Dem Impeachment Disaster, No Cut Fed, Financial Warnings

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 410 11.15.19)

The first public hearing for President Trump’s impeachment was billed as a blockbuster, but in reality, it was a huge dud. As a matter of fact, it was a disaster for Adam Schiff and the Democrats. The so-called star witnesses called by the Democrats looked stupid when they admitted they had no firsthand knowledge, depended on hearsay and could not articulate an impeachable offence committed by the President. This is not a real impeachment but rather a Deep State operation to get rid of a President calling attention to fraud and corruption.

The Federal Reserve told Congress this week that there would be no more rate cuts. Earlier this year, the Fed reversed course and started cutting rates, and now it has come to a screeching halt to more rate cuts. Why?

There are some big financial names warning that there is big, and I mean very big, trouble on the horizon for the global economy. The U.S. has been in the longest expansion in history, and what is going to happen when the party stops? How will the debt, which has exploded in the last 11 years of expansion, get paid? The short answer–it won’t.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about the top stories in the Weekly News Wrap-up.

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After the Wrap-Up:

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John Rubino of will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release. He tells us that under the surface, the economic news is not what we have been told.

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  1. Stan

    I finally convinced one of my friends to sell all of his Gold. Let me tell you what happened. For years my friend would buy these dumb looking Canadian Gold coins and tell me he was adding to his “stack”. I begged him for years to sell that crap and buy real assets like stocks, options and derivative contracts. What changed his mind and made him sell it all was when I showed him I made more money trading negative yielding European sovereign debt than he made in the last five years on Gold. I got him to buy some equities that pay real dividends. He can now sleep at night.

    • Greg Hunter

      Boy is your friend going to be pissed. Hope your friend’s brokerage doesn’t go full MF Global.

      • Rodster

        Hopefully one day Greg, you and everyone else will come to the conclusion that this Stan person is nothing but a fraud and a troll.

        • paul ...

          We have … he is a bankster shill Rodster!!

      • Oracle 911

        I wonder if Stan would be murdered by his former friend…

        • Russ McMeans

          I thought Stan was getting his friend’s gold. The story did not end that way. Hey Stan; the Uber rich buy equities AND gold. Smart people do it all. Real estate too.

      • Edward Ulysses Cate

        Absolutely Greg, it’s like a blind person guiding a seeing person into a mud pit. I feel sorry for the guy not having more backbone to refuse mis-guiding “friends.” Just wait until the promises are not kept.

    • Derek Sinclair

      Funny. I can now sleep at night because I’m out of all the markets and into physical PMs, food and security. I like to make sure that I have a chair when the music stops.

    • JC

      Stan, I think you wrote this specifically to put “paul…” in gold overdrive mode.
      One other thing, could you please explain to us how derivative contracts are real assets? Thank you for your wisdom and guidance.

      • s

        Derivative contracts are a growing and wonderful asset class. They are highly liquid and can be traded 24/7.

        • Greg Hunter

          More laughs for us here at USAW!

    • paul ...

      Stan … you are shorting gold because you think gold is in an overvalued bubble … and that the stock market is where your friend should be … well look at this chart of Gold x 100/Dow Ratio … notice that the Ratio should be about 60 for gold to be in a bubble … … so with the Dow currently about 30,000 (the Gold100/Dow Ratio shows gold would need to be $18,000/oz for it to be in a bubble) … but let’s say the Dow crashes tomorrow by 90% (in a Greater Recession due to a banking crisis) … well even with the Dow at 3000 (gold would have to be at $1800/oz to be in a bubble) … so Stan … even if you believe gold (currently at $1500/oz) is “near bubble territory” right now … why would you be telling your friend to get into the stock market?? … to suffer a 90% loss??? … and even if you are right about the Dow advancing (to say 50,000) gold would have to be at $30,000/oz to be in a bubble … bottom line … if you are right Stan about the Dow advancing then you are wrong about gold being in a bubble … and if you are wrong about the Dow advancing (and it crashes 90% instead) your friend will be wiped out and us gold bugs gold will still need to see gold advance by another 300 points to be in bubble territory!!

      • paul ...

        Stan … your poor friend sold his gold to invest in the Stock Market … lets say you are right and the Dow goes from 30,000 to 50,000 (he doesn’t even double his money) … but if your friend remained in gold and it goes from $1500 to $30,000 (to be in a bubble) he could have made 20 times his money … you sure did your friend a “big favor” finally convincing him to just double his money when he could have made 20 times his money!! … just out of curiosity Stan … was this friend “you finally convinced” (1 out of 100 friends … or 1 out of 1000 friends)??

        • Stan

          Why in the world would Gold go to $30,000? I’m laughing uncontrollably as I write this. Where are you getting these absurd projections? It would be a miracle if Gold traded over $1500.

      • s

        Paul: All of your charts and ratios are meaningless. Gold is no longer money and never will be. US Dollar is king and will be for at least the next 175 years.

        • Greg Hunter

          This is too funny not to posy!

        • paul ...

          s … look here instead to see gold “is” currently used as money (coin denominations range from $50 dollars to $5 dollars) …

        • H. Craig Bradley

          Baghdad Bob ?

        • paul ...

          s … And the US Dollar will be worth “zip” in 175 years … as the King is now un-ziping his Royal clothes (and is parading bare naked before us)!!!

      • Stan

        Paul: If you are so confident in your prediction then lets wager. 25k that Gold end the year under $1400.

        • paul ...

          I have already wagered (over 25k) on Gold being higher by year end (just not with you Stan or your son s) … how can I be so confident in my gold prediction? … because your bankster buddies are printing Trillions of dollars for unnecessary wars (and the murder of hundreds of thousands of people) all around the world to create the necessary chaos and turmoil to usher in their new SDR world currency … and knowing they will never stop until they achieve their goal … … along with the historical evidence that shows “wars they need” drives the price of gold upward … provides all my confidence in gold rising higher and higher!!!

    • Freebrezer

      Stan – You are so convincing, that I am going to sell all eight tons of gold that I have!

    • Ronnie

      Stan…the greater fool is one who listens too a fool. Your friend needs therapy you need history, financial, political, revolutionary, local, national. Hell, just start at 2008 seeing as you are a deluded genius.

    • John

      Gold is central bank insurance. Nothing else. You don’t put it all there, but at least 10% is prudent. We are much higher. But we also play paper money games like Stan….then buy more gold.

  2. Warren B.

    I’ve had a hard time of late trying to convince my investors to stay the course and remain fully invested in Stocks. I keep telling them that Gold is a relic and doesn’t earn any interest. They have gone into hibernation of late and the complaints and untold dissatisfaction have all but disappeared.
    My returns speak volumes. I remain fully invested in financials.
    I sleep very well at night and they are too. I’m not a seller here.
    The President is doing a remarkable job. The Stock market is proving it. I am on his side entirely.

