Inflation Surging, Russia Attacking, Vax Killing

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 518 3.4.22)

Get ready for even bigger inflation than you have already seen.  The indebted global economy was already listing from all the unpayable debt.  Now inflation has made a direct hit.  The economic ship is going down, and inflation is surging.  It’s all been put into hyperdrive with the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  It’s not going to end anytime soon.

Even though there have been some talks between Russia and Ukraine, the fighting is not stopping.  Russia keeps attacking, and it looks like, at this pace, Ukraine will be destroyed.  Russia is attacking on another front, and that is the economic one.  Russia is turning off its gas and oil to Europe, and Germany is taking a big hit.  How will Germany be making cars or heating their homes with only windmills and solar?   It’s not, and that, too, is going to get much worse.

There is new information coming out about how the CV19 injections change your DNA and make dangerous spike proteins.  Swedish researchers at Lund University say that is exactly what is happening, and the CDC has told the world that would never happen.  Pfizer is also denying the findings, but the truth will win out.  A new report from the UK says the “vaccinated” count for 9 out of 10 CV19 deaths in England.  That certainly looks like the vax keeps killing.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up 3.4.22.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Renowned geopolitical and economic cycle expert Martin Armstrong will be on the “Saturday Night Post” for an urgent update about what he sees coming soon for the world in the economy and war.

Rob Kirby Update:  Rob is still in a medically induced coma.  He is still on a ventilator, but that has been cut back.  Rob is breathing more and more on his own.  His doctors say this is a very good sign, but Rob is not out of the woods just yet.  Please keep praying for Rob Kirby.


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  1. Rodster

    Thanks Greg for bringing Marty back on. In his post he just released several minutes ago he is saying that the situation in Ukraine is spinning out of control. Plus there are reports that a nuclear power plant is on fire although it is also being reported that the fire is under control. Who should we believe when the Media has instigated the Russians? This is why I come to websites like yours, Martin Armstrong and Paul Craig Roberts for unbiased reporting.

    Another death of a former athlete. Odd isn’t it that it is being reported, AGAIN that “cause of death unknown”? Maybe they do know and don’t want to admit that he may have been vaccinated. I just read yesterday that a 22 year old female Soccer player died. She was in College, “Cause of death, unknown”

    • IIG

      Another athlete death cause unknown?? – bull – we know the cause – it’s the “serpents” Big Pharma injected into people with their Clot Jab – – These “clot worms” are the offspring of Big Pharma serpents and as stated in Matthew 23:31-34: are designed to murder the followers of Christ and to show Satan they have not strayed from being the accursed seed of an accursed breed of a reptilian also known as Lucifer – Big Pharma expresses their evil craft subtlety (jabbing us with a venomous poison “of a serpent nature” that slithers through our veins and arteries) while pretending they are trying to help us – their hypocrisy, malice, and wickedness is as evil as that old serpent in the Garden of Eden (who also slithered his way into brain and mind of Adam and Eve) !!

    • John Birch

      BEST PRE-TRIB RAPTURE EVER: There are no political answers to a spiritual problem

    • Leigh

      Shane Warne was on a “boys’ weekend” in Thailand. Katie Meyer was in danger of a disciplinary hearing at Stanford for allegedly speaking out on behalf of a teammate.

      • Ray

        Shane Warne……..
        Fully Vaxed, Fully Dead.
        An Australian Icon is now added to the COVID Vaccine Heart Attack Statistics.
        Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

    • Don't Squeeze THE/SHEEPLE

      Reply to Rodster
      “Europeans! Wake up, please! Speak to your politicians! Russian troops are firing upon the nuclear power plant in Ukraine. Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, the city of Energodar. There are six power units. Six! One power unit exploded in Chernobyl,” Zelensky said.
      “The Russian military must be stopped immediately! Shout to your politicians. Ukraine has 15 nuclear units. If there is an explosion, it is the end of everything. The end of Europe. This is the evacuation of Europe. Only immediate European action can stop Russian troops. Do not allow the death of Europe from the catastrophe at the nuclear power plant!”
      Ukraine Claims Dubious Russian Attack on Nuclear Plant in Bid to Lobby For NATO No Fly Zone/ Paul Joseph Watson March 4th 2022
      “Right now, Russian tanks are firing upon nuclear units,” Zelensky said. “These are tanks equipped with thermal imagers. That is, they know where they are shooting, they have been preparing for this!”
      Like Rodney King said, “Why Can’t We Just All Get Along.” What the heck is wrong with you white people? Wasn’t WW1, then WW2 Enough YOU STUPID European! I KNOW THE THIRD TIMES A CHARM, but as Mr. Whipple used to say, “DON’T SQUEEZE THE “U’KRAZEY fer UKRAINE” er the CHARMIN”_ ? 🥴😵💀🤪🤕🤒

      • IIG

        Demon-rat Biden and his son Hunter along with Pelosi, Kerry, etc., etc. have been squeezing the Ukraine “Charmin” to the tune of billions of dollars “for themselves and their families” for years now – but by greedily pushing to put their criminal racketeering operations under the protection of NATO – “They Lost It All” (thanks to Putin) – who they now want to kill with a vengeance!! (Biden in his State of the Union message said: “Let’s Get Him”!!! … and if they have to … they will bring the American people to Nuclear War to satisfy their lust and greed (denied to them by Putin)!!

        • Clive Bondi

          Hey, let’s have a vote. Whom do we get first? High five, fa’loot’tin Putin or Brib’em Oboma’s Owned, Billion-dollar, Biejing Biden? I got’s an idea, let’s go fer the head of the snake, cut him off at the pass! That sore ass Nazi himself, Georgie porgy, sour puss, Soros! Somebody please put the old man out of his misery. He’s past the eugenicists 75 years, taint he! Where’s old doc Kevorkian when you need’s him? Better one die, so the many can live? Just keep it under 500 mil, it’s getting a little crowded, on this. . . . ..This Crowded Earth
          November 30, 2012 By ARNE HENDRIKS

          FULL AUDIOBOOK Robert Bloch 13 views Jan 24, 2022

    • Stritchplatte

      Dr. Yuval Noah Harari is also an “expert” on biotechnics. He claims that “hacking humans” is now a possibility, that the virtual cloud will now perform the job of “god” and do a much better job too. He is a WEF member, cohort of Klaus Anal Schwab. You can hear him blasphemy the creator of the universe on a video at “AWAKENWITHJP”. JP is wierd but at least honest in a funny kind of way. Volodymyr Zelensky the “president” of the Ukraine is an ACTOR, Dancer and Comedian. Go to the IMBD to view his acting resume. He “acted” as the president of the Ukraine on TV!!! If you search enought you might even find a music video of him and three other homosexuals performing a perverse, sick queer vid or another of him playing the piano. When I found out about Zelensky’s profession I discovered the real reasons for Vlad Putin’s attack and it ain’t missiles. Putin is attacking the deep state, driving a stake into the degenerate heart of Diaper Joe and just maybe he might even pull off the destruction of the DS.
      Rand Paul is a fraud. I chased him down once after he was showing off at a Gun Show. He kept running away until he got close to his protection squad. I requested he answer a simple question. He agreed to do so. I then asked him: “WHAT IS MONEY?” He looked down thinking, held his chin in his left hand, smirked and RAND AWAY!!! As he headed to the amored limo I yelled, If you don’t know what money is what are you auditing the FED for?? He laughted as he dove into the back seat. Another compromised scumbag, just like his dad.

    • Earth Angel

      Also actress Sally Kellerman recently died. They are saying she died from dementia, which nobody actually dies FROM but they may die WITH it. I watched Sally Kellerman on a video a few months ago telling people she took both jabs. (she actually looked & sounded to me to be quite lucid during her explanation) After taking the second shot she very quickly experienced terrible side effects of excruciating pain in her head and loss of balance such that she was falling down in her home. She sought help for the symptoms but was still having them almost every day at least 2 months after she took the shots. She begged people NOT to get the shots and said she wouldn’t have taken them if she’d known how bad it would be. I heard her tell the entire story from her OWN LIPS on the video (which I think was on her facebook page at the time or something) Not a peep about this from the mainstream report of her death recently. Again, unknown circumstances. Even her family said nothing about the truth of the matter. Shame on them.

  2. Anthony Australia

    Have a good weekend Greg.

  3. Greg 2

    Just saw a story on S.Quayle’s site linking a Hal Turner story about Russia attempting to back the Ruble with Gold.
    Game changer if that happens.

    • IIG

      The price of gold is beginning to reflect reality and it’s true value – – we who own gold should be safe during “Cyber Polygon” the Globalists will bring (when all fiat banks close their doors and crypto can’t be accessed as internet goes down) at least we gold and silver holder will have a means to buy food and other necessities – of course I don’t expect Stan to change his mind (about gold) even if Putin invades Poland!!

      • Lady Au Stackers United

        I love gold and silver bullion too. But, but, but…when banks take a holiday then selling our gold to a reputable dealer for exchange in currency, dealer needs that cash in their drawer too. Most mainstream common folk don’t know what to think when they see a gold or silver bullion coin. I know you know this IIG. May I clarify what you are attempting to communicate: those who hold PMs will come out stronger with our purchasing power meaning $6 dollar per gallon gas or diesel equal no problem. Stock up on nonperishable food, top off your fuel tanks, be ready for electrical blackouts, buy the stuff you Need now before hyperinflation.

        And on a personal gripe: too bad that nincompoop U.S. prez of ours kiboshed the Keystone pipeline build out of Canada. Build Back Better. Build Back What Better???

        • IIG

          Biden , Pelosi and many other demon “commies” in our Government were trying to “Build the Ukraine Back Better” (as a NATO protected lifetime employment opportunity in the gas/oil industry for their children and grandchildren) – but instead, as God would have it – they put their own kids and grand-kids “out of a job” – the same way they have put the American people out of a job (shutting down gas pipelines in America along with creating massive inflation ($5 dollar per gallon gasoline, etc., etc., etc.)!!

  4. Rodster

    Sen Lindsey Graham is calling for the assassination of Putin via a Tweet, in response to the nuclear power plant fire. False Flag perhaps?

    • Marie Joy

      IF traitor Lindsey Graham calls for the assassination of anyone, you know that person is doing something right.

    • Coal Burner

      Wonder what “Lindseygirl” would do it Putin called for the same for him. Die from Girley man Fright?

    • IIG

      There isn’t a war Lindsey Graham would not support (and gladly send your children to fight and die in) to push up the price of his Raytheon stock holdings – but with all the silver that will be needed to build the missiles at Raytheon – you would think the banksters (who don’t want to see silver prices rise) would put out a contract on him (or at least make sure he takes his parasitic Clot Shot)!!

  5. PersonaNonGrata

    Video not up yet, so here’s an illustration of inflation by design:
    Some time ago, one of my daughters switched her electricity supply to a company that uses only ‘environmentally friendly’ means of generation – wind and solar. She is currently receiving notices of massive tariff increases, in line with other electricity suppliers that are blaming the rise in prices on the war in Ukraine. Why do war related oil and natural gas price increases impact the price of wind and solar energy, you may ask? My daughter asked but no answer has been forthcoming. Inflation by design? I suggest this is evidence in support of the proposition. This example is from the UK.

    High inflation ~ hyper inflation, will bring society to its knees and render ‘we the people’ more malleable to the will of the dynastic banker families who wish to enslave us all. Sounds like a plan . . .

  6. Jerry

    Anytime a globalist organization like this makes a prediction, you’d better be paying attention.

    According to the EU ( you know the ones that are part of the new world order ) the war in Ukraine will be used to launch cyber polygon and take down the global economy with cyber attacks.
    We are now leaving phase one of the global reset ( the global
    pandemic) and entering phase two with the ( cyber pandemic ).

    The beauty of using bio weapons and cyber attacks to eliminate humanity is, it’s next to impossible to trace. According to Putin the major reason he attacked Ukraine was to take out laboratory’s the globalist were using to produce the bio weapons the globalist were producing. Who knows? According to the MSM and Trump the labs used to produce the virus were located in Wuhan. I’ve also heard Washington D.C. in a DARPA lab. Who knows? Either way if this information is true, by the time Putin takes Ukraine whatever evidence there was will be long gone. Having walked into a bear trap he will look like a war monger, and we will be the victims of a global cyber attack that most likely will be blamed on Russia. It’s the perfect setup. A street hustler couldn’t do any better, and where will the culprits be? Where they’ve always been, right in front of us the whole time. They’ve got to have a boogie man. The last time it was Islamic terrorist. This time it’s Russia. Three D chess? Hardly it’s more like a backstreet sting operation. Prepare accordingly and pray.

