Credit Meltdown Coming, Buy Gold & Silver Now – Bill Holter

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Financial writer and precious metals expert Bill Holter says forget about the relatively small sell-off in the gold and silver markets. The big worry shaking the markets is an enormous global credit problem. Holter explains, “Your protection about the credit market coming down is asset money, if you want to call it that. Gold and silver have no liability. They are not issued by a central bank, and there is no promise that has to be kept for it to perform. . . . Dollars, euros, bonds or what have you, those are all liabilities of a central bank or sovereign treasury. They all carry liability, and that’s what the problem is in today’s world. It’s a world completely awash in liability. . . . I think, ultimately, you are going to see a credit meltdown.”

Holter points out the U.S. government “Plunge Protection Team” is not only trying to prop up the stock market, but also is suppressing gold and silver prices. Holter says, “Friday’s hit in the gold market (down $60 per ounce) is obviously an ‘official’ movement because they don’t want people getting the idea that your safe haven is physical gold and silver. In other words, they tried to steer investment away from gold and silver by smashing it with paper contracts.”

Holter, who has two decades of brokerage and equity experience, also points out, “This coming week and the weeks going forward, I am sure there are all kinds of margin calls that will be forced selling. . . . So, this thing could become a self-perpetuating spiral (down).”

What about the Fed riding to the rescue again like in 2008-2009? Holter says, “Zero percent is very close to where we are right now. The Fed does not have the leeway they had back in 2008-2009. They were lucky then to get away with it. The markets are going to call their bluff. That’s pretty much what has happened already.”

Is there no bottom in the stock market here? Holter says, “Basically, that’s correct. . . . A cliff dive into a pool with two inches of water is a good analogy. . . . The global yield curve is fully inverted. . . . We have never had an inverted yield curve (short interest rates higher than long interest rates) that has not been followed by a recession. It’s going to be inflate or die. If they don’t inflate, the system will implode upon itself.”

Holter predicts, “I think in a short period of time you are going to see swings of $200 to $300 per ounce in gold and $5 to $10 per ounce swings in silver. From the standpoint of so much paper being sold compared to real physical metal, there is going to be a cash call. This will expose the fact that there are 300 or 400 paper ounces for every one real ounce that exists.”

On top of that, with China bailing out everything in China, it may have to back its currency to keep the yuan from hyper-inflating away. If that happens, Holter says, “Gold will have to be substantially higher to do that.”

In closing, Holter says, “Cash generation is slowing, and that is going to be a problem with servicing the existing debt. There is so much debt that it can’t be paid off. That is the problem. . . . I have said this many times, once the credit markets break, distribution will not happen and then it is credit game over.”

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  1. Gina M Mancarella

    Yeah Right ! Game Over ! Dream on Greg !

    You’re losing your grip.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are the paid troll obsessed with Maybe you are the one “losing your grip.” Most of your comments I don’t post because they are full of crazy F-bombs and off the rails hateful troll commentary.

      • oqwazyme

        I think you are right Greg !! I have found that most women that can not stop complaining about you, are most likely in love with you.

        • Greg Hunter

          “What’s love got to do with it, got to do with it.”

          • Ray

            Ha Ha Ha!!!!
            Thanks for a splendid belly laugh!!!
            Made my day 🙂
            Keep throwing out the left jab Greg!
            Ray, Canberra, lap Dog Nation

        • Tom Nguyen

          Corona virus or 5G radiation ?
          5G uses high frequency waves and is supposed to be 100 times faster than the current cell phone service. … It was said by Joe Imbriano, an activist and researcher from Fullerton, California that when 5G reaches the frequency band of 60 GHz, the ability for a person’s blood hemoglobin to bind with oxygen will be damaged.
          Most corona patients die of “complicated respiratory syndromes” … please look into this …

          • paul ...

            Your right Tom (I’ve looked into this danger) … 5G uses 60GHz frequency waves … but scientific studies show that 98 percent of the electromagnetic energy of these 5G waves “is absorbed by the oxygen molecule (O2)” … making the oxygen molecule “vibrate” … which lessens it’s ability to combine with other molecules … so when 5G antenna stations broadcast at the frequency band of 60 GHz the ability for a person’s blood hemoglobin to bind with a fast vibrating molecule of oxygen is going to be hindered … and this might explain why people in Wuhan (which recently went live with 5G waves) … are falling over dead in the streets (which “is not” a normal thing we would see from viral infections) … we all know the harmful effects of microwave cooking ovens (where the vibration of H2O molecules create intense heat and breakdown and cook cells) … Microwave signals are divided into three(3) threat categories:
            1) Ultra high frequency (UHF) (0.3-3 GHz) …
            2) Super high frequency (SHF) (3-30 GHz) …
            3) Extremely high frequency (EHF) (30-300 GHz) …
            Not many people are aware that a typical microwave oven that cooks our food … operates at a frequency of only 2.45 GHz (Ultra high frequency) … but that 5G phone (placed on your ear) operates at 60 GHz (Extremely high frequency) … making your 5G phone more then 24 times more dangerous then your home microwave oven!!!!

            • William Stanley

              Paul …,
              Thanks for the research!
              However, don’t forget that a microwave oven operates at much higher power than a 5G phone . . . and it’s encased in a “faraday cage.”
              Still, I’ve been skeptical about 5G for the reason you cite.

      • Ed

        Probably wouldn’t have started this important discussion with a troll. Even after you bitch-slapped him, his words linger. This is unintentional cognitive dissonance created by USAwatchdog on a topic that is of the utmost importance to our people; that would be the increasing desperation of our plutocrats. You encourage people to prepare, as you should Greg. But leading with a troll is a mistake; learn from it after your are finished being resentful of my comment.

        Also, please add “get to know and talk with your neighbors, (congregants, co-workers, co-commuters) about making plans to cooperate if this gets even more dodgy socially” to your list of what the “little guys” like us can do. It’s scary to do that but these times call for bravery. In collectives of people that might include well-ordered militias, we have a chance; against everyone on the other side of the fence, as individuals, even the best of us couldn’t survive successive coordinated attacks. We survive by social cooperation. The Plutocrats are going down. All of your guests say so in their own ways. This is about us. Invasions and military destructions don’t happen only overseas anymore. It’s time for our people to take notice and act accordingly. Publish this comment or not, but consider it wisely.

      • Julie

        Hey Greg, I don’t usually read comments but I guess i should. I LOVE Bill Holter….he’s one of my favorite guests! Most people nowadays don’t critically think, listen or respond appropriately and quite honestly that’s the reason we’re in the mess we’re in. Keep going…I love your show and look forward to every one. Trolls are typically hairy little a-holes that hang around in dark places….like mold and fungus and toe jam. Lol Not worth my time. Keep going and LOVE YOUR SHOW!!

    • Mick Hammer

      Greg, Gina Is Rich Treadhead Treadway. He’s a well known hothead, Hamilton Boozer troll of Obama Holder’Over’s, especially in intel. A Mike Morell, Vicky Nuland, arse sniffer, lol! He used to use his real name commenting here, remember? He got scared. He is the main reason our Robin Hood is president and we his merry men. Thanks to you Greg too and of course and last but not least you Rich for bringing us to overturn Washington!
      Never Underestimate The Power of The People
      You guy’s may be able to topple foreign governments, but never American, in all your pipe dreams! Put that in your dope pipe’s and smoke it!

    • R Scott

      I agree, You really need some new guests!!! Had to turn Bill off. Nice man but the same old crap that hasn`t come true . Nothing new year!!

      • Mike Mc

        Respectfully I think you are listening to Bill superficially, not critically. Listen carefully to what he is saying. Monetary resets are a process, not an event. We are in the process and within that process there will be milestones leading to the event you are looking for. This is not a 60 minute made for TV crime drama.

        Major milestones occurred in 1932, 1971, 1981, 1989, 2000, 2008, 2020?

        If you are looking for someone to give you exact time, place and manner you are going to be disappointed. Fiat monetary systems historically have had a 40-60 year life cycle be for either needed to change form or fade away. The USD’s last form change was 1971. The current form is getting long in the tooth.

