Petro-Ruble Takes Down Dollar & Drives Up Gold – Bill Holter

By Greg Hunter’s 

Precious metals expert and financial writer Bill Holter said that at the end of last year, both the lies and money printing were going to get much worse.  Holter predicted, “The risk for a meltdown from these levels, the risk has never been higher or could be higher than it is right now.  You have got everything going in the wrong direction. . . .”  Fast-forward to today, and you see huge inflation, economies wrecked and Russia demanding payment for oil and gas in rubles.  Holter explains, “This is the biggest news since 1973 when oil started being backed by the U.S. dollar.  There is nothing bigger. Understand, Gaddafi (Libya) did this.  Saddam Hussein (Iraq) talked about the gold dinar, or a gold backed currency, and what happened?  They got killed, and their countries got invaded and their gold stolen.  This time is different because you are not going to have the U.S. military go into Moscow, depose Putin and steal their gold. . . . From a Russian standpoint, they are selling Russian goods, they want to be paid in rubles and they want to buy gold. . . . They are not provoking a war, and they are not provoking the west, but they have created a currency war between the ruble and the dollar.  What happens with the arbitrage is the world does the dirty work by making a profit if western gold is too cheap.  It’s brilliant.”

So, the dollar will get creamed in buying power?  Holter says, “It’s already getting creamed in buying power.  This will ultimately affect all financial markets.  It’s going to affect credit markets.   Don’t forget, the dollar is a creation of credit. . . . This is basically a natural way of destroying a financial Ponzi scheme. . . . All Putin is saying is I want what’s best for Russia.  We are going to sell our goods, we want to be paid in our currency and we are making it real by basically backing it with gold.  We want real and fair settlement. . . . In what world would anyone have imagined that it was the ruble that took the dollar down?  That’s what it looks like is going to happen.”

Holter says get ready for extreme financial problems in the not-so-distant future.  Holter warns, “I think we are headed for a calamity in the very near future. . . . I think, at this point, it’s a coin flip that we do or don’t go through a Mad Max world for a spell.  Is that spell a week, two weeks, two months or more?  I don’t know.  I do fully expect disastrous times. . . . This is going to be 2008 on steroids.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial writer and precious metals expert Bill Holter of for 4.5.22.  (There is much more in the 48 min. interview)

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  1. Kevin Fernandes

    -NIH admits gain-of-function🦇
    -NIH director quit
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    -TrudeauEnd Emerg.Act
    -Ukraine falls
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    -Dem’s VoteBill dead
    -Obama D.OD jail
    -BaltimoreState Att. indicted
    -Kazakhstan falls
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    -Que/UK/ONT health minstr quit
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    (etc etc etc etc etc)


    • Marie Joy

      WHAT? Stormy Daniels lost $300K? OMG!

      • Marie Joy

        This is my idea of funny. No offense was intended.

    • IIG

      And clever Putin forced a reset upon the Globalists (before they were able to impose their reset upon the world) – on April 2, 2022 Russian gas giant Gazprom officially halted all natural gas deliveries to Europe – unlike Qadhafi – Putin has moved to establish “a new gold-backed financial system” outside the control of the Fed/IMF/World Bank – the US and NATO led destruction of Libya was to prevent the emergence of a major regional block of African states shaping their own destinies “outside of the rigged game of an Anglo-American controlled financial system” – now Putin can issue its own currency “backed by nothing” to fund its foreign wars the same way the US has been doing for decades – in a speech on March 23, 2022 Putin announced that Russia’s natural gas would be sold to unfriendly countries “only in Russian rubles” rather than euros or dollars – forty-eight(48) nations are considered by Russia as being “unfriendly” which includes the United States, Britain, Ukraine, Switzerland, South Korea, Singapore, Norway, Canada and Japan – half the global population remains “friendly” to Russia – countries like China, India, Venezuela, Iran, Syria and Turkey don’t have to buy their gas for rubles or gold (like the “unfriendly” countries) but can purchase Russian goods using either their own national currency or bitcoin – and now
      Russia is applying some real pressure on the Globalists – by expanding its list of commodities for which it demands payment from the West in rubles (or gold) – to include grain, oil, metals and other key commodities (like timber, fertilizers, nickel, titanium, palladium, coal, nitrogen, and rare earth metals used in the production of computer chips, electric vehicles and airplanes) – Canada has no gold reserves and Germany is having trouble getting their gold back from the US – so where does Europe get the gold it needs to survive? – you got it from the open market – they will try and get it from us (by using Stan as their shill to have us sell our gold to them as they manipulate the price downward) – don’t fall for the Globalist’s tactics – use any weakness in the price of gold “to buy it” – as the EU must do (to buy the gas and other products they need from Russia to run their industries and maintain their economies)!!

      • Garp

        IIG “ now Putin can issue its own currency “backed by nothing” to fund its foreign wars the same way the US has been doing for decades “

        Sorry, this part betrays your bias and superficiality’ of knowledge.

        It is being backed by Russia’s vast commodity resources AND gold. A much different situation than the FRN .

        As for comparing it to America in the foreign war department, Ppplllleeaassee. Wow. That is absurd in breadth and depth.

        It wants its sovereignty safeguarded and this is really the first real counterpunch to the Empire bully since the USSR broke up.

        • IIG

          Just trying to use my God given brains to think through the situation over there Garp – how are you with my following analysis of the recent “false flag” in Ukraine:
          Say for example I was working for the US Neocons – and I was given the job to look at the map of Ukraine and pick “where to do a massacre” (that could be blamed on the Russians) – I think I would have also picked the town of “Bucha” the way the Neocons did – to show what “butchers” the Russians are!! –

    • drew

      NewZealand”s director general of health Bloomfield is stepping down, together with 2 top public health officials, as the 20 District Health Boards are dismanteled to make way for racially stacked new health councils.

      • IIG

        Klaus Schwab’s “gang of eugenicists” intent on exterminating humanity and getting directly into our minds to control us – “won’t stop” until they get a queer or pervert at the head of every World Government and every Health Agency – so they can control and manipulate the population to extinction – here in the US we have the pervert Biden at the top of our Government and the queer “Rachel” Levine heading our Health Agency –×1536.jpg – until we get these perverts and queers out of positions of power – the United States of America will be in trouble – period!!

    • Mike Patagonia

      Pentagon head quit?
      If so this is very delicate: According to Martin Armstrong there is a war ongoing between Pentagon (against war with Russia) and White House neocon staff like Victoria Nuland and Joes Blinken? who are eager to wage war against Russia.

    • Steven R Bard

      Recently Chris Reed was shown in a dream a man dressed in black who was tearing a fifty-dollar bill into thirds. After each tearing of the fifty-dollar bill, Chris Reed had unknown people show him headlines of newspapers.
      After the man in black tore off the first third of the fifty-dollar bill, Chris Reed was shown the first headline:
      There is much more to the dream.
      The complete eleven-minute video is shown on Chris Reed’s YouTube Channel where he reads this dream he had on March 25, 2022.
      My point is that although Bill Holter notes that Russia has started the collapse of the U.S. Petrodollar, what will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back will be when China signs a major petroleum deal with Mideastern oil producing countries. The oil alliance of Mideastern nations with Russia and China, while excluding the United States, will cause massive loss of confidence in the U.S. Petrodollar, resulting in an immediate 30% devalution. Then it gets much worse as his dream continues.
      The trigger for the 30& devaluation will be the Chinese oil deal.
      No time frame was given, but I wonder if there are any secret negotiations presently underway between Saudi Arabia and Chinese officials.

    • Jeff

      This man is 100% correct. Keep up the good work and getting the truth out their Greg!

    • Jeff

      Anyone really believe that Putin committed genecide or it is the CIA world government behind it to make Putin look like the bad guy?

      • eddiemd

        Ukronazi massacre of russian supporters. They needed more cover stories for their losses in Mariupol and what’s coming in the Donbass.

        Russia has no intent on taking over Kiev. Urban ops. A no win situation. Same with Kharkiv and Nikolaev. The russian feint tied up the Ukie forces to defend these urban areas while the real mission in the Donbass cauldron is the next move. It gave russia some time to destroy POL and resuppy routes to Donbass.

        Bucha massacre was done by the Ukronazis against their own citizens. The CIA controlled media broadcasting propaganda 24/7 tells you all you need to know.

        The russians left the internet up all across Ukraine. Perhaps this was a mistake but the war in Ukraine is not against the Ukrainian people.

        The mail order bride business is still going on. Business as usual. I guess that is good news for some people.

  2. Harvey Ackermann

    So sorry to hear about Rob Kirby. May he rest in peace.

    • Anthony Australia

      Oh no…Sad time indeed. Great mind, honest and a heart of gold.

    • Brooklyn


      We join you in your respect for our Brother Rob Kirby. We are not surprised by this news, and hopefully there was nothing malicious about his sickness/death; because when we heard that they put him back on the ventilator, we knew that it was only a matter of time. May Rob now Rest In Peace.


    • (Rev) Andrew de Berry

      Absolutely. He is one of heaven’s stars now!

      • Jack

        And just like I said for years, Rob Kirby will be dead long before most of what he said ever comes true. I was right…

    • Diane

      Rest in piece , dear Ron….

  3. Lynn safford

    Prayers for the soul of Rob Kirby…he was such an informative and educated man whose spirit touch so many and educated the masses. He will be truly missed. And Bill Holter, he is right on and shows us where we are headed….Thanks for everything you do for us, Greg.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      Holter moved out of the US in 2006 (somewhere South of the Border) but then came back in 2011 realizing he didn’t want to be “the Gringo” when things go bad. Lesson: You really need to make a stand here in the US—a state, county or town where everybody looks like you and speaks English. And of course where they have friendly gun laws.

      • Jeff

        I will fight and die for my country but not my government

      • Earth Angel

        A state, county or town where everybody looks like you & speaks English?.. and just where is THAT anymore?! Thanks to globalist plans working for decades at creating chaos and disrupting the social order in every corner of the world its hard to find such a place anymore. I moved to a small rural county 30 odd yrs.ago in my home state of Georgia and now we’re the 3rd fastest growing county in the state. We have the ignorant bought off officials letting developers in here faster than they can make plans for ALL of the additional road traffic (which we don’t want here anyway; most of us who weren’t from the area came here for the rural agricultural or a quiet retirement lifestyle) and now the traffic scene has become nightmarish- with NO end in sight I’m afraid. People fleeing the cities and other parts of the country (or world) are landing here, and with little to no planning or standing firm on zoning laws to restrict massive amounts of overcrowding it looks like we are being turned into what we wished to escape from years ago. We’re desperately trying to hold on here where the county motto is: ‘Where Quality of Life Matters!’ I now fully understand the chagrin of the Native American peoples as they watched the white man flood into their lands and change a once peaceful way of life living in harmony with nature forever.


    Another great interview with Bill Holter.
    I was saddened this morning to learn that Rob Kirby passed this past Sunday.
    Keep up your great work Greg, you are one of the voices out in the world who reports on that which is important in life.
    Take care of yourself and your family.
    Don Morrison

  5. Hubbs

    That is terrible news about Rob Kirby. He was a passionate, compassionate, tell-it-like-it-is soul. I and countless others will miss him dearly.

