China Virus Treatments Coming, Economic Damage Done, Ponzi Ending

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 423 3.20.2020)

Looks like there is good news to report on effective treatments for the “China Virus” coming to the public. One is in the form of the anti-malaria drug — Chloroquine. It has been scientifically proven to be effective in treating this virus. There are also a few others, and President Trump is cutting red tape at the FDA to get them approved fast.

Now the bad news. The financial damage done by the China Virus is increasing and is not reversible. Layoffs are increasing, and businesses are going bust. Now, the Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, is telling people to shelter-in-place until further notice. Top money manager Ray Dalio says the world could lose $12 trillion because of the China Virus.

I use to say the pretending is ending when it come to our Ponzi economy propped up by fraud, crime and money printing. Now, I say the pretending has ended. Trillions will be lost, and many trillions will not be paid back now that the biggest debt bubble in history has popped.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Interview:

Egon von Greyerz of will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release. He will talk about how hard times are guaranteed now that the biggest debt bubble in history has popped and the world financial system is bankrupt.

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  1. paul ...

    Chloroquine does what “zinc” does … it helps to “stop the replication” of the Corona Virus … so while waiting for the government to make Chloroquine available to the public … take your zinc supplements along with daily Sunshine (for vitamin D) and Orange Juice (for vitamin C) … if you can’t get zinc supplements eat foods high in zinc ( oysters, dairy, nuts , meat, etc.) … and remember the Biblical saying: “The Lamb of God Takes Away the Sins of the World” … well “lamb meat” has been found to have the highest levels of zinc of all the meats … and therefore should as the Bible says “help to take away” this evil virus!!! …

    • Diane

      Good advice Paul

      • K.Wayne

        With you kind permission I would like to re-post my comment from Wayne Jett interview 2/26/20

        K.Wayne02/26/2020 •
        I would agree with your observations about how this Virus has been directed at the City/Country that has developed the world’s supply chains. I have thought long and hard about the following proposition with many of the pieces having fallen into place.

        The troubling issue with the COVID-19 is that America (its citizens), the Economy and the Stock Market…. WILL be dramatically affected because our Health Authorities will NOT contain a widespread outbreak of this virus.

        That is based on reasoning and deduction from the series of mishaps, mis-steps and intentional acts of negligence and obfuscation by those trusted to ensure that an appropriate screen is put up as a defense mechanism (quarantining, testing, isolation have all been and currently are deficient at every level)……………. as well as instigating border controls at an appropriate level to keep out the undesirable contagion of a deadly disease (never occurred).

        If that seems Orwellian in nature…’s because it is. It is devised by men of EVIL.

        I have previously outlined a series of events that have occurred over a period of time which in my belief are all part of a longer dated time frame / big picture Agenda. After all, this Blueprint was set in motion more than 2 centuries ago. Time is not of the essence in this equation. A series of smaller inter-related coincidences and planned actions are not in themselves of any significance at the time they present themselves and are disregarded in the near term. What is paramount is the end result achieved over a multi-generational time frame. This is not for the faint of heart.

        What will be seen in the true light of day is that this is a Communist Plot to overthrow all Sovereign Governments and instigate a One World Power, with the core theme being Centralisation.

    • Brian

      This Won’t end until America Repents.

      • Fatima message

        The world needs to repent! Fatima===“The Day of the Lord” 2 Peter chapter 3! Is on the horizon. This civilization is in the crosshairs.

    • eddiemd

      The mechanism of the particulars of what zinc and chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine do to inhibit the coronavirus is not really known. The coronavirus is known as a +SSRNA virus (positive single strand RNA genome) which functions as mRNA in a cell. Perhaps the zinc and/or chloroquine interferes with the rRNA binding or transcriptase/polymerase in some way although this isn’t the mechanism that it uses against malaria parasites. I am sure the mechanism is being studied at the moment.

      • Coalburner

        Eddie, my guess is the immuno suppressor is followed by Azithromican which attacks the virus. The suppressor “Hydrochloroquine” sp stops the immune system from filling the lungs. At least according to what i hear and a couple of Docs I know. Can’t promise I said what they said? Chuckle!

    • eddiemd

      Sounds like the world as we know it.

      Romans 1:18-32
      God’s Wrath on Unrighteousness

      18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, 19 because what may be known of God is manifest in them, for God has shown it to them. 20 For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse, 21 because, although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful, but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened. 22 Professing to be wise, they became fools, 23 and changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like corruptible man—and birds and four-footed animals and creeping things.
      24 Therefore God also gave them up to uncleanness, in the lusts of their hearts, to dishonor their bodies among themselves, 25 who exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.
      26 For this reason God gave them up to vile passions. For even their [i]women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature. 27 Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful, and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due.
      28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting; 29 being filled with all unrighteousness, sexual immorality, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, evil-mindedness; they are whisperers, 30 backbiters, haters of God, violent, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, 31 undiscerning, untrustworthy, unloving, unforgiving, unmerciful; 32 who, knowing the righteous judgment of God, that those who practice such things are deserving of death, not only do the same but also approve of those who practice them.

      Ephesians 5:14 New King James Version (NKJV)
      14 Therefore He says:
      “Awake, you who sleep,
      Arise from the dead,
      And Christ will give you light.”

      Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Wonderful. Counselor. Almighty God. Prince of Peace. Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Messiah. Captain of the Host. Root of David. Root of Jesse. Lamb of God.

      Matthew 11:2-6

      2 And when John had heard in prison about the works of Christ, he sent two of his disciples 3 and said to Him, “Are You the Coming One, or do we look for another?”

      4 Jesus answered and said to them, “Go and tell John the things which you hear and see: 5 The blind see and the lame walk; the lepers are cleansed and the deaf hear; the dead are raised up and the poor have the gospel preached to them. 6 And blessed is he who is not offended because of Me.”

      Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Son of the Most High God. The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. The Name above all Names. Exalted on high. Glory to God. Praise the Name of Jesus. King of Kings. Lord of Lords.

      John 14:6
      Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”

      • MfromTas

        Not very discriminating is he ?

    • Freebrezer

      P – Yes zinc is good for you, but it can not disrupt the viruses means of replicating in the cell unless it gets in! … It is the Chloroquine that opens up a pathway for zinc to get in to your cells. It is both! A infected person needs the Chloroquine to open up a channel for zinc to get into the cell and do its job. The two work in tandem and not separately as suggested. Explained at 2 thru 8 minutes:

      • eddiemd

        Very good.

        I wonder if the military is taking chloroquine and zinc. It might be reasonable to give the combination to the NG troops called up and to active duty.

      • paul ...

        Freebrezer … the important point to remember from the excellent explanation posted … is zinc does shut down virus replication and that “some zinc” (about half as much) does get into the cell “even without Chloroquine” … the next question we ordinary folks should ask is … what can we people (who don’t have Chloroquine available) do to “Open the Ion Gate” of our cells to “let more zinc into the cell”?? … well regular “salt” will open the Ion Gate of our cells (just like Chloroquine) … so why not:
        1) temporarily “get off our salt free diet” if we are on one … and
        2) “double” the zinc supplementation we are taking (so as to increase the concentration of zinc outside the cell that “ordinary salt” can transport in) …

    • eddiemd

      Perhaps this is the future of the USA.

      Appears to be ARDS. Caused by the virus. Sepsis component. I have read reported evidence that fibrotic lung findings are common after recovery. Pulmonary fibrosis.

      • eddiemd

        Good video explaining the infection and ARDS.

        Interesting to note that hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) while used for malaria, is also commonly used for autoimmune diseases. An anti-inflammatory effect. It certainly could have an effect on early inflammation in the lung and even prior to the onset of full blown ARDS.

    • Steve

      sorry but the bible saying has nothing to do with eating a lamb

      • paul ...

        Steve … Irrespective of the saying … if your eating some lamb and can’t taste it … it means your body has used up its zinc supply fighting off a viral attack … zinc is a mineral that is needed in every cell in your body … especially helpful for keeping your immune system healthy and properly functioning (by fighting off bacteria and viruses that make you sick) thus the lamb you eat with high levels of zinc will help take away the sins of the world … zinc is also needed for the production of DNA and protein and plays an important role in healing wounds … once you have enough zinc back in the body your sense of taste and smell will return … perhaps it would have been more appropriate for me to say “the Oyster of God takes away the sins of the world” … as only a three-ounce serving of cooked oysters contains a whopping 74 mg of zinc (which is about 493 percent of the daily recommended intake)!!

