Biden’s Food Shortage, Inflation Everywhere, Vax = AIDS

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 521 3.25.22)

Biden is going to own a lot of screwups, and you can add another to a long list of hardships heaped on Americans—food shortages.  The food shortages are compliments of the Biden/Obama policies of war and sanctions against Russia.  Russia is a big producer of wheat, oil and fertilizer, among other things, and all are being sanctioned.  Up, up and away go prices, and according to Biden at the emergency NATO summit, this inflationary hardship and food shortages for all Americans and billions more around the world are necessary to punish Russia for invading Ukraine.  Russia’s side of the story is 180 degrees different.

Looks like Russia is already planning on circumventing the sanctions put on them that have cut them off from the SWIFT (dollar) payment system.  It’s reported, Russia will be accepting Bitcoin, gold and rubles for its goods.  You think this will be a boost for the U.S. dollar or another nail in its coffin?  Putin says hand me another nail, please.

Looks like the evidence is piling up that if you are double vaxed and boosted you are probably going to get acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, commonly referred to as AIDS.  The one drug used to fight the spike protein in the vax producing AIDS is none other than Ivermectin.  The Powers That Be are still trashing Ivermectin and restricting it from the public.  If these people are ever charged and go trial, will this be called murder?

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 3.25.22.

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After the Interview:

Renowned top trends researcher and publisher of “The Trends Journal” Gerald Celente will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  He says he has plenty to talk about.

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  1. Gaylene Muir

    Oh, So Trump Wasn’t Lying Then
    1,479,043 views Mar 23, 2022 Russell Brand
    The press that ignored the Hunter Biden story in 2020 finally admit that it’s real. What other recent “conspiracy theories” will be proven and admitted to be truth in the coming months and years?

    • Jeff

      This would be the mother of all false flags. This article states where Biden will be for a speech, just a short distance from where Russia earlier had dropped missiles. 2 birds with one stone (removing Biden as his use is diminishing and we are dying for a really good excuse to blow Russia up). Just putting out a press release like this is a red flag.
      Perhaps while they are “supposedly” filming Bidens speech live. How nice, you could watch it like 9-11. They could show old film of us bombing Sarajevo for that matter. The sheeple would eat it up and be dying (pun intended) to attack Russia since they have been promoted as our enemy for the last 50 years.

      • Marie Joy

        IF biden goes, look at his replacement, and then, who will they make VP to replace the current VP?
        What will they do to stop elections in 2022 and 2024? They have to stop those elections because they know they will lose. Expect something really bad so they can stop elections.

        • Charles H.

          M J,

          I would expect they will employ their own ‘Brown Shirts’ to secure the whole Election Machine or process; claiming that the threat of interference with ‘legitimate’ practice from the Conservatives is a real thing. A total SHAM.

    • Daren

      They want the oil and gas lands and will take them !!/

      • Laura McDonough

        In the early ’60’s wheat was sent to Russia and people protested at the shipping ports (west coast), as sending wheat there was labled treason during the cold war. We are almost three times world population now, and wheat shortages are in some areas, but Canada, the US and S. America grow wheat. Oil and gas will be a major issue Eddiemd: doesn’t suprise me since we are into every country messing w/ something, getting in wars we have no biz in. V. Nam and N. korea was a total failure, we haven’t won any war in 77 yrs.
        Afghanistan and the middle east ( meddling into wars ) was a failure.

    • Joan

      So many your head will spin. Let me put it this way…anytime the fake news says something is a conspiracy theory, you can believe it is the TRUTH! They have been shepherding us for decades. Anything they say , believe the opposite..think mirror

    • Free Me

      Where is Catherine Austin Fits?!!

    • John Birch

      Russia goes on gold standard Monday!!

  2. James

    Not only is Biden going own alot of screw ups at home. Top Russian military official reports Rosemont Seneca, of Hunter fame is involved in the bio weapons labs evidence in Ukraine. (RT News) Grab more popcorn, this show just keeps getting better and better. On top of that we have Ukrainian kindergarden teachers on video yelling at their military to take the howitzer and tanks away from their playgrounds. Along with drone footage of RPGs being set up on civilian building rooftops. With tanks firing from inside the courtyards. Meanwhile the Russian army is moving slow and cautious and handing out Tons of food aid to Ukrainian civilians. This all does not meet the NARATIVE, so you won’t be hearing it anywhere mainstream. Greg, thanks for all you do in pulling back the curtain to reveal God’s truth.God bless you, and your team.

  3. Clay Lane

    It’s Happening Again: 670,619 views Mar 24, 2022 Russell Brand
    A new study reveals that the operation Mockingbird MSM have taken a hawkish view on the Ukraine conflict – but surely it can’t just be about their ratings, can it?

  4. Jerry

    Thank you for a great week. Lots of valuable information. It looks like Gerald was right. “ when all else fails they take us to war “

    Forget the conspiracy theory B.S. one of my sources has been deployed to the pacific theatre for duty. Evidently they are now concerned about China. Pray.

    • IIG

      Don’t worry Jerry – all US Military men have been forced to be vaccinated – so they won’t be of any concern to China – as China knows that 90% of the Covid Deaths are “vaccinated individuals” – and the ones that don’t die immediately – will be walking around infected with AIDS (which will hamper their fighting ability)!!!

    • Brooklyn


      We totally agree that this was an excellent weekly wrap up and Greg Hunter covered all the bases. Biden was in Poland today telling the US Special Forces troops that they would all soon be in the Ukraine, but as Greg mentioned, if our troops do do in, it will be a mop up detail, because the WAR IN THE UKRAINE IS OVER!

      Also Greg, you should be proud that other sites repost your work, where NewsTarget’s Ethan Huff did a complete article on the brave Doctor Betsy Eads at

      A time to buy food, water, gold, sliver, and oh yeah, and ammo…

      Be Safe,


      • eddiemd

        The special forces troops have been inside Ukraine for the past 20 years at least and training the nazis specifically since 2014.

        Biden was speaking to the 82nd soldiers yesterday. They are an airborne division.

        In the early 80s US war plans included link up operations with Bandera throwback nazis in the western Ukraine along the Hungarian and Czech borders and in and around the Carpathian mountains. Part of strategic reconnaissance and E&E networks. I was a radio operator on a special forces team 84-84 tasked with SITGA in these areas. I learned hungarian and russian while in the US army during those days.

        The USA has been working with the nazi elements inside Ukraine since post WW II.

        • Charles H.

          This makes Operation Paperclip, as far as alliances go – to make more sense.

    • Allen ols


  5. Felix Lietner

    Fail-Safe Research Clips
    31,388 views Apr 9, 2008 William Easley-McPherson
    ___________Research Clips from Fail-Safe
    This movie had the lovable Walter Matthau as a loathsome cynic and the comedic talents of Dom deluise showing some serious dramatic range. Even the great j.r. Ewing showing his human side. And Henry Fonda being… Henry Fonda. Such great acting!