    • Greg Hunter

      Warren B
      You are an idiot with your head in the sand. Buffett is sitting on a record amount of cash $120 billion. Ray Dalio (Manages $160 billion) is buying gold and warning of a “paradigm shift” coming soon. Yeah paid lying trolls sleep well and I am on President Trumps side too.

      • Joe Lalonde

        I know of a kid who tried to kill himself by jumping from a building. The problem was the building was too short and he ended up busting himself up real good and now is trapped inside his own body.
        I hope these guys who give this bad advice will do the same thing when there wealth is trapped in the computers with no access to retrieve it. The Depression of 1920s was a good example of bad wealth investment and the walk off of the tall buildings.

      • Jerry

        He’s not a troll. He’s a sheep headed to slaughter.
        Check out the abrupt change in money velocity chart.

        It’s headed south. Along with Deutsche Bank stock.

      • Warren B.

        Another great day on the market. I can see it going much higher from here and my investors have regained their faith and are placing more funds with me. Win-Win for everyone.
        Bond yields are up. We are doing great business.
        Gold is languishing here and will fall into month end as expected, so I’m not in the least bit interested. My investors have been well rewarded for staying the course.
        The Federal Reserve is doing its job in ensuring the economy has integrity with its lowering of rates and overnight REPO. Anyone who doesn’t understand this process and acts on it is a fool.
        This bull market will keep going indefinitely. Friends laugh at me when I suggest 100,000 on the DOW by 2050. That’s not so far fetched. Its a very achievable level in the current frame of our beautiful country, our economy and wonderful President.
        I really don’t care for the other’s that you briefly mentioned. But I am quite surprised as one of those I know you absolutely despise (because of what you believe he took in Bailouts) and yet you still quote what he is doing. That’s called flip-flopping.
        Regardless, I know what I’m doing and so do my investors.

      • JC

        Greg, have you noticed that Stan and Warren B have curiously similar writing styles? Could they be one and the same person?

        • MCasey

          JC…I think you are correct. I also think they are the same writer. He must get paid by the responses he garners. Best to just pass them both by and not respond.

          • Warren B.

            I dont write for anyone nor support anyone elses cause.
            I am my own master. Just like our great President.
            I’m not a fan of gold period. Your accusations are slanderous.

    • paul ...

      WB … Look at this Fed publication and the annual returns gold has provided us and you have the gall to tell us that gold is a “useless relic”??? … do you think we here are stupid chocolate bar eating millennials?? … yeah gold had a few bad years … so what!! … we know gold is going explosively higher just by the fact that Fed has QE’ed and now REPO’ed its fiat to extreme levels!! …×527.png

      • paul ...

        Even the people who bought gold “at the high” in 2012 are close to break-even … and a year from now they will probably see $3000 dollar gold (thus doubling their investment in 8 years … or 12.5%/yr) … even “experts” running Pension and Mutual Funds are extremely lucky if they get 4% to 6% per year investing in the Stock/Bond markets!!

    • Stan

      Warren: You may want to consider shorting Gold at these levels. My timing model shows $765 Gold within 24 months.

      • paul ...

        Stan … Warren thinks the Dow is going to 100,000 … with the Dow at 100,000 do you know where gold would have to be according to the Goldx100/Dow Ratio to be overbought?? … put Dow= 100,000 into the following equation (100 x Gold / Dow = 60) or (Gold = Dow x 60/100 ) … the result is Gold = $60,000 dollars per ounce!! …

        Note:[For gold to peak out at $765 dollars Stan as you want … you are essentially predicting that the Dow will need to fall to (100 x 765 / 60) … or a Dow of One Thousand two hundred and seventy five (1,275) from about a Dow of thirty thousand (30,000) right now … now that should make Warren and his investors very happy!!]

        • Warren B.

          My results speak volumes. Whilst my performance over time is delivering consistently better than expected outcomes.
          I don’t wish to participate in hypotheticals. That’s the game of a poor man. One whose mind is closed.
          I live for the here and now. That is my investment and trading philosophy.
          You can continue to spend countless hours doing meaningless calculations. My time is more valuable.

  3. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter.
    A COUP,an overthrow of a legitimately elected President,was and is being attempted by a corrupt bureaucracy whose wages and entitlements you the American tax payer are paying in US Dollars,no doubt the next payment will be in blood,that of your children .The contempt this commie bureaucracy has for you the people is beyond belief,I would hope that the people have the same contempt for them ,a hunt for these commies need to start .China has bought so many in the bureaucracy and government in the USA,according to William Gertz,that he sees the country has been sold out even by the military and the secrets agencies.The few voices warning of this are barely getting any traction,oh wait,the media and Holly wood have also been bought off by China.
    Here in the UK where we used to have a democracy and where state sanctioned cameras successively watch our every move,because the elite are so frightened of us plebs and the police are in fear of their own shadows,the economy still sucks for us peasants.The studying of the French Revolution and the American war of Independence is almost verboten in our schools now,however they are the most popular topics in the generals certificate of secondary education in History,whilst Orwell features in the English Literature papers.Perhaps there is hope.In my husband’s boxing club,young men savagely attack their own bodies with workouts,my husband asked why?Their reply has been for many years,to be prepared for the black berets to come through their door rather like this,
    Of course this poor man was in Bolivia,but our police have been avidly taking notes no doubt.Still mirrors on sticks are hot sellers again for Christmas,which is now only celebrated by the rich.Irony really does suc

    • Joe Lalonde

      All this technology out for watching people…
      Problem is when their is a major power outage or a major computer hack into the system, this technology is just plastic and metal that these guys have no clue what to do after as there is no communication as well.

    • paul ...

      Maria … Yes the contempt this “commie” bureaucracy has for the American people is beyond belief … they are going after Trump with impeachment proceedings because “he dared” to ask the Ukrainian President about the Burisma Holdings Oil Company’s payment of over $3 Million dollars ($3,166,000) to Hunter Biden “for favors by his father Joe Biden” (according to the records recently released by the Ukraine Government) … the information released revealed that the Burisma Oil Co. even bribed other officials in the corrupt Obama State Department to intervene and end the Ukrainian investigation of their company for corruption … after Joe Biden received his bribe he gave the President of Ukraine 6 hours to fire the Ukrainian prosecutor looking into Burisma Oil Co. corruption and to immediately end the investigation or else forfeit $1 billion dollars in US taxpayer money he would give to the Ukrainian Government … bottom line … Trump gets impeached “for revealing how our US politicians rake in a percentage of the US taxpayers cash (given as foreign aid) to foreign governments!!! … do you think all the foreign aid the US taxpayers are on the hook for every year to pay out to foreign governments (around the entire world) does not include a “kick back” to US politicians … why do you think “we can’t balance our budget” and our Congressional representatives “are all millionaires” … for Trump to reveal such blatant “in your face corruption and theft” by Demons in government is the true reason he is being impeached!! … and as the US population is made more aware of these shameless corrupt shenanigans by our politicians it results in a collapse in confidence in government … and along with the shameless corruption of the Fed banksters … is it any wonder why we will see gold rallying … people are “waking up” … they see governments and banks as just a bunch of crooks … and so are buying gold (they can hide from the crooks) for protection of their wealth from a cabal of crooks who devise all kinds of devious ways to grab our money … from taxing us at higher rates by inflation pushing us into higher tax brackets … to outright denying us a “true” Cost of Living Adjustment!!!

