World Economy Has Never Been Worse-Andy Hoffman

45By Greg Hunter’s

Financial writer Andy Hoffman says we are getting to the end of the road for the fantasy economy. Hoffman explains, “I shy away from predictions as much as possible and . . . when things will happen. When will the gold cartel break? When will the big one will happen? It’s an unknowable thing in a manipulated world, but if you listen to me lately, I have never been more passionate that I don’t think things can make it through this year, and people like David Stockman (former White House Budget Director) think the same. There are just too many things coming to a head right now. The economy of the world has never been worse quantitatively and qualitatively. The political and social ramifications going on because of the bad economy have never been more tenuous.”

Gold and silver are a different story as Hoffman contends, “If you look at my world, the gold and silver world, never before have we seen such high demand, low inventory and now falling production. So, I am in the camp that does not believe that the powers that be can hold this thing together through the end of this year.”

What about reports that gold and silver are plentiful? Hoffman, who works for Miles Franklin, says, “As far as what we see, as one of the largest bullion dealers in the nation, last summer, we had one of the biggest silver shortages since the 2008 crisis. Since then, business has been very brisk, but we are not yet at the level where premiums are surging and have shortages (in the U.S.) That said, around the world, people cannot get product. There is a reason why (demand at) the U.S. Mint is off the charts. Last year was a record year for selling Silver Eagles. This year, we are at a level that is at a pace 40% or 50% above that.”

The U.S. Mint had a record month in February and sold a million ounces per week. Hoffman says, “This is with the mint allocating a million ounces a week, which is why they sold four million ounces. So, overall, they are at a pace to sell 50% more than they did in last year’s record level. That’s because it is foreigners that are buying it. The reason I know this is because I am getting emails from people from Japan telling me that we cannot buy silver. Can you get it for us? A customer from Australia told me the Perth Mint is sold out of almost all silver products. We haven’t seen this in many years. Why the demand from places like Australia? In Australia, the Australian dollar has gotten crushed, and Australian people are clamoring for precious metals. The price of gold in Australian dollars is almost at an all-time high. So, here in the United States, it’s a little less muted, but business is very brisk. In all the other parts of the world where currencies have crashed and prices are surging, either you cannot get product or you are going to have a very difficult time to get it. America is always the last to go on that ladder. So, when you start to see those shortages abroad, you know that something is afoot. . . . Given that it is untenable that we will survive without another major crisis in this country, I think we are going to see shortages in the U.S. later this year sometime.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Andy Hoffman, Marketing Director at Miles Franklin, precious metals experts.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Andy Hoffman is a prolific writer and produces a fresh article nearly every day of the work week. You can follow his work by clicking here. If you want more information on the free seminars Hoffman mentioned or get other free information and analysis, you can go to the homepage of

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  1. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


    #1 Fiercely militaristic by his own admission.
    Quote…”I will make America so strong no one will mess with us”.
    I don’t understand the rationale behind this bluster at all. Of late, the US military budget has been equal to the next 8 countries combined. Why would anyone, apart from a Warhawk or a neocon, even dream of increasing this expenditure, least of all when the US simply cannot afford to. This is a huge negative in my book, however it is one of the few policies with which he falls into line with the GOP establishment . The other similarity he shares with almost all of the original running mates is his loud advocacy of heinous war crimes that he would instigate if he took office including, and I quote, referring to terrorists……“you have to take out their families”
    #2 He still naively believes that Bin Laden took out the twin towers…WTF!…from a cave in Afganistan?
    #3 He thinks that the US is hard done by, getting no spoils of war from the Iraq war debacle. This is a completely hypocritical stance when he also declares that the US was dragged into the war illegally and based on Bush’s lies. There is some ample evidence that the US stole considerable gold and cash from Iraq, so that the claim that America “got nothing except dead soldiers for their efforts” doesn’t stand up anyway. The notion that a country should profit in any way from an illegal war that it entered into based on lies is absolutely abhorrent to me and raises serious questions as to whether Trump could ever be statesmanlike or trustworthy enough to be a sound choice as POTUS.
    #4 He definitely suffers from the US notion of exceptionalism and the idea that the US needs to mind the business of the whole globe. To many of us looking in from the outside, the US is not good at minding its own business, let alone anyone else’s.
    #5 He is the big loud obnoxious American personified. He can’t help but brag about his wealth and business success at almost every available opportunity This is how most NZers that I have spoken to, see him. People are sick of hearing this, we all know he is mega wealthy!
    #6 His extraordinary ignorant statement where he wanted to ban all Muslims from entering the US, and I quote…. “until we can figure out what the hell is going on”. Donald ….you still haven’t figured it out?….It is just one word…. It’s called BLOWBACK ….Sadly there is only one GOP runner that even begins to understand this simple concept……his surname is Paul.
    #7 Glaring inconsistencies in his policies in general and his recent extraordinary indecision about how he should react to being endorsed by the KKK.

    #1 Tremendous courage to say exactly what he thinks in general and even to the point of publically challenging the official 9/11 narrative during his campaign, as well as to point the finger at the Bush dynasty’s involvement in this murderous treason.
    #2 Obvious aversion to globalist agendas and policy.
    #3 Opposition to secret trade deals like TPP and his desire to bring manufacturing and entrepreneurial initiative back to America
    #4 His stated willingness to work with [NOT AGAINST] foreign leaders, especially the likes of Putin
    #5 The fact that the likes of the Demoncrat and GOP establishment are one and all absolutely terrified of him
    #6 The consensus of the elites, who recently met at Davos, was that Trump needs to be stopped. This opposition by the elites is indeed global, and not just domestic. We cannot help but take note of this.

    The real questions remain…
    How many of Trump’s outrageous and loutish comments are tongue in cheek and designed as publicity stunts to bait the media, and how much of it is the real Trump? Only time will tell as to whether he will improve his behaviour to anything resembling a statesmanlike level. Will his huge ego get in the way as POTUS and what calibre of counsel will he choose. Will he take any advice from them anyway? How will he balance the needs of Mainstreet against the temptation to further his own business interests if he gets to office? There are some very big questions here.

    For the GOP and the establishment at large, not to mention US dynasties, even the thought of Trumpet occupying the big old house is an absolute nightmare from hell. November is still a long way off and it is a very dangerous road he travels. I absolutely hope his security is first-rate as we know full well the enormous resources TPTB have at their disposal to allow them to hobble any candidate out of the race. To me, many of the current circumstances are chillingly similar to the lead up to the Kennedy murders. These men were all extremely wealthy in their own right and showed huge courage and the independence to question and to challenge the establishment at every level. Consequently, a lot of very powerful people want Trump dead too.

    Trump has a large family and I am sure they will at some stage be threatened in an attempt to force him to drop out of the race. Can his whole family be adequately protected right through the election process? Obviously with Trump’s many enemies from religious and racial groups he has offended it would be very easy for the neocons to find a patsy and even to stage yet another false flag event, and in doing so cover up their crime.

    Apologies Greg for the length of this comment.
    Big candidate….big post!
    PS Here is the John Oliver take (This is Greg Hunter I don’t want any thing that little communist/socialist weasel John Oliver has to say on my site. Oliver would NOT think of making fun of that Alinsky disciple criminal Hillary Clinton or her sexual predator husband. Let’s see some jokes on how she had a private unprotected server or how she took billions in bribes through the Clinton “Crime” Foundation. She impaired the national security of America. Let’s see some of Oliver’s (or his writer’s) cutting wit on that.

    • Greg Hunter

      Trump is not a socialist or a communist and the establishment hates him. For that, I like him. He’s not perfect, but he’s much better for America than the rest. I don’t give a crap what the rest of the world thinks. By the way, the rest of the socialist world is about to see what it looks like when it runs out of other people money.

      • Jallen

        I am with you Greg, Donald Trump is a breath of fresh air in a lot of ways. Enough of the Clintons and Bushes. I hope you are right about the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton and her Emails. If the Republican power elite uses dirty tricks to eliminate Donald Trump they will unknowingly give birth to a new political party.
        Republicans are unlike todays Democarats as they throw out the bums and that is why THE DONALD is so popular. Only a complete fool would vote for Hillary!!!!!! There may be some hope as the young Democrats are awakening from the Clinton spell over the Domocrat Party thanks to Bernie Sanders. Let me see, the Country is on the verge of a financial collapse and the Democrats want ‘Free everything’!

        • susan

          amen, Jallen!

      • diane s.

        Great reply Greg

        • Greg Hunter

          Diane S.
          To who? Thank you for the kind words and support!!

          • diane s.

            Col in New Zealand

            • Greg Hunter

              Thank you Diane. I was really dogging that little weasel communist/socialist John Oliver. He should be deported to a communist country with no 1st Amendment for a little education. Maybe he would stop spinning and lying with our precious “Freedom of Speech.” It’s “Freedom of Speech” not freedom to lie, spin and misinform.–Weasel John Oliver who is not funny.