  6. Robert Coleman

    So sad to hear about the recent passing of Rob Kirby.
    Obviously, the Deep State wanted him out of the way as he was a harbinger of Truth.
    We ALL must NOT Fear the Deep State but realize that they are desperate because they know they are losing the battle and will NOT Win. Our prayers go out to Rob Kirby’s Family and to all who stand for Truth.

  7. David

    Very timely interview with one of the best. Thanks for having Bill Holter as your guest!

  8. Doug C

    Very sad to hear about Rob Kerby. My first thought is: Was he injected and how many times?
    Might sound harsh but I know 1 person 43 years old that has died for it and 2 others with neurological issues personally. Very very sad what’s been done to humanity.

    • IIG

      The more of us they kill – the greater our resolve to make the Globalists pay for what they have done – as the Globalists kill us and our children we grow stronger with every murder of our loved ones – like iron – being pounded into steel – we become weapons “of greater power” – so remember well Rob Kirby’s words – remember his ideas and remember his knowledge – and he transcends death – and the Globalists lose with every death they inflict upon us – remember how Rob told us “the Fed has printed 10 times as many dollars as they show on their books” – this means the value of the US dollar is in actuality 10 times worse then shown in this chart – – so the US dollar worth 1/10th of a cent – which means that someone today earning $50,000 dollars per year in salary is effectively (in 1913 dollars) only getting 5000 pennies a year (that’s $50 dollars per year folks – back in 1913 people earned more then $500 dollars per year and were able to easily afford a Model T Ford) – today – we are living on $50 dollars per year (essentially nothing) – flipping hamburgers until the robots replace us – and we are all very happy with the criminal banksters at the Fed controlling things – according to that pervert Globalist “Louse Slob” (who dresses in a Star Trek outfit the way “Rachel” (×1536.jpg) cross dresses in military uniform) when their digital crypto is introduced along with their New Criminal World Order – we will according to their dictates own “absolutely nothing and still be happy”!! – we (like Putin) should be saying NO to these Globalist eugenicists (out to give all of us HIV and bring in a robot society) – and begin demanding physical gold and silver in payment for our services – not their “near worthless” paper fiat dollars – or their “completely worthless” electronic crypto!!

      • Brooklyn

        Well said, IIG. First our blindly arrogant and insanely-stupid politicians sanctioned Russia, and removed the country from the SWIFT world monetary exchange system, making the US dollar useless to Russia, in the hope of destroying the Russian economy as the ruble would surely crash and burn. The US and more so, the stupidity of the EU pols, actually levied financial sanctions against the country that supplies most of their sources of energy, bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase, “Stupid is what stupid does!”

        But, few realize that Vladimir Putin’s “Protect Russia” is the identical patriotic ideology as Donald Trump “America First!”

        From this piece:

        “History has now shown us that Boris Yeltsin (and his secret band of patriots) had great foresight in their choice of Vladimir Putin as Prime Minister.  His final words to Putin in his capacity as President were: “Take care of Russia.”  Those words have also been translated as “Protect Russia.”   In Vladimir Putin was the perfect vessel found to ensure that Boris Yeltsin’s last wish would be honored.  Putin himself uttered the following words a couple of days prior to Boris Yeltsin’s funeral:
        “We will do everything we can to ensure that the memory of Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin, his noble thoughts and his words ‘take care of Russia’ serve as a moral and political benchmark for us,”

        And, then we add the genius of Bill Holter who totally-gets-it by saying, “All Putin is saying is “I want what’s best for Russia.” [Where Putin goes on to say], “We are going to sell our goods, we want to be paid in our currency and we are making it real by basically backing it with gold.  We want real and fair settlement. . . “ In what world would anyone have imagined that it was the ruble that took the dollar down?  That’s what it looks like is going to happen.” – AMAZING!

        Oh, and keep in mind, that our blindly-arrogant politicians will never admit they were wrong, and are already have their exit strategy (GO BAG READY!) so they can run & hide as the Shit Hits The Fan. But, know there is a Latin phrase that will change everything, “In Hoc Signo Vinces” to mean, “In This Sign [of The Cross] Thou Shalt Conquer”

        As Greg Hunter has told us so many times, Jesus is Real! Pray to him for courage, for in this sign – Bless Yourself – in the sign of the Cross – We Shall Conquer. Amen


        • Paul from Indiana

          That motto is also on every pack of Pall Mall cigarettes. So, when my Dad developed emphysema from a lifetime of exposure to Pall Malls, did he conquer? My point is, everything can, and like will, be co-opted. Best always. PM

  9. Colleen Allen

    So sorry to hear of the passing of your beloved friend Rob. He was a wonderful guest, always so animated and informative. As a viewer, I will surely miss him. Prayers to his family. Requiescat in Pace Rob, Requiescat in Pace.🙏🏻.

  10. Mungo

    Fun Times! Still time to prep up. Top off everything!

    • susan

      I’ve gone over every list about what you need for SHTF. I have everything mostly, but had to grab everything on each list that I didn’t have in full. I have been doing this for over ten years and still have things I have missed. Keep working on this folks. Your lives may depend on it.

  11. Marie Joy

    Short of kinetic, we’re toast.

  12. Eugene Sigler

    I’m tired of waiting, lets blow this pop sickle stand and get on with this clusterfu(k.

    • SOD

      LOL Eugene,
      I sure appreciate your sentiments! There are those that will try and convince you … that it takes time to awaken the ‘sleeping giant’ that is the United States. I have come to this simple conclusion … that if they haven’t been activated by now; they won’t be worth a damn in the final analysis any how! Best Regards, SOD

  13. Lloyd Good

    Rest in Peace Rob Kirby. His last appearance on your show was remarkably illuminating. I watched it again and made notes on the history of the Exchange Stabilization Fund, which I had never known about. Another Death By Fauci Rundeathisnear Ventil-assassination. A Good Man

    • IIG

      Good one!! – When you see Fauci – “Run -Death -Is -Near” (Remdesivir) – as it is the medicine Fauci prescribes for Covid (that destroys your kidneys and puts you into the grave)!!

  14. Tabitha Sloan

    How do you live and survive in a “Mad Max” world? How do you protect a rural farmhouse when it’s just you and your wife? Jesus help us all!!!!

    • Johnny Cool


      To answer your question, this should give you some helpful ideas.

      Rambo – Last Blood – “Attack on the Ranch.”

  15. BJ Reid

    Sorry to hear about Rob ….
    He was a good man & we seem to be losing quite a few of them.
    One of your “interviewees” I always looked forward to.


    Rob Kirby

  16. Arnold Schmidt

    Good to see you again brother Greg.
    Lots of things to unfold again as the bible states what the reader would see happening in the Sun ,moon Stars,Earthquakes , Volcanos roaring seas ,windy conditions causing tornados and more of the scharaid
    being displayed on the world political scene with Obama slithering his way back into the white house while Biden seems to be looking for his dinky toys .
    And Putin unveiling hi s sarin gas delivery trucks and jet engine dispersal system .Does the pope come out to protest this weapon of death ? Nope from the pope . So now we are into spring but still cold up here in Canada while tornados are in the south ripping and tearing lives apart .SC&NC getting one today .
    Anyway brother you take care and trust God’s word .

    • Marie Joy

      Is there proof of a Putin/sarin connection or is it more lies?

    • PersonaNonGrata

      “And Putin unveiling hi s sarin gas delivery trucks and jet engine dispersal system”
      I call BS on your comment, above. TPTB have been trying to link Russia / Putin to the use of chemical / biological (geez, there’s irony for you!!) agents against civilians forever! In Syria, where TPTB were pretending to be fighting a war against ISIS – at the same time as they were funding and equipping ISIS – Russia stepped in to fight ISIS for real. Russia’s interference in the Syria regime change plans could not be tolerated and the on-going vilification of Russia / Putin was taken up a notch. Specifically, false flag poison gas attacks were stepped up in Damascus and other Syrian cities and TPTB ensured the international MSM placed the blame on President Assad AND his ally, Putin. How Assad, a president who enjoyed overwhelming popular support (85+%) would ever benefit from poisoning his own people was never explained by the international MSM. It couldn’t be explained because the story was pure fiction. A fiction created to fuel anti-Assad / anti-Putin propaganda. Fast forward to the totally unbelievable fabrication of Putin sending his ‘top agents’ to assassinate the Skipols with the use of a military grade nerve agent, Novichok – a narrative so fantastical that it would never have been approved as a plot in a James Bond novel! Whatever happened to the simplicity of an automobile hit and run ‘accident’? TPTB have a long term record of trying to vilify Putin. IMHO, your comment supports their false narrative. Who in history has really used WMDs? Atomic bombs, Agent Orange, depleted uranium shells, false flag use of Sarin gas, mRNA inoculations? Whoever it was, it wasn’t Russia.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Correction: Whoever it was – it wasn’t Putin.

  17. Marie Joy

    The world was a better place with Rob Kirby in it. This is a tremendous loss to truth tellers, everywhere. I teared up when I read Greg’s announcement.

  18. Baron Von Lovejoy

    It’s always nice to listen to Bill Holter.
    RIP Rob Kirby.

  19. lee fahey

    Thank you Greg for interviewing Bill Holter… him….. and you. Of course.

  20. Anthony Australia

    Brilliant interview Greg,
    My favourite guest of all time.
    Definitely looks like it is East v West.
    Oh Ray Mate @Canberra, what are we doing?

    Thoughts for Rob Kirby.

    • Ray

      Hi Anth,
      Mate…….our imbecilic Defence Minister, Peter Dutton, said today “We need to build these hypersonic missiles here in Australia, to ensure the future peace of our region”!!!!
      Fair Dinkum…… my ONE missile in the world that when you explode it upon a target, magically rains down “peace” on all the mangled, slaughtered bodies, and I will show you a round square.
      Dutton looks like a frigging Bassett Hound, and is an embarrassment to our nation……to think he came close to being PM a couple of years ago makes my ashamed to be an Australian.
      So whilst I drive over pot holes in the road here in the nation’s capitol, the Bassett Hound wants to bring “Peace” to the Asia Pacific regain, with missiles that make really big pot holes in other peoples countries……..asswipe bastard.
      I hope karma sorts him out eventually.
      As many others have paid beautiful tribute here today to THE GREAT Rob Kirby, may I also please add my bit in too……
      I consider Rob’s final interview with Greg, only a mere 8 weeks ago, to be THE best interview ever put out by USAWATCHDOG (and there have been MANY great ones over the years).
      Rob had the personal courage to name names during that interview, and he articulated in PERFECT VOCAL PENTAMETER his UTTER DISDAIN for those who have transformed God’s beautiful world into the cesspool that it has become today.
      I will be copying that interview across to about 50 DVD’s and placing them into random people’s letterbox’s around the streets of Canberra.
      I raise my glass to you this night Mr Rob Kirby……
      A man who knew God,
      A man who knew and spoke of Truth,
      A man who knew the meaning of Courage.
      My only wish is that…….from your high vantage point in Heaven, you do get to see these filthy rotten bastards swing, as you so eloquently said in your final interview, “from short tight ropes”.
      We’ll make sure of it Rob…….for you mate…….for you.
      Canberra, Hypersonic Missile Fruit Loop Nation.

