdiction (not jeopardize the lives of the very people they represent) … all peoples of this world should stand up and begin to make their own claims heard …
      [No women, No children]!!!

  16. Robert E. Salt

    NASA did the same thing to Ed White, Gus Grissom and Roger Chaffee in 1967 (cremated them alive) because they would never have gone along with the Apollo hoax in 1969. Don’t try and tell me this was an accident! Neil Armstrong was aware of this. He didn’t make public appearances unless he was forced because he was too ashamed. Everything is wrong with the Apollo videos. The daytime sky is black with no stars. The shadows are all wrong. The astronauts are hopping around like kangaroos in slow motion. There is no dust on the footpads of the LEM. A small crater is missing underneath the LEM. The LEM itself is a flimsy piece of crap that could never have done what we were told. People need to face the facts and stop going along with the hoax even though the “experts” confirm the lies.

    • Mohammad


      IT IS TRUE:



    • Snorb

      Nice bit of obfuscation. We are not all stupid.

    • Stephan

      I believe it was David Letterman who said “The U.S. is the only country in the world where a significant part of the population believes that Professional Wrestling is real and the Apollo landing was faked”. I’m just as ready to entertain a conspiracy theory as the next man but they need to be a bit more substantive than simple-minded nonsense. Anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of photography knows why there are no stars in the daytime sky of the moon, or how the shadows fall. Anyone with the slightest understanding of the lunar landing process knows why there was no crater beneath the LEM or dust in the footpads. And personally, I was never close enough to the LEM to observe that it was “a flimsy piece of crap”, as you say. Questioning authority and their propaganda certainly serves a need in this country, but throwing out unfounded rubbish like this only gives critics a bad name.

  17. Terry

    obama is a muslim communist. Liberals live in a Disney cartoon world if they believe otherwise. It is a waste of time trying to point out glaring hypocrisy to liberals. They are too stupid to grasp facts.
    Radio Shack was never the best place to get your gear, but they were a place where you actually could get your gear easily. Generic electronic parts and patch cables etc. The coiled 6 & 9′ guitar cables with 1/4″ phone jack ends are actually great, very tough cables. I have several. Guess I better stock up.
    We need a man like Colonel Tom Brewer for President. Thanks Greg.

  18. david brownallen

    Besides ISIS, the United States and possibly Israel, what other parties are provoking other nations into war?

    Besides blaming Christians for previous conflicts, I wish the media would confirm the president’s Muslim ideology–or religion. Maybe he’ll be called out for being a thoroughgoing Communist.

    This is America, and by all means, we must be PC, and must respect the Communist view.

    Bulls hit!!!

    Keep stacking, Greg.

  19. Jerry

    Having been a victim of a “Government Troll” myself this week, I found it necessary for me to post this information in light of the fact that many of your readers seem to think they do not exist.

    Heads up people. You are being monitored every time you post. Not only by NSA jack boot thugs ,but “Government Paid Trolls”. Hitler would be envious of the police state we have created. Your First Amendment rights are now up for grabs.

    • eddiemd


      Backdoor software is in almost all computers and smart phones. Access to the software is the question. China or the USA or both.

      The iPhone is a tracking device that can be used as a communication device. An RDF fix is routine even when it is turned off. You have to remove the battery.
      RDF patterns are maintained on all coded electronic systems. The police have access when they need it. That is the job of the Fusion Center.

    • Eddie Laidler

      That is quite a leap from paid trolls who co opt threads to Government trolls that are stalking YOU Jerry. Also if that is the best they can do I wouldn’t worry about it much. Especially here under tight moderation. Take a breather and reread your post for paranoia. Get some Xanax and stick to the facts. That’s what you do best and you do it well. Otherwise we can all crawl up into a ball and live in fear. Harsh, I know but the internet can do funny things to people. I see it all the time.

      • Jerry

        What infuriated me most was the accusation that I was using government funds to purchase preparation supplies. Nothing could be further from the truth. I in fact own two companies and pay almost 40% of my income to the government just to support these idiots that sit in their government cubicles an screw with the public.

        The single most important thing that drew me to Greg’s site was watching many of the businesses I have worked with go under the last six years. I have seen the economic collapse first hand. There is no recovery on the street. Maybe on Wall Street, but not in my town.

        And if you stand up and say the emperor has no cloths, the tax man will come knocking at your door. Just ask the Tea Party members who were singled out for audit this last election. Ask them if they think the government monitors free speech. If you think that was coincidental, I have a piece of swamp land to sell you in Florida.

        • Greg Hunter

          We love you man and know who you are. You are a good man!!

          • Jerry

            Thank you Greg! Your courage and fortitude keep me going.

    • J.C.Davis

      Jerry I was answering a question yesterday about what kind of job I would want. My answer was to be paid to do what I do everyday. Sounds a lot a trolls answer. LOL

    • The Last Post

      Hey Jerry, things are not right I know for a fact. I don’t live in the US, but I do have my opinion on how things are unfolding over there, and over here. It is not normal anymore. The world has changed in such a bad way that people will not even do the effort to contemplate how bad things really are. It would scare the **** out of them. They will never believe it, until it’s too late. I prefer not to hope, but let’s just hope for the best. And prepare. I also need to do this.

  20. Mitch Bupp

    ISIS is nothing more than an Islamic poison pill created by the CIA and Western Intel agencies to discredit Islam and turn the world against it. It is psyop using the natural anger of religion and culture.

    • Greg Hunter

      There are many other radical Islamists around the world such as Boko Haram. Are they all created by the CIA? I find that hard to believe. The U.S. and Saudi Arabia definitely funded ISIS at least in part. Plenty of sources to back that up. Congress even voted to supporting the “moderate” rebels last year in Syria. I find it hard to believe all the Islamic terrorist’s are created by the WEST. Just my 2 cents. Your points are well taken.

      • Jeff

        ” I find it hard to believe all the Islamic terrorist’s are created by the WEST ” …… He didn’t say “all” Greg, he said ISIS………. The one’s chosen to be on the 15 second TV news……. The one’s chosen (created, supported, trained by us) to scare the public. The one’s who will give us an excuse for war…… The one’s who helped us plunder all the gold from these countries…… Which, of course, helps keep the dollar looking good.

    • D. Green

      Right on point!

      • D. Green

        Mitch Bupp is on point.

        • D. Green

          Wake up Greg. I’m starting to think them Langley boys are controlling your site.

          • Greg Hunter

            D Green,
            If they are I don’t know about it. I try to report what I can source and prove. Analysis and opinion are not the same as a proven fact. The facts are powerful. I was moved out of the MSM because I reported the facts back in 2007 and 2008 about the coming crash. (Of course, that was the best thing that ever happened to me.)