              • red

                Greg again…That smarmy Oliver character…straight out of a State run propagandist monopoly the bbc….disruptive, cheap insults, the only form of politics the left has, there are squadrons of these lippy little ####$#@ here….loitering, that they pollute the last failing true republic is just heart breaking…

                • Greg Hunter

                  Yes Red,
                  Thought control lies thinly disguised as comedy–very thinly.

      • art barnes

        Greg, the establishment will never allow Trump to get a hundred miles of the White house, even Fox News is trying their heart out to stop him. So sad to see once again that the people’s voice doesn’t count, I just hope and pray they don’t harm him as we all know they can and will do if all else fails.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Just as, and I quote from your post…. “the rest of the socialist world is about to see what it looks like when” the US runs out of everyone else’s money.

        Remember too that the US economy is no longer capitalist but has degenerated into a fascist plutocracy that contains an element of socialism but is essentially just rampant bankism.

        The US financial system has evolved over 100 years into an out of control monster and its foundation is the ludicrous situation where the central bank has been allowed to be owned and run by a private banking cabal. Even more ludicrous is the fact that this non-constitutional institution cannot even be audited. The fact that for the last 70 years the US dollar has been the reserve currency of the world has allowed this cabal to loot not only Mainstreet America but also the wealth of much of the globe.

        I have said it on WD ad nauseum…until the Fed is dismembered the US will continue to descend into financial and social chaos. I will now ask you a very important question. Is Trump going to challenge the existence of the Fed? If not Greg then good luck to you all, because he will be about as much use to you in the White House as tits on a bull.

        • Dan

          Dear Colin,

          Hats off for an absolutely accurate and appropriate comment. You’ve described the sad state of the US with the exception of how it has also devolved into a military/police state. Things will never change until the Fed blows itself up because Americans are too afraid to take on the establishment (i.e., corrupt Congress, neocons, et al). They are too afraid of the police state (you wonder why with over 300 million guns!). If they wanted to, they could simply all get together, take there money out of the banks, stop paying illegal taxes to the IRS (which is an unlawful and unconstitutional organization – something they could easily research if they weren’t so lazy and ignorant). It would be that simple. But they are too ignorant and busy posting surfing puppies on Facebook and keeping up with the Kardashians…Just ask Paul Craig Roberts (a regular guest on about this and he would say the same! Sorry to be so mean guys, but do try to disagree with what me and Colin said and post here below.We’d love to hear how we are not right. If the sound of crickets prevail, we’ll know we were right…

          • Greg Hunter

            No Dan many of us are not afraid. This is what the rise of Trump and to a lesser extent Bernie Sanders is all about.

      • red

        Thankyou Greg…being from OZ myself, the confirmation bias & backslapping (self flattering pseudo intellectualism) The european dialectic form of politics, disruption and cheap insults are virtually the only input this backwater has. The public sector so entrenched, no one can truly even attempt to critique the status quo. Some one has to at least attempt to save the republic (USA) & should be supported. I am not American, but if i was, Trump says a heck of a lot of things’ i would want said. JMO

      • red

        Also those twerps that were pulling Trumps billboards down, were on an Australian taxpayer funded “adventure” That rubbish is the norm in OZ. The only red button issue in OZ at the moment is taxation on the clowns milking the real estate ponzi here. The left, here, in politics are so stupid they want to destroy it , it is so stupid roflmao…The only business in town a complete criminal realestate ponzi without which the OZ economy would completely and totally collapse…lol Public servents selling blocks of Apartments to each other oh and to the doctors and specialists that are milking the public health scam in OZ .. ssshhhh don’t mention the elephant,, all coming to the US

      • hoopshound

        Greg, how do you square Trumps’ misogyny, racism, bullying, lying, and cruelty with the fact that you’ve made it clear that you are a christian, a follower of Jesus? I’m not trying to be provocative. I’d really like to know since Trumps’s behavior and Jesus’ teachings seem, to me, to be completely incompatible.

        • Greg Hunter

          Clinton is clearly a criminal and clearly not Christian. Trump is most certainly not a criminal and says he is Christian. We are all sinners needing redemption and forgiveness. I would take my chances with trump any day over Clinton.

        • WD

          What racism are you talking about, I keep hearing this worn out word….how is he a racist. Obama is filled with racism.

          That is one of the problems…

          • Greg Hunter

            WD Boom goes the comment!!! Thank you. Obama had race bating Al Sharpton to the White House nearly 80 times. Oh, I forgot, it’s OK to be a racist if you are black when you are progressive/communist liar.

            • Tin foil hat

              “it’s OK to be a racist if you are black when you are progressive/communist liar.”
              Exactly, Al Sharpton is as much a racist as David Duke. Nobody said a word when Hillary and Sanders kissed Al’s ring but somehow Trump is a racist when Duke said something nice about Trump.
              As far as I’m concerned, BLM and KKK are almost one in the same. KKK members are idiots who believe they are superior, BLM members are thugs who believe they are victims. Both are delusional.
              If you mixed the two together you get a stupid thug who thinks he is an intellect who always get picked on because he is a Muslim.

              • Greg Hunter

                And what about former Klansman Senator Robert Byrd for West Virginia. Hillary and the rest of the Democrats (and the MSM) ignored the fact Senator Byrd was a card carrying member and Hill was cozy and spoke about him in flattering terms.

            • Faith

              Mr. Hunter: Nailed it!

        • roy b


          Jesus turned the tables over in the temple I think
          that is what Trump is doing.

      • Scott Wolf

        Cmon, Greg. Donald Trump is a slick businessman, not a forward thinking politician. He is not even remotely qualified to be President,I don’t care what he says or does. Our country has finally morphed into what its been the last 20 years: a reality tv show. We’re doomed.

        I guess we can expect a cornucopia of actors and athletes to run for office in the next election cycle?

        • Greg Hunter

          What were President Obama’s qualifications? His academic record is sealed. He was a two year Senator and before that a “community organizer.” Hell, I could be President. Trump has far more qualifications that our current President.

    • Greetings from England

      I can’t believe the powers that be will allow Trump to win after some of the things he has said: threatening to audit the FED, questioning the official narrative of 9/11, linking vaccines with autism, praising Putin, questioning the wisdom of arming and funding ‘moderate’ rebels in Syria and suggesting Assad should stay in power etc. All of these opinions seem to run against the establishment agenda. Imagine what state secrets his loose tongue would let slip once in power and with access to classified information. They will probably just rig the election if they have to like with Bush.
      Having said that it should be fun to watch Trump airing the skeletons in the Clinton’s closet…

      • Greg Hunter

        He’s going to win because of the things he has said. You folks in England are being overrun with radical Islam and you say nothing. You also cannot have guns. Long live the Queen and tyranny.

        • Greetings from England

          Which is why I will be voting ‘no’ in the Brexit referendum.
          Can you imagine if Turkey joins the EU with its selectively porous borders? Allows members of a well known extremist group to cross but no Kurds.

      • Linda L.

        I’d think that the globalist Angela Merkel’ s agendas which are contributing to Europe’s unraveling/chaos would keep you plenty busy over there in England, without worrying about Trump.

        • Greetings from England

          On the contrary, seeing as how our foreign policy is always to follow America down the rabbit hole, whether it be entering into illegal wars in the Middle East or putting sanctions on Russia, America’s next president will have a very big bearing on our sceptered isle.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Anybody that doesn’t question the official 9/11 narrative would have to be flat out moronic or a cave dweller…or both.

        You might care to view the below link which features your very own BBC reporting the collapse of WTC7 some 20 minutes before the event. To make the report even more outlandish it even shows the building in the background fully intact while the interview is being filmed. What does it take to wake people like you up?

    • Collateral Damage


      I understand where you are coming from, but as an American who has watched politics over the last 20 years, as a US citizen, I see the situation from a different perspective than you do.

      Trump is far from perfect, but he represents a taste of the possibility of having a non-establishment incumbent in the White House, which is a taste of a possibility which the US has not had in years.
      You said in your post that the experience of Muslim extremism in the world is in your words, “It is just one word…. It’s called BLOWBACK”

      What I would like you to understand is that Trump and Bernie Sanders are the American Voter’s version of BLOWBACK.

      And I expect it to be an increasingly windy summer.

      Yours Truly,


    • Tommy

      The Democrat party hates him. The Republican party hates him. The media hates him. People like Al Sharpton, Whoopie Goldberg, Jon Stewart, Barry Diller and Samuel L Jackson and Jennifer Lawrence say they will leave the country (another reason to vote for him). Donald is living rent free in Morton Zuckerman’s brain as evidenced by the Daily News’ obsession with Trump. Trump must circling the target.

