Bankruptcy & Inflation Begin, Record Unemployment, MSM Virus Treatment Lies

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 428 4.24.2020)

I’ve long said we would be seeing deflation (bankruptcy) and inflation (stimulus) before it was all over. It’s not going to be one or the other but both financial phenomenon at the same time. That is exactly what is happening now. Majority Leader of the Senate Mitch McConnell is saying indebted states should go bankrupt, and the President just signed yet another half trillion dollar stimulus package created from money out of thin air. That’s debt destruction and massive money creation. What could go wrong? It’s far from over, and we are just getting started.

In the Great Depression, it took nearly three years for the country to sink into a 25% unemployment rate, which would leave 12 million Americans out of work at the depths of the depression. Today, unemployment is standing at 26.4 million Americans who lost their job in little less than a month and a half. According to, the USA is already standing at an actual 23% unemployment rate. What will it be in three years?

The Trump hating mainstream media (MSM) is out with another lie about the top Covid 19 treatment hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). The MSM is quoting a “survey” that says HCQ does not work on the virus. This is a total bold face lie, and all of the MSM ran with it. A top infectious disease doctor calls this “scientific misconduct.” His latest study shows a 98.7 cure rate on more than a 1,000 patients in France. He recommends to give it early in the disease. Thousands of doctors are now using it because it works, and the FDA has already cleared it for use in Covid cases weeks ago.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. David

    If the virus is so bad why is the Virginia governor flying to his vacation home in NC with his family while VA residents must stay at home? Why was the mayor of Chicago found in the only open hair salon in Chicago getting her hair done without a mask? The same with a mayor in a Texas town. I guess they really don’t believe what they are demanding from their people.

    • MCasey

      “…Rules for thee, but not for me…” Oklahoma’s Governor also hustled a haircut….he was going on TV (Fox News).

      His justification: “The federal government lists communications as a critical infrastructure sector and specifically mentions workers who support television and media services.

      The individual you are referring to was working for the network the governor appeared on and provided the minimum amount of service required [haircut?] while wearing protective equipment…”

    • William Stanley

      IMO, they actually know the virus is bad. It’s just not bad enough to suit them; Hence the economy (i.e., life) destroying lockdowns — and whatever they have planned for the follow-on attack.

    • tim mcgraw

      Ya think?

    • JC

      David, regarding the governor of Virginia, check this out.

      “Here is a letter from the Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association to Governor Northam asking that these emergency orders preventing healthcare for normal people be terminated.”

    • J.

      David, as more and more truth is revealed, I believe we will hear more and more stories about the politicians and elites, still going to their favorite (closed – wink, wink) restaurants, where they are eating, drinking, socializing, and enjoying themselves, in small private groups, while not being required to endure the dirty, pesky proletariat, they would normally be required to endure, during normal times.

      • paul ...

        J … As more and more truth is revealed … we will find that most of the people dying of the Corona Virus are Blacks and Hispanics (who get less vitamin D from the Sun)!! …

        • paul ...

          And the fake news media are making fun of Trump when he “rightly suggested” (shining ultra-violet light on the body) … which “when it enters under the skin” … will definitely lower Corona Virus replication rates (by creating vitamin D in the body) … and vitamin D also helps to reduce inflammation in the lungs (preventing cytokine storms)!!

    • Diane

      Wow..I guess not, David.
      Good point to add to Greg’s awesome report!

    • notyourpatsy

      It’s the old, “do as I say, not as I do”, from the Commiecrats that’s why. You’ll find most liberals/ Commiecrats talk out of both sides of their mouths at the same time. Most do it smiling at you, so that’s another way to tell ‘friend from foe’ these days. If TPB wanted to ‘divide and conquer’ they have another thing coming, as Patriots will eliminate both politicians and liberals from America!

      The reason most people in the USA can’t see what is happening, is they are being baffled by all of the BS coming at them from local, state and federal level politicians. The loss of 3 weeks of income, is not covered by 1 weeks check for most. THIS is what is going to upset the apple cart; let alone how pissed off the general public has become at witnessing the ‘have’s and have not’s shopping sprees’ and ‘eliteism of politicians doing as they want while telling others to ‘stay home’….Nothing to see here!! BS ! Go to regional and municipal airports to see all of the rats fleeing to parts unknown. Except, ‘they’ told you ‘mandatory quarentine’ so you stay home while we leave town in the cover of dark! Expect nothing less of the cowards!
      Stan must be busy prepping his base jumping gear for the GWB about now!

  2. David

    If the virus is so bad, why is the Virginia governor flying to his vacation home in North Carolina with his family while the residents of VA must stay at home? Why was the mayor of Chicago in the only open hair salon in Chicago getting her hair done with no mask? The same was true with the mayor of a Texas town. I guess they really don’t believe what they demand the common people believe.

    • Freebrezer

      this explains it all: I am not sure kosher to reprint it but it hits the nail on the head!!! From the gateway pundit: … When the State tells you it’s safe to go to Home Depot to buy a sponge but dangerous to go and buy a flower, it’s not about your health.

      When the State shuts down millions of private businesses but doesn’t lay off a single government employee, it’s not about your health.

      When the State bans dentists because its unsafe, but deems an abortion visit is safe, it’s not about your health.

      When the State prevents you from buying cucumber seeds because it’s dangerous, but allows personal lottery ticket sales, it’s not about your health.

      When the State tells you it’s dangerous to go golf alone, fish alone or be in a motor boat alone, but the Governor can get his stage make-up done, and hair done for 5 TV appearances a week, it’s not about your health.

      When the state puts you IN a jail cell for walking in a park with your child because it’s too dangerous but lets criminals OUT of jail cells for their health- It’s not about YOUR health!

      When the state tells you it’s too dangerous to get treated by a doctor for chiropractic or physical therapy treatments yet deems a liquor store essential- It’s not about your health!

      When the State lets you go to the grocery store or hardware store but is demanding mail-in voting, ITS NOT ABOUT YOUR HEALTH.

  3. Chip2

    They lie about hydroxychloroquine because only a vaccine suits their agenda. They want to erect a control grid using a proprietary vaccine and a digital certificate system, which sets the stage for even MORE control. Then, they can go about a controlled extermination of humanity. Bill Gates is a psychopath who wants to be God.

  4. mal

    Hi Greg,
    When black and brown people protested and resisted the NAZI style tyranny it was censored right out of the fake news. Those kids who reopened skateboard park in California were Hispanic kids. Black teens in Detroit organized gatherings purposely in defiance of Whitmer’s orders and were ignored. I can’t even buy a tomato plant because our governor has declared garden centers non essential businesses but I can still buy lottery tickets and liquor!! When people protested against this governors viciousness and stupidity they were FALSELY accused of being racists and flying confederate flags! MSNBC called people who are trying to reopen our country “overwhelmingly white NAZI’s who want brown and black people to die”!! Joy Behar labeled the protestors terrorists. Millionaire Bill Maher called for the economy to be crashed so it could be blamed on Trump. Joe Biden just noted that he believes the economic shutdown is helping his campaign. ABC news called them “righ wing protestors”. Wanting to go back to work or be able to get Hydroxychloroquine is “right wing”? The Democratic party is intellectually, morally and ethically bankrupt. CNN, ABC, MSNBC, etc. are hate speech factories. They are aggressively trying to promote hate and violence and divide the American people by race, income, region, religion,age, sex and any other way they can!

    • Bob

      Yes they are pretty anti white and seem to just want us gone.

  5. Chip2

    It seems like the elite are executing a worldwide plan to force their climate-change dictates on the rest of humanity. They weren’t going to wait any longer for the rest of us to accept their precepts. At this moment, we are kind of living the Green New Deal. We are being impoverished, but still have food, for now, so we aren’t having to agree with whatever they want us to do next. If we get desperate, I’m sure they will offer us terms for the promise of food. All of this descent into hell could end at this moment if Americans were to stand up and throw off their programming.