  2. Stan

    Hey Paul: It is time you admit I was right about your Gold and Silver. I told you a crash was coming and it is here – it is in its infancy has has much longer to go. $1233 is next and then after that there is no bottom. I urge you to heed my warning. Oh, and did you notice the only asset that soared during recent days was your beloved US Dollar? Everything I told you Paul, and I mean EVERYTHING, has come true or is clearly in the process of coming true. You have been warned!

    • Greg Hunter

      Hey Stan,
      We all told you Db was garbage. It was $120 in 2007 and now less than $6.

      • Rodster

        Stan is nothing more than clickbait. He’s a fraud and a troll but great for website traffic.

      • daryl riewe

        Greg-in ur reply to Stan; What does Db stand for? Thank You !

        • Greg Hunter

          Google DB stock price.

    • jim

      Hay Loser STAN. Gold and silver have never been this high in the last eight years , go try and get it you loser troll.

    • MIKE

      A couple of days ago I attempted to purchase some silver dollars from my favorite broker and they can not get them as the us mint has run out of silver. Even though the price is currently around $12 based on the paper trades on the COMEX there is non to be had. If I could find any, the premium would be $6 per oz. They are also out of American gold eagles and the premium would be $120 per oz. So we’re in a situation where even though prices have fallen in the paper market there isn’t enough inventory to handle physical delivery.

    • paul ...

      Stan … don’t jump the gun … the $1460 level is providing “very strong underling support to gold” … remember with the tens of trillions of dollars needed “to bailout everyone” gold has really only one way to move (to new highs) … [we gold-bugs didn’t need to wait for commie Bernie to bring us MMT … Trump is stealing the Demon-rats thunder] … therefore “it is highly unlikely” gold will fall to $1233 as you suggest … the Fed is currently “replicating dollars even faster then the Corona Virus” … here is something you should consider very seriously Stan (with your big short position in gold) … there is “a real possibility” that many millions of American’s may use their $1200 dollar “virus check” to buy precious metals (the way I will) … you have been warned!!

      • paul ...

        Stan … it is time you admit that there is a difference between imaginary digital money magically created out of thin air and real money … remember last time around we just bailed out the banks … this time … we are bailing out “everyone” worldwide … where exponentially increasing and creating huge digital amounts of currency “is no object” … whereas physical gold “is an object” … and this is why only gold is real money (as it can’t be inflated away to infinity at the whim of some commie banksters and politicians)!!

    • Justn Observer

      Stan, Your posts are amusing and very interesting…yet IF true that you are being tipped off by ”’friends”’ at the FED …and you are trading on it….seems they and you might need an investigation and to be dealt with like Martha Stewart?

      • paul ...

        Justn … Stan is like the Corona Virus (very scary) but eventually he and the virus will pass … just as surely as Capitalism has now passed (with Trump’s recent commie actions to effectively nationalize all industries and bring us MMT) … and what does this say for our Constitutional Republic? …”This Too Shall Pass”?? … No! … more like … This Too “Has” Passed!!!

  3. David

    Concerning Senator Burr, no member of Congress or the Senate should be allowed to own stock. Most of their fortunes over the past 30 years have been made from insider trading. But, since they make the laws this will never end.

    • paul ...

      And then after making fortunes for themselves … the Republican Congress now wants to give NOTHING to the old people on Social Security (who are at the top of the list dying from this virus) … ZERO for the old useless eaters … they will only be sending a check “to people who paid taxes” (and will limit it to between $600 and $1200 dollars) … so it’s screw the old people all over again … give them ZERO so they can starve to death quicker and thus bail out the Social Security Trust Fund that these same Senators previously raided spent on their private boondoggle projects!! …

      • paul ...

        What about the fact that people on Social Security paid taxes for 65 years (before they retired) … while the people getting checks “worked less years” then the old retired seniors who will be getting NOTHING!!! … and they say this story fiction??? …

        • paul ...

          Just read the fine print … seems that if you had no taxable earnings last year your Social Security will qualify you for a $600 dollar check … but what about the people who never filed a tax return as they had no income to report???

        • Kevin S.

          It is not a fact that people on Social Security have paid taxes for 65 years before they retired. More like 50 years.

          • paul ...

            That’s because some parents didn’t start a business in the baby’s name as soon as it was born!!

      • Dave

        So much for the GOP being pro-life. They are only so when it comes to election time.

  4. Jak

    Bail out Boeing? NO!!!!!! They used all their free cash flow for stock buybacks so the managers could retire rich. They gambled, they lost, move along. Lots of companies played the same games for the last 11 years, part of the reason stocks kept going up in this stock market ponzi scheme. These big companies need to go belly up. Stock buybacks should be outlawed. Thanks, Greg- your best weekly wrap ever.

    • Auntie Seize

      If you bail out bad behavior, that is not capitalism. That is corporate socialism.
      Let the fools in Boeing mis-management suffer the consequences of their short-sightedness. It’s the only right thing to do.
      The more bad/criminal behavior you tolerate, the more you’re going to get.

      • susan

        You tell them Auntie Seize! If only our government would listen.

  5. paul ...

    Questions need to be asked about “Event 201” … Event 201 held in New York on October 18, 2019 was “a rehearsal for a worldwide pandemic caused by a deadly virus” … then one month later in an unbelievable coincidence when World Military Games opened in Wuhan the Corona Virus breaks out … who sponsored Event 201??? … it was sponsored by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Economic Forum (WEF), the CIA, Bloomberg, John Hopkins Foundation and the UN … Bill Gates has resigned and is probably hiding out hoping no one will take notice of “the unbelievable coincidence” but China has … and now considers the US and its corporate goons as mortal enemies!!! …

    • paul ...

      And of course Warren Buffet ( a good friend of Bill Gates) … likely used his “Bill Gates Indicator” … to forecast an upcoming stock market crash!!!

      • paul ...

        However … just as Wells Fargo gets “a slap on the wrist” for its economic treachery … and Hillary’s “pay to play” Foundation gets “exempted from prosecution” … the Gates Foundation will likely “get the contract” for manufacturing Chloroquine!!

        • K.Wayne

          As I mentioned back on the 2/21/20 (WNW 420) that I don’t like coincidences with reference to Event 201.
          I stated in my comments that day clearly ….that this COVID-19 is a deliberate and purposeful act of a nefarious government / agency/ group…. so far removed / distanced from the true parties responsible for bringing the World to its knees.
          If this is not straight from the Hegelian Dialectic Playbook of Problem=>Reaction=>Solution …..then I am misinterpreting the sequence of events that have unfolded over the last several months.
          Be warned people ….we are being set up and trapped.
          All of our remaining freedoms will be removed in short order.

    • Brooklyn

      Thank you Paul. We had not heard of Event 201, but have done some follow up research which will be highlighted in an upcoming CFP article. More people need to be made aware of this “unbelievable coincidence”. I will post it here later for you review and comment….

    • Dave

      Dr. Michael Savage said a month ago the virus genome was different than other coronavirus genomes and had elements that are similar to the structure of the HIV pathogen. Making him wonder if the virus was created as a bio-weapon. Did not know the genome in Iran and Italy is different from Wuhan. As the article claims. The staging of the pandemic test even is suspicious. Was it accidentally released? By China or maybe the US as the article suggests? Was it done on purpose? Nothing would surprise me. Remember Bush and the neo-cons contrived the Iraqi invasion. There were no WMDs – though even the apparatchik Hannity still claims there were. Ultimately tens of thousands were killed and the small Christian community there all but destroyed. All in the name of spreading the America’s New World Order. Didn’t Bush 1 first use that term?

    • JC

      paul… this is very interesting. Very ominous when we connect the dots.

      • JC

        paul… David Icke mentions “Event 201” in this interview.

        • paul ...

          JC … Icke is an expert at connecting the dots!!

          • MfromTas

            Yes, he connects the dots even when there aren’t any,

  6. Anthony Australia

    Have a nice weekend Greg and stay safe. Would be great if you could have an Australian guest on your show.
    Martin North or John Adams. (Please)

  7. Pat

    It appears that you were calling the greeting, Namaste, Stupid Stuff. If so, that seems to be just a tad prejudicial, perhaps even biased, to me. I know that you’re better than that.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think you are a “tad” lost. Seek Jesus.