    • andyb

      Colin: I am sure that you are aware, unlike the majority of propagandized Americans, that the warmongers (neocons) agenda is to take Russia down by any means necessary, including deception, terror, etc. This is so obvious vis a vis Ukraine and Syria. The daily propaganda disinformation that Americans are fed on a daily basis is unbelievable. Putin is the good guy in these instances, because unlike US politicians and policy makers, he is actually looking out for the interests of his country; not unlike Trump who, I believe, also has his country’s welfare at heart. I feel (and passionately hope) that the two of them could reach some sort of agreement to establish a peaceful coexistence.

      I, like you, have questions on Trump, but his signature issue, immigration, has resonated throughout America, which has been incrementally invaded by vast hordes of poorly educated souls who have no concept of the Rule of Law and find it difficult, unlike my antecedents, to acculturate. Google Cloward-Piven Theory and you’ll understand why the government’s immigration agenda is purposeful and pure Marxist, and certainly aimed at destroying the US middle class.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        I agree with you!

        Notice I had “for “as well as “against” comments for Trump and my post was merely to promote some intelligent discussion on how Trump might make the huge transition from loud, brash businessman to Statesman at the reins of the most powerful empire on the earth.


        • Collateral Damage


          You succeeded in promoting intelligent conversation! Thank you.

          and by the way, I thought you may like this:

          I always look for your posts on this site. Thank you for being a part of the Watchdog Community.


        • D2

          Obama may be “Statesman-like” but where has that gotten us? Right down the drain. At this point, many Americans don’t give a damn about whether someone is a “Statesman” or not. We want/NEED someone to kick ass and take names and FIX THINGS. We’re hoping Trump will do that. Do I wish Trump would be a little less “brash”? Maybe, but that is not a priority over making America Great Again.
          Cheers from Texas.

    • andyb

      Colin: I, like you, have questions on Trump. But I feel that on balance, he’s far better than any of the alternatives. His signature issue is immigration, and proper security to monitor same. Americans have had 30 years of broken promises regarding border security and they have reached an epiphany on the perceived (and in truth, actual) treason of the 535. Obama, in his lame duck year is doubling and tripling down on open borders; pure Cloward-Piven Marxist strategy. Further, in spite of his Republican base rhetoric, I don’t believe that Trump is a war monger. No one who is an actual builder of things would opt for war; it’s self defeating. He has said that he will meet with Putin; a great sign that a possible peaceful coexistence can be reached and maintained. Like Putin, Trump is a nationalist; both want the best for their respective countries; unlike the US neocon policy makers and politicians that wish to destroy Russia at all costs, even nuclear war. Simple insanity….the coup in Ukraine; the massing of troops and equipment on Russian borders; the overthrow of Assad. Libya had the highest standard of living in Africa; now a wasteland controlled by terrorists. Thanks to Hillary and her Zionist masters.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      It would be my observation that there has been a very large degree of criticism and jokes about Hitlery on WD and I have certainly given my fair share. My pointing out some of Trumpet’s shortcomings does not constitute an endorsement of this evil creature. Quite frankly, I loathe her and am absolutely astonished that she has the gall to even be in the race. Given her past, I don’t consider that she could conceivably ever make it into the Whitehouse. If she did it would signal the fact that the US is indeed completely morally bankrupt and a lost cause as a nation.

      • Greg Hunter

        Nothing wrong with giving your opinion here. I may disagree with you on a few points, but you sir, are a stand up guy and most certainly not a weasel like John Oliver. My tirade was directed at him and not you.

        • Ross Herman

          Was Huma Abedin really indicted? If so then your prediction that Shillary Clinton will also be indicted seems to be a certainty.

  2. john duffy

    How Moslims repay Christians for their kindness

    • art barnes

      Shameful what the religion of peace did to Lebanon, most people under 45 can’t remember what that beautiful Christian country looked like, a peaceful vacation spot in the Middle East, good food, nice beaches & culture, etc. Everywhere the religion of peace goes death and destruction follows and a culture is destroyed. Thank you for your post. ab

    • Must I?

      Thank you for being awake and for trying to spread the news about the truth of what is happening. Thee people lives lives of toxic purpose. Th West must WAKE UP.

    • Frank

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    • Tin foil hat

      John Duff,
      I was initially shocked by the actions of the usually kind and peaceful Buddhists. It took me about 10-15 minutes to overcome the urge to save those poor Muslims children. I understand these monks were only doing what they have to do and took no joy in doing so.
      I hope we in the west will take similar actions sooner rather than later. The sooner we do it, the less brutal and inhumane the expulsion would be. I hope we can handle this certain conflict now rather than leaving this cancer for our children or grandchildren later.

  3. allen ols


    go to the one hour ten minute thirteen second mark, and listen, to gerald celente on the campaign.

    • Greg Hunter

      Interesting Allen. Thank you for this.

    • JC Davis

      Good catch Allen. If I did not know G. C. better I would think he is dusting off his voter card. I would love to be a fly on the wall to see that happen.

      • allen ols

        jc try this PATRIOT MY ASS
        HWAM committee hack Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY)
        Rangel said, “If we survive this, we ought to scrap this and have national primaries because last night, for me, shattered any hope that there would be any primaries that would be meaningful. This whole thing is between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and that’s just about it. I’m frightened as hell that Don Trump has shattered the two-party system. He’s intimidated Republicans from participating. And even though I’m quite happy as a Democratic, I’m quite concerned as a a patriot.”

    • Collateral Damage

      Response to Allen O,

      I recommend everyone listen to the link that Allen posted above, at the one hour and ten minute mark as Allen recommended.

      It provides crystalline clarification as to what these debates, election, etc. is about.

      Also, please read the quote below. It’s truth is as valid today as it was 10 years ago.

      This was said by Pat Buchanan nearly 10 years ago. Resonates even more so today…
      Which explains why Trump and Bernie are so popular.

      Today, candor compels us to admit that our vaunted two-party system is a snare and a delusion, a fraud upon the nation. Our two parties have become nothing but two wings of the same bird of prey. On foreign and trade policy, open borders and centralized power, our Beltway parties have become identical twins. Both supported NAFTA and GATT and the surrender of our national sovereignty to the WTO. Both supported the extension of nuclear war guarantees to the borders of Russia. Both supported the illegal war on Serbia. Both support IMF bailouts of corrupt regimes. Both vote for MFN trade privileges for a Communist Chinese regime that today targets missiles on American cities. The appeasement of Beijing is a bipartisan disgrace, and we will not be a part of it.

      Neither party speaks for the forgotten Americans whose jobs were sent overseas to finance the boom market of the 1990s that the rest of us enjoy. Both parties are addicted to soft money. Both write laws with lobbyists looking over their shoulders. Both embrace the unprincipled politics of triangulation.

      And neither fights today with conviction and courage to rescue God’s country from the cultural and moral pit into which she has fallen. The day of the outsider is over in the Beltway parties; the money men have seen to that. Never again will our political establishment permit a dissident to come as close to capturing a nomination as we did in 1996. They have rearranged the primary schedule and rigged the game to protect the party favorites.

      Candidates of ideas need not apply, as both parties seek out the hollow men, the malleable men, willing to read from teleprompters speeches scripted by consultants and pollsters for whom the latest print-out from the Focus Group is sacred text.

      We choose not to play our assigned role in their sham election. My friends, this year is our last chance to save our republic, before she disappears into the godless New World Order that our elites are constructing in a betrayal of everything for which our Founding Fathers lived, fought, and died.

      • allen ols

        I read this wks ago, and loved it. tks

    • 8Ball

      “God doesn’t call the qualified; He qualifies the called… Have you picked up on that?”

      “Paul talks about this very thing over in 1 Cor. 1:27, But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. ”

    • Vince Shook

      Hi Allen:
      The real reason for Trump’s rise is given in Peggy Noonan’s column in last Saturday’s WSJ. She hits the nail on the head here, for all of us that are “the unprotected”: .

      This follows her superb column in the WSJ about two weeks earlier where she stated:

      “I close with a thought about an aspect of modern leftism that is part of the context here.

      There is something increasingly unappeasable in the Left. This is something conservatives and others have come to fear, that progressives now accept no limits. We can’t just have court-ordered legalized abortion across the land, we have to have it up to the point of birth, and taxpayers have to pay for it. It’s not enough to win same-sex marriage, you’ve got to personally approve of it and if you publicly resist you’ll be ruined.

      It’s not enough that we have publicly funded contraceptives, the nuns have to provide them.

      This unappeasable spirit always turns to the courts to have its way.

      If progressives were wise they would step back, accept their victories, take a breath and turn to the idea of solidifying gains, of heroic patience, of being peaceable.

      Don’t make them bake the cake. Don’t make them accept the progressive replacement for Scalia. Leave the nuns alone.

      Progressives have no idea how fragile it all is. That’s why they feel free to be unappeasable. They don’t know what they’re grinding down.

      They think America has endless give. But America is composed of humans, and they do not have endless give.

      Isn’t that what we’re seeing this year in the political realm? That they don’t have endless give? And we’ll be seeing more of it.”