      • Anthony Australia

        You should be on The Queen’s Birthday 2022 Honours List, I really mean it.

        • Ray

          Anth…’re too kind Brother!
          (I probably wouldn’t accept an honour from Lizzie actually mate……may her tribe diminish!!!)
          Have a good weekend bud 🙂

      • Coal Burner

        Thought you were describing our Demented Biden.

        • Ray

          They’re cut from the very same cloth CB, that’s for sure mate!!

  21. tim mcgraw

    Thank Greg for having Bill Holter on your show again. He’s a smart guy. I am just starting the video.
    Today I went to our local bank in our small town here in Sonoma County. It’s a locally owned back. Oddly enough one of the founders of the bank was behind the push to build the Golden Gate Bridge. But I digress.
    Today I walked in and a bank manager told me that she’d help me at her desk in the back. Well, I was well dressed, 70 years old, and maybe somewhat known in town after 22 years.
    The young woman manager was very helpful with my checking account deposit and cash back.
    I then asked her if the bank was going to raise interest rates on savings accounts.
    She said, “You know banks are always the last to raise interest rates. I think we pay what? 0.04% interest now. You may get $10 a year.” And she chuckled.
    I agreed and then told her about the inflation of the 1970’s and 20% interest rates in 1980. She was surprised.
    “You could live on the interest on your savings back then. Now us savers are not making anything.”
    The manager smiled. Gave me a free pen and my cash. I went on my way.

    • IIG

      Soon there will be no cash to take out of a bank – as the Fed will be replacing cash with their electronic crypto – and you will never be able to walk into a coin shop and purchase gold and silver coins anonymously ever again (using cash) – so you better buy your gold and silver “now” (before the reset) – after the reset – the government will know exactly what you are buying with their crypto – they will have a record of all your transactions and know exactly how much gold you bought with their crypto – thus they will have the means to tax your hidden wealth or announce that it cannot be passed on to the next generation or simply mandate it’s confiscation (forcing you to turn it in for their worthless crypto the same way Roosevelt forced people to turn in their gold for ever worth-less paper dollars) !!

      • Cheri Rodriguez

        Yes, you are correct. Everyone turned in their wedding rings and other gold jewelry and nobody got married between 1933 and 1974.

        • susan

          I did in 1970. It was a very good year to get married!! Still going on……………….

    • eddiemd

      I am 10 years younger than you and have memories of the gas shortage and beef shortage from the 70s.

      I can remember the odd and even days to buy fuel and waiting on lines to get gas with my dad. We would go to the grocery store and the meat section was empty on a few occasions.

      I was too young to worry about interest rates.

      I left Phoenix on April 6th, 1982 and went to Fort Benning for basic training. This day in history.

  22. Cliff Bondi

    Tucker: Democrats have decided to replace Biden
    461,264 views Premiered 4/5/22
    The question is whom will be president? Michael!
    Where there’s a will Barackster, there is a way, oy vey?
    (אוי ואבוי, ój vavój)

    Levin: This is what the ‘Biden crime family’ did
    1,358,229 viewsApr 4, 2022

    • IIG

      To put it more simply – Democrats are Demon Rats!!

  23. barsoom43

    A great interview Greg..

    • john

      well said

  24. Lyon Barbara

    Time capsule for 50 years, 100 years? Do you really believe we’ll escape human extinction caused by climate change?

    • Greg Hunter

      “Climate change”?? You mean geoengineering!!

    • tim mcgraw

      Lyon Barbara; You make an interesting comment. Who is the “We” you refer to? Why do you even care if humans are still on the planet 50 years or a 100 years or a thousand years from now? We all go extinct personally. We all die. By we I mean humans die.
      Why do you care if human life on Earth continues?
      You and I will both be dead soon enough.

      • IIG

        But if we leave a legacy of truth behind – our immortal soul “will find peace in the world beyond” our physical bodies – whereas lies (and other evils) will haunt and torment those who perpetrate them “for all eternity”!!

    • Ray

      The climate is always changing Lyon…….
      We know this from records in ice cores……it has been proven
      Even before humans, the climate was warming up, sometimes, and, cooling down…..sometimes.
      The climate was ………C H A N G I N G………!!!!!!
      U N D E R N A T U R A L L Y O C C U R I N G P R O C E S S E S………
      Those who kick & scream “We need to stop Climate Change” really need to be labelled as “Climate Samers”.
      They want to go up against Nature itself………NATURE ITSELF…….and keep the climate “the same”.
      L U N A T I C S A L L …….
      Although many are well intentioned, it must be said.
      This theory of Human Caused Climate Change has more holes in it than a wet sponge.
      It is nothing more than a clever, emotionally based ploy by The Usual Suspects to gain even more control of this sick, sick world, nay…..PRISON…..they have built.
      Hmmmmm……..some things really do stay “the same” it would appear.
      Canberra, Climate Change Fooled Nation

      • Mark Maples


        Good comment.

        I have been debating this topic for years

        I always tell the climate nutters (including my own sister) that we all breathe the same air.

        If the entire planet decides not to use fossil fuels, and we all have to adjust, fine

        However, as long as China is building out and blowing coal coal plants on a regular basis, and western elites are flying private Jets and eating steak, why should I suffer?

        It’s just another leftist virtue signal, where upper middle class Americans can feel better about themselves, feeling they are doing a good deed

        Again, I never get a coherent response to China, which has 23 of the top 25 most polluted cities in the world

        So I am supposed to ride my bike and eat grasshoppers while China just churns out coal at breakneck speed!

        Lunacy my friend

        • Ray

          Well said Mark.
          The Powers That Be expect us to push bike around whilst they drive limos, and want us to chow down on dried insects whilst they eat Fillet Mignon.
          Fair Dinkum!!!!
          Where can I pick up a good second hand guillotine these days?

      • Coal Burner

        ray, yu are over the drop zone, push the button! Right on target with every word!

        • Ray

          Thank you CB……same with your comments mate……always bang – on – target.
          Have yourself a nice weekend.

    • eddiemd

      Climate change.

      Turn off the propaganda news.

      Worry about your salvation. Settle your account with your Creator.

      • susan

        Eddie, AMEN!

    • Mike Patagonia

      Climate change? There is no global warming, at best sort of at least small ice age coming soon due to change of sun activities (Martin Armstrong is a good reference). Regarding the latest info about geoengineering posted on usawatchdog I have jet to understand it better and read more to understand the issue. I noted some strange things in Europe that could be related to geoengineering years ago.

  25. Stone

    God speed Mr Kirby, your voice of liberty and reason will be sorely missed.


    Would you consider putting together some compilation from your interviews with Rob? He was my absolute favorite guest and his knowledge and foresight beyond comparison.

    God bless…..

  26. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Holter as we plunge towards another Bretton Woods part III. Official de-valuation is right ahead for the Euro,whilst you in America see the US Dollar weak, real money is fleeing the insanity of negative interest Europe for the relative safety of the USA.
    As for Vlad the chess player and the snakes and ladders players of Europe, Germany has “elected” an insane green ninny who shut down all Carbon energy without ANY real alternative. Now they are wondering why “things” are not going well.
    The true dimwits of Europe,who are bombing Ukraine on behalf of the USA, are incapable of having an adult discussion with the USA never mind their own people.
    Meanwhile, “fill yer boots” 3y’s Zelensky is determined to bring us a World War with nuclear weapons so that he can hide his Billions of Dollars in the USA and we plebs are cheering our sons to go and die in the Ukraine at his behest.
    and a clear analysis as well from Mr Denninger.
    A quiet bank is occurring here in the UK thanks to Trudeau.
    Again thanks Mr Hunter for daring to bring the truth to us plebs.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Maria,
      “A quiet bank is occurring here in the UK thanks to Trudeau.”
      Maybe I’m a bit slow this morning, please elaborate . . .

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Just after listening to Greg’s interview with Bill Holter and the brain cells are fizzing. I guess your comment was that, A quiet bank RUN is occurring here in the U.K. Yes, that’s my experience too.

    • Barb

      Not me I want nothing to do with that mess in Ukraine nor do I want my children or my grandbabies to fight in these evil people’s war that does nothing but murder our children for there greed and power hunger . People world wide need to wake the freak up!

    • Roger Crowell

      WOW! Maria das Santos!
      Maria, your a very sane woman in an INSANE HollyWeird, China bought and paid fer woild!

      Maria, your poster John Ward, would make a great guest on!

      John Ward April 4, 2022 The unacceptable cost of Geopolitical greed
      Whose sanctions are they anyway?
      Now that Putin has come back to bite the hand that needs him, does EUNATO have a Plan B on Ukraine and chronic energy inflation? By turns both satirical and scathing, The Slog reveals the reality of a giant geopolitical cock-up by Washington and Brussels.

      Obama coming to White House was attempt to ‘resuscitate’ Biden: Ingraham
      66,784 views Apr 6, 2022 Fox News
      The Obama-Biden reunion will do nothing to turn things around for Dems, Laura Ingraham says. It only reinforces what we already know. Biden doesn’t know what on Earth he’s doing or where he’s going.

  27. Justn Observer

    Greg, So sorry to hear about Mr. Kirby. Condolences to you and his family for your loss of such a fine, intelligent and honest man and friend… We all will miss him.

  28. Dr. G

    The counter narrative to dollar collapse is that even though Russia is demanding rubles in exchange for oil, that “exchange” is still determined by dollars. In an article on Zerohedge the argument is explained like this: A kid negotiate payment for mowing a lawn for a box of ice cream bars. The going price for the bars is $8.00 about the going price for mowing the average lawn. So the home owner agrees and pays the kid. Instead of the kid going to get the ice cream bars the owner of the home does that. But the exchange was still valued in dollars. Maybe the kid couldn’t drive himself to the store. Maybe his parents wouldn’t let him eat ice cream. So the home owner did for the kid what he couldn’t do himself. Same with Russia and rubles. Instead of the EU paying Russian in dollars for oil, and then Russian turning around and exchanging those dollars for rubles, the EU exchanges the dollars for rubles, and buys the oil. Martin Armstrong makes the case the that dollar will not go away until the US government fails and people prefer NOT to price everything in dollars or hold dollars over some other currency. Until that MIND SET is changed, Russian demand for payment in rubles will likely not bring on the collapse of the dollar like everyone is saying. However, if other geopolitical forces combine with this first little baby step, and we move closer to a US government collapse along with its currency, then we could support the claim that the dollar is about to implode. Probably not this year or next. Maybe by 2024 if the US keeps making all sorts of stupid, shot themselves in the foot decisions. This is just another one of many steps required for the dollar to become so disfavored by the vast majority of the world that they stop pricing everything in dollars. Oil may not be exchanged for dollars, but its still priced in dollars. Even when the EU trades for Russian oil, the pricing mechanism may not include the exchange of dollars, but the price is determined in dollars. Until that changes, the dollar will still be king. For now.

    • Spur

      The dollar will die when the US is blown to pieces! With the US rearming Ukraine and NATO’s goading China this apocalypse will happen sooner then later! Sadly the US seems to want nuclear armegeddon…they are poking the bear and the tiger…!