      • Pat

        I found Jesus long ago. He was kind, tolerant and loving. My best to you, sir.

      • Tina Brunson

        Love your response Greg!!!

  8. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Well done!
    Yes, the economic damage from the “lockdown” (a term that used to be heard only regarding prisons) is already huge . . . and a lot of it was unnecessary to the fight against the China virus.
    This isn’t easy stuff; yet as I’ve talked with people in the course of the last day or so, it just amazes me how many “ordinary” working and business people understand the nature and gravity of what is happening. Unlike a couple of weeks ago, they’re now mostly taking the recommended precautions and coming up with workable and reasonable approaches to the problem. And they recognize that the economy is being demolished by some of the extreme — often unreasonable — measures being “ordered” by the various governments.

    • Greg Hunter

      Don’t be ridiculous.

      • Ray

        UN sounds pretty bang on to me!
        So when they rollout the new “Fed Coin”, where cash is banned and everyone must use digital money……that’s coming pretty soon….almost guaranteed……what say you then Greg?
        Already today here in Australia, our largest supermarket chain, Woolworths, is saying they won’t accept cash, as it is “dirty” and a possible spreader of this virus!
        (It’s actually ILLEGAL not to accept cash in this country, but the average reality TV watching imbecile over here forgot that LONG, LONG ago.)
        Regarding the Ponzi…….IT GOES ON!!!
        It will NEVER STOP!!!
        E V E R………..
        This current failingPonzi will be replaced by an even BIGGER PONZI.
        Look……how can someone tell me or anyone else with a brain in their head that now, with this massive global problem, that all the Bansters, all the Australian and US WAR MONGERING BASTARDS are going to say “OK……let’s have an honest society, open and honest money system”.
        Forget it………DREAM ON.
        Get ready to get sick and get ready to be fleeced good & proper by the usual asswipes that RUN EVERYTHING.
        This whole COVID 19 thing seems to me to be a planned operation. The global economy was teetering on the edge for years……they are just bringing it down……GLOBALLY.
        (And The Sheeple WILL BEG for a solution, and when that includes the complete imprisonment of EVERY PURCHASE one makes in society via digitisation, The FU**ED UP FLOCK will welcome it.)
        New World Order……SUCCESS……JOB DONE.
        UnCommon Sense is on the right track for sure.

    • Unwanted

      The antichrist will come down from above announcing himself to be God.

      • Greg Hunter

        No he won’t

      • Tina Brunson

        The Antichrist is HERE on the earth. He does Not come down from above, Only Jesus does that. The Antichrist will say he is the Messiah and can even perform (“lying wonders,”) mimicking what Jesus Christ can do. At THAT POINT in time, Jesus Christ returns shortly after, with His “saints” coming with Him, All riding horses, (see Revelation) and THEN, the Antichrist and the Beast, are FINISHED!!!!! COME QUICKLY LORD JESUS!

    • William Stanley

      I don’t know if this is relevant or not: But I just got hit with a 5.0 magnitude earthquake while I was pondering your comment.

      • Ray

        Good one Mr Stanley!!
        Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

      • paul ...

        Could be very relevant William … In Haggai 2:7: “God says he will shake up (with earthquakes) or stir up (with viruses) all nations … and that these nations shall then bring forth desirable things … like a silver and gold (monetary system) … which will make the latter house exceed the former (debt ridden one)”!!!

        • MfromTas

          Yes, he connects the dots even when there aren’t any.

    • MfromTas

      That’s absolutely ridiculous ! He’s just incompetent.

  9. Fredrick Getzschman

    Great report.

  10. Rachel

    Hi Greg, Thank you for all your research here today. I was prescribed quinine last year by my doctor for occasional severe leg cramps that I get and I have here it in my cupboard…. Please let me tell your viewers what it is and how it works because it’s not for everybody. When I take it I am on the floor convulsing and vomiting all night long. Quinine LOWERS blood-sugar levels. I have hyperglycemia which is low blood sugar due to my body over producing insulin naturally. (This is the opposite to normal diabetes where not enough insulin is produced causing high blood-sugar.) Quinine is dangerous for me to take. I go into diabetic shock from taking it. BUT if you have normal diabetes it will help you to override a sugar high. … If Quinine really is the cure then maybe I will not be affected by this virus. Italy has a higher death rate than China did.. maybe Italians have higher blood-sugar levels that the Chinese. Younger people have less diabetes than older people. Maybe that’s why they are less affected. …. But these are maybes…. Please know that I still get the flue. Having low blood-sugar does not prevent me from getting sick. What it does do is make me heal very fast from injuries, bruises, cuts etc.

    • Rachel


      • Galaxy 500

        I find the study suspect. There is almost never a 100% cure for anything. And there has not been enough time for a peer review.
        That being said, the drugs you mention are showing great promise along with some others.
        Also, if you get a fever, take Tylenol.
        Keep reporting the truth, stay safe and fear not

      • JT

        It has been reported that the strain of corona virus in Italy is a different one than China suffered from. The Iranian strain was different from both of those. The USA is the only place where all 5 strains exist. Kind of a smoking gun for those who would like to know where it all began.

        It’s hard to know what the truth is exactly but given enough facts over time it won’t be hard to see the truth. A Japanese virologist working at a Madison WI university seems to be at the heart of the matter. Notice that Japan is not having any problems to report even though the close living quarters of their society is a major factor.

        • paul ...

          JT … The AB blood type (which is the rarest of all) is found in up to 10% of the population in Japan, Korea, and China but is extremely rare in other regions which have type O or type A or type B blood … this could account for at least 10% of the difference in the death rates being seen in Italy compared to Asia … seems the Corona Virus can’t attach that easily to the cells of people with AB blood (which could have been a genetic modification made by humans long ago frighting off virus’s in the historical past)!!

    • The Seer

      Leg cramps from low potassium.
      You may not be holding onto your

  11. mal

    Hi Greg,
    If someone asks if you are a racist for saying that the Wuhan Virus originated in China the result is no different than the response to that old standby question “when did you stop beating your wife?”. The racist as usual is the one pointing a finger and screaming “racist” the loudest. You are being steered into denial mode. If I were the President I would respond to that kind of incompetent journalism with another question. “Mr. Acosta, have you stopped assaulting white house interns”? “Mr. Lemon, do you still spew fake news every evening”?

  12. JC

    Greg, I love it when you say “The Mysterious They” it could be the title of a financial horror movie.

  13. JC

    A very sobering weekly news wrap-up. Thanks Greg.

  14. dlc

    I was well aware of hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) as being used to treat lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. It reduces inflammation in the body. I was made aware I had lupus about 5 years ago. I have never taken this or any pharma drugs for it. The side effects listed for this drug give me the willies.

    I take one of Alex Jones’ products which contains turmeric. I use various supplements to reduce inflammation and try to keep an alkaline body pH. It works for me. I have to totally avoid sunlight which causes lupus flareups. If I work in my garden, I need to cover every inch of skin. I’ve been able to remain in a dormant state with this approach.

    It’s great that this product can be used to counter coronavirus though. It would be taken short term and, if I had the virus, I would take it. I otherwise avoid all pharma concoctions.

    I would like to see the medical cartel turn a new leaf in regard to the pushing of drugs. People have been greatly harmed by the drug, cut and burn approach to health. The modern medical approach has made people unnecessarily dependent on meds which have some nasty side effects — usually requiring even more drugs.

  15. JC

    I have been talking to several people that believe everything is going to go back to “normal” and the Dow is going to go right back up.
    I don’t, I think life as we knew it is over. So much wealth has been destroyed, how many people put money into the market and took on risk because of this disgraceful interest rate policy of 10 years that punishes “savers?”

    Greg, when you connect all the dots using all the realities that you so eloquently demonstrated, the future is indeed looking grim, is it not?

  16. JC

    ‘Bank of England cancels bank stress tests’

    Of course! Don’t want the painful truth to come out!

  17. Better Chetter

    Always appreciate your timely reporting – it is because of you that I have 4 cases of water in the house, and all debts paid … was even starting to pay utilities a month in advance, so any helicopter money coming in, will go to that for now. Bless you brother~

  18. JC

    Before sunrise this morning, a normally calm and very senior Wall Street banker texted me: “All hell is about to break loose. No safe havens.” His text could not be ignored, coming as it did on the morning after…..