      • allen ols

        Vince Shook

      • Pete

        I believe that “progressive” is code word for communist, whether most of the blind followers know it or not. The destruction of the western culture is coming from the top and it will not stop until their dirty deed is done through their dumbed down followers. They will also eventually be handed their heads once their usefulness is over. My two cents.

        • Greg Hunter

          Spot on Pete!

    • dbcooper

      Allen, Thank you for the link … I cannot disagree with GC … we have been Trunews listeners for years and I have to tell you that since they have gone ‘super duper’ we are having trouble receiving their shows in a timely manner … it shows up a day late … ?? … and trying to call the ministry now is difficult as it is an answering machine with lots of choices that lead you to … oh right … another answering machine. I remember the time when I could call and get Susan Wiles or another live body on the phone … the price of success I suppose .
      JMiller … good luck with your two months worth of food … I do not know who your advisors are but mine and my gut says to be a lot more prepared than two months … do as you will but you will not make it all the way up my drive!! The advice here is better six months too early than six minutes too late.
      Greg, Thank you for having Andy on and thank you for your efforts on all of our behalf. There are only a couple of posters here that I scroll through .. Ms. Gina Macaroni and The good Dr. who displays normalcy bias as to the heinous actions of the Muslims who are part of not a religion but rather a fascist ideology. We Americans and Christians have been at war with islam for centuries and it is only political correctness that blinds us to the truth that this same fascist ideology is intend upon the destruction of our Christian Faith and Culture. Bring back the Leather Necks!!

      Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

      • allen ols

        tks, they went off sirus, just short wave now out of island in Caribbean. Jim bakker is helping to fund the antenna. al ols

        • dbcooper

          Allen, We started listening to Rick Wiles years ago on shortwave before we had HS internet and when things go south I expect to be back to the good old shortwave.
          Yours DB.

      • JMiller


        Since you want to continue with your remarks about having only a couple months of food stored, let me restate again what I posted in a reply to your comment in the Bix Weir interview.

        When I said to have a couple of months (meaning 2 to 3 months) of food and water, I am talking about right now. You can add more later on if things get worse. And people who are “awake” should be able to react before the masses. It would not take much just to grab several cases of canned fruits and vegetables or spaghetti and some extra bottled water if needed. The people who are storing 1 to 2 years worth seem to be preparing for the remote possibilities of a nuclear war or EMP. Something that might happen suddenly unlike all the other past collapses or crises. Now if people want to have 1 to 2 years of food stored that is fine if it gives them peace of mind. But myself and many others choose not to go to that extreme degree.

        Also I do not have advisors. Never had. I make my own decisions based on the all the facts that I find. Something that the ALT media too often fails to present, sometimes even intentionally. You obviously tend to follow people that you listen to and to your gut. Well the advice here is to know the complete truth, which you will not simply get by listening to someone, and to then use you own discernment.

    • allen ols

      A young Ted Cruz planned to “takeover the world […] rule everything” — Ted’s Illuminati aspirations exposed
      Shockingly Cruz also wanted to appear in a “teen tit film”

      • Grafique

        AO, do you believe in redemption? Do you believe that the Holy Spirit can change a person’s mind? Do you have any evidence that Ted Cruz names the name of Jesus deceptively?

        • allen ols


          Teddie is a politician, period, maybe his Goldman saks/cfr wife has fooled u, as has teddie. Yes i believe in redemption/etc but it has outward evidence.

  4. Ross

    There is no shortage of silver coins from the Perth Mint. Australia produces 60 million oz of silver pa. Last yr there were waiting times due minting issues. There is hardly any awareness here of the benefits of metals because everyone believes in property. Sydney median house prices are now over $ million. This bubble has been building for 30 yrs with no correction to date.

    • Greg Hunter

      How do you know this?

      • FC

        I agree with Ross, there seems to be no shortage of precious metal here in Australia, in both coins or bullion…………remember prices are Aussie Dollars.–500oz–monster-boxes/67

        • FC

          I’ve been in the building industry for 36 years and currently I have never experienced a building boom quite like the one we are having right now.

          Many of the high rise apartments under construction at the moment were quoted when we were in the midst of a mild down turn in the industry and builders and contractors were afraid of an American style housing collapse, therefore everyone sharpened their pencils and submitted competitive quotes on any jobs going.

          Building companies are now faced with sub-contractors who are now asking up to 100% over and above their original quotes to the builders, because of the lack of qualified tradesmen to complete the work.

          At this stage the builders are held to ransom by the subby’s to get the buildings to ‘practical completion’

          Once this is achieved the builder will place the subby’s through a never ending defect period and a liquidated damage claim that it will make it cheaper for the subby’s to simply walk away from receiving their last 2 or 3 progress claims.

          This boom will end badly with many builders and subby’s finding themselves at the wrong end of the deal. The same can be said about the property speculators who are stuck with extremely over priced apartments wanting to flip them, in the midst of a real Australian housing collapse.

          • aussie jeff

            I’m hearing ya loud n clear!!
            The bust has already happened in country towns throughout Australia, and this I believe is a prelude to what is going to happen in a city near you.
            Where can you buy a seaside block in Australia for 30k?
            South Australia thats where,and guess what they ain’t selling.
            Homes in country towns are going for 70 or 80k some as little as 50k everyday of the week and they are not selling.
            Work has dried up in these places and banks won’t lend unless you have a job. If your cashed up and looking for a quiet spot with some acres, and are semi retired or retired,then their are some bargains to be had.
            I fear that it is going to get real bad before it gets better, if it gets better at all.
            Beware the bubble is going to burst in a capital city near you!!

      • Ross

        Perth Mint sell Numismatic Coins to the public but whole sale the cheaper versions to dealers like ABC Bullion. The awareness here is far less than the USA or Europe because our economy has been buoyed by Chinese money which is rapidly coming to an end. Because our property boom has lasted so long, people will not believe in other solid investments. Just ring ABC Bullion Sydney on 61 02 92314511 and ask them how much bullion they can supply.

  5. Dwain

    Very informative interview.
    PMS are not going to save us. Lets not forget that hundreds of millions of jobs are dependent on fiat debt structures.

    Whats coming is apocalyptic . Greg Mannarino is right, people are going to be eating each other in the streets.

  6. James Hastings

    Good job. Mr. Hoffman is always a good watch. Manufacturing has contracted the last 5 months. Job applicants at our Electrical Contracting Office, just want an application so they meet “Unemployment” requirements. They just want to stay at home. I see more small strip malls with empty stores. When your government gets on TV and tells you how good the economy is……it’s a warning sign. WALMART IS CLOSING STORES.

    As for the elections…I voted for Trump. I hate our current professional, corrupt, politicians. I can say with pride…I NEVER voted for a liberal socialist.

    As for Gold & Silver, I buy from a National Distributor….Gold eagles take a week to 10 days to receive. Pre-65 silver coins..such as Liberty 1/2 dollars (1940 ish) take a week to receive.

    Good job Mr. Hunter. Like a letter from home, when I was far far away.

  7. Bill Beeby

    Very good presentation up to your usual high standards and the same message as many times before. The only question is when .
    My question is that given the US has had the reserve currency and after world war 2 had the biggest stockpile of gold , how can it have failed so badly ? The advantage of the petro dollar was/is huge but America seems to have blown it along with it`s gold reserves and an ever diminishing value of the dollar but why and how has this happened Greg ? Is it Wall Street has ripped everyone off and siphoned all the treasure off to the 1% ?

  8. Greetings from England

    Knowing that OPEC weren’t going to cut production is it possible that the Saudis have shorted oil to hedge against losses?

  9. Andrew de Berry (Rev)

    Another great interview Greg. Where would multitudes be without you and others presenting the truth?
    Craig Hemke reminds us of how close the cashless society is when Europe threatens to abandon 500 euro notes, while the U.S. stands to do away with $100 bills. Hemke says that without $100 bills the availability of liquid cash is reduced by 80% at a stroke. Furthermore many ATMs in the States are known to malfunction, given that the notes dispensed are dog-eared and clog up the machines. Funny that in a country where the ‘printing’ of new dollars running into trillions is the norm. Here in the UK we’ve long lived without £50 notes, while cash dispensers appear to be less in evidence, even as sums withdrawn are subtly encouraged downwards to ever-smaller amounts.

  10. glen

    the global developed world masses seem to be starting to learn how to actually purchase precious metals,

  11. Smaulgld

    Good to hear Andy again!

    Re shortages, keep in mind that in 2006 silver coin and bar demand was about 5-6%- Today it is closer to 25% which means that this demand is competing with industrial demand for silver. The silver pie isn’t getting much bigger as primary and secondary silver miners are stretch at maximum production to keep up with demand.

    In February alone the US mint sold more silver eagles than they did in entire years 1995-1998. In January-Feb 2016 the US Mint sold more silver eagles than they did in the entire year mintages of 1986-2007.