            • Jerry

              Mitch might be right.

              According to my inside sources, ISIS has and is being funded by the CIA. They go as far as to say the Ambassadors safe house in Benghazi was being used to off load weapons from Libya to ISIS. I can’t prove it, but you have to wonder about the hands off approach Mitt Romney took when it all came out.

              • Greg Hunter

                The U.S. and countries like Saudi Arabia funded these terrorists. That is a fact and this story does not surprise me. I have been complaining about the foreign policy of arming al Qaeda for at least two years now. We arm some al Qaeda and drone kill other al Qaeda. What could go wrong with kind of foreign policy?

  21. Lora

    Dear Greq:
    Isn’t it interesting that during the prayer meeting, Obama talks about the atrocities
    that ISIS is doing, and then suddenly begins MAKING EXCUSES for them by bringing
    up the crucades, a war of the middle ages? Obama is a muslim as evidence by a ring on his finger that translates the saying “there is no God but Allah.” The fact that Obama is making excuses for these monsters demonstrates his sympathy for ISIS, which he and his administration armed. I woul

  22. Art Barnes

    Greg, your cartoon which implies ISIS may have overplayed their hand with this last burning (killing) of the Jordanian pilot may in fact come to fruition. Jordan is the most stable somewhat pro western tolerant middle eastern Muslim country out there, hard to see how ISIS could destabilize it unless there is a large minority of ISIS sympathizers in the population, that number I don’t think we know. Maybe ISIS believes their supporters in Jordan is large, maybe they know the numbers and think Jordan can be destabilized, if they don’t or if they are wrong, they have called into a flush with a pair of deuces. Interesting to say the least how this will conflict will go.
    On the Netanyahu speech to Congress I’m all for it, the President doesn’t ask permission to come to the White house. Frankly, I’m looking forward to the “deal” Obama wants to cram down on Israel and our soon to be minority Christian America, I got to believe it will be a “containment” deal not a curtailment. Obama is the most anti-America claimed Christian President I have ever witnessed & he seems to be getting worst not better. Maybe the founding fathers got it right placing a Constitutional ban on a foreign born President. His theology, Rev. Wright’s rendition of Christianity &
    its anti-American ranting he sat and listened to for 20 years, along with his Muslim education off shore has shaped his distaste for the American way of life; nationalism, especially American nationalism he lacks & seems to be proud of it. Maybe our President is truly a “man without a country”, if so, I feel sorry for him, as there is nothing like pride of who you are. Once thing for sure, he is an enigma and we will be better off when his Administration comes to a close as its been a disaster on most fronts.

  23. CrazyCanuck

    On the Ukrainian issue, I noticed today in a mainstream Cdn paper, our esteemed (sarc) Prime Minister here in Canada rather than supporting the nudge toward negotiation and a viable peace plan, has upped the street level chirping of Putin with a message to “back off” their aggression in Ukraine. This while supporting the building of 6 NATO command centres, 2 regional headquarters and the addition of 30k NATO troops in Eastern Europe while also pushing for Ukraine to be invited into NATO.
    So sad, but it mirrors the sentiment of the Cdn sheeple who have bought for decades the white hat / black hat spin of our protectors to the south. Even worse, to question the basis of this meme is to be branded “unpatriotic”, bordering on traitorous (sigh).
    If only more were open to sites such as yours Greg. But again, mention internet news sites and you may as well as sprouted a second head .

  24. Lora

    Isn’t it interesting that Obama brings up the Crucades in the prayer meeting. Between the lines, I was hearing that because Christians (who were fighting the Muslims in the MIDDLE AGES abused them) now ISIS’s current behavior is justified/expected). Maybe Obama’s real excuse for his soft tones for ISIS’s behavior is that Obama and his Administration are actually responsible for arming these RADICAL, TERRORISTS who profess to fight in the name of Allah. I wish that more Americans understood this fact. I also wish Americans understood how deeply we are as nation, being destroyed by the Communists (Obama, his Administration, and the globalists, who are working behind the scenes to ensure this outcome). Yes, prepare…and pray for our children because the future of the Republic of America is looking bleak. How very sad.

  25. George

    Nice job as usual, Greg. I was watching CNBC this morning, and Becky Quick asked outgoing Philadelphia Fed President Charles Plosser if he thought we were in a currency war. His response? Mum on the subject.

  26. Marty

    Hi Greg,

    Really… Radio Shack is the point you make about how bad things are?

    The writing on the wall for Radio Shack has been there for over a decade. Have you even been there during the last decade? I can count one time and guess what they didn’t have what I needed. So, I just opened a browser typed in Amazon.com and bought what I needed… sure I have to wait 2 days but at least they have everything I need. Between Amazon and other sites and Best Buy and other stores like it – Radio Shack doesn’t have a chance.

    The name alone shows that Radio Shack is a relic… ask any teenager what Radio Shack is and they look confused. They should have changed the name decades ago to Cellular Shack at least then you would have some idea about what they do there now.

    Radio Shack is a classic example of poor management clinging on to their successful past despite the future.

    It is failing and that is what happens to poorly run companies – I only wish it could happen to all companies that are poorly run – including banks.

  27. john duffy

    Your muslim president equates ISIS with Christianity:
    “And it’s been how many centuries since there was a Crusade or an Inquisition, both of which are completely misrepresented in the popular culture? Deaths related to the Inquisition were exceedingly rare. One major attack by Boko Haram exceeds the deaths incurred by the entire history of the Inquisition.

    As for the Crusades, the Holy Land was Christian for nearly 700 years before being overrun by islam. After centuries of depredations, including constant attacks on unarmed Christian pilgrims (many of which wound up being – guess what! – slaves in some muslim hellhole), the Christians finally responded and engaged in a campaign lands that were historically Christian. Many later Crusades were direct responses to further muslim aggression.

    And this comes at the NATIONAL PRAYER BREAKFAST! This is a Christian gathering, traditionally. So this was really rubbing Christian’s nose in it.”


    • eddiemd

      Islam was a Roman Catholic idea that backfired. It would be interesting to follow the connections between the Jesuits and current Islam. They are one and the same.

      How about the Nazi connections with the Vatican?

      • Mohammad

        Ignorance at best.
        No need to elaborate more.


        • eddiemd

          The children of Ishmael deceived by the Roman Catholic church. Part of the Roman Catholic plan to take Jerusalem back.
          No need to elaborate more. Many muslims do not realize the history of their own origin. Part of the grand deception.

          • Mohammad

            Ignorance Ignorance…
            What can i say more….Nothing, No point of arguing. am ending my response here to save Greg from back and forth posts.