      • paul ...

        Leaked bank records show the “real reason” the Demon-rats are impeaching Trump … because Trump dared to reveal “one crook” all the other crooks panicked … and decided they needed to get rid of Trump by any means possible (before he begins revealing all the other crooks who took bribes like Kerry, Pelosi, Hillary, etc.) …

        • paul ...

          You know … I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that globalist crooks like Soros, the Rothschild’s, etc., etc. are currently bribing our politicians in both Party’s to do their bidding to achieve a One World Globalist Cabal Order … the same way Burisma Oil Corp bribed Joe Biden, Kerry, Pelosi, Hillary, Lindsey Graham, etc., etc. … the level of morality in American Government has sunk to the lowest evilest levels … the American people need to wake up out of their trance enough “to vote these crooks out of office” … how hard could that be?? … instead the crooks offer the millennials “a free chocolate bar”, promise free this … and free that … and we vote these crooks into office year … after year … after year!???!

          • Keith wilson

            Do some research on Adam Schiff , Daniel Goldman and who are they, and who do they work for outside America. Michael Bloomburg the new Democrat who hopes to become your new president in 2020. Who is he. How did he accumulate 60 billion. Which country in the middle east has he dual citizenship with and a passport with. Also who do these actors work for and answer too. Trump didn’t go to war with Iran during the summer.The cabal want Trump removed at any cost to get there new President into a shooting war with Iran. Using more American blood and treasure for there globalist agenda. The cost must be carried by the American taxpayers who have no idea what is going on in America. Most of your media is controlled by the cabal. Murdoch who is connected to the Rothschild banking cartel is expected to support Bloomburg in 2020. What does this tell you about politics in America .

          • paul ...

            And with all the Demon’s profligate spending and free give-a ways … the “commies” plan is to drive inflation so high and the dollar down so low … that all the ordinary American people will be forced into the highest tax brackets … which Warren now wants to set at 95% to rake in even more dollars for themselves … how the hell are we ordinary deplorables going to live on just 5% of what we earn????

    • uncommon sense

      The big red flag for me regarding Trump was the murder of Epstein. If Trump was truly fighting against the deep state and the elites would he not have gone out of his way to protect Epstein, being such a key figure in the elite pedo scandal? He is either in with the elites and happy to see the back of Epstein or he is unbelievably stupid to let the achilles heel of his enemies be eliminated, especially after all the warning signs that Epstein was being targeted in prison.

      • paul ...

        I’m still hoping that dead body was not Epstein (the ear sure wasn’t) … and that Epstein was whisked off and put in “a witness protection program” … where he can continue to spill the beans on all the evil players in the Deep State!!

      • Self Exiled

        Yes; or he made a deal; and the polarization of the American public continues.

      • Shadow of Doubt

        I look forward to you schooling us further on the topics of effective leadership and a unerring legal system to effect quick and convincing justice. But wait aren’t you the nation that voted for Brexit and decided to settle for the elite’s proverbial one finger salute! We have a saying here in the states, “making sausage ain’t pretty; all that counts in the end is the results.” SOD

      • MCasey

        uncommon sense, It is also a mystery to me how Epstein’s murder was allowed to occur. He was extraordinary valuable to bringing down the Deep State. Obviously, this was a planned operation, but by who? Hopefully they have just moved him into protective custody.

  4. H. Craig Bradley


    Televised Impeachment Hearings in the House and President Trump’s flurry of rallies are sucking the air out of the room. Little else can get much media coverage. Even the recent school shooting in Saugus, Calif. yesterday got minimal media attention.

    Normally, there would loud cry for tighter gun controls, but not so much this time. Partly, it may be related to the already tight gun and ammo registration requirements already in-force in California, yet mass shootings still occur. Schools and places of worship are still unprotected and unguarded. Nobody wants to defend themselves or take sensible security precautions. Gun control alone is no solution to society’s problems.

    I did discover one common thread to all these shootings in the past: fragmented communities that are impersonal, few close relationships (even among very long term residents ), busy schedules, and even in the large cities- social isolation. You have to make your own entertainment for yourself, especially if you are retired. The old widow across the street from me has become a recluse since her husband passed-away.

    Here is a comment from one resident who lived across the street from the shooter in Santa Clarita, CA:
    “Andy Anderson, 70, lives across the street from the alleged shooter on a sun-baked block of well-kept and mostly one-story homes, where palm and fig trees line the yards. He said he hardly ever spoke to the family, who had lived there for about 20 years.
    “We’re a typical California neighborhood. I see you. I wave to you, but I don’t know anything about you,” Mr. Anderson said. ”

    I live about 30 miles from Santa Clarita and its not that different here in Glendale, CA. (population: 300,000). I grew up here so I know a few more people from my youth, but many are not from here or even from the U.S.A. Not much in-common. In addition, a lot of foreign speaking transplants found throughout SoCAL.

    Generally people ignore each other most of the time, at least on my street and neighborhood. Everyone is struggling to stay afloat financially and have many concerns that keep them continually busy and focused upon their own personal situation and lives. Its no different socially in smaller cities in Calif. such as Redding, CA in the Northern Part of the State (population: 99,000)

    I also read another article in the about a growing segment of American society that are not associated with any religion, the so-called “nones”. This category are said to be about 1/3 of everybody. So, Spiritual Poverty is not uncommon. Even those who do identify as “Christians” do not regularly attend church. The rest of society has no particular values, no beliefs. No nothings makes for an unstable culture in the long run. It does not matter how much money one may have either. We won’t survive long as an empty culture if things get really austere some day. Many won’t make it.

    In fact, many Americans are still struggling as it is today. The economy is not all that strong either. America is still in-trouble and at risk. This latest school shooting should be a wake-up call, but instead, we are too enthralled with Bread and Circuses ( Congressional Impeachment Hearings). We are just pretending its normal. Anything but.

    • Chip

      Excellent comment and sharing of observations. Thanks HCB… Chip

    • Diane

      I was listening to KFI 640, yesterday. HCB.
      I was wondering why KFI radio news seemed to be following this story. Not much coverage on MSM.

      • Diane

        Just got copy of the Pasadena Star news, H.Craig.
        They did a big front page story.

  5. Mike G

    Stan has friends? In his mind only

    • H. Craig Bradley


      Who cares what Stan has, or thinks? Important or relevant to who ? How many ‘friends” you have, Mike G.? ( Don’t answer because, again, who cares?) Sure not me or anybody on this site for that matter. Small minds, small worlds. Social Media is a small subset of the general population: The nit-pickers.