    • IIG

      Our best safeguard that a nuclear war won’t happen – is to have US Congressmen calling for a first strike on Russia with nuclear weapons on a daily basis in-order to prevent the Christian Nation of Russia from overtaking the “commie/queer /perverts” in the USA!! – As so eloquently stated in the above movie clip: “It is better” that the American Commie/Queer/Pedophile culture survives – rather then a Christian Russian one”!!

  6. Marie Joy

    What do you expect from a genocide? This, and worse, is what happens in a genocide.
    Are we there yet?

    • Johnny Cool

      Yes, and food shortages will lead to cannibalism.

      What is that Nostradamus Quatrain….
      “The bushel of wheat will go so high that man will be eating his fellow man.”

      And now on the lighter side for IIG…

      Remember when Uncle George was mistaken for the kid from Borneo? Not so funny to think someone wants you for dinner.

      • Johnny Cool

        Jim Rickards is warning there will be MASSIVE FOOD SHORTAGES.

        • IIG

          It won’t just be food shortages JC – Rickard’s has also stated that: “Gold will be in short supply also” – stating that: “When the physical gold shortage forces someone – to fail to deliver – there will be a buying panic – and gold will “suddenly boom” (up $100 an ounce in one day – then up the next day by another $200 an ounce – then up $300 an ounce – and before you know it – gold will be up by $1,000 dollars per ounce in one day)” – at that point Stan will have no hair left to pull out – and the ordinary “chocolate loving retard-bugs” will be in a panic – saying to themselves: “Damn, why did I wait so long – I better hurry and get some gold” – but sadly – their shock will be magnified even more when they find out – “they can’t get any”!! (as all the coin shops will be sold out and the US Mint making periodic announcements: “That due to the shortage – the minting of new gold coins will be suspended until further notice”!!!

          • Johnny Cool


            “Gold gives all of us something that fiat money or any other financial innovation, cannot deliver. Gold is insurance, sprout-less yes, but irreplaceable in its functions.”

            If anyone knows this, it’s Vladimir Putin.


            • IIG

              Gold is meat on the table – sprouts may provide some roughage (but try surviving on sprouts alone)!!

          • Jeff

            Wasn’t Rickard’s the one predicting sub-$500 gold ?

            • Steve Bice

              I believe you are thinking of Harry Dent. Dent has been spouting this for over a decade. Rickards has mostly been pro-gold, and has even written a book called “The New Case For Gold”.

              Another guy that at least used to be gold negative was Robert Prechter…the Elliot Wave proponent. And of course the mythical sock puppet here on USAWatchdog…

  7. Robert says no

    “If these people are ever charged and go trial, will this be called murder?” …more like genocide.

    • Marie Joy

      They will cause WWIII before they allow themselves to be prosecuted.

  8. Charlie Patterson

    “Support your local ‘fusion Center!”

  9. barsoom43

    In addition to New Hampshire , the TN legislature has a bill to make ivermectin OTC.

  10. VL

    Thanks again Greg for a great weekly news round-up. Best wishes to Rob Kirby. Get well soon Rob, we’re all praying for you.

  11. Kent Greenough

    Thanks for the update on Rob Kirby earlier this week. Really good news.

  12. Rick Larson

    The WW2 vets are rolling over in their graves.

    • Dwight Branson

      I agree Rick, The WWII vets fought (and died) for good, old fashioned, moral, values and God-given rights as defined in the Bible; not the putrid, sickening, perversion coming out of Washington…just my opinion.

      • Charles H.

        You are totally right, Dwight.

  13. Zip

    Happy Rob is doing better. Hes 1 of my top 5 NO BS-ers.

  14. Frank Cooper

    The Deconstruction of the Economy You Know | Guests: Peter Schweizer & Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein | 3/24/22
    ESG scores, the Great Reset, and the upcoming economic shift that might be coming sooner rather than later. The operation Mockingbird media manipulation of Glenn’s book, “The Great Reset.” Author Peter Schweizer joins to discuss Hunter Biden’s laptop, a possible indictment of Hunter Biden, and the corruption that led to President Biden being compromised.

  15. Juli Barbato

    If it’s true that Devolution was enacted before Trump allowed that Gropey Cheater Brandon to invade the WH, then his faux-ministration CANNOT engage our armed forces because THEY, not he, are in charge. Time will tell.

  16. Self Exiled

    Where’s Stan, gold got down to 1920. Thought he would have checked in to announce that.

    • Johnny Cool


      Stan is probably traumatized and on his way to Vegas again.
      We should be hearing from his dear friend Theodore in the near future.

      • Johnny Cool

        Gold is presently at $1953 and you remember Stan said he would jump off the George Washington Bridge if gold hit 1950, which it did, about two years ago… and then we heard from Theodore.

      • Ray

        Love it !!!!!
        Ray, Canberra, Lapdoglia

    • Stan

      Self Exiled: I’m fine, thank you. I was busy moving my Bertram 61 from Casa de Campo to Tortola BVI for some scheduled maintenance. I added some Gold & Silver short positions this week. Once Russia/Ukraine is resolved you can kiss your Gold goodbye.

      • IIG

        Stan – Moving your Bertram 61 from Casa de Campo to Tortola BVI for some scheduled maintenance is a pretty long haul for poor old Bentley – you should give him an extra apple!! – as for gold – it may possibly pull back to $1850 (as shown in the following chart) – – but then – you better cover your ass!!

        • IIG

          When gold pushes past $2,000 per ounce toward $3,000 per ounce – that will be the signal to all the chocolate-bugs that “inflation in the price of everything is beginning big time” – and price inflation will accelerate exponentially as people lose confidence in the US dollar and begin dumping dollars for any hard assets they can find – don’t wait until that happens Stan – you should be buying your physical gold “now” while it’s still affordable in US dollars (currently worth a penny each) – meaning “the true current price of gold” (before the Fed began butchering it in 1913) is only $19 dollars and fifty cents (less then what Roosevelt was offering for an ounce back in 1933)!!

      • Dwight Branson

        Yeah, once Russia/Ukraine is resolved… and the Fed quits printing money….and a barrel of oil goes back down to $20.00 US dollars….and politicians become trustworthy… bankers become charitable… and there is peace in the Middle East…

      • Tabitha Sloan

        Stan, you just proved to the world once again – you’re a total bullcrapper!!!!

      • Self Exiled

        Explain? Gold goodbye. I bought in 1998 and slowly sold after it’s rise over the years, supplemental income so as to keep taxes low.

      • Brooklyn


        Shorting gold and silver based on the war in the Ukraine…??

        Maybe you were unaware of the Russia-India currency exchange and trade process [which could be] in place within a week. This new “trade agreement” between to BRICS countries will have an immediate effect on the devaluation of the US dollar as the world reserve currency AND, AN IMMEDIATE EFFECT ON INCREASING THE VALUE OF GOLD AND SILVER…;)

        • Dwight Branson

          Thank You Brooklyn for posting this vital information, USAW people are the best and most informed. I learn more from reading the comments here than anyone could get from a month of main stream media!