    • Mohammad


      Get your facts straight…I can go hours correcting misinformed people but no point here since it is going to be a very long back and forth, I will spare Greg the headache of editing and i will mention few straight points:

      Salah Aldeen who defeated the crusaders went on the history as a PROTECTOR of the Christians who lived in Palestine from the killing and luting of the knights who came over from Europe and did to those Eastern Christians what they have done to the native Chippewa Cherokees …etc later on. What am saying is been documented in western resources that you can review for your self and google at your leisure of time.

      When Muslims entered Jerusalem they never touched one single church, Omar Bin Al Khattab’s “العهدة العمريّة ” is a historic document testifies to that.

      I will not write more on the subject out of respect to Greg’s time and editing effort, but i will say consider me accepting any statement you will put there as a response.

      God bless


  28. Mohammad


    Thank you for another informative week wrap, time is flying fast and it seems like yesterday when i listened to last week’s one.
    Why Jordan?

    I kept asking my self why and how out of all the participating pilots from Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, …etc it was the jordanian pilot that was shot down? coincidence?
    How likely it is that the most sensitive neighboring country to israel is dragged into the war by shooting down its pilot and burning him alive, to be a mere coincidence????
    To elaborate more on my question I have this link to read:


    In this article i read what supported my view that Jordan HAD to be dragged in to get Israel involved.
    Israel had been on the side line doing nothing even when the militants in Golan heights are fighting Assad on the border. The Israeli soldiers were watching the fight and even allowing the wounded Al Nusra which is a part of ISIS to get into the Israeli’s hospitals in Golan and in some occasions Netanyahu was posing for photos with some of them.


    Treating them and SENDING THEM BACK to the front lines to fight again, am not making it up, it is a fact. SO IT WAS NOT AN IMMINENT THREAT to Israel to prompt an intervention, OR IT WAS NOT HOSTILE TO ISRAEL to say the least.
    So what makes Jordan any different? and why Israel will intervene if ISIS was on its Jordanian border unlike the Syrian border?
    To make the question more entertaining throw in what is happening in SINI now where militants belong to ISIS calling them selves “انصار بيت المقدس” are already attacking the egyptian army WITH THEIR BACK TO ISRAEL FEARING NOTHING AND THEIR WEAPONS TO EGYPT, same posture the sibling ISIS fighters are doing in Golan heights.
    What a coincidence?
    Lets add to the mix the expansion of settlements and the project of MASS TRANSFER of Palestinians from the west bank that Ariel Sharon had talked about long time ago….
    Put all those together with the open un drawn borders of Israel and then you will get a crystal clear picture where all this mess is going.
    Remember please the KING ABDULLAH of Jordan REFUSED to settle Palestinians in Jordan, and Israel on many occasions said that Jordan is the new land for Palestinians that will be MASS TRANSFERRED from west bank.
    Can it be any clearer to see what purpose does ISIS serve? and WHY JORDAN?


  29. Stonewall

    But, but, but Greg. I luv your site but official job reports have just been released.
    Also average weekly earnings are up most since 2008 probably because of tight
    labor situation. So HAPPY TIMES are here again. Praise be to obama. I mean
    government statistics don’t lie do they?

    423k job gains in November 2014
    329k job gains in December 2014
    257k job gains in January 2015.

    • paul

      Lie?? … Of course not Stonewall … how could the Main Stream Media talking-heads (proclaiming the US economy to be the economic engine of growth for the entire world) ever try to purposely deceive us … they simply “inadvertently” leave out critical information from their reports as to where all the growth in the US is coming from.

      For instance … if you’re an engineer, construction worker, health care provider or retail manager “without a job” but happen to perform a minimum of one hour of work in a week earning at least $20 dollars that week (mowing a lawn for instance) … the US Department of Labor officially counts these people without jobs (who worked one hour) “as being employed” … that the Main Stream Media does not mention this fact is just an “inadvertent oversight” … that is … it’s all these “out of work people” that are contributing to the fantastic growth in the US economy … the fantastic news they concentrate on is that all these “out of work people” in the US are “propelling a worldwide recovery” !!!

      You either sit trance like in front of your TV and believe all the loony tune news reports the Main Stream Media feeds you … or you “GOTS” to tune them out and Get Out of This System … before you are subtly manipulated to War or Economic Slaughter!!

  30. Craig Michael

    Hi Greg,
    War is coming on multiple fronts. We all should be very concerned.

    I read in the Drudge Report that a Pentagon “think tank” is claiming that Putin shows evidence of having a type of autism. It said he may have suffered brain damage in utereo.

    Let’s put aside the narcissism and inability or unwillingness of our president to tell the truth. It appears obvious that the powers that be are staying true to form and are now in the process of the continuing demonization of Putin. This is done to all those who they wish to go to war with. Who is buying this? There is a local popular conservative talk show host in my area who does.

    The above referenced story mentioned a supposed psychological study of how observing a persons movements (facial and otherwise) can determine autism or other disorders. Are they serious? It sounds like a version of phrenology – the discredited belief that the size and shape of a person’s cranium reveals intelligence and mental capacity- and the abuse that theory caused.

    We need responsible leadership now, more than ever.

    • Greg Hunter

      Craig Michael,
      I question the timing and validity of this report. The USA Today said the story came out because the report was a “FOIA request”. Really, how did the reporters know to ask for it?

    • eddiemd

      MSM and Pentagram (pentagon) collaborating on propaganda to pave the way to discredit Putin.

      “Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego”, Sigmund Freud

      “Crystallizing Public Opinion”, Edward Bernays

      The fundamentals of group thought control are still valid. They have been adjusted for the more modern age and use of technology.

  31. Bob Pocock

    Hi Greg,
    I just wanted to congratulate you on your work. I have been following your commentary and interviews on a daily basis for months now and I fully agree with your views on the state of the world and what has been going on in the United States.

    I also agree with your daily final words, ” have no fear, be informed and be prepared”. However, too many Americans are not informed and not prepared. I am at a loss as to how one could truly wake up the majority of our fellow Americans to the future events that are almost upon us all.

    keep up the great work that you are doing.

    Best regards,

    Bob Pocock

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Bob. We are shaking them one person at a time and we will keep shaking.

  32. Klemens

    Transcript of Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt speaking on the Secret History of Western Education: the Scientific Destruction of Minds.
    It is in all Western countries the same: People goning longer to school and getting more stupid then ever. So the goal of the school System is to get stupid people.

  33. wd


    About Ukraine, it looks like NATO /Uke troops are getting destroyed ( Like scrubbed press reports indicate).

    This may be more than just trying to avoid war, but Geramny and France see that they need Russia, desperately for their own economic survival.