        “How did you go bankrupt?”
        Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly.”
        ― Ernest Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises

        • paul ...

          Corporations are not “capitalistic organizations” … they are “commie organizations” that need to be supported by the State …

          • paul ...

            A “capitalistic corporation” provides for its workers the money they need to buy the corporations products and thus keep the corporation profitable … a “commie organization” provides management money such that they own 90% of the wealth and the workers own 10% of the wealth … thus workers can’t afford to buy the company’s products … requiring the State to bail them out … because “commie organizations” are not allowed to go bankrupt … just like the “commie Big Banks” … capitalistic corporations that share the wealth with their workers thrive … commie corporations that take almost all the money the corporation makes and gives it to a select few at the top should not be given more taxpayer money to keep the crooks at the top in business … bailouts of “commie corporations” to quote “stabilize the markets” is not “capitalism” … we should be letting the greedy criminal commie corporations fail!!!

            • paul ...

              What did God the Father do to Adam who had 90% of all the apples in the garden of Eden (but wanted them all)?? … he bailed them “out” (out of the garden of Eden) … the way we need to throw the criminals out stealing all our apples and let them finally work for a living!!

              • paul ...

                So Gina … The Game “Is” Over!! … even your Demon-rats want to tax the rich … they know it is not right that Buffet and Gates own 90 percent of all the wealth in America and that the American people have to share the remaining 10 percent … they know it is not right for these men to pay less taxes then their office secretary … they know Congress giving tax breaks to the rich running “commie organizations” is not the way to get money into peoples hands … they know reducing Social Security Benefits to give “commie corporations” bailouts is not the proper thing to to do … why do you think Bernie has so many young millennials voting for him … because he wants to share the wealth and allow the common people “the chance to be commies” like the the elite Buffets and Bill Gates of the world!!!

      • Will

        Boy do you ever got that right. Its the same old poop. Buy gold. In many cases one should do the opposite of what some guests advise. That may be the best way to go. But understand is I were a dairy farmer I would be telling you to buy milk and cheese. Follow the money and you will see why these so called experts push what they push.

        • Greg Hunter

          If you had a brain you would buy gold and silver. They are printing money like mad.

        • Mike Mc

          When you’re one step ahead of the crowd you’re a genius; when you’re two steps you’re a crackpot.
          -Rabbi Schlomo Riskin

      • Jim Weeber

        If it were not for all the debauchery and new age bologna that has been employed for several decades the economic music would have stopped playing long ago. As this economic debauchery ensues the watch spring of global economics is wound more tightly till one day it will break. Be assured the fallout will have dire consequences for many people. Those warning us are not wrong just early because the players with their fancy moves continue to stave off the day of reckoning to dire for most too contemplate.

    • Jerry

      Yes Gina,
      Eat, Drink, and be merry, for tomorrow …..

      • paul ...

        The “Too Big to Fail” are being bailed out this morning “with our taxpayer money” … Dow up over 500 points at 11:20!!!

        • paul ...

          Update 12:00 … Dow Jumps 1000 Points From Overnight Lows!! …like lowering interest rates will make “commie” zombie corporations profitable???

          • paul ...

            What about China? … the Chinese stock market also rebounded (just like the American stock markets … which are always freely traded and never ever manipulated by the authorities) … why is China’s economy rebounding? … because authorities have ordered closed factories to turn on their lights (to show overhead satellites that the Chinese economy is back to normal and humming again) … but the Chinese forgot one thing … the NASA satellite imagery also shows “no pollution” over China!!

    • Marc Iacaboni

      Gina wake up sweetie and look at all that is going on! Get outta your own way and see where the world is!

      • paul ...

        Marc … All Americans have to wake up … and realize they are living in a “capitalist dream world” … where “commies” are running all our corporations (that are too big to fail) … the millennials have given up on the “capitalist dream” … now all they want is to be “commies” themselves … so they can get in on some of the benefits of a commie society (like free education, free health care, etc., etc.)!!

    • Charles Casaburi

      Every fiat currency in human history ends up the same way worthless no exceptions.

    • Zen

      I refer to your most recent application for employment and note that to date we have only received your shot-form CV.
      I would be grateful if you would forward your comprehensive employment history. a color copy of your passport, a recent utility bill and TIN number,
      Thank you in anticipation.
      Yours sincerely,

    • zen

      I refer to your most recent application for employment and note that to date we have only received your shot-form CV.
      I would be grateful if you would forward your comprehensive employment history. a color copy of your passport, a recent utility bill and TIN number,
      Thank you in anticipation.
      Yours sincerely,

  2. David

    Great interview. I really appreciate Mr. Holter’s insight. Crazy times for sure.

  3. Anthony Australia

    Bill is the best!

  4. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Timely interview!
    I’ve been hyper-focused on the corona virus. It was good to be reminded that, while it will be greatly exacerbated by the corona virus, the debt load is a monster in its own right.

  5. Rachel

    Hi Greg, Thanks for another great interview. Bill Holter is straight tho the point with no illusion about how dire world economic situations will become, and soon too. Another round of QE for the world and another round of prepping for me. Thanks for always asking those questions that we (your audience) need to know. 🙂

  6. Anthony Australia

    Hi Greg,
    Time for Marc Faber please.

  7. JC

    What are the people (the majority) who are not making any plan at all going to do when cash is rejected and credit cards fail? Will they go crazy in the streets?

    • Freebrezer

      JC – the most important fact to remember is that a society is only 9 meals away from anarchy … Starving people will do almost anything to eat! Why did the French peasantry (men and women) storm the palace at Versailles – They had nothing to lose.

      • Go Donald go!

        The timing is the hardest part.
        Nenner nailed the S&P pullback on his last appearance wih you. Thanks!

        What level of stock buying and gold manipulation will the central banks go to next week. Will margin calls liquidate the gold related assets first?

        Greenspan called the mutual funds then covered all the checks for mutual fund redemptions requests when he was overseeing the 1987 crash which injected cash into system and stopped the stocks in the related mutual funds from being liquidated. Does the huge supply of ETFs this time muddy the waters? Japan certainly bought up their ETFs.

      • paul ...

        Freebrezer … The Kings and Queens running our “too big to fail” commie military/industrial corporation complex who keep 90% of the profits for themselves … “chain the CPI” so the peasantry can’t survive and work to put billionaires in office (who won’t change things for the better) … will soon see millennials storming the voting booths in Nov 2020 … to put “commies in office” (who at least promise) “to share the wealth with them”!!

        • paul ...

          Chaining the CPI takes savings ability away from ordinary people … exactly what the Banksters want to do to ordinary people … for when savings (in gold by the people) begin to exceed investment (in stocks by the bankster stooges) we have a depression!!

  8. JC

    It seems time may limited to be able to take risk off the table.

    ‘Wall Street preps for possible shutdown of trading floor…’

  9. JC

    “Literally, empty shelves in Target and Walmart as early as April,” predicts David Iwinski, a local China business consultant who once ran a factory in China.

    • Freebrezer

      Well all the trinkets etc,. plus a lot of our drugs, but most all food is gown and produced here in the Good ole USA! At least a good portion of the food aisles will be stocked! And most gas stations will have gas … good thing the USA does not rely on foreign import of fuels.

      • William Stanley

        JC and Freebrezer;
        Empty shelves (food and otherwise) and gasoline can become scarce for awhile simply if people try to stockpile all at once.

  10. Courtney Smite

    Freedom of speech ‘no longer exists’ in Australia and the UK: Sean Hannity’s gal pal, Katie Hopkins!
    .Sky News Australia
    A glimpse into the future of Great Britain, The US. Oz. NZ.
    Brave maid Marion

  11. FC

    BTFD, to many it means the DOW, to some it will be precious metals.
    What will you choose?

  12. Rev Andrew de Berry

    Thanks as always Greg. BH never wearies of having to warn us all of what draws ever closer.