  19. chip2

    The pretending has not ended and will not end REGARDING THEIR LEGITIMACY, until they are identified and prosecuted. The Federal Reserve’s existence is their enabler. If we don’t get honest money, this madness won’t end.

    It would be so awesome to see justice visited on all these turkeys who have gamed and continue to game the system for their own enrichment, while everyone else suffers for it. These people are psychopaths and will not back off until they are taken out of the system. Get rid of them and the Federal Reserve.

    • Keith wilson

      Talking about Turkeys. I have just received an email from my Bird seed supplier informing me that they can not supply any Bird seed for my pigeons for another six months. They are completely sold out and are finding it completely impossible to get any more corn deliveries until the autumn. So they you have it. No silver and no Bird seed left on the shelf. All completely gone.

    • Auntie Seize

      The phony “money” system enables and fuels all these manipulation shenanigans.
      It needs to be eliminated AND so does the belief in it.
      It takes two to tango, as they say. If the people recognized and rejected that system of false weights and measures, it would never be able to get going. That some corrupt individuals thought they could game that system for their own profit is also part of the problem.

  20. Thomas McLaughlin

    Hi Greg, real life example for you, unexpectedly I got laid off, 32 years at company, service industry, due to economy.

    Sure it hurts but I listened to you and your guests over the years. Virtually no debts, car is paid, credit cards near zero, frugal on utilities, low cost apartment. Heeding the Covid-19 warnings, I deep stocked pantry, got my vaccinations & extra prescriptions, extra cat food, stuff needed to hunker down.

    Taking stock in the situation, I’m in a good position, better than others, with just unemployment & health insurance to figure out.

    So Greg, while you might think you preach to the choir, I listened, and I’ve got faith in God that he has a plan for me. To all your other viewers, I’m a real life example telling you to get prepared and stay prepared.

  21. Wim

    Hi Greg. This devlish Ponzi scheme will come to an end. When is a question for 12 years. The number of billionairs grows, by which the currency doesn’t hit the streets like in the Weimar Republic. On many fronts events in the world will rev up. This one world is the most devlish one in the Universe, look around you. The vast majority of spirits in this one world are devlish ones. This one world was created to release them out of punishment camp in the spirit world (hell the Bible calls it)…….prisoners on parole, blowing that. The day óf reckoning is approaching. Praying for forgiveness obstructs to convert to a world living love….which could be called devlish. No power of love in the Universe breaks the free will, nor it could change devlish souls. A conversion to love is not a prayer, it’s a road 24/7. The power in the Universe stands for Justice, not forgiving the oppositie.That’s the devlish state of mind wanting the destructive way to continue. Convert to love is a 24/7 prayer within the soul…….No power in the Universe could do it for you.
    Honesty and love makes science going through the roof……giving ETV (UFO) etc etc. These civilisations have direct contact with the spirit world, as they popped up to whitness the day of reckoning, and to evacuate the exceptions in this one world.
    Live in love. Best regards.
    Wim (JC)

  22. Jerry

    Here you go folks.
    This is what’s waiting for you on the other side of the reset.

  23. Galaxy 500

    I find the study suspect. There is almost never a 100% cure for anything. And there has not been enough time for a peer review.
    That being said, the drugs you mention are showing great promise along with some others.
    Also, if you get a fever, take Tylenol.
    Keep reporting the truth, stay safe and fear not.
    Truth and sunlight are the best disinfectants

  24. Jeff Justice

    Best wrap ever. You are a true Patriot and man of courage. A real global depression has started no matter what THEY want to call it and like you say things have changed and will never be the same.
    You have been spot on reporting the truth and providing us real news and information to forewarn and help us prepare.
    God bless you and look over you during this time

  25. Doug

    Good review.
    The danger is when it all collapses, that we DO NOT allow the same people to give us “the next scheme” that works for them only.
    This will be a perfect time to rethink the whole banking model. ZERO need for a Central Bank (anywhere). Sovereign countries DO NOT need a Central bank to LOAN them money and pay interest to a banking cartel. ZERO REQUIRMENT
    Also, manufacturing needs to return to North American.
    Charity needs to start at home. There is plenty of need within ones own country that the Government DOES NOT need to send endless $billions overseas (When the Average majority of citizens DO NOT want that).
    Pedophilia and Satanic rituals around abortion NEED TO STOP.
    An interesting tid bit, is that if you search Wuhan Corp., you will find that THEY make Adrenochrome in Wuhan China (ground zero of Corona Virus). Hmmm. I wonder if Covid-19 was implanted into the El-ites Adrenochrome? Seems a lot of VIP’s and Stars and Athletes are catching the Virus. For those that don’t know, Adrenochrome is a substance that is produced in the body under extreme fear of pain (Adrenaline) and is most potent in children…….Hmmm (it apparently gives you an enormous high that is addictive), child trafficking all of a sudden makes sense when you consider the depravity in a lot of so called “famous” people. Since the President has clamped down on Child Trafficking over the southern boarder, the NEED for a chemically derived form has grown exponentially. Da da da daaaah. Wuhan Corp. Could it be a terrible thing, but a planned way of bringing down the dark side of society by ridding the world of the Scum and disgusting vermin under the cover of Covid-19 and the Crash that was suppose to happen years ago? Everyone at home away from school makes it tough to have a “School Shooting” to distract. Notice all the VIP’s “stepping down from jobs”……Bill Gates for one. Hmmmm.
    There is a LOT going on behind the scenes right now. the dark forces have had centuries to build their governmental and Banking workings. Bringing them down…..doesn’t just happen….there will be pain. Trust the President and Trust we will come out the other side much better (Humanity wise) than before this happened.
    God Bless everyone and stay strong and MORAL in everything you do.

  26. Russ

    Thanks Greg, good information in these interesting times. As for Chloroquine and other anti-virals, hopefully the doctors will check their patients for contraindications. All those folk who died in Italy may not have been killed the COVID-19 but instead by the anti-viral medication.

    “Italy coronavirus: new explosive information” – Nexus Newsfeed

    …“Read this carefully. Many people who were diagnosed as “coronavirus cases” in Italy, and then died, were almost certainly put on antiviral drugs. As you’ll see, below, a significant percentage of these people had prior heart conditions or high blood pressure. But at least one of the antiviral drugs, called ribavirin, carries this VERY RELEVANT warning, from “Ribavirin may decrease the number of red blood cells in your body. This is called anemia and it can be life-threatening in people who have heart disease or circulation problems.” High blood pressure is a circulatory problem. Understand? Get it? LIFE-THREATENING. So how many coronavirus patients have been killed by the administering of ribavirin?”…

  27. kevin

    may i suggest this guys last report .. explains a lot

    • paul ...

      Why not simply take the temperature of these guest workers “every day” … and expel them on a case by case basis … so we can get our crops planted!!

  28. John Shipp

    We must remember that the only thing straight about the Chinese is their hair.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s not the Chinese people. It’s the godless communist leadership.

    • paul ...

      They have pretty straight minds also … not like some “Stan types” I know!!

  29. Mitchell

    Knowing that that all systems we are familiar with (those we like, love and hate) will more than likely forever change life in our country (and likely the world), I’m running across people trying to choose the wise financial course of action. Yes, precious metals, firearms, food/supplies/water, etc… But as a small business owner, and knowing several people in a very similar boat, we’re trying to determine how to approach the taxman’s tax bill, given our on hand cash. In my particular case I will owe $50k to the IRS come April 15 (extended I know). I have the cash. But am I better served by trading it for PM assuming some type of currency reset in the near future? or paying it off now and not having to work through some restructured debt or negatively re-valued dollar/currency later? Thoughts anyone?

    • Rachel

      Mitchell, My Thoughts …. The outstanding amount will have interest charged on it so pay it off and clear all of your debts if you can. When the bond market crashes it may drop like a stone and catapult interest rates upwards. These are really weird times so take your advice from the bible and “don’t tempt fate.” When you are unsure about anything go back to your ten commandments first and the rest of the scripture in the bible second. The Ten Commandments are literally your guide to life .. given so that you may live your life on this earth without falling into a pitfall that could be detrimental to your health, wellbeing or life. Commandments 7 “Thou shalt not steal.” , and 10 “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s goods.” both apply to your question here. The bible has many phrases regarding money. … Forget about the people around you and have a good read and pray for guidance that is in your best interest. Man’s greatest challenge is always about making good decisions. …

      • paul ...