    I bet the conversation goes like this” Look we will come up with some new boundaries and statements and we will pull sanctions if you all pull sanctions off of us”.

    Check mate Putin…Obama cant be happy about this!!

  34. Mohammad


    Can someone explain to me, if Obama is pulling out of wars, why his war budget is the highest of them all?



  35. Bob

    The first problem is the private federal reserve here in the good old USA that been paying off the congress for the last 100 years, lets talk about getting rid of it, the head of the snake!!! the cause of all the problems here in this country and with the central banks of the rest of the world!!!!!

    • paul

      As mentioned by one smart commentator a few weeks ago (please re-post your comment) … we should begin to draft “ordinary taxpayers” into House and Senate positions … and get rid of all the “embedded crooks” that fix their elections so as to keep themselves in Congress year after year after year.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Paul, it took me a while to find it, but here it is with your response, if Greg allows me to repost something (if not, it’s in the comments from 1/20/2015). I have been advocating this idea for 30 years, and most people laugh in my face. Thank you for remembering. Best always. PM

        Paul from Indiana 01/20/2015 •
        Jeff, why do you think that is? Perhaps the system is rigged? There is a way around that. Quit “electing” our representatives. Put every TAXPAYER’S (those who actually pay net taxes come April 15) SSN in a pool and draw out (similar to jury duty) 435 numbers every two years. Once that person serves, the number is removed from the pool FOREVER. Senate reverts to appointment-basis for 6 years and out. Eliminate lobbying. 10-year maximum service on the Supreme Court. Put government back in the hands of the people. Best always. PM

        paul 01/20/2015 •
        Excellent Idea Paul … beautiful way to throw the incompetent greedy bums out … and restore our Nation to what our founding fathers dreamed and sacrificed their lives for … it also makes it very difficult for the Cabal to bribe and fix the system for their own profit!!
        Let’s spread this idea of yours and implant it in the minds of the common people so that when a reset of government finally takes place … everyone will be on-board to implement this change in the way we elect our representatives to serve us (and screw the Cabal).

        • paul

          Thanks Paul from Indiana … you are one very intelligent guy … if people had listened to your “genius idea” 30 years ago we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in now!!! … thanks for re-posting your idea … All the Best!!

          • Jeff

            Sorry guys, your idea would fail and is exactly why the Founding Fathers chose a REPRESENTITIVE system (despite the electorates belief we DO NOT have a democratic system)…….. It’s quite obvious to me why (we all talk about it here frequently)…….. Out of the given SSN pool, just how many pot smoking, Dancing with the Stars degenerates, sport obsessed, totally oblivious to what’s going on representatives would be running the country….. By my count, about 95%……. Now do you understand why the Founding Fathers WISELY chose a representative system ?

            • paul

              Paul from Indiana do you want to answer Jeff? … my take is that we can’t do any worse then the pot smoking morally deficient bribe taking degenerates we currently have running the country … who knows … I think we can get lucky choosing ordinary Americans … who may have a bit of decency and the moral courage to resist banker bribes and temptations …

              • Paul from Indiana

                No, I respect Jeff’s views here and do not wish to antagonize him. What I am advocating, however, is a representative system, just that the representatives are drawn from the pool of the people. What we are doing now is corrupt and not working. Maybe Jeff has a better idea. Many thanks for your interest and vote of confidence. Much appreciated. PM

  36. Mohammad


    Just to add to the mess a greater messy situation….This is INSANE:



    • Greg Hunter

      or did ISIS take her out and tape a grenade to her stomach? Who knows. I don’t know what to believe sometimes. I do believe we are inching to one hell of a global war. “Fear Not.”

  37. Steve owen

    Hey Greg,
    First thought is I would like to let you know I really appreciate your time and treasure you’ve committed to this sight. I have come to trust and respect your insights and interpretation of current world events. Always look forward with great interest to your updates.

    I’m just a regular jerk who is just trying to make a living, have a few good times and bear up as well as possible against the bad times. But I see the world becoming disjointed in a way that its hard to “fear not”, but I try.

    One way is to attempt to grasp just an inkling of understanding and a hope to figure out what all the chaos is leading to. My search for hope and direction is my motivating factor. And not a just a little adrenaline producing because the consequences of being wrong could be so devastating.

    Not just on a financial level as I rapidly approach elderly status, but here lately a reasonable question of our future, and even what for our nation is devolving into.

    You and I grew up with all the nukes, but this was “civilized” nations in a “pissing match” with albeit somewhat uncivilized weaponry. But the new threat is not with tactical weapons, but with the most dangerous weapon there is – the spirit of evil persuasion.

    Persuasion in politics, monetary as well as religious. People may mock this but evil exist as surely as the complicit inhumanity in history did take place, and can take place again.

    I honestly can’t believe things have been allow to deteriorate to a possibility of our way of life and even as much as our physical survival may be jeopardy. I’m hoping this worry is grossly over blown on my part, but I’m beginning to wonder. Seems strange influences are in action.

    The great solace, and I’m talking about God here, is I know I don’t have His understanding, but He has my hard earned faith. I have learned faith is everything.

    So, again, I wanted to let you know I appreciate your Friday analysis very much and wish it were possible for you to give more of your take on things more often during the week on even broader current news fields. I think at least for regular guys like me it would a valuable help to making sense of it all.


    • Greg Hunter

      “Fear Not” Steve. This is God’s plan and he in in control. Prepare yourself physically, mentally and spiritually, and that is really all you can do. Thank you for your comment and kind words.

  38. Mohammad

    A bleak warning from N Korea…..



  39. brian

    This whole “ISIS” drama is just a pathetically thin veiled western intelligence community (aka western banking cabal) soap opera intended to totally inflame the middle east and Iran into pure chaos and total war….with the added hopes that Russia can be dragged kicking and screaming into the whole godless mess, which of course they will be. And of course the reason for all of this is so that out of the ashes of a worn out parasitical system can emerge a brand new more brutal parasitical system for the whole world to enjoy.

    You see, once you jump into the cold water, stop giving the benefit of the doubt to known liars (and proven scumbags) and accept what is left as being closer to reality than the bullshit we have shoved into our faces everyday, things really begin to become clear.

    The dollar is finished, the internet as we know it is finished, our standard of living is finished and any vestigial foundation for any pride, satisfaction or worth we might come to possess and understand as a latent quality of being a human being is gone. Being a human being is going to return to being as extremely difficult as it was in the days much of the Old Testament was inspired to be written. The reason for this is as simple to see as it is difficult to deal with, every last one of us has totally abandoned God and have decided instead to hitch our wagon to the imbeciles of this world who think that rocks can be made into bread simply by an exertion of their will.