  13. jack

    2008 collapse, Platinum took off like a rocket and collapsed within months. Gold has been on a steady increase since then. Silver did not take off till 2011. Today palladium went rocketsville because of physical shortages. The collapsing markets as usual see the metals taken down in the panic. Investors have learned nothing. Time has eroded good judgement and they will make the same mistakes like past morons. However, this time is different and no amount of central banking printing will save the planet.

  14. China Syndromes

    While it’s true that too much sun can be damaging to your skin, there’s also scientific evidence to suggest that moderate sun exposure can provide benefits, including stronger bones and better mental health. When sunlight hits the skin, it triggers vitamin D synthesis, which is essential to good overall health and protection from disease.

  15. Big Mac

    Heather MacDonald warns US colleges are breeding Gina Like hate!
    Soon? Will they be destroying old HOLLYWOOD film’s?

  16. Jerry

    This is a heads up post. The elites are now moving to their bunkers.

    Several years ago, a business associate of mine who works in the Springfield Mo. area, told me she had seen several large banks pop up out of nowhere in around the Highland Mo. area? Hmmm. I wonder why? One of the largest underground facilities in the United States is located there, and in my humble opinion, the elites needed a place to park their money. Now I’m hearing about increased activity in and around this facility. Logistically it’s a perfect location. The facility is built in solid limestone in the heart of the ozark hills within minutes of Branson ( a major elite hangout) and the Springfield international airport.

    Greg, think about it. Look at the panic we’ve had with just one corona virus death in the United States. Can you imagine what it will be with 50 – 100 ? Like Bill said, we are already on a liquidity razors edge.

    • Jerry

      Here’s the true objective of the globalist, and why they’ve unleashed the corona virus. Let’s see this is 2020 and next year will be …
      It’s a two for one sale. They eliminate the population ( which they believe causes global warming), and fold the global economy into a single digital banking system giving them total control over the population with the elimination of cash, saying it spreads the corona virus. What could go wrong?

      • Kevin S.

        Sorry to disappoint you but the Coronavirus is does not have a high enough mortality rate to eliminate the population.

        • Jerry

          Kevin S.
          I’m not talking about the virus itself, I’m talking about the added casualty’s as a result of the breakdown of the distribution network. How many people can go 30-60 days without food? Most sunshine pumpers only have a week at best. FYI In 1918 20 million people died as the result of the Spanish flu. The globalist have used this playbook before.

          • Kevin S.

            In case you did not know people in China did not starve. The distribution network did not break down. It would take more than just the Coronavirus to do that here in the U.S. And FYI the Spanish flu was much worse.

            • Jerry

              Kevin S.
              We will find out soon enough.
              The globalist have a plan, and you and I are not in it. The virus is nothing but a cover for their real plan. The beginning phase of agenda 21. As far as the death toll? The virus is less than a month old. You don’t know what the magnitude will be and neither does the CDC.
              Let’s talk again in 7 weeks.

              • Kevin S.

                We do not need to find out soon. I already know. You are wrong. The Coronavirus is already several months old. For the vast majority of people it is not deadly. No need to talk to you in 7 weeks.

      • MCasey

        If I were a “Conspiracy Theorist”: A KILLER VIRUS is the perfect storm….

        – Cover for the economic collapse.

        – Cover to force a cashless society… digital money…those dollar bills carry nasty germs!

        – Cover for Agenda 21 and 2030 objectives as people are herded into the cities…(aka Treatment Centers).

        – And beg to be injected with a vaccine!

        – And people demand martial law….(aka quarantine).

        – And their property and wealth are more easily confiscated by the State.

        – And the Government has the “right” (aka Executive Order) to confiscate EVERYTHING.

        – Factories closed…shipping at a standstill…no wages paid…no bills paid, no food, medicine or gas produced…shortage of everything. Rationing.

        – And don’t forget depopulation! No more “Boomers” draining Social Security….well, no more SSA at all.

        – 2nd Amendment? You can’t shoot a virus. And government only wants your survival.

        – And the worse….Americans will not group together to help each other because they are afraid of contamination! …This is the Globalist’s biggest victory against humankind and the 2nd Amendment.

        – And those who do survive will wake up in the New Socialist Republic of America.

        • MCasey

          ….and sadly, the break in the supply chain of life-sustaining medicines will adversely affect the oldest and sickest members of our population….(thus reducing the load on the health system, health insurance, medicare, SSI and SSA.)

        • Jerry

          I think you nailed it. This generation does not have the balls, or self reliance skills, to face a full frontal depression. Most would gladly report to a FEMA camp without argument like sheep.

          • Randy Best

            Sadly, I think you are 100% correct.

    • Open Eyes

      I read the news reports about the WA state death, this morning. The state government is freaking out because researchers are guessing that the guy got infected six weeks ago from an unknown source.

      By this guess:

      This means the virus has been spreading in WA since mid-January. The researchers estimate that 100-1500 people are already infected. They’re unknown so the virus must be spreading fast.

      • Jerry

        Open eyes,
        I totally agree. The CDC firewall has already been breached and they refuse to admit it. Reports are coming in from Chicago for new infections. In a free society it’s next to impossible to isolate a pandemic no matter how positive they tell us to be.

  17. Gerry

    Another reason to stock up now. Price. Your dollars go further today, when lysol cleaners are 2 dollars a pack, instead of 10 or 12 tomorrow. Supply and demand yes, but also rapid inflation will be at work.

  18. Gerry

    Greg, why do you think the president is responding to covid19 the way he is? Why the lack of urgency in the CDC isn’t a concern to him? Why throwing money at the markets is not a good response?

    This is one of the first times I have a genuine disagreement with his approach on policies, and so I feel like I’m missing something. What’s your take?

    • Greg Hunter

      “Lack of urgency”? Stop watching the MSM propaganda. The Deep State realizes they can’t blame President Trump for the China virus, but they can falsely blame him for his response in yet another created false hoax just like all the rest of them. The “Media Leak Strategy” that Strzok and Page talked about in their love bird texts is alive and well.

      • AJ

        DJT seems to have good information that warm weather will kill this virus, hence he is not very concerned about it. But, democrats are running scared from this virus and this president.
        MAGA !!

        • Hilde

          Yes, and there’s lots of scientific evidence that viruses get weaker with warmer weather. A quick search will show several PhDs writing about that. So yes, he was right.

  19. lancelot

    What is Mr. Holter’s point of view on buying gold and silver mining stocks at this time ?

    • Greg Hunter

      I think he would say know what you are buying and hold the physical shares in you direct control. People do not realize there is a big risks to brokerages going under in this cycle–not all but some. Think MF Global.

      • chuck

        I also found out by sheer accident that the brokerage houses hold power of attorney of all shares that are not physically held by the person who bought them. They can sell those shares at any time they wish without the buyer’s knowledge or permission. If you own shares and want to have them transferred over in your own possession it will cost you a fee of about $100 to have the paperwork drawn up. The broker I talked to, to have this done, was not very happy and tried to persuade me NOT to transfer ownership to my own name. I found out why a few months later.

      • Keith

        The problem I see with the whole gold and silver investment/insurance theme. Is the vast majority of that philosophy is based on a collapse of the markets and monetary system. Which is understandable but gold or silver will likely not be such a saving grace in that environment. Been investing for a long long time in silver. Even way back in the mid 70’s. At that time silver was around 3.50 to 4.50. That was the same price I paid 20 years later in the mid to late 90’s. Now if one takes out the 10 months in 2010-11 and 1980 or so. Silver has been a poor investment over that 30 yr period. All this talk of the GS ratio, is just that. It’s almost 100:1 currently and likely continue, as the trend is your friend until otherwise. I just find it funny all these so called guru’s on silver, no so much on gold. Say charge out and buy now. Sometimes I wonder if the PM can do without the so experts, as for the most part they have had it wrong at least on silver for 20 years. Including the expert, Ted Butler. There again JPM is not likely holding 900 million ounces of silver and 22 million ounces of gold. In the physical form because it’s going much lower.

    • paul ...