    Here is a complete US Mint February silver and gold sales report with charts and analysis

    The Perth Mint is also going gang busters, selling one million ounces of silver for the sixth month in a row in February. Here is a complete Perth Mint February gold and silver sales report

  12. Russ

    Hey Greg, good interview as usual. The comments regarding what Warren Buffet had to say about the great prosperity underway reminded me of an article I read recently: Buffet;s math is dissected and his “GDP per Capita” argument is destroyed. Rather than using manipulated CPI numbers and apples to oranges comparisons to make the argument appear better, Gold is used to level the field. Even though the price of gold is also manipulated, the math works out to a much different end result. Regardless, it’s a good read.

    Thanks again for the opportunity to hear Andy Hoffman’s analysis of the ongoing situation world-wide. All we can do is keep doing what we’re doing and hope the collapse isn’t too catastrophic.

    Looking forward to the weekly news wrap — go Trump.

    • Russ

      On the subject of Trump and endorsements — according to David Duke himself, Duke did not endorse Trump —
      So that was whole David Duke thing about???

      • allen ols

        Part of the two party/snake head, system rigging/reality show.

  13. Jerry

    This is what I posted a year ago.
    Jerry 03/27/2015 •
    Greg I firmly believe that what we are witnessing in the middle east is the elimination of all the old world leadership underpinnings and governments, in order to form a single Middle Eastern Union similar to the EU that was established in Europe and the North American Union that will be established here. The globalist are carving up the world into manageable block states in order to control and manage them financially when the global currency reset takes place. According to my sources, this has been the plan all along. When you see all of the governments that have been toppled one by one over the past several years, you can’t argue with them. The only ones who seem to be exempt from this plan seem to be former communist countries, For now anyway.

    EVEN NOW: As the MSM keeps us distracted with the supposed upcoming election, a massive army of over 350,000 men is being assembled on the Syrian border. By whom might you ask? And why? All good questions.

    First let me remind you (as I have stated multiple times here in the face of criticism) that the BRICS alliance has also been assembling something to. Its called an alternate exchange system to the dollar: IE
    – AIIB
    – CIPS
    – Gold acquisition
    It is my belief, that the western cabal in an effort to retain its central reserve status with the IMF, will launch a ground attack into Syria, (using ISIS as the primary target) if the BRIC alliance even hints of a separation from the IMF after the Gold Benchmark in April. The countries involved with this massive military buildup are being used as proxy armies by the western cabal to help them retain power. Most of them are oil producing countries who are faced with financial collapse if the BRIC alliance succeeds in tightening the petroleum vice through Rosneft.

    This story is worth watching because “IF” the ground assault actually takes place, Russia will most likely respond with tactical nukes, and EMP weapons. Most of these middle eastern proxy armies have never faced a formable opponent like the Russians.
    This act of desperation will signify to the world that the United States is truly a rogue nation run by desperate criminals, at which point you will see a massive exodus from the dollar, and the ultimate collapse of the criminal fiat system that we are all now slaves to. God help us all.

  14. RWC


    Thank you for all your work, and for having clear thinking folks like Mr. Hoffman on your program.

    When I see Mr. Hoffman I worry for him, he looks thin and frail. I pray for him and hope he is ok.

    Reid Crosby, Greensburg Pa.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you RWC!

  15. allen ols

    I may have to push trump through, for this alome.

    Sharpton Promises to Leave if Trump Becomes President

    • Greg Hunter

      I hope that is a promise race baiting Sharpton keeps. America and Black people would be far better off without him.

      • JC Davis

        Greg. Could this Trump be a stage to bring back the voters that abandoned the GOP for cheating Ron Paul ? The establishment hated him also. A Trump win would say we have a fair election.

  16. Willard Ferch

    The worldly causes of the economic woes have been expounded on ad infinitum, and will continue to be analyzed, dissected, and delineated, but what about the spiritual aspect? Israel was laid waste for offering their babies in the fire to Molech, the fire god. Sodom was destroyed for complete sexual depravity. The list is endless; Evil knows no bounds. We’re on a horse at full gallop toward the rim of the canyon and he’s not going to stop! Andy is a trustworthy person and it was a very illuminating interview. Fiddlin

  17. Brad Skiles

    So how do we see new highs in precious metals with oil not going to new highs … or at least back to $100 or higher? Andy said oil doesn’t rise in “real terms,” but new highs in precious metals would mean the dollar loses value. Let’s suppose the dollar loses 80% of its purchasing power in terms of gold and silver, so does it still remain valuable when purchasing oil? The last time oil was $30 per barrel we had about 1/5th the amount of dollars. So at what point will the oil nations want a devalued dollar which will require many more dollars per barrel of oil.

  18. Karl

    I love you Greg thanks for your well thought out views. I have friends here who think Trump is racist and dangerous but as you say who would you rather have a bought and paid for prostitute of the status quo or someone independent.
    At least he has opinions and to think he is dangerous and Clinton isn’t is just so ridiculous . I am rapidly falling out with so called friends over this. In the UK men are becoming libtards metrosexuals it seems. Maybe the chemo trails but it’s sad to see.
    MAny also do not want to exit the Eu. I see Trump and a breXIT as the only chance we have against the Nwo. If Clinton
    Gets in its all over.. The fact people do not understand the Nwo and pass it off as tin foil hat saddens me a great deal. The cognitive dissonance I have witnessed in the UK in the last few days amongst friends is simply mind blowing. Are more people in the US awake?

    • Greg Hunter

      Clinton will be charged and I think indicted–President Obama will see to it. He simply cannot take the chance of allowing her to be in control of the Justice Department or the IRS. She would, no doubt, deliver serious payback to President Obama. He knows this, and he is not a stupid man.

      • art barnes

        Respectfully disagree, Obama & Lynch will give her a pass as I think Obama knows she will kiss and tell about Benghazi & many more secrets of the Obama W House such as private conversations about his religion of peace, knocking Christians, Iran deal, etc. Greg, reasonable men can agree to disagree, the Clinton’s and Obama may not like each other very much Obama won’t take a chance as he knows Hillary will blow the lid off his anti-Christian, pro-Muslim and anti-American exceptional beliefs and values he holds so dear.

        • Greg Hunter

          Not going to happen Art. Clinton is in very big trouble and has pissed off the President which he will never allow her to be.

          • David

            Greg, I agree with your assessment on Clinton, but I wonder if her political advancement with each primary will make it harder to indict? Presumably, the Department of Justice would have to go before a Grand Jury… Just wondering out loud on this.

          • JC Davis

            Greg. The establishment wants her because she is willing to co operate. Obama has proven to be a puppet. To be a oligarch one must support the oligarchy or they are dead, not in jail.
            Just my thoughts. I hope I really hope I am proven wrong.

            • JC Davis

              Also I believe there was a hit put on Trump when G Bush SR did the motion of slice him out. That was a hit call to his buddies too kill trump. we will see…
              Also I believe Bush sr killed Kennedy.

              • Silence is Golden

                JC …you took the words right outta my mouth…you’re on fire here.
                Wholeheartedly agree with you. Definitely on the same page when it comes to getting what “they” want…and like I said …you as Pres. must steer the ship in the given direction (regardless of your intentions…haha). Deviate at your own peril.

              • Daniel Jantzi

                I agree; without a shadow of doubt !!

          • Karl

            Respectfully Greg.
            My point us that Obama is more an establishment whore than any other president in my view.
            I think he will do whatever the establishment wants and what the establishment wants is Clinton. I only have to see the amount given by goldman sachs to her to see who the establishment us backing.
            Hillary and Obama both have dirt on each other but I am not sure that Obama would go against the establishment to try to counter the dirt she has on him. I would suggest if ever he went against the bankers they would just assassinate him and blame it on white racists. They may do this anyway if it looks like Trump will win and cancel the election.

            • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

              But…but…but…. they weren’t bribes from GS….just very high speaking fees! LOL

            • Bill Beeby

              Man American politics is so far out when you talk about killing Obama like that . It sounds like a mix between the wild west and The Godfather happening right now . As an outsider it makes great watching but also it`s damn scary and I wonder what Euro and UK politicians make of it all. I am not sure who it is that wants to ban Trump from the UK but if he wins they are dead meat…….

          • Tin foil hat

            I think art and your assessments would both come to fruition, partially.
            Obama would see to it that Hillary be indicted to prevent payback from the Clinton. However, he would give pardon to Hillary, preventing the kiss and tell about Benghazi and other secrets.

        • FC

          Art, I can see your point of view as well as Greg’s…………personally I see some sort sporting wager between Barry and Hillary, where the public will decide their outcome.

          If Hillary wins the Democratic leadership, they’ll bury their respected hatchets………..but if she doesn’t win, they’ll both Feel the Bern.

      • Karl

        Hi Greg,
        I hope you are right.
        So you think Obama is not as stupid or bad as he seems?
        My impression of him is like Cameron. A snake oil salesman who tells people what they want to hear whilst being more in the hands of the elite than all before them.
        Obama has dine more harm to the constitution than anyone it seems.
        You think maybe he has his hands tied but eventually will try and do the right thing?
        We are also being overrun by radical islam but if you speak up you are racist. If Trump wins and we do not get a Brent I will move my family out to the Us 🙂

        • Greg Hunter

          He’s not stupid. I didn’t make a comment on how bad he was.