  40. Paul from Indiana

    Greg, another great “wrap-up” with your usual timely reporting and expert, reasoned analysis! You give TGIF its meaning. Obama is dissembling, as usual. He can’t bring himself to confront the truth. His claim that Islam’s being “hijacked” is a straw man. Past Christian atrocities are likewise so. The fact is that the situation is escalating into madness on a worldwide scale, and he does nothing, because to do anything that is clearly indicated exposes his true feelings and agenda. Netanyahu will expose him and the country will back Israel overwhelmingly. It is a shame an outsider has to do OUR dirty work. Get ready. Best always. PM

    • Art Barnes

      Hey Paul, couldn’t agree more, check out my post above you. Obama is started bashing Christians again, stuff that was 1000 years ago. Notice he said “in the name of Christ”, this guy is a closet Muslim sympathizer. Its not that he should not be a Muslim if he wants to be, that ok, its just that he should own up to it and stop bashing Christians of which he claims that he is one. Paul, also check Lora about you as well, sounds like we might not be the only Americans who sees through our Presidents facade.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Brother Art, Obama is our Trojan Horse. The fact that he got elected twice tells you how bad it all really is. As my Mom always said, “it’s all over but the shouting.” Best always. PM

  41. andyb

    ISIS, or ISIL, whatever, is a neocon/CIA/Mossad creation, no different that ALQ, who head, Bin Laden was a CIA asset (code name: Tim Osman), used as a proxy against the USSR to maintain US hegemony. All part of the Wolfowitz Doctrine. Now it could be that this ISIS creation has created a life of its own, and its handlers now have no control; but I doubt it. These facts, well documented, certainly explain the USG schizoid policy. The overt USG is pro-muslim, has members of the Muslim Brotherhood (condemned by many in the Mid-East as a terrorist organization) in high policy-making positions, not only in the State Department but also on WH staff, and refuses to utter the words “Islamist Terrorism”. Then we have the Shadow USG controlled by the Rothschild/Zionist cabal whose desire is chaos and more chaos to insert puppet governments through the Mid-East. It should be noted that, at the time of 9/11, there is a lot of circulated evidence that Bin Laden was in the US getting treatment at Bethesda Naval Hospital, and that he and family members were surreptitiously flown from the US during the “total grounding of airplanes” period immediately thereafter. Also, but quite well documented, were, and still are, the commercial ties between the Bush and Bin Laden families.

  42. Galaxy 500

    Great WNW . At some point, there will be a reckoning, both financial and political.
    At that point, it’s going to be tough going.

  43. eddiemd

    Whatever happened to the ISIS march on Baghdad? A few months back there was talk of an attack on the green zone.

    What about the English speaking operative that was seen in Mariupol last month? I am sure that there are operatives (humint/sigint) in eastern Ukraine from both sides. For that matter throughout Ukraine.

    A well placed .50cal round can do much damage. Not only to human targets but to infrastructure.

    What happened to the suspected nuclear plant leak/problem in Dnepropetrovsk? That seemed to disappear.

    I wonder if the Russian spetnatz still have SADM devices in the inventory. I will assume that NATO still has them and they are more sophisticated.

    I wonder what the plan is to protect the Alaskan pipeline and refinery in Valdez. How about the pipeline from Alaska across Canada to the lower 48?

    Who will defend the Panama Canal? The Chinese control it now.

    Any new Russian subs noted in the Gulf of Mexico or along both US coastlines? Where are the Russian subs positioned now? I would imagine they are waiting for the orders to launch.

    How many aircraft carriers are in port? Or task forces? Anyone from San Diego or Norfolk have an update?

    What Russian naval assets are in the Mediterranean?

    How many aircraft carrier task forces are in or around the Persian Gulf?

    How many NATO or US naval assets are in the Black sea and Baltic sea?

    Any noted recent space launches by China, Russia, or the US? The war in space will be the first thing to happen. A nuclear blast in space should take care of communications, global positioning systems, and control of forces. What will be the backup plan when SATCOM gets destroyed? HF/VHF/UHF?

    Why Can’t We Be Friends

    Ball Of Confusion- The only safe place to live on an Indian reservation

  44. Gary Raffensberger

    When Yamamoto was asked about invading the U.S. mainland by the Japanese Military; he told them that there is a rifle behind every blade of grass in America and it would be a disaster for the Japanese. Little did they know how much of a disaster just attacking Pearl Harbor would be for the Japanese. Yamamoto statement is as true today as it was 75 years ago.
    Gary in the U.P.

    • Charles H.


      Born and raised in the “L.P.”. Only someone from our State (or close to it) will know what you’re talking about – “U.P.” A genuine You-per?

  45. john

    Well Greg the commercials got their gold smash that they had lined up and shorted. Criminal. When you can predict the market that clearly.

    Keep up the great work Greg. I think of you as a token Canadian…lol


    • Greg Hunter

      God bless Canada and the USA. Thank you my friend.

  46. jose

    AS always, great insights and it is us who should be thanking you for all the hard work you put into this.

    From the bottom of my heart, Thank you Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jose.

  47. Snorb

    Um Greg, the videos were fake. Rita Katz is at it again.

  48. Ken Russell

    Greg, the solution to prevent any more Jordanians from being burned alive by ISIS is simple. All we have to do is send John Kerry to Jordan with Cat Stevens in tow and Cat can sing Peace Train to a crowd of people in Amman. Problem solved. Just ask France.

    Yes Radio Shack is no more and sadly ZeroHedge published an article about one of my favorite places, Guitar Center about to go the way of Radio Shack as well. I have no idea where I’ll be able to go play Martin acoustics for free.

    BTW, thanks much for your free info. Please don’t ever go Radio Shack on us.

  49. Chip

    Great stat on Radio Shack. Had no idea they’ve been around that long. They are one of the few chains left in the malls around the country. Malls that are all half empty. A dying model…

  50. Anne Elliott

    Great WNW; and I like your new tag line “fear not; be informed, be prepared”. That is so IT!!!!

  51. Anne Elliott

    I was surprised you didn’t mention your Evil Twin Skippy (aka Brian “RPG-gate” Williams) on this WNW. What a lying sack of doo-doo!!! And what an appropriate representation of the MSM news world out there. They go for sensationalism over TRUTH every time!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      I thought about it, but I had too many important points I wanted to make, and Williams did not make the cut.

  52. Peter Endres

    Greg, jordanian pilot burned is fake. Take a look on this link:

  53. David Hinton

    Greg, there is no moral current relevant moral equivalency between what happened during the Crusades and the current voluntary proliferation of Satanic evil by groups like Isis in the world. Christianity has matured in its conformity to the teachings of Christ. These Islamic extremist groups are entrenched in barbarism. You have to call a spade a spade. Evil exists and when we gloss over it with some humanistic explanation we only excuse its continued existence.