    • jàmes

      Jeŕry, What if the Russian Army already secured the bio weapons labs prior to all this? They did. What if Putin is working with others to take out the nwo? He is, Trump couldn’t do it for optics, (part of offshore swamp) Russia agreed to do it (Trump Putin soccer ball transfer, communications cryptography chip). What if one of the 11 of these labs were about to “leak” a more deadly virus and they knew it?. Then Putin is a hero? Russia would be the good guys. Putin is a Former KGB and you don’t go there if you don’t love your country. Putin did Ukraine work for Russia, Putin loves Ukraine too, brothers… But the corrupt West is trying to mess that up, cause if they don’t, the great reset won’t go their way…and then we all win..we do!…we did
      All the best…

      • Jerry

        Time will tell what the truth is. Here’s the information about the labs.

        I’m struggling with the idea of why the Russians didn’t drone the labs instead of launch an invasion. In addition Russia joined The World Economic Forum in 2016 so I don’t believe the white hat b.s. After losing a son to the pandemic and countless friends, it’s ludicrous to believe that this was part of some Devine plan by Trump. Please…if that’s the case I only wish he could experience what I’ve been through in the last six months. Never put your faith in the philosophies of men. Truth can only be found in our lord Jesus Christ.

      • Jeff

        James Agree on all your points. Putin is the good guy and against the NWO.
        How do you know this? The lying MSM hates him. The same MSM who promoted the jab, lied about Russia/Trump for years, ect. Putin has every right to protect his country.
        I am sick of the hypocritical lies of my country. Ever hear of the US being sanctioned for Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine, Vietnam and the list goes on and on. 26 wars in 40 years. How many wars did Russia start? Which reminds me, Afghanistan, another $trillion-dollar hypocritical boondoggle.

        • IIG

          Doesn’t it seem odd to anyone with a thinking brain – that almost every Demon-rat is out protesting and carrying Ukrainian flags “to save the Ukrainian people from Russian bombs” that are actually avoiding critical/historic infrastructure – yet – we hear and see not one single Demon-rat protesting to save the Yemeni people “from American cluster bombs and drone strikes leveling everything”!!

          • Earth Angel

            Or protesting for American troops to PROTECT ITS OWN BORDERS which is what the united States military was primarily tasked with at its own inception. Duh!..Why not?!!

      • Kelly Reeves

        Putin is a graduate of Davos- WEF training ground for leaders

        • Jerry

          It’s complicated.

          Humanity is in the crosshairs of a global reset that has been planned for over fourth years. My son works for a corporation that is planning to replace its entire workforce with robots by the year 2030.
          It’s all on the WEF website if you want to take the time to read it. They don’t sugarcoat anything. They want humanity reduced to the lowest common denominator by the year 2025. I personally don’t believe it, because there is another plan in play, from a higher power that will replace their NWO before they ever have a chance to complete it. My advice? Get your spiritual house in order. The King of kings is coming soon to claim his kingdom and these global squatters will be thrown out with the rest of the trash.

        • Luke Vine

          Right?! I keep mentioning that Putin is a “Young Leader/World Leaders” graduate like Angela Merkel and godless Macron. Et Al.
          Most people are locked into a false dichotomy, left/right, East/West paradigm.

        • Greg Hunter

          Looks like Putin is double crossing Klaus. Russia is being sanctioned because it wants independence. Sanctions look to be a tax on Independence.

        • james

          Kelly, as I stated in my post above…..Putin is former KGB/FSB. That means he is a Former SPY. Get it?, Keep your friends near and your enemies even closer. Of course Putin is close to WEF. If he wasn’t then I would be concerned. He Knows what they are doing. So do some in China, watch China, any minute now..

    • Charles H.


      It’s not all that hard to figure-out. The ‘world scene’ is more like the ball under the three cups – simple mis-direction. Russia set about to take care of business at home after losing tens of millions of its people in WWII. The ‘Middle-Europeans’, or ‘Western Culture’ truly got their “boogie-man”: who isn’t guilty of anything but being set-up for the villain.
      China, in connection to the US – gave us the CV19; and I suspect they also are developers of the vaccines. It is China that’s playing hard-ball with the Mid-Euro fascists – who will shut-down the world on their own terms and timeline. The US is only a broker and intermediary to the WEF; it is already bought and paid for – Lets Go Olympics.
      As the Bible says… wars and rumors of wars.

      • Jerry

        Charles H.
        Yes it’s all clear as mud.

        The snake has many heads my friends.

        • IIG

          Like that alien Snake Satan (SS) – his Nazi minions at Big Pharma put “parasitic snakes” into their Clot Shot “vaccines” to grow inside our veins and arteries – now “many headed snake-like Demons” are living right inside our human bodies (clogging up our veins and arteries until we drop to the ground due to lack of oxygen or a heart attack)!!

          • IIG

            At least dropping dead of a heart attack is quick and relatively painless – compared to the unfortunate souls who who are “shaking uncontrollably” as the parasitic worms eat and bite them up from the inside!!

  7. James

    Greg, love and followed your work for countless years now. Thank you sincerely for all your hard work. You are the best and have been for so long now. One thing I would like to say regarding this week’s report. I do not think it is fair to say Russia is attacking regarding the Gas cut off to the west…retaliated would be a better word choice. Right Clif? Especially Given the sanctions and other attacks on Russian for cleaning up and cutting off the head of the Snake, NWO, Globalist headquarters. Right, George, Nancy, Hunter, John, No,name and the rest working from there….It is my opinion that history will vindicate Russia for its actions. Who was it that was dropping bombs on Yugoslavia, Serbia, Libya etc.? I herad no screams of genocide, or massive calls for ridiculous self harming sanctions then, did you? Take care, thanks again and God bless you.

    • Greg Hunter

      I call it the way I see it. Russia is clearly attacking. That said, I am sure Russia was provoked as NATO wanted nukes on the Ukraine Russia border.

      • tim mcgraw

        Hi Greg, I agree with James. I read Putin’s speech on Feb. 24th. The invasion of Ukraine began when the speech ended. Good planning. Putin’s arguments for the invasion of Ukraine are sound.
        Imagine if Texas became independent and joined China in a treaty while establishing nuclear weapons pointed at us.

      • Catherine Darlene Ford

        Can anyone recommend a good site to purchase Ivermectin in Canada .. I did purchase the horse paste but the only one I can find has Praziquantel in it ( which I know nothing about)?

        • Jeff

          Try India mart

        • David Gordon Dunne

          Go to run by Dr. Marble and other FLDs. A great Patriot. He can get you Ivermectin, a big box for $100 fast.

          • Jeff

            How many in a box?

        • IIG

          Quercetin is found in onions – and onions have been used as a traditional remedy “for parasites” for hundreds of years – onions contain various sulfur metabolites that inhibit parasite survival – those people who never got Covid should eat both garlic and onions as they work synergistically to kill various parasites – look at the following parasites×1024-1.jpg – doesn’t the “tapeworm” look very similar to what funeral directors are pulling out of the veins and arteries of dead “vaccinated” people? – to prevent these “tapeworms” Big Pharma put into their “jabs” from blocking the blood supply to your heart “all vaccinated people” should use ivermectin (in addition to garlic and onions) – as ivermectin is a powerful anti-parasitic drug with an excellent safely record and has been commonly used around the world for decades – I’m not sure “how fast” garlic and onions work – but ivermectin is capable of killing the strange “heart-worms” parisites being found in the veins and arteries of the “jabbed” “within 48 hours” (intentionally put into the COVID-19 “vaccine” by evil ungodly immoral Satanic eugenicists who are out to kill us and reduce Earth’s population!!

      • Steve McDonald

        Praying for Rob.
        How is he ?

        • Greg Hunter

          Check the “After the Wrap-up” section of this post for the uipdate.

      • Bruce Porter

        BTW, US embassy was filmed destroying the records of the labs

        Putin, you made the Rothschild banksters mad….How dare you have your own banking system and currency?

      • William Simonton

        Great video Greg but only agree with you 99.97 %.

      • JungianINTP

        Deep into the weeds with Paul Craig Roberts :


    • Marie Joy

      History vindicates winners of wars.

    • Nick de la Gaume

      Correct James.
      I am a warrior. If anybody pushes too far, too hard and for too long then I crush and destroy them. Long line of casualties behind me! If Vladimerde Putain losses the NWO wins.

      Things have gotten really serious in Britain…….they have banned all Russian breeds of cats from all pussy competions.

      • Johnny Cool

        Bob Moriarty: The reason the entire world has their panties in a wad is that a world leader said he was going to do something and then he did it. The US/Nato, the EU, Japan, even Finland couldn’t come to grips with the concept of a leader doing exactly what he said he was going to do.

      • IIG

        If we American men had balls like Putin – we wouldn’t be seeing transgender and queer breeds competing in our pussy competitions either!!

  8. tim mcgraw

    Great way to start the program with the Biblical quotes. No, it’s not the end yet. Have you seen how Russia, Ukraine, China are cutting off fertilizer supplies? Oh, yeah. Food costs are going up if you can find food.
    Looking forward to the Armstrong interview. Thanks.

    • IIG

      Russia also stated they will not sell the US their rocket engines nor allow NATO to launch satellites using Russian rockets – stating: “Let them get into space on their broomsticks”!!

      • tim mcgraw

        IIG; That’s funny about the broomsticks. Good Russian humor.

  9. Derek Sinclair

    Putin is fighting Nazis. See and that’s from Jimmy Dore who is an avowed leftist. The West (the US, the EU and NATO) caused this by denying the security to Russians that we take for granted in the West.

  10. Marie Joy

    Shutting down American energy was done, purposely, to destroy America, Americans and the dollar. The only reason they’re having second thoughts is because we’re in an election year and, unless they bring in all of Mexico and Latin America, to cheat, they will be annihilated, in November. They will have to use ALL of their cheating knowledge to pull this one out of the hat. I hope state governors guard election ballots after they are cast.

    • IIG

      Biden knows how he can get elected in 2024 – just “sound like Trump” and tell the American people he wants to secure our borders, make us energy independent and that the jab is safe!!

      • IIG

        DIRE EMERGENCY – It is absolutely imperative that this week every American call or write their Congressmen and let them know you want the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) rescinded when it comes up for a vote on March 14, 2022 – because if we don’t get the EUA off the books – the Globalists can hit us with another bio-weapon and simply mandate away our Constitutional rights the way they did with the Covid-19 bio-weapon!!

  11. Marie Joy

    I question that vax immunity still applies if the INTENT IS TO MURDER.

  12. Derek Sinclair

    So glad to hear that Rob Kirby is appearing to improve. God bless him and his family. We can’t afford to lose people like him.

    • Charles H.

      Rob Kirby… salt of the earth; best in class.

    • Diane

      Hang in there Rob
      We need you!!!!!

  13. Andrew

    Wishing Rob all my best wishes.
    The US should have pushed the Ukraine to honour the minsk agreement and non of this would have happened.
    Gobels would have been proud of the Western media at the moment.

  14. Spur

    Who is this Klaus Schwab…the re-incarnation of Hitler? How in hell was he able to recruit all the head of states to his NWO? HOW DOES ONE MANAGE SUCH A FEAT? Is Putin any different then the other evil soulless sob or do you all think he’s really fighting evil… I have my doubts…! He has the power to set up a team of Spetnaz and send them on a special mission to rid us of this evil Schwab…why doesn’t he? All nations are in cahoot with Schwab and don’t think Russia is any different…! This invasion of Ukraine is part of the plan of depopulation… it’s the next step in Schwab’s agenda! I truly wish I am wrong but my senses tell me different…if Putin is on the level and is truly fighting evil then I wish him all God’s help…!

    • Felix A Renteria

      I agree with you ,it is hard to find the truth nowdays,I like putin I trust him more than our treasonous puke politicians but is he fighting evil ,don’t know.But he also could be part of the plan to starve other countries,these satanic globalist I think have pretty much captured almost everything and we are in the destruction of the world.The only thing I can say with certainty is that the world is a stage,we have been fed so much bs from the luciferian death cult its hard to decipher the truth anymore.CHRIST is the only way,GOD bless.