  6. Chip2

    I think a huge part of the problem is that there is no longer any rule of law in America for anybody near the top. It is in this lawless environment that all these lies and deceits can carry on unabated. There are hundreds, probably thousands, of high-placed people worthy of capital punishment within our government and media for their treason and crimes which have had geometric effects on society.

  7. paul ...

    Backlash begins … as workers getting paid to stay home … don’t want to go back to work … so … does this mean Trump can lose votes for opening the economy back up??? …

  8. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    Well done!
    If we didn’t have a national emergency before, well we sure have one now.
    We are running out of time. President Trump has no choice but to start rounding up the coup plotters and their numerous minions who collectively, it seems, have already effectively murdered thousands of Americans with their Covid-19-related campaign alone — and are bent on killing millions or, perhaps, billions of people world wide.
    It’s past time for the counter-coup.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks William!

  9. paul ...

    You know … it would make perfect “cents” for Saudi Arabia and Iran “to start a fake war” to get the oil price up above $60 dollars per barrel!! …

  10. paul ...

    If the US “had intel about the Corona Virus 4 months before it hit America” … … I don’t think the people suing China (for all the US Treasury Bills and Bonds they own) has any chance of succeeding!!

    • K. Wayne

      Interesting point about the Lawsuits on China.
      Yes they probably have next to ZERO chance of successfully claiming damages.
      There are other options though…..they can confiscate the wealth and property of anyone (including a sovereign nation) who poses a security risk to the USA. All those Treasury Bills owned by China…..well ….China has indeed posed a threat to the whole Globe with their homemade Virus… it wouldn’t surprise if those Treasury Bills became the property of the US Government …which in turn was used as settlement for the damages claims.

  11. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Great WNW 4.24.20 – thanks.
    And in particular, thank you for emphasising the fake MSM ‘news’ about Hydroxychloroquine, zinc and Azithromycin treatment for Covid-19. While it is almost impossible to grasp all the motives behind this plandemic, it is abundantly clear that worldwide mandated vaccination is a primary driver. That’s why TPTB are busy ignoring the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine – or worse, publishing fake stories that it does not work, and that it comes with serious side effects. If the public realise there is an effective treatment, then fear will dissipate and the plan to vaccinate everyone will fail.

    P.S. Just heard on another channel that the FDA has approved a clinical trial of hydroxychloroquine for treatment of Covid-19 by pharmaceutical giant, Novartis. OMG. Hydroxychloroquine has been out of patent for decades and big pharma can’t make their usual megabucks if their ‘clinical trial’ proves it’s efficacy. Clinical trials funded by big pharma of an off patent remedy (one that has the potential to negate their ambitions for highly profitable vaccination of 7 billion people) are wide open for chicanery.

    • AndrewB

      P.P.S. When permission to conduct clinical trials are requested by pharmaceutical companies, it is usually to prove the efficacy of their new patented compounds and test for side effects – so they can obtain approval of the licensing authority (FDA in the US) for doctors to prescribe their new drug. There is a profit motive. Where is the profit motive for Novartis et al to fund a clinical trial to prove the efficacy of an off-patent drug such as hydroxychloroquine? I suggest the profit motive is inverse – profits are more likely to ensue if hydroxychloroquine fails the clinical trial!

      Doctors can request clinical trials but these trials are, more often than not, funded by big pharma. With so much at stake, the positive clinical experience of the hydroxychloroquine that you mention in your WNW should (IMO) be our guiding light.

  12. The Queen's Regent

    You forgot Trump disagreeing with the Georgia governor over reopening the state. Dispicable to encourage the states to reopen then hang the governor to dry like that. If there is one thing you don’t do is be disloyal to your friends. So now trump is saying the states shouldn’t reopen?

    • Greg Hunter

      No I did not. I did not think it was significant. Trump also said the governor “can do what he likes” and trump is not stopping him. a Big SO what!

      • The Queen's Regent

        Why is it not significant? Either you support reopening the states or not. Weak leadership again. How can Trump expect to have allies when he switches his position so easily? So how do we know his views on Iran are accurate then if he changes his mind so easily? How do we know anything he says is accurate as he maybe saying the exact opposite the next day? This is not some kind of arcane philosophical point.

        • William Stanley

          RE: “Either you support reopening the states or not.”
          Haven’t you asserted a logical fallacy: There are other possibilities (like a phase in).

          Perhaps, you should have accused President Trump of being a “Keynsian.” After all Keynes is reported to have responded to a criticism that his position had changed over time by stating something to the effect that, “When my information changes, I change my mind. What do you do , sir?” (BTW, I seriously doubt that Keynes would support a policy of shutting down an economy under these circumstances).

          • The Queen's Regent

            Actually I both agree and disagree.
            1) When I mentioned opening the economy I was referring to a phase in approach as I don’t believe anywhere will open in its entirety straight away. So I don’t see this as a logical fallacy.
            2) You said below “Moreover, it’s my understanding that Georgia didn’t meet President Trump’s suggested criteria for complete reopening”
            This is a fair point William. I am willing to concede that my criticism in this case may have been a little over the top and more moderate language, such as that which you used, would have been more appropriate.

            • Greg Hunter


              Where is your income coming form? You got a check right?


    • William Stanley

      The data (such as it is) does not seem to support President Trump’s (or anyone’s) imposition of state-wide shutdowns of economic activity that is deemed “nonessential.” Therefore, IMO, your criticism of President Trump was a little off target. Furthermore, it’s my understanding that he has NOT encouraged all states to completely “reopen” immediately. He has suggested a phased-in approach as evidence indicates falling new infections. I think he is being a bit too” coy” in taking that position. Nevertheless, I forgive him — after all, this IS war.

      Moreover, it’s my understanding that Georgia didn’t meet President Trump’s suggested criteria for complete reopening. So — while I agree that President Trump should not have criticized Georgia’s governor — “disloyalty” is too harsh a criticism. I hope President Trump eventually admits publicly that he was too cautious in his suggested approach (and that he should have fired Dr. Fauci long ago).

      • William Stanley

        Furthermore, saying that you “disagree” with someone is pretty mild criticism.

        • The Queen's Regent

          but it is also distancing yourself for if the s*** hits the fan. Hardly a vote of confidence in reopening the American economy, William. I know that you think I raise these points to be difficult but I see them as important.

          • William Stanley

            I’m completely confident that you call them as you see them, and do so in good faith. And, yes, your points here were pertinent, important, and valid (at least to the considerable extent that I agree with them; LOL).

  13. Coalburner

    Greg: Great Job as Always!

    If I were in the restaurant business and not one of the top most popular, I would be hunting for the best way to cut my losses and go out of business. Motels and Airline travel are going to suffer huge.
    That clown at the VA should be looking for a new job before he is fired. He knew what he was doing and it was stupid and unprofessional.

  14. dlc

    You can lay it right at the feet of the press for whipping up a corona frenzy and then going into overdrive against HCQ. Since I no longer have a TV, I’ve been almost unaware that there is a “crisis” until I step out and observe the masked ones.

    If only the masked ones were as concerned about polypharmacy and abuse of fentanyl, cocaine, alcohol and dope. Where is the outrage regarding the deaths due to fentanyl from China?

    I go to the grocers and expect to see Rod Serling at the front door, U.S. Invasion of the Body Snatchers. We have a very frail population, and here I thought it was just in a physical sense. We are literally witnessing the Eloi doing a Thorazine shuffle toward their tormentors. People calling hot lines to do a Ratso Rizzo on neighbors and businesses.

    This flu does not concern me. I remember reading about the Eichmann trial at age 12. I wondered since then and my entire adulthood how da fuhrer pulled off Europe’s destruction. I got my answer in the last few months.

    Bah, bah, scared sheep.

  15. Anthony Australia

    Tomatoes $11 a kilo.