        Good advice Rachel …

    • Ray

      If you know that you owe them the 50 Gorillas, and the owed debt is all above board, my advice is to simply pay it.
      When the Titanic really begins to take water into the fourth compartment (methinks that will be in around 3-4 weeks from today), the last thing you want is the government sniffing around for your money.
      From there, take the consistant advice of Greg and his wise guests…….perhaps even Gerald Celnte’s advice: The Three Gees……..Gold, Gun and a Getaway Plan.
      My advice (for what it’s worth) The Four Gees…..God, Gold, Gun and a Getaway Plan.
      Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

  30. eddiemd

    Luke 21:34-36
    The Importance of Watching

    34 “But take heed to yourselves, lest your hearts be weighed down with carousing, drunkenness, and cares of this life, and that Day come on you unexpectedly. 35 For it will come as a snare on all those who dwell on the face of the whole earth. 36 Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.”

    Spring break in Florida, Texas, and other beaches.

    It will come as a snare upon ALL those who dwell on the face of the earth. Believers included.

    Take heed. Watch. Pray always. The Words of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

    Pray for discernment, wisdom, understanding, grace. The Spirit of Truth will reveal the hidden manna to those who seek diligently.

    Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Messiah. El Shaddai. Root of Jesse. Root of David. Captain of the Host. He is exalted on high. The Lamb of God. The Passover Lamb, the Blood of the Lamb sprinkled upon the doorposts and lintel of our hearts that protects us from the destroyer. Psalm 91.

    Daniel 11:32
    …but the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits.

    2 Then some came and told Jehoshaphat, saying, “A great multitude is coming against you from beyond the sea, from [b]Syria; and they are in Hazazon Tamar” (which is En Gedi). 3 And Jehoshaphat feared, and set [c]himself to seek the Lord, and proclaimed a fast throughout all Judah. 4 So Judah gathered together to ask help from the Lord; and from all the cities of Judah they came to seek the Lord.

    2 Chronicles 20:5-9, 12-13

    5 Then Jehoshaphat stood in the assembly of Judah and Jerusalem, in the house of the Lord, before the new court, 6 and said: “O Lord God of our fathers, are You not God in heaven, and do You not rule over all the kingdoms of the nations, and in Your hand is there not power and might, so that no one is able to withstand You? 7 Are You not our God, who drove out the inhabitants of this land before Your people Israel, and gave it to the descendants of Abraham Your friend forever? 8 And they dwell in it, and have built You a sanctuary in it for Your name, saying, 9 ‘If disaster comes upon us—sword, judgment, pestilence, or famine—we will stand before this temple and in Your presence (for Your name is in this temple), and cry out to You in our affliction, and You will hear and save.’
    12 O our God, will You not judge them? For we have no power against this great multitude that is coming against us; nor do we know what to do, but our eyes are upon You.”
    13 Now all Judah, with their little ones, their wives, and their children, stood before the Lord.

    Our eyes are upon You, Almighty God, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Wonderful, Counselor, Almighty God, Prince of Peace. Emmanuel.

    2 Chronicles 20:17
    17 You will not need to fight in this battle. Position yourselves, stand still and see the salvation of the Lord, who is with you, O Judah and Jerusalem!’ Do not fear or be dismayed; tomorrow go out against them, for the Lord is with you.”

    Do not fear or be dismayed.

    Hebrews 13:8 New King James Version (NKJV)
    8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

    Glory to the King of Kings. Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The Name given above all Names. Hosanna!

  31. Justn Observer

    Greg, What is the odds first U.S. patient with Corona virus = patient #1 is a U.S. intel officer from Ft. Belivor who went to WUYAN at the time of the outbreak there!
    The ties Trump coupers to bio weapons in the U.S. that hit U.S. people are startling =
    When is enough…ENOUGH with these warmongering psychopaths from bio-weapons to geo-engineering aerosol sprayings… That we even have to suspect or tolerate such activities by our own government or intel ‘agents’ is unacceptable. RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA, GHINA CHINA CHINA, DEEP STATE DEEP STATE, SHADOW GOVERNMENT…this and that…. Time to just clear it all out…take the pain…and for The People to do ‘their’ re-set ! or this will go on and on…with the people and their children forever running ‘their’ designed hamster wheels…

  32. iwitness02

    There is an elaborate plan unfolding around the world. I don’t know whose plan it is or what the final outcome of the plan is. Mannarino believes that the globullists have already won. X22 report believes the Patriots have the globullists right where we want them. Greg Hunter is somewhere in the middle. I’m at a total loss. (of understanding)
    The life style that I live has been perfect training for the circumstances we now face. My wife and I are well practiced at isolation. We are well practiced at getting by on very little. It’s like we have been in training for this most of our lives. So far nothing about our daily life has changed. For the most part, we are unable to separate fact from fiction. We are interested and try to stay informed. But we have no idea what is really going on. So we simply carry on.

    • iwitness02

      Our biggest danger may be wide spread panic from people who are broke, hungry, scared and desperate. No telling what people may do at that point. Violence usually ensues. I would suspect that high density housing areas and the big cities could become very dangerous. I heard that the National Guard is being deployed in various areas in anticipation of rioting. We may now be in the “calm before the storm.”

      • JC

        “i”, I agree with you. I’m thinking of something Gerald Celente often says. “When people lose everything, they lose it.”

  33. Dave

    Controlled conservative media agrees with the financial shows that there will be a V recovery. So much for the honesty of both groups. Limbaugh famously said last fall that deficits don’t matter. Virtually no one on conservative radio (Savage, Shapiro excepted) called out the budgets Trump signed that blew the deficit higher. Leehan Chen of the Hoover Institute was on Armstrong and Getty today and asked about the lost weeks, The time between Trump stopping travel from China and the Administration taking this seriously. A time when Trump said it was under control and the CDC said there were enough masks. How much did the virus spread in the US in those critical weeks? Once this is over, as Chen said, the reaction of the Administration will need to be honestly evaluated. Some like Shapiro, Armstrong ang Getty, Savage, Tucker Carlson are honest enough to say the President’s initial reaction was – as Shapiro calls it – “rocky”. Controlled conservative media is desperately trying to hide this critical non-response period but that is futile. Ads are being prepared with comments by Trump, Kudlow, Limbaugh and others during this time juxtaposed to headlines about the spreading virus. As to the 4 Senators who sold stock after being briefed on the virus, is there any doubt what they were up to. It is bad news especially for the GOP (3 of the 4 are Republicans) as prominent conservatives from Tucker Carlson to the leader of Turning Point USA are calling on Burr and Loeffler to resign. If Burr resigns the Democrat governor will appoint a Democrat to replace him and the Democrats chances of taking Loeffler’s seat have gone up. The Democrat will retake the Senate in the fall with all that portends.

    The corporate capitalism the US has been living under is the end stage of mature capitalism. Mammon ascendant. The industrial base and middle class hollowed out. Huge income disparities as Gerald Celente has been warning about. Cheap/slave labor in China so Americans can have their cheap “toys” – the invention of ever increasing material needs invented by capitalists to keep it all going. Christianity collapses in that situation as has happened in the US and Europe.

    • Ray

      Excellent last paragraph there Dave……absolute pearler and bang on correct.
      Well said mate.
      Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

  34. Brooklyn


    THIS, as others have stated above, was one of your very best weekly wrap ups. I will confess stopping by many times during the week to see if you had posted an interim report.
    Although you touched on it, the one major factor that ‘triggered’ the government and media promoting our current panic condition is in the end to blame it all on Trump so it will be impossible for him to be reelected come November.
    But, unfortunately, November 6 is not the normal calendar of eight months away, it is an entire-world-away from where we might find ourselves …
    My prayers has always been the same: “Here I am Lord, please tell me what You want me to do. Amen.”

  35. Auntie Seize

    The money manipulation shenanigans will continue,… until they cannot. Then the skyscraper of cards comes crashing down.

    • Ray

      Never will Auntie…….never will, I am saddened to say.
      Humans NEED their illusions so that they don’t have to face the awful truth about life.
      For as long as there is “money” in this world, it will be controlled by the filth that thought it up in the first place, and the even bigger filth that took control of it in the second place.
      Manipulation will go on forever.
      There is no honesty in Humanity……..we have chosen a dog-eat-dog reality, and that is what will remain until the very, very, very end.
      But you take care Auntie…..I always enjoy reading your comments here.
      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

  36. JC

    ‘The physical gold and silver market just became a little tighter in the near-term as one major mint is shutting down operations for the next two weeks.
    in a note to clients, the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) said that because of the spreading coronavirus, starting Friday it is closing its doors for the next two weeks. That means the mint will not be producing its Gold and Silver Maple Leaf bullion coins.’