      Not sure what Holter would advise … but gold “stocks” is not the place to be “yet” … … simply stick to “physical gold in your possession” (until the gold market goes exponential like the stock market today and then you can speculate)!!

      • paul ...

        Remember … people working at gold mines can get the Corona Virus and mining companies need equipment that depend on supply lines … gold mines can close down … and operations suspended … but “physical gold” is immune to the Corona Virus (it is already mined) … it has no need for a shady CEO to tout it and tell you how “one day in the future” you will see gold will be coming out of the ground … even royalty and streaming companies like companies like Royal Gold, Franco-Nevada, Wheaton, etc., etc. are vulnerable if production stops … physical gold “already mined and in your hands” is where you want to be during this pandemic!!

  20. Steve

    Tryin to put this in the simplest terms. Between the devastating crop loses of the past 2 years, and now the lack of output from china’s factories, this has to have huge consequences on our ability in the not to distant future to go to our local stores and find anything to purchase, be it food or merchandise. And that will have a devastating effect on the economy, both nationally and world-wide. An economy which was being artificially propped up to begin with. Do I have this right Gregg?

  21. lee

    Thank you for this Interview. Bill, thank you for sharing your thoughts. These banksters need to be brought down. They are parasites.

  22. Sue Patterson

    Serious question. Since dollar bills are a debt instrument of the Federal Reserve, and US coins are issued by the US Treasury, with no relationship to the Fed, could the US abandon the dollar and just use its own coins? Today a nickel is actually worth .0359 cents in melt value. Greg, would you be willing to ask some of your guests whether or not this could be a viable option? Also, Bill Holter suggested that paper money would work for 2 to 4 weeks after a meltdown. Would us little people be wise to stockpile some dollar coins and nickels rather than paper dollars? I’ve often wondered why the dollar coin was a failure here in the US when pound coins are ubiquitous in the UK. Might the Fed be concerned that we might star using money issued by our own treasury? I love to hear some intelligent comments from your excellent guests.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very astute. Yes we have 2 issuers of money right now but the coins the Treasury issues are miniscule compared to reserve Notes in physical and digital form. There would have to be a sea change for this to happen. and I think one is coming. The Fed is not going to give up easily because it is the tip of the spear of the deep-State globalists. Heck of a fight and paradigm change is coming.

    • Nicholas Pizzitola

      I had a close friend that was unlucky enough to have been drafted for Vietnam. I asked him once how the locals supported themselves while the war raged and he told me a story. As they were going thru a village, one enterprising woman was standing along side the road with a roll of toilet paper selling single sheets for a buck US and making good money doing it. We’ll go to barter quicker than anything else for a few months IMHO.


  23. JC

    There’s a good read here by George at Urban Survival.

    “This off-shoring of America’s long-lost industrial might is the result of multiple players in the Global Hyper-Complexity Model.”

  24. Bill the Cat

    The Covid19 virus is a game changer. The powers that be can just stop propping up the market and let it die. They can claim that everything was fine until the pandemic.

    If you don’t have a multi-month supply of food and water, now is the time to get it before hoarding hits the lower 48 like it has in Hawaii. It’s better to be early rather than late. You don’t want to go to a store where the only things left are Twinkies and Gatorade.

    • MCasey

      Buy the Gatorade! Needed for electrolytes your body uses to carry out vital functions….. sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, chloride, and bicarbonate. …..especially if fighting the flu!

  25. Tom Wigand


    I see the potential for God’s hand in this coronavirus outbreak.

    Now that Mueller / impeachment hasn’t worked, we’ve all been worried that the Deep State / financial interests would sabotage the economy prior to the election to try to undermine Trump’s support.

    This “non-manmade” event arising out of China — about which the media has been unwittingly cooperating with (us) by blaming it for last week’s stock market crash — gives Trump plausible deniability for the economy’s / financial system’s breakdown.

    Trump can rightly say that the US economy was humming along and improving until this Chinese virus came along — and that it exposed the folly of globalism and its outsourcing manufacturing and supply chains there that he was working to undo beforehand.

    Had this started with some other form of “Black Swan” event, it would have been more difficult (if not impossible) for Trump to avoid political blowback, much less (perhaps) turn it into a positive for him.

  26. Brooklyn

    Great interview Greg.

    The greatest problem we will have when the crash does finally come, is that very few of the people in America are paying attention to the most basic advice that Bill Holter and others are warning us – GET PREPARED!

    Thanks again for everything you do for us, Greg. And, pray as if our lives depended on it. Amen.

  27. Brooklyn

    Great interview Greg.

    The greatest problem we will have when the crash does finally come, is that very few of the people in America are paying attention to the most basic advice that Bill Holter and others are warning us – GET PREPARED! NOW!

    We hear that they are considering having the March Madness games to empty arenas.

    Thanks again for everything you do for us, Greg. And, pray as if our lives depended on it. Amen.

  28. Russ F

    Greg, as always, Bill provides valuable insight into the likely path forward in the price of gold and silver.
    PLEASE, it would be invaluable to hear a guest that addresses the likely impact on the mining equities.
    Logic tells you that they should increase in value as the metals move higher.
    BUT, as we saw on Friday, they may very well follow the general equity market lower.
    This interview on King News discussed this:
    Michael Oliver seems to be out of the PM equities, as he believes they will move lower with general equities before they move higher. He would enter the PM equity market at that point – after the big plunge that is undoubtedly coming.
    This view makes sense, as initially investors will dump everything (panic/margin calls, etc)
    Any additional insight would be invaluable.
    My instincts now tell me to reduce my PM equity holdings upon the upcoming general equity bounce.
    The FED (and maybe the world banks) will cut rates quickly, we’ll get a (big) rally, and then the big plunge.
    What will the mining equities do in this scenario??????

    • JC

      Russ F, I would ask Adam Hamilton about the mining equities.

    • K. Wayne

      Use any bounce to sell down your PM Miners.
      The sector will absolutely get smashed when the supply chain effects from the covid-19 kick in….Believe me…….mines have inventories but do require many items manufactured offshore. Mines will go into care and maintenance or shut down completely when faced with critical supply shortages. The market hasn’t yet factored that in …is still playing off the PM paper prices. Keep in mind. ..Physical is going to demand a premium…..especially when the miners stop producing. Paper prices force the price of Gold/silver in both directions….up and down…..not cognizant of real drivers of mining…..costs….resources…and supplies.
      You can always buy back in….when things are a lot clearer/virus has diminished. Strike while the iron is hot…..otherwise IMHO you will lose the opportunity.
      The supply chain is critical to mining as it is to other personal supplies. Shortages will start to appear and you will start to see guidance from the miners in the not too distant future.
      In my own instance I sold off all my positions in miners during jan-feb. Out completely. Good luck.

      • Kevin S.

        What you said about the PM mining stocks makes sense. That is if what you believe will eventually happen does happen.

  29. Bob from Mo.

    Hey Greg, Thanks …… Everytime Gina posts she just reinforces that the dem”s don”t have a clue…. Let her babble on….. Your the Man!

    • Greg Hunter

      Most of what “Gina” posts is foul language and outright lies and propaganda. She’s trying to post comments all the time and I delete most of them. I do not post much of what He/She/Troll tries to post but I want everybody to know the paid troll is really interested in what is said here and very interested in posting (Troll) thought shaping propaganda here.

  30. paul ...

    Those who lose their nest-eggs because they won’t listen to people like Holter … are simply brainless when it comes to “investing to preserve ones wealth” … the Central Banksters know gold needs sustained capital inflows to keep powering higher so they are selling into the precious metal markets to dampen any such move … they need to manipulate it downward so money will flow into the bloated bubble of a stock market instead … thinking that a rising stock market will counter a viral pandemic that has shut down the largest manufacturing economy in the world (China) … and counter the disruption of supply chains everywhere else in the world … but by stupidly pumping even more quadrillions of fiat paper into the markets “to prevent a panic” the bankster are simply going to amplify the economic destruction to the world economy (that has already been severely mutilated by these banksters previous ungodly expansion of credit and derivative bets) … this Corona Virus is now on track to turn a severe economic slump the banksters set us up for … into a once in a century production and consumption collapse similar or greater then the 1929 Crash!!
    Understanding what true money is … and what fiat paper is … has never been more important for people to know and act upon!!