    • Karen Merritt

      I had the same exact thought a few days ago. It’s hard to wrap our minds around it but if “they” were willing to sacrifice countless seniors in nursing homes, implode the economy from a planned bioweapon outbreak, turnformerly civilized countries like Australia and Canada into dictatorships, cause people to die alone in sterile hospitals, etc etc etc what makes us think “they” wouldn’t start a war to achieve their goals? I blame the West for starting this but I question what the true goals are. Think Klaus Schwab or what I prefer to call him now: Klaus Slob
      May God have mercy on us

    • IIG

      Our Almighty King of Planet Earth (Klaus Schwab) must be looking at Putin like God the Father looked upon Satan – as someone who will not following orders!!

  15. Julie from Australia

    Thank you Greg – you speak like I think – these people are insane.

  16. Ed Mustafo

    These are strategic operations in Ukraine to get rid of the DS: Taiwan is next. More bio labs there. The US military is working in coordination with Russia and China to take down the Deep State.” They “ are in panic mode. Watch out for “their “ next event. In my opinion a cyberattack on the financial system or something similar to that.

    • Johnny Cool

      …A military coup d’état in the United States that sees the country withdraw from NATO, the Group of Eight Nations, and the New World Order. This fits in with Revelation 17:11 and the Nostradamus prediction, Felled by seven with a heavy club.
      The Age of Desolation, G. A. Stewart, 2010, Page 152

    • Mprobus

      I agree . The propaganda is off the chart. God is in control and it has to be tragic times to be resolved.

  17. Lynn Scott

    Greg I have followed you a very long time. I’m not upset with you just so many people spreading propaganda for the cabal. So many great pastors that have become caught up in the spreading misinformation and becoming political. I can see the waves of the sea underneath them become unsteady. I’m sending this to you….huge eye opener

  18. Marie Joy

    When I see Klaus Schwab at an online speaking event, his audience is composed of a lot of sheiks. That, combined with a 90% vax rate, and other online discussions, make me think Israel will be a casualty of the NWO.

    • IIG

      I goes without saying that Nazi Klaus Schwab’s audience – will always be composed of Shrieking Shrinks (SS) !!

  19. Mark (UK)

    Great info Greg. I’m from the UK and I didn’t know the latest about the vaxxed/unvaxxed death rates that you reported.

    Looking forward to Mr. Armstrong this weekend. Must be interesting if he asked to come on.


    Retired US General explains the Ukraine conflict (on Tucker Carlson).

    – Current state of the conflict

    – What Putin’s end goal is

    – What NATO will do in response


  20. Vincent Mc Cooey

    Hi Greg, I hope all is well with your good self, we here in the UK are currently paying £6.60 a gallon of Unleaded Petrol,which is the equivalent of $8.79,but our gallon is different to yours. Ours is 4.4 litres as opposed to US gallons which is 3.8 litres. I think Rob will be OK and I’m praying for him to get well. God bless you Greg. Vince in London.

  21. Ivan Petrov

    I might have missed the news that Rob Kirby is in critical condition. I was eagerly waiting for a comment from Greg during the report, but there wasn’t such. What has happened? COVID?

    • Greg Hunter

      Rob Kirby Update in the “After the Interview” section.

      • Rodster

        Greg, was it because he got Covid 19?

        • Greg Hunter

          Yes, Rob Kirby got CV19 but that is not gone, and he has a very bad infection to get rid of. He’s making progress but it is slow. Kirby is still in a medically induced coma.

          • Rodster

            Oh boy, that’s terrible. I’m praying for his well being. Do you know if he knew about and had access to Ivermectin?

  22. Paul

    All of the horror in the Ukraine is a direct cause of NATO’s expansion into the former Soviet satellite countries .
    Russia was assured by the USA that bthis would not happen .
    In effect Russia has been backed into a corner by the USA and sending arms to the Ukraine so that they would continue shelling the Donbass region gave Russia no option than to put a stop to it .
    Please put the blame squarely where it belongs . That filthy swamp in Washington . DC

    • IIG

      Paul … Exactly – “NATO and the US were about to exterminate the Russians in Eastern Ukraine” – Russia acted “just in time” to prevent another Nazi Holocaust backed by the Globalists running NATO and the US – explained very well at Israeli News Live – – what is interesting is that Putin now seems intent on really punishing the Globalists – not just simply cutting off natural gas, fertilizer, etc., etc. to Europe but moving into Poland to take out their nuclear missiles aimed at Russia – since Poland is a NATO member this will give the Demon-rats exactly what they wanted under Hillary (World War III) – and now we have warmongering members of the US Congress “calling for the assassination of Putin” for upsetting their New World Order plans – and they will likely try to do to Putin what they did to Gaddafi!!

      • IIG

        The Demons who belong to Satan were getting ready to exterminate the Russians in eastern Ukraine (and the Russian Military took action to stop it) – but when Satan’s Demons jabbed half the American population with their deadly “Clot Worms” to murder us (the US Military stood down once again) and the Main Stream Media refused to uphold the truth!!
        [John 8:44 – You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out his desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, refusing to uphold the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, because he is a liar and the father of lies.]

  23. Cliff

    Global Now think basket of currencies? To find the top reserve currencies in the world, we pulled the latest data from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). This data is from the first quarter of 2019. This data accounts for the currency composition of all official foreign exchange reserves. Using this data, we created a helpful chart which can be used to easily identify the most powerful reserve currencies in the world as of 2019. Keep in mind that this data does not reflect unallocated reserves.
    The World’s Top Reserve Currencies in 2019

    1. U.S. Dollar: $6.74 trillion (61.82%)
    2. Euro: $2.21 trillion (20.24%)
    3. Japanese Yen: $572 billion (5.25%)
    4. Pound Sterling: $495 billion (4.54%)
    5. Chinese Renminbi: $213 billion (1.95%)

  24. Larry

    The Crisis in Ukraine is about Germany –
    “The only way left for U.S. diplomats to block European purchases is to goad Russia into a military response and then claim that avenging this response outweighs any purely national economic interest. As hawkish Under-Secretary of State for Political Affairs, Victoria “Orange Revolution Cookie Lady” Nuland, explained in a State Department press briefing on January 27: “If Russia invades Ukraine one way or another Nord Stream 2 will not move forward.” (“America’s Real Adversaries Are Its European and Other Allies”, The Unz Review)

    Col. Macgregor Explains Ukraine –

  25. John Pick

    Mayor Pete is a World Economic Forum “Ypung Leaders” program graduate along with Trudeu, Marcon, Merkle, those weaselds running Australia and New Zealand.
    Klaus Schwab (WEF founder) is bragging on camera that he has placed his Young Leaders school graduates into the leadership and cabnet positions and Klaus says he controls Mayor Pete and the rest of his placed weasels

    • Michael Janket

      Were the United States still in possession of a DOJ, we would have/could have arrested scum like Mayor Pete for treason like the many other America haters who would rather be paid reps of the Chicoms. Only weak minded dirtbags who want to work with Daddy Warbucks Schwab have signed up for his “course”. Still, resistance is the key and we’ve got to cobble together a resistance that can give Louse Slob all he can handle. Hot Lips Ardern thinks she’s going to be unchallenged forever, I beg to differ. She’ll hang from the yardarm some day, just like Fidelito and his compadres. For now, tough sledding approaches and we’ve got to survive that first. It has been most gratifying to see the great heroes and heroines arise from the ashes to positions of influence and action against the deep state. Wonderful examples of humanity for us all.

  26. Arnold Schmidt

    Hello there brother Greg.. There are many things I wish to say .
    1st ; the financial situation is soon to be thrown into chaos .With the BRICK nations aligning up against the Western system,coupled with the fact that all western governments are totally corrupt, it isn’t hard to see exactly what’s on the horizon.
    2nd; Trust in the words of our father in heaven.
    We are all able to read the words of the prophets enough to see where the “Hooks are put into the jaws of the king in the north ,and turn you about and bring you forth out of the places in the far north ,and being to the land of un walled cities “.
    Now what we are wittnessing could be the first step ? Or the 2nd step ? In 2014 ,Russia invaded Crimea & eastern Ukraine.That was 7~8 Years ago and now they are back to advance their empire like it was 50 years ago. So 2014 was the first step ,2022 is the second step .Will they just stop after they achieve certain goals? Or keep advancing ? We just don’t know at this time .
    But more prophecy tell about the bear with 3 ribs in its mouth .What is referred to in that vision ?
    Some say that they are the remains of 3 country’s of Europe (Britain,France ,Germany ). Could be, right ? But we just have to read deeply into the word and ask God’s Holy spirit for guidance .
    3rdly. The word describes a pot of wickedness with a lead cover being g opened up. Isn’t this referring to Uranium reactors/ warheads? We have had 10+ reactor failures of varying degree ranging from Chernobyl, 3 mile Island ,Fucajima and other military sites which were unknown for decades but nun the less desaterious events . So they have lost the respect for safety and don’t care because in their minds ,they have nothing left to lose but a whole lot to gain .
    4thly .We are helpless to do anything since the govs are all corrupted beyond repair.Would you agree with that statement ? And the 4 horses of the apocoplse .
    Are we at that moment in biblical time ?
    Imagine how that this gets out of control and the ICBM’s are up there in the air ,will the flag of any nation stop it from happening ? Not likely.
    So the covid bio weapon gas run its course in the minds of people,and now their agenda has shifted to war .The criminals are still free while the innocent are suffering .We are in the last days my friend Greg.
    The white horse with the bow but no arrow ,not one that can be seen .Like magic ! You can’t see electricity,you can’t see viruses .So the agenda moves to the next stages. War ,Starvation,plagues and death.

    anyway brother Greg ,I love your posts.Sad to know what hell on earth we will be in knee deep.
    But ”
    fear not ,for I’m always with you “. May God bless you.

    • The Ogs

      Of course it was USA that invaded and took over Ukraine in 2014! The Kiev regime then commenced to attack their fellow citizens in the east, who were displeased about the coup.
      Subsequently the Minsk agreement was signed in 2015, ratified by the United Nations, and it then passed into international law.
      Ukraine has been in default of the law, a criminal nation for some eight years now…
      PLUS they have openly stated on many occasions their intention to bring in advanced missile systems (from UK) in order to “turn Moscow into glass” – and they were actually proceeding to do that, since late 2021!
      But naw, that’s not ‘aggression’. That’s just talk, right?
      Until you see all those weapons actually rolling into Kiev (big mistake) and now look what’s happened.

  27. Clint Young

    Greg, thanks for starting you weekly report with the words of Jesus encouraging us to let not our hearts to be troubled. No matter how bad the situation, the Heavenly Father and the Lord Jeuss (Yeshua) is always there. We can always go to them for guidance and help. If we are not double mineded, The Heavenly Father will help us in the most difficult of situations.

  28. fred bannon

    Greg, Thats why he sweat blood in the garden, he knew the attack we would come under in the end

  29. Maria+das+Santos

    Thank you Mr Hunter for the analysis of the real news that is absent from any of our MSM here in the UK and worldwide.
    Here,in the UK, our economy is just abysmal, inflation,particularly in food and petrol(gas) and energy to heat our homes is off the charts, we plebs are so desperate that we are resorting to burning scavenged wood in our hearths to heat our homes,the elite would view that as hyperbole ,but on the ground reality.The “foreign entity” that must remain unknown,that just has to be GCHQ here in the UK.They were set up to SPY ON THE AMEICAN PEOPLE,as well as us plebs here in the UK.That spying on the American people thing was done on behalf of the USA GOVERNMENT SPY AGENCIES, so that plausible deniability could be trotted out.
    Meanwhile,since the Russian embargo,595,000 barrels of Russian oil per day are still flowing into the USA,being paid for by an account at Bank of America Mellon Bank New York, as of the 3rd March 2022..Strange embargo but very green seemingly!
    Our fragrant foreign secretary,Liz Truss, was the eager beaver who wanted and wants to use nuclear weapons in the Ukraine,this is just a repeat of what an American general called for in 2014. Conveniently,let us NOT FORGET,that there is a nuclear missile missing from Hilary’s time as Secretary of State,dread to think where that could turn up with its signature atomic profile.
    Perhaps if Klaus Schwab and his merry team of terrorists from Davos in Switzerland stopped conspiring against us plebs,then we might stop theorising about their conspiracies. Why do the ever so fragrant Swiss want to have the World Economic Forum terrorists in their midst,while us plebs just want them gone . Well at least Davos is on the hit list with London now!
    It must be serious if Mr Martin Armstrong is actively seeking you out for a return,with trepidation I look forward to his interview.