  37. Justn Observer

    Only in’ NEW -NATIONAL SOCIALIST – AMERICA’ hmmm something tells me Janet Yellen was wrong? lol

  38. hobuk

    The only thing we know about covid-19 is that it is very deceptive. Was it engineered for quick spread? Pandemics have been around forever. 450 million people get pneumonia EVERY YEAR. Today in Italy “confirmed” cases to population amount to .00067. Deaths to population are .0000558, and deaths to “confirmed” cases are .083. Iran’s numbers are even more infinitesimal. No government has ever destroyed its economy because of a virus.

    Here’s a story on bats, SARS corona, and pneumonia clusters in U.S. as early as last June and the CDC shut down of Ft. Detrick, MA lab.

    Stay healthy an skeptical.
    God Bless you Greg.

  39. Bette Pena

    No need to post this. My NC DAR meeting for April (Caswell-Nash Chapter in Raleigh, NC) canxd. My husband’s meeting this weekend (Raleigh SAR) canxed. The NC State DAR annual conf (120 yrs old) canxed. The NC state SAR annual conf cancd. We get our groceries through walmart pickup. Can’t even sched a pickup. Apparently if you catch a break, at midnight you can find a sched opening for pick up groc. I don’t work and my husband (and a lot of ppl where he works) works from home so our only exposure is shopping. So we’ll prob have to go in and get grocieries. Right now we are find with cleaning supplies, tp, and hand sanitizer. – Bette

  40. Southern Girl

    Here in Arkansas we have only drive through banks, drive through food, etc. Public schools will not maybe go back until April 17th??? What I have figured out that we now have no access to our safe deposit box…saw this coming long time ago and just keep papers in mine. ONE final note I buy gold and silver through another company other than your advertiser and have for years…went to the site and almost everything sold out WHAT A SHOCK…this is a large company so I wondered if anyone else sees that???
    Just a few silver and gold coins left.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for your street reporting.

    • Coalburner

      Dotto for me. Southern Girl. Cannot get stock. Especially no silver Dollar Bullion. And the mint is out.

  41. Open Eyes

    Coronavirus Was Eerily Predicted in a 1981 Novel

    The 1981 novel “The Eyes of Darkness” by Dean Koontz talks about a deadly virus used as a biological weapon named Wuhan-400. The epicenter of real-life Coronavirus is … Wuhan, China. And the eerie similarities do not end there.

    Published 1 month ago on February 18, 2020
    By Vigilant Citizen

  42. JC

    After reading that hair salons and barber shops will close indefinitely in New York, I emailed a friend who works for a beauty supply company in NYC. Here is his reply.

    “There was a bloodbath at my company in the last 8 days. Entire sales team laid off. Ten off us remain standing but not certain for how long. Personally have taken a major financial hit.”

  43. Mike

    Greg, without a doubt the best analysis ever! Your perspective is partially built upon your years of an investigative reporter and your wealth of accumulated knowledge and wisdom gained by your interviews with such great insights. You are spot on. I know that you have more to say (broken supply chains and ultimately credit markets breaking) , too much to internalize in one short session. You covered so much!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Mike!!

  44. JC

    I agree with Martin Armstrong. Something fishy is going on.

    “The New York governor is locking down the state. You must be a critical business to be open. This really makes no sense. Even if 10% of the population got the virus and say 10% of them were to die, then we are at 1968 flu epidemic levels where 3 million people died. They did not shut down the world economy for that. There is another agenda here. There is no evidence that this would ever last for 18 months. All viruses peak out and it already has in Asia. So why 18 months? Something is just not right. It appears they are using this as a pretense to prevent civil unrest that they know is rising. Even if a journalist has doubts, the editors are blocking any contrary reporting. So much for the press doing any investigation here.”

    • paul ...

      You don’t lock down the entire State by force … you let individuals with morals lock themselves down if their temperature rises over 100!!

    • MfromTas

      The problem is that this is much more contagious than the normal flu. And more than 10% will get it. Many more. And the numbers that will need to go to hospital will far outpace the ability of the hospital and medical system to cope. Those that survive icu may also have lifelong scarring of the lungs. In Italy and now Spain, there aren’t enough ventilators ( like everywhere) and they are now choosing to prioritise the lives of anyone under 65, whilst giving the over 65’s sedatives to help them cope with dying. This will soon be the case in the USA.

  45. Wagner

    The US dollar is on a tear, and that’s troubling
    Paul R. La Monica 1 hr ago
    Even though the novel coronavirus has the United States essentially in lockdown mode, the American dollar continues to be viewed as the world’s safest and most stable currency.

  46. Susan

    How does one find a stock broker/financial adviser that isn’t trained by one of the bigs who just want to keep you in the market and invest whatever cash you have in the market? I need to know what to do with cash besides PM, lead, food, debt, etc. We are elderly and not financially educated in a world where everything is rigged. We work, don’t spend it all, pay our bills and put some away. I realize we are in an enviable position all in all but I have no idea what to do with saved cash other than watch it lose value or become like confederate dollars. I feel helpless.

    • JC

      Susan, you are so right, most so called “financial advisers” are truly brainwashed and not very good at prioritizing “capital preservation.

      One of Greg’s frequent guests is Michael Pento. Check out past interviews, he might be what you are looking for. The website is

  47. Brian

    This won’t end until America repents.

  48. Leo

    Thanks Greg that was your best Friday ever. I like the lines that hey folks the damage is already done and the 70 ton train coming down at 70 mph I read it three times. I hope there is a cure coming soon then we can mingle and share Jesus and beans instead of hiding in our caves. I live in Washington state just a few miles from the danger zone and my son is right on top in Kirkland. Keep up the good work Greg in is an inspiration to us so close to ground zero.

  49. J W

    Thank you Greg you are the best .

  50. The Seer

    There may be more waves coming.
    They engineered-mosquitoes…..
    Remember whose name is behind those?
    As for a financial reset let’s do it!
    Get into a better new design!!

  51. Jerry

    Heads up friends,
    I have it from a reliable source, that the state of Missouri will be on lockdown within 48 hours from ( Friday 3:00 p.m.). Not far from where I live the national guard was setting up a staging area to coordinate blocking the roads. It appears to me that the federal government at this point is passing the buck to states to enforce the beginning phases of medical martial law. Come Monday we will find out.

  52. Paul Anthony

    So I live in Zion Illinois not far from the border of Wisconsin. We went on “shelter in place” order by The governor to be lock down at 5pm and it lasts through April 7 2020

    I drive Uber part time and no one seems terrified. They are stocking up at the stores I did several of those pick ups and drive homes.

    One rider said “seems like a regular day for me. I still have to go to work , we’re allowed to go to the grocery store and I still can walk my dog which about sums up my day. So for me it’s like regular. (Paraphrasing his conversation)

    Part of Shelter in place is essential workers can go to work .. anyone can go to the store, and you’re allowed to go for walks or runs in your neighborhood and or walk your dog.

    This mad the grocery stores packed from 3pm when it was announced until 5pm … which it’s dead now

    from passengers mood seems to be they’d just like to hurry up and get it over with … but no one was behaving “panicked”

    That’s all I got from my neighborhood

    Pray everyone … stay safe.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for your reporting Paul!

  53. Mike G

    Tulsi caved, just another politician, can you imagine?

  54. al


    When did this CHINA virus take hold? When did Trump get Acquitted? Same time… look it up. Coincidence? I DON’T THINK SO!

    I’m looking at the price of gold, still being suppressed. That says Fed is still in charge with the dollar illusion. Can they print 3 Quadrillion of fiat trash in a flash? Absolutely, it’s just a push of a button.

    We are watching a compressed version of everything that should have happened in 2008. I was looking for a bounce, Bo said there would be a bounce, but none has occurred. This is OMINOUS!

    I look up at the sky and see no airplanes. I drive once congested roads and see few cars. This is OMINOUS… but not unexpected.

    Greg, you got us all ready with your guests and commentary. Yes, it took longer than anyone thought it would, but it’s happening NOW!

    God Bless, Stay Safe and please never stop being the Paul Revere of our day.