    • IIG

      The world needs to think in terms of precious metal (not Dollars or Rubles) – for instance simply state one barrel of oil is worth one ounce of silver – and leave the US dollar and the Ruble out of the equation (because the US dollar is only worth 1/10th of a cent) and therefore it means $100 dollar oil is selling for $10 dollars (before the Fed began devaluing it in 1913) – and silver at $24 dollars is in actuality selling for $2.40 an ounce – the US dollar screws up the valuation equation – where either oil should be selling for $24 dollars a barrel or silver for $100 dollars per ounce – by simply going to a “silver standard” (where one barrel of oil equals one ounce of silver) trade between nations becomes a more level playing field (unencumbered by the criminal banksters manipulation of the dollar price of silver or oil)!!

    • Ray

      Dr G,
      Interesting observation……thank you.
      I think the ace in Putin’s sleeve, even if your analysis proves correct, is that the value of the US dollar, via his actions, is going to erode to a large degree.
      This in turn will place enormous strain on a US economy / budget that has already taken three body punches, a left hook to the jaw and a right cross flush into the nose.
      The fighter’s legs are practically shot, and Putin, dare I say, “from the red corner” can now pick & place his punches in exacting manner moving forward, taking out the blue corner warrior at his will.
      The blue corner fighter can simply detonate a false flag nuke in a European city over Easter.
      In that scenario, the whole boxing tent, red / blue fighter and paying attendant customers will all be put to death in the ensuing nuclear exchange.
      I wouldn’t put it past the blue corner…….asswipe bastards that they are.
      Canberra, Gutless Yellow Corner Nation.

      • Johnny Cool

        G.A. Stewart is going to be winding things down at The Age of Desolation site, too much work, and he can’t afford it financially or health wise. Not many book sales, though thousands of visits to the site.
        Latest in the UPDATE INDEX is about the election in Hungary. Orban won, he is a threat to the NWO. Two B52 bombers flew over Budapest after the election.

        Hungary is mentioned many times in his book regarding WWIII.
        Nuclear war is coming.

        • Ray

          Hi JC,
          Yes mate…..I read his latest Au Reviour post a couple of nights ago.
          I have never bought any of his books.
          I might contact GA Stewart personally and make a cash donation……his site has certainly been on my radar for some years now, and I do owe him at least $50 or $100 I’d say.
          Mate……you are correct about GA mentioning Hungary in his work.
          If my memory is right, Nostradamus / Stewart refer to it as Panem (?)
          You know what is a REALLY interesting coincidence?
          The city in Hunger games in also called Panem!!!
          It’s all about to happen Brother, so buckle up.
          As you would know, GA raises his concerns for a really big event to happen over Easter.
          Take care my friend…….stay in touch with me mate.
          Ray, Canberra, LDN

          • Johnny Cool


            Check the Update Index for the latest post about the B52’s over Hungary.

            G. A. Stewart
            UPDATE 04-05-2022: B-52’s OVER HUNGARY

    • Charles H.

      Just like the Market is catching-up to the inflated SPENDING: the FACT that Russia has demanded Ruble purchase – is the turned corner that can’t be taken back. The Dollar has passed the point of our speculation. Watch the amount of Dollar Reserves in world banks diminish if you want a front row seat.

    • Tin foil hat

      Zerohedge got it backward. The kid wants one box of ice cream bar as a payment to mow the lawn. He doesn’t want $8, $80 dollars or 80 cents. If the Deep State could manage to get the price of the ice cream bar down to 80 cents, the kid will eventually want to be paid $8 dollar instead of the ice cream.
      The question is: Will gold be $200/oz again?

      • Tin foil hat

        The next question is: if the kid used the $8 to buy ten boxes of ice cream bar instead of buying one box and deposit the rest of $7.2 dollar in a Bernie Madoff account. Will the store run out of ice cream?

  29. Marie Joy

    WE all know this is done, purposely, to destroy America, Americans and the dollar.
    WE all need to be in better shape for what’s coming.

  30. Johnny Cool

    “Remember, Rome lasted for 1,000 years, but it collapsed in just 8.6 years.”

    • IIG

      And the money of Rome “was debauched” by the Romans the sane way the US Dollar is “being debauched” by the Fed – however – those holding God’s money (Go;d) have a store of value in their hands that will “last for all eternity” – look at what God had to go through to create “his money” from nothing (to make him happy) – he had to create the universe in a Big Bang – and all the stars that formed took billions of years to cook up and build the atoms from Hydrogen to Helium to Iron – but to get the higher elements the stars “had to explode into white dwarfs” creating higher elements – and finally “Gold” was created in the collisions between these neutron stars – now – that’s a precious amount of work to make God’s money – whereas the Fed just prints theirs out of thin air or by simply hitting a keyboard to make their crypto (not much work involved in making fiat compared to “real money”)!!

      • Johnny Cool


        Stay calm.

        Rob Kirby died before the dollar died.

        Maybe we will too.

      • Johnny Cool


        Heed the words of our friend…

        G.A. STEWART: I believe that it was most likely The Deep State who began Bitcoin to suck everybody in; when The New World Order issues its own digital-blockchain-currency, none of these digital currencies will be converted.

        We are dealing with psychopathic criminal masterminds who take no prisoners; this is Criminal Conspiracy not Conspiracy Theory, but we all know that now.

        Regular Reader Supporters can go to Quatrain III-5 in either my 2019 book, Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Prophecies of World War III, or my 2022 book, The Nostradamus Compendium, and see that with Russia pegging the ruble to gold in March that we are on course for some surprises in April and May if my timeline holds true.

    • john beasley

      I agree this is intentionally being done. And the US military believes that they will keep operating even after the USA falls. They say that they will keep their bases worldwide; Which suggests they have their own money, gold reserves, and sources of income. Maybe they will offer protection like the Knights Templer and the Knights of St. John, or sell drugs, keep their nukes, etc…

      • eddiemd

        Join the French Foreign Legion.

  31. Vincent Mc Cooey

    Hi Greg, I would like to say that I’m very sad to here Rob Kirby passed away. I really thought he’d pull through and will miss his input into your shows. Heaven has another Angel now and God Bless him and his family. Vince in London.

  32. PersonaNonGrata

    Warm hearted thoughts from my wife and I go out to Rob Kirby’s family at this sad time. Rob spoke truth with a sincerity that could not by denied.

  33. Barb

    Greg I think it would be interesting to see what Armstrong has to say about what is going on and what you and holter talked about with our credit, economy and gold,silver

  34. Marie Joy

    It is not a demented old pedo. It is his owners. Remember who is killing us.

  35. Roger Stamper

    tks for about ruble & dollar bill greg

  36. r.v.

    Michael Hudson US Dollar Hegemony Ended Abruptly last Wednesday
    Pestilence-check, war-check(Ukraine), death-check, famine-coming soon.
    Both of you guys thanks!

  37. Jerry

    Can we not say by now that this is all planned? Here’s what your senate has been working on.

    First comes the cyberattacks? ….Or EMP ? Then poof! Presto change o we’re on a digital currency backed by carbon credits. Either way it will be Russias fault, and the globalist will be one step away from achieving their goal of a reset. Enjoy the clown show. Who cares about Chris Rock getting slapped by Will Smith when the entire world is getting ready to receive the biggest financial dump since Stanley crapper invented the toilet.?

  38. fred bannon

    Hi Greg, I know you probaly know this.A great man and freedom fighter has passed, Rob Kirby

  39. Stan Tuttle (stuttsuttle)

    This is the day that the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it. The Lord is good, and His mercies endure forever. Fear Not , He will give us beauty for ashes, and all of His promises are yes and amen. Thanks Greg for everything

  40. Tabitha Sloan

    Rest in peace, Rob! I just can’t believe Rob would get inoculated. Someone prove me wrong? What a horrendous loss for the liberty movement!!!!! I will miss him.

    • Charles H.


      There is no way to know what was or was not done to Rob Kirby. I’m pretty sure he didn’t want or consent to the CV19 ‘vaccine’. But once under the “care of doctors” in an institutional setting: there are a number of ways to rig the system. All that needed to be done was to insure the damage to the lungs was sufficient to insure cerebral starvation.
      I battled for my life in a back bedroom with ALL the medicine necessary: and I still came out with significantly impaired lung function. And these medicines are prohibited in Canada.

      • eddiemd


        I had a good friend involved in a wreck last November. He was hurt bad. He did a day in the ICU post operative and then moved to the floor.

        They were on the way to give him a injection. His wife was there and refused to allow him the shot. He woke up out of his stupor later and got up and ready to go AMA. The problem was they had a bed alarm on his bed and knew he was up out of bed. He told them to let him leave. No more.

        They were trying to poke him for three days when he was medicated. They had to put a sign over his bed to warn off the injection.

        Make sure you have medical power of attorney with specific instructions against any covid injections. In fact, write that you are allergic to covid shots.

        Get tested for natural immunity. If the results show that you have spike protein antibodies, then tell them you already had the injection. The results cannot distinguish between natural immunity antibodies and injection induced antibodies. Claim you had the injection and lost your “vaccine cards”. It should protect you for now. Carry your test results with you as proof of immunity.

  41. Richard Westwell

    The Germans have nationalized gazprom in Germany to secure their gas supplies, at least for a while

    • Garp

      Hmmm, you sure there? My understanding is that these Euro based affiliates were cut loose by the mother company. She terminated the relationship. That effectively PREVENTS the stealing S.O.Bs from “freezing” ( aka stealing ) the assets.

    • IIG

      They nationalized the gas pipes and buildings inside Germany “to secure their gas supplies”??? – what a bunch of loony tunes – don’t these fools realize the gas does not come from “the empty gas pipes and buildings they nationalized” – the gas comes from Russia (who has now cut it off) – if the stupidly insane Germans want to secure their gas supplies they simply have to pay for it “with gold” – gold that they stupidly gave to the US to hold for them and will probably never see again because the US has more then likely sold all the German gold into the market (to manipulate the price of gold downward to strengthen the US dollar) – so the Germans will now be forced to go into the open market and buy gold “so they can keep their factories running” – and the US will have to go into the open market to buy back the German gold they sold (or else take the gold from Fort Knox to give back to the Germans – if it is still there – and the bars have not been filled with tungsten)!!

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Gasprom Germany does not produce any oil or gas! Who would have thunk it?!

  42. jomer

    Speaking of getting your money out of the bank,

    I have an old checking account where I keep some emergency slush funds. It is an account I never use. In fact, the first time the debt card ever left my house was 3-4 weeks ago. Over the next 5 days I used the card 4 time to take out the daily limit from a banks atm. I then got a call from the bank saying I had “fraudulent activity” on the account, and I should cancel the card and a new one would be sent to me in 3-5 business days. Finally, 2 weeks later, the replacement arrived.

    I find it mighty coincidental that an account that is over 25 years old rarely used and never had a problem (nor have I had any problems with any of my other cards) and as soon as i start pulling cash out they say company called Pro-Ink tried to debt my card for $0.00. (Why $0? Maybe because no crime was really committed by them if zero?)