  30. Arnold Schmidt

    Oh Greg ,in response to the sat phones ; if the nukes start flying,ALL Satelites are space junk . Look at what happened to the starlink sats that got fried by a solar flare . If you want a secure form of ground communications devices , look at CB radios ,UHF/VHF,HAM radios .But they must be put into Faraday cages which you can make to store these units in and retrieve them after the fallout is settled.
    Look into Kenwood nx 5800 k2 mobile /Base station radios or nx 5300 k2 hand held .Lee Wheelbarger has reccomended these as the most affordable ,durable units going with special built in features.
    The 5800’s run $1024.00 in Canada and $900 US .
    While the 5300’s run $1200.00 US because of the fact they require batteries and charger ,antennas. You can contact him by going to his yt channel KLW WORLD NEWS, or Inventor Lee Wheelbarger.
    Truly an amazing acomplished man.He also has his own private network which he built just for the purpose of combating censorship.
    I’m just like so many people out there .Thinking that I can avoid God and do it myself .Well We all think about our loved ones ,so giving them peace of mind is in some respects is an act of love .Think about it brother.

    • eddiemd

      HF, VHF, UHF…

      We used HF radios with burst devices back in the early 80s in special forces. This was before satcom.

      Some equipment was hardened against EMP.

      Back to Ukraine. The central government in Kiev is controlled by fascist/nazi elements. They have been friendly to the US since the cold war days. They were the same people we were supposed to link up with in event of the cold war going hot. They resided in western Ukraine. Nazi throwbacks.

      Watch for USSF and Brit SAS to be captured in Ukraine and paraded on the news. They are there training these nazi thugs.

      No doubts that russian GRU/FSB have tons of dirt on Biden, Nuland, Hunter, and the rest of the crooked GOP and Dem leaders. They probably penetrated their iPhones and computer systems through the embassies and consulates. OPSEC was non existent.

      Then there was the unsecured server of H. Clinton. The Chicoms and russian intel routinely intercepted comms. All compromised.

      It makes you wonder what they have on General Milley Vanilli rasta man.

  31. Allen Moline

    I live near two Indian Reservations……. members are being paid 800 to a thousand dollars to get the Vax… nice moola to spend at the Casino. Go figure.

  32. Allen

    I live near two Indian Reservations. Enrolled members are being paid 800 to a thousand dollars to get the Vax. Nice moola to spend at the Casinos. Go figure.

  33. Chet

    Greg hopefully Rob is able to get the life saving treatments that Dr. Pierre Kory has develop for the treatment of covid. Although late in the game I have read many cases of people in the same Condition as Rob more or less getting better. My the hand of God guide him to recovery.

  34. Bigbopper

    Watch what happens in Taiwan next. China will go into Taiwan. Let’s see how the Biden cabal spins that. More going on in Ukraine than Russia going in. Like all of the bio labs that the US DOD had put into Ukraine, and were running. Going into Ukraine bad. China going into Taiwan “?” . Lets see how the cabal reacts to that. Bet there will be total silence.

  35. Martin Coombs

    God bless , come y’all to Jesus, the truth the life the way , no fear 🕊

  36. Marie Joy

    Minute 32:15. Will these new diseases be contagious?

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t know but the Vax is causing them according to Dr. McCullough.

  37. Bligh

    It is my opinion that the final kings of the north and south as spoken of through Daniel the prophet chapter 11 are forming. Time is short. We should not only be reading our Bibles but helping others to see the only path through all of this. John 17:3

  38. M Rados

    He was not supposed to read ” Go Get Him” , on the teleprompter That was a signal to biden’s handlers to get joe off stage.

  39. john geis

    Coal has gone from $100 a ton to over $400! Gasoline is not going to $4 a gallon but $12. WE import GASOLINE from RUSSIA! The dollar is no longer the world’s only reserve currency! India, Russia, and China are using their own currencies to trade with each other and that is HALF the World’s population!
    Meanwhile Ukraine and the legacy lying media reported that Russia bombed a nuclear plant (that they captured) where there was a fire in a training building. Photos showed a flare landing on the building! They will say and do anything to cause this to become a nuclear world war.
    While we used to supply the world with Wheat, Corn, and Soybeans; we import, paying with worthless dollars,seafood, fruits, vegetables, fruit juices (most of the apple juice comes FROM CHINA), and these are disappearing from the store shelves. Average people cannot afford to buy both food and gas and there will be riots.

  40. Tommy

    I believe Covid is over as far as a political issue. Biden hardly said a word 3 days ago except to accept credit for reducing the numbers. Covid has been placed on the back burner at least until after the election and will be there until it can be resurrected when needed. It’s over and they are hoping like heck that Americans will forget all about the last two years with lock downs, mandates, face masks, vax 1, vax 2, vax 3 which have proven to be worse than useless. Cops? They’re just great and we should increase funding according to Old Joe. Wipe the chants of defund and disband the police from your memory; it didn’t happen. Now we must come together as one and fight Russia, Russia, Russia. You know, Russia, the country that Obama told Romney that the 80’s called and they want their foreign policy back. Back then Russia was good. Until they colluded with Trump to steal the election; back when questioning election outcomes was considered patriotic. Seriously, how can any thinking human being, even if they only engage their brain a few hours a day, fall for this revolving line of crap?

    • Paul

      Absolutely and to reduce that feat of Covid
      To start another fear. Two fears now to much. People can relax Covids gone.

      The trucker convoy narrative of Covid seems less of bargaining chip, so hopefully truckers narrative changes too.

      Paul from arkansas

  41. David Brownallen

    I sense that Klaus’ Schwab’s name will be frequently referenced during the Martin Armstrong interview.

    The number of items you mentioned around the 25:20 mark center around depopulation efforts. Political hacks have been compensated. They might not live long enough to enjoy the fruits of their malfeasance.

    It strikes me as very conceivable that most of Russia’s population will survive a nuclear war. I can’t say the same of North America.

  42. david k

    10 % for the Big Guy … Ukraine is far far more important to Joe Bridens, Muz brohood Obama, lock her up Clinton, John climate change Kerry, Nancy call option queen Pelosi.

    If you need to clean out a bad neighborhood … you send in the toughest bastard you know.

    Just sayin …

  43. A+Jones

    NUCLEAR WAR! OH MY GOD! There is a possibility that in coming days or weeks you will wake up and hear on the news the Russians have dropped a nuclear bomb. Not to panic and here is why. The public has been brain washed into believing all nuclear weapons mean an end of civilization with cities and entire regions destroyed. I heard recently that Russia has about 39,000 nuclear weapons. If you can wipe out an entire state with a nuclear weapon, then why do you need 39,000 of these weapons? When I was in the US Army in the late 1960’s we were trained in basic training at what to do when hit with a tactical nuclear weapon on the battlefield. Very survivable and we learned how. These are small nukes some of which can be delivered with an artillery shell. Then I served in a Nike Hercules antiaircraft missile unit in the Far East. We had two kinds of war heads. HE or high explosives and baby nukes. These baby nukes are used to shoot down fleets of bombers. One of my jobs every day was to authenticate orders to use nuclear warheads with a crypto system. These baby nukes are ideal for things like wiping out a fleet of ships or planes. For example, if the Russians wanted to wipe out an aircraft carrier group a small nuke would be a good choice. That is why the Russians need 39,000 nuclear weapons. That number of weapons tells you something about their strategy or intended use. My message is not to panic when you wake up one morning and hear- “Russians drop Nuke-The end of time has come!” Don’t wet your pants if you hear this because it does not mean the end of time. It means the end of something else which can be good or bad depending on your perspective.

  44. Jerry

    Well Greg,
    Things are about to get interesting.

    Will the Fed mop up all those dollars coming home to roost, or will it go ahead and raise interest rates? It’s like watching a train in slow motion. In the meantime the war drums are beating louder in the MSM.

  45. Marie Joy

    ALL people, everywhere, need to take serious Red Cross First Aid courses, ASAP. I realize some are unable to do that but, if you can, it may save the life of someone you love. What could be worse than watching someone, you love, die when knowledge could have saved them.

    • eddiemd

      You must read your Bible to find wisdom. This will certainly save your life and perhaps those around you.

      Each believer is given the ministry of reconciliation. Use it. Inform yourself of what this means. Examine the Scriptures for yourself like the Bereans. Examine yourself in the light of the Gospel.

      Take heed.

    • Charles H.

      Patriot Nurse – if she can still be viewed on YT.

      • Marie Joy

        I mean REAL First Responder courses. PN is great for what she does but to save someone who has been seriously injured requires more. Get certified. Cities and towns frequently offer in-depth courses.

  46. Felix A Renteria

    always love your commentary greg but you know as well as I, this is all by design.The satanic global overlords have been beating the war drums against russia and iran for decades now,they have to move now because iran and russia were getting to strong as we have been sold out by our political pigs and the satanic treasonous spy agencies.I have been telling my friends and family start prepping years ago but with no success but oh well I tried.The dumbing down of america has been going on for a long time buckle up we are in for a long hard ride.GOD bless to all your viewers and the GOD loving patriots of this once great country.

  47. Lightning

    Unambiguous proof of voting machines hacked.

    We should all demand this be fixed before we have elections this year or at best, we’ll elect corrupt RINO’s that are no better than Treasonous democrats. Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell have always been corrupt and we’ll get more Like them including. Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger etc.

    DEMAND it be addressed in your state.

    Paste the link and email your state reps to demand change or we have zero chance of fixing through elected government approaches.

  48. Titus Nelson

    Historically when oil hits $100 we go into recession. Based on what you are saying it looks like the worst of all (inflationary recession). That will be a double whammy! Then the dollar crashes!! Oh my oh my oh my.

  49. Dan Gowin

    Greg to get a inside perspect on what the Unholy Trinity is planning. Unholy Trinity is Russia, Iran and China. China has an alternative trading system to SWIFT. Its called CIPS. Send me email I will respond with some great graphs on how many countries are part of it. Through sanctions we just pushed many of these countries into China’s backyard.

  50. Paul

    Decide ahead for developments that could seriously impact you, and then decide how you’d deal with them.
    Action today will prevent a crisis tomorrow

    A wise man plans for treachery – trump did not heed this

    Thanks greg for your hard work and spirituality

    Paul from arkansas

  51. Eric

    Nazis in Ukraine….

  52. Joseph Aiello

    Ron DeSantis seems good. But you don’t see him advocating for Ivermectin.

  53. Stephen C Cross

    Roman 13: All governments are placed here by God. If you go against government; you go against the ordnance of God…


    • eddiemd

      It will always be better for you to obey the Lord God Almighty before you obey corrupt government. You will risk persecution, but it will be commended by Jesus Himself.

      Remember John the baptist had his head cut off. We can expect the same or worse. You must be prepared for this situation.

  54. andyb

    The Stanford soccer champ reportedly committed suicide. Hard to believe,isn’t it? To be sure, many young female athletes have issues; many in women’s softball, basketball and soccer are lesbians; not knocking this, but it is the truth. My girlfriend has a lesbian niece who was a star softball player in HS and college who told me that at least 2/3 of her fellow players in college were lesbians. But this Stanford star seemingly had too much going for her. Not buying suicide.

    • eddiemd

      Internal conflict that cannot be rationalized. Combined with spiritual desolation and no hope leads to self-deception and destruction.

      I have thought about the facts that many young women are on birth control which in itself is a risk factor for abnormal clotting. Now add in the coronavirus poison and perhaps the risk of sudden death from a cardiovascular event or thrombus is increased.

      I have not seen any studies, but they could be done postmortem.

  55. Ralph Kenniston

    Ivermectin saved my bacon! End of story!

  56. Lord Richard of Blairadam

    I watched the state of the union. It looked more like a pro Ukraine rally then an American event.
    It was also a snooze fest. And it sounded like Biden kept saying urainian people. Skipping the k.
    It definitely seems like something big and terrible is coming for the us financially. And it’ll change the world.

  57. Loop Garoo

    Putin and Trump are winning. The Jew-controlled media is also winning because most American Christians lack critical thinking and are uninformed and misinformed to the point that they believe everything gubment tells them. They would not even believe Jesus.