  55. Agent P

    The Governors and Mayors of States & Cities which are unnecessarily being put on ‘lock-down’, have about (30) days – or less, to make some rational choices (reversals) on these reactionary decisions, or the economic (read: $Taxpayer implosion) to their State and City budgets will prove irreversible.

    While it might be ‘fun’ for a while to have the ability to wield such power over millions of people, that fun is going to turn into a budgetary Nightmare, and shortly following, a Political Nightmare —- for THEM.

    There ARE businesses which can still operate which pose minimum risk of disease-spread, and they should be allowed to function as normal. To wholesale shut economies down is the height of political arrogance and hubris.

  56. Robert Adolph

    Only 3200 Chinese have died from COVI-9, that’s .0000023% , and they are 90% back to work! This corona frenzi is another false flag, fraud like 9-11 and weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and Benghazi.

    • Greg Hunter

      You believe the Chinese government? I don’t.

  57. Mike R

    Well folks, the Media and our own Gubmint lied to us once again. Heads must roll now, and many of these hedgies need to go to prison, bc they have put our entire financial system in deep jeapordy.

    Read this carefully. Confirmed in Bloomberg news. (since nobody believed ZH when they wrote about this months ago). Personally, I think there is a direct tie in to the corona virus, which was launched around late October, early November into the ‘system’ (meaning to the public), specifically in China first, then elsewhere. The odds of all this stuff coming down at once, just by themselves or in isolation are astronomical. The virus was no doubt genetically engineered, and it did not just ‘escape’ or ‘leak’ from a lab on its own.

    Back in December, when the world was still confused about what exactly happened before (and after) the September repocalypse – which has since exploded thousand-fold resulting in the Fed now doing daily $1 Trillion repo operations – we (ZH-Tyler Durden) said that in addition to the implicit bailout of JPM (which we described here first, and subsequently others), by restarting its repo operations the Fed was also bailing out DOZENS of hedge funds engaging in highly levered trades involving a relative value compression trade in the Treasury cash/swap basis… almost identical to what LTCM was doing ahead of its 1998 bailout, which is also why we titled the article “The Fed Was Suddenly Facing Multiple LTCMs.”

    In a nutshell, the article explained why and how the return of the Fed’s repo ops was nothing more than the Fed preemptively bailing out all those hedge funds that would have imploded had basis trades gone haywire. Below is a key excerpt from that post:

    One increasingly popular hedge fund strategy involves buying US Treasuries while selling equivalent derivatives contracts, such as interest rate futures, and pocketing the arb, or difference in price between the two. While on its own this trade is not very profitable, given the close relationship in price between the two sides of the trade. But as LTCM knows too well, that’s what leverage is for. Lots and lots and lots of leverage.

    We also said that “hedge funds such as Millennium, Citadel and Point 72 are not only active in the repo market, they are also the most heavily leveraged multi-strat funds in the world, taking something like $20-$30 billion in net AUM and levering it up to $200 billion. They achieve said leverage using repo.”

    Needless to say, as always when this website presents something the mainstream press hasn’t even considered, our explanation of what really happen ahead and during the September repocalypse was met with the traditional mockery and derision by the financial “intelligentsia.”

    Until today (March 20th) , three months later, when Bloomberg finally confirmed everything we said.

    In an article discussing how and why the Fed unleashed its March 12 repo bazooka, Bloomberg writes that “when coronavirus panic kicked off unprecedented turmoil in Treasuries last week, hedge fund leverage was lurking” and goes on to “explain” something we said back in December:

    The [hedge funds] use borrowed money from the repurchase market for the popular basis trade, which exploits price differences between cash Treasuries and futures. Though individual firms’ borrowing is a closely guarded metric, people familiar with the transactions said some of them levered up as much as 50 times their own wagers. Leveraged funds’ exposure to the basis strategy could be as much as $650 billion, JPMorgan Chase & Co. strategists said.

    Does that sound like “the Fed suddenly facing multiple LTCMs”? Because to us it sure does. And more importantly, what happened in the days ahead of last week’s credit market debacle is precisely what happened ahead of the September repo snafu, only with exponentially more destructive power.

    (Folks – heads need to roll, and prison sentences dished out big time. This is unacceptable to Happen AGAIN, and AGAIN, just like 98, and 08, and now in 2019/2020. No more bail outs for anyone, except mainstream America, which means every small business with fewer than 50 employees, needs a direct injection, sufficient to cover payroll and rents, for as long as these lockdowns go. If they dont do it, pitchforks are coming for every US congressman, especially the ones who dumped stocks, while telling Americans all was well, before the markets plummeted due to ‘K-rona’ virus.)

  58. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Proof that the physical price of precious metals is finally breaking away from the phoney paper derivatives price: Latest article from precious metals dealer BullionStar publishes their BUY-BACK prices – spot plus 28% for Silver Eagles! Just to be clear – this is the premium they will pay a customer who wants to sell them their Silver Eagles. Obviously, if BullionStar could obtain the coins anywhere else for less, then they would not be making this open offer.
    I do not represent BullionStar and have never dealt with them.

  59. JC

    what’s going to happen Monday?

    “Pro Aurum is the largest dealer of physical gold and silver outside the banking system in Germany. They are closing their online shop for three days from March 23rd to 25th 2020. They stated that they will re-open again after that but with a limited product choice, and who really knows? The reason they are giving is interesting.”

  60. DJW

    Have you heard what Clif High is reporting? Please get him on. He claims millions are dead in China and Iran, he also claims to have important information about how to protect yourself. If it turns out that he is misleading people on this, as some believe he did in the crypto space, someone needs to go to California and throw him off a very high cliff.

    • Mike R

      Clif is only reporting what other sources know about China = no big revelation there, and unless he has physically been in China, he is saying stuff that has no more veracity than anyone else. Its easy to appreciate though that China has millions of deaths from this. They’ll NEVER reveal that ‘officially’. Ever. Many of their businesses do remain shut down, as I regularly communicate with people in China that are suppliers that I occasionally need to source from for my business. A number that opened temporarily, shut down again, due to lack of workers willing to come in, and continued localized lockdowns that make them fear going out. Now though, if they are not working after this long, how many of the deaths are a result of starvation ? Or inability to get any medical help for ANY health issue ? This covid 19 amplifies any weaknesses in every health system world wide, and makes things 100 times worse. China has not likely had any break from the onslaught, and simply stopped reporting anything. They dont want to be known as the world’s worst place to go. So its a PR stunt as much as anything else. They dont want to ever be known as places viruses start or pandemic’s start, but they are tagged with that label.

    • AndrewB

      CH used to work for Microsoft – enough said . . .

      • DJW

        Mike R
        How is it “easy to appreciate that China has millions of deaths from this” if there are no reports showing evidence? Would there not be a flood of anecdotal evidence or viral posts? No matter how effective the censorship you simply cannot conceal millions of deaths.

  61. Earl Williams

    I’m sure most here are aware of this example, but I thought it appropriate as we watch the facade crumble…My Narration, My Math…Forgive me if I’m a couple seconds off here & there, the numbers are mind boggling…But you get the point

    The Real Truth of One Trillion

    Let’s pretend I owe you $100.00, and I tell you I will pay you back in…
    “1 Million Seconds”
    Well, you can pull out your honest calculator and do the math and find out that I will pay you back in about 11 1/2 Days…
    Not bad, you can wait for your $100 Dollars, right?
    But wait…I made a slight error, I meant I would pay you back in…
    “1 Billion Seconds”
    Now you pull out that honest calculator of yours and your blood pressure skyrockets when you realize I have no intentions of paying you back anytime soon…Because that comes to 11,574 Days, or just under 32 YEARS!!!

    But wait…You guessed it, I deliberately made another error…What I meant to tell you is that I’d pay you back in, yes, you guessed…

    “1,000,000,000,000” or “ONE TRILLION SECONDS!”

    You’re so dang frustrated and confused at this time you don’t really want to pull out your honest calculator, but you do, only to find out the truth that you have absolutely no hope of ever getting your $100.00 back from me because the HONEST truth is that ONE TRILLION SECONDS= 31,708 YEARS!!!

    The only Hope we have is in Jesus the Messiah.
    Psalm 118:8 It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.

  62. Steve

    Hey Greg , I don’t know if you checked out the BRAVE. Browser. I think they compensate publishers for content. Just a suggestion


  63. JC

    The flight to quality is simply cash. Even the bonds had fallen as well as gold. This is the most drastic flight to quality ever. Normally, sell stocks run to bonds. This time they are liquidating everything.