    • Ray

      They are only $11 per kilo for those who don’t grow ’em Brother!
      Tommy Toe……THE sweetest, juiciest, tastiest cherry tomato in Australia that wins best – in – show awards year after year.
      My garden is full of them 🙂
      (And I have plenty of seeds saved…….can send you some if you like).
      Ray, Canberra, Locked Down / F***ed Up Nation

  16. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    Iran and Russia are non-dollar sellers. It was a response to the weaponization of the SWIFT payment system by the Obama administration. Not to mention that, the Russians came up with the Ural blend which they are selling for Euros from their own commodity exchange (buyers are mostly European countries and China). Meaning the fall of the oil price in the US$ for WTI and Brent has little to no impact to them, but it kills the speculators and maybe the US domestic production.

    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

  17. Billy

    Greg – Russia wants the oil to go down to destroy the US Frackers. Putin hedged his better with huge Gold purchases, he loses on oil but wins on Gold. so no losses at all actually he gains!! He’s smart guy.

  18. dlc

    Our tax bucks at work, rolling a citizen who tried to keep his business open — ratted out by another citizen.

    They are currently emptying out the prisons, illegals have free reign, but attempt to work and you will answer to the badge boys.

    Still trying to absorb the reality of house arrest over a flu.

  19. MCasey

    In Oklahoma, state workers of the ‘unemployment service’ [OESC] paid 7% of their salary into the retirement fund under a Federal Plan; then the state took it over and state workers paid in 3.5% to 6% of their salary with the state paying 16.5%. As of December 31, 2019, OPERS had $10.5 billion in total assets and is 98% funded.

    fyi…..the Oklahoma Unemployment Trust Fund is/was in excess of $1 billion dollars, so hopefully they will be able to handle this unemployment crisis without borrowing from the Feds (FUTA). They have asked retired employees to return to work to help out with the overwhelming demand…..[they can work from home via Internet which is good since most are over 65]. They have also transferred workers from other state agencies to help with the increased workload.

  20. Fredrick Getzschman

    Great report Hunter.

  21. Ronnie

    Top Gun Greg.
    You are a human being with a big heart.
    Worn on your sleeve.
    God Bless old mate.
    PS. Stay safe, keep your family close…America needs your guidance and leadership.

  22. Justin Facts

    Dr. Vladimir Zelenko indicates that he has successfully treated over 700 patients who tested positive for CoVid-19 with HCL, Zinc Sulfate and Zithromyacin in a 5 day regime. He reports a Very high success rate. The failed VA “trial” was an “observational study” where HCL and Antibiotics (without Zinc) was administered as a measure of “last resort” the the sickest patients with 30% on respirators.

    That is a record of what they did. It is not any sort of study to prove anything. They did not administer Zinc (Chloroquine uses zinc to block sites on cell where the virus enters. Its not much good without it. So why even administer the Chloroquine? That’s like trying to turn over the engine of a car with an empty gas tank and wondering why it won’t start.

    They only used it as a treatment of “last resort” after its effects would have been minimal as organ damage had already been done.

    This “observational study” is nothing more than a collection of random hospital records of people who did Not use Chloro-quine as proscribed to treat the virus. It was just tossed in ad-hoc too late in the advancement of the disease (and then without zinc).

    Basically, garbage.

  23. Ronnie

    Shortly after his televised comments, Azar tapped a trusted aide with minimal public health experience to lead the agency’s day-to-day response to COVID-19. The aide, Brian Harrison, had joined the department after running a dog-breeding business for six years. Five sources say some officials in the White House derisively called him “the dog breeder.”
    Found is on the Web and America wonders why DC is a mess

  24. Justin Facts

    By what possible mechanism could simple zinc reduce the harm of a viral disease?

    Big pharma finds it hard to profit from nutrition. They can’t patent natural products. That’s why your doctor or surgeon would rather give you a heart transplant then tell you about Ubiquinol [Co-Q10]. No drug sales pusher is going to wait in the doctors office waiting room, pushing non-patent-able products. With an 18 year license to overcharge insurance companies and steal from the government. Why zinc, like zinc. A lifeguard puts on his nose, was left out the VA scam. They basically set up the trial to fail. The reporting on cases where there was success in mitigating symptoms employed hydroxychloroquine + the z-pack or doxycycline + zinc. This study notably left out the zinc ionophores application. HDQ is a zinc ionophore that drives zinc into the cell, where it does not allow the ribonucleic acid of the virus to reproduce.

    THAT is the mechanism. Copper is also used as a substance to treat cancer that is driven into the cell by another Cu ionophore.

    This needs to be explained to the American people. Even president Trump’s supposed friend left this important fact out of his last show, to pummel Sean Hannity. At the expense of countless victims of medical malpractice! I hope Trump haters will look up things, before they comment on them. Obviously this will be the first time these quacks have heard of ionophores. Look them up. Stop thinking about your swiss bank accounts. We have a country to save!!!!!

  25. Jerry

    Trust the plan,
    Only …it’s not the one you think it is. The World Economic Forum has just completed phase one of the globalist plan with “Lockstep” by locking down the world economy. Here’s phase two.

    Is it apparent by now that debt doesn’t matter anymore, when you have central banks rigging the markets and creating money out of thin air? The coronavirus is being used by the globalist to reset the global economy, and move us to digital currency, and along with it top down government.

    As I’ve said before, get your spiritual house in order. The financial sledge hammer, being used to destroy what is left of the fiat currency system, and herd us all into the digital slaughter house, is about to drop. The money velocity chart for the fourth quarter is about to come out. Does anyone want to bet that the index won’t be below zero?

    • Jerry

      Did I tell you, they not only will want your blood for testing, they will want your selfie for facial recognition.

      Barr and Pence both want 5G. What does that tell you about which side of the issue they are on? President Trump? Either he’s playing rope a dope, or he’s lost complete control.

      • paul ...

        Trump is being criticized by the fake news media for suggesting an alternative treatment to kill the Corona Virus and thus help to save lives (like injecting a disinfectant into the body) … well it is not so outlandish an idea … kook at this …–Including-the-Coronavirus.htm# … instead the fake news reporters criticizing Trump are most likely imbibing alcohol (like Gin and Tonic) into their bodies “to kill the Corona Virus” (which won’t work) as the blood alcohol level of a drunk would even be too low to kill viruses!!

        • paul ...

          Here is a “Vitalist” approach to fighting the Corona Virus which makes a lot of sense …

          • paul ...

            So was Trumps idea to get ultra-violet light into the body so wild? … we need to bask a large area of our bodies in the ultra-violet light of the Sun (to generate virus killing vitamin D)!!

        • Jerry

          The devil is in the details.

          Normal = shot in the arm. Not this kid. I’m not letting Bill Gates shove anything hatched out of one his labs in my body. If President Trump goes along with this, we will know he has sold out to the globalist along with our civil liberties.

    • Jerry

      the weapon of choice by the globalist.

      Several meat packing producers in Missouri have been shut down because of the coronavirus. Tyson in Iowa, and many others. If you have a way to store fresh meat, I would say now is your last chance to get it.

      • Susan

        I have a half of local beef arriving in May; it’s being slaughtered this week. There is way more cattle than people where I live.

        • Greg Hunter

          Smart move Susan. Now all you need is a generator to protect it in the freezer.

      • Jim1a

        Tyson shutting down Logansport plant Indiana for a couple weeks. United Pqckers shutting down a couple weeks in Delphi Indiana according yo press releases..

        • Jerry

          The stimulus money for small business is like using a squirt gun to put out a forest fire. Many of these meat companies are not coming back from the shutdown. The loss is to great.

      • K. Wayne

        It seems like forever that I have been commenting about the Communist Luciferian Globalists plan for OWG…..with Centralization at its core.
        They have us all pinned down, outflanked and outmaneuvered every which way to Sunday. You want to try to escape from their nefarious system and plan….hmmm…good luck.
        We have evolved to the point where AI/Robotics will remove the need for humans across the manufacturing spectrum…..soon to be endorsed and propagated throughout all industries on an unimaginable scale.
        Those Devil worshiping Elitists …..who also have their fingerprints all over the Green movement…..have a desire to remove the excess stock of Cattle that inhabit & pollute the world whilst consuming and destroying its natural resources.
        Therein lies the logic behind the current agenda which involves destroying the Economic and Financial infrastructure globally. The resultant mass displacement of employed is somewhat temporarily placated with the Socialism card along with “free” money handouts.
        The promise of a return to normal is part of the extended narrative.
        This gives rise to a false Hope. Everything is broken and cannot be put back together whole.
        This situation of conditioned, satiated and compliant populace is but short term. Ultimately we all face the societal collapse which is inevitable, when consideration is given to the complexities of the society we live in (using J Rickards’ complexity theory example – Snowflake effect). If one were to carve out the steps that now follow, one could easily arrive at an array of unacceptable and quite unpleasant paradigms for most human life.
        The World has changed forever. Short of a global revolution, we are all part their agenda….they are at WAR with us….and we will suffer interminably.