  6. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    The enemy can’t be as stupid as they seem. Therefore, I have to conclude that they actually intend to incite chaos and war.

    • paul ...

      William … That “Commie” Demon-rat Elizabeth Warren can’t wait to get her hands on our wealth … and “wants to tax all our assets” (even before we sell it to make a capital gain) … under “the false pretense of taxing the rich” she wants to scalp our stored wealth we never sell (like our gold, our silver, our home, our land, our cars, etc., etc.) like that Indian Pocahontas she pretends to be “taxing our assets even if we don’t sell them is Commie Marxism of the highest order” … so you are right about the Demon Rat Commies not being as stupid as they seem … they are devious Devils who also want to “take our guns” and impeach the legal President we voted for!!!

  7. Ronnie

    Fear not olde Greg.
    This all looks like a STING OPERATION by the Deal Master.
    I bet the Donald has received Zip drives loaded with scandal from folks who have had enough of the rip offs. The dead beat kids used as dads, “bundlers!” for starters.
    Don’t think for one moment America’s enemy’s have not been silently hacking everything that’s got a chip and electricity in it….for years.
    When the British finally kill their Australian whistle blower in prison the avalanche of shame and miss deeds will mean the Dark Side will have too shut the Web down. (The Russians have their own www. Web ready to role….only what I have read.)

  8. Justn Observer

    Greg, Your summation is heading in the right direction…but the truth is even much more corrupt and un-believable. This summation should be viewed and shared by all here…it shows the enormity of what has been going on for decades…who is involved…the tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths due to endless wars and drugs, KIA and maimed military personnel for the fun/pay to play/ and private profits of national leaders, corrupt politicians, career Government state and diplomatic people = SES / SS/ OSS/ CIA and Generals and Admirals the world over!
    One has to think about the world theaters and all the endless wars, drug wars, child trafficking/and use for compromise , the bleeding away of millions of peoples dreams to pay un- necessary taxes to pay of it all….so all the bribes and profits to the elite could flow the world over…
    Mind numbing…but worth the years doing the meta-data and crowdsourcing…the truth is now there, the hard part will be for people to believe it, admit how duped they have allowed themselves to be…AND their lack of desire to put an end to it for fear ‘their’ nest eggs might be disrupted…as they watch millions divested of their lands, homes as thousands of uneducated patriotic youth march off to wars thinking they are involving themselves in the right thing for their countries…as they participate in UN-DECLARED WARS and humpty dumpty operations for resources grabs…which all the leaders decry and pound the desks with one hand while funneling profits in off shore accounts for them and their inner circles. The impeachment is a charade, a deflection and is A COUP – a last gasp at trying to keep POTUS Trump from exposing THE REALITY ! TOO LATE NOW = PEOPLE CAN NOW SEE THE TRUTH, WILL BE FACED WITH IT, AND NOW MUST EITHER DO SOMETHING ABOUT THESE CROOKS AND/OR FACE THE PAIN OF WHAT IS COMING !

  9. Perce Sledgehammer

    Obama’s Ukraine Ambassador Allegedly Lied Under Oath In Impeachment Inquiry, Congressman Suggests
    By Ryan Saavedra
    Marie Yovanovitch, who was appointed to be the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine by former President Barack Obama, allegedly made false statements under oath during her October 11 closed-door testimony in House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry.

    The real Ukraine controversy: an activist U.S. embassy and its adherence to the Geneva Convention;
    The first time John Soloman ever heard the name of U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch was in early March of this year. It did not come from a Ukrainian or an ally of President Trump. It came from a career diplomat he was interviewing on background on a different story.

    John Soloman’s, WORD’S, In Own Voice!
    The Ukraine Fiasco. The Truth Behind Marie’s FAKE, Tears! The Skinny on the upcoming staged emotional event of the week!

    Lightning In A Bottle 10/01/2019 •
    Complicated business, this impeachment process is. TRUMP FINALLY cleaning up! THE OBAMA HOLDEROVERS! They no longer have their hold around his neck, he now has them AND on the run! “Brennan & Claptrapper.” Hopefully to their quick demise, yes and at the hands of the American people, for whom the bell tolls, yes, it tolls for thee.
    Gee, like in the old time movies! Creepy isn’t it.
    Long Live the Republic!

  10. Perce Sledgehammer

    The right link!
    The real Ukraine controversy: an activist U.S. embassy and its adherence to the Geneva Convention;
    The first time John Soloman ever heard the name of U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch was in early March of this year. It did not come from a Ukrainian or an ally of President Trump. It came from a career diplomat he was interviewing on background on a different story.

  11. Joseph Diianni

    Hi Greg When will you have Bo on again? He does a great job of timing!!!

  12. Montana Guy

    All concerns expressed are not isolated events but rather battlegrounds of a full frontal assault. The financial elites’ ‘global economic reset’ (their phrase not mine) WILL happen.

    Trump is in place to be the scapegoat. Deplorables, nationalism and professing ‘conservatives’ will be guilty by association.

    Our ‘fall’ will not an event but rather a process accomplished by clever, patient evil psychopathic men. It has been underway for years. Those paying attention have been blessed with years to prepare. But it is NOT too late to take action. Use your God-given blessings to protect your love ones.

  13. al

    I hope Bo and Rob are correct.
    The way I see it, we’re either going to see a market crash or a hyper-bubble along with hyperinflation. Either way, people lose except those who hold Precious Metals.

    By the way, Amazon is throwing a HissyFit because the NSA is going with Microsoft for data (AWS) services. Bozos claim it’s a “political decision”. Really?

    Thank you Greg for summarizing the important news of the week.
    Great job as usual

    • paul ...

      Most likely a hyper bubble along with inflation Al (this is why we must get the CPI to reflect the real inflation rate … not the 1.6% crumbs they are throwing at us ) … the Fed’s recent Repo operation means Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) “is here NOW”!! … thus we need to rapidly get our evil politicians to raise the Cost of Living Allowance to reflect the “true cost of living”!!! …

  14. JC

    Greg, you said banks do not trust banks. Martin Armstrong agrees with you. Check this out about Deutsche Bank. Wow.

    COMMENT: Marty, thank you for a great conference. The comments out there on the liquidity crisis have been just domestically focused. Thank you for keeping my eyes focused on international events and your analysis about the crisis at Deutsche Bank


    REPLY: The raid on Deutsche Bank in Germany back in September over the money laundering probe of Danske Bank, which is the biggest lender in Denmark, contributed to the sudden collapse in confidence. The governments are desperate for money and they are hunting it on a global scale. Deutsche Bank served as a correspondent bank to Danske’s Estonia branch. That is where the latest money laundering is alleged to have occurred. The banker there in the Estonia branch of Danske, Aivar Rehe, was found dead by police there in Estonia. He had been previously questioned by prosecutors and was considered to be THE key witness in the money laundering probe. As always, just like Jeffrey Epstein, his death was declared to be a suicide. This is standard whenever they need to cover something up. Boris Berezovsky suddenly commits suicide being very remorseful for making billions I suppose. Anyone who could expose things others do not want always seems to commit suicide.