        • IIG

          From “a futures standpoint” the Big Bankers (who have recently been increasing their gold reserves) are now well-positioned to ride the May and June contracts higher (which will pull in speculative money) – at that point the Big Banks will liquidate their longs into strength and then have the Comex increase margin rates a bit to force prices to drop (similar to what they just did March 9 causing gold prices to fall from $2060 to $1988) then the Big Bankers will buy back in for a rally into October and repeat the process over and over – as gold continues upward on a long term upward trajectory in its multi-year bull market!!

  17. Coop

    Ukrainian woman goes off script in French TV interview
    by tts-admin | Nigel Odeon – YouTube March 2022

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Coop,
      Thanks for the link. English subtitles. Heated bebate with a lot of push-back, but at least the French TV channel doesn’t pull the cheap trick of cutting to a ‘commercial break’ and this truth teller gets some airtime!

    • IIG

      She is right – the democratically elected Ukrainian government was overthrown by the evil twins Soros and Nuland – and replaced with a “queer-pervert” named Zelensky – who has been killing and slaughtering Russians in eastern Ukraine for many years now (to force Russia into invading) so he could then ask NATO for membership – this “queer” has the entire world on the brink of “a total extermination of our human species in a nuclear holocaust” and needs to be put back into the closet – and “a legitimate government installed” (that will abide by the previous signed agreement to keep Ukraine “a neutral buffer State between East and the West”)!!!

      • IIG

        Just as our US election was overthrown by the evil Demon-rats– and replaced with a “queer-pervert” who loves to sniff children’s hair – who has been killing and slaughtering Americans on the east and west coast for years now with his mandated “jabs” (to force a spontaneous revolution) he could then put down with Marshall Law – this “queer demented duck” has broken every supply chain possible and now has the entire world on the brink of “a total extermination of our human species in a nuclear holocaust” – he needs to be locked in the closet of the nearest nursing home and the key thrown away – and “a legitimate government installed in the US” (that will abide by the previous agreements with Russia “to keep the world a safe place to live”)!!!

  18. Anthony Australia

    You are wonderful Greg.

    People have short memories and will not punish the politicians at the Polls.
    VAX Madates are on ice only because elections are abundant.
    These fools label it a new beginning. Sick demonic creatures.
    Heaven help us all.

    • Allen ols

      Anthony WATCH jim rickards here———-

  19. F.Cooper

    Joe Biden Pledged Allegiance to the New World Order in 1992 Article
    by tts-admin | Feb 1, 2021 | 3 comments
    Jamie White – Info Wars Jan 24, 2021
    An article penned by Joe Biden in 1992 reveals how long he’s pledged allegiance to the New World Order system.
    The Wall Street Journal op-ed, titled “How I Learned to Love the New World Order“, Biden, then a Delaware senator, explained his plans to cede America’s sovereignty to the United Nations and establish a one world government by “breathing life into the U.N. Charter.”
    “Most Americans, myself included, reject 1930s-style isolationism. They expect to see the strong hand of American leadership in world affairs, and they know that economic retreat would yield nothing other than a lower standard of living,” Biden wrote.

    “They understand further that many security threats — the spread of high-tech weapons, environmental degradation, overpopulation, narcotics trafficking, migration — require global solutions.”

    Watch this video compilation of Joe Biden’s speeches discussing the New World Order and analyze his 1992 opinion editorial in the Wall Street Journal entitled, “How I Learned to Love the New World Order.”
    Biden explained that the New World Order is not as prosaic as empires past, preferring to assert its dominance through economic leverage rather than brute force.
    “What about America as globocop? First, our 21st-century strategy has to be a shade more clever than Mao’s axiom that power comes from the barrel of a gun,” Biden wrote. “Power also emanates from a solid bank balance, the ability to dominate and penetrate markets, and the economic leverage to wield diplomatic clout.”
    Biden’s plan for America has been out in the open for decades: launch endless wars, surrender U.S. sovereignty to the U.N., and economically crush any nation that resists the globalist takeover.

    • Anthony Australia

      Fair shake of the sauce bottle Coops. Totally insane these globalists are and the majority that are programmed by them.

  20. James Hastings

    Hello from Georgia…

    It is difficult to watch my country die. But it is. Our society is corrupt. It’s on its last gasp as documented by Sir John Glubb, “The fate of Empires.” We can’t define a woman. Promote based on perversions and not qualifications. Have no scruples. No moral guidelines. We murder the unborn….We mock God.

    The Bible is clear. The beast rises, therefor we must decline (collapse). It will not turn out well. Those who promise good times are here again, are selling you a lie.

    Prepare for the terrible times to come. Perhaps…maybe….don’t assume… God will protect you.

    • The Ogs

      Yes well said James. But things are getting ridiculous, to the point where even the most cloistered normie watching his beloved television can smell something funny.
      I mean far beyond the point where the most perceptive can see things going bad…
      Surely even the most witless civilians will poke their heads up sooner or later, and ask wtf?
      Because we’re there! Things are beyond ridiculous and are farcical, as you and Greg point out.
      This world is crazy. Is it not a sick civilization – an insane society?

    • IIG

      If the people from Georgia want to make a powerful statement to the New World Order Psychopathic Globalist Eugenicists – they should get together and figure out some legal way to take down the Georgia Guidestones (perhaps the way the Globalists have taken down all our statutes across America “for being racist”) – is it not “racist” to want to “exterminate humanity”???????

      • Earth Angel

        I agree. As a native Georgian I have long since hoped for some heavy equipment operator with a giant backhoe doing work around the guidestone monstrosity to suddenly lose control and bash that loathsome evil satanist idol to rubble- oops sorry! Just an accident! ; )

        • Dwight Branson

          YES! Or if a big convoy of trucks with chains were to clog up the whole area…


    Never in my widest dreams did I ever believe the day would come when I would be forced to accept the fact “we now have 3rd world , banana republic politics”. It just really hit me listening to your pod cast. Like a Frog in boiling water we have gotten to this point , without even knowing. HOW COULD WE THE PEOPLE LET THIS HAPPEN ?
    We deserve the Government we get.. We have been distracted with Bullshit. while our country was stolen from us without shots fired. Americans have shown the world how stupid we really are, GOOD JOB!!!!

    • Paul

      Hi dug,

      If you’re reading this…
      Congratulations, you’re alive.
      If that’s not something to smile about,
      then I don’t know what is.

      We fight another day until victory

      Resistance from arkansas

  22. Preston Kirby

    Best place to order or get Ivermectin?

    • Greg Hunter

      Tractor Supply.

    • larryelkinse

      I’ve gotten 3 orders from, and have been very happy with the service. They’re in India, no Rx is required (ignore that box on the form), they also sell HCQ, AZM & other antibiotics, and they provide a tracking link for shipping, which takes 2 1/2 – 3 weeks

  23. Roger Stamper

    tks greg

  24. John Mahoney

    GOD bless u greg,

    • Greg Hunter

      Blessing back to you John for supporting USAW!