    • paul

      Morality will only begin when Humanity demands of their politicians … that the slaughter of women and children must stop!!
      Humanity must get up from in front of their TV sets … and march on all Government Capitals of the world with posters saying …

      No women!! … No children!!

  54. vincent_g

    Of the topics you spoke of I like to add this to the topic of Radio Shack.
    Radio Shack was one of many stores that catered to electronic enthusiasts and supplying popular electronic items. The management tried to change with the times but could not find new footing in this market.

    The days of the hobbyist is gone and so is the complete USA electronic industry that was once second to none.

    Years ago an electronics technician from Argentina came to this country and was amazed on how easy it was to fix things. He stated in his country in many cases they had to make the parts by hand where as in the US you can find a replacement part for anything.

    Take a good look at this country and you will start to see that this country is becoming a third world country.

    As far as what we are doing it the rest of the world – I think of Nero who played the Fiddle while Rome burned?

    While the USA’s economy is going down in flames our Nero is finding new adventures through out the world to involve himself with.

    • eddiemd

      Do-it-yourself days are over. Almost everything electronic is made to be replaced and not repaired.
      I can remember back in the late 70’s buying electronic parts at Radio Shack. That was their main business. I was an electronic engineering student and frequented Radio Shack for parts. I would design circuitry using breadboards and components from RS.

      Remember RS had the TRS-80 computer. The “Trash 80” as it was known. Worked well back in the day. They should have pursued the home computer business.
      Texas Instruments was also big back then. Intel was starting out with the 8084 microprocessor (8-bit).
      Military SATCOM came on-line in and around 1984 with the PSC-3. This unit was being used by special ops units only at that time. Previously it was PRC-70 with the DMDG burst system. With the PSC-3 you could go secure voice. The PRC-70 was HF with both the DMDG and manual morse code. The good old days.
      Required code speed was 15 groups a minute send and receive. You had to use terrain masking and hope that the Warsaw Pact did not RDF you and take out the grid square.

      • Kevin

        Same here. I can remember back in the late 90’s buying electronic parts at Radio Shack. But at that time they were trying to change into a cell phone retailer (much to my disquiet). They were too late getting into a crowded room – and never could find a good seat. Although I’m sure the economy played a role in their demise, I believe the main reasons were poor management, increased competition and changing times. As previously stated, you can’t fix electronics these days. Everything’s disposable – so there’s no need to run to Radio Shack for a few parts. I think I would have chosen a different example to illustrate how bad the economy really is – although I can’t offer any suggestions. However, the workforce participation rates and rate of small business creation speak for themselves.

  55. Mason

    Great WNW Greg as usual!

  56. David E

    I am not hearing any sound.

  57. Donna


    Just viewed this message from Gregory Mannarino on Steve Quayle’s site. A must listen.


    Thank you, Greg and Gregory for all your courage and conviction.

  58. eddiemd

    Things to do.

    1. Get water filtering systems. Portable and home based.
    2. Purchase needed materials to avoid detection by infrared devices.
    3. Plan escape routes from large cities along potential water sources.
    4. Purchase heirloom seeds.
    5. Establish rally points with friends and neighbors.
    6. Buy used CB radio equipment.
    7. Look for hand cranked generator systems. (or solar power sources)
    8. Cache items outside the city.
    9. Purchase maps from REI.
    10. Identify sites where there is cover from infrared seeking devices.
    11. Repent
    12. Fear not.

    • Greg Hunter

      What materials do you need for this? “to avoid detection by infrared devices.” I really think this would be useful.

      • paul

        Greg … Aluminium foil is a cheap way to block infrared radiation.

        • Greg Hunter

          I did not know it was that simple. Thank you. I think I’ll get the heavy duty stuff.

          • J.C.Davis

            Greg I lined my garage with this. Refletix. can be bought at lowes.

          • paul

            Yes Greg … the thicker it is the more heat it can absorb … actually aluminum is an even better reflector of infrared radiation then silver, gold and copper … as it reflects infrared radiation from .2 µm and up … while silver reflects infrared radiation above .5 µm and both gold and copper reflects infrared radiation above .7 µm … so aluminium is “very” cost effective.

            Gold, silver, copper and aluminium can reflect Ultra Violet radiation also … but for UV gold is better then its competitors … and gold can also absorb quite a bit of visible light without creating blinding reflective hot-spots … and its heavy atomic weight lets it soak up quite a bit of visible light before heating to harmful extent … gold is truly unique because it does not rust or tarnish in air the way copper, silver and aluminium eventually do.

            • Greg Hunter

              Thank you Paul!

          • brian

            Infrared is not really easy to “block” due to it being a long wave radiation. In a practical sense, the best you could do would be to scatter or diminish your “signature”, although you will still be visible. Just think in terms of the heat you give off and how hard it would be to totally conceal that from the air surrounding you, if you trap it all in (ie with thick mud or certain oils) you would quickly suffer from heat stroke. In terms of non portable barriers the thicker the better, using materials with high insulative qualities cuts down on the amount of mass you would need for complete obstruction to the detector.

      • eddiemd

        Military issued space blankets. They are issued as part of SERE.

        They can be found in army surplus stores and other places.

        They are made from Mylar. Light weight, man portable.

        Better to use a two layer system. Not fail proof but better than nothing at all.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Eddie MD!

  59. Klemens

    Max Keiser: Crash JP Morgan – Buy Silver!
    I think we have to restart this very good action against JPM again.
    Greg, maybe you can make an interview with Max Keiser to give new live in the ” Crash JP Morgan – Buy Silver!” campaign.
    The old campain ist 4,5 years old, and it did change a lot. We did not won the battle, but we hurt them a lot.
    I do think now is the perfect time to start the campain again.
    Now we are much more people all over the world, who do not like the banksters.

  60. david brownallen

    This Monday could be the day we wake up and find that markets and our world has changed.

    Greece, is definitely the word.

  61. r.j.

    crazy canuck sorry iam alittle late in the game here but i agree with you on harpers warmongering rhetoric .Its interesting to see a lot of new ads on t.v.trying to get new recruits signed up to join the canadian military just as big layoffs in the oil industry accelerate. I cant believe that i voted for this ahole . Unfortunately in Canada as in the U.S. our ability to change things for the better through our bullshit democratic system is non existent. Any leader with vision and integrity would be assasinated. so therefore there are no leaders willing to make that sacrifice ; so it is up to us The Greg Hunters The Bill Holters the Jim Sinclairs and all of you that post on this site. This gives me hope for the future . You all help us prepare for the collapse or cleansing as i see it that will and must happen . There will be pain but i see a brighter future beyond.