    • paul ...

      With regard to the Virus … this is your last day to prepare!! …

    • Stan

      Getting nervous Paul? I gave you ample warning.

      • paul ...

        What are you talking about Stan … both gold and silver are up today??!!

        • paul ...

          Stan … you are the one who should be getting nervous … over the remainder of this year there will be “US dollar weakness” and “increasing price inflation” as the Fed prints exponential amounts of fiat currency to counteract the effects of the viral pandemic … this is a scenario that will favor “silver” (even more then gold) because silver has never been cheaper in the last 300-years (talk about buying low) … and Stan … don’t get sucked into silver mining stocks (that the pandemic can shut down on you) … you want a bird in hand “physical silver” to feed your family!! …

  31. Todd

    Greg, Thanks for the truth! Bill your the best. I believe we are at the height of the pride cycle. We are living in anti reality. I was at Costco late last night and it was almost a panic. It was crazy busy, some things were sold out. The cashier said it was because of the covid 19 virus. I don’t know if this is just in my area. I believe it is very important to have real stuff like food. We really have taken low priced stuff for granted. I’m starting to realize how much work goes into producing real stuff. I think Bill is right on. Credit will freeze. We will have to go back to reality. We will have to live on what we produce. It seems to me that this covid 19 virus is much worse than being reported. Already I have not been able to get the mask I wanted anywhere. Very soon it will be to late to prepare. God will return. Be prepared. Love you all, please do not panic.

  32. True Historian

    Yes, borrow from the REPO window, and loan the money back to the FED to get interest income [remember “get money but don’t take it”]. A great gig if you are J P Morgan, et. al..
    Eventually, the FED will go to the US Treasury/Congress to get them to create more FIAT “legally” verses “illegally “. The creation of FIAT via the FED spreadsheet/REPO is illegal.
    It is a criminal enterprise: counterfeiting using the US Treasury’s printing plates.

    Please Lord, protect your True Christians from the evil ones.

  33. paul ...

    Turkey is crazy if they think they can ask for help from NATO “to help them occupy a sovereign nation” … NATO’s job is not to help aggressor nations … in fact NATO should be putting sanctions on Turkey to get them off Syrian land … and Russia should halt all sales of their S300’s and S400’s to Turkey (before they are used against Russian aircraft protecting the Syrian nation)!! …

  34. Gary

    Bill Holter at 31:00 minutes:
    “I do believe the world will go to cryptocurrencies. When I say cryptocurrencies, I think that’s what central banks are going to issue. That way they’ll be able to track absolutely every transaction you make. But it’s not going to be the current cryptocurrencies. I think central banks will issue their own cryptocurrencies.”

    End game:
    “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name” (Revelation 13:17).

    “Seek ye the LORD while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near: Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the LORD, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon” (Isaiah 55:6-7).

    Seek the Seal of God (Revelation 7:1-3), because the mark of the beast is the default for everyone else.

    “Wherefore the rather, brethren, give diligence to make your calling and election sure: for if ye do these things, ye shall never fall” (2 Peter 1:10).

    • Hazardous Duke

      Time and time again through the ages humankind has fallen into the abyss only to, in time, crawl back out again and prosper. One thing about those times is that as long as we’re seeing the road ahead rise up before us and have room to grow our outlook is positive and growth is our companion. But when we’re going into times like we see ahead, a “Fourth Turning” time, things look bad and ARE bad for a while.
      Look at the times we’ve had since the end of WWII. Since then I’ve lived through the greatest time of wealth creation for the common man in humankind’s known history. I so MISS the 50s through the 70s! But when things started topping out in the 80s until 2008 it’s become apparent that we’ve had our good times and we need to prepare for, probably, the worst. It’s just a cycle we go through.

    • Randy Best

      Gary- Yes, 100% digital transactions will be the Mark of The Beast. They will be able to cut anyone off that does not play their way.

      • paul ...

        Yes Randy … we will all have to “pay” with our inserted chips “to play” in the Demon’s rat’s race … and we will need to pray and worship every day at the alter of the “Demon She God” who is expert at such matters (or be suicided)!!

      • Gary

        Randy- Digital transactions are not the mark of the beast. However, they will be used to force dissenters to comply with the designated agenda–lawlessness against the Creator. When the attempted “no buy, no sell” sanctions fail to work, more drastic measures will be taken:

        Revelation 13:15 —
        And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.


  35. john

    IMHO – I see covid19 as a deflationary catalyst. If this thing gets ramped up over the entire world it is going to deflate bonds, stocks, housing and even gold/silver. I feel the best strategy over the past ten years has been to reduce household debt, bolster household infrastructure ( water, food, propane, generators, medical supplies, defensive capabilities, hvac updates ..etc.) and to acquire cash as well as some allocations into the precious metals – failing to address a holistic view will expose the folly that acting on any one thing will get you through this kind of crisis – covid19. Folks, this thing could lock down entire communities and regions – this may expose the financial leverage in many sectors as debt instruments start to fail. We may need to really get prepared at this juncture for spending several weeks to months in lock down within our houses as this thing burns out.

  36. Leo

    Did you see the story out of Spain where they quarantined a brothel with 186 patrons inside because of a case 0f coronavirus. Wow whats that old saying about being caught with your pants down. Or living by the 11th commandment ” Thou shalt not be found out” Try explaining that to your wife. Now honey I thought you told me to go to the store and get some chicken broth, so I went to the brothel, I swear honey i did not know.

  37. JC

    Good questions by Bruce Wild.

    – Just how deadly is this thing and what are the odds you will get it?
    – Are we looking at citywide lock-downs such as those that have been instituted in other countries?
    – Is it expected to return time and time again and how long before we know?
    – If I or someone I know appears to start showing symptoms, what is the best course forward?
    – What are the long and short term economic consequences of this outbreak?

  38. Stevo W

    Sorry Greg, but there’s no splitting gold or silver into today’s world to barter with. Lead trumps gold every time.

    • Greg Hunter

      Really Steve? How about Junk silver pre-1964 dimes, quarters and half dollar coins?

      • Russ F

        actually pre-1965…….

        • Greg Hunter

          Yes Russ 1964 and earlier. It was a quick answer.

    • Robert

      I know we’re all suppose to be screaming the sky is falling, but all this bs about corona virus is taking our eyes away from the crooks that Barr isn’t indicting even though there’s plenty of evidence right now.

  39. Dave

    A local financial radio show this AM talked about the potential of the coronavirus to disrupt the economy/market for an extended period. Especially, as in the host’s opinion,the market was already frothy prior to the virus. There are political implication if the virus takes a more serious turn in the US. Trump was slow to respond and until late last week his minions – from Pence to Kudlow to controlled conservative media – were playing it down. Mocking authorities saying the Solano County victim might be a community spread (turns out it was). Why did Rush and Levin spend most of their shows downplaying this and misleading their listeners? While Savage (in deep trouble now as he told Rush to basically shut up on the issue) and Shapiro and local conservative hosts like Giradano were taking the middle path. Don’t panic, don’t downplay it, but be prepared just in case. Just as with the “never Trumper’s”, the “always Trumper’s” get their talking points each day. Those will change this week as Pence today had to acknowledge it is more serious than the Administration first let on.

    This virus could impact the election and hurt Trump’s chances. You can be sure the Democrats are ready with ads featuring Trump, Rush, and Kudlow saying basically nothing to see here. Ready to air them if this turns into a major disaster for the US. Investors may need to factor in the possibility of a Democrat win in the fall. If that happens corporate taxes will be increased, much of the tax bill will be repealed – however lower and middle class folks would see a cut in their tax rates. This does not even take into account the massive debt that has grown to historic levels under Trump. Including the first two years when the GOP controlled it all. Nothing will change on that even if Dems take it all in the fall.