  25. David

    I live in Texas, and if we don’t start receiving rain there will be nothing harvested in West Texas. This is a wheat, cotton, and hay growing area. Our relative humidity hovers close to 10% everyday. Fires have begun. We haven’t received any significant rainfall since last June. Dry years also bring grasshoppers by the thousands that will consume any vegetation they can find even tree leaves. Hopefully the rains will come. Folks you had better stock up with at least a years supply of food. Get garden seeds too even if you don’t plan to plant a garden, they could be worth an ounce of gold per envelope after the collapse.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the field level reporting. Praying for rain!!

    • Paul

      Hi David,
      And if meat or spoil prone foods are in freezer, precook and seal wrap for longer shelf life. If power loss , rotting food,
      Precooked food can be bartered if need to B e used before spoilage.

      If hiv aids is baked in our populations forward, it would reason our nations blood supply is baked in contamination.

      The fda who regulates our blood supply does not differentiate between jabbed or unjabbed when refilling blood stocks.

      A little background on your options
      Link below:

      Dr eads comment about store your own blood. Those four words speak volumes.

      Breeding and sexually intimate population?

      Prepare for further assaults on life as we know it.

      Resistance from arkansas

      Your monologues Greg bring out your speaking greatness.

    • David Brownallen

      Has the US Air Force been performing Chemtrail work over your area these last two or three years?

  26. Aldous

    You call them Biden screw ups, I think its more like what Kingston always says, they are intended consequences. I never thought WWIII would happen, but we are in WWIII now.

  27. Blank

    It’s been a year since I’d seen my grandchildren, till last night. Daughter finally gave in and let us take them overnight. 3 year old granddaughter and 2 yr old grandson, both parents are fully vaxed. The grandchildren are covered in a rash, that no amount of lotion seems to help them from scratching.
    Not sure if Ivermectin would help or if they are to young?
    We are stocked up with it and hydroxycloraquin.

    • Ray

      Get the kids into a well salted, warm bath daily for at least seven days.
      See if you can source some colloidal silver, and after the bath, apply it topically to the rash…..just dab it on and let it dry.
      That ought to help.
      Ray, Canberra, Australia

      • Anthony Australia

        There’s always Dermal cream or natural oils like lavender, frankincense and sandalwood.

    • Myn

      Oh my…that is terrible. Must be so hard to watch. Ask for an extended stay over to see if they can clear up in your environment?

  28. jon

    Hi Greg, I would like to recommend an Interview and Q & A with Leo Zagami. He is an odd but colorful analyst, author etc. He is very knowledgeable on Italy, Vatican, History of Cabal, Illuminate theory etc. and how it applies to the current events.

  29. frederic w dunn

    Thanks Greg, When it comes to food shortages and crop fails David DuByne from Adapt 2030 has been ringing the alarm bell on this subject for several years. I consider David to be one of the most knowledged on this topic along with insight as to why and what we can expect moving foreward . Please consider having him as a guest.

    • Marie Joy is also very well versed on this subject.

  30. Astreae

    Mmmm! I would love one of those beautiful leather bags! They really are lovely.

    Greg, I send love, lots of love to Rob Kirby. He only recovered recently from a serious illness. What happened>

    • Mary Gwin

      So true!!!

  31. John Butler

    H. R. 6869

    To authorize the President of the United States to issue letters of marque and reprisal for the purpose of seizing the assets of certain Russian citizens, and for other purposes.
    February 28, 2022

    Mr. Gooden of Texas introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs
    A BILL

    To authorize the President of the United States to issue letters of marque and reprisal for the purpose of seizing the assets of certain Russian citizens, and for other purposes.

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,

    SECTION 1. Issuance of letters of marque and reprisal for purpose of seizing assets of certain Russian citizens.

    (a) Authority of President.—The President of the United States is authorized and requested to commission, under officially issued letters of marque and reprisal, so many of privately armed and equipped persons and entities as, in the judgment of the President, the service may require, with suitable instructions to the leaders thereof, to employ all means reasonably necessary to seize outside the geographic boundaries of the United States and its territories any yacht, plane, or other asset of any Russian citizen who is on the List of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons maintained by the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the Department of the Treasury.

    Remember the movie, “Never so few”. The Chinese government issued warrants to War Lords to do exactly this.
    America is the enemy.

  32. Larry Serflaten

    Just a word about revealing the fraud. You indicated some are going to pay dearly. That is no doubt going to be the case, however, I want to remind you (everyone) that God uses those whom he will. Recall the man who was blind from birth who had his sight restored by Jesus. (John 9:1-7) His disciples wondered who had sinned that this man was born blind, when Jesus replied:

    “Jesus answered, Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents: but that the works of God should be made manifest in him.”

    Our reward is in heaven, the suffering we endure here can be forgotten.

    Isaiah 65:17-19
    “For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth: and the former shall not be remembered, nor come into mind. But be ye glad and rejoice for ever in that which I create: for, behold, I create Jerusalem a rejoicing, and her people a joy. And I will rejoice in Jerusalem, and joy in my people: and the voice of weeping shall be no more heard in her, nor the voice of crying.”

    • Brad Erickson

      In Ezekiel 48:30-38 it gives the measurements & gates of the new city.
      The last half of vs 38 reads “and the name of the city from that day shall be,
      The LORD is there.” My study bible says that that name in Hebrew will be
      “Jehovah Shammah”.

  33. MJ

    It’s not that the prices doubled. It’s that the dollar Halved.
    When the PTB digitally “Print” dollars NONSTOP…it’s going to have an effect.

  34. John Kubilus

    How about including in addition to the Dems and Rinos Warmongers like Beck, Hannity and Levin?

  35. Del

    I see where the news articles are saying AIDS is a Covid-19 side effect No mention of the vaccine.

  36. Fred Engel

    Great report Greg, how about the European Parliament members called Trudeau a dictator and called out his abuses in the Canadian trucker protest. There is report video footage in Ukraine are from video games. Amazing what we are seeing, Jesus said the end times would be perilous. Have a great weekend Greg!

  37. Vernon

    Nurses strike in response to violence towards healthcare workers

  38. Foley

    Fail Safe 1964 TRAILER
    12,942 views Mar 4, 2020
    Sidney Lumets powerful and shocking film. Fail-safe was released in 1964. Released just after Dr Strangelove, Fail-safe was created as a serious wake up call during the cold war.

  39. Aaron ML

    When China goes after Taiwan I wonder how the left media will respond. I haven’t seen any nazi imagery yet regarding Ukraine but when I do, I’d like to post it in the face of Canada’s liberals and ask then what they are supporting. They sure used a planted Nazi flag during the convoy protests to stir the pot.

    • Johnny Cool

      MARTIN ARMSTRONG: The West has done nothing but try to force their ideas upon everyone abandoning freedom and they have introduced the cancelation culture. We have lost all the values that made America great. It is time for Europe and American to die the same way all empires die, by their own hand of suicide.

      China being on the “right side of history” means they know the United States is declining and they will step into the void. They can “feel” it with or without my models.