        • Greg Hunter

          I don’t see it that way K. You did not think this was going to be easy did you?

          • William Stanley

            Mr. Hunter:
            “I wish it need not have happened in my time,” said Frodo.
            “So do I,” said Gandalf, “and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”
            (One of your commenters brought this to my attention awhile ago. I’m sorry that I’ve now forgotten who that was. If you’re still out there: thanks).

            • William Stanley

              Actually, I have a pretty good idea. Thanks, again.

          • K. Wayne

            Even by your own admission in this recent WNW and in many previous interviews, you have identified the injustice and the unfairness, the fraud, the deceit, the lies and the theft.
            There is no oversight, nor is there accountability or transparency. This is true for every part of the social structure. Its all a charade…for the benefit of the few. This is where those who have pursued Fortune, Power and Fame in return for giving their soul to Satan, have undermined the entire fabric of the world’s stability. When both Truth and Reality are distorted to such an extent, society will deteriorate until it is destroyed. They have created false realities for us all, for we are not privy to the Truth, which is like Sunlight upon Satan.
            With so much noise in the World…sometimes we lose sight of the Forrest for the Trees.
            My assessment (and I believe some here share the same view) is that life of the ordinary human is far from being free. It is constantly under attack, maligned and always monitored, controlled and programmed. We really don’t have any rights, all we have are a few privileges.
            When those privileges are removed then the human race devolves into the blood thirsty animals, the kind that resembles that of our very distant ancestry.
            I will reinforce the point about making the most of whatever time we have left.

        • Jerry

          K. Wayne,
          I happen to agree with you. Without true conversion and a testimony in the lord Jesus Christ it will not be possible to survive what is coming. The attack on us is coming directly from Lucifer and his minions in the global matrix. No politician can fix this.

      • Kevin S.

        Just so you know some of the meat processing facilities that were temporarily closed early in April have reopened. Sure there will be some meat shortages for the next month or so but to say this is your last chance to get any meat is silly.

        • Jerry

          Silly? Can you post something to substantiate your claim. Your sunshine pumping has a brown tinge to it.

          • Kevin S.

            Sure, since you seemed to be color blind. JBS earlier this month shut beef plants in Greeley, Colo., and Souderton, Pa. Both plants are re-opened.


            Oh, and don’t worry about those other meat processing plants that are closed. Most will re-open within the next month or so, guaranteed. And people will not starve just because they can’t eat meat for a few weeks.

        • Jerry

          Kevin S.
          Facts please. Like this.

          What does the term dire straights mean to you? And no I’m not talking about the band.

          • Kevin S.

            Well your link supports what I said. That many of these meat processing plants are vital and will get priority in opening back up. Many will not stay closed for very long time. Just like I said, look for some meat shortages in some areas for a month or so.

          • Ray

            “Money For Nothing” certainly comes to mind given all that is happening Jerry!!!
            Perhaps even “Your Latest Trick” could explain the NWO play book as it stands?
            Maybe we will all come to our senses and do the “Walk Of Life” sometime soon.
            Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

    • Kevin S.

      There will not be too much of a change in the velocity of M2 Money Stock as is always the case just from one quarter to another.

      • William Stanley

        Kevin and Jerry,
        I’m guessing that you’re both going to be spectacularly wrong:
        1. Jerry, I’m pretty sure that you meant the “change” in the velocity of money; the measured velocity of money cannot be negative unless either M2 or quarterly GDP are actually negative (not just the changes in them);
        2. Kevin, it might take a couple of more quarters to get the data for Q1 and Q2; but given the Fed’s massive printing combined with the massive drop in quarterly GDP, it seems pretty bold to bet that measured velocity won’t drop.

        • William Stanley

          And drop spectacularly.

      • Jerry

        Really Kevin?
        Can you read a chart.

        I guess the Fed has been doing repos since September of 2019 for fun. FYI the beer bug was used to cover the collapse. It’s not the end of our problems. Just the beginning.

        • Kevin S.

          Well that is exactly the chart I have seen for years which proves my point. The velocity of M2 Money Stock does not change that much from just one quarter to the next just like I said

          And I do not know why you mention Fed repos which have nothing to do with the velocity of M2 Money Stock. The velocity of M2 Money Stock has to do with the rate that a dollar, as measured by physical currency and bank deposit accounts, changes hands to buy goods and services. This provides some insight into whether consumers and businesses are saving or spending their money.

          Obviously you did not read the description below that chart which explains this.

          • Occasnltrvlr

            Jerry will have to check with his lawyer, his accountant, and his confidential sources about that, and get back to you.

        • Ray

          I agree Jerry…….the virus is a cover for the global banking collapse that happened back in September 19.
          They had two choices:
          1) Fess up and tell the entire world that all their savings, all their pensions were to be, at best, cut in half due to Bankster mismanagement……..that would have led to global revolution within 72 hours.
          2): Destroy the global economy via a ruse (COVID-19) and then point to the virus as the reason for the reset.
          The problem seems to be that the Sheep will easily be corralled into the #2 option here, where we will meet our mortal fates at the hands of the evil ones.
          Short of picking up guns, there really is little that can be done at this late juncture.
          As Greg says……..get your spiritual house in order, as I know you have, and I hope others are in the process of same.
          Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

  26. Neil

    Want to know WHY the MSM publishes lies . . . find out who owns ‘control’ of the particular media; newspaper, TV station by common stock ownership. See who they are and who they are connected with. Problem solved.

  27. DanielSong39

    Who knows what the underlying motivations are for the lockdowns.
    One thing is for certain: if the coronavirus was as dangerous as the mainstream media claimed, I would not be doing live press conferences.

  28. Davina

    Excellent summary of current situation Greg. These are strange and scary times indeed.

  29. Mr. Byrd

    Thank you Greg. The story on HCQ needs to be told. There is however, a deeper story that also needs to be investigated : “Who benefits from these policies?”. Quarantines, suppression of workable medical treatments, who is supporting this? If one looks closely, there seems to be only one answer.

    • K. Wayne

      The answer lies in the entities and persons which constitute the Hidden Hand of Government.

      • paul ...

        How about just come right out and say it … Big Pharma and Bill Gates are out to weaken and kill all of Humanity (causing cancer in us by taking the seeds out of our foods … and injecting deadly virus’s right into our bodies)!!

  30. Johnnie

    The news blackout on hydroxychloroquine is the biggest scandal of the year.
    It will never be reported how Boris Johnson went into an ICU and then went home in 2 days.
    Any negative reporting on this treatment at least reported that the trials were higher dosage of 600mg twice per day vs. 200mg 2X. Seems 2000mg a day is far too high for most people and cause blindness or death.

  31. Chip

    ANOTHER great WNW Greg! We need to stop this STUPID SHUTDOWN! Chip

    • K. Wayne

      Too late…Damage is done….permanently.

      • paul ...

        Chip, K. Wayne … And after taking all these Draconian Steps “to prevent the virus from getting us” (with social distancing, masks and turning our entire economy upside-down) … they are then going to line us all up (340 million Americans) … “and likely under threat of imprisonment or death” … forcibly inject the deadly virus right into everyone’s bodies … so “what was it it all about Alfie” … why the social distancing?? … why the masks??? … why the destruction of our economy????

        • K. Wayne

          Just like the QE and the free money handouts….its just kicking the can….buying time. This is no different. More conditioning and brainwashing required. The uptake will be slow at first….then the floodgates will open.