  40. Auntie Seize

    The problem with ALL promises-to-pay is counter-party risk. (Crypto currencies included.)
    An image/representation/promise/note/receipt/IOU/ETF/etc. of an X is not an X.
    History shows that gold and silver are not going to help you in the immediate aftermath of a financial crisis. For example, you’ll be trading a silver dollar for a dozen or two of eggs. How good a deal is that? You’ll be broke in short order.
    Gold and silver are for recovery well after the crisis.
    Better to have a hen house, green house, the means, tools, and skills for self sufficiency and survival, etc. than a big stash of precious metal coins. Then you can trade your eggs, veggies, spare parts, repair skills, etc. for the coins of those holding big stashes of them.
    Look at the Amish. They won’t suffer a hiccup or some intestinal gas WHEN the Fed toilet paper goes belly-up. But you’ll be filling their coffers with your gold and silver coins to get some of their food.

    • Hazardous Duke

      Right, precious metals are for buying income producing assets. Spending them for daily needs just wears down your holdings. But, first, I would hold out as long as possible and see what happens to others that try to buy things with their coins. They may, very well, just be putting a target on their backs for thieves and government agents (is there a difference?) to come take it from them. Be very careful around a wounded government! Money is its life-blood and it will be looking for anything of value to take “for the greater good”.

  41. China Syndromes

    Piers Morgan Q&A: The World’s Gone Nuts! | RTS Cambridge
    .Royal Television Society

  42. Nicholas Pizzitola

    The magnitude and time frame of this downdraft in stocks smacks of a large foreign bank in BIG trouble on over the counter derivatives. Some or all were not expecting the S&P to crack 3000 last fall and bet accordingly in a big way.
    (e.g) Think DB or other big foreign bank(s) writing huge volumes of S&P options with a 3000 strike with an expiration date of 2/28/20; Think Swiss National Bank or others massively buying US stocks over past couple of years; think coordinating foreign stock sales (dollar being under pressure during decline usually indicates foreigners selling US stocks and converting dollars to home currencies).
    Now, whoever was short the stock derivatives has covered or the options in question expired,( my guess), but the damage done to the other side of the derivatives market with respect to March derivatives is probably just as damaging. March is a much bigger options month by far over February.
    I’m expecting a very short term, very violent, reversal that takes the markets back to at least the mean over the last month or so. IMHO Someone(s) got out from under a big problem, but now the other side of the trade(s) has just as big a problem (that will be fixed prior to 3/20/2 and then the next leg down which will fit into Bo’s 4/21/20 cycle low.

    Now, lets put the Corona virus in perspective please! How or why it started is irrelevant to the current situation. It’s here and we are dealing with it -faster and better than any other outbreak. Last year the US had approximately 8500 deaths due to regular flu and that was a low year. We have under a hundred reported cases of the Corona with one death and we’re nearing the end of the flu season. Using this as the reason for a nearly 20% downdraft in markets is just plain ridiculous.
    And if you don’t believe, why is DB stock still up 33% or so over last summer?


    • The Seer

      Thanks Nick
      The biggies have to cover their shorts.
      Hold on.

  43. Cole Davis

    Greg, Once again, excellent. One question: If Bill Holter is correct in that the central banks will issue a new bit coin, then what will gold be worth? I can think of several possiblities, including “whatever the bankers want it to be worth.” Maybe at that time silver will have more value because it is an industrial metal??? “Inquiring minds want to know.”

  44. John M.

    I agree with Bill Holter.
    Cash will be valuable for only a short period of time. After that, good-bye the Almighty greenback that has been only backed with false confidence. That confidence will quickly go away in a panic.
    I believe the coronavirus is not only a military bio-weapon, probably created and unleashed by the globalists to kill lots of people, but more importantly it is an effective financial 9/11 instrument that is used to destroy the world economy at the specific time of their choosing. They think they are in total control like they always do. They have probably stolen and accumulated tons and tons of gold for this event, and have probably disposed of their bonds and equities too.
    We must hope and pray that Trump knows all of this, and has a trump card up his sleeve to counteract their evil intentions to bring back sound money, save the real economy, and establish domestic social order. We know the globalists will likely use this time to substitute the dead dollar that is the world’s reserve currency with a fake cypto-type paper gold standard. I pray that Trump is the real deal and not a puppet of the satanic globalists who keep hurting the good people of the world.

    • Beverly


      Remember what happened to JFK and almost happened to Reagan.

  45. Kerry

    I wonder what will happen to President Trump’s re-election chances with all this coming about with the markets. The MSM will sadly use this against him as you well know far more than I. As a retired person I have pull everything out of the markets. Some say Trump has all this planned out but I am not so sure. I’ve decided to just trust in The Lord and let it ride.
    Best Regards

    • paul ...

      You know … it is time people get off their asses … and stop doing nothing … we are like children always trusting the Lord will take care of everything for us … we need to grow up!! … why didn’t we do something when the crazy politicians and bio-psychopaths began enhancing the Corona Virus with HIV in their laboratories over a decade ago? … like the Corona Virus wasn’t dangerous enough to use as a bio-weapon?? … now all we have is a prayer (if not an atheist) and our immune systems to fight off this deadly virus “the psychopaths enhanced with HIV”!!

      • JC

        paul… the people won’t get off their asses without someone to lead and motivate them… a leader is needed… but who? Could it be… you? Yes! Captain Paul! Lead the charge!

  46. Pete M

    Excellent discussion Greg with Bill Holter, but what I would like to know is the potential impact the collapse will have on the future so called trust of the masses on the main stream media, as this will be blind siding many people who only watch TV for their news, although less people everyday are getting their information from this biased left wing main stream media. I urge everyone to have a look at the current debt situation via the u.s debt web site that summarizes everything on a single page. Enjoy…stock up while money can still buy something. Enjoy the ability to purchase gold and silver at low prices also.

  47. Woadly

    Although I do agree that precious metal market manipulation is taking place this most recent drop in metal prices has more to do with margin calls than anything else. The speed with which this drop occurred makes me wonder how much margin is being used in this market; record amounts I presume.

    • Greg Hunter

      You do realize there are very few weak hands left. Also, how do you explain all then nakedshort selling contractsthis week on CrimEX this past week and many other past weeks?

  48. Rob

    Once silver does go up, and it will, I will be able to afford donations to Bill Holder, Greg Hunter, et al. I owe you Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      You owe me nothing but I always appreciate any support I get.

  49. Nick-Dog

    Thanks Greg for a great interview with Bill H. Your guests continue to slug it out of the park. Whether Corvid-19 is man-made, or a deep state plot, or whatever, there is a silver lining to this very dark cloud–it will provide Trump with plausible cover for the economic default that is coming. Even though the deep-state and media weasels will try to blame him for it, the common man knows that it’s not his fault. This will help keep popular support for him strong and allow him, I hope, the opportunity to preside over reset the way he needs to. Thank you for you all do, Greg!

  50. Lazlo

    I was going to say, this is going to be an interesting week. But honestly, when was the last time we had a non-interesting week? Always glad to hear from Bill Holter. Fear Not Patriots!

  51. JC

    Wow, what happened to Gregory Mannarino? He doesn’t look well. Scary.

    • The Seer

      Greg’s Father just passed away.
      His video today is right on!

    • Beverly

      Maybe it’s the stress from his dad passing away or the stress from the stock market. Let’s hope that’s what it is. He’s had blue circles under his eyes for a long time, which indicates stress/lack of sleep, but it could also mean liver problems. I hope he’ll be okay. Great guy.

    • paul ...

      I’ve noticed the same thing JC … he always had a handsome Rock Hudson look … now his face looks very drawn!!

  52. Grosse Pointe

    The country will never recover is what Holder said comes to pass.
    Money will always be worth something will need to exchange the cash you have for new money issued, They did this is Viet Nam in 1969 MPC military personal where paid in Military Payment Certificate (MPC) one day they decided to change the money. The poor local Merchants where stuck with money they could not exchange for real greenbacks.
    The same thing would happen here the new cash would only be available for domestic use, a new currency would be used for International payments.
    The big question is how bad is the Virus if the people in the know are correct everything discussed is up in smoke. Survival is the only thing that matters!