  58. jon

    Hey Greg, The MSM, Neo-Con talking faces were faking a news story that Russia bombed a Nuke Plant in Ukraine. Anybody that knows anything of what is happening in Ukraine would know this was a fake story. Of course the lemmings in the stock market sold off Uranium Stocks. Bought back Uranium stocks at the opening bell. Once the fake story was debunked, the Uranium popped up. They will be back up next week. Who says the msm is worthless.

  59. Allen Sachetti

    Jesus Christ conquered the devil and we are called to Resist the devil.

  60. Rich R

    Thanks Greg. Wow what you have been talking about has made mainstream news. Check this story out . CHD Says Pfizer and FDA Dropped Data Bombshell on COVID Vaccine Consumers
    This link shows the Prizer data that they hid. BABY KILLERS.
    Pregnancy outcomes for the 270 pregnancies were reported as spontaneous abortion (23), outcome pending (5), premature birth with neonatal death, spontaneous abortion with intrauterine death (2 each), spontaneous abortion with neonatal death, and normal outcome (1 each). No outcome was provided for 238 pregnancies (note that 2 different outcomes were reported for each twin, and both were counted).

  61. Kevin Murray

    Actually, in the early 1960’s the US installed nuclear weapons in Turkey and that’s why Russia responded by doing the same in Cuba. In the final settlement, JFK agreed to remove the US weapons from Turkey shortly after Russia removed theirs from Cuba but asked to keep this confidential.

  62. Murray

    Greg, why haven’t you ever interviewed Melody? There are plenty of gold and silver related topics to cover. Thanks.

  63. George Hartley

    Greg, I don’t know if you have seen the short Tulsi Gabbard video about Ukraine’s President Zelensky. She says that he had his opponent in the last presidential election jailed along with that opposition party’s leaders and he also shut down three television stations that were critical of his regime. There is a two minute video of a young Zelensky clad in leather tights and high heels dancing and singing with several other similarly attired men. I don’t understand Ukrainian, but I somehow doubt that these men were singing praises of Jesus or extolling the virtues of democracy. It’s really scary to consider what kind of creeps there are in our government who would help put a creep like Zelensky in power.

  64. Rodster

    As only James Kunstler can put it! Greg, please, please bring back James Howard Kunstler. 🙂

    “No More Russian Dressing For You”

    • Rodster

      Excerpt: “Forgive me for saying what I will about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The US authorities wanted it. They set it up nakedly by replaying the Cuban Missile Crisis in reverse, and they refused to negotiate in good faith as to their using Ukraine as a forward base for NATO on Russia’s border. The Russians couldn’t have been plainer about their intentions. They’ve been telling the US to keep Ukraine neutral for over a decade, to not outfit the place for military shenanigans. What part of that did America not understand? Every part, apparently — and on-purpose.”

      • eddiemd

        Putin is the new Trump, coronavirus, broken border, inflation all rolled into one. Did I miss anything?

        What was up with Pelosi at the SOTU speech? And Kamel lady? Kamel lady appears to have some kind of neck tumor. Something was not right. Almost like a goiter. Any thoughts?

        • Paul from Indiana

          Doc, She spent so much time at the border taking her assignment seriously that she developed an iodine deficiency, a known problem in Central America in the day. What can I say? This passes for competence? We have become a joke. Best always. PM

  65. Bill

    Outstanding segment today Greg. Thanks for all you do brother. Stay strong in Christ.

  66. Ccw

    ROB KIRBY. Be well, brother. You are loved by us all. We depend on you too.

    Dear Father
    We beg Devine Intervention for our brother. This we ask in Jesus’ name. Amen

  67. Elias Andrinopoulos

    Thank you so much Greg! Have to compliment the products from your sponsors, they look fantastic! I’m an artist and my brown leather bag is about 8 yrs old and quite worn, time for an upgrade! And when I do, I’m going made in America, not giving any more money to the Michael Korrs of the world (they produce nice things but, let’s face it, these people are probably in cahoots with many of the the Hellywood pedo scum, I’d rather buy from Patriots).

    God Bless! ☦️🙏🏻👏🏻👍🏻😊

  68. Rock

    So much confusion. Who is the real bad guy and who is the real good guy. I really don’t think we know. Soros is evil. Soros was the one who put the Ukraine president into office. China is evil. They back the Russian move. The UN is evil. They seem to back Ukraine.
    All I know is that God is firm control, and He is moving puzzle pieces around the world board and things will happen as biblical prophecy says it will….

    • eddiemd

      Bible prophecy never fails. The Word of God never fails. He has spoken it and it will not return void.

      We can rest safely in the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He will never forsake us. He is the Almighty God in the flesh. He is the King who has all authority and holds the keys.

      To know Him is to know peace. He is the Prince of Peace. He is the Branch of Righteousness. He forgives your sin. Seek Him.

      • Occasnltrvlr

        “And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter… and I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.”

        “Fear not; I am the first and the last: I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death.”

  69. Fred Engel

    Great report Greg, let’s not forget US sponsored bio labs are in Ukraine and that’s what’s been targeted, along w/neo nazi’s. Putin doesn’t want them on his boarder.
    Fear not! New(nazi) world order.

  70. ron martin

    Pray for Rob Kirby, good man. My healthy 37 year old relative was in same condition and died. Don’t take either side in Ukrainian war. Both are evil as are every single ruler in every country. Be prepped and persevere but prayer is more important than either. There is no political solution to a spiritual problem. This planet is heading for chaos so your sole loyalty is to God, His Son, your family and your friends.

  71. Lacris

    Well the NWO needed a psyop because the COVID scam was running out of steem. Most of the reports coming out of have been exposed as fake. Using 5-10 years old photos and video.
    Putin and all the other leaders are all schooled at the WEF School of Young World Leaders
    Dont buy the propaganda and wake up

  72. Andrew Hunstiger

    Short vid on Ivermectin here. Something to consider-

  73. Stan

    I am in total awe of the shorting opportunities in the metals. It is like Christmas time in the metals markets.

    • IIG

      Just as I figured you would say Stan – good luck with your gold short positions if Russia decides to invade Poland and tell NATO and the US they can only buy Russian oil, gas, fertilizer, strategic metals, etc., etc. with physical gold – and will no longer ever accept “a now worthless fiat dollar” for their real goods and services!! –

      • IIG

        More bad news for those selling gold short – US and British intelligence sources say this war that was forced upon Russia could go on for a decade (or two) – which will simply add another bullish dynamic to gold (as a long term investment) – between raging inflation, the coming rate hikes, the Fed’s grievous monetary excesses of the past (and now the need to fund this war), plus the radical under-investment in gold by major institutions (all in chasing stocks this decade) – makes gold’s outlook over the coming years – “Exceptionally Bullish”!!

    • David Gordon Dunne

      Stan, I don’t see how shorting of any metal has made money for anyone? I have made over 20% in the last 7 weeks in SLV, PDBC, AMHPF(Potash) and XLE(oil),
      I see no way metals or any commodity go down for a long time now sadly.

  74. Joseph Boudreau

    Hey Greg, it’s great you are supporting Made in The USA! Those leather products look very fine! Take care, Joe.

  75. Paul Anthony

    wasnt lybia an indpendent small brown people country? our politicians are hypocrites theives and crimminal murderers. time to see through propganda gasping medias bullshit and stay out of forign entanglement like our founding fathers suggested

  76. pbd

    Russian-Australian – booted from talk show . . .
    . . . because of asking a question about suffering of Russian speaking people in eastern Ukraine.

    Russian speaking people in eastern Ukraine have been persistently and systematically shelled by violent militant groups. Bring up this fact or the fact (as acknowledged by NATO – and even Wikipedia) that Ukrainians have been brutalized (aka tortured and murdered) by the Azov Battalion (Azov Special Operations Detachment) which is a right wing extremist and neo-Nazi group unit of the Ukrainian National Guard – is a basis for being CANCELED apparently.

    The U.S. has been and is currently sponsoring both violent and non-violent groups in Ukraine as part of a strategy of regime change, control and destabilization and provocation of Russia to violent conflict. By supporting the current puppet Ukrainian regime the U.S. is directly supporting, financing and directing the Azov Battalion and other violent groups to murder people – and arguably rises to the level of genocide of Russian speaking eastern Ukrainians that have been shelled without comment generally from the MSM, U.S. politicians and a shrinking horde of zombies suffering from the ongoing State sponsored mass-form-psychosis.

    The U.S. sponsored aggression – is not speculative made-up tin-foil hat theory “misinformation” – this is real – and there is direct evidence of this historically and specifically in the Ukraine situation. For example, the Rand Report paid for the U.S. DOD specifically outlines potential U.S. objectives in Ukraine (and Eastern Europe) and explains that a preferred priority objective of U.S. sponsored “nonviolent” activities in Ukraine is to destabilize and provoke Russia! See article and excerpts there in: DIANA JOHNSTONE: US Foreign Policy Is a Cruel Sport – Consortium News

    Just to point out the obvious – U.S. sponsored activities = the 2014 Maidan massacre which was “violent” = the Azov Battalion torturing Ukrainian citizens is “violent”.

    The Ukrainian militant “separatist” are not without blame – in wanting to provoke probably violence that will cause Russia to step into the situation on their behalf. But as you know you are only permitted to hear and consider ONE SIDE OF THE STORY – in an authoritarian fascist-corporatist system that does not have basic civil liberties and the just rule of law based on the same.

    [to the Blue-Anons]
    . . . but don’t ask questions about the violence against eastern Ukrainians at the hand of the Ukrainian government/Azov Battalion OR YOU WILL GET CANCELED!

    . . . are you listening yet or were you watching the woman in the red dress AGAIN. (Video link: Morpheus explains the matrix –

  77. Judith

    MOST EXCELLENT REPORT GREG !!! I swear it’s one of your BEST !!! KUDOS !!!

  78. Judith

    Father we come before you in praise and thanksgiving that you hear are prayers and are faithful in your word. Lord we lift up Rob Kirby for your loving healing. Our thoughts are not Your thoughts Lord but we beg for Mercy for Rob Kirby, Lord, that you give him back to us in full health and magnify Your Holy Name. We ask this in Jesus Mighty and Precious Name. Amen

  79. Graham Andoe

    If the liberal know it alls. make an agreement with Iran that de facto green lights their march to a nuke weapon, Israel can not sit and watch their nation become targeted. If Vladimir is in a treaty with Iran- what follows might be a real Armeggodon- for the First World. Graham Andoe

    • IIG

      Israel was already targeted and will likely soon all be wiped out by the evil Nazi’s at Big Pharma and their “Clot Shot” jabs – the Big Pharma Jews (like Soro’s who killed his own) probably thought they could make the Ukraine into a “New Israel” (without the Palestinian problem) – but they ran into Putin who hates Nazi’s!!

  80. henry wale

    please watch this 3 minute video if your interested in what nato and the west is protecting in Ukraine and ask yourself , do you want American lives placed in jeopardy to protect this

  81. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg, good wrap-up. Inflation, Covid and Ukraine — all big and the mainstream is withholding info or just regurgitating talking points.

    Inflation has been baked in the cake for years, it was just a matter of time before prices started rising out-of-control. It appears the FED has lost control and it’s credibility is shot. Got Gold?

    Covid: Just read that Moderna created Covid-19 —
    Knowing this, it’s apparent why they had to cut off IVM and HCQ — can’t have any simple remedies interfering with the cash cow. (BTW, I voted “All of the above” in the poll — strip them of any assets and then hang their sorry ass’s. If you reward bad behavior you get more bad behavior. Did you notice how quickly mask mandates evaporated? Wow, one thing about the Democrat “we’re-going-to-get-our-asses-kicked-in-November” memo’s, they get around quickly. Next day, no mask requirements anywhere that I go.

    Ukraine: Not much to say, so much BS in the news that it’s hard to know what’s true — that’s deliberate. Is Russia conducting surgical strikes targeting Ukraine military (and Bio labs) or is it totally destroying Ukraine? The numerous videos coming out of Ukraine appears to show tactical Mig/Sukhoi fighter/bombers and based on the reporting by an American in Kiev/Kyiv, utilities were still up. If Russia wanted to destroy Ukraine it would be using bigger weapons and destroying infrastructure. Still, who knows if he’s really an American in Kyiv or a Russian in Moscow — hard to determine from an internet video. But it does appear that Putin wants Ukraine mostly intact.