    • chris


      Everything is falling into place for the upcoming World War. I’ve noticed those ads as well, and I believe the government is trying to bolster the military by recruiting desperate young individuals. Call it a stealth draft.

  62. Don

    As always Greg; good wrap up. Thanks on all comments to the ones talking to REP’s, at least I know some are writing them about the many issues. Would like to say, I believe, like all the other middle east intrusion’s the west and in particular the US have done. I believe Ron Paul probably had it right. American leaders will do anything, right or wrong to as much control as they can, even if it cost thousands of lives. And as far as the Ukraine, Inhofe in Oklahoma, showed me how a portion of our leaders are determined to escalate the tensions there. In his response to me, he said, we must help the democratic government. Never mined that Nato had placed ICBM’s in Poland. Kennedy come real close to going to war with Russia back then, when they tried to place missiles at our doorstep. We have in the last few years, either killed or were responsible for the death of thousands, by a illegal war in Iraq, Lybia, Syria, and now we’ve created ISIS, and uprooted and was a major cause war in the Ukraine. Thousands of live will be loss, because of the hegemony ambitions of the west. Europe right now is being ruled by psychopaths that are unelected. Could we be at a point of global collapse, and deflation that like some of you have said, that a global pursuit of strategic realistate and raw materials are taking place. It looks like to me a new silk highway of trade may be forming between east and west and the Ukraine is in the middle. The US knows that these routes are very important. Well was good to read each commit , farewell

  63. on_in_Odessa

    Greg your complaint was that Obama was not using a contemporary example of violence in the name of Christianity? Read on.

    Having been the antithesis of the president for low these many years. I now find myself in the odd place of defending him. !!! On this one thing only!!!

    The man was clearly trying to highlight the use of religion for the reason to commit violent acts. Yes, the use of the Crusades, by Obama, was a bit of a stretch; even though atrocities were clearly committed (the old eye for an eye excuse that Jesus refuted) and all … if we are honest. Also there was much more to the Crusades than just taking back the holy places of Israel and Christianity. People who joined in the fight were given immunity for all crimes and had all their sins “forgiven” by the Pope. There was much crusading done all over Europe and lands and goods were stolen from non Muslims and never returned.(True Christianity? I don’t think so.) Question: Why didn’t the Pope declare a Crusade when the the Dome of the Rock was built on the site of the old Jewish Temple 400 years earlier? A more clear and literal example of the “Beast” standing in the “Holy Place,” there never was.

    However, it would have been better had he used his Christianity example by including the KKK, the Skin Heads or perhaps even the Salem Witch trials as his examples. Given his clearly intended reasoning, I will give him a pass on this one.

    • Don_in_Odessa

      That was “Don_in_Odessa” not “on_in_Odessa”

    • Greg Hunter

      I am happy for your analysis, but I do not give him a pass. He’s the President of the United States of America, not a college professor. What in the hell is he going to do? So far he’s not outlined a strategy that I can discern. Thank you for your comment. Your point is well taken even though we disagree.

  64. chris

    This coming Depression will be much worse than the one from the 1930s.
    1) The US in 1930s was still pretty much agrarian. The push to the cities hadn’t begun yet. Therefore, we still had a large population that could make their own wealth without relying too much on the government or someone else of influence. It was hard, yes, but food could still be put on the table. Today, the majority live in the city and rely on someone else to give them a paycheck. We do not have a population who use their wits to put food on the table, so to speak. RadioShack went under because people do not BUILD stuff anymore. That is the main reason.
    2) Technology is the main problem. Yes, it has made our lives easier but we have paid dearly for it on other fronts. A human cannot compete with a machine. Never had, never will. And with the economy slipping further into the abyss, business owners will replace humans with robots just to keep the doors open.

    I can go on further but I do not want to clutter the board. Others can post their own thoughts.
    We need to get back to being a nation of doers and builders instead of a nation of paper shufflers. I advise people to learn skills because they are going to be in demand in the not so distant future.

  65. limacon

    A proper conspiracy theory

  66. we the people

    Thanks for the summary Greg. Great job as always. We have the internet, all hail the internet, we have our power within to choose differently , to believe differently. No we do not have our finger on buttons that could destroy both war buttons and financial buttons, and everything is lining up for some big changes in those directions. But have to stop giving our power away. We have to get our head out of the sand and realize the times we live in. Now is not the time to cower. Things will change, lots will be lost, but the birthing seems it will be messy now and you cannot stop a birth. To which world will you be born into is the question. Do not think small. Reality is but a video game, and there are many.

  67. anony-mouse

    Dear Greg,

    A lot has been said about the “crusades” Doesnt anyone know their history?? THE MUSLIMS INVADED SPAIN AND FRANCE 200 YEARS BEFORE THE crusades. ISLAM JIHAD WAS THE FIRST CRUSADE AND WAS THE ROOT CAUSE OF THE CHRISTIAN CRUSADES. They were happy to cut off anyones head who did not convert…..Obama is a huge disappointment. Until moderate Islamic Mullahs issue Fatwas that issis, and the rest of their ilk are not Islam and that they are going to hell and not any kind of heaven, then Islam will be a threat to all other religions in the world…

  68. Donna

    “Lawrence of Arabia Goes Ruskie.” What do we have? Katie Perry. Which inspires?

    Russia could have been a strong ally against a shared nightmare fighting the true marauder.


  69. Regan Straley

    Oh, Greg, please stop pushing the ISIS brand. It so diminishes all the other great work you do on the economy when you join the corporate-state media in peddling that kind of comic-book Good vs. Evil fiction as fact. You should instead be lamenting the terrifying inability of so many Americans to tell the difference between reality and a professionally staged and edited music video. When you help promote the delusion that ISIS is an actual terrorist entity that needs to be stopped, rather than the Deep State psyop that it is, then it makes your exasperation at American ignorance of economic collapse seem far less genuine.

    While not the most skillfully written, this recent commentary provides one of the best distillations I’ve seen to date of what ISIS really represents. http://www.activistpost.com/2015/02/isis-getting-premium-level-pr-from-cias.html

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t mistake analysis and opinion for proven fact. I try to put out information that is factual. When it is opinion, then I say it is. If you would like to start your own website, please do it and show us how it is done. It’s easy. I’ve been doing this 5 years and I am barley a blip on the internet radar.