    • paul ...

      GP … every paper script is good for as long as people have confidence they can exchange that paper script (or electronic crypto) for something real … while gold is good forever … 5000 years so far and going strong!!

  53. Rock

    Thank you brother Greg and brother Bill… is getting down to the lick log.
    Get right with God the Father, through His only Son, Jesus Christ. There is no other name under heaven by which a person may be saved. Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand.

  54. Stan

    This Gold crash is tracking the 2013 Gold crash very closely. Look for a waterfall decline soon. You have been warned.

  55. Merry Piper

    Thank you Greg for having Bill Holter on again. “It’s living off a credit card is what the world has done collectively”. What a great analogy that puts it all into perspective. When you said, “We’re never paying this back y’all”, I saw Bill smile. Miss his wonderful laugher, but a big smile will do!!

  56. vincent_g

    What a year – this one will be a major entry in history.
    We have a virus that will take down all economies.
    We have a political party that may well be gone.
    We will have a record number of deaths that both the failing economies and COVID-19 will be responsible for.

    Worse china makes all the medications.
    None are made in the USA.
    What else can go wrong?
    Well they can not ship any to USA.
    Worse still!!
    What if China over uses these meds?
    Over use of antibiotics and penicillin can cause a super germ.

    Is China doing that?

  57. Hazardous Duke

    I’ve been listening to this since the early 2000s (actually Howard Ruff days) and was buying gold and silver then. Those investments have done well for me and will continue to do so. No income, no interest but I can buy what I could back in that day and time with any silver or gold coin I bought back then as opposed to a bigger stack of bills now vs. then.
    Bottom-lining this it’s like Bill said here and in interviews past – you can’t name the day it all comes down but you can tell that it’s getting closer. I pray that it doesn’t hurt President Trump and he can show leadership out of the hole we’re in but the Socialists are seeing their greatest opportunity in decades or even since FDR.
    I’ve just inherited a small portfolio from a relative’s estate and I’m trying to figure out how to get out of those stocks and funds and put it into something safe but it’s all going to be paper and digidollars. Not good but I also worry about taxation in the times to come. We have a decent ranch, have always kept up on the taxes but many people lost their property in the Great (First) Depression because they couldn’t pay their taxes – and the schools are doing their best to get as much out of us as they possibly can. My only hope is when the US$ goes down the drain they won’t be able to figure out how to get anything from us then. We can always home-school our kids.
    Batten down the hatches! Rough seas ahead.

  58. Jon P

    I agree with most of what your guest was saying. However, I don’t think the dollar will become worthless. Even if the Fed does massive QE. I could be wrong, but I’m willing the bet the U.S has very advance weapons to keep demand for the dollar up. I would not underestimate the means they will go though to protect the dollars dominance.

    I used to think they would keep the markets pumped until after the election. Now it’s not looking like they can’T. The market crashing before the election can really hurt trumps chance at win re-election. I wonder if this is their way of getting him out?
    Your work is very much appreciated Greg! I look forward to your weekly news wrap ups.

  59. iwitness02

    …………”This will expose the fact that there are 300 or 400 paper ounces for every one real ounce that exists.”
    In my mind, someone should be in prison for this.
    But in our world, it is standard operating procedure.
    That’s about a hint and a half that we the people don’t make the laws.
    Or even have any influence on making the laws.
    Now we get see what can go wrong, when we have no voice in our own government.
    All by design. An evil design.

  60. oneno

    The WHO Is Dangerously WRONG!

    As Plejaren said, asymptomatic people (children) can spread disease; incubation up to three months


    Regarding this new report:

    Number of coronavirus cases from unknown source growing in U.S.

    This is largely due to the inaccurate and inadequate information from the WHO.

    With new cases popping up, and baffling the authorities because of no known travel or other exposure, please note what the Plejaren already told us about this rampantly spreading disease:

    Real number of infections and deaths much higher than reported
    Actual incubation period up to four weeks to 3 months
    Hermetic quarantine required, must be much longer than 2 weeks
    Breathing masks useless, virus penetrates because so small
    Disease spread through air, clothing and animals as well
    Full-body protective suit, breathing apparatus only real protection
    Asian races initially most susceptible but is spreading to others
    The WHO is culpable for not immediately proclaiming pandemic risk
    China, US and other countries suppressed truth for political and economic reasons

    And it’s critical that hospitals immediately become aware of the inadequacy of the commonly accepted and recommended medical protocols, equipment, etc., and the necessity of hermetically sealed quarantines, etc.

    For those who may be hesitant to spread this information because of fear of ridicule, etc., please consider the possible consequences of not doing everything possible to help warn and inform the public, as well as all those who are known to you.


    While most of humankind is simply incapable of recognizing the factuality of the extraterrestrial source, it should be sufficient to heed the information because the warnings themselves are – repeatedly – proving to be accurate everyday.

  61. oneno

    4chan anon posts on a board back in January how the Coronavirus is going to kill millions and states cities in Italy were to be used to model the growth rate and spread of the covid-2019 virus. 3 weeks later it is turning out he was probably telling the truth. SEE THIS

    MY COMMENT: This is OBVIOUSLY legit. The WHO let the virus spread without panicking everyone for the SOLE PURPOSE of letting the elites get positioned in the stock markets. THERE IS YOUR ANSWER. A lot of good those bastards are!!!

  62. JC


    MILAN — Coronavirus infections in Italy rose 50% Sunday and the U.S. government issued its strongest travel warning yet, advising Americans against any travel to two regions in northern Italy that have been hard hit by the virus that first emerged in China in December.

  63. Boris Badenough Badenoff & Natasha

    Russia, Russia, Russia….
    Russian’s on the street, questions and answer’s
    Vodka nation? Girls just wanna marry Americanski’s?
    Aggressive people, who smoke to much? Right here, right now!
    a message to the Americans

  64. Boris Badenough Badenoff & Natasha

    From the biggest country in da world, to one of the smallest!
    What do New Zealanders Think of The Yank’s?

    • Greg Hunter

      The small minded uninformed socialism is stunning and this from a country that does not realize the New World Order has disarmed them to make sure they stay in line. Long live the Queen!

      • Bob

        Greg, NZer here. This video was kind of boring because I listen to opinions like this all the time.
        The two girls saying Americans are energetic is true. NZers are very quiet.
        The old guy on the beach was good.

        The guy saying the gun problem is really easy to solve is an idiot. We should not have given up our guns. I hope we don’t live to regret it. Too bad the Christchurch thing was a false flag, but they outlawed the video so we can’t examine the evidence. Most people in NZ think we should not have guns. It’s unfortunate.

        The girl saying the cops in America are scary is totally opposite to me. I think NZ cops are idiots, dangerous, arrogant, and bullies. Corrupt too. US cops in my experience were totally polite and non-threatening. I was amazed at how nice they were especially in Alaska. Why do they get so much abuse? Even cops in Mexico and El Salvador I found to be far friendlier and easy-going than cops in NZ. Aussie cops are even worse because they have guns. God help us if NZ cops get guns too.

  65. JC

    George at Urban Survival says…

    ‘Astounding to us is that Silver is languishing under $17-bucks an ounce, especially when there’s anti-bacterial and anti-viral activity of silver up the wazoo. Admittedly, that’s a 2011 paper, but here’s one from 2014 and another from 2019. I would have thought, given the long history in the literature, that facing global pandemic silver would outshine gold. But, there’s the papers and there’s the quotes today. We make no claims as to the intelligence level of humans. If we did, that’d make us stupid, too!’

  66. Mellowbird

    A seemingly rational discourse on the authenticity of COVID is at (Jon Rappoport). An interview with him would be awesome. Thanks

    • Greg Hunter

      A lot of what I am see with Jon’s reporting is his opinion but I will post this.

      • Mellowbird

        No need to post this, but since the CDC does not have a reliable test for the presence of COVID then there seems to be a lot of “opinions”. Why can’t this be just another cold and flu season, which will evaporate after we get warmer weather? Jon has been correct about the fake epidemics that involved the swine flu, ebola, and zika, so perhaps there is some basis for his “opinions”. thanks.