    So — I bought an Inmarsat IsatPhone from Do I need it? Not today, but there are lots of bad things going on in the world and at least for now communications is not an issue –except for that “who-are-you-going-to-call” Q. If cell phones and landlines go down, who are you going to call? Regardless, Inmarsat has been around a long time with satellites safely parked in geo-sync orbit 22K miles up. This phone is for future needs that may come and might not — insurance, buy it before you need it. I’ve also got a couple small but capable FM/AM/SW radios that run on AA NiMH batteries or USB. Sometimes just being able to listen is all you need.

  82. Johnny Cool


    I’m worried for Stan… and his gold short…

    Remember what happened last time gold hit $1950?
    Remember the comments by Stan’s friend, Theodore?

    • Stan

      Johnny Cool: Took another short position in Gold today. See you at $1275 next year

      • IIG

        Stan – Why don’t you at least allow gold to peak and oil to go to $250 per barrel (likely when Putin invades Poland) before even thinking about shorting gold!!

      • IIG

        You”re meeting JC at 12:45 next year? – where? – at the GW Bridge??

    • Rodster

      Stan is going to buy another imaginary Bentley with his profits.

    • eddiemd

      The Bible states that everything will become worthless when the day of the Lord comes. And it will. Closing in quickly. Bible prophecy never fails.

      Stan has a point, Wear a hat and nobody will notice.

  83. pbd

    Here is the video link: – ior the Russian-Australian getting booted from a talk show for asking a question about suffering of eastern Ukrainians. [forgot to include in previous comment]

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi pbd,
      The hypocrisy is beyond belief! Where are the clips of people being thrown off Australian talk shows for supporting death and destruction in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, and the Yemen? I guess there aren’t any – because the moderators were / are all supportive of ‘Western interventionism, and to Hell with the casualties!

      My faith in humankind is rapidly diminishing. First we had the scamdemic and attendant ridiculous ‘Covid measures’, which the vast majority fell for, and now we are witnessing a sovereign country kicking back against relentless threats and bullying, and the whole of the ‘Western’ world is in uproar.

      We have the potential to live in harmony with nature and each other, however, the Covidian Cultists are evidence that our species is inherently stupid. It’s a shame.

  84. henry wale

    all these santions against russia … how stupid is gov. and nato , all russia has to do is say well folks … we are backing the rubble with gold and any payments for energy sold will have to be paid in gold ….. the west is finished , nato is finished , and an instant win all around for russia

  85. Tim

    Hi Greg,

    As always a great show. I know a lot of work goes into this. Bravo!!!!
    When, will the majority of people realize this is a poison and meant to kill you? I live in Arizona and the freeways advertise the (electronic signs) jab to save your life. When these advertisements stop, I will believe we will have turned the corner.

    God bless you


    • eddiemd

      I live in Phoenix.

      I also see the Arizona Department of Transportation electronic signs advertising the coronavirus poison. So sad indeed.

      Many claim it is not the mark of the beast. Not directly. It will be a part of the electronic system when the digital system becomes a reality. All linked together. Your electronic medical records linked to your SSN, linked to your banking, and linked to the “vaccine” compliance.

      As I have mentioned previously, the boils that will appear on the body cited in Revelation are caused by this injection. It is a delayed graft v host reaction. I have posted on this over the past two years.

      There are great numbers of “Christians” who have taken the injection poison. I am not sure how this will work out for them. Amir Tsarfati has promoted this “vaccine”. I am not sure what to make about this activity.

      Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He will guide your path. He has the keys. Only He can forgive your sin because He is the King. The Almighty God in the flesh.

  86. AJ

    You might have saved my life. Been noticing small heart pains. I needed a reminder to keep taking ivermectin.

    • IIG

      Ivermectin is a parasite killer – needed “to kill the clot worms” Big Pharma jabbed into more then half the American people – – Trump knew Ivermectin worked – and yet he still went ahead and signed the Authorization Act (allowing Big Pharma to go forward to kill and maim half the American people)!!
      PS: As soon as the deaths from the “jab” reached 50 – Trump should have shut the “vaccination” program down completely – instead – with deaths now well into the many many thousands Trump is still telling the American people “the Clot Shot is safe”??????

    • Marie Joy

      AJ, Heart pains are a signal that should be investigated further.

  87. Scott

    The number of my patients who are presenting with cardiac ischemia/heart attacks have increased markedly in the past year. So far every one of them has been fully vaxed/boosted.
    Re: inflation, Last night I bought a run-of-the-mill fryer chicken, no organic no special anything. It was 12 bucks. Don’t tell me inflation is 7%

  88. Dan

    Biden shut down one of the Canadian pipelines. Putin is doing the world a service, taking out the biolabs and human trafficking in Ukraine. Nothing on the TV is real, they have lied for decades, I killed my TV 25 years ago. I stopped listening to the garbage 50 years ago. If everyone killed their TV the lies with die with their death.

  89. Justn Observer

    Greg, Is what all are seeing PLANNED and might have happened years earlier if Trump had not gotten elected and STOPPED it and the other ‘endless wars’ ?

    ‘ Kevin Alan Leversee ContentDragons on Twitter: “Oh…Lindsey Graham, John McCain visiting AZOV Battalion & Ukrainian troops in Dec of 2016. Why? Because planned on attacking Russia in a Syria 2.0 type Proxy War “Your fight is our fight, 2017 will be the year of OFFENSE.” Trump stopped it. The Elite Restarted it Putin knows this” / Twitter ‘

    Makes you wonder just who those Ukrainian/Russian guys that were seen and heard at the Jan 6 ””insurrection!!!!!””’ were working for =?
    Possibly members of ZOV brigade in to grab the incriminating ‘laptops’ and encrypted blackberries tied to the computer servers reported in where? Ukraine/Burisma?

  90. Phil

    Great and honest report Greg. You are 100% spot on! Why’s it all happening this way … Scripture describes it … America’s leaders of void of understanding, wisdom and God, hence they are wandering in a hellish wasteland.

    “He makes the nations great, then destroys them;
    He enlarges the nations, then leads them away.
    He deprives the leaders of the earth’s people of intelligence
    And makes them wander in a pathless wasteland.
    They grope in darkness with no light,
    And He makes them stagger like a drunken person.” – Job 12:23-25 (NASB)

  91. Frank D2

    So happy to see that so many Watchdoggers understand that Ukraine (Deep State proxy) is the bad guy and Russia (via Putin) the good guy. Check out these videos for a clear understanding of how we got here:
    Go Russia!

  92. eddiemd

    The prayer of repentance. Read it for yourself.;OJB

    Who can forgive sin? Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Almighty God in the flesh.;OJB;OJB;OJB

    John 10:33
    33 The Jews answered Him, saying, “For a good work we do not stone You, but for blasphemy, and because You, being a Man, make Yourself God.”

    He is the Almighty God in the flesh. That is why they murdered Him.

    Matthew 26:64-
    64 Jesus said to him, “It is as you said. Nevertheless, I say to you, hereafter you will see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of the Power, and coming on the clouds of heaven.”

    65 Then the high priest tore his clothes, saying, “He has spoken blasphemy! What further need do we have of witnesses? Look, now you have heard His blasphemy! 66 What do you think?”

    They answered and said, “He is deserving of death.”

    67 Then they spat in His face and beat Him; and others struck Him with the palms of their hands, 68 saying, “Prophesy to us, Christ! Who is the one who struck You?”

    Healing for the backsliders. He is calling you back. Read for yourself.;OJB

  93. Rio

    Dearheart Greg,
    My partner Brian, and I watch your reports weekly. We appreciate your voice more than we can say. You are a champion for the people. Now, this is where it gets hard for me. I’m not going to scold you like I have channels on bitchute and others. But, You have to be careful about falling into the propaganda mill. There’s so many conflicting reports about the whole Russia/Putin/ Ukraine/ or as Biden said, (Iranian?) events. Alt news reporters are showing videos that back up the information that things are just not what they appear to be. Once again though….Time and time again, Americans fall for the narrative. It’s always, Russia, Russia, Russia. Meanwhile more and more reports are coming out of the area from people in Ukraine who are calling BS on the news.
    On Tic tok especially. We’ve even seen video from a guy who’s in Europe and posted vid of security cams all around the area….Nothing happening. NOTHING. Calm, no war, no explosions, no invasions…In fact there’s videos showing the Russian and Ukrainian people chatting like old friends……..EITHER OUR NEWS IS LYING, OR THEY ARE. Take a guess which I would bet on…… Greg please dig into bitchute, Tik Tok, and rumble, have a look for yourself. Lots of channels are outing themselves right now by promoting propaganda. I sure hope you won’t go there. Much respect for you. God Bless.

    • Greg Hunter

      What did I get wrong? I did not miss. If I did, I would correct it.

  94. Paul

    Now that event 201 is operational and still in trial period

    Event 202 can begin, this however didn’t require a hall rental to discuss strategy for this new war
    Terrible Tragedy for all the innocent victims caught in the middle.

    Until that time, that enough people will commit the fortunes and life for change, it will continue to wither. Mike lindell can’t do it alone.

    When you know who and what matters most to you, giving things up, even yourself, doesn’t really feel like a sacrifice.

    Thanks for Bringing on Martin again

    Paul from arkansas

  95. Rio

    The Covid Fear Weapon is now being exchanged for the Putin War Narrative. Can’t you see it?
    We will feel the effects of this “war”—It’s a boom-a-rang. Planned. All planned.

  96. eddiemd

    I love comparing the Scripture in NKJV with the Orthodox Jewish Bible and version in Spanish.

    2 Timothy 1:7;OJB

    “miraculous power”, “sound judgment”

    Isaiah 26:3;OJB

    “shalom shalom”

    Job 22:21-30;OJB

    Return to El Shaddai. The Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

    • eddiemd

      Missed the link.

      shalom shalom;NKJV

    • Charles H.


      It may be interesting: but comparing Scripture across various languages leads to either confusion, or allows ‘room’ to speculate unprofitably among the differences. The Lord perfectly infused both language and contextual understanding at the Tower of Babel; that is, complete systems – fully adequate to themselves. He has since insured that in the course of Time that languages got their own version of His Holy Word, the Holy Bible – superintended to insure perfect preservation for that specific language. Spanish being Latin-based – is disposed to generalized expression and poetical fluency. What God gave them was perfect in compliment to the language, within the context of their native tongue. In contrast – English is is a non-conjugated language of greater precision, allowing for more exacting expression. This is why it is used world-wide for medical, technological, ‘scientific’, and other ‘precise’ expressions.
      My view is that one should stay within the native tongue one was raised in: because the deep contextual understanding is there being raised in it. This way the line upon line and pretext upon pretext builds and matures within the one language and confusion is held to only the minimum of the capacity of the person. I might term it ‘linguistic integrity’.
      I’m all for knowing different languages – to know and foster understanding among peoples: but not when it comes to the Word of God.

  97. Paul

    A lie can run round the world before the truth has got its boots on.

    If society sees a crisis, then there is one… even if there’s not.

    Thanks Greg for what you do

    I pray for a speedy recovery for rob- his brilliant analysis and the influence of the esf fund was always spot on.

    Paul from arkansas

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Paul,
      “PAUL 03/04/2022 •
      A lie can run round the world before the truth has got its boots on. If society sees a crisis, then there is one… even if there’s not.”
      Totally correct. Perception is truth. Thus the banker cabal took over the legacy media and are all out censoring the alt media space.

  98. eddiemd

    Salvation for the Gentiles.

    Isaiah 56:1-8;OJB

    Abba Father, The Spirit of adoption;OJB

    He has sent His Spirit upon you.

    Gal 4:6;OJB

    2 Cor 3:17;OJB

    Jesus Christ of Nazareth is glorified. The Great High Priest forever.

    John 7:39;OJB

    He is coming soon. Prepare yourself for the King of kings. Messiah the Prince. The Holy One of Israel. He is coming quickly.

  99. dlc

    Pretty bad when a source such as Jimmy Dore is my go to for “the rest of the story.” I do not agree with any of Jimmy’s progressive solutions, but every now and then he does find an acorn. He has been doing a lot of questioning of politician’s motives since he got 2 jabs only to realize how he’d been duped.