    The crisis in liquidity is that American bankers will NOT lend to Europe. Because of the European Banking Crisis, banks just do not trust banks. Nobody knows who will be standing after a failure at Deutsche Bank. The Fed has had to step in to be the neutral lender NOT because of a crisis in the USA, but because of the collapse in confidence in Europe’s banking system as a whole. Stay alert – this is just getting started.

  15. andyb

    Under the Constitution, the President sets foreign policy; not the State Department. It was obvious that the 2 key witnesses at Wednesday’s hearings are not aware of this FACT. Their job is to implement the President’s wishes, NOT to undermine them. It is obvious as well that US foreign policy as it relates to foreign aid is a means to enable certain politicians in the “loop” to profit immensely. How many billions have the Obamas, Bidens and Kerrys stolen from the American taxpayers? There should be grand juries, indictments and long prison terms, especially now that the paper trail of bank payments have been exposed. If nothing happens, then America and the Rule of Law so thoroughly ingrained in the Constitution are both kaput.

  16. lightning

    I have an idea. If the dems want to go full commie….

    Given that most of the politicians wealth is directly related to their leveraging their votes for cash, why not have a wealth tax on the politicians of 37% of the wealth they accumulated while working for the Federal Government ? As part of this, all Federally elected officials must, by law, be audited for a period of 2 years before to 7 years after public service . Make it retroactive to the beginning of the first Bush Administration and call the Bill something like THE ELECTED OFFICIALS FAIR REIMBURSEMENT ACT.

    If the Federal job is such (like Military Generals or Admirals) where they leverage (i.e. sell out) their power for cash that they will receive after they retire (by being rewarded by the same big defense contractors they supported as a General, Admiral etc)…include these “heroes” in that 37% wealth tax for their post government service dates for a period of 7 years. (Thank you for your service). After all they only got to be on the payroll of these large defense contractors as a result of their Federal military positions.

    Even if they made it only kick in after the first $250K, that would be FAIR , RIGHT?! I don’t think anyone should starve, just recognize their GOVERNMENT PRIVLEDGE.

    As part of the bill, given that Federal employees make 34% more on average than equivalent private sector employees (aka “deplorables”) based on the Congressional Budget Office , reduce all Federal Employees salary by 34%. Effective immediately.

    Seems reasonable to me given the fact that its these same Federal employees / Politicians that have driven the budget into the Red by $21 trillion + ….

  17. Mitchell Bupp

    TY Greg, I look at this as a Soviet-style show trial… Secondly remember Barusima was reselling Russian gas from the EU scamming Ukrainians. My list of 35 individuals who acted as spies against the Trump campaign and Trump Presidency.

    Stephan Halper-CIA contractor-Flynn, Trumps team
    Azra Turk-CIA-Papadopoulos
    Burrows-MI6-Steele partner
    Downer-Australian/Clinton Foundation-Papadopoulos
    Erika Thompson-Australian-Papadopoulos
    Henry Greenburg/Oranski-FBI-Stone, Caputo
    Kirk Bell-Freelance-Stone, Caputo
    Valenetnskya-FusionGPS-Trump Tower meeting
    Askhnmin-Trump Tower meeting
    Felix Sater-CIA-Cohen
    Kilimnik-Ukrainian/US State Dept-Manafort
    Oleg Deripaska-FBI-Russian Billionaire
    Bruce Ohr-DOJ-Steele cut out/info distribution to DOJ/FBI
    Double agent Nellie Ohr-FusionGPS-used 702 system for political research-passed info to Steele, Fusion
    Sir Richard Dearlove-MI6-McCain-Dossier meeting reveal
    Sir Andrew Wood-UK Russian Ambassador-Mccain-Dossier reveal
    HR McMaster-FBI/Deep State-handpicked mole to replace Flynn
    Sally Yates-DOJ-Flynn fraudulent prosecution to make space for spy McMaster
    Rod Rosenstein-DOJ-FISA spy abuse and negligent prosecution, obstruction
    Carter Page-FBI-infiltrated Trump campaign, FISA door key (not a victim but co-conspirator)
    William Browder-UK-former US CIA-FusionGPS-Trump Tower meeting
    Gina Haspel-CIA London Station Chief 2016-??
    Anthony Fernnate-FBI-WhiteHouse (WH) cyber division -FBI mole
    Jordan Rae Kelly-FBI-WH cyber div-FBI mole … there are more … like Byrnes, Butina, Winer, Cairemella and more … soon show time Greg, gotta run, God Bless and Than You!

  18. Tommy

    Hoping that the House impeaches and it goes to the Senate. There the real crimes can get some light cast on them. For this reason, I do not believe the House will impeach. They will drop it saying that the Senate won’t convict so they’re just ending it. It will die like Epstein and be buried with the truth.

  19. Paul Anthony

    Stay Prayed up, Have some protection and food, hide some silver and Gold coins for the future. Have a plan, bible, and the Lord in your hearts. Never stop fighting evil! I don’t have anything else to add except,

    Thank you Greg Hunter

    Paul Anthony

    • paul ...


  20. Mike

    It looks like 6 big banks are going to fail.

    • paul ...

      Excellent post Mike … very interesting in depth analysis of how it may be Credit Swiss who is also at death’s door and has also now been put on a Fed intravenous Repo lifeline(just like Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan Chase) … it was Credit Swiss, Deutsche Bank and JPMorgan that drove gold down in 2012 and are currently loaded down with gold shorts (like Stan) and gold’s recent rise has them scrambling for Repo cash to cover their giant gold derivative positions … and since Credit Swiss has loaded up on US stocks they can’t allow the stock market to fall even when John Williams at Shadow Stats has shown us that the US economy has had only (2) positive Quarters in the last 13 years (and the Stock Market is making new highs????) … the reality is the US has been in recession for the last 13 years … the Germans (Chinese and Russians) are currently weeding out the bankster cabal at Deutsche Bank and many lower tier banksters have been eliminated … the Bankster Cabal is fighting back by cutting gas flows to Germany and putting tariffs and sanctions on China and Russia … while the Russia, China, Germany (through the Dutch) are telling people to buy gold and Trump is mot only successfully eliminating the Bankster Cabal but is placing “pro-gold people” into important positions in our government … the Bankster Cabal is near death and have their Demon-rat henchmen trying to impeach Trump … but they are bleeding to the tune of 200 billion in overnight and longer term Repo money … to keep them from deaths door they will likely need a Trillion dollar per night in Repo money … Stan (the bankster shill) is trying to hold up the stock market, is shorting gold and is buying Deutsche Bank (that will soon be selling for 50 cents) !!

    • Rachel

      That post was full on. Finally I understand the connection between the US Repo market and the big European banks. I am shocked at how corrupt the whole world is. Thank you Mike for posting this thread. It was really helpful to me.