    It would be interesting to hear if anyone else had a similar problem back during Canadian Trucker Freedom Convoy and how they handled it was sparking bank runs even here in the USA.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Would it not have been easier just to close the account and take the balance in cash? Best always. PM

      • jomer

        thought about it, but it is a small local bank back in my old hometown which is an all-day round trip.

        But the reason for the account is I have a line of credit at 11.9% interest. My thought on this is: Say one day Greg reports something happened to coffee and the price will be going up 50%, I’d gladly borrow at 12% to save 50% in the future.

        Even better they often send me the promotional 0% interest for 18 months. Well, they do charge a 4% service change so it more like 3% interest annualized. I used that offer several times back in 2003 to 2011 to buy precious metals. Thinking about using it now to help pay for a new roof. My roof still has another 5 years life, but I cannot imagine what asphalt singles will cost 5 years from now. Hope they have not already skyrocketed in price.

  43. Karen G

    So sorry to hear of Rob Kirby’s passing. You are a good friend to him Greg. My condolences to you and his family.

    • Anita

      O crap, so he did not survive the hospital visit. Most today do not.

  44. john geis

    The entire system is being run by people who have never actually had a real job and who have no clue. The complete breakdown is already here. The local McDonald’s did not make payroll Friday. They told employees they had two weeks to pay. US gas production is falling and fracked wells have a really short life and they have no people to drill and refrack. The coal mines and miners are gone! Most of the restaurants are closed or only half open due to lack of help. Farmers and truckers are rioting in Chile. Soon their only option will be to shut off the lights.

  45. eddiemd

    It is interesting that Obama turned up in the WH yesterday.

    He looks cachectic. Some type of underlying illness.

    Beware of this Bucha false flag. This was done by the Ukrainian nazis. The entire world is believing this deception. The propaganda media is the mind control arm of the satan worshippers.

    Put down the iPhone mind control. Clear out all apps and block the synchronizing features inside your iPhone and home computers. Use ad blocker plus. Stay out of the cloud. This is the control.

    • Charles H.


      I go to YouTube once in a while. They won’t give me anything but the same crud to watch; and lots of material – like the IAEA Radiological Accident reports are gone. EVERYTHING electronic is being taken over or dried up.

      • eddiemd

        I am always on youtube watching videos.

        I like Derek Prince and Chuck Missler. I also watch channel 7 Israel news. They are up to date daily on news out of Israel and vicinity.

        Sometimes I check out Amir Tsarfati. I am skeptical about him because of how he was pushing hard for the injections.

        I don’t have a youtube account so there are videos that I cannot view. No worries.

        Just block all the cookies and background surveillance.

        • Charles H.

          I just watch entertainment stuff – restoration; auto mechanics; firearms mods & improvements: machining….

    • Johnny Cool

      “It is almost an act of treason in the West now to suggest that there are NATO-Nazis in Ukraine, but the NATO-Nazis have been conspiring in Europe and the United States since the end of World War II.”

      Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Prophecies of World War III,
      G. A. Stewart, 2019, Page 526

      • eddiemd

        Who would have ever believed that the USA and Nato would be openly supporting nazis in Ukraine.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Doc, he looked pretty animated to me. He’s older and has gray hair. I have a similar condition. At age 70, I feel as if most of my mitochondria have either shut down or died. Does that qualify me as suffering from cachexia? Then again, all beings could be technically cachectic, the underlying condition being mortality.

      In Kosovo, the Muslims would keep the corpses in the deep freeze at the morgue to be trotted out and displayed at the appropriate time when needed to make Milosevic look bad. This is documented in George Szamuely’s blockbuster book, “Bombs for Peace” (Cambridge University Press), available on Amazon.

      • eddiemd

        He looked animated. It was a good photo op for the satan worshipper, the same who was given a Nobel prize for “peace”.

        Perhaps the man of peace preparing to enter the world stage.

        He has wasted muscle mass. He looks fragile. He does not have temporal wasting yet. That is more end stage.

        Perhaps his tobacco use has caught up with him. Small cell cancer in particular. Or maybe HIV. Only the Almighty God knows what is in the darkness. Obama is an antichrist spirit. He moves in darkness and deception.

    • IIG

      Klaus Schwab’s goal is to get inside your mind (and hack your brain) – he wants to know exactly what you are thinking “at all times” – let this Globalist mad man under your skin – and you will be turned into a (non-human) automation – that simply obeys his commands (like take your HIV Jab and kill your babies, etc., etc.)!!

  46. Craig

    I was saddened to hear about the loss of Rob Kirby.

    May he Rest In Peace. Blessed be the truth tellers

  47. Roger...

    Shane Warren Vision in 2012

    Russia selling oil with different currency than the dollar
    USA 400 yr cycle, begins with 1620 compact – judgement begins 2020
    Inflation – leads to riots
    Precious metals
    New Madrid

    The Lord Provides!

  48. Dan Reynolds

    Bill Holter is certainly one of the icons who we need as a guiding light. Thanks Greg.

    So sorry to hear of Rob’s passing. If only there was a way to bring past interviews of him to the forefront from time to time, when the occasion-s called for it. A sort of “Rob Lives” kind of show. There is much that that man has shared which was and is insightful and predicting!

  49. Nat

    Bill Holter, my Texas neighbor, is the best!

  50. Joseph Boudreau

    Thanks for another fine interview, Greg. I agree with Bill that Putin linking the Ruble to oil, gas and gold is the biggest thing since 1971 / 73. I always believed it would be China that would play a wild card like this first. I suppose they’ll be second to do so.
    Also, so sad to hear of fellow Canadian Rob Kirby’s passing. I’ve listened in on his interviews several times over the last few years. I will miss him for the invaluable information he shared with us. I am very spiritual so I know he is alive and well ‘on the other side’. Condolences to his family.
    Best wishes, Joe.

  51. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Go check out the Selective Service System announcements recently regarding (draft) preparations in partnership with FEMA check kiting operations. It appears the Imbeciles, Idiots and Public Pretender Criminals in Washington DC and the States are pushing for a military draft induction by threat of force into the woke United States Military Pentagon knuckle draggers gang. The Federal Reserve must have decided their lackey debtor Federal Government and lackey Public Pretender President US will need to invade Moscow, Russia and Beijing, China. I can not wait to see this.

    If you notice Russia’s Putin is a rich guy. Then notice the Ukrainian Zelenski, Zelenskky, Zelenskii actor President is a rich guy and television actor as an occupation among other things. So two rich guys are having a scuffle in Europe, the Zelenski Public Pretender is a stooge of the United States corporation, better known as HATO NATO which is really a small group of western style losers that are getting beaten by a guy from Russia and next it sounds like the HATO NATO is going after Beijing, China for supporting the Russian guy.

    The Federal Reserve and it’s debtor Washington DC are losing. The problem for the Federal Reserve is they and their debtor Washington DC have nothing of substance to operate with or exchange. All they have is a little paper shuffling, some transfers, some digital dollars and the credit system which is the entire basis of the fiat federal reserve note dollar. China and Russia have tangibles, they have actual products, they have factories and labor to produce anything they need for a war. The U.S. has very little tangibles of substance that could sustain a war of any kind and the liquid gold that is in the ground is forbidden by the chief Idiot and it’s Imbecile administration of the Washington DC cult of nothingness because it’s policy is something called “green deal” or “carbon tax scam”. So the literal liquid gold that is in the ground in America will be in the ground and of no use to sustain America and from what I hear the US is going to be all electric cars or EV and that somehow the price to own the EV is at least twice as expensive to own the electric car. Everything about the electric seems to be wrong to my view from an environmental point of view, cost of ownership is to high and it sounds like a small collection of dead batteries that need frequent replacing at high cost. Go back to oil built cars and trucks that run on gas and oil because they work and are proven with a cost to own a known number for owners. The electric car is not a sustainable system in my view. Now if the goal is for the US to be on it’s knees and be the loser of record, then full steam ahead on the green agenda, windmills, solar panels with the carbon taxing scam that will go with it.

    Here is another thing I noticed. When you hear Chinese and Russians speak they sound competent and it appears they have common sense in their culture still and they speak factual. Now compare that speech to the he, she, it’s of United States and it’s noticeable that the common sense doesn’t appear to exist in the US, it sounds like noise, rah, rah, rah but you really can not get what the he, she and it’s are saying and you can not get any facts from them because they appear to be dumb as Jerk Joe Biden and his band of cohorts and as fake and phony as baloney hopey, changy Barrack Obama combined. The Jerk Joe and Phoney Baloney Obummer.

    The U.S. empire is dead, that part is over. I remember around 1980 two clowns, one Joe Biden Public Pretender and a Mitt the twit Romney Wall Street turd made deals to move American factories to Beijing and China in specific and from I remember they sold the equipment, tool and die, molds, plans, buildings and sent the former American employees to China to teach them how to run the factories. It seems it has come full circle, the US has no ability to be a superpower because they made deals to ship the factories to the new super power China. What would the US use, federal reserve notes to waive at the Russians and Chinese? I bet they will be in fear at the sight of fiat paper.

    All the Federal Reserve clowns can do is send in their lackey stooges from Washington DC for a war that the federal reserve and their counterpart bankers will finance both sides of or they will finance three, four or more sides in the war and try to take in the profits of any current wars waged and any new wars dreamed up over at the Federal Reserve war room and carried out by the woke Pentagon squares.

    When you look at the U.S. it is modeled on the Roman Empire and occupied by Patricians or in the US they call themselves politicians, same scumbags from Rome, they broke that empire and they broke this one even faster in record time.

    I really like Rob, sorry to hear he is gone.

  52. Robert Tisovich

    What a shock, the body of Rob Kirby is dead, but his spirit lives.
    Holy Trinity I lovingly request that the prayers for our brother in Jesus will be applied to Rob at the moment of his passing from this physical world to he spirit world, Jesus turn back the hand of time to that moment, hear all the peoples prayers for Rob, grant Rob your Holy Mercy forgive Rob is sins, deliver Rob to the Kingdom of the Holy Trinity, do not deliver Rob to the evil one:
    Our Father in heaven
    Hallowed be Your name.
    Your kingdom come.
    Your will be done
    On earth as it is in heaven.
    Give us day by day our daily bread.
    And forgive us our sins,
    For we also forgive everyone who is indebted to us.
    And do not lead us into temptation,
    But deliver us form the evil one.

  53. Justn Observer

    Greg, Good interview and sorry to hear Bill and Jim may be ending JSmineset …another bulwark of ‘truth’ and excellent perspective over the years…
    Most others also see the same significance of Putin’s move…and the move away from the U.S. world reserve, which even Powell blirted out that they is now room for more than one reserve currency… The Biden admin. stupidity in pushing Russia, China, Saudi’s, India and Brazil ever closer will only hasten the demise of USD as spoken here in these vids…
    Hope the people are ready, God knows you and those you have interviewed for years now heeded your warnings!


    The original long version of summary above =
    The Roundtable Insight – Zoltan Pozsar & Yra Harris on the Economy, Fin Markets & Bretton Woods III – YouTube

    The FED mislead Congress? Tell me it ain’t so ! LOL I mean, who ever gets hammered (except Trumpites) for LYING to Congress ? Who goes to jail for ‘rigging’ markets or even ‘insider trading’ while working at the FED? LOL\

    AND BY THE WAY….DIDN’T POWELL’S TERM AT THE FED END ? SO why is he even still there?