  32. RM

    Great WNW as always….here’s a question no one is asking…..What about all the Federal employees and their retirements including Congress!!!??? All paid for by taxpayers!!!
    I know people that are retired from Federal jobs, and speaking about lavish benefits!!! Example….$120K per year and $5.00 per month for unbelievable health insurance coverage!!! Not to mention all the travel etc. also paid for also by taxpayers!!! Federal employees and their pensions number in the hundreds of thousands, all sucking off the taxpayer….I haven’t heard “Mitch” mention anything about that!!

    Also just FYI…Jon Roberts on a “hot mike” about the virus….if it has not been pulled down by Utube yet! It’s an eye opener!!!

    • RichM

      What did he say on the hot mic?

  33. RM

    The “hot mic” moment can be reviewed here….I’m sure it can be found on multiple sites also…if they haven’t all been pulled down.

  34. andyb

    Greg: public pensions for all those working for Federal, State, and Local governments should be capped at 1/3 of your last paycheck (no overtime included) or 3 times the max socsec benefit whichever is greater with a maximum equal to the POTUS salary. Note that government paychecks at all levels are close to double those of the private sector with similar duties. Private sector employees would love to get this calculation; it would save the American middle class. All those with assets over $1 million shouldn’t receive any socsec benefits. Ken Langone ( a founder of Home Depot) gives his m0nthly check to charity. All those in similar circumstances should follow his example.

  35. robert blumhagen

    Your show is one of the best on the internet. I have pasted many of your stories for my sister to watch. I even gifted you one of my paintings as for being one of the best delivering the news in a truthful manner. But this virus news is just wrong. A cover-up so to speak. Please have someone who is knowledgeable about 5G and the Microwave radiation of which we are being subjected to on a daily basis. I purchased a Tri-level meter to measure my house which has one of these towers 2 blocks away from me. The situation is so serious to me due to my leg now leaking blood out the veins in one of my legs. The leg closest to the wifi router I have. 3 Feet away from this microwave radiation emitting device for 2.5 years now. My leg is getting worse. I have shielded the router now. But for 2.5 years I was subjected to the equivalent of a microwave oven, with the door open, cooking me for 4 hours a day or as long as I stood next to the router. Thank you Greg. Robert

  36. lightning

    You are 100% right that the media lies about HCQ+Z-Pack being inneffective and dangerous is tantamount to manslaughter on their parts. This can’t be an accident given the enormous positive data out there.

    The media has also purposefully ignored the multiple credible studies showing that there are 70x – 100X the number of infections than currently counted (assumed mild cases) making this virus no more deadly than severe version of the flu. Yes, its serious if you get a bad case, yes its serious to health care workers exposed to high viral loads etc…but MANAGEABLE (especially with HCQ) WITHOUT SHUTTING DOWN THE ECONOMY.


    We are all going to be in very dire straights as a result of this if we don’t get the economy going again.

    Lastly..could you comment on the MEDIA BEING UNREGISTERED FOREIGN AGENTS if their network is receiving funds from foreign entities and tuning the messages accordingly. ISN”T THAT A FEDERAL CRIME?

    From Wikipedia…..

    The Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) is a United States law passed in 1938 requiring that agents representing the interests of foreign powers in a “political or quasi-political capacity” disclose their relationship with the foreign government and information about related activities and finances.

    If AG Barr ignores this he is complicit in allowing foreign governments in co-opting the function of our government and society.

    Keep up talking truth to power, Greg. Your website is the best

  37. JC

    Greg, at the end you mention that you want to keep us informed. Well, in my opinion you’re doing a great job. 👍

  38. Neil

    An Aesop fable is about to come to life in the U.S. Congress.

    Remember the story of the Grasshopper and the Ants? The Grasshopper played all day during the warm summer weather and asked the ants why they were so foolish and spent all of their time working, rather than playing and enjoying the sunshine. The ants replied that they had to work and be certain they had enough supplies stored to have sufficient food to eat in the winter. The Grasshopper called them fools and went off to play.

    And then, winter came and food was hard to come by. The Grasshopper went to the ants and asked them to take pity on him and feed him or surely he would die of starvation.

    Flash forward to 2020 and we have several of States of the Union that underfunded their pension plans for years. Now with many unemployed and tax revenues dwindling, the States need more money to pay the retirees their pensions that they ignored funding FOR YEARS. And so, they are going to Congress asking that the rest of the taxpayers in the country be liable to pay for the tax monies they need to remain solvent.

    Perhaps those States ought to sell their capitol buildings to raise funds for those purposes. Their State Legislature’s could meet in a vacant warehouse and their Governor in a storage rental unit. Legislative aides can find employment elsewhere and they could cut their budgets to be able to meet the financial obligations THEY created.

    Just like the Grasshopper in Aesop’s fable, they are the cause of their own problem. Don’t ask those that worked and conducted their business in a responsible manner to take on the obligation of those that lived spendthrift ways.

  39. Self Exiled

    Editorial control is still very strict; how ever, it has been purchased, and the moral agenda has been changed. Even AL Jazeera follows the CNN line of thought here in SE Asia.

    • Self Exiled

      What ever happened to serve and protect. Exploiting emergency measures to unleash State violence and terror upon the people will only worsen the crisis we are already facing. Our basic rights are not on lockdown amid this pandemic — and to effectively combat this pandemic, the government needs to implement the needed public health measures, to address the people’s legitimate demands especially the poor and marginalized, and to uphold people’s rights, welfare, and dignity. Now that would be a country one could respect.
      The NWO Corporate Government of the United States has enacted domestic policy effectively by Presidential, Judicial, and Court decree; employed people and corporate legislation to secure its existence. This new government has not only secured its governing position in the United States but also in approximately 185 countries and territories; by international banking and loans. This new governance will not be tolerated. The violence that will ensue will be unpresidented. I believe this will be a spiritual war that will include seen and unseen universal forces.
      Sorry, I had to vent as my lock down has been extended to May 15. The militarized police shot a retired soldier here today and two days ago the police shot a youth running away in the back, because he didn’t have a mask or pass.
      So do not worry or be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will have worries and anxieties of its own. Sufficient for each day is its on trouble. Matthew 6:34

  40. JC

    Here is something interesting about the great job “the press” is doing, by Martin Armstrong.

    “The press will not report what this lockdown has done worldwide.
    Third world countries are primarily service-oriented. These people have no savings and no unemployment insurance. There are now massive free food operations in Thailand to help people who have lost their jobs and are on the brink of starvation. This is the real news that the elitist leftist press will not cover because it exposes the irresponsibility of both Bill Gates, his Foundation, and the WHO with no regard to the dangers they have inflicted upon the entire world.”

    • JC

      Interestingly, I found this on CNN.

      Bangladeshi garment workers face ruin as global brands ditch …

      “The coronavirus pandemic has led factories to furlough or lay off more than half of the country’s nearly 4.1 million garment workers, according to estimates from the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association.”

      • Bob

        And soon we won’t be able to buy shirts.

      • Pete M

        JC, you have hit the nail on the head when you mentioned that the main stream news media is not telling the entire truth, and in fact are now becoming a threat to us all. We all have an obligation to stand up to these label making thugs. They need to be exposed for who they really are. There are signs that main steam media is starting to acknowledge some alternative news agencies are giving Bill Gates a hard time…as if we need to worry about what happens to Bill Gates..our billion dollar baby…

  41. vincent_g

    They can pump another 5 trillion and not have inflation.

    The damage is done and just throwing money at it will not fix a thing.
    We are heading into a depression.

    The worth of money can not be calculated.
    How can you determine who has a stronger currency?
    All of them are trash.

    At present and going forward we have weakness in the markets – not in the dollar.
    We are looking at the great give away.
    When all those stores start to liquidate their inventories the prices will fall of what ever their products are.
    When the real estate market becomes glutted with for sale signs the prices will fall.

    The government and the Fed will have their hands full trying to ward off the biggest deflationary drop in history.