  21. Gene


    As we watch the madness going on in our government a question always pops in my head. Is it possible to sue , let’s say a class action suit , against all whom brought these hoaxes. Picking a subject for the suit should be easy. Here are a few, bring false witness, fraud, slander, wasting Americans money, etc. etc..


  22. Da yooper

    Good wrap up Greg

    Now that this kickback scheme is seeing the light of day we must end ALL Foreign Aid ( & that includes Israel – I can only imagine how many Jewish US Politicians are getting kickbacks ) no wonder soooo many politicians get elected poor & end up multi millionaires . A fraud has been perpetrated on the American taxpayer & heads need to roll.
    Greg I can see the corrupt PTB crashing the economy when they realize the GDP ( generally dumb public ) are not buying this impeachment scam sooooo I am guessing at or during Thanksgiving or at Christmas take your pick ( they hate Christians so much my pick is Christmas )

    Greg you need a back up position to go to when YT kicks you off. may be useful. Remember one is none.

  23. Chip

    Great wrap up Greg. I feel like we’re Wiley Coyote and we’ve already run off the cliff and just waiting to fall. So much going on and so many opportunities for a major black swan event on the immediate horizon. God bless you and all watchdogger’s… Chip

  24. Frank

    Sounds like I heard a backup career if the internet is ever out.
    Listen, to get through these times you just have to “Roll With the Changes”

    • Montana Guy

      Frank, where you have chosen to roll and whom you chosen to roll with will make all the difference.

  25. St. Clare Seeds

    You get demonetized by Google, Google just rejected all of our ads for St. Clare Seeds saying they are “Recreational Drugs”. I wonder if that’s the real reason? I doubt it. I’m guessing its all the content on our website like, God Bless America, quotes by Trump and Reagan, Homeschooling links, Catholic/Christian Stuff, Pro-life, etc….

    God Bless,

  26. Bill B

    GREG: A question
    Hillary bought control of the DNC during last election.
    Are Hillary and Bill still in control of the DNC ?
    Does anyone know how much money they have given the DNC for this election?

  27. Joe Lalonde

    You gotta love the outright boldness to this President Trump collusion to take him down. The Ambassador Yovanavich stating ” our inter-government training meeting, we brought up concerns on the President” . Not involving the President, these jokers were having discussions and meetings behind his back stirring crap up.
    Who is the President here?
    Certainly not theses jack-asses.

  28. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report Greg. All I hear this morning from the televised coup of President Trump is that former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch is that she is disgruntled by being recalled from Ukraine and that she thinks she knows the Presidents job better and she doesn’t like the way that President Trump runs the executive branch. Basically she is a upset former employee who was let go and that she has no first hand knowledge of any crime by President Trump. Imagine a government employee that was let go from government employment and now she has a grudge is all that she can testify to.

  29. Country Codger

    Fantastic wrap-up.
    Lo Iyrah!

  30. Clare Doll

    Prediction on Deutsche Bank. I believe Charles Nenner was speaking in Euros, not dollars when he made his prediction. That puts Deutsche Bank in even MORE hot water than with dollars. Just a thought.

  31. Justn Observer

    Greg, More information that Progressive Democrat liberal ideas are dangerous to people and wildlife…and need to be sequestered – put in prisons or psycho wards as to the information and actions they promote … = de-population, cow farts, much of their acts of environmental ‘terrorism’ promoted against farmers, ranchers, fishermen and logging industry !

  32. iwitness02

    It keeps getting more intense all the time.
    For me, President Trump has been the most educational President of my lifetime.
    His arrival on the world stage has illuminated the criminal activity of our government more than any other. Not only our government but other governments around the globe. It would probably be safe to say All governments. Finally we are beginning to see where all the money goes. Bribes and kickbacks are nothing new. To see the mechanisms used to distribute the money is what is new to me. I like the insights gained, but hate the reality of it all.
    For many years, I have assumed that most all Americans were going to end up in poverty. Poverty requires its own peculiar skill sets. To learn them, you have to live the life. My wife and I both quit our jobs and came home and began a new life living on social security only. This has been fantastic training. The learning curve is a long one. It is not easy. A lot of mental adjustments are needed as well. You got to get your mind right. To learn what we have learned takes time. To learn via a crash course, because of a crash, would be overwhelming, in my view. Learning to deal with poverty has been a big part of our strategy for getting prepared for hard times.
    We set ourselves up, before quitting our jobs. We tried to anticipate what we would need before hand, and got everything we thought we would need. We made some mistakes, but overall we are actually happy in our daily lives. Plus the freedom of being out of the workforce is wonderful. But that doesn’t mean we don’t work our tails off here at home. Living a good life on a small income is labor intensive.

    • iwitness02

      I quit in 2013 and my wife quit in 2014. The learning curve will probably last the rest of our lives.

  33. Brooklyn

    You are the best Greg. We have told a number of our friends to tune in to not only your weekly wrap up, but also your extremely informative Sunday and mid-week interviews with experts in the fields of finance and world politics. Thank you for everything you do, and will be sending money to your PO Box over the weekend…


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Brooklyn!!

  34. Mike reps

    The President { whom I voted for } “willingly ” opened the door for these abuses when he declined to have the Justice Deparment indict the Clinton Foundation for it’s obvious illegal and criminal activities. You yourself Greg ; interviewed Charles Ortel who had all the evidence needed to prosecute the Clintons. : He who forgives easily….Invites Offense “. Trump did this to himself. This is a sad state of affairs for the Nation. The great sounding TV Actor and many times ” Bankrupt ” businessman is just not up to the job. Of corse Hillary would be worse ; but Trump gave her a free pass.

  35. paul ...

    Russia likely sending snipers to Libya to clean up the mess left in the wake of Hillary’s regime change war to topple Gaddafi and prevent oil and gas shipments to Germany! …

  36. Jon Vaughn

    “Propaganda CARTEL”
    This includes virtually all key parts of the public school system(s), colleges, and universities; many/most religious structures; “news outlets” of all public media, and “hollywood entertainment” products.

    We brought lots of Gestapo and SS over here post WW2 along with Werner von Braun and his buddies (e.g. see Christopher Simpson’s “Blowback”). Those guys had turned a very sophisticated country into a propaganda nightmare. We wanted their developed psychotechnology to help build the current security state, which they did. But we had something they did not have–Hollywood. Today this monster is possibly the greatest Matrix maker in all of history.

    Attributed to Former CIA Director, William Casey: “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is FALSE.”

  37. paul ...