    • PeterB

      Karl, we’re not all Libtards or Metrosexuals (whatever that is) over here in the UK. Certainly no more so than anywhere else. People are genuinely hacked off with what’s going on.
      There’s a better than even chance of a Brexit as things stand. That, in my opinion could shatter the Euro project.

      All the best….

      • Karl

        PeterB. I refer to libtards as the ones fooled by political correctness and who follow the status quo , telling people like me to get a tin foil hat.
        If your cannot see the reality of tge way the world works after 2008 then shame on you.
        It’s good to see you are a brit and awake. All the friends I grew up with think Trump is racist and thought the same Of Farrage. I really hope you are correct with a Brent but most of my friends are also against it. I need to change friends. Where do yiu live?
        I feel like Roddy piper with the glasses in the Uk

  19. Must I?

    Greg, we are all in with Miles Frankling and I lam a huge fan of Andy Hoffman. Last year the coin shop where we get our junk silver told me they had a customer come in with $250,000 cash, purchase, and walk out with a box of gold coins. His prices are fair so I know the buyer did not get ripped off but I can’t remember how many ounces it was. The point is, however, that told me the bank vault at the back of the store does contain a substanial amount of gold – contrary to what Andy, et al think at Miles Franklin think. Now,, there is a possibility the arrangement was made aforehand and he got the coins from all his local stoes to do the sale. I can’t say, he didn’t say. And one more point, the coins shop is in a tiny shop with VERY low overhead – not in a real mall but like a flea market store type of row of shops and we are far away from the main part of the larget city in the area. We are considered pretty much an outside perimeter area of that city.

    Love your show as always. Praying for America. Now a proud DAR!

  20. The Sage

    Attn: Col
    Trump has been a guest on He knows what is really going on.
    Listen to insider Stone, Trump knows what is really going on.
    He will get the best advisors and clean up. Do not vote for Killery or the Burn.

  21. Jeff

    Guest Suggestion, was very good on CtoC w/George
    John Truman Wolfe has been a senior credit officer for two California banks. He is the co-founder of a prestigious Los Angeles-based business-management company where he oversaw the business and financial matters of some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Wolfe has a Master’s Degree with Honors from San Jose State University and is the former Chairman of the Department of History at John F. Kennedy University. John Truman Wolfe is the pen name of Bruce Wiseman.

    The Coming Financial Crisis
    Mind Games
    Past Shows:
    Coming Financial Crisis/ Reality, Illusion, & Control
    Wednesday February 24, 2016
    In the first half, the author of The Coming Financial Crisis, John Truman Wolfe, discussed the state of the US and world economies and why he thinks the events of 2007 and 2008 were a prelude for more economic disaster. In the latter half, David Icke, a full-time investigator into who and what is really controlling the world, shared his never ending quest for truth, and detailed his… More »
    Host: George Noory
    Corporate Oligarchy & Geopolitics/ Economic Crisis
    Thursday July 24, 2014
    In the first half, analyst of geopolitics and foreign policy, Craig Hulet, commented on America’s economic woes, as well as the turmoil in Ukraine and Israel, and other hotspots. In the latter half, author and ex-banker John Truman Wolfe, the editor/publisher of The Hard Truth magazine, discussed the state of the US and world economies, and why he believes that the situation is more fragile… More »
    Host: George Noory
    Banking Fraud Special
    Saturday August 25, 2012
    Four banking experts (Robert Mazur, Barry James Dyke, William K. Black and John Truman Wolfe) joined John B. Wells, in separate hours,and exposed the terrifying truth about how corrupt bankers and businessmen manipulate complex international financial systems to serve drug lords, politicians, tax cheats, and terrorists. … More »
    Host: John B. Wells
    Financial Crisis Special
    Monday May 21, 2012
    In separate hours, three guests addressed future and current economic crises. First, global financial strategist Peter Schiff argued that the crisis of 2008 is nothing compared to what is coming; former senior banking officer John Truman Wolfe discussed how the current world economic crisis is an intentional coup designed to take down the U.S. dollar; ordained Baptist minister Lindsey Williams… More »
    Host: George Noory
    Financial Coup
    Monday June 14, 2010
    Author and ex-banker John Truman Wolfe argued that the current world economic crisis is an international coup designed to take down the U.S. dollar and install a global financial machine. First hour guest Richard C. Hoagland commented on such topics as the Japanese space probe Hayabusa’s return, and the oil spill in the Gulf. … More »
    Host: George Noory

    • Greg Hunter

      Please use links for space reasons and thank you for the suggestion!! It’s a good one.

  22. Linda L.

    Watching super Tuesday last night, I was reminded of Hillary’s roots, as I noticed that the crowds behind her on the podium….
    Hillary’s 1969 Thesis at Wellesley College was done on Communist Saul Alinsky (one of Hillary’s early mentors….a person she admired). Mr. Alinsky wrote the book “Rules for Radicals”, which is actually dedicated to LUCIFER. Even if one is not religious, how could anyone be enamored/attracted to a figure who many designate as being responsible for ALL the misery in the world? Hillary’s Thesis was so controversial that it was locked away for the 8 years of Bill Clinton’s presidency. What a crazy world we live in now.

  23. Jerry

    Hey Gina,
    This ones for you.

    • JC Davis

      Jerry, Gina is a automated system not a real person.

      • Jerry

        I think you might be right. She says the same thing over and over again. But then again so do most politicians. My definition of politics. Poly is Latin for “many” . Ticks….are bloodsuckers. “Many bloodsuckers”. 🙂

  24. Jackie

    I listened to Warren Buffett’s words of encouragement Live on CNBC. He claims he lives in a neighborhood where the average family income is 100K a year. Yeah, Right.. Making that level of money, your going to be surrounded by barking dogs and guys that own Honda’s with 15″ sub woofers in them. Ask me how I know. That’s all MY 100K/year salary bought ME. Somehow I don’t see Warren Buffett dealing well with that kind of nonsense.

    • Terry

      Buffet lives in mid town Omaha just off of Leavenworth. Last time I saw him he was driving a 15 year old Cadillac and buying cheap hamburgers at Broncos. For one of the worlds richest men, he lives like a bum. He is a bit odd in that respect.

      • Terry

        To be clear, Buffets house IS pretty modest. His neighborhood was real nice. In 1920.

  25. dbcooper

    Greg, another post … I have been reflecting on your site and what you do for our knowledge and vision … yours is ostensibly an economic and finance forum … but … it is so much more for a couple of reasons … one, you allow your posters (doggers) to wax poetic about germane issues in their lives and two, the situation today is so fraudulent and convoluted that there are so many aspects of life now connected and as Andy pointed out (Greg Mannarino/Jim Willie/Bill Holter ET Al) it seems that every day there is a new revelation comes down the pike that is at least notable if not earth shaking.
    We are connected by our common Faith in Our One God and Jesus who bled for us. Ours is not an absolutely tolerant religion; we are ruled by God’s Laws … and God said Thou Shalt Have no Other Gods Before Me. We have this choice … whether it might be Lucifer or mammon or the carnal pursuits … we can make this choice. I aspire to walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ and Jesus taught us simple lessons … Truth/Honesty/Rule of Law/Personal Responsibility. I endeavor to be as good a person as I can … am I always successful? … no … I want to treat people as well as I can up to the point that I no longer have that option … I have no problem opening a door for a woman (or another man) this is simple common courtesy Hence in closing I would say that it behooves us all in the Eyes of God to try to be good; try to be nice; be honest and observe God’s Laws. Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

  26. dwain c

    I keep a check on economics and finding this site is great. It cuts through the dream world of a failing global economy and gives a level perspective on what is real. I use to be a democrat until Obama, whom I can’t stand. I am basically independent, but this time I am republican. Mainly because of Obama care or Obama could care less, He! He! Or I could care less about Obama. I was banking on Cruz but a Trump win is fine with me. We don’t need higher taxes. Even if your a working stiff. Higher taxes aren’t good for anyone.

  27. your fan in Japan

    Greg, Andy is wrong- about the situation in Japan. You CAN get PMs here.
    As an example, type Tanaka Gold in yahoo. You will get their site. Go down to the bottom and click the English info link. You can see the current buy/sell prices for gold silver and platinum. This is just one site- there are others.

  28. Klemens

    Greg CIA-Rockefeller-Facebook is doing censorship like crazy on german speaking facebook comments.
    Maybe one day they will start the same censorship on english speaking-facebook comments.
    Can you please make a little Page on
    Just give it a try, you will lose nothing.
    It is very easy and very fast to do.
    And there are allmost no fake accounts like facebook.
    If you go over there, more english speaking people will follow.
    Now there are a lot of russians and germans.