  54. Doug w

    Putin should of said, “10,000.” rubles bid per gram. and then seen what happens. Come on Putin, do it !!!!!!!!!!

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Doug,
      If I understood Bill Holter correctly, the current Ruble / gold fix only runs to mid June, 2022. The higher the gold fix, the more valuable Russia’s (and China’s) strategic gold reserves become. For years now, both countries have been divesting their dollar denominated reserves and acquiring gold with the proceeds. Also, according to many pundits, China is the largest producer of gold in the world, all of which it keeps for itself. Hold onto your hat . . .

  55. Sylvia

    ohhh no! Rob Kirby died. 😢😢😢 Sincere condolences to his family, friends, & everyone who knew him through his presentations/interviews, etc. So sad to hear the news. 😢


    R.I.P Rob Kirby,after his first health scare boy did Rob come out with guns a blazing and his tongue a raging, his experience with Metals,buisness,politics led to Rob tossing prominent names under the bus and he showed a NO-FEAR attitude as he had been near death so what could globalists or elite do worse?.Only knowing Rob via internet interviews for years he was such a brilliant outspoken man that shared his knowledge with the world.Another sad loss for the community.

    • Pete+only

      I too am saddened by Rob Kirby’s passing. I never met Rob in person, but I did watch most of his interviews with Greg, and Rob always put things into perspective in a unique way regarding the financial world, and those manipulating it.
      5000 Rubles to a gram of real physical gold surely puts the manipulating parties in a hard place, and I know that Rob Kirby would have had something very spectactular to say about it.
      RIP Rob. You are truly missed.

  57. H.G. Wells


    U.S. Dollar Index is going way- up, currently at 99. Of course, ALL other nations have moderate to high inflation in their respective currencies. So, yes, its a global systemic financial problem and no Central Bank can really address the supply shortages causing it. Will it get worse? Maybe but more likely, we just have to live with it at current levels for a time until demand destruction (recession) takes care of the demand side for us.

    Once we go into a recession in the 4th Quarter of this year, then inflation will come down a bit. If banks are not loaning money and demand for business and industrial loans declines, then the resulting economic contraction would be deflationary.

    Anyway, here is the U.S. Dollar Index for today:

    • Paul from Indiana

      The US government has structural problems that no recession/demand destruction can fix. The largest of these is the nanny-state support system, the most well known of which is Social Security/Medicare and the countless other programs (EBT, Section-8 and related likewise being permanent) that make the overhead that causes our perpetual deficits untenable. A recession/depression only makes the problem worse, as government revenues shrink when personal, and secondarily corporate, income is down. The USA has literally hit the wall: the choices are outright default or hyperinflation until the money becomes worthless. Best always. PM

  58. Sylvia in WA

    Thanks , Greg, for having my favorite commentator on your interview program.
    Bill holder tells it like it is. ! ! His message is truly the ‘shot heard round the world’

  59. Lady Au Stackers United

    Lithium is not the new gold rush. Thacker Pass Lithium Mine Project environment impact survey. Mining of lithium for EV batteries is extremely disasterous to the land. USA has only 2 percent of lithium in the ground supply of world use for “clean energy”. China has the world’s largest supply of Lithium mines. Our military depends on lithium ion batteries for various military vehicles. Alternative energy is good as supplemental energy in addition to our Black Gold derived energy source. But given the precarious geopolitical times, Black Gold rules IMHO.

  60. Susan R

    Even though I know, it is hard to accept we are here. Listening to this dear soul helps.

  61. Paul

    I am sure soros is taking advantage of current flux.
    Banks never take the pain.
    Taking the money out of their pockets is a good start to do something and supporting activism and truth tellers

    Rob was my esf man. Little somber today

    Resistance from arkansas

  62. RICH


    • Greg Hunter


      • Kevin

        Always a great show Greg !

        Greg all is not lost my friend! President Trump , Putin , XI and Modi have been fighting WW3 under the radar for the last 5 years. Destroying the wealth of the Illuminati central bankers , big pharma , our entire political structure and every country is doing the same . A new gold and assets backed currency for every country is months if not weeks away. What your seeing is a movie to wake the world up . Destroying trafficking, drug cartels, Illuminati Mafia and taking back governments in every country ! Nesara/Gesara for the world ! President Trump is still our President because both elections were attacked by enemies foreign and domestic which triggered martial law by the military to protect the Republic . Debt forgiveness and abundance for all ! All true ! Fear not great American ! For God really is in control !

    • IIG

      According to Stan – we should all be holding US dollars under our mattress – – because as time goes by they become more worthless – he will obviously sell any gold he has to get more US dollars – just imagine if gold went to $10,000 dollars per ounce – Stan would be selling gold like crazy to get all those US dollars that will probably be worth one-hundredth of a cent ($0.001) by then – or ten(10) 1913 dollars – [$0.001 x 10,000 = $10] – such faith Stan has in the Fed creating extraordinary wealth for him “by printing unlimited amounts of their fiat dollars” that in number rivals all the grains of sand on every beach on planet Earth!!
      PS: I wonder – when the value of the US dollar equals one grain of sand – how many dollar grains will I get by selling one ounce of gold?? – will Stan consider me “rich” owning a mountain of sand??? – not likely – what “will make me a rich man” is holding on to my gold – and counting my wealth in ounces every night (not in dollar grains of sand)!!

      • Stan

        IIG: You are living in the past. Gold is no plays any role in the monetary system.

  63. Jannette

    FWIW, someone recently suggested that if you buy gold to get U.S. coinage that is mixed with copper for better durability.

    Thanks as always to Mr. Hunter for another great guest and interview!

  64. Garp

    Interesting discussion on Germany. You seem to be aghast they would put the economic revolver in their mouth, it seems so obvious the damage that will result.

    I suggest that it’s fairly clear why. America OWNS German leaders. Whether it’s via the Epstein files or just plain bribery, they are poodles. Same as every other poodle in NATO or the “west”.

    And analysts from the alt-media are saying that the US and it’s sanctions are actually meant to decimate Europes economy, providing a short term benefit for a US economy already sliding to perdition. Throwing them under the bus to delay the day when the piper comes for the Americans and their un fathomable debt overhang.

    The reserve currency and petrodollar have enabled Americans to enjoy a free ride at the expense of the schmucks who had to own dollars. Those days Bill is suggesting are fast disappearing in the rear view mirror. Many realists concur.

  65. Peter Bennett

    I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Kirby once at a meeting helding by SprottMoney about 7 years ago. I had the pleasure of listening to both Rob and John Embry, a frequent internet contributor at the time, for at least 30 minutes with only the three of us in the conversation. I have followed Rob every since. I was immediately impressed by his knowledge and intelligence, and that only increased as I continued to listen to him afterwards. We will all miss his passion and leadership. I am battling my own health issues and I took courage from Rob’s recovery. So today is a very tough day for me. He was truly one of a kind.
    Thank you for what you are doing. Since moving from YouTube, your leadership and integrity have really grown. Your work is so important to all of us. I wish that I had told Rob that as well.

    • IIG

      To pay tribute to Rob (who was likely a “jab” victim) we should make his words of truth known to all the world – “That the Fed has created 10 times more US dollars then ordinary people know about” – so the US dollar is not simply worth a penny – it is really worth only 1/10th of a cent (and all that “that” implies)!!

  66. jon

    Great Interview. One thing that would hit the fan in NATO. If the EU countries said we want our gold to pay our bills. Which is being held in London and probably the US. Highly likely their gold was long gone. London would not deliver, NATO would implode and eat itself.

  67. Marie Joy

    Using the PCR to test for covid to kill chickens is a farce.

  68. The True Nolan

    The current chaos truly is “too stupid to be stupid”. It is being done on purpose. The US and Europe are being (and have been for decades) systematically and progressively destroyed. Why? Why would the people in control of the Western nations destroy their own countries? Because the financial system of the West is one vast Ponzi scheme and it CANNOT last forever. It is a long standing tradition that when a corporate embezzler has reached the end of his crime, the final act is to burn down the factory where he was the bookkeeper. The evidence is destroyed, the company is bankrupted, the creditors go away in tears, and most importantly, the workers and managers are too busy running from the flames to chase after the criminal bookkeeper. We are in the “burning down the factory” phase.

    My suspicion is this. Concurrent with the creation of the petrodollar was the opening up of China as a manufacturing power. The petrodollar allowed the Greedy Evil Bast**ds to easily create a HUGE number of fake dollars, and the opening of China allowed those dollars to be soaked up without massive US price inflation. I think that the globalist made a sort of Faustian bargain with China; sell us cheap goods produced with cheap labor and we will pay you with worthless ones and zeros in a computer. Use those fake dollars to buy US bonds, which will allow us to create even more fake dollars. The payoff is that in 50 years when the system implodes, we Globalists will move our headquarters to China and you will become the new Great Power and share in the wealth while we rule the world. When the USSR fell in 1992, the Globalists and Central Banks took it over — but in 2000, Putin took it back for the Russian people. In 2019 and 2020, with the COVID mania, China realized just how murderous the Globalists are and decided to break the agreement they made in the 1970s. Like Russia, China is now fighting against the Globalists. Expect to see more and more “official sources” ramp up propaganda against Russia and against China as well. The West is falling, but the people who have murdered it, financially, militarily, culturally, and educationally, have nowhere to go. They are caught on the very ship they have spent decades in sinking.

    • c

      You are correct.
      Right now the battleground is in Shanghai.
      They have sent in the military and the armed police.

    • Tin foil hat

      The nationalists in Russia and China are fighting the globalists not the oligarchs. Deep State has embedded their minions all over the world including China and Russia.

  69. john beasley

    As for Rob Kirby. I always looked forward to his discussions. As someone wrote, he spoke truth in the face of evil. A real Saint George the dragon slayer. A fearless warrior for freedom and economic justice. I will miss Rob Kirby. Thank you Greg Hunter for having Rob on your news show.

  70. Carol

    Great interview, Greg! I am also getting a few things I was putting off as a result!

    I am absolutely heartbroken about Rob Kirby, I was praying for him so hard.

    Perhaps it’s time for another Bo Polny interview. Sure would like to hear what he has to say about all the happenings in the world.

  71. Jimmy’s

    For any currency to be backed by gold it has payable in gold by demand. I don’t see any body rolling up to the windows of the gold window in Moscow and demanding they take their toilet paper money and turn it into gold. It’s not gonna happen

  72. Archie in the Bunker

    “Save Europe” will be Coma Biden’s clarion call this fall, even if American’s starve and freeze to death, economy grinds to a halt, martial law into WWIII, and the national debt doubles during the remainder of Biden’s one term.

    You American farmers get out there and go deeper into debt planting your crops, work your asses off, so Coma Biden can nearly confiscate them. Your crops will be needed to feed Europe come October, with very little food for the US public, with the cost of everything edible tripling.

    Come October, oil and natural gas to be purchased by the US taxpayer!! and given away to save Europe, while supply shortages triple the cost at home for Americans.

    This was all set up and the play is in progress. Thank you WEF for destroying the planet.