    BREAKING NEWS: This could affect USAWatchdog … in an obvious attempt at censorship “to silence those who disagree with the Deep State political/ruling class … YouTube is planning to Delete All Accounts That Aren’t “Commercially Viable” Starting Dec. 10, 2019 … seems speaking truth is now not going to be tolerated anymore in the United Commie States of America!! …

  38. NC Gal

    Greg, this is a tad off-topic, but I just saw an article on Zerohedge ( about how YouTube is going to delete ALL accounts that aren’t “commercially viable” beginning on December 10 (less than a month away). According to the article:

    “We already know that many conservative-leaning YouTube channels have been demonetized by YouTube with the goal of driving them out of business. However, thanks to workarounds like Patreon, many of these channels are still up and running, despite YouTube’s best efforts to financially destroy them.

    Since mere demonetization hasn’t led to the outcome that YouTube hoped for, the Google-owned video platform is now making “commercial viability,” as arbitrarily defined by YouTube, a new requirement to maintain a presence on YouTube.

    “First they’ll demonetize you, then they’ll remove you completely because you are no longer ‘commercially viable,’” warns Twitter user “Raging Golden Eagle” about where this all is headed.”

    The article suggests going to a different platform, such as I don’t know what it means to be demoneitized (I suppose it’s related to being “demonized”), but you have been saying this is being done to you, so maybe it’s time to find a different platform to host your videos. There is also, but neither of these options provides the traffic that YouTube does. I don’t know what’s involved with the money part of YouTube. I just go there to watch.

  39. davina marshall

    Excellent commentary Greg. It seems obvious to me things are building to a crescendo and I can’t see how this will subside without blood in the streets. The anger and discontent is palpable so I believe it’s past time for POTUS to start draining the swamp by declassifying and releasing information on the corruption and criminal activities of these evil people. Maybe then the delusional dems will be able to comprehend how they and we all have been deceived by the deep state.

  40. Not So Free

    Star Chamber.

  41. DocBSL

    I got a little worried about buying silver bars until all the best bars were “out of stock” and I heard the price was being forced down by the big guys buying silver on paper.

  42. eddiemd

    Ukraine. Bloodlands.

    Execution by Hunger.

    The blood of innocents crys out from the land. Interesting that Ukraine is in focus in the end time.

    The Holy Spirit is being poured out in Ukraine.

    Jesus Christ. The Alpha and the Omega. The Anointed One. Messiah. El Shaddai.

  43. Mike R

    Got gold ? If so, probably not enough.
    50% of your financial assets is probably a better starting point.
    My own view is that as the dollar gets debased, and hyperinflated, and the massive QE and printing wipes out what is left of it, stocks and bonds that are denominated in US dollars, and US real estate as well, will all become worthless too. You have zero diversification by being in all the same assets that are denominated in the same fiat currency that is being wiped out.

    • William Stanley

      U.S. bonds are (usually) denominated in dollars and must, upon maturity, be redeemed with dollars at a fixed price. So the purchasing power of the money repaid to bond owners upon maturity would be diminished with inflation.
      U.S. stocks and real estate are different. Yes, they are still usually priced and traded in dollars. However, their owners — absent government price controls — are under no obligation to sell them in dollars at fixed prices. Moreover, stocks represent (partial) ownership of business enterprises that could sell their products and services in other currencies if they so chose and at any price in dollars (assuming no direct government price controls). So — assuming that the business enterprises can survive the general economic disruption of high inflation — their shareholders can (at least in theory) maintain their equivalent purchasing power despite high inflation by selling their ownership shares at higher prices.
      Of course, high inflation damages the economy and the profitability of businesses. So there are no guarantees about the purchasing power of future share prices.

  44. Merry Piper

    A surprise treat watching your weekly wrap-up today… listening to you singing at about 14 minutes….heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend….super great! Thank you Greg Hunter!! I continue to go to your website to get the truth. Thank you.

  45. Russ

    Thanks Greg, good wrap-up.

    “YouTube To Delete All Accounts That Aren’t “Commercially Viable” Starting Dec. 10th”
    Just one more reason to watch USAWD interviews and WNW’s here rather than “there”.

    Looking forward to John Rubino on Sunday.

  46. paul ...

    Trump needs to do more to save his base … time is running out …a tax break won’t help as much as breaking the chains on the CPI … and the farmers are beginning to go bankrupt!! …

  47. eddiemd

    Jesus Son of David, have mercy on me!

    Luke 8:43-48
    43 And a woman having an issue of blood twelve years, which had spent all her living upon physicians, neither could be healed of any,
    44 Came behind him, and touched the border of his garment: and immediately her issue of blood stanched.
    45 And Jesus said, Who touched me? When all denied, Peter and they that were with him said, Master, the multitude throng thee and press thee, and sayest thou, Who touched me?
    46 And Jesus said, Somebody hath touched me: for I perceive that virtue is gone out of me.
    47 And when the woman saw that she was not hid, she came trembling, and falling down before him, she declared unto him before all the people for what cause she had touched him, and how she was healed immediately.
    48 And he said unto her, Daughter, be of good comfort: thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace.

    Revelation 1:17-18
    17 When I saw Him, I fell at His feet as though dead. Then He placed His right hand on me and said: “Do not be afraid. I am the First and the Last. 18 I am the Living One; I was dead, and now look, I am alive for ever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and Hades.

    Jesus Christ of Nazareth. King of kings, Lord of lords. Messiah. El Shaddai. Captain of the Host. Captain of Salvation. The Word.

    Fear not.

  48. paul ...

    What would be worse then “world wars” WWI and WWII … according to Kissinger a “Conflict Between The US And China” …

  49. Jerry

    What we have going on, is a total global meltdown. Here is China doing repos with its banks.

    That tells me liquidity is seizing up world wide. Only last week there was a bank run on several banks in China. How long can this go on before someone says enough?

    • Mike R

      Liquidity has dried up EVERYWHERE, Jerry. There is too much debt, which has been levered many times over, and there simply isn’t enough cash to cover the interest payments, that everyone owes everyone else. Income producing assets are completely gone, because they all took out gobs of debt to acquire those assets which are all overvalued beyond insanity. People really stink at math, especially when it comes to borrowed money. Corporations are even worse at it. Banks the ABSOLUTE worst. So right now, the Fed absolutely can not do anything less than $100 billion PER DAY in repo’s to keep the system ‘afloat’, and Powell is telling bald face lies about our US rates not going negative. THEY HAVE TO GO NEGATIVE, since there is no liquidity left, as the debt explosion has gone exponential. The slope of debt issuance is too steep to keep up with, and that will force interest rates negative. Its happened in Europe and many other places, whereby there is $15 trillion in negative yielding debt. That number has paused, and come down from $17 trillion, but its a knee jerk reaction. Its going to go right back up, starting 2020, and before the end of 2020, the US interest rates will be negative at least on one part of the yield curve. Its totally inevitable, as the latest repo numbers, and the banks being in major trouble without enough liquidity, are doing the same darn things that were happening when the EU took its rates negative. The contagion has now spread to the US, and its very likely they simply cant keep Deutsche Bank afloat, as its pulling down many other banks, and why those banks here in the US are BEGGING THE FED for more liquidity to ‘save them.’ I think there is less than 90 days, before we finally see the ‘Lehman’ moment re-occur with DB.