  40. Joseph Boudreau

    How else can the fraud be revealed? So true!!
    Looking forward to your next interview with Gerald Celente. Love it when he gets cooked up. He is so passionate about his work.
    No more poison boosters!
    Best wishes, Joe.

  41. Jeff robbins

    Always enjoy the videos- great content, one of these days I’m going to send you some money. I posted in the past a crazy fact as i can remember, and again- there are some words in the Bible that have changed- minor changes that don’t change the meaning or intent. Mostly in the KJ, but at least one in all of them- i remember forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those that trespass against us, just based on memory of coarse. The one that takes the cake is most places that said grain now say corn (KJ). I only ever remember “a corn of wheat” not all the others. Jesus is warning His people- who else reads the Bible much less the KJ? And hey, if a guy can come back from being dead, is this really that crazy? Bottom line if you look at Numbers 12, God says He speaks usually in visions, dreams, and riddles, we are in for some shaking, and some how food issues (shortages) will be part of that. Prepare yourselves, i have moved lots of dirt, bought a 30 mil. Pond liner and am now filling a half acre pond slowly with a garden hose. Not sure how many fish i can grow, planning on catfish, crappie, and crawdads- no bass. It’s not a sport fishing pond. Possibly pumping some slurry from the bottom to irrigate a new large garden area- that’s out a couple years. Also, my uncle just died from complications from pancreatic cancer- triple vaxed. How long does my aunt have? You know they got the doses from the same batches. There will have to be lots of pain before there is a revival.

    • Greg Hunter

      Best hope is Ivermectin now. It’s not a cure but it will bind to the spike proteins and remove them from the body according to doctors and the science.

  42. Nancy McDaniel

    The satan goes about like a roaring lion seeking whom he can devour and his MO is lies and deception. Fraud, extortion and lies are being revealed by The ALMIGHTY for those who have ears to hear, eyes to see and obedient to “be like the Bereans” and search out the truth for yourself as Jesus said. It’s over for the lazy fence sitters. Choose today whom you will serve–Yehovah or baal. Thanks for your steadfastness Greg!

  43. Kenneth Culp

    Before Rob Kirby went into the hospital, I had asked him if there was any way to determine how much of the U.S. Stock Market the Plunge Protection Team owned.
    He said he had tried to find out and it nearly got him killed.
    He didn’t expound on that statement, and I hope his illness was not related to that!

  44. Gary

    Hi Greg. They ARE destroying the earth that’s why YHWH(God) says that HE (God) is going to burn up the earth with a fervent heat and then a NEW EARTH will come down from heaven.

  45. Elias Andrinopoulos

    The aunt of a dear friend just died. She was a wonderful woman who was like part of the family, always there for events, she was present when we Baptized my Godchild. Anyway, my friend was saying she died of Covid, but I wonder if she got sick from the shots (they are all pro-vaxx, and swallow whatever narrative Democrats and msm throw out there). It will be interesting to see if they are conflating Covid deaths with cv 19 “vaccine” deaths. At any rate, thank you for all that you do, Greg! 🙏🏻👏🏻

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for your reporting but I am sorry they were taken in by the psyop of CV19 vax.

  46. Gary

    Hi Greg, I just tried to put up a comment on rumble and this is the fourth time it was blocked so I will Not be watching your program on rumble .As a matter of fact I am blocking rumble.
    The Parchments(Bible) says the the earth is going to burn up with a fervent heat and YHWH(God) is going to bring down a new heaven and earth and destroy those that are destroying the earth as you have correctly said.

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t approve or deny the comments on Rumble. I have no idea why you were blocked. I want people to comment on Rumble is just a player for me.

    • Jeannette+Rowden

      Why bother with Rumble? Just go to and you will never have a problem.

    • Myn

      That is after the 1000 year reign with Christ that the new heaven and new earth will come down according to Revelation. We have not started the millennial reign have we?

  47. jon

    Why does Biden walk side ways. Looks similar to Dog Tracking alignment problem in trucks. Is there a neurological malfunction associated with this movement?

    • Mungo

      Yes. It/s called Alzheimer’s.

  48. Foley Sab

    What language is spoken in Ukraine
    Kate Dobromishev Aug 17, 2017
    The gap between how many Ukrainians consider the Ukrainian language native, and how many people use it in real life, is quite significant.

  49. Robert

    Just read that Manchin will vote for Biden’s SCOTUS nominee. Mans insanity reigns, God Laughs.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am shocked. Brown is a superfund site.

    • Earth Angel

      Funny, I thought I saw it reported this evening that Manchin would NOT be supporting her. I’m sure hoping that’s the case. What a dubious choice for another SCJ. Not that the whole lot of ’em aren’t mostly just another bought sold & paid for bunch of puppets. Sad to see this nation having sunk to the level of banana republic on so many levels. It’s shocking to me to hear Lindsey Graham publicly calling for the assasination of ANYONE- let alone the leader of another nation. Just disgraceful. And this is supposed to be a person representing the PEOPLE of the united States and the State of South Carolina?! I was so disgusted I called his office and told them that if this is true; and he really did say this, then he should seriously consider RESIGNING his position. I’m truly embarrassed for both HIM- and us. It’s unbelievable- we’re reaching NEW lows every day from these imbeciles. One thing’s for sure- with the exception of a VERY FEW- these people DO NOT in any way, shape, or form represent ME!

      • Greg Hunter

        It is reported Manchin will vote yes for Katanji.
        I am shocked.

        • Earth Angel

          ‘They’ must have gotten to him in some way. Threats, blackmail, anyone?!

  50. Gary

    Hi Greg. The media does not publish the truth because ALL the top of these corporations are ESUA edomites and they won’t let the truth out so they can push their DEPOPULATION agenda to MURDER %90 of the world’s population (like their Georgia Guide Stones say) and make the other%10 TRANSHUMAN so they can control them by the nano partials and graphene in the vaccines.

  51. Dwight Branson

    You can put a clown into a castle but that doesn’t make him King, it only turns the castle into a circus.
    Smiles and God Bless!!

    • JayJay

      I heard that’s what you get when you elect clowns!!

      • IIG

        It is even worse when those clowns in Washington support a bunch of perverted queers and clowns in our schools now giving instructions to our children on how they can show their ass and become queer meat (by removing their balls and breasts) and eventually be rewarded with an appointment to high office!!
        Note: “Rachel” Levine, born as Richard, was once one of these poor brainwashed and molested children and currently gets paid by us American taxpayers to hold the high position of Assistant Secretary of Health at the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) where his job is to wear a blond wig and pretend “to be a woman protecting the health of all America’s children” – while other queers pretend to be women and compete in women’s sports (to illegally win gold metals that real women deserve) – to build our nation back and make it great again all these perverted queers have to be put back in the closet “and the door locked shut”!!

      • Dave

        Biden was installed, not elected. Trump won all 50 states in 2020.

        • Charles H.

          I believe it.