  29. Peter

    The US stock market is acting strong today, which contradicts what myself and many
    here have predicted. Maybe the reset is not near term, but I’m still betting it will happen.

    To COLIN – Maybe if you were older, you would understand how far America has fallen and also understand the appeal of Trump. Trump is the only viable candidate that is self-funded. That fact alone makes him a superior choice. Trump will denounce Hillary Clinton and her lies better than the rest. Like Trump, I agree it’s a sad day if Hillary is not punished for mishandling US classified data. What kind of a country allows political elites to violate it’s laws without even a scolding? Bernie Sanders can only hope that Hillary is convicted at this point, as Bernie ran a losing campaign. He could have used the email issue. But no, he’d rather lose and disappoint all those young democrat supporters. What a dope Bernie Sanders is!

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      I am 61 years old. I HAVE witnessed “how far America has fallen”.

      IMHO what your country needs to do Peter is to look at the root cause of this decline.
      Your country has steadfastly refused to address the absolutely farcical Fed model and can’t even bring itself to audit it, let alone disband it. This is the source of your countries financial decline and until the problem is recognised and addressed you will continue to descend into financial and social chaos.

      If Trump is elected will he facilitate the auditing and the dismemberment of the Fed?
      Economic ruin for your country is imminent, but it is absolutely guaranteed if this process is not started. Next year will more than likely be too late anyway.

      The long slow death of your once functional capitalistic system and the rise of your present fascist Plutocracy, fed and funded by your central bank, will probably be impossible to dislodge now without first experiencing total financial collapse.

      The failure for the US’s financially literate to recognise this problem and to deal with it, when they have had more than a century to act, is an absolute disgrace. This will go down in history as the biggest financial blunder in modern times.
      As I have said before on WD, history will judge this failure harshly.

    • Silence is Golden

      “What kind of a country allows political elites to violate it’s laws without even a scolding?” …..
      The same one that has never prosecuted a President for his treasonous acts.

      There is massive divergence in the Stock Market (and the DXY)…between the averages and REALITY.
      I sense that a comment I made last month will come to fruition. March is potentially the month where we see a Friday lower close (PPT gone AWOL)…then to be followed by a Bloodbath Monday. I say this now because the metrics for supporting this current rally is not based on improved earnings nor cognisant of deteriorating global economic conditions. Forward earnings guidance hardly supports price earnings = STOCKS ARE OVERWHELMINGLY OVERPRICED to the tune of 40-60%. Beware the Ides of March (15th March). The trap has been set …TPTB cannot perpetuate fantasy indefinitely.

  30. helot

    RE: “Maybe if you were older, you would understand how far America has fallen and also understand the appeal of Trump. Trump is the only viable candidate that is self-funded.”

    I’m kind of ‘older’ and the view from here in the Midwest is: for sure, Trump seems like the least-bad of the lot, however; the, ‘self-funded’ part seems kind of meaningless, because anyone who wins, becomes a puppet to the Deep State actors hidden from view.

    When a politician starts talking about the 210 Trillion Dollar unfunded liabilities the nation faces, I might reconsider. So far, no dice. They are All puppets on a string, singing and dancing in the shadow of a snow-pack on a mountainside which is ready to become an avalanche, while pointing at ant hills and saying that’s the problem at hand.

    • Silence is Golden

      Agreed. Each of the predecessors had “good intentions”…but then they were subjected to the world of espionage ….when they were subjected to the famous HoneyPot tool….extortion is there game…. many (not very well known) examples….demonstrate with crystal clear clarity, how they (Presidents) are corrupted to become the agents of the Offshore powers.

  31. Jerry

    I have come to the conclusion after listening to this interview with Allen Greenspan that the central bankers are as delusional as the American people in thinking this Ponzi scheme can go on forever.
    I used to think the collapse would happen in two phases. First the pop phase where everything would slow down, followed by the bang phase , where the financial rubber band finally snaps. I now realize I was wrong. There won’t be any slowing down. After watching Wall Street and the banks the past few weeks, I now realize we’re going straight to the bang phase as the intensity of the collapse speeds up. I can’t remember ever seeing the Stock Market gain over 350 points in the face of negative growth data can you?

    • Rick Geisler

      I was looking at the markets and thought the same thing. What are these people thinking and why are they still playing the game? All the stats and data says it is over. Then this classic movie scene played out in my head and suddenly it all made sense.

      • Jerry

        BINGO! You nailed it.

    • Tin foil hat

      “I can’t remember ever seeing the Stock Market gain over 350 points in the face of negative growth data can you?”

      DOW quadrupled in the midst of the Great Depression from May 1932 to Nov. 1936. The collapse may manifest in two extreme forms. It doesn’t necessarily have to conform to a traditional downward spiral collapse, it could collapse upward like Weimar Republic or seesaw in a similar fashion during the Great Depression.

      I came across a juicy tidbit while looking at the timeline of the Great Depression. The squid had been in control, somewhat, since 1933.

      -Alarmed by Roosevelt’s plan to redistribute wealth from the rich to the poor, a group of millionaire businessmen, led by the Du Pont and J.P. Morgan empires, plans to overthrow Roosevelt with a military coup and install a fascist government modelled after Mussolini’s regime in Italy. The businessmen try to recruit General Smedley Butler, promising him an army of 500,000, unlimited financial backing and generous media spin control. The plot is foiled when Butler reports it to Congress.

  32. Linda L.

    I was listening to Trunews today because I wanted to hear Gerald Calente. Just prior to Mr Calente being introduced, one of the commentators suggested a possible scenario regarding Hillary. He asked the question of what would happen if Hillary was elected POTUS, and AFTER this event, she was arrested/hauled off in hand cuffs for her email crimes?
    Would Obama retain his office for a time because Hillary’s crimes would have made her and the entire campaign null/void for the POTUS position in the first place, or would the newly appointed Vice President step in? Investigations have uncovered massive amounts of high security email data that compromised national security interests/ people’s safety, and so what’s the hold up in rounding her up right now if it’s going to happen?

    • helot

      Dear Linda L.,

      I think, in your example, the vice-president would take the place of the president.

      Either way, I don’t care, they are All Yurtles, yelling from atop a stack of turtles. The same as all the kings men looking down upon Humpty when he fell off his wall.

      …210 Trillion Dollar unfunded liabilities.

  33. ScottL

    Don’t know if there is a shortage of silver (or gold) or not. I’d imagine a lot of silver available in coin shops and such is recycled from people who have been stacking for awhile, decided to put a downpayment on a car and sold some silver to do it. Then you go into the store and lo and behold there’s silver in stock.

    I prefer to look at the supply far more simplistically. They say about 1.4 million tons of silver has been mined throughout history to this point in time. They say about 640,000 tons have been lost to history, to include industrial depletion. Maybe that’s true. Maybe it’s not. But even if you believe that the 1.4 million tons exists in total (in all forms including jewelry, silverware, coins, rounds, bullion, etc) that roughly equates to 45 billion ounces. Given there are a little over 7 billion people on the planet, that means that there are only about 6.5 ounces for every man, woman and child on earth. That ain’t much. Consider further that if just 100 million true silver believers globally bought the equivalent of one monster box of silver each, you would effectively own all the silver in existence.

    So, is there a shortage? I would say in the big scheme of things silver is not as plentiful as it may appear. And gold, well, there’s probably less than an ounce for every man, woman and child on earth.

    • Faith

      ScottL: 50% of the US population doesn’t even have $1000 in savings so it is impossible for them to even buy one ounce of gold. Silver was under $14 an ounce a few weeks ago. I think that was the bottom. The past couple days silver has been on a tear. It is still cheap because you can buy $1 ounce of silver bullion for less than $20. There is going to be a point in time when no one is going to take a $20 FRN. They will refuse to work unless you pay them in silver. When? Sooner rather than later.

  34. Sayonara

    Another great interview with Andy Hoffman.
    We are living in a period of incredible disbelieve. Economies are literally collapsing and the economic and political elites are blathering absolute nonsense and not addressing the contemporary realities. This is Alice In Wonderland on steroids exponential. You cannot make this up. Any way, it is apparent that the End is very near and most people do not even have a clue about what is imminently about to happen. Prepare for Impact.

  35. Feel the Bern

    My friends and countrymen, In less than a year, our country will begin a rejuvenation unlike anything in past history. While politicians of the past have talked about achieving a new world order, their efforts have fallen flat because the new world order they endeavored to build favored only the rich and well to do. Well, no more. Bernie Sanders has been building a coalition of hardworking Americans that want to see a new gentility brought back to our nation. The Bern will be bringing back communities and cities and towns. No longer will the Wall Street fat cats be the only ones to profit from Americas bounty. When Bernie takes over the White House all will share and take part in the American dream once again. Though blowhards like Hillary Clinton will try to claim that she is for some of the people, it is all of the people that will stand together and help the Bern rebuild a government of the people, for the people, and by the people so that this great nation, the United States of America lives and grows in prosperity for all and does not perish from the earth. God Bless you all and God bless America. Bernie loves you all.