    • Greg Hunter

      They are not “liquidating everything.” The physical PM market has lines of people buying and that is a stone cold fact.

      • JC

        Greg, please let Martin Armstrong know that they are not “liquidating everything,” he must be very confused!

        • Greg Hunter

          If you check in the real world people are lining up to buy. Don’t take my word for it check the precious metals sellers across the country. This is a fact you can check for yourself.

          • JC

            Greg, sorry, I was just pointing out something by Armstrong, I know we need to take what he says with “a grain of salt.”
            I personally have never forgotten the words of the late Richard Russell….

            “Gold will be the last man standing.”

            • MfromTas

              Food will be the last man standing.

              • Ray

                No……in this world, America will be the last standing.
                Then cometh The judgement on The Last Standing.
                …….And That Right Soon.
                His judgement will be swift, terrible and totally deserved.
                My thoughts now are with good Americans (and good Australian unwilling Lap Dogs, that are forced to lap at the feet of Planet America), who I hope will be saved from what is coming.
                That said…..let it come.
                Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

  64. Dave

    Trump’s Admin is proposing a 2 trillion dollar package. Obviously a major input of Federal help is needed. Trump personalizes everything. it is why he denied the seriousness of the virus for 2 weeks. Precious time lost and he knows he will be held accountable in the context of how the government handles this and quiets the spread of the virus. Ironically, ideologues like Mark Levin are criticizing Trump for suggesting companies can’t use bailouts to buy back shares or pay extravagant bonuses to their top tier executive. And that the government needs to have some payback from the large corporations. Maybe taking part ownership. That is driving the absolute laissez faire capitalists like Levin bonkers. There is talk of forgiving all student loans. Trump is open to that as he is recognizing he will likely loose next fall. So pull out all stops to save his Presidency.

    The ironic thing is that the Dems will probably take full control in the fall (Senate, House, Presidency) and Trump will have set up the situation in a way that it will be easy to go to single payer health care, strong national gun control laws and a massive increase in corporate taxes. Many American will welcome that and the failure of the GOP and the President to do anything when they controlled the government will make this easier for the Dems. One believes in fiscal responsibility, balanced budgets and actually moving pro-life legislation or they don’t. The GOP doesn’t and hasn’t for years. Yet controlled conservative media tried to hide that and to deny it. One casualty of all this may be establishment talk radio. Hannity has come under blistering criticism and was apparently told to stop it last weekend. He has totally changed his tune on the virus. Rush was noticeable off the air this week. On orders of the White House? He has been undergoing treatment for weeks and doing the show prior to this. He was so outrageous last week – saying things like who cares if the virus is 10x more deadly than the flu – that he was further eroding the credibility of Trump and the White House may have told him to effectively shut up.

  65. Dr. Edwin Jenner

    No, Greg, it’s not the “China virus”, rather it’s the Bankers’ (The Fed and Bank of England) virus that will be the scapegoat for collapsing the global financial system, when it’s the Bankers who are collapsing it. They simply framed China by deliberately releasing it in Wuhan near their biological research center.

  66. Jennifer Ohman

    Hi Greg,

    • Jennifer Ohman

      A 10 minute message from a pastor on the Coronavirus. It’s well worth the viewing.

  67. Todd

    Is this not the most brilliant way to force a cashless society, bye bye dollar

  68. Coalburner

    Dear Greg;
    “The reset of Debt” What is the going to look like?

  69. Rick G

    The way I see it is that the globalist either started this Covid 19 pandemic or are riding this horse to further their domination of the planet. It seems to me too big of a coincidence for Trump to still be in power after all the attempts to destroy him by his own government for the globalist to now not to take over where the local progessives have failed. Bodies mean nothing to the globalist in their pursuit to bring this planet under one flag. Its like if the local boys can’t remove Trump now the big Bastards now have to come in and try to create havoc before the November election. The timing that is what has got me puzzled. Thanks Rick.

    • MfromTas

      This globalist guy that you speak of, sounds mighty powerful.

  70. Robert Dziok

    President Trump is working with two parallel economic systems. He is building the new economic system based on bilateral fair trade and eventually sound money (not fiat/paper money). He is against the Globalist Central banking system as was Andrew Jackson who President Trump has a picture of behind his desk in the Oval Office. As such he points out the failings of the “Fed” (foreign bank) showing their true lack of knowing what to do, that they do not work for the people and are followers and not leaders on what to do. President Trump continually points out to them what needs to be done. This is also to educate the public. For now that collapsing system is still used in parallel. ALL fiat money systems throughout history have collapsed. War was often used to hide that the fiat system was the cause of collapse but President Trump has prevented such major world war and now is showing blame resides with the central bank system itself.

    The Gateway Pundit points out that as of 3/20/2020 there are 100 times more deaths from seasonal flu than from the “China Virus”. 23,000 flu deaths and 230 China Virus deaths. THINK about that! Satanic Globalists, Desperate Dems and Deep State want to push panic/fear using any means possible to hide/distract from their criminal and treasonous actions (e.g. BS Russian Collusion and BS Impeachment). GITMO is their future.They would like to collapse the entire economy to further their Socialist/Communist agenda . The Globalist Controlled Hypocritical MSM Propaganda Machine is a tool of choice by them. They also wanted to use China Virus to try and hurt President Trump’s image. That is not going as they intended as President Trump and his Administration have showed excellent leadership and direction in addressing. Likely vaccines found to cure also defuse their rhetoric. So much so they are now trying to end broadcast of President Trump’s daily China Virus press meetings as his approval numbers of handling are very positive.

    People in US (and worldwide) are now removed from public gatherings, events, travel, activities, etc etc . They have essentially been removed and protected from false flag attack and civil unrest. There are currently some 158,000 sealed indictments since October 2017. That’s an increase of some 7,000 since last month. This would be an opportune time for a silent major military operation take down of criminal Globalist power structure starting with their “tool of terror” lackey gangs. Thus, Satanic Globalists, etc could not unleash such terror on citizens to try to deter/delay arrests to soon come from indictments. President Trump has just said in part of a tweet that “The World is fighting an Invisible Enemy”. He also said “We will Win!”. He did not say we are fighting a virus or such. Common sense says he was referring to something much bigger. October 8th 2017 President Trump said to the press in the White House while flanked on both sides by top military “This is the Calm before the Storm”. Press asked “What do you mean?” . President Trump said “You will see”. “Q” started posting on secure server (now on further strengthened server) October 28th 2017. Prime Minister of Ireland (Leo Varadka) just met with President Trump. Upon returning home he addressed his nation televised. In it he said “This is the Calm before the Storm”. “The Surge will come”. Q has said “God Wins”.

    “Q” is a military intelligence operation consisting of military and some civilian. Highest military clearance of Q. Q+ is President Trump. Part of their work involves informing/educating public via posts by way of questioning nature. This approach is necessary for national security reasons. Their tactics use “Game Theory”, “Art of War (e.g. Appear weak when strong and strong when weak)” etc. Q now posts saying “10 days of darkness”. Q also now talks of “silent running” (a phrase used for submarines running in an undetected mode”. Is there some very big and major silent worldwide operation now set up, citizens removed and protected from possible harm about to commence? As Q has said; “NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING! NOTHING!

  71. Jose Gallardo

    These Air Quality Districts are frauds,
    HERE’S WHY …

    The US EPA only measures 6 “Regulated” “Common Criteria Air Pollutants:”
    1 Carbon Monoxide
    2 Nitrogen Dioxide
    3 Sulphur Dioxide
    4 Lead
    5 Ozone
    6 Particulate Matter [PM 2.5 & PM 10].
    AQI Index Numbers are provided only for Ozone & Particulate Matter.

    EPA does not measure Radioactive Materials, Heavy Metals, etc., Benzene, Methane, Hydrogen, Formaldehyde, Carbon Dioxide [these are some common fire emissions] nor any of the 189 Hazardous Air Pollutants [aka Toxic Air Pollutants] for Air Quality Index.

    Partial list of 189 hazardous air pollutants is here [NONE of these pollutants are included in AQI Index numbers] :
    [Note: See also
    Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (TENORM) | Radiation Protection | US EPA
    Nov 30, 2018 · radionuclides or radioactive elements as they occur in nature, such as radium, uranium, thorium, potassium, and their radioactive decay products decay products].

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