    Hard to gauge if our population is really on the Ukraine bandwagon with so much propaganda fouling the air space. I recall watching old footage of people in Eastern Ukraine fleeing across the Russian border to escape shelling and butchering, their only crime being of Russian extraction. Suddenly, out of nowhere, U.S. citizens supposedly find the people of Ukraine to be the most precious of beings, more important than ourselves, and with a border that is sacrosanct unlike our own.

    Battle axe, Hillary Clinton, is in her element lately with another onslaught likely resulting in another failed state to look forward to, you know, like Libya, Irag, take your pick. Well, at least it takes the heat off American backs for the time being.

    We’ve all but forgotten the Jan. 6 political prisoners and the fate that awaits the rest of us. Only a week ago we were deemed insurrectionists, terrorists and the like if not on board with our own dictators. Where’s the war regarding our own 2020 coup here in the U.S.?

    Do we really want another conflict just to further enrich the Biden, Pelosi, Kerry and Romney families, their flunky children who don’t even run for positions of power to “legitimize” their graft?

    Before this latest outbreak of patriotic fervor regarding the Ukrainian regime, also installed by a coup, I was looking for rye flour at the local Safeway and found it to be 18 dollars for 3 pounds. How will we feel when regular all-purple flour is 18 dollars and above, if we can even find it? Will Ukraine give a rip about our fate when our own filthy corrupt politicians put the final screws to us?

  100. swimfinz

    … we love your productions Greg! Keep up your fine reports! You are the NEWS now.

  101. dlc

    Just attempted to view RT, specifically CrossTalk with Peter Lavelle. The site was up a half hour ago, only to be now taken down with message of “403 – Forbidden.”

    Nothing like free speech. So, we get one viewpoint, just like with the virus mania. In free America, we get statist views while we are in the process of “freeing up” Ukraine for the neonazi coup regime. Am I missing something?

  102. dlc

    Russian Blue cats and Disney’s Anastasia got cancelled. Is there a bottom to woke depravity?

    Think of all the lectures about prejudice we’ve been flogged with over a lifetime, guilty or not. Only thing I see different is state-sanctioned hatreds. It is now okay to beat whites, Trumpers, non-vaxxers, and all Russians including their cats.

  103. R.B.

    Biden is a Bimbo but he was put in office for a reason, on purpose.

  104. swimfinz

    Greg Hunter… It is much appreciated that you invoke prayer and a Biblical take on matters. Yes! Martin Armstrong is FANTASTIC! All of your guests are amazing. Thank you and your family for all your efforts in bringing real news to us all.

  105. Sue Robinson

    Sending prayers to the great Rob Kirby. Thanks for keeping us posted about him. And, today’s wrap-up was particularly important and well done. Thank you! As a sort of farmer – we grow cows at my little mountain ranch but wheat is grown next door, I do see the danger we are in re our food supply. Stock up, folks! Finally, thank you for bringing Marty Armstrong on this weekend. I never miss his blog. He is a critical voice of reason and sanity and truth and we need him badly. I do hope you and Marty are taking care to remain safe. We live in a dangerous world.

  106. Hopscotch

    Hey Greg!

    With you mentioning the sat phone, something jumped into my mind.

    Why don’t you add yourself to the satellite alert service as a influencer? That way, if something happens where either you or a portion of your listeners lose access to the internet – who have a sat phone – can still get important updates from you.

    Just a thought.

  107. Paul

    If my sons did not want wars there would be none.

    Gutle schnaper Rothschild famous quote
    (Mayer’s spouse)

    Paul from arkansas

  108. J. Kimble Allen

    Greg, thanks again for the Rob Kirby update, I will continue to pray for him and … I thank you for all you do.

    I was just thinking yesterday … I wonder how many thousands of lives have been saved, because Greg Hunter has continued to reveal the truth, and expose the lies. Time will tell.


    Who is SES member Eric Ciaramella and what did he do for VP BIDEN in Ukraine for the Obama White House? The 2013 Move of weapons of mass destruction bio weapons manufacture by FAUCI, CIA DARPA to Ukraine because the PRC would have to consider if done in Wuhan an act of war against USA. A Brief History of US/CIA Involvement in Ukraine…

  110. Marie Joy

    Christian, on, says the Ukraine war is the thing that will kick in hyperinflation, especially, in food. It is past time to double down on your food buying and to start your vegetable seeds, indoors.

    • Johnny Cool

      Will man be eating his fellow man?

      Nostradamus Quatrain II-75
      The voice of the rare bird heard,
      Over the cannon breathtaking coinciding,
      So high will the bushel of wheat rise,
      That man will be eating his fellow man.

      Nostradamus and the Third Age of Mars, The Prophecies of World War III,
      G. A. Stewart, 2019, Page 889
      Once again, we see this term “insolit oyseau”, “rare bird”. “Insoli” can mean “rare”, “unusual”, “bizarre”, or “freaky”.

      “Respirer” means “to breath”. Extrapolating from seeing something rare that coincides with a great war that leads to cannibalism, I would say that the intent is some event that takes people’s breath away.

      “Estaige” is “etage”. As a masculine noun, “etage” can mean “floor”, as a verb it means “to superpose” or “to place something above something else”; in geometry, it means, “to make two figures coincide exactly”.

      This is such a very serious Quatrain that is straight out of The Book of Revelation.

      Revelation 6:6 (King James)
      And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.

  111. Doug blair

    Greg i read that the girl took her own life . they did not say what might have driven her to do it

  112. dlc

    “The Brest Fortress”

    Posted this some years ago. It is a timely explanation of why Russia will not tolerate another surprise on its border.

    There is a particular day in Russia where citizens parade through the streets holding blown up sized pictures of their war dead from WWII. They lost 25 million to that war and many millions to Stalin’s purges. They will not stand around this time waiting to see what other countries have in mind for them.

    The women and children who survived the siege of Brest Fortress were taken to the nearby woods and exterminated. The soldiers who were taken and became POWs were then sent to the gulags by Stalin who considered all captured Russian soldiers as traitors. Only after Stalin’s death were they honored as the heroes of Brest Fortress.

    This event took place on roughly the area of today’s contention.

  113. dlc

    “A Woman in Berlin”

    A story published anonymously about a journalist’s experience during the siege of Berlin. It was a much resented book that addressed the fate of the German women at the hands of the Russian soldiers. It created enough stir that there was no second publishing during the author’s lifetime. The author is thought to be a woman named Marta Hillers. Critics felt her to be too flippant about the subject matter, the unsavory undoing of German womanhood.

    Brest Fortress was more or less the beginning, the siege of Berlin being the last chapter of WWII. Wonder what the next decade presents for the once insulated U.S. given the current cast of predators.

  114. Marie Joy

    On FrontPage, Daniel Greenfield says Ukraine votes “with terrorists at the UN against Israel”.
    FYI, Soros is pro Ukraine.

  115. John Nordstrom

    Putin is 100% in the right. The US State Dept, under Victoria Nuland, overthrew the elected Ukrainian government in 2015 and installed a Nazi regime sympathetic to US interests. What we are seeing now is the fruition of a plan initiated under Obama. The Ukraine conflict is a side-show to the real agenda – The Great Reset. Once hostilities broke out, China conveniently signed an agreement with Russia to buy it’s wheat production. This is all part of the plan to depopulate (starve out) the West. If the conflict continues, Russia will divert natural gas from Europe to China, and the Europeans will be screwed. Putin is on the Central Bank team (which includes the Klause Schwab Great Reset team). He is playing his part masterfully.
    The shipping embargo on Russia and removal of Russia from the SWIFT system is part of the plan. It sets in motion the elimination of global shipping (Great Reset roadmap) and the removal of the Dollar as world reserve currency. Russia, China, India, Iran et al will simply bypass SWIFT, and it will become evident the the Emperor is wearing no clothes. At that point, the Dollar will begin it’s fall.

  116. Greg Morrissey

    Next teaching on the list to get to know God and His son Jesus Christ, the book Deuteronomy Jesus quoted from the most on his time on the earth
    Deuteronomy 17-18 – Skip Heitzig

  117. Noruth

    Greg, my theory of factions suggests that significant organizations always develop factions contesting for leadership and control. I further suggest that the Globalists are divided into two main factions, with Trump representing Faction #2.

    • LizaCA

      Ukraine government is corrupt. Putin is corrupt. Civilians all over the world are the losers.

  118. Chief Wiggums

    Never ever forget this…. the main street media only can report the final scores from sports accurately….. every thing else the MSM reports is all manufactured lies.

    So why do you believe this President, the world media and CNN that Russia is the evil one?

    That Ukrainian President should face war crimes, the MSM should be knocked off the air and internet, and the NWO should come clean on all its thousands of lies since the Korean War. IT IS ALL BULLSHIT MY FRIEND.

  119. Da Yooper

    Great wrap up Greg

    MA must have something important to tell ….cant wait for what is for me Sunday morning breakfast interview .

    For those who need a Cliff High fix ………..


  120. Harold V

    Something to think about. I watch on TV all these people fleeing the Ukraine carrying very little with them. Maybe a suitcase or two or a large bag. I’m wondering what might be in their suitcase. It would be very easy to conceal some gold or silver coins among their possessions. I wonder how they would carry out their bitcoin? In a refugee camp if there is no internet or wi-fi just how would they spend their bitcoin? Who would accept it? Would you rather have gold and silver in your possession or bitcoin on your computer?

    • IIG

      And remember – limitations can be placed on how you can spend your crypto by the government and banksters!!

      • IIG

        Need an example? – Look at what a Government (Trudeau mandate) can do to Truckers bank accounts and anyone who dares help them – and look at what the Bankers (Swift program) can do to Putin and his friends bank accounts!!

  121. john+duffy

    A Letter to Andrew Hill

  122. Coal Burner

    I ordered something from the Valley Farm. Looks like real quality creations.
    Thanks for listing them.

  123. Jan F. Solvberg From Budapest

    This morning Our Lord woke me early to pray for Rob Kirby. Rob be healed in the name of Jesus! let there be health and strength. The power of almighty God carry you through. Virus and vaccine, I rebuke you in the name of Our Lord and king Jesus. Leave Rob, now! Now! Thank you Jesus for healing. Amen!

    Our Lord also spoke about it will be cold in Europe. Something called Beaufort Gyre is stopping and turning, and will fill northern Atlantic with a lot of cold water that will freeze.

    Recognize Judgment when you see it. Our God is great and can turn anything into good for those who love him. Amen!

    Stand firm and you will prevail.
    Greetings and blessings from Budapest, Europe…

    • Greg Hunter

      Rob Kirby is making steady progress. I got this good news today before noon. Keep praying please.

  124. Jeff Nunn

    Trump and the White Hats are cleaning out the Global Cabal, Illuminati, Khazarian Mafia, Freemasons, Bilderbergs, NWO, Baal / Satan Worshippers, etc., etc., call them what you like, and all their human trafficking, drug trafficking, bioweapons, biolabs, DUMBs, tunnels, child sacrifices, adrenochrome, illegal central banks, IRS, every method of NWO oppression and subjugation of humanity all around the world. This is what is going on, and has been for years if not decades, finally coming to a climax. Yes, God will win and Satan and his deceived minions hungry for power and riches will be defeated once again.

    Russia is rooting out and destroying the wicked evil Global Cabal Khazarian Mafia stronghold in the Ukraine. Thank God! Putin is one of the good guys here, part of the White Hat Alliance. The US government and all our corrupt 3-letter agencies, along with NATO, EU, WHO, WEF, City of London, Vatican, Switzerland, etc. are all part of the evil Global Cabal. A similar stronghold replete with similar biolabs, DUMBs, unspeakable evil will be destroyed by China in Taiwan very soon. Yes, Xi is a White Hat also. Then Trump will be restored to office publicly and the US will openly lead final clean-up of evil around the world with Israel last.

    Contrary to what traditional financial thinkers may believe (I used to be one too), we need the dollar to fail and for the Fed, the IRS and all the other illegal unconstitutional globalist command and control structures and institutions to be utterly destroyed that have held the people captive for so many years. This will represent the defeat of the Cabal and their covert system of oppression. Only then can America and the world be restored and rebuilt based on freedom, liberty and prosperity for the people. It will be a rough time during this period of disruption and transition, but will be so much better on the other side with a new precious metals backed currency (no fiat money anymore), true freedom as our Founding Fathers envisioned, and a massive transfer of wealth equivalent to multi, multi quadtrillions $ that was stolen by the Global Cabal back to the people.