    We are not to a point where gold or silver is a place to run
    Stay pat and stay strong.

  42. Kathleen St Clare

    Thank you for all you do !

  43. Janet posted an article with information about how a white house news room reporter made a comment about being vacinnated. If people in power and select positions are getting a vaccine that is not being offered to the public, then that would explain why they are not wearing masks and doing social distancing. He further explains that some government officials that have shown symptoms may be doing that as a side effect of receiving the vaccine, just as some people get sick after the regular flu shot. I don’t know if this is true, but the recording is real as he played it on air, so it is something to consider.

  44. Mike

    Love your passion when you talk about the MSM and the fake news they pedal. The whole media industry has become an embarrassment to this country and that includes Hollywood. I think the country should be opened up May 1 and hydroxychloquine be made available to anybody in need. The country needs to be reopened now. Forget the vaccine that their trying to pedal. I quit taking the flu shot because I got the flu a couple of times immediately after getting the shot. Keep telling the truth and one day you will pass, fake news, CNN in viewership!

  45. JC

    Greg, regarding INFLATION, here is something by George Ure at Urban Survival….

    “A simple snip from the (not so) Federal Reserve on what we’ve been telling you was Making Up Money (MUM) policy. See 3-months M1…and think about buying a wheelbarrow…”

    • Kevin S.

      Well hyperinflation in the U.S. may be coming but it will not happen for at least few years. The dollar is still the so-called “reserve” currency which is in great demand not just by foreign countries but by U.S. citizens. Foreigners as well as U.S. citizens are still buying treasuries. This is why the U.S. government can currently “print” more dollars and get away with it for now. The U.S. is still the cleanest shirt in the laundry even after the coronavirus. We currently have a decrease in inflation thanks mostly to energy cost. These things would have to change dramatically for the U.S. to have hyperinflation and it will not change in the next week, month or year.

  46. Mike

    The fight to destroy the HCQ cure narrative has many sides. Yes, there are many who would hate for Trump to get credit but there is the entire vaccine industry that would go bankrupt if a $10 cure is declared. Big pharma has major influence over the corporate media. The deep state push for totalitarian control would also be neutralized if the lock downs end and people are freed from their house arrest. The global response to the virus was in no way justified but it did get the attention of most people on the planet. I think the “invisible enemy” is about to be exposed for the pure evil they embrace.

    • regaleagle

      I wonder how many independent-thinking Americans will reject a vaccination? You can count this poster as one, for sure. IF a large number of the American populace would just stand up against any such “mandated requirements” in order to work, travel, or buy and sell…..then their vaccination plans would fail miserably.

      • susan

        I have never had a flu shot and will not have a COVID-19 vaccine. I’m sure there are many in our camp.

        • Greg Hunter

          I saw this at University of Missouri in the mid 1970’s. Students (guinea pigs) got the new flu vaccine and they all got the flu. I have been passing ever since.

  47. iwitness02

    The way things are going, I wonder how long it will take to get to the point where:
    “If these days are not shortened, no flesh will survive, but for the elects sake they will be shortened. Matthew 24: 21, 22. Some people think a decade or more. Some think a decade or less. Wish we knew the exact time. For sure. Instead, we have to lean on faith.
    What is worse yet; not everyone has faith. Fear will eventually skyrocket.

    • Rolf Royce

      Wish we knew the exact time. For sure.
      Yes iwitness02, we have to lean on faith. FAITH IN THE WORDS OF JESUS CHRIST THE SON OF THE LIVING GOD!
      English Standard Version
      While people are saying, “There is peace and security,” then sudden destruction will come upon them as labor pains come upon a pregnant woman, and they will not escape. ◄ 1 Thessalonians 5:3 ►

    • Self Exiled

      For iwitness02 and Rolf Royce: ”For you shall go out [from the spiritual exile caused by sin and evil into the homeland] with joy and be led forth [by your Leader Himself, and His word] with peace; the mountains and the hills shall break before you into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.” Isaiah 55;12

  48. Dennis

    You should leave a mailing address so we can send a check. I don’t have.any money on line.

    • Greg Hunter

      Here you go Dennis and thank you in advance!
      Mailing Address:
      USAWatchdog LLC
      P.O. Box 38184
      Greensboro, NC 27438-8184


  49. joe right

    So where is Trump’s great stand against the Covid-19 incarceration?|twitter&par=sharebar

  50. VegasRob

    Great WNW as usual.

    I think we all may be missing a bigger point about the HQZ as a treatment.

    Think about it, if it is successful there would be NO NEED FOR A LOCK-DOWN and most patients would diagnosed with it would be treated just like the flu.

    IMHO, I think that’s the biggest reason to discredit it over and above the TDS.

    God bless you and your family Greg

  51. Jan

    Greg, I have great respect for what you do to speak TRUTH and to call out LIES.

    The mainstream media is also beyond the pale for their deliberate disinformation. I know a lot of Canadians who are needlessly afraid of hydroxychloroquine because the MSM would rather people suffer and die needlessly rather than use a drug that Trump praises. Never mind that it is still WIDELY used against malaria, lupus, etc. and that it is being tested NOW in clinical trials both in treating COVID-19 and in preventing COVID-19 (when taking daily.)

    Market Watch published an article published a few hours ago stating: “In total, there are more than 100 trials under way worldwide evaluating chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine in COVID-19 patients or to prevent COVID-19 infections, according to, including at least one sponsored by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.”

    In other words, it won’t be long before hydroxychloroquine will be part of a standard protocol for treating COVID-19, and then the MSM will move on to some other bogus claim.

    What the Michigan Democratic party is doing — voting to censure (and remove support from) a Detroit representative simply for sharing at the White House how hydroxychloroquine treated her COVID-19 case — is beyond despicable. In a pandemic, all people should disregard party affiliations and work together to find ways of healing and treating people suffering from COVID-19. This is beyond the pale. This would not have surprised me if such a thing happened in Calif. or New York, but this is happening in a midwestern state that voted Republican in the last election. I hope they get trounced in the next election; they don’t deserve any votes. They have proven not to care one whit about how to cure people before they die of COVID-19, even if it happens to one of their own (the Detroit representative Karen W.).

  52. Dr. Thom Seal, PE


    Really have difficulty in watching you Friday, 24Apr 20 Weekly Review. It will not upload onto I-Phone because it is restricted and I watched 2 minutes from your website, to have loading circle come up, then refreshed to a blank space on your website. Now for an hour with refresh every 10-15 min. Just wanted you to know. Dr. Thom

  53. Joe Lalonde

    Hi Greg,

    I very much enjoy your perspective and opinions but without having much needed facts(which much of our media is poor in reporting), you do occasionally make mistakes.

    This for profit at all costs and corrupted governance by all levels of our politicians, the senior population and mismanagement ran rampant. 

    When this Pandemic hit, our governments were slow to respond or even be ready due to this just in time manufacturing process and gave away much of our protective equipment to China. Add to this our government throwing out millions of expired medical equipment (by manufacturer date) and both the US and China stopping delivery of this much needed equipment and now delivery of defective equipment by China.

    The healthcare workers to make a decent living were going from seniors homes to seniors homes even when they too were infected with this virus. Many places were not ready or expected this virus and had no protective wear to wear.

    Ontario and Quebec have a serious problem right now with so many seniors homes and healthcare aids sick and death. A few of these were absolutely decimated with rampant infections and healthcare aids walking out as other getting sick from no proper equipment.

    Now the military has been called in as many aids are sick or refusing to work without proper protection.

    Just thought you should know what is currently happening. 

    By the way, we are being hit with a double whammy of deflation of everything and inflation of food and healthcare products.

    Take care and stay healthy,


  54. Jacube Ladder

    Antibody Testing: Proves We’ve Been Had!
    Townhall ^ | 04/24/2020| Kevin McCullough
    Posted on ‎4‎/‎24‎/‎2020‎ ‎11‎:‎43‎:‎52‎ ‎AM by
    There is simply no other way to state this.
    Nearly everything we’ve been told about models, rates of infection, deaths, and recoveries was inaccurate.