    • Bryan

      Ugh. Why is USAWD even entertaining this tripe? This, as bad as GM, is unconvincing. Give.Me.A.Break. (BTW, Love the site, Greg. Greetings from Greensboro.)

  36. DonfromDarwin

    Hi Greg,
    My first time here to comment,. after 6 yrs of weekly reading your site, I thank you for the utmost stand alone news feed with integrity, very few truth tellers out there, but USAWD is the best, all of your guests are first rate with info and opinion. I have followed the collapse closely since 2008, I have learned a grate deal from your regular commentators to numerous to mention and Greg you have some very smart people contributing here thanks to you all, (especially Col from NZ..I didn’t, realize there are people in NZ with such a high IQ) only a KIWI will understand that POKE. Now here is my Rant,…..Dear America, I am an Aussie born in 1962, I have grown up with the leadership of the USA influencing the world , I watched Sesame Street, Brady Bunch and Happy Days as a kid, The great movies of hope and triumph from Hollywood and the American story that there is great hope for us all…WHAT HAPPENED, ….You have turned from A Great Role Model to a Country now Despised by anyone with morals, you have allowed yourselves to be fooled by left v right politics as we in Oz have, where the right wing and the left wing are the same bird. from where is stand I think Trump is your last hope, but I doubt he will live, maybe a JFK moment , I feel real change is upon us all, the “city of London” who own USA, Canada, Australia, NZ and many more, DO NOT LIKE TO LOSE. but they just might this time! Russia is not your enemy, China is not your enemy, Muslims are not your enemy, the city of London and the governments they control are your enemy……I am an atheist Peace to all

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your comment but I have been not been fooled. I am a Christian. Peace to you.

    • Tin foil hat


      I concur that Russia and China are not our enemies and the city of London and the governments they control are our enemy.

      However, I believe the radical sharia loving Muslims are no different from the KKK, BLM and ISIS. They are the useful idiots which the city of London will deploy on the ordinary citizens at the right moment and time. When the citizens cry out for order, the squid would let them kill each other off and rule us like George Orwell’s “1984”.

  37. Tad

    I congratulate the Canadians-NOT! I hope all the Trump opponents enjoy their move north.

    My next question involves the US gold at either Fort Knox or under Liberty Street in NYC.

    I’d say we’re not far from the Canadian position.

  38. dbcooper

    Greg, I know that the site ‘What Does It Mean .com’ lacks creditability … but if anyone here enjoys a good murder mystery then they might want to check out the latest stories about Trump/Christie/Pope/Rubio-Bush … if not true then at least entertaining !! DB.

  39. Justn Observer


    HUGE !

  40. Justn Observer

    Greg – goes with last post –

    So who has the gold? BIS — to back the sdrs at the re-set? one world currency behind the new postulated TRN’S that are to replace the $100 bills being recalled rumors?

    • susan

      Go Trump!

  41. Jerry

    Deutsche Bank pirates are leaving the ship.

    You can say what you want to, but no investment company I know would ever strap their ass to a bank that is circling the drop point. The vultures began lining up two weeks ago to pick the bones clean once DB hits the pavement. For us poor saps here in the U.S. , though delayed, a tidal wave of derivative debt (about 65 trillion) will be headed our way. The only question is the ETA?

  42. diane s.

    This is very interesting. Watch meltdown of confidence in government next 2 years…markets are going to go haywire….when there is no more cofidence in governments…..I think we all know what’s going to happen.
    Hang in there Watchdoggers and as Greg says…” fear not”
    Check this out:

  43. pat the rat

    Clinton is in big trouble the FBI would not have giving her aid immunity
    unless they knew the answer in advance .

  44. Linda L

    Hello Greg:
    I see that Romney has joined the mainstream party bash against Trump. How come Romney didn’t have the guts to call out Obama during his own presidential bid and thereafter, but now he’s ruthlessly striking below the belt with Trump? Like a pack of hungry wolves, it appears that they’re all in this together.

    • Greg Hunter

      Romney = Criminal Crony Class”!!!

  45. JC Davis

    Greg. they got something we don’t know about on Hillary. The judge Napolitano is my most trusted judge. He thinks there is enough to indict.

  46. Radarnj

    Hello Greg,
    Always always and always enjoy your format and the way you interview! I hope Andy is doing ok with his health. His insight is on point and I hope he is getting rest. He is so plugged in to the global matrix. Please tell him to eat well get rest and take care … Andy being healthy is the best help for us. All being said his health is what his loved ones need most and trump us….

  47. Hyperbiz

    C.A.I.R. Just reported that Trump has a higher likability among muslims than the rest of the GOP field combined.

    • helot

      I had to look up ‘C.A.I.R.’

      It’s no wonder that C.A.I.R. Just reported that Trump has a higher likability. Trump is the most anti-war candidate of the bunch. I mean, if your family lived in a war zone, you’d support the most anti-war/ anti-empire candidate, too, right?

      That said, when you write, ‘has a higher likability among muslims’ I get the impression you’re just out to slant things. You know, like how the MSM does. … ‘Hyperbiz’, eh? Yeah. Might as well be, Robot-biz, imho.

  48. Realist12

    I live in France. Contrary to what Mr. Hoffman is saying, things are just NOT falling apart in France – in fact his hyperbole is frightening. Marina Le Pen was defeated in the grassroots, departmental primaries here just recently – she will NOT be France’s next President, for sure, as she doesn’t have the support of enough departments (aka, regional districys).. The state of emergency declared by Hollande is NOT an economic emergency, in fact it is an state of emergency in place only for three months at a time and only extended by the vote of the National Congress, who BTW can overthrow the current government’s President, Prime Minister and Cabinet of Ministers at anytime.
    France has recently demolished its controversial Calais refugee camp,sending refugees scurrying elsewhere as France isn’t particularly welcoming to impoverished, non-French speaking refugees. Apparently, just like so many PM dealers, Hoffman thinks incorrect facts and related hyperbole will inspire buyers. Nice guy, a CFA like me, but over the top in his warnings.

  49. Craig Bradley


    Andy, you really need to go to Men’s Warehouse and pick up a new, tailored suit that fits better than the one you are wearing on camera here. An ounce of fine gold should do the job, just like it did in Roman Times. Sometimes, gold is money. This may be one of them.

  50. Scott

    I really like Hoffman, great guest, great guy. Thanks so much for bringing him back on, Greg.

    (any chance we might see Eric Sprott anytime soon..?)

  51. Frederick Moeller

    Hi Greg,
    I really enjoy your interviews and the comments above are really stunning for their perspectives, knowledge, and civility. The following is a post I made locally during the Scott Walker reelection here in Wisconsin a few years ago. It got some real interesting reactions. I first read von Mises “Socialism” back in the mid ’70’s and I can’t tell you how many times I had to flip back to the front to see when it was written (1922) as it was so current and timely. It is even more so today.

    Having lived in Wisconsin all my life this is fascinating, just fascinating. A world wide transformation being played out on a local stage. I graduated from the Milwaukee Public Schools in the early 1960’s and UW-Madison in the late ‘60’s. I went to a very mixed “ghetto” MPS high school with whites, blacks, well to do kids, poor kids, hispanics, welfare recipients, and even some American Indians. You know what; we all managed to get along pretty well. I also got an actual education from some truly outstanding teachers, mostly holdovers from the 1920’s and ‘30’s. With that background I had little trouble getting through UW (Engineering). As far as the “liberal” education at UW the most charitable thing I can say is that I was filled with pure s***. I still can quote verbatim the professor in ECON 101, fall of 1965, stating with all the certitude of the cloistered academic . . . . “We should be emulating the Russian model of economic organization”. And this man was on LBJ’s Council of Economic Advisors. It wasn’t until the ‘70’s when I (accidently) happened upon real economics that things started to make sense.
    So to all of the lefties out there protesting against the system, you don’t even realize you’re looking through the wrong end of the telescope. It is not Capitalism you are protesting but Socialism. What we are witnessing is the worldwide collapse of the Socialist myth. Any country with a central bank, fractional reserve banking, manipulated interest rates, and a fiat currency already has a centrally planned economy. This is every country in the world today. At no time in human history has this ever happened.
    What we see today in Madison and all over the world are but symptoms of the socialist malady and the inevitable results – collapse. We either return to our founding precepts or willfully worsen the situation.
    The contrasts are just delicious. Madison, the birthplace of Progressivism may now be the place of its’ welcome death. Sadly, all of you ‘60’s and ‘70’s lefties who “changed the world” and are mostly responsible for today’s conditions are going to see your golden years turn to ashes. You may choose to ignore reality but reality is not going to ignore you.
    As an aside, the first time I heard Obama speak was a year before he officially ran for President. After a few minutes I said to my wife ….. “It’s the ‘60’s and we’re back in Madison”. Ah, the irony


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