    Imagine getting refunded all the income taxes you’ve ever paid, not having to pay any more (or very, very little), having your mortgages and other loans zeroed out, getting $5,000 monthly in “social security”, having a government by the people and for the people only 10% the size it is now, with no more censorship and tracking from Big Tech, no more poisonous drugs from Big Pharma, no more ideological indoctrination by Big Education, Hollywood, MSM, etc. A massive evil will have been removed from the world and replaced with an enormous return to Christ, Christian values and an outpowering of His anointing and glory. There will be an absolute explosion of prosperity, peace, love and joy! Can you see it?

    We indeed have been living in the Matrix for many years, but a Great Awakening is occurring (myself included), the White Hats and Christ’s True Church will win (God works through His believers on Earth), and most importantly God will win for His Glory!

    Every day I wait to hear the EBS announcements begin along with official public disclosures that even those who are still sound asleep (most of my family) will have to pay attention to and start to realize the truth.

    Bring your swift justice, vengeance, righteousness and kingdom Lord. I give You all the Glory, Honor and Power now and forever. Amen.

    • Jeff

      In complete agreement. Amen

  125. ONTIME

    It appears that we In the US are being inundated by multiple calamities, we are now more than hip deep in domestic and world chaos…most of his could have been handled with acts that could have been made decisively and committed to head off the problems arising form ill gotten logic….All this mindless inaction leads back to the US and the lack of purposeful willing leadership who could make commonsense decisions and work without being compromised , confused and willing to take a stand….Again we the US are embarrassed beyond the pale and the world is now enveloped in watching the destruction of Ukraine….Our leadership still is buying oil from Russia at the expense of our own sacrificed Energy Independence, it has given away leverage and now wants to purchase oil from another terrorist country after giving them $11B, they are going nuke and still want to kill Americans….Is the smell of treason growing while we have our hands in our pockets????

  126. tim mcgraw

    Good Report! Did you talk about the People’s Convoy to DC? I can’t remember. I watch your videos over a day or two. I’ve been watching videos from the convoy on the Children Health Defense website. Amazing support for the convoy as it goes from CA to DC. Truckers are great people. Thousands on overpasses supporting the convoy as it passes by. I think the convoy is 70 miles long? Amazing.
    We are not alone.

  127. Russ 2

    Greg may not have a great number of sponsors, but has lots. They get content from pretty much anywhere and post it. Take this video as an example —


    URGENT!! TRUMP BREAKING NEWS – Fox Breaking News Trump March 5, 2022
    Bill Barr and all of these career politicians that have been there forever needs to be pushed out and start over with fresh minds and ideas. Not the AOC, Omar, Tliab extremist but, people with common sense that don’t have a team of handlers controlling their every move.
    This is why governments should have limits in their reach: doublespeak, hypocrisy and being unethical.

  129. Kerry

    Greg, I wanted to give you a heads up that Clif High came out with a video today detailing what his systems are revealing about the Russia/Ukraine confrontation. It is about 44 minutes in length and mind blowing. I believe you will enjoy it prior to your interview with Martin Armstrong. While some of Clif’s views differ from mine, I find him to be very reliable and not the alarmist of some of your guest. It is interesting that he views this as Putin’s way of removing all the bio labs probably owned by US pharmaceutical companies in both Ukraine and Taiwan which he thinks China is going to take out when Russia wraps this up. Also, the president of Ukraine has a nice thirty plus million-dollar estate in Florida, go figure. I encourage you to review Clif’s latest video release ASAP.
    Blessings Sir

    • Greg Hunter

      Love Clif High. He’s Very smart, and he has made many freakishly accurate predictions with his predictive linguistics.

  130. stanleyskrzypek

    Hi…Been Waiting for your Report for Over 24Hours….still not available…says within an hour ans still nothing….Hope you are OK…
    You’re Quote…….***Video will be up in about an hour***…….that was Yesterday

  131. Clay Wayne

    He’s Still on Youtube? Incredible Sergei, our favorite Russki!
    The First Saturday of Spring 2022 in St Petersburg, Russia. From Nevsky to SevCable Port. Baklykov. LIVE
    265 watching now Started streaming 29 minutes ago
    Live stream from St Petersburg on the first Saturday of Spring 2022 in Russia.

  132. James A Driscoll

    Greg, I saw a report that the young woman that died unexpectedly supposedly died of suicide. She was reported despondent over mistreatment of a friend. There are enough people dropping dead unexpectedly that show that the clot shot is dangerous even if her death was due to other causes. I pray for her family.

  133. stanleyskrzypek

    I ALWAYS Knew….Rand Paul was a FAKE….ALWAYS……same goes for his ‘ol man Ron…..NEVER, NEVER likes them….
    President Trump is the ONLY one i TRUST

  134. Jr

    Clif High is spot on in his latest podcast about who the enemy is – that being the ashkenazi jews who Jesus refers to:REVELATION 3:9 KJ21
    Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, who say they are Jews and are not, but do lie — behold, I will make them to come and worship at thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.
    Clif maintains that Putin is primarily taking out 13 bio-weapon labs in ukraine and projects xi will do the same in taiwan – also of interest is that zelenko has a 34mil compound in FL The more I look at this the more I suspect that satan has captured all the key players and the only politics that matters is the one that has the goverment “on his shoulders” – all the rest are deceptively on satan’s payroll -vote for Jesus in ’24…or sooner…

    • Auntie Seize

      Yes, I caught that Clif High spiel late last night and was absolutely flabbergasted. After a second more through and focused viewing I realized that Clif had accurately identified (but did not so explicitly state) who the synagogue/organization of satan/the adversary was in Revelation 2:9 & 3:9. Outstanding!
      (BTW, satan simply means adversary or opponent and should never be capitalized internal to a sentence. Satan capitalized all the time gives the reader the false impression that this is some malevolent spirit being (constantly at war with God) and reflects the prejudiced preconceptions of the translators who believed in such a thing. See Young’s Analytical Concordance and “the Devil and Satan in the Bible” short tract by Bob Halstrom (I think) if you think you know better. There is only ONE God/power, not two or more, Jesus said so Himself. Do you believe what Jesus says or what somebody else says? )

  135. Paul

    There is nothing more important to true growth than realizing that you are not the voice of the mind – you are the one who hears it.

    You have to choose whether to go to a restless sleep or to stay awake and fight for a blissful night rest.

    God bless Rob Kirby

    Paul from arkansas

  136. Paul

    We need to let the past be the preparation for the future, not the
    place that is our future.

    Better days ahead to an awakened world, even the “woke” are awakening, I am personally seeing in their defensive behavior in normal conversation.

    Paul from arkansas

  137. Jennifer Sue Smallin

    Buttigudgieg is one of Klaus Schwab’s trainees….we need to get rid of him altogether!!

  138. Russ 2

    “Special Report From the Front Line in Ukraine”
    — our own Gerald Celente interviewing a Texan” living in Donetsk, Donbas (formerly Ukraine?)
    This interview is a Red Pill regarding the reports of Russians attacking civilians in Ukraine — question everything.

  139. eddiemd

    Saw this on zerohedge.

    U.S. DOD strategy

    “Rather than attack your enemy, surprise them by retreating and leaving all of your equipment.” – “The Art of War” by General Mark Milley (She/Her)

    General Milley Vanilli.

    Smoking too much “mota”.

  140. john+duffy

    7minutes for a nuclear strike on Moscow if Ukraine allows Nato to set up missiles on its border says everything you need to know.

  141. Justn Observer

    Greg. Interesting alternative media report for guess who? NOT ALWAYS AS THE PRESSTITUTE MSM REPORTS…

    A calm report of the globalist plans joining the planndemic, geo-engineering and now war effort we are facing!

  142. Michele

    Offering up prayers for Rob Kirby that he will recover fully and remain the picture of health.
    God bless and keep him❤🇨🇦

    • Greg Hunter


  143. wayne hardin

    True Worshipers of God will not only be persecuted and hated but many will be killed for standing for God and his word ,
    All the while the ones that kill them will be thinking they are doings Gods will believing
    that they know God while running after the world and the things of the world .
    There will be no real justice until the Lord shows up .
    Gods kingdom is not of this world .

    Do not be deceived to love the world is not a good thing .
    But i will say they story’s sure do sound good almost good enough to deceive the elect .
    But the elect are not after this world but the one to come and know what Gods wealth
    is .

    Wayne Hardin

  144. Michele

    I love each of your guests. The work you put into bringing us the truth is exceptional. Can you please bring Clif High on soon?
    I have followed him for the past 5 years. He is incredible and gives me piece of mind.
    God Bless.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes, Michele! Love Clif High!

  145. Stan O

    Cricket Legend Shane Warne dies of a suspected Heart Attack age 52
    Hi Greg,
    Shane Warne of Australia is considered one, if not the best spin bowler Cricket player to have ever played the game of Cricket. You likely don’t know who Shane Warne is as you are from the US where Cricket is not commonly followed. For the rest of the world and the 100’s of millions who play, follow and love the game of Cricket the passing of the highly revered Shane Warne yesterday is a terrible loss.
    The reports say that he was on vacation in Thailand and when his friends who were vacationing with him noticed that he hadn’t returned for dinner they went to his suite and unfortunately found him unresponsive in a bedroom. They administered CRP and called the emergency but unfortunately were not able to revive him. Shane Warne was not and apparently never has used drugs so that is ruled out as a possible cause. He did enjoy having drinks with his friends and enjoyed the smokes as well.
    So was he vaccinated against Covid19. In all likely hood I would have to say yes, although no mention of his vaccination status has been revealed in the reports so far. Vaccinated individuals are now allowed to freely travel into and out of Australia. Unvaccinated still need to get permission to travel and to travel for vacation purposes is not a reason for granting permission to travel.
    Another sporting star dies early, what could be the cause.
    World mourns Shane Warne, dead at 52 (

  146. john beasley

    Thank you for starting the analysis by reading a Bible verse. Excellent touch. God Bless you.

  147. Gary

    Hi, Greg
    I do NOT like DeSantis since he passed the bill to protect these murdering Dr.s and hospital administrators from being sued for these vaccines that they mandate men ,women ,children and employees to get. These bastards should be tried for TREASON and hanged when found guilty

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Gary.

  148. James4-7

    $6.26 a US gallon here in Canada today

  149. Kayla Cameron

    I love the bags, Greg! I never miss one of your episodes and I will be buying a bag!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Kayla for all your support & for supporting the people that support the truth-tellers!

  150. sharon

    The illegitimate unconstitutional CCP-owned Quid Pro Joe Biden regime installed by the ‘most expansive and inclusive VOTER FRAUD organization’ needs more undocumented Dumbocrat voters! import 3rd world socialist criminals become a 3rd world socialist criminal failed state.
    The Socialist Utopias are so wonderful their citizens risk the lives and their children’s lives to escape to the Capitalist hellhole that doesn’t want them sucking on the taxpayer teat! Send the illegals to the blue states then wall them in!!
    Don’t you miss the days when Republicans had spines and ‘nads and could stand up to the Dumbocrat whining mystery-gendered backstabbing and virtue-signalling? Recall/primary/vote out the RINO turncoats!

  151. FastEddy

    Blessings to You all, Melody @ GOLD & SILVER Trading is very caring and has lots of knowledge in GOLD & SILVER. I remember she would have on a Great guest his name was Bob Chapman. I would LOVE to know what he thinks of all this ? He really Loved the USA and was a real Brainer. I Miss Bob Chapman he was also on Infowars. Well all I know is this. All leaders on Earth Attacked their Own Citizens with needles NOT Bullets. Your Leaders planned and Laughed and said PUTIN We are Gonna Diss YOUR ASS and at the same time Cripple the peoples in purchasing Power and Fuel. They dont lose WE LOSE they obtain Vitamin C shots and Gave us Nano Beasts NOT GIANTS as of OLD . Truly Wicked But as Our LORD Jesus Christ states Nothing shall remain Hidden. SING PRAISES TO THE LORD make a New Song for The LORD with a JOYFUL Sound to The LORD We Sing PRAISES Alleluia Alleluia….GODS Money will Protect You and You will be able to overcome the TRIBULATION ahead. They all will be caught in their own Net…..The NSA has everything on these GANGSTERS thinking they are gods lol! Lower Case

  152. Jay Bird

    Ukraine War: Russia fires hypersonic missile!

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