  55. Robert Dziok

    In his recent White House meeting with President Trump NYS Governor Cuomo requested additional amounts of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) for the state. This was pointed out by the VA head in his correction of misleading statements put out by MSM on non peer reviewed “survey” ( NOT study) of HCQ done by VA.

    As a side note “Comrade Cuomo” won all of 16 counties out of 62 in NYS for the 2018 Governor election with 59.6% won of the popular vote (Still wonder why Desperate Dems want to eliminate Electoral College?). Dems also took control of NYS Senate then also. Thus, they now control all branches of NYS state government. EVERYONE knows the disastrous outcome (e.g. Third term abortion, anti second amendment, etc.). Recent Rochester City School District (RCSD) Superintendent was only there two years before quit. Ran RCSD deficit to 67 million in that short time. Spent money they knew did not have hiring, projects, etc. Figured state would bailout and not let go bankrupt. Years ago I worked at RCSD as a Programmer Analyst before retiring . Worst RCSD deficit was in those years was around 1.5 million. Gee, I wonder where any Federal bailout money NYS would get would go to? Isn’t Socialism/Communism just grand? Get to Take/Spend what others worked hard for all their lives after first disarming them. Tactic used by such agenda throughout history!

    • Robert Dziok

      In addition, the question remains as to how much of “Comrade Cuomo’s” 59.6% of “popular” vote was from voter fraud from Illegal Aliens voting illegally is such “sanctuary” cities like New York City. NYS now allows Illegal Aliens to have driver’s licences (Really think they will not also use them to vote illegally?).

      • Robert Dziok

        “Elections have consequences” as Globalist Controlled Hypocritical Trojan Horse Kenyan Born (Said to Kenyan audience in Kenya he was the first sitting US President from Kenya) Obama has said.

  56. Dave

    Trump and the GOP are giving the Dems 70% of what they want with each of these bills. Trump is validating the socialist claim that government can provide food and housing to all by printing money. Pelosi and the Democrats are now demanding a bailout of the states including pensions with the next bill. Manuchen said as long as it is bipartisan another massive recovery bill is coming. Trump is open to state bailouts (disagreeing with McConnell on that) and watch Trump agree to a major extension of the unemployment benefits – Democrats want them made permanent. UBI is around the comer. Trump will move left during the election as his chances for re-election tumble – watch for him to support partial forgiveness of student loans.

    The Tea Part came about because of massive spending under Obama. They are reawakening and some are breaking with Trump now. He promised to stop Big Government but has done more than any prior President to facilitate it. Remember – Trump is and always was a fiscal liberal despite what controlled conservative media tells you. The odds increasingly favor a Democrat sweep in the fall. If that happens UBI, single payer and the green agenda will be quickly implemented. There will be no going back. The GOP had total control during Trump’s first two years and did squat – but for tax breaks for big companies and upper income individuals. There was no progress made on the conservative agenda – by contrast there will be progress made on the progressive agenda during the first two years should the Dems take control after the November elections.

  57. notyourpatsy

    On jsmineset today 24april the guy who goes by the name ‘jerimaih johnson’, whoever that is?, wrote his daily missive, ‘Hanky Panky…’. In the second to last paragraph he took ‘a shot across the bow’ at USAWATCHDOG’s recent guest, Mr Martin Armstrong. Jeremaih Johnson specifically called out Mr Armstrong’s use of his computer to give ‘forecasts’ as was JUST given on USAWATCHDOG! Ok, WHO IS this fictious person ‘Jeremaih Johnson’ on jsmineset? Bill Holter I’m asking YOU! No reason for ‘JJ’ to single out Mr Armstrong’s reporting on USAWATCHDOG UNLESS ‘JJ’ you have something to hide.

    • joe right

      Lets read the offending paragraph then.

      ” We even have a guy who claims to have the only computer program, that thinks his computers knows everything about the markets and thinks only he can save the world, and that the elected president should be listening to him because he has a stellar track record with many governments asking for his direction. Of course, his resume is lacking about 10 years of not working, when he was governed into an 8 by 10. ”

      Martin Armstrong does make some outlandish claims. How come Socrates failed to predict the consequences of COVID-19 even into late January of this year when it was known that the virus was causing a lockdown in regions of China? Stock market crash missed. Oil price crash missed. Rising US bond and gold market missed.

      • Bob

        Dunno but if Disney made a live-action Beagle Boys movie, Marty would be cast perfectly.

    • Riverman

      I give credit to guests like Bo Polny and Charles Nenner who do an interview and put on the line what they see in the future right or wrong. Good part of the time right. Martin Armstrong speaks in generalization and has the computer system. The whole world wants to know what Socrates forecasts. I could very easily see Martin Armstrong as a peddler of someone’s narrative. He had no mention of Dow Jones 35000 by 2021. It seems he has the Corporate model. He is never wrong because he just repeats what Socrates spits out. We all know Socrates is never wrong. That line alone tells me he is selling swamp land in Florida to anyone who believe Socrates is never wrong. Just a friendly reminder never is a very long time.

      • paul ...

        Riverman … Artificial Intelligence is just what it says it is “Artificial” … anyone who uses their God giving brains “can outsmart Socrates” (who is saying Gold won’t rise until 2022)!!! … when from March 24, 2020 to April 24, 2020 the “true” gold price has risen from $12,982 to $20,307 Fed debt IOU’s (In One Month!!!) … and Socrates is blind to what is taking place??? … it needs to have the National Debt Clock installed into its programming!!! …

        • Riverman

          Paul… Bullseye The markets no longer have any resemblance of price discovery. The best example is the gold/silver ratio. I listen to people report it made a high of 120-130. Nothing could be further from the truth. At my local coin dealer the ratio is 78 with a high of 92 a month or so ago. That is AGE to ASE. My question would be did Socrates predict the May oil contract going negative. We need say no more. I would like to see reporting in real terms. Let us start with the physical gold silver ratio. Stop the reporting average Americans living pay check to pay check. Instead it should be spending pay check to pay check. Unfortunately many more Americans are going to understand the meaning of living paycheck to paycheck. It is time to switch reporting to that which is experienced in physical realm not the artificial realm.

  58. Judy Jackson

    We need to file complaints with the FCC…MSM is dangerous to health and public safety.

  59. Jacube Ladder

    New COVID-19 vaccine shows promise in monkeys. Next step: humans.
    By Nicoletta Lanese – Staff Writer 4 hours ago
    The vaccine has entered early clinical trials in human volunteers.

    • paul ...

      I have a promising vaccine for Bill Gates … shove a banana up were the Sun don’t shine and then put a Mark of the Beast on his ass with a swift kick!!

  60. Brian


    Its me, the doctor again. As far as the hydroxychloroquine treatment, there may be other, unseen reasons why the networks are trying to discredit the treatment. The pharmaceutical industry now makes up a large portion , if the majority of the advertising revenue for many of the news networks. Hydroxychloroquine is dirt cheap and will not make the pharmaceutical industry, large amounts of money. The mandatory vaccines will. I believe the current annual, worldwide vaccine industry amounts to about 60 billion dollars. The vaccine industry is risk free and pure profit, because the pharmaceutical industry has been given special indemnification against lawsuits for vaccine injuries, by congress. This is under the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

    In addition, vaccines are not considered “drugs”, under the current, FDA, legislative framework. As a result, the pharmaceutical companies do not have to perform any, double blinded studies to prove that they are safe in humans. The two biggest costs to develop drugs are typically the testing, requiring 10,000 patients and many years, as well as defending against litigation. Vaccines are essentially, completely free of these costs. As a result, they are pure profit. Also the CDC ,including Dr. Fauci, actually have patents that allow them to profit on the very vaccines that they supposedly regulate.

    Greg, while I know that you are more Republican in leanings, this issue will require all of us to fight against the medical tyranny that the “powers that shouldn’t be” are trying to roll out here. If you would consider trying to get Robert F Kennedy Junior on as a guest, I he will amaze you with the knowledge that he has been spreading on this issue, including Bill Gates nefarious ties to the WHO and vaccine industry.