  52. Pam

    March 22, 2022
    N.H. House Approves Bill for Ivermectin ‘Standing Order’ in Pharmacies TrialSite Staff

  53. Tim

    Hi Greg,

    As usual a great podcast. If the aids/vaids is bad as predicted, the 30 million US deaths is a low estimate.

    Take care

  54. Pam

    The Secret Covenant
    vid is 13+ minutes

    This should freak every awake human out. I would say they’re right on schedule………

  55. jill

    The shot creates AIDS. Fauci paid for the research in Wuhan. Fauci worked tirelessly on AIDS back in the 80s. Fauci has patents on the virus. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

    • Ray

      Hi Jill,
      I envision Fauci’s life ending in a similar fashion to Romanian dictator Nicolae Causescu did back in 1989.
      Here is a graphic picture of his last moments…..on his knees, in front of a Romanian firing squad, with his wife.
      After they were pumped full of bullets, their corpses were taken and placed on meat hooks in the street.

      A similar end awaits the evil bastard Fauci.

      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

      • Marie Joy

        With all the people who helped fauci commit genocide.

  56. Suzanne Powell

    Greg, wait until the rank and file liberal loonies wake up and start trying to stockpile some food… they’re already nuts.
    Funeral demand is up around 11,000% and there is a waiting list.

  57. Davo

    Thank you Greg
    Viva la

  58. Jeff

    God bless you Ed. Speaking truth as always and to the point.
    I learned the hard way to not speak any more than that. Thank you Holy spirit for the lesson and disciplining me.
    God will show His power and might as He always does !

    • Dwight Branson

      Well said, Amen Ed and Jeff!

    • IIG

      God the Father “is showing his power” – as he brings about the economic collapse of Klaus Schwab’s Europe – by utilizing the Christian Nation Russia to take out the Demons bio-labs in the Ukraine and limiting supplies of both natural gas and fertilizer to Europe – however – God is not just out to get Schwab – he is out to remove all the perverted queers and pedophiles in the world and destroy the evil US Banksters stranglehold on the world (with their US dollar reserve currency they have now succeeded in bringing down from 100 cents to a penny) – so God is not completely cutting Europe off from natural gas – but is allowing Schwab to get natural gas “but only if they pay for it in rubles” (undermining the evil bankers US dollar) – so the Demon-rats hurried Biden to Brussels “for an emergency meeting with Schwab and the New Word Order eugenicists” – as locking Russia out of the SWIFT system, seizing Russia’s FOREX assets and demanded that the rest of the world cease all economic relations with Russia is not working as the Globalists believed it would (the believed that by crippling Russia it would lead to a coup that would remove Putin from power) – these Globalist Satanists headquartered in Europe and the US simply don’t realize it but God the Father has Putin’s back – and they are not going to be allowed to “jab” everyone in an attempt to destroy human civilization (neither by war or starvation or their bio-viral pestilence – wait and see – God will soon remove the Satanists Georgia Guidestones “boldly pronouncing” their plans to Exterminate Humanity – these psychopathic transgender child molesting Demons will soon be removed from our world (as he did once before when Satan’s evil henchmen got completely out of control)!!

  59. Foley San

    ABC Journalist Unhappy That Biden Was ‘Too Quick to Rule Out’ World War III
    by Paul Joseph Watson March 25th 2022,
    Media unhappy that conflict hasn’t escalated.

    • Marie Joy

      When a corrupt politician rules out war, it’s a sure bet war is on the way.

  60. Bill Douglas

    Hey Greg, love your show. I took the two jabs! I’m 84 and they terrified me with covid BS. No booster, thank God!
    I’ve been on a protocol since last fall as a prophylaxis against covid. I would like to send you that protocol for your perusal. It is amazing. Dr. Castro in Virginia did a live session with me on the web.
    You session with Dr. Eads should be spread far and wide.
    Also, I got a protocol from Dr. Ardis in Texas for those that have been jabbed. He is a trained nutrition Dr. Since the jabs destroy your immune system I take 50 mg of zinc, 1400 mg of apple pectin and 100 mcg for at least 6 mos to rebuild my immune system.
    I am one of your subscribers and get your daily update email. Keep up the great work you do.

  61. William Simonton

    The past week reports that Russian Army can’t operate logistics in and are surprised by cold weather, so they can’t send cargo truck convoys on roads they control with complete air cover or can’t force Russian civilian trucks to move supplies to Ukraine borders, BS! US going to accept 100,000 refugees…can’t be long till Putin is begging for peace. : )

  62. Wendy


    Re: Ukraine – see this feet-on-the ground perspective:

    • eddiemd

      Use night soil like they do in the third world.

  63. Merry Piper

    Greg: I woke up this morning, thinking yay it’s Friday, it’s Greg Hunter’s day! Your hair is on fire with this post. Thank you again for all that you do. God bless your beautiful heart.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for supporting USAW MP!!

      • regaleagle

        Greg…..You looked very dapper in your WNW this week. It’s all a giant fraud for sure…..but let’s finish the sentence. It’s all a giant fraud AGAINST THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!! How long are good Americans gonna sit idly by like they are watching some movie, Huh? This is NOT a movie, folks.

  64. Cousin Vinny

    Save the United States by sacrificing the stupid ‘utes’

    Make all ‘yous’ under 35 take a one question test, the question is, “What is a moman” all them dummies that fail get send to the Russian front to fight against Ukraine.

    • IIG

      What is a woman?? – Well it is definitely not a man who “feels that they are a woman” – a women is human with the ability to give birth to a new human life – period!!!!

      • Ray

        Fair Dinkum………
        If any individual in a society even has to ask the frigging question…….”What is a woman”, then surely that society is doomed.
        It’s about as ridiculous as asking “What is daytime”, or “What is a circle”.
        The fact that no less than a Supreme Court nominee has to asked the question in the first place, let alone answer it, is the ultimate indicator that the entire society has been destroyed at it’s basest layer, at it’s very fabric.
        It’s over for this epoch of Humanity.
        Ray, Canberra, What is a Lap Dog Nation?

    • eddiemd

      “mo man” is that like “mo money”

      • IIG

        Supreme Court Justice nominee K. Brown-Jackson should have been asked instead:
        Are you a Woman like “Rachel Levine”?? –
        Just to see if she actually knows the difference between a man and a woman (without a Doctorate Degree in Biology) – and being she will be making very important and critical decisions on the Supreme Court that’s going to affect all American’s lives!!!

      • IIG

        And if she simply answered NO!! – then ask: “Would you be comfortable having “Rachel” Levine in the ladies restroom with you”???
        What’s is wrong with these news reporters?? – Why can’t they ask a simple question that will reveal how people think about important subjects they may be voting on in the future!! (i.e. like uni-sex bathrooms where men will be allowed into lady’s rooms across the nation)???

  65. Paul

    Hi Greg,
    Can you use your red phone and get Dr.
    Elizabeth Eads take on the vulnerability of our nations blood supply since 60 percent comes from the jabbed.

    I think this subject is critical for all!
    I would appreciate your help on that.