      • Regan Straley

        You seem to be saying it is a “fact” that ISIS is a real terrorist threat, yet you can’t prove that without relying on the testimony of the U.S. government, the governments of U.S. puppet-states in Europe, and the corporate-state media, all of whom you and your guests regularly accuse of lying about the global economy. Why the double standard? If they lie to us about the most important thing in our lives — our ability to determine our own economic destinies — why wouldn’t they lie to us about a foreign terrorist threat in order to achieve their military policy goals? That reminds me, I think this explains why that CGI-enhanced ISIS snuff film was released last week . . . “White House asking authorization for military to fight IS” http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/congress/obama-faces-tough-sell-to-get-new-war-powers-to-fight-is/2015/02/09/cde84f32-b0bd-11e4-bf39-5560f3918d4b_story.html . . . Who (besides a wise and perceptive person, of which there are only one or two in Congress) would vote against expanding presidential war powers to fight ISIS after seeing that video?

        As for why I don’t start a website and show you how it’s done — I have put a lot of time in over the years, with little success, at trying to open peoples eyes to American fascism via social media and comment sections. But I work nine hours a day in a warehouse for $10 an hour. That’s why I depend on people like you to tell the truth.

        • Greg Hunter

          Regan Straley,
          I try to report what I can source. Analysis and opinion are not the same as proven fact. I don’t appreciate you calling my honesty into question because I don’t make big leaps to give you a conclusion I do not know for a fact is correct. I don’t know how long you have been reading the site, but I have been reporting the U.S. and others, such as Saudi Arabia, have been funding the so-called rebels (and al-Qaeda) in Syria. This in part funded what is now ISIS or the Islamic State. This is a provable fact. I don’t know for a fact the CIA is running ISIS, and neither does anybody else. Could they be involved–you bet, but I try to report facts–first and foremost. When I report opinion and analysis I say what it is and I have many guests that do just that. There are many on the internet that will report opinion and analysis for proven fact. If that is what you want you will not be finding it here coming from me. That said, I have many comments that give a wide variety of opinions and analysis here. This is rich and good content and it spurs thought, conversation and helps people to try to understand this totally crazy world we find ourselves living in. We will just have to agree to disagree about what exactly the “truth” is when it comes to a proven fact or when it is opinion and analysis.

        • Mohammad


          One of the strong features of Greg is professionalism, which is a methodical investigation of news, at least this is what i understood from him in previous responses, he is trained to do so, may be the reason why your attempt to start a blog did not succeed because you unintentionally tried to impose your views on others, TRY IT ONE MORE TIME and see for your self if you adhere to OBJECTIVES and am sure you will succeed.
          One example to the credit of Greg, I posted on Peter Schiff interview a link to 3 young college students who were muslims and shot by a gun man execution style (one bullet in each head) and i was allover the news scared for the trend and being a father of high school girls who wear a scarf i was scared, I right away categorized the news as a terrorist attack against muslim, Greg said wait a minute DO NOT SUBSTITUTE EMOTIONS FOR FACTS….I thought about it and stepped back and I saw something else..Almost every MSM reporting this news was saying MUSLIMS killed by a gun man, or something like that…So right away it clicked in my mind that MSM is INFLAMING emotions among Muslims and i almost fell prey to it.
          So all I want to say is: Greg is a PROFESSIONAL REPORTER, and reporting by him cannot get any better, JMHO.


    • Mohammad


      Thanks for the link, on my bookmark now.


  70. Mike

    Is big brother watching public forums like this one…..

    Possibly but unless you make statements that can be seen as a risk I would not miss any sleep over it.

    About 6 months ago I sent an email directly to one individual that is very vocal on the subjects we discuss here asking him if he feared backlash from his efforts and his response was…

    Not really because i am just expressing my opinions.. If I was being fed information from an insider that Governments did not want public then that would be a different situation.

    In my opinion …to the powers to be we are just NOISE.

    Their arrogance allows them to believe that we are not important.

  71. david brownallen


    Sorry, Greg, this is a health-related story. Since dementia and Alzheimers cases are increasing, inquiring readers might be seeking reasons.

    • Greg Hunter

      Never be sorry for putting out good info. Thank you.

  72. andrew

    The burning of the pilot was faked, so too the beheadings. Come on – y’all know this is for show. All the world is a stage to steer people around by their fears and indignation. Nobody died in these farces, like nobody died at Sandy Hook. This is a professional psy op by your psychopathic rulers. The sooner we are able to part the curtain and see the puppet masters at work, the sooner they will fade away, like the wicked witch of the west disappearing after getting hit with a dose of reality water.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you 500!! Al Gore was way off. Do you think he should give back his Nobel Prize and Oscar?

  73. BruceM

    Hello Greg. Thank you so much for sharing the discussions between yourself and your guest.
    I notice you often ask your guests what “the man on the street” should be doing to prepare for a possible financial meltdown. Their answers almost invariably include acquiring gold and silver bullion, land, fine art, even practical trade skills. I agree with this and would like to suggest a specific and practical action: raise a few laying hens.
    I live in an urban neighborhood of townhouses with very little yard space. Yet, I have found my 4’x8′ hen house with three laying hens practical and sustainable. The hens make little noise and odor, are cheap to maintain as they gladly gobble up kitchen scraps, and provide my wife and I with what could prove one day to be an essential food source.
    For those with the time a space, a larger flock could provide some steady income, and in times of trouble, a readily exchangeable barter item. Even the byproducts, broiler hens and hen scat, are useful. One other plus is that the inputs are locally and readily obtainable.
    Just some food for thought on the subject of what the man on the street can do.

    • Greg Hunter

      Everybody should make getting store-able food and water a top priority. It is very cheap insurance and you just can’t go wrong because you can always consume what you bought. I am putting tires on my vehicles and updating my equipment. Thank you for sharing!

  74. Mohammad


    Time to DESTABILIZE Lebanon…Remember please they have 286 tons…..That will keep the dollar afloat for another 4 years:


    “U.S. delivers arms to Lebanon, says fighting ‘same enemy'”

    The link:


    • Greg Hunter

      Mohammad the world and the U.S. has gone mad.

  75. mac

    Kerry is scared, u bet baby: ***why puppets Mekel and Hollande run to Putin: “NOTE: The Novorussia Armed Forces (NAF) currently have 8,000 Ukrainian regulars surrounded in Debaltsevo, East Ukraine. This is a very big deal although the media has been (predictably) keeping the story out of the headlines.”Click to teach Gmail this conversation is important.”

  76. cuniverse


    It’s a mind manipulation technique that avoids not only opposition to what is the goal of the Manipulators it actually manipulates people to demand they do what the Manipulators had set out to achieve.
    You start by secretly creating a problem some place in the world; you then give the people someone to blame for the crisis you create. You then use the media to wind up the public opinion in relation to the manufactured problem to the point where the public demands a solution to the problem. At that point those that that created the problem, and got someone else to be blamed for it comes out in the public arena with their solution. The USA answer Guns and more wars.

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