  73. Steve

    Greg, nice interview as always. I noticed a great point you made regarding what little guys can do to prepare for the troubles ahead. When you mentioned toilet tank flappers, I was impressed. That is some great forethought. Never would have come up with that one. I might need to get a couple of those. Just got a new water heater and solar powered generator. Slowly but surely getting prepared. Maybe in the future you can come up with a list you can share on items to acquire and we can all compare notes.

  74. Cliff Bondi

    Is the Russian Invasion of Ukraine Predicted in Bible Prophecy?

    Published on 06 Apr 2022 / In News and Politics
    Is the Russian invasion of Ukraine predicted in Bible prophecy? According to Jesus, such wars and rumours of wars are not as significant as you may think, in terms of how they relate to the end of the world and the return of Jesus. However, what we are seeing now may be a crucial turning point in global politics, and this shift may be at least a partial fulfillment of a prophecy about the antichrist. There is a lot that needs to happen before the end of the world, and it’s important to get everything into perspective before we start making predictions. This video and other prophecy videos on this channel (see link below) will help you to do that.

    • A.Jennings

      Where are the religiose police on this piece of way-out speculation?

  75. Montgomery Vusch

    Exhibition of some of Ukraine’s crimes against the Donbass people
    true conservative minute
    Published on 06 Apr 2022 / In News and Politics
    When in Lugansk in late March, I saw this photo exhibition displaying just a fraction of the crimes Ukraine has committed against civilians in the Donbass republics. This is, of course, only a very limited selection of Ukraine’s war crimes. For a more detailed look at Ukraine’s crimes against the people of the Donbass republics and also against Ukrainians within Ukraine, see:

    When the cop’s come to your home because of a raucous family dispute between husband and wife, they get both sides of a story. Sorry to have to show you the other.

  76. M.Vusch

    Montgomery Vusch04/06/2022 •Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Exhibition of some of Ukraine’s crimes against the Donbass people
    true conservative minute
    Published on 06 Apr 2022 / In News and Politics

    • Tim Wavers

      This is straight out of the Russian totalitarian state propaganda and disinformation playbook.

      There is absolutely no freedom of information in Russia and people who dare question or criticize are subject to the brutal full force of the repressive authoritarian state.

      Putin and the ruthless oligarchs have fleeced the country of staggering amounts of money and brainwashed and bashed its citizens into total submission.

      Putin is a despot and war criminal to boot. Russia will be a Pariah as long as he in charge!

      power Russia wi

      • eddiemd

        At least he is not promoting the homosexual agenda, perversion, and filth like the USA and the EU.

        Something to be said for that.

    • Tim Wavers

      This is straight out of the Russian totalitarian state propaganda and disinformation playbook.

      There is absolutely no freedom of information in Russia and people who dare question or criticize are subject to the brutal full force of the repressive authoritarian state.

      Putin and the ruthless oligarchs have fleeced the country of staggering amounts of money and brainwashed and bashed its citizens into total submission.

      Putin is a despot and war criminal to boot. Russia will be a Pariah as long as he in charge!

  77. alex kalish

    Just to remind –
    Qaddafi created a gold back currency,
    then Saddam made the same move in pricing his oil .
    I believe this may not be the best move for Mr. Putin, but he wants to try this again. If he had spent $1 T on his army over the last few years he could pull it off, perhaps. As it stands now Russia is going to be militarily defeated and that means they won’t be stable enough.
    What is missing is How do I buy rubles again and trade them for gold ? The counter party risk is Russia won’t give you the gold. Hyperinflation is mot coming as the economy is going down first in my opinion.

  78. Anita

    When I 1st heard Putin tied oil to ruble & ruble to gold, my only thoughts/words where “check mate” . But I no way had all the connecting parts and operation of such as Bill laid out here. Next I heard Biden & L. Graham, “kill Putin, take him out, regime change” ect. They panicked & I laughed because they are so out of it, no understanding what is going on. All they know is the past & it will cost them. I am no fan of Putin, he is as much a globalist as the rest of them. But none of these leaders know who & what they are dealing with. All at some time will be dismayed to learn they have been deceived. And even then they will not realize to what degree till they stand before God. Thank you both.

  79. Sierra Hotel Tango Foxtrot

    Except the dollar is up – WAY up – and gold is in the doldrums again.

  80. marti baker girl

    Not sure just how much of this video I will be able to focus on at the moment after reading your last line about Rob Kirby. While I did not know him personally, I feel like he was a friend as I would cozy up to the computer to listen to your interviews with him. My condolences to you Greg in the loss of a personal friend. I am grateful that he knew Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. So many of the good guys are leaving or have left us over the past year. He was one of them.

  81. Stan

    I’m increasing my Dollar reserves.

    • IIG

      Stan – You need to “re-set” your thinking patterns – from: selling gold (to hold dollars) – to: selling dollars (to hold gold) – did you even read what I wrote to help you comprehend reality? –
      According to Stan – we should all be holding US dollars under our mattress – – because as time goes by they become more worthless – he will obviously sell any gold he has to get more US dollars – just imagine if gold went to $10,000 dollars per ounce – Stan would be selling gold like crazy to get all those US dollars that will probably be worth one-hundredth of a cent ($0.001) by then – or ten(10) 1913 dollars – [$0.001 x 10,000 = $10] – such faith Stan has in the Fed creating extraordinary wealth for him “by printing unlimited amounts of their fiat dollars” that in number rivals all the grains of sand on every beach on planet Earth!!
      PS: I wonder – when the value of the US dollar equals one grain of sand – how many dollar grains will I get by selling one ounce of gold?? – will Stan consider me “rich” owning a mountain of sand??? – not likely – what “will make me a rich man” is holding on to my gold – and counting my wealth in ounces every night (not in dollar grains of sand)!!

  82. PersonaNonGrata

    In Memory Of Rob Kirby: A Tribute To A Freedom Fighter.

  83. al

    All this important info aside, I guess prayers for Kirby were not enough. Ventilators = eventual death. I truly hate this system.
    I feel so bad for his Family. Kirby was suppose to see this through. DAMN!! I’m depressed about this. He was one of the greats !

  84. andyb

    Sad, dismayed and generally upset that Rob has passed. But in my world, I have outlived many of my contemporaries who, thankfully, passed before what will come next. Some of my neighbors and many of my children’s friends are gone at young ages, all of whom were vaxxed and/or boosted.
    My ever continuing advice:
    1. Buy a Berkey water filter and collect rain water. Many municipal water systems are bad.
    2. stock up on canned goods and don’t forget canned fruits. Aldi and Winn Dixie are still the cheapest places where I live (sofla).
    3. get as debt free as you can.
    4. have a bicycle. Before $20 gas there will be no gas.

    My best wishes to all.

    • Coal Burner

      Yes Andy, I have a horse if I can feed him. If not, I can eat him. Just joking about the last part.

    • Charles H.


      You really believe – THAT is the Holy Spirit? (WWW.HOLYSPIRIT.TV/Ukraine)???

      I have to call BS on the Charismatic Movement. It isn’t where you start: but where you end up that counts. The Catholic Church presents the Gospel: but shifts authority away from the true source: and loads people with teaching contrary to the Bible. I believe there are some Saved Catholics I’ll see in Heaven: but the great mass is deceived, and Hell-bound. Same for Charismatic – they’ll present the Gospel and “Jesus”: but then load you with all this ‘special’ stuff. I think I’ll see a few Charismatic believers in Heaven: but the great masses will be kept short and out of enough truth to be Saved. In comparison – “the Holy Spirit” is substituted for “the Virgin Mary”; and extra-Biblical ‘revelation’ substituted for Papal authority (extra-Biblical also). Both amount to being – ‘close, but no cigar’; comfort, but not conversion: the substitution of a counterfeit for the real.
      What difference is there between Catholic Absolution to go to Heaven; and Charismatic being ‘saved’ “AGAIN” – to keep people enslaved to that peculiar worship? (Charismatics DO teach you can lose your salvation.) Charismatic ‘worship’ – is only a closer cigar than Catholicism: but NEITHER give assurance of Heaven except by being’ right’ with them. How does one get to Heaven if they have lost their salvation?; or they have committed a cardinal sin that only priests can forgive? What is the difference between ‘holyghostism’ and Marianism? (Marianismo)

      I know I will accused of “Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit” here. But there are only two problems. First – is that like the miraculous Sign Gifts of the early Church: it passed away with that generation, and isn’t in force or exists today. The second is – I know the Holy Spirit. I know His presence; of the transport of His presence and how the world is suspended; of the joy unspeakable and full of glory: but only from a few occasions. I know from personal experience the Charismatic worship services also: and it is not the same. I wish the spiritual warfare wasn’t so high, and up-close: but I’m just in it – I didn’t set it. If one has never seen beyond the Charismatic Movement: they cannot understand what I say here. But I assure you – the Charismatic Movement is not Christianity; and what they take for the Holy Spirit: is not of God.
      “Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.” Matt.7:14.

      • eddiemd

        Sorry to hear that you do not believe that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is still in the miracle business. He is the One who baptizes with the Holy Spirit. That is what John the Baptist tells us in all four Gospels. In the end of days He will pour out the Holy Spirit. He is doing it in Ukraine because He knows what is in the darkness. The angels rejoice in heaven for one sinner who repents.

        As a physician I have seen many people healed that medicine cannot explain but the Holy Spirit can. I have been at the bedside when people have died many times. It is an interesting phenomena.

        The Holy Spirit is still the same as He was and is. The Almighty God is still in the miracle business. Happened in the Old Testament, the New Testament, and today.

        This I know to be true. His arm has not been shortened.

        • Charles H.

          I DO believe that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. I believe He still does miracles: I’ve been privy to them. It is the OPERATION that God uses that I make issue with. John the Baptist was perfectly right: Jesus Christ baptized the disciples when He breathed on them in Jn. 20:22. When He commissioned the Twelve in Matt. 10:1-8: He gave them ONLY power. Interestingly – in Jn. 20:23 the Eleven (Thomas not being present) the authority to remit or retain sins is attached to the bestowal of the Holy Ghost. I don’t see THAT happening in this day and age. (Catholic?)
          A tree proceeds from a seed, to a plant, to growing limbs, to bear fruit. The tree is the same, the process the same: but the manifestation is distinct in phases. The same Holy Spirit is not bestowed by the breath of Jesus Christ, as with the disciples. Nor can it be said that there are Pentecosts many: for THAT was for the Church to begin. The progression of the bestowal of the Holy Spirit is spelled-out in Eph. 1: 12, 13: “That we should be to the praise of his glory, who first trusted in Christ. In whom ye also trusted, after that ye heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation: in whom also after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that Holy Spirit of promise.” So the progression is hearing the Gospel; believing; trusting: then God seals the believer Himself – which is baptism into the Body of Christ. And Romans 10:10 specifies that man must believe from the heart – no easy-Believeism. “For with the heart man believeth into righteousness…” THAT sealing of the Holy Spirit IS God giving the free gift of Salvation as personal dealing: having nothing to do with miraculous powers and the sign gifts.
          Pentecostal/Charismatic emphasizes the experience of supernatural manifestation. With THAT ‘baptism’ – the claim of being born again is associated, and salvation is assumed with it. NOT SO. The DIFFERENCE and ORDER are starkly apparent. God’s Word, the Holy Bible is Perfect, and it shall not pass away: I will stick with God’s Word.