    Thanks Paul

    Resistance from arkansas

  66. Ted Montana


    Duckduckgo is now compromised by the Leftist.

    ” Like so many others I am sickened by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the gigantic humanitarian crisis it continues to create. #StandWithUkraine️

    At DuckDuckGo, we’ve been rolling out search updates that down-rank sites associated with Russian disinformation.

    — Gabriel Weinberg (@yegg) March 10, 2022″


  67. Guy M Azbell

    To mr. Gregory Hunter you are absolutely 100% correct there was a man a few years ago and got gunned down on his front porch we tried to get his message out and it cost him his life we are in what is known as approaching cute few seconds away from me from what they call Jacob’s trouble and it’s going to get just like you said it’s going to get very hard just to maintain normal if there is no no more there is no more normal I wanted to try to make this day as long as I could when I have stocked up a year supply of everything and thank you and that time has came we are in my opinion only months maybe depends on how you look at nuclear war and I worked there I made my trip to NORAD and I did my thing with the NCO Academy long ago it’s my opinion that nuclear war if we don’t ease up quickly and fast that Rush is going to do what it has to do with her going to protect ourselves no matter what you know they are and I know what it’s like Terraria recover in the hospital after a three major four major surgeries transplants in and I just had a liver and kidney transplant stomach surgery and heart corrected and Recovery is a monster the people who got the shot number one and died already had pre-existing conditions some of us don’t have those pre-existing conditions some of us do and people don’t have pre-existing conditions will survive if they take Ivermectin which is hard to acquire but I do agree with you mister hunter over 100% of the thing you just said and yes I’m not worried cuz God is in charge so keep up the great work mister hunter you are one heck of a a real reporter honest-to-god real reporter which I haven’t heard since Walter Cronkite and maybe not him going back a few years talk about the reporter that reported the truth about all that going on in Russia 1945 he verifies all the facts I can’t think of the name cuz my mind isn’t working right now cuz of all the meds they got me on a liver and a kidney in God anyway you have a very blessed day Mister on her and you are a brother of mine

    • Guy M Azbell

      So many misspelled words and words out of nowhere the guy who was gunned down on his mountain retreat and other words is become I used auto Message which always messes things up I can’t type because of shaking in my hands and body due to the anti rejection meds I have been forced to take God Bless you Mr.Hunter.

  68. John Shipp

    The moral is very true, as Voltaire said,

    “If they can make you believe absurdities then they can make you commit atrocities”

  69. Pam

    My opinion………..The inoculation IS an injected “OPERATING SYSTEM”. Connected to the Worldwide Web and everything else blasting off those towers…………AND when they TURN ON THE 5G, those vaxxed are going to react to that in very strange ways. There’ll be death, illness, both physical and mental……….We are already seeing the first wave of sacrifices.
    My opinion……….When one starts messing with species RNA and DNA, nothing right can come of it. I think we are about to see that in a big way. It frightens me……… So many of my loved ones, have taken the jabs. It’s hard to feel strong when at times sadness overwhelms…..

  70. Doug blair

    Greg not sure what is happening but there is no start link to any of the 3 stories on the page

  71. Robert K

    Saw a commercial while watching TV about the Oscar sponsors…which who cares, but their sponsors??

    Biontech and Pfizer

    This is guaranteed to be a four hour commercial for poison shots and fear mongerting…

  72. Not So Free

    What about the story that Biden is talking about sending the 82nd Airborne to Ukraine.

  73. marti baker girl

    Did someone say Supreme Court Justice nominee? Marsha Blackburn should have done a follow up question with K. Brown-Jackson when she said she couldwould not define the term “woman”. She should have asked something like “Are you a woman?” If she couldn’t answer that question then there must be some type of rule that would automatically disqualify Brown-Jackson since Uncle Joe was looking simply for a Black Female for the Bench. I have 3 nominees, a 4 year old nephew, 10 year old grandchild, and a 6 month old great niece for the Supreme Court . They all know what a woman is. While the 6 month old can’t talk yet, she is breast fed so she has enough sense to know not to reach for Daddy’s chest when she wants to be fed. The baby knows the difference between a male and female at 6 months old and never went to college.

  74. Barbara Janzen

    Father God, I thank You and praise You for Your healing power over Rob Kirby. I declare in Jesus’ mighty name that You have raised him up to be strong and healthy. I plead the blood of Jesus over Rob from the top of his head to the soles of his feet and every cell of his body. Sickness and disease must bow to the name of Jesus, hallelujah!
    Father, give Rob’s family the peace of God that transcends all understanding and the joy of the Lord for their strength. Give Rob a quick and complete recovery as You love Rob so much and Your will for him is to be healthy again. Praise You for Your faithfulness, it is our shield and rampart and Your word does not return void. Assign the best doctors and nurses to care for him as he fully recovers. Put Your ministering angels all around him so he is protected and safe because no weapon formed against Rob will prosper in the name of Jesus, Amen.

    • Jeff

      Father, we stand boldly before your throne in agreement for Rob’s complete restoration. Thank you, Lord for your promises.

    • Charles H.

      Matthew 6: 3-6.

  75. Toni

    Manchin came out today and said he is voting to confirm Judge Brown.

    • Greg Hunter

      I was wrong on that call. Brown is a toxic pedo sympathizer.

  76. WD

    India refused meeting with UK diplomats on Uke/Russia situation.

    Another blow to Western world….

    • Charles H.


      The Western World is to be imploded – financially, politically, culturally: so that a conglomeration of a ‘new world order’ (which is only a “one world government”) may interpose.

  77. iwitness02

    Glad to hear some good news about Rob Kirby.
    Great WNW.
    Celente on deck.

  78. Randy Best

    Greg-The frauds may be revealed, but who will be punished? As Gerald Celente has stated: The elites will never be prosecuted or sent to prison. The get away with murder.

  79. paul lilliott

    This is the best wrap up you have given – first class on Ukraine. And thanks for the advice on food – this is THE next genocide! I recommend everyone in a warm climate to a) rainwater harvest (see Brad Lancaster) and conserve soil moisture by keeping it covered b) build/buy a solar cooker – you can cook rice/beans and even can your veggies c) get the hell out of chemical fertilizers – use every form of composting/making teas you can find online.
    I just wonder how long it will be before the Canadians wake up from the shock of the NATO thugs! I wonder how long it will take before WE react to these food shortages?

  80. John n Marzigliano

    Would happy hollow farm make sheaths for spears?
    Yes, i own and use spears

    • Greg Hunter

      Call them.