      Batten down your hatches folks.

      • Mike R

        And everyone always asks, ‘how will we know, when they have issued too much debt’ and that the system is about to blow ??? Well you are seeing that answer right now in real time. Its when the liquidity has dried up, and they can’t print enough money ‘out of thin air’ to keep up with what the commercial banks are requesting from the central banks. They are hiding it from you in plain sight, by saying ‘oh these repo’s dont’ mean anything.’ Big phat liars. The heck they don’t. The repo’s and not just the amounts but the timing of them coming, and not stopping at all, means the system has blown. The gaskets and seals have all dried up. the monetary ‘leaks’ can’t be contained.

        In my view, the impeachment charade, is actually being orchestrated as a distraction by the deep state, to hide the melt down occurring right now in the financial system. And yes of course they want Trump out, bc they dont want him telling everyone the truth. He’s effectively revealing the truth by repeatedly bashing Powell, and telling him to go negative on rates (lowering them before they are lowered for him by the markets), as Trump knows himself the system is about to blow. Trump wants to get past the election before it blows. Hence the gobsmacking of Powell into lowering rates faster than he is on course to do, and forcing him to not wait to react to the markets.

      • William Stanley


  50. Russ McMeans

    So our government employees- the ones lucky enough to be in certain positions, pimp out the US taxpayer’s dollars to a lot of foreign countries in exchange for all sorts of ‘gifts’. This is kind of a form of money laundering. Don’t forget the military hardware we sell too. There are private retirees from government that are arms dealers also. Thank you Greg for pointing this stuff out. And Ukraine is just one country!

  51. Russ McMeans

    Wasn’t that duel citizen Kashgoggi a arms dealer and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood??? The Saudis don’t like the Muslim B. It’s a terrorist group and Trump named them that. Once you find out the background on everything in the news, it all makes sense. Getting your news from tv is almost a waste of time.

  52. Philip Jones

    11/ 16/2001 db stock $ 57.69 A SHARE
    Silver $ 4.12 per ounce
    14 ounces of silver to buy one share
    11/ 16/ 2019 DB STOCK $ 7.31
    SILVER $ 17.00 PER OUNCE

  53. H. Craig Bradley


    On the surface, Rep. Adam Schiff ( D-Glendale, CA ) is just a loyal Democratic soldier doing his so-called “opposition resistance”. Dig around at his affiliations and relatives ( by marriage) and the name George Soros pops-up ( Schiff’s daughter married to one of George’s sons). Dig further down and you find the tentacles of the Globalist “Deep State” because its just about everywhere today. However, not yet everybody.

    How are they operating? What is their genesis? Ask Glenn Beck because he has researched this subject in-detail and has documentary evidence galore posted on the internet for those who are truly seeking the truth. If you post this in the WSJ in the reader comments section, it will quickly be deleted by the “moderator”. That should tell you something about its validity.

    The bad guys are still slinking around in the shadows. President Trump is Tweeting like Hell in an attempt to get the facts out to “the people”. This has been lost in all the partisan noise and Impeachment Hearings in Congress ( Kangaroo Court ).

  54. Justn Observer

    Greg, Another sham court trial convicts Roger Stone needlessly? Was the defense attys’ in on it or will Roger get another bite at freedom on appeal ? and more blackberry phone ties to the incoming ‘INFORMATION NAPALM whistleblower’ crew?
    Analysis -=

    • Justn Observer

      Greg, Some interesting familiar faces @ 0:49 ?
      was from a link with other interesting points from another interesting legal mind… such as ‘are those elected and took an oath to the Constitution’, who are turning on its head by running this ‘impeachment’ thing and by pushing the ‘guilty until proven innocent’ committing treason or least be recalled for violation of their oaths?

  55. Justn Observer

    Greg, A warning for men…and what might be creating Progresssives in the world? lol
    Tracy Gapin – The Testosterone Epidemic: How Endocrine Disruptors are Crushing Men AHS19 Men, your balls might be under attack !

  56. Mark

    Dear Greg and all who come here to read and post,
    At the 17:40 mark you mention Deutsche bank as the world’s most “systemically dangerous bank” and then go on to explain that with a derivative overhang of over 50 trillion dollars and a stock value that has decreased from over $119.00 in 2007 to just over $7.00, this IS the CANARY IN THE COAL MINE.
    In the interest of providing more insight into the precarious nature of this situation, I am writing to recommend Jim Willie’s interview he gave with Sean at sgtreport back on Oct 17th and in particular his comments starting at the 33:50 mark in which Jim responds to Sean’s question could “trigger a collapse in earnest”.
    As always Greg, the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit and that of all who come here to read and post who receive the testimony which God the Father has testified concerning His Son, for God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind”

  57. Jon P

    Greg, I’m very bullish on gold long term. However, short term, it appears as though gold may drop to $1400 per oz. (I think $1400 will be golds bottom.) It’s “risk on” for the time being. (May even be this way until after the election.) That means money will flow into equities, rather than safe haven assess. The 10 year treasury looks to rise a little above the 2% level. That will temporary drop the price of gold. As you know, gold is very rigged, via the paper futures contracts. They have to keep the price of gold down to Keep the Illusion inflation is low. There are many ways to hide capital. Secret balance sheets, black budgets, advanced weapons, and foreign wars to name a few. The dollar will not crash for the time being, because the U.S interest rates are still one of the highest in the world. (Basically the shiest turd in the toilet.) Fundamentally, gold should be well over 2000 right now . I think it will get there, but probably not until after the election. I do think gold will shoot up fast when money goes into “risk off” assets again. I could very well be wrong about the timing and things may come crashing down sooner. I guess time will tell! Thanks Greg, for all your good journalism!

    • Greg Hunter

      Not if the system melts down. Don’t time it. Don’t trade it. Hold it as a core asset.

  58. Coalburner

    Dear Greg; Mitch is often underestimated and maligned. Have you seen his smile lately He is licking his chops to payback Schumer and Pelosi. Let it be sent to the Senate. Everything will be investigated for months, exactly what Pelosi does not want. Every piece of dirty democrat laundry will be washed in front of the country and it will be devastating to the Democrats.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Coal!! If this hits the Senate the Dems will be crushed and will not go like the Schiff show. It will be far more of a disaster for Dems.

  59. Michael Vandewalle


    Just thought I’d send you a note about Bo Polny’s crash prediction. He basically called for a severe drop in the markets on or about Monday 11/25 and complete before Thanksgiving. It is rare for people to predict such a dramatic drop in such a short and specific time frame. So I doubted it would happen. But still figured it would be worth a chance if it did actually happen. Well time is about out, since markets will be closed after tomorrow. And I lost good money as this market keeps setting new records.

    I do believe at some point the world economy could tank. Fiat money, debt, fake economic reporting, etc… But doesn’t look like it’s this week.

    Thanks for your work and insights.

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