  67. paul ...

    Furious Canadians slammed the government for failing to cancel flights from Iran … seems Canadians should have voted a Jew into office instead … who would have taken appropriate action … Iran doesn’t need nuclear weapons anymore … now that the West has developed the Corona Virus for them … that they can now begin to store up for future use against all their enemies!! …

    • paul ...

      Many Canadians travel to the US! … so who do you think will be affected by Iran infecting Canada?? … now we will likely soon be getting payback for all the sanctions we imposed upon Iran (Iran could have easily stopped these flights out of the country … but they didn’t did they)!!

  68. James Brown

    Great Job Brother!!!

  69. Bud Burrothe

    Ron Johnson threatens subpoena over Hunter Biden’s Ukraine work
    By Andrew Desiderio 46 mins ago
    The subpoena seeks records from Blue Star, a Democratic public affairs firm. In his letter to committee members, Johnson cited government documents indicating that the firm “sought to leverage Hunter Biden’s role as a board member of Burisma to gain access to, and potentially influence matters at, the State Department.”
    WOW WE! Victoria’s Secret!🦨

  70. JC

    John Hussman says…

    ‘I continue to expect the S&P 500 to lose about two-thirds of its value from its recent high to the trough of the next bear market. As I’ve regularly observed, a decline of that magnitude would not be a worst-case scenario. Rather, it would merely draw S&P 500 valuations to historically run-of-the-mill valuation norms that have been observed over the completion of nearly every market cycle in history, with the exception of the 2002 low (which was later breached in 2009). Based on the valuation measures we find best-correlated with actual subsequent market returns across history, even a retreat to October 2002 valuations would require a market loss of over -50% from the recent peak.’

  71. Dave

    I purposely listened to Rush today (ouch) to see what he would say after the obvious (now) community spread of the coronavirus. Basically he continued his lies/disinformation. Guess he got the talking points from the White House this AM.

    For a treat listen to today’s podcast of Michael Savage. A trained epidemiologist with a PHD. He talks about Rush misleading his listeners and perhaps putting their health in jeopardy. He talks about mortality and morbidity. Contrary to what Rush said the mortality rate is about 5 times that of the common flu. The morbidity numbers are high – people get very sick, the virus lasts a long time and persons are kept out of their jobs for a long while. Savage mentions re-infection rates which are high for the virus. Savage discusses what one can do to lower their risk of getting coronavirus. He wants to help individuals in a non-hysterical way rather than have them go to bed at night thinking nothing is wrong and they need not modify habits.

    As an epidemiologist Savage asked why is the rate so high in Iran? His conjecture – that Chinese scientists in Iran working on bio-weapons or nuclear development brought the virus there. It is well worth listening to and as Michael said he is probably on the outs at the White House but he owes it to his listeners to provide an honest analysis and inform them on measures they can take to reduce their risk. And slow the spread which helps Trump. Savage, BTW, is being blistered by Rush and Levin supporters but that is par for the course.

  72. Bob

    Trump’s Chief of Staff Caught on Tape Saying America Is ‘Desperate’ for More Immigrants

    So this means a white guy from Australia or New Zealand with university degrees will be able to get in easier than a Mexican with TB? Does anyone want to take that bet?

  73. DanielSong39

    Any chance of interviewing Dr. John Campbell? He’s a former doctor who is putting out a YouTube series on the Coronavirus. Very informative and objective reporting.

  74. Ed

    Greg, do you like physical metals only? How do you feel about ETF’s like GLD and SLV?

    • Greg Hunter

      I cannot advise. But I will say the problem with stocks and ETF’s is brokerage risk with what is coming. Some not all will go under. Think MFGlobal.

  75. paul ...

    It is clear to everyone now that Trump needs to fire AG Barr who is obviously working for the Deep State … if Trump wants to regain the confidence of his supporters he should immediately appoint Tom Fitton from Judicial Watch our new US Attorney General!!! …

  76. paul ...

    The war-mongers (not to be left out of destroying humanity the way the bio-weapon mongers are) are pushing this vaccine to kill off the Corona Virus …

  77. paul ...

    I guess we can say goodby to Tulsi Gabbard “the peace candidate” (unless Bloomberg picks her for VP) … Tulsi effectively says: “the corporate commie media will do everything in their power to make Russia an enemy … so as to propagandize the American people into shelling out trillions in hard-earned tax dollars to the Pentagon’s War Department to fund a highly lucrative nuclear arms race … that the military-industrial complex craves so desperately” …

    • paul ...

      The problem putting Bloomberg in as President is that we will have “both” the Deep State CIA and the Mossad running our government!! … Bloomberg has real close ties to the entire “Epstein network” where Israeli military intelligence helped to sponsor Epstein’s sexual blackmail operation that targeted most US politicians (that then helped Israel receive $3.8 billion per year from US taxpayers who can’t even afford to fund their own Social Security System)!! …

  78. Johnathon Golesby

    Suffering Is Near Its End

    All the evidence shows that we are nearing the end of man’s tragic experiment in independence from God. It has been clearly demonstrated that rulership by humans apart from God can never succeed. Only God’s rulership can bring peace, happiness, perfect health, and everlasting life. So God’s toleration of wickedness and suffering is nearing its end. Soon he will intervene in human affairs by destroying this entire unsatisfactory system of things.

    Bible prophecy says: “In the days of those kings [human rulerships now existing] the God of heaven will set up a kingdom [in heaven] that will never be brought to ruin. . . . It will crush and put an end to all these kingdoms [present rulerships], and it itself will stand to times indefinite.” (Daniel 2:44) The vindication of God’s sovereignty, his right to rule, by his heavenly Kingdom is the central teaching of the Bible. Foretelling a key part of the sign of “the last days,” Jesus said: “This good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations; and then the end will come.”​—Matthew 24:14.

    When the end comes, who will survive? The Bible answers: “The upright are the ones that will reside in the earth, and the blameless are the ones that will be left over in it. As regards the wicked, they will be cut off from the very earth.” (Proverbs 2:21, 22) The upright are those who learn God’s will and do it. Jesus Christ said: “This means everlasting life, their taking in knowledge of you, the only true God, and of the one whom you sent forth, Jesus Christ.” (John 17:3) Yes, “the world is passing away . . . , but he that does the will of God remains forever.”​—1 John 2:17.

  79. Jerry

    A very familiar feeling is starting to come over me. The one I get, when i realize I’m being played. The corona virus is nothing more than a scam being used by the central banks to install a digital exchange system, and eliminate cash, giving them total power.

    You could spend days explaining why, but it’s apparent to me that since so many nations are involved in the scam, it has to do with meeting globalist goals, and implementing agenda 21. My guess is with money velocity reaching the breaking point in April, we’re about to find out.

  80. Dave

    Common sense on coronavirus – from Michael Savage. The 3//20 podcast.

  81. Justn Observer

    oh, PICS of Wexner and Ghislaine partying with Mike Bloomberg
    One would think…if it was POTUS or his son’s it would be front page and on CNN?

  82. Jay Jordan Cardone

    Devin Nunes sues Washington Post for report on classified Russia briefing
    201,125 views•Mar 1, 2020

  83. Jordan Demurest

    Devin Nunes sues Washington Post for report on classified Russia briefing
    201,125 views•Mar 1, 2020

    Bannon: Bloomberg has a personal vendetta against Trump
    972,798 views•Feb 16, 2020
    Murph the surf 1 week ago
    Hillary: The man behind the curtain?

  84. eddiemd

    Once the homeless get coronavirus in California, then it will get into the jails and prisons. Big problem for healthcare. Either release prisoners or let them die in jail. I believe that they will die in the jails. Then cremated.

    Not if, just when.

  85. paul ...

    Looks like the Fed is at a “Roosevelt Moment” … the way the Fed can “effectively make rates negative” … is to ask the American people to turn in 35 dollars to the Fed and the Fed will give them back $20 dollars!!!

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