  81. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter.
    You really are on fire sir,I have had the misfortune to capture other interviews,I can see why their careers have crashed so dramatically and if their “stations” carry on in this vein well they will be somewhat discredited as will their writings. Sources and jingoism seem to be the flavour of the day,well more jingoism and less credible sources.
    Mr Karl Denninger’s clarity and sources are impeccable as are his assessment of the gargoyles of Italy,their sanctimonious preaching on war and finance are utterly repugnant and have diminished their stature dramatically. Not that the UK is any better as we supplied arms on the 24th February 2022, so much for NATO neutrality. Still our great heroes are ready to go off and die on a battlefield somewhere East of London and our heroic leaders are willing to allow us plebs to die to which they will erect great monuments ,after all its a price they are willing to pay. The elite of WEF are willing to spill our plebeian blood for their world view and grand lifestyle. I do hope some target practice for these ghastly weapons is trained on Davos,Geneva and any United Nations building which is peppered with gargoyles.
    We pay taxes to have chimps in suits send and encourage war and dam the deaths,perhaps this really is the outcome of our inattentiveness .Awake and be ready!

  82. Neville

    With so many lies to report it takes up a lot of your time Greg to get things straight before moving on to the nitty gritty of your very interesting wrap up.
    COMMANMENT 8 ……..States that You shalt NOT bear false witness against thy neighbour. Well all we hear are lies mainly about China and Russia the self made enemies of AAcrime…..This I think stems from all the insane Bond movies that always had these two countries as the bad guys when all along the true enemy of the world is the u s of a
    better known as AAcrime .More military bases around the world,caused more wars on a pack of lies than any other country since the world began,LIES , LIES and JUST more DAMN LIES are the main exports of AAcrime.
    Which brings me to a song ,Where have all the flowers gone which I changed tp
    Where have all the liars gone (With sincere apologies to the fabulous Kingston Trio)
    Sing along with Kingston Trio and just change FLOWERS TO LIARS
    You still arrive at the same ending all LIARS WLL GET THEIR COMEUPPANCES

  83. ron martin

    Greg, after watching every one of your episodes over the years I know you are a forever optimist. You are young so I understand. I’m an old well read, well traveled, well experienced realist. Normalcy bias and optimism are built-in traits of yours and later generations so they rely on our glorious past to be reborn after the GOP takes the house in 22 and the executive and legislative branch in 24. A rebirth of our once great republic is not to be. By 2024 depopulation, 50 million illegals, dead constitution, 100% corrupted congress & supreme court, famine, crime, destruction of the family unit, legalized sodomy, transgenderism & pedophilia, digitized currency based on social scores, a feminized military, fraudulent suffrage and virtually all of the other darkside impediments will be irreversible. If Putin is assassinated by a friendly than WWIII will be averted. It will then be a contest between China vs the WEF cabal. The cabal will probably prevail using the same tactics used to defeat Russia. Under the WEF the great reset/NWO/Brave New World/1984 will finally be in charge. Satan’s single goal of destroying God’s creation will have been finally achieved. My predicted caveat? People have to stop depending on a human savior to rescue America. Yes, prep & persevere for the short term but only the Father and His Son will defeat this evil that has descended on our world so get on your knees & pray fervently and They will hear you and heal your land. You and most readers of this comment will not agree but that does not mean that it is not the truth. God Bless.

  84. Skip ONeill

    Love it@ TomFoolery. My dad used to say that.

  85. Steve Bice

    Paul “Triple H” Levesque had his second shot in April 2021, and was in heart failure by September 2021. He just retired from professional wrestling. In one of the videos, he said his ejection fraction dropped to 12%. That is death’s door…

  86. Steve jones

    We are living in the 21 century version of Sodom & Gamora . And u know what happened there.

  87. Susan R

    I have been praying for Rob daily so your update was so good to hear.
    You are still my number one source since I went behind the curtain. I would not be happy to lose you, but if this world goes dark, have no fear, God will be here always.

  88. Skip ONeill

    USC assistant football coach (age 50), suddenly dies. Same for drummer for Foo Fighters, suddenly dies.

  89. Laura

    Thank you for the update on Kirby. Have been praying for his full healing.🙏

  90. eddiemd

    God is not mocked.

    “He also starred in Foo Fighters’ recently released horror-comedy film, “Studio 666,” in which a demonic force in a house the band is staying in seizes Grohl and makes him murderous. Hawkins and other members of the band, Pat Smear, Rami Jaffee, Chris Shiflett, Nate Mendel, are killed off one by one. The film allowed the group, who for decades have been one of rock music’s most durable acts, to have fun while acting out a long-running joke. The film’s premise came out of their work on their 10th studio album at a home in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley.”

    Studio 666…I am assuming that is his new address. Joke is on him.

    Another victim of the coronavirus poison kicks the bucket.

  91. Pete+only

    Here is a riddle to the origin of the following written words, with an answer below it.
    Persons attempting to find a motive in the narrative will be prosecuted;
    Persons attempting to find a moral in it will be banned;
    Persons attempting to find a plot in it will be shot.
    BY ORDER OF______________.
    A) The New World Order
    B) Anthony Fauchi
    C) The CDC (Center for Disease Control).
    D) Bill Gates
    E) The Author: (Mark Twain)

    The correct answer is Mark Twain, and this was found in the first page of his book The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn that he wrote in 1884.

  92. jack mathers

    got to watch this ” ice age farmer ” latest Video

  93. Curtis

    Please consider booking; Lara Logan. Thank you for your work!

    • Steve Bice

      Good suggestion…

  94. tim mcgraw

    I am 70 years old. Presidents of the USA have told me all kinds of bullshit over the decades, but I’ve never had a President tell me that food shortages were coming. That’s a new one. Major fail for President, well, the so-called President, Biden.

  95. tim mcgraw

    Hi Greg, Thanks for the report. Well done! Oh, I remember the high inflation 1970’s. I was living in a shack on Port Gamble Bay northwest of Seattle living on Top Ramen and cheap beer. Well, it kept me skinny. LOL!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Tim!

    • Charles H.


      I lived in a VW Camper Van over two years; next to a garage, in a back yard. (Jacksonville, Florida)

  96. Keith

    When the corporate multi-nationals disregard shareholder value and make decisions based on political agendas, it’s time to GET OUT. This is only a symptom of a much larger problem and I’d argue it’s way past time to get out of the system altogether. Risk OFF, BRACE FOR IMPACT.

  97. Keith

    When you look up at the sky and see all of the chemtrails, and this scene is repeated countless times across the country, can you imagine all of the fossil fuel being burnt off to power all of those jets?

  98. It'sADeathModel

    1994- Deadly Deception Dr. Robert Willner re:Fauci, fraud, HIV, AIDS, Co-Vid, cancer, ALL drugs and the dying mindset. If the people are not shown the truth we can never escape these freaks.

  99. Steve K


    When you refer to an article/source in your WNWs, would you provide a link so that it might be referenced and retained? I love to have the actual material when I discuss the issue at hand.

    Kind regards

    • Greg Hunter

      I will when I can Steve. It’s just me doing it. I hold up the articles I use with a date and a source.

      • Steve K

        I know…there is only so much that you can do. Perhaps when you hold up the reference, the web address could be cited there and we could simply pause the player to retrieve the information that way. Easiest is best.

  100. Brian Ruhe

    I don’t think Biden deserves credit for destroying America and maybe the world with WW III. The people controlling his puppet strings are the Rothschilds. See this new blog and video!

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