          Anything of real value is counterfeited. Is there not a genuine Christ; and many false Christs? Is there not the perfect and complete Word of God; and many versions – that change it by adding and subtracting to the Divine Record, against the admonition of God?
          Is it so hard to believe that the genuine Holy Spirit ALSO has a counterfeit? Even Pharoah’s magicians could produce miracles – to a point.
          Strangely enough – I too have been at the bed of people dying; under a different, professional banner.

          I agree that God has not changed. I take from Scripture itself the different way God deals with man. In the Old Testament , the Holy Spirit MOVED on people to work. In the New Testament: the Holy Spirit indwells the Believer. You don’t call that a difference?
          His arm is definitely not shortened. I just cannot reconcile the Pentecostal/Charismatic doctrines and emphasis’ – however convincing to some and attractive they are – with the Holy Bible (KJV fir English). And WHATEVER does not agree with the harmony of doctrine found in Scripture, through the progressive contexts it provides: CANNOT BE OF GOD.
          There are tons of people convinced of that emotional and appealing experience is God moving: but even the whole world believing can’t make it of God if it isn’t. The “pouring out of His Spirit” and true miracle is: the free gift of salvation, by Grace through faith; which is His church, His bride – not a big show. Apostle Paul confessed – saying: ‘I know in whom I believed’. He was Christ-centric; not ‘supernatural-centered’. I’m at – that God stopped the buck at His Word: and anything else, everything else – is not of God.
          Thanks, Eddie – for your proper and civil reply.

      • eddiemd

        Having lived in eastern Hungary for 8 months (100km from Ukraine border) and been around the eastern European mentality, this type of activity seen in the video is unheard of for this people. Hungarians, Ukrainians are a stoic, atheistic, non-emotional, skeptical people probably similar to the ancient greek people that Paul and his friends encountered during the Book of Acts.

        Certainly the Almighty God deals with people in different ways. He knows everything about everyone. What works and what does not work. He does it His way. He holds the keys.

        • Charles H.


          I walked the streets of Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia. I sat with a mixed group of teenagers and drank a bottle of decent stuff, in a park I think. I could tell those kids were solid. We didn’t speak much. I remember clearly their faces and gestures still.

      • wayne hardin

        C H .
        I have been in many services like that and while alot of it is emotion .
        I have seen God work many powerful works in the services also .
        But at the end it wont matter if people were healed or raised from the dead or anything else the only thing that will matter is if we are born again which is the greatest miracle of all .
        Their seems to be more preaching on gifts and having the world or its things than what God said to preach which is the gospel .
        In other words just as the bible said another gospel is being preached and it is worldly .

        Wayne Hardin

        • Charles H.


          I do not doubt there IS supernatural power in these services. The Ephesians 6:12 mention of – ‘we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against POWERS, against the rulers of darkness in this world…’ I would expect there to BE some actual supernatural power – in some degree and frequency to give credence to the whole. And I have to agree – the real miracle and blessing is that we are Saved, we receive the gift of salvation in Jesus Christ and go to Heaven. And what shall a man profit if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul?

  85. paul lilliott

    As always with Bill, excellent analysis – and every warning is to be heeded. ‘They’ are hell bent on lowering our standard of living and removing as many of us possible – only the prepared will stand a chance of surviving. Already they are slaughtering millions of poultry and ‘discovering’ farmland to be poisoned – and hence taken out of production. Biden signed an exec order pulling 30% of farmland out by 2030. Geoengineering is taking care of the rest. Thank you for being a vehicle pointing this out, Greg.

  86. Elias Andrinopoulos

    Bill is a great markets analyst and really knows what he is talking about. People were all over these guys for their early calls but it’s looking more and more like the next several years will vindicate their positions and calls. As they say, “Better to be 5 years too early, than 1 day too late.” God Bless you Greg and Bill, and RIP to Rob Kirby, a wonderful analyst as well. ☦️🙏🏻

  87. Randy Best

    Jim Sinclair said by 2024 Gold will be the last man standing.

  88. Marie Joy

    With Ukraine/Russia, I don’t read anyone talking about prosecuting Gates of Hell, fauci biden, doctors, politicians, etc for Crimes Against Humanity for the forced shoulder tap and resulting injuries. Funny how people forget so easily.

  89. Marie Joy

    So, we can expect the grid and/or the internet to go down, maybe this ear. It’s a good way to Depopulate. Like minded people need to come together NOW.

  90. Bosco P. Horowitz


    thanks for having Bill on the show! His message has largely been consistent throughout the years…”it’s a mathematical certainty” that the currency would collapse, as well as eventually your wealth won’t be determined by the dollars you have, but by “the ounces you hold”. His latest is much more ominous, and my intuition is pretty much in line with what he’s saying. Bill is one of my fav’s. Greg, I remember when you had BOTH Bill and Jim [Sinclair] on a few years ago. One of my favorite interviews you’ve ever had.

    It’s good to see many on the message board here mentioning the devastating recent news of Rob Kirby’s passing. Like the others, I’d like to also pay my respects to Rob. I remember in either January of 2019 or 2020 (honestly, I can’t remember which–the last two years seem to have morphed and collapsed into a few months, it seems), Rob got sick (heart condition? or infection) and was hospitalized. When he got better, I remember he had extra fire in his belly and was one of the few economic/commodities analysts that passionately and unapologetically brought the fight to where it was needed. He didn’t mince his words in calling out the fraud and fraudsters (POS’s–and I don’t mean Point of Sale here) and bringing much-needed light to the darkness pervasive in our world.

    Rob, here’s to you (raising my pint glass)! Salud!

    Greg, thanks for all you do, good buddy!

  91. PersonaNonGrata

    Great interview with Clif High:

  92. Paul

    Rob Kirby = r k
    Resist klaus = r k

    Time will come for all to do their part in their way

    It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather, we should thank God that such men lived.

    The only thing that walks back from the tomb with the mourners and refuses to be buried is the character of a man. This is true. What a man is, survives him. It can never be buried.

    Never in the history of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.

    Resist from arkansas

    • Charles H.


      “Never in the history of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.”

      Winston Churchill – tribute to the Royal Air Force for their defense in the Battle of Britain.

  93. John

    I’ll miss Rob Kirby’s insight and straight forward truthfulness about what is really happening with our Financial Monetary System.

  94. Justn Observer

    Greg, Implications for Hunter seem to continue to stack up against him? as the Ukraine inside story unravels?






    AND DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE the info in this and how some of it ties not into the history but ALSO into events today?=’ SOME really fishy stuff in here?’=


  95. Rich

    So sorry to hear about Rob. I must say that I was worried about his safety when he spoke out so boldly against the Canadian government’s response to the truckers protest and freezing of bank accounts. We will probably never the truth as far as what happened to him.
    When our financial system does fail (and the credit crisis happens like Bill spoke about) I’m sure our politicians, central bankers, and fake new media will all say that nobody could have seen this coming (and of course blame Putin and Russia). We can just point them to and Bill Holter and prove them wrong. Great work Greg and awesome interview with Bill.

    • Pete+only

      Rich, your theories may not be that unfound regarding Robs death.
      He is probably the only guest of Gregs that actually listed his physical address in his literature.
      I am not one to speculate, but this may not be a coincidence.
      RIP Rob.
      Either way, Rob gave his life in the name of the truth, and he is very likely being taken care of by Jesus and God right now.
      When my wife was growing up, in the early 1960s, her mother spoke to her with prophesies very similar to the times that we are now living in.
      God help us in these trying times.

  96. Michael

    Greg, very sincere thanks. This was an excellent interview; another in a string of absolutely stellar interviews on the economy that you’ve done this year. I greatly appreciate the balanced, insightful approach that you take. Your work and that of Michael Snyder were significant in guiding me as I began establishing broad-based preparedness starting 5 years ago; very sincere thanks – the urgency of the hour was not as obvious 5 years ago, and I am grateful for your foresight. Thank you for having the strength of character necessary to speak the truth given the realities of the society in which we currently live. God Bless you.

  97. Clint Young

    The bear is defined in prophecy by Daniel as recorded in Daniel 7:5. In this verse it speaks of a bear that rises up itself on one side. Notice that the bear raises itself on one side according to this verse. This one side could be the Western border of Russia at and in Ukraine.

    When the bear raises itself up on one side, 3 ribs are found in its mouth between its teeth. With the 3 ribs between the teeth of the bear, this shows that nothing is going to take those 3 ribs out of that bear’s mouth.

    Daniel 7:5 And behold another beast, a second, like to a bear, and it raised up itself on one side, and it had three ribs in the mouth of it between the teeth of it: and they said thus unto it, Arise, devour much flesh.

    I think these 3 ribs are Crimea, Luhansk and Donetsk which come from the same area on the Western side of Russia. They come from the same Ukraine animal. If this is correct, then it looks to me that Crimea, Luhansk and Donetsk will totally fall to Russia. This is exactly what Russia is mobilizing its armies to do at this time.

    The 3 ribs in the mouth between its teeth could be found there soon. When I say “soon”, I think this could happen within a month or two, maybe 3 at the most.

    At this particular time in history, the most important news may be how much the Russians are advancing to take the remaining areas of Luhansk and Donetsk. Crimea is already 100% controlled by Russia. Luhansk is 93% controlled and Donetsk is 53% controlled.

    If this interpretation of Daniel 7:5 is correct, after the 3 ribs are in the mouth of the bear between the teeth of it, the bear arises and devours much flesh. Part of the bear devouring much flesh may be the destruction of Babylon USA.

  98. oneno

    Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi – “God Save Us!!!” – World Governments Are Murdering People

  99. Paul Anthony

    So sorry to hear about Rob Kirby Prayers for him and family amd frineds. I enjoyed his interviews and his information he gave us. 🙁 RIP Mr Kirby

  100. Mark Gunter

    So sorry to hear about Rob Kirby. What a great voice for freedom and responsible government. Always enjoyed listening to him. The silencing of his voice is a tragedy. Thanks for all your efforts Rob! You will be missed.

  101. Tarey Reilly

    Great news that Putin cut off the nazi world order’s plan to move the West to digital currencies in such a stealth manner. I’m sure expert currency/cia minion and writer jim richards never expected this either. First learned of this new role for the rouble last week from Gonzalo Lira’s channel. He has lived Kiev and now Kharkiv for eleven years and now reports daily on the war, movement of troops on the ground (with shelling in the background), while providing fascinating historical accounts of people and events (e.g., the role of State Dept’s Victoria Nuland) that elucidate in great detail the complicated relationship of the US-Ukraine-Russia.

  102. David Bagley

    Rob Kirby.. was a wonderful man.. enjoy eternity Rob.. God bless your family and friends

  103. Ginghas Kahn

    Russia/ Putin dropped the fix peg of gold to the Ruble on Thursday, 4-7-22 ! Source : Kitco

  104. Pam

    Real or fake. You decide………Worth a listen……………

  105. Doug

    Wait until China follows Russia’s lead about selling products in Chinese Yuan (backed by gol). The world is already a new place but China will kick the doors off the banks of the west!

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