    Trump is folding the Fed under Treasury Dept…. what do you do with a fake fiat system? Run it till the wheels fall off, and leave the criminal bankers with the fake debt. The new gold backed money is ready to go.
    I have seen gold at $1700 spot, but with dealers premium is at $3400. COMEX is becoming irrelevant.

  62. Lynn

    Dearest Greg, It’s been a while and the wake up call is happening again. My two cents as a mom who has followed this years, let me say that Bernadine Dohr/Bill Ayers are celebrating in broke Chicago suburbs. OIL CANNOT GO NEGATIVE….how can a contract go negative,,,,,it can only go to ZERO… so negative is not possible. Oil is the backer of the dollar, now what? It will be years, years, and more years before you can even make sense of what this means. But one thing we all need to prepare for the Venezuela model here. So prepare your homes, your families to be under the jackboot of the communist govt takeover that has happened to us now. Fake news, fake number, fake virus death, everything is FAKE,,,,and your are not going to be able to survive is you do not prepare……NOTHING GOES NEGATIVE….IT IS NOT POSSIBLE.. but IT IS NOW AN DDOES THAT MEAN YOUR HOUSE PRICE CAN GO NEGATIVE? STOCKS NEGATIVE? Does that mean YOU OWE? All bets are off, thanks Greg….honest reporting rocks!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Lynn.

      I did watch on Monday as oil hit 1 cent and they froze it there. The contracts did go negative because of storage and oversupply and the Frankenstein market Wall Street invented for us all!!!


    • Bob Michigun

      Don’t worry mam. Our man ain’t goin to Toledo, he’s going to finish draining the Washington D.C. swamp gang and you have his word on it!
      Just ask Gina.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      The price of anything is dependent upon its value as perceived by the transacting parties.

      If I am contractually obligated to take delivery of 100,000 bbls. of crude oil that I will have to pay to store, and I cannot use that oil, and no one else wants that oil, then I may very well have to pay someone else to be party to the contract, taking delivery instead of me.

      Don’t overlook the fact that many sovereign bonds pay negative interest. Just as you say, for a negative-rate bond bought at par and held to maturity, yes, the “investor” owes.

  63. Ed

    Call John Williams at Shadowstats. He’s not been on in a while.

    • Rodster

      Good idea Regarding John Williams. I’d love to hear what his numbers are for unemployment and inflation. I would also love to hear his projection numbers for this year and beyond and how bad will this Depression become?

  64. dlc

    This is Where We Live

    A really great story about a Texas family living on the edge, father with Alzheimer’s, a son with cerebral palsy, a story interlaced with bible readings. Lots of people currently living similarly and worse. I’ve watched this innumerable times, a reminder that things could be worse and that many people do have it much worse.

  65. regaleagle

    The Multi-headed Monster of Covid-19 and all its underlying hidden agenda to destroy Freedom, create panic, divide a nation, bring about Socialism, and how many other agendas on the Elitist docket? Greg……is it possible to bring on a guest that may be able to list all of these hidden agendas one by one so that all of your viewers can see and understand what is really happening in this contrived chaos?

  66. Selma Alabama


  67. helot

    Why in the heck don’t these sick people start taking HCQ, AZ and Zinc?? Perhaps, when these people go to get a blood test they sign a form and don’t read the fine print, or do and don’t care, or trust the system, fine print which says that whatever Dr.’s think the blood test determines is wrong with you, you must accept whatever treatment the Dr.’s decide. I have seen such a form and requirements for blood tests. How widly used is this form, does anyone know?
    I always wondered how, under what legal standing, the state hunted down, say, ‘Amish familes on the run with their kids to avoid court ordered caner treatment’? I suspect it’s because the family signed such a leagally binding form. Does the use of such a form apply to every Covid suspected person admitted into hospitals?

  68. Randy Hitt

    Tonic water has quinine, it’s what they make hydroxychloroquine from.

    Star anise extract contains shikimic acid, all virus medications are made from shikimic acid.

    Quercetin found in onions, apples, and in supplement form is another powerful antiviral.

    When taken together, shikimic acid and quercetin are proven to kill the herpes virus and others better than prescription tamiflu.

    Olive leaf extract is a very powerful antiviral antimicrobial, and antifungal and kills microscopic vermin without causing cell damage.

    Boron, in the form of borax, has powerful antiviral properties and is safe to take in very minute quantities.

    Magnesium is another antiviral substance required for good overall health and for fighting off invisible enemies.

    Vitamins C, and D in the form of lemons and sunshine kill viruses.

    So, this is an immunity super elixir that I take daily that can’t help but maximize your immunity.

    6 oz tonic water
    1 small lemon sliced
    1 cap full apple cider vinegar
    1 dropper full of olive leaf extract
    1 tiny pinch 20 mule team borax
    1tablespoon chia seeds(high magnesium)

    Heat the tonic water
    Add all the other ingredients


  69. Tommy

    The info that the MSM is pumping out there about hydroxychloroquine is misleading. I noted that this “survey” and the related reports all say that hydroxychloroquine causes more deaths and doesn’t work. From the very beginning is was said that the hydroxychloroquine had to be given in tandem with azithromycin to be effective and this study and the related reports do not mention azithromycin. Would they do this intentionally? You bet. Crashing the economy is the poison pill.

  70. Madi

    When you think terrible things are happening in the background while politicians worry about the next election.
    Paying your Home mortgage, electricity, grocery, doggie food.
    Something cynical is about to happen.
    Greg thank you for your brutal honesty.
    We love you here in Maine.

    Check this documentary

  71. Sharon Lindung

    Greg, listening to your reporting, it reminded me that we really have never recovered from the crash of 2008. The Obama administration artificially propped up the banks and as so caused our economy to function dis functionally at the expense of the American people. In my humble opinion, President Trump’s policies were making a difference in the economic health of the United States and that had to stop. We know the Democrats and the main stream media (bought and paid for by the Chinese Communist Government) will do anything to defeat this administration at any cost. We have seen that with Russia gate, the attempted impeachment and now the Corona Virus, Covid-19. Again in my humble opinion, the use of Hydroxychloroquine, with zinc and a “Z” pack” has worked as the death numbers are not as high as expected and due to the drug being a generic, which is inexpensive, it has to be discredited for Bill Gate’s introduction of his covid-19 vaccine. If we are not living through a conspiracy, I don’t know who is. Thank you for making a difference by telling the truth to not only the American people but to the world.

  72. Frank Brady

    Thanks, Greg. As usual, you have it exactly right!

  73. paul ...

    Big Pharma brings out the “Big Guns” … in it’s campaign against hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) … seeking to knock it out and destroy it by saying “it could kill people” (but yet it has not killed anyone) … then need to destroy HCQ) before too many people “accept it as an effective treatment” against the Corona Virus … and before Big Pharma can bring out “their vaccine solution” (which injects the deadly Corona Virus into everyone … “only killing or maim 700,000 people”)!!! …

  74. paul ...

    Poor Warren Buffet … his portfolio is being “buffeted” by the Corona Virus … I hope Trump does not use any taxpayer money to help the old man out “with another bailout” … let Bill Gates help the old man out with some of the multi-Billions he will be making with his vaccine!! …

  75. paul ...

    This article should be named “Commie-nism on Life Support … it is time to cure Commie-nism in America “with Capitalism” (and let the badly managed companies go bankrupt instead of bailing them out)!! …

  76. Saint Lawrence

    in my opinion only:
    Martin was right, the race is over

    Martin was right, capital markets will be inflated.
    Here is why… U.S. GOVERNMENT WILL BE TAKING STAKE Mannarino

    Martin was right, there will be deflation and starvation.

    Martin was right, the republic is gone but the circus goes on.
    Here is why… msm, Monarchs, and oligarchs Lying About Coronavirus
    BestEvidence John Titus

    what time is it, George Orwell ?

  77. Saint Lawrence

    has anyone seen a politician without makeup?

  78. Elliot Ness

    Mary Ann Macload-Famouse Mum!

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